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Your Job
You are a personal trainer who is going to be creating a nutrition and exercise plan for a client.
You will be required to do the following:
•Create a company
•Choose a client
•Create a fitness plan based on your client’s needs and goals
•Create/Find a way for your client(s) to keep track of his/her progress
•State the rationale behind your plan and give motivational tips
•Give him/her a list of possible places to complete his/her plan
Part two will be the nutrition plan which we will do after the nutrition unit.

Your Options
•You can work with a partner which means you will have to choose TWO clients to create plans for. They may
have similar needs, but they each need a customized plan.
•You can present your training plan in any format you want as long as you include everything
–Video (“interviews and testimonies”, show how to do the exercises, go to actual fitness clubs)
–Written (letter on your company letterhead to client, brochure, exercise charts)
–PowerPoint or webpage with links and graphics
–Or a combination –Be Creative!!
•Remember: You are trying to win your client’s business and make lots of $$!
Clients to Choose From
You can choose any person you want but you have to create the scenario and rationale.
          Homer J. Simpson
Age: 38             Height: 6’0                   Weight: 252 lbs
Occupation: Safety Inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
•Mr. Burns is about to fire Homer from his job at the nuclear power plant because of the rising costs of insurance
due to Homer’s obesity problem. His leisure time is spent on the couch watching the Itchy and Scratchy show
with his kids or at Moe’s Tavern hanging out with his friends.
•His exercise consists of walking back and forth from the vending machines, mowing the lawn after much
nagging from Marge and his weekly bowling league games. His aerobic capacity and flexibility are poor. His
muscular strength is average. He already has a pacemaker.
•Mr. Simpson needs to get off his DUFF and get some help before he has another heart attack. His goals are to
lose weight with as little effort as possible, have more energy so he doesn’t sleep on the job and gain more
strength and power so he can bowl better.
          Wile E. Coyote
Age: 20             Height: 6’          Weight: 137 lbs.
Occupation: Predator
•In his never-ending quest to catch the Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote is looking for a way to get in better shape.
His aerobic fitness is poor and he usually feels run down all of the time. He has poor muscular strength and
endurance, but is very flexible. He is also quite accident-prone. He needs a safe, aerobic exercise.
•Wile E. spends part of his leisure time on the Internet or watching the shopping network on TV buying products
from ACME and the rest of his leisure time trying out those products, all of which inevitably fail. He is a bit of a
loner because he is so obsessed with catching the Roadrunner.
•Wile E’s fitness goals are to gain some weight and improve his reaction time, muscular endurance and aerobic
          Sandy Cheeks
Age: 25 Height: 5’ 3”          Weight: 130 lbs.
Occupation: scientist/inventor
•A surfing contest has been announced and Sandy desperately wants to impress Larry the Lobster. Although she
is an athlete with natural ability in everything she does, she has no real training plan. She loves extreme sports
and is a daredevil who just jumps into trying any of them, sometimes injuring herself in the process. She does
practice karate on a regular basis with her best friend Sponge Bob. Her strength is average, but her flexibility
and aerobic fitness are poor.
•When Sandy is not out doing sports, she is working. She is constantly on the go and does not really have any
spare time to relax. You could say she over exercises and is in danger of really hurting herself. She admits to
being tired most of the time and feels overwhelmed.
•Sandy would like to develop a strength routine, improve her balance and improve her aerobic fitness. She plans
on continuing her karate, but would like to find a relaxing exercise to counterbalance her extreme sports urge.
She would like to win the surfing contest next month.
          Meg Griffin
Age: 17              Height: 4’ 11”               Weight: 140
Occupation: Student at James Woods High School , part time job at Superstore USA
•Meg is teenage girl with low self-esteem. She thinks of herself as ugly and fat. She would like to be more
popular, but knows that her looks are holding her back. She truly needs to be convinced that exercise will
improve her mood and body image.
•As a result of her poor self-esteem, Meg eats to compensate for her feelings. Her exercise plan is non-existent.
She would rate poor in every fitness test.
•Meg’s goals are to get started in a fun and balanced exercise program.
1. Choose a client or two
2. Find your client’s BMI score and what level that puts them at. Determine a realistic goal weight for him/her.
3. Based on your client’s goals and needs, create a four week plan for him/her. It is okay to repeat workouts, but
you don’t want them to get bored either. Your plan should involve all of the health-related fitness areas and at
least one skill-related area. You must use the principles of FITT, overload, progression and specificity. Be sure to
include warm-up and cool down exercises. Use your fitness notes to help you.
4. Determine how your client is going to keep track of his/her progress. Are you going to make a chart to fill in or
use an online resource?
5. Research 2 exercise facilities (per client) around our area that your client could go to reach his/her goals. In
this research, you should include:
–Name, location, website, phone number
–Types and costs of membership
–Exercise facilities: weight room, exercise classes, gym, pool, tennis
–Other amenities: childcare, massage, sport leagues, non-exercise classes, etc.
Ideas: Harbor Square, YMCA, 24-hour Fitness, Mieko’s, Gold’s Gym, Bally’s, etc.
6. Find at least 5 (per client) motivational/survival tips for exercise and explain your rationale for creating this
plan for your client. Be sure to document where you get your information from. This will improve your
7. Create a company you work for. It can’t be a gym mentioned above.
8. Choose how you will present this plan to your client
          ~Video~ ~PowerPoint/Web page~ ~Written Portfolio~
Extra Credit
•Include an exercise clothing/equipment guide your client will need to exercise in with the best fabrics to wear,
shoes to wear and costs. You could also include low cost equipment your client might use at home. (10 points)
•Include one more exercise club evaluation including all required information (10 points)
Training Plan (10 points per week = 40 points)
Exercise record chart/progress (10 points)
Exercise facilities (10 points each = 20 points)
Rationale, motivation is convincing, include client’s BMI rating (10 points)
Creativity in company and presentation of plan (20 points, include your sources-websites, books, etc.)
DUE: November 23-24
•Your fitness notes and text book
•Health Club websites around our area
Nutrition Plan
•Info coming soon…

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