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Mare Island Technology Academy


									                               Mare Island Technology Academy
                              Board of Directors Regular Meeting
                                         June 15, 2010

The regular meeting of the Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors was held on
Tuesday, June 15, 2010. The meeting was called to order by Board President, Bonnie Katz at
4:32 p.m.

Members present: Gregg Goins, Cody Hazeltine, Joe Jones, Bonnie Katz, Kent Peterman,
Lynne Vaughan, and Gary Williams
Members absent: Jaime Guzman
Ex-officio Members present: Rick van Adelsberg
Ex-officio Members absent: Leslie Norinsky
Others present: Matt Smith (MIT Director July 1, 2010), Rosa Pineda, Charity Romstad, Dave
Vogele, Jillian Vogele, Steven Feller, Toni Feller, Mark Beland, Nicolette Danielson, Julie Vogele,
and Brenda Franks (Recording Secretary)

The Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors recessed this meeting at 4:43 p.m. to
convene in Closed Session.

Conference with Labor Negotiator
Public Employee: Discipline/Dismissal/Release
Pupil Discipline

The Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors reconvened in Open Session at 5:30
p.m. with the following report:
      The board accepted the resignation of a certificated teacher.
      The board released a certificated teacher from employment.
      The board took action to terminate enrollments for Student #09-006, Student #09-007,
      Student # 09-009, and Student # 09-010.
      The board took action to suspend termination of enrollments for Student #09-008 and
      Student #09-011.

On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Gregg Goins, the Board of Directors approved the
agenda as printed.

On motion of Joe Jones, seconded by Gregg Goins, the Board of Directors approved the minutes
of the regular board meeting on May 11, 2010, and special board meetings on May 8, 15, 26 and
29 and June 3, 7, and 9, 2010, as printed.
Welcome Barbeque – Rosa Pineda
Ms. Pineda presented information to the board for a welcome barbeque to take place near the
beginning of the 2010-2011 school year. The purpose for the event is to build community,
educate parents about PTN/ELAC, parent volunteer opportunities, etc. The event will be funded
by PTN and ELAC. The board suggested alternative dates for the event. The VOORP committee
will join in the planning of the event.

There was no public comment.

a. Director’s Report: Rick van Adelsberg
    Summer School will run from June 21 to July 16 (19 days). The purpose of summer school
      is High School credit recovery only. There will be a total of eight session (five classes in
      morning, three classes in afternoon. The teachers have been hired and a summer school
      meeting will occur on Thursday, June 17 at 1:00 p.m.
    A uniform committee has been formed and will be working next year on both student
      uniform and staff dress code: Gary Williams, Julie Vogele, Christine Garrabrant, Rosa
      Pineda, Debra Fliehmann, Nicole Mallari make up the committee.
    Health Benefits – The health benefits committee met with Yvonne Sanusi, from Regional
      Employee Benefits. She presented MIT with viable options for medical insurance for our
      employees with an estimated savings of $10,000 per month to the school and employees.
      MIT needs to take action soon as new rates from CalPERS will be published soon and
      there is a 60 day deadline from that time until a resolution must be passed by the board
      and submitted to CalPERS.
    Enrollment update – 807 students are signed up: 430 Middle School, 377 High School
      Mr. van Adelsberg is concerned with numerous implications due to increased enrollment.
      Traffic flow is just one concern.
    Race and cultural sensitivity – Staff met and broke into small groups and had deep
      conversations about the issue of cultural sensitivity. Mr. van Adelsberg recommends the
      discussion continues.

b. Enrollment/Attendance: Rick van Adelsberg
      6th Grade Year to Date – 96.57%     6th Grade Month of May/June – 95.60%
       th    th
      7 & 8 Grade Year to Date – 96.58% 7th & 8th Grade Month of May/June – 95.71%
      High School Year to Date – 96.10%   High School Month of May/June – 95.88%

c. Student Discipline: Rick van Adelsberg
In addition to the regular reports showing referrals and suspension for the month of May and first
few days of June, Mr. van Adelsberg presented information specific to the African American and
Latino populations at MIT.

d. Assistant Director’s Report: Leslie Norinsky
There was no report.
e. Student Representative: Cody Hazeltine
Washington D.C. trip was great and a good experience. Hazeltine expressed special thanks to
the Belands, Charity Romstad, Ryan Cole, Jessica Ryan, Lou Bordisso, and the Vaughans for
their leadership in the trip. Graduation was a successful event.
Student representatives for 2010-2011: Recommended Jillian Vogele and Chris Arriola

f. PTN: Julie Vogele
Ms. Vogele reported a presentation was made to the parents by Ron Dell-Immagine in regard to
CERT training. She is excited about the Welcome Barbeque event being planned jointly by
PTN/ELAC/VOORP. PTN helped with the 8th Grade Great America Trip expenses.

The following items were moved from the Consent Agenda to action items:
        10e. Job description for ASP Coordinator
        10g. 2010-2011 Consolidated Application Part 1
The following item was removed from the Consent Agenda due to lack of information:
        10f: Resolution 2009-2010-9 Section 125 Premium Only Plan
On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Lynne Vaughan, the Board of Directors approved the
following Consent Agenda items:
    County Warrant Register for May 2010
    Budget to Actuals
    Personnel Action Items
    Ratify Field Trips: May 21 – Environmental Science to Mt. Diablo, June 3 – Middle School
    Mandarin Students to San Francisco, June 4 – 8th Grade Students to Great America
    Approve Job Descriptions for Cafeteria Assistant and IT Coordinator (with additions of the
    following: Power School knowledge desirable, write IT plan)

a. Academic Calendar for 2010-2011
It was brought to administration attention that the days did not add up to the 188 teacher days.
The calendar was changed to reflect the actual days for the teacher contract to 187.
On motion of Gregg Goins, seconded by Kent Peterman, the Board of Directors approved the
Academic Calendar for 2010-2011 as corrected.

b Netop Licensing Purchase for Middle School
On motion of Gregg Goins, seconded by Lynne Vaughan, the Board of Directors approved the
Netop Licensing purchase for the Middle School.

c. Recommended 2010-2011 Budget
On motion of Gregg Goins, seconded by Joe Jones, the Board of Directors approved the
recommended 2010-2011 budget.

d. Insurance Policy
On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Gregg Goins, the Board of Directors approved giving
authority to Diana Lopez to investigate a different insurance policy for the school because of the
increased rates at our present insurance policy with CCSA JPA. If she is not able to find a
comparable rate, the school will renew with CCSA JPA.
e. Process for selecting new auditor for 2010-2011
On motion of Gregg Goins, seconded by Joe Jones, the Board of Directors approved the
proposed process for selecting a new auditor for 2010-2011.

f. Old 10e – Job Description: ASP Coordinator
Discussed proposed changes to include a name change to the position: BSP/ASP/Saturday
Programs Coordinator. Other items to add to the position: Social programs, hold groups with
counselor. The number of days changed to 220. Reduce number of years of similar activity from
3 years to 2 years.
On motion of Lynne Vaughan, seconded by Gary Williams, the Board of Directors approved the
Job Description as amended.

g. Old 10g. – 2010-2011 Consolidated Application Part 1
On motion of Lynne Vaughan, seconded by Gregg Goins, the Board of Directors approved the
2010-2011 Consolidated Application with the stipulation that the senior accountant will check into
the omission of application for Title V monies.

a. Update on Long-Term Planning: Rick van Adelsberg
Mr. van Adelsberg presented the completed long-term planning document to support the transition
to a new administration at MIT Academy. The document serves as a status update and summary
for future reference.

b. Paychex – HR Proposal
Information was shared with the board regarding the HR component of Paychex as a resource for
MIT’s HR Department. The proposal will be discussed at the next Fiscal Committee meeting and
be put on the July board agenda as an action item.

c. Campus Security
Cody Hazeltine expressed concern over MIT’s campus security with the increase of students and
the reduction in city’s law enforcement for the 2010-2011 school year. Can volunteer
organizations be recruited to help in this area of need? Mr. Hazeltine will bring back a
recommendation to the board.

d. Appointment of Student Representative for 2010-2011
The following two students have been recommended for Student Representative to the board for
2010-2011: Jillian Vogele, Chris Arriola

e. Traffic – Road conditions on Rainier Avenue
Discussion ensued regarding the road conditions around MIT’s campus. Dave Vogele reported
VCUSD is prepping holes for repair. Joe Jones asked if there was a reason for the blockage at
the end of Positive Place. With the increase in student population next year, there will be a traffic
issue during drop off and pick up times as well as when Little League uses the ball field in the
spring. The Fiscal committee will investigate the cost of speed bumps to be placed on Positive

f. Omega Boys and Girls Club
There was no discussion.
a. Curriculum: There was no report.

b. Executive: There was no report.

c. Facilities: Mr. Goins reported the facilities committee has meeting with city. Portables slated
for removal must be inspected by the city in order to get approval to move forward. The city will
not approve an emergency amendment until buildings are inspected. Mobile modular has been
out to look at the buildings in question. The committee feels the need to get a different inspector
out to do the inspection and submit the report to the city so a decision can be made. If city will not
move quickly, what is plan B? It will be necessary to patch the buildings to get through next year.
VCUSD is meeting Wednesday, June 16 with two recommendations for the Springstowne
property. Options are selling or leasing the buildings. A vote will take place at the meeting. MIT
board presence is needed at the meeting. No one volunteered to attend the meeting. Mr. Goins
also reported that the District has a committee working on negotiating with Solano Community
College for the Springstowne buildings.

d. Fiscal: The Fiscal Committee met to finalize the budget presented to the board at this meeting.
The committee will meet prior to next board meeting to discuss issues raised at this meeting.

e. VOORP: The VOORP Committee will meet with PTN and ELAC to organize the barbeque
discussed earlier in the meeting.

f. Board Recruitment: One person is in process of applying. There will be a recruitment thrust in

Matt Smith, new MIT Academy Director effective July 1, 2010, presented a proposed director’s
calendar for the 2010-2011 school year. Mr. Smith also shared information about the
Superintendent’s Academy, to be attended on seven different Saturdays during the year for which
he would like to include as workdays. The board will consider his proposal.

Joe Jones acknowledged Rick van Adelsberg’s outstanding leadership to MIT. He expressed his
appreciation for his dedicated service. Gregg Goins commented on the Graduation ceremony.
Bonnie Katz also commented on the 8th Grade Promotion and Graduation ceremonies.
Kent Peterman commended Cody Hazeltine for outstanding work as a board member.

Action: Paychex – HR Proposal
Discussion: Campus Security from volunteer group

Following the regular board meeting, the board adjourned into closed session at 7:10 p.m.

PUBLIC EMPLOYEE: Assistant Director

18. ADJOURN TO OPEN SESSION: Announcements from closed session
The Board reconvened into Open Session at 7:42 p.m. with no announcements from closed
On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Gregg Goins, the Board of Directors approved
adjourning the regular board meeting at 7:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Franks, Recording Secretary

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