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									                     Better People
                        Not Just Better Workers

                 2005–06 Annual Report and Program Update
Better People                                                                                                                            Not Just Better Workers
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     November 15, 2006

     Dear Friend of Better People:

         Helping individuals with legal histories is professionally gratifying and personally rewarding to Better People
     staff and Board of Directors. It is also exhilarating and empowering to know that you share our core values, and
     we appreciate your belief in, and support of, our work. While our mission is to dramatically reduce the rates of
     recidivism in Multnomah County and other areas, our inspirational goal is to assist our clients in changing their
     lives and, indirectly, that of their families and the community.
          Each of us can identify with the agony and pain crime causes—and not just for the victim. The victim’s
     family, the perpetrator’s family and, the perpetrator are all adversely affected. Committing a crime is self abuse;
     it is a misuse of one’s talents and most often causes harm to many lives. However, what we seldom hear about
     is that after many former offenders fulfill their punishment, they want to change their lifestyles and habits. They
     want a second chance to make better choices and live life differently. Better People offers that realm of hope.
        There is nothing more inspiring than seeing Better People clients recognize their self worth and, as a result,
     decide that they can achieve positive changes and successes. Better People’s services provide clients with oppor-
     tunities and support for change, and that is why we come to work every day: to help our clients, to help their
     families, and to help the community.
        This has been another year of positive change and growth for Better People clients. Our clients continue to
     make changes in their private lives which ultimately impact their personal interactions and employment oppor-
     tunities. Better People is proud that clients gain employment, and we are encouraged that they are remaining
     employed long-term. Clients are receiving promotions, enhancing their personal lives by returning to school,
     getting married and regaining custody of their children. Please read some of their stories here in our Annual
         This has also been a year of change and growth for Better People. We have added new staff, and at the
     end of fiscal 2005-2006, we began to launch a new satellite office in Clackamas County. Better People entered
     into a partnership with Bridges To Change, a residential program, to provide services to supervised clients of
     Clackamas County Community Corrections. This will be our program’s first expansion to another area. We are
     excited about the possibilities it offers us and the people in that community. Additional information is provided
     in this Report.
         Change is often challenging, but without change there can be no growth. While Better People is proud of
     its past accomplishments, we recognize our program must expand in order to continue to offer essential and
     enhanced benefits to clients.
        Thank you for your help in making this growth possible. Thank you for your past and future support.

     With deep appreciation,

     Executive Director                                                                            President, Board of Directors

                                       Founder — William “Chip” Shields; Founding President Board of Directors — Ed Hill
                                Founding Funders — Robert C. Warren Jr., Robert F. Kingery, Win McCormack, Black United Fund,
                                United Way Community Investment Fund, Meyer Memorial Trust and the Murdock Charitable Trust

                                                           Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                                                                                                                             FALL 2005 GRADUATES

                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO:   CHERYL JUETTEN

                                                                    — Contents —
Why We Do What We Do ....................................................................................................................................................... 4
Summary of Our Results ....................................................................................................................................................... 4
The Better People Mission and Better People MRT Graduation Emcees ............................................................................................5
How Better People Serves its Clients ....................................................................................................................................... 6
Alumni Club Supports Better People Graduates ..........................................................................................................................7
Referral Sources and Tributes ................................................................................................................................................ 8
Audited Financial Reports ..................................................................................................................................................... 9
Donor List 2005–2006 ......................................................................................................................................................... 10
Better People Client Joins Staff ..............................................................................................................................................11
Better People Opens Its First Satellite Office .............................................................................................................................11
Volunteers and Friends ........................................................................................................................................................ 12
Featured Graduate: John Malaer ........................................................................................................................................... 15

                                                          Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

          SPRING 2006 GRADUATES

                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO:   STEWART HARVEY

                                                                   Why We Do What We Do
S  ince opening in 1998, Better People’s mission has been
   to dramatically reduce recidivism in Multnomah County
and other areas. But that’s not what motivates staff to come
                                                                                       That founding principle brings us back to our original mis-
                                                                                       sion: reducing recidivism. While some people look at crime
                                                                                       as a “bad person” problem, we see it as a “bad decision”
to work every day. It is not what inspires us.                                         problem. Our solution is to help people make better deci-
                                                                                       sions, help them support themselves and their families, help
Our clients inspire us.                                                                them improve their self-esteem, and help them contribute
                                                                                       to their communities in positive ways. In short, we help
Every day, we see the faces of people who are trying to                                them become better people.
change their lives. They come to us with legal histories and
feelings of dejection. Many of them are addicts and have                               It is true that the result of change, as studies have shown,
other problems. They need jobs, yes, but they also need                                extends beyond the person to his/her family, friends and
help. And that is what energizes us to come to work.                                   community. What we do at Better People does reduce recidi-
                                                                                       vism. And that is a major reason as to why Better People
When we help a person with a legal history find a job and                               exists. However, the main reason as to why we exist is the
change his/her way of thinking and behaving, we have                                   magic we see in the faces of our clients when their dreams
helped that person in a most fundamental way. We have                                  of being better people start to come true.
helped him/her change. Better People was founded on the
simple, basic principle: that people can change.

                                                                          Summary of Results

    Enrolled          Job Readiness        Completed Past Step 3          Employment     30-Day Retention   90-Day Retention   180-Day Retention    365-Day Retention
                                              (Job Ready)
      178                 71*                      81                        52               90%                83%                 67%                     65%
*A few clients gained employment prior to taking Job Readiness classes.


    Enrolled          Job Readiness        Completed Past Step 3          Employment     30-Day Retention   90-Day Retention   180-Day Retention    365-Day Retention
                                              (Job Ready)
        1898               206                     1096                      491              91%                85%                 73%                     62%

                                                               Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report
                    Mission and Goals
                                                                                                                                                                METRO COUNCILOR REX BURKHOLDER
The Better People Mission
                                                                                                                                                                WAS THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES AT BETTER
Our mission is to dramatically reduce the rates of
recidivism in Multnomah County and other areas,                                                                                                                 PEOPLE’S SPRING 2006 GRADUATION.
and our inspirational goal is to assist our clients in                                                                                                          COUNCILOR BURKHOLDER HAS WORKED HARD
changing their lives and, indirectly, that of their                                                                                                             ON EXPANDING ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES AND
                                                                                                                                                                AFFORDABLE HOUSING, AND HE HELPED ESTABLISH

How We Accomplish Our Goals                                                                                                                                     THE NORTHEAST COMMUNITY SCHOOL, AN
                                                                                                                                                                INNOVATIVE DIVERSE CHARTER SCHOOL IN
Better People accomplishes its mission by provid-
ing four components of services to clients:                                                                                                                     PORTLAND.
· Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®)1 , a cogni-
tive behavioral treatment process that assists clients
in changing their thinking patterns as a means of
changing their behavior.
· Job Readiness classes to enable clients to
become more efficient and effective in their job
                                                                               PHOTO: STEWART HARVEY

· Job Placement assistance to help clients in gain-
ing permanent, full-time employment.
· Job Retention assistance after gaining employ-
ment to help clients remain employed long-

Measures of Clients Helping the Community
Through Public Service
Clients perfor m public ser vice over and
above any community service they have been
mandated to do by the Courts. Clients, this past
fiscal year, volunteered more than 800 hours of
public service valued at a rate of $18.04 per
hour.2 Since 1998, clients have provided public
services valued at $174,190.20 to the Portland
Metropolitan community.

What Contributors Say About Us
“Better People is providing a life line to those with
prior criminal records to pull themselves up and
out of the quagmire.
T hrough their par ticipation in the pro-
g ram, clients demonstrate their commit-
ment to be responsible, dependable, and con-
tributing parents, employees and citizens.”

Andy Honzel, The Honzel Family Foundation
                                                                           PHOTO: CHERYL JUETTEN

1. MRT® was designed by Gregory Little and Kenneth Robinson of
Correctional Counseling, Inc., Memphis, Tennessee. See                                  OREGON STATE REPRESENTATIVE WILLIAM ‘CHIP’ SHIELDS, BETTER PEOPLE’S FOUNDING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,
for additional information.
                                                                                                       EMCEES THE FALL 2005 MRT® GRADUATION. HE IS NOW A MEMBER OF BETTER PEOPLE’S ADVISORY COUNCIL.
2. Figures taken from a national survey conducted by Independent Sector,
see The Dollar Value of Volunteer Time: http://www.independentsector.
                                               Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                                 How Better People Serves Its Clients
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®)                                                                             Employment Placement
    Better People was specifically designed
to work with individuals with legal histo-         “   I thought success in a career path was not for
                                                       people like me. And when I was first referred to
                                                       Better People, I was unconvinced. But attend-
                                                                                                                 …law prohibits employers and employment
                                                                                                            licensing agencies from denying anyone a job or
ries. Many clients are faced with vast                 ing MRT classes with Facilitator Kat Bachtel         license (or discriminating in other ways) because
array of challenges. The use of cognitive              helped me change my outlook on Better                of any arrest that did not result in a conviction.
behavioral therapy has been identified by               People and myself. Attending Valerie Keita’s
                                                       Job Readiness classes helped me to change my
                                                                                                            …law only allows an employer to deny you a
the mental, social and addiction commu-                outlook on becoming a prospective employee           job because of your criminal record if the crime
nities as extremely beneficial to individu-             with a legal history.                                is directly related to the job or if the employer
als seeking to enhance and change their                                                                     believes you would be a threat to public safety.
thinking and, therefore, their lifestyles.             I applied for employment and got an interview,
                                                       but I was nervous and unwilling to think that            Oregon does not have these laws.
Better People uses Moral Reconation                    what I had learned in Job Readiness would            As a result, assisting clients in gaining
Therapy (MRT®), initially designed by                  actually help. I was so wrong! Almost every
                                                                                                            employment is crucial to them and their
Gregory Little, later joined by Kenneth                question we discussed during class was asked
                                                       during my interview.                                 families as well as the greater community.
Robinson, who together formed Cor-
                                                                                                            Clients are less likely to commit crime
rectional Counseling, Inc., in Memphis                 While waiting for the bus after the interview, I     when they are fully employed. Employ-
Tennessee.                                             received a call on my cell phone asking me to
                                                       return immediately for a second interview, and
                                                                                                            ment enables them to better care for their
    The word conation was used during                  eventually I was offered the position.               families and themselves while also easing
the 20th century by the therapeutic com-                                                                    the burden on taxpayers in the form of
munity when referencing to ego. The                    Never again will I doubt what I learned, and         prosecution and prison time.
word reconation was an attempt to have                 am learning, through Better People. Just three
                                                       weeks after starting the program, I became               Oregon does not mandate employ-
offenders re-evaluate their decisions.                 employed.                                            ers to hire persons with legal histories.
MRT® seeks to assist clients in raising
                                                                                                            Nevertheless, Better People Job Devel-
their moral decision-making strategies.                I have never been involved with such a wonder-
                                                       ful group of people as the staff at Better People.   opers have established relationships
    The process was originally utilized                They work hard to help clients achieve success       with businesses based on client program
within a prison-based drug treatment                   at their own pace. I firmly believe that the staff   participation and work qualifications.
therapeutic community. However, while                  believes in us. They truly help people like me
                                                                                                            Employers are encouraged to hire clients,
                                                       to have a second chance .
participants were highly functional during
their prison stay, their failure rate after
release was considered to be too high.
                                                       Jordan Lesniewski            ”                       because as Job Developers advocate for
                                                                                                            their employment, they share that not
                                                                                                            only are they referring a person who is
The process was further developed, and                                                                      qualified to do the work, but also one who
today, research indicates that participants’                                                                has exhibited that he/she is consistent,
rates of recidivism are reduced anywhere                                                                    dependable, responsible and changed.
from 25% to 50%.
                                                  on a position for which they are qualified                 Employment Retention
Job Readiness                                     due to their lack of effective interviewing                   Many persons with legal histories
    Better People clients are too often not       techniques. As a result, Better People                    gain employment. However, their ability
adequately prepared to search for employ-         designed its Job Readiness curriculum to                  to retain employment long-term is too
ment. Clients are advised not to totally          inform clients how to thoroughly conduct                  often in jeopardy due to their lack of skills
depend on the Better People Job Devel-            a resourceful and valuable job search.                    for coping with workplace requirements.
oper to find jobs. Clients are encouraged              Curriculum includes instructions on                   Our Job Readiness curriculum provides
and required to seek employment on their          completing a sample employment appli-                     instruction for clients to deal with many
own. However, too many clients lack               cation; how to recognize their skills and                 work place issues. However, for those
knowledge of how to effectively approach          qualifications; how to qualify companies                   instances when clients and/or employers
the job market.                                   based on their legal histories; where to                  need support, Better People Employ-
    In addition, many clients demonstrate         look for, and how to approach, employ-                    ment Developer & Retention Specialists
limited skills in completing an employ-           ment opportunities; how to conduct                        are available. In addition, they maintain
ment application and too often lose out           research; and interviewing techniques.                    long-term contact with employers and the
                                                                            Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                                                     Alumni Club Supports Better People Graduates

                                                                                              T    he Better People Alumni Club is
                                                                                                   a group of men and women who
                                                                                              have completed Twelve Steps of the
                                                                                                                                         population. We also use funds to
                                                                                                                                         support our loan program. The loan
                                                                                                                                         program has specific requirements,
                                                                                              MRT® process.. Members pay annual          including that an applicant must be
                                                                                              dues of $25. The Club would prefer         employed and willing to repay the loan
                                                                                              that members pay their dues in full;       within six months.
                                                                                              however, payment arrangements can be
                                                                                              made. Members are entitled to receive      Alumni Club members volunteer their
                                                                                              legal assistance at $25 an hour, reten-    time to provide public service as a
                                                                                              tion services to assist you in retaining   means of giving back to the com-

                                                                                              employment long-term, and access to        munity. All MRT® graduates are
                                                                                              our loan program.                          welcomed, wanted and needed. Any
                                                                                                                                         MRT® client may attend meetings to
                                                                                              The Alumni Club meets once a month         observe and learn what the group is

                                                                                              for one hour. It discusses how to be an    about.
                                                                                              effective tool in helping both current
                                                                                              and former clients retain their commit-    The Better People Alumni Club is here
                 ERIC CARSON, PRESIDENT OF THE BETTER PEOPLE ALUMNI CLUB.                     ment to change.                            for our agency’s graduates.

                    The Alumni Club’s Mission:                                                The Alumni Club holds annual fund-         Eric Carson
                         People recovering their                                              raisers. A percentage of the money         Alumni Club President
                         lives and reaching out                                               raised is used to donate to other
                                                                                              community organizations which also
                              to help others.
                                                                                              provide services to members of our

                                                                                              A Whole New Sense of Direction

             L   ike many others before me, I came
                 to Better People with the hope of
             being able to gain employment.
                                                                                                                                         Better People job developers helped
                                                                                                                                         me get the job I have today. I have
                                                                                                                                         been employed for over four years. I
                                                                                                                                         feel that this is the best job I have ever
             I attended the MRT® groups, worked                                                                                          had, and the first one that provided me
             on my Steps and passed. I soon began                                                                                        with benefits like health insurance.
             to understand that the program really
             had nothing to do with “just getting a                                                                                      I am proud to be a graduate of Better
             job.” The program gave me a whole                                                                                           People and Vice President of the
             new sense of direction― direction that                                                                                      Alumni Club. I am honored to have
             I use in my life today.                                                                                                     the opportunity to share part of my
                                                                                                                                         story with you. I am also proud of the
             I have achieved many of the goals I set                                                                                     person that I have become.
             for myself, and I identify new ones as
             I go along. I learned in group to be
             realistic about goals. That in itself was
                                                                             CHERYL JUETTEN

             an achievement for me.

             I have worked hard to get where I am
             today. I have learned to use resources.

             I truly believe that I owe a great deal
             of my accomplishments to the MRT®
             program and the wonderful people
                                                                                              Tereasa Staley - MRT®) graduate and
             who make up the Better People staff.                                             Vice President of the Alumni Club

                                                            Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report
                                                                             Thank You, Better People Referral Agencies
                                                             Allied Health                           Central City Concern
                                                             ASAP Treatment Center                   Southeast Works
                                                             Begin Right                            Open Door
                                                             Business Services                      Options
                                                             California Federal Prison              Oregon Dept. of Corrections
                                                             Camp Outlook                            Columbia River Correct. Facility
                                                             Cascades AIDS                           Coffee Creek Correct. Facility
                                                             Cascadia Behavioral Health Care         Santiam Correctional Facility
                                                             Central City Concern                    Oregon State Penitentiary
JUDGE CLIFFORD L. FREEMAN                                    Clackamas County Mental Health         Oregon State Correction Institution
Better People pays tribute to                                Clackamas Co. Parole & Probation         Mill Creek
the late Honorable Clifford L.                               Clackamas Co. Voc. Rehabilitation       Eastern Oregon Correct. Institution
Freeman, Multnomah County                                    Clackamas Women’s Services              Snake River Correctional Institution
                                                             Clark Co. WA Dept. of Corrections       Two Rivers Correctional Institution
Oregon Circuit Cour t Judge.                                 Clearview Employment Services          Oregon Commission for the Blind
Judge Freeman was the pri-                                   Coalition of Black Men                 Oregon Council For Hispanic Advancement
mar y judge for Multnomah                                    Circuit Court of the State of Oregon   Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers
County Community Court. In                                   Confederate Tribe of Grand Rende       Oregon Dept. of Human Services
that capacity he often referred                              DePaul Treatment Center                 Div. of Vocational Rehabilitation
                                                             Family Alliance                         Adult & Family Services
defendants to Better People                                  Friendly House                          Child Welfare Dept.
as a means of steering them                                  GOALS Program                           Dept. of Human Resources
toward getting their lives back                              Good Neighbor Center                   Oregon Employment Department
on track. Judge Freeman was                                  Goodwill Industries                    PCC- Dislocated Workers Program
a long-time suppor ter of the                                Helensview High School                 Oregon Youth Authority
                                                             Hope House                              MacLaren Youth Correct. Facility
wor k of Better People. He
                                                             Hope Spring                             Parole/Probation
served as Emcee of our Spring                                IAM CARES                              Out Side In
2005 MRT® graduation. His                                    Inact                                  Pioneer Human Services, Seatle,WA
work in the area of social and                               InFocus                                Portland Community College
legal justice for all people is                              Irvington Covenant Community            Skill Center
missed.                                                        Development Corporation               Steps To Success
                                                             Kon-A-Way Til-Li-Kum PC                 Workforce Development Connection
                                                             Legacy Emanuel Hospital                 Women’s Center
                                                               & Health Center                      Portland Habilitation Center
                                           EDWARDS FAMILY

                                                             Lifeworks Northeast                    Portland House of Imoja
                                                             LOTUS                                  Portland Impact
                                                             Marion County North Office Parole      Portland Police Bureau
                                                               & Probation                          Portland Project House
                                                             Metropolitan Family Services           Portland Youth Builders
                                                               GEARS Program                        Project Network
                                           PHOTO: THE

                                                             Metropolitan Public Defenders          Providence Health System
                                                             New Beginnings Christian Church        Raphael House
                                                             Mt. Hood Community College             Recovery Association Project (RAP)
                                                             Multnomah County Oregon                Rose Haven
DR. MILES J. EDWARDS, M.D.                                     DCHS/MHASD                           Rustic Sage, Inc.
Better People also remembers                                 Multnomah Co. Community Court          St. Andrew Catholic Church
the late Miles J. Edwards, MD.                               Multnomah County Circuit Court         St. Francis Church
                                                             Multnomah Co. Dept. of Comm. Justice   Salvation Army
Dr. Edwards was a long-time
                                                               Closed Street Supervision            Self Enhancement, Inc.
contributor to Better People                                   Day Reporting Center                 Seniors Make Sense
through the Lowell Edwards                                     Domestic Violence Unity              St. Vincent de Paul
Foundation. Until Dr. Edwards’                                 Gang Supervision Unit                St. Vincent Chemical Dependency
health failed, State Representa-                             Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office      Southeast Works
t ive Wi l l i a m ‘ C h i p ’ S h i e l d s                   Troutdale Facility                   Touchtone
                                                               Inverness Jail                       Transition Projects, Inc.
(Better People’s founder) and                                Multnomah County Dept.                  Jean’s Place
ultimatel y, Clariner Boston,                                  of Aging & Disability Services       Tualatin Valley Center
Executive Director, met with                                 Multnomah Co. Pre-Trial Services       Turning Point
Dr. Edwards annually to update                               National Council on the Aging          Unbounded Grace Alternative School
him on the prog ram’s prog-                                  Native American Rehabilitation         Unity, Inc.
                                                               Association (NARA)                   US Federal Prison - Sheridan
ress. His compassion for, and                                Native American Program                US Pre-Trial Services
dedication to, his patients and                              Native American Youth Assoc.           US Federal Public Defender
people dealing with challenges                               Neighborhood House                     US Probation Office
in their lives is sorely missed.                             New Beginning Christian Church         US Veterans Administration
He is quoted as saying, “doc-                                Northeast Coalition                    Volunteers of America
                                                             Northeast Workforce Center              Men’s Residential Center
tors need a deep understanding                               Northwestern Pilot Project              Women’s Residential Center
of the patient’s experience and                              Providence Health Systems              Washington Co. Parole & Probation
each person’s unique value as                                OHSU                                   West Women’s Shelter
a human being.” Dr. Edwards                                  One Stop Career Center                 Western Prison Project
valued all life and suppor ted                                 Metro                                William Temple House
                                                               Goal Post                            Women In Community Service (WICS)
Better People clients seeking to
                                                               102nd & Prescott                     Youth Progress Association
bring change into their lives.                                 42nd & Killsingsworth                YWCA
                                                      Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

             INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT                                               Better People — Statement of Financial Position
                                                                                Year Ended June 30, 2005 (With Comparative Amounts for 2005)
To the Board of Directors — Better People
Portland, Oregon                                                                ASSETS                                 2006            2005
June 30, 2006 (With Comparative Amounts for 2005)
                                                                                CURRENT ASSETS:
                                                                                   Cash and equivalents               $ 177,072      $ 166,120
The Board of Directors                                                             Grants and Contracts
Better People                                                                        Receivable                         52,984          57,621
Portland, Oregon                                                                   Prepaid Expenses                      7,365          10,187
We have audited the accompanying statements of financial posi-                      Total Current Assets                237,421         233,928
tion of Better People as of June 30, 2006, and the related state-
ments of activities, functional expenses, and cash flows for the                 EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE                  5,003           3,567
year then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility
of Better People’s management. Our responsibility is to express                 TOTAL ASSETS                         $ 242,424       $ 237,495
an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. The
prior year summarized comparative information has been derived
from the financial statements of Better People as of June 30, 2005,              LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
and in our report dated August 22, 2005, we expressed an unquali-
fied opinion on those statements.                                                CURRENT LIABILITIES:
                                                                                   Accounts Payable                   $ 1,722        $ 5,692
We conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards                       Accrued Payroll and Taxes            3,542          7,680
generally accepted in the United States of America. Those                          Accrued Vacation                    10,460          7,811
standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain
reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are                     Total Current Liabilities            15,724          21,183
free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on
a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in                NET ASSETS:
the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the                      Unrestricted                        226,700         216,312
accounting principles used and significant estimates made by                        Total Net Assets                    226,700         216,312
management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement
presentation. We believe that our audit provides a reasonable                   TOTAL LIABILITIES
basis for our opinion.                                                             AND NET ASSETS                    $ 242,424       $ 237,495
In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above pres-
ent fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Better
People as of June 30, 2006, and the changes in its net assets and its                        Better People — Statement of Activities
cash flows for the year then ended, in conformity with accounting                 Year Ended June 30, 2006 (With Comparative Amounts for 2005)
principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

                                                                                SUPPORT AND REVENUE                    2006            2005
                                                                                Contributions                         $ 97,572       $ 56,261
                                                                                Grants and Contracts                   185,553        264,322
                                                                                Program Service Fees                     3,491          6,662
                                                                                In-Kind Contributions                   13,925          5,710
December 3, 2006                                                                Interest                                 3,305           1,819
James E. Richman, CPA, PC
Certified Public Accountant                                                            Total Support and Revenue        303,846        334,774
One SW Columbia, Suite 777
Portland, Oregon 97258                                                          EXPENSES

             Better People is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.              Program Services                       249,380        240,980
          Donations, bequests and gifts of stock accepted. Federal Tax          Management and General                  30,523         30,234
           ID number 91-1824478. Legal name is Better People.                   Fundraising                              13,555        12,291
       4310 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97211
                                                                                      Total Expenses                   293,458        283,505
        The books are in the care of Richard C. Harris, CPA, of Portland.
           Audit and/or current financial statements gladly furnished by         INCREASE IN NET ASSETS                  10,388         51,269
     calling (503) 281-2663. The board treasurer is Mark Walker, Division
     Director of Public Affairs, Northwest Power and Conservation Council.       NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR          216,312        165,043
                                                                                NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR            $ 226,700      $ 216,312

                                                   Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                                                Contributors and Grantors
All Anonymous Donors                                     Elaine West Durst                                                    Jeff & Tonya Parker
Ariadna Garcia-Bryce & Diego Alonso                      Employees Community Fund of Boeing                                   Jeffrey & Suzanne Parker
Barbara Amen                                             Kathleen Brock and Timothy Ennis                                     Cynthia Peetz-Yochim
Myron Angell                                             Becky & James Fahey                                                  Penney Family Fund
Jonathan & Deanne Ater                                   Fannie Mae Foundation                                                Roger Porter
Francis Auffenberg                                       Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund                                        Portland Monthly, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Balog                                   Shoaib Tareen & Catherine Filgas                                     Public/Private Ventures
Kendall & Linda Barker                                   Steve Finck
Terrance P. Bean                                         The Honorable Clifford Freeman (deceased)
Judy Belk, Ph.D.                                         Page Frisch
Karen J. Belsey                                          Paula & Lee Fuller
Damien Berg                                              David Garrett
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                          Barry & Majorie Gerald
Tena Hoke & James Binkley                                Paul Gerald
Broughton & Kelley Bishop                                David & Terry Griffiths
Black United Fund of Oregon                              Sam & Rowanne Haley
Steven Black                                             Victoria Hanawalt
Ransom Blackman                                          Fred & Amelia Hard
Boeing Company                                           Mary L. Harper
Louis & Clarinèr Boston                                  Lorraine Heller
T. Dan & Jeanne Bracken                                  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Herrmann                                              Paul Gerald, Board President
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bragdon                                  Honzel Family Foundation
John & Peggy Brockamp                                    Andrew Honzel                                                        Dr. James S. Puterbaugh
Alvenice Brown                                           David & Lori Hulme                                                   Diane J. Redd
Randi Brox                                               Anthony A. Iaccarino                                                 Joe Reidy
Craig Clinton & B. Elisabeth Burdon                      Irwin Foundation                                                     Robert Reynolds, Ph.D.
Jill Fuglister & Mathew Burke                            Melinda & James Jackson                                              Will Bloch & Dell Rhodes
Roger & Jeannie Burt                                     Sam Jackson                                                          Barbara & Charles Rhyne
                                                         Peter Jacky                                                          Chuck & Katie Riley
                                                         William & Nancy Jenne                                                Robert C. & Nannie S. Warren Foundation
                                                         Juan Young Trust                                                     Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
                                                         Si Kahn                                                              Edward Segel
                                                         Gordon & Kathy Keane Jr.                                             Lisa Shaw
                                                         Michael Kelly                                                        John O. Shields
                                                         Nigel Nicholson & Virginia King                                      Oregon State Rep. William ‘Chip’ Shields &
                                                         Sue Hickey & Sheldon Klapper                                          Shelda Holmes
                                                         Carol & Michael Knutson                                              Michael Sirtori
                                                         Lee-La Enterprises                                                   Donna & J. Slepack
                                                         Linda J. Larkin                                                      Southeast Works
                                                         Leslie Lehmann                                                       Lewis & Judith Sprunger
Clariner Boston, Executive Director                      Michelle Schmidt Leipzig & Francis Leipzig                           Lynn Starr
                                                         Ross & Shiela Lienhart                                               Cynthia Steinhauser, Ph.D.
                                                         Lineberger Foundation                                                Swigert Foundation
Tom & Anne Caruso                                        Paul Linnman                                                         Bert & Barbara Taylor
Ann L.Casey                                              Lowell Edwards Foundation                                            Rachel Tillman
Mr. & Mrs. John Chism                                    Edward Hill & Holly MacArthur                                        Judy Massee & Richard Tron
Larry & Carol Christensen                                Brenda Mahr-Douglas                                                  Catherine & Mark Turner
Tracy Christensen                                        Dr. Barry Maletzky                                                   United Way of Oregon
Bill McLaughlin & Kate Clinton                           Raymond Allen Mayer                                                  Marie Anderson Ver Meer
Correctional Counseling, Inc                             Ken Lerner & Katherine McDowell                                      Volunteers of America
Marshall Cronyn                                          Paul & Donna Meier                                                   Mark Walker
Donald McIntosh, Jr. & Dana Cuellar                      Robert J. Merkle                                                     Steve & Mabsie Walters
James & Marsha Curtis                                    Mr. & Mrs. John Merritt                                              Richard & Judith Wandschneider
Aubrey Davis                                             Sarah Roff & Jan Mieszkowski                                         Catherine Turner & Thomas & Judith Wann
Natalie Delord                                           Sierra & Douglas Nash-Bird                                           Wendy Warren
Karen Devallet                                           Allen & Martha Neuringer                                             Jean & John Weigant
Deborah Freedberg & William Diebold                      Douglas R. Nichols                                                   Joan Williams
Colin & Joan Diver                                       Rebecca Mischel & Andy Olshin                                        Mary Ann Seth-Wish
Marianne Doherty                                         Oregon Community Foundation                                          John & Rachelle Wish
Don and Nancy Powell Foundation                          Milo Ormseth                                                         worksystems, inc.
Thomas Dunne                                             Helen Hierschbiel & Stephen Owen                                     Malcolm & Robin Young

                         We try very hard to make this list as accurate as possible. If you see an error, please call Clariner Boston at (503) 281-2663.

                                        Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

Jan Neill Becomes First Client Hired by Better People
                                                                                           Better People opens
                                               While I was in prison, time passed         an office in Clackamas
                                           slowly. Yet, opportunity knocked on               County Oregon
                                           my door. As a result of my hard work,
                                                                                     WHEN BETTER PEOPLE FOUNDER STATE REP.
                                           I was selected to go to the Oregon        WILLIAM ‘CHIP’ SHIELDS OPENED BETTER
                                           Summit Program (Boot Camp, as it is       PEOPLE IN 1998, IT WAS TO SERVE INDIVIDU-
                                           more commonly known). I was given         ALS WITH LEGAL HISTORIES, REGARDLESS OF
                                           the opportunity to not only earn          THEIR RESIDENTIAL LOCATION. PARTICIPANTS
                                                                                     WERE REQUIRED TO ATTEND MRT® CLASSES
                                           reduced time off my sentence, but
                                                                                     TWICE A WEEK AT THE MARTIN LUTHER K ING
                                           also an opportunity for treatment. I      OFFICE IN PORTLAND, OREGON
                                           could go home having skills I did not
                                           have before.                              CLIENTS RESIDING IN MULTNOMAH, CLACK-
                                                                                     A M A S , A NDWA SHINGTON C OUN TIES
                                              On May 30, 2006, I graduated with      OREGON, AS WELL AS WASHINGTON’S CLARK
                                           the 68th Community from Summit,           COUNTY, CAME TO BETTER PEOPLE FOR SER-
                                           as Valedictorian of my platoon. The       VICES. FOR MANY CLIENTS, THE DISTANCES
                                           next week I called Better People,         THEY TRAVELED WERE TIME - CONSUMING
                                                                                     AND, DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER, OFTEN
                                           enrolled and began MRT® classes
                                           with Ms. Boston as my facilitator.
               JAN NEILL                   I completed Step Three, completed         IN   THE FALL OF    2006, BETTER PEOPLE
                                           Job Readiness Training and began          OPENED A SATELLITE OFFICE AT    2100 SE
T    here are moments that most
     of us never forget. Some are
wonderful: getting married, the birth
                                           working with a Job Developer. Soon,
                                           I was employed. But better things
                                                                                     L AKE RD.,

                                                                                                   IN   MILWAUKIE, OREGON, TO
                                                                                     SERVE INDIVIDUALS UNDER SUPERVISION
                                                                                        CLACKAMAS COUNTY. WE ARE A SUB-
of our children. Some are not so           were yet to come.                         CONTRACTOR TO   BRIDGES TO CHANGE, A
wonderful, especially, when we are            In October of 2006 I became            TRANSITION RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM.

faced with the consequences of our         the first Better People client to join
                                                                                     THE    LOCATION PROVIDES THE SAME SER -
actions. I will always remember the        the staff, in a regular full-time posi-   VICES OFFERED AT THE MAIN OFFICE IN
day that I gave my problems to God.        tion. What an honor. I spent months       PORTLAND:
Having said that, I also will never        believing that Better People would
forget the day I was taken to prison.      be there to help me put my life back      · ORIENTATIONS
                                           together. However, I never dreamed        · MRT® CLASSES
Nevertheless, one day while I was in
                                                                                     · JOB READINESS TRAINING
prison, there came a moment I will         I would join the team and be able         · A SSISTANCE WITH GAINING FULL-TIME,
also never forget.                         to help others put their lives back              PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT

    I found an old newspaper article       together.                                 · RETENTION SERVICES FOR ASSISTANCE IN
                                                                                           REMAINING EMPLOYED LONG-TERM.
about Better People on a bulletin              Even if I were not an employee,
board at Coffee Creek Correctional         I would be hard pressed to put into       BETTER PEOPLE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CLAR-
Facility, Oregon’s only prison for         words the positive effects that I have    INÉR BOSTON AND BRIDGES TO CHANGE
women. I was working as a janitor. I       gleaned from my association with          E XECUTIVE D IRECTOR C HUCK S IMPSON
                                           Better People. I think of myself          SEE THIS AS OPPORTUNITY TO BETTER SERVE
heard more about Better People from
                                                                                     CLIENTS LIVING IN   CLACKAMAS COUNTY.
other ladies who had participated in       differently, I found self confidence
the Women In Community Service             again, and I no longer see myself         BOTH     AGENCIES WILL BE HOUSED UNDER
(WICS) prog ram and attended a             as damaged goods or second best.          THE SAME ROOF IN      OREGON CITY,   IN THE
presentation by Better People staff.       Better People has partnered with my       SPRING   OF   2007,   WHEN A NEW FACILITY

                                           family, my church, my friends and me      BECOMES AVAILABLE.
I decided that when I got released I
would look up Better People. Until         to help me be all I want to be—and
then, I had pretty much decided that       still, the best is yet to be.
my education and work experience
had no value. I believed that I had
thrown away all that I had invested.
I believed my 20 years of hard work
was now worthless and that any cred-
ible career was not possible.

                                Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                  And a Very Special Thanks To ...
Cynthia Addams         Daniella Brod                 Ruthanne Cox Carothers          Maxine Fitzpatrick
Michelle Agular        Bill Brooker                  Debra Crane                     Pat Foley
Ray Allen              Sondra Brooks                 Kevin Criswell                  Chelsea Fonua
Fedor Alvarado         Alma Brown                    Floyd Cruse                     Teddy Forester
Amina Anderson         Carolyn Brown                 Serena Cruz                     Bernie Foster
Dana Anderson          Dana Brown                    Sean Cruz                       Jerry Foster
Billy Anfield           Kimberly Brown, Esq.          Bill Cummings                   Patrick Foster
David Applin           Pat Brown                     Alison Cunningham               Juanita Founier
Lilia Araujo           Sam Brown                     CURE                            Commander Derrick Foxworth
Margerie Arigban       John Brunelle                 James Curtis                    Jim Francesconi
Lynn Arnhold           Barbara Brunkow               Krystyn Czarnecka               Karen Franker
Buruti Artharee        Catherine Bryant              Judi Dains                      Doug Franklin
Connie Ashbrook        Victoria Bryce                Cheryl Daniels                  Chris Frazier
Bobby Ashe             Eve Buchanan                  Marc Daniels                    Hon. Clifford Freeman
Kelly Auburtine        Sis. Cathi Buerbloom          Meggen Darn                     (deceased)
Sara Austin            Brenda Bunce                  Nuala Davies-Shoman             Kelli Fritsch
Nedra Bagley           Fay Burch                     Aubrey Davis                    Dave Fuller
Josolyn Baker          Hon. Rex Burkholder           Bill Davis                      Hon. Joanne Fuller
Vernon Baker           Fulton Burns                  Cagney Davis                    Verla Fuller
Hon. Richard Baldwin   Jerry Burns                   Sheila Davis                    William Furman
Steven Balistreri      Roger Burt                    Jake Dawes                      Gregory Gadger, Esq.
Paul Ballatly          Ben & Karen Butzien           Jina De Castaneda               Harro Galgalo
Ollie Banks            Gary Byer                     Marvin Dean                     Galloway and Luckett Music
Bill Bard              Rosie Caldwell                Paul Debolt                     Duo
Penny Barnes           Resheal Caliman               Kerri Dee                       Barbara Galloway
Patricia Barrera       Charlotte Camito              Jerry Deas                      R. Sean Galloway
Rosa M. Barrios        Sharon Campbell               Ben DeHaan, Ph.D.               Travis Gamble
Joan Barton            John Canda                    Pastor Michael DeJean           Shelley Garay
Cheryl Bashaw          Celeste Carey                 Bob Depew                       John Gardner
Gary Bassinger         Eric Carson                   Teressa DeRusso                 Elsie Garland
Louise Bauschard       Laura Carson                  Kate Desmond                    Michael Gaskins
Terry Bean             Christine Carter              Tanya Dickens                   Faye Gentle
Hon. Douglas Beckman   State Sen. Margaret Carter    Robert Dietrich                 Paul Gerald
Chris Bekemeier        Greg Carver                   Barry Diggs                     Carry Gillespie
Lucas Belch            Bank Case                     Denise DiRo                     Marian Girrand
Judy Belk, Ph. D.      Bill Cavrian                  Bobbie Dore-Foster              Ed Glover
Karen Belsey           David Celuch, Esq.            Charlotte Dorsey                Sandy Gooch
Fred Bennett           Hon. Dennis Challeen          Kim Drake                       Guy Goode
Bill & Melinda         Willie Chambers               Jeff Dunkin                     Carl Goodman
 Gates Foundation      James Chapman                 Doreen Earl                     Hon. Avel Gordly
Sue Bina               Ron Chase                     Eastern Washington University   Steve Gordon
Arwen Bird             Chicago Commons Association   Scott Eave                      Charles Gould
Claudia Black          Hayd Childs                   Niki Edge                       Denise Gour
Lori Bock              Citizens Crime Commission     Antonette Edwards               Terry Gowen
Michael Booker         Leonard Clark                 Ginger Edwards                  Genevieve Grady
Ronald Booker          Velma Clark                   Robert Edwards                  Jennifer Graham
David Bordeaux         Danelle Cloyes                Shannon Ehrlich                 Nicole Grand
Louis J. Boston        Jeff Cogen                    Talmage Ellis                   Frank Granger
James Bowles           Paula Collins                 Trish Elmer                     Jim Gravely
JoAnn Bowman           Community Cycling Center      Sheri Emory                     Sarah Gray
Bob Boyer              Cate Connell                  Mike English                    Tawnie Gray
Susan Boyl             Bill & Sonja Conner           Eric Erickson                   Carl Green
Trish & Reg Bradley    John Connors                  Susan Erickson                  Mark Green
Hon. David Bragdon     Nancy Conover                 Tom Fahey                       David Greenidge
Claudia Brantley       Kathy Cook                    Rosalyn Farrington              Robyn Gregory
Pat Brasesco           Danny Cooper                  Misty Fehrenbacher              Gregory Gudger
Kathy Brazell          Bob Costas                    Matt Ferguson                   York Haines
Robyn Brewer           Robert Costello               Erin Fields                     Robert Hamilton
Stephen B. Bright      Renae Cowan                   Teresa Findley                  Sara Han

                              Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                 A Very Special Thanks ... (CONTINUED)
Dan Handelman          Hon. Deborah Kafoury            Winthrop McCormack            Milo Ormseth
Lisa Hane              Missie Kalunki                  Malcolm McDonald              Katherine Osborn
Shawna Hanley          Jeff Kappel                     Stephanie McDougald           Annette Otis
Carrie Hansen          Diane Karpinski                 Don McDowell                  Felicia Otis
Mary Hanson            Ted Katauskas                   Bentson H. McFarland, Ph.D.   Sherrelle Owens
Rick Harris            Patty Katz                      Joyce McGhee                  Peter Ozanne
Deb Harshberger        Pam Kelly                       Conliss McKeeves              Steve Padilla
Darby Hasbrook         Joe Kennedy                     John McVey                    Karen Painter
Cheryl Henderson       David King                      Francisco Menezes             Penny Painter
Angela Henry           Scott G. Klusmann               Victor Merced                 Spence Palemo
Susan Henry            Dave Koch                       Susie Meserve                 Tonya Parker
Cassandra Hernandez    Ben Koerper                     Sandi Meyer                   Lt. Estelle Parker-Kent
Wendy Hickman          Rev. Robert Krueger             John Middlesworth             Stephanie Parrish Taylor
Ed Hill, Esq.          Kelly Kuklenski                 Linda Miles                   Jamie Partridge
Nicole Hills           Don Kungas                      Christy Miller                Nancy Pasquale
Kim Hirota             Hon. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry LaBarre   Susan Miller                  Neil Patterson
Robert Hobbs           Kari Lady                       Valerie Miller                Kathy Paul
Melisa Hockett         Lori Lanke                      Debbie Mitchell               Delores Pavia-Herrera
Sheila Holden-Murphy   Eric Larsen                     Renee Mitchell                Blyth Pavlik
Shelda Holmes          Susan Law                       Virginia Moayyad              Gary Payne
Lisa Home              Jerry Lawson                    Norm Monroe                   Jessica Payne
Andy Honzel            Beckie Lee                      Dawn Montes                   Doug Peach
Tony Hopson            Tom Lefler                       Brian Montgomery              Rebeca Pealow
Lisa Horne             Phil Lehman                     Eric Montgomery               Chris Pearson
Cheryl Houston         Mike Leonard                    Genevieve Moore               Dawn Penberthy
Susan Howard           Jordan Lesniewski               Margaret Moore                Glenn Perry
Linda Howland          Cindi Lewis                     Valerie Moore                 Daryn Peters
Dr. Jerry Hudson       Jani Lewis                      Nate Moreland                 Philadelphia Alive Center for
Beth & Jerry Hulsman   Lisa Lewis                      Lyle Morgan                   Transformation
Teresa Huntinger       Pam Lewis                       Ricky Morgan                  Kate Peterson Donald Pol-
Linda Hutchings        Ross & Sheila Lienhart          Mike Morgester                evacik
Katy Hyde              Virginia Lindsay                Gail Morris                   Marina Poltorak
ICCDC                  Adrienne Livingston             Duke Moten                    Nan Poppe
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Sam Jackson, Jr.       Lt. Sheila r. Loranoe           Pamela Murray                 Portland Monthly Magazine
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Marline Jenson         State Rep. Greg Macpherson      Scott Neilson                 Matt Pruit
Priscilla Jester       Magaurn Video Media             Candy Nelson                  Hon. Keith R. Raines
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Stefan Jones           Sue Mazzio                      Policy                        Robert Reynolds, Ph.D.
Marquita Jones-Scott   Sue Mazzro                      Oregon Commission for the     David Rice
Judy Scott             Glen McArthur                   Blind                         Everett Rice
Cheryl Juetten         Nancy McCarthy                  Oregon Criminal Justice       George Richardson
Jan Jung               Fleming McCarville              Reform Coalition              Robert Richardson

                                                        Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

                                                         A Very Special Thanks ... (CONTINUED)
                 Dana Richmond                Chuck Seeley                   Hon. Erik Sten                             Volunteers of America
                 Nate Roberts                 Sherri Seitsinger              Deborah Sterning                           Diane Wade
                 Todd Roberts                 Mary Ann Seth-Wish             Trenna Stewart                             Kathy Wade
                 Diana Robideau               Vanetta Shambry                Thomas Stoel                               Shan Waggeland
                 Kenneth Robinson             Saideh Sharif-Kazemi           Janan Stoll                                Pam Walcott
                 William Robinson             Chuck Sheketoff                Robert Stoll                               Susan Walcutt
                 Luis Rodas                   Duke Shepherd                  Greg Stone                                 Mark Walker
                 Andrew Rodgers               Steve Sherlag, Esq.            Heron Strong                               Larry Wallace
                 LaVonne Rogers               State Rep. William ‘Chip’      Stacy Sundberg                             Renee Ward
                 Hon. Maria Rojo de Steffey   Shields                        Marc Swanson                               Art Wardemann
                 Katie Roller                 Jay & Maria Shields            Carl Talton                                Dane Warnke
                 Shelli Romero                John & Claire Shields          Jackie Tate                                Bob Warren, Jr.
                 Sandra Rorick                Karmel Shields                 Lucinda Tate                               Ernest & Patricia Warren
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                 Marshall Runkel              Steve Shull                    Vernard Taylor                             Wendy Warren
                 Levi Runnell                 John Siebenaler                Gayle Terjeson                             Edwina Wasson
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                                                                                                                        Brenda Yoder
                                                                                                                        Malcolm Young
                                                                                                                        Jim Zenner
                                                                                                                        Linda Zurnwalt

                                                                                     GRADUATE SONJA SNYDER, RIGHT,

                                                                                     WITH STAFF MEMBER TANISHA WELLS.

                                                  Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report

              Featured Better People Graduate John Malaer Says, “I Plugged into the Program!”

M      y life changed drastically 10
       years ago when I fell and
broke my back. I went from being an
able-bodied and fully-employed elec-
tronic technician to an unemployed
paraplegic on disability. I suffered
with chronic pain, which I treated
with narcotic pain medication, and
I became dependent and addicted.
But I didn’t just use narcotics; I sold
heroin on the streets of Portland.
Ultimately, I was apprehended,
tried, convicted and sentenced to
two years in prison.

During those two years, I completed
several cognitive programs. I also
                                          CHERYL JUETTEN

completed a nine-month intensive
drug and alcohol program. I was
released from prison in 2005 with

strict aftercare and post prison
supervision requirements.
                                                           JOHN MALAER CHANGED HIS LIFE WITH HELP FROM BETTER PEOPLE.
It was at this time that I was referred
to Better People by my Vocational
Rehabilitation counselor. However,                         gained a lot of insight from my peers                        goals seem much more doable. I
getting to the office of Better People                      as I worked through the dynamics                             have accomplished many of the
would have required that I travel                          of each Step. I was also able to                             goals I had only thought about upon
2 ½ hours by bus at least twice a                          enhance my interviewing skills by                            first coming to Better People. As I
week for MRT® classes. Traveling                           taking the Job Readiness class.                              was going through the Steps, I began
that far and taking a cognitive class,                                                                                  to recognize that each of my goals
again, did not appeal to me, so I                          Nevertheless, my biggest accom-                              could become a reality.
declined. Eight months later, after                        plishment was gaining the confi-
being turned down numerous times                           dence to overcome my insecurities                            I want to continue on this positive
for employment because of my legal                         about being disabled and returning                           path and direction in my life. I want
history and a 10-year gap in my work                       to the workforce. Prior to coming                            to accomplish the next major Step on
history, I decided I would give Better                     to Better People, I was beginning                            my goals list. Eventually, I want to
People a try.                                              to feel I would never be able to find                         buy my own home. Home, health
                                                           productive employment again.                                 and family are significant priorities
It was at Better People that I was                                                                                      in my life. Once accomplished, I will
shown and learned that everything                          However, with the assistance of                              spend the rest of my life appreciat-
I was doing spiritually and in my                          the Better People staff, I gained                            ing them.
recovery was in step with the MRT®                         employment. I also bought a car.
process. I plugged right in to the                         Becoming independent has helped
program and found that the Steps                           me to know that I can reach my full
supported my changed lifestyle. I                          potential. Now my 5- and 10-year
never missed a class. I especially

                                                      Better People — 2005–06 Annual Report
             Staff                                                   Honorary Board of Directors
Kathi (Kat) Bachtel, our                   Bob Costas                   Stephen B. Bright            Malcolm C. Young          ogy and psychology from the
Recruitment Specialist, presents         HBO, NBC and                   Southern Center for         The Sentencing Project     University of Oregon. Mr.
to soon-to-be released inmates                                                                                                 Fluker enjoys reading, hiking,
                                        Anchor MSNBC’s                    Human Rights                Washington, D.C.
at various Oregon facilities                                                                                                   deep-sea fishing, family and
                                          “InterNight”                     Atlanta, Ga.                                        quiet time.
and to numerous community
                                         New York, NY
organizations. She has a BS in                                                                                                 Valerie Keita has returned to
Child Development from San                                               Board of Directors                                    Better People in the role of
Diego University. She also is                                                                                                  Employment Training Spe-
a certified MRT® Facilitator.              Paul Gerald                  Barry M. Maletzky,                Mark Walker           cialist and MRT® Facilitator.
Ms. Bachtel’s background is         Board President, Author                  M.D.                       Board Treasurer        Ms. Keita received her BA in
in teaching, facilitating, and       “60 Hikes Within 60                                                                       Administration of Justice from
                                                                        Board Vice President         Northwest Power and
social work. She derives much                                                                                                  Portland State University, and is
                                      Miles of Portland”              Psychiatrist (priv. prac.)     Conservation Council
satisfaction from supporting                                                                                                   currently working toward her
persons with barriers to excel        Portland, Oregon                  Portland, Oregon              Portland, Oregon         Master’s degree in the same
in their goals. She enjoys                                                                                                     field. She enjoys acting and
being creative and shopping          Judith Belk, Ph.D.,                Willie K. Chambers             James H. Curtis         writing. She is a published
for values.                             CCC-SLP/A                      Owner and Treasurer                 (retired)           author and is currently working
Clarinér M. Boston, Executive              Board Secretary                SuperNatural-             Bonneville Power Adm.      on a compilation of short sto-
Director, has been with Better      Cntr. for Comm. & Learn.Skills      Natural Foods, Inc.           Portland, Oregon         ries due out in Spring 2007.
People since its opening in          Lake Oswego, Oregon                Portland, Oregon                                       Janet (Jan) Neill, Recep-
1998. Originally holding the                                                                                                   tionist, studied business and
position as Recruitment Spe-             Aubrey Davis                   William E. Lucas             Donna R. Luckett,         accounting at Oklahoma State
cialist, Ms. Boston was selected    Aging & Disability Svcs.,          Regence Blue Cross/              MS CJ Ed.              University. She has more than
by the Board of Directors to          Multnomah County                     Blue Shield               Or. Dept. of Human        24 years experience in business
succeed State Rep. William          Coalition of Black Men              Portland, Oregon                                       and has worked in public rela-
                                                                                                      Svcs., Voc. Rehab.
‘Chip’ Shields, founder and            Portland, Oregon                                                                        tions, advertising and sales. Ms.
former Executive Director.                                                                            Portland, Oregon         Neill enjoys cooking, gardening
Ms. Boston has a BS in Mar-                                                                                                    and needle work.
keting, a Masters in Public         Tonya Parker, M.S.W.               Mary Ann Seth-Wish            Clariner M. Boston,
                                          Fannie Mae                                                                           Tracy Muller returned to
Administration, and a Masters                                                U.S. Bank                  MPA, MS AJ             Better People in the position
in Administration of Justice,           Portland, Oregon                      (retired)               Executive Director,      of Administrative Financial
from Portland State University.                                          Portland, Oregon           Better People, Portland,   Assistant. She attended Mount
She is also a certified MRT®                                                                                 Oregon             San Antonio College, where
Facilitator.                                                                                                                   she majored in General Office
Laura I. Camacho is a                                                     Advisory Council                                     Studies. Ms. Muller has more
Job Developer & Retention                                                                                                      than 20 years office experience
Specialist. She speaks both                                                                                                    and is a MRT® Facilitator.
English and Spanish. Ms.                     Arwen Bird                 Sam Jackson, Jr.               Lily Johnson            She enjoys playing all kinds of
Camacho earned her B.S. in               Founder, Survivors              Gunderson, Inc.             Mult. Cnty. Adult         sports, reading, and movies.
Urban Studies and Planning/              Advocating for an                    (retired)               Comm. Justice            Tanisha Wells, Administrative
Community Development and                 Effective System,              Portland, Oregon            Portland, Oregon          Program Assistant, has a Busi-
Sociology from Portland State            Portland, Oregon                                                                      ness Technology Certificate
University. She also is a certi-                                                                                               from Chemeketa Commu-
fied MRT® Facilitator. She             Annette Jolin, Ph.D.                Sandi Meyer                  Felicia Otis           nity College and is currently
has a background in finance              Chair, Administration                 Oregon                   WRC Director            working towards a degree in
and budgeting and extensive                   of Justice                      CURE                 Volunteers of America       Business Administration from
experience working with and               Portland State U.              Portland, Oregon            Portland, Oregon          Portland State University. Ms.
living among people of diverse           Portland, Oregon                                                                      Wells has more than 14 years
ethnicities and cultures from                                                                                                  of extensive experience in
around the globe. Ms. Cama-                                                                                                    customer and administrative
cho considers herself to be                Macceo Pettis                Steve Sherlag, Esq.            Kenneth
                                       OR SCF/ Coalition of                                         Robinson, Ed.D.            services. She enjoys playing
a professional champion of                                               Criminal Defense                                      the violin and being with her
social causes.                             Black Men                         Attorney               Correc. Coun., Inc.
Todd Caponetto is a Job                 Portland, Oregon                 Portland, Oregon            Memphis, Tenn.
Developer & Retention Special-                                                                                                  Board of Directors Farewells
ist as well as an MRT® Facilita-       Greg Stone, M.S.W.                  Robert E.                  William ‘Chip’
                                                                                                                               We wish the very best to former
tor. He has a BS in history from          MRC Director                   Reynolds, Ph.D.                 Shields               Board of Directors members
Portland State University. Mr.         Volunteers of America               Reed College                Oregon State            Robert E. Reynolds, Ph.D., James
Caponetto has more than 5                Portland, Oregon                Portland, Oregon             Representative           Curtis, Aubrey Davis and William
years’ experience in working                                                                         District 43, N/NE         (Bill) Lucas. The same is true for
with families dealing with issues                                                                    Portland, Oregon          Stephanie Parrish-Taylor, a member
of incarceration. He also has                                                                                                  of the Advisory Council. We thank
more than 5 years experience                                                                                                   them for their dedicated service and
in marketing and sales, and he                                           Better People Staff                                   valued contributions.
enjoys hiking, snowboarding,
and bird watching.                        Kathi (Kat) Bachtel            Warren Fluker, MS PC          Laura Camacho           The Board welcomes Donna
                                         Recruitment Specialist,        Employment Specialist &     Employment Specialist &    Luckett, Vocational Rehabilitation
War ren L. Fluker is the                   MRT® Facilitator               MRT® Facilitator            MRT® Facilitator         Counselor.
Employment Services Coordi-
nator and a MRT® Facilitator.               Valerie Keita                 Todd Caponetto               Nicole Rowland          Better People also salutes former
He has more than 30 years’               Employment Training            Employment Specialist &    Volunteer/Student Intern    Board member Ben Butzien for his
experience in government,                    Specialist,                  MRT® Facilitator         Portland State University   dedicated service to the program.
human resources, education,               MRT® Facilitator                                                                     In recognition of Mr. Butzien’s
and workforce development.                                                                                                     outstanding service, the Board of
He received his BS and MS                   Tracy Muller                      Janet Neill             Tanisha Wells            Directors and staff Better People
degrees in counseling, psychol-         Adminstrative/Financial              Receptionist          Adminstrative/Program       will dedicate the office lobby in
                                              Assistant                                                  Assistant             his honor

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