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Reducing Stress

Are You At Risk?

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                                                                           teaching them how to improve their physical strength, flexibility,
                                                                           edurance, cardiovascular fitness, nutritional habits, and overall
                                                                           health; increase their awareness of the valuable services offered
                                                                           by nationally reconized & certified fitness professionals; provide
                                                                           excercise tips and educate a grassroots movement of health
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            4                                                                15                                                              25
             Feature Articles
4            Western New York’s:                                    15           Diabetes: Are You At Risk?                             25   Personal Training:
             Premier Health Clubs                                                Take our test to see if you could be                        Successful Weight Control
             Rochester and Buffalo Athletic                                      at risk for diabetes.                                       What Exercise is Best?
             Clubs give you facilities up to                                     by Jane Giambrone RN, CDE, CPCC                             by Robert Bovee
             30,000 square feet, offering circuit
             and free weight training.                              18           Seniors Surviving:                                     28   Survival Is Not a Solo Act
                                                                                 The Aging Process                                           You can’t go it alone.
6            Chiropractic                                                        Inactive people give aging a bad                            by Kelly Breuer
             Reducing Stress                                                     name. Use it or lose it!
             If you reduce stress, you will help to                              by Robert Bovee                                        31   Tom has an incredibly inspiring
             maintain balance and health.                                                                                                    story of tenacious toughness.
                                                                    20           Drink Up!
8            What is Acupuncture?                                                Water is crucial in the functioning                    35   Cross Training and Your
                                                                                 and maintenance of the body.
             Acupuncture continues to gain                                                                                                   Basketball Game
             momentum                                                            by Robert Bovee
                                                                                                                                             Basketball demands strength,
                                                                                                                                             endurance, and flexibility from its
11           Diets Don’t Work                                       22           The Advantages of Exercise                                  participants. by Robert Bovee
             Millions of people each year diet                                   Without exercise, controlling
                                                                                 body fat is an up hill battle.
             and come to the conclusion, diets                                                                                          36   The 12 Best Reasons to
             don’t work. by Robert Bovee                                         by Robert Bovee
                                                                                                                                             Exercise by Robert Bovee
DISCLAIMER: Readers and viewers are advised that the information and documents in this publication (“Content”) are intended

                                                                                                                                        38   Eight Ways to Push Past
for personal, non-commercial, general educational and informational purposes only. The Content does not constitute medical
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                                                                                                                                             Fitness and Weight Loss
medical advice of a professional regarding you particular situation. Rochester and Buffalo Athletic Clubs makes no warranty
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Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Western New York’s:
  Premier Health Clubs
  Rochester and Buffalo Athletic Clubs give you facilities up to 30,000 square feet, offering cir-
  cuit and free weight training, a complete cardiovascular center, monthly fitness evaluations,
  free training assistance, beginning and advanced aerobics, kick boxing, spinning, yoga, rac-
  quetball, child care, full locker rooms with saunas, and much more.

  Cardio                                 ing out to lose weight, the Roch-
                                         ester and Buffalo Athletic Clubs
                                                                              letic Clubs knows a successful
                                                                              exercise program begins with a
  The Rochester and Buffalo
                                         will demonstrate how adding our      plan devised specifically for you.
  Athletic Clubs contain a full
                                         weight machines to your program
  range of the latest cardiovascular
                                         help you burn more calories than     Our new member service pack-
  equipment ellipticals, treadmills,
                                         cardio exercise alone. Come in       age includes a series of sched-
  bikes, stair climbers, and more.
                                         today and let our trainers explain   uled meetings with a personal
  What separate us from the
  competition is our staff and their     how weight training will benefit     trainer; each one focusing on
  commitment to one thing:               you.                                 different fitness components:

  Resistance                             Helping You Reach                    • Health screening, testing,
                                                                                goal assessment, and
  Whether your goal is to get stron-     Your Goals                             program design
  ger, look better, or simply feel       Our certified and degreed train-     • Cardiovascular and flexibility
  good, the Rochester and Buf-           ers will design a personalized         training
  falo Athletic Clubs’ trainers will     routine for you and provide the      • Strength and resistance
  show you how resistance training       one-on-one instruction neces-          exercises
  helps you get there. Our weight        sary to achieve and maintain the     • Complete program monitoring
  machines provide a safer, more         results you want.                      and review
  user-friendly and time-efficient al-
  ternative to free weights and are
  appropriate for the most novice
                                         Personal Training                    These appointments show how
                                         The Rochester and Buffalo Ath-       correct form, intensity, duration,
  exerciser. Even if you are work-
                                                  Western New Yorks: Premier Health Clubs

and frequency optimally com-
bine to provide the safest and
most effective routine for you. In
addition, a Rochester and Buf-
falo Athletic Clubs’ trainer will
monitor body fat, measurements,
and other vital statistics, as well
as evaluate and re-design your
program every six weeks for the
life of your membership.

TEAM UP Buffalo
with a Rochester and
Athletic Clubs’ Personal
Trainers to create a RESULTS
oriented routine,                     sional instructors who love what       just for bulking up anymore! Are
                                      they do.                               you unsure of how to start? Our
break through barriers and set
                                                                             training staff will structure just the
new goals. Work one-on-one
                                                                             right program for you.
or team up with a friend to
challenge yourself while you
                                      Weight Training
                                      The Rochester and Buffalo
achieve your goals.
                                      Athletic Clubs has an extensive        Corporate Wellness
                                      free weight area that’s designed       The Rochester and Buffalo Ath-
Group Fitness                         for the advanced exerciser and         letic Clubs Wellness Department,
Whether you’re a novice or an         specialty training. This is the        under the direction of Rick Schiff-
experienced exerciser, the Roch-      preferred room for athletes and        hauer, offers workshops in ex-
ester and Buffalo Athletic Clubs      individuals dedicated to strength      ercise, stress management, life
has classes that will fit your        training. The Rochester and Buf-       balance, prevention and more!
needs. Our aerobic and spin-          falo Athletic Clubs is the place       Many are free or discounted by
ning class schedule is the largest    to be if you want the latest and       your insurance company. We can
and most diverse in the area.         most complete variety of free          also customize health fair activi-
From Cardio Kick to Step Aero-        weights around.                        ties, special event presentations
bics to Zumba we have an array                                               and on-site corporate workshops
of classes to keep your cardio        We provide a full selection of         to meet your needs. Participate
workouts fun and invigorating.        dumbbells, Olympic exercise,           in unique exercise orientation
Our Pilates and Yoga classes will     plate-loaded machines and              classes to build confidence and
strengthen and tone your entire       more. Serious weight trainers          teach proper technique or try our
body while they lift your spirits.    and first-timer users alike will ap-   small group lifestyle coaching
The “Total Body Conditioning,         preciate the diverse mix of equip-     workshops to provide strategies
Boot Camp and Ab Lab” classes         ment offered in our clubs.             for success and to strengthen
will challenge and take you be-       Free weights are now used by a         your beliefs in the benefits of
yond what you thought your body       wide variety of people with goals      wellness.
could do, and all of our classes      ranging from improved flexibility
are taught by certified, profes-      to weight loss - they are not
                                                                       Health, Wellness & Fitness
Campanella Chiropractic
Reducing Stress
We certainly live in stressful times. It’s not easy to assess whether our era is the most stressful,
but we do have plenty of daily stress. The job, the home, the kids, the relatives, and the economy -
all these stresses add up and yet we wonder why we have so many aches and pains.

                                                                                           Take a Break!
           o many ailments are               In general, stress causes muscles to
           stress-related. Americans         tighten. This is an unconscious reac-
           are notoriously overweight.
           Overeating is a stress
                                             tion. Tight muscles cause a cascade of
                                             further muscle tightening, shortening of
                                                                                           A few quick tips -
           coping mechanism.                 muscles and ligaments, and a resulting        • Get up out of your chair or leave your
                                             decrease of mobility in joints, particular-     workbench and walk over to an open
1 Headaches and backaches are often          ly shoulder joints, hip joints, and joints      window. Change your point-of-view.
associated with increased stress.            of the spine.2,3                                Breathe some fresh air.
There’s a strong correlation between                                                       • Go for a five-minute walk, either in the
high blood pressure and stress, ul-          This overall mechanical effect of stress        corridors of your building or
cers and stress, and even cancer and         has a number of additional conse-               out-of-doors.
stress.                                      quences. All the extra unconscious            • Call a friend and chat for five minutes.
                                             muscle activity wastes precious nutri-        • Close your eyes, clear your mind, and
What can we do?                              tional resources and uses up energy             take an imaginary vacation - relaxing
The external stresses in our lives aren’t    needed for critical body functions.             on a warm beach, deep-sea fishing
going away. Our activity-filled lives are    Lactic acid accumulates, irritating             on a beautiful yacht, or skiing down a
busy and complex - there’s always            nerve endings and further increasing            gorgeous mountain.
going to be stress. The key is to help       muscular tightness. And, importantly,
avoid or ease the physical effects of        the losses in spinal joint mobility lead      These short, focused breaks will help
stress. Interestingly, chiropractic treat-   directly to increased levels of pain.         reduce muscular tightness and physi-
ment can be of great assistance in re-       This, of course, leads to more stress.        cal stress, and also help your brain
ducing the effects of stress on the body.    This vicious circle of stress, muscular       recharge so you can be more creative
                                             tightness, and pain can be relieved and       and productive!
                                             reduced by chiropractic treatment.
                                                                                           1Marchesini G, et al: Psychiatric distress and
                                                                                           health-related quality of life in obesity. Diabetes
                                             4 Chiropractic therapy is specially           Nutr Metab 16(3):145-154, 2003
                                             designed to improve joint mobility of the     2Weickgenant AL, et al: Coping activities in
                                             spine and pelvis. This gentle, effective      chronic low back pain: relationship with depres-
                                             treatment gradually restores maximal          sion. Pain 53(1):95-103, 1993
                                                                                           3Burns JW: Arousal of negative emotions and
                                             spinal motion. Muscle tightness is al-        symptom-specific reactivity in chronic low back
                                             leviated, metabolic processes begin to        pain patients. Emotion 6(2):309-319, 2006
                                             return to normal, and nutrients become        4Hurwitz EL, et al. A randomized trial of chiro-
                                                                                           practic and medical care for patients with low
                                             more available to help maintain healthy       back pain. Spine 31(6):611-621, 2006
                                             functioning. Levels of pain are reduced,
                                             and we become better able to with-            Campanella Chiropractic & Wellness
                                             stand the physical effects of stress.         can help. Give us a call at 585-334-
                                             Your chiropractor will explain the many       4060 to schedule your FREE consul-
                                             benefits of treatment, and will provide       tation. We are located just off 590 at
                                             instruction in stretching techniques and      3450 Winton Place. At Campanella
                                             specific exercises that help maintain         Chiropractic & Wellness we are sure to
                                             the positive results of therapy. There        meet any of your needs with 3 Chiro-
                                             will always be stress. We can learn how       practors, 2 Massage Therapist and an
                                             to reduce the physical effects of stress,     Acupuncturist.
                                             and become stronger, healthier, and
                                             happier in the process.
                                                                                Health, Wellness & Fitness
Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Drew Acupuncture:
  What is Acupuncture?
  Acupuncture continues to gain momentum as more of the general population pursues alterna-
  tive and integrative methods of treatment. Over the past 5-7 years, there have been many leg-
  islative bills concerning acupuncture; its definition, who can practice, insurance coverage and
  the absorption of acupuncture into other medical specialties in order to implement professional
  sanctions for non physician-trained medical therapies.

             hat this tells us is     acupuncture and trigger-point        “alternative” and move towards
             that acupuncture         theory because this is what          the term “complementary” to
             works. The very          evidence-based research sup-         describe those therapies that
             existence of these       ports. However, sports medicine      are the useful part of a compre-
  bills gives credibility to the      journals, articles and continuing    hensive intervention rooted in
  acupuncture and Oriental            education are revealing a rather     conventional medical practice.
  Medicine profession.                alarming trend.                      Therefore, the assumption in
                                                                           the literature is that medical
                                      We are again encountering            acupuncturists are more quali-
  As people grow dissatisfied         the battle of who is qualified to    fied acupuncturists because the
  with our flawed medical system,     practice a specific type of medi-    diagnostic method is rooted in
  they will continue to turn to al-   cine, as much of the literature      conventional medicine.
  ternative and integrative medi-     recommends medical acupunc-
  cal care.                           turists as the preferred qualified   The very principle of the di-
                                      health care professional for         agnostic method used in con-
  This surge stems primarily from     acupuncture. Peer-reviewed           ventional medicine is reactive
  the field of pain management.       research and practice-based          and based on curing signs and
  It is important to understand       reports are being used as proof      symptoms. The perspective of
  conventional medicine’s view        of efficacy. This trend identi-      evidence-based research is lim-
  of the theories being used. The     fies that health professionals       ited in multi variable situations
  substantiation lies in segmental    need to modify the concept of        rooted in the hard sciences.
                                                    Drew Acupuncture: What is Acupuncture?

CAM therapies are based upon
diagnostic methods that are
synergistic, identifying multiple
variables with multiple diag-
noses and addressing these
multiple variables according to
their interrelationships. Alterna-
tive therapies are based in true
prevention, and therein lays the
dilemma with evidence-based
ideals. How can you quantify
something that has not hap-
pened yet? The philosophy
with which the diagnostic meth-
odology is implemented is not
understood, nor given time to
be understood. Conventional
perspective draws a correla-
tion and its own interpretation,
which is disappointingly given       is certainly not the norm. Most        col-based methods. Acupunc-
more credence than the actual        physicians do not spend an             ture is so effective because it is
traditional diagnostic method.       hour or more with their patients       a logical process that becomes
This misinterpretation leads to      to get an appropriate diagnosis        tangible with an understand-
significant misinformation that      and treatment. Conventional            ing of Eastern philosophy. This
is, unfortunately, used as a         medicine is staunchly rooted           cannot be done in a 300-hour
foundation to create the defini-     in protocol treatments, with           course. Medical doctors practic-
tion of one possibility, when        a silver-bullet mentality. The         ing acupuncture could be ben-
instead there are many.              entire mind-set and application        eficial, but only with the proper
                                     of TCM is prevention. Because          training and the same examina-

                                     of this conflict in perspective,       tions all other acupuncturists
                                     most physicians will manipulate        must take to become licensed.
                                     acupuncture with a conven-             True acupuncture is much more
Acupuncturists                       tional medical approach that is
                                     supported through opiate and
                                                                            than a simple certification.
are simply physicians trained
via a 200-300 hour course            central-biasing theories, which
with a streamlined curriculum,       uses a protocol-based system
                                     substantiated by evidence-
                                                                            Drew Acupuncture
as overseen by the American
Academy of Medical Acupunc-          based research.                        and Wellness Center
                                                                            10 East Main Street
turists. Typically, the courses
                                     Acupuncture is not trigger-point       Suite 204 B
are offered as continuing
                                     theory. It is not purely the defini-   Victor, New York 14564
medical education. A very small
                                     tion of the opiate and/or central
percentage of physicians take
the initiative and have the dedi-    biasing theories. It is not simply     585-924-5490
cation and diligence to learn        “ah shi” points. It requires much
much more about acupuncture          more training than a simple
in order to truly have an integra-   needle stick. Acupuncturists
tive practice. However, this         learn different theories and their
                                     applications beyond the proto-
                                                                     Health, Wellness & Fitness
Don’t Work
Millions of people each year diet and come to the conclusion, diets don’t work. Perhaps a new
approach is needed. Actually, it is not a new concept, just a different view. With 33% of all
Americans currently overweight, something must not be working.

Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

          here are many rea-         weight comes right back. The         the proper functioning of your
          sons why diets do          muscle does not come back.           organs, bones, and tissues.
          not work. In today’s       Thus that person is left weaker
          world everyone is          and with a higher percentage of      In order to change you body
          looking for the easy       body fat than before their “diet”.   composition, let’s first throw out
          way out.                                                        the word “diet.” What is need to
                                     When a person follows this type      lose fat is not a five or 10 week
That is why people buy into the      of crash diet, the body reverts      period of starvation or eating
scam of diet pills, shakes, and      to a fight or flight response.       only “healthy” foods, but a slow
miracle diets. Of course, none       The body realizes less food is       and gradual change in one’s
of these scams work. As with         being taken in and in turn slows     health-style.
anything, you get out of some-       down the body’s metabolism so
thing what you put into it. If       as to burn less calories. The
you want to look and feel bet-       longer the diet continues, the
ter about yourself, you must be      slower that person’s metabo-
willing to put in the time and ef-   lism becomes. The body slows
fort to achieve your lofty goals.    down all processes in order to
If you are looking for a quick       conserve energy and starts to
and easy approach, the only          breakdown the protein in mus-
thing you will be achieving is       cle tissue rather than stored fat
making your wallet lose weight.      to use for energy.

                                     Once the starvation period
                                     ends, the body stores
                                     even more calories

                                     than before
                                     the diet in order to
                                     prepare for the next

diets fail
is because of the every stigma
                                     starvation period.
                                     Again, what is stored
                                     is fat and water.
associated with the word “diet”.
People, in general, usually de-      There is a healthy and
cide to diet for so many weeks.      proper way to go about
They starve themselves, lose         changing your body
water and muscle weight, and a       composition. First, it is
small amount of fat. At the end      important to eat healthy,
of their designated “diet” they      not just for the sake of
eat a lot and the fat and water      looking good, but to maintain
                                                                             Diets: Don’t Work

To most effectively lose body
fat while maintaining or build-
ing muscle you need to utilize
these guidelines. First, instead
of eating 1, 2, or 3 large meals
per day, increase the frequency
of your meals to 4-6 meals
per day. These meals will be
smaller, but the calories will be
divided up a bit more evenly.
Of course, you need to be tak-
ing in an adequate amount of
calories, first. Eating smaller,
but more frequent meals will
work to increase your metabo-
lism as well as help your body
burn more calories more effi-
ciently. Thus the food you take
in will be utilized throughout the
body, decreasing its chance of
being stored as fat.

                                                                        miracle foods.
                                     ity of your calories. Actually,
                                     if the majority of your calories   If you want to lose weight, get in

                                     come from low fat food sources,    better shape, and be healthy,
                                     the fat you take in will be used   there is no secret formula. It
                                     more for energy, and will less     takes work and discipline. The

and more                             likely to be stored for fat.       changes and progress do not
                                                                        happen overnight. They occur
frequent meals                       There is one more piece to
                                     this equation, and as you can
                                                                        at a steady and gradual pace.
                                                                        But the progress made and
will help to speed up your me-       probably guess, it’s exercise.     benefits received from exercis-
tabolism and store less fat, the     A combined exercise program        ing, eating smaller but more
key to its success is what you       of weight training and some        frequent meals, and watching
eat. You should monitor your         form of aerobic exercise done      your fat intake are well worth it.
fat intake. This is not to say       3-4 times per week will keep
eliminate all fatty foods. Fat is    your body and metabolism in        Plus the benefits accrued from
an essential part of life. Moni-     great condition. Two dispel two    this type of program are perma-
toring fat means eating fat in       myths; weight training does        nent. No yo-yo rebound affects.
moderation. You can eat ice          not make you “big”, ladies; and    Change your way of thinking
cream, cake, and chocolate,          aerobic exercise does not only     and start your new health-style
and not “penalize” yourself by       mean aerobic classes.              today.
not eating for the next two days.

Don’t eliminate your favorite
fatty foods, just don’t let all of   FORGET
those foods make up the major-       the diet pills and
                                                                  Health, Wellness & Fitness
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Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Diabetes: Are You at Risk?
  For Developing Diabetes? An estimated 57 million people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes and
  there are 23.6 million people in the U.S. who have diabetes according to the American Diabetes
  Association. Pre-diabetes means you are at risk for getting Type 2 diabetes because your blood
  sugar is elevated but not yet within the range to be diagnosed with diabetes.

  Researched and Written by Jane Giambrone RN, CDE, CPCC

        normal fasting                  the body’s ability to use food for   About 90-95% of all people with
        blood sugar level               energy.                              diabetes have this type. More
        is 70-100mg/dl.                                                      children now are developing this
                                        There are 2 main                     type of diabetes because of our
                                                                             current obesity epidemic.
  Pre-diabetes is also known            types of diabetes:
  as Impaired Fasting Glucose
  (IFG), blood sugar of 100-125         Type 1 Diabetes-                     To find out if you have pre-
                                                                             diabetes or diabetes a simple
  mg/dl or also known as Im-            Formerly called juvenile diabetes    blood test measures blood
  paired Glucose Tolerance (IGT),       or insulin-dependent diabetes,       sugar levels. One test is the
  blood sugars of 140-199 mg/           the body makes little or no in-      IFG. The person fasts( does
  dl 2 hours after an oral glucose      sulin. About 5-10% of all people     not eat) overnight before the
  tolerance test (OGTT). Studies        with diabetes have this type.        test. People under 45 years of
  have shown that most people                                                age should be tested for pre-
  with blood sugar in the pre-
  diabetes range develop Type           Type 2 Diabetes-                     diabetes or diabetes if they are
                                                                             overweight or have other risk
  2 diabetes within 10 years; the       Formerly called adult-onset          factors. Adults age 45 and older
  condition also raises the risk of     diabetes or non insulin-depen-       should be tested for pre-diabe-
  having a heart attack or stroke       dent diabetes, the body makes        tes or diabetes. Testing needs
  by 50%.                               insulin but the cells cannot use     to be done every 3 years after
                                        it effectively.                      that or more often if the person
  So, you may ask, what is diabe-                                            has risk factors.
  tes? It is a condition that affects   The cells are insulin resistant.
                                                                                Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

for Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are:
• Overweight/Obesity (BMI >25) • Inactivity/lack of exercise
• 45 years or older • Smoking • Family history of diabetes
• Certain ethnic groups-African Americans, Hispanic Americans,
  Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans
• Having given birth to a baby over 9 lbs or have had diabetes
  during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
• Cardiovascular risk factors such as; high blood pressure, high
  triglycerides, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol or high LDL (“bad’) cholesterol
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
• Too much sleep (over 8 hours) or too little sleep (under 6 hours)

Despite this startling news, there     a new plan incorporating strate-         Avoid refined, processed carbo-
is much you can do to prevent          gies which will help you succeed.        hydrates and foods with a lot of
diabetes, and in many cases,           Remember, it is always a good            sugar. Keep fats to no more than
reverse pre-diabetes through           idea to enlist some support from         30% of daily calories and rely
lifestyle changes. Progression         family or friends. An example is;        mostly on mono saturated fat (in
from pre-diabetes to diabetes is       bring a friend with you when you         olive oil) and omega 3 fatty acids
not inevitable. Lifestyle changes      go work-out.                             (salmon, sardines and flax-
are the first line of treatment in                                              seeds) while reducing saturated
the prevention or treatment of         Here is my program to help you           fats and eliminating trans fats.
diabetes. The most important           prevent diabetes or to help you          Quit smoking and get at least
part is to get started now.            mange diabetes if you already            7-8 hours of sleep a night. Take
                                       have it. Build up to at least 30         pharmaceutical-grade vitamin
To start, make a written plan          minutes of activity a day. Losing        and mineral supplements every
on how you will change your            weight is crucial but avoid any          day. Finally, Relax! Stress in-
behavior. Also it is important to      crash diets. It is a permanent           creases stress hormones, sugar
make behavior change goals.            lifestyle change. In the major           is then increased in the blood.
Some examples of goals that            clinical trial, Diabetes Preven-
you can write are; I will reduce 1     tion Program (DPP) it showed             For more information on how to prevent
cigarette/day or week until I am       that people who lost 7 percent of        or manage diabetes: American
                                                                                Diabetes Association
at 0 or I will switch from regu-       their body weight significantly re-
lar soda to diet soda. After you       duced their risk of diabetes. Los-       National Diabetes Information Clear-
reach your goal celebrate and          ing weight also helps with man-          ing House
reward yourself with a nonfood         aging diabetes. Set a reasonable         1-800-860-8747
item. In planning your goals           weight loss goal such as losing          Remember, diabetes prevention does
identify possible barriers that        1 pound a week. Decrease food            work! It is up to you.
may prevent you from reaching          portions overall. Have at least
your goal such as; you plan to         2-3 fruits and 3-4 non-starchy           Jane Giambrone RN, CDE, CPCC is
                                                                                a Diabetes Specialty Nurse and a Pro-
exercise every AM but you are          vegetable servings/day. This will        fessional Certified Life and Business
not a morning person. Identify         help increase your fiber intake          Coach. Jane has helped many people
what barriers to a goal there may      too! When you do have carbohy-           lose weight, control their diabetes and
be and plan solutions. Do not set      drates, make sure to include at          increase their energy and vitality.
yourself up to fail. Instead, make     least 3 whole grain servings/day.        Jane can be contacted at
Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Seniors Surviving:
  The Aging Process
  Inactive people give aging a bad name. Use it or lose it! Time does not respect disuse. Let Joe
  Montana or Pete Sampras retire from their sport for a year, and their ability would slide drasti-
  cally. If either of these athletes decided to return to their sport at the high intensity that they left
  it at, not only would they be off target, they would also risk injury.

  Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

                                      to be near 120. Some of us may      makes it easy to maintain youth-
         similar condition            be programmed for a shorter life    ful activities. (We can start at
         exists with the              regardless of what we do, but       any age) to offset the ravages of
         average person.              most of us begin early in life to   time and faulty lifestyles.
                                      decrease our longevity, largely
  Inactive people accelerate their    due to inactivity.                  Regardless of age, a stronger
  biological aging. They also                                             person is a better and safer
  establish our perception of ag-     Physiologically and function-       person. Studies at the Human
  ing with lack of strength and the   ally, the average American is       Nutrition Research Center on
  use of canes and wheelchairs.       30 years older than he/she is       Aging at Tufts University have
  The aging process has come          chronologically. An inactive        shown that the risk of injury in
  to mean the inevitable onset of     35-year-old has the work capac-     the elderly is associated with
  high blood pressure, heart dis-     ity no greater than that of a fit   weak muscles.
  ease, diabetes and cancer. We       70-year-old. Fit people at 60
  are so accustomed to seeing         or 70 lose only 10-15% of their     About 40% of people over age
  people who look and act older       Endurance.                          55 fall at least once a year.
  than their years that we think of                                       With injury comes the need for
  it as normal.                       Exercise keeps you young. It        assistance with daily activities.
                                      slows down the aging mecha-         The loss of independence can
  Given a perfect environment,        nisms. It keeps you strong,         lessen the quality of life.
  our optimal lifespan is supposed    flexible, and healthy. Exercise
                                                         Seniors Surviving: The Aging Process

Inactivity can even mask an oth-
erwise healthy body with the ag-
ing syndrome. Healthy muscles
lose their strength from disuse,
creating weakness that restricts
mobility and form the picture of
old age.

If you can function independent-
ly regardless of age, you can’t
be “old”. You can postpone
aging by simple expedient of
building muscular strength. An
older person shuffling along, ev-
ery step an ordeal doesn’t have
to be that way. Researchers
emphasize the importance of
increasing muscular strength in
the elderly. It seems that clinical   Generally, the legs are the first   most of them women, half need
problems are related more to          thing to go. Most of the elderly,   assistance with daily living. In
muscular weakness than to the         even those who are sedentary,       institutions, all of them need as-
lack of aerobic activity.             have fairly good arm strength       sistance.
                                      because they use their arms in

                                      everyday activities. With auto-     How do you avoid the institu-
                                      mobiles, telephones and televi-     tion? One way is to develop leg

                                      sions (remote control), people      strength. Research programs
                                      of the everywhere grow increas-     have shown that strength train-
                                      ingly inactive. Almost 30 million
today concentrates                    people in the United States are
                                                                          ing for the elderly increases aer-
                                                                          obic capacity cardio-respiratory
on aerobic activity as a              over age 65; of the very old,       fitness and flexibility as well as
way to prevent                                                            large increases in leg strength
cardiovascular disease.                                                   and muscle size.
By the time you are 70 or
more, you are probably not                                                 Just remember –
destined genetically to die
from cardiovascular disease.                                               You are old than you
Research has shown that                                                    think because you are
an older person may require
more than his or her available                                             inactive, you are not
quadricep strength just to get                                             inactive because you
out of a wheel chair or off the
toilet seat. When older people                                             are old.
need help for those activities
they become prime candi-
dates for an institution.
Keeping cool and staying hydrated can help conserve energy that can be used for exercise
periods or other daily activities.

Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

            ater is crucial in      is required. Its signs are sud-     harder to do everyday activi-
            the functioning         den dizziness and weakness,         ties. For the dedicated athlete
            and maintenance         hot, dry skin, no sweating, and     that decides to exercise in the
            of the body.            rapid heartbeat. Treatment of       heat, more water should also
                                    these conditions are similar,       be taken in.
                                    first move the person to a cool
Water is everywhere, from the       shaded area and elevate the         By making sure you are suf-
jelly inside the eyeballs to the    feet, second give the person        ficiently hydrated and are ex-
fluid inside our skulls in which    cold liquids - water being the      ercising in a reasonable envi-
the brain floats. It helps keep     best. With heatstroke, cool,        ronment, you should have a
muscles expanding and con-          damp towels can be applied to       productive and exercise-filled
tracting, the lungs moist for       the body to help aid the bod-       summer.
breathing, controls internal and    ies cooling process. If the
external body temperatures,         symptoms of heatstroke are
lubricates joints, and maintains    apparent get the person some
the functioning of all of your      medical attention because this
other organs.                       can result in serious injuries.
                                    You can lessen your chances of
Workouts tend to elevate the        developing these conditions by
body temperature. This causes       being in good shape, drinking
the body to sweat in order to       plenty of fluids before and after
cool itself. Certain illness’ are   exercise, and avoiding exercis-
caused by these prolonged ex-       ing in the extreme heat and
posures to hot temperature and      humidity.
high humidity, increased physi-

                                    EXPERTS SAY
cal activity, and large amounts
of fluid loss due to the sweating
                                    to try and drink
Two such conditions are heat-
stroke and heat exhaustion.         eight or more 12
Heat exhaustion is the first
stage an overheated body will
                                    oz. glasses of water
enter and some of its symp-         per day, even if you
toms are cool, moist skin, slow
pulse, confusion, and muscle
                                    are not exercising.
cramps. Heatstroke is a more        More water should be con-
severe form of a heat related       sumed for people that are
illness and medical attention       overweight; their bodies work
Health, Wellness & Fitness

  The Advantages of Exercise
  Over the past few years, aerobic exercise has been given major emphasis. It hasn’t been until
  recently that scientifically supported evidence has shown that weight training is also essential
  in overall health and physical beauty.

  Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

       trong muscles, does not          and 25% respectively. By the           prisingly, aerobic activity alone
       always mean large muscles,       time 70 rolls around, body fat         won’t stop this muscle to fat
       burn calories, protect bone      percentages are up to 54% for          progression.
       structure and burn fat.          women and 48% for men. This
                                        change in body composition not         Without exercise, controlling
  Muscles also allow us to eas-         only leaves an individual feeling      body fat is an up hill battle. The
  ily perform many daily activities     sluggish and physically less at-       amount of lean muscle mass
  from walking to lifting a basket of   tractive, it also is very unhealthy.   that an individual has is directly
  laundry.                              Strength training has recently         related to how fast or how slow
                                        become an important compo-             their metabolism is. In other
  Studies have shown that we            nent of preventative medicine.         words, people with more muscle
  lose muscle over the years                                                   burn more calories and can
  mainly because as we age, we          The American College of Sports         therefore eat more than those
  use them less. Strength train-        Medicine, a governing body             with less muscle mass and not
  ing helps prevent the body            in the exercise field, added           gain weight. Individuals with
  composition changes which             strength training to its exercise      large body fat percentages and
  occur in sedentary individuals        guidelines in 1990. All findings       little muscle mass can eat few
  between the ages of 45 and 85.        have shown that strength train-        calories during the day and con-
  At 20, the average woman has          ing is effective in reducing risk      tinue to gain weight. This is why
  23% body fat; the average man         factors for several age related        dieting alone is often unsuccess-
  has 18% body fat. By age 30,          diseases such as heart disease,        ful. In a recent study, a group of
  those numbers are up to 30%           diabetes and osteoporosis. Sur-        obese women were put on
                                                           Consider The Advantages of Exercise

calorie restricted diets and either   moderate program. The em-
weight trained or did not engage      phasis on strength training has
in weight training. Both groups       also resulted in a new generation
ended up losing roughly the           of user friendly weight rooms.
same amount of weight, how-           Personal training is available at
ever, the sedentary subjects lost     affordable rates and programs
2 pounds of lean muscle mass          specifically designed for women,
while the group that strength         for weight loss, for rehabilitation
trained gained a pound of muscle      and for cardiac rehabilitation are
while losing a greater percentage     now all available. Since so many
of fat. Without increasing your       people are catching on to the
metabolism, losing weight can be      many benefits of strength train-
very frustrating and often times      ing, there are a variety of people
impossible.                           in health clubs today. Men and
                                      women, young and old, the gym

                                      is a great place to meet health
                                      oriented individuals.                 crease in strength, but there will
                                                                            also be a major decrease in body
for health purposes                   Many people shy away from             fat. Training is no longer just for
is very different from bodybuild-     lifting because they’re afraid of     the stereotypical “muscle heads”.
ing. Body builders are usually in     looking muscle bound. A three         Anyone, of any age, with a con-
the gym six days a week doing         day a week weight training pro-       cern for staying lean, active, and
numerous sets and using very          gram will not make you look like      healthy, is well advised to jump
heavy weights, whereas fitness-       a body builder. In fact, it will      into the weight room and pump a
oriented lifters can obtain consid-   make overweight people smaller.       little iron.
erable results by training three      You’ll see some increase in
times a week on a comparably          muscle size and certainly an in-
Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Personal Training:
  Successful Weight Control
  What Exercise is Best? Almost everyone has heard by now that exercise is an essential part
  of any weight control program. Exercise helps you shed pounds, keep them off and look and
  feel better. But what kind of exercise is best?

  Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

  T    here is no “best                 intensity. What do we mean by       aerobics class than by taking a
                                        this? Your body gets energy to      leisurely stroll for an hour. The
       way” to burn fat.                exercise from two main sources:     proportion of calories coming
                                        fat and glycogen, a form of         from fat will be greater for the
  Low-intensity exercise is often       starch (carbohydrate) stored in     stroll, but since you burn more
  appropriate for people with low       the muscles and liver. During       calories exercising at a moder-
  fitness levels, or those who are      high-intensity exercise, your       ate intensity, the total fat utili-
  overweight. You are more likely       body prefers to use glycogen        zation will be similar or even
  to enjoy low-intensity activities     because it is more efficient than   higher. And you will burn more
  and less likely to get injured.       using fat. At moderate intensity,   calories, which means you can
  There is, however, no reason          your body uses some of each.        eat more without gaining weight.
  to limit yourself to low-intensity    And at very low intensity, your
  exercise if you are in fairly good    body relies primarily on fat for    Whatever kind of exercise you
  shape and like to work out more       fuel.                               will do on a regular basis is the
  vigorously.                                                               best for burning fat. Scientists
                                        Does this mean you burn more        have yet to discover the “ideal”
  The notion that low-intensity ex-     fat at low exercise intensity?      exercise program to maximize
  ercise burns more fat than high-      Not necessarily because you         fat loss. The more calories you
  intensity exercise arises from        are also burning fewer total        burn the better, as long as you
  the observation that the propor-      calories per minute. You will       do not overdo it. If you prefer
  tion of exercise calories sup-        probably burn more fat in an        low-intensity activities, that is
  plied by fat is related to exercise   hour-long moderately-intense        fine, but you need to not limit
                                                      Personal Training: Successful Weight Control

     yourself to low-intensity exer-      kept you from exercising in the    Many people include some
     cise if you are in decent shape      past, and eliminate all possible   form of strength training, such
     and enjoy working harder. The        barriers. Consider cost, con-      as weight training, because of
     important thing is to exercise       venience and personal prefer-      its many health benefits, and
     regularly, at least five days a      ences.                             because it is the most efficient
     week, if possible. You may wish                                         way to improve the strength
     to vary your activities to prevent
     injury, perhaps alternating swim-    Do you like to                     and definition of your muscles.
                                                                             Many people don’t mind some
     ming with aerobics, or walking
     with weight training. Do not         exercise alone?                    increase in muscle size, since
                                                                             this raises resting metabolic rate
     make your program so compli-                                            (the energy you burn at rest)
     cated that you get frustrated.
     If walking two miles every day
                                          With a friend?                     and looks good. If larger mus-
                                                                             cles are not attractive to you,
     works for you, then go for it and
                                          In a class?                        you can still improve muscle
                                                                             tone by lifting lighter weights.

     AN EXERCISE                          Do you have any orthope-
                                          dic limitations, like back

                                          pain or foot problems, that
                                          limit movement? Take
                                          into account your health
     should be fun,                       concerns and fitness
     or at least as painless as pos-      goals. What works best
     sible. Think about all               for your schedule?
     of the things
     that have
                                          A fitness
                                          can help
                                          you design
                                          a program
                                          that will
                                          work best
                                          for you.
Is Not a Solo Act
You can’t go it alone. Think about every big successful project you have completed. I bet most
of them have been accomplished by working with a partner - right?

Written by Kelly Breuer

       bit of bold truth: Every       amount of stress and most amount        unrefined. You want to become
       victorious person has          of excitement is to have an awe-        the most outgoing, sociable and
       accomplished anything          some partner, someone you are           likeable person that you know.
       big with a lot of support      close with, who you can trust, who      How do you make the transition to
and in many cases had defined         will consistently challenge you         become the best from what some
partnerships with others.             and is committed to growing at the      may consider the worst? You find
                                      same time as you are. Upon many         a friend who can accompany you
I have tried to start projects and    restless nights of doing business       on the journey, someone who
businesses on my own and have         alone for the past 5 years, I finally   already has a social leg up on you
failed or wallowed in obscurity for   decided that if this was going to       and is willing to support you along
too long each time, only to suc-      work, that survival is not a solo       the way. You set goals and model
ceed quickly when I have worked       act. More importantly, I decided to     your actions after your friend, and
in conjunction in some sort of        recruit someone to be a partner in      improve. After a while, people start
partnership with one or more other    this business endeavor.                 calling you an outgoing, confident
people. Our newsletter would not                                              person to your face. You smile and
be possible without the ideas,        I looked for someone who I could        remember the beginning.
motivation and expectations that      trust, who challenges me and is as

                                                                              ANOTHER SITUATION:
arise due to two people running       motivated to grow and help others
the show together, pushing each       as I am. I found fellow marketing
other to huge heights.                professional, Barb McSpadden. I         You have become a bit out of
                                      would not have been able to build       shape, or so your friends joke.
Over and over again, I see count-     the business properly here, or in       You want to become a strong bull
less fantastic business ideas fail    a new territory without a partner       like warrior of a man. You find a
because only one person is at the     like her. The excitement for both of    partner who wants to bike ride the
helm.                                 us is growing, and I am becoming        California coast over the summer,
                                      more thrilled to take the next steps    and is excited to get into fantastic
What do you want to accomplish?       after our relaunch in October. I        shape for this bear of a task. You
It could be monetary, fitness, so-    am certain that the whole will be       in turn get motivated and start
cial or intellectual success.         greater than the sum of the parts!      getting back into a routine of daily
The best way to accom-                                                        Spartan exercise.
plish the most with
the least
                                         How do you want
                                                                              Countless times you have heard
                                          to grow personally                  the quote, “Behind every great
                                           and professionally?                man there is a great woman.”

                                                       Let’s look at a        Now, replace that idea in your
                                                        hypothetical          mind with a more modern quote;
                                                           situation. You     “Behind every great accomplish-
                                                            are socially      ment, there are two or more
                                                             a bit awk-       people.”
                                                              ward and
                                                                       Health, Wellness & Fitness
and Buffalo
Athletic Clubs
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                                            Ad Sizes, Rates and Information
                                                                            Health, Wellness & Fitness

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               Full Page                                 Vertical
               8.5 x 11”                                5.5 x 11”

                                                                                     Banner Ad                    Card
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The rate below are per insertion at the indicated frequency
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Guaranteed page placement.....................................15% surcharge
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                                                                                during one of the 3 months their ad is run.

        Contact Kelly Breuer 585.727.9120 or email for more information.
Health, Wellness & Fitness

  Tom has an incredibly inspiring
  story of tenacious toughness.
  What is your story?                     Communications, I initially
                                          wanted to go into the radio busi-
                                                                              What was going through
  I was born with Spina Bifida.                                               your mind once you got to
                                          ness. I am good friends with the
  It’s a birth defect where the           local radio personality, Brother    your 19th surgery?
  spinal column fails to develop          Wheeze. However, that did not       “How do I get through this?” I
  properly. It is where there is an       work out because it is a very       worried about my family. Once
  incomplete closure of the em-           competitive environment, and        you get to that point, you do
  bryonic neural tube. Some ver-          I neither had the time nor incli-   whatever it takes, whatever is
  tebra overlying the spinal cord         nation to pursue it. My father      needed to get through. You go
  are not fully formed and remain         asked me to join the family busi-   into survival mode. The last sur-
  unfused and open.                       ness, and the rest is history...    gery I had was in 1998.
                                          here I am!
  I am paralyzed from the waist                                               If you could give any words
  down. I use a wheel chair and
  leg braces to get around. I have        How do you define                   of advice to all of Western
                                                                              NY, what would it be?
  had 19 operations, and having
  dodged that bullet I have been
                                          success?                            Be tenacious. No matter what
                                          Success to me is being respect-     you want to do, go after it and
  able to live a full life. I graduated   ed by and respecting people.
  from Victor High School in 1990                                             be tenacious. Seize every op-
                                          Knowing that at the end of the      portunity that you can, realize
  and Finger Lakes Community              day I gave my best, whether it
  College. I work for my family                                               that within reason, there is noth-
                                          is in the work environment or       ing you can’t do. I have realized
  business now, Turner Automo-            dealing with my family or my
  tive based in Victor, New York.                                             the importance of tenacity after
                                          friends. I can go to bed at night   overcoming so many obstacles.
  After Graduating with an As-            satisfied knowing that I have the
  sociate’s Degree of Arts and                                                You need to get out there every
                                          respect and love of my friends      morning and realize what you
  Science in Humanities with              and family.
  a concentration in Broadcast                                                need to do to get the job done.
                            Tom has an incredibly inspiring story of tenacious toughness.

What is the toughest part
of having Spina Bifida?
The toughest part is time. Time
management on a daily basis
is a huge issue that I have to
deal with every day. I have big
mobility issues. Plus, going to
the bathroom and things of that
nature is challenging. At the end
of the day, it all works out as long
as you plan ahead and make
time for things.
I wear leg braces and have to
stand for forty minutes at a time
because I am prone to skin
breakdown. I am dealing with a
skin issue right now, so I have
to stand at 2pm every day, and
walk around in my braces.
                                       cars. Some people go to country
                                       clubs like Oak Hill. We go to the
                                                                            What inspires you?
What kind of support                   races. That is our country club.     The movie Murderball.
structure do you have?                                                      Everyone should watch it just
My Family. As you well know,                                                once. That for me is my bible. It
                                       What is your favorite part
family is my rock of Gibraltar. My                                          is the most inspirational movie I
mom, Donna, father, Bill, and          of Western NY?                       have ever seen. Two years ago,
sister, Laura. We are an army.         The medical care. From my per-       I got to meet one of the stars
                                       spective, being an individual with   from it, Mark Zupan. He was
                                       a disability, there are great doc-   one of the players on team USA.
What do you do in your                 tors at the University of Roch-      Talk about an inspirational story.
free time?                             ester and a really great support     Mark used to be able bodied and
Go to the races. I am a gear           system. There is the Greater         played soccer for college. His
head. Every Saturday we pile           Rochester Spina Bifida Associa-      team won a championship and
in the van and go off to Canan-        tion. There are certain things       were out celebrating one night.
daigua Speedway. We support            that can be better in Rochester      They got drunk, he crawled into
number 99, Charlie Donk, from          medical care, but by and large,      the back of his buddy’s pickup
Macedon. We go to Watkins              Rochester has a great support        truck and passed out. His buddy
Glen every year. We also watch         system for the disabled.             got in the truck and drove off not
the Nextel Cup or NHRA drag                                                 knowing Mark was in the back.
racing on TV on the weekends.          There are a lot of special people    The truck skidded off the road
It has been a huge part of my life     at the U of R. They have saved       and flipped into a river, throwing
since I was 3 years old. We also       my life a couple of times, getting   Mark out of the truck. Mark broke
work on race cars together. All of     me out of some pretty tricky situ-   his neck. The guy that was driv-
our friends are involved in motor      ations. They have been wonder-       ing the truck took off, not know-
sports somehow. It is a common         ful to me and my family. I have      ing that this happened. Mark
ground for my father and I, and        made it 38 years!                    hung to a branch for 14 hours
we do our male bonding over                                                 until help arrived.
                                                                    Health, Wellness & Fitness
                           Tom has an incredibly inspiring story of tenacious toughness.

You want to talk about inspira-      What is the most enjoyable             required. I brought all of my work
tion, see those folks in Murder-     part of the job?                       home and worked from my lap-
ball. A favorite book of mine is     The people. I have met a lot of        top. You have to be adaptable.
called “Love is the Killer App.”     friends. Every day you seem            Adaptability will take you very
It is a motivational book that       to meet someone new from a             far. You don’t know what is going
teaches you how to apply love        different background. You deal         to happen from one minute to
into the business world with your    with people all over the world. I      the next, with your job or with
co-workers and your clients.         am working with my family and          your health. You have to adapt,
                                     friends. We have three guys            just plain and simple.
Who are inspirational figures        in the shop and one salesman
in the community for you?            and they are some of my best           If you could do anything,
Joanne Armstrong is one. She         friends. That is a blessing to me.     what would you do?
also has Spina Bifida. She does      Every day is recess!                   I have always wanted to ride in
a lot with wheelchair athletics.                                            a Winston cup car. Beyond that,
She embodies what a leader is.       How do you like working in             I want to stay in the family busi-
She is a no nonsense kind of         the family business?                   ness, and work on my father’s
person. I have known her all of      I love it. It is like American chop-   legacy. I am exceedingly proud
my life and have come to admire      pers but we do it ten times            of the work he has done, and I
her a great deal. For the most       worse. My dad, Bill, founded           would like to continue on with
part, she is a very strong figure    the company. My sister Laura is        the family tradition.
with a great pretense. She is a      in there as well. She does the
great friend.                        books. It is great to work with        Any other thoughts you
                                     them. You need to have a lot of        think our readers would
How many people in the               patience when working in a fam-        benefit from?
United States have Spina             ily business. Patience, Patience,      People with disabilities are often
Bifida?                              Patience. Just agree a lot. Say:       very productive members of
The Spina Bifida Association of      “Yes sir, no sir.” If you are in the   society. You watch the news at
America estimates that there         right, you need to express your        night and see the baby panda
are over 70,000 cases. Some          opinion, but sometimes, you            with a panda cub and then you
contend that it occurs due to a      need to take the path of least         have the disability story right
lack of folic acid in the mother.    resistance and just agree.             afterwards. We are a much big-
There has been a big campaign                                               ger story than that! We are not
to increase folic acid in mothers,   What advice would you give             looking for a hug. Mark Zupan’s
to try to stop spinal bifida.        to people with Spina Bifida?           statement is; “I am not look-
                                     Tenacity is the key. Get up every      ing for a hug, I am looking for
Tell me about your work in           morning. Try to live the best          a medal.” I like hugs, don’t get
                                     productive life you possibly can       me wrong, but I am looking to
the business.                                                               achieve.
I do all of our E-Commerce and       within the confines of your dis-
eBay stuff. I buy and sell parts     ability. You have to be realistic,
                                     brutally realistic about your          Tom can be contacted by email
on the internet, and work on the
                                     situation. Once you are realistic,     at:
website, www.turnerautomotive.
com. I do a lot of fill-in work...   you can deal with it. Right now
whatever is needed. I really en-     I am dealing with a skin issue
joy Customer Relations.              and had to spend part of the
                                     day in bed, just because that’s
                                                                    Health, Wellness & Fitness
Cross Training
and Your Basketball Game
Basketball demands strength,endurance, and flexibility from its participants. Unfortunately, most
people overlook the importance of cross training and its impact on a wide wide range of athletic
endeavors. In particular, cross training can be used to enhance one’s performance on the court.

Researched and Written by Robert Bovee

          he first issue to       cardiovascular workouts three         formance. Equal segments of
          tackle is that of       or four times per week. Choose        endurance training coupled with
          endurance; as one       an activity which will keep you       resistance training and stretch-
          tires from running      interested and consistent. Con-       ing will help you play better
          up and down the         sistent effort will pay big divi-     longer.
          floor, a dramatic de-   dends on the court.

          crease in the quality
of that person’s game can         The next issue is that of
usually be seen.                  strength, flexibility, and agility.

As fatigue sets in, defensive
                                  Boxing opponents out, shoot-
                                  ing, and making moves to the
                                  basket demand maximum
quickness suffers as does the
quality of shots taken on of-
                                  levels of strength, flexibility,
                                  and agility. Strength can be
                                                                        will also
fense. Don’t let fatigue hold
you back. Begin
                                  improved through resistance
                                  training while flexibility and        increase your
a regiment of
twenty or thirty
                                  agility can be improved through
                                  proper stretching and resis-
                                    tance movements. With a little
                                                                        resistance to
                                     effort in these area’s, one
                                      can expect to see positive
                                                                        Strong, flexible, balanced
                                        effects both on and off the
                                                                        muscles will greatly reduce the
                                                                        chances of suffering a season
                                                                        ending injury. A weak or
                                           Cross training means
                                                                        unbalanced body is only beg-
                                            developing a well
                                                                        ging to be injured and once an
                                             rounded body. Con-
                                                                        injury occurs, a long period of
                                              centrating on one
                                                                        rehabilitation can become in-
                                               area specifically is
                                                                        volved. Cross training will also
                                               as dangerous as
                                                                        help rehabilitation if an injury
                                               doing absolutely
                                                                        does occur. An already strong
                                                                        body will recover quicker than a
                                                                        weak one.
                                               The goal of cross
                                              training is to cre-
                                             ate balance and to
                                         improve athletic per-
                                                                    Health, Wellness & Fitness
The 12 Best
Reasons to Exercise
Researched & Written by Robert Bovee

1. Consistent exercise                have better memories, better reac-
                                      tion times, and better levels of       7. Exercise prevents
increases cardiovascular              concentration than non-exercisers.     certain types of cancer.
                                      All factors considered, research
capacity. Studies indicate that       suggests that exercise can do for
                                                                             Several studies have found that
aerobic exercise will improve lung                                           physical activity, even at relatively
                                      your mind what it does for your
capacity and energy levels.                                                  low intensity levels, can play a
                                      body - energize and revitalize it.
                                                                             positive role in preventing some
                                                                             types of cancer. To date, these
2. Exercise increases                 4. Exercise improves the               investigations have shown that
                                                                             exercise has its greatest impact
strength levels.     Research         quality of sleep.                      against colon cancer, breast can-
has shown that weight bearing ex-                                            cer, and cancers of the female re-
                                      Researchers have found that
ercise can increase strength levels                                          productive organs (e.g., endome-
                                      exercisers are more refreshed, go
as much as 200%.                                                             trium, cervix, uterus, and vagina).
                                      to sleep more quickly, and sleep
                                      more soundly than individuals who
3. Exercise improves                  do not exercise.
                                                                             8. Exercise enhances
mental sharpness. Numer-                                                     self-image.
                                      5. Exercise improves
                                                                                             Research has
ous studies have shown that                                                  documented the assertion that
individuals who exercise regularly                                           individuals who exercise regularly
                                      the quality of your life.              feel better about themselves than
                                      The old adage, “add life to your
                                                                             do sedentary individuals. Strong
                                      years, as well as years to your
                                                                             evidence exists that all factors
                                      life by exercise” has consider-
                                                                             considered, the more often that
                                      able merit. A properly designed
                                                                             you exercise, the more your sense
                                      exercise program gives you more
                                                                             of well-being, personal value, and
                                      energy to do the activities you en-
                                                                             self-esteem goes up.
                                      joy and enhances your functional
                                      capability to do the things you like
                                      to do at home, work, and play.
                                                                             9. Exercise relieves
                                                                             stress and anxiety.
                                      6. Exercise relieves                   Several studies indicate that
                                      depression.       Several noted        exercise dissipates hormones and
                                      psychologists have concluded,          other chemicals that build up dur-
                                      “Exercise is nature’s best tranquil-   ing periods of high stress. Exer-
                                      izer.” Researchers have found,         cise also generates a period of
                                      for example, that mildly to moder-     substantial emotional and physical
                                      ately depressed individuals who        relaxation that sets in approxi-
                                      engage in aerobic exercise for 15      mately an hour and a half after a
                                      to 30 minutes at least every other     relatively intense bout of physical
                                      day typically experience a positive    activity.
                                      mood swing within 2 to 3 weeks.
                                                                       Health, Wellness & Fitness
                                                                   The 12 Best Reasons to Exercise

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10. Exercise reduces                   11. Exercise can slow the 12. Exercise increases
the risk of heart disease.             aging process.         It is never too   the “good” (HDL) cho-
Experts have found that non-           late to improve the functional qual-     lesterol. Exercise is one of the
exercisers have twice the risk of      ity of your life. Sound exercise         few voluntary activities that are
developing heart disease than          can slow the age-related decline in      effective in raising your level of
individuals who exercise regularly.    the various physiological systems        HDL - the type of cholesterol that
Furthermore, individuals who exer-     that many individuals experience         lowers your risk of heart disease.
cise on a regular basis are at least   as they get older. For example,          In fact, research indicates that for
20 % less likely to suffer a fatal     instead of losing aerobic fitness,       every 1% increase in HDL you
heart attack. The point to remem-      as older adults often do, typically      experience, you incur a 2% to
ber is that your heart needs more      at the rate of 10% per year, proper      3% reduction in your risk of heart
than love - it needs the beneficial    exercise can increase your aerobic       disease. At the same time exer-
consequences of exercise (e.g.,        capacity as you age. Furthermore,        cise increases your level of HDL, it
reduced demand on your heart to        sound strength training exercise         lowers your level of LDL (the “bad”
pump blood, increased stroke vol-      can reverse the loss of muscular         cholesterol).
ume, lower heart rate, less wear       fitness that typically occurs in older
on your cardiovascular system).        adults.
Eight Ways To Push Past
Fitness and Weight Loss Plateaus
Have you already exercised and lost the weight you wanted to lose? Are you finding that the
benefits of your efforts are becoming less obvious? It could be that you are experiencing a
fitness slump. Here are eight ways to blow past plateaus:

Researched & Written by Robert Bovee

1. Keep Moving                            cardio or weight routine that you did
                                          last year and can do it with your eyes
                                                                                   schedule, fitness level and your state
                                                                                   of mind.
First, make sure subtle changes           closed, you may be using improper

                                                                                   5. Discover Interval
aren’t negating the hard work you do      form. Form is imperative to the inten-
in the gym or outdoors or wherever.       sity of your workout; they increase
If you were losing or maintaining         together. Leaning on the bars of a
weight, but have recently gained a        stairclimber instead of supporting       Training - To increase your
few pounds, do some detective work        your own weight can negatively im-       fitness level and calorie burn,
to discover where the extra calories      pact calorie-burning. Some runners
are coming from. As long as you           simply shuffle along the pavement,
                                                                                   insert three to six intense
haven’t slacked off or drastically        barely picking up their knees. You       intervals into two aerobics
changed your routine, don’t blame         must practice good form and add          workouts per week. If you
your workout. The routine you do          some variety to your routine. Run off    usually do your workout at seventy to
today burns the same number of            of the road, perhaps on a trail, where   eighty-five percent of your maximum
calories that it did a month ago.. You    the terrain variations will force your   heart rate, the intervals can take you
have to take a good look at your life-    body to use extra energy to adapt.       up to ninety percent of max. You can
style to find possible explanations for                                            do a ten minute warm-up at your

                                          4. Challenge Your Body
the plateau. Calorie-burning doesn’t                                               regular treadmill pace, then speed up
occur during exercise sessions only.                                               for ninety seconds. Slow down until
Do not rely on things to be delivered;                                             you recover. Use your breathing as a
                                          If your form is still good, you may
shopping on foot is exercise. Even                                                 heart-rate monitor as a gauge. After
                                          need to fine-tune your exercise
switching from a backless chair to                                                 you’ve recovered, fit in two to five
                                          regimen to launch yourself off of the
a more supportive one can mean                                                     more ninety second intervals. Fin-
                                          fitness plateau. Your body adapts
a hundred or so fewer calories                                                     ish by gradually decreasing speed
                                          to a routine by building strength and
expended per day. In thirty-five day,                                              to cool down muscles and slow your
                                          endurance. Maybe it needs a new
that adds up to one pound of body                                                  heart rate. If your current routine
                                          challenge. Overloading your workout
weight.                                                                            leaves you tired or achy, consider
                                          will make it interesting and fun. One
                                          easy way to intensify the load is to     adding variety instead of intervals.

2. Skip the Rewards                       lengthen your current workout or         Substitute fifteen to twenty minutes of
                                          take an additional weekly session.       your regular activity with something
                                          One caution: Adding too much             totally new. Shorten your usually
If exercising makes you feel virtu-
                                          time to your schedule too quickly        cycling workout and use that time to
ous, then perhaps you’re habitually
                                          can overstress muscles and joints.       ski on a cross-country simulator, for
rewarding yourself in subtle ways.
                                          Add one identical workout per week       example. When you use different
Larger meals, snacks or a beer after
                                          or ad not more than ten percent to       muscle groups to exercise, you’re
an intense workout can negate the
                                          your total weekly workout time or        more likely to work longer and harder.
calories you burn. Driving rather than
                                          distance. For example, if you usually    A ski simulator stresses upper body
walking or going to bed early are re-
                                          walk on the treadmill thirty minutes,    muscles that a bike does not. Plus,
wards that mean you may burn fewer
                                          try adding three to four minutes the     variety helps prevent overuse inju-
calories by the end of the day.
                                                                                   ries and boredom. You should try to

3. Improve Your Form
                                          next time you walk. Do this each
                                          week. Always try to tailor your new      rotate between three or four cardio
                                          workout challenges according to your     activities per week.
If you’re shuffling through the same
                                                                            Health, Wellness & Fitness
                                 Eight Ways To Push Past Fitness and Weight Loss Plateaus

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6. Maximize Weight                        7. Add a Few Pounds                     8. Take a Break
If your basic exercise regimen is         To push clients off their weight-loss   If you’ve been working long and
straight aerobics, such as walking,       plateaus, add a few extra pounds to     hard, and fatigue is a constant com-
jogging, aerobics, stairclimbing or       their cardiovascular workouts. To do    panion, consider taking some time
cycling, and trains only lower-body       this, you will need to dig your back-   off. A week of total rest and healthy,
muscles, you may not be quite as          pack out of the closet. Place a five    low-cal eating could be what you
fit as you feel. To truly round out       to eight pound weight in the pack.      need to repair stressed muscles and
your workouts, add abdominal work         Then strap it on your back, adjusting   replenish energy stores. The one
at least three times per week, and        the weight so it does not continually   thing not to do that week is eat more
a well-designed upper-body weight         slam into your body, and perform a      than usual, since you’re not burning
routine twice a week. If your routine     low-impact, weight-bearing cardio       as many calories. No exercise is
already involves strength training, try   workout: an outdoor hike, or a ses-     effective if you don’t have the energy
adding new machines or exercises          sion on a stairclimber or cross-coun-   to complete it or don’t give your body
to spice it up.For the best muscu-        try ski machine, for example. The       time to recover. Sometimes a mini-
lar gains, lift in a slow, controlled     extra weight in the pack increases      break is exactly what your body and
manner and never work the same            your metabolism, which leads to         mind need to push off that frustrating
muscle groups two days in a row.          more calorie-blasting and strength-     plateau. You’ll go back feeling stron-
To save time, choose exercises that       ens supporting muscle groups.           ger and more motivated than ever.
work large muscle groups, such as
straight-leg push-ups, bench press-
es, squats and lateral pull-downs.
Rochester and Buffalo
Athletic Clubs complete list of
amentities offered at various clubs.
For club specifics please check the location nearest you.

Child Care: As a value added feature, the
RAC offers a supervised child care area that
can be used while mom or dad is working out.

Dry Sauna:      Many benefits have been seen
such as improved blood circulation, restored
youthfulness, toxin and heavy metal reduction,
weight control, cellulite reduction, skin cleans-
ing and rejuvenation, allergy reduction, rash

Locker Room:         The RAC locker rooms
were designed with the same functional attri-
butes as the rest of the club. After an intense
workout, relax your muscles in a soothing dry
sauna. (Varies by facility) Our plush locker
facilities at the women’s clubs offer amenities
customized for the special needs of women
including a large vanity area and built-in hair-

Pool:  Swimming is a great activity. It tones
your entire body while providing an excellent
cardiovascular workout; it strengthens your
heart muscle and improves delivery of oxygen
to muscles.

Pro Shop: The Pro Shop has everything to
meet the equipment and apparel needs of our
members and guests. We have RAC embroi-
dered performance clothing. In addition to a
wide variety of workout clothes, the Pro Shop
features protein bars to speed recovery after
your intense workout.

Racquetball Courts:        A good game of rac-
quetball puts all your muscle groups to work,
building strength and endurance. You can
burn 650-750 calories and hour if you’re a fairly
skilled player and you play against someone
just as good at keeping the ball in play.

Steam Room: The steam bath is enjoyed
for the benefits of total relaxation of mind and
body; to ease stress; relieve muscle tension
and stiff joints; sweat out body toxins; stimulate
circulation; increase body metabolism; keep
skin glowing and youthful and to alleviate sinus
congestion due to colds, asthma or allergies.
   Western New York’s
  Premier Health Clubs
                                                      Athletic Club Locations
                                                      RAC Brighton/Henrietta
                                                      21 Goodway Drive
                                                      Rochester, NY 14623 | 585.424.2222
                                                      RAC for Women | Greece
                                                      Stoneridge Plaza
                                                      1550 West Ridge Road
                                                      Greece, NY 14615 | 585.621-3333
                                                      RAC for Women | Pittsford
                                                      Pittsford Colony Plaza
                                                      3400 Monroe Ave.
                                                      Pittsford, NY 14618 | 585.899.6666
                                                      RAC for Women | Perinton
                                                      Perinton Hills Mall
                                                      36 Perinton Hills Mall
                                                      Fairport, NY 14450 | 585.223.1111
                                                      RAC Greece Ridge
                                                      Greece Ridge Mall
                                                      190 Greece Ridge Center Dr.
                                                      Greece, NY 14626 | 585.225.8888

                                                      Athletic Club Locations
                                                      BAC for Women | Colvin
                                                      3157 Eggert Road
                                                      Tonawanda, NY 14150 | 716.348.3755
                                                      BAC for Women | Evans
                                                      480 Evans Street
                                                      Williamsville, NY 14221 | 716.634.7867
                                                      BAC for Women | French
                                                      1235 French Road
                                                      Depew, NY 14043 | 716.656.9999
                                                      BAC Boulevard
                                                      1185 Niagara Falls Blvd
                                                      Amherst, NY14226 | 716.833.5226
                                                      BAC Downtown
                                                      69 Delaware Avenue
                                                      Buffalo, NY 14202 | 716.845.6660
                                                      BAC Eastern Hills
                                                      4687 Transit Road
                                                      Williamsville, NY 14221 | 716.631.3800
                                                      BAC Southtowns
                                                      3035 Union Road
                                                      Orchard Park, NY 14127 | 716.675.9353 |

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