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The more we get to know you, the more we can help your company stand out and
get noticed. We expect 2011 to be an exciting year and we look forward to working
with you to ensure you meet…and exceed…your sales and business goals!


                                          LCT Magazine has grown up with you, the
                                          professional operator, for nearly 30 years. Over the
                                          course of almost 3 decades, LCT has changed with
                                          the times – from a primarily chauffeur-centered
                                          publication to one that encompasses total fleet
                                          operations including luxury sedans, vans, buses and
                                          premium limousines.

                                     LCT was rated the #1 trade magazine by the industry
                                     again this year. We strive to provide the best
                                     information for running a profitable for-hire business.
                                     When you run your ads in Limousine, Charter & Tour,
               you are seen in an environment of exceptional credibility, which means
               your peers take you very seriously.

               WE PROVIDE NETWORKING SUPPORT FOR YOU. Many                       OUR AWARD-WINNING ENEWSLETTER reaches
               of our savvy readers have found upwards of a 30 %                 about 6,500 subscribers every week. As a testament
               revenue increase just by networking with other operators          to its popularity, advertising space this past year was
               to generate farm in/out work. LCT rolled out a special            completely sold out!
               advertising section inside of every issue called, Farm
               In-Farm Out. This section is fast becoming the IT place           The INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW, held annually in Las
               to be seen by fellow operators looking for legitimate             Vegas, is the industry’s official “pre-spring buying show,”
               companies to entrust their client book to.                        the largest event of its kind. The National Limousine
                                                                                 Association is our official partner. Print and online
               WEBSITE OVERHAUL. will officially re-                   advertisers receive special booth pricing AND premium
               launch in early 2011 as the worldwide portal for industry         placement on the show floor.
               news, research, statistics and information. Everything an
               operator could want to find out about our industry will            After a one-year hiatus, the LCT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT
               now be housed on                                      came roaring back in 2010 to a packed crowd of
                                                                                 nearly 200 of the most successful operators in the
               THE BIGGEST AND BEST ONLINE AUTO TRADER the                       business. Sponsorships are VERY limited, so inquire early.
               industry has ever known. will legitimize
               the business of buying and selling pre-owned sedans,              On a final note, our editorial team stays close to
               vans, buses and stretch limousines. Modeling itself               advertisers. Join the LCT family of clients and be
               after the best features that and                   assured that you will be tapped for inclusion in features
      can offer,’s state-of-             and news. The more we get to know you, the more we
               the-art technology is unbeatable.                                 can help you stand out and get noticed.

                CONTACT                                                          2011 IS GOING TO BE AN EXCITING YEAR. We look
                                                                                 forward to working with you to ensure you meet…and
               Sara Eastwood-McLean             Phone: (253) 983-0515            exceed…your sales and business goals!
               LCT Publisher/Show Chair         Cell:      (253) 330-0112
               NLA Corporate Liaison            Fax:       (253) 983-0516

               Email:           Editorial: (310) 533-2489


           For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                             1

LCT MAGAZINE is the enduring leader in the chauffeured transportation market, the
only industry publication with 100% qualified, requested circulation.

• LCT’s print readership is                                            OUR AUDIENCE IS TECH-SAVVY
  5,839 and digital edition
  readership is 913. Online we                                         • 71% of operators use flight
  get 8,001 visitors a month.                                            tracking software.

• 91% of our readers share                                             • 50% of operators can make
  their copy of LCT with an                                              real-time reservations on their
  average of 3.5 other people,                                           business websites.
  giving you a “net reach”
  of 21,000.                                                           • 63% use professional limousine/
                                                                         livery software.
• Our average readership
  tenure is eight years.                                               • 60% use driver communication
• 72% regard LCT as the
  most valuable industry                                               • 49% use GPS tracking.
  trade magazine.
                                                                       • 17% use driver cameras or on-
                                                                         board video systems.
                                                                       • 56% have in-vehicle navigation.
• LCT readers tell us that they visit the LCT website at least three
  times a month.                                                       • 78% use the Internet to advertise
                                                                         and market their businesses.
• 71% of our readers say they have visited an advertiser’s website
  after seeing an ad in LCT.                                           • 57% have joined an online
                                                                         social network.
• 46% say they have contacted a dealer, supplier, or sales rep
  after seeing an ad in LCT.                                           • 71% of operators maintain their
                                                                         fleets in house.
OUR READERS ARE THE HEAVY HITTERS                                      • 20% use a professional marketing
• The LCT reader is an executive-level professional. 87% of our          company, consultant, or service.
  print subscribers are president, owner, VP or partner.
                                                                       • 62% of operators work with at
• The annual gross operator revenues in 2009 were $1.99 billion.         least one affiliate network.

• There are an average of 14 vehicles in a single fleet. There are      • Operators pay an average of
  an estimated 111,720 chauffeured vehicles on the road.                 $971 on their monthly finance
                                                                         payment per vehicle.
• Our charter/tour bus audience has an average of 11
  motorcoaches in their fleets.

    For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                   2

LCT MAGAZINE is the #1 source of information for chauffeured transportation
professionals. In our 28-year history, LCT has been the industry’s primary source of
news, features, reference information, and industry benchmarking.

   Limousine, Charter & Tour is the #1 source of
   information for professional limousine, charter
   bus, and sedan operators. Since its inception
   in 1983, the magazine has been the industry’s
   primary source of news, features, reference
   information, and statistics. Editorial material
   is timely, accurate, and drawn from the most
   knowledgeable sources in the industry.

   Our magazine is devoted to helping
   operators turn bigger profits by increasing
   revenue and with smart cost savings. The
   magazine is packed with immediately useful
   business tips.

   We have committed to the industry we
   proudly serve by becoming actively
   engaged, not merely reporting.

   We launched the first trade show for limousine
   operators in the US. We produce the
   International LCT Show and the Leadership
   Summit, where leaders and growth-oriented
   operators get together to network, learn, and
   make friends.

   We honored operators with the first Operator
   of the Year Awards in 1990, and today the
   award is the pinnacle of achievement
   for operators.

   Our new editorial advisory board includes a
   diverse mix of dynamic industry leaders.

   Our International Fleet Directory is published
   in our annual Black Book each August.

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit   3
                                                                         ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES:
                                                                         HOMEPAGE ADVERTISING

HOMEPAGE ADVERTISING averages 24,848 pageviews a month on our industry-leading website.
We average 8,001 unique visitors to the site every month and 11,046 visits. Our site
visitors are interested in the content and will see your ad: 65% of our users visit the site
at least weekly.

The homepage                                                       TOP LEADERBOARD
is step one for operators and
                                                                              Size: 728X90
anyone affiliated with the
                                                                              40kb max file size
chauffeured transportation
                                                                              Rate: $1200/month
industry looking for news,
                                                                              (3-month minimum)
information, industry research, or
wanting to start or engage
in dialogue.
                                                                              ROTATING BANNER ADS
Our site traffic has grown in leaps
and bounds this year, proving                                                 Size: 300X200 [logo only]
the vital need our news delivery                                              Rate: $150/month
provides to the industry. Look at                                             (3-month minimum)
how our overall site traffic has
grown in just one year:

57% increase in the number of
                                                                             BLOG SPONSORSHIP
unique visitors to the site.                                                  Size: 100X40 [logo recognition]
                                                                              10Kb max file size
42% increase in the number of                                                 Rate: $500/month
visits to the site.

33% increase in the number of
pageviews on the site.                                                        RIGHT SIDE SQUARES

This means high visibility and                                               Size: 250X250
high potential recall for your ad                                            35kb max file size
message. We offer a variety of                                               Rate: $500/month
advertising formats, including
rich media, page takeovers,
video advertising and editorial                                              NEWS SPONSORSHIP
sponsorships. We track all our
advertising through 24/7 Open                                                 Size: 100X40 [logo recognition]
Ad Stream, one of the industry’s                                              10Kb max file size
most widely used and reliable                                                 Rate: $500/month
ad-tracking programs, ensuring
third-party verification for
our advertisers.
                                                                             LOWER LEADERBOARD
Our site performance is tracked
                                                                              Size: 728X90
by Open Ad Stream and we
                                                                              40kb max file size
provide our advertisers with a
                                                                              Rate: $500/month
performance report of not only
how well your advertising is
doing, but also how well our site is
working for you.

     For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                     4
                                                                        ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES:

LCT E-NEWS is the number-one weekly e-newsletter on news of importance to the
chauffeured transportation industry and it is read by hundreds of fleet owners
and operators.
LCT E-NEWS, our weekly
e-newsletter has open rates that
                                                                           TOP LEADERBOARD
exceed industry averages.                                                  Size: 728X90
                                                                           40kb max file size
Our “Gross Open Rate” is 43.2%. This                                       Rate: $1,200/month
number represents the total number
of times the e-newsletter is opened
divided by the total number of
emails sent out (often, a reader will
open and read an e-newsletter a                                            SKYSCRAPERS
few times).
                                                                           Size: 160x300
                                                                           40kb max file size
63% of people who open our                                                 Rate: $1,240/month
e-newsletter click through to the
website, an outstanding average
and a testament to the quality and
urgency of our reporting on                                                SPEEDBUMPS
the industry.
                                                                           Size: 468X60
Our editors have improved the                                              40kb max file size
e-newsletter in the last year where                                        Rate: $800/month (above fold)
we have increased our clickthrough                                                $500/month (below fold)
rates by 28%.

This ensures your e-newsletter
advertising gets views and your
web ads get impressions.

    For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                  5
                                                                       ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES:
                                                                       TOPICAL CHANNELS

LCT has four topical channels on our website and will have even more in 2011. These
channels are designed to help users find exactly what they’re looking for in their area
of interest, whether it’s finance and insurance or the latest in GPS technology.

                                                                          TOP LEADERBOARD
 An advertiser can sponsor a                                              Size: 728X90
 channel exclusively, create                                              40kb max file size
 an advertising roadblock                                                 Rate: $500/month
 (coordinating the material on the                                        (3 month minimum)
 top leaderboard and top right
 square), or advertise on one of
 our high-profile banner positions.

 CHANNELS CURRENTLY                                                       Size: 728X90 and 300X250
 AVAILABLE:                                                               40kb max file size each
 • Driving Green                                                          Rate: $500/month
 • Finance & Insurance                                                    (3 month minimum)
 • Technology
 • Maintenance

 By advertising on a specific
 topical channel, you reach users
 most interested in your topic.
 “Contextual advertising” is proven
 to provide a more engaged,
 interactive, and desirable visitor.                                      RIGHT HAND SQUARES

 Our editors develop most of                                              Size: 300X250
 the content on the site, which                                           35kb max file size
 includes not only news and                                               Rate: $500/month
 features, but video and photo                                            (3 month minimum)
 galleries. We welcome content
 submissions from marketers as well
 as topics of interest to our users.

 Talk to us directly about a
 program that works for you.

                                                                          LOWER LEADERBOARD
                                                                          Size: 728X90
                                                                          40kb max file size
                                                                          Rate: $300 month
                                                                          (3 month minimum)

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit            6
                                                                    ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES:
                                                                    RICH MEDIA

  VIDEO Video provides an innovative way to present
  your brand, allowing you to literally demonstrate your
  products or services. A short, effective video adds
  visual impact to your overall marketing campaign.
  You can run video in your banner position and you
  can run videos on’s Video Section,
  which will launch in early 2011.

  RICH MEDIA       This includes a wide variety of
  technology-driven advertisements. Rich media includes
  expandable ads, site overlays, floating ads, page
  takeovers, backgrounds, cursor ads, and audio ads.
  These high-impact marketing vehicles can provide
  an exciting way of driving new customers to your
  products. Material for rich media should be provided
  by clients. Rates depend on specific campaigns.

  PAGE PEEL     Starting as a page curl in the upper right
  corner of the home page, when moused over the
  page peels down to present a 650x650 advertisement.
  This dramatic presentation is certain to bring attention
  to your brand and visitors to your website or campaign-
  specific landing pages. Rates are CPM-based.

  PRESTITIAL ADS        These high-impact advertisements
  are presented before a content page. Imagine
  the results you will receive from a “full page”
  advertisement that is presented to the visitor before
  the visitor actually enters the website. This premium ad
  placement will bring your brand and product line to
  the attention of every web visitor. Rates are CPM-based.

For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit      7

We can assist with your e-mail marketing needs, providing everything from a simple list
rental to a comprehensive, turnkey e-mail campaign.

   Our e-mail promotional list of 5,590 e-mail subscribers is regularly
   “scrubbed” to ensure high deliverability for our advertisers.

   We comply with all SPAM regulations and follow best practices
   for e-mail marketing. We maintain strict protocols for opt-out/
   opt-in subscribers to ensure that your message is delivered to
   someone who genuinely wants it.

   We provide a post-deployment report with your unique and
   total open rates as well as total clickthrough rates, which can
   help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. We can
   also do “split lists,” where you can test different versions of your
   creative or copy. Depending on your specific needs, we may
   also be able to do geographic or title splits.

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit   8
                                                                       DIGITAL EDITIONS

The digital edition of our print magazine is created with “flip book technology,” which
allows you to turn pages as naturally as a print magazine. The colors are bright, the
contrast is excellent, and the feedback on your advertising can be immediate.

  All ads and editorial mentions                                          VISIBILITY
  have hyperlinked URLs so a
  reader goes directly to your                                            Portal Page Ad
  website. Our digital editions                                           Size: 728X90
  are archived, searchable, and                                           40kb max file size
  accessible from our magazine’s                                          Rate: $300 monthly
  homepage. We provide all the
  search engine optimization to                                           Available positions include top
  ensure good search results for                                          leaderboard (728X90) as well as
  your ad.                                                                thumbnails that click directly to
                                                                          your ad (6 positions available).
  We offer some powerful programs
  that create impact within
  the digital edition, including
  interactive inserts, motion                                             IMMEDIACY
  graphics in your ads, video links
  to your ad, and even digital-only                                       We can provide unique
  catalog inserts. Rates depend on                                        URLs, landing pages, and
  the features desired.                                                   animated ads. We can create
                                                                          a “custom edition” of LCT with
  Advertising opportunities in the                                        additional ad pages in the
  digital edition include animated                                        digital edition only. We have
  belly bands, portal page ads,                                           programs that allow you to
  menu bar ads, podcasts,                                                 offer the digital edition to YOUR
  embedded audio or video, page                                           clients, providing you with an
  animation, and pop-up ads.                                              affordable way to gain wider
                                                                          reach for your advertising.
  The digital edition drives traffic to
  your site, fosters interactivity with
  readers, can help you gather
  e-mail addresses, do a survey, or
  conduct a contest.
  To see the digital edition
                                                                          We offer an animated “break-
  in action, log on to:
                                                                          able” belly band on our digital
                                                                          edition. A user must click on
                                                                          your ad in order to open
                                                                          the issue.

                                                                          You can give your print ad an
                                                                          extra dimension by embedding
                                                                          video or audio so that readers
                                                                          can see immediately how your
                                                                          product works.

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                     9
                                                                                         INDUSTRY RESOURCES:
                                                                                         LCT FACT BOOK

LCT produces two comprehensive directories: one in print and one online.
They are THE place to find parts and equipment, services and products, and
networking connections.

  All major manufacturers and industry suppliers are included in our print
  and online directories. Highlighted listings are available to improve the
  listing’s visibility.

  LCT Fact Book Highlights
  Suppliers: This multi-page section features a cross reference of 330-plus companies, from vehicle manufacturers to
  suppliers of in-vehicle amenities to insurance and financing.

  Exclusive Industry Research. Includes original research compiled by LCT editors for various industry surveys including:
  fleet sizes, comparisons by company size, gross operator revenue, industry demographics, salary surveys and
  earnings potential, service prices, and profit averages.

  Current Directories: Every company or organization you may need to contact in the course of your business,
  including associations (regional and national), manufacturer-recognized dealers, manufacturers categorized by
  vehicle type, and hundreds of suppliers who specialize in our market.

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                   10
                                                                                      IN PERSON:
                                                                                      INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW

The International LCT Show has been the industry’s premiere event for 27 years. We
provide a full slate of education that is personalized and targeted. Meet marketers,
peers, and suppliers. Learn, network, and watch your business improve.

   International LCT Show 2011
   February 14-16, 2011
   Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

   The International LCT show is the biggest
   limousine, charter and tour show in the world.
   Now in its 27th year, the preeminent chauffeured
   transportation show attracts attendees from
   all over the world. In 2010, 33 countries were
   represented, including Australia, Brazil, China,
   South Africa and the United Kingdom to name
   just a few. The International LCT Show brings
   owners and operators together under the same
   roof giving exhibitors and sponsors a one-of-a-
   kind opportunity to meet pre-qualified leads in
   one location.

   Meet with over 2,500 industry professionals from
   categories such as:
   • Sedan Services
   • Limousine Operators
   • Party Car, Wedding, and Prom Operators
   • Airport Shuttle Companies
   • Tour & Charter Operators
   • Virtual Networks
   • Industry Associations
   • Hotels and Resorts
   • Corporations
   • Destination Management Companies

   What do you get for your investment?
   • Listing on the official show website averaging
     over 10,000 visits per month from more than
     51 countries
   • Direct access to over 2,500 potential customers
   • A company listing in the show program given
     to all attendees
   • A post-show attendee roster including name,
     company and state

   Exhibiting at the International LCT Show is the single best investment you can make for the success of your company.
   For more information on exhibiting or sponsorships please visit or contact Sara Eastwood-McLean
   (253) 983-0515 or LCT Magazine advertisers will enjoy 10% off their exhibit space!

   For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                 11
                                                                                                MARKETING SOLUTIONS

LCT’s Farm In/Farm Out section is a
specially targeted section where
operators can advertise their services/
credentials to other operators outside
their local territories, allowing them to
expand their reach across the country
and around the world.

LCT’s research shows that 62% of
operators work with at least one network.
LCT connects YOU with other professionals
who will take care of your customers
when you can’t and you can be assured
that your customers will be treated as
well as if you were personally handling
their business.

LCT distributes copies of the magazine
at key functions during the year, ensuring
that professionals who recommend
chauffeured transportation services know
you and what your business offers. In 2011,
we will distribute at the following events:
Association for Wedding Professionals
Int’l, Meeting Planners International, NBTA,
BusCon, National Concierge Association.

Operators can generate viable leads and
increase farm-in work with personalized
ads, not just geographic listings, at 50% off
standard LCT ad rates!

full page ............................ $1,340
1/2-page ............................ $1,030
1/4-page, vertical .............. $ 725

DEALER SHOW ROOM is a special
section of LCT designed for regional
vehicle dealers. This is a low-cost yet
exceptional way to promote your sales           MERITS OF DOING BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMPANY and enjoy the success
and service center to the luxury ground         of so many other dealers that have been with LCT for years!
transportation market. Our readership is
always changing. We add an average              Added Bonus! If you wish to promote your trade ins, do so with the all-
of 500 NEW operators to our subscriber-         new ON LINE TRADER! This is the perfect tie-in to your
base with EVERY ISSUE. That means, while        dealership advertisement.
your BRAND is seen by up to 20,000 sets of
eyes each month, there are always new           RATES FOR DEALER’S SHOWROOM
prospects checking your company out             full page ............................ $1,340
as well. Use your ad space in our Dealer        1/2-page ............................ $1,030
Showroom to SELL our readers on the             1/4-page, vertical .............. $ 725

For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                    12
                                                                                 ONLINE MARKETING -
                                                                                 FREQUENT QUESTIONS

Online marketing has been called the most measurable of current media,
and with your investment is measurable and provides
guaranteed return on investment. But the medium changes constantly.
Below are some of the most common questions marketers have about
online advertising. We encourage you to compare websites you’re
interested in using to ensure they’re doing everything possible to
help you succeed.

How many unique visitors do you have on your site monthly?               8,001
How many unique user visits does your site get each month?              11,046
How many pageviews does your site get monthly?                          24,848

How can you PROVE your online traffic?
We will provide average pageviews, visits and unique visitors for the
page(s) you are advertising on.

How will I measure the performance of my ad on your site?
You will receive a report from us from the independent ad tracking service
Open Ad Stream. You’ll see how many impressions your ad received, as
well as how many click-throughs. This information should be very helpful
to you in evaluating online media, reviewing the effectiveness of your
creative and copy.

How “engaged” is your online audience?
Our online users are active and engaged on the site. They visit an average
of 1.4 times per month and they view 2.3 pages each time they visit the site.

What kinds of things do you do to keep users coming to your site,
and thus, seeing my ad?
• We produce a weekly enewsletter that drives thousands of impressions to
  the site each week.
• Our bloggers post material daily, driving even more impressions to our site
  -- and your advertising.
• We do regular traffic-driving promotions to our email list.
• We cross-promote our site in our print magazine every issue, encouraging
  online viewership for web-exclusive material.
• We produce web-exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere but
  on your website.

I want to do some research on the chauffeured transportation
market. How deep are your editorial archives?
Our editorial archive goes back to 1999. We have a research archives that
contains information on industry size, fleet size, earnings, and much more
that goes back to 1999.

Can I submit material to be published on your site?
Absolutely, we welcome contributions. Our goal is to provide a site with
a variety of perspectives, voices, and levels of knowledge. Contact our
editor to talk about specifics.

Do you have video on your site?
Yes, we will have a video section on our redesigned site, which launches
January 2011.

For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                13
                                                                     PRE-OWNED VEHICLE

LCT will offer the biggest and best online auto trader the
industry has ever known. will strive to
legitimize the business of buying and selling pre-owned
sedans, vans, buses and stretched limousines. Modeling
itself after the best features that and has to offer,’s state of
the art technology is unbeatable.


All base rates include:
• 6 photos, 30-word description
• Link to Carfax Vehicle History reports
• Advertising activity report access

   # Vehicles        Credits per vehicle for 2 months

             1-2               9 credits ($90)
             3-6               7 credits ($70)
            7-10               5 credits ($50)
           11-15               3 credits ($30)

LISTING UPGRADES: Add 1 credit ($10) per vehicle per
price above for one of the following enhancements:

1. Featured listing on LimoforSale eWeekly: enhanced
   with box; pricing is based on 1X, first available eWeekly.
2. Thumbnail photo: Small photo of your vehicle in
   search results to draw attention to your listing.
3. Photo package (4 additional photos)
4. Shaded listing

1. In the Spotlight - homepage of @ $50
    per week per vehicle for up to 10 vehicles.

2. Leaderboard banner: $1000/month (3 month min)

3. Homepage banners (3 month minimum on all):
   • #1 position (top right) @ $800/month
   • #2 position (top of fold, below #1) @ $600/month
   • #3 position (below #2) @ $400/month

4. LimoforSale eWeekly (3 month minimum on all):
    • Leaderboard - $500/month (4X)
    • #1 banner - $ 300/month (4X)
    • #2 banner - $ 250/month (4X)
    • #3 banner - $ 200/month (4X)

 For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit   14
                                                                                                                                         AD SPECS & RATES


BLACK AND WHITE RATES                                                               SPECIAL POSITIONS:
                  8x                   6x          4x                1x             Covers are non-cancelable. Rates per insertion
 2 Page Spread $4,250               $5,770      $6,285           $6,490             based on a 12x contract (includes color):
 Full Page     3,710                4,020       4,225            4,430              • Back Cover                                             $5,000
 2 ⁄3 Vertical 3,195                3,400       3,505            4,020              • Inside Front Cover                                     $4,500
 1⁄2 V/H       2,885                3,195       3,400             3,710             • Inside Back Cover                                      $4,000
 1⁄3 V/H       2,475                2,680       2,885             3,195             • Opposite Table of Contents                             $4,000
 1⁄4 Vertical  2,270                2,370       2,575            2,785
• 2-color ads add $400                                                              INSERTS
• 4-color ads add $800                                                              All inserts are non-cancelable, furnished by
• Same size color proof required by closing date.
                                                                                    advertiser complete/ready for binding.
                                                                                    Advertiser should check with production
GUARANTEED POSITIONS:                                                               manager before ordering printing.
Guaranteed positions specified by advertiser                                         • 2 page insert                                           $3,915
or agency are 10 percent above rate card and
                                                                                    • 4 page insert                                           $6,695
non-cancelable for at least a 12x contract. These
                                                                                    • 6 page insert                                           $9,865
positions are as follows:
                                                                                    • 8 page insert                                          $11,845
• Table of Contents
• Editor’s Page
• Masthead                                                                          INVOICES, CREDIT & CONDITIONS
• Letters                                                                           • Our invoices are NET 30 days on approved credit for all services.
                                                                                    • New advertisers and agencies must prepay their fi rst insertion and
• Publisher’s Page                                                                    submit credit application.
• Lead Page of Cover Editorial

Ad Configurations

  1                                                  2                                        3                                    4                                    5

         2 PAGE SPREAD                                     FULL PAGE                              2/3 PAGE                        1/2 HORIZONTAL                         1/2 VERTICAL
           Live Area 15” x 10”                             Live Area 7” x 10”                 Live Area 49⁄16 ” x 10”                Live Area 7” x 47⁄8 ”               Live Area 3 3⁄8 ” x 10”
            Bleed 161⁄2 ” x 11”                             Bleed 81⁄8 ” x 11”
           Trim 153⁄4” x 10 3⁄4”                           Trim 7 7⁄8 ” x 10 3⁄4”

                              6                                           7                                      8                                     9

                                   1/2 ISLAND                               1/3 SQUARE                            1/3 VERTICAL                         1/4 VERTICAL
                              Live Area 49⁄16 ” x 71⁄2 ”                  Live Area 49⁄16 ” x 4 7⁄8 ”             Live Area 2 3⁄16 ” x 10”             Live Area 3 3⁄8 ” x 4 7⁄8 ”

      For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                                                                                       15
                                                                                                    AD SPECS & RATES


  Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that,          Ad Portal (Send My Ad): PDF ONLY.
in the sole discretion of the publisher, does not conform to            Ad Portal cannot accept compressed fi les.
publication standards. Publisher reserves the right to place
the word “advertisement” on copy that, in its opinion, closely          Photoshop fi les saved as PDF’s are acceptable, but must
resembles editorial matter.                                            be set to bleed size. When uploading, select the size for
  Advertisers will be short-rated if, within a 12-month period         Photoshop PDF’s.
from the date of fi rst insertion, they do not use the amount of
space upon which their billings have been based.                        New advertisers, click link and
  Publisher is not bound by conditions appearing on contracts,         create an account. Existing advertisers, log-in and follow
insertion orders or instructions from any agency or advertiser         upload instructions.
that confl ict with the terms listed herein. Only written instruc-
tions including those on contracts and insertion orders, agreed         If you are unable to use our ad portal system (Send My Ad),
to in writing by the publisher, are binding.                           please contact Production Manager for further instructions.

  Our invoices are NET 30 Days on approved credit for all ser-         Digital editions cannot accept rasterized PDFs. PDFs must be
vices, payable in US dollars. Marketplace/Classified adver-             1st generation. All web/URLs must contain active links.
tising: payment is required in advance – VISA, MasterCard,
and Amex accepted. New advertisers and agencies may                    INSERTS AND OTHER SPECIAL MARKETING INNOVATIONS
be required to prepay their fi rst insertion and submit a credit        Inserts, tip-in, ride-along, posters, CD inserts, gatefolds, busi-
application. Extension of credit is subject to approval of our         ness reply cards and other custom publishing are available
Credit Department. Payments received will be credited to the           and by custom quote. Please consult with your Regional Sales
oldest outstanding balance.                                            Manager for a specific quotation on any of these services. If
                                                                       you have a unique marketing concept, please let us know—
POSITIONING REQUESTS                                                   we would be happy to accommodate your special needs.
  Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of the Pub-       Before ordering custom printing, advertisers should contact
lisher. Position requests other than those specified in the rate        our Production Manager to determine quantity, size specs,
card with an additional charge are valid only with the written         mechanical requirements, and shipping instructions.
acceptance of the publisher.
                                                                       MARKETPLACE / CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY                                                   Please call or email: or consult with your
 Publisher holds advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly      LCT Regional Sales Manager for more information. Typesetting
and severally liable for payment due to publisher. This applies        is complimentary.
even when a sequential liability clause is included in a submit-
ted contract or insertion order.                                       NEW PRODUCT RELEASE SUBMISSIONS FOR EDITORIAL
                                                                       Advertisers may send new product releases for
PUBLISHER’S LIABILITY                                                  complimentary editorial publication to:,
 Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for advertise- or via regular mail. Only 5” X 7” @ 300 dpi
ment and agree to indemnify the Publisher from any loss or             color photos or images are acceptable for proper production
claim based upon the subject matter (including text, images,           quality. We do not guarantee product release placement or
and illustrations), representations, trademark or copyright of         editorial PR text will appear in an issue. Editor has sole right to
submitted advertisements.                                              choose materials for insertion.
 Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the
space occupied by the error. Publisher cannot be held liable
for circumstances beyond its control affecting production                 CONTACT
or delivery.
                                                                         Sara Eastwood-McLean             Phone: (253) 983-0515
DIGITAL AD PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS                                       LCT Publisher/Show Chair         Cell:      (253) 330-0112
Complete digital ad specifications can be downloaded at:                  NLA Corporate Liaison            Fax:       (253) 983-0516 Click on the “Advertise” icon then “Ad                   Email:           Editorial: (310) 533-2489
Specifications.” All ad materials and production questions
can be addressed to:
LCT Magazine
Heidi Dimaya, Production Manager
3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, CA 90503
PH: (310) 533-2559 • Fax: (310) 533-2501

     For more information, spec sheets, and to view live samples, visit                                                  16

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