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									Beta Sigma Phi
Dear Members,

We are so thrilled to be able to get the Torch to mem-                                                                Spring 2009
bers. We hope you enjoy this new online format. We                                                            Volume 127 - Issue 2
will also, as soon as possible send the printed Torch
as well.                                                    TORCH STAFF
As many of you know, Beta Sigma Phi, along with
countless other organizations, has been experiencing        Editor - Laurey Lummus
an economic downturn, We are confident that this is         Graphic Designer - Eric Burgess
only a temporary situation and we will once again be        Assistant Editor - Betsy Thomas
on a regular schedule with sending the Torch.
                                                            BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL
Conventions have started! They were just what the           Address:    1800 West 91st Place
doctor ordered for those of us at international who                     Kansas City MO 64114-0500
travel to celebrate sorority with our members. Once
we see your enthusiasm, your dear hearts and the joy
                                                            Phone:      816-444-6800
your have when you are with your sisters, it helps us                   (8:30 am - 5:00 pm CST M-F)
to refocus on what is really important. To be with the      Fax:        816-333-6206
ones we care about, the ones that make us laugh, the        Insurance Only: 800-235-2806
ones that let us know it is OK to eat that brownie or       Long Term Care Insurance: 888-290-7207
buy a certain purse. The ones that accept us, and love      Gifts Only: 800-821-3989
us for just being who we are.
                                                            DIVISION CHAIRMEN
Mr. Ross started this organization during the most          Viola Dorrian - Canada,
critical financial period in the history of this country.
And he did it. Women then had no money yet wisely
                                                            GA, Greece, HI, IL, IN, MN, NM, Norway, Scotland, WA, WY,
they recognized, even at the inception of our organi-       & Russia
zation, that sorority is more than a luxury, it is quite    Vivian Iddings - AK, AZ,
often, a lifeline.                                          CT, DC, DE, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, MT, NH, NJ,
                                                            NV, NY, PA, Puerto Rico, Germany, RI, VA, VT, & WV
I was very fortunate to go to Abilene, Kansas this          Laura Ross Wingfield -
past Founder’s day with International’s Laura Ross
Wingfield. We traveled to the birthplace of sorority’s
                                                            On-Line Chapters & Conventions
founding for two very special reasons: a magnificent        Cynthia Meadows -
display case, chock full of Beta Sigma Phi history was      AL, AR, CO, NC, TN, OH, OK, SC, TX, Belgium, & Zimbabwe
assembled and placed in the local historical museum,        Romayne Phillips
and Helen Pepper, our first member, spoke to the            - Austria, Australia, CA, England, Finland, FL, ID, IA, LA,
sisters gathered. It was a magical afternoon as she         Mexico, NE, ND, OR, Saudi Arabia, SD, UT, & WI
took us back to 1931 when a young salesman walked
into the Sunflower Hotel and greeted Helen, who was         E-MAIL ADDRESSES
working as a desk clerk. The rest, as they say, is his-     Torch Department -
tory. And what a rich history it is!
As editor of the Torch, myself and Betsy Thomas, my         Membership/Rushing Department -
most capable assistant (and godsend!) are continually
amazed by the letters we receive about the reaching
out of our members,whether it is to help a sister, or a     Gift Department -
complete stranger. It never ceases to amaze all of us
at International of the innate goodness and generos-        Home Page -
ity of our sisterhood. We are lucky to have each other.
                                                            Beta Journal -
May you all have a wonderful summer!              
                                                            Beta Sigma Phi is an international women’s friendship network. It also provides
                                                            educational programs to its members and opportunities for service to others. We
                                                            are women of all ages, interests, and educational and economic backgrounds, and
                                                            are the largest organization of our kind in the world. For Beta Sigma Phi
                                                            membership information call:
                                 Laurey Lummus
                                 Torch Editor               1-888-BETA-2B1(238-2221)
2   Spring 2009 The Torch
                          In This Issue...

                                                                 Letter From the Editor
                                                           Conventions/New Chapters
      5                                             What Beta Sigma Phi Means To Me
      6                                                                         Rushing
      9                                                   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
      10                                                           Sharing of the Green
      12                                                              Yearbook Winners
      15                                                   Ask Your Division Chairman
      16                                                                      Programs
      18                                                           Programs a La Carte
      20                                                        Lights! Camera! Bark!
      23                                                  Program Contest Entry Form
      24                                                          Nursery Rhyme Time
      26                              International Honorary Member Dorothy Johnson
      28                                            Founder’s Day 2009 Abilene, Kansas
      29                                                  Remembering Walter W. Ross
      30                                                                 Founder’s Day
      35                                                        Mystery Book Drawing
      36                                                              The Last Frontier
      37                                                    A Wayside Bed & Breakfast
      38                                  International Award of Distinction Recipients
      40                                                              Chapter Spotlight
      42                                                                         Chatter
      45                                                       Member Service Coupon
      46                                                                       Yardstick
      48                                                     Spring Parade of Legacies
      54                                                    2009 Scholarship Recipients
      60                                                                       Calendar
      62                                                                           Gifts
      64                                                      Beta Sigma Phi Memories
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                                                                                                                           Spring 2009 The Torch 3
          2009                                                  New Friendly
                                                                    PA Chapters
                                                                     E OZeta Lambda,0
                                                                                 20 Elwood

    Arizona (Tucson)                   September 18-20              By: Patricia Plake                              
    Arkansas (Fort Smith)              June 26-28                                                                
                                                                  New Mexico Zeta Omega, Hobbs
    Illinois (Burr Ridge)              October 16-18               By: Cheryl Baxley
    Michigan (Grand Rapids)            September 18-20
                                                                  Washington Epsilon Nu, Moses Lake
    Minnesota (Thunder Bay, Ontario)   September 11-13             By: Melissa Dart
    Missouri (North Kansas City)       October 9-11

                                                                                                    T UR


                                                                  British Columbia Alpha, Vancouver
    New York (Niagara)
    Oklahoma (Lawton)
                                       September 25-27
                                       July 17-19
                                                                   By: Debra Harris and Langley City Council
                                                                  Kansas Lambda Iota, McPherson
    Ontario (Hamilton) Conclave        September 13
                                                                                   UR S
                                                                   By: Cynthia Goldsmith,P A Sims,
                                                                            E   OEpsilon GlendaSP O
                                                                        AR EpsilonMyrtle Beach
    Pennsylvania (Stroudsburg)         October 23-25                   and Xi Iota
    Virginia (Norfolk)                 October 16-18
                                                                  South Carolina         Zeta,
                                                                   By: Xi Alpha Chi and Andrea Melton

    West Virginia (Parkersburg)        October 9-11

    Wisconsin (Madison)                October 23-25
                                                            S     Oregon Alpha Gamma, Hood River
                                                                   By: Preceptor Theta and Sheila Delozier
                                                                  British Columbia Iota Alpha, Kimberley
                                                                      ADV0E9-2 URE
                                                                   By: Preceptor Gamma Mu and Sandy Peters

                                                                   TO   2 0 01 0
                                                                  Nebraska Zeta Omega, Falls City
                                                                   By: Gamma Theta and Cindy Scott    0

                                                                  Texas Theta RT TAustin
                                                                                Zeta, O
                                                          E OU

                                                                    By: Xi Zeta and Rebecca Verette OUR PASSPOR

                                                                                                RE    A                          T

                                                                                                   SH         

                                                                    Welcome These




                                                                    New ChaptersNTU
                                                                   9-20                                                        RE
                                                                         OABSP

        2009                              2010                                 DVE
                                                                    UR PAS
                                                                 E OMissouriSPLaureate Epsilon Pi, Independence

         SHARE OUR

                                                                  South Dakota Lambda Master, Belle Fourche



                                                                 Missouri Laureate Epsilon Rho, Farmington
                                                                                         SHARE O

                                                                        Ontario Gamma Rho Master, Paris O
         PASSPORT TO                                                                                   

                                                             British Columbia Laureate Delta Gamma, Quesneli
                                                                                                                               VE N



                                                                    Texas Epsilon Delta Master, West Columbia



                                                            T O Indian Laureate Gamma Eta, Terre Haute


                                                                  A D V Oregon Alpha Iota Master, Eugene
                                                                       Florida Beta Omega Master, Brandon
4    Spring 2009 The Torch
 What Beta Sigma Phi Means to Me
By: Sandra Cassidy
      Ontario Laureate Beta Lambda, Goderich
One word can describe the meaning of
Beta Sigma Phi to me: LIFEJACKET.

I attended my rushing party and Prefer-
ential tea in early 1986. At that time my
husband Kevin, our two girls and I lived
in Thompson, Manitoba. Thompson is a
northern, isolated, rugged, mining com-
munity. Sorority sounded just like what I
needed, a social network and a place
to learn. In this mining community most
everyone came from somewhere else
and often lived far from extended fam-
ily. Sorority sisters became my extended
family. They were the friends we spent
family type occasions with, like holidays
and were who helped when help was
needed. I recall many great memories
of surprise breakfasts, the pot luck that             quired to be away to assist his ill mother. Times like
absolutely everyone brought meat balls, family        that are when you really find out who cares about
Christmas sleigh rides, couples’ Murder Mystery       you. Out came that LIFEJACKET. While Kevin was
nights and scavenger hunts.                           away my sorority sisters were there with meals,
                                                      visits, books, flowers, movies and just checking
In 1991 my family moved to Sussex, New Bruns-         that I had everything I needed before bed. Even
wick. The family settled into work, school and I      though I required a walker to move about they
located a local Beta Sigma Phi. There I found         were there to help me attend our dinner and
exactly what I needed - a LIFEJACKET. My new          movie night out. All an ultimate display of the true
sorority sisters helped me locate what a new-         meaning of Sisterhood.
comer to the Sussex area would need. They made
recommendations for activities for the girls, hair    Our eldest daughter is now living in Toronto and
stylists, dentists, grocery and retail places, but    eager to find a Beta Sigma Phi to join. I hope this
most of all they were an accepting social net-        means she noticed that Beta Sigma Phi has been
work. Memories of service programs to help young      a significant part of my life. Our second daughter
mothers and those “shop till you drop” weekends       recently joined the Canadian Navy and I quickly
in Moncton will never be forgotten.                   shared with her an article that was in the Torch a
                                                      few years back that described how the Canadian
In 1998 Kevin’s wanderlust and career moved           Navy delivered items that were collected by a
our family to Goderich, Ontario. With Kevin off to    Nova Scotia Beta Sigma Phi chapter to the victims
work and the girls settled in school I was on the     of Katrina.
hunt for a sorority chapter. Once again the LIFE-
JACKET was there. Sorority sisters helped me find     When Kevin’s wanderlust surfaces I quickly remind
the places and things my family and I needed to       him I am only moving where they have a LIFE-
adjust to the move. My Laureate chapter’s bi-         JACKET for me “Beta Sigma Phi”.
monthly programs for learning and socials for hav-
ing fun continue to be a necessary part of my life.   This article is written as a Thank You to my many
                                                      past and present sorority sisters for being the
In December, 2008 I had a ski accident that           thread in my LIFEJACKET.
required surgery that at the same time Kevin re-                                    Spring 2009 The Torch 5
   An Open letter to Contact Chairman/Vice Presidents
Dear Sisters,                   by a Member-at-Large
Ten years ago, I was a Beta Sigma Phi pledge. As part            I do hear from my original chapter and Council sisters and
of my pledge training, I learned about the privileges and        they always ask what chapter I have joined, and sadly, I tell
responsibilities of membership, including the privilege of       them of my dilemma.
                                                                 Please don’t let this happen in your area. It might be you
Since my husband had a good job that did not require him to      next time. Extend the hand of friendship to any member and
move around, and our children were enrolled into an excel-       prospective members as soon as you receive the name. This
lent school, transferring was the furthest thing from my         contact is very important for the survival of our organiza-
mind. However, as our children grew and graduated from           tion. How many other members have we lost due to lack of
high school, we decided to look for some land and build a        contact?
home in the country.
                                                                 Yours in Beta Sigma Phi, Paula
I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership by holding vari-
                                                                 (Read on about another member in the same situation miles
ous offices, participating on committees, and even helped
plan a state convention. My husband is an Envoy and our
daughters are Legacies, together we have enjoyed our in-         Not being contacted as a transferee into a new area has
volvement with Beta Sigma Phi.                                   prompted me to write. As Beta Sigma Phi has helped bring
                                                                 out the best in me, so have I strived to bring out the best in
As we prepared to move, I informed the International office
                                                                 those around me. Beta Sigma Phi has been my guiding light
of my new information. I was sure I would hear from a
                                                                 through the darkest of times.
sorority sister within a couple of weeks.
                                                                 For now, I am doing what I can to become active again. I
A month went by without a call. Then it was two months;
                                                                 have received information on starting a new Friendly Ven-
then it was three. I decided to take the initiative and called
                                                                 ture chapter and have written to another member-at-large
the International office expressing my unhappiness with
                                                                 locally. I hope she is as enthusiastic as I am about starting
the lack of contact. They had copies of the letters they sent
                                                                 a new chapter. I have contacted the local councils but have
letting the local Contact Chairman know I was new in town
                                                                 yet to get any assistance and that is so important at times
looking for a chapter - so they followed through with their
                                                                 like these.
promise. I asked for the name and number of the Contact
Chairman. I telephoned her and left a message on her an-         I will go ahead and reach my goal of starting a new chapter,
swering machine and proceeded to wait again.                     I feel I owe this much to Beta Sigma Phi after all the honors
                                                                 bestowed upon me in the past as part of this great organiza-
For almost six months now, I have been a member-at-large –
                                                                 tion. I want to Rekindle the Torch of Friendship.
not by my own choice, but because I have not been con-
tacted by any members in my new town. (There are fifteen
chapters). What I had thought would be an easy move to
a chapter of new sisters waiting to welcome me and my            Rebecca
husband has turned out to be somewhat difficult. I am still

                                     “Watts New in Rushing”
                                        Gloria Osborn, a member of Arizona Xi Gamma Sigma, Scottsdale, and
                                         the vice president of the Scottsdale, Arizona City Council, shares a great
                                         idea with us. She states that when she receives a name from International,
                                         she immediately sends an email out to all the chapter Vice Presidents.
                                         They can then call the prospective member, transferee, or member at large
                                        right away. She doesn’t wait until the next council meeting to share the
                                       information, which could be more than a month away. GREAT thinking
                                     and action Gloria!! Thank you.
6   Spring 2009 The Torch
         Another Look at Rushing
         By Arizona Laureate Alpha Epsilon, Tucson member Joanne Gallego

           rizona Laureate Alpha Epsilon, Tucson   them. She was so anxious to be active again, in
           has members ranging from their 60s      fact we know car pool to chapter meetings.
           to their 80s, and what fun they have!
           They have taken the rushing bull by     Another incident was at church. Every first and
the horns and rushed from the member-at-large      third Sunday I work to prepare breakfast after
list with great success. They prefer, as Joanne    four masses. We provide burritos and menudo.
says, “to recruit those members who are already    While visiting with the breakfast chairman we
familiar with our traditions.” Here is Joanne’s    discussed anniversaries. Our bishop was planning
account of the two such experiences.               to hold a special mass and dinner celebrating 25
                                                   and 50-year anniversaries. I mentioned that we
                                                   signed up to celebrate our 50th wedding anniver-
                                                   sary. Church member Margie Cropeza asked what
                                                   my husband and I were doing to celebrate our
                                                   anniversary. I replied, ‘My sorority will hold a
                                                   party one night and the family will hold one the
                                                   next.’ She put out her hand and said, ‘I am thy
                                                   sister.’ She had been inactive for many years and
                                                   is anxious to be active again. She will attend our
                                                   Beginning Day.

                                                   I am also in contact with four other members at
                                                   large and hope that they will one day choose to
                                                   become active with our chapter.

                                                   We also have a name game I would like to share
                                                   with you. The group is told we are going on a
 Here are members of Arizona Laureate Al-
                                                   trip and need to pack a suitcase. Each person
 pha Epsilon, Tucson in their popular pink
                                                   must submit an item that starts with their initial.
 t-shirts. “ This was a ways and means proj-       For instance, the first person says, ‘my name is
 ect for convention and an area luncheon,”         Joy and I’m taking jewelry.’ The second person
 writes Joanne. “They read, ‘What happens          states, ‘my name is Mary and I’m taking money
 with our sisters, stays with our sisters.’ For    and Joy is taking jewelry.’ It goes to each per-
 both events we raised close to $1,000 and         son but they must repeat every name already
 this was the easiest project we have ever         mentioned. It breaks the ice and all are eager to
 done.”                                            help when someone forgets a name!

“My husband and I had a yard sale, with a good     I was invited into sorority in 1955 in Wiscon-
neighborhood turnout. We were fortunate to         sin. The friendships have been great through
meet a new neighbor, Olga Escotar. We talked       the years for myself and my husband. Laureate
about her recent move (from Douglas to Tuscon)     Alpha Epsilon is a career format chapter meeting
and somehow Beta Sigma Phi came into our con-      once a month for business and one social. Almost
versation. Olga became very excited - she had      all our socials include our husbands, making our
belonged to a chapter in Sierra Vista, Arizona!    husbands a part of our activities has really tight-
She and her husband had really enjoyed their       en our sisterhood bonds.
chapter activities and both were really missing
                                                                                Spring 2009 The Torch 7
     Congratulations To The Top
          Rushing Chapters!
        9 New Pledges:
Georgia Xi Zeta Delta, Washington
South Carolina Epsilon Epsilon, Fort Mill
                                                  (   6 New Pledges continued)
                                            North Carolina Upsilon, Winston Salem
                                            Nebraska Epsilon Iota, Blair
        8 New Pledges:
Arkansas Delta Psi, Springdale
                                            Oklahoma Eta Sigma, Watonga
                                            Oregon Zeta Sigma, Burns
Illinois Xi Beta Phi, Marion                South Dakota Alpha Upsilon, Yankton
Texas Beta Eta Pi, San Antonio              Texas Alpha Psi Beta, Lockhart
Delaware Xi Upsilon, Ocean View             Virginia Theta Theta, Clintwood
                                            Wyoming Laureate Psi, Upton

        7 New Pledges:
Arkansas Beta Alpha, Mena
Arkansas Beta Theta, Arkadelphia                 5 New Pledges:
                                            British Columbia Preceptor Delta Gamma,
Arkansas Delta Lambda, Wynne
Iowa Xi Epsilon Xi, New Hampton                    Langley
Missouri Xi Beta Lambda, Brookfield         British Columbia Delta Gamma, Kelowna
Missouri Alpha Epsilon Delta, Kansas City   California Delta Kappa Iota, Live Oak
Missouri Preceptor Theta Epsilon, Liberty   Iowa Alpha Gamma, Marshalltown
Texas Xi Alpha Epsilon Nu, Madisonville     Iowa Xi Omega, Cedar Falls
                                            Illinois Beta Pi, DuQuoin
                                            Kentucky Alpha, Paintsville

        6 New Pledges:
Arizona Eta Sigma, Yuma
                                            Louisiana Preceptor Alpha Chi, Rayne
                                            Minnesota Xi Kappa, Austin
                                            Missouri Xi Kappa Rho, Savannah
Georgia Beta Delta, Elberton                North Carolina Epsilon Chi, Wallace
Georgia Kappa Omega, Swainsboro             North Dakota Alpha Delta, Hettinger
Iowa Xi Zeta Epsilon, Dallas Center         Ohio Laureate Delta Epsilon, Hamilton
Iowa Xi Epsilon Xi, New Hampton             South Carolina Epsilon Delta, Beaufort
Idaho Beta Phi, Challis                     Texas Xi Lambda Zeta, Gonzales
Illinois Beta Nu, Carmi                     Texas Alpha Theta Omega, White Deer
Kansas Sigma Iota, Abilene                  Texas Alpha Tau Delta, Rockdale
Michigan Kappa Sigma, Charlevoix            Texas Preceptor Omicron Omega, Plano
Missouri Tau Psi, Neelyville                Texas Xi Upsilon Eta, Wheeler
8   Spring 2009 The Torch
A Word of Thanks
From the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is deep-
ly grateful to Beta Sigma Phi for its
ongoing support of our efforts to en-
sure a better future for all cancer
patients. While it is highly unlikely
that a “magic bullet” will bring an
end to the many types of cancers, the
research of Donald Kufe, MD, is par-
ticularly compelling because the onco-
protein that is the focus of his work is
implicated in so many different malig-
nancies. The efforts of Judy Garber,
MD, MPH, director of the Friends of
Dana-Farber Cancer Risk and Preven-
tion Clinic, have similarly far-reach-
ing implications as she and her col-
leagues assess factors that raise the
risk of developing cancer and strive to
find strategies to mitigate the risks.         Donald Kufe,M.D., International’s Laura Wingfield
                                           and Judy Garber, M.D.

Overview of Dr. Kufe’s Research
Basic research in Dr. Kufe’s laboratory
focuses on the MUC1 oncoprotein, which
he identified in the early 1980s. Onco-
proteins are involved in the regulation
or synthesis of proteins linked to tu-
mor growth, and this particular one had been found to be over-expressed by about
800,000 of the 1.4 million tumors diagnosed in the United States each year. MUC1
normally helps protect our cells from damage by adverse environmental conditions;
Dr. Kufe and his colleagues have systematically investigated how tumor cells put
MUC1 to their own use so that it begins to function as an oncoprotein instead. Sev-
eral of their studies into the complex interactions between MUC1 and other ele-
ments in the cell were described in the last report. As each part of the intricate
web becomes clear, researchers can identify vulnerable pathways, which, when shut
down, will inhibit MUC1’s tumor-promoting behavior without damaging its normal
role in healthy cells.

While continuing to study how MUC1 works on the molecular level, Dr. Kufe and
his colleagues have developed vaccines and other agents for clinical trial in multiple
cancers (breast, ovarian, renal, multiple myeloma, among them, all of which over-
express MUC1). The vaccines, developed in Dr. Kufe’s laboratory, involve fusing
MUC1-positive cancer cells with dendritic cells to help stimulate the patient’s own
immune system.

Excerpted from: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Annual Report
                                                                             Spring 2009 The Torch 9
                       Sharing of the
                       Sharing of the
                       Just after we accomplish being all about red (Valentine’s
                       Day and National Heart Month), it is time to start think-
                       ing green, as in St. Patrick’s Day. See what fun our mem-
                       bers had making the transistion from one fun celebration
                                                  to another. And here’s to be-
                                                  coming green, environmentally
                                                  speaking, 365 days a year.

                                                            West Virginia Preceptor Alpha Lambda,
                                                            Lewisburg was not able to celebrate with a Val-
                                                            entine Queen, so they decided to do the NEXT
                                                            best thing, according to the calendar. Since St.
                                                            Patty’s Day was around the corner, it made per-
                                                            fect sense to elect a Miss Leprechaun. Pictured
                                                            is Preceptor Alpha Lambda member Marilyn
                                                            Hylton (center) and her princesses Vivian Clower
                                                            (left) and Karen Eggleston (right).

“A good time was had by the members
and husbands as they tried to complete
the last line of several Irish blessings and
then it was decided that we really are not
smarter than 5th graders,” says Preceptor
Alpha Lambda member Shirley Turner.
“It was was a bit out of the ordinary but a
lot of laughs!”

Various International office staffers and
members of Missouri Alpha Omega,
Belton, participated in the annual St.
Patrick’s Day Parade, a happening that
is looked forward to throughout the year.
After a committee meeting, it was decided
that the theme would be “Sharin’ O’ The
Green with Friendship.”
                                                 British Columbia Xi Beta Delta, Kamloops held a ‘Think
By meeting every Thursday morning during Green Bowling Party’ last March. Strikes and spares were
a quick break, the ideas flowed and the office everywhere!
was slowly turning green with treasures found
                                                         would have it, Mother Nature was feeling charitable
to include on the float. They had shamrocks, lepre-
                                                         and only went for the cold, deciding against precipi-
chauns, hats, and green money everywhere. Con-
                                                         tation. The committee proudly represented Beta
versations were centered around the float, what was
                                                         Sigma Phi by passing out rushing handbills to intro-
needed and what could be crossed off the list.
                                                         duce women to sorority and invited them to call the
                                                         International office for more information. They also
The weather however, did not want to cooperate.
                                                         handed out shamrock necklaces and fun flashlights
The weather forecast was calling for possible snow,
                                                         to the children.
rain, and cold temperatures . As luck of the Irish
10   Spring 2009 The Torch
The float was small but impressive for a
first-time entry. It must have impressed the
judges! They awarded the float 11th in the
Family/Organized Groups Division, winning
the committee one hundred dollars towards
next year’s parade entry. Everyone was
pleasantly surprised and eager to start plan-
ning for the next parade.

Ready to share again the wonderful gift of
sisterhood. Parade organizers hope for a day
full of interest about sorority and perfect
weather. We can only hope Mother Nature
feels so obliged.

                                                  Texas Laureate Beta Lambda, Houston chapter mem-
Every March, members of New Mexico                bers made special St. Patrick’s Day centerpieces to decorate
Xi Alpha Omicron, Albuquerque hosts a             the dining area at a local living center. Members also pro-
St. Patrick’s Potato Bake for Albuquerque,        vided special shamrock cookies to share with the residents.
New Mexico City Council members. In
keeping with the theme, guests are treated
to baked potatoes topped with cheese, sour
cream, chives, chili and bacon bits; lepre-
chaun punch and key lime pie. “Everyone
participates in the games, raffles, door prizes
and take home baggies filled with shamrock
shaped mints,” writes Xi Alpha Omicron
member Bessie Aragon. “ Before our guests
leave they have their picture taken with our
leprechaun! Xi Alpha Omicron has been host-
ing this fun-filled event for about 11 years.”

                                                                                   The sisters of Missouri
                                                                                   Alpha Omega, Belton and
                                                                                   members of the Interna-
                                                                                   tional office staff share the
                                                                                   Green of Friendship at a St.
                                                                                   Patrick’s Day Parade.

                                                                                       Spring 2009 The Torch 11
                         The yearbooks that showcased the 2008-2009 sorority year were all beautiful, with care-
                         ful and time-consuming work going into each one that was entered. Because they were,
                         and always are, so fabulous, it falls to the judges to find a little something extra that
                         makes the winning books stand out, a special pop. It was not an easy task, but we think
                         you will enjoy our selections. The hard work is to be admired how they toiled this sorority
                         year on the pleasant task of “Rekindling the Torch of Friendship.”

                                                       ritual of Jewels and exemPlar division
2008-2009 Yearbooks

                                                         Kentucky Delta Omega, Danville
                                                         The excellent yearbook that took first place honors in the Ritual
                                                          of Jewels and Exemplar Division was exquisistely designed and
                                                           crafted by Kentucky Delta Omega, Danville. The book grabs
                                                            your attention right away with the theme of “Rekindling the
                                                             Torch of Friendship” showcased so beautifully. With artistic
                                                              flourishes throughout its pages, it never disappoints, either in
                                                               appearance or in the vital information it provides for all the
                                                                chapter members. It has a removable at-a-glance calendar and
                                                                 member list so members will have easy access to informa-
                                                                 tion, and the programs the chapter held during the sorority
                                                                  year are inspiring, all starting with the prefix “re”, such as
                                                                   “Rekindle Your Knowledge of your Sorority Sisters”, “Re-
                                                                    vive Those Scrapbooks” and “`Relight Your Senses.” Just
                                                                    makes you want to reread this fabulous yearbook!

                                                        PrecePtor, laureate & master division
                                                          Alabama Laureate Sigma, Mobile
                                                          This year’s first place winner in the Preceptor, Laureate and Mas-
                                                          ter Division is Alabama Laureate Sigma, Mobile. The year-
                                                           book is firing up the year with its flaming tribute to the theme
                                                            “Rekindle The Torch of Friendship”. The members, known as
                                                             the “Red Hot Mommas” created a yearbook that is not only
                                                              functional and informative, it it sizzling. This chapters pro-
                                                               grams are engulfed in detail from its purpose and summary,
                                                                right down to its presentation ideas and list of references.
                                                                 Included are great additions like a quick list, Programs on
                                                                  the Shelf, area City Council information, and information
                                                                   about International and International contests. This is a
                                                                   book sure to ignite this chapter!

  12      Spring 2009 The Torch
        ritual of Jewels and exemPlar division

                                                                                2008-2009 Yearbooks
         Riding home with second place in the Ritual of Jewels and Ex-
         emplar Division is Virginia Xi Zeta Zeta, Williamsburg.
          This chapter took to the theme with a road trip to “re-discover
           each other and make new friends along the way”. In keeping
            with their road trip schema they made several stops on the
            road to “Rekindling the Torch of Friendship”. They started
             with a stop at their calendar of events, to know where they
              are going and where they can rest along the way; and end-
               ed with a stop at International , to know where they can
                go for guidance and direction. Every member got a turn
                 at the wheel as evident by their chapter roster which in-
                 cludes a great photo of each member at the helm.

             PrecePtor, laureate & master division
              Coming in at second place in this division is Texas Pre-
              ceptor Eta Chi, Houston who used the history, culture
               and methods behind the Olympic Torch to express this
                year’s theme. Even the programs showcase the theme
                 using the Olympic games. The outline of chapter ac-
                  tivities was well laid out, with great service projects
                   and the calendar is fun and easily accessible as it is eye
                    catching in bright yellow, folded in half and covered
                     with great graphics that really convey the activities.
                     A plethora of information is provided from informa-
                      tion about International and the area city council
                       right down to the chapter’s own history including
                        past officers and accomplishments. This book is
                         truly one for the history books.

                                                          Spring 2009 The Torch 13
                                   ritual of Jewels and exemPlar division
2008-2009 Yearbooks

                                    Louisiana Preceptor Alpha Beta, New Orleans brought home
                                    honorable mention in their division by grabbing your attention
                                     with its vivid colors and playful artwork. This is a hardworking
                                     group of sisiters a is evidenced by their service schedule. They
                                      are though just as likely to celebrate Life, Learning and Friend-
                                      ship. The programs are listed in a unique and interesting way
                                       with both illustartions and program evalautions for members
                                       to fill out after the forums. Their siocials included visiting ma-
                                        jor attractions in the area, and adter reading the decriptions
                                         of the socials, it is enough to msake one rush to the Big easy
                                          and join in on their fun!

                                  PrecePtor, laureate & master division
                                  Missouri Alpha Omega Master, Independence took honorable
                                  mention in the Preceptor, Laureate and Master division with their
                                   elegant yearbook. With a well-thought-out layout that emphasizes
                                    Bets Sigma Phi history, and provides members with all pertinent
                                    information, it will be a shame for the sorority year to and to re-
                                     tire this fine annual. The book is all about “Rekindling the Torch
                                      of Friendship” and displays profound and moving examples of
                                       the theme throughout its pages. It is the kind of book we all
                                        wish we had for every aspect of our life, with explanations and

  14      Spring 2009 The Torch
When I ask for a list to send                   enrollment cost is only $15 and we have a
cards to homebound members,                     special Envoy II pin, certificate, and Ritual.
what do I ask for?                              Just contact the Rushing Department at
The Card list was formerly called the Shut-in
list. They are now two seperate lists. Please
specify which list you need.
                                                What are the procedures to
                                                qualify for the Order of the
We have rushed and have five
new pledges. Where do I get                     The chapter first requests the form, certifying
pledge training material?                       the member has completed 15 active years.
                                                Then the resolution form is then signed for
Go to “” and click on the    certificate, and the special pin can be ordered
Strawberry Patch, where is adequate training    through gifts.
material. Or, the Rushing Department has a
pledge training video. The cost is $15.

                                                Must the member that we want
                                                to nominate for an office be cur-
You have a Legacy program for                   rent on chapter dues and Inter-
little girls, do you have any-                  national annual fees?
thing for our little boys? They
tend to feel left out.                          Yes - on both accounts. The chapter dues are
                                                set at the chapter level but should be paid.
Yes, our Envoy II Program. It is designed for   International annual fees should always be
the chapters to include the sons, grandsons,    current so that member has a voice and vote
nephews and other special young men. The        that counts.

                                                                             Spring 2009 The Torch 15
         ashington Upsilon Master, Rich-
         land member Nadine McJilton was
         reading a magazine in a doctor’s office
one day and came across pictures of unusual
shoes. She started reading the article and im-
mediately thought it would be a good program
material as it was different, informative, and
often amusing.                                        Washington
“I asked each member to bring their favorite          Master,
pair of shoes, the one you just can’t bear to throw   Richland
away,” writes Nadine. “Some were so thrilled          members and
they brought two or three pairs.”                     their chosen
After the program presentation, everyone shared
the story of their shoes – where they had danced
the night away to the sounds of the big bands,
stories about their saddle-shoes from college
days, little baby shoes, and boots just made for
walking. Each member had a story to tell, so it
                                                      A chilling scream...a video recorder caught in a
certainly involved group participation and every-
                                             urgent call to a lawyer...
one seemed delighted to share something that
had been in the closet for years. “We laughed
                                                      These were some of the cryptic clues the sisters
and laughed the afternoon away as one memory
                                                      of Wisconsin Preceptor Phi, Madison used
just lead to another to share,” writes Nadine.
                                                      to uncover the murderer of businessman Josh
                                                      Cleaver. Chapter members and guests, dressed
New York Laureate Phi, Montgomery mem-
                                                      as the characters in the Internet mystery skit
ber Jane DePew put on a program called “Your
                                                      “The Accidental Tourist”, acted out the story as
Pocketbook and You.” First things were first: all
                                                      a part of a fun-filled, mystery-themed program
pocketbooks were measured and weighted. Jane
                                                      at the home of member, Ruth Paulson. Since
had prizes for the smallest, largest and heaviest.
                                                      no one knew in advance who the murderer was,
                                                      members had to use their powers of deduction
Members discussed what your pocketbook
says about your personality. Jane told the
sisters it is a good idea never to put your
pocketbook on your table because of all
the germs it collects on the bottom of it
from shopping carts and other places we
put our pocketbooks, such as on differ-
ent floors that have a lot of germs. Each
member thought of three things that they
could remove from their pocketbooks to
make them lighter.

Let’s take a clue from the program and
clean out our purses. Now don’t you feel
better already?

                                              A Wisconsin Preceptor Phi, Madison whodunit!
16   Spring 2009 The Torch
to unmask the culprit who turned out
to be Josh Cleaver’s business partner,
Drake Brown, aka member Tina Wil-

Nebraska Xi Delta Alpha, Grant
County 2008 president, Denise Boots,
came up with a twist for their chap-
ters programs. She had each member
draw a color at the first of the year.
When they gave their program and it
tied in with the color they drew they
got a little surprise.

Member Linda Brown drew the color
red and had everyone dress in some- Nebraska Xi Delta Alpha, Grant County loves the color
thing red for her meeting. “There are red for Courage...and for the Huskers!
so many things that red represents
or means, such as danger, romance,                 was always quite something. For her program
power, courage, emotions, warnings, heart health, in May 2008, she dressed in a red flapper-type
a republican state at elections, even our Nebraska gown, with head to toe accessories and belted
Huskers,” writes Linda. “These were just start-    out “Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine.” Her
ers.”                                              chapter is so thankful that this is how they can
                                                   remember this bright spirit. “Martha died at a
Everyone had something come to mind with the       very young 86 early this year,” writes chapter sis-
word red. Discussion on what red means in other ter Carol Lynn. “She loved Beta Sigma Phi more
countries was an eye-opener to some. Linda even    than anyone we knew. Carol continues, “She was
played a game where each member had                such a joy to have in our chapter. We called her
to come up with a song, movie or book               the Laureate Zeta Omicron Maxine.” The last
title with red in it. Of course each one             program Martha gave, she read a poem she
got a box of “red” hot tamale candy.                  had written on “What Sorority Means to Me.”
                                                        We would like to share that with you now (in
“Our chapter has a friendship basket                      part).
we draw a name for at each meeting
and if you win, you fill it up with                         I looked out at thousands of women
goodies for the next meeting.                                 They were as far as I could see
It was great to see it full of red                            And I said “These are my Sisters,”
items,” writes Linda.                                          That’s what sorority means to me.
Other colored programs that                                     We have many caring friendships
they have had were pink for                                    And the love we all share is free
breast cancer and green for                                  I am proud to be a Beta Sigma Phi,
recycling. What a fun twist                                  That’s what sorority means to me.
to program giving!
                                                             So thanks for being my sisters
When it was time for Flor-                                   It is all I hoped it would be
ida Laureate Zeta Omi-                                       And Laureate Zeta Omicron
cron, The Villages member                                    You’re what sorority means to me.
Martha Gardner to do her program, it
was difficult to discern who was more                          The late Martha Gardner of Florida
excited, her or her fellow chapter mem-                        Laureate Zeta Omicron, The
bers. For when Martha gave a program, it                       Villages.
                                                                               Spring 2009 The Torch 17
Programs a La Carte
CAREER                                       HEALTH
101 Career and Marriage: Planning            301 Diet: Generalities of Healthful Diet
    for Success
                                             303 Medicine: Exploring Your Interests
102 Learning: Career Preparation
                                             306 Getting The Best Of
104 Career Rewards: Attitudes, Planning          Stress
    and Achievement for Career Rewards
                                             307 Nutrition (for women
106 Life Management: Building a                  only!)
    Successful Support System
                                             310 Pick Up Your Stamina
108 Career and Life Planning: Marketing
                                             311 Walking
    Yourself and Your Skills for the
    Job Market                               322 Healthy Homestyle: Soup
110 Effectively Asserting Yourself           327 Healthy Homestyle: Desserts
114 Entrepreneurship                         329 Healthy Homestyle: Vegetables You
                                                 Want to Eat                                 505 Mental Enrichment: Modern Methods
116 Starting Your Own Home-Based                                                                 For Fuller Lives
    Business                                 331 Wines For All Times
                                                                                             509 Getting Established: Security Through
121 You and Your Environment: What Your      334 Acupuncture                                     Understanding and Planning
    Efforts can Accomplish
                                             335 Water Aerobics                              512 Private Speech: What Our Speech
122 Getting Toxins Out of Your Home
                                             340 Breast Cancer: Myths and Realities              Shows Us To Be
124 You and Your Environment: Organic                                                        514 Winning: How To Be A Winner In Life
                                        343 Women and Heart Disease
    Gardening and Growing a Safe Garden
                                        344 Living With Diabetes                             519 Happiness: What It Takes To Be Happy
126 Environmental Benefits of Recycling
                                        345 Candle Comforts                                  523 Your Personal Score: Relationship Of
HOME                                         346 Rest and Relaxation Soiree
                                                                                                 What You Are and What You Expect
                                                                                                 Of Yourself
204 Rewards Harvested from Family Life
207 Art In Our Houses: Uses of Art
                                             HUMAN RELATIONS                                 524 Perspective On Self: By Looking At
                                                                                                 A Modern Woman
    Elements In the Home                     400 Friendship: Finding, Developing,            525 Perspective On Self: Looking At A
208 Home Planning: The House -                                                                   Modern Man
    Architecture to Finance                  402 Service: The Need To Serve and              529 Communicating Effectively To Build
                                                 Its Rewards                                     Your Child’s Self-Esteem
214 Walls: Decorative Treatment
                                             403 Everyone A Teacher: Teaching As             531 Resolving Conflicts So Everyone Wins
215 Textiles: Practical and Decorative
                                                 A By-Product of Communications              546 Living History
    Uses In the Home
                                             406 Living Fully: Members Sharing               547 The Way We Were
217 Better Lighting: Lighting for Function
                                                 Experience of Living                        548 Women Alone
    and Design
                                             409 A Good Example: Study of A Role             549 Alpha Females
218 Pictures and Mirrors: Their Uses In
                                                 Model For Morals and Customs
                                             413 Sign Language Basics
                                                                                             THE ARTS
219 Accessories In the Home: Reflections                                                     601 Literature - Poetry: Enjoying Poetry
    of Ourselves                             419 My Sister, My Friend                            and Lyrics
222 Outdoor Living: Garden and Lawn          421 Natural Remedies: Menopause                 604 Drama - Theatre: Television, Stage
    Decoration and Use
                                             422 Natural Remedies: Preventing Osteoporosis       and Theatre For Fun
223 Apartment: Decorating and Furninshing                                                    606 Popular Music: For Your Dancing
                                          424    Natural Remedies: Preventing Cancer
    for Comfort                                                                                  and Listening Pleasure
                                          426    Natrual Remedies: Keeping Your
224 Protecting Your Home: Security                                                           607 Creative Expression: Communications,
                                                 Memory Sharp
    Through Knowledge and Planning                                                               Fine Arts, Crafts As Forms Of
                                          428    Natural Remedies: Wrinkles
226 Rearranging Rooms for More Warmth                                                            Expression
    and Style                             431    Natural Remedies: Backaches                 608 The Art Of Photography
228 Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway):       432 Natural Remedies: Allergies                 613 Antiques
    The Ancient Art of Placement for
    Health and Healing                                                                       620 Armchair Traveler: Sydney, Australia
231 Gazing Balls
                                             PERSONAL GROWTH                                 621 Armchair Traveler: San Francisco
                                             501 Perception Of Beauty: Discovering           622 Armchair Traveler: Rome
232 All About Pickles
                                                 The Why Of Beauty
18   Spring 2009 The Torch                                                                   623 Armchair Traveler: Athens, Greece
THE ARTS                                      823 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes: 993 What Person Has Had The Most
                                                  Green Is For Fellowship                      Influence In Your Life?
624   Armchair Traveler: London               824 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes: 994 If You Could Live In Any Period Of
626   Armchair Traveler: Paris                    Orange Is For Loyalty                        History, Which Would You Choose?
627   Armchair Traveler: New York
                                              825 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes: 996 When I Was In High School, People
628   Armchair Traveler: Jerusalem                Violet Is For Service                        Thought I Was....
629   Armchair Traveler: Hong Kong            828 Starting Your Own Book Club             998 The History Of Thanksgiving And
632   Packing For Travel Like A Pro                                                            Harvest Celebrations Around The World
634   Name This Baby-Boomer Tune              ORIGINAL OUTLINES                           999 Lipstick - From The Dark Ages To The
                                                                                               21st Century
635   Paper Making                            900 An Original Outline: Crafts
636   Photo Christmas Ornament                901 An Original Outline: Current Events     BETA SIGMA PHI
                                              902 An Original Outline: Women’s Concerns 1000 Rushing
THE WORLD AROUND US                           903 “We Are Shaped and Fashioned By         1001 Friendly Venture
703 Religion: Generality and Effect               What We Love.”
                                                                                          1019 Rubber Stamping
706 History: Effect On and By Women           985 Harvest Festivals
                                                                                          1026 ABC’s Of Organizing Clutter
710 Estate Planning: Planning for             989 Christmas
                                                                                          1028 Our Chapter Remembers Our Years In
    Retirement and Beyond                     992 The Coffee Expert: Drink Up! -               Beta Sigma Phi.
716 The World Around Us: India and                Delicious Coffee Recipes
                                                                                          1029 The Flat Walter Project
    Southwestern Asia
717 The World Around Us: Eastern Europe
728 The World Around Us: Canada                             Program Order Form
732 How Well Do You Know Your Own City?
733 Herbs                                        •   Circle the numbers of the programs you want on this order form.
736 Chocolate                                    •   Please select no more than 18 programs.
738 Wildflowers                                  •   Only one order form per chapter.
748 Your “Significant Other” and You -
                                                 •   The chapter’s program chairperson retains a copy of your order.
750 The Golden Age - Retiring in Style           Chapter Name
751 From Spouse To Single - On Your
    Own Again                                    Chapter Number
752 Make Your Money Work For You
754 Finding Bucks For Your New Business -        Program Chairperson
    SBA Loans
757 Genealogy                                    Member Number
759 Gateway to the World
764 Cats!                                        Address
765 Dog-Gone Good!: Woman’s Best Friend
766 Surfing The Internet                         City, State, & Zip Code
769 Staying Cool Under Pressure
772 Local Government: Stand Up
    and Be Counted                             101 102 104 106 108 110 114 116 121 122 124 126 204 207 208 214 215
776 A History Of The U.S. Flag                 217 218 219 222 223 224 226 228 231 232 301 303 306 307 310 311 322
777 Preventing Identity Theft                  327 329 331 334 335 340 343 344 345 346 400 402 403 406 409 413 419
778 Understanding a Little about Blindness     421 422 424 426 428 431 432 501 505 509 512 514 519 523 524 525 529
779 Tingting’s T-Shirts                        531 546 547 548 549 601 604 606 607 608 613 620 621 622 623 624 626
LEISURE                                        627 628 629 632 634 635 636 703 706 710 716 717 728 732 733 736 738
801 Hobbies: Sharing Your Interests            748 750 751 752 754 757 759 764 765 766 769 772 776 777 778 779
803 Introduction To Personal Computers
                                               801 803 806 811 820 821 822 823 824 825 828 900 901 902 903 985 989
806 Memory Quilts
811 A Journal Of Self-Discovery Through        992 993 994 996 998 999 1000 1001 1019 1026 1028 1029
    Writing: Recording Thoughts and Ideas      Return to:     Beta Sigma Phi International
820 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:
    Red Is For Courage                                            PO Box 8500
821 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:                       Kansas City MO 64114-0500.
    Yellow Is For Vision
822 Learning The Beta Sigma Phi Attributes:
    Blue Is For Humility

                                                                                                          Spring 2009 The Torch 19
                              Lights! Camera!
G          inny Redder, of Pennsylva-
           nia Preceptor Gamma Phi,
           Lock Haven – has unabashed
devotion to her old English Sheepdog,
Tux, he of the permanent shag hairdo,
a fur coat that is PETA-friendly and a
disposition that showcases those duel
personality traits we love in our guys
- machissmo and vulnerability. Tux
has, in that pawsitively dog-eat-dog
world of camera-ready canines, be-
come a star.

He is a former pin-up model, and is
so doggone in demand that his hirsute
physique will be showcased in not
just one, but two, wall calendars this
year, proving that at age six he is in his
prime. But in his world off camera, he
loves being the pride and joy of Ginny
and her husband Warren. Tux is fea-
tured as the January model in the Brown
Trout Old English Sheepdog Calendar,
and he’s seen in July with two of his sib-
lings in Pet Prints’ OES calendar.
                                             Ginny Reeder, member of Pennsylvania Preceptor Gamma
Tux lives in a pooch perfect world, he      Phi, Lock Haven and her Old English Sheepdog, Tux, strike
is surrounded by love. The Reeder’s
                                            a pose with some of his plush look-a-likes. We would like to
home is easy to spot, it is graced by a 400
pound cement doggie. When you read          thank the Lock Haven Pennsylvania Express for allowing the
this next paragraph it will be abundantly Torch to reproduce this photo.
clear as to why.                                         Ginny said she’s always liked the loveable sheepdogs,
                                                            while her three children were growing up, Molly
Some were placed on this earth to take care of the          was their family member from the breed. Then came
most precious of beings, those four-legged angels we        Chelsea who lived to the ripe old age of 15 and a
call our dogs. Put Warren and Ginny in that category.       half.
When the owner of Tux’s sister called the Reeders,
(she had heard about the major love fest they had           “I just love this breed,” she said. “Somebody asked
with Tux) and confessed that circumstances were             me how I could have so many, and I said it’s like
forcing her to give sister Isabella away, Ginny and         chocolate cake. You can’t have just one bite.”
Warren gladly welcomed her. After all she was family.
After Isabella joined them, Ginny discovered Gabby,         And before our readers think of couches, floors and
a deaf Old English Sheepdog rescued from a puppy            clothing covered with fur, according to Ginny, her
mill. The home also includes Lily, cousin to Tux and        Old English Sheepdogs do not shed. They are also
Isabella. Thrown into the mix is Brandy, a Samoyed          never destructive, and are in awe and have complete
just to mix it up and keep the others from getting the      respect for an invisible fence surrounding the front
big head. This is, of course, figuratively speaking only,   yard.
as sheepdog’s heads are huge.

20   Spring 2009 The Torch
Tux’s worst habit is rolling the
couch cover up into a ball. Lilly
paws at Warren the entire time he
is in his favorite recliner, and seizes
the chance to make it her own every
time he gets up. All of them, like
most dogs, love walks and car rides,
Ginny said. “If you get your keys
and your shoes, they’re at the door
before you are,” she said.

Tux, whose registered name is             Members of West Virginia Laureate Lambda, Princeton got all
Reflections of a Black-tie Affair,
                                          dressed up including hats, purses, and gloves for their meeting with a
completely changed Ginny’s life,
                                          garden party theme, held at the home of Charlotte Thomas. Her yard
prompting her to retire from teach-
ing after 27 years. “I looked at him      was decorated with flowers, lanterns, and a fish pond.
one day and thought, ‘I can’t leave
him,” Ginny recalled. “Even the           The occasion was to greet a very special guest, Deputy J. Ellison Mer-
breeder said I was crazy...but I          cer of the K-9 County Sheriff’s Department, Drug Dog Program.
retired in 2004 because of him and
I’m glad I did.” This reporter does       The deputy brought his dog Max, a German Shepherd, to demonstrate
not think you are crazy Ginny, just       how well trained and obedient the dog was. He also related some
very fortunate.                           instances in which the dog had been successful in helping arrest drug
                                          dealers. The chapter gave a donation of $800 to this worthy program.
“I get a kick out of telling people the   The money was earned in a yard sale in which all members partici-
dogs are easier than kids,” she said.     pated.
“They don’t ask for the charge card
or money, they’re just always there       The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were thankful that
to give you unconditional love.”
                                          they could make a contribution to the community.

    Our sisters have love for
    all animals, not just dogs.
    Dakota, this miniature
    horse, has become an
    Honorary Member of Ne-
    braska Preceptor Al-
    pha Lambda, Nebraska
    City. Dakota appeared in
    the Nebraska City Holiday
    Parade sporting this Beta
    Sigma Phi blanket made
    by the Preceptor Alpha
    Lambda members.

                                                                                         Spring 2009 The Torch 21
 Ohio Laureate
 Delta Beta, Bryan
 collected funds and
 various other items
 to assist the Williams
 County Humane Soci-
 ety. From left to right;
 Pat Jolly, Trudy Day,
 Humane Society Rep-
 resentative, Jean Ely,
 Sue McCartney and
 Sandy Gordon.

M          embers of Florida Xi Kappa
           Kappa, Homestead spear-
           headed a service project for
war dogs and their handlers. Members
collected items for both the dogs and
handlers to send to Iraq. They were
able to collect non-perishable food
items, books, games, toiletries, etc for
the wonderful servicemen and women
dog handlers. They collected dog bis-
cuits, food, and chew toys for the brave
dogs that serve our country.
                                              War dog in Vietman
For information on how
you can make a donation
to the War dogs and their
handlers go to www. and click on
War dogs, located under
Working K-9 Division.

22   Spring 2009 The Torch                 War dogs in Iraq
                   CALLING ALL                          MEMBERS!
                 BEST PROGRAM
It is award season - so why not get on the bandwagon and turn on your most creative switch.
The winning submission will be featured in a future issue of the Torch, along with a photo(s) of the
member responsible for this imaginative endeavor. It will also be added to the Programs a la Carte.
In addition the individual will receive an inscribed certificate, plus a workout suit embroidered with the
Beta Sigma Phi name.
Please follow these guidelines when submitting your program.

   � Create a program that has never been included in any Beta Sigma Phi program listing.
   � Decide what your chapter sisters would like to learn about. What new trends, ideas or discoveries
     have not been covered?
   � Program should read easily. Please detail each step. Demonstrate the organized flow to your
     super program.
   � Bring the program to life. Note the use of CDs, or visual aids to help your program pop.
   � Think about how this program can benefit you as a member by becoming an expert on the subject chosen.
   � Make sure your pictures are in focus, that the subjects are large and that they clearly represent
     your program topic.
   � NO Emailed entries will be accepted

Please attach this entry form with your program idea.

                                        Best Program Contest

Member’s Name:                                                    Member No.:

Chapter Name:                                                      Chapter No.:

Complete Address:

Short Description of Program Subject:

                                                                                       Spring 2009 The Torch 23
                Nursery Rhyme
                ...and the Terra del Sol, California Area Council
In El Cajon, California, a town
just outside San Diego, the
62nd Annual Mother Goose Pa-
rade was recently held. It was
a special day for sisters in Terra
del Sol Area Council (TDSAC).
For they had all participated
in a float parading down Main
street made by sisters in Lau-
reate Kappa Iota, Laureate
Delta Rho, Preceptor Phi,
Xi Beta Xi, Xi Chi Omicron.
And most importantly, the ban-
ner of Beta Sigma Phi proudly

“Our purpose was to get the
Beta Sigma Phi name out to                        forming artists, clowns and the list goes on.
the largest audience possible,” says Sally Wil-
liams of Laureate Kappa Iota. “Sisters walked     The TDSAC was excited about the prospect of
among the crowd of more than 20,000, pass-        being involved in such a famed event. In June,
ing out BSP brochures with 500 embroidered        Laureate Kappa Iota chaired the first planning
bookmarks to women in the crowd. Sisters          meeting to develop a float for submission in
also set up a table on Main Street (the parade    the parade. The word went out to all chapters
route) to pass out brochures with bookmarks,      in TDSAC requesting their participation in
which were made by a Laureate Delta Rho           making a Beta Sigma Phi float a reality.
                                                  “Our committee received an initial financial
The Mother Goose Parade (www.mother-              backing from TDSAC and we were off and run- is the largest parade in San     ning!” says Sally. “The theme of the float was
Diego County and the largest of its type
west of the Mississippi. Each year, the
parade attracts thousands of spectators to
the streets of El Cajon to view the parade
on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The
tradition of the parade is to unite friends
and families on a day which marks the
beginning of the Christmas holiday season;
understanding the value of unity, family
bonding, and social togetherness that are
designed for all ages, races, and ethnici-
ties. This elaborate parade features color-
ful inventive floats, magnificent huge bal-
loons, musicians and bands, dance groups
in spectacular costumes, equestrians, per-

24   Spring 2009 The Torch
selected from an approved list of
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.
After deliberation it was decid-
ed to go with ‘Mary, Mary Quite
Contrary How Does Your Gar-
den Grow?’”

Committees were quickly
formed and the float construc-
tion was completed on the patio
of a sister’s home. Flowers and
butterflies were handcrafted
from recycled donated cardboard, hand-painted    Float judging was based on workmanship, how
and mounted on green metal stakes fastened on    well the group was identified, theme and de-
a wooden base and mounted on large sheets of     sign, and animation and sound. Categories for
plywood painted green to simulate grass.         major awards were Sweepstakes, Governors,
                                                 Mayor’s, Supervisor’s, Commercial, and Found-
A borrowed trellis and garden table completed    er’s.
the scene for Mary’s garden. The nursery
rhyme was piped through two loud speakers        “Congratulations Beta Sigma Phi, we took
to the crowd. Legacy members represented         third, the Mayor’s trophy for best non-profes-
Mary and two “human” flowers and rode on the     sionally constructed float. This project was an
               float. Mary wore a white dress    amazing, out of the ordinary, sisterhood experi-
                 adorned with yellow ribbons     ence - sisters working together for an important
                  and a straw hat crowned with   cause, and promoting membership for an out-
                  yellow roses.                  standing woman’s organization. And we won a

                                                                           Spring 2009 The Torch 25
                                           International Honorary Member

T          here once was an author
           who wrote such classic
           short stories as “The Man
                                          Dorothy Johnson
Who Shot Liberty Valance” and “A
Man Called Horse” and was praised for painstaking research
that, aligned with such fluent prose, prompted critics to make
comparisons to the work of Mark Twain.

But this weaver of great western tales was ahead of the times
in many ways. This writer was a strong and independent wom-
an from Montana. Her name was Dorothy Marie Johnson,
and she proudly became an International Honorary Member
of Beta Sigma Phi in 1963.

Dorothy was born in 1905 in Iowa, and moved shortly there-
after to Whitefish, Montana which became her inspiration for
many of her stories, and where she would make her longtime
home, penning some of the finest western prose ever written.

As a child she loved the freedom and toughness associated
with the new west. In the “The Years and the Wind and the
Rain - A Biography of Dorothy M. Johnson,” author Steve
Smith recalls stories told by Dorothy of an uncle who had to
wear a gun at all times because there people who were look-
ing for him, and the Whitefish police chief, George Tayler,
who wore a gun under his suit at church and loved to blow up
stumps, a skill in great demand when clearing the untouched
land of Montana.

Sheriff Tayler was also very good at gardening, and intro-
duced Dorothy to the world of produce. Smith’s book tells
of Dorothy going door to door, selling her fresh wares. She          She became a voracious reader as well, becoming the “personal
disliked this enterprise, and would much rather be playing ball      editor” for the school newspaper. She also dabbled in politics,
or shooting marbles, two skills at which she excelled. But these     becoming class president. She also acted in plays and was on
fun pursuits did not bring in the money as did the produce and       the debate team. She graduated second out of a class of 22,
one other venture she grew to dislike – selling horseradish!         and wrote later that the girls had no fashion magazines to look
                                                                     at and had idea what to wear so they wore middy blouses with
Smith’s book tells of how Dorothy recalled how the pungent           different material for the seasons, and the only difference in
root had to be dug, scraped, chopped up, mixed with vinegar          style was whether you wore your blouse tight or let it hang.
and put in jelly glasses, before being marketed at a local restau-   Dorothy wrote, in her usual humorous manner, that she wore
rant. He tells of how Dorothy came to hate this task, saying         hers loose, letting it hang, saying that came natural as she had
that scraping the peeling off the horseradish made her cry and       been built along the general shape of a middy blouse in the
adding that it also made it very hard to breathe.                    first place.

She took on many activities that were usually carried out by         All his time during both high school and before, Dorothy
fathers and sons, having lost her own father at age 13. Smith        was thinking ahead to college and how she would pay for it.
recalls how Dorothy said she didn’t mind feeding chickens or         She took a job as a relief telephone operator in Whitefish to
splitting wood, but cleaning out underneath the hen house was        supplement her income, earning $1.65 for an eight-hour shift.
another matter!
26   Spring 2009 The Torch
                                                                      other again, although Peterkin did call her 15 years later.
                                                                     Needless to say, Dorothy obtained a divorce and went back
                                                                     to using her maiden name.

                                                                     Her first sale to a major market had come in 1930 when
                                                                    The Saturday Evening Post paid her $400 for “Bonnie George
                                                                    Campbell.” She truly thought she had it made and that her
                                                                    future as a writer was assured. She was mistaken, and did
                                                                    not sell another story for 11 years.

                                                                     Dorothy did not stay solely in Montana throughout her life.
                                                                    She lived in Washington and had a very successful career
                                                                    in New York City, as an editor of a national magazine. She
                                                                   served as secretary- manager for the Montana Press Associa-
                                                                   tion during the years of 1953 – 1967. These years the stories
                                                                   poured from her, as though she could not get them written
                                                                  quick enough. Her work ethic was prodigious, as was her tal-
                                                                  ent. During those 14 years, she also taught for her alma mater
                                                                  as an assistant professor of journalism.

                                                                  Three of her most read stories were made into successful
                                                                  motion pictures, “The Hanging Tree,” which starred fellow-
                                                                  Montanan Gary Cooper; “The Man Who Shot Liberty Va-
                                                                  lance,” a classic western that teamed John Wayne with Jimmy
                                                                  Stewart, and the uber-successful, “A Man Called Horse,” star-
                                                                  ring Richard Harris, which spawned many sequels. Her novels,
                                                                  “Buffalo Woman” and “All the Buffalo Returning”, captured
                                                                  the changes of both landscape and lifestyle that resulted from
                                                                  white settlement of the western United States.

She went into journalism at age 14, albeit                        Before her death in 1984, she was laden with much deserved
surreptitiously. She became a reporter for the local paper,       honors. She received an honorary Doctor of Letters from the
although the editor was under the impression that her Aunt        University of Montana, the Western Heritage Wrangle Award
Tillie was the one filing the stories. Dorothy said her reason    from the Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the Golden Saddleman
for this job was a burning desire to buy a 22. rifle she saw in   Award of Western Writers of America.
the window of the hardware store.
                                                                  We have provided you with only a sampling of the fascinating
While she had become enamored with writing as a child, she        life of Dorothy Johnson, a person who can best be compared
entered Montana State College (now Montana State University)      to America’s favorite son, Will Rogers. She possessed the same
fully intending to become a doctor. But after finding out what    wit and alacrity at getting to the heart of the matter and his
some of the courses required, the “ick” factor got the best of    same love of people.
Dorothy, and she turned her attention to English. She knew
she had found her calling, although she had once loved writing    Those who knew her tell of her fondness for Beta Sigma Phi
poetry, she began to transition into writing prose.               and our principals. After getting to know Dorothy through
                                                                  the wonderful book by Steve Smith, and other resources, this
When she was 21, she met George Peterkin, a soldier sta-          Beta Sigma Phi became very fond of Dorothy.
tioned at a nearby base. She soon secretly married him, much
to her mother’s chagrin. He left soon after, eventually leav-
ing the army, working odd jobs, all the time compiling sizable    Resources: “The Years and the Wind and the Rain – A Biography of
debts, which Dorothy was left to pay. He soon left for Cali-      Dorothy M. Johnson” By Steve Smith (Available on The
fornia and the marriage was over. The couple never saw each       University of Montana School of Journalism - Missoula

                                                                                                     Spring 2009 The Torch 27
Founder’s Day - 2009Abilene, Kansas
T                his Founder’s Day was a special one in
                 Abilene, Kansas. Abilene was as many of
                 you know, the birthplace of Beta Sigma
Phi. But this year was even more special than the ones that
marked momentous anniversaries. Because now there
stands a lasting memorial to Beta Sigma Phi that all who
visit the town’s historical museum will see.

The ambitious project had its genesis several months
prior, when member Louise Frey of Kansas Alpha Mas-
ter, Abilene arrived at International with a notebook
full of ideas, a list of things that we could retrieve from
our archives, and her husband J.M. along to do any
heavy lifting. Her enthusiasm was infectious and we
were excited as she was. Louise had been donated,
after many sweet inquiries to the business communi-
ty of Abilene, an exquisite large display case, where
she envisioned the story of Beta Sigma Phi being
preserved under glass for future generations.

Upon arriving at the historical museum in Abilene, it
was rewarding to see almost all members in Abilene
present. Everyone chatted and treated themselves to
cookies and punch, anxious for the unveiling of the
archival display case. The display case turned out to be
be fabulous, a true testament to sorority that outlined
the amazing story of our sisterhood.

But also on the agenda was the appearance of the spe-
cial guest, whose identity up until her arrival had been
kept a secret. Everyone was very pleasantly surprised
when the guest of honor turned out to be none other than
Alpha Master member Helen Pepper, the very first member
of Beta Sigma Phi. When Helen spoke in her soft voice, you
could hear a pin drop in the room as the members listened
intently as she spoke. She became emotional as she recalled
how much Beta Sigma Phi had meant to her through the
years, and thanked Walter W. Ross for seeing
his dream come to fruition.

All the sisters were thrilled with her presence,
recognizing that every member has upheld
Helen’s legacy. Helen is truly one of the great-
est gifts that sorority has ever known. Thank
you Helen, for being an such an example of
Beta Sigma Phi at its finest, you truly showcase
the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

28   Spring 2009 The Torch
W          e would like to take this time to honor our
           founder, Walter W. Ross, who believed
           in something so fervently that it came to
pass. He was, at a time when the country was suffering
through a devastating depression, the voice of opti-
                                                         He wrote in his 1956 Founder’s Day address, “Beta
                                                         Sigma Phis are doers and in the doing, so many richly
                                                         rewarding products develop. You will always be rich
                                                         in Life. You will always be rich in learning, too, for
mism. He managed to successfully exchange a concept      you have made the great discovery that the world be-
that could not be held and could not be seen but could   longs to those who can comprehend it.
be felt deeply by those who experienced it – friend-     She is rich in friendships, because she looks upon the
ship. Because of him, more than a million women have     making of new friendships as a high adventure.”
experienced the gift of friendship that Beta Sigma Phi
offers. There have been many women less lonely,          All our members possess the greatest passport to ad-
women much more fulfilled and much more laughter         venture imaginable – Beta Sigma Phi. Here is to many
has echoed in rooms across the world. Because of his     more high adventures.
vision, we are able to connect with someone we do not
know by merely saying, “I am Thy Sister.”
                                                                                      Spring 2009 The Torch 29
l Founder’s Day
            yoming Precep-
            tor Rho, Wor-
            land members
            had a great time
on Founder’s Day! All soror-
ity members were asked to
submit their favorite song.
“We received 29,and every
member was presented a CD
with all 29 songs. All mem-
bers wore black and white. It
was quite a festive affair. The
chapter sent a CD of the fes-
tivities for the Torch staff to
peruse. What fun we had!”
                                       Ontario Laureate Epsilon Theta, Belleville
Ontario Laureate Epsilon
                                                   annual Founder’s Day. They gathered together
Theta, Belleville acted as the hostess for their
                                                   at a local establishment and had a memorable
                                                   time. The chapter supplied the decorations,
                                                   and had a great time making all of the favors.
                                                   Laureate Epsilon Theta member Brenda Thif-
                                                   fault provided entertainment by singing sev-
                                                   eral show tunes for the ladies accompanied on
                                                   the piano by a local musician.

                                                   Legacy member Katelyn Smith, sponsored by
                                                   Sue Moulton of California Delta Iota Mas-
                                                   ter, China Lake, carried out her mistress of
                                                   ceremonies duties quite well at the chapter’s
                                                   Founder’s Day banquet. At a “Through The
                                                   Years” fashion show she wore a dress, shoes
                                                   and hat from the 1940’s, loaned by California
                                                   Laureate Epsilon Kappa, China Lake member
                                                   Doris Bush who wore the same outfit to a New
                                                   Year’s Eve party in 1949. Other models wore
                                                   outfits from the 1950’s to the present.

                                                   Arkansas Preceptor Alpha Mu, Benton was
                                                   invited to the Governor’s Mansion in Little
California Delta Iota Master, China Lake           Rock, Arkansas for Founder’s Day. First Lady
30   Spring 2009 The Torch
Ginger Bebee is
a Beta Sigma Phi
member and in-
vited Greater Little
Rock, Arkansas City
Council to a fabu-
lous Founder’s Day
Awards Banquet.
“Our chapter was
100% in attendance,”
writes Preceptor
Alpha Mu mem-
ber Wanda Price. “
All members in our
chapter helped with
the decorations for
the banquet.”                         Kentucky Laureate Upsilon, Owensboro
                                                   reate Epsilon Kappa, Steubenville was plan-
Anthony, New Mexico chapters Preceptor
                                                   ning their Founder’s Day program, they decid-
Omega and Laureate Alpha Beta had quite
                                                   ed to invite other chapters in the area to join
an eventful Founder’s Day, being joined by a
                                                   them. Seven chapters happily responded and
group of fascinating story tellers for a “Tem-
                                                   about 50 Beta Sigma Phi members attended,
perance Rally.” The group takes on the per-
                                                   making for a very cheerful get-together.
sona of historical persons from the late 1800’s.
“All our sisters on the historical melodrama by
                                                   “We had dinner, had our Founder’s Day Pro-
siding with either the Temperance Union or
                                                   gram and our chapter even provided the
the madam and demon rum, “ says Precep-
                                                   desert,” said Laureate Epsilon Kappa member
tor Omega member Nancy Fairchild. The local
historical asso-
ciation benefited
from their dona-
tions to aid in the
restoration of a
historical cemetery
in El Paso, Texas.
Texas Preceptor
Xi Sigma, Hous-
ton also enjoyed
Founder’s Day at a
local country club
with all members
being presented
with beautiful yel-
low rose corsages.

When Ohio Lau-
                                  Ohio Laureate Epsilon Kappa, Steubenville
                                                                             Spring 2009 The Torch 31
Mary Ann Cavalier. “It was
great getting together and
members want to do it again
next April.”

Queensland Laureate Beta,
Brisbane enjoyed a great
Founder’s Day last year as
they presented their annual
music award. The awards
were $1,000, $300 and
$200. In addition, they were
thrilled to present a $500
encouragement award to a
promising musician chosen
by the area conservatory in
                                      Florida Laureate Zeta Iota, Boca Raton
October. The chapter also
provides a nice dinner after
the ceremony, which is quite
appreciated by the attend-
ees, most of them students
attending mostly.

Florida Laureate Zeta Iota,
Boca Raton celebrated their
Founder’s Day on the water
with a cruise. The ambi-
ance set by the magnificent
weather and the great com-
pany helped all to “Rekindle
the Torch of Friendship.”

Six Trenton, Ontario chap-
ters joined with the sisters
from Belleville to celebrate                    Ontario Xi Beta Mu, Trenton
Founder’s Day. Belleville and
Trenton usually alternate as                      Members of Kentucky Laureate Upsilon,
hosts and last year Belleville were hosts. “They Owensboro joined together with Laureate
did a wonderful job and hosted an entertain-      Sigma and Theta Master to join Indiana Mu
ing and elegant evening,” writes Tina Bowers      Lambda, Tell City members in a Founder’s
member of Ontario Xi Beta Mu, Trenton.            Day celebration.

32   Spring 2009 The Torch
Four Sturgis, South Dakota
chapters hosted their area Found-
er’s Day in an impressive way,
and they did it with no outside
help. Everything, from the food to
the decorations, was handmade.
And the guest count numbered
110, from 10 cities in the Black
Hills. Yellow roses were presented
to 50 guests for various soror-
ity achievements and a delicious
brunch was prepared by one
chapter. Members were rendered
nearly speechless after the event,
coming up with one perfect de-
scription of the gala – spectacular!                 Four Sturgis, South Dakota
                                                 Laureate Alpha Delta, Marrietta, the sisters
                                                 of member Forrestine Cooper honored her for
                                                 also marking 70 years! Congratulations, For-

                                                 Mississippi Laureate Epsilon, Ocean Springs
                                                 enjoyed great weather, company and sur-
                                                 roundings at their annual Founder’s Day. They
                                                 chose to celebrate at the lovely carriage house
                                                 of one of the town’s most famous restaurants.
                                                 All had a fabulous time revisiting the past year
   Elena Cunningham of Nevada Iota               and some of their finest memories of Beta
            Master, Fallon                       Sigma Phi.

The members of Nevada
Iota Master, Fallon, had
an extra special Founder’s
Day, they celebrated the
anniversary of member
Elena Cunningham ‘s
70th year in Beta Sigma
Phi. “Elena is a great lady,
a true Beta Sigma Phi, but
most of all, a wonder-
ful friend,” writes her Iota
Master sister Bobbie Tay-
lor. Congratulations, Ele-
na! Also, at the Founder’s
Day celebration of Georgia
                                       Mississippi Laureate Epsilon, Ocean Springs
                                                                           Spring 2009 The Torch 33
Preceptor Alpha Chi,
Fredericksburg celebrated
Founder’s Day, and remind-
ed everyone in attendance
that this was their very fa-
vorite time of year – because
it is the celebration of the
founding of sorority! Gather-
ing at an historic inn, each
table was adorned with yel-
low roses and a decorative
gift bag awaited each guest.
“This celebration made
Founder’s Day truly memo-
rable, by emphasizing how
Beta Sigma Phi has held true             Preceptor Alpha Chi, Fredericksburg
to the principles envisioned by
Walter W. Ross,” says Preceptor
Alpha Chi member Linda Decatur.

Six chapters of Arkansas Pre-
ceptor Epsilon, Hot Springs
members met at a local country
club to toast the founding of
Beta Sigma Phi and the near-
completion of another great year
in sorority. Chapters represented
were Laureate Epsilon, Xi Beta
Chi, Preceptor Epsilon, Laureate
Mu and Delta Master .
                                        Arkansas Preceptor Epsilon, Hot Springs
                                                             Two Childress, Texas chap-
                                                             ters, Xi Pi Sigma and Xi
                                                             Psi, joined together for a
                                                             festive Founder’s day fete
                                                             at the home of Xi Pi mem-
                                                             ber Diana Clifton. It was a
                                                             superb time, with everyone
                                                             recalling events of the past
                                                             year while looking though
                                                             scrapbooks and reliving
                                                             cherished memories.
                     Childress, Texas chapters
34   Spring 2009 The Torch
Mystery Book Drawing
                                 est selling author   Earlene is close-
                                 and Beta Sigma       ly affiliated with
                                 Phi International    the American
                          Honorary Member Ear-        Library As-
                          lene Fowler has recently    sociation, and
                          completed her latest        has spoken
                          fictional creation, “Love   about writing
                          Mercy”. And now it is       and quilting
                          time to enter your name     at dozens
                          into our drawing and win    of libraries,
                          an autographed copy. If     quilt guilds,
interested, please send in your name and mem-         women’s
ber number to International with attention to the     clubs and
Torch Department, subject: Book Drawing.              char-
                                                      ity events
A native Californian, Earlene Fowler is a prolific    across the
author and an avid hobbyist. A lover of quilts,       country. Earlene is also
folk art, horses and dogs, oral history, cowboy       a member of Sisters in Crime and Women
boots (she owns 25 pairs), the central coast of       Writing the West organizations. A friend of Beta
California and country and western music, it is a     Sigma Phi’s own Laura Ross Wingfield, Earlene
wonder she has any time left over to write!           embodies Beta Sigma Phi’s treasured lifetime ide-
                                                      als of life, learning and friendship.

                                                                           Founder Walter W. Ross
                                                                           enjoys a rattlesnake
                                                                            round-up with longtime
                                                                            friend Joe Abbot and a
                                                                             deceased reptilian char-
                                                                             acter whose identity
                                                                             is in question, due to
                                                                              his proclivity for shed-
                                                                              ding his skin! This
                                                                              photo was taken after
                                                                               Mr. Ross had retired
                                                                               to Arizona, where he
                                                                               was able to spend
                                                                                many quality years.
                                                                                 Spring 2009 The Torch 35
The Last Frontier
by Alaska Laureate Eta, Matsu Valley member Savannah Hargraves

         ur country heard about Wasilla, Alaska during the recent election. The
         small town is in the news again as one of our local Beta Sigma Phi sis-
         ters was featured in a national cooking magazine.

“The Beta Sigma Phi who makes her home near Wasilla was interviewed by the
noted cooking magazine, Penzeys One. Along with a number of other Alaskan
cooks, Jean Hamilton of Alaska Laureate Eta, Matsu Valley was invited to tell
her story of living in Alaska and to share some favorite recipes.

Jean and her husband Barry “pioneered” to Wasilla after falling in love with
Alaska when visiting friends in the area. They sold their property in Arizona
and moved to Wasilla. They purchased a home and opened a Bed & Breakfast
they named Wayside Bed & Breakfast.

In the Penzeys One article, Jean says, “I love all of the nature here. Alaska
has beautiful trees, mountains, lakes and rivers. Moose come up to your door
and cross the highways at a rapid speed. Hunting
wild game and fishing are two huge sports and
the main subsistence for families up here....”

Jean continues, “People in Wasilla are so friendly
and helpful. There’s a feeling of total peace and
tranquility, as if we’ve lived here forever. I have
reconnected with my sorority, Beta Sigma Phi,
and met wonderful new sisters who are so sup-
portive. Together we participate in community
projects and learn more about our gorgeous
state and its history.”

One of the recipes Jean shared in the magazine
is “Crispy Baked Cajun Potatoes,” made from
Alaska-grown Matanuska Valley potatoes. An-
other recipe is “Goose Gumbo,” utilizing our
plentiful geese.

Reflecting on our recent political season, Edi-
tor Bill Penzeys says, “To us at Penzeys One,
cooking is not about one side being right or
wrong—it is about bringing sides together.
Cooking is that act of kindness that heals us
after a busy day.”

Our Beta Sigma Phi sister is a positive em-
issary for Alaska and for our sorority as she
operates her B & B and responds when a na-
tional magazine comes calling.

36   Spring 2009 The Torch
                                                                                          & Breakfast
                                                                               in Alaska

J     ean has parlayed her love of cooking and
      hosting and other fabulous skills into a
      successful Bed and Breakfast habitat. The
Wayside Bed and Breakfast, briefly mentioned
on the previous page, is located in the heart of
                                                       Fishing in the 49th state is as good as it gets, with
                                                       some of the best fishing for King Salmon, silver
                                                       salmon, trout, northern pike is plentiful in the Ma-
                                                       tanuska-Susitana Valley. There are also hunting
the Matanuska-Suistana Valley, where abundant          opportunities. The area regulations for hunting are
beauty surrounds visitors.                             provided on line at

Whatever pastimes you may enjoy, from fishing          A Wayside B & B offers in-house processing ser-
to hiking to canoing and more, the splendor of         vices for both game and fish. If this is of interest
the Matanuska-Suistana Valley offers you a larger      to you, please ask for individual pricing for each
than life landscape to enjoy. ‘Whether your visit      service.
is over night or you are staying for a while to take
in all the scenic attractions, A Wayside Inn is for    To check availability and make reservations for
you.                                                   your stay at Wayside and to enjoy the vacation of
                                                       a lifetime, please contact Jean at www.awayside-
Each morning you can awake to the aroma of    or call her at 1-877-907-2929. She and
gourmet coffee and a delightful continental break-     her husband Barry, along with their black lab, Jet,
fast. In the summertime barbecues are offered on       will be glad to see you.
weekends for an additional charge.
                                                       The Beta Sigma Phi Bed and Breakfast program
The decor in the inn is delightful, which each         was conceived as a member-to-member program
room sporting a different rustic theme. One visi-      intended to benefit the members involved. More
tor favorite is the Cowboy Room, which has a log       information on our Bed and Breakfast program,
post “cowboy bed” and features real “Taming the        please contact Barbara Champion at Internation-
Wild Horses” cowboy photos from well-known             al, 816-444-6800.
photographer J. Cunningham.

                                                                                                      Spring 2009 The Torch 37
International Award of Distinction
     Meet one of the newest recipients of the International Award of Distinction
     (IAD), the highest honor that Beta Sigma Phi bestows on active members.
         Patricia has shown her enthusiasm for all things Beta Sigma Phi.

                                             Patricia Ann Temple
                                                     Texas Preceptor Lambda
                                                     Kappa, Richardson
                                                     Member since 1971

                                           Patricia joined   City Council with the Valentine Ball and area conven-
                                           Beta Sigma        tion.
                                           Phi through
                                           an Interna-       “Whether it’s her chapter, her community, or her
                                           tional Rush       church, where she is a deacon and has been a lead
                                           in Mission,       deacon for three years, Pat always can be counted on
                                           Kansas. In        and she is always ready to give 100% of her time and
                                           those 37 years    energy,” says Carol Moser member of Texas Preceptor
she has served in all chapter offices and committees         Lambda Kappa, Richardson.
many times over. She has also willingly served in these
offices in the Richardson, Texas City Council offering       Cherie Wachholz, Preceptor Lambda Kappa member
her business expertise where needed. In 2006-2007,           says, “Pat Temple is always there and the first to call
she was voted chapter Woman of the Year and City             or volunteer for her chapter as well as other chapters in
Council Woman of the Year by the Richardson City             Beta Sigma Phi. She is like the energizer bunny in that
Council.                                                     she never stops helping until she knows everything is
                                                             fine. This is not just for a year but she has been doing
She has taken the Beta Sigma Phi goals, purposes and         this all her life. “
aims very seriously and lives out what it means to be a
member of Beta Sigma Phi.                                    Patricia was actively involved with the committee and
                                                             chapter Xi Sigma Epsilon that was responsible for the
In the chapter, Pat is the one who finds time to make        Special Olympics event held at SMU stadium in 1984.
the necessary calls, either on the phone or in person to
a sick sister and bring a meal or two, to welcome a new      Patricia received the Order of the Rose, Silver Circle,
member and go to lunch, to take a sister shopping, or        Valentine Sweetheart-numerous times, chapter Woman
perhaps to take another sister on a job interview.           of the Year. Currently she has had 13 years of perfect
                                                             attendance at chapter meetings.
Her energy and enthusiasm have been demonstrated
by her service to the many different Richardson City         “I enjoy being around people and enjoying life. Beta
Council offices and committees she worked on. She            Sigma Phi has given me so many wonderful, close
has served as City Council Vice President, Recording         friends and the opportunity to foster those friendships
Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary and helped            with long lasing memories,” writes Patricia.
38   Spring 2009 The Torch
International Award of Distinction
   Meet one of the newest recipients of the International Award of Distinction
   (IAD), the highest honor that Beta Sigma Phi bestows on active members.
        Janet has shown her enthusiasm for all things Beta Sigma Phi.

                                             Janet M. Baker
                                                     California Beta Pi Master,
                                                     Santa Barbara
                                                     Member since 1963

                                      Janet joined Beta     to Heart” with the heart as her symbol and in 2000-01
                                      Sigma Phi in          the dolphin was her symbol. Besides holding offices,
                                      November 1963         she has been named Girl of the Year several times for
                                      in Sacramento,        her work and dedication to sorority. In 1996 and 2004,
                                      California.           she was chairman of the donation drawings for the con-
                                                            ventions and raised thousands of dollars for our philan-
                                       “Since Janet         thropic projects.
arrived in Santa Barbara she immediately joined a
chapter and became very active again. In her 45 years       Besides being so active in sorority, Janet gives back
of sorority she has held every office in each chapter       to her community as a volunteer. She was appointed
as well as in area council, including president in 1976.    by the mayor of Santa Barbara to be on the board of
The only position she has not held is treasurer and         Directors of Sister Cities. She has served on the board
as she said, “that’s not my thing.” Janet is currently      for over eight years and has traveled to Puerta Villarta
president of our chapter, again. I can’t count the times.   many times and to Kobe, Japan, the sister cities of
When a project was undertaken by the chapter, whether       Santa Barbara.
it was a luncheon or a rummage sale, Jane was there to
help.                                                       Janet has also volunteered for 17 years at the local sher-
                                                            iff’s department and at a local hospital. For many years
She has chaired ways and means projects and socials in      she worked at a popular french festival to earn money
Sacramento and also in Santa Barbara. As a member of        for the community historical theatre. As a member of
California Preceptor Epsilon Nu, Santa Barbara she          the American Business Women of America, she was
served as secretary numerous times. Her next chapter        selected several times as Woman of the Year.
was California Preceptor Alpha Xi, Santa Barbara
where she served on various committees and held sev-        Janet believes in the declarations of our Rituals and
eral offices, particularly philanthropic.                   promotes fellowship and service to Beta Sigma Phi.
                                                            “I have enjoyed serving on boards and traveling with
In the Pacific, California Area Council, Janet has again    Janet throughout California. She has helped me grow
almost held all offices. She has been secretary several     in Beta Sigma Phi,” writes Marcia Niesen-Greiten of
times, was co-editor of the council directory in 1996,      California Preceptor Alpha Xi, Santa Barbara.
and president twice. In 1980-81 her theme was “Heart
                                                                                           Spring 2009 The Torch 39
Chapter Spotlight
        Arkansas Iota Gamma, Ashdown
T    hings are hopping in Ashdown, Arkansas. A
     new chapter, Iota Gamma, is going full-tilt
and is bursting at the seams with energy and en-
thusiasm for all things Beta Sigma Phi.

Their beginning was due to the hard efforts of
Arkansas Delta Xi, Crossett. This Friendly Venture
sprang from the efforts of Legacy and new mem-
ber Donica Dodd Barger. She joined Delta Xi in
2000, and enjoyed her chapter life – it was the
perfect fit. Until life interfered. It was 2004, and
Ashdown, Arkansas was to be her new home.

When she realized the move to Ashdown was
imminent, she knew she could not lose her con-
nection to the great sisterhood. But Ashdown
was far east of Crossett, hours away, near to the
Oklahoma border. But not to worry, where there is
a will, there is usually a sister, and she enlisted the
help of two trusted allies in Delta Xi, her mother
Judy Dodd, and friend Patricia Coody. They were
by her side from start to finish for of this friendliest
of ventures.

In April, Patricia, Judy and LaTisha Dodd joined           about raising money for the community. These
the new chapter in order to perform the Pledge             girls worked hard to ensure the success of Iota
Ritual. The Ritual was conducted for six new               Gamma from the beginning. On May 31, 2008,
pledges. Joining these pledges, only two weeks             they held their first crawfish boil. It’s name was
later, five other pledges took the Ritual. By the          a shoe-in for its success - “Who’s Your Craw-
end of April, Iota Gamma was 12 members strong.            daddy?” They were determined to raise money
                                                           for the high school cheer squad – who no doubt
On May 31, 2008 the eleven new pledges en-                 designed a cheer especially for them. It might go
gaged in their Ritual of Jewels, thus creating 12          something like this - I-O-T-A G-A-M-M-A Rocks,
members of Arkansas Iota
Gamma, Ashdown. Judy
and LaTisha Dodd were able
to attend the Ritual in order
to initiate the pledges.

After pledging, the newly
minted members were intent
on getting the ball rolling,
and they did. The very same
day they were initiated, the
chapter held its first fundrais-
ing event. From the begin-
ning the girls were excited

40   Spring 2009 The Torch
Rocks, Rocks!

Every aspect was cov-
ered. Member April Davis
took care of the adver-
tisements and member
Stephanie Jones was
in charge of the t-shirt
design. Sisters Sherry
Zeigler created the signs
and posted fliers and
Amanda Stuart got many
new sponsors. Members
Karen Steed and Melissa
Kilgore took the time to
organize the event as
well as tend to miscel-
laneous duties required to conduct a fundraiser.
In addition to these tasks, all members took the           “And the crawfish boils are always a lot of fun.
time to sell, sell, sell. They all made sure to bring in   We had a great time serving, socializing, and of
ticket sales so the crawfish boil would be a suc-          course, eating. The crawfish was delicious and we
cess. All in all, the effort was not in vain, with their   cannot wait until our next boil in May.”
efforts raising $1,700. They donated $1,000 to the
Ashdown cheerleaders, and placed the other
$700 in a scholarship fund for graduating seniors.         “Iota Gamma has many ideas for rush,” says
                                                           Donica. “We hope to bring our numbers to great
“With such great success in this fundraiser, we            heights. Many women have already approached
decided to quickly turn around and put on our              us about joining this great sisterhood. We can-
next fundraiser, Battle of the Badges, for Susan G.        not wait to continue to spread the importance of
Komen Race for the Cure,” writes Donica. “We               Beta Sigma Phi to our community. Working for the
were able to donate $400 With all that being               community is important. Thank you Beta Sigma
said, we are now on our 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil           Phi for giving us the opportunity to do good.”
Festival of Tails with high hopes of donating
a scholarship of $500 each to at least four
college-bound students of Ashdown High
School. Also, we donated $250 to the Ash-
down Touchdown Club to help support our
Ashdown Football Team. Go Panthers!”

The chapter is also hard at work to initiate a
Relay for Life in Ashdown. In the fall they will
have their first Legacy Ritual for the many
daughters in the group.

Social time is also a major goal of this fun-
loving chapter. Their first Valentine’s Banquet
was held at a local eatery. In the words
of one of the chapter members, “ We got
dressed up and had a blast celebrating Val-
entine’s Day with our spouses and sisters!”
                                                                                     Spring 2009 The Torch 41
                Cha tter
      L     ouisiana Laureate Pi, Slidell selected the Soldier’s Angels as a
            recent service project. The organization was started in 2003 by a moth-
            er of a deployed soldier, she began to send care packages to the troops
      and rapidly grew to a national, volunteer-based, non-profit organization with
      over 200,000 volunteers. These Angels can be found in all fifty states, Puerto Rico,
      Europe, and several other countries, providing support to our brave men and women
      in uniform wherever we raise the flag of the United States of America. Additional
      information on Soldier’s Angels can be found at The chapter
      adopted a family of a deployed soldier for Christmas and provided food, toys and clothes.
      The chapter also adopted a soldier for the duration of the soldier’s deployment.

M         embers of the Toledo, Ohio City Council
          gathered at a teddy bear store for a Beta
          Bears workshop. Members selected their
bears, stuffed them and the store provided voice
boxes, birth certificates and bows. Many bears were
made and a large selection of various bears were
delivered to homebound Betas and members in
nursing homes. Bears were also passed out at many
nursing homes to those residents who were in need
of a special memento, which came with a warm hug!
The event was such a success that they are planning
on making it an annual event.

Helpful husbands cut out and sanded six ply board
race horses and riders which were painted in the
Beta Sigma Phi attribute colors. Party decorations
included official Kentucky Derby balloons and din-
ner napkins, real horseshoes, and their handmade
race horses mounted in pots of blooming zinnias.

After watching the 134th running of the Kentucky
Derby on television, everyone adjourned outdoors
to the racetrack to watch of the colorful thorough-       horses moved forward with a roll of the dice, advancing
breds compete in the Beta Sigma Phi Stakes. The field     one space each time their number came up. There was
included Undaunted Courage (red), Walter’s Vision         lost of excitement each time the favorites approached
(yellow), Humble Pie (blue), Loyal Lass (orange), Fel-    the finish line. It was a Derby Day celebration we’ll
lowship’s Fancy (green), and Duty Calls (violet). “The    remember fondly for some time!” says member Jeanne
42   Spring 2009 The Torch                                Kelley.
Elsewhere on the bunny
trail, Minnesota Laureate
Pi, Rochester members
annually create approxi-
mately 125 Easter baskets
each year. The completed
baskets are donated to the
Women’s Shelter and to
family services. This is
the seventh year the chap-
ter has chosen this as their
major service project.
The chapter meets the Tuesday before Easter and pro-
duces the finished product by assembly line process.        Delaware Preceptor Omega, Selbyville members are
Baskets are set out in lines on one table, bunnies are      proud emissaries of the Easter Bunny. And she and 35
put on the second table and then color and size matched     of her closest friends, her fellow chapter sisters, meet
to fit. New grass is put around the bunnies and then all    every year the week before Easter to help fill the bas-
the candies in wrappers are artistically strewn around      kets of local children. The group’s specialty is choco-
the bunnies. The whole creation is put into a large clear   late covered eggs. As the ladies huddle around the
plastic bag (donated by a local dentist) and tied with      cafeteria tables at a local middle school, approximately
multicolored curly ribbon. The chapter also gets gener-     1,000 eggs were made. Member Carol Hurley said she
ous monetary donations to help, a local bank donated a      expected the eggtraordinary event to raise thousands of
room to use for their meetings, and a local pizza parlor    dollars for scholarships. Any remaining funds will be
donated pizzas for the sisters to enjoy when the work       given back to the community. “People request money
was done. “We also had great coverage of the event by       when they can’t pay for their heat or their medical
the Rochester Post Bulletin and the local news,” says       bills,” says Preceptor Omega member Lisa Carter. “We
member Patricia Lahey. “ We are not sure who is made        help people when they get in a jam.”
happier; the children receiving the Easter baskets or the
ladies of Laureate Pi in creating them!

 The four chapters of Paris, Ontario - Laureate Al-         spectacular hats decorated with yellow roses.
 pha Phi, Preceptor Alpha Tau, Xi Gamma Al-                 They were delighted when Mystical Ryan won the
 pha and Gamma Pi enjoyed a super social at a               race dedicated to Beta Sigma Phi. The sisters re-
 local raceway. The social event was aptly named            port they enjoyed a fabulous evening of good food,
 the Yellow Rose Derby Trot. All members wore               friendship and fame.
                                                                                          Spring 2009 The Torch 43
W          e would like
           to take this
           time and thank
all the members who
have written and called
after hearing of the
passing of Internation-
al’s Bill Ross. No one
more so than Bill would
appreciate such warm
regards. He was a very
vital part of sorority and
will be greatly missed.
We apologize for print-
ing his birthday as Janu-
ary 8, 1923, when it was
indeed February 1923.

                             (Front Row) L-R) Judy and Linda Ross with (Back Row L-R) their father Bill
                             Ross, their grandfather Walter W Ross II, and their great-grandfather
                             Walter W. Ross Senior.

     W           ith the Beijing Olympics behind
                 them, California Delta Nu Omega,
                 Shingle Springs members visit the
     Temple of Heaven, with the Great Wall of
     China next on their must-see list. “This trip to
     China was an experience of a lifetime and per-
     fectly timed before the Olympics,” writes Delta
     Nu Omega sister Joan Darling. “We loved the
     people and were awestruck by the Great Wall
     and the Forbidden City. We recommend this
     trip to all sisters everywhere.”

     California Delta Nu Omega, Shingle
     Springs members - Front row ( L to R)
     Sharon Wulf, Joan Darling back row (L
     to R) Judith Potor, Sue Owen, Patricia
     Bertram and Sandi Conry

44   Spring 2009 The Torch
      Member Services                                                        Rushing Information
             Free Information Flyers                                 Friendly Venture(creating a Ritual of Jewels chapter)
   Contest Rules         Programs à la Carte                           I’m curious; send me a brochure on Friendly Venture.
   Theme Art  Bed & Breakfast Info.                                    I’m ready to get started; send me the kit.
   Scholarship Rules (deadline: January 31, 2009)                   This will be an:
   Gift Selections                                                   Individual  Chapter  City Council Project
           Check under the downloads section of                      The location of the chapter will be:
  for scholarship
               applications and more forms.                          There is an easy way to print the following forms from the Internet.
Your Name:____________________________________                       Just visit Scroll down to the area called FILE
Address:______________________________________                       CABINET and register. You can also email us at
State:___________________    Zip:_________________                   to request any rushing material.
Member #:____________________________________                         Legacy Membership                 Envoy Membership
Phone:________________________________________                       Rushing Supplies
Mail to: Beta Sigma Phi International
                                                                         Application for membership (quantity________)
         Attn: Service Department                                        Beta Sigma Phi Brochure (quantity________)
         PO Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114-0500                           Pledge Training Kit - (you can get a complete pledge training kit
         or Fax to: 816-333-6206                                     from Strawberry Patch by visiting
     Insurance Information
     Member Services                                                  List of prospective members and members-at-large
                                                                     List zip codes in your area - required.
     Beta Sigma Phi - Group Insurance
    Beta Term Life - Economical group rates $10,000
                                                                     Recommendation for Membership
to $150,000. Spouses and dependent
                                                                     Her Name:_______________________________________
children are also eligible.
    Hospital Indemnity - $60, $90, or $120 daily
hospital benefit plus double benefits for                            City:______________________________ State: _________
cancer or intensive care. Spouses and dependent children are         Zip:___________________________ Age:______________
also eligible.
                                                                     Phone (required): (_______) - (_______) - (___________)
   Senior Term Life - Available to members and their
spouse age 50 through age 99.
                                                                     Miscellaneous Information
                                                                     Your Name:_______________________________________
   Joint Term Life - “First to Die” covers both husband
and wife and pays a benefit to the surviving spouse in the event a
spouse dies. Benefits available from $10,000 to $150,000.            City:_____________________________________________

    24-hour AD&D - Up to $250,000. Day care and edu-                State:___________________          Zip:_____________________
cation benefits are provided with family coverage.                   Member #:________________ Chapter #:_____________
   Chapter/Council Liability and                                    Phone:___________________________________________
    Chapter Accident Insurance
                                                                       Mail to:Beta Sigma Phi International
Mail to:Beta Sigma Phi International                                             Attn: Rushing Department
         Attn: Insurance
        PO Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114-0500
                                                                                PO Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114-0500
        or Fax to: 816-333-6206                                                 or Fax to: 816-333-6206

                                                                                    The Torch       December 2008 / January 2009 37
                                                                                                          Spring 2009 The Torch 45
                 2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9 C h a p t e r Ya r d s t i c k
It is Yardstick time again! The Yardstick is a vital
chapter tool - measuring how your particular                              Special arrangements will be made with new chapters
chapter has met goals during the sorority year                            organized less than a year ago. Chapters who have
of 2008-2009.
                                                                          Friendly Ventured during the 2008-2009 year will earn
In order to give chapters more time to complete                           a special four-star rating. For more information, contact
the Yardstick, the form now appears in the April                          the toll-free membership hotline at 1-888-BETA-2B1
Torch. Please return the completed Yardstick
form to International. The Yardstick deadline is
August 20, 2009.                                                                                       0 - 199           =
Return the Yardstick to your division chairman at                                                    200 - 299           =
Beta Sigma Phi International, P.O. Box 8500,                                             300 points and above            =
Kansas City, Missouri 64114-0500. If you are                                   Friendly Venture in 2002 - 2003           =
in doubt of who your respective division chair-
man is, consult the inside cover of this issue.
                                                                                       YARDSTICK STAR RATING
Yardsticks on-line? Go to                            Note: Please remember that because of the
and scroll down to Yardstick banner or on the                            various sizes and locations of the chapters
Beta Sigma Phi website under “Downloads.”                                worldwide, the star rating may not sufficiently
Chapters whose Yardsticks are received by                                categorize the activities of the chapter. Again,
August 20, 2009 will be published with their star                        this is only a measuring tool, not a rating of the
rating on the Beta Sigma Phi website.                                    chapters themselves.

              Officer and Committee Chair Information
                      Order these helpful packets, and get the info you need fast! Check off the packets or special
                          materials you are interested in, and mail this completed form to the address below.
  CHAPTER PACKET                                                      RUSH PACKET
      (Also featured on under “downloads”)              Includes rushing instructions, membership applications,
  CAREER CHAPTER PACKET                                                 vice-president’s newsletter, benefits.
      (Also featured on under “downloads”)            TORCH PACKET
                                                                         Includes contest details and publicity information.
  Invitation to Life - $1.50                                          Book of Beta Sigma Phi - $1.50
                                                                       Ritual Book - $3.00
  Alternate Rituals - $1.00 (shortened versions of the Pledge         Pledge Training Video - $15.00
      and Ritual of Jewels with simplified language - also included
                                                                      Shipping & Handling is calculated by weight.
      in Ritual Book)
                                                                      - SEE CHART OR CALL FOR PRICING -

      Please include check or credit                                  Subtotal:
                                                                      Shipping and Handling:
      card information with your order.
 Name:                                                    Member Number:
 Chapter Name:                                            Chapter No.:
                                     OR FAX TO: 816-333-6206

46   Spring 2009 The Torch
                  2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9 C h a p t e r Ya r d s t i c k
PLANNING                                                                  _____ Progression (45 pts. max)
_____ Executive Board Meetings (10 pts. max)                                    5 points for each event encouraging progression to your
      10 points for meetings held as needed.                                    chapter, 5 points for each eligible member that progresses to
_____ Regular Meetings (18 pts. max)                                            your chapter.
      1 point for each meeting.
_____ Attendance (12 pts. max)                                            _____   TOTAL (186 points possible)
      10 points for percentage of attendance. Example: 7 points for
      70%, etc. Members on leave-of-absence and shut-ins not              C U LT U R A L
      counted against percentage. 2 points for consistent system          _____ Programs (36 pts. max)
      of notifying members of time and place of meetings.                       2 points each for a formal program (30 minutes), 1 point each for
_____ Finance (19 pts. max)                                                     an informal program (cultural outing). One program per meeting.
      10 points for preparation of chapter budget that limits the         _____ Program Presentation (36 pts. max)
      cost to an amount the members agree is not a burden to                    2 points for a program presented by two or more members.
      each member. 7 points for a major money-making project,                   One program per meeting.
      2 points for a minor project.
                                                                          _____ Chapter-Wide Discussion (18 pts. max)
_____ Cooperation (44 pts. max)                                                 1 point for discussion guided by leader following the presentation,
      5 points for participation in City Council or executive coord-
      inating committee. 10 points for committee planning and                   allowing each member’s participation.
      handling preliminary details before meetings. 2 points for          _____ Audio-Visual Aids/Demonstrations (12 pts. max)
      each month’s chapter minutes and report forms sent to                     1 point for each program in which audio-visual aids or
      International by the end of the month. 5 points for City                  demonstrations are used requiring participation by members
      Council participation.                                                    (i.e., games, quizzes, etc.).
_____ Book of Beta Sigma Phi Review (36 pts. max)                         _____ Programs on the Shelf (20 pts. max)
      3 points for each month activity pursued.                                 5 points for each program prepared for emergency use.
_____ Publicity (10 pts. max)
      5 points for each major project, 2 points for each minor project.   _____   TOTAL (122 points possible)
_____ Phone or Email (10 pts. max)
      5 points for having a phone or email tree to get the news out to    BONUS POINTS
      chapter members.                                                    _____ Establishing a New Chapter (10 pts. max)
                                                                                5 points for Friendly Venture reservation, 5 points for presenting
_____   TOTAL (159 points possible)                                             Beta Sigma Phi to prospective members.
SOCIAL                                                                    _____ Receive a FOUR-STAR RATING when your chapter
_____ Planned Social Calendar (30 pts. max)                                     completes a Friendly Venture!
      30 points for planning the sorority year by September 1.            _____ Wider Social Horizons (16 pts. max)
_____ Social Balance (60 pts. max)                                              10 points being a sponsoring chapter of a convention, area
      5 points for each traditional social held (Founder’s Day,                 meeting or workshop, 2 points for representation at a convention,
      Beginning Day, etc.), 4 points for each informal social held.             area meeting or workshop.
      10 points for city-wide social. 2 points for interchapter social.   _____ Community Service or Cultural Event (15 pts. max)
_____ Attendance (10 pts. max)                                                  5 points for each major project, 2 points for each minor project.
      10 points for attendance of members at social functions.            _____ Chapter Assistance (20 pts. max)
      (10 points equals 100%, 7 points equals 70%, etc.)                        4 points for each active member serving as an advisor.
_____ Time for a Good Time (18 pts. max)                                  _____ Legacies and Sponsored Members(10 pts. max)
      1 point per meeting, dining, and for allowing time to socialize.          1 point for each member who enrolls one or more in the
_____ Sending Cards (5 pts. max)                                                Legacy or sponsored member program.
      5 points for sending cards to members for occasions such as         _____ Assisting Community Chapters (45 pts. max)
      illness, birthday, etc...
                                                                                15 points for assisting a small chapter with rushing or progression
_____   TOTAL (123 points possible)                                             activities. 2 points for each personal recommendation of an
                                                                                out-of-town candidate, max. 20 points. 1 point each for contacting
MEMBERSHIP                                                                      transferees or prospective members for your chapter or intro-
_____ Membership Plan (20 pts. max)                                             ducing them to another chapter, max. 10 points.
      10 points for each rushing program.                                 _____ Contest Entries (6 pts. max)
_____ Pledge Training (36 pts. max)                                             1 point for each entry in any International contest.
      2 points per pledge training session from Invitation to Life.
_____ Success (65 pts. max)                                               _____ Member Survey (10 pts. max)
      5 points for each pledge added to your chapter during the                 10 points for surveying members’ interest.
      sorority year. 5 points for chapters with 10 - 20 members.          _____ Envoys (10 pts. max)
      10 points for chapters with more than 20 members.                         1 point per Envoy member.
_____ Transfers and Reinstatements (20 pts. max)                          _____ Theme (10 pts. max)
      5 points for each member transferred into the chapter, each               10 points for implementing theme in chapter activities.
      inactive member reinstated, and each member-at-large added.
                                                                          _____TOTAL       (152 points possible)

 Submitted by:                                                                          Chapter #:
 Chapter:                                                                               Member #:
 City/State / Zip:
 Date:                                                                                  Total No. of Points:

                                                                                                                   Spring 2009 The Torch 47
                  Spring Parade
 Here comes our Spring Parade of Legacies! These
 lovely young ladies will be proud members some                                       Harper Neitzey
day, and we can’t wait! They are all stars in the mak-                Sponsor: Texas Preceptor Xi Sigma, Houston
  ing, girls who love their families, and of course...                         member Mary Anna Madden
                     Beta Sigma Phi!                                  “Harper is very active in dancing, singing, girl scouts and playing
                                                                                           percussion in the band.”

              Alexis Sky Lofton                                            Vanessa Marie Villarreal
          Sponsor: Florida Xi Eta Xi, Cocoa                              Sponsor: Florida Xi Nu Delta, Dunnellon
              member Deborah Keeton                                            member Sharon Zeltakalns
 “Alexis is a sweet girl and the pride and joy of her grandmother.”          “Vanessa enjoys writing, drawing and basketball.”

          Carleigh Mercer Wood                                                 Rachel Margaret Wood
     Sponsor: Florida Xi Nu Sigma, Avon Park                              Sponsor: Florida Xi Nu Sigma, Avon Park
           member Ruth Mercer Wood                                              member Ruth Mercer Wood
       “Carleigh is a special young lady with a bright future.”         “Rachel is excited to be a Legacy and future member of Beta
48   Spring 2009 The Torch                                                                       Sigma Phi.”
   Carys L Widmer, Kadee L Hackler, Trinity

E Ehrhart, Kathryn R Vernon, Mariah N Pugh,                                             Isabella Felice DeFerrari
  Brianne C Alexander and Hannah G Pugh                                                Sponsor: California Gamma Sigma Mas-
          Sponsor: Texas Laureate Alpha Omega, Denton                                   ter, Sacramento member Norma Pippig
        “These ladies are full of excitement for their futures in Beta Sigma Phi.”      “Isabella is always smiling, loving and eager to learn.”

                                                                                     Sarah and Sydney Pewitt
Kassidy and Kennedy Tucker                                                      Sponsor: Tennessee Preceptor Alpha Pi,
                                                                                  Manchester member Linda Rhodes
   Sponsor: Texas Eta Mu, Bay City member                                 “Both of these precious sweethearts love the fall, their ready to go in
              Nichole S. Tucker                                                                their matching red outfits.”
         “Both girls look sweet in their matching pink outfits.”

                                                                                       Kaylee Ann Forthman
              Kaylee Madison Jones                                             Sponsor: California Gamma Epsilon Master,
                                                                                  Eureka member Kathleen Fredrickson
    Sponsor: Oklahoma Delta Lambda, Poteau                                   “Kaylee loves spending time at the family ranch and loves crafting
         member Sherry Marie Keisman                                                               and scrap booking.”
           “Kaylee is a cute little one with an incredible smile.”                                                Spring 2009 The Torch 49
           Morgan Moody, Aubrie Scranton,
     (Back row l-r)
                                                                                            Chelsey Leigh Easter
Kelsey Ann Doty, (Front row l-r) Melissa Steele, Mari-                                       Sponsor: Missouri Preceptor
         ela Dolan, Kaitlyn Lea Doty                                                        Epslion Omega, Joplin member
                                                                                                    Kimberly Easter
Sponsor: Florida Preceptor Eta Sigma, New Port Richey                                    “Chelsey enjoys community service, her favorite
     “These girls can’t wait to be the next generation of Beta Sigma Phis.”             service work involves children with medical needs.”

             Neva Moon Abbott                                                            Emma J Wright
                                                                          Sponsor: Georgia Lambda Alpha, Newnan
Sponsor: Wyoming Laureate Lambda, Casper                                            member Gloria Ionta
         member Deanna Archibald                                                   “Emma’s a vision in sunflowers and pigtales.”
           “Neva is so precious in her dress and hat.”

            Morgan Ann Shackelton
       Sponsor: California Preceptor Phi, El Cajon
               member Susan Shackelton
                                                                                       Shelby Joy Allcorn
                                                                          Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta, Sebring
                      “Morgan is caring and full of zeal.”                         member Stacy Joy Allcorn
50   Spring 2009 The Torch                                                    “Shelby is a lovely young woman with a very bright future.”
                                                                  Shannon Alvarez, Kimberly McMahan
                                                         (Back row l-r)
                                                           holding Audry Olson, (Front row l-r) Shelby Knafla
                                                                     and Sydney McKellar
      Natalie Swinhoe                                         Sponsor: California Xi Rho Chi, West Sacramento
Sponsor: New Mexico Preceptor                             “These sweet girls are dressed for the sun and ready for anything that comes
Beta, Los Alamos member Claire                                                             their way.”
“Natalie is wholeheartedly waiting to be a mem-
             ber of Beta Sigma Phi.”

                                                  Paigelyn Rene Cord
                                                  Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha
                                                     Zeta, Sebring member
                                                         Michelle Cord
                                                  “Paigelyn is such a bright and cheerful

 Lyndie, Kaylee and
                                                                young girl.”
                                                                                            Gabriella Aydé Dion
                                                                                              Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha
    Alexa Neal                                                                                   Zeta, Sebring member
                                                                                                     Kimberlee Dion
 Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha
                                                                                            “Gabriella has a love of nature and a thirst for
Zeta, Sebring member Jodi Neal
“These sisters are ecstatic about becoming
         Beta Sigma Phi sisters.”
                                                                                                            Spring 2009 The Torch 51
            Kylie Sue Caputo                                           Kayla Suzanne Ming
      Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta,                          Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta, Sebring
       Sebring member Tammy Caputo                                          member Valerie L Ming
           “Kylie is a very talented and smart girl.”                        “Kayla is all smiles and full of life.”

                Krista Marie Blocker                                       Paige Elizabeth Kaser
         Sponsor: Oklahoma Alpha Master, Tulsa
                                                                    Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta, Sebring
               member Nancy Kay Blocker
                      “Krista is always camera ready.”                         member Dacia Kaser
                                                                        “Paige is such a little lady with an endearing smile.”

                           Jordan Jacobs
          Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta, Sebring                     Jessica Lynn Townsend
                      member Heidi Taylor                                 Sponsor: Florida Alpha Alpha Zeta,
                      “Jordan is ready to reach for the stars.”           Sebring member Beckie Townsend
52   Spring 2009 The Torch                                               “Jessica is sweet in pink and ready for fun times!”
                                                                                      Gabrielle Townes
                                                                             Sponsor: California Preceptor Phi, El
                                                                                Cajon member Patricia Beatty
                                                                                            “Gabrielle is very sweet.”

     Isabella Gale, Priscilla Ann and
           Rachel Erin Pomeroy
Sponsor: Illinois Psi Delta, Plainsfield member
                Heather Pomeroy
      “These sisters are sharing and caring young ladies.”
                                                                                       Campbell Beatty
                                                                              Sponsor: California Preceptor Phi, El
                                                                                 Cajon member Patricia Beatty
                                                                                           “Campbell is very precious.”

                                                        (l-r)   Nicole Marie, Robert Wesley III (Envoy II)
                                                                     and Faith Eileen Rawlins
   Michelle Lee Gray                               Sponsor: New Jersey Laureate Nu, Toms River member
  Sponsor: Iowa Kappa Kappa,                                          Eileen Rawlins
  Lamoni member Diane Gray                                              “These triplets are triple the fun.”
“Michelle is so kind and such a hard worker.”                                                             Spring 2009 The Torch 53
 2009 Dorothy and Walter W.

     Beta Sigma Phi is proud to announce the new recipients of the
     Dorothy and Walter W. Ross Scholarship Fund. We are quite
     honored to publish the names of these exemplary students, along
     with the chapter who sponsored them and their field of interest.

                             Ashley Guenther
                             Sponsored by Kansas Sigma Upsilon, Ottawa

                                                         Charlotte Lane
                                  Sponsored by Kansas Preceptor Epsilon Eta,
                                                            Johnson County

                             Melissa Leneweaver
                             Sponsored by Arizona Xi Delta Zeta, Chandler

                                                   Kathryn Ann Preidt
                               Sponsored by Indiana Lambda Chi, Shelbyville

                              Carley Shumate
                              Sponsored by Colorado Laureate Rho, Colorado Springs

54   Spring 2009 The Torch
Ross Scholarship Recipients
                                      Christy Whitcomb
    Sponsored by California Preceptor Theta Iota, Santa Cruz
                                               Interior Design

             Nadine Janecek
             Sponsored by Colorado Preceptor Alpha Zeta, Lamar
             Veterinary Medicine

                                   Jane Lindsay Hallinan
     Sponsored by Pennsylvania Laureate Zeta Theta, Altoona
                                                Interior Design

             Caroline Campbell
             Sponsored by Virginia Preceptor Delta Rho, Yorktown

                                        Joshua Papacek
            Sponsored by Minnesota Laureate Nu, Burnsville
                                              Aquatic Biology

             Heather Venem
             Sponsored by Minnesota Delta Zeta, Eagle Rock

                                                                  Spring 2009 The Torch 55
                                                           Nicole Parenti
                   Sponsored by Florida Laureate Alpha Upsilon, Titusville

                             Jessica Weaver
                             Sponsored by Florida Preceptor Alpha, Sarasota

                                                      Alexander Jennings
                              Sponsored by Florida Xi Mu Beta, Port St. Lucie
                                                               Music Education

                             Jessica Marie Aucoin
                             Sponsored by Louisiana Laureate Alpha Gamma, Baton Rouge
                             Electrical Engineering

                                                Catherine Ann Pinkham
                               Sponsored by Maine Laureate Sigma, Winslow
                                                      Advertising and Marketing

                             Genevieve Wassill
                             Sponsored by Alberta Alpha Master, Calgary

56   Spring 2009 The Torch
                                      Allyson Gibson
Sponsored by Oregon Preceptor Alpha Nu, The Dalles

    Alayna Mackey
    Sponsored by Washington Omicron Master, Renton

                                   Shelby Kauitzsch
                   Sponsored by Texas Xi Epsilon, Sequin
                                      Elementary Education

     Megan Wanee
     Sponsored by California Alpha Iota Master
     International Relations

                               Jennifer Lynn Baxter
        Sponsored by Tennessee Xi Beta Xi, Carthage
                                           Music Education

     Maria Jorgensen
     Sponsored by Iowa Xi Gamma Gamma, Sioux City
     Aerospace Engineering
                                 The charter members of Russell, Iowa’s first chapter of
                                 Beta Sigma Phi. Some have stayed in Russell, and
                                 some have left, but for all of them, their commitment to
                                 sorority remains strong.
                                                               Spring 2009 The Torch 57
                                                                 Kara Mathis
                                        Sponsored by Iowa Pi Beta, Clear Lake

                             Anna Swan
                             Sponsored by Montana Preceptor Omega, Polson

                                                              William Young
                        Sponsored by Arizona Xi Delta Omicron, Show Low

                              Kaitlin Wicher
                              Sponsored by Idaho Alpha Master, Boise
                              International Relations

                                                        Serena Marie Dancie
                             Sponsored by Utah Laureate Zeta, Salt Lake City

                             Naomi Francis
                             Sponsored by British Columbia Alpha Xi Master, Delta
                             Linguist / Translator / Anthropologist

58   Spring 2009 The Torch
                                         Raymie Wheeler
          Sponsored by Texas Preceptor Omicron Theta, Electra
                                               Criminal Justice

ΒΣΦ Exemplar Fund Scholarship Recipients

  Exemplar Fund scholarship awards are given to those
   members who have decided to continue their higher
  education. Congratulations to the following members
          who will receive scholarship funds.

                Holly Kersten
                Sponsored by North Dakota Alpha Tau, Minot

                                           Sylvia Maack
                     Sponsored by Kansas Beta Mu, Lawrence
                                             School psychology

                Margaret Wintenburg
                Sponsored by Florida Alpha Alpha Xi, Tampa

                                                                  Spring 2009 The Torch 59
60   Spring 2009 The Torch
Spring 2009 The Torch 61
                                  TORCH                                                          Theme Seals 2008-2009
                                    Theme Charm 2008-2009
gift items for March / April 2009 TORCH                                                          Proudly displaying the 2008-2009
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                                                                                                              Ritual Votive
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                                    No.520 [4oz].....$7.25                    Three easy ways to order gifts!

      62                           Gift Department 1-800-821-3989 monDay thru friDay 8:30am to 5:00pm 2008-09 Gift SelectionS
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                                         Three easy ways to order gifts!                    Chapter Name:

          PHONE: 1-800-821-3989                    MAIL: Beta Sigma Phi Gifts                                E-MAIL
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Name of Most Recent Chapter:___________________________________ Chapter Number:________________________

Relocating to another City?         I would like to be contacted for a new chapter affiliation.

                                                                                   The Torch        December 2008 / January 2009 47
                                                                                                          Spring 2009 The Torch 63

  The Torch
 of Beta Sigma Phi
 (USSN 0888-8930)
   P.O. Box 8500
  Kansas City, MO

   For Canada:
   P.O. Box 122
 Niagara Falls, ON
     L2E 6S4

       Beta Sigma Phi Memories
               By: Juanita M. Riedel
               Michigan Theta Master, Jackson

   am submitting this “memory” in honor of      To make a long story short, Elsie arrived
   our friend and counselor, Bill Ross. My      and recognized the black and gold ribbons
   memory of being in Sydney, Australia,        I was waving on the Sydney shore. Later, I
when he needed me, will never be forgotten.     was able to gather a group of women I had
                                                met during my short time in Australia, one
When the phone rang one day, I was on a         of whom was my next door neighbor, Valerie
ladder painting the walls of our new home in    Werner. She was the first member to accept
the suburb of Turramurra. Bill’s voice was      the invitation and became their first presi-
a welcome surprise. He told me of a visitor,    dent of Beta Sigma Phi. The enthusiasm of
Elsie Guenther, who was due to arrive soon      those first members will always be among my
by ship in Sydney. He told me of his desire     favorite memories. Their husbands, however,
to have Beta Sigma Phi chapters in the coun-    were leery of such an idea. Shortly after-
try down under. Would I meet her when she       wards, one of the men told me how much
arrived and assist her in this effort? My re-   Beta Sigma meant to his wife. They became
sponse was immediate. Of course, I would be     our champions from the word “Go.”
delighted to be of service. I was a long-time
member in chapters in Kansas, New Hamp-         And now, Beta Sigma Phi chapters can be
shire, and Michigan, and was used to meeting    found from coast to coast in that far-away
new friends this way.                           country.

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