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Minutes of the San Francisco San Mateo Secretariat by xiuliliaofz


									Minutes of the San Francisco/San Mateo Secretariat meeting, dated March 13, 2007 and held at St.
Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, South San Francisco. David Takeuchi, Chair, presided.

Members/Guests in attendance were: Vicki Cummins, George Crosby, Trudy Guella, Jan Martin, Ron
McNaughton, Sue McNaughton, Dana Morgan, Jim Morgan, Rose O’Leary, Willie Ray Porter, Victor Power, Lani
Borges, Dick Brandon, Laura Darcy, Mike Grigsby, Jerry Rowe, Muriel Scala, Belle Spring, David Takeuchi, and
Doug Pleasure (and later Ruby Pleasure)
Excused: Suzanne Chinn, Derek Greensides, Sharon Martin, and Barbara Turner
Absent/Unverified: Brian Arnold

Opening Music/Meditation/Prayer Doug Pleasure shared a reading and thoughts on Black History


The minutes of the February 13, 2007 meeting were approved as CORRECTED. The correction being that
Sharon Martin was listed twice and Doug Pleasure had been omitted in the attendance (MSP).

Follow up on Cursillo Pamphlet info to new candidates – Vicki confirmed that she had mailed an edited version of
the text on the pamphlet with her candidate letters before the weekend. Ron requested a copy be provided for the
resource page on the website.

Follow up on Parking availability – Sue confirmed that back on 2/23, the lot was only available after 6pm as usual.
She also reminded everyone to remind their teams that they need to be diligent about the parking signage around
CASA as tickets are issued; helpful maps are in production and should be available soon. David also suggested
doing like previous teams and taking things up the Wednesday evening prior to the weekend so that parking in
the lot is an option while carloads are unpacked.

Follow up on Possible Additional Garbage pickups – Sue stated that she had not yet made the call to inquire.

Update on Golf Tourney – Victor advised that gift certificates had been received for the raffle prizes; two
confirmed foursomes as of this report; deadline is April 14. The group plans to use wristbands for ID for BBQ
admission; Time start will actually be 10:00 am; 9:00am had been noted according to the flyer information. BBQ is
set up and being coordinated by Merlo Pile; plaques & trophies are on order; reusable banner is on order as well
as t-shirts and other memorabilia; he has faith it will be a great event; the tourney is being funded by BARB with
all proceeds to go to the CASA facility fund; non-golfers are welcome to come for the BBQ; Dana suggested a
non-golfer’s t-shirt theme .

Election into the Queue – It was confirmed that Rich Bona will be unable to serve at this time. A new application
to serve has been received for expedited review. A motion was passed (M-Ron;S-Belle) to expedite the
application review for election, waiving the 30-day review period. Chip Koehler was elected into the queue for
Rector and has previously agreed to serve the September 2007 men’s team. Larry Triplett is set to serve as AR.
Jim asked George to keep in touch with Chip regarding the progress of team formation so that he knows when he
can begin his own. Chip has been advised to join the Secretariat and Support meetings in April. YEAH! 

Committee Reports
Rector/Rectora Support
Lani reported that the meeting went fine. Suzanne’s team is going well, however, Sharon Martin is ill and in need
of prayers.

Rector/Rectora Reports:
Willie Ray gave his thoughts on their successful Ultreya; the agenda was flexible to allow for his late arrival; men
gifted him with a framed logo and a cash donation, much needed and appreciated; still planning to meet with his
group for feedback and to encourage follow up with new Cursillistas who were all invited to visit and join existing
4 day groups; God’s love is such a gift & blessing!
Vicki reported ever-changing number of candidates, finally landed with 13 new Cursillistas; great weekend, thanks
to core and team; a few schedule bumps, but managed well by great people; terrific mananitas in turn out and
flow; lots of compliments were received; greatest reaction to Palanca; really nice Clausura and an awesome
turnout at Ultreya (probably about 100). Thanks for all of the support!
Jim’s “cool”.
Suzanne’s team, per Ruby Pleasure, is going well, running things quickly & smoothly; 3 meeting on upcoming
Saturday; Vicki passed on candidate applications to Ruby to give to Suzanne.
Jan asked for prayers during her search for Spiritual Directors; she has 2/3 of her core team or so.
Rose & George – no activity as of yet…just prayin’ and waitin’…

Palanca (Belle/Sue):
Sue says the plan is to transition everything to Belle for the May teams.

It was reported that Arletta is going to coordinate the team commissioning on April 14, 2007 at St. Paschal
Baylon, Oakland for the May men’s team at approximately 2:00pm.

Jerry says we still have money; still need more, as always. Leadership workshop will hopefully have its own
checkbook/account soon. Vicki and Willie to turn in checkbook by next meeting.

Ron – no new report other than “we’re communicating”
Website: n/a
Coffeehouse Concerts: no rpt on previous concerts; see new business

General Secretariat:
Jim had nothing new; meeting on upcoming Saturday.

General/CASA: SUE
Firewatch support is needed for the following events:
1. Kairos Outside Training – Saturday 3/17/07
2. East Bay Anglican Men’s weekend – 4/26-28/07
3. Women’s weekend May 3
Work party attendance has not been very strong, so promotion in the community would be greatly appreciated.
Improvements of late include:
Lighting, hooks in showers, labels on drawers and shelves and closets (so please return items to their right
Fourth Day/Involvement Promotions – Roger Wolcott and friends focused on Responsible Sponsorship held a
Potluck dinner and gathering at St. Aidan’s in SF. The group was excited about meeting again regularly, which is
great news; most present were not in 4 day groups; they talked about having Palanca parties, hosting Clausura
celebrations and other outreach and service projects within their community. The clergy were pleased to see
Cursillo community presence. Roger and the group are willing to lead these promotional gatherings at other
communities, so please inquire if you’re interested.
Sue also noted that the Sponsors’ Workshop held for all present at the latest Ultreyas was beneficial and
appreciated, too.
RON announced that he would be needing some help loading in a new gas stove soon.

Membership: It was reported that Joan Guerra is planning to join soon.

Grand Ultreya: Vicki & Muriel have both volunteered to support this committee. No plans as of yet since we just
had such a large team Ultreya in March. We did confirm that the May weekends’ Ultreya is planned for June 16
at St. Paul’s Episcopal in Burlingame. We’ll see if this committee can offer promotion and support.

Kairos (Inside/Outside): Jim advised George’s group is still on track for Kairos in May & he’ll ask if any support
is needed. Laura announced needing help with the breakfast & clean up on Sat & Sun 3/17-18 for the K/O training

Leadership Workshop development: David will be meeting with Anabella Araujo (co-leader) to determine pricing,
team roster and meeting dates to plan for weekend July 20-22, 2007.

Coffeehouse Concert: Sue reported on concert to be held 4/14/07 featuring new Cursillista, Tuffy Eldridge, for the
whole show. It was also noted that the new lighting in the Rollo Room creates a great ambience for the shows.

Future SD: Just FYI, per Lani, Chip Koehler’s pastor may be interested in serving as SD for teams in the future.

Resignation: Trudy Guella announced that due to work and health issues that she will have to resign her
membership to the Secretariat affective immediately. She offers thanks and good wishes to all.

Funeral: Trudy also reported that Fran Glaub’s service is the upcoming Friday and that a Cursillo memorial of
some sort is in the planning stages.

Next Meeting to be held April 10, 2007

Opening Prayer - __________???
Closing Prayer - Victor Powers
Coffee/snacks - Brian Arnold again 

The meeting was closed with special prayer intentions and prayers of thanksgiving shared in the group.

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