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					                                               LISTEN AND LEARN
                   THE NINTH NATIONAL FORUM ON
                   April 25-27, 2004        Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina San Diego, CA
                          TAKE HOME THE 2004 FORUM ON AUDIO CASSETTE!
GENERAL SESSIONS                                                   O   CBM616      What’s the Offer?
O CBM601      Competing For Consumers: The New Rules                               Chad Dillard, Good Samaritan Hospital; Scott
              J.D. Kleinke, Health Strategies Network                              Share, Lourdes Health System; Julie Salefski
O CBM602      Transforming Healthcare: The SHARP                                   Blaszek, Health Newsletters Direct
              Experience                                           O   CBM617      Media Advertising: Driving Forces AND ROI
              Michael Murphy, Sharp HealthCare                                     David Loveland, Evanston Northwestern
O CBM603      The Engaged Consumer: Informed & Involved                            Healthcare; Curt Ippensen, Rhea & Kaiser
              Jonathan Lord, MD, Humana, Inc.                                      Marketing Communications
O CBM604      The Informed Consumer: Where are Patients            O   CBM618      The Annual Report: The Agony and Ecstasy
              Going for Healthcare Data?                                           Jan Ciccarelli, Loyola University Health System;
              Danny Fell, Daniel+Douglas+Norcross                                  Tom DeSanto, Aloysius Butler & Clark
O CBM605      Integrative Medicine: Making an Impact               O   CBM619      Balanced Scorecard: It’s Here to Stay
              Albert Einstein, Jr., MD, Swedish Cancer Institute                   Barbara Niedz, PhD, RN, St. Joseph’s Regional
                                                                                   Medical Center; Karen Endresen, PhD, The
RE-ENGINEERING YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY                                             Endresen Institute at The Jackson Organization
O CBM606      It’s All About ME (Measurement & Evaluation)         PHYSICIAN STRATEGIES
   (2 tapes)  Marty Campanello, Bayhealth Medical Center;
              Susan Dubuque, Neathawk Dubuque                      O CBM620       Communicating with Referral Physicians
                                                                                  Tessa Burton, Northwestern Memorial Hospital;
O CBM607      Innovation: Ready, Set, Go
                                                                                  Pam Moore, Physicians Practice
              Geoff Kaufmann, Center for Diagnostic Imaging,
              Inc.; Janet Guptill, KM at Work                      O CBM621       Disruptive Physicians: Treating the Problem
                                                                                  William Mazzei, MD; UCSD Medical Center; Jeffry
O CBM608      Growing a Multimillion-Dollar Healthcare
                                                                                  Peters, Health Directions, LLC
              Retail Business
                                                                   O CBM622       Steps You Can Take Today to Improve
              Mindy Thompson, Simply Retail, Inc.
                                                                                  Relationships with Physicians
O CBM609      Transformational Delivery Driven by Niche
                                                                                  Richard Slack, Abbott Northwestern Hospital;
                                                                                  Richard Keck, Jr., StratEx, LLC
              Kenneth Sharigian, The University of Chicago;
                                                                   O CBM623       Physician Recruitment & Retention Strategies
              Robert Dickinson, BDC Advisors, LLC
                                                                                  Donna Teach, MS, APR, Columbus Children’s
O CBM610      Delivering on the Promise: Service Line
                                                                                  Hospital; Kriss Barlow, Corporate Health Group
                                                                   O CBM624       Physician Concierge: Coming to a Market
              Jay Levine, MA, MBA, and Susan McBurney,
                                                                                  Near You
              Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
                                                                                  Debbie Hunter, UAB Health System; Douglas Tilt,
O CBM611      Marketing ROI: What You Need to Know
                                                                                  MD, Camellia Medical Group
              Una Hutton Newman, Emory Healthcare; Steve
                                                                   O CBM625       Engaging Physicians for Better Patient
              Gelineau, The Strategy Group
O CBM612      Growing Healthy Revenues
                                                                                  James Farrell, OSF Healthcare System; John
              Kenneth Peach, FACHE, Orlando Regional
                                                                                  Hallick, CPM Marketing Group, Inc.
                                                                   O CBM626       Connecting with Referring Physicians
CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION                                                            Marisa Desai, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital;
O CBM613     Individualized Marketing Communications                              Edward Gardner, Stanford University Med Center
             Clare O’Sheel, ProHealth Care; Jacqueline Stack,      O CBM627       One Stop Shopping for Referring Practices:
             PhD, Washington University School of Medicine                        The Six Sigma Way
             in St. Louis; Greg Padovani, Padovani                                Brett Long, Park Nicollet Health Services; Marc
             Consulting, Ltd.                                                     Lawrence, IDX Systems Corporation
O CBM614     The Engaged Consumer: Communicating                   LEVERAGING THE INTERNET & TECHNOLOGY
             Outcomes and Quality
             Danielle Dyer, Greenville Hospital System;            O CBM628      Imaging: The Race is On
             Lawrence Margolis, Storandt Pann Margolis                           Robert Gilbert, OhioHealth; Todd Burchill, Tiber
O CBM615     Bottom-Line Branding
                                                                   O CBM629      Answer Today’s Key Challenges: Employees
   (2 tapes) Sharon Thomson, Group Health Cooperative;
             Joseph LePla and Lisa Samuelson, Parker LePla                       Know Best
                                                                                 Maxine Landers and Paula Timco, The Cleveland

                                                   LISTEN AND LEARN
O   CBM630      Integrated Marketing Communications:                HOW TO ORDER
    (2 tapes)   Winning on the Web                                  Cassettes can be ordered by mail or fax. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
                Marie Mahoney and Sara Stern, Rush University       from time of order.
                Medical Center; Robin Snow, Greystone.Net, Inc.     Check the circles of the tapes you want to order. Fill in the
                                                                    information below and return form to:
                                                                            Forum for Healthcare Strategists
O CBM631      Healthcare Consumerism: A Call to Action for
                                                                            980 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1260
              Provider Organizations                                        Chicago, IL 60611
              Alexander Domaszewicz, Mercer Human
                                                                            or fax form to:
              Resource Consulting
O CBM632      Marketing in the Age of Consumer Driven
              Healthcare                                            For more information, call 866-440-9080, ext. 23, or e-mail
              Jeff Kamil, MD, Blue Cross of California; John
              Fiacco, Subimo, LLC                                   Shipping Information           Please Print!
O CBM633      Innovation & Knowledge Transfer =                     Name
              Performance Improvement
              Richard Singerman, PhD, Ascension Health
              Ventures; Douglas Goldstein, Practical Futurist       Organization
O CBM634      An End to Business As Usual: Onsite                   Shipping Address
              Patrick Doherty, Work Fitness Center
O CBM635      Understanding the Voice of the Customer and           City                                      State
              Making it Heard
              Diane Gage & Sonia Rhodes, Sharp HealthCare           Zip Code
O CBM636      Multiculturalism is Here to Stay                      Phone                                  Fax
              Paul Pickard, New York Hospital Queens
                                                                    Payment Information
O CBM637     Building Customer Loyalty: Lessons Learned             Please note: Payment in full must accompany your order. The
             Deeana Crider, UAB Health System; William              Forum does not accept purchase orders as proof of payment.
             Garrison and Jay Keltner, Evanston Northwestern
                                                                    O        Check enclosed in the amount of $                      , payable
             Healthcare; Erin Zilis, McMurry, Inc.                           to Forum for Healthcare Strategists
O CBM638     Capturing Senior’s Loyalty
                                                                    O        Charge my: O Visa     O MC       O AMEX
             Dalal Haldeman, PhD, The Cleveland Clinic
             Foundation                                             Card Number____________________________________________
                                                                    Exp. Date_______________________________________________
O CBM639     Service Excellence: Becoming the
   (2 tapes) Nordstrom’s of Healthcare                              Name of Cardholder_______________________________________
             Margie Bryan, MS, RD, CD, Carol Kourany, MS,
             RD, CD, and Shelby Parham, PHR, The Care
             Group, LLC
O CBM640     Medical Staff Development Plans                        Cost Worksheet
   (2 tapes) Barbara Kohart-Kleine, Winthrop University             Conference Attendees:
                                                                    Individual cassettes
             Hospital; Jeff Simmons, III, DGA Partners                    $12.00 each x ________                   $___________________
O CBM641     Focus on Imaging: Riding the Wave                      Complete sets
   (2 tapes) Part I: Susan Minerich, BS, CNMT, PETNET                     $295.00 each x ________                  $___________________
             Solutions, Inc.; Part II: Facilitated by Henry Soch,   Individuals Not Attending Conference:
             Advanced Radiology Consultants, LLC                    Individual cassettes
                                                                          $15.00 each x ________                   $___________________
                                                                    Complete sets
                                                                          $595.00 each x ________                  $___________________
PRE-FORUM STRATEGY SESSIONS I & II                                  Pre-Summit Strategy Sessions:
($75 FOR EACH SESSION, INCLUDES HANDOUTS)                           Cassettes and Handouts
                                                                          $75.00 each session x ________           $___________________
O CBM642       Understanding Market Research
               Dave Marlowe, Strategic Marketing Concepts           Orders shipped to IL must add
                                                                    8.75% sales tax                                $___________________
O CBM643       Sales: Developing Relationships with Referral
               Physicians                                           Shipping and Handling
               Wayne Sensor, CHRISTUS Schumpert Health              USA & Canada: $6.00                            $___________________
               System; Carolyn Merriman, Corporate Health           International: $12.00                          $
                                                                    TOTAL DUE                                      $

                      SPECIAL ON-SITE PRICE!!! $12 PER TAPE OR $295 FOR THE COMPLETE SET!

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