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					                                                                                           Issue 8
                                                                                    December 2006

THE JOULE                                                                Seeking Sustainable Solutions
                                                                        for All of B.C.’s Energy Needs

The idea of hybrid cars
makes so much sense.
Why aren’t more people buying them?
by Rita Chung

The concept of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV; aka. Hybrid
cars) is very simple. They run on two different fuel sources,
combining the use of a gasoline engine and a battery-powered
electric motor.
                                                                               In This Issue
There are two categories of HEVs – the mild and the full
hybrids. In mild hybrids, the electric motor cannot function                     Buying Hybrid Cars? 1-2
independently of the gasoline engine, and its sole purpose is
to provide extra power. The electric motor in mild hybrids                     Climate Change Game 3-4
either generates electricity for the battery or consumes
                                                                            Saltspring Energy Strategy 5-6
electricity from the battery; the two processes cannot occur
simultaneously. Examples of mild hybrids include the 2003                             Mayne Island’s:
through 2005 Honda Civic Hybrids.                                                                     7
                                                                                  Cool Island Project
In full hybrids, the electric motor not only provides extra                                Millijoules
power, but can also function independently of the gasoline                                               9
engine under certain conditions, such as at low speeds in some
                                                                                        Join the BCSEA 10
                                                  continued on page 2
HEVs. In such cases, once the HEV reaches higher                 battery. With all these advantages, hybrid cars seem an
speeds, the gasoline engine will start up and completely         attractive vehicle choice. Nevertheless, many people have
take over the operation. Another difference between mild         been hesitant in purchasing a HEV.
and full hybrids is that the electric motors in full hybrids
can simultaneously generate and consume electricity.       This hesitance stems primarily from three factors. The
Examples of full hybrids include the SUV hybrids of        first, and most important, is that while an average
Ford and Toyota, the Toyota Prius, and the 2006 Honda      hybrid car driven in average conditions can save up
Civic Hybrid.                                              to US$500 per year on fuel costs, most hybrids cost
                                                                                                between US$5000
A HEV’s battery can                                                                             and US$10,000 more
be recharged not           ... with the increasing familiarity with hybrid than the equivalent
only by diverting the cars and better technology, the advantages gasoline-fuelled car.
power generated by         of driving a hybrid are bound to increase For example, while
the gasoline engine to                                                                          the base price of the
the battery, but also      exponentially in five to ten years’ time.                            2007 Honda Civic
by recapturing energy                                                                           Sedan is approximately
during the process of regenerative braking. The latter     USD$15,000, the base price of the 2007 Honda Civic
process diverts some of the energy normally lost through   Hybrid Sedan is approximately USD$22,500. This means
friction during braking into moving the motor shaft. As    that most hybrid cars will need at least ten years to begin
a result, magnets on the motor shaft move in and out       generating economic savings. This is simply not a viable
of an electric coil located on the stationary part of the  solution for many people looking to save the environment
motor (the stator), generating energy for the battery. The and money at the same time.
availability of this pollution-free method of recharging
the battery for use by the electric motor reduces          The second reason for people’s hesitance is that there is
toxic emissions from the HEVs, making them more            currently not a great variety of hybrid cars to choose from.
environmentally friendly than gasoline-fuelled vehicles.   The major hybrid car manufacturers are Honda, Toyota
It has been found that hybrid cars generally produce an    and Ford, and only a few hybrid models are produced by
astounding 80% less pollution than gasoline-fuelled cars!  each. There simply is not enough variety to suit the needs
                                                           and demands of most buyers.
Aside from reduced emissions, the perks of driving
hybrid cars include a fully recyclable nickel metal        The third main reason for hesitance is that hybrid
hydride (NiMH) battery, and better fuel economy, as        technology is still relatively new, and according to the
the consumption of petrol is reduced (most hybrid cars     leading hybrid car mechanic, Craig Van Batenburg,
can get up to 60mpg on the highway as opposed to 20-       owner of the Automotive Career Development Center
50 for gasoline-fuelled cars, with estimates going up to   in Worcester, Massachusetts, most mechanics have not
190 mpg for future hybrids). Hybrid cars drive just like   been exposed to the vehicle enough to be comfortable
gasoline-fuelled cars, are capable of maintaining highway  with repairing it. Furthermore, the hybrid car system is
speeds, and are not affected by hot or cold weather        much more complex, with more computers, sensors and
conditions more than traditional vehicles. Unlike electric components than traditional cars. These obstacles reduce
cars, there is no need to plug-in a HEV to recharge its           the availability of cheaper maintenance on hybrid
                                                                  cars, forcing owners to rely on the use of the more
                                                                  costly manufacturer’s auto shops.
                                      2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

                                                                      All is not doomed, however. With the emergence
                                                                      of more models of hybrid cars - including, in the
                                                                      next few years, some from new players in the field
                                                                      such as Nissan and Lexus - and with the increasing
                                                                      familiarity with hybrid cars and better technology,
                                                                      the advantages of driving a hybrid are bound to
                                                                      increase exponentially in five to ten years’ time.
                                                                      All the while, the disadvantages are likely to be
                                                                      reduced or resolved. Still, for the next few years, it
                                                                      will continue to be less convenient and financially

                                                                               The Joule December 2006 P. 2
     favourable to own a hybrid car (calculations of savings of hybrid cars versus comparable gasoline-fuelled cars can
     be made at: However, for those who can afford a HEV and view them as long-term
     investments, hybrid cars are definitely the way forward: they contribute to a cleaner environment, and definitely to a
     cleaner conscience!

     For more information:

 Climate Change Game
 Continues to Grow
  by Scott Sinclair
                                                                   In February of 2006, the Vancouver Chapter of BCSEA
                                                                   started an expanded version of the Kamloops Chapter’s
                                                                   pilot project to teach students about Climate Change
                                                                   while having fun playing a Board Game. Dale Littlejohn
                                                                   and I wrote a few grant applications to raise $61,500
                                                                   from Vancity, Environment Canada and CMHC to allow
                                                                   us to hire a full time coordinator for the project. Kel-
                                                                   tie Craig began working in February along with a great
                                                                   crew of BCSEA volunteers to teach 2,000 grade 5 and 6
                                                                   students about Climate Change and the many sustainable
                                                                   energy options they can consider to reduce their families’
                                                                   personal impact on Global Warming. In September of
                                                                   2006, Shirlene Cote joined our team as Keltie departed
                                                                   to pursue a graduate degree at UBC. Shirlene is currently
                                                                   on track to reach an additional 2,000 students before
                                                                   the current phase of our project ends in March of 2007.
                                                                   Also, Monica Nissen of Nelson has delivered the program
                                                                   to ten classes of students in her region through a separate
                                                                   Climate Change Game Initiative. Finally it is important
                                                                   to note that in 2006 we began a partnership with the
                                                                   City of Vancouver’s One Day program to create a con-
BCSEA Vice President Scott Sinclair accepting a cheque for         test called the Superhero Showdown, to award prizes to
$40,000 from Vancity CEO Dave Mowat at an Envirofund Award         students and teachers who follow through with Climate
Ceremony in Vancouver.
                                                                   Change Actions.

                                                                   This summer, while we were not in schools delivering the
                                                                   program, we updated the Game Board, personal action,

                                                   The Joule December 2006 P. 3
                                                                                  and Squamish, as well as enabling our
                                                                 and May of
                                                                                  Chapters in Prince George, Kelowna,
                                                                 2006. This
                                                                                  Comox, and Dawson Creek to spread
                                                                 was fantastic
                                                                                  our message of sustainable energy
                                                                 news, though
                                                                                  into the minds of our youth. We are
                                                                 an even more
                                                                                  pleased to announce that last month,
                                                                                  the Vancity Envirofund awarded us
                                                                                  $40,000 towards this program expan-
                                                                                  sion, and we are awaiting a reply
                                                                 The Superhe-
                                                                                  on an application to Environment
                                                                 ro Showdown
                                                                 we began
                                                                 with the City
                                                                                  As a final note, I would like to thank
                                                                 of Vancouver
                                                                                  all the members and supporters of
                                                                 in very small
                                                                                  BCSEA for allowing us to make this
                                                                 numbers (90
                                                                                  project happen. I encourage you all
                                                                 students) was
                                                                                  to continue your involvement in our
                                                                                  association as individual members,
                                                                 1.8 tonnes of
                                                                                  business members, by becoming
                                                                 savings per
                                                                                  monthly energizers or by mak-
                                                                 student. So
                                                                                  ing a donation at
                                                                 we began to
                                                                                  getinvolved as we really need your
                                                                 focus on an
                                                                                  support to continue with this work.
                                                                 expansion of
and energy knowledge questions to                                                 Keep in mind that it is the holiday
                                          the program that would emphasize
reflect recommendations from our                                                  season, and you could make a dona-
                                          the ‘Showdown’ while continuing to
volunteers and Advisory Committee.                                                tion to the BCSEA in the name of
                                          reach greater numbers of students
In addition, we analyzed the results                                              your loved ones as a gift for their
                                          across the province.
from our first 77 classes. Using data                                             future.
collected from a questionnaire that       Over the past few months, we have
students completed before and after                                               Send me a note at
                                          created a vision of expansion for the
our program, we found a consistent                                                to find out how you can bring the
                                          project that will see us deliver the
improvement in climate friendly                                                   Climate Change Game to your com-
                                          CC Game workshops and Superhero
behaviour, and increased knowledge                                                munity.
                                          Showdown Contest to 15,000 stu-
of the energy solutions. According        dents across BC in 2007.
to our analysis we saved approxi-                                                 For more information:
                                          This expansion will take the project
mately 1,150 tonnes (0.5 tonnes of                                      
                                          to schools in Victoria, Abbotsford
CO2 emissions per student) between

    Climate Change Game Rules
    As a team of Superheroes, game players have the challenge of saving the Earth from
    Global Warming in 15 minutes. The team rolls a die to move from start to finish. When the
    dinosaur game piece lands on a square, the team must answer a question about energy
    behaviour, sustainable energy, climate change, or sustainable transportation. The team
    must agree on an answer, be able to back up their answer with explanations of how and
    why it is right. If the team is correct, they roll the die to move forward, if they are wrong,
    they move backwards. It is a race against the clock to try to choose the right actions,
    before it is too late. Teams win by crossing the finish line in 15 minutes or less.

                                        The Joule December 2006 P. 4
     The Salt Spring Energy
     Strategy - An island takes
     action on climate change
by Elizabeth White

What do you do if you live in a small community without        climate change and persuaded the local newspaper to run
the resources to develop an official community energy          a regular ‘green space’ section. A new group sprang up
plan? Answer: you do it yourself. In the case of Salt Spring   to lobby the federal and provincial governments to take
Island, our Earth Festival Society obtained a number of        action on climate change.
small grants and prepared a baseline energy and emissions
report for the Island which considered transportation fuel,    Our local governments, the Islands Trust and Capital
home energy use, and the energy embodied in our food.          Regional District, have been supportive and are increasing
We then invited the community to use this information to       their involvement. Salt Spring is participating in the
develop a series of priority actions. These were formulated    provincial Community Action on Energy Efficiency
into the Salt Spring Energy Strategy. The objectives of this   (CAEE) program. CAEE provides support for planning
strategy are to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)       initiatives and, through the Energy Savings Plan (ESP),
emissions, and reduce local air pollution, with the target     gives local homeowners continued access to grants and
of reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions               to the otherwise-cancelled federal EnerGuide for Houses
by over 20% by 2012. Reaching this target will be an           program. ESP assistance for low-income housing audits
impressive achievement. Given the Island’s growth trends,      and upgrades is also available. The Salt Spring Energy
even if we achieve the specified per capita cuts, we will      Strategy Task Force has been established to oversee
only be holding total energy consumption and emissions         implementation of these initiatives, and is currently
at 2002 levels. But you have to start somewhere. The pie       making recommendations for energy revisions to the
chart shows the actions needed to achieve the planned          Official Community Plan. An Area Farm Plan and food
savings.                                                       security initiatives are underway to help increase local
                                                               food production.
The plan calls for five percent of Salt Spring’s residential
energy needs to be met through renewable energy from           Growing public awareness and local government
solar domestic hot water, microhydro, and photo-voltaic        involvement are very encouraging, but whether
devices. Tidal current power generation has potential for      significant energy use reductions have been achieved is
the Island, but was not included in the Energy Strategy        unclear. Our target date of 2012 is only five years away,
because the technology has not been proven.                    and so far, about 60 of the Island’s 5,000 homes have had
                                                               energy audits - slightly over one percent. The number
One advantage of a grassroots community energy strategy        of registered light vehicles on Salt Spring has increased
is that the goodwill and interest of the community             by about three percent per year since 2002. On a more
snowballs into actions well beyond the imaginings of           positive note, 12% of new vehicles purchased in 2006
the program coordinators. A number of examples have            were either hybrids or Smart Cars, and growth rates are
been evident on Salt Spring. Local hero and grandmother        declining.
Dorothy Cutting decided to drive her hybrid car to the
Arctic to publicize the effects of the climate crisis. The     It seems that reaching our targets through voluntary
local movie theatre showed special screenings of ‘An           measures alone will be very challenging. If Salt Spring is
Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’,         to meet its 2012 targets, federal and provincial support in
followed by panel discussions. More movies are on their        the form of legislated standards will be needed.
way. Craftsman Chris Dixon has written eloquently on
                                                                                                         continued on page 6

                                          The Joule December 2006 P. 5
The Salt Spring
Energy Strategy is
coordinated by a
non-profit group,
the Earth Festival
Society, with the
help of The Salt
Spring Island
Island Natural
Growers, and other
island groups.
Sponsors include
Canada, Islands
Trust, MEMPR,
Capital Regional
District, and
VanCity Credit
Union. For more
information: www.

                                                                            From Quebec to B.C.
                                                                            On Friday September 22, BCSEA’s Peter
                                                                            Ronald participated in a press conference at
                                                                            the Fairmount Hotel in Vancouver to discuss
                                                                            the unveiling of Quebec’s Climate Change
                                                                            Action Plan that will achieve Kyoto targets for
                                                                            the province. Quebec’s Environment Minister
                                                                            Claude Bechard was in town to meet with local
                                                                            environmental groups to explain their plan, and
                                                                            encourage our province to follow suit. BCSEA
                                                                            participated in this event with the David Suzuki
                                                                            Foundation, the Pembina Institute and others.
                                                                            Peter Ronald fielded a number of questions from
                                                                            the media en francais, showing the dynamic
                                                                            abilities of our provincial coordinator.

BCSEA Coordinator Peter Ronald (right)
and Quebec Environment Minister Claude Bechard
                                                                           For details on Quebec’s Kyoto Plan please visit:

                                            The Joule December 2006 P. 6
Announcing the success
of Mayne Island’s
Cool Island Project to the rest of Canada
The Gulf Islands - Canada’s first Cool Community?

by Peter Judd

As we are constantly reminded             while the Australian government, for      logo to inspire friends, neighbours and
these days, the Earth’s atmosphere        example, is locked in inaction on the     businesses. A large thermometer in
is quickly warming up, and without        Kyoto treaty on global warming, its       the town centre will display the total
immediate action, much damage will        own citizens’ groups are creating CO2     decreased emissions of the participants
soon come upon us. Climate change         reduction schemes that will result in     in an effort to encourage others to
is an amorphous giant of a topic that     meeting that country’s Kyoto targets!     join.
is taking decades to quantify and         Australia, Canada and the U.S. are
that can leave John Q. Public with        some of the world’s largest CO2         The cheapest, fastest and longest
a bad case of guilt and anxiety. This     producers per capita, so our actions    lasting ways a country can affect
situation presents a powerful call to     carry the greatest effect on the future emissions are through energy
action, to which we can all respond.      of our one blue planet.                 conservation (living well while
As individuals and families, citizens                                             choosing to use less), and energy
groups and towns, we have the power       One small community, and as such        efficiency (houses, cars, appliances,
to make meaningful change, without        an example for                                               farming, etc.).
waiting for hopelessly fence-sitting      countless others,       Plant matter in our The opportunity
governments, thwarted by powerful,        Mayne Island – one oceans and forests can at hand is to be
knuckle dragging polluters, to act.       of BC’s Gulf Islands absorb about four billion actively creating a
                                          - has risen to the      tons of CO2 equivalent new way of life. A
A brief review: Plant matter in our       challenge. It all       emissions every year.                way of life with an
oceans and forests can absorb about       began when three                                             energy source that
four billion tons of CO2 equivalent       alarmed residents started writing in    is inexhaustible and non-polluting.
emissions every year. The problem is      the local newspaper on the topic of     Nothing else is sustainable. Luckily
that mankind is now creating twice        sustainability. The interest generated  there are hundreds of options; we just
that amount, largely through the          spawned the Cool Islands project.       have to educate ourselves. Oh yes, and
burning of fossil fuels. The resulting    A brief workshop followed, which        ACT! As the song says, “Do what you
changes in the Earth’s climate are        presented the basic problems and some   can, where you are, and do it now!”
becoming very apparent. Polar ice         attainable lifestyle changes that could
sheets are melting. Rising oceans         provide redress. A spreadsheet was used Impractical ideas, you say? Remember,
threaten enormous coastal populations     to estimate the present family emission in a democratic society: “When the
(80% of mankind) with flooding.           levels, and to show the reductions      people lead, the leaders will eventually
Stronger storms and Ethiopian-style       possible through new personal choices.  follow”.
droughts are become commonplace.          The ambitious goal of the project is
All a very stark foretaste. Yes, we are   to enrol 2/3 of the community in a      See for a
talking about our life-support system!    lifestyle that decreases their personal detailed description of - and your
Global warming is the single largest      emissions from the Canadian average     input to - the Cool Island / Cool
problem ever to face humanity.            of 13 tonnes per year to only six       Communities Project and the tools
So here’s an idea - let’s act now! Even   tonnes per year. Participants receive   available for public use.
                                          the coveted Cool Island Thermometer

                                          The Joule December 2006 P. 7
MILLIJOULES                                                  By Guy Dauncey

Europe’s Tax on Flying
Since 1990, the greenhouse gas emissions from Europe’s international
flights have increased by a whopping 87%, and pressure has been mounting
to do something about it. CO2 emissions from British airports increased by
100% between 1990 and 2000, while they decreased by 9% from all other
sources. As a result, the European Commission is proposing that starting
in 2011, all European airports will have to start monitoring their CO2
emissions, and buy permits to cover them. The cost for an average flight
within Europe will be $12; international flights could cost up to $54; US
and Canadian airlines will have to buy permits to cover their emissions on
European routes. So here’s the big question: By 2011, will US and Canadian
passengers pay up freely, knowing we have to control our emissions, or will
they respond with a major tantrum?
                                                                                  Stunning New
Spain’s Solar Law
                                                                                  Is it a bird that will fly? That’s the
Starting in April 2007, every new non-residential building in Spain must          question mark around the EEStor
be fitted with PV panels to generate 30-40% of the building’s electricity.        claim to have developed a stunning
They must also be fitted with solar hot water panels to generate 30-70%           new EV battery technology that will
of the hot water, depending on where the building is located, and its             deliver 500 miles for $9 worth of
expected water usage. Spain’s construction lobby has complained that this         power (50 cents a day for an electric
will increase building costs by 8-12%, but Spain’s Housing Minister, Maria        vehicle driving 10,000 miles a year).
Antonio Trujillo, says the extra cost will be no more than 1%, which will         EEStor says the battery will cost
be offset by the energy savings achieved.                                         50% less per kilowatt-hour, weigh
                                                                                  90% less than a lead-acid battery,
Natural Gas’s Micro CHP                                                           and can be fully charged in less than
                                                                                  5 minutes, which is doubtless what
Stand back! There’s a new kid on the block in the micro-generation family.        persuaded the venture capital firm
I’m not sure if he’s fully welcome, since he still burns fossil fuels, but it’s   Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to
time to meet him. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) has been used for                 buy $3 million in preferred stock.
some time in European cities which use district heating networks to heat          And who are KPCB? They have
buildings and generate power at the same time. Micro-CHP does the same            previously made major investments in
thing on a household level, burning natural gas to generate both heat and         Google,, and Netscape,
electricity. This is very efficient in that it extract 90% of the useful energy   so they have a good track record. The
from the fuel, compared to 30% for coal-fired electricity. In Japan, 30,000       ZENN Motor Company of Toronto
home-owners have installed them, and in Britain, 80,000 are on order.             has confirmed plans to use EEStor
They come as a sleek metal box costing $13,000 to $20,000 US, and                 batteries in its EV Feel Good Cars by
payback (they say) is 3-7 years, depending on the price of electricity. But…      2008 ( If this pans
it still burns natural gas, which we’ll soon be shipping in from Russia and       out, it may spell the end of the internal
Iran. For pictures, and details, see                       combustion engine. For details,
                                                                                  google EEStor – but be warned – the
                                                                                  company is being super-secretive!

                                          The Joule December 2006 P. 8
                       Check out for up to date listing,
                       including BCSEA chapter meetings and special events.

January 6, 2007 11am-3pm                                              March 5 & 6, 2007
Build a Model Wind Turbine                                            2007 Clean Energy Conference
Science World, Vancouver BC                                           Ottawa ON
Kids of all ages can build their own “anti-Global Warming             A detailed overview of new business opportunities and how your
machine” at the Model Wind Turbine workshops. Workshops led           organization can effectively capitalize on them; industry updates
by Solar Power Roadshow.                                              on changes to the Standard Offer Program; expert insight into
January 17, 2007 7-9pm                                                new energy programs, regulations and legal rules for investors.
Shaping the System for Sustainable Energy in BC
Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver BC                         March 6-9, 2007

Hosted by five Vancouver-area NDP MLAs, this forum looks              World Biofuels Markets Congress
at the uncertain future of public resources in BC, and seeks to       Brussels, Belgium
address several concerns: Meeting our energy needs; Water rights-     Keynote address from Al Gore. More than 90 leading industry
Public vs. Private; Energy policy in the context of climate change;   executives are confirmed to address the Congress. No other event
and Coal derived energy. Speakers include: John Calvert, John         brings together such a distinguished line-up of industry experts
Horgan, Shane Simpson and Trafford Hall.                              from across the value chain. Seminars on: Biofuels Finance &
                                                                      Investment, Biofuels Sustainability, Next Generation Biofuels &
January 28-30, 2007                                                   Biogas

7th Annual Harvesting Clean Energy                                    March 7-9, 2007
Boise, ID
                                                                      2nd Biennial International Geoexchange Conference
Charting the way to rural economic development through clean          and Trade Show, Burnaby, BC
energy production. The region’s premier event for agriculture         Abstracts currently being accepted. For further details, visit
and energy innovators exploring opportunities and building  
partnerships to advance clean energy production in the rural
                                                                      March 15-17, 2007
January 28-31, 2007
                                                                      2007 Asia Solar Energy and PV-Project Exhibition & Solar
2nd Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise,                         Energy Ecomony ands Develoipment Forum
Vancouver, BC                                                         Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center, Shanghai China
The Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise Steering
Committee is now accepting workshop proposals.
The request for proposals, more information and the                   March 16-18, 2007
proposal application form can be downloaded from                             EPIC: The Sustainable Living Expo,
                                                                      Vancouver, BC
February 20-21, 2007                                                  The GLOBE Foundation of Canada presents EPIC (Ethical
                                                                      Progressive Intelligent Consumers). This event is expected
Clean Energy Project Finance                                          to attract 30,000 visitors and have over 250 exhibitors
San Francisco, USA                                                    promoting their products and services. For further details, visit
Jointly produced by the California Energy Commission and Green
Power Conferences, Clean Energy Project Finance has been created
to address how to overcome the financial challenges of small scale    March 28-29, 2007
sustainable energy project development in North America and
across the globe.                                                     4th BC Power Summit
                                                                      Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver, BC
                                                                      The Province’s anticipated Energy Plan II is likely to stand high
                                                                      on the horizon, promising significant implications for every
                                                                      participant in the B.C. power sector. This event is a unique
                                                                      opportunity to gain information valuable to your business on an
                                                                      element of strategic importance to the British Columbia economy.

                                                The Joule         June. 2006      P. 9
               THE JOULE
               I S S U E 8 - December 2006                        Ye s ! I ’d l i k e t o
                                                                  join the BCSEA
Newsletter Editor and Designer                                    Annual Membership Fees
Josh Moncrieff         Editor                                     Patron:                                        $100    __
Michelle Atkins        Graphic Designer
                                                                  Individuals/family/non-profit:                 $ 35    __
                                                                  Low income (person or group):                  $ 10    __
                                                                  Elementary and High School classes:            Free    __
Peter Ronald           Communications & Policy Analyst            College or University:                         $150    __
                                       Municipality:                                  $250    __
                                                                  Business:                                      $100    __
                                                                         (annual revenues less than $100,000)    $150    __
Board of Directors                                                       (annual revenues $100,000 - $500,000)   $500    __
                                                                         (annual revenues $500,000 or more)      $1000   __
Colleen Brown          Energy Planning Consultant
Romilly Cavanaugh      Environmental Engineer
                                                                  + Donation        Thankyou!                    $ ______
Guy Dauncey            Author and Consultant
Naomi Devine           Environmental Activist
                                                                                                       TOTAL     $ ______
Eric Doherty           Transportation Planning Analyst
Tom Hackney            Energy Policy Analyst
Gunther Honold         ASHRAE Member                              To become a BCSEA Energizer monthly
Morgan McDonald        Taylor Munro Energy Systems                donor or to make payment by VISA, or
Chris Mott             Electrical Engineer
Graig Pearen           Sustainable Energy Consultant
                                                                     M/C , please visit
Kevin Pegg             EA Energy Alternatives Ltd.
TJ Schur               Aeolis Wind Power Corp.
Scott Sinclair         Sinclair Environmental Solutions                Member Information
John Stonier           Energy Efficiency Consultant
Geza Vamos             P. Eng. Energy Efficiency                  Name:               ___________________________
                                                                  Organization:       ___________________________
Honorary Directors                                                Position:           ___________________________
Deb Abbey              Founder of Real Assets
                                                                  Email:              ___________________________
Joe van Belleghem      Canada Green Building Council              Address:            ___________________________
Bill Eggertson         Can. Assoc. for Renewable Energies                             ___________________________
Amory Lovins           Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado
Briony Penn            Author and Broadcaster, Salt Spring        Postal Code:        ___________________________
William E. Rees        Author and Professor, UBC                  Telephone:          ___________________________
Eric Smiley            Malaspina College
                                                                  Personal Interests: ___________________________
Simon Whitfield        Triathlon Olympic Gold Medallist
Board of Advisors
Roger Colwill          Eco-entrepreneur
Kathryn Molloy         Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter                        #5 - 4217 Glanford Ave.
David van Seters       Small Potatoes Urban Delivery                                 Victoria, B.C.
Ken Wu                 Western Canada Wilderness Committee
                                                                                       V8Z 4B9
                                                                                   (250) 744 - 2720

                                                The Joule December 2006 P. 10

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