In order to learn from members of the community of Harrietstown and Saranac Lake what issues they found
most pressing, in the summer of 2007 the Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) designed and
circulated the attached community survey (Appendix 1).

The survey was distributed in print form via the following mechanisms: it was enclosed in the Adirondack
Daily Enterprise, it was enclosed in the summer mailing of water/sewer bills, it was left at key business
locations around Saranac Lake (e.g. Stewart’s, Nori’s, etc.), and it was made available for online completion
(though only one survey could be completed per IP address). The survey was publicized via a press release,
email distribution lists, and through announcements at public meetings held during the time period.
Responses were collected for approximately two months; the survey was released at the end of June, 2007,
and the CPC continued to collect responses through most of August.

This compilation of the survey responses is meant to present the complete responses. Minimal analysis has
taken place in presenting these results, although the CPC has taken some measures to group similar textual
answers, etc, in order to present a more coherent body of results. This document represents the first of
several stages of analysis in collecting, synthesizing and interpreting public input for use in the Saranac
Lake – Harrietstown Comprehensive Plan.

For the questions that required respondents to write in an answer (questions #14 and #15) some additional
analysis has been performed; for more information on the methods used, please see the results sections for
those questions, below.

This document includes:

About the survey responses & respondents                               2
Survey results:
Recreation                                                             7
Housing                                                                14
Community Issues                                                       18
Economic Development                                                   23
Retail Cap                                                             29
Community resources                                                    34
Infrastructure                                                         37
Write – in questions: statistical analysis                             42
Write-in questions: the comments
    Other issues                                                       43
    Ideas to improve community                                         53
The survey                                                             Appendix I

                    COMPLETE RESULTS

About the survey responses & respondents
                                                                               % of
                   Total responses                                       756

                   Method of survey
                                               Completed on-line         190     25.1%
                                               Completed paper
                                               survey                    566     74.9%
                   Residency of respondents
                   (Questions 16, 17, and
                                               SL Village residents      452     59.8%
                                               Non-village residents     272     36.0%
                                               Village residency blank    32      4.2%

                                               Harrietstown              430     56.9%
                                               North Elba                155     20.5%
                                               St. Armand                 56      7.4%
                                               Other                      74      9.8%
                                               Town residency blank       41      5.4%

                                               Resident of village or
                                               Harrietstown              590     78.0%
                                               Not resident of village
                                               or Harrietstown           139     18.4%
                                               Left village question
                                               blank and not a
                                               Harrietstown resident      27      3.6%

                                               Full-time resident        648     85.7%
                                               Part-time resident         59      7.8%
                                               Visitor                    13      1.7%
                                               Skipped question           36      4.8%

Question 19: What street do you live on (optional):

433 people gave responses. 323 people left the question blank. Of those that responded, some had reported
that they lived in Saranac Lake or Harrietstown (or both), and some had said that they did not live in either.

Of those who live in Saranac Lake or Harrietstown, the street of residency reported was:

               Academy St.                                    1
               Algonquin Ave.                                 7
               Ampersand Ave.                                 7
               Arnold Drive                                   1

Baker St.                     4
Balsam St.                    2
Beaverwood Rd (Fish Creek)    1
Beechwood Dr.                 3
Birch Knoll Dr.               1
Birch St.                     2
Bloomingdale Ave.             2
Broadway                     12
Canaras Ave.                  1
Cedar St                      1
Center Street                 1
Charles St.                   2
Cherry Tree Lane              2
Church St.                    5
Circle St.                    1
Cliff Road                    5
Clinton Avenue                2
Co. Rte 18                    1
Co. Rte 19                    1
Co. Rte 50                    1
Co. Rte 51                    1
Colony Court                  1
Corey's Road                  2
Cortez Lane                   1
Cranberry Way                 1
Crescent Bay Dr.              1
DeChantel (Church St.)        1
Dewey Mtn. Rd.                2
Dorsey St.                    1
Duprey St.                    4
Edward St.                    3
Elm St.                       1
Fairview Ave.                 4
Fallen Leaf Lane              2
Fawn St.                      2
Fletcher Farm Rd.             1
Forest Hill Ave.             12
Forest Home Rd.               3
Franklin Ave.                 4
Glenwood Drive               11
Harrietstown Rd.              1
Hawald St.                    1
Helen St.                     1
Hickory Ln.                   1
Hope St.                      2
Indian Rock Trail             4
James St.                     4
Jenkins St.                   2
Keene St.                     2
Kiwassa Rd.                  12
Labrador Ln.                  1
Lake Flower Ave.              4
Lake St.                     28
Lake View Terrace             2
LaPan Highway                 1
Main St.              4
Maple Hill            1
Maple Leaf Drive      1
Margaret St.          8
Marshall St.          1
Maryland Ave.         3
McClelland Ave.       2
McComb St.            1
McIntyre St.          1
McManus Rd.           1
Millpond Rd.          1
Moir Rd.              1
Morris Way            1
Neil St.              6
Oakwood Rd.           1
Old Lake Colby Rd.    7
Old Military Road     8
Olive St.             2
Oseetah Parkway       1
Panorama Dr.          1
Panther Mtn Rd.       1
Park Ave             18
Passino Ln.           1
Payeville Ln.         1
Petrova Ave.          4
Pine St.              8
Pinehurst             1
Pisgah Park Way       1
Pontiac St.           2
Poplar Ln.            1
Prescott Pl.          3
Prospect Ave.         3
Redskin Ln.           1
River St.             1
Riverside Dr.         7
Rockland              1
Rte 186               1
Rte 3                 2
Rte 30                8
Rte 86                5
Rte 87                1
Saint Hill Ln.        1
Santanoni Ave.        2
School St.            3
Seneca Ave.           1
Shepard Ave.          5
Slater Ave.           1
St. Bernard St.       2
State St.             1
Stony Creek Rd.       1
Sumner Pl.            1
Tara Dr.              1
Trudeau Rd.           3
Turtle Pond Rd.       4
Van Buren St.         1
               Van Cour Ave.                                1
               Virginia Ave.                                1
               Vosburgh Rd.                                 1
               West Shore Rd.                               1
               William St.                                  2
               Willow Way                                   1
               Winona Ave.                                  2
               Woodycrest Rd.                               6

Of those who did not report living in the village of Saranac Lake or Harrietstown, the street of residency
reported was:

               Averyville Lane                              1
               Bartlett Carry Rd.                           2
               Basil Hill Way                               1
               Bloomingdale Ave.                            1
               Breezy Acres Ln                              1

               Church Pond (Saranac Inn)                    1
               Co. Rte 60                                   4
               Cortez Lane                                  1
               Fletcher Farm Rd.                            1
               Forest Hill Ave.                             2
               Franklin Ave.                                1
               Garondah Rd.                                 1
               Gilpin Bay                                   1
               Grandview Ave.                               1
               Hillcrest Ave.                               1
               Ironwood Way                                 1
               Lake Flower Ave.                             1
               Maple Ln.                                    1
               McKenzie Pond Rd.                            3
               McManus Rd.                                  1
               Mt. Pisgah Ln.                               1
               Norman Ridge Rd.                             2
               Pendergast Farm Way                          1
               Plank Rd.                                    1
               Prospect House Ln.                           1
               Prospect St.                                 2
               River Rd.                                    2
               Rockledge Ln.                                2
               Rt. 86                                       1
               Rte 30                                       2
               Rte 73                                       1
               Rte 88                                       1
               Sandy Hill Way                               1
               Saranac Ln.                                  4
               Stanley Dr.                                  1
               Stetson Rd.                                  1
               Swinyer Rd.                                  1
               Tadds Rd.                                    1
               Tadds Way                                    1
               Trudeau Rd.                                  5
               Vine St.                                     1
               Vosburgh Rd.                                 1
                Whiteface Ln.                                      1
                Willow Way                                         2

Some people reported that they did not live in the village or town, but listed some other association with the
community. These included:

                Business owner                    5
                Property owner                    2
                Rental house owner                1
                Former resident                   2
                Long-time visitor                 1

Question 19: If you would like to receive email notification of upcoming meetings on the comprehensive
planning initiative, please enter your email address here:

157 people indicated a response to this question. In the interest of confidentiality, the responses to this question are
not being shared. Those who indicated email addresses had their addresses added to a list of people who receive
regular updates and notifications from the Comprehensive Planning Committee.

 Survey responses

 1. What FIVE types of recreational improvements or additions are most needed in Saranac Lake and
    Harrietstown? (check up to 5)


                                                               Percentage                              Percentage
                                                               of those in                             of those in
                                                  Percentage                              Percentage
                                                                   this                                    this        Rank of
                                      Number       of survey                  Number       of survey
                                                                category                                category      response
                                         of      respondents                     of      respondents
                                                                   who                                     who       among all
                                     responses      in this                  responses      in this
                                                                answered                                answered     responses
                                                   category                                category
                                                                   this                                    this
                                                                question                                question

Recreation improvements
  a. Playgrounds/playground
  equipment                              149        25.3%        26.0%           205        27.1%        28.0%          7
  b. Public restrooms                    387        65.6%        67.7%           507        67.1%        69.3%          1
  c. Benches                             123        20.8%        21.5%           155        20.5%        21.2%          8
  d. Bike, cross country ski,
  and walking trails                     343        58.1%        60.0%           450        59.5%        61.5%           2
  e. Skateboard park                     242        41.0%        42.3%           293        38.8%        40.0%           3
  f. Basketball court                     56         9.5%         9.8%            64         8.5%         8.7%          12
  g. Tennis courts                        63        10.7%        11.0%            87        11.5%        11.9%          10
  h. Ball fields                          53         9.0%         9.3%            68         9.0%         9.3%          11
  i. Waterfront access for
  boats/canoes/kayaks                    185        31.4%        32.3%           242        32.0%        33.1%           5
  j. Fishing                              45         7.6%         7.9%            55         7.3%         7.5%          14
  k. Beaches                             216        36.6%        37.8%           261        34.5%        35.7%           4
  l. ATV trails                           45         7.6%         7.9%            53         7.0%         7.2%          16
  m. Alpine ski areas                     41         6.9%         7.2%            55         7.3%         7.5%          15
  n. Snowmobile trails                    49         8.3%         8.6%            62         8.2%         8.5%          13
  o. Recreation department               162        27.5%        28.3%           213        28.2%        29.1%           6
  Other                                  111        18.8%        19.4%           138        18.3%        18.9%           9
  Skipped question                        18         3.1%                         24         3.2%

              131 people gave responses in the Other category. They fell into the following categories.

              Youth activities or facilities (15) –
                                affordable summer kids rec
                                Summer youth rec program
                                less expensive summer youth program
                                youth healthy alternatives
                                Combined Youth Center/Skateboard Park
                                youth center
                                Indoor recreation center for youth
                                arcade for kids
                                We need more for young teens like a movie house
                                Youth/Community Center
                                free fall summer recreation program
                                youth oriented facilities (rollerskating rink youth

               teen center for after hours 7pm-11pm
               after school summer activity for kids
               I'd like to see more money for youth programs

Sidewalks or walkways (11)
               walking for seniors
               sidewalks in some areas are unsafe, unlevel, bumpy &
               not safe for older walkers; Adirondack Carousel
               safe sidewalks
               Please plow sidewalks regularly
               Better sidewalks connecting downtown to Moody
               Pond and sidewalk along Brandybrook road - help
               facilitate a more walkable community
               Sidewalk improvements around the town
               in town designated walk ways, old style lighting,
               historical markers

Bike trails, lanes or facilities (10)
               non-motorized recreation: bikes, canoes, walking, etc
               maintain present bike trail
               level some of the hills to make biking easier
               bike lanes need to be cleaned
               Please sweep River St bike lane regularly
               mtn bike trails, road bike paths
               bike racks
               bike lanes
               bike commuter lanes/alternative transportation
               SL LP Bike Path

A YMCA or similar recreational facility (9)
               indoor/outdoor recreational unit for all ages
               a place set up like ymca
               A public indoor recreation facillity that has recreation
               programs for the public, especially during the winter
               year-round (indoor) pool & court facility
               Indoor courts for volleyball/badminton, etc
               YMCA facility downtown...This would have a dramatic
               impact on downtown.
               Enclosed rec bldg with pool like YMCA

Dog park (7)

Movie theater (7)

Recreational field – related (6)
               Soccer Fields
               community access to petrova field
               Playing fields maintained by the town/vlg that anyone
               can use - right now one has to coordinate with the
               school and this is very laborious
               public soccer fields
               playing fields / frisbee golf course
               lacross fields

Goose – related (6)
               no goose poop
               get rid of goose poop
               Do something about goose poop in the park
               keep geese out of park
               Remove GEESE
               get rid of geese on lake flower boat launch

Beach – related (5)
               better place for beach
               Access for swimmers on Lake Flower
               return beach to River St
               planned waterfront area on Lake Flower for swimming
               and picnicing
               Wm Wallce Beach is great but need more parking

Parking – related (5)

               parking meters and parking areas
               safe parking areas
               parking to be able to utilize this stuff
               parking for use of Lake Flower for walking or a picnic

Playground – related (5)

               Clean playgrounds and public areas
               supervised playground
               Playgrounds that are monitored by law enforcement
               to keep loiterers away
               playground supervision

Trail and path – related (5)

               a running/walking exercise trail
               packed running trails in village, preferably around
               inline skate paths
               Bike/Walking/Running Trails
               nature trails

Parks – related (4)

                More parks, green spaces
                open space parks
                green spaces
                community parks/areas, not just playgrounds but for
                all ages

Frisbee golf course (4)

Recreation management suggestions (3)

                a recreation strategic plan and money to support it
                Recreation Comission
                Park District

Programming (3)

                supervised programs at our playgrounds as originated
                by Wm. Morris Group
                easily accessed/hands-on natural history workshops
                for kids and adults
                Recreational programs for all ages

Shopping – related (3)

                shopping area attractng visitors
                affordable shopping
                decent grocery store

ATV – related (2)

                no ATV trails
                Ban ATVs

Adirondack Carousel (2)

Curling – related (2)

                Curling facility
                curling rink/club

Suggestions on marketing recreational opportunities (2)

                an area on a web page listing all of the above areas
                available and maps of them
                Better marketing what is available

Picnic areas/tables (2)

Swimming pool (2)

Trash – related (2)

                garbage cans so people don't litter
                trash receptacles

          Ice skating – related (2)

                             Year round ice skating at the Civic Center
                             Petrova Skating Rink

          The following responses were not grouped with similar answers; each one was expressed once:
            bathroom port a potty at Shroeters field
            dry storage for boats
            outdoor/indoor concerts/music
            cross-walks and bumpers on docks
            public drinking fountain
            Farmers market
            more forest preserve land
            community garden
            common area of Harrietstown Housing Authority - we
            have no key to get back in 2nd floor
            wireless internet
            Clean Lake Clear
            limit hp on waters
            a museum of history of SL
            completion of river walk
            skateboard park
            Dewey Mountain Ski
            water slide, lake flower toboggan in winter
            Free access to Town Hall for not for profit fund raisers
            indoor recreation
            a lift from the parking area to Broadway
            Large open area for special events for Fire Dept - flea
            markets, etc
            motorcycle trail events
            none - other improvements are more important

2. Which recreational improvement from above is most important?

   608 people answered the question
   148 left it blank

   Of those who answered it, the responses were:

                   Playgrounds/playground equipment                 28
                   Public restrooms                                122
                   Benches                                          10
                   Bike, cross country ski and walking trails      187
                   Skateboard park                                  63
                   Basketball court                                    1
                   Tennis courts                                       3
                   Ball fields                                         6
                   Waterfront access for boats/canoes/kayaks        20
                   Fishing                                             2
                   Beaches                                          37
                   ATV trails                                       14
                   Alpine ski areas                                    4
                   Snowmobile trails                                12
               Recreation department                           59
               Other (please identify)                         40

Of the 40 people who chose “Other” the responses were:

               wheelchair accessibility - parking spaces where a car door may
               be opened to fully accommodate a wheel chair or walker
               alternative transportation to reduce car traffic/preserve small-
               town aesthetic
               A dog park
               Other (YMCA)
               in town designated walk ways, old style lighting, historical
               Movie theater
               p - dry storage for boats
               p - playground supervision
               Get rid of geese on Lake Flower boat launch
               arcade for kids to play games
               bring money in to help town
               Dewey Mountain
               dog park
               dog park
               encourage recreation on Lake Flower. Bring in campers from
               the Saranac Lake Islands campground
               facilities for older teens
               Indoor rec center like a YMCA
               indoor recreation
               information about what we do have
               New docks at beach are great
               recreation (12-16 ages)
               recreational programs for all ages throughout the year
               River walk extensions and railway trail loop
               river walk is great
               shopping area attracting visitors
               swimming pool
               trail development for all types of use
               wireless internet
               Year round ice skating at the Civic Center
               Year-round activities for both Mt. Pisgah and Dewey Mountain
               including Mountain Bike trails
               Youth/Community Center

41 people added some sort of comment in addition to saying which was most important. These answers were:

               a - cleanup and police park by stewarts
               Safe Playground
               b- especially at boat launches
               Bathrooms! For sanitation and no more public lewdness,

public restrooms for handicapped people
public restrooms near recreational areas
Bike Cross country ski and walking trails
Bike path to Lake Placid
bike trail between S.L and L.P.
Bike trails for transportation and commuting
bike, cross country trails, etc.!!!!!!!!! I really want to be able to
bike around town safely
bike/ski/walking trails -- next to the RR maybe?
connected walking paths in and around downtown Saranac Lake
and adjacent neighborhoods
Improvements to bike, x-c ski,and walking trails
kid friendly bike trails
paved bike trail
paved bike, running and walking trails
SL LP Bike Path
Walking trails - safe sidewalks
e - in time, will be an olympic event
basketball courts- they could be fun! and they look BAD...
Tennis courts - at least professionally improve the ones we have
h - especially the SLHS fields - work with the school
k - improve the beach, drag the crud out, put in food stand
again, fix up playground area. Make it welcoming.
beach at Lake Flower
beach on lake flower
Beach on Lake Flower
beach on lake flower
better place for beach
better, more accessibility to beach
put the "beach" back where it was!
l - will provide money for area
o - organization of what we have
0. We need community coordination of programs & facilities to
offer citizens. We have many underserved persons who cannot
afford memberships at the health club or other private venues.
We are too dependent on private sector offerings and recreation
programming for adolescents in Saranac Lake is practically
joint recreation commission
Park District
Rec strategic plan that includes a department
recreation department, if this means a youth center & activities
as well
wheelchair accessibility - parking spaces where a car door may
be opened to fully accommodate a wheel chair or walker
alternative transportation to reduce car traffic/preserve small-
town aesthetic
we can't afford more

 3. Identify the THREE types of housing most needed in the community. (check up to 3)

                                      Responses only by residents of
                                         Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                          (590 responses in this
                                                category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                                Percentage                                Percentage
                                                                of those in                               of those in
                                                   Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                    this                                      this        Rank of
                                       Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                                 category                                  category      response
                                          of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                    who                                       who       among all
                                      responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                                 answered                                  answered     responses
                                                    category                                 category
                                                                    this                                      this
                                                                 question                                  question

  a. Rental units                         318        53.9%        56.0%           421         55.7%         58.5%               2
  b. Senior housing, including
  'in-law apartments,' etc.               193        32.7%        34.0%           238         31.5%         33.1%               3
  c. Assisted housing/nursing
  homes                                   176        29.8%        31.0%           221         29.2%         30.7%               4
  d. Moderate-income
  housing                                 452        76.6%        79.6%           576         76.2%         80.0%              1
  e. Luxury homes                          18         3.1%         3.2%            24          3.2%          3.3%             10
  f. Mobile home parks                     21         3.6%         3.7%            25          3.3%          3.5%              8
  g. Multiple-family housing               92        15.6%        16.2%           103         13.6%         14.3%              7
  h. Condominiums                         101        17.1%        17.8%           130         17.2%         18.1%              6
  i. Subsidized housing                   118        20.0%        20.8%           156         20.6%         21.7%              5
  Other (please specify)                   18         3.1%         3.2%            25          3.3%          3.5%              9
  Skipped question                         22         3.7%                         36          4.8%

             25 people gave responses in the Other category. They fell into the following categories.

             Affordability of housing (7)

                                 affordable and reasonable
                                 affordable and reputable
                                 CHEAP housing that is not slummy
                                 community land trust housing (permanently affordable)
                                 homes average people can afford and keep maintained
                                 Low income houseing/rental
                                 Moderately-priced homes for purchase

             Quality and/or cost of rental units (5)

                                 Get existing Landlords to clean up there buildings!!
                                 GOOD CLEAN RENTAL UNITS
                                 good housing restrictions for rentals
                                 long term temporary rental units
                                 rents too high

             Quality or upkeep of village and town housing stock (4)

                                 improve what we have

                           Improvements to existing housing - especially
                           updates to wiring (so many fires!), and energy
                           efficiency (heating/cooling)
                           maintaining the historic homes in the region i.e.
                           Cure Cottages in original shape
                           updating of older homes and apartments

          Types of housing that should be encouraged or discouraged in the land use code (4)

                           Mixed use apartment/business
                           minimize mobile home parks
                           no mobile home parks
                           NO mobile homes / NO Luxury Home we have a lot
                           of homes for sale

          Specific types of senior housing (2)

                           Large senior housing complex that includes b, c & d
                           Senior assisted living rentals

          The following responses were not grouped with similar answers; each one was expressed once:

            housing with lower taxes ;-)
            dorms for college
            shelter for the homeless

4. Which type of housing is most important?

   634 people answered the question
   122 left it blank

   Of those who answered it, the responses were:

                  Rental units                                         89
                  Senior housing, including in-law apartments          34
                  Assisted housing/nursing homes                       56
                  Moderate-income homes                               327
                  Luxury homes                                          2
                  Mobile home parks                                     1
                  Multiple-family housing                              13
                  Condominiums                                         23
                  Subsidized housing                                   29
                  Other                                                60

   Of the 60 people who chose “Other” the responses were:

                  Affordable assisted housing
affordable family homes
affordable for local families
Affordable for the middle class
affordable for workers/nurses/school teachers
affordable HOMES
affordable housing
affordable housing
affordable housing <$1000/month
affordable housing for all
affordable housing for mid-income
affordable housing for seniors
affordable housing so new and local young families can
live and stay here
affordable i
affordable mid income
Affordable non-slum rentals
affordable rental units
affordable rental units
affordable rental units. not slum quality
affordable, decent housing
all of it is!!!
community land trust
fix up what's here - why build new buildings when so
many are for sale?
homes for moderate and lower income folks
housing people can afford
housing that attracts tourism
Just clean and desirable homes/rentals
low cost w/in walking distance of store, school, library,
Low income
low income
low income housing
low income housing
Low income housing/rental
low rent housing
low/moderate income housing
lower income rentals
lower to middle income
low-income housing
midscale rental and condos
Mixed use apartment/business
moderat income
moderate to low income
more senior housing might free up moderate income
saving old buildings and housing
shelter for the homeless
sigle family
single family homes
single family moderate income
the one that don't abuse elderly/disabled poor

               The quality of housing is terrible for home owners and
               the two high rises are never full
               Tidy--Homes and property need not be luxury...pride in
               too much subsidized housing now
               updating of older homes and apartments
               upper income apartments, condos downtown on river
               upscale residence

22 people who chose one of the options write a comment in addition to saying which was most important. These
answers were:

               Quality, well-located, safe subsidized housing
               Condominiums (moderate) for the retired
               g - willow way kind
               moderate income for all the folks who actually live here
               and don't make lots of money but would still like a nice
               home, not rental, trailer, etc
               assisted living - not nursing homes
               $125- 175K range
               b, c & d are definites and really can be one. Seniors
               need moderate income housing that would contain
               facilities for assisted living
               clean reasonable rentals
               Clean up the existing rental stock, most are terrible!
               decent quality rentals
               Decent rental housing moderately-priced
               quality apartments/moderate homes
               quality rentals for seniors
               reasonable rental
               rental and upholding rental quality control
               rental units - mid price, decent
               Rental Units - there aren't any decent apartment
               buildings/condos for rent in this area...
               rental units that are clean and safe
               safe rental housing
               temporary rentals for professionals
               well maintained apts
               a - clean rental units with parking or garage

 5. Identify the FIVE community issues of greatest concern for you and your family (check up to 5)

                                      Responses only by residents of
                                         Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                          (590 responses in this
                                                category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                                Percentage                                Percentage
                                                                of those in                               of those in
                                                   Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                    this                                      this        Rank of
                                       Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                                 category                                  category      response
                                          of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                    who                                       who       among all
                                      responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                                 answered                                  answered     responses
                                                    category                                 category
                                                                    this                                      this
                                                                 question                                  question

Community Issues
  a. Cost and availability of
  housing                                 274        46.4%        46.7%           343         45.4%         46.4%          4
  b. Preservation of open
  space                                   114        19.3%        19.4%           160         21.2%         21.7%          9
  c. Access to parks,
  riverfront, recreation                   72        12.2%        12.3%           103         13.6%         13.9%          14
  d. Local shops and services             298        50.5%        50.8%           389         51.5%         52.6%           2
  e. Local jobs/economic
  opportunities                           289        49.0%        49.2%           362         47.9%         49.0%          3
  f. Environmental quality                143        24.2%        24.4%           191         25.3%         25.8%          7
  g. Energy efficiency                    132        22.4%        22.5%           175         23.1%         23.7%          8
  h. 2 counties and 3 towns
  in the village                          198        33.6%        33.7%           239         31.6%         32.3%          5
  i. Pedestrian-friendly
  neighborhoods                             99       16.8%        16.9%           120         15.9%         16.2%          13
  j. Design standards for new
  development                              94        15.9%        16.0%           131         17.3%         17.7%          11
  k. Youth/senior services                118        20.0%        20.1%           141         18.7%         19.1%          10
  l. Merge town and village
  governments                             175        29.7%        29.8%           204         27.0%         27.6%          6
  m. Property taxes                       455        77.1%        77.5%           550         72.8%         74.4%          1
  n. Property maintenance
  code                                      95       16.1%        16.2%           121         16.0%         16.4%          12
  o. Improving educational
  resources                                 61       10.3%        10.4%             85        11.2%         11.5%          15
  p. Accessibility for persons
  with disabilities                         48         8.1%         8.2%            52         6.9%           7.0%         17
  Other (please specify)                    57         9.7%         9.7%            64         8.5%           8.7%         16
  Skipped question                           3         0.5%                         17         2.2%

              63 people gave responses in the Other category. They fell into the following categories.

              Shopping (15)

                                 affordable shopping
                                 affordable shopping
                                 department store
               department store
               department store an absolute necessity
               department store of moderate size
               dept store
               large big box store i.e. Walmart
               need large retail store....
               Quality Grocery Store
               Shopping centers
               Walmart is needed for shopping, more employment
               we need either a Wal-Mart or Target
               Wider variety of food and per. goods,at a reasonible price

Housing (5)

               affordable housing
               assisted living
               Housing affordability and availability
               housing and the treatment of the poor in them
               senior housing

Zoning and code enforcement (4)

               a code officer who enforces existing codes impartially
               code enforcement
               zoning enforcement for decrepid buildings and concequences for not
               Zoning Use Enforcement

All of the above (3)

               all of these are of concern
               impossible to check only 5, as almost all on the list are of great concern to
               our family!
               This was hard - they're all important...

Health care (3)

               health care for all
               medical cost
               Reasonably priced variety of mds

Historic preservation and reuse (3)

               historic preservation
               historic preservation
               Restoration and preservation of existing buildings
Infrastructure issues (3)

                   decent streets and roads ie well paved and maintained
                   improve village ancient infrastructure
                   street lights

Crime and policing – related (2)

                   a credible police force/dept.
                   teen vandalism/lack of policing of teens in public areas on private property

Education – related (2)

                   more night and weekend classes esp for blue collar folks and adults
                   we have great schools

Government – related (2)

                   cost-effective government
                   less "back-door" politics!!!

Village dissolution (2)

                   dissolve village
                   dissolving village government

Public transportation (2)

Upkeep and maintenance of properties (2)

                   clean up neighborhoods Mc Comstr (McColmstr?)
                   some properties look like landfill dumps especially along Rt. 86 between
                   Saranac Lake ad Donnelly'e Corners

The following responses were not grouped with similar answers; each one was expressed once:

 access to the ARTS
 development of private sector jobs
 Dark skies - reduction of light at night. Use of shields to focus light
 downward at night on parking lots.
 preservation of open space
 downtown parking
 property rights
 equitable property taxes
 Lack of GOOD Restaurants
 sales tax base
 sewer on Woodycrest Road
 sidewalks on roads leading to schools for safe walking
             need cap on size of retail store
             promoting growth thru upgrading tourism infrastructure
             Trash on streets and in parks. Maintain village property (Riverwalk railing,
             trashcans, etc.)
             filtered drinking water

6. Which issue from above is most important?

670 people answered the question
86 left it blank

Of those who answered it, the responses were:
               Cost and availability of housing                52
               Preservation of open space                      17
               Access to parks, riverfront,
               recreation                                       0
               Local shops and services                        62
               Local jobs/economic opportunities               52
               Environmental quality                           31
               Energy efficiency                               21
               2 counties and 3 towns in the village           43
               Pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods                8
               Design standards for new
               development                                    22
               Youth/senior services                           8
               Merge town and village governments             32
               Property taxes                                267
               Property maintenance code                      13
               Improving educational resources                10
               Accessibility for persons with
               disabilities                                     7
               Other                                           27

Of the 27 people who chose “Other” the responses were:

               Affordable housing
               Affordable shopping
               all are important
               all are important
               all are important
               all are important
               all are important
               all are important
               assisted living
               combine services to lower taxes
               Commercial garage on pine & McKenzie = business conducted in middle of road.
               Consolidation of governments
               consolidation of services
               economic status of the village
               GOODS and PRICES
               health care
               historic preservation
               maintaining the historic, small town old fashioned artist community that we have
               maintianing the integrity of the small community
               Night and weekend classes
               Parking availability
               Restoration and preservation of existing buildings
               Sewer on Woodycrest Road
               stop abusing the disabled/elderly at 14 K.R.
               village infrastructure
               Zoning Use Enforcement

31 people who chose one of the options write a comment in addition to saying which was most important. These
answers were:

               all very important and hard to choose - combination of government and proper
               centralization and simplification of government
               D- Give us some shopping! Let stores come!
               department store and quality grocery
               department store of moderate size
               dept store
               design standards for new development, ones that would initiate sustainable
               community values in design
               developing more local shops/department store downtown
               economic status of the village
               environmental quality but our economy is on a down slide
               grocery shopping (not aldi)
               I suggest merging Franklin, Essex and Clinton Counties and forming towns
               along school district boundaries or switch Harrietstown to Essex county where it
               would have more political clout, lower taxes and be closer to the county seat.
               i. Need better sidewalks
               Keeping property taxes reasonable for year-round residents
               l - cooperate and share resources
               lack of large scale retail shoping.. expensive grocery stores
               Local shops and services that survive the threat of larger corporations.
               m - in line with family incomes
               M - taxes will probably make me sell within the next 4 to 5 years. I'm 56.
               m & reasonable assessments
               m based on income
               m- by far - outrageous
               move village into one county
               need a dept store
               private sector growth
               Reducing taxes and costs so I can afford my home
               Streamline Govt Process: 1 Cnty, 1 Town
               taxes and water/sewer are too high
               There aren't any decent department stores in the area...
               too hard to pick, but environmental quality encompasses many important things
               to us

 7. Identify the FIVE types of economic development you believe the community should focus most on. (check
    up to 5)

                                      Responses only by residents of
                                         Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                          (590 responses in this
                                                category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                                Percentage                                Percentage
                                                                of those in                               of those in
                                                   Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                    this                                      this        Rank of
                                       Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                                 category                                  category      response
                                          of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                    who                                       who       among all
                                      responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                                 answered                                  answered     responses
                                                    category                                 category
                                                                    this                                      this
                                                                 question                                  question
  a. Retail development                   388        65.8%        66.1%           482         63.8%         65.4%          3
  b. Downtown business
  development                             399        67.6%        68.0%           513         67.9%         69.6%           2
  c. Home-based businesses                 66        11.2%        11.2%            87         11.5%         11.8%          11
  d. Office parks/professional             87        14.7%        14.8%           116         15.3%         15.7%           9
  e. Manufacturing                         97        16.4%        16.5%           117         15.5%         15.9%           8
  f. Reuse of existing
  buildings                               428        72.5%        72.9%           530         70.1%         71.9%           1
  g. Lodging                               59        10.0%        10.1%            78         10.3%         10.6%          12
  h. Restaurants                          193        32.7%        32.9%           244         32.3%         33.1%           4
  i. Tourist shops                         44         7.5%         7.5%            53          7.0%          7.2%          15
  j. Recreational businesses              141        23.9%        24.0%           189         25.0%         25.6%           7
  k. Agriculture                           55         9.3%         9.4%            74          9.8%         10.0%          13
  l. Logging/wood products
  industries                                44        7.5%          7.5%            61         8.1%           8.3%         14
  m. Human
  services/healthcare                     192        32.5%        32.7%           242         32.0%         32.8%           5
  n. Lake Clear airport                   171        29.0%        29.1%           223         29.5%         30.3%           6
  Other (please specify)                   78        13.2%        13.3%            95         12.6%         12.9%          10
  Skipped question                          3         0.5%                         19          2.5%

              95 people gave responses in the Other category. They fell into the following categories:

              Types of retail development (18)

                                 A Grade A Grocery Store
                                 A quality department store with affordable prices like Wal-Mart would
                                 have brought
                                 Bringing Wal Mart or Target to town
                                 clothing and food store
                                 Community Store
                                 convenient, reasonably priced selection of goods
                                 department store
                                 department store
                                 Fair, clean Grocery Store
                                 large box store i.e. Walmart
                                 major grocery chain store
               NO Walmart
               Retail Development
               support of the community store
               Wal-Mart or other big retail store
               walmart-type business
               we need another store

High tech and research businesses (14)

               clean hi-tech businesses
               computer/software businesses
               development of higher tech/higher standard/career jobs (computer,
               biotech, etc)
               environmental research/application businesses
               high tech business
               High tech, biotech, and environmental leadership industries
               High tech/biotech
               Incentives for clean industries, R&D, biotech, tech
               Knowledge-based/creative class businesses
               Scientific research

The arts (7)

               art galleries
               art studies
               arts related
               the arts
               THE ARTS

Internet-based business (4)

               development of broad band for telecommuting
               E-commerce/Broadband based
               teleworking - high speed internet

Tourism-related (4)

               Historic tourism
               Promoting Tourism
               Redevelop Lake Flower area to encourage tourists

Education-related (3)

                expand NCCC on existing campus

Housing-related (3)

                apartments and housing
                elder care / housing
                improved housing

Job types and creation (3)

                bring in good jobs (environmentally friendly manufacturing,
                tech/manufacturing, etc. for people who don't have a college education
                with benefits and sufficient pay to maintain their family.
                build job base
                Jobs for borderline "80" IQ. We have a lot of them.

Get rid of airport (2)

Localization (2)

                Saturday centralized market-agric/local bus

Manufacturing (2)

                light manufacturing
                small manufactoring

Parking – related (2)

                downtown parking

Energy development (2)

                renewable energy
                wind power

Downtown signage – related (2)

                improve visisibility of village parking signs
                signage for downtown - surrounding areas

The following responses were not grouped with similar answers; each one was expressed once:

                A new "theme" for the community. For instance, we used to be known as
                the TB Town, which was great for business, but now what should the
                theme be? LP has the Olympics, and TL has the Wild Center
                Adirondack Carousel
                bike trails
                convention center
                downtown business development
                Economic Development Zones at town entrances roads
                get things going on the harrietstown business park
                grant assistance to local existing businesses
                           holistic medicine industry (a return to roots)
                           knoch (sic) of cost gouging in SL
                           Lodging downtown. People staying downtown shop downtown.
                           LOSE THE TAX EXEMPT PROPERTIES
                           Movie theater & bicycle shop.
                           need a blend - not just tourism based
                           new street along RR tracks following B'way to B'dale
                           preserve our youth so they stay
                           promotion and branding
                           recreation, biking, sailing, ski, hike
                           same as last other
                           see attachment
                           selling off village owned property, or re-develop it, put something back
                           where buildings were, alpine hotel, potter block!!
                           separation of chamber of commerce and village
                           small entrepreneurial businesses
                           State & Fed Gov offices in SL
                           steak and seafood restaurant

8. Which of the items from above is most important?

654 people answered the question
102 left it blank

Of those who answered it, the responses were:

               Retail development                         211
               Downtown business development              162
               Home-based businesses                        2
               Office parks/professional                   11
               Manufacturing                               14
               Reuse of existing buildings                 82
               Lodging                                      3
               Restaurants                                 13
               Tourist shops                                3
               Recreational businesses                     14
               Agriculture                                  4
               Logging/wood products industries             2
               Human services/healthcare                   37
               Lake Clear airport                          20
               Other                                       75

Of the 75 people who chose “Other” the responses were:

               A Grade A Grocery Store
               Adirondack Carousel
               affordable high quality food store
               all are important
               blend of jobs
               bringing more businesses to area
Bringing Wal Mart to town
buisness development in general
business development
business development
can't have any one without the others
can't pick - dependent on each other
cheaper air fares
clean industry
creating youth opportunities and income
department store
dept store
dept store
Fair, clean Grocery Store
geopolitical realignment
get rid of Lake Clear Airport
good paying jobs for blue collar workers
helping small, locally owned businesses succeed
high tech business
high tech/biotech
HIstoric tourism
housing and respect of consumer
I think they all are important
improved housing
jobs jobs jobs
large box store i.e. Walmart
large boxstore
major grocery chain store
Making downtown a place people will want to stop, be
able to park, then spend money.
more local fresh food
n - sell it and lower our taxes / a - walmart, target or
need a dept store
new street
NOT the airport
o - holistic medicine industry
O - separation of chamber of commerce and village
o - wind power
O. - Use the dam for hydro power
Offering department stores and tourist shops like Lake
Placid would satisfy locals and tourists...
OTHER from above
other-refer to web site
promoting and supporting tourism and the businesses who
bring valuable tourists to our community
promotion and branding
re-building on vacant lots- would help with the tax base
re-development in general - they all tie in together
Retail development should have codes more similar to
Lake Placid. No Big Box Stores - medium nice looking ones
with nice landscaping
Saranac Lake needs a plan. What would make it a
               destination? How do we get people to visit?
               scientific research
               shopping for elderly
               State & Fed Gov offices in SL
               steak and seafood restaurant
               The city of Silverthorne, CO (primarily a blue-collar village
               near Breckenridge, CO) dramatically improved their
               downtown by building a city recreational center. I have
               the plans.
               The strategic and comprehensive planning of downtown
               as a more pedestrian friendly community
               Tourism and seasonal residences tend to bring the most
               money to town and village.
               walmart and user friendly low cost restaurants for us old
               we need a good large grocery store
               we need something that brings jobs to the area

16 people who chose one of the options write a comment in addition to saying which was most important. These
answers were:

               retail development - Walmart
               retail development - not walmart
               retail store not a community one
               a - low prices and selection needed
               E-but nothing producing toxic wastes
               need at least 2 really good restaurants
               manufacturing (idealistic but important)
               reuse and renovation of existing buildings
               affordable restaurant/diner with healthy food
               agriculture/really hard to say, all important
               practical and efficient use of existing buildings
               human services/healthcare, with emphasis on
               health/nutrition education
               A----Need large, reasonably priced department store and
               grocery (i.e., WalMart type)
               a sign directing people to downtown at Main and River St.
               indicating variety of retail stores
               development of the Industrial Park that is costing those of
               us in Harrietstown big dollars and is not being advertised or
               a - we have to have a box store to draw people to the
               village. Once they are here then they will explore the
               tourist shops. But we have to get the people here.

  9. Do you feel that there should be a cap on retail store size (Yes/No)

                                    Responses only by residents of
                                       Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                        (590 responses in this
                                              category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                              Percentage                                Percentage
                                                              of those in                               of those in
                                                 Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                  this                                      this
                                     Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                               category                                  category
                                        of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                  who                                       who
                                    responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                               answered                                  answered
                                                  category                                 category
                                                                  this                                      this
                                                               question                                  question

Retail Cap
  Yes                                   347        58.8%         60.0%          450         59.5%         62.0%
  No                                    231        39.2%         40.0%          276         36.5%         38.0%
  Skipped question                       12         2.0%                         30          4.0%

  10. What do you think it should be?

          Of those who said “Yes” to a retail cap, 78% (349) filled in an answer to this question and 22%
  (101) left it blank.

             Of the 349 people who filled in an answer, the responses were:

             Gave a number, range, or comparison that could be converted to a number (1)                              265   76%
             Made a comment that could not readily be converted to a number (3)                                       61    17%
             Said they didn’t know what the retail cap size should be                                                 23    7%
             In addition to giving a number or comparison for the size of the cap of a retail store,                  36    10%
             also suggested a cap for a plaza or shopping center (2)
                   Of the 265 who provided a number or comparison, the responses were:

             Smallest size suggested                          5,000 sq ft.
             Largest size suggested                           200,000 sq ft.
             Average of sizes suggested                       48,203 sq ft.
             Standard deviation of sizes suggested            24,316 sq ft.
             Most common responses:
             40,000 sq. ft                                    133 responses
             50,000 sq. ft                                    17 responses
             60,000 sq. ft                                    16 responses
             20,000 sq. ft                                    10 responses
             All other values                                 Fewer than 10

                    Note – For the purposes of analysis, comparison to existing buildings was converted to that
                    building’s square footage. When someone suggested a range, the average value was used.

                   Of the 36 who also suggested a size cap for a plaza, the numbers were:
        Smallest size suggested                        60,000 sq ft.
        Largest size suggested                         120,000 sq ft.
        Average of sizes suggested                     70,889 sq ft.
        Standard deviation of sizes suggested          10,189 sq ft.
        Most common responses:
        68,000 sq. ft                                  29 responses
        75,000 sq. ft                                  2 responses

      Among those who made a comment, they were:
         Fit into footprint of existing bldgs like Aldi's into Stanley
         I don't know exact square footage, but the size of
         Aubuchon, Ace, Kinney's, the big Grand Union is big
         enough. Anything larger than that would be silly for this
         small community. Anything larger just wouldn't fit, and
         it would be a waste of land and look ugly in this
         aesthetically pleasing, small-self-owned-business-
         oriented community.
         I have no idea of square footage...No supercenters. I
         guess similar to GU store in Ames plaza.
         a Wal-Mart or huge structure does not blend in with the
         Saranac Lake ambiance
         but larger than current cap.
         depends on location
         depends on site location
         depends on where located
         I am not well informed but a walmart type store strikes
         me as too large.
         I think no 'major chains' should be allowed to be
         I want to see us maintain who SL is - and not become
         one of the many with large malls, etc who close down
         the Moms and Pops.
         It should be based on the population that would use it. I
         prefer specialty shop shopping.
         just not a superstore
         Just not the monster size Walmart had intended!
         Large enough to give us some opportunities and not
         send a negative message
         large enough to serve the community and not so large
         that they pull out in 5 years.
         less than any walmart size
         less than the Super Store size
         maintain small stores
         medium sized
         mini malls would be great!!
         Moderate size, compatible with existing uses
         moderate sized
         next to main highways only/not beyond the tree top
         no "big box" stores - scale them appropriate to
         community size
                  no big box stores
                  no big box stores
                  no big box stores
                  no bigger thatn target or walmart
                  no boxes, no super size
                  no idea but not a huge box store in this area
                  no idea but not walmart size
                  no mega retailer
                  no 'super sized' stores
                  no super centers
                  no super store
                  no super stores
                  no superstores
                  no superstores, but Target etc. ok
                  No Wallmarts or the like
                  No Walmart!
                  not a 'mega' store
                  Not in village - outside yes. Want to keep downtown.
                  No superstore.
                  not super stores
                  Not sure, but one that would prevent "big box stores"
                  from establishing themselves.
                  Nothing as big as a walmart!
                  Really it is hard to put number on a size cap but it
                  should be something
                  rental units
                  small enough to keep megaretailers out
                  Smaller than Walmart
                  smaller than WalMart, possibly no larger than a Target
                  smaller the better
                  stronger enforcement of zoning procedures on
                  slumlords...You have a couple of building owners who
                  are killing downtown SL!
                  The size of store should fit the area.
                  unsure, smaller is better
                  Unsure. Within reason.
                  very small
                  we need a decent retailer in area
                  Within scale of down-town. Keep business in town.
                  60,000 for a stores downtown, 40,000 for new stores on
                  new development, 68,000 for a plaza
                  80-90,000 range depending upon business

         Of those who said “No” to a retail cap, 27% (75) filled in an answer to this question and 73% (201)
left it blank.

           Of the 75 people who filled in an answer, the responses were:

                  cheap retail store any size
                  businesses are careful with their money. They know
                  what they need better than you.

multi product store
big box
should depend on the individual application-not a
blanket cap
Plus or minus 60,000
Adirondacky and pleasing to the eye
The way that it is usually sized (Walmart)
Not sure
I think we should have a large mall.
The sky!
Don't care (more jobs)
whatever fits according to the code
let them build any size so we have a place to shop
whatever the market will bear
If they want to come into town, let them.
We could have had a Wal-Mart if it weren't for this
just get a dept store - doesn't matter
121K at least
Village and Town should still have control
100,000 is size will be restricted
to be determined by the corporation. I do believe we
have been too restrictive. Too much concern for
aesthetics over needs of poeple
This is an unfair question for most people as we don't
know what square footage is for a store
human services
the size should fit the type of business
we need a large store - supply to meet demand
size should be determined by site
within reason
No - you lost a superwalmart and get an aldis. People
when they go to Pburg to shop don't shop at Aldis.
market size will dictate store size
as large as a company wants to build
enough size for a super walmart
Walmart size to bring customers from surrounding
whatever allows for retail store to come in
it depends on what retail store sells
There should be no limit. We need a Wal*Mart!!!
walmart - no place to buy pillow cases,socks,etc
free market must decide
the bigger the better
Case by case basis depending on the economic benifit
for Saranac Lake
Any thing that is realistic and blends in with the
what walmart propose
walmart-more jobs, more shopping
we need a walmart or a target
Larger than what the talk is presently
As Large as possible.
Larger better, more variety, better prices for all income
background in area
whatever it takes
whatever will meet needs like target walmart types
size to take in all products they sell
no limit
I think traveling to get everything is terrible when one
store could give everything needed
whatever the business requires
As long as it blends with our area
Whatever will come in
Available space already limits size
doesnt matter....we need a good store like walmart
There should not be one. Let the stores come, for God's
with in reason
rather a strict set of additional requirements for those
establishments wishing to come in
Anything but Walmart
as large as needed to attract a developer
when considering size for sl, other towns will travel to
shop, as do most now. we have to stop letting a few
control the town and work together - recalling when
ames came in everyone thought the town was going to
fold it didn't, it became busier and downtown business
picked up!! we need to welcome any business that
wants to be here - not make it difficult for them
get walmart!!!!!
Flexibility in site review and high performance
Target, Lowes = yes, Walmart = No
whatever is interested in coming here

 11. Do you think the following community resources are adequately protected? (circle yes or no for each)

                                      Responses only by residents of
                                         Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                          (590 responses in this
                                                category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                                Percentage                                Percentage
                                                                of those in                               of those in
                                                   Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                    this                                      this
                                       Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                                 category                                  category
                                          of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                    who                                       who
                                      responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                                 answered                                  answered
                                                    category                                 category
                                                                    this                                      this
                                                                 question                                  question

Are resources adequately protected?
  Farmland                    No          166        28.1%        36.1%           217         28.7%         37.3%
                              Yes         294        49.8%        63.9%           365         48.3%         62.7%
                              Blank       130        22.0%                        174         23.0%
  Private forest land         No          103        17.5%        20.9%           137         18.1%         22.1%
                              Yes         389        65.9%        79.1%           483         63.9%         77.9%
                              Blank        98        16.6%                        136         18.0%
  Wildlife habitat            No          146        24.7%        29.5%           186         24.6%         29.8%
                              Yes         349        59.2%        70.5%           439         58.1%         70.2%
                              Blank        95        16.1%                        131         17.3%
  Scenic vistas               No          177        30.0%        36.0%           227         30.0%         36.7%
                              Yes         314        53.2%        64.0%           392         51.9%         63.3%
                              Blank        99        16.8%                        137         18.1%
  Wetlands                    No          134        22.7%        27.3%           173         22.9%         28.0%
                              Yes         357        60.5%        72.7%           445         58.9%         72.0%
                              Blank        99        16.8%                        138         18.3%
  Lakes and rivers            No          190        32.2%        38.6%           246         32.5%         39.7%
                              Yes         302        51.2%        61.4%           373         49.3%         60.3%
                              Blank        98        16.6%                        137         18.1%
  Aquifers/groundwater        No          223        37.8%        48.5%           295         39.0%         50.9%
                              Yes         237        40.2%        51.5%           285         37.7%         49.1%
                              Blank       130        22.0%                        176         23.3%
  Historic buildings/sites    No          205        34.7%        42.6%           260         34.4%         43.2%
                              Yes         276        46.8%        57.4%           342         45.2%         56.8%
                              Blank       109        18.5%                        154         20.4%

              48 people listed ideas in the Other category. They fell into the following categories.

              Responses about people (7)

                             residents are a resource not adequately protected
                             middle class professionals - No
                             Jobs for our Children
                             misuse from people or terrorism?
                             our "human resources" are most important- without the "people" this
                             survey is moot
                             The people of the community are most at risk. Cultural resourses equal
                             to natural

Views & vistas (6)

               Mt. Pisgah development did not protect views
               Lake Flower Vistas, Harrietstown Rd
               the lack of a scenic pull-off on Harrietstown Hill is a travesty
               Scenic Vistas:
               SCENIC VISTAS
               Pull-off Vista Harrietstown Rd

Not sure (6)

               I don't know if or how they are protected.
               don't know
               unsure of all of above
               I am not qualified to say re:a-g
               where are the rules that determine the protection of our resources?
               Don't know

Water quality – related (5)

               invasive aquatics
               water quality should be better
               how ofter do we boil water
               e,f,g affected by salt
               Stormwater runoff into Saranac River

Property – related (4)

               historic buildings
               For my taxes I'd like to see a grout for building up keep
               Rental Properties are not being maintained
               AMA campus is disgraceful

All (3)

               probably more could be done for all of these
               can we ever protect enough nature?
               I am unsure. I want it all protected over new buidling construction.

Acid rain – related (2)

               there is nothing the community can directly do, but acid rain is hurting all
               ponds and lakes.
               Acid rain

Quiet (2)

               peace and quiet
               peace and quiet

The following answers were not grouped with similar responses; each appeared once:

 disabled/elderly abused
 don't limit motor size on Lake Colby
 Downtown business center is also a resource needing more protection.
 garbage along roads and state beaches is aweful
 most forest land is overprotected
 Mt. Pisgah - not just the ski center. Overgrown and trees all cut.
 NCCC no - see attached
 opportunities for the arts
 park/rec facilities
 Tree infrastructure
 we must keep up the good work

  12. What Infrastructure improvements are most needed? (check up to 5):

                                    Responses only by residents of
                                       Village or Harrietstown                          All responses
                                        (590 responses in this
                                              category)                          (756 responses total)
                                                              Percentage                                Percentage
                                                              of those in                               of those in
                                                 Percentage                               Percentage
                                                                  this                                      this        Rank of
                                     Number       of survey                  Number        of survey
                                                               category                                  category      response
                                        of      respondents                     of       respondents
                                                                  who                                       who       among all
                                    responses      in this                  responses       in this
                                                               answered                                  answered     responses
                                                  category                                 category
                                                                  this                                      this
                                                               question                                  question

  a. Public water                       302        51.2%        52.1%           359         47.5%         49.5%          3
  b. Public sewer                       213        36.1%        36.7%           252         33.3%         34.8%          8
  c. Roads                              329        55.8%        56.7%           392         51.9%         54.1%          1
  d. Parking                            255        43.2%        44.0%           326         43.1%         45.0%          4
  e. Building code
  enforcement                           219        37.1%        37.8%           274         36.2%         37.8%           7
  f. Building permit process             68        11.5%        11.7%            84         11.1%         11.6%          11
  g. Public transportation              222        37.6%        38.3%           285         37.7%         39.3%           6
  h. Sidewalks                          312        52.9%        53.8%           373         49.3%         51.4%           2
  i. Bike lanes                         245        41.5%        42.2%           315         41.7%         43.4%           5
  j. Broadband internet
  access                                147        24.9%        25.3%           199         26.3%         27.4%          9
  k. Wireless internet
  capabilities                          142        24.1%        24.5%           191         25.3%         26.3%          10
  Other (please specify)                 56         9.5%         9.7%            68          9.0%          9.4%          12
  Skipped question                       10         1.7%                         31          4.1%

              68 people gave responses in the Other category. They fell into the following categories.

              Cell phone coverage (27)

                               better cellular phone coverage
                               cell access
                               cell coverage
                               cell coverage
                               Cell phone coverage
                               cell phone coverage
                               cell phone improvement in blackout areas
                               cell phone service
                               cell phone service
                               cell phone service
                               cell phone service
                               cell phone service
                               cell phone service expanded area
                               cell phone towers
                               Cell phone towers
                               cell phone towers
                  cell phone towers
                  cell phone towers
                  cell phone towers
                  cell phone towers
                  cell service
                  Cell Service
                  cell towers
                  cellphone coverage
                  more uniform cell phone coverage in SL and
                  surrounding areas
                  Reliable cell phone service
                  wireless cell phone coverage

Zoning, code enforcement, and town aesthetics (11)

                  code enforcement sucks
                  common retail store facades - Adirondack look to all stores
                  downtown building keep up
                  Enforce please your existing codes on buildings that are rundown and not
                  maintained by slumlords. Where is the pride? Go after these people.
                  Enforcing all bldgs in town to be spruced up and pleasing to the eye and
                  General maintenance and beautification and litter pick up
                  removal of junk
                  set back codes
                  slum areas, e.g. gold mine junk yard; junction pine & mcKenzie Pond Rd, House
                  next to DJ's restaurant
                  strengthen building codes
                  Zoning and Zoning enforcement
                  Zoning Use enforcement

Burying utilities and reducing signage (6)

                  bury electric lines and reduce the glut of signage
                  bury electrical lines & make signage coming into town
                  more uniform
                  bury overhead utilities
                  bury utility lines & hanicap access
                  Putting powerlines underground
                  under ground electric lines

All of the above (2)

                  all of the above
                  it's all important, and should have been worked on all

Bike trails (2)

                  Bike Path to Lake Placid
                  Mtn. bike trails

           The following responses were not grouped with similar answers; each one was expressed once:

             affordable housing
             assessment process
             dog droppings
             expanded use of fire dept siren for community wide communication
             Fuel delivery and cost
             Garbage Pick up
             Get rid of Harrietstown Hwy dept or merge them with the village
             GIS map of underground utilities and infrastructure so that pipes would stop
             getting burst every time someone digs underground and then we have to have
             another boil water order!
             handicapped accessibility
             internet access to government
             Lake Flower Ave
             less expensive cable tv
             not familar with some
             paint crosswalks in May not July
             public power station like Placid and Tupper
             river walk extension
             shop owners keeping the sidewalks clear of snow
             storm sewers

13. Which infrastructure improvement from the list above is most important?

621 people answered the question
135 left it blank

Of those who answered it, the responses were:

               Public water                      133
               Public sewer                       43
               Roads                              87
               Parking                            49
               Building code enforcement          78
               Building permit process             5
               Public transportation              41
               Sidewalks                          58
               Bike lanes                         34
               Broadband internet access          37
               Wireless internet
               capabilities                       22
               Other                              34

Of the 34 people who chose “Other” the responses were:

               Affordable Housing
               all checked items
               all of the above
               all of them
               Are there no regulations concerning the
               number of vehivles on property = garage on
               Pine/McKenzie? Some days, 30 vehicles.
               assessment process
               building codes
               building codes
               building keep up
               cell access
               cell phone service
               cell phone service
               cell phone service
               cell phone signal coverage
               cell phone towers
               common look for store facades
               General maint.
               handicapped accessibility
               improved cell phone access
               bury overhead lines
               bury electric lines and reduce the glut of
               Lake Flower Ave
               low-cost shopping
               maintenance neglected at 14 K. R.
               nature environmental quality
               need store fronts and infrastructure like lake
               o - cell towers
               protecting historic sites/blgs
               Putting Powerlines underground
               Safety, Attractiveness
               storm sewers
               They are all equally important. These are
               quality of life issues.

21 people who chose one of the options write a comment in addition to saying which was most important. These
answers were:

               d - need some free parking
               Enforce your existing laws or improve or add new ones to go after
               h - more sidewalks thruout the entire village including harrietstown
               ampersand ave to st rt 3 at the petrova field
               h - sidewalks are disgrace, esp on Lake Flower Ave. Also Pine St.
               and Hope St.
               Historic preservation code enforcement issues - save old buildings
               i - where children can ride

I'd narrow it to water/sewer/parking
Improve water quality and the pipes it flows in.
improved road and sidewalk maintenance
keeping the worry out of the public drinking water.
road - mckenzie widen/fix; sidewalks - toward pine st to mckenzie
pond rd, walk is dangerous
Roads and sidewalks. These go hand in hand and can/should be
repaired/built at the same time.
Roads-alt route through village from north of B'way
sewer and water lines need to be updated before a crisis
sidewalk - NBT to Sara Placid
sidewalks - especially upper Main St. and lake flower ave
Sidewalks and road on Lake Flower Avenue
sidewalks on lake flower ave are completely unsafe
The roads and sidwalks could definatley use some updating - they
would look nice if paved black like lake placid
water/sewer take priority - but there is no easily obtained
transportation - what about a town owned taxi service??
wireless and internet access to attract clean hi-tech businesses.

    14. Are there any important issues that this survey did not take into account?

    15. Please identify one idea to make our community a better place.

These questions were asked to provide respondents an opportunity to share any ideas, concerns and thoughts
that they felt weren’t addressed in the other survey questions. They were the only two questions in the survey
that required respondents to write in answers, and therefore they represented the greatest challenge in terms of
the analysis of results. After an initial assessment of the comments was performed, the eleven categories listed
in the left column of the table below were determined to capture the major ideas raised in most of the
comments. The responses were each sorted in to the most relevant of these categories to facilitate analysis. In
some cases we also grouped the comments into relevant sub-categories to enable further analysis.

This table provides a statistical analysis of the comments based on the eleven categories and includes the
response category frequency, percentage and rank for each of the two questions separately and the responses to
the two questions combined. No analysis has been done at this point of the sub-categories.

                                                                          Question # 15 - Idea to
                                   Question # 14 - Additional                                                  Both questions -
                                                                          make the community a
                                            issues                                                           combined responses
                                                                               better place
                                     # of                                 # of          % of                 # of     % of
                                                % of
     Response categories           respons
                                                            Rank        response       respons   Rank       respon   respons   Rank
                                      es                                    s             es                  ses       es
 1. Economic Development                 37       10.3%         2                103    16.8%           1      140    14.4%         1
 2. Environment: Natural &
 Cultural                                23        6.4%         6                 21     3.4%           7       44     4.5%          9
 3. Government-Local                     37       10.3%         2                 75    12.2%           4      112    11.5%          4
 4. Housing                              11        3.1%         8                 31     5.1%           6       42     4.3%         10
 5.Intrastructure &
 Transportation                          30        8.4%         4                 31     5.1%           6       61     6.3%         7
 6. Municipal Code                       26        7.3%         5                 31     5.1%           6       57     5.9%         8
 7. Property Taxes                       42       11.7%         1                 39     6.4%           5       81     8.3%         5
 8. Public Services:
 Fire/Rescue/ Police/Health
 Care                                    36       10.1%         3                 31     5.1%           6       67     6.9%         6
 9. Recreation & the Arts                30        8.4%         4                 87    14.2%           3      117    12.0%         3
 10. Retail Cap/Big Box
 Retail                                  21        5.9%         7                 97    15.8%           2      118    12.2%          2
 11. Other                               65       18.2%                           67    10.9%                  132    13.6%
 Total                                 358      100.0%                       613       100.0%                  971   100.0%
nb Rankings do not include the “Other” category
   Shading is for visual convenience only and has no interpretive significance


Question #14 – Are there any important community issues this survey did not take into account?

                                                                                                    Sub -
                                     Comment                                     Category          Category

   1     encourage tourism,-friendly, courteous village employees               Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   2     Not enough focus on upscale tourism                                    Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   3     beautify the village (e.g., River Walk)                                Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   4     More activities to bring in and retain outside money                   Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   5     developing Lake Flower water front                                     Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   6     cosmetic improvements to public town areas                             Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   7     Thing that will the tourism to SL and keep them coming back.           Econ. Dev't      Tourism
   8     tourism to promote growth and prosperity                               Econ. Dev't      Tourism
         Allow more special events like in 1978 - boat races - week long.                        Tourism
         This brought alot of money to our area. Open up the parks to
  9      allow events like this to happen.                                      Econ. Dev't
  10     weekly entertainment agenda - Riverside Park                           Econ. Dev't      Tourism
         We need to give people a reason for stopping in Saranac Lake, not                       Tourism
  11     just pass through it. Listen to the people who live here.              Econ. Dev't
         How to attract visitors - assuming the town depends on them                             Tourism
  12     financially                                                            Econ. Dev't
  13     tourist attractions                                                    Econ. Dev't      Tourism
         I don't like how there are so many people littering around the park                     Tourism
  14     gazebo near stewarts. there should be a garbage can right there.       Econ. Dev't
  15     Have more summer and winter events to bring people                     Econ. Dev't      Tourism
         Supporting tourism would bring people to this community who                             Tourism
         spend valuable dollars in our grocery stores, gas stations, lodging
  16     facilities, theatres, shops, restaurants.                              Econ. Dev't
  17     Improving Saranac Lake Hotel                                           Econ. Dev't      Tourism
         working together with all other Adirondack communities to create                        Tourism
  18     a whole picture to attract tourists and businesses                     Econ. Dev't
         We need to capitlize on our waterways. Non-tourism businesses                           Tourism
         should be discouraged from building adjacent to waterways and
  19     tourism businesses encouraged to located near waterways.               Econ. Dev't
         attract local young people to stay in the area with jobs that are
  20     competative with national wages.                                       Econ. Dev't      Jobs
  21       Give up on industrial park - a complete waste of taxpayer $$         Econ. Dev't      Jobs
  22     manufacturing and growth industry                                      Econ. Dev't      Jobs
  23     vitality of good jobs for future generations                           Econ. Dev't      Jobs
         Something has to be done to keep our young people here or we                            Jobs
         will become a 2nd home and retirement community. We must
         move forward in our thinking. there must be development to keep
  24     this town moving forward.                                              Econ. Dev't
  25     one thing that needs more attention is jobs                            Econ. Dev't      Jobs
  26     Job creation                                                           Econ. Dev't      Jobs
         Sustainable Development - Vitalization of local                                         Jobs
  27     economies/resources as a starting point                                Econ. Dev't
         who will supply jobs to the middle class residents after prisons                        Jobs
  28     start closing?                                                         Econ. Dev't
         see if banks beauty salons and real estate offices might relocate so
  29     we could actually have a main street with shops.                       Econ. Dev't      Retail

30   What can be done to save the Hotel Saranac ?                          Econ. Dev't   Retail
     merchants association/planning board to determine growth is a                       Retail
     huge conflict of interest. Why would any businessman want
     competition - where in town charter was that formed? members
31   on board should be elected.                                           Econ. Dev't
     Great need for a good grocery store and neither GU nor the Aldis                    Retail
32   fits the bill                                                         Econ. Dev't
33   unable to travel to shop                                              Econ. Dev't   Retail
34   Lack of qualtity grocery shopping.                                    Econ. Dev't   Retail
35   High prices in gas and groceries in comparison to other areas         Econ. Dev't   Retail
36   architectural design for retail/commercial space                      Econ. Dev't   Retail
     increased hours and more efficient business practices of the retail                 Retail
37   stores in Saranac Lake                                                Econ. Dev't
38   Invasive plants (waterway threat);                                    Environment   Natural
39   Septic system code for replacement;                                   Environment   Natural
40   eurasiam water milfoil in Saranac Lakes chain                         Environment   Natural
41   the needs of low income people                                        Environment   Natural
42   protection of shorefront and development                              Environment   Natural
     , get DEC put in on Bayside Dr. onto public sewer, it's septic is                   Natural
43   failing and it smells and adversely effects lake                      Environment
44   get rid of geese                                                      Environment   Natural
45   Yes! The dirty geese - they are polluting land and water              Environment   Natural
46   The geese are making a mess.                                          Environment   Natural
47   too limited recycling                                                 Environment   Natural
48   litter, aesthetics                                                    Environment   Natural
49   Goose poop and dog poop                                               Environment   Natural
     The health hazard and down asthetics of enormous amounts of                         Natural
50   goose feces in riverside park.                                        Environment
     The geese have ruined our only family picnic and boating area.
51   Can't recreate in poop!                                               Environment   Natural
52   Alternative energy sources should have government support             Environment   Sustainability
53   alternative energy                                                    Environment   Sustainability
     development potential of wind power (how about on top of Mt.
54   Baker?)                                                               Environment   Sustainability
55   access to energy efficient technologies                               Environment   Sustainability
     Energy independence (power dam, solar, geothermal a la Okotoks
56   Alberta)                                                              Environment   Sustainability
     Protecting our infrastructure of trees - natural cooling/wind
57   protection, many elms dying - how replace them                        Environment   Sustainability
58   Could wind power help?                                                Environment   Sustainability
59   Historic character                                                    Environment   Cultural
60   Keeping downtown's charm and character,                               Environment   Cultural
61   Dissolution of the village                                            Government    Shared Services
62   get rid of village to reduce taxes                                    Government    Shared Services

63   village expansion                                                     Government    Shared Services

64   consolidation of town, village and school districts                   Government    Shared Services

65   cost of 3 layers of police and sheriff protection                     Government    Shared Services

     Merge the Gov - lower taxes so fixed income people can live here                    Shared Services
66   and not be forced to loose their homes.                               Government
     Consolidation of public works; minimize future payroll obligations                  Shared Services
67   through contract services; effective management of services.          Government
     Get a good grant writer - there's a lot of money out there that we
68   aren't capitalizing on. Our surrounding towns are...                  Government

      Overuse of salt on roads and highways in winter (great job
69    plowing!)                                                               Government
70    Village clean-up crews.                                                 Government
71    The village should pick up "all" trash.                                 Government
72    Notification of water main breaks                                       Government
73     Randig-record of check bouncing, insufficient funds                    Government
74    The people representing Perryman,(no longer).                           Government
75    Village Board                                                           Government
76    Need larger, more competent code enforcement staff                      Government
      snow removal in public places, need major improvement (ie,
77    Dorsey st parking lot)                                                  Government
      town and village need grant writer to help w/public water system
      esp to keep /update water lines ot keep from 'burst' pipes in
78    winter.                                                                 Government
79    more grants for community's welfare.                                    Government
80    Lack of Leadership - Village Mgr Position not needed                    Government
      Money to fix up Lower Broadway - it's getting there but has a way
81    to go                                                                   Government
      Plus the water/sewer bills have doubles in 5 years! Still no
82    filtration!!                                                            Government
      Our winter roads get too much salt: sand ratio (plus the additives
83    in the salt).                                                           Government
      when all the votes are 3-2 it's plain to see the board is not for the
84    people.                                                                 Government
      Extreme accountability! Money in = money where?? does not
85    balance!                                                                Government
      The survey should ask whether we are happy or not with our
86    elected officials                                                       Government
      commit to keep the pettiness and politics out of the workplace.
      We just lost a hard working and dedicated village manager due to
87    a lack of respect and recognition of professional boundaries.           Government
      how will the village and town secure grants to make suggested
88    improvements?                                                           Government
      The towns need a stronger voice in Albany to get funding to make
89    these things happen.                                                    Government
      We're spending too much $ on staffing - too many chiefs - lack of
90    benefit contributions, etc.                                             Government
91    Health insurance contributions by employees of village and town         Government
92    small town politics                                                     Government
93    town recycling                                                          Government
      Making sure planning board and zoning appeal board follows the
94    law.                                                                    Government
      yes - the professionlism has gone out the window - we need and
      "open door" gov. the "good old boy" network is killing the town!
      because you have a personal conflict with someone does not mean
95    they are not capable of doing the job!!                                 Government
96    Board needs to work together                                            Government
97    Village employees should fund a portion of their own health care        Government
      attract local young people to stay in the area with housing that are
98    competative with national wages.                                        Housing
99    Slum landlords - subsidized by HUD rentals.                             Housing
100   rundown apartments, people who rent but do no repairs                   Housing
      McComb and Prospect Street abandoned houses torn down or
101   fixed up. Codes are not enforced.                                       Housing
      Slumlords in downtown SL are killing us. Where are the laws to
102   aggressively fix this problem?                                        Housing
      Dilapidated buildings & property that is an eyesore to the
103   community and visitors                                                Housing
104   Mixed housing development by Town and Village                         Housing
105   limit new homes in limited access areas like Kiwassa Rd               Housing
106   grants for improvement of old homes within the village                Housing
      limit of seasonal rental properties in residental neighborhoods and
107   tax same properties                                                   Housing
108   lack of adaquate housing                                              Housing
      get rid of lake clear airport only north elba benefits and some       Infrastr. &
109   really rich folks                                                     Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &
110   Give up on airport - a complete waste of taxpayer $$                  Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &
111   dumping that Lake Clear airport                                       Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &
112   sidewalks                                                             Transport.     Infrastructure
       Also, I have lived in this town 30 years, roads are worse than       Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
113   ever.                                                                 Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
114   Is there a plan for street re-surfacing?                              Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
115   Is there a plan for infrastruture?                                    Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
116   pave the roads                                                        Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
117   - put in a sidewalk from NBT to Sara Placid,                          Transport.
      Sidewalk accessibility. Sidewalks are blocked on lower mccelland st                 Infrastructure
      by credit union cards. Sidewalks are blocked on Lake Flower ave
      by cars with bumpers over the sidewalk. Car dealership across         Infrastr. &
118   from mountain mist.                                                   Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
119    infrastructure,                                                      Transport.
      Street lights on Flower "Lake" Edwards or Ames Shopping Center        Infrastr. &
120   and before they develop Groc Store Aldis                              Transport.    Transportation
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Transportation
121   Roads and parking are terrible in this town                           Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Transportation
122   Crosswalks & stop signs                                               Transport.
      elimination of parking by narrowing streets and widening              Infrastr. &   Transportation
123   sidewalks; too much parking getting eliminated                        Transport.
      speed limits in S.L surroundings need to be reversed due to more      Infrastr. &   Transportation
124   homes                                                                 Transport.
      Saranac Lake has no natural 'flow'. OUr traffic patterns, both                      Transportation
      walking and driving) have no continuity and roads and sidewalks       Infrastr. &
125   need fixing. Just look at Pine St.!                                   Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Transportation
126   necessity for traffic lights i.e. old Ames plaza                      Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Transportation
127   Noise & traffic flow                                                  Transport.
                                                                            Infrastr. &   Transportation
128   traffic - signage - trucks - noise pollution                          Transport.

                                                                              Infrastr. &   Transportation
129   Handicapped Parking                                                     Transport.
      Pine St to B'dale Ave to Brandy Brook Dr is a residential area and                    Transportation
      construction vehicles should not use this street as a thoroughfare      Infrastr. &
130   to Route 86.                                                            Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &   Transportation
131   Commuter rail service between SL & LP, maybe TL                         Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &   Transportation
132   Traffic control & - move trucks to Church St. and                       Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &   Transportation
133   parking permits                                                         Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &   Transportation
134   Impact of traffic noise on downtown shopping environment                Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &
135   Don't use tax dollars to subsidize internet or wireless projects.       Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &
136   full cellular coverage in the TriLakes                                  Transport.
      Access to public dataand files via the internet, ie. any file that      Infrastr. &
137   needs to be accessed by visiting town hall.                             Transport.
                                                                              Infrastr. &
138   cell phone coverage                                                     Transport.
139   Backlotting on lakes - need code established;                           Muni. Code
140   Noise ordinance, bar noise                                              Muni. Code
141   noise level,                                                            Muni. Code
142    lotting subdividing                                                    Muni. Code
143   wind towers, back (?)                                                   Muni. Code
144   a better control of bar activity--closing hours etc.                    Muni. Code
145   Construction noise in residential areas                                 Muni. Code
146   Maintain cure cottage architecture                                      Muni. Code
147   Development & code enforcement                                          Muni. Code
148   you want a dog pick up after it                                         Muni. Code
      noise ordinances? Noise pollution! Music from Waterhole concerts
149   in summer is incredibly loud.                                           Muni. Code
      Yes, Private structure ruining views, ie, building houses on
150   mountian tops and sides                                                 Muni. Code
151   Noise pollution                                                         Muni. Code
      continued from # 11 - should make sure bldg heights and qty of
152   bldgs doesn't impact scenic views                                       Muni. Code
153   noise pollution                                                         Muni. Code
      Noise pollution - especially Monroe Muffler after hours with straight
154   pipes near residential area.                                            Muni. Code
      amend building code to tear down building - build new even if not
155   code compliant                                                          Muni. Code
156   Noise pollution from jet skis and snowmobiles                           Muni. Code
157   Clean-up of abandoned properties.                                       Muni. Code
      I know they make money for the community but I think the bars
158   are open too late.                                                      Muni. Code
159   overall appearance of the village with all the vacant buildings         Muni. Code
160   sound level ordinances-ticket over-loud car stereos!                    Muni. Code
161   Preserve the character of the town and village.                         Muni. Code
162   Noise pollution                                                         Muni. Code
163   9:30 curfew for kids and noise ordinance                                Muni. Code
164   Enforce cleaning up after dogs                                          Muni. Code

165   property values                                                           Prop. Taxes
166   Tax assessment - abatement                                                Prop. Taxes
      ideas for reducing property taxes (many long time residents are
167   being forced out of their homes)                                          Prop. Taxes
168   rising taxes                                                              Prop. Taxes
169   budget/property taxes                                                     Prop. Taxes
170   Taxes on assessed homes                                                   Prop. Taxes
171   Build up Lake Flower Ave. to increase tax base                            Prop. Taxes
172   taxes                                                                     Prop. Taxes
173   property assessments, increasing taxes                                    Prop. Taxes
174   assessment process is not very open                                       Prop. Taxes
175   assessments? bigger every year                                            Prop. Taxes
      Outsource housing assessments- combine town and county
176   assessors                                                                 Prop. Taxes
177   property, school tax, water and sewer too costly                          Prop. Taxes
178   Assessments                                                               Prop. Taxes
179   The desire for a retirement community has become too costly               Prop. Taxes
180   Housing assessment and our ridiculous property taxes                      Prop. Taxes
      Yes, the fact that there are no businesses in town other than AMA
181   to help the tax bases.                                                    Prop. Taxes
      Too many tax free properties (PILOT) and second home owners -
182   welcome stranger - how about a Homestead Act?                             Prop. Taxes
      protecting private residential property especially waterfront, from
183   increasing tax burdens. This is driving local owners out.                 Prop. Taxes
      too many non-taxpaying land owners within village and state
184   outside                                                                   Prop. Taxes
185   Taxes                                                                     Prop. Taxes
186   Taxes                                                                     Prop. Taxes
187   High taxes will close the village down                                    Prop. Taxes
      The inequity of living just outside the village yet benefiting from its
188   resources without the taxation.                                           Prop. Taxes
      Maintaining an appropriate school budget based on the taxpayers
189   ability to realistically support it.                                      Prop. Taxes
190   MUST REDUCE LOCAL GOVERNMENT SPENDING                                     Prop. Taxes
      property taxes are out of cotrol (will end up with rich and non
191   productives)                                                              Prop. Taxes
      Taxes are part of living in a community. Retail/Commericial
      business usually pays for most of these. If Retail business
      continues to drop off, residential taxes will rise to a point where
192   living here will become less desireable.                                  Prop. Taxes
193   taxes                                                                     Prop. Taxes
194   Getting more buildings on tax rolls (comlinks, etc)                       Prop. Taxes
195   runaway real estate values based on recent sales                          Prop. Taxes
196   taxes too high / need new job to keep young people here                   Prop. Taxes
197   Fixing property tax problems                                              Prop. Taxes
198   Huge tax increases                                                        Prop. Taxes
199   taxes, taxes, taxes,                                                      Prop. Taxes
200   village taxes are much too high for the services we receive               Prop. Taxes
      The quality of buildings/homes is low - taxes need to increase so
201   community can afford to better care for real estate                       Prop. Taxes
202   more on taxes                                                             Prop. Taxes
203   property taxes                                                            Prop. Taxes
204   water cost is too high for individual dweller                             Prop. Taxes

205   Cap permanent resident assessments at 3% per year                     Prop. Taxes
      Taxes - those in possession of properties for 70-80 years are
      forced to sell heritage for newly-wealthy "boomers." Taxes must
      be adjusted for those on retirement incomes from the 60's and
      70's. Taxes must have equitable adjustment for riverfront. We
      have owned our property since the river-front was being logged
      and had little value. Now we are taxed out of ownership. Why?
206   Thanks to us the value of riverfront is escalating; income is not.    Prop. Taxes
207   fire department building                                              Public serv.   Fire & Rescue
208   Housing for the fire department                                       Public serv.   Fire & Rescue
      Fire/EMS deficiencies - need for use of regional dispatching, paid                   Fire & Rescue
209   EMS                                                                   Public serv.
      Fire/EMS deficiencies, using regional dispatch that we pay for from                  Fire & Rescue
210   Malone, paid EMS @ paramedic level                                    Public serv.
211   Need for better use of law enforcement resources                      Public serv.   Police
212   police and rescue services                                            Public serv.   Police
213   Keep our police department                                            Public serv.   Police
214   law enforcement                                                       Public serv.   Police
      ambulance billing would have saved or produced over $ 1M over                        Police
215   the last 5 years.                                                     Public serv.
216   Law enforcement and drug problems                                     Public serv.   Police
217   Police foot patrols would deter street drug sales                     Public serv.   Police
      Keep police department, utilize better - cops on the beat -                          Police
      especially nights and early AM. Put cars away. do not merge with
218   Lake Placid.                                                          Public serv.
219   Police prescense controlling street traffic                           Public serv.   Police
      where do we put the police dept. at what cost, if the village is                     Police
220   dumb enough to sell present location                                  Public serv.
221   police - should be a regional police force                            Public serv.   Police
222   Police Force / Youth and teenage activities                           Public serv.   Police
223   police                                                                Public serv.   Police
224    law enforcement,                                                     Public serv.   Police
225   increase cultural diversity , police dept.                            Public serv.   Police
226   enforcement and fire protection                                       Public serv.   Police
227   Saranac Lake is very unfriendly to wheelchair needy people            Public serv.   Health Care
228   yea how disabled and elderly are abuse at 14 K.R. S.L.                Public serv.   Health Care
229   Maintaining a top hospital facility.                                  Public serv.   Health Care
      Yes- building on the past history of healthcare delivery. Finding                    Health Care
      specialized healthcare institutions to locate in Saranac Lake would
230   be a logical progression.                                             Public serv.
231   The fate of our school system.                                        Public serv.   Education
232   Keep NCCC in Saranac Lake                                             Public serv.   Education
      Consulting the tax payers on major issues by special election i.e.                   Education
233   selling of village offices and NCCC improvements                      Public serv.
234   Schools - fields, ,                                                   Public serv.   Education
235   teachers should have to pay for their own healthcare insurance        Public serv.   Education
236   The issues encompassing NCCC.                                         Public serv.   Education
237   concern over nccc expansion plans                                     Public serv.   Education
      impact of north country comm college's future development within                     Education
238   and without the village                                               Public serv.
      In many communities educ. instittutions are the lynch pin of                         Education
239   modern econ develop.-seems left out here                              Public serv.
      Loss of business/opportunities with move by Paul Smiths and                          Education
240   NCCC                                                                  Public serv.
241   education                                                               Public serv.   Education
242    retaining NCCC                                                         Public serv.   Education
243   Social activities - movie theater, concerts, for all age groups, etc.   Rec. & arts    Recreation
244   improved and varied activies for teenagers                              Rec. & arts    Recreation
245   Youth Corp in the summer                                                Rec. & arts    Recreation
246   fitness center                                                          Rec. & arts    Recreation
247   public safety - kids on bikes and skate boards on sidewalks             Rec. & arts    Recreation
248   make bike path safer (paint white lines and pave sides)                 Rec. & arts    Recreation
      Ongoing and free child and youth programs for after school and                         Recreation
249   summer including meals (breakfast and lunch)                            Rec. & arts
250   Clean up of playgrounds                                                 Rec. & arts    Recreation
      the existing railroad and its potential use as a trail for hiking and                  Recreation
251   biking                                                                  Rec. & arts
252   Will the riverwalk ever be completed?                                   Rec. & arts    Recreation
      Dewey Mountain and Mt. Pisgah need to become more integral                             Recreation
      aspects of Saranac Lake, they should be paramount in our
253   community                                                               Rec. & arts
254   more recreation options for youth that are free                         Rec. & arts    Recreation
      more activities for children of working families (after work hours or                  Recreation
255   weekends)                                                               Rec. & arts
      we need more constructive and affordable activities for our                            Recreation
256   children                                                                Rec. & arts
      Your definition of recreation seems to be primarily 'outdoor                           Recreation
      recreation'. You should broaden it to things like a community
257   center for year-round use.                                              Rec. & arts
      also no adequate support for YOUTH SERVICES (re: shipman                               Recreation
      center in LP) our community should be ashamed that the gataway
258   is not better support/funded                                            Rec. & arts
259   development as "art" community                                          Rec. & arts    Arts
      The value of the arts in the community and the potential that                          Arts
260   exists from that.                                                       Rec. & arts
261   replacement for Ames without destroying existing businesses             Rec. & arts    Arts
262   Outdoor concerts in summer                                              Rec. & arts    Arts
263   Support of arts programming                                             Rec. & arts    Arts
264   the arts                                                                Rec. & arts    Arts
265   importance of the arts to the SL community                              Rec. & arts    Arts
      Arts & entertainment - I would like to see more events and use of                      Arts
266   facilities for a variety of events, especially live music               Rec. & arts
      The Arts in Saranac Lake - the village has great potential to                          Arts
267   become the "arts center" of the Adirondacks                             Rec. & arts
      Create a centrally located community kiosk for promotion of local                      Arts
268   arts, business and special events (near Main St. Parking lot)           Rec. & arts
      Yes, need to include the arts and culture as part of SL - not                          Arts
269   mentioned anywhere in the survey                                        Rec. & arts
270   The arts                                                                Rec. & arts    Arts
271   Arts Center similar to LPCA                                             Rec. & arts    Arts
      the arts community - opportunities to develop arts initiatives and                     Arts
272   programming, bring artists into the area;                               Rec. & arts
273   the need for moderate sized department store.                           Retail
274   we need a store to shop and a grocery store.                            Retail
275   we need a place to shop for clothing etc                                Retail
276   we need shopping center                                                 Retail
277   we need affordable dept store desperately                               Retail
278   Bringing this community a place to shop!                                Retail
279   We are in need of a normal store                                     Retail
280   Bring top line store in                                              Retail
281   we need more variety in stores                                       Retail
      the obvious communtiy development question (Big Box?). Rather
      than lawful development happening, a few demonstrative groups
282   have impeded necessary development                                   Retail
283   lack of a department store                                           Retail
      We need affordable shopping - we need the village board to listen
284   to the people                                                        Retail
285   Shopping that's afforsable and services for the Eldery               Retail
286   retail stores                                                        Retail
287   need a place to shop                                                 Retail
      The town needs a large store so that people will stay in the area
288   and shop                                                             Retail
289   We need clothing stores                                              Retail
290   Box store                                                            Retail
291   department store                                                     Retail
      Large retail development should be downtown, like Burlington
292   Mall, not on perifery                                                Retail
293   Get a Wal-Mart                                                       Retail
294   money being spent on war in Iraq could help reduce local taxes       Other
      health insurance and link between federal & state policy and local
295   gov't problems                                                       Other
296   the basic economy of the Adirondack Park                             Other
297    price gouging on gasoline                                           Other
298   Cost of Living                                                       Other
299   I don't like welfare                                                 Other
300   poor people                                                          Other
      whether village business owners should be allowed to vote in
301   village                                                              Other
302   Dark skies                                                           Other
      Yes, why do so many people in this town argue about everything.
      We need to change our attitudes and be more agreeable with each
303   other. We are the worst in the Tri-Lakes.                            Other
      good job with the survey and thank you for allowing me to
      comment as a resident of Bloomingdale (who does quite a lot of
304   business in Saranac Lake)                                            Other
      We need to ignore the negative people. SL is a great place with
      much community involvement - concentrate on the 80% who
305   really are proactive and believe in change for the better            Other
306   good survey - lots of issues to be addressed - mega store or NO?     Other
      need for community group meeting places that are handicap
      accessible and of reasonable or no fee for weekly met
307   (scouts/scrapbook club, etc.)                                        Other
      Follow up with more specific suvery or committee (I'm sure this is
308   already happening)                                                   Other
309   no, nice job                                                         Other
310   no                                                                   Other
311   communication between entities, chamber of commerce                  Other
312   Warehousing of mentally ill in housing intended for the elderly      Other
313   no, good survey                                                      Other
      We must reverse the prevalent negative attitude in Saranac Lake
314   and look for positive features                                       Other
315   Entrenched enmity between locals and newcomers                       Other
316   there always will be! but you have to start somewhere!                   Other
      Involving new young professionals in village to become involved in
      the public process/community. They would be a tremendous
317   asset.                                                                   Other
      We need a real master plan for the village and a vision for what
318   we are to become.                                                        Other
319   It is hard to get things done here - everything is negative              Other
320   not a resident, but own property in the village                          Other
321   even though I don't live in Saranac Lake, I own a business here          Other
322   I like Saranac Lake but it is expensive to live in                       Other
323   consolidation of buildings                                               Other
324   Probably but I can't think of any right now                              Other
325   Good overall view - Thanks                                               Other
326   it seems pretty thorough                                                 Other
327   planning - should have village/town/regional plan                        Other
328   No                                                                       Other
      No. Saranac Lake is a wonderful community but some people are
329   short-sighted. Have a vision for the future!                             Other
330   What can we do to keep our youth after graduation?                       Other
      Lack of availability of public transportation between Saranac Lake
331   and P'Burgh, Tupper- places people drive to drink.                       Other
332   can't think of anything                                                  Other
      This survey is too limiting and needs definitions of certain things
      ie. Building Code enforcement. Is this for making sure existing
333   buildings meet code or only new construction.                            Other
334   probably a few, but these are a start                                    Other
335   a future plan                                                            Other
336   no                                                                       Other
337   no                                                                       Other
      Attracting middle age people to area - recent college grads, young
338   families, etc                                                            Other
339   comprehensive development (10+ years out)                                Other
340   yes                                                                      Other
341   too many not for profits                                                 Other
      make the town like it was years the 50's...more
342   fun....more people                                                       Other
343   no                                                                       Other
344   n/a                                                                      Other
      Leadership. From this survey, someone has to take the ball and
345   not analyze results in committee for another year.                       Other
      focus on what people love about Saranac Lake, too - not just what
346   is needed for improvement                                                Other
347   Civic discourse                                                          Other

      Well, this is hard to ask a survey question for, but I'm interested in
      the planning committe taking a very wholistic look at the
      community. What is the theme/purpose/driving force of our
      community? Why do we choose to live/work/visit here? Is this
      wholistic community trait attractive to retain families? What is
      already strong and well-done in the community that we can build
      on and use as a model (well-attended community events, aesthetic
      building improvements, places where traffic flows well, well-used
      green spaces that users respect and keep clean, etc.). Then,
      where are places where improvements are needed and how can
348   they be improved to fit into the central vision/theme of the             Other

         Open communication between local government, community
 349     groups, etc.                                                          Other
 350     NO                                                                    Other
 351     checkoff that says "not sure"                                         Other
 352     no                                                                    Other
 353     yes, of course there will always be more!                             Other
 354     I don't know                                                          Other
 355     many                                                                  Other
 356     no, you covered a wide range.                                         Other
         Sometimes I wanted to select more than 5 items. Might have been
 357     better to allow us to choose more and rank them.                      Other
 358     Town is dying                                                         Other

Question #15 –Please identify one idea to make our community a better place.

                                                                                                       Sub -
                                       Comment                                          Category      Category
   1     Need more economic development                                                Econ. Dev't
   2     economic development                                                          Econ. Dev't
         update community strategic plan to accompany Economic Development
   3     plan currently being drafted.                                                 Econ. Dev't

   4     Encourage business development to help reduce the burden on residents         Econ. Dev't
         Make better use of existing commercial property - tax breaks for new
   5     business, attract high tech, biotech to area                                  Econ. Dev't

         Fostering businesses and activities along side the riverwalk that would
   6     encourage its use and expanding it to the park on Bloomingdale Ave.           Econ. Dev't
         Concentrate all future development in downtown areas which are
   7     walkable and reduce traffic                                                   Econ. Dev't
   8     DOWNTOWN development                                                          Econ. Dev't

   9     Encourage new technology companies to come into the north country             Econ. Dev't
         Don't make it hard for old or new business. Welcome them like Tupper
  10     Lake does.                                                                    Econ. Dev't
         better utilization of town hall and civic center. Chamber of comerce and
         civic orgs increase activities so something is going on every weekend
  11     during summer and many in winter.                                             Econ. Dev't
  12     make the area more appealing and attract more tourists                        Econ. Dev't   Tourism
  13     Remove bears in park, silly and embarassing                                   Econ. Dev't   Tourism
         sustainable clean economy that nurtures year round residents and                            Tourism
  14     encourages visitors                                                           Econ. Dev't

15   More community activities - like block party                                  Econ. Dev't   Tourism
16   Use Lake Flower as an attraction - put a walkway all the way around it.       Econ. Dev't
     money and effort should go to beautifying common spaces esp. the lake                       Tourism
17   fron in Town                                                                  Econ. Dev't
18   Sidewalks swept and kept clean--important for tourists                        Econ. Dev't   Tourism
19   making the village nicers (flowers, River Walk)                               Econ. Dev't   Tourism
20   The area needs more than tourism to be viable.                                Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     Purchase Burger King prop- use restrooms and create bathhouse. Tear
21   down remainder for parking, Create beach adjacent to boat launch              Econ. Dev't
22   Ithaca dollars program;                                                       Econ. Dev't   Tourism
23   more trees on main streets                                                    Econ. Dev't   Tourism
24   Downtown development to attract visitors from Lake Placid                     Econ. Dev't   Tourism
25   clean, neat environment with                                                  Econ. Dev't   Tourism
26   2 gardens                                                                     Econ. Dev't   Tourism
27   3. build benches arbors etc.                                                  Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     4. cheap labor to paint spruce up Deckers, Duckett and Nicastro's apt                       Tourism
28   buildings as wall as landlords who let their buildings go                     Econ. Dev't
     Set up local volunteer projects. Set up a job corps for local youth, adults                 Tourism
     and people receiving medicaid or public monies - beautify SL 1. trash pick
29   up                                                                            Econ. Dev't
30   More events to attract tourist trade                                          Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     Get rid of current chamber - they are terrible - get someone with a clue.                   Tourism
31   add meters and rever to old system of parking downtown                        Econ. Dev't
     now that the Goldmine is being cleaned up, it would be nice to see the                      Tourism
     ugly sewer line removed on the Bloomingdale Rd. to make a more scenic
32   entrance to the village.                                                      Econ. Dev't
33   Increase community events to draw more tourists.                              Econ. Dev't   Tourism
34   Clean up upper broadway - program in slow                                     Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     Clean up area by stewarts - park - loitering around area, smoking, cars                     Tourism
     down by railroad station in and out? Area past Fire Dept loitering on
35   street.                                                                       Econ. Dev't
     Make SL a destination city. We need something to attract people. A                          Tourism
     suggestion is the idea of an "outlet city". A great model is Reading PA.
36   Good quality stores attract people.                                           Econ. Dev't
37   Bring thing for all ages to like and have fun besides rugby.                  Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     Having a convention center could draw people into area in off-season                        Tourism
38   times, helping to extend business during the year.                            Econ. Dev't
     Maintaining a downtown appearance that will continually attract visitors                    Tourism
39   and tourists.                                                                 Econ. Dev't
      Improve area near train depot for visitors. Direct them to downtown                        Tourism
40   with synchronized events.                                                     Econ. Dev't
41   Advertise outside trilakes area. ie. Albany, Syracuse Airports.               Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     We have beautiful waterfront but it's not 'people' friendly. Geese overrun
42   and there is no parking to access the waterfront along Lake Flower.           Econ. Dev't
     Improve infrastructure (stones, restraints, logging) to retain and grow                     Tourism
43   tourism.                                                                      Econ. Dev't
     Cleanliness. First impression counts. If our village is dirty why would                     Tourism
44   anyone want to visit or live here?                                            Econ. Dev't
     Turn Burger King into a S.L. welcome/info center w/public restrooms and                     Tourism
45   parking for Lake Flower boaters.                                              Econ. Dev't

     Clean it up and make it attractive to the person driving through town, so                       Tourism
46   they will remember it.                                                            Econ. Dev't
47   1 or 2 summer events similar to winter carnival that would be a wide draw         Econ. Dev't
     A "Saranac Lake" day... encourage people to come out. Get a car, boat, or
48   ATV and raffle it off. Maybe incorporate it into the block-party in August.       Econ. Dev't
     Improve entrance to SL from bloomingdale by removing or burying the                             Tourism
49   abandoned sewer line. It is an eyesore.                                           Econ. Dev't
50   assist the carousel                                                               Econ. Dev't   Tourism
51   nicer store facades, better restaurants                                           Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     a general clean-up-painting to make the town look more attractive and                           Tourism
52   inviting                                                                          Econ. Dev't
53   Having a Dog Park so that the other areas aren't messed up                        Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     More advertising; a little town in the North Country with 6000 friendly                         Tourism
54   people                                                                            Econ. Dev't
     identify and market a tourism theme e.g., Tupper has the new wild                               Tourism
     center; Placid has the olympics. SL has: XC skiing? river kayaking?
55   historic buildings?                                                               Econ. Dev't
56   cut down on unsavory loiterers                                                    Econ. Dev't   Tourism
57   better clean up and use of older buildings, give the town a makeover              Econ. Dev't
58   Advertising of the ammenities SL has to offer                                     Econ. Dev't   Tourism
59   preserve the small town ambience                                                  Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     There are so many great things already about Saranac Lake! And, of
     course, there are lots of things to improve as well. I think I'd like to see if
     DOS or someone could give a grant for energy efficiency improvements
     for existing homes and businesses in Saranac Lake, and these
     improvements would inevitably lead to an improvement in quality and
     aesthetics of buildings in the town. When I first moved here from central
     NY (not exactly a wealthy place), I couldn't believe how run-down all the
     buildings look. Now I'm used to it! There are LOTS of people fixing up
     buildings all over town, and a funding source to help people do more of
60   this would be great.                                                              Econ. Dev't
     improving the look of downtown and filing up the vacant stores - fixing up                      Tourism
     the vacant storefront on Broadway with the broken windows - shame on
61   the new owners.                                                                   Econ. Dev't
62   invest in cleaning up the village                                                 Econ. Dev't   Tourism
     Aesthetics - the natural environment around us is beautiful yet the village                     Tourism
     itself often looks tired, old, dirty. Improvment of bldg exteriors is a must.
     The work that has been done is more and encourage
63   residents to do the same.                                                         Econ. Dev't
     more well planned events like the music fest and canoe races will enhance                       Tourism
64   tourism.                                                                          Econ. Dev't
65   manufacturing and other well paying jobs which will provide jobs.                 Econ. Dev't   Jobs
66   we need more job opportuities                                                     Econ. Dev't   Jobs
     Go back to muncipal electric company to reduce Saranac Lake's high                              Jobs
67   electric costs. This would also bring more jobs to the community.                 Econ. Dev't
     Focus of strength of prior years: light mfg,professions, educ, arts(let LP                      Jobs
68   have the tourism)                                                                 Econ. Dev't
     Getting low - impact, good paying, "educated" jobs, hi-tech, research,
69   medical center                                                                    Econ. Dev't
70   More job opportunities,                                                           Econ. Dev't   Jobs
71   economic development - Jobs - Less Government                                     Econ. Dev't   Jobs
72    job opportunities                                                               Econ. Dev't   Jobs
      Clean industry/manufacturing to increase job opportunities is desireable.
      please do not over-manage our society here in this beautiful part of NY.
      Committees do not have to be doing things to justify their existence.
73    Actions are not necessary for community activists to get fufillment.            Econ. Dev't
74    a business friendly environment for job creation and general services.          Econ. Dev't
75    Promote real job growth through office parks, not only retail development       Econ. Dev't
76    better shopping choices                                                         Econ. Dev't   Retail
      stores, stores, stores. I had to lesve saranac lake after loving there for 70
      yrs. because of high taxes, high electric bills, and high fuel. I was a
      wonderful place to live the only places I go in saranac lake now is
      postoffice pharmacy, carcuzzi and linda pirro beauty shop, What else is
      there? I miss saranac lake the way it was. the village has regressed not
      progressed the people that move in have taken the town over and have
77    the village board in their pocket.                                              Econ. Dev't
      a more uniform public process for retail development so in the future we                      Retail
      can grow as a community without years of deciding what the code should
78    be.                                                                             Econ. Dev't
      encourage farm food cooperatives. local farmers supply produce weekly to                      Retail
      a group of consumers who pay a set monthly fee to recieve what ever
79    produce is in season                                                            Econ. Dev't
      we have to become the shopping center of the area to bring new and                            Retail
80    money to the community. Stores like won't do it.                                Econ. Dev't
81    no more small cafe/vendors downtown. need fast food restaurant.                 Econ. Dev't   Retail
82    and more business inS.L. area                                                   Econ. Dev't   Retail
83    Good shopping,                                                                  Econ. Dev't   Retail
      downtown revitalization to keep people in town for shopping!! Empty                           Retail
84    storefronts are not good to see for people coming to town.                      Econ. Dev't
85    Focus on retail development,                                                    Econ. Dev't   Retail
      Use the Union Depot and surrounding area property to its fullest potential                    Retail
86    - to going to waste !                                                           Econ. Dev't
87    community garden (vegetable)                                                    Econ. Dev't   Retail
88    Get a Price Chopper or premier grocery store                                    Econ. Dev't   Retail
89    Activity search for positive alternative to the empty Burger King.              Econ. Dev't   Retail
90    Lease old Burger King property and recruit some action at the lakefront.        Econ. Dev't
91    Encouraging us all to buy locally.                                              Econ. Dev't   Retail
92    better food markets                                                             Econ. Dev't   Retail
93    Better food market                                                              Econ. Dev't   Retail
      Provide incentives for improving downtown buildings and focus on                              Retail
94    downtown development                                                            Econ. Dev't
95    Add a Co-op and More stores selling Organic Produce & Product                   Econ. Dev't   Retail
      the retail stores need to take workshops on how to improve their business                     Retail
96    practices                                                                       Econ. Dev't
      Develop downtown (including Broadway) make it inviting and easy for                           Retail
97    people to visit - park/shop/eat/event                                           Econ. Dev't
      Install awnings on downtown buildings to make for all-weather setting for                     Retail
98    pedestrians                                                                     Econ. Dev't
99    reuse old buildings/vacant land (like near the depot)                           Econ. Dev't   Retail
100   retail development for jobs                                                     Econ. Dev't   Retail
101   Use of existing buildings                                                       Econ. Dev't   Retail
102   continuity of architecture downtown                                            Econ. Dev't   Retail
      Weekend events that might help store keepers to open on Sundays.                             Retail
103   Working people could shop here instead of Plattsburgh.                         Econ. Dev't
      By having municipalities conduct their business through the prism of
104   protecting water quality.                                                      Environment   Natural
105   save energy                                                                    Environment    Sustainability
      restart/reclaim the hydroelectric turbines at the Lake Flower dam - power                    Sustainability
106   for the community!;                                                            Environment
107   Encourage environmentally and culturally responsible business growth           Environment

      Incentives (maybe a tax break or subsidize instalation costs?) from Village
      to "green" business...anything from sustainibility - produced goods or
108   utilizing their rooftops for solar energy to power their shop.                 Environment
      Have a recycling center in Saranac Lake. Marcal uses all mixed paper in
      their paper products. I know of a community that was paid $250,000 per
109   year for mixed paper pick-up by Marcal.                                        Environment
      community education and leadership in picking up our litter and also                         Sustainability
110   recycling and being a energy efficient town                                    Environment
111   the dam at lake flower should be producing electricity for public buildings,   Environment
112   Renewable, green energy - more solar, wind and hyro power                      Environment   Sustainability

      Clean up the goose poop at the Lake Flower boat launch site on a regular
113   basis. Currently it makes our village look like crap!                          Environment   Natural
114   The geese are making a mess.                                                   Environment   Natural
115   Pick up goose poop at Lake Flower.                                             Environment   Natural
      keep the road sides clean (low cost/big impact), this is a park, more fines
116   and signs for littering especially roads leading in and out of towns           Environment
117   Get rid of goose droppings in our parks and school properties                  Environment   Natural
118   Retain historic, small town, locally-owned character                           Environment   Cultural
      A grant for building keep up. To allow people to rehab older housing                         Cultural
119   w/adirondack charm.                                                            Environment
120   More emphasis on SL's unique history.                                          Environment   Cultural
121   A history museum.                                                              Environment   Cultural
      With all the historic cure cottages and buildings in SLake has to offer and                  Cultural
      w/ correct preservation would only have a postive valued asset for the
      future that is unique and a link to the past - which would mean more self
122   esteem and pride for the town.                                                 Environment
123   I want to emphasize the importance of preservation of existing structures.     Environment
      develpment of Saranac Lake's historic basis to attract tourists, health                      Cultural
      research, the health and wellness
124   community/conferences/retreats/institutes/spas, etc.                           Environment
125   comparative air service                                                        Government
126   dissolve the village                                                           Government
127   cleaner streets                                                                Government
128   grants for store fronts, clean up the village                                  Government
129   unified public/elected officials and better and less hostile police dept       Government
      Being a registered Democrat I don't like the constant 3 Democrats to 2
130   Republicans on all issues on the board.                                        Government
      we need village garbage pickup once a week and heavy trash pick up 3-4
131   times a year                                                                   Government

      hgher medical co-pay for village workers - keeping in line with other
132   workers                                                                        Government
133   more progressive village government- better relations with town                Government
      open gov, videotaped meetings, posted minutes, "Saranac Lake Today"
134   website listing all meetings etc                                               Government

      get rid of the mayor Mitchal, Deb Zerhan, David Aldrich and Jimmy
135   Bombard and any person gets paid to injure disabled/elderly in housing         Government
136   Better fiscal management                                                       Government   Shared services
                                                                                                  Shared services
      get real and cut costs, do we need a parking person in town to restrict
137   parking and tourist pay for it                                                 Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      continue efforts to improve managment of village and research improved
138   government of towns and village                                                Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      A flyer or website that provides iniformation on what local position are
      being voted on and the names of the candidates who are running. The
      candidates should provide a one page statement about their position(s)
139   that is available to voters.                                                   Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
140   Clean road sand off roadways each spring                                       Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Develop a spirit of cooperation between village and town government
141   officials                                                                      Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Elders could start giving up their positions and encouraging 20-30 yr olds
142   to take their places.                                                          Government
                                                                                                  Shared services

      The village leaders must think of ALL the people that live in and around
143   the village, and not just be swayed by certain groups and ind.                 Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Street dept does a terrific job of snow removal in the village but
144   equipment sseems to tear up sidewalks.                                         Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Village planning board should be voted positions. Too many clicks
145   running this town.                                                             Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
146   civic leadership                                                               Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
147   public forums or town meetings like in VT                                      Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      I really think we need to embrace the fact that the area is changing and
      growing. It seems like the village officials want to keep growth out - you
      can't. There are ways to grow and still maintain some of the features that
148   make this a great town.                                                        Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
149   zero based budgeting                                                           Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
150   VILLAGE COMPLETLY                                                              Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      if you cannot live in sl -you don't need to be in our gov. the manager
      should be elected not appointed!! any major changes should be put out
      to the "taxpayers" to vote on and people to apply for - example code
151   enforcement!!!!!                                                               Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Regular public skull sessions > town meeting where people discuss ideas,
152   solutions                                                                      Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
153   Hire qualified people not politically connected                                Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Better communication and responsibility in government. No one knows
154   and passes the buck.                                                           Government
                                                                                                  Shared services

      Clearly identify the village and its government - What are the village's
155   responsibilities? Clearly identify what each trustee's responsibility is       Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
156   get rid of multiple jurisdictionsover village property                         Government
                                                                                                  Shared services
      Have to solve the multiple jurisdictions - at least dissolve the village and
      work towards one overall governing body to get rid of duplicative and
157   competing services                                                             Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
158   study dissolution                                                               Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
159   eliminate the village                                                           Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
160   dissolve village - one county & town.                                           Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
161   Get rid of Village Government and Board                                         Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Move town/county line east of village, create town of Saranac Lake in
162   what is now Harrietstown                                                        Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
163   get rid of the village -                                                        Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
164   combine town and village to 1 county                                            Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
165   Dissolve the village govt - expand tax base over the towns.                     Government
                                                                                                   Shared services

      SL used to be the hub of the population and activity times have changed
      now hub of activity but population is outside village. Getting to expensive
      for village residents to support need to expand the village or dissolve and
166   form one large village - one town - one county.                                 Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
167   one county                                                                      Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Redraw lines for consolidation and dissolution of excessive costs of
168   services that taxpayers see less and less of                                    Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
169   abolish village government                                                      Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      combine into one municiaplity along school district lines - no village or sep
170   towns                                                                           Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      get rid of the waste in the town and village. Merge them and eliminate
171   the job duplication.                                                            Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Combine the Harrietstown Hwy Dept with the village highway dept. The
      Harrietstown Highway Dept has only about 14 miles of road to care for
      and they have a lot of free time and expensive equipment (also a bad
172   attitude) - it's a waste of tax money                                           Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
173   town should share in village costs, get rid of police dept.                     Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
174   less government                                                                 Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Better communication between Town and Village boards and that
      communication passed along to the rest of us peons who lay in wait for
      your stingy table scraps. I do not think that the current boards are very
175   forthright. They seem very secretive at times.                                  Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Consolidate government. It's so obvious and it's a no brainer - get rid of
176   the studies, consultants, task forces, and do it.                               Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Dissolve the village, including the police dept. Use sheriff and state
177   patrols                                                                         Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
178   Better communication between agencies and shared resources.                     Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
179   Resolve to combine town and village                                             Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
180   Streamline gov                                                                  Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
181   Combine Town and Village                                                        Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Merge town and village. Simplify village/county/town parameters. Too
182   many chiefs - too costly. too confusing.                                        Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      Consolidation of services - communications and willingness to work
183   together for good of taxpayers!                                                 Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
184   Consolidate duplicate services/boards, public works etc.                        Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
185   share services whenever possible                                                Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
      incorporate the village and/or town police departments with county sheriff
186   department.                                                                     Government
                                                                                                   Shared services
187   consolidate village and town governments to lower tax burden                    Government
                                                                                                   Shared services

      Merge Gov function of Village and Town. Get rid of Village Mgr job use
188   Mayor or Supervisor and Board as non paid employees to run the Gov.             Government

                                                                                                 Shared services
      Continue to advance the concept of shared service between the Village
189   and Town                                                                      Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
190   consolidate services between town and village                                 Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
191   better relations between village and town                                     Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
192   combine town offices                                                          Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
193   Combine Harrietstown and Village - eliminate village police dept              Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
194   reduce duplication of services                                                Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
195   Consolidating services, eliminating Village layer of government               Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
      better cooperation with local governments to get jobs done more
      efficiently (more efficient use of time and money to produce better
196   results)!                                                                     Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
197   More cooperation and sharing amongs towns & villages                          Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
198   Perhaps consolidation is more cost-effective.                                 Government
                                                                                                 Shared services
199   Avoid overlap and duplication of gov't services                               Government
      Blen of businesses - tech., manufactring and reliable Internet - to attract
      telecommuters with affordable housing needed as base (not seasonal
200   tourism)                                                                      Housing
201   Taking care of slum landlords. Keeping the community clean.                   Housing
      Also tear down many of the old blds in town. Ed Dukett and Bob Decker
202   buildings are a disgrace. Charlie Nicastro is close behind.                   Housing
203   plus fixing up the places these slum landlords own.                           Housing
204   Public and private: clean it up and fix it up.                                Housing
      Encourage moderate income housing development by expanding the
      Hamlet Classification by the APA around and beyond existing Hamlet
205   areas                                                                         Housing
      Long-term planning for development and preservation of affordable
206   housing and homeownership                                                     Housing
207   Apartment slum lords                                                          Housing
      Increased owner-occupancy in village (currently less than 50%) would
208   spur investment in home improvement & stimulate economy                       Housing
209    affordable housing and                                                       Housing
210   Reduce redundant spending, centralize services                                Housing
      Find ways to keep elderly in their homes. Create "non-highrise" affordable
211   housing                                                                       Housing
212   Stop luxury development, focus on working class                               Housing
213   affordable housing                                                            Housing
      WE need to become more attractive to young families. To do this we
214   need affordable housing,                                                      Housing
      Keep it clean, watch the codes, be careful of slum lords, maintain
215   neighborhoods. Over all SL is a great village.                                Housing
216   Affordable housing for young professionals.                                   Housing
217   (affordable housing)                                                          Housing
      moving low cost housing out of downtown area. No subsidized housing
218   except for elderly. In NYC we had projects (buildings)                        Housing
219   Priority in housing should go to those who already live here full time.       Housing
220   creation of a community land trust                                            Housing

221   The need to place regulations and maintain same for all the slum housing.     Housing
222   lower rents -                                                                 Housing
223   lower rents                                                                   Housing
224   An middle class apartment complex for young professionals                     Housing
      Stronger enforcement of code violations and safety conditions in rental
225   properties                                                                    Housing

226   Affordable and centralized housing for low income families.                  Housing
      upgrade or demolish delapidated buildings (ie Dukett's places - and
227   others)                                                                      Housing
228   more affordable housing and                                                  Housing
229   affordable housing                                                           Housing
      Raise taxes or fines for homeowners who don't keep up their property.
      We pay for bldg permits, yet some are allowed to live in trash and get off
230   scott free                                                                   Housing
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
231   bury utility lines along major routes though the village                     Transport.     Infrastructure
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
232   Put powerlines underground                                                   Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
233   new sidewalk & road on Lake Flower Ave;                                      Transport.
      If you want people to walk you need paths and sidewalks! There isn't         Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
234   even a sidewalk all the way from Petrova to the High school.                 Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
235   Sidewalks in town done over/ Town --important for tourists                   Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
236   safe sidewalks (connecting Algonquin Apts to village) and                    Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
237    improved sidewalks                                                          Transport.
      Stop light at Ames Plaza plus sidewalks and pedestrian crossings all the     Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
238   way to RR tracks                                                             Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
239   community revitalization through improved infrastructure                     Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
240   put overhead utilities under ground                                          Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
241   fix roads - no engine braking for trucks                                     Transport.
      Every public official should spend a day in a wheelchair in our village to   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
242   judge the level of accessibility, quality of sidewalks, etc                  Transport.
      Improving sidewalks - especially in the winter when they are not sage for    Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
243   our older people to walk.                                                    Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &   Infrastructure
244   Sidewalk maintenance                                                         Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
245   keep truck traffic out of downtown                                           Transport.    Transportation

      Even though I say parking is so important above, I believe removing the 2
      or 3 parking spaces at the bottom of Berkley Hill in front of Fact and       Infrastr. &
246   Fiction would help traffic flow and remove the potential for accidents.      Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
247   better handicap parking i.e. post office;                                    Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
248   mor e noticeable parking access to area behind main st                       Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
249   route truck traffic so it doesn't come down Broadway/Main st                 Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
250   parking-in town    -                                                         Transport.
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
251   Continue free parking and try to find a place for more parking               Transport.
      public safety at STOP signs - 90% of cars and trucks DO NOT STOP or let                    Transportation
                                                                                   Infrastr. &
252   people cross                                                                 Transport.

      Improve public transportation! A certain percentage of residents don't or      Infrastr. &
253   can't drive. We need public transportation during the 9-5 period in town.      Transport.
                                                                                     Infrastr. &
254   put in light rail cars (commuter) between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid         Transport.
                                                                                     Infrastr. &
255   Improved access to public transportation                                       Transport.

      Focus on main traffic areas in new built up areas to make if safer. Most
      children walk to school and kiwassa from Riverside to Glenwood is a            Infrastr. &
256   bottleneck pushing pedestrians into the road where they are poorly seen.       Transport.

      Less signage - or perhaps better signage management. I think a review          Infrastr. &
257   committee would be helpful including veto power over DOT signs.                Transport.
      annual parking permits for those who work downtown and need to park                          Transportation
                                                                                     Infrastr. &
258   daily                                                                          Transport.
      Get people out of their cars and on bikes and on foot - close main street                    Transportation
                                                                                     Infrastr. &
259   to all vehicle traffic                                                         Transport.
      the city should consider providing free internet access for residents.
      Other cities have set up wireless internet service and provide this service    Infrastr. &
260   to residents. Nice perk for town and people who live there.                    Transport.
                                                                                     Infrastr. &
261   free wireless internet in city centers in indispensible,                       Transport.
262   Property maintenance code                                                      Muni. Code
       Enforce noise ordinance on loud motorcycles in town. How do they pass
263   inspection?                                                                    Muni. Code
264   incentives for people to clean up their own messes                             Muni. Code
265   pay more attention to eyesores in village-Pine st, Nason's,                    Muni. Code
      Businesses downtown should comply with code - ie no garbage bins
      visible to main road. This is not complied with on Broadway and corner
266   buildings                                                                      Muni. Code
267    enfore maint. of buildings, town looks depressed                              Muni. Code
268   renovate old buildings to original;                                            Muni. Code
269   contractors should be licensed                                                 Muni. Code
      Enforced bldg codes & inspections improve appearance & protect low-
270   income renters:                                                                Muni. Code
271   Changes in the structure of the zoning board                                   Muni. Code
272   new zoning to limit seasonal residents and retirees -                          Muni. Code
273    2. update master plan with stronger zoning and enforcement and                Muni. Code
274   1 Enforce building codes already in place;                                     Muni. Code
      There should be a tax break for those who keep buildings looking good,
      or for those who make major improvements. Penalizing by increasing
      taxes discourages upkeep. But I own a building where my business is
275   located in the village.                                                        Muni. Code
      Cut off main st and lay brick (like church st in burlington) and enforce the
      zoning so that tourists don't look at decrepid buildings. They don't want
276   to come back to a sloppy town.                                                 Muni. Code

      Replace present code enforcer with one who will deal with slum lords,
277   tear down derelict properties at owners expense - not taxpayers.               Muni. Code
278   better code enforcement                                                        Muni. Code
      Professionally develeped master plan with building codes, economic
279   incentives, enforcement following                                              Muni. Code
280   by controlling loud noise of night from bars, etc                              Muni. Code
      Improve zoning regulations to protect scenery and prevent building on
281   ridges and hilltops.                                                           Muni. Code
      Inspecting the old Dew Drop Inn building and the Downing and Caine
282   Building for violations, etc.                                                  Muni. Code
      accountability and enforcement of current policies (i.e. property
283   maintenance)                                                                   Muni. Code
      Quite time enforced from midnight to 6am in downtown area which now
284   has many rental units.                                                         Muni. Code
      If it is falling down, condemn it and tear it down - code enforcement
285   should address the eyesores & slum lords                                       Muni. Code
      Require cleaup of properties for health and safety & pride in ownership.
286   Can't something be done?                                                       Muni. Code
287   property maintenance, trash removal, old cars                                  Muni. Code
      Encourage all commercial bldg. owners with properties downtown--no,
      please beg, motivate or develop aggressively plans by village govt. to
      improve their bldgs. The existing downtown is encouraging people to
288   drive through to Lake Placid.                                                  Muni. Code
289   more work updating all the old buildings and houses in disrepair               Muni. Code
      Streetscape standards for downtown businesses & village: facade
290   maintenance, decorations, displays, etc                                        Muni. Code
      clean up Gold Mine area - show visitors we care about our community -
291   Fogerty's is becoming messy also                                               Muni. Code
292   Force cleanup/rehab on run-down buildings and homes in the village             Muni. Code
      lower your water & sewer rates for people on small fixed incomes like me
      or supply water meters. I need to pay out $190. for a water meter plus
293   cost of a plumber - my water bill is outrageous for a singe person             Prop. Taxes
294   ease property taxes                                                            Prop. Taxes
295   cut taxes                                                                      Prop. Taxes
      Avoid getting on the anti-tax bandwagon and continuing and improving
296   our support for local schools and municipalities.                              Prop. Taxes
297   Raise taxes,                                                                   Prop. Taxes
298   lower taxes                                                                    Prop. Taxes
       decrease taxes on full-time residents; increase taxes on seasonal
299   residents before Saranac Lake becomes the new Aspen, CO                        Prop. Taxes
300   lower our taxes                                                                Prop. Taxes
301   lower assessments so people will want to live in the village                   Prop. Taxes
      keep it small and locally governed - year round residents spend more so
302   should be taxed less - lower tax base necessary                                Prop. Taxes
303   if we get lower taxes everything else should fall into place                   Prop. Taxes
      Don't raise taxes. Town policies should benefit and be friendly to full-time
304   residents.                                                                     Prop. Taxes
      part-time residence tax...Established, older, family homes/camps shouldn't
      be paying such a high level of taxes that forces them to sell to vacationers
305   that don't support our community year-round.                                   Prop. Taxes
306   need greater tax base and more revenue-generating activites                    Prop. Taxes
307   we are paying more tax and getting less service.                               Prop. Taxes
308   Run gov't like a business = lower taxes                                        Prop. Taxes
309   make it more affordabel to live here                                           Prop. Taxes
310   more jobs & better pay                                                         Prop. Taxes
      Taxes must be reasonable for year-round residents or we won't be able to
311   be here for the tourists and summer residents!                                 Prop. Taxes
312   taxes - down                                                                   Prop. Taxes
313   lower taxes especially for the elderly                                         Prop. Taxes

      somehow the village needs to put a halt to the 'village taxes'. People in
314   other communities are shocked over our tax rate.                               Prop. Taxes
      lower the property taxes - the incomes of the average resident cannot
315   support this high taxation                                                     Prop. Taxes
316    Increase taxes on part-year residents by 5 times                              Prop. Taxes
      Find a way to lower the village taxes - 80% of the village homes are up
317   for sale because taxes are crazy.                                              Prop. Taxes
318   Lower property taxes                                                           Prop. Taxes
319   reduce property taxes                                                          Prop. Taxes
      To try and keep existing families here by keeping costs under control and
320   not allowing rich city families to take over our area.                         Prop. Taxes
      whatever it takes to reduce taxes (eg get more help from fed & state,
      combine services, redraw townships and counties, induce businesses to
321   come, etc.)                                                                    Prop. Taxes
322   reduce village taxes                                                           Prop. Taxes
      Stop destroying my chances of buying a home here and/or staying here
      by REDUCING TAXES. Where is the tax money going? The roads and
323   some of the stores look like poverty-level.                                    Prop. Taxes
      lower taxes - we do not live in the village but want to and because of high
      property taxes may not be able to afford to move from outside town to in
324   town                                                                           Prop. Taxes
325   reduce property taxes                                                          Prop. Taxes
326   More equitable assessments                                                     Prop. Taxes
327   Keep property taxes reasonable                                                 Prop. Taxes
      We need to put a cap on land tax before the workers, retired and long
328   timers are forced to leave.                                                    Prop. Taxes

      Stop the ridicoulous lawsuit by dissenting taxpayers against the town of
329   Harrietstown and focus on changing tax methods at the state level.             Prop. Taxes
330   lower taxes                                                                    Prop. Taxes
      Don't give up - I love this village. Only thing pushing me out is taxes, yet
331   everything costs money.                                                        Prop. Taxes
332   Clamp down hard on underage drinking, go after suppliers                       Public serv.   Police
333   More police visibility on foot or bicycle. Get out and walk the streets!       Public serv.   Police
      Police presence on the streets downtown...Law enforcement of all laws:                        Police
334   drugs, alcohol, cell phones, etc.                                              Public serv.
      Paid ambulance service with insurance billing. Create reasons to live                         Police
335   here.                                                                          Public serv.
      more policing/stricter laws of public areas. Stronger enforcement of
336   loitering of youth in areas such as public park area across from Stewarts      Public serv.
337   Police foot patrols, full-time chief                                           Public serv.   Police
338   clean up and fine poeple that are caught                                       Public serv.   Police
339   Get rid of officer handing out parking tickets.                                Public serv.   Police
      make sure people walking dogs have a bag to pick up after dog. Doesn't                        Police
340   Tupper have this law                                                           Public serv.
341   require fire drivers to be EMT's                                               Public serv.   Police
      Enforcing existing laws. Enforce speed limits. Keep bicyclists off
      sidewalks. More police foot patrols to control vandalism and tickets to
342   dog walkers who use private property and parks as dog bathrooms.               Public serv.
      Police - in village should also be on foot. Patrol local parks more often.                    Police
343   Police make more of a presence on village streets. Positive.                   Public serv.
344   no parking tickets for vistiors - especially for those from out of state       Public serv.   Police
345   Stop the parking tickets. It upsets the tourists. Not a friendly thing.           Public serv.   Police
346   eliminate SL police force                                                         Public serv.   Police
347   sensitivity training of incoming police officers & a larger, more visible force   Public serv.
      decrease size of police force - switch half the fleet of police vechiles to                      Police
348   Prius- 4 wheel drive is not ALWAYS necessary                                      Public serv.
349   Dissolve Village Police Dept                                                      Public serv.   Police
350   Promote area as healthy,                                                          Public serv.   Health Care
      Capitalize on unique history as a pioneer health resort. Devlelop a                              Health Care
      wellness based componenet of local economy. Resie the temptation to be
      like every place else. Maintain quality of living that has drawn people
351   here past and present.                                                            Public serv.
                                                                                                       Health Care
      Long term I would like to see "health" as an industry again - not TB, but
352   wellness "spa" type places for rejuvenating in our beautiful mountains.           Public serv.
      It's a great place! Maybe more educational opportunities for young
353   people i.e. tuition assistance                                                    Public serv.   Education
      Get the town board and school board to work together - keep tabs on                              Education
      each other. Lots is happening behind closed doors at schools right now - it
      isn't good for our kids. Notice that one of the school board meetings
354   because the tape "disappeared."                                                   Public serv.
355   Keep NCCC inS.L. area                                                             Public serv.   Education
      Educational opportunities for those striving for prosperous employment                           Education
356   with $3 gas.                                                                      Public serv.
      More effective education and protection of young people in drug and                              Education
357   alcohol abuse with positive opportunities                                         Public serv.
358   Drug Education to become drug-free and smoke-free commmunity                      Public serv.   Education
      As a 70 year old I'd like to see more training offered to men and women                          Education
359   in home care, publicity for this NCCC involvement                                 Public serv.
360   More high school stduents internships in workplaces                               Public serv.   Education
      more active participation for the youth in the welfare of the community                          Education
      through helping with civic activities instead of just providing them
361   entertainment.                                                                    Public serv.
      utilize school buildings for NCCC expansion - afternoon and evening                              Education
362   classes- also use them for public playground improvements,                        Public serv.
363   more activities for teen groups and                                               Rec. & arts    Recreation
      new bike lane & road on McKenzie Pond between Brandy Brook & Payville                            Recreation
364   Rd                                                                                Rec. & arts
365   Some place all ages could go to play games, sports - a pool maybe...              Rec. & arts
366   ON AND OFF ROAD BIKE PATHS                                                        Rec. & arts    Recreation
      multigenerational recreational venues, eg family activities, bike trails,                        Recreation
367   indoor swimming and tennis, curling                                               Rec. & arts
368   Form a park district like N Elba, have a tax,                                     Rec. & arts    Recreation
369   more youth rec facilities, movie theater                                          Rec. & arts    Recreation
370   Improve local golf course                                                         Rec. & arts    Recreation
371   more community outdoor activities                                                 Rec. & arts    Recreation
372   skateboard park                                                                   Rec. & arts    Recreation
373   day care center for the disabled, both physically and mentally                    Rec. & arts    Recreation
374   Youth recreation facilities                                                       Rec. & arts    Recreation
      A bike path along the tracks to Lake Placid would those hundreds of                              Recreation
375   people in Placid to come our way for an hour or two.                              Rec. & arts
376   preserving trails we use in the absence of sidewalks                              Rec. & arts    Recreation
377   community bike share program (yellow bikes left around town);                     Rec. & arts    Recreation
      More activities for kids. Controlled "Teen Canteen" dances where kids sign                  Recreation
378   in and can't re-enter if they leave.                                          Rec. & arts
379   more bike lanes/trails and                                                    Rec. & arts   Recreation
380   better pedestrian and bike trails,                                            Rec. & arts   Recreation
381   local all encompassing fitness center (i.e.YMCA)                              Rec. & arts   Recreation
382   Beach at Lake Flower.                                                         Rec. & arts   Recreation
      With all the Lake front property we should have a more accessable beach                     Recreation
383   for the children in the village.                                              Rec. & arts
      Develop 'walking trail' from Saranac Lake to L. Placid. Have marked for
384   biking lane - walk, run lane. (parallel railroad tracks but separate from)    Rec. & arts
385   Really liek the use of 'park' space on Lake Flour                             Rec. & arts   Recreation
      foot bridge across Lake Flower at narrowest spot to complete a walking                      Recreation
386   loop (like Mirror Lake)!                                                      Rec. & arts
387   more activities for adults and children as a family                           Rec. & arts   Recreation
388   bike pats, walking trails, cross country ski trails                           Rec. & arts   Recreation
      We are a 'tourist' town and yet there are NO decent bike or jogging lanes!
      Pine St. is a mess as s McKenzie Pond Rd. that is in the village. We need
      people who don't think with a 'small town' mentality! This is a poor town
389   yet those running it can't understand that.                                   Rec. & arts
      A sports venue for the kids so parents are not bringing children to three                   Recreation
      or more different spots in town (it is a dream but know is isn't fianancial
390   possible)                                                                     Rec. & arts
391   free full summer recreation program for children                              Rec. & arts   Recreation
      community center - the winters are long. This could be in connection with                   Recreation
392   school.                                                                       Rec. & arts
393   public access to state lands                                                  Rec. & arts   Recreation
      Find a decent place to house the Get Away and show our kids we value                        Recreation
394   them.                                                                         Rec. & arts
      Better utilize and restore the AMA campus, and make it open to                              Recreation
395   pedestrian access to improve recreation and wellness                          Rec. & arts
396   bike path                                                                     Rec. & arts   Recreation
      An effort to support our youth - to encourag them to stay here and be                       Recreation
397   productive adults                                                             Rec. & arts
      get a new site for the GetAway (or improve current one) to show our                         Recreation
398   youth they are important to us                                                Rec. & arts
      make the existing railroad into a multiple use trail and/or just a                          Recreation
399   hiking/biking trail                                                           Rec. & arts
400   Get the kids off the streets and into doing something constructive.           Rec. & arts   Recreation
401   A comprehensive year-round plan for recreation                                Rec. & arts   Recreation
402   More park areas, green spaces                                                 Rec. & arts   Recreation
      We need bike trails to/from SL to LP - not safe to ride bikes/run etc. More                 Recreation
403   local input and involvement.                                                  Rec. & arts
      A local ymca type recreational site. Possible location ideas are old BK or                  Recreation
      Stanley's bldg. An indoor and outdoor spot for
404   skateboard/rollerblading/basketball/pitching and batting box, etc             Rec. & arts
      The getaway looks terrible - maybe we don't need to hide our kids in dark                   Recreation
405   and dreary - dirty                                                            Rec. & arts
      Family recreation - a place for good clean fun - where a liquor license in                  Recreation
406   not required -                                                                Rec. & arts
407    teen gatherings                                                              Rec. & arts   Recreation
408   refurbish the existing parks / playgrounds                                    Rec. & arts   Recreation
409   bike and running paths                                                        Rec. & arts   Recreation
      A community center like a YMCA, provides childcare and access to                            Recreation
410   fitness/sports activities for all ages.                                       Rec. & arts
411   more walking friendly                                                         Rec. & arts   Recreation
      free family activities for residents like public skating in winter, public                  Recreation
412   swimming in summer                                                            Rec. & arts
413   more things for youth to do                                                   Rec. & arts   Recreation
414   create bike path on rail tracks connecting SL and LP                          Rec. & arts   Recreation
415   bicycle parking racks around town                                             Rec. & arts   Recreation
416   develop more bike lanes                                                       Rec. & arts   Recreation
      Recreation district/department - would provide badly needed attention to                    Recreation
      our most valuable assets (both for residents & visitors) - they are what
417   sets us apart from any other Village in the area.                             Rec. & arts
418   Bike paths.                                                                   Rec. & arts   Recreation
419   also a bike path would be GREAT although not absolutely necessary             Rec. & arts   Recreation
      I hate to be redundant, but a community center for year-round use (pool,                    Recreation
420   tennis courts, meeting rooms, etc., maybe even a wave pool)                   Rec. & arts
      Year-round skating so we don't have to pour our dollars into Lake Placid
421   and we could make money by having hockey and Figure skating camps             Rec. & arts
      Address parking, protecting the wetland, and ensuring safety of
      pedestrians near Mt. Baker trailhead - it's a mad house there on when it's
      busy (weekends, evenings, all summer long) and the pond side wetland is
      about to be loved to death given the amount of sediment that is building
      up each year. People love to walk around the Pond and listen to the frogs
      and enjoy sitting on the bench but within 5 years that wetland will be
422   non-existent given the current trends.                                        Rec. & arts
423   Make it easy to walk/bike to.                                                 Rec. & arts   Recreation
424   More established walking/running/biking paths                                 Rec. & arts   Recreation
      Recreation planning and services to the community, proper YOUTH                             Recreation
425   CENTER,                                                                       Rec. & arts
426   Snowmobile, cross-country trails, etc to draw tourists                        Rec. & arts   Recreation
427   YMCA for youth better than Get Away                                           Rec. & arts
428   Skateboard park                                                               Rec. & arts   Recreation
429   move beach back to Lake Flower                                                Rec. & arts   Recreation
      Saranac Lake boomed at the turn of the century as a TB center. Reinvent
      the SL area as an eastern center for holistic health, along the lines of a
430   Sedona, AZ.                                                                   Rec. & arts   Arts
      Build on theme of Saranac Lake as an arts town - music, photos, fine arts,                  Arts
431   theater                                                                       Rec. & arts
      It would be nice to have summer music concerts at the Lake Flower                           Arts
      pavillion again. A nice place for people without children to gather as well
432   as family. So much focus is on seniors and family here.                       Rec. & arts
       a local movie theater!! some place jointly with NCCC or any big                            Arts
433   auditorium                                                                    Rec. & arts
      community-wide events like the downtown block part and Thurs./Fri.                          Arts
434   music events. How about annual community-wide sale?                           Rec. & arts
435   carousel                                                                      Rec. & arts   Arts
436   Put a decibel level on concerts at Riverside Park                             Rec. & arts   Arts
437   Keep funding Concerts in the park                                             Rec. & arts   Arts
438   Waterhole outdoor concerts are GREAT!! should do more with this.              Rec. & arts   Arts
      Community events (such as the block party) to help everyone become a                        Arts
439   more cohesive group.                                                          Rec. & arts
      give the downtown a facelift - add art related industry in empty brick                     Arts
440   buildings - glass blowers, for example                                       Rec. & arts
441   Continued Development of Arts based - Arts friendly community                Rec. & arts   Arts
442   movie theater                                                                Rec. & arts   Arts
      Encourage the antique and rtist community since it brings in tourists and                  Arts
443   their money                                                                  Rec. & arts
      More live music; use recreational facitilities for festivals & concerts;                   Arts
444   Mountain Meltdown was a great start!                                         Rec. & arts
445   Exploring and promoting the arts                                             Rec. & arts   Arts
446   Keep the downtown vital. Keep having events there.                           Rec. & arts   Arts
447   support for the Arts -                                                       Rec. & arts   Arts
448   Downtown community gathering center in existing bldg                         Rec. & arts   Arts
449   Movie theater                                                                Rec. & arts   Arts

450   Have a small store like the old Ames or a K-Mart like the one in Malone.     Retail
451   a economical department store                                                Retail
452   get a dept store                                                             Retail
453   get a dept store                                                             Retail
454   Walmart and Target                                                           Retail
455   large retail store so poor people and seniors can shep                       Retail
456   we need affordable shopping, not a community store                           Retail
      Listen to our elders who have been through Depression and are still
      going. Our elders know how to get the most out of a buck. Most of them
457   would like a box store like Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.                     Retail
      A big box store to shop and bring others from ?, which then all merchants
458   will survive.                                                                Retail
459   Walmart                                                                      Retail
460   A retail store to draw people here,                                          Retail

461   The community store!!!                                                       Retail

462   shopping (food, clothes, appliances, cars, etc) here - not hours away.       Retail
      you should have let Wal-Mart in and not protected the business interests
463   of you and your friends                                                      Retail

      more shopping, and . Why are we letting thousands of dollars be spent
464   in Plattsburgh and Malone when we could have that money here?                Retail
      sit down with merchants a/o business people interested in coming here -
465   work out problems & get them to come in                                      Retail

466   cooperation by everyone to make a community department store a reality       Retail
467   downtown department store, better grocery store                              Retail
      when a new retail structure is built the number of sq. ft. should be
468   matched with ther reconstruction of an aboundoned structure                  Retail
469   a small deparment store with moderately priced goods                         Retail
      encourage locally owned business, discourage absentee owned business
470   such as walmart                                                              Retail
471   if we get decent retail everything else should fall into place               Retail

      Let's get a department store. We didn't need Aldi's , but we do need a
472   department store. Many cannot go to Malone or Plattsburgh to shop.           Retail
      a store like Target (not WalMart)--low cost but not shoddy goods available
473   to community members who cannot afford to travel                             Retail

474   Bring in a big-box store, please.                                              Retail

475   Retail Store - doesn't have to be huge but quality and reasonable prices       Retail
476   We need Wal-Mart -                                                             Retail
477    department store, not an appliance store                                      Retail
478   community store and                                                            Retail
479   places to shop                                                                 Retail
480   retail store Ames size or larger                                               Retail
481   local shopping for low income that can't travel to Pburgh                      Retail
      Focus on keeping mid-income $40-50k professionals here by providing
482   services & shopping they want                                                  Retail
483   Large grocery                                                                  Retail
      We need family clothing stores - a small "big box" which supplies clothing.
484   Khols would be great.                                                          Retail
485   retail store                                                                   Retail
486   one decent department store                                                    Retail
487   Large community box store                                                      Retail
488   would be a department store                                                    Retail
      Increase shopping opportunities for low-income folks by having Wal-Mart
489   - there are enough high end retail stores now.                                 Retail
490   have a shopping center - grocery that doesn't have such high prices.           Retail

      "Business begets business" The community could be a destination point
491   for shopper (down side in increased traffic but huge economic impetus)         Retail
      addressing the ned for a 'discount department store' that fits in the
      community (Not 121,000 sq ft!!) might help to quell some of the
      divisiveness....but I know this may not fall under the auspices of this
492   committee                                                                      Retail
      Get a large box retailer to provide reasonable cost and selection so I don't
      have to drive to Pburg every month. Have it designed in an ADK style so
493   it doens not look like it in Pburg.                                            Retail
494   A large retail store                                                           Retail
      a large retail store so we don't have to go to Pburgh and spend $15-$20
      for gase to make the trip and money for whatever we need to buy;
495   consider low income families in area                                           Retail
496   A department store. NOT Walmart.                                               Retail
      Please get a dept store. I am tired of going to Malone or Plattsburgh to
497   get what I want. Kmart, Target anything.                                       Retail
      A retail store with a variety to fit the whole community. Not a dollar store
498   type.                                                                          Retail
499   No big-box retail                                                              Retail
500   dept. store downtown                                                           Retail
      Identify areas for retail hubs and anchor stores, Target, Kohls, Hanaford,
      Best Buys mixed with Restaurants and local speciality shops to increase
501   the tax base.                                                                  Retail
      Allow the taxpayer to vote on retail development. 5 members of the
      board not allow major decisions on wm remember. By the people for the
502   people our rights should exist too.                                            Retail
      would be nice to have at least some kind of shop to buy clothes and
503   essentials without having to send out of catalogue                             Retail
504   retail stores for low to moderate income families                              Retail
      We need a department store to draw people into the area; otherwise we
      will become a ghost town. Tupper Lake and Lake Placid are growing;
505   Saranac Lake isn't.                                                            Retail
      We need a retail store - clothing - shoes - household - please stop
506   dragging on it.                                                             Retail
507   put in a walmart -                                                          Retail
      no clothing stores we can afford (can't find underwear anywhere) lots of
508   hardware parts not needed                                                   Retail
      More retail/ grocery stores to keep money in SL - quit being so picky and
509   let some businesses come in.                                                Retail

510   we need to losen up on codes - so we can attract some retail business       Retail
511   Bring a large retail store to the area                                      Retail
      I know you keep hearing it, but as a busy Mom of 2, we need a discount
      dept store with a decent inventory. There are choices besides Walmart,
      but someone has to do the leg work and bring the business to the
512   community.                                                                  Retail
      We need a department store somewhere. This community is divided
      about the size of a store and its impact on businesses. We need to find a
513   solution to this divide.                                                    Retail
      Walmart or similar big box store to attract shoppers and keep shoppers
514   here rather than malone or pburgh                                           Retail
      walmart or any large retail business that has an intrest in coming to the
515   town.                                                                       Retail
516   retail department store                                                     Retail
      If you won't encourage big business like Wal-Mart, please subsidize the
      smaller business areas appearance to make it a nice place to shop and
517   purchase.                                                                   Retail
518   we need a department store of some sort. i miss ames!!                      Retail
519   department store                                                            Retail
520   mega retail store                                                           Retail
521   Get a department & grocery store here!!!                                    Retail
      Retail store would bring people to Saranac Lake and to the business
      section also! I miss not being able to purchase my cards at Myers - good
522   selection!                                                                  Retail
523   walmart                                                                     Retail
524   large retail store                                                          Retail
525   Box store                                                                   Retail
526   WIDE SELECTION OF STUFF - LIKE A SUPER STORE!!!                             Retail
      Keep out the very large stores that could destroy the downtown shops
527   and small town atmosphere.                                                  Retail
528   retail clothing store                                                       Retail
529   don't be afraid to have stores come in....make it look better               Retail
530   retail store                                                                Retail

531   develop downtown modest shopping in upper broadway - depot st. area         Retail
      we need a retail store. our seniors and our poor have nowhere to shop
532   and no way to go anywhere else.                                             Retail
533   We need a decent grocery store!!!                                           Retail
534   Right size shopping for the necessities of life in downtown                 Retail
535   size cap on box stores                                                      Retail
536   We need an Ames-type store, but not a Walmart.                              Retail
      bring in a retail store that would provide jobs and keep taxes local....
      How much $ is going to p'burgh just for buying everyday staples that are
537   needed...                                                                   Retail
538   not allowing sprawl                                                         Retail
539   Retail shopping and grocery store                                            Retail
540   Large department store,                                                      Retail
541   Retail store                                                                 Retail
542   More shopping stores                                                         Retail
543   SL should define itself as the shopping mecca for tri-lakes                  Retail
544   A store for clothing, etc                                                    Retail
545   Wal-Mart                                                                     Retail
546   Bring in Large Retail Stores                                                 Retail
547   gas is high                                                                  Other
548   price gouging on gasoline                                                    Other
      stop trying to create identity. we're never going to be lake placid and we
      don't want to be. we should promote a friendly small town with wonderful
549   natural resources and a fine place to raise a family.                        Other
550   keep talking                                                                 Other
      You need to have input fromn all sides of the village. You need to bring
551   this dialogue to all of the taxpayers.                                       Other
552   more affordable for middle income families                                   Other
553   need master plan, plan for boomers b4 they move away                         Other
554   Dark skies                                                                   Other
555   Planning.                                                                    Other
      Remove the option of anonymous callers to talk of the town and
      anonymous emails to Adk Enterprise. I'm new in town and find these
556   formats very negative.                                                       Other
      Welcoming new people out of area, small town - good old boys mentality
      ! Don't let a hand full of people destroy th is community, let growth come
557   and welcome it.                                                              Other
558   friendlier people                                                            Other
559   community newsletter - monthly                                               Other
      Local govt., especially the Village, should embrace and not fear change
560   and growth.                                                                  Other

561   greater cooperation between town-village-county and chamber-village          Other
      Have a committe within the boards of village & town comprised of cross-
562   section of ages (teens to seniors) acting as a sounding board.               Other
      This questionaire is a start. Ask what people want, then ask them for
563   help getting it.                                                             Other
      One consistent source for community information, updates. The
564   newspaper doesn't do it all                                                  Other
565   getting activities done, following through on projects                       Other
      Encourage public input & show how residents ideas are being used in a
566   positive way                                                                 Other
567   Senior help with chores, lawn maintence, etc                                 Other
568   Admit the reality of conditions                                              Other
      Have weekly spiritual awakening at Lake Flower including yoga and a tofu
      BBQ led by the mayor followed by an open forum for kindness and
569   community concerns followed by free beer at Waterhole #3.                    Other
      Healing the underlying negativity that abounds in the village with
570   particular emphasis on the support/don't support downtown issues.            Other

      The need for conservationists and 'everyone else' to work together. We
      have the APA - Saranac Lake does not need to create their own 'APA'.
      There is a need for jobs for everyone (not just college graduates) and
      shopping for all people, especially those who have no options to get to
      Plattsburgh. Quit arguing and making it difficult for anyone who deos
      want to build here and taking a year or moreto give a permit. Get on with
571   it and help us out!                                                            Other
572   It's a great place - just need to keep the positives we already have.          Other
573   to get along                                                                   Other
      Equal representation for the poor and average as opposed to those with
574   high disposable income, in and out of this area.                               Other
      Without the residents there will be no tourists! Who want to visit a DEAD
575   town? not me                                                                   Other
      Recognize that the Forest Preserve is the magnet that forms that basis for
      the economy of the area. Land subdividers such as Foxey Foxman whose
      sole interest is making high profits from exploitation is a menace to the
576   Adirondacks.                                                                   Other
577   our next village election will show that idea clearly                          Other
578   support youth so they are encouraged to remain in community                    Other
      that members of the community work on improvements rather than
579   criticize by Talk of the Town or Enterprise.                                   Other

580   stop leaning towards pro antsy-environmental anti economic businesses.         Other
      Improved communications between village board. Various committees
581   and residents.                                                                 Other
582   Bring to fruition all the planning process                                     Other
      Ask people what they think - like with this survey. Keep having
583   community events to bring people together.                                     Other
      Get rid of redneck mentality and let businesses and people in. All
584   American City or not, bigotry and bias run rampant.                            Other
585   Try a little harder to work together for the good of all                       Other

      allow for reasonable development without such opposition from vocal
586   minority - saga, sslc and other reactionary groups who resist ALL change       Other
      refer to the CEDS document that community leaders just completed.
      Take action and community leadership in unity and these issues will follow
587   to be resolved.                                                                Other
588   Work together not just a few                                                   Other
      Improvements are only seen when "community buy-in" takes place.
      Create neighborhood groups to work together with other neighborhoods
589   so concerns can be identified and addressed jointly.                           Other
590   Folks need to be more tolerant and respectful                                  Other
      Less bitching on the radio. More emphasis on all the good things here
591   and its volunteers.                                                            Other
592   Motavation - Developing positive outlook for the village                       Other
593   A local newspaper that "builds" community instead of "dividing" it.            Other
594   Compared to many areas, our community is a better place                        Other
      Worry about the people that live in the area and what they say and not
595   the tourists.                                                                  Other
596   Make decisions in a timely manner.                                             Other
      If only part of the things mentioned in this survey come to pass, SL will be
597   a better place.                                                                Other
598   accentuate the position attributes of our community                            Other

      Stop starting another committee to look at the community. Do something
599   with what you have.                                                          Other
      Work as a community of one. Taxpayers should have more say (in
600   outcome) vs boards.                                                          Other
601   Working together and putting politics aside!                                 Other
      stop blocking events being held in the area that would bring much needed
602   dollars to local businesses                                                  Other
603   Let seasonal residents vote and be involved in the community.                Other
      Let people of the community say what they want to come in the
604   community                                                                    Other

605   less in-fighting, more cooperation and progress on proposed projects         Other
      SL needs to get things accomplished, get unified and get organized
606   behind a common strategy.                                                    Other
      continue to invite and consider all ideas/perspectives, help to unify our
607   sometimes divided community                                                  Other
608   get some of the tree hugger out of town and village government               Other
609   More Civic Pride                                                             Other
      silence "Talk of the Town". I know from many sources that visitors feel it
610   demeans us.                                                                  Other
611   local business, by locals, for locals.                                       Other

612       Other
      Individuals make a community - not businesses. A larger retailer won't
613   change people                                                                Other

By completing the survey below you will provide needed input on how we can improve our town and
 village. Please take five minutes to complete the survey. Return instructions on back. Thank you!

1. What FIVE types of recreational improvements or additions are most needed in Saranac Lake and
   Harrietstown? (check up to 5)
a. Playgrounds/playground equipment ___                        i.   Waterfront access for boats/canoes/kayaks ___
b. Public restrooms ___                                        j.   Fishing ___
c. Benches ___                                                 k.   Beaches ___
d. Bike, cross country ski and                                 l.   ATV trails ___
   walking trails ___                                          m.   Alpine ski areas ___
e. Skateboard park ___                                         n.   Snowmobile trails ___
f. Basketball court ___                                        o.   Recreation department ____
g. Tennis courts ___                                           p.   Other (please identify)
h. Ball fields ___                                                  ____________________________________

2. Which recreational improvement from above is most important? __________________________________
3. Identify the THREE types of housing most needed in the community. (check up to 3)
a.   Rental units ___                                          f.   Mobile home parks ___
b.   Senior housing, including ‘in-law apartments,’ etc. ___   g.   Multiple-family housing ___
c.   Assisted housing/nursing homes ___                        h.   Condominiums ___
d.   Moderate-income homes ___                                 i.   Subsidized housing ___
e.   Luxury homes ___
4. Which type of housing is most important? ______________________________________

5. Identify the FIVE community issues of greatest concern for you and your family (check up to 5)
a.   Cost and availability of housing ___                      j.   Design standards for new development ___
b.   Preservation of open space ___                            k.   Youth/senior services ___
c.   Access to parks, riverfront, recreation ___               l.   Merge town and village governments ___
d.   Local shops and services ___                              m.   Property taxes ___
e.   Local jobs/economic opportunities ___                     n.   Property maintenance code ___
f.   Environmental quality ___                                 o.   Improving educational resources ___
g.   Energy efficiency ___                                     p.   Accessibility for persons with disabilities ___
h.   2 counties and 3 towns in the village ___                 q.   Other (please identify)
i.   Pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods ___                          ___________________________________
6. Which issue from above is most important? ___________________________

7. Identify the FIVE types of economic development you believe the community should focus most on. (check
   up to 5)
a.   Retail development ___                                    i.   Tourist shops ___
b.   Downtown business development ___                         j.   Recreational businesses ___
c.   Home-based businesses ___                                 k.   Agriculture ____
d.   Office parks/professional ___                             l.   Logging/wood products industries ___
e.   Manufacturing ___                                         m.   Human services/healthcare ___
f.   Reuse of existing buildings ___                           n.   Lake Clear airport ___
g.   Lodging ___                                               o.   Other (please identify)
h.   Restaurants ___                                                _____________________________

8. Which of the items from above is most important? ____________________________________________

9. Do you feel that there should be a cap on retail store size (Yes/No) ______

10. What do you think it should be? ___________________________________

11. Do you think the following community resources are adequately protected? (circle yes or no for each)
  13. Which infrastructure improvement from the list above is most important? ___________________________

  14. Are there any important issues that this survey did not take into account?


  15. Please identify one idea to make our community a better place.



  16. Do you live in the village of Saranac Lake? ___ Yes       ___ No

  17. What town do you live in? ___ Harrietstown      ___ North Elba     ___ St. Armand ___ Other

  18. Indicate whether you are a: ___ full time resident   ___ part-time resident ___ visitor

  19. What street do you live on (optional): __________________________________________

  20. If you would like to receive email notification of upcoming meetings on the comprehensive planning
      initiative, please enter your email address here: _______________________________________

Thank-you for taking the time to complete this survey – you are helping to make Saranac Lake and Harrietstown
                                   stronger by caring about your community!

                    To return: Fold as directed below, tape shut and mail to the address listed
                            Drop off at the drop box in the Harrietstown Town Hall

………………………………………………………………………………..(fold in half here)………………………….…………………………………………………

………………………………………………………………………………….(fold again)………………………………………………………………………………..

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