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Venue:    Manfeild Raceway, Feilding

Date:     Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 October 2009

Thanks to: UCOL for funding our use of Manfeild
           Newmanz R/C Direct for continuing support and technical advice

Roles and Responsibilities:
          Roger Emmerson (FAHS) Clerk of Course
              o   Overall running of race
              o   Check/modify race start times
              o   Main announcer

          Ross McDonald (Lytton HS) Chief Inspector
          Noel Martin-Smith (Karamu HS) Chief Inspector
              o   Check safety of bike and clothing
              o   Authority to disqualify bikes if necessary (Tech teachers and riders should check
                  scrutineering notes to ensure bikes comply before coming to Manfeild)

          Richard Dawson (CHBC) Pit Controller
              o   Call riders from pit area to dummy grid
              o   Line up riders in correct order
              o   Check riding equipment is safe to race in
              o   Release riders to start line

          Ross Mc Donald. ( Lytton) Official starter
              o   Double check race grid positions
              o   Position riders on grid
              o   Show ‘30 seconds til start’ sign
              o   Signal start/ false start

          Robert Heath (FAHS) Chief Marshall
              o   Oversee all aspects of track safety
              o   Oversee the team of marshals who will man chicanes, check for debris, alert riders
                  about accidents and fair play

          Tim Gibbs. Chief Timekeeper
              o Record race placings and points
              o Disqualify riders competing in incorrect races
          Note: All riders should ensure that their race number is correct and clearly visible and only
          participate in races they are entered for.
Classes and number plates:

Class Specs                       Rider weight     Plate colour
  1   A115 standard bike kit      Under 75 kgs     Yellow background
      No modifications                             Black numbers
  2   A115 standard bike kit      75kgs+           Yellow background
      No modifications                             Black numbers
  3   A115 engine                 Open             White background
      Open modifications                           Black numbers

  4     39cc water cooled         Open             Light blue background
        engine                                     Black numbers
        No modifications
  5     Side car                  Open             Red background
        Loncin engine                              White numbers

Number plate specs
           o Plate height: 150mm
           o Letter height: 130mm
           o Use only approved numbers as each school will be allocated a
             specific set


Race flags
             001                                        150

All riders should respond appropriately to the following flags
   Green          White     Chequered         Red       Amber/Yellow    Black
   Start         Last lap    Finish        Stop where    Ride with      Rider
                                             you are      caution    disqualified
The first six placings are eligible for significant points with at least 1 point for
Placing            1st   2nd    3rd    4th    5th     6th   7th - 25th   DNF
Rider points       25    20     15     10      5       3         1        0

25 riders will be selected from the qualifying rounds to enter the final.
The first 3 riders in each final will receive podium places and prizes.

Entry fee
$10 per rider (to help cover St John’s ambulance, port-a-loos etc)
$2 per spectator (includes a race programme)

      School requirements
               o Each ‘Tech’ teacher should ensure their student’s bikes are fit to race
               o Bring a fire extinguisher to have on hand in the pit area
               o Petrol must be stored in appropriate sealed containers in a safe place
               o A first aid kit in each pit area
               o Each school is responsible for disclaimer letters for every pupil. Each
                 school will need to provide a photocopy of the disclaimer letter by the
                 parents or guardian of the pupil. To be handed in on the Monday night.
               o Each school has its own responsibility to check that its public liability
                 insurance covers their pupils for this event.

      Race clothing
               o Full face crash helmet
               o Stout gloves (motorcycle, padded ski, leather gardening, workshop
               o Body protection (motorcycle leathers, tough jacket e.g. swandri)
               o 2 layers of jeans/pants is acceptable
               o Knee/elbow pads (skateboard type are ideal)
               o Boots (including ankle protection)

      Race rules
               o Inspection tag must be on the number plate
               o No kicking or pushing other riders
               o No short-cuts
               o In the event of falling off, move it to the side of the track as quickly as
                 possible. If it will restart the rider may rejoin the race once all other
                 competitors have passed.
               o If a rider is injured and/or the bike won’t restart, they should wait beside
                 the track for recovery vehicle to collect them
Contact information
     Roger Emmerson (Race organiser)
            o Feilding Ag High School (FAHS), Feilding
            o 06 323 4029

     Ross McDonald (Scrutineering)
            o Lytton High School, Gisborne
            o 06 868 5193

     Noel Martin-Smith (Scrutineering)
            o Karamu High School, Hastings
            o 06 878 7139

     Richard Dawson (Secretary, contact info, race numbers, hard copies of programmes etc)
            o Central Hawke’s Bay College
            o 06 858 9203

Accommodation/ Car parking
     At Manfeild, Steve Easthope
            o 06 323 7444

     Feilding Holiday Park
            o 06 323 5623

     Palmerston North Holiday Park
            o 06 358 0349
DAY 1: Monday 19 October
4.00pm - 8.30pm: Arrival and Checking
       o Compulsory scrutineering of all bikes, riders and clothing in the
           Feilding High School workshops, North Street, Feilding.
       o Payment of $10 race fee per rider
   1.Checking information attached.
   2. Checked bikes will be identifiable by a special tag and all riders will be
   photographed for i.d. purposes.

DAY 2: Tuesday 20 October 2009
7.45am – 8.30: Initial access to track
       o Access to race track for school race teams only
   1. Access is restricted to the 1.5km extension track only (see map
   attached). No access, under any circumstances, to the main Manfeild track
   or its environs.
   2. Temporary vehicle access is for school team vehicles only and for the
   dropping off of bikes and supporting equipment.
   3. All vehicles must be parked at Manawatu Cold Stores (Kawakawa
   Road, near track entrance).
   4. No spectator vehicles allowed at any time.
   5. Spectators will be asked to pay a $2 entry fee.
   6. A shuttle service will run during the day

8.15 – 8.30 : Riders Briefing
         o All riders to attend to clarify rules, expectations and changes

8.30 - 9.00: Checking of race entry information
         o Riders to check that their own details and race numbers are
         correctly entered with Timekeepers.
         1. It is the responsibility of every rider to check that the correct points
         are recorded against their name at the end of every race.
         2. Rider number and checking tags must be clearly visible for race
         marshals and time keepers.
9.00 – 10.30: Practice laps
            o Riders will be given two laps to sight the track and get familiar
            with the race environment. Due to the large number of competitors,
            the race fields will be in the region of 35.
            1. Each practice ride will consist of two laps at the clerk of the
            course’s discretion
            2. Rider’s finishing positions may be used to determine grid placings
            for actual races.
            3. Practice laps will be in the following order.

Practice       Time                     Category                           Notes
   1        09.00-09.10    Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72kg
   2        09.10-09.20    Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72kg   Some/all of these
   3        09.20-09.30    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg      practices will include a
   4        09.30-09.40    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg      group of Modified riders
                                                                started 30 seconds after
   5        09.40-09.50    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 85+ kg       each main group
   6        09.50-10.00    Water-cooled, Unmodified
   7        10.00-10.10    Side cars                            Students
   8        10.10-10.20    Open Modified
   9        10.20-10.30    Side cars                            Students

  11.00 – 11.30: Lunch
          o National mini-moto demonstration
          o Riders are advised to check that their bikes are race ready as no
          race will be delayed.

   11.30 – 1.45: ROUND 1
           o All races will consist of 2-3 laps (at the Clerk of the course’s

RACE         Time                      Category                            Notes
  1        11.30-11.40    Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg
  2        11.40-11.50    Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg   Some/all of these races
  3        11.50-12.00    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg       will include a group of
  4        12.00-12.10    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg       Modified riders started 30
                                                                seconds after each main
  5        12.10-12.20    Air-cooled, Unmodified, 85+kg         group
  6        12.20-12.30    Water-cooled, Unmodified
  7        12.30-12.40    Side Cars                             Students
  8        12.40-12.50    Open Modified
  9        12.50-13.00    Side cars                             Students

  1.30 – 5.00: ROUND 2
         o All races will consist of 2-3 laps except for Endurance race (at the
         Clerk of the course’s discretion)

RACE      Time                    Category                            Notes
 10    13.30-13.40   Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg
 11    13.40-13.50   Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg   Some/all of these races
 12    13.40-14.00   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg       will include a group of
                                                           Modified riders started 30
 13    14.10-14.20   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg
                                                           seconds after each main
 14    14.20-14.30   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 85+kg         group
 15    14.30-14.40   Water-cooled, Unmodified
 16    14.40-15.00   Side cars                             Students
 17    15.00-15.10   Open Modified
 18    15.10-15.20   Side Cars                             Students
 19    15.30-17.00   Endurance race, Le Mans start         6 laps
                     All classes                           2 riders per team
                     As many races as needed               One rider interchange at
                                                           the end of lap 3.
                                                           Each class distinguished
                                                           by distinct number plates
       5.00          All engines stopped                   Manfeild requirement

 5.00-5.30: Pack up
         o School vehicles will be permitted on the site, in the designated
         areas at this time.

 6.45 – 8.00 UCOL Presentation / Glenn Williams F3 champion will give a
                   presentation. In F.A.H.S. School Hall.
          o All riders are required to attend this function in support of our
          major sponsor.
 DAY 3: Wednesday 21 October 2009
 7.45 – 8.15am: Re- Checking of all bikes involved in accidents
          o This will be done at Manfeild Raceway, 1.5km extension track.
          o A new scrutineers tag will be attached

 8.15 – 8.30: Rider’s briefing
          o Compulsory attendance for all riders.
          o New race information and amended rules will be explained if

 8.30 – 9.00: Pre-race preparation time

 9.00 – 10.45: ROUND 3
         o All races will consist of 2-3 laps (at the Clerk of the course’s

RACE       Time                    Category                            Notes
 20    09.00-09.10   Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg
 21    09.10-09.20   Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under 72 kg    Some/all of these races
 22    09.20-09.30   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84 kg       will include a group of
                                                            Modified riders started 30
 23    09.30-09.40   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84kg
                                                            seconds after each main
 24    09.40-09.50   Air-cooled, Unmodified, 85+ kg         group
 25    09.50-10.00   Water-cooled, Unmodified
 26    10.00-10.10   Side cars                              Students
 27    10.10-10.20   Open Modified
 28    10.20-10.30   Side Cars                              Students

 10.30 – 11.00: Results calculated for final round
         o Riders should remain in the area to hear the announcement of
         riders in finals and race start positions
  11.00 – 12.50: INDIVIDUAL FINALS
          o All races will consist of 2-3 laps (at the Clerk of the course’s

RACE      Time                  Category                      Sponsers
 29    11.00-11.10 Air-cooled, Unmodified, Under       Gary Worsley Motorcycles
 30    11.10-11.20 Air-cooled, Unmodified, 73-84 kg    Freedom Suzuki
 31    11.20-11.30 Air-cooled, Unmodified, 85+kg       West Coast Machinery
 32    11.30-11.40 Water-cooled, Unmodified            Trade Tools
 33    11.40-11.50 Side cars
 34    11.50-12.00 Open Modified                       Mara Marketing/Newmanz.
                                                       R.c. Direct.
 35    12.00-12.10 Side cars

  Tools 4 Work are presenting cups and medals also in Races
  29, 30 and 31.

  Newmanz R C Direct will presenting prizes to positions 1,2,3,4. in open
  Mara Marketing will present a prize to the best modified bike. Totally
                 modified by the pupil.

  12.30 – 13.00: Lunch
          o UCOL demonstration of track cars.

  13.00 – 14.20: FINAL ENDURANCE RACE/S
          o 8 laps
          o Riders swap after every second lap
          o If time allows there may be two races, at the Clerk of the course’s

RACE        Time                    Category                          Notes
 36     13.00-13.40 Endurance race, Le Mans start            8 laps
                    All classes                              2 riders per team
 37     13.40-14.20 Endurance race, Le Mans start            Rider interchanges at the
                    All classes                              end of laps 2, 4 & 6.
                                                             Each class distinguished
                                                             by distinct number plates
3.00 – 3.30: Pack up
         o Before prize-giving, all equipment should be removed and loaded
         o School vehicles will be permitted on the site, in the designated
         areas at this time.
         o Representatives from all schools are expected to assist in packing
         up track features
         o All litter is expected to be removed

         o Clerk of course closure
         o Secretary closure

Any comments on Programme to Roger Emmerson C.of C
(Feilding High School).
                                            CHECK LIST
STUDENT NAME                                                          SCHOOL
 SECTION                             DESCRIPTION                          PASS / FAIL       RECHECK
  Steering      Headstock bearing secure and lubricated.
    and         Safe construction.
  Controls      Handlebars secure.
                Twist grip secure and returns to idle position.
                Bar ends plugged.
                Kill switch works.
   Frame        Safely constructed mild steel chassis.
    And         Adequate welding standard exhibited.
    Seat        Foot rests with bungs on ends.
                Seat unit is secure.
                All nuts and bolts on bike have either (1) spring
                washers (2) nylock nuts or (3) drilled and wired.
    Fuel        Fuel tank secure.
                No fuel leaks.
                Working fuel tap. Water cooled bikes don’t need tap.
                Fuel cap securely attached.
                Fuel pipe secured away from exhaust.
   Motor        Exhaust tight, no leaks.
                Chain guard over motor sprocket.
   Brakes       Front and rear brakes lock wheels.
                Brake calipers are safely secured.
                Brake levers are secure and correctly adjusted.
 Wheels and     Tyres inflated to 30psi max and good condition.           front   rear
   Tyres        Axles need Nylock nuts or spring washers and tight.       front   rear
Number plate    200 x 150. Numbers must be clearly visible from front     Numbers
                of bike. 3.3mm hole needs to be drilled in bottom right   120mm high.
                corner for scrutineering disc to be fitted.
                Bike number          Number

                Correct class       Class
                Std classes              Open modified          Water cooled          Sidecar
                Yellow base              White base             Blue base Black or    Black base
                Black numbers            Black numbers          White numbers         White numbers
   Rider        Full face crash helmet with visor or goggles. Can share
                with others.
                No cracks in helmet and secure strap.
                Leather jacket or similar.
                Good gloves and skateboard style knee pads or 2 pair
                jeans (in place of knee pads.)
                Leather boots to cover ankles i.e. Work or farm boots.
   Bike         Has your bike motor been modified                        Yes              No
Modifications   All standard class winners, your motors may be
                stripped and measured.
ATTENTION       If in doubt enter open modified class.
 In standard    Please sign to say this is true. STUDENT                 Signature
                Please sign to say this is true. TEACHER                  Signature

SCRUTINEERING          YES                      NO                        Signature
In brief: The open modified class (based on the A115 engine) will be raced
during the standard class races and is less about the racing and more about
innovation. Winners of this class won’t necessarily be first across the line but
those who demonstrate the Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • To encourage pupils to identify and research ways by which they can
     improve the performance of their mini bike.
  • To encourage original thinkers who will plan and carry out the
     modifications themselves
Criteria which gain merit:
   •     Identification of shortcomings of existing motor or chassis layout/
   •     Identification of ways by which the recognised short comings can be
   •     Explanation and evidence to show how the pupil has modified the
         motor or chassis to produce a better machine.
We will be looking for a hands-on “I can have a go” attitude. This prize is
aimed at pupils who will try to modify the components themselves. Not those
who simply purchase bolt-on extras, or those who pay others to do the work
for them. A ‘John Britton’, backyard kiwi attitude!

How to enter
  • Students should discuss their ideas with their teacher to verify whether
     or not their proposal meets the criteria. We don’t want students to be
     disappointed to find they don’t qualify after they’ve spend lots of money
     on add-ons.
  • When attending scrutineering (19th October) students should submit
     their modification entry form complete with the authenticity statement
     verified by their teacher.

                                                                   Feilding township
Name:                          School:

Details of Existing Machine:
Motor Size:                                 Condition:


Chassis Description:           Materials:   Condition:

How did you obtain the donor machine?
For example:        My machine from the 2008 season
                    I purchased the machine from a pupil who raced it in 2008


Details of modifications:

Motor Size:                                 Condition:


Chassis Modifications          Materials:   Modifications:

Running Gear                   Materials:   Modifications:

Exhaust System:                Materials:   Modifications:

Name: _______________

School: ____________________

Year level: ____________________

Declaration: (circle one and complete)

1. The modifications made to this bike are entirely my own work.

2. The modifications to this bike are largely my own work. I had
assistance from _____________________ to help with _______________


Signed _________________________ (student)

Teacher: _______________________ (teacher)
                                ALL PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS


Each school student is covered under their own school’s public liabilities insurance. It is a
school event.
However you need to supply your insurance company, through the school’s executive officer
the following:

       •   A copy of the scrutineering form. (as above)
       •   A list of all students participating.
       •   The scrutineering will be carried out by experienced “A Grade” Motor Engineers,
           with experience of motorcycles and motorcycling.
       •   On Monday 19 October 20, between 4pm and 8pm at Feilding High School,
           (engineering room)
       •   Race dates are Tuesday 20 October – Wednesday 21 October 2009
       •   Races will take place on the Manfeild Raceway in Feilding, which is a purpose built
           track for motor racing, with large grass runoff areas.
       •   Racing will take place under strict racing conditions.
       •   Qualified St Johns officers and an ambulance will be present at all times.
       •   Track marshals with radio contact to the clerk of the course, (and St Johns) will be
           spaced at strategic points around the track.
                1.5 km circuit



                                 Feilding township

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