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					June 2001

It’s A “Sweet Sixteen” For NYC Elliot Conference
  Over 200 top level foodservice         to many success stories including         development and the need to stay
chief executives, presidents and         Outback Steakhouse, PF Chang’s            aggressive and competitive with
human    resource    professionals       China Bistro, Buca Di Beppo and           compensating our key people.
converged on New York’s Essex            California Pizza Kitchen.                 In a sentimental awards presentation,
House for the Annual “Elliot               Moderated by Kathleen Wood,             Dick Holbrook, Chief Operating
                                         President of Elliot Solutions, a
                                         distinguished      panel     including
                                         Michael      Allen,    Senior     Vice
                                         President,     Human       Resources,
                                         Yorkshire      Global     Restaurants;
                                         William Hyde, President, Chief
                                         Executive Officer, Ruth’s Chris
                                         Steak House; Michael Kaufman,
                                         President, Metromedia Restaurant
                                         Group; Ollie Lawrence, Senior Vice
                                         President,     Human       Resources,
 Red Lobster presiden Dick Rivera (L)    Sodexho Marriott Services, Inc.; and       Affable host Alice Elliot welcomed the
 with Reed Hayes who oversees the        Niki Leondakis, Senior Vice                industry’s top executives including
 NRA’s National Education Foundation                                                Jillian’s president Dan Smith
                                         President, Restaurants, Kimpton
                                         Hotel and Restaurant Group,
Leadership Conference.” The April        reflected on the challenges of            Officer, AFC Enterprises, Inc.,
event marking the 16th annual            leadership and the challenge of           received the 5th Annual “Elliot
confab focused its theme for 2001        building culture in great companies.      Mentor Award.” The 12th Annual
on “Lessons In Leadership.”              Bill Hyde, President and CEO of           “Elliot Motivator of the Year
  Ron Paul, CEO of TECHNOMIC,            Ruth’s Chris Steak House eloquently       Award” winners include: Jeannie
focused on the overall sentiment that    reflected on the importance of image      Rasar, Vice President, People
while everyone in the industry will      in this great industry and the            Services, Training & Development,
continue to watch the economy very       necessity to continue to build up the     Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits Chain
closely, thus far most restaurants       career opportunities at all levels in     Restaurant; Jennifer Percival, Vice
have not seen their sales decline and    the world of hospitality.         Ollie   President, Family Resources, Buca,
based on industry trends over the        Lawrence addressed the continued          Inc.; and Ollie Lawrence, Senior
last 30 years, the restaurant industry   critical need for both diversity in the   Vice President, Human Resources,
should not suffer too much decline       workplace and the importance of           Sodexho Marriott Services Inc.
in the current market. Paul pointed      ongoing attention to training and
May 14, 2001

Execs at Elliot confab say effective leadership is key to profitability
By Dina Berta

        Hyde              Leondakis          Lawrence              Allen           Wood             Kaufman

New York – Effective leadership           Although Paul reported that the         down economy because going out to
will help foodservice companies         latest economic indicators, like          eat has become a well-ingrained
remain profitable and continue to       gross     domestic     product     and    trait in the lifestyle of consumers,
grow even as the national economy       disposable income, suggest a              Paul said. And companies with
slows down. That was the                slowing economy, he said that even        strong leadership that can best
conclusion reached by speakers at       if the nation is headed for a             convey their image and brand to the
the 16th annual Elliot Conference,      recession, the restaurant industry        consumer will continue to perform
held recently at the Essex House        will suffer only a minor decline.         well.
hotel here.                               Projections for industry growth in         “You, as leaders, need to
         Regardless of the economic     2001 hover around 6 percent, Paul         communicate what you want to be
climate, strong corporate values,       noted. And some              restaurant   known for, internally and to
mission statements and programs         companies already are seeing strong       customers,” Paul told the audience.
that enhance employee loyalty are       sales in the first quarter of the year.      Speakers echoed the need for
necessary for success, said top         He said same-store sales figures for      executives to guide their companies
executives from restaurant and          March were up 12.5 percent at Olive       at all levels.
hospitality companies nationwide,       Garden and about 2.5 percent for             “If we ever think that it is not
who attended the one-day event          Ruby Tuesday, Macaroni Grill,             about leadership, then we don’t get
titled “Lessons on Leadership.” The     Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse. He        it,” remarked Michael Kaufman,
sponsor of the conference was the       added that 17 of 19 companies             president of Metromedia Restaurant
Elliot Group, LLC, parent company       Technomic monitors posted positive        Group.
of Elliot Associates, an executive      results in March.
search firm, and Elliot Solutions, a      And while the industry posted a 5-      Continued on next page
consulting firm.                        percent gain in sales in 2000,
   “Leadership is important,” said      several companies far surpassed
Ron Paul, president of Chicago-         that. Starbucks was up 30 percent,
based Technomic Inc., a foodservice     Outback and Papa John’s Pizza
research and consulting group.          were up 17 percent, and Chick fil-A,
“Individual performance is not          Brinker        International       and
related to either the industry or the   Applebee’s all had significant
economy. Let’s not blame the            growth above the industry average.
economy or think that the economy         The restaurant industry may be
is going to save us.”                   less likely to feel the pinch in a
Identifying an organization’s            At Sodexho Marriott Services         automatically deducted from their
values or mission statement is just    Inc., diversity goals are tied to      paychecks. Now, Allen said, he
the     beginning,       said   Niki   annual compensation for division       has 18-to 21-year-olds who now
Leondakis, senior vice president       presidents, said Ollie Lawrence,       have car insurance and no plans of
for restaurants at Kimpton Hotel       the company’s senior vice              leaving the company any time
and Restaurant Group.                  president of human resources.          soon.
  “It’s up to us as leaders, every       “It may not be the right approach      “You have to look at each group
single day to enforce the culture      for every company, but we are          as a consumer,” Allen said. “Focus
and values with our daily              seeing some additional focus as a      on what is important to the people
activities,” Leondakis said, “If we    result of that,” he said. “Our         you are trying to attract.”
are not out there with the people      general mangers pay attention to         Also during the conference Dick
in the trenches, on a regular basis,   those things that affect their         Holbrook, president and chief
recognizing those people who           bonuses.”                              operating     officer     of    AFC
emulate the values and talking           Bob Freidman, president and          Enterprises Inc., was named the
about the values, then it is just      founder of Red Hot & Blue              2001 Mentor Award Winner.
another corporate document.”           Restaurants, who is trying to find a           And        three      human
  Some panelists said they tie         health insurance program he can        resources     professionals     were
their    company        values,  for   offer his hourly employees, asked      chosen as Motivators of the Year:
example, a commitment to               the panelists what correlation they    Lawrence from Sodexho Marriott;
diversity and mentoring and            see between retention and benefits     Jeannie Rasar, vice president of
developing         employees,     to   programs.                              People Services, Training and
performance         objectives   for     “It depends on the individual        Development         for     Popeye’s
managers.                              you are going after,’ said Michael     Chicken & Biscuits, an AFC
  “It’s your responsibility to make    Allen, senior vice president of        company; and Jennifer Percival,
sure it hits all the way down,’ said   human resources for Yorkshire          vice president of Family Resources
William Hyde, president and chief      Global Restaurants. “A 21-year-        for Buca Inc., parent company of
executive of Ruth’s Chris Steak        old, who thinks he or she is           Buca di Beppo restaurants.
house. “You have to meet on an         immortal anyway, may not be
annual basis. You have to provide      motivated by health insurance.”
an environment that fosters                    Yorkshire began offering
people’s ability to speak about        car insurance to employees. Their
issues without fear that they are      monthly        payments         are
going to lose their jobs.”
 June 11, 2001

 Industry execs honored at Elliot Leadership Conference
   NEW YORK- More than 200 foodservice executives attended the 16th
   Annual Elliot Leadership Conference at the Essex House hotel here                                                                   Left: Pictured from left are
   recently.                                                                                                                           Bill Moreton, executive vice
                                                                                                                                       president of Panera Bread
      An evening reception preceded the daylong program, the sponsor
                                                                                                                                       Co.; Rich Kerchenko, chief
   of which was the Tarrytown, NY-based Elliot Associates, an                                                                          execuitve of Souper Salad
   executive search firm, and Elliot Solutions, a consulting firm.                                                                     Inc. ;and Tom Simms, pres-
      Dick Holbrook, president and chief operating officer of AFC                                                                      ident and chief executive
   Enterprises Inc., received the Elliot Mentor Award. In addition, three                                                              of Mimi’s Café Inc.
   human resource professionals were named Motivators of the Year:
   Ollie Lawrence from Sodexho Marriott Services Inc.; Jeannie Rasar
   fro Popeys Chicken & Biscuits, an AFC Company; and Jennifer
   Percival from Buca, Inc.
      The conference featured such keynote speakers as Julia Stewart,         Below: Pictured from left are Carla
   president of Applebee’s International Inc. and Gerard Centioli,            Cooper, president of Natural & Frozen
   president and chief executive of restaurant developer ICON LLC and         Foods, Kellogg Co.; Alice Elliot,
   senior vice president of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. Ron Paul,      founder and chief executive, The Elliot
   president and chief executive of Technomic Inc. gave an update on the      Group and Julia Stewart, president of
                                                                              Applebee’s International.
   state of the hospitality industry, and Rick Berman, president of the
   communications firm Berman and Co., discussed “Why Bad Things
   Happen to Good People.”
      Kathleen Wood, president of Elliot Solutions, moderated a panel
   discussion on the topic of leadership, and NRN editor Mitch Irsfeld
   moderated a seminar concerning new and emerging restaurant
   Left: Pictured left
   are Frank Guidara,
   president and chief                                                                                                            Above: Dick Rivera, president of
   executive of Au Bon                                                                                                            Red Lobster Restaurants, left and
   Pain; Russ Bendel,                                                                                                             Reed Hayes, president of the
   president of Roy’s                                                                                                             National Restaurant Association.
   Restaurants, Outback
   Steakhouse Inc.; Bill
   Allen, chief exec-
   utive of Fleming’s
   Prime Steakhouse
   Inc.; and Kathy                                                                Right: Pictured from left are Kerry
   Schoeffler, vice                                                               Kramp, president and chief executive
   president of Au Bon                                                            of Buffets, Inc.; Liz Payne, vice pres-
   Pain Co. Inc.                                                                  ident of human resources for Cambell
                                                                                  Soup Away from Home; and Ken
                                                                                  Keymer, president and chief executive
                                                                                  of Sonic Corp.

                                  Above: Mentor Award Winner Dick Holbrook,
                                  president and chief operating officer of AFC
Above: Norm Hill, senior VP of    Enterprises Inc., center, is joined by Alice Elliot and
human resources for Cracker       Frank Belatti, chairman and chief executive of AFC
Barrel Old Country Store, left,   Enterprises Inc.                   Above right: Pictured from left are members of the Conversations With Industry Leaders Panel,
and Steven Anderson, president
                                                                   including Bill Hyde, president and chief executive of Ruth’s Chris Steak House; Ollie Lawrence, senior
and chief executive of the
                                                                   VP of human resources for Sodexho Marriott Services; Niki Leondakis, senior VP, restaurants, Kimpton
National Restaurant
                                                                   Hotels & Restaurant Group; Michael Kaufman, president and chief executive, Metromedia Restaurant
                                                                   Group; and Michael Allen, senior VP of human resources for Yorkshire Global Restaurants Inc.
May 8, 2000

NEW YORK- more than 200 of the country’s top                                                                                Left: Pictured from left
                                                                                                                            are Greg Dollarhyde,
foodservice executives made the pilgrimage to New York’s                                                                    CEO of Baja Fresh
Waldorf=Astoria Hotel to attend the recent 15th annual                                                                      Enterprises Inc; Dave
Elliot Conference, one of the industries premier gatherings                                                                 Barrows, CEO of
that spotlight the critical issue of human resources.                                                                       Fresh Latitudes Inc.;
                                                                                                                            Mike Hislop, President
   Highlights of the one-day confab, themed “Through the                                                                    and CEO of Il Fornaio
Looking Glass,” included the first e-commerce panel                                                                         Corp.; Joe Micatrotto,
staged by The Elliot Group.                                                                                                 chairman of Buca Inc.;
   Representatives from,,                                                                    and Fred Rash, COO
                                                                                                                            of Brew Moon
Instill Corp., and VerticalNet Inc. discussed ways that their
organizations are using newer technology, such as the
Internet, to benefit restaurant companies.                                                                                 Left: Pictured from left,
  Rachelle Hood-Phillips, chief diversity officer for                                                                      are Carla Cooper, senior
Advantica Restaurant Group, was given the Elliot                                                                           VP and General Manager
Motivator Award for her work making cultural and                                                                           of the Kellogg Co.; Dick
                                                                                                                           Rivera, president of Red
structural changes to Advantica’s Denny’s restaurant chain.                                                                Lobster Restaurants; and
Elliot’s Mentor of the Year was Chris Sullivan, chairman                                                                   Bonnie Wurzbacher, VP
and chief executive of Outback Steakhouse Inc.                                                                             of business development
  The conference’s luncheon speaker was Dave Thomas,                                                                       for Coca-Cola Co.
founder and senior chairman of Wendy’s International.

                                                                 Left: Attending the
                                                                 conference were, from
                                                                 left: Lori Schwartz, co-
                                                                 founder and president
                                                                 of Two Chefs on a
                                                                 Roll; John Luther,
                                                                 president of Popeye’s
                                                                 Chicken & Biscuts;
                                                                 and Tom Russo, CEO
                                                                 of American
                                                                 Hospitality Concepts

                                                                                            Above: Sharing ideas during the conference were,
  Right: Enjoying the                                                                       from left: Dick Holbrook, President and COO of
  festivities are, from left:                                                               AFC Enterprises Inc.; John Luther of Popeyes; and
  Spencer Wiggens,                                                                          Joan Ray, senior vice president of Elliot Associates
  director of human                                                                         Inc.
  resources for Dell
  Computers; Edna
  Morris, executive VP of
  operations for Red
  Lobster; Norm Hill
  Senior VP of human
  resources for Cracker
  Barrel Old Country
  Store; and Catalina
  Ganis, VP of Elliot
  Associates Inc.

                                        Left: Sharing a laugh are, from left: Jennifer
                                        Percival, vice president of human resources for
                                        Buca Inc.; Leslie Christon, president and COO of
                                        Sutton Place Gourmet; Wally Doolin, president
                                        and CEO of Carlson Restaurants Worldwide; and
                                        Mike DeLuca, executive VP of
May 8, 2000

                                                    Left: Mike Archer, CEO and
                                                    partner of Z’Tejas Inc., left, and
                                                    Tom Walters, president and
                                                    CEO of Chart House

                                                               Right: Networking at the
                                                               event were, from left: Buca’s
                                                               Micatrotto; Chris Sullivan,
                                                               chairman and CEO of
                                                               Outback Steakhouse Inc.;
                                                               Paul Fleming, owner and
                                                               chief executive of Fleming
                                                               Restaurants; and Rick
                                                               Federico, president and CEO
                                                               of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

 Below: Meeting at the conference are, from left: Bernadette Kane, vice
 president of Elliot Associates Inc.; Mike Hislop of Il Fornaio Corp.; Kirk
 Perron, founder and chairman of Jamba Juice Co.; Alice Elliot, founder
 and CEO of The Elliot Group; and Kathy McGinnis, senior VP of human                         Right: Dave
 resources and training for Wendy’s International Inc.                                       Thomas, founder
                                                                                             and senior
                                                                                             chairman of
                                                                                             International Inc.,
                                                                                             left, is shown with
                                                                                             The Elliot Group’s
                                                                                             Alice Elliot

                                                                   Right: Mary
                                                                   Schell, VP of
Right: Outback                                                     government
chairman Chris                                                     relations for
Sullivan delivers                                                  Wendy’s                                             Below: Bill Hyde,
a speech during                                                    International, left,                                president and CEO of
the conference                                                     and Rick Berman,                                    Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse,
                                                                   president of                                        left, converses with
                                                                   Berman & Co.,                                       Herman Cain, vice
                                                                   discuss events at                                   chairman of Digital
                                                                   the conference                                      Restaurant Solutions

                                                                              Left: Panelists during the event
                                                                              were, from left: Mark Walsh,
                                                                              president and CEO of VerticalNet
                                                                              Inc.; Chris Hemmeter, founder,
                                                                              chairman and CEO of
                                                                    ; Mack Tilling,
                                                                              co-founder, president and CEO of
                                                                              Instill Corp.; Paul Lightfoot, founder
                                                                              and CEO of; and Dan
                                                                              Levitan, president and co-founder of
                                                                              Maveron LLC

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