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					Resale Foreign Exchange USOCs                               USOC    ME   NH   VT
Interexchange Channel Mileage                               1LHB4   X     X   X
Individual Line per Channel (Local-Contiguous-Flat Rate)   1LHBN    X     X   X
Measured Line w/o Allowance                                  FFL    X
Additional Line-Measured w/Allowance                         FFW    X
Additional Line w/Allowance                                  FN9    X
Unlimited Foreign Exchange                                   FNX    X    X    X
Service Charge                                               FVW    X    X    X
Service Charge (Local per Line/Trunk)                      FVWCX    X         X
Measured Standard w/Allowance                                FX3    X
Measured Foreign Exchange                                    MFZ    X    X    X
Interexchange Channel Termination                            XMF    X    X    X
CLECs will populate mileage in Remarks Section of LSR

  Resale PBX USOCs                                               USOC   ME     NH   VT     Comments
  Used with all classes of service                              AS3DW   X       X   X
  Each Group of 100 DID Station Numbers or fraction thereof -
  No. 5 Crossbar                                                 ND8    X      X    X
  Common equipment                                               NDT    X      X    X
  PBX Trunk, per Trunk/Centrex Lines, per Group of Eight         SRG    X      X    X
  DMS/ESS Measured-WO Allowance                                  T1V           X
  DMS/ESS Measured Low Use                                       T3B                X
  DMS/ESS Measured                                               T5B           X
  DMS/ESS Measured WH Usage Pkg Standard Use                     T7B                X
  Measured WH Usage Pkg Standard Use                             T7D                X
  DID Trunk - Dial Pulse                                         TB2    X           X
  DMS/ESS Measured                                               TBB    X           X
  All Other COs Flat                                             TDD    X
  Touch Tone                                                     TJB    X      X    X
  Measured-WO Allowance Low Use                                  TDV                X
  Trunk Combination (1st Trunk)                                 TF8CX               X
  Trunk DOD (1st Trunk)                                         TF8OX               X
  Trunk Combination                                              TFC    X           X
  Trunk DOD                                                      TFU    X           X
  Trunk DOD (Additional Trunks)                                  THU           X          See Footnote
  Trunk Combination (Additional Trunk)                           THV           X          See Footnote
  Trunk DOD (1st Trunk)                                          TKV           X          See Footnote
  Trunk DOD (Additional Trunks)                                  TM3           X
  Trunk Combination (Additional Trunks)                          TM5           X
  Trunk Combination (Additional Trunks)                         TMACX               X
  Trunk DOD (Additional Trunks)                                 TMAOX               X
  Trunk Combination (1st Trunk)                                  TMC           X
  Trunk DOD (1st Trunk)                                          TMU           X
  Trunk Combination (Additional Trunks)                         TO2CX               X
  Trunk DOD (Additional Trunks)                                 TO2OX               X
  Trunk Combination (1st Trunk)                                 TOECX               X
  Trunk DOD (1st Trunk)                                         TOEOX               X
  Toll Trunk                                                    TTTXA   X      X    X
  Toll Trunk                                                    TTTXB   X      X    X
  Trunk Combination (1st Trunk)                                  TZB           X          See Footnote
  All Other COs Measured                                         TZZ                X
  Flat Service (Unlimited) PBX                                   XFB    X           X
  Measured 4 Element PBX                                         XLB           X          See Footnote
  Measured Non-Optional Standard PBX                             XM3                X
  Measured PBX                                                   XMB           X
  Measured Non-Optional Low Use PBX                              XY3                X
  FairPoint will no longer honor requests for new installs
  or moves of these grandfathered products. Migrations
  of accounts containing these USOCs will be allowed,
  provided the USOC exists on the customer service
  record prior to the migration.

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