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									 th e fi r s t fi v e volumes
Edited and Published by Lee Earle
   the Journal of
Contemporary Mentalism

th e fi r s t fi v e volumes
               Edited and Published
                  Lee Earle
               Copyright © 2003 Lee Earle

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About the Editor ......................................................................................... XIII

Foreword ........................................................................................................ XV

                                                 Volume One

Slow-Motion Gellerism.................................................................................... 1
Object D’art........................................................................................................ 2
Give the Lady Credit ....................................................................................... 3
A State of TASTE .............................................................................................. 5
Positive Negative ............................................................................................. 6
The Telephonic Oracle .................................................................................... 7
Bottle Capper .................................................................................................... 9
Clip Sheet ......................................................................................................... 10
Tarot-ized .......................................................................................................... 11
Synaptic Symbols ........................................................................................... 13
Mind Drive ....................................................................................................... 14
Please Be Seated............................................................................................. 15
•Linguistic Deception ................................................................................... 18
*Guessin’ Gumballs ........................................................................................ 21
Guidichar ......................................................................................................... 22
Destination Earth .......................................................................................... 23
Crystal Dust ..................................................................................................... 25
Body Parts ....................................................................................................... 26
Psi-Touch .......................................................................................................... 27
The 68th Parallel ............................................................................................ 29
TopoLogo .......................................................................................................... 30
*Destiny’s Destination................................................................................... 33
One Point Five ................................................................................................ 34
Vested Interest ................................................................................................ 35
Tarot Tin ........................................................................................................... 37
Graph-ometery ................................................................................................ 38
Elemental Assembly ....................................................................................... 39

* Selected as material for the SYZYGY’s BEST! lectures.
• Quarterly Supplement professional development articles

No-Brainer Q & A............................................................................................ 41
*Deep Sea Digits ............................................................................................. 42
*Keys Royale.................................................................................................... 43
Child’s Play ...................................................................................................... 45
News-Wordy ..................................................................................................... 46
Kid Vision ......................................................................................................... 47
*Running the Numbers ................................................................................. 49
Mystero ............................................................................................................. 50
Five Cast ........................................................................................................... 51
•Nuggets of Knowledge ................................................................................ 54
The Really Real Prediction .......................................................................... 57
Double Dowsing .............................................................................................. 58
Future’s Window ............................................................................................. 59
The Fortunate Cookie ................................................................................... 61
Domestic Deception ....................................................................................... 62
The Grand Master Gambit ........................................................................... 63
Twisted Psyche ............................................................................................... 65
*The Himelrick Maneuver............................................................................ 66
•SYZYGY’s Style ............................................................................................. 69
•Junction ......................................................................................................... 70
•Looking Forward ......................................................................................... 71
•Submissions Policy ...................................................................................... 72
Poster ................................................................................................................ 73
Keys Redux ...................................................................................................... 74
Stickum Up ...................................................................................................... 75
The Polygraph Pack ...................................................................................... 77
Aura-Matic ....................................................................................................... 78
Time Out! .......................................................................................................... 79
Dark Corner .................................................................................................... 81
Intuitive Flash ................................................................................................ 83
•The Coffee House Psychic .......................................................................... 85

                                                  Volume Two

Not By Chance ................................................................................................ 89
Money In Your Pocket ................................................................................... 90
Clear Cut Choice ............................................................................................ 91
Kismet’s Journey ............................................................................................ 93
Touch Technique ............................................................................................ 94
*Dream Design ................................................................................................ 95
Monte Logo ...................................................................................................... 97
Nada Clue ......................................................................................................... 98
Go Weigh ........................................................................................................... 99
*Quintuple ..................................................................................................... 101
Half Hearted .................................................................................................. 102
Four Way A-Hoy ............................................................................................ 105
Wax The Facts ............................................................................................... 106
Ultimate Psychometry ................................................................................ 107
Payday ............................................................................................................ 109
Hands of Time ................................................................................................110
Presentation 3 ................................................................................................ 111
•How to Make and Tell Fortunes...............................................................113
Unleaded Par-Optic ......................................................................................117
Chinese Menu .................................................................................................118
A Savory Tip ...................................................................................................119
Bill•Z•Better ................................................................................................. 121
Mind Flight .................................................................................................... 122
Mental Murmurs ........................................................................................... 125
Gambler’s Recall........................................................................................... 126
Duplicitous Business ................................................................................... 127
Pin-Up Postcard ........................................................................................... 129
Double Divination ........................................................................................ 130
•What’s Her Makeup? .................................................................................. 133
•KOLD Radio Readings .............................................................................. 134
Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks! .......................................................................... 137
The Two Martini Hunch ............................................................................. 138
Wanderlust ..................................................................................................... 139
Witch-Fork ..................................................................................................... 141
Affinity ............................................................................................................ 142
Korano Blanco .............................................................................................. 143
Greeked! ......................................................................................................... 145
PSImpathy ..................................................................................................... 146
*Bold & Beautiful Prophecy ...................................................................... 149
Four on a Date .............................................................................................. 150
Blow Out the Candles .................................................................................. 151
•The Secret Circuit...................................................................................... 153
Technicolor Trio ........................................................................................... 157
Picture Show ................................................................................................. 158
Melts in Your Mind ....................................................................................... 161
*The “IQ” Chart ............................................................................................ 162
Verbal Influence ........................................................................................... 163
The Shape of Things .................................................................................... 165
Tarot Telepathy 2000 ................................................................................... 167
Mind Over Body ............................................................................................ 169
Einstein’s Tarot ............................................................................................. 170
*Whenever - Anywhere................................................................................ 171
•Postcard Promo .......................................................................................... 173

                                                Volume Three

*Deli Delight .................................................................................................. 177
Number-voyance........................................................................................... 178
Spiritual Attraction ..................................................................................... 179
Boris and Natasha ........................................................................................ 181
Penta-Preview............................................................................................... 182
Double Delight .............................................................................................. 183
Dream Scheme .............................................................................................. 185
Place Setting ................................................................................................. 187
Scents and Sense .......................................................................................... 189
Safely Sealed ................................................................................................. 190
By the Numbers ............................................................................................ 191
Cold Readers ................................................................................................. 193
Dowsing Duplicates ..................................................................................... 194
Do Not Pass Go! ............................................................................................ 195
*Midway Dream ............................................................................................ 197
*Option Call ................................................................................................... 199
Minefield ........................................................................................................ 201
Carded! ...........................................................................................................203
Juris Prudence .............................................................................................205
*The Compelling Key...................................................................................206
Reigning Cats and Dogs..............................................................................207
•Cold Reading Demographics ...................................................................209
Golden Year .................................................................................................... 213
Poor Man’s Room Service ........................................................................... 214
Testy ................................................................................................................ 215
•Graphology Goldmine ............................................................................... 217
Digit Eyes ....................................................................................................... 221
Veg-a-Mental ..................................................................................................223
Lightning Thot ..............................................................................................225
A Table for Two .............................................................................................226
Walk of Fame .................................................................................................227
The Four Pattern Ploy ................................................................................229
*Par for the Course ......................................................................................230
•Mindblowing Psychic Readings .............................................................233
Kidz Kardz .....................................................................................................237
Local Attraction ............................................................................................239
In Search of Truth ........................................................................................ 241
The Telltale Timber......................................................................................242
Turning the Tarot .........................................................................................245
*Emergency Mentalism ...............................................................................246
The Fool That Tricked Einstein ................................................................249
Roll Tape! .......................................................................................................250
•Mindblowing Psychic Readings, II ........................................................253
The Ziploc Gizmo..........................................................................................257
Practice Contact ...........................................................................................258
A M-I-N-D for This & That ..........................................................................259
Pro Fabulation .............................................................................................. 261
*This Gift’s for You .......................................................................................263

                                               Volume Four

Time is of the Essence .................................................................................265
PK Pins ...........................................................................................................267
Puzzling Perception ....................................................................................269
The Silent Word ............................................................................................ 271
Time Will Tell .................................................................................................273
Zodiesque .......................................................................................................274
•Marc Salem’s Mind Games .......................................................................277
Life Force Triangle ...................................................................................... 281
Opus Conversam ..........................................................................................282
The “X” Cards ................................................................................................285
Psychic Jeopardy .........................................................................................286
Chip Shot ........................................................................................................289
Tangled Web...................................................................................................290
Key to Success ...............................................................................................293
*The Tender Touch .......................................................................................294
Clean Sweep ..................................................................................................295
Eye PSIght .....................................................................................................297
Picture Perfect..............................................................................................299
See-Thru Psychometry................................................................................ 301
Tourist Trap ...................................................................................................303
•How to Handle Difficult Audiences .......................................................305
Common Cents ..............................................................................................309
Tossed Out Trio ..............................................................................................311
Time Matches On .......................................................................................... 313
Token Psychometry ..................................................................................... 315
Telepathic Honeymoon ............................................................................... 317
Brain Book ..................................................................................................... 318
•Dealing With Disaster ............................................................................... 321
World Tour .....................................................................................................325
Enlightened Company ................................................................................327
*Tip of the Tongue ........................................................................................329
The Sidekick Network ................................................................................ 331
Channel Change ...........................................................................................333
Petronym ........................................................................................................334
Future Diet ....................................................................................................335
*Corner Pocket .............................................................................................337
The Einstein Enigma ...................................................................................339
Impression ..................................................................................................... 341
Ognib ...............................................................................................................343
•Essentials for Excellence .........................................................................345
Think Psychic ...............................................................................................349

                                                 Volume Five

*Mentalism Goes Postal! .............................................................................353
Actions Speak Louder .................................................................................357
Compatibility ................................................................................................359
Intuitive Eye .................................................................................................. 361
Hearsay ...........................................................................................................363
Voodoo Lou ....................................................................................................365
Stamp It Out ..................................................................................................367
Digital Kicker ................................................................................................369
For Whom the Bell Tolls.............................................................................. 371
PK Under Glass .............................................................................................373
L.E.X.I.con Revisited ...................................................................................374
The Freudian Reading ................................................................................377
*Two On The Aisle ........................................................................................379
Spycraft .......................................................................................................... 381
Lucky Star......................................................................................................383
•13 Secrets For Killer Marketing Materials...........................................385
Bit on the Backside ......................................................................................389
Oddly Even ....................................................................................................390
$0.05 Quickie ................................................................................................. 391
•Generating Powerful Testimonial Letters ...........................................393
Spoon Fed ......................................................................................................397
The Omniscient Oracle ...............................................................................398
Canasta Revisited ........................................................................................399
Credit Check ................................................................................................. 401
Cassette Deck ................................................................................................403
*Beat The Machine.......................................................................................405
Capital City ....................................................................................................406
Zennercycle ...................................................................................................409
Changing the Game ......................................................................................411
Sense of Intuition ......................................................................................... 413
Colored Judgement! .................................................................................... 414
*Minding the Mint ........................................................................................ 417
It Takes Balls ................................................................................................. 418
Cast in Stone ................................................................................................. 421
Graphis Acidus ..............................................................................................423
*Post-It Parapsychology .............................................................................425
Go For The Jugular .....................................................................................426
Party Partners ..............................................................................................427
*Post-Prognostication .................................................................................429
Hiatus ..............................................................................................................432

Index by Name .............................................................................................. 441

Index by Category ........................................................................................444

                                  Bruce Bernstein

                                  About the

                                                                                                Illustration: Tom Prete
                                       I received an unusual phone call
                                  recently from an old friend, asking if I
                                  would do him a favor. The fact I got a
                                  call, asking a favor wasn’t in the least
                                  unusual – this happens quite often. But
                                  since it was Lee Earle, I was quite confused. You see,
                                  although Lee often does the rest of us favors all the time,
                                  he rarely asks anything in return.
                                       But this was a favor I was happy to help with;
                                  telling the rest of you about Lee, both as a person and as
                                  a creator / performer / mentor in this mysterious realm of
                                       I first met Lee at one of the now legendary
                                  INVOCATIONAL conventions presented by the now
                                  famous, or perhaps infamous, Tony Andruzzi. As I
                                  discovered is his wont, Lee was impeccably dressed, in
                                  suit and tie, his hair neatly trimmed. His gait was
                                  strong, confident, yet he seemed at all times
                                  approachable. His voice was smooth, strong, with a touch
                                  of training, but very natural and clear.
                                       It was obvious that Lee was a pro.
     After watching him perform, I could see that not only was he clever, but also he had
real world experience to back it up. Although the INVOCATIONALS were often chaotic,
sleep-deprived, mind-altered affairs, Lee always stayed focused and could be counted on
“to go beyond the call of duty.”
     As time and conventions went on I learned that Lee indeed had over 30 years of
experience in Magic that stood him well (and, as you’ll see, the rest of us too!), as he
ventured into Mentalism / Psychic Entertainment.
     Adapting the art form to his own personality, Lee prefers a style of performance he
calls ‘Contemporary Mentalism’. In his own words, it is a softer style of performing which
avoids the approach of showcasing the performer’s claims of special ‘skills’ or ‘abilities’.
Instead, the audience is encouraged to invest belief; not in psychic phenomena or spiritual
manifestations, but rather in the possibility that each of us can tap into unrealized inner
     In addition to being an experienced performer of Mental Mysteries, Lee has also
evolved into one the foremost teachers and mentors in the field. Credits such as lectures at
Hollywood’s Magic Castle and London’s Magic circle, or a quick glance at his prodigous
output of performance material (both commercial and otherwise) will prove the point only
too well.
     But SYZYGY is more than just a credit; it has been a labor of love for over 8 years.
Anyone who has ever had to be creative on a schedule of deadlines – wordsmithing each
contribution’s crazy quilt of handling, terms, and descriptions into a consistant style –
knows he doesn’t do it for the money!
     Even though it would seem the Who’s Who list of contributors did all the work for
SYZYGY, keep in mind that it was Lee who juggled all the different egos, styles of writing,
etc., while putting a little bit of himself in every routine.
     As the years have passed by, compilations such as Anneman’s JINX, Jones’ MAGICK,
and Andruzzi’s INVOCATION, have proved their value time and time again. They belong
on any serious Mentalist’s shelf.
     Thanks to Lee and his contributors, so does SYZYGY!

    Bruce Bernstein
    Chicago, June 2003

                                  Lee Earle
                                      The nature of Mentalism has changed over the past
                                  few years – evolving from pedantic demonstrations
                                  found within conjurors’ performances to an exciting,
                                  thought provoking, and emotionally impactive
                                  entertainment alternative.
                                      SYZYGY has been at the cutting edge of that
                                  metamorphosis, offering a selection of material, routines,
                                  and supplemental information of superb quality,
                                  showcasing some of the most highly qualified performers
                                  in the craft. The generosity and creativity of these
                                  exceptional individuals has made SYZYGY’s success
                                      Editing for SYZYGY’s format imposes a certain
                                  degree of brevity, primarily due to the limited page space
                                  available. In most cases, complete routines and
                                  presentations have been condensed to fewer than 500
                                  words each. So, while the descriptions may be
                                  abbreviated, it would be a mistake to equate word count
                                  with potential audience impact.
                                      As well, SYZYGY has advocated a distinctive style of
                                  performance throughout, championing presentations
                                  that acknowledge, appreciate, and applaud our
                                  participants’ involvement in
creating these miracles of the mind – while simultaneously
setting a believable premise that doesn’t insult the audience’s
intellegence or challenge their skepticism.
   Several of these routines have been featured in the
SYZYGY’s BEST! series of lectures and videos. Selected for
ease of performance and suitability for mid-sized audiences,
each one also offered the potential for use as a teaching module
– helping to advance the concept of Contemporary Mentalism.
Many more equally entertaining routines didn’t make the cut
simply of the specific requirements of a very demanding lecture
format. The wise reader won’t ignore them.
   Now, turn the page and open your mind.

   Phoenix, AZ - June, 2003

                                                                           Volume 1, Number 1
                            John Riggs                                              Issue # 1

                            Slow-Motion Gellerism
                                “The year was 1972 and a brash young Israeli psychic named Uri
                            Geller was standing the world on its ear. Since then, one of the
                            defining abilities of the psychic has been the ability to mentally
                            bend metal. Perhaps due to their availability, spoons are the most
                            often used targets for the Mentalist’s psi powers.” With those
                            words, John Riggs primes his audience for a memorable experience.
                                Working for a banquet audience, he’ll say, “Let’s try some group
                            psychokinesis. Pick up your spoons.”
                                Speaking to a group close to the         Mentalism is far
                            stage, he requests, “Give me a spoon       more than a day job
                            from your table,” and to those at           to John Riggs, who
                            another close by table he says, “I’ll use    jokingly refers to
                            a couple from here, too.” Flitting from        himself as the
                            table to table, John instructs members “Southeast’s Greatest
                            of the audience how to hold and stroke          Charlatan.”
                            their spoons to get the P.K. to manifest
                            itself. He distributes his gathered spoons to people who wish to
                            participate, keeping one for himself.
                                “Hold them just so,” John demonstrates, “and rub them lightly
                            right here,” indicating the neck of the spoon. His fingers pinch
                            tightly at the neck of his spoon and begin to rhythmically rub that
                            spot. The spoon’s handle begins to move back and forth until it
                            appears the neck of the spoon has turned butter soft! Holding the
                            spoon by the very tip of the handle with the bowl pointed down,
  Edited by: Lee Earle      John concentrates his energy and the bowl of the spoon seems to
                            vibrate, to move. It swings from side to side, vividly demonstrating
   All rights reserved.     the malleable, liquid nature of the P.K.’d metal. The spoon’s neck
         SYZYGY             weakens and the bowl flies from the handle, landing yards away.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           His secret is to put the “work” into a spoon before the show, by
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      flexing the utensil at the neck until metal fatigue sets in; one more
                            bend will cause the weakened metal to separate. Then John
       Telephone:           attaches a narrow, (1/8" wide, 3/4" long) strip of shiny Scotch tape
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            across the top of the spoon’s neck, covering the weakened segment,
                            with more of the tape stuck to the bowl of
        E-Mail:             the spoon than to the narrow part of the
    LeeE7@aol.com           handle. When the tape loosens during
                            the swinging of the bowl, it pulls
     World Wide Web         away from the handle and adheres to
                            the flying bowl. The tiny piece of
   Subscription rates:      tape will be thumbed off when the
    $38.00 per year         bowl is retrieved.
                                The spoon is sleeved at the start,
        Canada:             then added to the accumulated
   US$48.00 per year        flatware as John moves from table
                            to table. The rubbing and flexing
   Overseas (airmail):
                            at his fingertips completes the
   US$55.00 per year
                            fracture at the point of the pre-
  Single issues: $2.50      show metal fatigue.
David Burmeister

Object D’art
    “Things are not always as random as they may seem,” states the
performer, as he hands a needle-sharp dart to a participant. “In
fact,” he continues, “some outcomes may very well be pre-ordained.”
    The Mentalist explains that he has typewritten his premonition        David has a full
of events soon to pass on the index card he holds in his hand.          time position with a
Gesturing toward a free-standing cork board he notes that fifty-two       bakery firm and
playing cards, arranged in neat rows and columns with their faces       performs mostly for
concealed, are attached to the board with double-adhesive tape.         womens’ groups and
    “Give the dart a good toss,” instructs the Mentalist, “so it will       Psi parties.
impale one of the playing cards attached to the target area. But
wait until I stand aside.” He removes himself from the dart’s
trajectory, turning his back to the board and faces the audience.
    “If the dart should happen to hit between rows, remove it and
pierce the closest card. It’s not necessary for me to watch you do
this,” he says, indicating the typewritten index card with a twinkle
in his eyes, “I already know the outcome.”
    When the participant advises that the dart is, indeed,
penetrating one of the cards, the Mentalist asks, “To
satisfy the skeptic within yourself as to the complete
random nature of your selection, please turn over any
card adjacent to your punctured selection and re-
attach it to the board. Do the same with the others on
the remaining sides, as well as any at the corners of
your targeted choice. While you are doing that, I’ll
read my prediction.”
    The Mentalist approaches one or two other
audience members and asks them to silently read
the card along with him, “I have a vision of events
which will take place on (date), in which a helper
will throw a dart and impale one of fifty-two playing
cards. It will be the Ten of Clubs which is the card under the
dart’s tip, having been selected in the fairest manner possible!” The
dart is pulled from the board, revealing the impaled Ten of Clubs.
    The cards are arranged in the Eight Kings stack, then dealt into
rows and attached to the target board. Once the performer knows
the card to the immediate left or right of the pierced card, the
calculation is made and that card’s name is verbally inserted into
the text as it is read aloud. He begins reading the prediction before
he even looks at the target board, looking up (and getting his key
information) only for emphasis on the phrase “...throw a dart...”
    The prediction is typewritten to place the spot where the card’s
name is inserted at the end of one line and before the beginning of
the next line. The performer alternates, one line at a time, between
the two persons reading along with him. Each will assume the
card’s value is printed on the line the other person helps read.
                        Lynda Lovecraft

                        Give the Lady Credit
                           A keystone premise within the New Age community is
                        Psychometry. The psychic analyzes the aura which is said to
                        radiate from a possession of personal significance. Pseudo-
                                        Psychometry, as popularized by Annemann, is the
                                        Mentalist’s improvement which takes the process a
                                        step further. Not only does the Mentalist discern
                                        the personality and emotional state of an object’s
                                        owner, but also returns it to the person among the
                                         participants to whom it belongs! The return of the
                                          item serves to validate the Mentalist’s reading.
                                              A difficulty which often presents itself when
                                            working for mixed groups is the receipt of
                                             distinctly masculine or feminine items. If a
                                              money clip and an eyelash curling tool are
                                               among the items collected, little doubt
                                               remains as to the gender of the contributors.
                                               For many, it spoils the suspense and mystery.
                                          The ubiquitous credit card is a surprising
                               solution. The participants are requested to choose a favorite
                        card from among those they carry, one which may have played an
                        important role in their past. It might be a charge card, a medical
                        plan I.D., or a membership card for an auto club. Most are the
                        same size and thickness, with sequences of numbers embossed on
                        the card.
                           The Mentalist hands each participant an identical small,
 Lynda is a resident    opaque envelope of the type found at most florists’ counters. Inside
of the Vancouver, BC    each envelope is a rectangular, removable adhesive sticker. It is
   area and often       used to cover the participant’s name on the card before the card is
  spends weekends       sealed in the envelope.
   reading palms           After the Mentalist collects the five or six envelopes, they are
aboard the ferries to   given to a neutral participant who mixes them to randomize the
      Victoria.         selection. He tears an envelope open and hands the card, with the
                        name still stickered over, to the Mentalist who reads the card’s
                        aura and through psychometry, the personality of the owner. The
                        Mentalist unerringly returns the card to the person to whom it
                        belongs. This is repeated for each of the remaining cards.
                           The method is simple. The inside creases of each envelope are
                        treated with a light application of colored eye shadow. Five shades
                        are used for five envelopes which are distributed in a known color
                        order. The color cue is transferred to the edges of each card as the
                        sealed envelopes are handled by the performer. When the card’s
                        aura is examined, the color is wiped from the card’s edge onto the
                        performer’s fingers, providing the clue to the owner’s identity. The
                        psychometry readings are standard issue, canned cold reading.

Editor’s Desk

Pronounced “Sizz’-uh-jee”
     This decision to embark on a major publication venture was not
an easy one, especially since the vacancy into which it will expand
is due to the untimely death of a dear friend. A greater, more
respectful, interval would have been preferred, but this unique
window of opportunity will not long remain open. The counsel of
wise and trusted friends also indicated that this is the time to act.
     The die was cast only after a personal retrospection of previous
conversations with that silver-haired, elfin wordsmith. Those
memories reaffirmed my conclusion that he would probably be
offering the heartiest encouragement of all. He loved this market
niche and wouldn’t want it to atrophy out of misplaced sentiment.
He also set a very high standard which won’t be easy to meet.
     So much the better.
     I have been boosted by the overwhelming volume of letters,
phone calls, and cards offering motivation and endorsement. It is
comforting that so many wonderful people count themselves within
SYZYGY’s circle of supporters.
     Perhaps you have puzzled over my choice of the masthead name.
One option would have been to retain the newsletter’s original
name, TANSTAAFL. Published irregularly over the past few years,
it served as my soapbox and sales tool. The name, by the way, is an
acronym for, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”
     Taking a publication from private, free, and arbitrary into
something public, subscribed, and timely called for more than a face
lift. In fact, because TANSTAAFL was an unabashed
advertisement for my mail-order wares, it seemed better to retire
that identity in favor of an all-new name to fit the all-new format.
     You’d think I’d learned my lesson about clever newsletter
     A few folks, probably Scrabble players, will have recognized the
word right away. A few more will have picked up on the
astronomical reference and connect it to the name of the parent
publishing venture, Binary Star. But there is a deeper,
metaphorical connotation as well.
     One of the dictionary definitions of syzygy is, “...a celestial
lineup.” There is no better description for the group of contributors
whose work you will read here in the issues to come. They represent
the very best minds at work in Mentalism today. The one thing
they have in common, aside from their generosity, is the respect
and sincerity with which they approach this art and craft. Some of
these names are already synonymous with the best our field has to
offer; others will be less familiar – but not for long. One of the
delightful benefits of editing a publication of this type is the
opportunity to introduce creative new stars into the galaxy of
contemporary mentalism. You will be pleasantly surprised.
        Thank you for being part of this new adventure. I know not
where our path may lead, only that I travel in splendid company.
                                                                            Volume 1, Number 2
                            Steve Shaw                                                Issue # 2

                            A State of TASTE
                                Believe it or not,” the
                            Mentalist writes on the back
                            of his business card, “you are
                            going to enjoy a taste of what
                            it’s like to experience an
                            advanced state of mental
                                He shows this bold
                            statement to the close-up
                            audience and then turns the
                            card toward himself to make a
                            private notation before signing the
                            note and turning it face down on
                            the table.
                                Taking another five business cards from his wallet, he writes a
                            single letter on the back of each: E, T, S, A, and T. Each card is
                            placed letter side up on the table after its letter is inked, building a
                            row of cards, spelling the word “TASTE.”
                                The performer gathers the cards into a packet and turns them
                            over so the “business side” of the card is uppermost.
                                Demonstrating the procedure to follow, the Mentalist continues,
                            “I will deal from the packet on to the table.” His next action
                            duplicates those words. The card, a T, is tabled letter side up.
  Edited by: Lee Earle          “At any time,” he says, “you may ask me to switch cards, at which
                            time I will push off two cards, switch them, and place them atop the
    Copyright©1994          packet, just so.” Again, his actions follow his dialog and he switches
   All rights reserved.     the two and drops the pair upon the first dealt card, still letter up.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           “Whenever you wish, the next two letter cards will be exchanged,”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      and once again the switch takes place,
                            the last two cards trading places. Both         Steve Shaw is a
       Telephone:           are dropped, letter upwards, on the
  602 / 247-7323 voice                                                       globe-hopping
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   pile which is then picked up, squared,        professional whose
                            and held letter side down.                  preferred venues are
        E-Mail:                 The Mentalist boasts, “You might          comedy clubs and
    LeeE7@aol.com           think you are in control of your choices corporate functions.
     World Wide Web
                            about when to switch, deal, or switch.”
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    Hands mirror his words as the first
                            pair is taken, exchanged for one another, and placed letter-up on the
   Subscription rates:      table; the next card is dealt on the first two; and the last pair is
    $38.00 per year         swapped and placed on the pile.
        Canada:                 “But, in fact,” he goes on, “you will be responding to the non-
   US$48.00 per year        verbal, subliminal cues which I am sending to you. Every inflection
                            of my voice, every nuance to my expression is designed to influence
   Overseas (airmail):      your choice in favor of the conclusion I desire.”
   US$55.00 per year

  Single issues: $2.50                                          Please turn to “TASTE,” page 8
Phil Goldstein

Positive Negative
    When you find yourself in a situation where a short, impromptu,
off-beat prediction might be appropriate, try this one.
    You remove a business card from your wallet and jot a few words
on the blank side, then place it aside, message-side-down.
    Borrowing a Larry Becker premise, pretend to place several
                                                                                There are few
“invisible” coins on the table: a penny, a nickle, a dime, a quarter,
                                                                             personalities more
and a half-dollar. Your participant selects one which is imaginarily
                                                                                influential in
picked up and tossed in the air. Ask him to call out whether it has
                                                                             modern Mentalism
landed heads or tails. Your card predicts both the coin and the toss.        (or for that matter,
    The method is classic Goldstein: equivoque and double-think.              in modern magic)
The illustration shows almost everything required.                          than Phil Goldstein.
    If the imaginary toss is “heads,” turn over the business card while
keeping your thumb over the top word, “No!” Because so little of the
card is concealed, there will be no suspicion of any extra writing. The
message is a straightforward forecast.
    Should the toss yield a declaration of “tails,” have the participant
turn over the card and read the message. The coin is predicted but,
in a humorous manner, the flipped-to side is wryly disputed.
    If you really feel it necessary (Phil does not), prepare a second
business card with the same message minus the “No!” to switch for
the thumb-covered card when attention is no longer focused on it.
    Verbally force the quarter as follows: “Imagine that in a row
before you are five coins.; penny, dime, nickel, quarter, half-
dollar. We will eliminate four of them – we need only one
coin. Reach out with your left hand and touch one of the
imaginary coins.” If the “quarter” is touched, reaffirm the
fairness of the selection and proceed with the coin toss.
    When a different coin is chosen, remind the participant
that a further elimination is due, and to touch one more
with his right hand. Should he touch the “quarter,” sweep
the three untouched imaginary coins from the table and
mime placing them in his pocket, “These are yours to keep.
Hand me one those you touch. Which is it?”
    If the answer is not “quarter,” add it to the imaginary
others in his pocket, quipping, “So far, you’ve made 66¢ on
this deal.” If you’re handed the “quarter” say, “With those
in your pocket, you’ve cleared 66¢.” Then toss the “quarter” for
the heads or tails call.
    If, during the first touching, neither coin is called as the “quarter,”
tell your participant to place those coins in his pocket and to push
one of the remaining three coins forward. If it’s the “quarter” you
reply, “You separated this coin from the others. I’ll hold it while you
put the others in your pocket.”
     Should the pushed coin not be the “quarter” pick it up and
pretend to place it in his pocket. Ask him to pick up the remaining
two and proceed as above.
                       Dave Arch

                       The Telephonic Oracle
                          The hushed party guests gather around the telephone as the host
                      dials the number given to him at the start of the evening. The phone
                      at the other end of the connection rings...
                          Earlier, the assembled guests were prompted by the Mentalist to
                      choose a random series of items, events, or other unrelated data to
                         test his telephathic link with an awaiting colleague.
                            A woman’s voice comes on the line, “I have been waiting for
                         your call,” she says, “and I assume you have decided upon a
                        suitable challenge?”
                           “Yes, we have,” replies the host. “May we amplify your call so
                      everyone may hear?” After an affirmative response, a speaker-
                      phone is activated and adjusted for volume.
                          The unseen telepath continues, “I’ll get directly to the point. You
                      and your guests have devised a simple test – a sequence of selections
                       – which you would have me attempt to reveal. Please ask my
                       partner to concentrate on the first item.”
                           As the Mentalist concentrates, his mind-linked associate begins a
                      halting but powerfully accurate description of the catalogued
                          The secret to the scenario is in the telephone amplifier. It is
                      never challenged, however, because its use is logical – everyone
                              must be able to hear the revelations in order to share in the
                               enjoyment. Here is how:
                                   All telephones and/or answering machines on the same
                              line must be unplugged. This can be explained to the host as a
                           protection against a confederate communicating the information.
                          The amplifier’s volume control is set at its minimum, while the
                          microphone sensitivity switch is on maximum. The privacy
                      button is off and the amplifier main switch is on. The Mentalist’s
                      accomplice dials the host’s telephone number which will “ring” the
                      phoneless line until the amplifier is connected, “answering” the
 Corporate trainer    phone. The telephone set is immediately connected to an outlet on
Dave Arch speaks to   the amplifier. The handset resting in its cradle belies the fact that
leading businesses    the speaker- phone is now a secret listener to the challenge selection
    nationwide.       process.
  Mentalism is an         When the time arrives to make the telephone call, the Mentalist
 important part of    “turns up the volume so everyone can hear” and covertly switches
 his presentations.   the amplifier first off, and then on, before adjusting the volume.
                      Instantly as the unit is turned off, the accomplice hangs up. If she
                      disconnects too early, a “click” and then a dial tone will be heard on
                      the amplifier, so timing is critical. Likewise, while she is secretly
                      listening to the party conversation, she must make no sound into her
                      telephone lest it be amplified to the partygoers.
                          During the revelations, the accomplice should be somewhat vague
                      in her descriptions of the challenge or folks might become
                      suspicious. In this case, as in most Mentalism, Less Is More..
Editor’s Desk

Colophons and Contributions
    People have asked, so: SYZYGY is produced using a Macintosh
Centris 650. Illustrations are generated in Photoshop 2.5 and
Illustrator 5.0. Layout and text are done with Ready, Set, Go! 6.0.
Film negatives, screened at 133 lines per inch, are output through a
Linotronic 660 typesetter at 2032 dots per inch resolution. Metal
plates are made which run on A.B. Dick 98-Series offset presses.
    Your contributions of material, routines, or ideas are solicited.
When you send material to SYZYGY, you retain all manufacturing
and sales rights. That’s so the very creative people who are the
backbone of SYZYGY will continue to send in the good stuff.
Material is edited for style, length, etc., so you don’t need to do
a polished job of writing. Just phone, fax, dictate onto
cassette, or mail in your routines to become a contributor.
    When your item is published, you will receive a signed,
non-folded copy of that issue, a very nice certificate of
appreciation, an extension of your subscription, and my
thanks for your generosity.
    Personal: The person whose letter requested something special
with issue #1 should call me. I lost your letter!!!
TASTE, continued

    “Let’s begin, only this time you can’t see your results until we’re
finished, so the letters will be dealt face down.”
    Twice the packet is dealt through, and each time the participant
specifies when the letter cards are to be switched or dealt. At the
conclusion of the second series, the performer says, “There are only
two words which can be formed with these five letters. As I showed
you, the first one is ‘TASTE.’ The second, out of twenty-four other
incorrect possibilities is specified in my note.”
    On the prediction card the word “STATE” is circled. The five
letter cards are dealt in a face up row, spelling the very same word.
    The secret is quite simple. When the cards are gathered the
first time, they are scooped up in the order T-A-S-T-E. The E card
will be the card on the bottom of the face down packet of five. The
handling employed is the Paul Curry Swindle Switch. Hold the
packet in left hand dealing position. If the participant says,
“Switch,” thumb the next pair of cards into the right hand, then
openly trade the two cards’ positions, and place them on the pile.
    The first two times, the piles are dealt letter side up. If you
follow the patter for each series (deal, switch, switch, then switch,
deal, switch) you will have stacked the cards in the order, S-T-A-T-
E. When allowing the participant to decide to switch or deal, the
cards always go letter side down, which does nothing other than
reverse the order of the entire packet. The second run through
resets the cards in S-T-A-T-E order.
                                                                           Volume 1, Number 3
                            George Kirkendall                                       Issue # 3

                            Bottle Capper
                                A masterly presentation breathes life
                            into this Dan Alessini classic. When
                            George slips into his “old timer”
                            façade, a magical connection develops
                            between audience and performer:
                                “Before I came here here,” begins the
                            story telling Mentalist, “I was rummaging
                            through boxes of precious treasures saved
                            over the years – and I came across this.”
                                He holds out for visual inquiry a small, cloth bag with a
                            drawstring closure.
                                “I think this was originally a Bull Durham tobacco bag, but it
                            now holds priceless memories from my childhood.” He explains,
                            “You know how some kids collect marbles or baseball cards or bugs?
                            I had a seafaring uncle with a fondness for exotic beers. He’d bring
                            me the bottle caps from golden brews sipped around the world.”
                                Dumping the contents of the bag onto the table he turns the caps
                            writing-side-up and reminisces about each. “This is from a bottle of
                            San Miguel, the premier beer of the Philippines. Uncle Edgar sent
                            this Asahi bottle cap all the way from Japan. The green one sealed
                            a bottle of Heineken, a delicious beer from Holland. Canada was
                            the source for the Molson brand and the last one is from the U.S. –
                            Lone Star beer is the proud product of Texas.”
  Edited by: Lee Earle          “These caps are priceless to me, because they are my one last
                            connection to my uncle. I can feel his influence with us even now.
    Copyright©1994          Why not try a connection yourself? Place the pointing finger of both
   All rights reserved.     your hands on bottle caps, pick them up, and drop them in the bag.”
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                                George continues, “Give me the bag, please. Now pick up two
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      more caps if you would. I’ll hold the
                            bag open while you put them inside,         George Kirkendall
       Telephone:           too. There remains only one bottle cap is a multi-talented
  602 / 247-7323 voice      on the table, the Molson brand. I’ll bet       performer who
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            you’d be surprised to learn that my            personifies the
        E-Mail:             uncle’s favorite brand was Molson. As           theory that a
    LeeE7@aol.com           it turns out, it’s my favorite, too.”        Mentalist should
                                George reaches into his inside coat       first be an actor
     World Wide Web         pocket, pulls out a frosty cold, open
                            bottle of Molson Golden, takes a long, slow pull from the bottle and
   Subscription rates:      asks, “Now how did you know that?”
    $38.00 per year             Experienced readers have probably figured out that the trusty
                            equivoque principle is at work here. Gather four unusual bottle
        Canada:             caps and keep them in the drawstring bag. When the opportunity
   US$48.00 per year
                            presents itself, wander over to the bar, buy a beer and ask for the
   Overseas (airmail):      cap. The bottle goes in your pocket, the cap goes in the bag, and you
   US$55.00 per year        bide your time until it’s your turn to tell the lies.
                                Shakespeare had it right: The play’s the thing.
  Single issues: $2.50
Lee Earle

Clip Sheet
    While straightening out my desk the other day (take note: this is
a rare occurrence!), I sorted records, receipts, invoices and the like
into separate piles, clipping the papers in each pile with those jumbo
two-winged clips which are correctly called paper clamps.
    When I was sliding one of the clamps onto a stack of papers, a
                                                                         As a professional
burr on the clamp scratched at the upper sheet in the stack. Not
                                                                       performer, lecturer,
wanting to discard a perfectly useful paper clamp, I unbent both legs
                                                                           author, and
and reversed their positions, which put the annoying burr on the
                                                                        speaker, Lee Earle
outside of the clip, away from contact with the papers. Sort of like   is a vocal advocate
uncrossing your legs and recrossing them the other way.                   for beleivable
    Only after I slipped the clamp onto the papers did I discover the       Mentalism.
interesting anomaly I share with you now. The re-bent clamp, when
clipped to the papers, was a mirror image of it’s twins from the same
box, providing a living & dead clue which can be seen from across a
room! Here is a quick presentation:
    “The newspaper is a daily diary of our successes, failures,
hopes, fears, and enterprises. Behind every article are genuine
human feelings and emotions. Some of them almost leap from
the page.
    This is especially the case in the obituary section with its
subtext of emotions generated by the final passage we all must
    Native Americans were said to believe that a photograph
captured the soul of an individual. Could it be that a person’s
name in print ensnares his spirit?”
    This premise taps into that emotion for a psychic one-two
    You hand the obituary page from the paper to your
participant and ask that it be torn into postcard-sized pieces,
discarding all but one. On that piece he is instructed to draw
an ‘X’ from corner to corner and to find any person’s name of
near the intersection of the lines. He is to circle the name
with the pen and remember the name. The paper is then
folded in quarters and clipped (with the re-crossed clamp). He
is to place it in his pocket for the moment.
    Given a different section of the newspaper, the participant
is requested to prepare 4 or 5 duplicates, tearing postcard-
sized segments, folding and clipping them with the
unmodified clamps.
    Place your hands behind your back and ask him to drop the
clipped packets into your hands, one at a time. At his discretion, he
may place the packet bearing the obituary into your hand.
    Each of the non-obit packets is “sensed” and announced as
neutral, but is still given a tongue-in-cheek “reading.” I suggest
                                         Please turn to: CLIP, page 12
                        Rick Waterhouse

                            The participant watches as the performer opens a small,
                        mysterious box and removes several slips of paper and a pen.
                            “Please inscribe on one of the papers the first name only of
                        someone who is no longer of this earthly world,” instructs the
                        Mentalist. “Then, on each of the other 4 papers, write the first name
                        of someone whom you know is still among the living. Shield your
                        writing so no clue is evident as to which name is which.”
                            Once the task is complete, the participant is asked to mix the
                        papers and then to lay them out in a single row.
                                                            “The tarot cards,” informs the
                                                         performer, mixing the pack after he
                                                        removes it from its soft wrapping cloth,
                                                      “are an oracle used throughout the years
                                                    to address questions of life or death.” He
                                                  drapes the cloth over the pack of cards on his
                                                palm and continues, “Keep the name of the dear
                                             departed foremost in your mind and lift off a
                                           portion of the pack to locate your point of destiny
                                         within the Tarot.” She complies.
                                                 The performer deals a simple 5-card layout
                                              from the top of the remaining pack, placing one
                                              card face down card behind each of the slips.
                                 “It is said that if a pendulum, this old pocket watch for
                           example, is held over something representing life, it will move. It
                        may swing or circle or oscillate, but it will move. Over an object
                        devoid of life’s essence, it remains still. Try it yourself.”
                            The participant dangles the watch over each written name in
                        succession; over four of the names, the watch moves. Held over the
                        “dead” name, the motionless watch mocks the dear departed.
                            The Tarot card aligned with the name is turned: the Death card!
    Rick is a story-        Finding the “dead” name is simple. Rick uses the Ned Rutledge
  telling performer     idea of loading up a blue ballpoint pen’s tip with the residue
   who insists this     produced by dragging it across the business side of black carbon
piece plays best as a   paper. The first written name thus begins with a subtle smudge.
serious presentation;       The Tarot deck is set up with 6 or 7 cards reversed on the bottom
 anything less and it   of the deck. The second card from the bottom is the Death card. The
   loses its impact.    cloth is draped over the deck on the Mentalist’s outstretched hand.
                        The participant cuts off the top half of the deck by grasping and
                        lifting cards through the cloth. Under cover, the bottom half of the
                        pack is turned over. The Death card will be the 2nd card dealt.
                            Because you are building a “layout” (as opposed to just dealing
                        the cards in a row) you have considerable latitude in placing the
                        cards to make the Death card line up with the “dead” name. For
                        example, if the dead name is 2nd or 4th, begin dealing at the
                        appropriate end of the row of names to place it where it belongs.
                                                               Please turn to: TAROT, page 12
Editor’s Desk

Landmark Achieved!
   Over 50% of the projected first year’s subscription goal has
already been achieved. That’s great news, but don’t stop
there. Show SYZYGY to your friends. The larger the
subscribership, the better it becomes! More next time.
TAROT, continued

    If the dead name is 1st or 5th in the row of names, you deal to the
two ends first and fill in the center three. If it’s in the center, deal end-
center-end, and the last two in any order.
    Once the layout is complete, auto-suggestion, influence, ideo- motor
response, bluff, and chutzpah will make the pendulum “find” the non-
living name. This almost works itself and, in the hands of an
impressionable participant, is a miracle.
    The final revelation of the Death card, while not necessarily true to
established Tarot interpretation, makes a memorable climax.cl Rick is
a story- telling performer who insists this piece plays best as a serious
presentation; anything less and it loses its impact.
CLIP, continued

light humor such as, “No death or tragedy here...it’s a want-
ad...Reward - lost dog...blind in one eye...walks with a
limp...recently castrated... answers to the name of ‘Lucky!’”
    Here’s another, “This packet has something about a
woman...she shot her husband...with a bow & arrow. I guess
she didn’t want to wake the kids!”
    “This is a news item...a man with a wooden leg caught
fire - pause - and burned to the ground!” If these gags
look familiar, it’s because they were lent to Larry Becker
for use in his Howard Hughes Headline Prediction.
    After your comments, dispose of each clamped packet
in your trouser pocket. When the clamped obituary page is
placed in your hand (the audience will know before you do,
because they see your helper pull it from his pocket), you
can identify the modified clamp instantly by feel (of course
you “detect the emotions within”).
    That’s the setup punch.
    While it is out of sight behind your back, tear off the
appropriate corner (the corner with no bare edges, marked on
the illustration) from the packet as in a standard center tear.
Fingers cover the missing corner as you deposit the clipped
packet in your pocket with the others. While your hand is in your
pocket, thumb open the torn corner and conceal it in your hand for
a peek.
    Give the participant a marker pen and poster board upon which
to write the name he memorized from the obit. As he writes, it is a
simple task to glimpse the circled name on the torn center. Then
proceed to pluck the name from his mind. Knockout!
                                                                           Volume 1, Number 4
                            Daniel Terelmes                                         Issue # 4

                            Synaptic Symbols
                                “Studies show that
                            dreams, imagination, and
                            creativity develop in the
                            brain’s right hemisphere
                            which relates all things
                            visual. We need a few images
                            with which to work,” the
                            Mentalist remarks.
                                Taking out some business cards, he requests,
                            “...a set of items which can be easily drawn; things as
                            simple as a horseshoe or as complex as a skyscraper. Any ideas?”
                                He sketches each item on the back of a business card. After
                            collecting about a dozen or more, they’re given an overhand shuffle.
                                “You appear to be someone who has a good imagination. Please
                            choose an image upon which to concentrate.” The Mentalist
                            demonstrates how to cut a packet to look at its face card and
                            instructs, “Lift a portion of these sketch cards and view the random
                            selection on the bottom of your packet. No one else should see it.
                                “Once you’ve committed the image to memory, turn your packet
                            of sketches face down and mix them a bit.” Again, the performer
                            illustrates. “Here, shuffle the two packets together,” he adds,
                            handing his cards to the participant to be combined into one pack.
                                “Now, we need your full and focused attention. Center that
                            image in your mind. Good. You have a powerful imagination. This
  Edited by: Lee Earle      will be easier than I thought.” Without allowing the audience to
                            peek, the Mentalist puts pen to paper and begins to sketch.
   All rights reserved.         “Find your image among the others and place it here, where we
         SYZYGY             can all see it. Have you ever tested your image projection before?
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       It’s excellent!” The two drawings are a
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      near-perfect match!                          Daniel Terelmes
                                When most of us think of using a       shows cutting-edge
                            mnemonic routine, we visualize a             creativity in this
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   presentation at a blackboard using 20        piece which was
                            or 25 words written in numbered cells.         submitted to
        E-Mail:             Daniel provides a delightful twist on       SYZYGY during a
    LeeE7@aol.com           that well-known principle which keeps         telephone call.
                            the method camouflaged.
     World Wide Web
                                Using link-association memory, you
                            mentally connect each drawing with the one ahead of it. A bicycle
   Subscription rates:      crashes into a telephone which hangs from a flower vase sitting on a
    $38.00 per year         manhole cover, etc. Bizarre, visual associations work best.
                                Your overhand shuffle is really a series of complete cuts which
        Canada:             does nothing to change the order of the cards. Your demo of how to
   US$48.00 per year
                            mix the half-packet moves your top card (the one following his
   Overseas (airmail):      design) to the bottom. When you hand him your packet, it’s a
   US$55.00 per year        simple thing to glimpse the bottom card to get your associative key.

  Single issues: $2.50
Christopher Caldwell

Mind Drive
    “We are faced with endless, life-or-death decisions while operating
a motor vehicle. Some people rely on their natural reflexes and
subconscious instincts to keep them safe. Let’s test your reflexes
with an imaginary road trip.”
    The Mentalist takes out 6 of his business cards and aligns them in
                                                                            Christopher does
a row on the table. “Imagine these cards are a road and this,” taking        some of his best
a small ‘matchbox’ car out of his pocket, “is your car. Drive your car      thinking between
back and forth on the road until the urge to stop hits you.”                voice-overs at the
    When the participant stops on a card, the performer gathers up          FM radio station
all the remaining cards and shows their hidden sides. Each has an           where he works as
identical miniature ‘Bike X-ing’ sign affixed or drawn on the blank        an easy-listening DJ
side. The card under the car is shown; it has the only “stop” sign.
    “Your drivers’ instinct somehow told you exactly when to stop.”
    Many variety and grocery stores have small packets of stickers
which are miniature road and highway signs. Christopher found his
in a Safeway store. Here’s a use for those neat little stickers.
    Affix ‘Stop’ signs to the backs of three of the business cards and
three identical other signs (Christopher used ‘Bike X-ing’ signs) to
three more business cards. Arrange the packet of six cards with the
two sets of signs alternating with one another.
    Lay the six cards out in a line, rather like the white lane markers
on a highway, and ask the participant to “drive” the tiny car along
the road. When he stops on one card, collect those not under the car
this way: Starting to the right of the car, pick up each card and drop
it in your left hand. If there are cards to the left of the car, pick them
up from left to right. This places the two other ‘Stop’ sign cards
alternating between the three ‘Bike X-ing’ cards.
    You show them all to be the same using the OLRAM subtlety.
Thumb the top card from the packet face down
into your right hand. Rotate both your right
and left hands so the card (in the right) and
the packet (in the left) are turned face up.
The audience sees an identical ‘Bicycle
X-ing’ signs. Turn the cards face down, drop
the right hand card on the table and thumb
off the top card of the left packet onto it.
    Repeat the actions with the next two
cards. Turn the fifth and final card in the
left hand face up, showing the ‘Bike X-ing’
sign and placing it on the pile. Direct attention to the
card under the car and turn it over to reveal the ‘Stop’ sign.
    If the participant leaves the car on a ‘Bike X-ing’ card, show the
other cards as having ‘Stop’ signs on their opposite faces and say, “It
appears you ran through every stop sign in town, but your good
driving instincts stopped you when it mattered most – at the bicycle
                       Steve Shaw

                       Please Be Seated
                           The “chair problem” has been intriguing Mentalists for years.
                       From Dr. Jaks to Max Maven, the concept has been employed to
                       good advantage. Here is Steve Shaw’s solution to this eternal
                           “I will need the help of a pretty stranger,” begins the performer.
                          “You sir, you look pretty strange to me. Please come up on
                                         stage.” The Mentalist hands him a white marker
                                         board and a marker pen. “You are going to predict
                                          the future. Please write a number from one to four
                                          on that marker board don’t let anyone out there
                                           see your number.”
                                               The performer turns to the audience, “Is there
                                            anyone out there who believes in reincarnation?
                                            You do? Welcome back. Would you please come
                                            up and have a seat in the chair of your choice?”
                                    “I’m not so sure I believe in reincarnation, but I don’t
                       take any chances. In my will I left everything to myself. You,
                       madam, would you join us and occupy one of the remaining chairs?
                           “Now I will need the help of a thinker. You sir, look like you
                       think a lot; the kind of man who might know where the people in
                       hell tell each other to go! Please choose a chair and sit on it.”
                           Addressing the audience, the performer states, “Let’s meet the
                       three people who are seated. Sir, your name is? You chose to sit in
                       the first chair. You could have selected the second, third, or fourth,
                       but chose instead this one.
                           “Madam, please tell us your name? You preferred the third
                       chair, but could also have chosen the second or fourth.
                           “And last, but certainly not least, what is your name? You made
                       the final decision, opting for the chair number two. Fate has
                       decided that the #4 chair would remain empty. It’s impossible that
                       anyone could have known that fact in advance. Sir, please show
     Steve Shaw        them your prediction. And then tell us how you did it!”
 continues to be one       The participant turns around his card to show a large #4. The
of Mentalism’s most    Mentalist pulls the slip cover from the back the empty chair to
  prolific creators.   reveal a large #4. The other slip covers are lifted to show the
His ideas are always   numbers 1, 2, & 3 in random order.
  novel, fresh, and        The modus operandi is multiple outs. Each of the four chairs
  audience tested.     has a number taped to the bottom of the seat as well as a different
                       number taped to the back. The backs are covered with little slip-
                       covers. If the backs are numbered 3, 4, 1, 2, and the seat bottoms
                       numbered 2, 1, 4, 3, any chair can be shown as any number.
                           When the prediction/empty chair combination dictates using
                       either of the hidden numbers, refer to the empty chair as chair
                       number 4. When using the empty chair’s position to match the
                       prediction, you then talk about the fourth chair.
                                                          Please turn to CHAIRS, page 16
Editor’s Desk

Title Trivia
    When I sent out a questionairre to many of the people I felt
would be critical to the success of SYZYGY, I solicited title
suggestions. Some people returned their surveys with a nomination
or two and one person sent in an entire page! Here are some of the
many thoughtful and innovative offerings:
    Mind to Mind, Equivoque, Snappy Magic, Fun de Mental,
Legacy, Q & A, Mystic, The Vision, Mental-Lee Speaking,
Mindworks, Mindscape, Mind’s Eye, Mind Sight, Mind Scan,
BrainStormer, Earle’s Pearls (From four different people, yet!
Wonder what would have been suggested if Larry Becker were
publishing!), Gimmick, Mind Reader’s Digest, Brain Waves,
M.I.N.D. (Mentalism In New Directions), Fore Thoughts, Mentalia,
Prognostications, Mental Dynamics, Secrets, The Phoenix Papers,
The Spook Speaks, Emanations, Reflections, Mentalism,
Continuum, One Ahead, Impressions, and Equivocations.
    The eventual choice, SYZYGY, came during a Macintosh session
using IdeaFisher (a highly recommended brainstorming
application), generating a mental word-picture which proved
irresistable. One wag has already credited the logo as a
foreshadowing of the Jupiter comet impact event!
    Jay Leno’s Tonight show recently featured a guest who claimed
he could tell the origin of the world’s postage stamps by tasting the
glue on them. He was blindfolded during the tasting, of course.
What a fantastic premise! Employing Mentalism technique but not
doing ‘mental magic.’ Do any of SYZYGY’s subscribers have a
videotape of that segment? I’d love to see it.
    If you haven’t already registered for Docc Hilford’s Weerd
Weekend, time is running out! The weerdness is scheduled for
Phoenix, November 3, 4, 5, & 6 at the very posh Royal Palms Inn
(an old money resort – free golf, tennis). Good company, good
entertainment, good ideas – all at a good price: Hotel rooms are
$65.00/night, registration is $150.00, $125.00 for significant others.
Call Docc now to see if you can still get in, (602) 230-4251.
    Best recovery wishes go to pitchmeister Anton Zellman and
ropeaholic George Sands, both on the mend from surgery.
    Quarterly Supplement #1 is next, featuring an ear-opening
treatise on Linguistic Deception by Kenton Knepper.
CHAIRS, continued

   For instance, the chair on the left can be shown as #1 by
standing next to it and counting it as the first chair. It can be
shown as # 2 by folding the seat up to show the large digit taped
there. That end chair can be shown as #3 by removing the slip
cover, or as the fourth chair by standing at the opposite end of the
row and counting to it.
Kenton Knepper

Linguistic Deception
   The art of Linguistic Deception has been largely a hit and miss
affair. Kenton has spent quite some time categorizing and
understanding words (and how we interpret them) so as to create
presentations based often entirely on words themselves.
   His new manuscript, Wonder Words, is the result of this                   Kenton Knepper
examination of our language. He details categories of words that can        brings to the art of
be used in creating and enhancing mental and magical illusions.             Mentalism a keen
                                                                              mind, a novel
    Consider what we call “vague” language, the type one might use          approach, and an
in giving a common reading. We all know that people will seldom            inimitable way with
challenge what we are telling them, as long as our words are not too              words.
specific. We reason, “If they can’t pinpoint what we’re saying, they
can’t argue against it.”
    On investigative television programs, psychics are often taken to
task by sceptics who exclaim, “That could fit anyone!” If you have
ever watched such a show, you may recall the enthusiastic applause
which follows this statement. (Except when the audience is paid to be
sitting there for those 900 number advertisements.)
    Some performers have the unreasonable fear that “the jig is up.”
The technique is to sound specific, while still being nonspecific. There
are four main categories under what is referred to as “Unspecified
Words”. The technical names are Nominalizations, Deletions,
Unspecified Verbs and Unspecified Referential Index. These
technical-sounding terms are actually quite simple to understand.
    Nominalizations are words used to describe something which
cannot be touched, felt or heard. For example: “Your untapped inner
abilities,” or, “Use your knowledge wisely, for you are indeed gifted in
this regard.”
    Deletions are what the name implies: something is deleted or
missing from the sentence. The listener can’t pin down exactly what
you mean because certain information is left out of the sentence.
When the reader remarks, “Just keep your head and heart in the
right place and everything will work out for you,” notice that what is
exactly “the right place” is missing from the sentence. Notice that
exactly how “things will work out” is deleted too.
    Unspecified Verbs are the most often used category in the bunch.
If you have ever done “pre-show” work, the chances are you’ve used
this type of deception. If you used a picture deck to force a symbol
before the show, you might say during the show “There is a lady in
the audience who is thinking of a drawing - a symbol of some type.”
The word thinking is the Unspecified Verb.
    Unspecified Referential Index simply means that the word is a
noun or pronoun that is not specific. There is no specific reference

                            being made to a person, place or thing. For example, the performer
                            might want to say to an audience: “The only reason you can’t read
                            minds is because you don’t practice!” The problem with this
                            approach is that it directly blames each person in the audience for
                            not being able to read minds.
                                Consider, however, this exact same idea presented by using a
                            noun that has no exact reference: “The only reason people can’t read
                            minds is because they don’t practice!” Notice how you have said the
                            same thing but indirectly this time. No one is likely to take offense
                            at this, and many will tend to wonder if practice may indeed be the
                            key to it all.
                                If you examine these categories closely you will find that you can
                            still be non-specific while appearing to be quite precise. From these
                            four categories you can do something else miraculous. You can
                            literally get participants on stage to believe that one thing is
                            happening and the audience to believe that something completely
                            different is occurring. All the while, a third reality is actually the
                                This may sound too fantastic for words, but it is literally the
                            words you use which make such a thing possible. In the following
                            presentation, everyone (including the participants on stage) are
                                EFFECT: A stack of cards bearing lists of various categories
                            such as Transportation, Food, Housing, etc. are displayed. The
                            performer mixes these category cards and asks the three
                            participants to take one each. They verify that each one of their
 TRANSPORTATION:            categories is different and that there are nearly 50 numbered
                            choices in all.
1.    Travel                    Each participant silently considers his list and focuses on one
2.    Map                   item in the category. The performer first “receives impressions” and
3.    Interstate highways   then accurately describes what each participant is thinking about.
4.    A set of keys             METHOD: There are three special lists as shown below. Make
5.    Vehicle               up as many other legitimate category lists as you wish. All the lists
6.    Hood ornament         are typed or written on individual filing cards. The three gaffed
7.    Four radial tires     cards should be stacked from the top down: Transportation, Food,
8.    Gasoline              and Cleaners.
9.    Automobile                Casually show the various lists and briefly mention them
10.   Leather seats         without naming the gaffed lists. Mix the cards in any manner you
11.   Sports car            choose that keeps the top three card stack intact. Allow each of the
12.   A horse               three participants to take one of the known cards from the top of the
13.   A White Ford          pack, face down. Since you set the order of the top three, gaffed
      Mustang               cards, you can remember which person has which category.
                                Say to the participants, “If you will compare lists you will see
                            that there are about fifty items listed in all. To try and memorize
                            those fifty things would be quite an impressive feat. To sort
                            through those fifty thoughts mentally and therefore know
                            what you are each thinking about - well, that would be a
                            miracle! The very miracle I will attempt tonight.”

    In this first statement, notice how the unspecified words imply,
“Each person is going to think of one out of fifty different things,”
while to the participants, it will be abundantly clear that this is a
test of memorization as well as an identification of the category.
    “Scan through your list slowly from top to bottom. You will
notice each category has various descriptions. Read silently                     CLEANERS:
through the entire category now, ending by focusing on one
specific subject. Do not say a word!!!”                                    1.    Scouring pad
    To the participants these are very specific directions. To the         2.    Bucket
audience you are implying, “Think of something on the list!” As the        3.    Hot water
participants read through the list, they naturally end by focusing         4.    Cloth or sponge
on one specific thing because that is essentially all the list is about.   5.    Elbow grease
    Turn to the first participant (the one who holds the                   6.    Bleach
Transportation card) and say, “Travel...a map...interstate                 7.    Powder
highways...keys, a bunch of them...now I see a vehicle...the hood          8.    Abrasive
ornament...four radial tires...I can almost smell the gasoline.            9.    Shaker can
There’s an automobile...leather seats...a sports car...a horse? Now I      10.   Kitchen sink
see it! A mustang. A White Ford Mustang. Did I get it all right?”          11.   Green crystals
    The audience assumes that you are receiving impressions and            12.   Cosmic cleaner
speaking about these as they ‘pop in.’ The participant realizes that       13.   Comet cleanser
you are identifying his entire category. To him, this is a combination
memory feat and card divination. He is impressed by your
identification of the card he has and by your ability of having
committed that entire card to memory. Notice that the words “all
right” mean “every item correct” to the participant, while to the
audience it translates as, “O.K.?”
    Please make the effort to memorize these lists rather than using
a crib sheet. It’s simple to learn them as a series of related phrases.             FOOD:
    Turn to the participant holding the Cleaners category and begin,
“I think there’s a scouring pad...a bucket...and hot water. Also a         1.    Heartburn
cloth or sponge and some elbow grease. Bleach...powder... abrasive,        2.    Cardboard box
yes? I thought so. There’s a shaker can...can’t forget the kitchen         3.    Warm bread
sink. Some green crystals make a cosmic cleaner...no, Comet                4.    Stringy stuff
cleanser, right?”                                                          5.    Melted cheese
    Turn to the last person and say: “Heartburn...in a cardboard           6.    Olives
box. Warm bread...some kind of stringy stuff...melted cheese!              7.    Onions
Olives, onions, green peppers, tomatoes...delicious. Sausage,              8.    Green Peppers
pepperoni, spices – it’s a Deluxe Pizza, delivered to the door of your     9.    Tomatoes
mind!”                                                                     10.   Sausage
    Say, “Give them a nice round of applause for their kind                11.   Pepperoni
participation. A little mind reading, a little memory to
                                                                           12.   Spices
                                                                           13.   Deluxe Pizza
    (The audience interprets “a little memory” as “a fond
memory” while the participants understand this to mean “a little
memorization.” Both sets of people are again convinced that your
words fit your actions.)
    I sincerely believe that the examination of the above effect
should allow you to perform a startling presentation and serve as a
model for the deceptive use of “non-specific words.” Rarely have
these types of words been used to their full and devastating
potential. Now you have the key which unlocks their employment.
                                                                           Volume 1, Number 5
                            Jack Dean                                                Issue # 5

                            Guessin’ Gumballs
                                The Mentalist displays a large jar, filled
                            to the brim with colorful gumballs. The lid
                            is tightly screwed in place.
                                “How many of you have ever entered
                            one of those contests in which you are
                            required to guess the number of pennies in
                            a jar? Perhaps instead, the jar contained
                            jelly beans, popcorn kernels, or as this one
                            does, gumballs, but the principle is the
                            same. The person who comes closest to
                            guessing the quantity of items is the
                                “Here’s an intelligent looking
                            gentleman. What’s your guess? How many
                            gumballs are inside?”
                                After soliciting guesses from several
                            audience members, the performer continues, “It takes more than
                            guesswork and luck to come up with the proper total. Perhaps if we
                            put our intuitive senses to work on the problem, we might succeed.
                            This lady here,” indicates the performer, “seems to radiate intuition.
                            Close your eyes, please, and let your mind arrive at a figure. I’ll
                            give you a hint. There are more than a hundred gumballs. Do you
                            have it? Please tell us how many you perceive.”
                                The participant says aloud the three digit number which comes
  Edited by: Lee Earle      into her mind; this time it is 237.
                                “There are three ways to confirm that you are correct. Since I’m
   All rights reserved.     the person who counted these gumballs, I could easily attest to your
         SYZYGY             estimate. But there are skeptics among us who might take
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       exception to my verification.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          “We could count all of these             Jack Dean is the
                            gumballs, but surely there must be a          prolific creator
                            less time-consuming way.”                   behind some of the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data       “The best procedure is the simplest. most commercial
                            Do you see the folded business card              Mentalism
        E-Mail:             inside the jar? After I placed the             presentations
    LeeE7@aol.com           gumballs into the jar, I wrote the count      available today.
                            on one of my business cards, folded it in
     World Wide Web
                            half, and slipped it inside.”
                                After handing the participant a large bowl, the Mentalist
   Subscription rates:      unscrews the lid of the jar and dumps the contents into the bowl.
    $38.00 per year         He requests the participant to dig out the folded card and open it to
                            read the handwritten message inside.
        Canada:                 The note says, “Gumball count is...237!”
   US$48.00 per year
                                The illustration should tell the entire story. Obtain a 40-ounce
   Overseas (airmail):      Skippy peanut butter jar. The kind made of plastic. Along one of
   US$55.00 per year                                        Please turn to GUMBALL, page 24

  Single issues: $2.50
Tom Stone

    “In all lies there can be some truth; in most truth, there is the
hint of falsehood.” Thus begins the performer who requests that his
participant use one of several slips of paper to write down a blatant
lie. The Mentalist turns his back or clearly averts his eyes.
    The helper is asked to fold the lie in half and to staple the doubled
paper closed, using a stapler on the table.                                  Tom Stone, a full
    “Now write a bigger lie, one even more unlikely than the first, and      time performer in
treat it in a similar manner, folding and securing the paper,” the          Sweden, wrote “The
performer requests. Two more, even taller tales are penned, folded,             Warpsmith’s
and stapled, all while the performer looks away.                            Toolbox”. He credits
    “Comes now the critical portion of the test,” claims the Mentalist,       the star force to
“for now you must write the most brutal of truths, that for which              George Sands.
there can be no successful contradiction. Fold and staple that paper
in a similar manner to the whoppers already sealed. You really
should mix the packets a bit, so none of us – even yourself – can tell
the white lies from the black truth.”
    Turning to face the assembled participants, the Mentalist draws a
star-shaped symbol on the surface before him then numbers the
points in a random order. “Eliminate the false and all that remains
is the truth. Let’s discover if that adage applies to you as well.” He
distributes the stapled papers around the symbol, one paper at each
point of the star.
    “This is a truth stone,” claims the Mentalist, withdrawing a
small, colorful pebble from his pocket, “and despite your
most skeptical intentions, it almost always seeks
truth and purges lies. Take it and place it upon one
of the five points of the star.”
    The participant does as he is told. The Mentalist
instructs, “That will be the first lie to be removed,
but first we’ll open it to check.” Often when the lie
is read aloud it is the source of some amusement,
depending upon the imagination of the participant.
    Continuing, the performer says, “Note the number
adjacent the point upon which the stone sits. In a
clockwise direction, exactly as in a board game, move the
stone that many points and eliminate the lie at that
    The process continues, eliminating, opening &
reading, and moving ahead until only one folded
slip remains beneath the pebble. It’s the truth slip.
    The working is simple. Every 5th staple in the stapler is marked
with a dark grey water-color pen. The colored tattletale on the truth
packet staple can be removed with a rub of the thumb. Place that
packet at position #5 on the star. The rest is automatic when you
have numbered the points as in the illustration. When the helper
begins by placing the pebble on #5, so much the better.
    If you feel the circled star may offend, use a 5-sided pentagon.

                        Michel Asselin

                        Destination Earth
                            Recently an airline promoted ‘mystery vacations’ for which
                        passengers bought tickets. The destinations were selected at
                        random. Let’s extend that concept to include every spot on Earth.”
                            “Imagine that you,” says the Mentalist, handing an airline
                        ticket envelope to a front-row member of the audience, “have a free,
Michel is a part-time   round-trip ticket to anywhere on the planet. Where might you go?”
 pro whose primary          “Actually, you have no choice. Remember, the destination is
 occupation places      selected at random. Let’s see what fate has in store for us.”
  him in Canadian           The participant joins the Mentalist on stage who withdraws
operating rooms as      from its case an air pistol. The performer announces that, instead
    a respiratory       of shooting a pellet, a target dart (which resembles a sharp-pointed
      therapist.        miniature shuttlecock) will be used. The participant selects his
                        dart from among several of different colors. The dart is loaded in
                        the pistol which is then handled as a deadly weapon (it could be!).
                            Positioning the participant to discharge the weapon in a
                        direction away from the audience, the performer indicates that the
                        target is a globe of the Earth resting on an upstage table.
                            The globe is spun on its axis and as it rotates, the participant
                        draws a bead on the sphere, closes his eyes, and pulls the trigger.
                        With a “pfffffuttt!” the projectile speeds into the target.
                            Mentalist and participant move behind the slowing globe to look
                        for the point of impact. The marksman spots the dart and informs
                                 the audience of the geographical point of impact. That
                                 location is the exact destination imprinted on the “ticket”
                                 within the envelope.
                                     In one of Corinda’s 13 Steps can be found the basis for
                                 this presentation. Michel updates it for visual and
                         dramatic theatrical appeal.
                            A duplicate dart is previously placed on the point of the globe to
                        be forced. It should be implanted at a fairly severe angle, north or
                        south of the tropics. The fact that the shot does not appear
                        centered on the sphere is a subtle convincer. The side of the globe
                        which bears the dart is turned away from the audience.
                        Camouflaged against a similarly colored surface, the dart is
                        difficult to spot at a short distance; when the globe is spinning, the
                        dart is invisible.
                            In addition, the performer and participant are on a line directly
                        between the globe and the audience. This is to ensure safety when
                        the gun is discharged. It also screens the audience from getting too
                        close a look at the spinning sphere.
                            Equivoque ensures the proper colored dart is selected; the
                        performer only pretends to load it in the gun. Already in the breech
                        is a light weight projectile (a plastic BB) instead. The switch is
                        easy; most people are so uncomfortable with the idea of a firearm
                        that they will gladly let you do all the handling.
                            An ideal, low powered air gun for this presentation is the
                        Marksman .45 Auto, selling for about thirty bucks.
Editor’s Desk

Policy Pronouncements
    I’m told that “Synaptic Symbols” (Volume 1, #4) is similar to an
Arun Bonarjee item, formerly published in The Magigram. If that is
the case, he is due credit for prior cognition.
     This seems a good time to outline SYZYGY’s editorial policy.
Because it is virtually impossible to research submitted material
against each and every prior publication, I must assume ethical
intent on the part of contributors and consider duplication of ideas or
routines as inadvertent. A sincere effort will be made to credit
earlier thought (see the following paragraph, for example) and to
reject obvious “borrowing” from commercial or published items, but
that’s it. Coincidental discovery is not the same as plagiarism.
    Jack Dean tells me that he received his inspiration for this issue’s
cover piece from a Jim Stienmeyer concept in Conjuring. Jack also
has a pair of noteworthy new commercial releases: Psychic Sight, a
monograph on the blindfold routine (including his method for the
Kuda Bux test), and Replication, an up-close-and-personal design
duplication using business cards. They are priced at $15.00 each,
add $3.00 for postage. Write to him at 3110 Arrendale Street,
Memphis, TN 38118, or phone him at 901 363-7348.

GUMBALL, continued

    the seams, use an Exacto knife or single-edge razor blade to cut
a narrow slit about 3 inches long. Smooth the edges of the slit with
a nail file so it won’t bind or “talk.” Fill the jar with loosely packed
gumballs (count and note the quantity, just in case the guess is
correct) and screw on the lid. Prepare a business card as in the first
illustration, leaving room for your nail-writer entry of the count.
    Fold the card in half with the writing on the inside. Push half of
the card through the slit and open the other half against the jar.
    You have ample time while holding and displaying the jar while
discussing your verification options to thumb-write the correct
three digits onto the card. Fold the card to the left and push it into
the jar through the slit as in the illustration at the right.
    When you are finished, you can display the folded card to the
audience as you unscrew the lid to pour out the contents.
    If you are worried about the audience seeing the slit (which
should be much narrower than shown here), you can use several
short strips of black vinyl electrical tape to seal the lid to the jar.
When you remove the strips to open the lid, stick the strips to the
side of the jar, one of them covering the slit. A rapid twist of the jar
will shift the gumballs within, moving the card away from the slit.
    When you use wrapped, hard candies, you can pass the bowl
among the audience, inviting folks to help themselves. This buys
some goodwill and destroys the evidence as well! If the guess nails
the correct number of candies, leave the bowl in a skeptic’s lap.
                                                                            Volume 1, Number 6
                            David Zver                                               Issue # 6

                            Crystal Dust
                                A most unusual crystal, shaped like
                            a large tadpole, is examined by the
                            assembly. The Mentalist places it in
                            his right hand at the base of his
                            fingers. That hand, in turn, is
                            placed across the palm and fingers
                            of his left hand. Sort of like
                            “Allstate hands.”
                                The performer marshals and
                            focuses the energies of the group and
                            directs them toward the crystal. It
                            seems to quiver and pulsate; then with a
                            snap! instantly pulverizes itself! Nothing
                            remains but a handful of sparkling, crystal dust.
                                At the heart of this Hallowe’en or séance presentation is our old
                            friend, the Rupert’s Pearl. Sometimes known as a Devil’s Teardrop,
                            this small droplet of glass has been a scientific oddity for years.
                            During the annealing process, a molten glob of glass is supercooled,
                            instantly hardening the outside layer and setting up a tremendous
                            molecular tension within. If the tail of the tadpole is broken, the
                            fissure will instantly spread through the entire droplet, imploding
                            and rendering it into millions of tiny grains of glass.
                                What’s new in this presentation is the method which allows the
                            glass blob to rest openly upon the fingers when it pulverizes.
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                                The gimmick is a loop of near-invisible, lightweight fishing line.
    Copyright©1994          Not the magician’s invisible thread, because some strength is
   All rights reserved.     required. A short length is tied into a 1-1/2" loop. The glossy
         SYZYGY             surface should be rubbed with emery paper to dull the shine.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           Pinch the loop between the middle
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            two fingers of either hand with the              David publishes
       Telephone:           larger portion of the loop protruding           Krypt’s Quarterly
  602 / 247-7323 voice      beneath the hand. The tail of the                 Crier, a prime
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   Rupert’s Pearl is secretly inserted in               source for
                            the loop. When the hands are brought              presentations
        E-Mail:             together, the middle finger of the lower
    LeeE7@aol.com                                                            dealing with the
                            hand threads through the larger loop
     World Wide Web         beneath the top hand. The round end
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    of the Pearl is pointed at the audience.
                            Angles are important but not critical.
   Subscription rates:          When you slowly bend the lower hand’s middle finger, taking up
    $38.00 per year         the slack in the loop, the glass blob will move a little. Increased
        Canada:             tension on the loop will break the tail and initiate the dusty
   US$48.00 per year        metamorphosis. The loop is easily discarded because all attention
                            will be on the remains of the experiment in the upper hand.
   Overseas (airmail):          If thoughts of civil liability are circulating in your mind, try
   US$55.00 per year        draping a square of very sheer, transparent fabric over the action.
  Single issues: $2.50
Christopher Caldwell

Body Parts
    Here’s a quickie for the scary season. It is best played tongue in
cheek. At least if you wish to get ahead, get a leg up, or sound hip.
    “There are a number of body features,” instructs the performer,
“which are spelled with three letters.” He begins to deal onto the
table a number of index cards, each of which bears one of the words.
“They are: Arm, Rib, Hip, Eye, Leg, Gum, Jaw, Ear, Toe, and present              Once again
in pubescence, Zit.”                                                        Christopher serves
    After turning the gathered packet of cards face down, the               up an opportune bit
Mentalist mixes them a bit and says, “Let’s get down to the bare              of skullduggery.
bones. We need to use one of these words, so would you please say            Obviously he has
aloud a number between 1 and 10.”                                            entirely too much
    Counting to that card in the packet, it is dealt onto the table, face       spare time!!
down. The remaining cards are placed in the performer’s pocket. He
remarks, “Do you realize that ‘Zit’ has never been selected? One
might say that’s an unblemished record.”
    Pushing the card in the direction of the participant with the
extended finger of his closed hand, the Mentalist continues, “At this
point none of us knows which particular anatomical feature you’ve
chosen at random. But I’ve had a hunch. Please turn your
selection over and share its identity.”
    The participant flips the card. It is the Eye card. “I
see,” remarks the performer. “Once again, the ‘eyes’
have it!” He opens his hand and rolls out onto the
table one of those novelty eyeballs in which the pupil
remains steady as the eye skitters across the table.
    A counting force variation is used, with the cards in
the order given above. The mixing you give them
must not disturb the order of the cards. The 4th and
8th cards are the Eye and the Ear; if the participant
selects either of those numbers, just count to the card
from the top of the face down deck. F-I-V-E and N-I-N-E
require spelling the number to arrive at the 4th card.
O-N-E, T-W-O, S-I-X and T-E-N will allow you to deal the
first three cards off the pack, offering the next one to your
helper. The number 3 is handled by counting off, “One, two,
three...” cards and giving the next one to him. Seven is easily
dealt with in the same manner. Of course, if you want to interject
more lame humor (or are performing for a magic club audience), spell
8 as “A-T-E” and deal the next, fourth, card.
    Both the eye and a novelty rubber ear are in your pocket, ready
for instant removal when the cards are pocketed. If the Ear is
selected, your line is, “How Eerie! You’ve made a sound choice.”
    Make up an 11th card with the letters, “T & A” and keep it in your
pocket. When someone snickers and suggests another 3-letter body
part, show the card and say, “I thought of those, too, but I prefer to
do a G-rated routine.”

                      Jean Boucher

                          “The power of thought,” begins the Mentalist, “is our greatest
                      asset, but often it can work contrary to our best intentions. For
                      example, if you were requested not to think of a rhinosaurus in the
                        next 30 seconds, your imagination would defy you.”
                               The performer continues, “As any good police detective
                               knows, a person’s subconscious mind will often work at
                                 counter-purposes, especially when the subject is
                                   attempting to conceal the truth.”
                                         “I will illustrate that concept in a very simple
                                       manner. While my back is turned toward you,
                                         preventing any possibility that I might somehow
                                         see, would you please remove one of the playing
                                         cards from this pack?” The Mentalist holds the
                                         cards behind his back and allows the helper to
                                         take one.
                                             “While you burn the image of that card into
                                         your brain,” he continues, “I’ll shuffle the
                                         remaining cards. This isn’t as easy as it looks.”
                                         With some degree of fumbling, the pack is riffle-
                                         shuffled, still behind the performer’s back.
                                           Following up with additional instructions, the
                                   Mentalist instructs, “While we’re at it, turn your card
                              toward the audience so they can show it to their brains, as
                          well. Slip your card back among the others and I’ll mix them
                      one more time.” He does so, then hands the pack to the participant
                      to mix for himself.
                          Further direction is offered, “As I deal the cards onto the table,
                      please look for the one upon which you have been focusing. When
                      you see it, you must say, ‘Stop!’ Not aloud, but in your mind.” It’s
Jean is a full time   not necessary that I observe your expressions. Just be sure you
pro who works his     don’t betray your thoughts with an audible gasp or reaction.”
 wonders for the          One by one, and at a fairly rapid pace, the cards are dealt face
corprate trade in     up under the participant’s gaze. Suddenly, as he deals one of the
   and around         cards, the Mentalist cringes slightly away from the helper. “Not so
Montreal, Canada.     loud! A whisper will do. This is your card.” The performer holds
                      up the last one dealt as the participant confirms the test’s success.
                          Updating an Annemann trick (from 13 Steps to Mentalism),
                      Jean ‘punches’ every card to produce a bump on its back,
                      positioned so the right thumb will feel it when the card is dealt.
                      All the bumps are aligned to make a one-way pack. The behind-
                      the-back shuffle allows him to reverse the deck for the card’s
                          When dealing, the deck is turned so the smooth ends of the
                      cards are under the right thumb when dealing. The single
                      reversed card will identify itself by touch.
                          As the illustration suggests, this is a perfect piece for use with a
                      blindfold, which eliminates the need for behind-the-back handling.

Editor’s Desk

This ‘n’ That
    Two sources for the Rupert’s Pearls mentioned in the cover piece
are: Sorceries Limited, 89 W. Broad Street, Suite A, Bethlehem, PA
18018, 610 691-8019, 610 954-7969 fax; Viking Magic, P.O. Box
1778, McAllen, TX 78502, 210 380-3929, 210 380-3930 fax.
    I hope you’ve noticed, by the way, that there have been no
“fillers” in these pages so far. Each and every item which makes the
cut is a quality piece ready for your repertoire. It would be nice to
keep it that way. It would also be nice if the contribution file looked
like this illustration, but it doesn’t.
     SYZYGY is not only a resource to jump-start inspiration but also
an outlet to showcase your creative ideas. Send in that gem you’ve
been keeping to yourself. Phone, fax, E-mail, or snail-mail; just get
it to me and I’ll do the rest. This rag’s appetite is insatiable!
    One of the ideas in the works is a Quarterly Supplement on the
Mentalist’s Toolkit. Sort of a glossary of basic terms, moves, and
concepts which every performer should know. Things like
equivoque, mnemonics, the P.A.T.E.O. force, one-ahead, the 10/11
force, and so forth. I’d like to have your suggestions for inclusion.
    Regular contributor and peripatetic world traveler Steve Shaw,
will be a featured speaker in Phoenix, AZ at Docc Hilford’s third
Weerd Weekend (WWIII) this November 3, 4, 5, & 6. Also speaking
is Kenton (Linguistic Deception) Knepper, tipping some of the
material from his upcoming book. There will be other surprises – as
well as the usual list of suspects. You might still be able to get a
registration if you call Docc now at: (602) 230-4251. While you’re on
the line, congratulate him for making the October M.U.M. cover.
    If you have a computer with a CD-ROM drive, consider Virtual
Tarot, which features 10 different layouts and over 300 megabytes
of “breathtaking graphics and animations, original music, video, and
vocals.” It’s by Virtual Media Works, Inc. and lists for $49.95. It can
be ordered from CD-ROM Warehouse at 1-800-237-6623.
    Macintosh users can take the Palmistry CD-ROM in hand. It’s
item #681-00-PALMCD at $49.95, from Club Mac; 1-800-258-2622.
    A second bargain is PhoneDisc with Powerfinder, listed as a
“master investigative tool with over 91 million telephone listings.”
Imagine using it to amplify some pre-show tidbits of information. It
searches 5 regional discs by number and address for every listed
residence and business. Digital Directory publishes it and Tiger
Software sells it for $169.00. Reach them at 1-800-666-2562 for
Macintosh users or at 1-800-888-4437 for those laboring under
DOS, Windows, and OS/2.
    John Riggs, a shining new star exploding into the
galaxy of contemporary Mentalism, reports that his book,
Heavy Mental, is due in March. It’s not for the meek.
    Retail Sales Survey: Hallowe’en 2nd only to Christmas.
Scary! But the cash flow is there to tap into. Do it.

                                                                           Volume 1, Number 7
                            Chris Hurlburt                                          Issue # 7

                            The 68th Parallel
                                Inspired by Phil Goldstein’s Kirigami
                            (and re-awakening an original concept by
                            Martin Gardner), this idea is suitable
                            for that casual sort of performance
                            when the force of a two-digit
                            number is called for.
                                The performer creases and
                            folds a sheet of paper in half
                            upon itself four times and then opens it fully.
                            The fold lines divide the sheet into 16 cells, a 4 x 4 matrix.
                                Numbers are entered in the cells, 1 through 16, from top left to
                            bottom right. The 6 and 9 are underscored to avoid confusion.
                                Handing the paper to a participant, the Mentalist requests that
                            the paper be folded along any of the previously scored lines. The
                            fold can be in either direction, under or over. A second participant
                            is asked to give the paper an additional fold along another of the
                            scores. The process continues until the packet is completely folded,
                            one-sixteenth of its original size.
                                Taking a pair of scissors to the packet, the performer trims all
                            four edges of the packet away, leaving a stack of 16 single squares
                            of paper, each bearing a number from 1 to 16. A wise strategy is to
                            actually scissor the packet in one continuous cut so the resulting
                            papers are circles. This allows the cutaway portion to stay in one
  Edited by: Lee Earle      single piece instead of becoming a stack of shreds on the tabletop.
                                Some of the papers are number side up, others are blank side up.
    Copyright©1994          Deal the papers onto the table into two piles, face up and face down.
   All rights reserved.
         SYZYGY             Ask a participant which group of papers he wishes to use, blanks or
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       numbers. Pick up the designated
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      packet and thumb through the
                            numbers, announcing a running total.          Once a computer
       Telephone:           It’s safer for the performer to do this     programmer, Chris
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            than to run the risk of embarrassing a        is now a full-time
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                               performer who has
                            participant whose error must be
        E-Mail:             subsequently corrected.                         discovered the
    LeeE7@aol.com               The total will always be 68! If the     seductive appeal of
                            paper started out as a red and black              Mentalism.
     World Wide Web
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    checkerboard, all the squares in one
                            pile would be red and the others would be black. There is probably
   Subscription rates:      some elegant topological theory behind all this, but frankly, we
    $38.00 per year         don’t care – as long as it works.
                                Play this one lightly and have some fun with your audience as
   US$48.00 per year        they take turns being imaginative in their re-folding. To frustrate
                            the skeptics, secretly swipe or exchange a paper from the non-
   Overseas (airmail):      selected pile, spoiling any attempt to backtrack your method if they
   US$55.00 per year        try to run a total.
  Single issues: $2.50
Lee Earle

    “Advertisers spend billions of dollars to leave a favorable
impression in your mind,” begins the performer. “One method is to
form a close association between their products and trademarks.”
    “It’s no wonder then, that companies invest heavily in artwork
and design which will guarantee a strong impression. Here is a full
page bearing nearly a hundred of these logos, as they are called,           The fold & cut
each graphically distinct from all the others. To demonstrate the          method from the
potency of this advertising technique, we’ll use only one of them.”      previous page lends
    “Size or placement should not influence your choice, so we’ll cut    the ideal vehicle for
this sheet into smaller sections and pick one at random. Let’s fold       a presentation I’ve
the paper several times so we can cut all the layers at once.”              been noodling
     “However,” continues the Mentalist, “you should do the folding.       around for ages.
Just stay on the creases. It doesn’t matter in which order or
direction you make the folds, so feel free to exercise your
    The performer trims the edges from the folded packet,
producing 16 squares, some face up, others face down. He discards
the face up pieces onto the table to one side and says, “From among
those remaining squares whose printing we cannot see, select one
piece at random. Take a look at the assortment of trademarks on
that scrap. Select one, complete and uncut, whose product you can
picture in your imagination. Focus your mind upon that product.”
    The performer takes a pad and ponders a moment, gazing into
his helper’s eyes, then draws a rough sketch. It is an illustration of
the very item in the participant’s mind!
    Researching through collections of commercial trademarks has
yielded 8 different logos which generate instant product recognition
in a manner to our advantage. Those product logos are:
Lifesavers candy, Cheerios, Dunkin’ Donuts,
Michelin Tires, Lender’s Bagels, Froot Loops cereal,
Spaghetti O’s, and Compact Disc. When asked to
sketch the product, participants will produce the
same drawing for each: a circle within a circle.
    The facing page bears a photocopy master for this
presentation. It’s a collection of logos in which the
force designs occupy the center of 8 of the 16 segments
which result when the paper is folded and cut. The
remaining logos are either 1) on the pieces which are not selected;
2) trademarks which are scissored in half because they lie across
the fold lines, or; 3) unknown and generic companies.
    Fold and cut the paper in the manner described in Chris
Hurlburt’s piece. As you thumb through to separate the pieces,
make sure the force logos are face down. If not, turn the packet
over. Dealing the non-force pieces face up on the table, displaying a
variety of logos, reinforces the randomness of the selection.
    Once your participant has the final piece in hand, sweep all the
remaining pieces from the table and discard them.


     SYZYGY ©1995
Editor’s Desk

WWIII Highlights
    Weerd Weekend III, Docc Hilford’s three-day cocktail party for
devotees of non-traditional magic, was an unqualified hoot! Previous
events have taught us that words like “punctual” and “schedule”
have no reality in the weerd universe; the 1994 gathering did little
to modify that charming tradition.
    From the opening mind-and-spoon bending lecture presented by
Steve Shaw to the closing brunch at which the attendees rose to
applaud Joe Givan as this year’s recipient of the Tony Andruzzi
Award, the excitement was full speed ahead.
    Speaking of standing O’s, my sweep second hand measured the
enthusiastic applause bestowed upon Guest of Honor and
séancemeister E. Raymond Carlyle at over a minute and a half.
There has never been a more deserving (not to mention gregarious,
generous, gentle, and genteel) individual in the business. His table-
side talent settles the question as to whether séance is craft or art.
    Other delights: Saturday night M.C. Todd Robbins, whose
sideshow escapades helped us forget that some acts disregarded the
adage about leaving the audience wanting more; Dublin Ireland’s
Quentin Reynolds, who reminded us that the fundamental
concepts still sell, even to sophisticated audiences; David Barker’s
animated illustrations of the body as a tool to master; young pianist
Ian Flora’s Stage Magick overture; and Remee, the Nigerian story
teller whose haunting, lyrical chants still echo in my memory.
    Conspicuous by its absence was the Atlanta contingent so
prominent at earlier events. M.O.T.M. burnout, I suspect. I’m sure
that WW-IV will once again be graced by the Bizarrist, the Barrister,
the Beard, and the Beautiful.
    Only one moment to single out for critique. With young people,
including my 14-year old daughter, in the audience, genital humor at
the impromptu competitions (or anywhere else, for that matter) is
not really appropriate. Yes, it gets the laughs (even from me, I am
chagrined to admit), but we are all thereby diminished. Is pride in
our word-pictures possible when the gutter becomes our palette?
    You want bizarre? You crave weerd? You demand the classic
themes? Drop everything else and seek your inspiration in the
superb cinematography of the Kenneth Branagh directed movie,
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Then exit the theatre with the stunned
and speechless audience to realize that the bar has just been raised.
    Tiger Direct (1-800-335-4059) offers the World Encyclopedia of
Con Artists and Confidence Games on CD-ROM for $24.95.
    This final paragraph is written to acknowledge SYZYGY’s
readers. Only five months into Volume #1, subscriptions have
already surpassed the first year’s goal! Advertising certainly played
a hand early on – now the growth is almost entirely due to word of
mouth. Thank you for your continuing encouragement and support.

                                                                            Volume 1, Number 8
                            Richard Mark                                             Issue # 8

                            Destiny’s Destination
                                “I must find a companion for an
                            imaginary vacation,” begis the
                            Mentalist, “One whose mind is in
                            tune with mine.” He gestures toward
                            a woman who will have easy access to
                            the stage and asks, “Would you join
                            me on this escape from reality? Don’t
                            wory, we’ll have a chaperon. This
                            fellow here,” indicating a man seated
                            nearby, “will come along, too.”
                                When they join him, the performer
                            produces a memo pad and a packet of
                            travel brochures clipped together with a
                            spring clamp. A long loop of ribbon is
                            strung through the tabs on the clamp.
                                Making a notation on the pad, the Mentalist
                            tears off the top sheet, folds it in quarters, and inserts the folded
                            billed under the edge of the brochure clip. The clipped packet is
                            hung by the ribbon around the chaperon’s neck.
                                “I’ve writtn my choice of transportation. Which do you suppose,”
                            the performer says with a twinkle, “of all the world’s airlines, is my
                            whimsical preference?” She says aloud her choice. He nods sagely.
                                Then the Mentalist takes pen & pad in hand and makes a
                            second notation which is also quarter-folded and slipped under the
  Edited by: Lee Earle      edge of the clip, joining the first billet.
                                “The second slip bears the name of the credit card used to fund
   All rights reserved.
                            this illusory journey. Don’t limit your imagination to the common
         SYZYGY             ones; this fantasy fare might be charged to a gas copany, shoe store,
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       or electronics outlet, too.” She
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      names a particular credit card.                This routine is a
                                “Now for the destination.” The             variation on one
       Telephone:           Mentalist generates a third folded               published in
  602 / 247-7323 voice                                                      Richard Mark’s
                            note, adds it to the others under the
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            edge of the clip, and pulls the travel         brand new book,
        E-Mail:             brochures free, leaving the three               “The Phantom
    LeeE7@aol.com           billets in the clip.                                 Hand.”
                                “Of all these exotic locations,
     World Wide Web         Beirut, Mogadishu, Chernobyl, Sarajevo...,” asks the Mentalist,
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    fanning the 8 to 10 brochures for her selection, “which do you think
   Subscription rates:
                            is our destiny’s destination?” She indicates one of them.
    $38.00 per year             The performer removes the 3 billets from the clip and hands
                            them to the chaperon. Recounting the choices, the Mentalist says,
        Canada:             “My companion senses that our fantasy vacation will be to Rio de
   US$48.00 per year        Janerio, via Qantas Airlines, and will be charged on a Neiman
                            Marcus card. Please open the slips and confirm our compatibility.”
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                                                            Please turn to DESTINY, page 36
  Single issues: $2.50
Phil Goldstein & Stephen Minch

One Point Five
      The performer places five envelopes on the table. Each, he
explains, contains a card bearing a simple design. A prediction is
placed inside a participant’s pocket. He is given a free choice of any
envelope. The contents of the other envelopes are shown to be all
different. The card from the chosen envelope is removed; it bears a
diamond. The prediction is opened - it bears a matching diamond.
      The method is an outgrowth of Tony Corinda’s “The Third
Choice” (from Step 4 of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism, 1958). The
envelopes are opaque, of the end-opening “pay envelope” variety,
with the flaps cut off. They are ungimmicked; the cards are not.
      One of the cards is made from blank-faced playing card stock
with a printed back design. On the face of this card is a triangle.
The other four cards are made from double-blank stock, and have
drawings on both sides. One side of each bears a diamond; the other
side has some other design (circle, square, star, heart).
      The triangle card goes into its envelope face-up. The others go
in diamond-side-down. Prepare a prediction forecasting the choice
of the diamond and you’re ready to begin.
      Deal the envelopes into a tabled row so that the one
containing the triangle card is closest to the participant. (If you
wish, mark the triangle envelope and thus allow the participant to
mix the envelopes. Retrieve the envelopes and deal them
haphazardly in a row, positioning the marked one nearest to the
    Put the folded prediction message in the participant’s pocket.
Explain that only one envelope contains the same design as on the
prediction paper, and therefore, “Four of the envelopes must be
eliminated.” Direct the participant to point to any envelope.
      If any other than the triangle envelope is designated, pick it up
and say, “This is the one you felt compelled to select.” As you put it     Publisher Stephen
back on the table, away from the row, turn the envelope over.             Minch and innovator
      Gesture toward the envelope nearest the participant and ask         Phil Goldstein possess
the person to remove its contents as you say, “Let’s see what you
                                                                             two of the most
didn’t select.” He removes the triangle card. Because this is a
legitimate card it can be freely handled. The implication is that all
                                                                            creative minds in
of the cards are free from guile and could also be handled by the              Mentalism.
      Of course, they are not, so you must extract the cards from the
remaining envelopes yourself. When you do this, convey the idea
that you’re taking over in order to speed things up. Pull each card
from its envelope, displaying the assorted null designs. Finally,
remove the card from the selected envelope; because it was
previously turned over, the diamond design will show.
      If the chosen envelope contains the triangle, continue by
saying, “Fine, we’Il eliminate that one.” Push it aside and have the
participant designate three more, one by one, for elimination. The
remaining envelope, defined as the chosen one, contains a double-
racer. You can proceed as already described.
                         Chuck Hickok

                         Vested Interest
                                “If I asked you to mention a vegetable,” begins the Mentalist,
                         your response would likely be ‘carrot’. More often than not, your first
                         choice of a playing card is apt to be the Queen of Hearts.”
                                The performer continues, “Studies show that ‘rose’ is the flower
                         most often mentioned, while ‘seven’ is the favorite single digit
                         number. As you might imagine then, were I to ask you to give me a
  Chuck Hickok is a      single word, there might very well be a predictable response.”
 successful corporate           The Mentalist pulls from his pocket the new Webster’s
 training consultant     NewWorld Vest Pocket Dictionary. “A word at random from a
who insists on making    dictionary of over 15,000 entries, however, will ensure a fair
   his presentations     selection.”
strong and believable.          A participant from the audience is asked to help. The performer
                         instructs, “Use your thumb to push open the dictionary at the top and
                         peek at the first word on the page. Don’t open the pages too far; no
                         one else should see your choice. Do you have the word in your mind?
                         Is it one you recognize?”
                                When the helper answers in the affirmative, the performer
                         picks up a sketch pad and crayon. He says, “Place your hand on my
                         wrist, close your eyes, and concentrate on the word in your mind. Do
                         nothing to restrict my movement; just focus on the word.”
                                The Mentalist’s hand, wrist held by the participant, begins to
                         slice back and forth over the page. The crayon touches the page here
                         and on the return stroke, there. Line by line, an image begins to
                         form. “What,” asks the performer, “is the word in your mind?”
                             When the participant says the word aloud, the sketch pad is
                              turned toward the audience; it bears the very same word!
                                      “Please keep the dictionary with my compliments,” says
                                        the Mentalist to the participant, “as a souvenir both of
                                           this moment and of this tremendous round of
                                          applause you’ve earned.”
                                                File this method in your “the airline lost my
                                          props” file. Only the dictionary, pad, crayon, and a few
                                         moments’ time are required.
                                           The size of the dictionary, at only 190 pages, limits the
                                    word selection to one of 95 possible choices. Restrict the
                            selection to the center section and the range is narrowed further.
                                 When the participant thumbs open a page to look at the top
                                    the index word on the following page is there for you to
                             glimpse. It supplies the key which unlocks the memorized
                         association you’ve made between the two words. Because each set is
                         an alliterative word-pair such as “stoop-stain,” “mystery-mood,” and
                         “chord-chalk” the associative process is made simpler still.
                                A mnemonic (memory) system, such as those found in Harry
                         Lorayne’s books, is a priceless asset for the contemporary Mentalist
                         and is surprisingly easy to learn. Used in secret support of your
                         efforts, it’s a powerful tool. Yes, you can make a hidden crib sheet
                         with the words in tabular form. Written is fine; mnemonic is better.

Editor’s Desk

You Might Like...
   I seldom recommend magic tricks, but this one is clever and well
made. It is a small, chrome plated, skeleton key about 3 inches long.
The flag (the part which goes into the keyhole) is visibly rotated
around the shaft and then moved halfway toward the head of the
key. Hand it out with confidence, knowing that they will find no
moving parts. Forgot the name. About $50, from Market Magic,
1501 Pike Place, #427, Seattle, WA, 98101, 206 624-4271.
   Richard Mark’s new book on the workings, history, and routines
with the Ostin Switch Clip is priced at $25.00 and comes with an
improved clip, too. Order from him at (305) 857-9317 or write to:
Richard Mark, 3 Grove Isle Drive, #702, Coconut Grove, FL 33133.
   The typo gremlin struck in issue #7. The contributor for “The
68th Parallel” spells his name: Chris Hurlbert, with an ‘e’.
   Recovering from surgery: Melania Magus - prognosis excellent!

DESTINY, continued

    The slips accurately predict airline, credit card, and destination!
He closes with, “Were you reading my mind, or was I reading yours?”
    This routine employs an Ostin Switch Clip, made from a Hunt-
Boston Bulldog clip with a rubber band looped around the tubular
spring, between the tabs and jaws. A folded paper the same size as
the billet is hooked over the band inside the clip. When the billet is
drawn out between the clip’s jaws, the elastic band stretches.
Squeeze the clip open and the paper disappears inside.
    Prepare a handful of 3-panel, “Z” folded travel brochures by
razoring a slit in each center panel to hold (and conceal) a folded
billet bearing the name of that brochure’s destination.
    The packet of brochures is placed in the jaws of the clamp. The
dummy billet is drawn out of the clip on the back side of the packet.
    The first memo you write is a dummy which you only pretend to
slide under the clip’s jaws; it is really finger palmed. The brochures
provide plenty of cover. When you hang the looped clip around the
chaperon’s neck, the side showing the billet is facing out.
    Write the airline on the second memo. The audience thinks you’re
writing credit card info. That billet is really placed under the clip’s
jaws. Thumb and fingers spread the billet open to make it appear as
two slips because, as you open the clip, the visible dummy billet will
vanish into the clip. Again, the brochures supply plenty of cover.
    When the audience sees you writing the destination memo, you
are again “one behind,” inking the credit card name. It is openly
placed alongside the other two (?) already in the clip.
    Remove the brochures from the clip’s jaws for the participant’s
selection. When one is chosen, slip your thumb inside and pull the
hidden billet into your hand. With the same hand, remove the other
billets from the clip. Hand all three to the chaperon to open & read.
                                                                            Volume 1, Number 9
                            Derek Renfro                                              Issue # 9

                            Tarot Tin
                                For those who do card readings,
                            especially in an entertainment
                            venue, it is often desirable to
                            finish the reading on a
                            positive note. One common
                            practice has been to force a
                            single, favorable card with
                            which to conclude your
                            layout’s interpretation.
                                Here’s a force that’s simple
                            as can be and works with several
                            cards, which can help conclude your reading with extra impact.
                                Obtain a small, decorative tin box which is just large enough to
                            hold your deck of cards. These items are plentiful during the
                            holiday season and can be found in many different department and
                            import stores. The tin boxes usually have overlapping lids and
                            recessed bottoms. The recessed bottom is the key to this idea.
                                Conceal two or three (or more, if you wish) cards in the recessed
                            bottom and place the remainder of the deck inside the box proper.
                            A rubber band around the whole works holds the lid and hidden
                            cards in place. (Editor’s note: In actual use, the force cards would
                            be face up, but that doesn’t make nearly as nice an illustration.)
                                Slip the rubber band from the box and place the box flat on your
                            palm. Remove the lid and turn it over, so the opening is up. Drop
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            the box bottom into the face up lid, which transfers the force cards
    Copyright©1994          to the lid. Turn over the nested box and lid to dump out the deck.
   All rights reserved.         While your participant’s attention is on mixing the cards for the
         SYZYGY             reading, lift the empty box up and out of the lid. It’s an easy thing
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       to turn the lid over while holding the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            cards hidden beneath. The box is
                            offered as a depository for the deck.
                                                                               Derek is an
                                Place the lid on the box (adding the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   held out force cards to the top of the
                                                                           specialties dealer
                            deck) and hand the closed box to your             who, when he
        E-Mail:             participant to hold between her hands         performs, does only
                            as she visualizes her question.                    Mentalism.
     World Wide Web             When she opens the box and hands
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    the cards to you, the first cards dealt
                            will be your force cards. Obviously these are the last ones to be
   Subscription rates:      interpreted in your reading.
    $38.00 per year             While analyzing some of the random cards in your layout, you
        Canada:             make comments such as, “This card, when combined with the (name
   US$48.00 per year        of first force card), is always a sign of good fortune. Reinforced with
                            (name of 2nd force card) it’s an indication of long term benefits.”
   Overseas (airmail):          When those very cards turn up near the end of the reading, they
   US$55.00 per year        will validate your early comments and delight your participant.
  Single issues: $2.50
Allen B. Brannum

    “The human mind speaks in many languages and dialects,”
begins the Mentalist, “It communicates non-verbally as well. A
raised eyebrow translates into an awesome range of commentary; a
shrug bears its own message. Nature allows some species, people
included, to interact through scent and aroma. Is it so surprising
then, that our handwriting has distinguishing characteristics           Allen, an avid fan of
which reveal hidden attitudes, aptitudes, and even thoughts?”              Robert Nelson’s
    The performer hands each of several persons a pen and a folded         work, is always
checklist, about the size of a greeting card. “On the inside page,      looking for original
please write a sentence or two in your everyday handwriting. The        Nelson manuscripts
only restrictions are that the statements must be truthful and you      and products to add
must reveal something personal about yourself.”                           to his collection.
    After the participants have begun writing, the Mentalist
addresses one more person, “Take one of these checklists and, just
for fun, write a personal statement which is false. Please don’t
write something obviously untrue such as ‘my nose is missing.’ The
sentence must read true but be factually incorrect. Understand?”
    After the checklists have been collected and mixed, the
performer takes them and reads the first one. He notes certain
formations and characteristics in the handwriting sample and
then checks on the card’s interior tic sheet some of the
traits they reveal. He makes an appropriate (and usually
humorous) comment about each participant’s statement and
then declares whether the sentence is truthful.
    After analyzing all of the samples, he identifies the
fraudulent specimen and returns that checklist to its owner,
saying, “Playing detective isn’t difficult with a person as
naturally honest as you are. Sherlock Holmes could have
stuffed Moriarity and Watson into the holes in this alibi. You’re
a lousy fibber.”
    Continuing, the peformer relates, “This next specimen tells me
that the writer is generous, impulsive, and strong willed. What
most people find fascinating is that your unspoken communication
is shouting the very same thing!” He hands the card to one of the
participants and declares, “This is your handwriting, isn’t it?” The
Mentalist correctly returns each sample, then takes his applause.
    Allen indexes his tic sheets (modified from a 1950's era Robert
Nelson checklist) in a very subtle manner: with a sharp pencil, he
lightly shades in one side of the ( ) parenthesis next to a different
characteristic on each card (look next to Romantic). His check
marks cover the evidence before the checklists are returned.
    Here’s a no-brainer mnemonic which will free your mind to
focus on entertaining the audience: A different trait, one of the top
four, is shaded on each of the first four cards. Using the example
list, one card goes to someone who looks affectionate. Another
recipient appears speculative, a 3rd is romantic, etc. Easy to
    The fibber takes one of the remaining, unmarked checklists.
                        Paul Alberstat

                        Elemental Assembly
                            While I don’t necessarily share their beliefs,” begins the
                        performer, “ancient peoples worshiped what they perceived as the
                        four elements; fire, air, water, and earth. Rituals were built around
                        incantations of this omnipotent quartet. Sometimes, even modern
                        people are amazed at their coincidental powers. Let me show you.”
                            The Mentalist takes out five business cards and, on the back of
                        each, writes one of those four ancient elements. On the fifth card,
                        he writes the first names of two participants.
                            Handing the cards to one helper, he requests, “Please mix the
                        five papers into a random distribution.” Once that has been
                        accomplished, he takes the cards and tears the stack exactly in half,
                        depositing one half on top of the other. “A little more randomization
                        couldn’t hurt,” says the Mentalist, mixing the packet of half-cards.
                            Directing his remarks at participant #1, he continues, “You will
                        hold five of these. The others will be entrusted to this gentleman.”
                        The top five half-cards are dealt into a pile in front of helper #1.
                        Helper #2 receives the second group.
                            “The influence of the four elements is little understood, but can
                        often be made to manifest itself through ritual. Let’s begin with
                        ‘fire’. For every letter in the word ‘fire’ please transfer one half-card
                        from the top of its group to the bottom. You may decide between
                        yourselves which of you transfers a half-card on each letter spelled,
                        but only one piece, from either group, may be moved for each letter.”
                            The Mentalist slowly spells “F-I-R-E” as the helpers move a half-
                        card from either pile for each letter spoken. When the word is
                        spelled, he places the top half-card from both packets to one side.
                            “A-I-R” is spelled next. The top half-cards from both packets are
                        placed aside, in line with the previously discarded pair. The
                        procedure is repeated for “W-A-T-E-R” and “E-A-R-T-H.” That final
                        pair is tabled, aligned with the first 4 sets. The performer remarks,
 A background as a      “Notice that I placed the center pair forward of the others?” When
    college theatre     those half-cards are turned over, they bear the helpers’ names!
 major and 27 years         The performer says, “It might be mere coincidence which led the
 of performing savvy    two of you through the decision process which led to this final
have prepared Paul      match. But I don’t think so. The mystery of Fire, Air, Water, and
for his 1984 debut as   Earth can not be so easily explained.” He turns over each of the
                        remaining tabled pairs – all four sets are the matching halves to
    a full-time pro
                        Fire, Air, Water, and Earth!
                            This idea is about as close to a magic trick as you will ever see in
                        SYZYGY, but its presentation justifies inclusion. The method is
                        embarassingly simple. After the cards are torn and assembled in
                        one packet, your shuffle is really a series of complete cuts, leaving
                        the order undisturbed. The five pieces given to the first helper are
                        dealt singly, reversing their order The rest is automatic. Almost.
                             The ‘name’ card is nicked or marked, so when it comes up after a
                        spelled word you can spot it and place it on the table accordingly.

Editor’s Desk

Kudos, Corrections, & Comments
    Performance - The International Touring Talent Weekly
Newspaper recently published its ballot for the top five touring
variety/family shows for 1994. Sharing the spotlight with
Copperfield, Barney, Disney’s World on Ice, and Campbell Soup’s
Figure Skating Tour was Mentalist, SYZYGY subscriber, and
good friend Craig Karges! As many of you know, Craig has also
been twice named Entertainer of the Year by the National
Association of Campus Activities. Well done, Craig.
    Jack Dean writes to remind that if you liked “Vested Interest”
from Chuck Hickok, you will love “Miracle Pocket Dictionary
Test” from Phantini’s Greatest Mental Secrets by Gene Grant.
I can wholeheartedly recommend any of the Phantini titles.
They all reside in my library and there’s some very good stuff in
those pages, even if I don’t remember it all when I should.
    This Jungian Universal Consciousness stuff is driving me nuts!
“Linguistic Deception,” from Kenton Knepper in QS#1, brought to
mind for Germany’s Ted Lesley “Psycho-Bell,” one of many
excellent pieces in Fourth Dimensional Mysteries by Punx.
    That book’s publisher, Craige Snader (Alex Redans) turned his
final page November 26th, at age 65, due to heart failure.
    Anyone familiar with the quality which Ted Lesley’s Wonder
Workshop builds into its props won’t be disappointed with his latest
offering: an improved version of Himber’s Slately Sensational. One
of the chief benefits is that the slate, at 16 x 20 inches, is large
enough for any stage. One side of the slate is covered with paper;
the other side is used to record a series of random choices. The
paper is torn off and on the previously covered side of the slate,
written in a different color of chalk, is the Mentalist’s matching
prediction! Contact Ted at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz 4, 12161 Berlin.
Ted’s English is excellent so you can phone 49 30 857-6861. Please
mind the time zones; 6:00p.m. in New York is midnight in Berlin!
    Lots of kind wishes from SYZYGY readers who wrote, phoned,
FAXed, e-mailed, and otherwise conveyed their congratulations on
my December M-U-M cover and interior articles. It’s wonderful to be
so honored, not only by the Society of American Magicians magazine
and M-U-M editor David Goodsell, but also by my friends around
the world. Thank you.
    U.S. postal rates go up January 1, 1995. No effect on current
subscriptions and charter subscribers can renew at the current price.
New rates? Up about $2 for the U.S. & Canada, a bit more overseas.
    Lecture alert: I will be lecturing in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday
January 17th and in Orlando on Sunday, January 22nd. For time &
place details, contact Bill Dahlquist (813) 882-9541 (Tampa) and
Bev Bergeron (407) 351-1324 (Orlando). See you there.
    May you enjoy the blessings of this holiday season and fill your
New Year with health, prosperity, wisdom, peace, and love.

                                                                           Volume 1, Number 10
                            Larry Becker                                              Issue # 10

                            No-Brainer Q & A
                                “Have you heard the expression, ‘He wears his feelings on his
                            sleeve?’ How about, ‘She has guilt written all over her face?’ Those
                            statements refer to a tendancy we all have to betray our thoughts
                            and emotions through facial expressions and body language. It
                            takes a world class liar to avoid leaving telltale clues.”
                                The Mentalist hands several participants in the audience
                            preprinted 3" x 5" cards. Printed on one side only, the cards ask for
                            the same information, such as Zodiac sign, month & day of birth,
                            favorite color, name & phone number of a close friend, lucky
                            number, favorite movie or TV personality, etc.
                                “While the information you are writing is hardly in the category
                            of personal or critical, there is enough emotion addressed so that, if
                            you answer the questions honestly, we can show an interesting
                            correlation between you and your answers. Please turn your
                            completed cards writing side down and pass them forward to this
                            person (indicating the closest of the 4 or 5 participants) for mixing.”
                                The Mentalist takes the face down cards and gives them an
                            additional shuffle, then turns the top card over to read the
                            responses to the questions. “Judging by the handwriting on this
                            sample (showing the writing side of the card to the audience and
                            handing the remainder of the cards to a front row participant), we
                            are dealing with a woman here. According to her statements, she is
                            a Leo. That means that she is a no-nonsense person who can be
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            highly competitive, sometimes even to a fault. Her lucky number is
                            three, so I imagine that she finds pleasures in the details of her
    Copyright©1994          accomplishments. It says here that Brad Pitt is her screen idol and
   All rights reserved.     that her favorite color is red. Those indicate passion, you know.”
         SYZYGY                 The performer walks to one of the participants, shows the card
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            to her and says, “This is your
                            information, isn’t it? You can be read       Larry Becker was
       Telephone:           like a book.”                                 the co-owner of a
  602 / 247-7323 voice          To the packet-holding helper, the          successful East
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   Mentalist asks, “Another card, please.”      Coast advertising
                            For each successive card, the performer agency. No wonder
    LeeE7@aol.com           delivers a short cold reading based on      he writes such good
                            the information penned in and                   product copy!
     World Wide Web         unerringly identifies each originator.
http://www.Lee-Earle.com        “We’re down to one final card and one set of thoughts. It doesn’t
                            take a rocket scientist to deduce the person to whom they belong, so
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year
                            we’ll take a different approach. Rather than looking at what you’ve
                            written and describing your attributes, I’ll look at you – and take a
        Canada:             stab at how you might have answered the questions. Think first of
   US$48.00 per year        your birthday. Probably a summer child, a Gemini-Cancer cusp,
                            correct? June 22nd, I would guess. How am I doing so far?”
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                                “Please think of your close friend and of that person’s telephone
                                                         Please turn to NO-BRAINER, page 44
  Single issues: $2.50
George St. James

Deep Sea Digits
    Immediately after being introduced, the Mentalist announces
that he normally begins the show with some ‘mental calisthenics’ to
warm up his mind.
    “Let’s use numbers this time,” he suggests, and picks up a fairly
large slate, marker board, or writing pad. “Random digits, zero
                                                                         George, a seagoing
through nine are what we’re after. Lots of them.” He points to            musician turned
someone in the front row and asks, “Give me a single digit, please.”         cruise ship
    The first digit is written down and a second participant is          Mentalist, credits
fingered for input. That digit is suffixed to the the first,             E.R. Hutchison for
constructing a two-digit number.                                             this piece’s
    “We need lots more, and we need them quickly. How about one             inspiration.
from you (indicating a third person)?” That digit is written and the
Mentalist directs, “This is going to take all night unless we speed
things up. Don’t wait for me to point, just shout out a number.”
    Someone in the audience shouts, “Seven!” and that digit is
appended to the running series. Another shout and another digit is
penned. One after another, an incredibly long number is generated,
perhaps 25 or 30 digits long, written large for all to easily see.
    “Here’s where it gets fun,” says the performer, “because it’s my
job to memorize all of these in exact order.”
    He takes just a moment to look at the series of digits, then hands
the board and pen to someone close, asking that participant to strike
through each successfully remembered digit. The Mentalist stands
to the rear of the board, placing the number out of his sight.
    Starting slowly and gaining speed, he recalls from his memory
each digit in the series! A good showman, he will always miss a
couple in the middle of the run and ask the audience to concentrate
on them, transitioning from a memory demonstration into
something much stronger. At routine’s end, the audience cheers
their encouragement.
    The method is disarmingly simple: The first four digits are
genuinely obtained at random from the audience and written
down. These are easily memorized. From that point on, all
of the digits written are a pre-memorized sequence which
the performer only pretends to hear called out.
    With a large group of people and only ten digits
possible, often the the next digit in your memorized
sequence will be called out by someone close by. Speak
to that person and ask that he repeat his number before you
openly append it to the end of the string.
    Don’t worry about memorizing an impossibly long number for
this purpose. You already have. Use the mnemonic S-T-A-B to
string together your Social Security number, Telephone number,
Address, and Birthdate.
    Discover for yourself how impressive this old chestnut can be.
                       Lee Earle

                       Keys Royale
                            Intuition is defined as the ability to make accurate decisions
                       with limited information. This ‘gut feeling’ often provides the
                        narrow margin necessary for success, and is easily tested. For
                          example, I have a number of keys and a lock which is opened by
                           none of them. You, sir, are now the official tester. Please try
                           each key in the lock. When you’re convinced a key won’t work,
                           discard it in this plastic tumbler.” After all six keys tried, the
                          Mentalist hands a 7th key to the helper. “Try this one. Unlike
                          my brother-in-law, it works. Good. Close the lock and drop both
                         key and lock in the tumbler. Thank you.”
                                 “The reason keys function is because each one is cut to a
                             different pattern. Only the key which matches the lock’s
                             pattern will turn. You had it in your hand; did you make note
                          of the pattern? No? Of course you did, or at least your
                       subconscious mind did. Now let’s put that subconscious to work.”
                            “Reach inside and remove one key. Show it to your brain. Now
                       go with your gut feeling. If you feel that it is not the proper key, put
I’ll tip a method in   it back and take another. You may exchange as many times as you
 the next issue in     wish. When you sense you have the right one, say so.”
which you lock the          Once the participant is satisfied that his choice process is
 lock through the      complete, the performer hands him the lock from the cup and sets
participant’s ring!    the cup containing the other keys aside and says, “Your odds of
He regains it when     random success are 1 in 7. But when you follow your sixth sense,
he opens the lock.     your intuition, you cannot fail. Try that key – and never doubt your
                       intuition again.” Success!
                            Seven luggage size locks are used, each with its key secretly
                       marked. I use the round head of the key as a clock face and dimple
                       both sides of the key with a counterpunch at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12
                       o’clock. The 7th key is unmarked. Use a file to notch each lock
                       along one edge, with one through six nicks, which can be felt and
                       counted with a fingernail in the pocket as a failsafe doublecheck.
                            Locks 1 thru 6 are stashed in a pocket index, by number. Once
                       you see which key has been selected, the matching lock is retrieved
                       from the index and held concealed in your hand. The cup is held
                       with the other hand; the fingers inside the cup, thumb on the
                       outside. When you reach into the cup, take the cup’s lock and hide
                       it under the fingers holding the cup as you withdraw your hand,
                       bringing the indexed lock into view. If his key is unmarked, it fits
                       the original lock and you have nothing to do but take the applause.
                            For an elegant variation, use a faceted, stemmed glass and
                       conceal a strong magnet in your hand. It attracts the lock’s steel
                       hasp and retains the lock inside the glass, hidden by cupped fingers.
                       Locks with non-magnetic brass keys prevent nasty complications.
                       Dump the keys from the glass onto the lock hidden in your hand.
                       Let your helper take the lock while you drop the leftover keys back
                       into the glass to conceal the lock.

Editor’s Desk

Ad Infinitum...
    The clever key on which the bit mysteriously relocates halfway
up the key’s shaft (plugged in issue #9) is the actually the brainchild
of George Robinson at Viking Magic. First marketed in 1991, it’s
called Kineti-Key, and is available in two sizes: 4 1/2" long at
$97.50, and a 3" size (gold plated) for $47.50. A European
manufacturer has been knocking off this item, selling it to
unsuspecting dealers all over the world. Now they, and you, can
purchase from the originator. Call George Robinson at 210 380-
    The Psychic Entertainers Association has a great lineup of
international talent scheduled to appear at the Meeting Of The
Minds this June, in Seattle. The P.E.A. runs a closed convention, so
if you’re not a member but want to rub elbows with the best of the
best, you should start the 90-day application process right away.
The P.E.A. Membership Chairman is Doug Dyment, 415 647-7754.
    Personal plans are under way for U.S. & Canada lecture tours
this fall. Ireland and England are scheduled for Spring of 1996 with
Australia and New Zealand set for August, 1996. Tentative title for
the lecture series: SYZYGY’s BEST! To bring it to your area, have
your local group get in touch with me right away.
    Holiday season shows outnumber the rest of the year’s dates
combined and that really puts a crimp in my publishing schedule.
SYZYGY will be back on track after the next issue. Thanks.

NO-BRAINER, continued

number. Is it 247-7323? Picture the person who answers the
phone. I see a man named James. Your favored color is blue, your
lucky number is eleven, and you adore Dustin Hoffman. Yes?” Yes!
    The cards ask for identical information, but employ Lee Earle’s
‘no-brainer’ technique. On the first card, the color question asks,
“Circle the color you favor most: Blue Yellow Red Green.” The
next card’s question lists, “Yellow Red Green Blue.” The final
two cards list, “Red Green Blue Yellow” and “Green Blue Yellow
    Your key is the first color listed. Look in the audience for the
most vibrant splash of that clothing color and give that card to the
person wearing it. When you look at each response, find the key
color to address your cold reading remarks to the proper person.
    The revelation of the info on the final card, which the onstage
helper never gives to you, is a typical Becker concept. After the top
card is turned over to read the info, pick up the entire stack as you
show the writing to the front row. The data on the bottom card will
be staring you in the face! Memorize what you can for playback at
the end of your presentation. Delay a few moments after the packet
is back in your hand, then hand the lot (except for the face up top
card) to your helper. By the time you reach the final card, no one
will remember that the packet was ever in your hands..
                                                                          Volume 1, Number 11
                            Bev Bergeron                                             Issue # 11

                            Child’s Play
                                “We all have dreams which
                            presage future events,” begins
                            the Mentalist, “but these
                            premonitions are useless unless
                            we awaken and remember them.
                            And, altogether too often, they
                            forcast the trivial far more
                            regularly than the crucial. Still, it’s
                            a concept with which we can have
                            some fun.”
                                Applying a marking pen to a
                            sizable square of posterboard, the
                            performer takes a few moments to sketch (on the side away from
                            the audience) an impression. He says, “This is a from a little dream
                            I had last night. It involved a competition.” He signs the bottom of
                            his artwork and places it aside.
                                “You appear,” the performer remarks to a person near the stage,
                            “to be a person who can be a high achiever. Come up here with me.
                            We have a use for that competitive spirit.”
                                The participant is shown a second square of posterboard,
                            identical in size to the one just placed aside by the performer. The
                            Mentalist continues, “You must promise me that in our contest, you
                            will exercise every effort to win. Agreed? You’re already familiar
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            with the rules...”
                                While speaking, the performer has drawn four lines on the
    Copyright©1994          panel, two parallel and horizontal, the other two parallel and
   All rights reserved.     vertical. They make the grid for the children’s game of Tic-Tac-Toe,
         SYZYGY             or as it is known in other countries, Naughts & Crosses.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                                “The object of the game is simple.
                            I mark my move in an empty square              Bev has forgotten
       Telephone:           with an ‘X’ and you use an ‘O’. We           more material than
  602 / 247-7323 voice      take turns until one of us wins with         most of us will ever
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   three in a straight line, or until there        learn. It’s a real
                            are no empty squares remaining.                treat to be able to
    LeeE7@aol.com           Remember, you must try to win.”                    feature his
                                “‘X’ goes first,” smiles the                    thinking.
     World Wide Web         Mentalist, placing his mark in the
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    center square. He hands the pen and board to the participant who
                            choses his move and marks the square with an ‘O’. Taking back the
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year
                            board, the performer studies it and places his ‘X’ in an empty
                            square. The participant and the performer alternate making their
        Canada:             entries until all the squares are marked.
   US$48.00 per year            “It looks as if neither of us can claim victory. I have the idea,”
                            the Mentalist says, “that we could do this all evening and remain
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            tied. So instead, how about signing your work for posterity?”
                                                          Please turn to CHILD’S PLAY, page 52
  Single issues: $2.50
Samuel Hawley

      “Some words evoke compelling images,” begins the Mentalist,
“and others are almost impossible to picture in our minds. For
example, we can easily picture an incision (a surgical opening of the
skin) but cannot form a mental image of a recision (to cut back or
cancel). Picture words are easier to remember; they evoke greater          Don’t be afraid to
emotional responses and are better suited for non-verbal                       allow the
communication.”                                                              participant to
     Indicating a man in the audience, the performer informs, “A few       describe your pre-
moments ago I supplied a newspaper and a pen to this gentleman. I           show work in his
requested that he go into another room and circle a word printed in       own words, Samuel
that paper. Do you still have both the paper and the pen, sir? Yes?        advises. It’s much
Join me in front of the audience if you would.”                            more convincing.
     Once he is on stage, the Mentalist asks, “Please tell everyone
how we met this evening and how you acted on my instructions.”
     The helper describes meeting the performer prior to the show
and recounts being handed a newspaper and a ball point pen. He
recalls being asked to take the paper to a spot well away from
anyone else to select and circle one word on the page.
     “My only restriction,” interrupts the Mentalist, “was that the
word be a picture word, as I described a moment ago.”
     Continuing, the participant describes finding his word, circling
it, folding the newspaper, and then taking his seat in the audience.
     “Now you must place that image foremost in your mind. Don’t
think of the word as it sounds or as it is spelled. Instead,” says the
performer, “form a detailed image of what that word represents.”
     Taking a sketch pad in hand, the Mentalist instructs, “Place your
hand lightly on my wrist, but don’t restrict my movement. As I run
the marker over the page, just focus on that image. It may help to
close your eyes, but keep your contact with my wrist.”
     Slowly the pen begins to dart over the pad, dropping here
and there to put a dot or line on the paper. The marks
accumulate and begin to form a rough image. With a spark
of insight, the Mentalist quickly adds lines and shading
until a recognizable form develops.
     Drawn on the pad is a rough image of a bulldozer.
“What,” asks the Mentalist, “was your focus word?”
Says the helper, “Bulldozer!”
     Pre-show, you give a folded section of paper and an inkless pen to
your helper. So he won’t change his mind later, instruct him to find
the one word on the page he can most easily visualize, and circle it.
In his attempt to get the pen to write, he’ll press down harder.
     You notice his frustration and hand him another pen. Take back
all but the sheet which bears his word and suggest that he go into
another room to circle that word. The page which was behind his
will have an indented impression of his circle. A duplicate of his
page will supply the word at that location.
                       Chris Hurlburt

                       Kid Vision
                           “As children, we are born with an incredible set of intuitive
                       skills. But more often than not,” continues the Mentalist, “our
                               education stresses fact over feeling and head over heart until
                               those marvelous abilities wither from lack of use. It’s a pity.
                               The open mind of a child can teach us a great deal.”
                                  Showing a folded packet of paper, the performer says, “I
                              brought along a drawing my 4-year old son made. I’ll share it
                              with you shortly. He lent me his playing cards, too.”
                                 “A home with children can be defined as a place where
                             every deck of cards numbers between 47 and 51. For example,
                             as a kid, I used clothespins to attach playing cards through the
                            spokes of my bicycle to make a motorcycle sound. So it’s not
                            likely that this deck of cards is complete.”
                                Spreading the deck face up for a participant to see, the
                           Mentalist instructs, “Rather than look for a card which may not
                           be there, just allow your finger to fall at random on any of
                          these.” The helper does as he is asked.
                              “Interesting. Keep your finger on the face of that card for a
                          moment while I show you something interesting about the
                         others.” The performer gathers the face up cards, turns the deck
                         face down and spreads it to show the backs of all the cards.
                       “Please note,” he says, “that, except for the occasional jelly stain or
                       chocolate smear, there is nothing unusual about these. All of them
                       have red backs.” The cards are placed back in their box.
                           “But if you’ll turn over your random selection you may be
                       surprised.” The selected card has a Barney the Dinosaur back!
                           The Mentalist continues, “I guess to a 4-year old, that’s a logical
                       way to replace a missing card. What I can’t figure out is this...” He
                       opens the folded paper and shows a child’s crayon drawing. The
                       stick figure on the page was drawn holding the selected card!
   A Connecticut           Half of a regular deck is combined with half of a childrens’
 resident, Chris has   novelty deck (avoid 4's, 10's, and K’s). The backs of the novelty
recently completed a   cards and the faces of the regular cards are treated with roughing
 series of corporate   spray. Arranged in pairs with the roughed sides facing each other,
dates in Puerto Rico   the deck can be spread to show only standard backs. Spread face
                       up, only the novelty card faces can be fingered.
                           The ‘crayon’ drawing is made, as illustrated, with a black wax
                       pencil (Listo lead) leaving the playing card blank. A Listo Lead
                       nail writer allows you to secretly fill in the card name. (The cards
                       you avoided earlier require multiple strokes.) Fold the drawing, left
                       side under the right side. Next, fold both right edges under. Fold
                       the top edge down and the bottom edge up to the centerline. The
                       bottom half of the packet folds under, at the centerline.
                           Place the folded packet atop the cased deck and slip your thumb
                       writer beneath the top fold to write the card’s name when all
                       attention is on seeing the chosen card’s novelty back design.

Editor’s Desk

More Musings
    A recent visit to central Florida put me in the audience at the
Orlando Ring 170 annual banquet. The highlight of the evening was
the surprised look on an old friend’s face when he learned that,
henceforth, the Ring would be known as the Bev Bergeron Ring.
    Bev shared the spotlight, as Rebo the Clown, with Mark Wilson
on The Magic Land of Alakazam, a nationally broadcast Saturday
morning magic television program. He also headlined for years
(almost 20?) in the revues at the Diamond Horseshoe Saloons in the
Disney theme parks. Bev was recently elected as International Vice
President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
    Mark Strivings (of Flagstaff, AZ) is now offering a series of
mental presentations based on some of Ted Annemann’s most
diabolic creations. Included in the line are, Seven Keys to Baldpate,
Par-Optic Plus, As in a Mirror Darkly, Cagliostro’s Crystal and
others. You can call for his catalog sheets at (602) 774-0804.
    Docc Hilford has just scored a coup in the psychic vortex
country of Sedona, AZ, producing sèances for folks inclined to speak
to the spirits at a local resort. It’s sort of Bed & Breakfast Bizarre.
    Remember Topologo from issue #7? I’ve made up four similar but
ungimmicked logo sheets to match. Distribute all five among the
audience, but tear & destroy only the force sheet. They’ll get brain
cramps trying to backtrack from the sheets left behind. The set of
five, printed on gloss paper for perfect photocopying and mailed flat,
is US$7.50 (US$10.00 overseas air mail).
    I’m looking for Road Hustler, published by Kaufman, now out of
print. Let me know if you are willing to part with your copy.

CHILD’S PLAY, continued

    The participant writes his signature below the grid.
    “Remember the dream sketch I made earlier? It was about this
moment.” The Mentalist turns his prediction to face the audience.
    The sketch is an exact duplicate of the game just played!
    The secret is simple. Begin by making your prediction exactly
as in the illustration. Sign it at the bottom and set it aside.
    You control the final ‘X’ and ‘O’ pattern by first taking the center
square. If the participant responds in a corner, every subsequent
‘X’ you make will be immediately clockwise from each ‘O’. Should
his first mark be in an edge square, all of your ‘X’ marks will be
placed directly counter clockwise from his most recent ‘O’.
    The posterboards must be square and the grid must be drawn
leaving wide margins. When your match is complete, show the grid
to the audience, rotating the card so the ‘O-X-O’ is at the top, to
match your prediction. Then hand it to your participant to sign.
    The final rotation arouses no suspicion because during play you
are constantly turning the panel as it is handed back and forth..
                                                                          Volume 1, Number 12
                            Chris Hurlbert                                          Issue # 12

                            Running the Numbers
                                “Some people are so emotionally
                            hooked on playing the lottery that they
                            will exercise almost any opportunity to
                            try their luck.” Continuing, the
                            Mentalist states, “Absent a real lottery
                            drawing, they will practice picking and
                            playing numbers by themselves. I offer
                            as evidence this novelty pack of
                            playing cards; instead of colors and
                            suits, the cards are printed with the
                            lottery numbers from 1 to 44.”
                                “Perhaps indecisive gamblers
                            use them to help pick their daily
                            numbers. We will use them for the
                            same purpose.”
                                Asking a nearby participant
                            for some assistance, the performer
                            continues, “You can see that the entire range
                            of numbers is represented, because all the cards are in
                            numerical order. Your task is to randomize the selection. Give
                            them a good mixing, please.”
                                  After the cards are shuffled, a second participant deals the
                            pack into 6 piles. The top numbered card of each pile is used to
                            select one of the numbers drawn in this imaginary lottery.
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                                  When the six numbers are displayed, the Mentalist pauses
    Copyright©1995          and then glances toward the card box from which the numbered
   All rights reserved.     pack came. “Do you believe in premonition? Until recently, I didn’t.
         SYZYGY             Not really. Not until some strange ‘coincidences’ began to occur.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       Please look at what else is inside that box.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301            A participant opens the box and removes a slip of paper. It is
                            a machine-generated lottery ticket;
                            the numbers printed on the ticket
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            match exactly the numbers just
                                                                         Chris taps into a
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                              universal theme in
        E-Mail:                   “It’s too bad that this only works       this updated
    LeeE7@aol.com           after I buy the ticket!”                    presentation for a
                                  Chris obtained two lotto decks            well known
     World Wide Web
                            at a variety store in his state (which       conjuring effect.
                            has a lottery). After purchasing a
   Subscription rates:      lottery ticket and noting the numbers chosen, he removes those
    $38.00 per year         same numbers from one Lotto deck. They reside in his side pocket
                            until they are palmed and secretly returned to the top of the other,
        Canada:             complete deck following the shuffle.
   US$48.00 per year
                                  He begins dealing cards into a pile on the table, reversing
   Overseas (airmail):      their order. The bottom 6 cards are the force numbers. “When you
   US$55.00 per year        are ready for the drawing to begin,” he asks, “just say ‘start’.”
                                                           Please turn to NUMBERS, page 52
  Single issues: $2.50
Docc Hilford

    Docc Hilford was trimming the wolfsbane around his home,
when Lee Earle drove up.
     “Here are the cigars I purchased for you in Miami, Docc.”
“Great! I haven’t had a La Gloria Cubana in months. Thanks.”
    As the two mental marvels enjoyed a good smoke, Docc retrieved
from his garage a tattered shoebox tied with string. It contained a          Docc Hilford is a
rubber banded packet of pay envelopes and an old ledger.                 charter member of the
    “I picked this up at an auction a while back. It contains the last     legendary Six and
bits of the Mystero Magic Company.”                                      One-half, publisher of
    Lee’s eyes lit up. “That company produced those strange magic         The New Invocation,
kits in the ‘50’s. They went out of business 40 years ago!”                  and a bizzarist
    “Right, the Mad Hatter Headchopper was my favorite of their                 supreme.
manufactured mysteries. Let’s try something odd, Lee. Give me a
number between ten and twenty.”
    “O.K., thirteen.”
    After removing the rubber band, Docc counted thirteen of the
pay envelopes onto the table between the two mages.
“Numerologically we should add the two digits together to arrive at
a random number. That would be four.”
     Docc put four of the envelopes back on the stack, which he
pocketed. He pushed the top envelope from the tabled pile toward
Lee, saying, “Here is the pay envelope to which you were drawn.”
    Docc took a white letter-sized envelope from his pocket. “I found
this envelope in the ledger and have waited to open it until you
came over.” He put the white envelope back between the pages of
the ledger and closed the book. Examining the chosen pay envelope,
he noted, “The name on this reads Mystic Greg and it says it holds
$4.13. Let’s see”
    Docc opened the pay envelope and dumped the bills and change
onto the table. “That’s not much pay. Must have been a part time
job. Here, help me open the rest of the pay envelopes on the table.”
    After emptying the contents of the remaining envelopes, the two
men counted $21.46 in all. Docc handed the white envelope from
the ledger to Lee, who opened it. There was a missive inside:
    “It was a mistake to use the forces of evil in my business. My
employees have worked for fewer and fewer hours until at last they
have fled in terror. These envelopes contain their final pay.
    “l have been informed by one of the demons here in the shop, that
on February 6, 1995, Lee Earle and Docc Hilford will open the shoe
box and Lee will choose the 13th pay envelope. It will belong to
Mystic Greg, whose pay will be only $4.13. They will total the money
on the table and the sum will be $21.46.
    Lee and Docc, you should spend this money to share your wisdom
with others. Only you can help me make restitution.
    Yours, Uncle Baggy”
                                Please turn to MYSTERO, page 52

                      Earl Keyser

                      Five Cast
                          The Mentalist begins by saying, “Gambling is an addiction
                      which really gets under a person’s skin. I’ve known people to whom
                      gambling was so important that they would bet on which raindrop
                        would reach the bottom of the window pane first or which of two
                          sugar cubes a fly would choose to alight upon.”
                               “Some even claim,” he continues, “a mystical connection to
                             the next turn of a card or roll of a die. They say that they can
                             sense which number will come up next.”
                                “I’d like to test that hypothesis with this six-digit random
                            number generator.” The performer tosses a plastic die onto the
                           table, allowing it to come to rest to show the top number.
                          Several more times he rolls the die demonstrating, without
                        being obvious, the hit-or-miss selection of numbers.
                            Reaching into his pocket, the Mentalist brings out a cylindrical
                      black plastic canister, the type in which 35mm film is packaged. “I
                      want you to ensure that the little container is totally opaque,” he
                      says, handing it to the participant to examine. “Hold it behind your
                      back. Take the die, turn it several times, then drop it inside and
                      snap the lid on. Shake it a little, while you’re at it.”
                           “At this point, no one can know which side of the die is up.
                      Only by removing the lid and peering inside can we know for sure.
                      Let me hold the container for a moment.”
                          Taking the film canister in his hand and extending his arm, the
                      performer closes his eyes and rolls up the sleeve on that arm. He
                      breathes slowly; his eyelids flutter. Taking a bit of ash from the
                      end of his cigar, he rubs it lightly on his arm. Slowly, as if by force
                      of will alone, an image begins to ‘develop’ on his bare skin. The
                      number ‘5’ takes shape.
                          “Lets open the lid and check the results,” says the Mentalist.
                      He lifts off the canister’s top, looks inside, and smiles. Showing the
Earl’s loves, after
                      die within to the assembled group, with a 5 on top, he remarks,
his wife Chris &
                      “That kind of felt like a five...”
 daughter Amy,
                          A film can, a set of novelty dice, a sliver of soap, and
 include music,       presentation all work in concert to produce this delightful piece.
   Mentalism,         Purchase from your local trick shop one of those sets of mis-spotted
Macintosh, and        dice. They come with one regular pair and a pair in which one die
  photography.        is spotted with 5 on all sides, the other is covered with 2’s and 6’s.
                          The sliver of soap, whittled to a point, is used to write the
                      number ‘5’ on your bare forearm. The soap will be invisible until it
                      collects the rubbed ash, and is easily washed off later.
                          The film can and the 5-die are in your pocket. One regular die is
                      brought out and tested. When you reach into your pocket for the
                      can, cop the 5-die. Hand the canister to be opened and inspected.
                      While attention is on the can, casually pick up the straight die.
                      When the participant takes the canister behind his back, reach
                      behind him and drop the 5-die into his hand.

Editor’s Desk

Miscellaneous Stuff
   A quickie lecture date took me there, but a record snowfall made
Salt Lake City a Rocky Mountain winter wonderland. Beautiful!
Plus: great hospitality, a fabulous venue, and eclectic new friends!
   Mark Edward reads their beads on Wednesday and Friday
nights, from 7:00p.m. to Midnight at The Lab, a Hermosa Beach, CA
restaurant featuring decor from Elm Street, Addams Family, and
Friday the 13th. He’ll fit right in. For Info Call (310) 379-0250.
   QS~2 remains a work in progress...soon to see print.

NUMBERS, continued
    At that prompt, he instructs “Please take those (indicating the
pile on the table) cards in your hand and deal six cards in a row onto
the table. Continue dealing in rotation until all your cards have been
dealt.” This process positions the last 6 cards, the force numbers, at
the top their respective piles.
    If you find the add-on palm too intimidating, try this: Divide the
deck of cards into several packets given to front-row participants for
individual mixing. The last person gets the group of six force cards.
Gather all the packets and give them a final shuffle, keeping the
critical six cards on the top. Proceed as before.

MYSTERO, continued
   The method is clever; the psychological points used to sell it, even
more so. The force of the pay envelope is an old card force wherein
the ninth envelope from the top is Mystic Greg’s. The eight pay
envelopes remaining on the table are always the top eight of the
stack, so the total is also forced; a previously undiscovered bonus.
   With a limited selection of numbers (11-19), nine white envelopes
are prepared. Each missive contains a different selected number and
has the participant’s name added just prior to presentation. The
envelopes are body indexed in sets of three, placed in different
pockets. For example, #11, #12, #13 go in the right outside coat
pocket; #14, #15, #16 reside in the inner left pocket; #17, #18, #19
are placed in the inner right pocket of your coat.
   Here are the psychological points that are so important: Before
you remove the white envelope, open the ledger and state that an
envelope was found inside it. Remove the correct letter and put it
’back’ in the ledger and close the book, then direct attention to the
chosen pay envelope. When you remove the white envelope from the
ledger, the implanted memory will be that it was there all along!
   Totalling the pay from the other 8 envelopes disguises the force.
   Finally, by personalizing each letter with information about the
participant, you have given a simple card force trick a personality.
     Go forth and ENTERTAIN!

  Edited by: Lee Earle

  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301

  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data


     World Wide Web

   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year
                            John Riggs
   US$48.00 per year        The Southeast’s
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year

  Single issues: $2.50
                            Greatest Charlatan
John Riggs

Nuggets of Knowledge
    Knoxville, Tennessee would not seem to be the most fertile turf for
folks in our line of work.
    Aside from being one of the half-dozen cities in the U.S. which
can have a legitimate claim to being the “buckle of the Bible Belt,” it
is also home to the Oak Ridge National Laboratories, a mega-cluster
of left brained, linear thinking, scientific method, bean counting,
professional skeptics.
                                                                           John is ‘living the
    Not exactly the ideal stomping grounds for a Mentalist.
    Don’t tell that to John Riggs.
                                                                          dream’ as a full-time
    This 37 year old professional has managed to stake his claim to
a limitless mother lode in this seemingly unfriendly territory.
    One time engineer, part time Mentalist, and full time
enterpreneur, he has little time for self-congratulation. That’s
because he’s busy working psi-parties, company functions, psychic
fairs, and banquet shows.
    An expanding percentage of John’s income is generated from
Mentalism. While the cash flow he receives from his conjuring dates
(performed under a pseudonym) is still too lucrative to ignore, his #1
goal is to exchange all of his magic audiences for those groups which
have been shown to pay even more handsomely for Mentalism.
    Last December I flew to Nashville, TN and then motored to
Cookville, halfway between Nashville and Knoxville, to meet and
talk with John. He has some very interesting things to say.
    Rather than publish a standard Question & Answer interview, I
decided instead to share a few of John’s thoughts in their pure form
and in no particular order:

   You may find, as I did, that as you grow as a Mentalist, you will
grow as a human being. Your performances will reflect a new
confidence and consideration for your audience.

   Disclaimer: “Nothing I do is supernatural or associated
with the occult. Once we get past the goat sacrifice...”

    I could spend two hours with a skeptic, trying to convince or
convert him, or I could spend two hours marketing on the
telephone. One is frustrating and the other is fulfilling.

  Read Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Hopkins, et al,
and learn to use the language of motivation.

    It’s difficult to detox yourself from the magician’s mindset but
it’s mandatory if you wish to achieve any degree of success as a
Mentalist or Psychic Entertainer.

   If you can handle the pace and sound fresh on that 30th
reading, psychic fairs can produce a sizable income.
   Entertainers are generic. Personality is unique.

   Truths change; facts don’t.

  Dress well. Your wardrobe is your costume and helps
develop your character. Clothes do make the man.

   Success at cold reading is as much a matter of style as of
technique. And it’s never a product of mere memorization.

   Premise: I take some of the more obscure and esoteric
branches of psychology and present them in a dramatic

   My tombstone will read, “As ye harm no other, do as ye will.”

   There is no market for a fake mentalist.

   The true secret to success is persistance. The proof of that is in
the number of bad performers who are working.

   My marketing is focused on people who will use my
services in multiples; meeting planners, medium sized
companies, caterers, etc. Even agents.

  There’s something very rewarding about getting paid for doing
what you truly enjoy.

  I shouldn’t have to say this, but a Mentalist should smell
good; breath and body. You’d be surprised how many
performers neglect that essential detail.

   Overprice your performance. You’ll lose a few lowball dates but
you will gain more respect, and higher fees, in the long run.

   When pitching to businesses (trade shows, sales
meetings, company parties, etc.), you can barter a portion
of your fee. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.
Printers, dentists, photographers, department stores, and
home improvement outlets are all prime candidates.

   Practice before a real audience is essential, but while you’re
perfecting your trade, go out of your home market to be bad. Don’t
make your mistakes on potential paying customers.

  A drawing duplication line I use (lifted from Paul
Diamond): “After you’ve made your drawing, fold the
paper, and sit on it. This will be an exercise in hindsight.”

   When selling a corporate date you must be a solution, not
someone who presents more problems. Prima donnas are a pain.

   If you are afraid of offending anyone, you will almost certainly
entertain no one.

   Have pre-written articles on hand for inclusion in a
client’s in-house newsletter. Supply halftoned photos,
screened at 65 lines per inch, which will photocopy well.

   Sometimes, during Q & A, I will get one of those skeptical
questions such as, “How many children do I have?” That’s the one I
answer, “In or out of wedlock?”

   It’s pointless to engage in arguments with people
regarding the validity of psychic phenomena. I don’t have a
dog in that fight.

    I carry enough material to have the flexibility to customize a
performance ‘on the fly,’ picking the appropriate material according
to the reactions of the audience.

  Cherish the interplay you get from members of the
audience. It’s not heckling; it means they are involved.

    Send ‘Thank You’ cards to every client immediately after the
show. It will pay enormous dividends, not only by keeping your
name in their minds but also by displaying an uncommon attention
to the details of etiquette.

  When instructing a participant, tell him three times. Any
mistake he makes is, in reality, your error and your problem.

    I am a man of many cards, keeping a wallet full of different
business cards, each of which describes me in a different manner.
This allows me to represent myself in a fashion consistant with my
client’s expectations.

   Being a Mentalist has made me a more effective magician;
I understand people better now.

   I provide a service for those who feel they can benefit from it and
entertainment for those who can appreciate it. If you belong to
neither of these categories, no hard feelings.

    Mentalism is like Shakespeare: It plays much better than
it reads.

   If you like the way John thinks, you will enjoy his new book,
Heavy Mental, approximately 120 pages, $23.50 postpaid. I’ve seen
the early proof copy and there’s great material and good philosophy
inside. He also has available, at the same price, The Man With the
$1.98 Hands, which features his creativity as a sleight-of-hand
artist. Contact John at (615) 521-6705.

                                                                         Volume 1, Number 13
                            Ross Johnson                                           Issue # 13

                            The Really Real Prediction
                                Pointing to a
                            member of the
                            audience, the
                            performer says,
                            “Please pull a
                            piece of paper
                            money from your
                            wallet. It can be
                            any denomination or nationality. We are
                            interested in the unique serial number
                            imprinted on the bill. More precisely, the
                            last four digits. Please make a note of them
                            on this small pad.”
                                As the participant writes, the performer uses a
                            jumbo marking pen to write something on a large sketch pad. The
                            sheet bearing his notation is torn from the pad and placed aside.
                                A second person is pointed out and asked to stand. “I’m sure you
                            have memorized your telephone number. Here’s a note pad & pen.
                            Please write down the last four digits.”
                                Turning to another person, the Mentalist asks, “Do you own a
                            MasterCard credit card? Would you remove it from your wallet for
                            a moment?” The participant is handed a pen and pad and told,
                            “We’ll use those last four numbers, too. Please write them down.”
                                The Mentalist once again takes his sketch pad & pen in hand
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            and instructs all three participants, “The 4 digits each of you have
    Copyright©1995          written are, indeed, random numbers. We’ll use them to construct a
   All rights reserved.     set of 3-digit numbers.” Each person is asked to say aloud one of
         SYZYGY             the numbers on his list and then cross it off. For example, one
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       participant says, “7” another says, “2” and the third says, “6.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          “Combining the three, we get the
                            number 726,” says the performer, who          Ross Johnson, a
                            writes that figure down on his pad.
  602 / 247-7323 voice                                                     former school
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   “Now a second, different, digit from
                                                                        teacher, is today’s
                            each of you, to build another 3-digit
        E-Mail:             number.”
                                                                        premier corporate
    LeeE7@aol.com               Three more 3-digit numbers are
                                                                      Mentalist, earning a
                            generated, all columned on the            six-figure income for
     World Wide Web
                            Mentalist’s pad. “Now,” he says, “let’s     several years now.
                            total these random numbers.” The
   Subscription rates:      4-digit sum is written at the bottom of the page.
    $38.00 per year             “Just to recap our actions, three persons from the audience have
                            used random digits to construct 4 numbers. It is obvious that if any
        Canada:             of them gave the digits in a different order, we’d have an entirely
   US$48.00 per year
                            different four numbers. Add them, and they combine to form a
   Overseas (airmail):                                 Please turn to REALLY REAL, page 60
   US$55.00 per year

  Single issues: $2.50
Lance Campbell

Double Dowsing
    “Those who employ the age-old art of dowsing,” begins the
performer, “rarely contemplate the powers behind this phenomenon.
They only know that, absent skeptical disbelief, it works.”
    He spreads on the table a square kerchief. Placing seven small
and intriguing objects in a circle on the cloth, the Mentalist
continues, “While most often using a forked green twig or ‘L’ shaped
rods, dowsing can also be accomplished using a simple pendulum. In
                                                                          Lance will be a
this case, a pendant on a chain.” He withdraws the pendulum just
                                                                       featured performer at
described from his pocket.
                                                                            the Psychic
    “Please take the end of the chain in your fingers and hold the        Entertertainers
pendulum, in turn, over each of the items in the circle, like this.”     Association’s 1995
    The Mentalist demonstrates by dangling the pendant mere               “Meeting of the
inches over several of the items. “There is something special about           Minds”i
one of these trinkets, and I hold the answer to that enigma in my
closed hand. Let’s see if you can perceive my thoughts through
Dowsing. When you feel the pendulum being drawn toward one of
the items, suspend the pendulum over that object. I’ll turn away so
that the only perceptions you’ll receive are from my mind. All of my
thoughts will be focused on the item within my fist. Please let me
know when you’re done.” He turns his back to the circle on the table,
holding his clenched fist to his forehead in concentration.
    “Avoid touching the table with your arm,” advises the Mentalist,
“and just move the pendulum slowly above each item the circle.”
Following instructions, the participant dangles the pendulum over
each of the amulets in turn.
    The performer says, “If you look closely, you will detect the
pendulum dip toward one of the items. Let me know when that
happens.” Soon the pendulum does indeed seem to descend slightly
over one object and the participant advises the performer.
    “So quickly? Good. Now drop the pendulum on top of that item.”
    The performer slowly turns, glances at the chain-draped object
in the circle, and smiles. Then he opens his hand to display a
duplicate of the dowsed item.
    Suggestion and fatigue account for the pendulum being
‘drawn’ toward an item.
    Duplicates of the seven amulets, selected for their
unique shapes which can be identified by touch, are in
the performers right trouser pocket. His right hand
rests casually in the same pocket.
    By holding his (empty) left fist to his forehead, the
Mentalist brings his wristwatch within inches of his left eye. A
watch with a flat crystal and a dark face (the P.E.A. commemorative
wristwatch is perfect) mirrors the action on the table behind him.
    When the pendulum is held over the selected item, the performer
retrieves its duplicate from his pocket and lowers his left hand as he
instructs the participant to drop the pendulum. That’s when the
item is transferred into his left hand.

                         Lee Earle

                         Future’s Window
                             When booked to entertain a group at an out-of-town, full-service
                         hotel, consider this no-gimmick prediction method.
                             The performer asks a representative of the client company to
                         join him on stage. The spokesman brings along a sealed envelope
                         and confirms that the envelope was postmarked several weeks prior
                         and has been in his possession since he received it in the mail.
                             He opens the envelope, removes the contents, and reads the
                                             letter aloud. The page bears a written prophecy
                                              of the day’s events, headlines, etc., whatever the
                                               mentalist cares to take credit for predicting. No
                                               other props are involved.
                                                    The solution is simple. It requires only the
                                                 unknowing assistance of the hotel staff. When
                                                  mail arrives for a guest, a message light is
                                                  illuminated on the telephone in his room and
                                                  the letter is held at the front desk until he
                                                claims it. Often the letter will be stamped by a
                                     front desk clerk to document arrival time and date.
                             Use a window envelope and prepare two identical letters. One
                         of the letters is addressed to the client in care of the hotel, the other
                         is addressed in the same manner to you. Each letter is blank below
                         the addressee. Fold both and insert them in the envelope so you are
                         the addressee visible in the window.
                             When you seal the envelope, use a dab of moisture from a cotton
                         swab at two or three spots on the gummed flap. Make sure that the
                         attach points are about one-eighth of an inch from the flap’s edge.
                         When you peel open the envelope later, the edge of the flap will
                         remain crisp and untorn. Attach a stamp and mail the envelope.
                             Because you are a seasoned professional, your arrival at the
  I performed this       out-of-town hotel is set for a day in advance of the performance in
  prediction at the      order to avoid the potential disaster of a travel delay. The letter
   final Chicago         will be waiting for you at the front desk. If there are several
    Invocational.        additional pieces of mail in your bundle (send at least three, with
Everyone remembers       different style envelopes), the prediction envelope will become one of
the other piece I did,   many and will thus be less conspicuous to a hotel clerk.
   “Urine Luck”.             Early the following day, after you scan the morning edition for
                         useful prediction events and headlines, carefully peel open the
                         envelope and withdraw both letters. On the one addressed to your
                         client, write your prediction, refold it so the address will show
                         through the window, slip it into the envelope and reseal the flap.
                         Make a trip to the front desk and drop off the envelope with the
                         night clerk, saying, “This was mixed in with my mail.”
                             Check with your client before showtime to ensure that he
                         received the letter you sent. The regular shift front desk clerks will
                         assume it arrived in the mail, and so will your client.
Editor’s Desk

Bitter and Sweet
    It is somehow fitting that it is in issue #13 that I mourn the loss
of good friend Carl Langdon, who passed away far too early this
March 1st. He was a Mentalist, a mentor, and a mensch. March
has not been a kind month these past two years.
    Subscribers are already sending payments for another year’s
subscription to SYZYGY. I am delighted that subscribers have
found value in these pages and surprised that the past months have
gone by so quickly. Please wait for the renewal pitch to come in the
mail, sometime in mid-April if things proceed normally. Your
patience will be rewarded; charter subscribers will be able to extend
their subscriptions at the original rate, sidestepping recent postal
rate increases.
    The renewal form will also be your ballot for a poll concerning
SYZYGY’s contents. It will also seek your choice for the past year’s
best in Mentalism; books, commercial effects, magazine articles,
etc. Your thoughtful comments will be welcome.
    You may want to look into the presentation upon which this            Carl Langdon 1917-1995
issue’s cover piece is based, the Jack London Almost Real
Prediction. The original handling employs no pre-show work, but
demands real-time, on-stage calculations. The manuscript is
probably still available and is highly recommended.

REALLY REAL, continued

unique, 4-digit total. Do you recall that, before any of these
participants said a word, I recorded an impression on a piece of
paper. Let’s compare...” He displays the paper torn from the sketch
pad earlier. A perfect match!
    Based on Jack London’s Almost Real Prediction, this handling
eliminates London’s tricky real-time “horizontal addition.” Ross is
one of the more gutsy Mentalists on the circuit, harvesting the
charge card and phone numbers during his pre-show perusings. He
knows that he can always fall back on the original Almost Real
handling, even as late as during the performance itself, so he’s
relaxed as he digs for paydirt. It can be as simple as going through
the convention’s roster of attendees or as devious as peeking over a
registrant’s shoulder as he uses a credit card in the hotel gift shop.
    The four credit card digits, 7+4+9+3=23, are the ‘hundreds’, as
in 2300. The phone number will contribute 2-8-0-9 which will be
the ‘tens’ digits, adding up to 19. Times ten, that’s 190. Add that to
the first sum, 2300+190=2490. You now have your base figure.
    When the first participant removes a bill from his wallet, fold it
so he can see the serial number, placing the second serial number
under your eyes. Silently and secretly total the last four digits. In
this example, 6-7-2-1 add up to 16. As you write your prediction,
add that 16 to your base number, 2490+16=2506.
                                                                          Volume 1, Number 14
                            Mark Edward                                              Issue # 14

                            The Fortunate Cookie
                                The Medium tosses his cookies,
                            sealed in a cellophane bag, onto the
                            séance table and invites the guests
                            to partake of the treats. He opens
                            the bag and pours the cookies out
                            onto the table.
                                After the guests choose their
                            cookies and compare fortunes,
                            one remaining cookie is seen to
                            remain. “Let’s make this one an
                            offering to the spirits,” smiles
                            the Medium, as he drops the
                            cookie back into the cellophane
                            bag and places the bag at the
                            center of the table.
                                He delivers an abbreviated reading to
                            each fortune holder, describing the significance of
                            the paper slip prophecy in relation to that individual’s personality.
                                During the dark portion of the séance, the Medium – deep in
                            trance – relays messages from the spirits, one of which offers advice
                            in the form of a quotation.
                                When the lights are turned on, one of the guests is asked to
                            retrieve the cookie from the bag, break it open, and read the spirit’s
                            fortune. Printed on the slip is the same quotation!
  Edited by: Lee Earle          The fact that the guests freely choose their cookies should
                            convince most skeptics that the final cookie and its fortune were
    Copyright©1995          randomly selected. Being in a noisy cellophane bag at the table’s
   All rights reserved.
                            center makes it impossible to access in the dark. So how?
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           Prepare one cookie by substituting your fortune slip for the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      original. Slip a flat hair pin through
                            the end of the cookie and work the slip
       Telephone:           between the two prongs. Twist the           Mark is a full-time
  602 / 247-7323 voice      pin which wraps the slip tightly            performer who has
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   around the prongs, then withdraw it            served as the
                            from the cookie. Fold your quotation            Medium for
    LeeE7@aol.com           slip and gently insert it between the     hundreds of séances
                            cookie’s lips.                                at Hollywood’s
     World Wide Web             (Editor’s Note: Try ‘nuking’ the           Magic Castle.
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    cookie in a microwave oven for a few
                            seconds to soften it.)
   Subscription rates:          Fill the cello bag with the proper number of cookies (number of
    $38.00 per year
                            guests, plus 1). The loaded cookie is brought to your lap in
        Canada:             preparation. Empty the bag onto the table before you. When one
   US$48.00 per year        cookie remains, while the guests are focused on reading their
                            fortunes, conceal the switch cookie in your hand. Pretend to pick up
   Overseas (airmail):      the table cookie (sweeping it into your lap instead) and place the
   US$55.00 per year        switch cookie in the bag.
  Single issues: $2.50
Ken Grady

Domestic Deception
    The Mentalist declares, “Thought transfer is much easier when
one pictures a common, recognizable item. It’s when someone
attempts to project an exotic image, such as the pressure relief valve
for a vintage steam engine, that the process becomes muddled. If
the target mind can recognize the picture, success is far more likely.”
    Walking over to his table to pick up a pair of drawing pads, he     I first met Ken Grady
continues, “To advance the possibility of success, this test will       at my Money Making
employ only images of common, household items. Imagine yourself         Mentalism seminar in
walking through your home, taking note of everything you see. It’s         Boston. He has a
quite a variety, enough to eliminate the idea of coincidence, agreed?” professional attitude
    The performer looks at several audience members and then             and a good grasp of
hands a drawing pad and a large crayon to a woman near the aisle.          what plays well.
He asks, “Are you now thinking of a household object? Yes? Please
draw it on this pad. I’ll step away to give you some privacy.”
    As the woman sketches, the Mentalist continues, “I find that by
asking someone to draw something from her imagination, it engages
both the rational left brain as well as the creative right brain. In
short, you are cooking on all burners. Have you completed your
drawing yet?” The participant affirms that she has.
    “Focus on that image, sensing every detail not only with your
physical eyes, but in your mind’s eye as well. Yes, I think I have it.”
The Mentalist quickly makes a rudimentary sketch on his pad and,
with a flourish, drops his crayon into his breast pocket.
    “Please share with me and the rest of the audience the image
you generated in your mind,” asks the performer. The participant
shows her drawing, a rough sketch of a clock.
    “What time is on that clock?” asks the Mentalist, “5:45?
Amazing! Because when I opened my mind to yours, this is what I
saw...” He displays the sketch on his pad: a clock set to 5:45!
    Ken uses a stack of index cards, each of which bears a single
word describing a common household item (chair, TV, lamp, book,
refrigerator, etc.). Each of these cards is trimmed 1/16" (2 mm)
along one long edge. He makes up an equal number of cards
bearing the word “clock” and interleaves them among the first
group, making a side-cut svengali forcing deck.
    Before the program he requests a woman to assist by selecting
one of the items at random. He demonstrates by holding the cards
word side up, by the ends, and cuts in several spots lifting by the
long sides of the pack. A different word shows each cut. Turning
the pack face down, he cuts and looks at the face card, miscalling
it a doorknob. Her cut will always yield a full-width force card.
     “You have a keen imagination which guarantees success in ESP.
Keep that object in mind and you’ll be delighted with the outcome.”
    The exact time? A pea-sized piece of crayon, held under the ball
of his thumb with soft wax, becomes a swami gimmick, making his
clock’s hands in two quick strokes behind the pad.

                    Brian Watson

                    The Grand Master Gambit
                        “Chess,” begins the Mentalist, “is really a game of the mind,
                    pitting two intellects against one another in formal, stylized
                    combat. It stands to reason, then, that the very best chess players
                    have become quite adept at mind games as well.”
                        Opening a portable chess set and pouring the pieces onto the
                    table, the performer continues, “Believe it or not, an accomplished
                    grand master can, to some degree, predict an opponent’s next
                    several moves. The best players have developed exercises to
                    enhance their intuitive skills, all the better to get an edge.”
                        The Mentalist positions, in a single row, 6 white pieces taken
                    from the pile: Bishop, Knight, King, Pawn, Queen, and Rook. Over
                    one of the pieces he inverts an empty drinking glass.
                        “They begin by placing the glass over any of the pieces. The
                    grand master turns his back and calls out a number. The glass
                    must be moved and placed over the same number of pieces, in either
                    direction, left or right.”
                        “Only two rules are recognized: 1) When moving the glass, no
                    piece can be skipped or jumped, and; 2) After covering the end piece
                    of the row during a move, simply U-turn and continue the move in
                    the opposite direction.” The performer demonstrates.
                        “After each move, the grand master asks for a piece to be taken
                    from the row. If he calls for the piece under the glass, he has failed
                    in his efforts to perceive his opponent’s thoughts. If, on the other
                    hand, he asks for an uncovered piece, the exercise continues.
                        “Concentration is easier if I eliminate visual stimulation. I hope
                    you don’t mind...” informs the Mentalist, who covers his eyes with a
                    sleep mask. Continuing, he says, “Please begin by placing the
                    tumbler over one of the six pieces. Have you done that?”
                        “Please move the glass to cover, in turn, 4 pieces,” the performer
                    asks, pauses, and continues, “and then give me the Bishop. For
Brian Watson is a   your next move, cover 5 pieces.” Thinking for a moment, he
standout among      declares, “I believe the Rook is free. I’ll take it as well. Next, cover
   SYZYGY’s         3 pieces, which leaves the Queen in the open. Hand it over.”
 subscribers in         The Mentalist says, “Lift the glass from the piece it covers and
    England.        place it over a piece next to it. The Pawn should be open; I’ll take it
                    and the Knight. Remaining under the glass is the white King.
                    Checkmate! Remember what I said about predicting an opponent’s
                    moves? Look in the box which held the pieces.”
                        The matching black King is in the box!
                        The sleep mask allows ample opportunity for using the classic
                    Annemann over-the-shoulder, down-the-nose glimpse when asking,
                    “Have you done that?” If the glass is placed over the Bishop, King,
                    or Queen (mnemonic: a royal wedding), your first request is for an
                    odd number, otherwise start with a low even number. Subsequent
                    turns use the moves and take the pieces as the patter indicates.
                        Hold the black King in the box when you dump out the pieces.

Editor’s Desk

Lotsa Newz
    Larry Becker is now videotaping, Standing Ovation – The
Mental Magic of Larry Becker. Mike Maxwell of A-1 Multimedia
is producing and distributing. The price will be $39.95 each, or
$74.95 for both. Expect the final product to be available by late
summer. You can place your order with Larry at (602) 488-0980.
    A subscriber has asked me to help locate an original copy of Dan
Blackwood’s Psychic Entertainers Handbook of Comedy
Mentalism. Likewise, there are several who are looking for the
Manifestations tape & book set. Another would love to find The
Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration by
Orville Meyer. Finally, I need to acquire a Mercedes Bends folding
key for personal use.
    Overseas subscribers have requested that I make 3-ring
binders available, since the U.S. standard is not universal.
They have been ordered and will be delivered to me in
approximately 4 weeks (says the manufacturer). I won’t know
the final price until I receive the shipment and factor in the
freight charges, so don’t ask yet.
    Here’s another tidbit: Mind Bender, a theatrical film about
Uri Geller is in post-production, for release no earlier than
late summer. Peter Gabriel and Terrence Stamp have
parts in the movie. Music will be from Elton John, The
Moody Blues, and The Bee Gees, among others.
    If your curiosity is killing you about The Mother of All Book
Tests by Ted Karmilovich, then his co-promoter Marc Sky
has done some supurb marketing. It’s a very clean concept: Your
participant opens the book to any page, finds a challenging word,
and you pluck the word from his mind. No nonsense with page
numbers, anagrams, counting, gimmicks, etc. It’s introductory
price is $300.00, steep but a good value. Since only 200 will be
available, it is almost certain to increase in value, if only as a
collectible. Call Marc for information at (908) 985-3284.
    Personal news: SYZYGY’s U.K. subscribers should take note
that Morley Budden of Kaymar Magic has arranged for me to host
a half-day Mentalism workshop when I holiday in London this May.
Tuesday, May 30 is the date. Contact Morley at 07 08 640 557 to
reserve your spot; attendance will be limited.
    The word from Joseph Baer of Key West, FL is that the Spirit
Theatre Séance is up for sale. They do between 6 and 12 shows a
week, seating 18 at each event, and have been making it happen for
two years now. They offer terms, and will open the books and go
over the numbers for a serious inquiry. If you love sun, swimming,
and séance, this could be a lovely retirement package. I’ve been
there and can attest to the potential. Contact them for further
information at (305) 296-0442.
                                                                          Volume 1, Number 15
                            Michel Asselin                                           Issue # 15

                            Twisted Psyche
                                “Ancient alchemists spent their lives in a frustrating and futile
                            search for the secret of changing base metals into gold,” begins the
                            Mentalist, speaking to the group gathered around
                            the table.
                                He continues, “Over the
                            years, however, other
                            possibilities have revealed
                            themselves. For example,
                            many make the claim that a softening of metal can be produced by
                            the force of thought alone. Let’s examine that possibility.”
                                The performer removes a dozen or so keys from his key ring,
                            places them on the table, and continues, “Keys are popular as the
                            focus for modern psychics but some will work better than others.
                            These are all orphans of autos, padlocks, and doorknobs long
                            forgotten. I’ll wager your home has a similar collection.”
                                “Please, try for yourselves to cause the metal to soften. Take a
                            key and give it your best efforts. Hold it in your hand and focus
                            your energies upon it. Go ahead, don’t be bashful, try it. Who
                            knows, you may be successful, and then what a story you can tell!”
                                Once all of the keys have been taken and tested, the performer
                            declares, “It looks as though individual efforts are not sufficient.
                            Please pass all of the keys to the lady on my right. She will hold
                            them as we combine our mental energies.” Winking at the lady just
                            pressed into service, he says, “I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.”
  Edited by: Lee Earle          After all the keys have been gathered, the Mentalist places
                            them in the helper’s hand and folds her fingers around the metallic
   All rights reserved.     handful. “As we concentrate our thoughts,” he instructs, “please be
         SYZYGY             alert for any bending which may occur in your hand. It may help to
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       slowly loosen your grip to allow the forces to manifest themselves.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          A few moments the participant feels a key moving within her
                            closed hand. She is asked to open her
                            hand so the group might observe the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            results. One key is obviously bent,
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            twisted along its axis!
                                                                         This is the second
        E-Mail:                 Two extra keys are on the key ring       contribution from
    LeeE7@aol.com           to start, held out when the rest are        Michel, a Canadian
                            dropped on the table: the twisted key          who lives near
     World Wide Web         (prepared using padded pliers and vise)           Montreal.
                            and a magic dealer item known as the
   Subscription rates:      Mercedes Bends folding key. They are
    $38.00 per year         added to the rest of the keys as they are gathered to place in your
                            helper’s hand. Fold the flexible key and trap it between two other
        Canada:             keys, then place all in her lightly closed hand.
   US$48.00 per year            When her hand relaxes, the unfolding key unlocks fantastic
   Overseas (airmail):
                            pictures in her mind. On her open hand, all attention will be on the
   US$55.00 per year        twisted key; the bending key will remain unnoticed.

  Single issues: $2.50
David Himelrick

The Himelrick Maneuver
    “Remote viewing,” begins the Mentalist, “is the ability to
perceive and describe visible features at a distant location. In a
typical experiment, the test subject remains in the laboratory while       When he’s not busy
an observer travels to one of several target locations, selected at       creating delightful
random. At the test site, the observer focuses on what he sees            mental pieces, David
around him. A successful experiment will have the test subject at         works with Auburn
the laboratory accurately describe those distant details.”                 University in the
    Continuing, the performer says, “For example, if the target
scene is the center ring at the circus, the test subject might describe
sensations such as the odors of the animals or of fresh, roasted
peanuts. He might perceive the excited chatter of children or the
steamy-harsh sound of the steam calliope organ.”
    A participant is given a stack of index cards, each of which bears
a description of a different location. The performer instructs, “It’s
too bad you cannot actually travel to one of these distant locations.
Instead, you must visit one in your imagination. After I turn my
back, please scan through the scenes and select one to visualize.
Place the remainder aside, face down.”
    The helper does as he is told, reading the locale description on
the card of his choice and generating in his mind an image to
match. “After you’ve formed a mental picture,” the performer says
over his shoulder, “put the printed description aside with the
    The Mentalist, his back still turned, immediately draws a small
image on a sketch pad and asks, “I have a strong feeling that this is
present in your mental image, yes?” He shows the sketch to the
helper who confirms that it is, indeed, an important component in
his imaginary vista.
    The audience watches as quick strokes of the pen improve the
performer’s sketch. When the drawing is complete, the volunteer
describes his mind’s vision.
    The drawing matches his imaginary scene in incredible detail!
    How? The blank side of each index card bears a description of
a totally different set of imaginary sensations:
    1) Hear the excited shoppers around you at the mall as you
window-shop at a shoe outlet and then purchase a large chocolate
chip cookie at the adjacent store.
    2) Smell the newly mown grass as you stand on a perfectly
manicured green, the 18th hole at Augusta, as you carefully line up
to putt your white Titleist golf ball into the hole for par.
    3) See the shimmering oil in the puddles on the streets of New
York, splashed aside by your foot thumping down on a cast-iron
manhole cover as you sidestep a speeding yellow taxi cab.
    4) Sitting in front of the television on Super Bowl Sunday, your
mouth begins to water as you smell the aromas coming from a
piping hot pepperoni pizza just delivered by Domino’s.
                               Please turn to MANEUVER, page 67

MANEUVER, continued

    5) The crickets chirp among the fragrant pine trees and the
water laps against the side of your canoe as a full harvest moon
casts its glow across the northern Minnesota lake.
    6) The 4th of July fireworks crackle over your summer picnic in
the park, casting a flickering glow on the large, white ceramic bowl
and the few unconsumed black Bing cherries within.
    7) The day’s cares dissolve into nothingness as you stand, hot
 and tired, beneath the wall-mounted shower head, feeling the
 pulsating needles of warm water on your bare skin.
      Each description is secretly identified by darkening, with a
  blue pencil, one of the lines on the card’s opposite, ruled side.
       Interleaved among the target cards are seven other cards,
   each bearing one of the following descriptions:
        8) The soft music of violins adds to the elegant atmosphere
    of the restaurant as your salt shaker sprinkles its seasoning
    over the appetizing vegetable platter set on the crisp tablecloth.
     9) You can hear the raucous cries of the crows soaring
overhead as you lean back against the farmer’s silo, watching the
rows of corn ripple in the soft, summer breezes.
    10) The target at the far end of the shooting range seems very
small as you load a bullet into each of the pistol’s six chambers and
adjust your ear protectors prior to practicing your marksmanship.
    11) The waves foaming onto the beach provide a comforting
sound as you sit in the shade of a colorful umbrella and slip on
your swim fins and mask prior to exploring the lagoon.
    12) You stand on the sidewalk in front of the theatre, holding
open the door of a luxury sedan, while your companion for the
evening retouches her lipstick, checking it in the vanity mirror.
    13) The level of the paint in the bucket grows lower each time
you dip the brush in the tan liquid, applying it in a heavy layer to
cover the unwelcome graffiti on the outside of your garden wall.
    14) The mirror on your bathroom cabinet swings aside as you
rummage among the bottles of medication and toothbrushes
searching for the blue container of roll-on anti-perspirant.
    Each of these descriptions is written while the card is held in a
vertical alignment, as opposed to the normal horizontal alignment
employed for the first seven. (The italics are not printed on the
index cards - they are used here to highlight the key segments.)
    You have no idea which of the fourteen descriptions the helper
has chosen, but it doesn’t matter. As you ask him to place the
target card aside, a quick over-the-shoulder glance lets you see
whether the card is being read horizontally or vertically.
    Your initial sketch, both possibilities illustrated here, will
always fit into your participant’s mental scene. When you show it
to him, a look at the face down target card provides your blue-lined
clue to the scene being used. Complete your rendering of the
remote viewing, adjusting the image and adding other details.

Editor’s Desk

Late Information
    For all of you who plan to attend the Psychic Entertainers
Association’s members only Meeting Of The Minds in Seattle this
June 8-11, here’s some welcome news: Bob Cassidy will serve as
the Master of Ceremonies for the Friday night show. I came to the
P.E.A. just after he went on hiatus, so this will be a treat for me.
Co-chairman Ed Loveland informs that Germany’s Satori,
F.I.S.M. winner of a year or two back, will also be performing.
    Last year’s (Atlanta) convention featured a puzzle sent by
Corinda to befuddle the assembled mentality. Steve Michaels
markets a commercial version which is a clear, glass bottle with a
black & white magic wand inserted through the narrow neck.
Inside the bottle, two bolts pass through holes in the wand which
are drilled at right angles to one another. Each bolt is securely
attached with a nut screwed snugly in place, preventing removal of
the wand from the bottle. Awesome magical powers; itty bitty
working space. It’s called Bottled Frustration and sells for $25.00.
Contact Steve at P.O. Box 7331, Phoenix, AZ 85011.
    Zowie! I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of multiple-year
subscription renewals generated by my offer to supply a copy of my
index of the final issues of Magick. There will be at least one more
issue between this one and when I am able to send them out. Your
patience is appreciated and my thanks are extended.
    Please check the envelope in which this issue came. The small
number next to your name the final issue for your current
subscription. Have you sent in your renewal yet?
    Accompanying this issue, you will find a near-duplicate of the
flyer enclosed with the last mailing. It bears a corrected telephone
number because ‘Murphy’ made me put my outdated residential
number on the last one. The request is the same; please give it to
someone associated with a local group who can make arrangements
to bring this lecture to your area. I appreciate the favor.
    The cover piece in this issue also works perfectly with coins.
Break out that old F.H.D. (old-timer talk for Folding Half Dollar)
and give it a try. By the way, did you pick up the sound-play pun in
the title? Twisted Psi Key? Bonus: I’ve arranged for a precision
manufacturer to fabricate a folding key (illustrated here) with a
strong action. SYZYGY’s subscribers only can order one for $20.00.
    The sad news comes that P.E.A. member Jonathan Cooke
peacefully passed away last March 27th. Born June 21, 1924, he
worked the tailing end of vaudeville as Jonathan Strange,
performing spook shows and mentalism. He held management
positions for various Sheraton hotels around the country, taking
advantage of that golden opportunity to do more than a few mind-
reading shows. Jonathan was a man of boundless humor and wry
wit. Now the world has one less reason to smile.
                                Potential contributors have asked
                            what criteria are considered when
                            material is submitted for publication.
                                First and foremost, the item must be something that suits my
                            personal tastes. Mind you, my opinion is no more valid than anyone
                            else’s but it goes beyond that. It is tough enough to edit and rewrite
                            material about which I am enthusiastic. If a submission generates
                            only a lukewarm response, it is almost impossible. Subscribers
                            deserve an editor’s best efforts, not ‘good enough.’
                                Part of an editor’s job is to screen submisions for more than
                            content. SYZYGY has certain style standards as well.
                                Submissions must be Mentalism, not mental magic. Pieces which
                            require unexplainable props or employ awkward logic to achieve the
                            effect will not be considered for publication. If the performer wants
                            a random word selected, he shouldn’t have to use a calculator to add
                            a column of figures for selecting a page, etc. A less convoluted
                            methodology is preferred.
                                The premise should be simple and direct. Is it thought transfer?
                            Or PsychoKinesis? Maybe clairvoyance? The audience should have
                            a clear idea of exactly what the performer is trying to accomplish
                            and, more to the point, accept the process as genuine. If suspension
                            of disbelief is necessary, the piece doesn’t make the cut.
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                                Entertainment value is important. Effects which serve only to
                            amuse the performer or spotlight a supercillious demonstration of
    Copyright©1997          his ‘mental powers’ are boring. Contemporary Mentalism is
   All rights reserved.     engaging and touches its audience on many levels beyond “How did
         SYZYGY             he do that?” In fact, if that question is asked, we’re probably in the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       realm of mental magic again.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                                Presentation takes priority over method. SYZYGY is not just
       Telephone:           about neat new gimmicks or handlings.
  623 / 247-7323 voice      The old magicians’ adage applies here.
623 / 247-4665 fax & data   If you have fifty methods to discover            Here are the
                            what is on your participant’s mind but          guidelines for
        E-Mail:             only one way of revealing it, you are a submitting material
    LeeE7@aol.com           one-trick pony. On the other hand, if        to be pubhished in
     World Wide Web
                            you have only one method to gain your              SYZYGY
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    information but myriad ways to reveal
                            that knowledge, you are perceived as a
   Subscription rates:      master of your craft.
    $38.00 per year             The Modus Operandi should simplify the performer’s task. Far
                            too often we see Mentalism which does just the reverse, requiring
                            the performer to solve a complex logic problem in his head while
   US$48.00 per year
                            concurrently attempting to entertain an audience. Novelty of
   Overseas (airmail):      method alone will not qualify a piece for publication.
   US$55.00 per year

  Single issues: $2.50
Lee Earle

    We stand at a divide in the road. One path is smooth and well-
traveled, inviting us to continue our journey in relative ease.
    The other way is rough and steep, narrow and winding. The
road threatens to disappear beneath our feet, presenting us with
unexplored vistas and leaving the direction we take seemingly as
much to chance as to choice.                                                   Some thoughts on
    Sounds sort of like a cold reading script, doesn’t it?                  the choices we make
    In fact, it is a colorful analogy of the situation in which most        to achieve success in
Mentalists find themselves at some point in their lives. They must               Mentalism
decide whether to play it safe and remain on proven turf or to take
a risk and reap unimagined benefits.
    It is tempting to take the paved highway, the less challenging
route to a comfortable destination. Although jammed with other
fellow travelers, many of whom are in search of easy answers and
instant gratification, this autobahn is a safe and secure route.
    Most of us started down Mentalism’s road in this manner,
sandwiching a psychometry routine or a mind-reading bit between
tricks in a conjuror’s program. It gave us the assurance that, even
if the new stuff blew up in our faces, it was surrounded with
sufficient well-praciticed material to salvage the performance.
    Then we got the feedback.
    We didn’t anticipate how much more reaction the unpracticed
Mentalism would get in comparison to our polished prestidigtation.
Audiences ignore the magic tricks we’ve practiced for years,
preferring instead the fantasy of telepathy and premonition.
    Imagine what their reaction would be if we really worked at it?
    We are back at the fork in the road.
    To navigate the rocky trail, we must lighten the load and
jettison old habits. Many of those assets which served us so well in
the conjuring mélange are now liabilities which must be cast aside.
    In their place, we learn to develop an entirely new set of skills.
People skills. We discover an entirely new dynamic with the
audience; not one of confrontation but of cooperation. They become,
if we do everything right, anxious for us to succeed. Our triumph is
theirs as well, validating their innermost thoughts (some would say
fantasies, irrational beliefs, or superstitions) about the possibility of
this “sixth sense” we all hear about.
    The bumps in the road are the price we pay for knowledge
acquired along the way. These lessons teach us about finding and
marketing to new venues or developing presentations that we can
deliver without violating our personal ethics.
    Those who have trod the rocky path assure us it is the only route
to the summit, but well worth the trip.
    I walk with Robert Frost and choose the road less travelled.

                         Looking Forward
                             One good gauge of a professional, we are told, is that he makes a
                         difficult task look easy.
                             If the process of bringing SYZYGY to your mailbox every three
                         weeks appears effortless, then the plan is working.
                              In fact, it is a continuing struggle to maintain the quality which
                             subscribers have come to expect. Some early issues were
                             completely reprinted because of quality concerns. One issue was
                            actually pulled from the press, half printed, until new negatives
                           could be made to correct an editing error which was discovered,
                            literally at the last minute.
                                  The payoff, however, is in the positive feedback received from
                                subscribers who phone or fax their praise and comments.
                                    None of this would be possible, we should keep in mind,
                                 without the generosity and creativity of those who contribute
                                 material for publication. Those whose names appear at the
                                 tops of the pages form SYZYGY’s Celestial Lineup. That’s still
                                 a perfect metaphor.
                             In the works: Quarterly Supplements on Corporate Mentalism.
                         I have asked several top-name performers to contribute some inside
                         information on this most difficult and demanding of Mentalism’s
                         specialties. We’ll put out a few guideposts for those who contemplate
                         making a run at this lucrative market.
                             In the works: Another supplement which will outline successful
                         promotions run by some of SYZYGY’s subscribers. We sometimes
                         forget that the race is seldom won by swiftness alone. Thoroughness
                         and preparation often account for the margin of victory. This one
                         offers examples for Mentalism’s entrepreneurs.
                             In the works: A new annual index format which will make it
                         much easier to find material based on performing venue, as well as by
                         name, author, props, and premise.
      Take a peek            In the works: A research project which may very well change the
  inside SYZYGY’s        way in which we regard drawing duplication effects. I don’t want to
                         tip it just yet, but if you are one of the subscribers randomly selected
crystal ball, to get a   to participate, I ask only that you reply with your unconsidered, ‘off
glimpse of things to     the top of your head’ response. If respondents try to second-guess or
        come.            anticipate what we’re after, it will flaw the study. The results will be
                         published in SYZYGY.
                             In the works: Special theme issues which will: 1) focus on one
                         effect as presented by three different performers, or; 2) present three
                         different performance pieces, perhaps from the same contributor,
                         which make a complete routine, or; 3) highlight the contributions
                         from one geographical locale, such as an All England Issue for
                              Some of the renewal and survey forms sent in show some
                         interesting preferences among subscribers, but far too many are
                         being returned with no survey information at all! Go figure.

Editor’s Desk

Submissions Policy
   SYZYGY has had, since the beginning, a formal policy for
submissions. Until now, it has been distributed to contributors
whose material has been accepted for publication. I thought this
would be a good time to publish it for the record:

    All material submitted for publication is accepted subject to the
following conditions:
    1) The author retains all manufacturing rights to the material;
    2) Except for material excerpted from the author’s book or
manuscript which is so identified, the submission has not heretofore
been published or used in any medium for any purpose;
    3) The author recognizes that submission and acceptance do not
necessarily guarantee publication;
    4) We have the right to edit, lengthen or shorten, make additions
or revisions or otherwise change the material;
    5) We have the right to use your name and/or photograph or other
likeness in connection with the material;
    6) We retain worldwide periodical, syndication, adaptation,
republishing and reprint rights in all languages in either full,
abridged, or condensed versions and for any whole or part editions,
anthologies, collections or publication licenses to others of material
    7) In the event that the work is reproduced in whole or in part in
microfilm, microform, microfiche, and/or electronic text data bank,
video, audio, lecture note or similar formats, we reserve the right to
include the work in the aforementioned formats.
    Unless the author supplies written objection to these terms and
conditions they will be deemed to have been accepted.

    The first paragraph above is the most important, protecting a
contributor’s intellectual property when it is published in SYZYGY.
Once an item is published, the Mentalism community is on notice as
to the originator of a concept.
    Items two through five are self-explanatory.
    Number six means that SYZYGY can, for example, allow another
publication to excerpt material which SYZYGY has already
published. A benefit: Producing a bound volume after five years will
not require contacting everyone who contributed material during
that period.
    Paragraph #7 ensures a firm footing if, in the future, SYZYGY
might be distributed electronically or on a CD, for example. Nothing
is in the works right now, but it seemed a good idea to anticipate
future distribution media.
    I have been assured by associates in the legal profession that this
policy is the most comprehensive in the business.

                                                                           Volume 1, Number 16
                            Phil Goldstein                                            Issue # 16

                                The performer explains,
                            “While travelling in
                            Europe, I sent postcards
                            from various countries to
                            my friends. Arriving at
                            home, I discovered one
                            postcard I’d forgotten to
                            mail. It occurred to me
                            that it might be useful for
                            an experiment in
                                The mentalist brings out a
                            postcard, picture side kept
                            out of view, and sets it aside. He introduces a dozen glassine
                            sleeves; each contains a postage stamp from a different country.
                                A pair of dice is handed to a participant, who is asked to roll one
                            or both to generate a random number. This number is used to
                            designate a stamp. It is, for example, from France.
                                When the postcard is examined it is found to be a view of Paris.
                                The postcard can be used to represent three different countries.
                            The front of the postcard is entirely black, with white lettering in
                            the upper left corner that reads, “London by night.” (This is a
                            novelty postcard that is, in fact, available in many major cities.)
                                On its address side the postcard is doubly prepared. At the
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            upper left is the printed message, “Paris de nuit; Paris by night -
    Copyright©1995          Paris, France.” There is also a handwritten message on this side of
   All rights reserved.     the card. It reads, “Dear Eugene: I’m having a wonderful time in
         SYZYGY             Italy. Wish you were here...” Sign this and add an address in the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       proper location. This message ought
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      to be written in pencil, simply to call
                            less attention to itself.
                                The forcing procedure is an               Without question,
  602 / 247-7323 voice                                                      Phil Goldstein
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   expansion of the Corvello 10/11 Force.
                            There are actually thirteen stamp             qualifies as one of
        E-Mail:             sleeves, obtained at stores that deal in          Mentalism’s
    LeeE7@aol.com           collectable stamps. The force stamps         national treasures.
                            (England, France and Italy) are in
     World Wide Web
                            positions 2, 6 and 10 from the top, in
                            the stack of glue-side-up stamps. Trim off one of the corner
   Subscription rates:      serrations on each of the force stamps so you can identify them from
    $38.00 per year         the back. Any number from one to twelve can be used to arrive at
                            one of the force positions, dealing the individual sleeves onto the
        Canada:             table as follows:
   US$48.00 per year
                                For 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 or 10, deal from the glue-side-up packet. With 2,
   Overseas (airmail):      6 and 10, the last sleeve dealt is used; 1, 5 and 9 use the next one.
   US$55.00 per year        For 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 or 12, turn the packet printed side up to count.
                                                                 Please turn to POSTER, page 76
  Single issues: $2.50
Lee Earle

Keys Redux
    Back in issue #10, I alluded to a killer technique for the Keys
Royale routine. That’s the one in which the participant selects, from
among several keys, the only one which opens a padlock.
    (It will probably be necessary to reacquaint yourself with the
original routine in order to get the most out of this improvement.)
    This new handling allows the participant’s finger ring to be           Although this is
secured on the lock’s shackle, eliminating from consideration any          published as an
possibility that the lock might be switched.                            improved handling, it
    Taking a cue from Billy McComb’s linking finger ring routine, set     almost qualifies as
yourself up with a small number of generic duplicate rings. For         ‘running when you’re
example, a man’s signet ring, a plain gold wedding band, a woman’s        not being chased’.
diamond solitare ring, and perhaps one or two more.                          You decide. "
    When enlisting someone to assist you, look among your audience
for a person wearing a ring similar to one of your duplicates. It
needn’t be identical because he will never have the opportunity to
inspect it while it is shackled to the lock. Invite that person to help
you with your experiment in ‘subconscious perception.’
    At the point in the routine when the several keys are being tried
in the lock by front-row audience members, ask your participant to
remove his ring. You should already have retrieved, from wherever
you keep it, the matching duplicate. Handing his ring to the person
whose key opened the lock, you exchange his ring for the duplicate.
The stolen, borrowed ring goes in the same pocket as the lock index.
    The audience helper secures the ring on the lock and drops the
connected pair into the glass. All the keys are collected in the glass,
too. The glass is faceted crystal and provides a clear, if somewhat
refracted, view of the ring on the lock inside. Because his locked
ring is apparently always in full view, the procedure seems innocent,
although somewhat theatrical.
    The original routine did not require a switch if the participant
pulled from the glass the key which would open the lock. With this
variation, because it is not really his ring on the lock, a switch is
always required. A seventh lock, which opens with the same key as
the lock in the glass, is added to the pocket index for this purpose.
    All the locks in your pocket index are open. After the participant
chooses a key, spot its secret marking, reach into your pocket and
locate the appropriate lock. Slip his ring over the lock’s shackle, and
snap the lock closed. As in the original routine, bring out the lock
and ring hidden in your hand for the final switch.
    When you empty the contents of the glass into your hand, onto
the hidden lock & ring (while magnetically retaining the original
lock and duplicate ring in the glass), the participant will obviously
focus his attention on his locked ring.
    The cleanup is the same. After the participant takes the lock and
ring from your extended hand, dump the remaining keys back into
the glass and set the glass aside.

                        Steve Michaels

                        Stickum Up
                            When setting up a ‘test conditions’ challenge, the performer
                        hands a hard-cover dictionary to a skeptic. He is asked to look up a
                        challenging word, write that word on a small piece of paper, and
                           fold the paper so the contents are concealed. The folded paper is
                            dropped into a small envelope, moistened and sealed. The
                              skeptic is asked to take the envelope and sign his name across
                               the sealed flap. He will observe that the envelope is free of
                                     That envelope is tucked into another, larger envelope
                                  which is handed to the skeptic for licking & sticking. He
                                   can retain the nested envelopes or put them on display in
                                    a secure place.
                                       During the show, after the outer envelope is inspected
                                 for mischief (there is none), the inner envelope is removed
                            and likewise inspected, with the same verdict.
                            The skeptic acknowledges that only he knows the contents of
                        the self-autographed envelope once again in his hands.
                            Of course the Mentalist can now duplicate the word inside.
                            The method is a combination of standard gambits with a twist.
                        Steve prepares the flap of the smaller envelope (which will hold the
                        skeptic’s test) with ‘Post-It Adhesive’. The Mentalist takes the
                        folded packet, drops it into the envelope, and pretends to lick the
                        adhesive on the flap. The flap is folded closed. Because of the
                        temporary adhesive, the envelope appears completely sealed, safely
                        enough that it can be handed to the skeptic for a signature.
                            A rubber banded, flapless envelope stack is used to switch out
                        this envelope. The top envelope has had its flap cut off, its open
                        end under the second envelope’s flap. That second envelope has a
                        duplicate smaller envelope inside which a duplicate of the one
                        containing the skeptic’s challenge word.
                            When the Mentalist takes the smaller, signed and sealed
   Magician Steve
                        envelope, he slips it into the top (flapless) envelope of the stack and
 Michaels offers this
                        withdraws the second envelope from under the rubber band by
idea as a very useful
                        pulling on its flap. The flapless envelope containing the skeptic’s
  utility technique.
                        envelope remains on top of the stack. The skeptic seals and retains
                        the envelope handed him.
                            In privacy, the Mentalist lifts the flap from the skeptic’s
                        envelope, copies the information inside, and rubs the Post-It
                        adhesive from the flap. Then he moistens and seals the envelope.
                        It is placed between pages near the middle of the dictionary.
                            On stage, the skeptic’s envelope is dropped between the pages of
                        the dictionary. The small envelope already there will break the
                        dictionary open at that spot; the large envelope goes in front.
                            After the skeptic relates the pre-show details, the envelopes are
                        taken from the book, concealing the smaller one behind the larger.
                                                     Please turn to STICKEM UP, page 76
Editor’s Desk

Intelligenti Pauca
    Houston’s Bob Blau has published a new book, SPIRITS on the
STAGE. Endorsing the book, Bill Palmer (translator for Punx
and Ted Lesley) says that the audience-tested material is derived
primarily from performances done in Spiritualist churches! The
contents include spirit cabinet, slates, sealed billet reading, and
handling audience volunteers. Can’t tell you any more because I
haven’t seen the book. At the price, $14.00 postpaid ($16.00
overseas), even one good idea makes the book worthwhile. Contact
Bob at 3510 East Broadway, #1010, Pearland, TX 77581.
   The 3-ring collecters’ binders are ready. They are not quite as
thick as the illustration here would suggest, measuring
approximately 10" x 11.5" x 1.5" (25cm x 29cm x 4cm). Each binder
will hold 3 years’ worth of issues. They are $12.50 each, plus $2.50
postage to the U.S. & Canada; overseas postage is $5.00.

STICKEM UP, continued
    The dictionary is handed to the skeptic so that he may locate the
same word. This action momentarily seizes his attention.
    Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Mentalist tears the
end off the larger envelope, revealing what appears to be the corner
of the smaller one inside. In reality, it is the envelope behind,
containing the skeptic’s original folded paper. The performer
pretends to withdraw it from the larger envelope and hands it to
the skeptic. Once again, he can confirm his signature and its
untampered appearance.
    The rest is mystery.

POSTER, continued
     For the numbers 4, 8 and 12, the last sleeve dealt is used; with
3, 7 and 11, the next one is used.
    Pick up the postcard, positioning your right forefinger so that it
will cover the white lettering on the underside. Congratulate the
spectator on being absolutely correct, and raise the postcard to
display its all-black picture.
    If England has been selected, say, “As you can see, this is a
picture of London by night!” The audience will take this as a joke.
Let it sink in, then say, “I'm not kidding.” Remove your right hand
to reveal the printed message.
    For France, similarly proclaim that it is a picture of Paris by
night, then turn the card over to the address side. Point to the
printed identification at the upper left, and invite a spectator to
read it out loud. Your pointing hand obscures the handwritten text.
    When Italy has been selected, proclaim that it is a picture of
Rome by night. Turn the card over to the address side, and invite a
spectator to read your written message. Your left thumb casually
covers the printed identification at the upper left.
                                                                          Volume 1, Number 17
                            Norman Barlow                                           Issue # 17

                            The Polygraph Pack
                                “The polygraph
                            machine,” begins the
                            Mentalist, “is a device
                            which measures and
                            tracks certain
                            reactions one’s body
                            makes under stress.
                            When a person is
                            being untruthful, the
                            respiration and heart
                            rate change. Even the
                            skin’s ability to
                            conduct tiny electrical currents will be altered.
                                “Police detectives who interrogate suspects soon develop a ‘sixth
                            sense’ about whether a person is lying. While a policeman’s
                            insights are not admissible in court, those gut-feelings or hunches
                            often lead to other clues which are allowed in a prosecution.
                                “Psychologists have determined that our intuitive insights stem
                            from visual, non-verbal cues such as body language, expression,
                            attire, intonation, and so forth. The subconscious mind observes
                            and records these silent signals, and then, when it notices a pattern
                            of deceit, supplies a warning to our conscious mind.”
                                The performer removes a pack of playing cards from his pocket
                            and shuffles them. “Let’s test the concept. Which card will be our
  Edited by: Lee Earle      target?” The cards are spread as the Mentalist says, “We’ll use the
                            first one you touch.”
   All rights reserved.
                                After the participant selects and notes one, it is shuffled back
         SYZYGY             into the deck. The performer instructs, “I’ll remove a card from the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       top of the deck and look at it, but you won’t be able to see it for
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      yourself. Then I will say its name
                            aloud, except when I draw the target           In his original
       Telephone:           card. That’s when I will substitute a
  602 / 247-7323 voice                                                      contribution,
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            different card’s name. If your hunch        Canadian Norman
                            indicates that I am telling the truth,         Barlow used a
        E-Mail:             say nothing. But if your gut-feeling          different modus
    LeeE7@aol.com           says otherwise, say, ‘Liar!’”               operandi. This one
                                The Mentalist lifts one card from          is a bit easier.
     World Wide Web         the top of the pack, looks at it, and
                            says aloud its name. If the participant
   Subscription rates:      remains silent, the card is shown to the audience to verify the
    $38.00 per year         performer was truthful. The card is placed in the Mentalist’s
        Canada:                 One after another each top card is removed, called, shown, and
   US$48.00 per year        pocketed until, on one card, the participant shouts, “Liar!” That
   Overseas (airmail):      card is turned around. It’s the target card and the participant has
   US$55.00 per year        somehow caught the performer in a lie!
                                                          Please turn to POLYGRAPH, page 80
  Single issues: $2.50
Lee Earle

    “Within each of us,” begins the Mentalist, “is a life-force which
radiates outward, broadcasting our essence in a way which can be
interpreted by those trained to observe it.”
    The performer places 4 coins in a group on the table and covers
them with one of his business cards.
    Instructing further, the performer continues, “Just as a needle
rubbed on a magnet will absorb and then re-radiate the magnetic            I really don’t intend
field, likewise your personal aura can be transferred, simply through       to overload these
concentration. When I have turned around, take one of the coins            pages with my own
from its hiding place and hold it in your closed hand, directly in front   contributions, but
of your pineal eye.” He illustrates by placing his fist in the center of    this one couldn’t
his forehead, then turns to avert his vision.                              wait. See the back
    “Mystics claim that your aura is the strongest in this position. As    page to learn why.
you hold the coin in this position, imagine your essential energy
attaching itself to that object. Can you visualize it? Please place the
coin back on the table beneath its concealing cover.”
    Turning around to face the participant once again, the Mentalist
studies his helper to “examine” his aura, perhaps delivering some
good cold-reading lines. “I think I have a good idea of how to identify
your energy field. Now let’s see if there are any similar auras
emanating from the coins.”
    The performer uncovers the group of coins and pockets the
business card, then briefly concentrates on each coin, glancing from
the coin to the participant and back as if comparing something.
Taking the participant’s index finger, he moves it slowly over the
bunch of coins, until he lowers it onto one coin.
    Of course, it is the target coin.
    The method is disarmingly close to the premise. It’s not
the aura which transfers to the coin, but body heat
instead. The rear surface of the             business
card is treated with a thermally
sensitive coating which changes color
with a shift in temperature. The coin
which was held in the hand will be
somewhat warmer than the others
and will leave a distinct circular
impression on the sensitized side of
the card.
    When you lift the card to view the
coins, a glance tells you what you need
to know.
    The card stock I found is called “Touch-It” and can
be purchased from Kelly Paper stores for about $12.00 for 50
sheets of 10 point card stock. Similar materials can almost certainly
be obtained from your local printers supply store.
    The sample enclosed will allow you to experiment for yourself.

                      Gregory Albright

                      Time Out!
                          The Mentalist says, “Persons who have traumatic experiences
                               such as automobile accidents often recall an unusual
                               perception. During the crisis, the flow of time seems to slow
                                down. Events occur at a snail’s pace as the alerted brain
                                goes into mental overdrive.
                                    “It usually takes a powerful stimulus to trigger this
                                 phenomenon,” continues the performer, “but sometimes
                                 intense concentration can serve the purpose. Would you
                                 like to try to alter your temporal perception?”
                                    When the participant agrees, he is asked to remove his
                               wristwatch. The Mentalist suggests, “For this
                               demonstration, you must be totally relaxed. Even the effort
                              of lifting your arm to view your watch might be too
                              distracting. I’ll hold it so you can see it.”
                                  “Please sit in your chair with your hands folded in your
                              lap and your spine firmly against the back of your chair.”
                             advises the performer. “As you view the face of your watch,
                             focus upon the sweep-second hand and say to yourself,
                             ‘Slower...slower...’ keeping that thought uppermost in your
                      mind until you sense a result.”
                          The performer holds the watch by its strap, displaying it at a
                      comfortable viewing distance for the participant. As the helper
                      concentrates, the sweep-second hand continues its measured arc
                      around the watch dial until it seems to hesitate. And then the
                      watch stops!
                          Only when the participant reacts, usually looking away from
                      the watch to the performer’s face, does the watch begin its
                      syncopated ticking once again.
                          “Judging by the look on your face,” offers the Mentalist, “you
                      just experienced a subjective time warp. Did you?” Of course the
                      participant will always answer in an amazed affirmative.
Greg is a full-time       The secret is a small magnet and the battery powered watch
magician who lives    worn by the participant. The magnet is of the type ladies use to
 in Fort Wayne,       affix earrings which are not for pierced ears and are usually of the
    Indiana           rare-earth variety, quite powerful for their size. A postcard
                      addressed to Edmund Scientific Co., Barrington, New Jersey will
                      bring their catalog to you which offers a selection of magnets (as
                      well as a cornucopia of other hard-to-find goodies).
                          Affix a small piece of sticky-on-both-sides cellophane tape to the
                      magnet so it will adhere to your finger or hand. The precise
                      location of the magnet is up to the individual, but near the tip of
                      the third finger works well. When the watch is held by its strap,
                      the magnet on the third finger will be directly behind the watch.
                          The exact spot to position the magnet against the back of the
                      watch will vary according to the watch design. It’s usually between
                      the 5 and 6, but a little experimentation will prove helpful.

Editor’s Desk

Travellers in the Trade
    When this issue mails, my London workshops will be behind me
and the Psychic Entertainers Association’s annual Meeting Of The
Minds, this time in Seattle, will be just ahead. Look for a summary
of both events on future back pages.
     Craig Karges looked every bit the corporate vice-president when
we greeted one another in the lobby of the Hyatt resort hotel in
pricey Scottsdale, Arizona last May 21st. He had flown in to
entertain a group of executives with his mental tour de force. Over
lunch that afternoon, it was hinted that his first infomercial, with
its associated tape-and-book package, was in post-production. If it
test-markets well, a national roll-out is predicted.
    The subject? Improving intuition.
    This concept is going to get much bigger, so begin building your
knowledge base now. I’ve been preaching Intuitive Entertainment
for years. As a speaking premise, it’s your doorway to dollars.
    Sacramento based Bob Brown whizzed through town recently,
too. He lamented that prior commitments and international travel
connections would not allow him to lecture at this year’s P.E.A.
conference in Seattle. There aren’t many who can match his
marketing and promotion techniques and he was going to tell all.
Perhaps another year?
    Well, the cat’s out of the bag concerning the new, temperature
sensitive, color-changing papers. See the centerfold in a recent copy
of Stan Allen’s Magic for a larger sample. Let’s hope we can survive
the inevitable onslaught of just-barely-clever tricks in which the
method is more intriguing than the effect.
POLYGRAPH, continued
   Premise and presentation are everything. The pack of cards is a
Svengali deck (or a rough/smooth Svengali, Mirage deck, etc.); the
target card is forced.
   Each time a card is lifted from the top of the deck, thumb at one
end and the fingers at the other, it is really a pair, with one of the
short duplicates behind and an indifferent card showing.
   When the participant challenges, place the pair back on top of
the deck and ask, “What made you stop me here?” as you thumb the
single top (force) card to the side to be picked up and displayed in
the same manner as the previous pairs.
   Editor’s note: For a follow up, switch the deck for an
ungimmicked pack, in the pocket with the discards for example,
and reverse the presentation. The Mentalist selects a target card
and controls it to a position just below a known, key card before
handing the deck to the participant. The helper looks at each top
card in sequence, saying nothing, and then shows the card to the
audience before placing it aside. When the performer sees his key
card discarded, the next one will be the target.
                                                                         Volume 1, Number 18
                            Danny Orleans                                          Issue # 18

                            Dark Corner
                                “Have you ever been to a
                            séance?” asks the performer.
                            “That’s a gathering at which
                            the guests attempt to contact
                            the spirits. So will we.”
                                Guiding the conversation, the
                            Mentalist continues, “Tarot cards are
                            often used as an oracle to interpret past,
                            present, and future. I suspect
                            they may even be useful in
                            this instance as well.”
                                Turning to one of those
                            seated around the table the
                            performer asks, “Will you please
                            bring to mind someone who is
                            both famous and dead? But you
                            must not think of George
                            Washington, Abraham Lincoln,
                            Marilyn Monroe, or J.F.K. Their spirits
                            are overworked. And don’t select Elvis either – he’s still alive!”
                                Once the participant has a name in mind, he is offered the Tarot
                            deck and told, “Remove one card from the Tarot and, with this pen,
                            write the deceased’s name across the front – Babe Ruth and the Six
                            of Cups; how ironic.” The performer slips the card into the deck.
  Edited by: Lee Earle           “The full pack of Tarot must be cut twice. Once by you, slowly
                            and with deliberation,” the performer indicates that the participant
   All rights reserved.
                            is to cut the cards, waiting until the action is complete before
         SYZYGY             continuing, “and once by me. Would you place your wine glass in
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       the exact center of the table, please?”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          The Mentalist cuts the cards and places the deck on the rim of
                            the glass, moving his hand over the
       Telephone:           glass in a mysterious gesture. “Perhaps
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            you might wish to grasp my wrist,” he       Danny Orleans is a
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            suggests, “in fact, let’s form a séance        Chicago-based
        E-Mail:             circle. Everyone grasp hands around            performer who
    LeeE7@aol.com           the table.”                                 works trade shows
                                Turning to the original participant, and corporate events
     World Wide Web         the performer requests, “Focus your
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                   across the U.S.
                            mind on contacting Babe Ruth. And
   Subscription rates:
                            keep your eyes on the glass beneath
    $38.00 per year         the Tarot. Something will happen there. I’m not kidding!”
                                The Mentalist places his hands lightly on the deck atop the
        Canada:             glass. The glass and deck begin to gyrate under his hands, the fluid
   US$48.00 per year        swirling and sloshing until – something – appears in the liquid!
                                It’s the corner of a Tarot card.
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                                                               Please turn to CORNER, page 82

  Single issues: $2.50
CORNER, continued

    The Tarot deck is spread face up on the table; the Six of Cups
card bearing the dead person’s name is missing its corner!
    This presentation is Danny’s routine for the Matt Schulien
classic, “Card Corner in Glass.” The handling is simple for anyone
with a little background in card conjuring; just control the ‘dead’
card to the top or bottom of the deck for a cop, palm, or lap drop.
    As a participant cuts the deck on the table in front of you,
secretly tear a corner from the card. The face-down torn card, with
the torn end away from you, goes on top of the corner in your left
    When you take the deck to cut it, your right hand slides the pack
off the edge of the table onto your left hand, on top of the torn card
and corner. Misdirection is simple; ask someone across the table to
place his wine glass exactly in the center of the table. Every eye
will look to judge that placement.
    Your right hand pulls out the bottom half of the deck and places
it on top of the remainder, in what conjurors know as a ‘hindu’ cut.
This places the torn card in the center of the pack. Take the deck in
your right hand, concealing the torn corner beneath, and place it
atop the glass in a manner which just barely traps a corner of the
torn piece between deck and rim.
    By placing your hand on top of the deck and jiggling the glass,
the liquid within will slosh about, masking the corner when it
drops. Press on an edge of the deck to lever up the side trapping
the torn corner, and the corner will drop into the glass as if
‘apported’ there.
    Editor’s note: Danny didn’t specify a method for secretly lapping
the signed card, so I’ll supply a favorite of my own.
    When the card is selected, place it face-up on top of the face-down
deck in your left hand. Extend the deck and a pen for your
participant to write the chosen name on the face of the card.
    Get a left hand, little-finger break above the bottom card.
Transfer the deck to your right hand which grasps the deck from
above, thumb at the inner end and fingers at the far end. Your right          Don’t judge this
thumb maintains the break above the bottom card.                           piece as a mere
    Place your left forefinger against the inner end of the deck at the    magic trick; Danny
left corner and pivot the top half of the deck out, rotating that packet   assures me that it
180˚ onto your left hand. Your left thumb then pushes the signed
card to the right, about 1/3 of its width. Use the left edge of the
                                                                           delivers the impact
packet held in your right hand to lift the card and flip it face down      of strong Mentalism.
on top of the left packet. At the end of that movement, the right half
is directly over the left half. Because you held the break above the
bottom card with your right thumb, it’s easy to drop that card onto
the just-turned-over signed card. This is a classic add-on move.
    With the left thumb, push the face down added card (which the
audience believes to be the signed card) into the center of the right
hand block of cards. Extend the packet for a participant to push the
card flush. Under this misdirection, tip the left hand packet and
thumb off the top card, the signed card, into your lap.
    The two halves of the deck are combined and placed on the table
in front of you for the participant to cut, as described above.

                    Marc Salem

                    Intuitive Flash
                       “Pendulums, like dowsing rods, have been used as personal
                    oracles throughout history. Although many misinformed people
                    attribute something either sinister or ‘New Age’ to their use, in fact
                    neither is the case. Psychologists will attest that it is the
                    subconscious which is really directing a pendulum’s motion.”
   Marc Salem is       Having laid the verbal groundwork for the demonstration at
   gaining an       hand, the Mentalist continues, “Through the pendulum, one has
    incredible      the ability to retrieve memories which are stored yet, somehow
reputation among    forgotten. Let’s see for ourselves.”
the “Fortune 500”      Indicating someone seated in a position to comfortably use the
   community.       pendulum, the performer states, “Experiments in the 1930's proved
                    that the subconscious mind has the ability to perceive information
                    below the threshold of conscious recognition. I’m sure you’ve heard
                    stories of theatre advertisers attempting to employ this technique.”
                                 “I have written,” explains the performer, holding a legal
                             pad, “a fairly long number on this pad. Please stand up for
                              a moment and turn toward the audience. I will move the
                              pad into your view for an quick moment so your inner
                             mind will see the data. It is unlikely you will consciously
                          remember seeing anything at all. Ready?”
                          The Mentalist rapidly places the pad in front of the
                    participant’s eyes and then just as quickly removes it. “That’s all
                    there is to it. Do you recall seeing any numbers?” The answer will
                    be negative.
                       “Good. Please be seated and place this template, bearing the
                    ten single digits, on your lap. Hold the pendulum over the focus
                     point and wait for it to begin swinging,” instructs the performer,
                         “and tell me which numbers your subconscious mind
                                    One by one the participant calls off digits as the
                                     pendulum begins to swing. One by one the Mentalist
                                      writes them as large numbers on a dry-erase board.
                                         When the audience helper states the final digit,
                                      the performer tears off the top sheet of his legal pad
                           and hands it to the participant before inking the final large
                    digit on the on-stage display. “Please read the numbers only your
                    subconscious mind perceived.”
                       The participant reads the string of digits aloud as the Mentalist
                    underscores each one on the marker board. A perfect match!
                       The Modus Operandi is quite simple. It’s our old friend the nail
                    writer. Please don’t take the chance of writing anything on the
                    pad which is shown to the participant. Just flash the blank pad
                    and carry on. Holding the dry-erase marking pen in your hand
                    will provide effective cover when you nail-write the digits as they
                    are called off.
                       Marc is currently in pre-production on an infomercial product,
                    entitled “Mind Tools.” Look for it in 1996.

Editor’s Desk

Speechless in Seattle
    The Psychic Entertainers Association’s Meeting Of The Minds, in
Seattle this June 8-11, was a remarkable conclave. So little time, so
many friends. I couldn’t attend every event and those I did have
become blurred memories, but here are a few off the top of my head:
    Bob Cassidy, announced by M.C. Bob Bluemle as “the P.E.A.’s
returning prodigal son” showed us all how effortless good
Mentalism should appear. Two standing ovations, one
welcoming his entrance and the other applauding his finale;
    David Himelrick and Jim Magus as Cooter and Bubba, a
double cliché of southern rednecks who made us laugh until
our sides hurt. Check your six, Kardor;
    F.I.S.M. champion Satori’s incredible Kuda Buks-style
blindfold routine in which he divined phrases, numbers, and
cities in a manner which was simply not possible;                        Miss Peyton
    The Mother Of All Book Tests, performed by Ted Karmilovich.         Raven Hilford
Yes, it’s as good as its advance publicity claims;                      June 5, 1995
    Ron and Nancy Spencer, a charming couple whose warmth                 8lb, 8oz
radiated from the stage and brought to mind a kinder and gentler
era when performers could romance an audience;
    Farvel the Marvel (Phil Kosnitsky) whose bare-chested
irreverence set just the right pace for the Saturday evening show;
    And Tim Conover, recipient of this year’s Dunninger Award for
Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism. He
took a lucky few of us aside Sunday afternoon and fried our brains
with a design duplication. Just as we were getting ready to watch
him “do the work” he was into the climax, verbally describing three
drawings made by three different persons, all in less time than it
takes to read this paragraph. No kidding. Attempting to keep up
with Tim is like trying to drink from a fire hose!
    Scottsdale’s Robert Bluemle, a founding member of the
renowned Six-and-One-Half, was presented the Mark Macy Special
Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution to the P.E.A.
    And yours truly, Lee Earle, was the surprised and
uncharacteristically speechless recipient of the Dan Blackwood
Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of
Mentalism. When I learned that the very first Blackwood award
went to none other than Bascom Jones, the honor redoubled.
    Other snippets of memories: the rat-a-tat delivery of power
memory expert Ty Kralin; Medium Mark Edward who effortlessly
conquered impossible obstacles and hosted a flawless séance; hosts
Ed Loveland and Sheila Lyon who made everything flow; and the
unnamed dozens of other friends and acquaintances who make the
Psychic Entertainers Association the most open, sharing, and truly
fraternal organization of its kind in the world.
    One more note: I have closed my CompuServe account. Please
send all e-mail to LeeE7@aol.com. Thanks.

                            David Fredric Ashton, III

                            The Coffee
                                Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live,
                            one of the most popular places for young adults to socialize is the
                            coffee shop.
                                Remove from your mind the picture of the old greasy-spoon
                            diner, truck stop cafe, or franchised breakfast restaurant. Many of
                            these coffee shops are large, beautifully appointed, and comfortable,
                            with overstuffed chairs and good reading light.
                                Your relationship with the coffee shop is symbiotic. Your
                            presence provides a certain ‘draw,’ so the shop profits from the
                            additional business you bring in. People waiting their turn for your
                            services are more likely to succumb to the temptation of those exotic
                            coffee blends or scrumptious (and pricey) desserts. Likewise, you
                            gain the advantage of a semi-regular location which provides an
                            ambiance which is perfect for doing readings.
                                What makes it work is that both the performer and the host
                            coffee shop benefit from a cooperative relationship.
                                As in real estate, there are only three important things to
                            consider when selecting your venue; location, location, and location.
                                You want a coffee shop that is moderately busy during the times
  Edited by: Lee Earle      you prefer to work. Don’t do mornings; people are either in a hurry
                            or want to bury themselves in the newspaper. Evenings are best
    Copyright©1994          because people are unwinding from their stressful days and are
   All rights reserved.
                            more receptive to a pleasant diversion.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           When you work the coffee shop,          David, one of the few
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      you should be the only entertainment, Mediums who have
                            on a day and at a time when you are         hosted Magic Castle
       Telephone:           the star. Competing with live music,        séances, has been a
  602 / 247-7323 voice      discussion groups, or poetry readings Master Numerologist
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            has proven to be death to the table          for over twenty-one
        E-Mail:                                                                  years.
    LeeE7@aol.com               I picked a ‘premium’ coffee shop
                            that was upscale, close to downtown,
     World Wide Web         non-smoking, and well lit. It attracts yuppies and their puppies, not
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    the eclectic throw-backs to Maynard G. Krebbs (who, by the way,
                            are lots of fun, but have no money).
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year             ‘My’ shop is small enough to lend a sense of intimacy but large
                            enough to allow folks go on about their business, relax, and do what
        Canada:             they do at a coffee shop while providing the privacy necessary when
   US$48.00 per year        doing readings for customers.
                                I prefer to set up shop right at the front window, near the door,
   Overseas (airmail):      in a very visible, yet private space. I can greet the folks as they
   US$55.00 per year
                            come in or, if I’m doing a reading, acknowledge them with a nod.
  Single issues: $2.50
    You must also consider whether you wish to be on the
restaurant’s payroll or receive your compensation only from tips by
customers. There are advantages to both methods of operation.
    I prefer to work for tips. Many restaurant magicians and
readers do well working for hire, but the downside is that your
employer could discourage you from accepting tips because of the
mistaken perception that the service staff would be tipped less. In
addition, your employer may not be as likely to allow you to up-sell
clients to your more profitable charts or extended readings.
    I let people know, in my advertising and promotional literature,      If you think of your
that “gratuities support my work are graciously accepted!”                 reading clients as
    Working for tips provides an excellent incentive to entertain,         suckers or dupes,
educate, and help my clients enough to motivate them to tip well.            they will never
    True, there is no guaranteed income, but I typically make $25-        accept you; after all
$30 per hour in tips alone. Most coffee shops or restaurants can’t             you are not
afford that high a pay scale. Plus, I have the option to up-sell the        accepting them!
client to a full numerology chart for $35 to $60 dollars. This is
where the real profit potential lies.
    Speaking of tips, the coffee shop service staff, even in upscale
places, usually don’t make much money. If you have a good
evening, spread the wealth and tip the help. Not only is this a
nice thing to do, it makes it easier for you to get the cooperation you
will need. There will come a time when you need the lighting
adjusted, an outlet fixed, or the background music turned down to
suit your needs. It’s nice to have the employees in your corner.
    A great way to generate instant rapport is to do complimentary
readings for all the employees who care to have them. This has the
additional benefit of turning them into enthusiastic publicists who
will actually steer folks my way. They know we all benefit!
    If you’re working for tips and building up a psychic practice,
you’ll need to get folks in to see you.
    Before you advertise or secure your location, get your printed
materials in line. The up-sell to a premium chart or sitting depends
on attractive promotional materials.
    Here’s what you need to get started:
    Business Card - Be
specific about what you do and
don’t try to be “something for
everyone” on your card. I earn
my living seven different
ways, working with seven
different markets, and I have
seven different business
cards. People want to deal
with specialists.
    Brochure - Aside from your
personality, this is your main sales tool. In it,
sell your specialty, your services, and yourself.
    Table Tents - There’s nothing like advertising to those
already at the shop! Table tents also let people know they are in
the right place and that you are ready to work. The table tent
should pre-sell you and your reading.
                            Editor’s note: Most paper supply stores now sell attractive,
                        preprinted stock for brochures, featuring full color accents and
                        themes. Your own personalized information is laser printed or
                        photocopied onto them, resulting in a very distinctive advertising
                        piece. The stores also stock pre-cut table tents, business cards, and
                        folders (for your up-sell readings) in coordinated designs.
                            Consultation Request - It pays to cover your assets by having
                        the sitter sign a release, especially if you are doing “free” readings.
                        Part of my release is an “optional mailing list request.”
 Isn't it interesting       Tick Sheet - If you’re using a sheet of some sort, you’ll need to
that mentalism is a     buy them or research and write a form to use. You’ll get better tips
profession in which     and up-sells when you put something in your client’s hand,
                        ensuring that your face, name, and phone number go with them.
 being an excellent
                            Hours - Because I have day work, my “public introductions to
  liar is a primary
                        numerology” are in the evenings from 6 pm to 9 pm. The start time
    qualification?      lets me get people on their way home from work and staying later
                        in the evening allows me to catch those who are out on the town.
                            Duration - Because of the energy I put out in each one, doing
                        three hours of back-to-back readings is about max for me. This is
                        one reason why I don’t like all-day psychic fairs.
                            Regular times -- If at all possible, go to your location on the
                        same days of the weeks and at the same times. This really helps
                        you get the most bang out of your advertising buck. My schedule is
                        so busy that I could select only one night, which is Wednesday.
                        When you stick to a regular schedule people know when to bring
                        their friends back.
                            Grooming - Unless you’re doing biker bars, good grooming is
                        essential. Clean, trimmed nails, combed hair, brushed teeth, and a
                        supply of breath mints are necessary for any venue.
                            Clothing - Dress appropriately. My “costume” for reading is
                        exactly what I’m wearing in my promotional pictures. Why make
                        ’em guess? People returning with their friends will immediately
                        recognize me.
                            Set up - It is wise to set up at your location at least 15 minutes
                        before your start time. Put out your table tents, get your forms in
                        order, and relax prior to your first reading.
                            Be semi-private - Working at my own table allows me to
                        control the privacy of the setting. After all, you are working with a
                        person’s innermost self-concepts, thoughts, fears, and dreams.
                            Bother Me! - Unless you do table-hopping, you need to let
                        people know you are there to do readings. I have a big sign that
                        says, “Check In Here -- even if I’m with someone.” Give them a
                        Consultation Request form so you’ll be ready to go when it is their
                        turn. When it is busy, I number the requests, so I’m fair to those
                        who checked in first. Also, I take a break between readings,
                        walkaround the room ans mile at people,and ask if they would like
                        a reading. Here is why: A few folks are just too darned timid to
                        check in with you and will wait all night!
                            Personality Counts - Even though my publicity pictures are
                        serious, I have learned to have good time with the readings. At
                        one time I started taking myself seriously – much too seriously!

    But that didn’t last long! I do much better being light and happy
while working; this has actually turned out to be a good combination.
The serious photos tell people I’m not a comedian or clown, yet people
are delighted to find the readings are light and amusing.
    Not Quite Satisfying - Telling ‘em everything does increase your
tips but it reduces your sales of more expensive charts. Like
everything in life, the word is balance. One thing I don’t do is tease
clients. As in, “Ohhh, this is interesting how your Life Path and
Expression coordinate. You could have some serious problems ahead
we can’t cover in a short reading. Now, if you buy my chart...” I
consider this behavior one step above doing the Gypsy Switch of a
clients “Cursed Money.”
    Tip Box Tips - At my table, I use a tip box. By accident, an early
client left part of a dollar bill sticking out of the box. Following
clients saw it and dollars started rolling in. The next week, I left a
corner of a five-dollar bill sticking out; they got the idea!
    A separate, dedicated phone number - You don’t want people
clients saw it and dollars started rolling in. The next week, I left a
corner of a five-dollar bill sticking out; they got the idea!
    A separate, dedicated phone number - You don’t want people
calling your home or business! Many voice-mail services offer an
“instant phone number” connected to a voice mail system. Mine even
pages me when a call comes in. At $10 a month you are in instant
communication. I recommend you customize your outbound message.
Here is mine:
           Hi. I’m David – David Fredric Ashton III, and thank you for
       calling! I can’t pick up now, or I’m on the other line, but I
       would like to speak with you. In just a moment, you’ll have the
       opportunity to leave a message – hang on – and please do let
       me know you called.
           And you know it’s true, some people feel a bit uncomfortable
       about calling a Numerologist, I understand and it’s OK.
           But some folks find it even more difficult to go through life,
       having the same things happen to them, over and over.
           See, by recognizing the numeric harmonics carried by your
       name and date of birth, both your hidden and noticeable
       patterns start to – add up. Now, doesn’t everyone want to feel
       better about their life’s direction? Of course you do.
           So if – at the tone – you’ll please clearly say your name and
       telephone number – and leave a complete message, I’ll get back
       to you promptly, fair enough?
           Thanks a million. Here’s the tone!

   For the enterprising reader, the customers and venues await.

   David is currently putting the finishing touches on a videotape
package which covers the subject of doing in-house readings in much
greater detail. You can inquire about a copy by contacting David at:

   Diligent Publishing Company
   5132 S.E. Flavel Drive, Suite 101
   Portland, OR 97206
   (503) 727-26543)
                                                                            Volume 2, Number 1
                            Lee Woodside                                             Issue # 19

                            Not By Chance
                                Statistics demonstrate that most of us
                            believe in some form of Extra Sensory
                            Perception,” explains the Mentalist, “and
                            science has given us a way to test those
                            abilities. Would you like to try?”
                                A standard deck of Rhine (ESP) cards
                            is shown, explained, and handed to a
                            participant for shuffling as the performer
                            continues, “I will look at each symbol in order and
                            focus my mind upon it. You will record which of the five symbols
                            you sense I am projecting.” The performer draws the five symbols
                            at the top of a pad and writes the numbers 1 through 25 in a
                            column down the left side of the page.
                                He explains, “Please write each of your responses in order and
                            we will compare the results when we finish. Random chance would
                            account for a 20%, or one in five, success rate. Anything over that
                            denotes an elevated ‘psi’ potential. Let’s begin.”
                                The performer picks up the shuffled deck and turns it so he can
                            see the bottom card only, then turns the pack face down again. He
                            concentrates on the target symbol just viewed and asks, “Which
                            symbol do I have in mind?”
                                The participant records his guess on the pad and the Mentalist
                            places the target card on the table. This procedure is repeated for
  Edited by: Lee Earle      all 24 remaining symbol cards. When all the cards are on the table,
                            they are turned face up and checked against the entries made by
    Copyright©1995          the participant. A significant number of ‘hits’ is verified, attesting
   All rights reserved.     to the participant’s ESP potential. This test can be repeated ad
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       infinitum, always with elevated scores on behalf of the participant.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          Lee Woodside, who also credits Jim Short, did the math for this
                            presentation and the numbers are impressive, doubling the average
       Telephone:           number of design matches for each run
  602 / 247-7323 voice      of 25 symbol cards.
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                                The secret is quite simple. When the        A professional
        E-Mail:             symbol recorded by the participant           engineer living in
    LeeE7@aol.com           matches the bottom card of the deck         Oklahoma City, Lee
                            (the target card), that card is pulled       Woodside is a part-
     World Wide Web         from the bottom of the deck and placed        time professional
                            in the pile on the table.                        entertainer.
   Subscription rates:          If, however, the participant misses
    $38.00 per year         the target, the Mentalist performs a
                            ‘glide’ move, pushing back the bottom card to withdraw the next
        Canada:             one instead. That gives the participant an additional opportunity
   US$48.00 per year
                            for success. While the new symbol will match only one out of five
   Overseas (airmail):      times, that’s still a 20 percent improvement over the statistical
   US$55.00 per year        norm, skewing the results enough to demonstrate psi potential.
                                 And that’s enough to run statistic-driven skeptics over the edge.
  Single issues: $2.50
Ted Lesley

Money In Your Pocket
    (Editor’s note: There is a reason this effect is one of Mentalism’s
classics. Now you can learn the touch of a working professional. The
best ball point thumb writer I have found is Walt’s Ball Point Swami
Gimmick by Walt Noon. Order from your favorite dealer.)
    “Ladies and gentlemen,” begins the Mentalist, “mind reading is
an extremely intuitive process. So much of what we
perceive comes, not from overt observation, but from
subconscious perception. Let me give an example.”
    He points to a man seated in the audience and asks,
“Would you please stand for a moment, sir? Have you
any idea the exact total of the coins you are carrying?
No? Wonderful! Please take your change from your
pocket and quietly count it now.”
    As the participant is counting, the performer pulls a
picture postcard from his pocket and writes something
on it, using a ball point pen which is then put away.
“I’ve written a message on this postcard. Please tell us
the value of the coins in your pocket.”
    The participant says (for example), “Eighty-seven cents.”
    At this point, the performer pauses, looks down at the postcard
and back to the participant. Handing the card to a nearby member of
the audience to read aloud, the Mentalist, almost muttering to
himself, says, “I can’t understand it. I’m never wrong.” The second
participant reads aloud the total on the card, “Ninety-seven cents.”
    The performer looks at the man, shrugs, and continues the show.
Several times during the program, the Mentalist will pause, search
out the same man in the audience, look at him, and shrug again.
    At the end of the show, during his final bow, the performer stops
the applause and turns to the first participant to say, “That ten cent    Ted is Germany’s #1
difference has been bothering me all during this show, and now I            Mentalist. His
think I have solved the problem. I predicted you would have ninety-        Wonder Workshop
seven cents in coins and you only counted eighty-seven cents. Would       produces first-class
you check your coat pockets please?”                                      props and routines
    A look of surprise crosses over the man’s face when he reaches          for performers
into his breast pocket and discovers a dime (ten-cent coin). “I knew           worldwide
it!” exclaims the Mentalist, “As I said, I am never wrong.” He bows
and exits to renewed applause.
    Writing on the flexible postcard guarantees a semi-legible
handwriting, a perfect match for the swami gimmick. Write
everything except the amount, leaving room for that to be entered
later. Place the pen behind your ear or clipped in your coat breast
pocket to serve as a visible reminder that the pen is put away before
the participant reveals his count. Or borrow a pen (actually writing
with the thumb writer) and return it before the total is said aloud.
    The extra dime is easily dropped into the gentleman’s pocket in
passing, or during a brief, pre-show moment.
                         Mark Edward

                         Clear Cut Choice
                             Pulling a handful of newspaper clippings from a collection in a
                         clear plastic bag, the Mentalist reveals, “Reading the supermarket
                         tabloids is good therapy. After a few of these, I feel quite normal.”
                             The performer reads aloud the outrageous headlines from the
                         clippings before handing them to members of the audience.
                             “Let’s use one of these stories,” he continues, “as the source for a
  Mark knows the         demonstration of precognition, a ‘knowing’ in advance of the fact.”
 secret of breathing     Turning to one member of the audience, the Mentalist asks, “Reach
life into a standard     into the bag and withdraw one clipping only.”
effect. If you get the       The participant takes out one clipping and hands it to the
chance to attend his     performer, who reads aloud the headline and amplifies it with a few
    lecture, drop        humorous details from the column of text.
 everything and go!          Next, the Mentalist holds a pair of open scissors with the clipping
                         dangling between the blades. “I will move the scissors up and down
                         the column of typeset copy until you feel the urge to cut. Just say,
                         ‘When.’ ” At the participant’s cue, the scissors snip and a portion of
                         the clipping flutters to the floor.
                             “Please look at the topmost line of text in that column and find
                         the longest or most interesting word,” instructs the performer,
                         “That’s the one we’ll use.” The participant reads the word aloud.
                                “A few days ago,” explains the Mentalist, “I mailed an envelope
                            to the entertainment committee. I’ve always wanted to say this:
                           May I have the envelope, please?” He opens the envelope and
                               shows the page within bearing, in large type, the selected word!
                                  For this variation of the venerable Grant’s Want-Ad Test,
                               you need a dozen or so duplicate tabloid papers. Find a single
                               column of text with advertising or photos on the reverse side.
                               Trim these columns out of all the newspapers, varying their
                             Locate the same long or interesting word near the top of each
                         column and cut across each column at that point, slanting the cut so
                         only that word in the top line is complete. Trim a selection of one or
                         two-column headlines from the tabloid and cement each column to a
                         different headline. Each column is attached upside down, which will
                         not be noticed from a moderate distance.
                             All of the prepared clippings are stuffed into the clear plastic bag.
                         Another half-dozen legitimate clippings are cut from the tabloid and
                         are put in the bag in a manner which allows you to keep them
                         separate from the others. These are the clippings you initially pull
                         out to read and give to the audience. Be sure to remove all of them.
                             When one of the remaining force columns is selected, quickly
                         take the clipping and read aloud the headline, pretending to read
                         additional details from the (upside down) column of text, actually
                         supplying them from memory. This is what sells the presentation.
                             After the scissors snip off the end the force column, it’s natural
                         for the participant to turn the column right-side-up to read.
Editor’s Desk

SYZYGY’s Second Season
   This issue is the first of Volume 2; SYZYGY’s second year!
   The real kudos still belong to the many contributors who have so
generously shared the products of their creativity.
   Please note that there will be two ways to refer to each issue from
now on; the standard method (ie: Volume 2, #1) and the serial issue
number, now prominent on the front page, upper right corner.
   Featured in this issue are two revisited classics of Mentalism.
They are classics because they are simple, direct, and entertaining.
   German Wundermeister Ted Lesley was in Scottsdale, AZ this
week, as houseguest of Larry Becker. During a delightful lunch,
hosted by Dr. Juris and joined by tradeshow pro Gene Urban, Ted
contributed that which you find on page 90. He is on his way from
the east coast S.A.M. convention to a week playing at the Magic
Castle. He reports that English Mentalist Graham Jolly was a
standout on the Friday convention show in Boston.
   Marc Psiman (I love that name!) has formed a new company,
Mind Mage Productions. He is building quite a reputation, anchored
by his appearances with the Beck’s department store chain in the
Southeast. Marc has already staked a claim to two titles for yet-to-
be-written books: Psiman Sez and Marc My Words.
   From Europe, Satori reports that he is getting inquiries about
doing some television work. Nothing definite yet, but who knows?
   I just had a chance to read Using Your Intuitive Edge for Fun and
Profit by Richard Webster. If you have been trying to break into
the lucrative corporate speaking market, you have no more excuses;
Richard gives chapter and verse on how to do it. The book is packed
with fresh, timely, and inspiring material, including a full, one-hour
talk for which Richard includes performance rights. Contact
Richard at: 22 Marriott Road, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand;
telephone (64) 9 576-5438, fax (64) 9 529-0914, or e-mail via
Internet: esp@magicnz.kiwi.gen.nz. The book is priced at US$35.00.
   There are still a few Psi-Key gimmicks (issue #15) remaining at
$20.00, as well as some 3-ring SYZYGY collectors binders at $12.50
(U.S. shipping $2.50, airmail shipping to other countries $5.00).
   In addition, I have some copies of “Pieces of My Mind,” the
collected reprints of the Mentalism advocacy columns I wrote in
1993-1995 for the M.U.M. (the members-only magazine of the
Society of American Magicians). Included are the effects from the
trick section in the December ‘94 issue which featured yours truly on
the cover, as well as those from the monthly columns. It’s 48 pages,
81/2 x 11 inches, and magazine bound with a nice glossy cover.
Purchase one for $15.00 and I’ll sign it and send it to you, postpaid.
   The SYZYGY’s BEST! lecture series is booking nicely, now. I’ll
print a full schedule when all of the dates are set. There are still
some Spring, 1996 openings, but if you want your local group to
sponsor this event and haven’t pitched it to them yet, don’t delay.
                                                                            Volume 2, Number 2
                            Thomas Gentle                                             Issue # 20

                            Kismet’s Journey
                                 “Visualization is one
                            technique for achieving one’s
                            goal,” claims the Mentalist,
                            “and it’s an easy thing to
                            learn. Not only does this
                            process help focus your
                            mind on a particular
                            target, it also opens other,
                            more subtle channels for
                            communication between minds.
                                 He continues, “In the nature of an
                            experiment, I gave a set of index cards, bearing the
                            names of 30 or so U.S. cities, to a member of this audience a few
                            moments ago to help plan a journey. Is Mr. Smith present?”
                                 A participant stands to acknowledge that he is the person who
                            has agreed to attempt this experiment.
                                 Directing his remarks at the volunteer, the performer
                            continues, ‘%u were requested to select, entirely at random, a pair
                            of cities to serve as your points of origin and destination. Have you
                            done that yet?” The participant confirms that he has done so.
                                 “By the way, have you,” asks the Mentalist, “told anyone else
                            your selections or written those city names at any time?” The
                            helper assures the audience that no information was written.
  Edited by: Lee Earle           The performer says, “Great! Please pull the index cards bearing
                            those two cities from the group and hold them in your hand. Form
    Copyright©1997          a picture in your mind of the city in which you will start your
   All rights reserved.     imaginary journey. Use your mind’s eye to see the landmarks. Are
         SYZYGY             you doing that? Good. Now visualize your destination city in the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                            same manner. In fact, as you make your mental trek, stop along
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            the way at several more cities; you can even go out of your way if
       Telephone:           you like. While you’re at it, pull those city names from the pack of
  602 / 247-7323 voice      index cards, and put the remainder aside.”
602 / 247-4665 fax & data        Waiting until the participant is
                            holding the cards for each stop in the Thomas is a nuclear
        E-Mail:             imaginary trip, the Mentalist directs,
    LeeE7@aol.com                                                         pharmacist who
                            “As I call out my impressions, if I name
                                                                             performs his
                            a city in your hand, hold it up for the
     World Wide Web
                            rest of the audience to see. Now
                                                                            Mentalism for
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                banquet groups and
                            concentrate on your journey.”
   Subscription rates:           “There is a strong impression of        at social occasions
    $38.00 per year         stainless steel...a landmark...not a
                            building...an arch! Your first city is St. Louis! Go to your next stop.
   US$48.00 per year
                            I see a large building...a dome...but not quite - there’s a hole it
                            it...it’s Texas Stadium near Dallas, isn’t it?” The Mentalist
   Overseas (airmail):      continues until all the cities in the tour are named correctly.
   US$55.00 per year                                        Please turn to JOURNEY, page 96
  Single issues: $2.50
Travis Nelson

Touch Technique
    One of the most valuable bits of knowledge gained from the study
of human psychology is that physically touching an individual will
almost always amplify the impact of a presentation. Combining
that knowledge with his experience as a hypnotist, Travis has
developed an absolutely awesome technique. Although this
presentation is written as a card revelation, it will work
well when used with a drawing duplication, word test, etc.
    “There is a technique for concentration,” instructs the
Mentalist, “that enhances our innate ability to transmit
mental images. You will be astonished at the results.”
    Removing a deck of cards from its case, the performer
continues, “Almost every poker player harbors the fantasy
of being able to see into an opponent’s mind to learn the
identity of his face down ‘hole’ card. That seems as
entertaining a basis for our experiment as any, so please
pull your ‘hole’ card from the pack, look at it and show it to
someone else, then lose it among the other cards.”
    Once this is accomplished, the pack of cards is put away.
“This is a concentration technique,” the Mentalist informs,
“which is an extension of brain research. But success
depends upon your total focus. Disappointment is
certain if you fail to muster every reasonable effort.
    “Please form an image in your mind of someone with
whom you have a positive feeling or who is friendly
toward you. You won’t tell anyone what that image is, but please
indicate with your finger where in your mind that picture resides. It
could be here (touches forehead), back here (touches back of head), or
here (touches behind one ear), or over here (touches other side of
head). Do you have the image? Put your finger on its location.”
    The participant places a finger at a particular place on his head.   Travis Nelson’s velvet
If the participant has a difficult time accomplishing this task or       voice can be heard on
balks at forming a mental image, the performer continues, “If you           his commercial
were to imagine a picture of that person, where might it be?”            hypnosis audio tape,
    Placing his finger lightly on the exact spot indicated by the        marketed by Flora &
participant, the Mentalist requests, “Now replace that image with         Co. of Albuquerque,
one of the playing card you’re thinking of in that exact same spot.               NM.
Let the friend’s image fade as the card’s image comes into focus.
Turn up the brightness a little. Yes! It’s a black suit. More
brightness! There. I think you have done it perfectly. You are
thinking of the six of clubs!”
    The method is yours to choose; it’s the incredibly powerful
presentation we are discussing here. Force a card, use a marked
deck, or otherwise learn the identity of the card. For a drawing
duplication, pre-show work or forcing the image works well.
    This technique draws upon strong hypnotic phrases and concepts
which have an effect all out of proportion to its difficulty. Try it.

                          John Riggs

                          Dream Design
                              Long a staple of modern Mentalism, the Gary Inglese & Danny
                          Laub plot line, “The Dream,” is given a new face in this
                              “The human mind is an image processing device of the highest
                          order,” states the performer, “which is capable of instantly
                          recognizing and categorizing an unlimited number of shapes. Here
                          are more than two dozen examples.”
 John has discovered          The Mentalist thumbs through a packet of index cards, each of
 the secret for success   which bears a simple symbol, casually drawn in black crayon.
  in Mentalism is the         He continues, “These symbols often appear in our dreams,
same as the slogan for    inserted by our subconscious as visual messages. There are shelves
 those athletic shoes:    of books which teach how to interpret the symbology of dreams.”
                              Showing several to the audience, the performer describes them,
      Just Do It!         “For example an octagon represents a stop sign, a subconscious
                          symbol to take a break, while an ‘S’ with a vertical line through it
                          suggests money or financial problems. An arrow-pierced heart
                          could only mean concerns with love.”
                              The performer stops and allows his eyes to fall upon a woman
                          near the front of the audience. “But what happens when a stranger
                          appears in a dream? Someone exactly like you. Do you believe that
                          it was only chance which placed you in this audience? Perhaps. I
                          think it’s possible to know for certain because, in my dream you
                          were always accompanied by one, particular shape.”
                              Gazing into her eyes, the Mentalist asks, “In your mind, which
                                     shape represents you?” She answers, “A happy face.”
                                           Thumbing through the index cards, the performer
                                           exclaims, “That’s amazing. You see, in my dream
                                             the image associated with you was almost exactly
                                               the same. Here it is...” He cuts to the index card
                                                  and shows the drawing. It is the Forrest
                                                    Gump, bumper sticker smiley face.
                                                        “A skeptic in the audience might very
                                                    well claim that the symbols here represent
                                                    virtually every possibility. But there’s one
                                                    more little thing; in the dream you also told
                                                    me your name, so I wrote it down. Tell me
                                                    again, now.” She says her name is Shirley.
                                                        The Mentalist turns the index card
                          around. On the reverse side is written the name, Shirley! The cards
                          are left with the audience.
                              How? Learn the woman’s name before the show and write it on
                          the back of a blank index card and place it 3rd or 4th from the face
                          of the packet. During the show, bring it to the face of the pack
                          when you show a few drawings. As you thumb through the pack
                          pretending to look for her design, all you do is draw that symbol
                          using a Listo lead Boon writer (swami gimmick).
                              Push that index card to the left, drawing it off onto the face of
                          the left hand packet when you divide the pack near the center.

Editor’s Desk

Anchors Aweigh!
   This column is normally reserved for news of the trade, but I
hope you’ll excuse a father’s pride. My son, Warren Paul Earle, is
now carrying on the family tradition of service in the United States
Navy. He reported for his recruit training at the Great Lakes Naval
Training Center on July 25th, having volunteered for duty as a
helicopter-borne rescue swimmer. I am at once immensely proud
and incredibly apprehensive. Now that he’s gone, the household is
strangely quiet. Funny, I once thought I would enjoy the solitude.
   Paul Alberstat of Calgary, Canada, reports the sad news that
long-time Mentalism supporter, dealer, and friend Micky Hades
suffered a serious stroke recently, losing some of his sight as well as
the ability to speak clearly. I spoke to a family member and was told
that he is improving. Micky would benefit from your well wishes so
please send your encouragement in care of his son Brian Hades, at
31 Millbank Crescent SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Y 2B9.
Contrary to rumors being circulated recently, Riley G., bane of
P.S.I.C.O.P., is still among the living. It was his brother who was
murdered in mid-July. Riley, you have our deepest sympathies.
   Larry Becker trumpets the establishment his new venture, the
Prostate Cancer Communication Resource, a non-profit information
and education organization. A prostate cancer survivor himself,
Larry is a tireless advocate for early detection and intervention,
employing his considerable talents to promote, entertain, inform,
and cajole on behalf of people touched by this frightening disease.
   John Riggs has written yet another book, The Compleat
Fortune-Teller. Highly recommended. Conversational style and
John’s eccentric manner highlight his unambiguous thought
process. Chapter 5, “An interview with the left brain,” is deadly.

JOURNEY, continued
    The city names are printed, in large letters, on unprepared index
cards. Before the show, once the origin and destination cities have
been freely selected, the participant is asked to draw his ‘as the crow
flies’ route on a simple map to help visualize it. You suggest, “While
you’re at it, include a visit to 2 or 3 more cities on the way.”
    That map is placed, for his writing convenience, on an
impression clipboard which makes a secret copy of his zig-zag route.
    The participant is told, “Please take the map and study it for a
few moments, visualizing the trip and remembering each city
visited. Once you’ve memorized everything, you should dispose of
the map. Retain the city cards; I’ll collect them from you later.
Remember, share your choices with with no one. Thanks.”
    In privacy, access the clipboard’s secret copy and place a
duplicate of the map, photocopied on clear acetate plastic, over the
zig-zag line to reveal each city along the route.
                                                                            Volume 2, Number 3
                            Terry Nosek                                              Issue # 21

                            Monte Logo
                                There are a number of
                            companies,” informs the
                            Mentalist, “which are
                            closely identified with their
                            advertising logos. We see a
                            specific shape and think of
                            the associated company.”
                                Taking a felt tip pen and
                            sketching on the back of a
                            business card, the performer
                            continues, “For example if I draw
                            this familiar circle-W, you think of
                            Westinghouse appliances.”
                                “This one,” the performer says as he continues to draw, “is easily
                            recognized as Mercedes-Benz. Another instant association comes
                            with this one, the symbol of the Bell Telephone Company.” Several
                            more well known logo shapes are drawn and shown.
                                “Psychologists insist that these imbedded identities elicit
                            predictable reactions as well, and that’s the point of this
                            experiment. From among the examples on the table, one of them
                            will stand out in your mind because of its subconscious appeal.”
                                The Mentalist continues, “I have a hunch about the one to which
                            you will feel somehow drawn and I’ll put my thought in writing.”
                            He scribbles something on the back of a final business card, turns it
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            writing-side-down, and places it on the table. “Let’s see just how
    Copyright©1995          susceptible you are to advertising’s siren call. Don’t read it yet, but
   All rights reserved.     slip my ‘hunch’ card under the company logo of your choice.”
         SYZYGY                 The Mentalist removes the remaining logo drawings from the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      table. “Let’s see,” he says, “how accurate my perceptions are. You
                            selected the Texaco corporate logo.” The performer turns the pair of
       Telephone:           cards over to show the back side of his
  602 / 247-7323 voice      prediction business card which says,
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            “You will go far in life, especially with a
                                                                        Terry, author of “The
        E-Mail:             full tank of Texaco gasoline.”
                                                                         Collected Works of
    LeeE7@aol.com               The series of logos is drawn, in a
                                                                        Dr. Sigmund Fraud”,
                            memorized order, on business cards           is a resident of Las
     World Wide Web
                            which are actually blank on both sides.                Vegas
                            The reverse side of each is prepared by
   Subscription rates:      writing, in the same memorized order,
    $38.00 per year         a series of relevant ‘hunch’ phrases.
                                You only pretend to write on the final card; it is actually printed
   US$48.00 per year        as a business card on both sides. After you turn the card over (as if
                            turning it writing-side-down), the participant can slide it under his
   Overseas (airmail):      chosen logo. Pick up the two, comment on the logo and, using the
   US$55.00 per year        classic 2-card monte move, turn the cards over together while
  Single issues: $2.50
                            spreading them apart.
Chase Goforth

Nada Clue
    Detectives often follow their hunches,” remarks the
Mentalist, “which will sometimes lead to the evidence
necessary for an arrest. Usually those ‘gut-feelings’
can be traced to an intuitive assessment of subtle
clues. At other times, the investigator appears to be
nothing less than clairvoyant.”
    He places on the table before him a set of cards
from the parlor game CLUE. Next to them, he
places a small manila envelope marked, “Evidence -
Handle With Care” and remarks, “Let’s see if someone
here can apply those same psychic perceptions.”
    Introducing the cast of characters by way of narrative
the performer begins, “A harbinger of the howling tempest to
come, the foreboding sky darkened as the six suspects-to-be
assembled in the dining room.” Showing the faces of the game cards
in illustration of his story, the Mentalist continues, “Mrs. White,
bearing a tray of cheese and crackers from the kitchen, arrived to
find professor Plum reading a volume borrowed from the library.
    “Mr. Green, his fingers still damp from watering the ferns in the
conservatory, exclaimed, ‘Look who I found in the hall, the lovely
Miss Scarlet! I took the liberty of escorting her here.’ The dowager,
Mrs. Peacock, sniffed and said, ‘I would have thought the lounge
would be her preferred destination. By the way, has anyone seen
Colonel Mustard?’
    “As if on cue, a booming parade-ground voice announced, ‘Sorry
I’m late. I found the billiard room an irresistable attraction. Where
is our host, Mr. Boddy?’”
    The performer explains, “It was at that point that a bolt of
lightning from the storm flashed across the sky. The room went
dark. Thirteen minutes later, the lights came on to reveal the corpse
                                                                           Chase is a university
of Mr. Boddy sprawled on the ballroom floor. A search of the house
                                                                           student in Arkansas
led to the following potential murder weapons: A revolver, a lead
                                                                           who obviously has a
pipe, a knife, a candlestick, a wrench, and a length of rope.
    Spreading each of the three packets of face down game cards, the
                                                                           future in Mentalism
performer asks, “With no knowledge of the evidence envelope’s
contents, engage your clairvoyant senses to guide your hand to a
selection. Withdraw one each; a room, a suspect, and a weapon.”
Each freely selected card is placed face down on top of its packet.
After all three have been chosen, they are all turned face up. They
are, in this instance, the wrench, the library, and Colonel Mustard.
    The contents of the envelope are emptied onto the table; a small
wrench, a library card, and a single serving packet of mustard!
    How? The cards which match the envelope’s items are secretly
marked on their backs. If an unmarked card is chosen by the
participant, the marked card is secretly cut to the top of its packet to
position it for a subsequent double lift and turnover.

                        Lee Earle

                        Go Weigh
                            Psychics have claimed for years,” informs the Mentalist, “the
                        ability to use their minds to bend metal or fracture glass. But
                        focused mind power often has another, almost imperceptible effect.”
                            A small electronic scale (not much larger than a scientific
                        calculator) is removed from its case, placed on the table, and
                        switched on. The digital readout shows “0.00 grams.”
 Nothing has more           The performer asks, “Would you please lend us several small
impact than a clear,    items you may have in your possession, such as keys, coins, a comb,
   unambiguous          a pen or pencil, etc? Place them in a row here, in front of the scale.”
  demonstration of          The participant is handed a pencil and note pad. “Weigh each
   Psycho-Kinetic       item,” instructs the Mentalist, “and make a notation of its weight,
 ability. But keep it   accurate to two decimal points.” The helper does as instructed.
   subtle, please.          “Please note,” continues the performer, “that I will never touch
                        any of the items. Now that the exact weight of each item is known,
                        please pick up any one of the items and close your fist around it.”
                            The Mentalist holds his opened hands above and below the
                        participant’s fist, closes his eyes and whispers, “If we’re successful,
                        you may question your senses. I promise.” His hands begin to
                        shake, weaving and orbiting around the hand-hidden item.
                               Opening his eyes, the performer relaxes and says, “I’ve done all
                            I can. Weigh the item again. You’ll probably be surprised.”
                                 When the participant places the item on the scale once more,
                              it is at least several grams lighter! The unselected items will, of
                               course, still weigh the same as before.
                                     Attached to the scale’s leather carrying case, which is
                                  placed across the table from you, is a length of invisible
                                   thread. The thread is run across the scale’s pan and over
                                    the table’s edge, into your lap. To register a higher, bogus
                                     weight for an item, take the slack out of the thread and
                                      trap it between the table edge and your thumb. Lay a
                                       finger on the thread to draw down the scale’s pan.
                                          Only one item is tampered with, ideally the second
                                       one, then pull the thread free to eliminate the gaff.
                                Select the target item via equivoque. “Pick up one item in your
                         right hand...and close your fist around it.” If it’s not the one you
                        want, finish that sentence, “...and one in your left hand...” If
                        neither is the target, finish with, “...and place them both aside.”
                        Should the left hand now hold the one you want, say, “Feel one hand
                        start to rise.” When the left hand rises you remark, “That’s the one
                        which ‘wants’ to become lighter. Hold on to it tightly.” A rising
                        right hand gets, “...place that item back with the others.”
                            In the case of your target object being among the three
                        remaining, ask your participant, “Pick up the three items in one
                        hand. Now take one item in your other hand. Good! Close your fist
                        around it.” When the target is not the one transferred, “Fine, place
                        it with the other discards.” Proceed as with two items, above.
Editor’s Desk

The Bandwagon
   Most observers concur that Mentalism is growing at a faster pace
than in years past. One performer lamented that, because more
magicians are making the transition, the boundaries between mental
magic and Mentalism will become blurred.
   I’m not worried. Mentalism is a tough specialty. With nothing but
premise and personality to hold an audience, many will soon lose
interest. The survivors are the young turks (Tim Conover, Craig
Karges, Steve Shaw, et al) who bring with them the energy to move
Mentalism forward. They’re drawing new lines.
   Deanna Shimada has published The Book of Psychic Readings,
authored by Daniel Hamilton (37 pages, spiral bound, $35.00). It
contains seven (10 to 30 minute) readings. The readings are similar to
those one might hear at a psychic fair. They are transcribed from
actual consultations and incorporate a liberal dose of new-age
terminology and perspective. If you prefer to memorize a script for “ad
lib” playback, this material could prove useful. Address your orders to
Deanna at: 4612 Gas Light Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89119. Phone (702)
736-0019 or (702) 798-8114 fax.
   Another happy birthday to announce:
Miss Leah Rose Orleans made her
debut on August 4, 1995 at 1:17 a.m.
Daughter of the Mentalist team of
Jan and Danny Orleans of Chicago,
she weighed in at 8 pounds, 4.5 ounces.
Mother, baby, and dad are doing well.
   San Diego’s David Winston reports a local booker offered his name
among a selection of notables such as Neil Armstrong, Bruce Jenner,
Mike Ditka, and fashion cynic Mr. Blackwell. Two interesting points –
Armstrong soft-lands for 25K plus expenses and David’s price was not
the lowest of the group. By the way, he has agreed to contribute a
special issue on his promo techniques.
   Here’s the Fall schedule for the SYZYGY’s BEST! lecture tour:
   Sept. 6 Phoenix, AZ                  18 Chatsworth, CA
            19 Orange County, CA         20 Buena Park, CA (workshop)
            28 Kansas City, MO          30 Chicago, IL (Magic, Inc.)
    Oct. 9 Palo Alto, CA                 10 Sacramento, CA
            16 Baltimore, MD             17 South Plainsfield, NJ
            18 Nashua, NH                19-22 The Inn Event
            23 Buffalo, NY               26 Cleveland, OH
    Nov. 5 Dallas, TX                    6 Tulsa, OK
            7 Oklahoma City, OK          8 Austin, TX
            9 Houston, TX                10 Rio Grande Vly, TX
            11 New Orleans, LA           13 Baton Rouge, LA
   I’ll be in Boston on Feb. 16 & 17, and another trek puts me in
Pittsburgh and Detroit, March 7 & 9. If you can suggest a potential
lecture or workshop group within a half-day’s drive (on either side of
the above dates), please get in touch.

                                                                           Volume 2, Number 4
                            Dave Arch                                               Issue # 22

                                While speaking
                            to a potential
                            client over the
                            telephone, the
                            explains, “Many who
                            express a belief in psychic matters claim that a personal item, a
                            souvenir, keepsake, or a favorite piece of jewelry for example, will
                            absorb energy from its owner.
                                “In fact, the longer it has been in a person’s possession,”
                            continues the performer, “the more absorbed energy it will re-
                            radiate. Let’s test that theory.
                                “While you are listening to my voice, select a personal item for
                            which you have an emotional attachment and place it on the surface
                            in front of you. Then choose 4 other non-personal items (such as a
                            paper clip, pencil, scissors, notepad, etc.) and place them in a row
                            next to your personal item which should remain at the far right end
                            of the row. At least for now. Have you done that?
                                “Here’s how we’ll proceed: When I say the word, ‘change,’ you
                            will exchange the personal item for the item on either side of it,
                            reversing the two items’ positions. Is that clear?
                                The Mentalist continues his explanation, “Of course the first
                            swap will move your personal item to the second position from the
                            right end of the row, so go ahead and change it now. As we go
  Edited by: Lee Earle      onward from this point, however, I’ll have no clue as to which
                            positions are being exchanged because you can choose the item to
   All rights reserved.     the left or to the right of your personal item for the switch. Do you
         SYZYGY             understand? Good, let’s go on.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           “Let your eyes roam across the row of items and change. With
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      the item on either side of your personal object, change. Now change
                            again. Finally, change one more time.
       Telephone:               “Now it gets interesting. Remove
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   the article at the far left end of the row. At $1.99 per minute,
                            I sense that the energy is not in that         you can hear the
        E-Mail:             position. There are only four items in       latest routine from
    LeeE7@aol.com           the row. Change one more time.                Dave’s Mentalism
                                “Again, remove the leftmost item         phone line at 1-900-
     World Wide Web         from the row. The personal energy is
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                  234-7575, ext. 6227
                            still not there. Once more, change. Let
   Subscription rates:      your eyes look across the row of three
    $38.00 per year         items. Still, the left item has no energy. Eliminate it.
                                “Focus your vision on your personal item so I can see through
        Canada:             your eyes. Yes! This time, take away the item on the right. Your
   US$48.00 per year        personal article remains. That’s the power of psychometry!”
                                The handling is automatic; just keep the number of exchanges
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            and the points at which items are removed the same as scripted.

  Single issues: $2.50
Wittus Witt

Half Hearted
    Lubor Fiedler introduced the idea upon which this piece is based
in Zauberkunst, a magazine printed in the former East Germany.
    “Lovers often pledge their affection for one another by exchanging
a special type of jewelry. Each of them wears a pendant which is
one-half of a heart, divided down the middle, signifying that each
person is incomplete without the other.”
    The Mentalist shows four heart-shaped pieces of
paper, each imprinted with a different shaded
pattern. On one heart, the lined pattern is
horizontal, on another the design is vertical. The
third heart has diagonal stripes running from
upper left to lower right while the fourth heart has
its stripes aligned upper right to lower left.
    “In the nature of an experiment in
syncronicity,” continues the performer, “I’ll scissor
each one in half, right down the middle.” After each
heart is bisected, one half is placed into a dark
envelope and the other into a light colored envelope.
    After all four hearts are divided and the pieces are
gathered in the two envelopes, the performer says to a member of
his audience, “Please select, for your own use, either the light
envelope or the dark one.” The participant takes the remaining one.
    The Mentalist asks, “Hold your envelope where I cannot see it,
reach inside and grasp one of the pieces. Now look into my eyes.
Yes, I think I have an impression.” He looks into his envelope,
studies the four half-hearts within, and selects one of them. He
holds the piece for all to see.
    “Now,” he asks, “please bring out your half and let’s check. I
think we have perfect rapport.” The two pieces are placed next to
one another. The pattern matches perfectly.                              Wittus Witt’s regular
    The following page is your pattern for producing the four hearts.    spot on German T.V.
Place it on a photocopy machine and make a double-sided copy, then         every 2nd Tuesday
cut out one column of four hearts.                                       has made good use of
    When you cut the hearts down the middle and divide the halves         SYZYGY’s material.
into the two envelopes, just remember to place the right half of the      Now he returns the
two upper (horizontal & vertical) designs in the same envelope as        favor with this piece.
the left half of the two lower (diagonal slanting) designs.
    Due to Fiedler’s brilliant topological design, each segment in one
envelope can now be made to match any piece from the other. How?
Place the first piece on the table and then align the second piece on
one side or the other of the first to make a match.
    You can repeat with a second and a third participant if you learn
to recognize the pattern variations. If the first heart’s pattern was
diagonal, place your tabled piece to force a horizontal or vertical
match (or vice-versa, of course). Be prepared to turn the particpant’s
piece over when you take it from her for the match.

Front Side   Back Side
Editor’s Desk

Speechless in Seattle
     Responding to a survey published last April, subscribers listed
their favorite performance pieces from the first 15 issues. Of those,
six were selected to be developed into a lecture.
     The new lecture had its shakedown cruise in Scottsdale, AZ, last
September 6th. The local Assembly is almost always guaranteed to
provide a friendly venue, but with George Sands, Docc Hilford,
and Dr. Juris in the audience, you can understand why the anxiety
level notched up a bit. I really wanted the material to go over well,
but performing (and teaching from) material developed by five other
performers is a scary thing.
     I shouldn’t have worried. After all, the lecture is truly named:
     The response was more than encouraging.
     When I published the lecture tour in issue #21, I slipped a
typographical error into a confusing layout. Here’s the corrected
Fall schedule for SYZYGY’s BEST! :
     Sept.     27 Kansas City, MO          30 Chicago, IL (Magic, Inc.)
     Oct.      9 Palo Alto, CA             10 Sacramento, CA
               16 Baltimore, MD            17 South Plainsfield, NJ
               18 Nashua, NH               19-22 The Inn Event
               23 Buffalo, NY              26 Cleveland, OH
     Nov.      5 Dallas, TX                6 Oklahoma City, OK
               7 Tulsa, OK                 8 Austin, TX
               9 Houston, TX               10 Rio Grande Vly, TX
               11 New Orleans, LA          13 Baton Rouge, LA
     Larry Becker expects to be shipping his new set of video tapes
any day now, and he has them in both NTSC (U.S. Standard) and
PAL (European Standard) VHS format. He will take your telephone
or fax order at +602 488-0980. I think the price is around seventy
bucks or so, and worth many times that: Larry is a class act.
     David Fredric Ashton, III sent a pre-press copy of his new,
revised Confessions of a Coffee House Psychic for perusal. Wow! He
has really fleshed it out with solid, practical information covering
every phase of setting up your own operation. Everything from
selecting a font for typesetting your table tents to the text for your
telephone answering machine message is detailed. I’m impressed.
I’ll let you know when David is ready to begin taking orders.
     Another manuscript, How To Make And Tell Fortunes, by Max
Morgan, arrived the other day. I first got to know him (by
telephone) when he was working the holiday resorts and cruise
ships in the eastern Mediterranean. His expertise oozes out of
every one of the 60 pages in this informative guide to success. It
includes a beautifully adaptable tic sheet. He said he would give
me the price after the books arrive from the bindery.
     Didn’t intend for this issue’s Editor’s Desk to become a tout
sheet, but this is good stuff and I thought you’d want to know.

                                                                           Volume 2, Number 5
                            Terry Nosek                                              Issue # 23

                            Four Way A-Hoy
                                The performer twists two elastic bands
                            (the second one is insurance) around the
                            center of a deck of cards and asks,
                            “When I toss this pack of playing cards
                            to several of you, please open one end
                            of the deck and peek at a single card.
                            Like this...” The Mentalist
                            demonstrates how to lift one end of the
                            pack. “Remember the card you see by picturing
                            it visually. For example if you look at the,” he peeks at the card,
                            “seven of clubs, imagine seven golf clubs in a bag.
                                The performer opens the deck and looks at another card, “Should
                            you see the three of diamonds, visualize diamond rings on three
                            fingers of your hands. It’s important to use your mind’s eye.”
                                Gently tossing the pack to a member of the audience, the
                            performer asks, “Open the deck, look at only one card, and then
                            picture it in your mind. Got it?” Two other participants are
                            requested to ‘peek and visualize’ in the same manner.
                                “Would all three of you please stand? Look directly at me,”
                            instructs the Mentalist, “I need to see your eyes. Keep those images
                            in your minds. I think we’re ready. When I name the card you are
                            visualizing, please sit down. Two of spades, king of hearts, and four
                            of clubs.” Two of the three participants take their seats.
  Edited by: Lee Earle          “I knew you would be trouble,” jokes the performer to the
                            standing participant, “so visualize your choice one more time. Yes.
    Copyright©1997          If I name the card you have imaged in your mind, will you sit down
   All rights reserved.
                            and lead the applause? You are picturing the seven of hearts!” The
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       participant sits and begins an enthusiastic round of applause.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          The deck is a four-way force deck consisting of 13 each of four
                            different cards plus a different single card on the face of the pack.
       Telephone:               The Mentalist’s demonstration is
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            pure bluff, miscalling the peeked cards       Most performers
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                              know Hoy’s “Tossed
                            as the 7 of clubs and 3 of diamonds.
        E-Mail:                 When the performer names 3 of the Out Deck” and the
    LeeE7@aol.com           4 force cards, there is a 42% probability       Tappan-Ross
                            that all three will take their seats.        “Princess A-Hoy.”
     World Wide Web
                            Another 42% of the time, a single             Here’s one more
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                       subtlety.
                            person remains standing. Name the
   Subscription rates:      fourth force card and he sits.
    $38.00 per year             For that 14% of the time when only one person sits, admit that
                            you tried to do too much at once. Ask the remaining participants to
        Canada:             re-visualize, lock eyes with each for ten seconds or so. Call the last
   US$48.00 per year
                            force card and one indifferent card.
   Overseas (airmail):          Less than 2% of the time, when all three remain standing, recite
   US$55.00 per year        the same reasons for missing, then name the fourth force card and
                            two other indifferent cards.
  Single issues: $2.50

Wax The Facts
    From the days of the earliest spiritualists, one
of the performer’s prime concerns has been that
of gaining access to a copy of information which
is written, in private, by the participant.
    Various methods have been devised. An early
solution is the Anna Eva Fay impression pad which
uses wax coated paper to leave an invisible
impression to be revealed by sprinkling with
powdered graphite or lampblack. The modern
clipboard, with its supersensitive surfaces making a secret carbon
copy of every pen stroke, is a staple among contemporary Mentalists.        Kenton revealed this
Other principles – magnetic, chemical, & electronic – all have their           colorful secret
devotees as well.                                                           during a meeting of
    Now Mentalists can add one more option to their lists of                Arizona’s Mentalism
clandestine devices and methods.                                             think tank, the Six
    The manufacturer of the Crayola brand of crayons is marketing a             and One Half
new product which cries out for application within the field of
    That product is Crayola CHANGEABLES™.
    Open a box of these crayons an you find six colored crayons (red,
yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink) as well as two ‘color changer’
crayons which are colorless.
    One first scribbles on paper with one of the standard crayons,
laying down the color of one’s choice. When the ‘color changer’
crayon is marked over the existing color, a chemical reaction occurs
which causes the original color to change.
    Orange becomes black, green turns violet, red alters to blue,
yellow transforms to green, blue changes to violet, and pink morphs
into yellow.
    Challenged by friend J. Tank to find a use for this interesting
product, Kenton immediately put his unique twist on the order in
which the crayons are used and revisited the Anna Eva Fay
principle. Here’s how:
    Using the ‘color changer’ crayon, apply a liberal coating of the
colorless crayon to one side of a piece of paper. Then use a piece of
facial tissue to buff the deposited wax to a smooth, invisible finish.
    You have created a piece of ‘invisible’ carbon paper.
    With a medium-tip ballpoint pen used to get the best result,
anyone writing on the uncoated side of the paper will transfer a
colorless duplicate of that writing, in invisible ‘color changer’ crayon,
to the piece of paper beneath.
    Take the secret copy backstage and lightly cover the paper with
strokes from one of the colored crayons (orange to black is my
favorite), completely coloring the surface. The invisible image will
develop before your eyes. Experiment with it to get the right touch.
                         John Riggs

                         Ultimate Psychometry
                             (Editor: This is the real work from someone who works it.)
                            “There is a belief,” begins the Mentalist, “that each of us
                        generates, to a greater or lesser degree, an energy field - or aura.
                        To one trained in perceiving this psychic radiation, the aura can be
                        seen as dancing hues of color or sensed as a vibration.
                            “As we begin this experiment in reading the human energy field,
                        I guarantee that you are about to witness something you have
                        never experienced before. When I point to you,” the performer
                        instructs, “please reach into your pocket or purse and grasp an item
                        which you have owned for at least 7 days.”
                            Five persons, two male and three female, are pointed out. The
                        Mentalist continues, “While you hold your object concealed in your
                        hand, please join me on the platform and take a seat.”
                            Opening a small paper bag, the performer asks, “Please place
                        each object in this bag. I promise I won’t peek.” He turns his head
                        as all five items are dropped into the bag.
                            “I must eliminate visual cues and use only my intuitive mind to
                        analyze these items,” he says, while affixing a rolled handkerchief
                        as a blindfold, “I want to see with my mind, not my eyes!”
                            The Mentalist pulls one item from the bag, holds it in his hand,
                        and then delivers a stunningly accurate reading to the person who
                        owns the object, returning it to that person at the end of the
                        reading. This procedure is repeated with each participant.
                            John’s technique uses no gimmicks or marking system!
                        Everything is done using subtle clues and clever psychology.
                            The first clues come from the items as they are dropped into the
                        bag resting on the palm of your hand. You can get a good idea as to
 This concept from      the relative weight of each item (as well as other physical
  John’s new book,      properties) because the bag is too small for your participants hands;
   “The Compleat        each item must be dropped. Sound provides some additional input.
  Fortune Teller,”          Due to the 3:2 female to male ratio, you can easily narrow the
requires a performer    possibilities for a given item even more. Even if you manage to get
 with considerable      no information on the artifacts, you will ultimately be successful.
testicular fortitude.       That’s because the best clues come due to the use of the
                        blindfold! It is very difficult for the target of a well delivered cold
                        reading to hide his reactions; the blindfold eliminates any reason
                        for your participants to attempt to keep a ‘poker face.’ Thus, when
                        you get your ‘hits’ in the reading, the owner of the object will smile,
                        or nod, or give a puzzling look when you toss a verbal curve ball.
                            A direct question such as, “Are you starting to get that Twilight
                        Zone feeling?” will always trigger a giveaway reaction.
                            The blindfold allows full forward vision. Roll opposite corners of
                        a square handkerchief diagonally toward the center, forming two
                        parallel tubes of fabric joined by a single layer of cloth. The double
                        rolled hank is tied around your head, one roll above and one roll
                        below your eyes allowing vision through a single layer of fabric.

Editor’s Desk

Tidbits for October
    I’ll be on the road, unable to field all the phone calls, so here are
the contact numbers for this month’s SYZYGY’s BEST! hosts:
    October 16 Baltimore, MD
                      Denny Haney          410 686-3914
                17 South Plainsfield, NJ
                      George Colavito      908 561-5258
                18 Nashua, NH
                       Jim Wuorio          603 595-3302
                19-22 The Inn Event
                       Bob Weill           716 754-2826
                23 Buffalo, NY
                      George Graham        716 693-7930
                26 Cleveland, OH
                Neil Rozum                 216 333-4664
    Bob Weill, host of The Inn Event, tells me that he has had three
last-minute cancellations for the sold-out gathering. If you would like
to attend the final conclave of the last old fashioned convention, give
Bob a call. The convention hotel is exactly one block from the
fabulous Niagara Falls. What a view!
    While on the subject of conventions, Docc Hilford’s Weerd
Weekend IV will have John Booth as guest of honor. This very
eclectic assembly will meet November 2nd through November 4th at
the Doubletree Suites in Phoenix. Registration is still $150.00. For
reservations, call: 602 230-4251.
    Max Morgan e-mailed to inform that his new book, How to Make
and Tell Fortunes, is now available for US$40.00, which includes
postage anywhere in the world. I assume he intends to send via air
mail, but you might want to ask. His phone number in England is
(44) + 121 430 2444, phone or fax, and he does accept some credit
cards. He’ll be at the Weerd Weekend, signing copies of the book.
    One of SYZYGY’s multiple-contributors, Christopher Caldwell,
has made news again. Arizona’s largest morning daily newapaper,
The Arizona Republic, recently devoted a two-column headline and a
lenghty article to him, detailing his career mix of Mentalism and FM
radio broadcasting.
    I wonder how many other Mentalists have broadcasting in their
biographies? Ned Rutledge, Jon Kealoah, and Ward Lucas come
to mind right away...
    The sad news comes that SYZYGY subscriber and P.E.A. member
Larry Weinstein, of the Philadelphia area, fell to a heart attack on
September 15th. He will be missed.
    Last minute phone calls confirm that one more friend has passed
on. John Delany of Coral Gables, FL is no longer with us, leaving
yet another void which can never be filled.

                                                                            Volume 2, Number 6
                            Tony Devine                                               Issue # 24

                               “As someone who
                            advocates the full use of
                            every one of our mental
                            attributes,” begins the
                            Mentalist, “I am often
                            challenged to put my
                            money where my mouth is.
                            To that end, I’ve decided to
                            place at risk your group’s
                            check for my performance fee
                               The performer introduces
                            the person who has been
                            holding the check and hands him five envelopes, asking him to keep
                            one and hand the remaining envelopes to four other people of his
                            choice. Each of those envelopes is sealed and placed on a table,
                            center stage.
                               “Please place my potential payoff in your envelope and seal it,
                            just as the four empty envelopes were.” The fifth, and most
                            important envelope is tossed on top of the others. Stepping off to
                            one side, the performer adds, “In fact, mix the pile of envelopes, so
                            no one will know which one contains the check.”
                               “This is where your fine-tuned senses come into play. Spread
                            the five envelopes across the table top. You should have no idea,”
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            the performer confirms, “which envelopes are empty and which one
    Copyright©1997          has the check, right?” The participant agrees.
   All rights reserved.        “Pick up one envelope in each hand,” the Mentalist instructs,
         SYZYGY             “and weigh them in your mind. Good. They’re both the same and
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       therefore empty. Destroy them.” The envelopes are torn to bits.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301         The performer goes on, “Now take two more, one in each hand.
                            Make your mind a sensitive balance
  602 / 247-7323 voice      scale. Yes. These are different.              Tony acknowledges
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   Destroy the one on the table.” The                 the genius of
                            tabled envelope is shredded.                     Maurice Fogel’s
        E-Mail:                “Once again,” says the Mentalist,
    LeeE7@aol.com                                                             “Cheating the
                            “hold the remaining two. Feel them in
                            your mind. Of course. It’s in the left
                                                                          Gallows” psychology
     World Wide Web
                            hand’s envelope. Eliminate the right
                                                                         and happily borrows
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                   it for his own use.
                            hand envelope, please.” It’s destroyed.
   Subscription rates:         The performer recounts, “Since
    $38.00 per year         there were 5 envelopes and 4 have been destroyed, there are 4
                            chances out of 5 that I will go home unpaid. I know what you’re
                            thinking; if I fail, I’ll just have the host write another check. But I
   US$48.00 per year
                            won’t do that. If my check isn’t in that final envelope, this show will
   Overseas (airmail):      have been done for free.”
   US$55.00 per year                                              Please turn to CHECK, page 112
  Single issues: $2.50
Patrik Kuffs

Hands of Time
    “The five senses to which we usually refer,” begins the Mentalist,
“are the physical senses. There is literally another dimension to our
senses; consider our sense of time...”
                                                                           A resident of the
    Pointing to someone wearing a wristwatch, the performer asks,        province of Quebec,
“Please join me in front of the group. You have two things I need:       Canada, Patrik has
Your watch and your mind. Does it work well? Your watch, I mean.         a charming manner
Good. Please remove it for a moment.”                                        which really
    The Mentalist asks, “Pull out the stem and spin the hands, then        connects with an
leave the stem out and hand it to me, please.”                                audience.
    The performer opens a folded square of paper and duplicates the
watch’s face on it before handing the sketch to the participant.
“Somewhere in time,” he begins, “there has been a moment which
was very important to you. If you know that event’s exact time of
occurance, keep it uppermost in your mind. If you cannot recall a
precise time, for the purposes of this experiment, use your best
estimate of the time of day it took place.”
    Indicating the paper bearing the image of the timepiece, the
Mentalist instructs, “Draw in the short hour and long minute hands
to indicate that time. Then burn that image into your brain. After
you have shown it to your mind a while, refold the paper.”
    Turning to the audience, the performer says, “Finally, we need a
witness with good vision who can easily see the hands on this watch.
Would you,” pointing to a nearby person, “join us and hold this
watch a moment?” The first helper is told, “Let’s destroy the image;
only the picture in your mind is to remain.” The Mentalist tears the
folded paper and drops the pieces into his pocket.
    To the witness, the performer says, “Please look over my shoulder
as I spin the hands on his watch.” To the first participant, he asks,
“Think first of the hour in your mind. Only the hour and not the
minutes. And when you feel the urge, say, ‘Stop!’ ” With the witness
looking on, the Mentalist rotates the stem of the wristwatch until he
hears “Stop!” Then he asks the witness to note and remember the
position of the hour hand only.
    “Again, concentrate on the minute in your mind. As before, when
the impulse strikes, stop me.” He spins the watch’s stem until
stopped and once again asks the witness, “Note the minute hand’s
position and combine it with the previous hour you memorized.”
    Large sketch pads and markers are given to both participants as
they are told, “Please record the time you have imaged in your
minds. Now show your thoughts to the audience.” They match!
    A center-tear delivers the time information into the Mentalist’s
hand, boldly finger-palmed and glimpsed with the witness looking
over his shoulder. Due to the angles involved, the witness sees
nothing. A timing force (much like a Classic Force in card work)
causes the watch’s hands to stop at the appropriate hour & minute.
    Be sure to reset the watch before returning it to it’s owner.

                          Jim Wuorio

                          Presentation 3
                             “We have demonstrated,” explains the Mentalist, “how a person
                         experienced in nonverbal perception can intercept and duplicate a
                         mental image. Let’s turn the tables and try something unusual.”
                                        Pointing to three persons in the audience, he
                                      continues, “Please stand and prepare to catch my
                                       thoughts. I’ll make it easier for you by restricting my
                                       choices to a known range: one of the 52 playing cards.
                                          “Don’t jump the gun and try to anticipate what I
                                          might think. And please avoid just thinking of a
                                          random card. That will inevitably lead to the Ace of
                                          Spades or the Queen of Hearts, the most commonly
                                          chosen from within the pack.”
                                             The Mentalist pulls three cards at random from
                                          the deck and says, “Instead, wait until I begin
                                          projecting these. Erase all the scribbling from the
                                         blackboards in your minds and prepare to see the
                                        projected cards slowly appear against the dark
                                         “Now we separate the men from the boys,” says the
                                     performer. “Please say aloud the names of the cards
                                   which swam into your mental vision.”
                                      The participants verbally name the 9H, 3H, and 7D.
                                     Turning to the first person, the Mentalist removes one of
                                the three cards from his hand and says, “With you, I had a
                               clean miss. I’m sure we could do better with practice, but for
                         now please accept my thanks and take your seat.”
                             “You were very close,” he informs the second participant, “and
  New Hampshire’s        probably will be delighted with your result. You imagined the 3H
 Jim Wuorio has no       and I was projecting the 2H. No cigar for a near miss, but you have
   problem with the      earned congratulations for at least beating the percentages.” The
  occasional missed      performer removes the 2H from the fan and shows it.
thought. In fact, this       Looking directly at the third participant, the Mentalist remarks,
   routine depends       “Your mind and mine must be on the exact same frequency. Either
       upon it!          that or we were married in a previous life. Say again the card you
                         perceived in your mind...” The participant confirms that he
                         thought of the 7D.
                             Smiling, the Mentalist says, “You’ve earned a tremendous round
                         of applause. Look!” The final card is turned around. It is the 7D!
                             Jim did his research and developed this gutsy routine which
                         relies on probability and chutzpah. The three cards ‘randomly’
                         pulled from the deck are the 2H, 3C, & 7D. These are the three
                         cards most often chosen after the AS & QH are eliminated.
                             Because you never identify which card is intended for which
                         participant, you are free to make your associations and
                         comparisons after the fact, discarding the ‘miss’ and the ‘near-hit’
                         as the patter explains.
Editor’s Desk

Notes from the Tour
    Dave Arch has ended his 900 line experiment, don’t know why.
    It’s been a little longer between issues than is usually the case,
primarily due to the lecture tour for SYZYGY’s BEST! Twenty
lectures in five weeks is a demanding schedule and publication dates
slipped. All will be on track by the end of the year.
    A few random memories from the lecture tour: Denny Haney’s
boundless energy (I learned that he is a Macintosh person, too);
Tony Razzano’s enthusiastic recounting of his séance
experiences; the post-lecture, late-night comraderie after
Nashua; Inn Event conversations with Irene Larsen (in all
these years, we had never met - she’s a very witty lady!);
reminiscing with Bev Bergeron at Niagara Falls; the
cigar-smoking waitress in Buffalo who was ecstatic when, after
having read her palm, I gave her one of my La Glorias; walking the
Rock and Roll Museum in Cleveland with Joe Marino, our
conversation crackling with the exchange of concepts and ideas; the
drive from OKC to Tulsa, with Lee Woodside and Tony Devine,
which became a three hour mini convention in a town car, the
discussion ranging from practical to philosophical.
    Another fact of lecture life recently reinforced: Check the details.
Then communicate the details, verify the details, review the details,
reconfirm the details, and be prepared to adjust your plans on a
moment’s notice anyway. Snags will still occur. Don’t get angry,
just get smarter next time.
    Private message to an unknown contributor: You placed
the Chinese Menu presentation in my briefcase but didn’t put your
name on it. Let me know who you are so we can print it.

CHECK, continued

    The performer adds, “I think all of you can appreciate doing your
absolute best for no reward. If the check isn’t here, losing the
money will be embarrassing, but for me, failing in public will be
even more humbling. So before opening the envelope, and while I
still have some shred of respectability, may I have my final
applause now?” The audience responds.
    “May I assume, since you’ll give me that much applause as a
potential failure, you will be even more generous if I am a success?”
    As the Mentalist tears open the final envelope he says, “I know
that one evening, I’ll find nothing and realize that my check has
been sacrificed.” He looks inside and appears defeated, then smiles.
“But thank goodness, this evening is not the one.” He withdraws
the check from the envelope and assumes the “applause position.”
    A brown eyeshadow “daub” (on your thumb and middle finger)
darkens the edges of the target envelope when you take it from the
participant and toss it onto the table, making it easy to spot later.
                            Max Morgan

                            How to
                            Make and
                            Tell Fortunes
                                A few years ago England, like most of the world, was in the grip
                            of a hard recession. This recession hit different trades and
                            businesses in many varied ways; for me it meant adapting into
                            other lines, and quickly.
                                At this time I was making 100% of my living from performing
                            magic, mainly to children for birthday parties. I suppose that I had
                            always been lucky as far as work was concerned because I always
                            had enough coming in. In fact, for many years, I didn’t advertise in
                            the traditional ways at all, but instead gave away lots of my
                            promotional material disguised as badges, novelty money, games
                            sheets, and in 101 other ways. I prided myself that I was the best
                            known children’s entertainer in the area at that time. For that
                            reason I charged the most for my services.
                                Over the span of a year I watched my business change from
                            excellent to almost impossible to stay afloat. Even the extra effort
                            that I put in didn’t help. This was a time of shrinking budgets and
                            belt tightening for commercial markets as well as for local
                            authorities and the family at home. But worse than this, many
                            people were becoming unemployed, taking their severance pay and
  Edited by: Lee Earle      looking at the children’s market as either a temporary or easy
                            alternative to welfare.
   All rights reserved.         They would then use people such as myself as templates for
         SYZYGY             their own new enterprises. In a very short time there were twenty
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       new imitators charging well below half my fee and competing in a
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      market place that was diminishing day-by-day.
                                If I was to survive, something had
  602 / 247-7323 voice      to be done immediately- At this time
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   a friend was facing the same
                            recession problems, but in contrast to
        E-Mail:             my now sadly failing business, his
                                                                           This material has
                            was thriving. I watched his business
                                                                          been excerpted from
                            double in size about every six
                                                                           Max’s new book of
     World Wide Web                                                          the same title
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    months. The actual nature of his
                            business is irrelevant; what made it
   Subscription rates:      work was the few simple rules that
    $38.00 per year
                            he applied to it.
        Canada:                 Imagine all of life as little hills. In my magic business, the first
   US$48.00 per year        little hill would be the birthday market, the second one would be
                            close up magic in restaurants, there would be one for the schools,
   Overseas (airmail):      and another for the play groups and pre-school work, etc.
   US$55.00 per year
                                In fact there would be as many of these hills as there are
  Single issues: $2.50
    possibilities. The first few hills would have already been
conquered and have a king on the top defending the summit. Not
only do you have to compete with the many others who wish to get
to the top, but when you get there you must fight the king for his
    As you look at the less popular hills there will be fewer people
climbing them, making it easier to get to the top. In fact, many of
these hills may not even have a king on the top at all.
    We can all make it a lot easier for ourselves by choosing a hill, or
area of business, that is not the most popular. A less developed
market may not sound as desirable but it has many advantages.
Because it is undeveloped, you can promote it in any way that you
wish, rather than having to conform to customs others have
developed. You will also have little or no competition to speak of,
especially in the early stages.
    These little areas of business are usually less popular because
they have been ignored in the past. They represent a great
opportunity to anyone who wishes to put the energy and creativity
into developing them.
    There can be other reasons why these areas of business are less
popular. It may be that they need initially a lot more effort and
time spent in the early stages when learning and setting the
business up. This required extra effort may discourage the
majority of people. Another reason is that, especially in
entertainment, most people would be easily persuaded (by
their peers and contemporaries at magic clubs etc.)
against any course of action that would make them stand
out as different from the crowd.
    In short, it is better to be the king of a small hill,
rather than a harassed pawn on a crowded mountain.
When you think creatively, and develop markets of
your own, you are only limited by your own

   The fortune telling business

    If you are already an entertainer or performer,
you will find that becoming a psychic, clairvoyant,
fortune teller, is the same as developing any other act.
You must dress, fit, and act the part. The main difference is
that if you are a singer, comedian, magician, etc., your audience
will know that you are only performing an act. A clairvoyant,, on
the other hand, is expected to have genuine psychic powers. For
this reason you must keep up your faqade most of the time,
especially when off stage.
    When I started to learn fortune telling, I soon found that there
are many excellent books on the market that go into great detail as
far as reading techniques are concerned. As soon as I started
building my business, however, I realized that there were many
methods with which to build your reputation that had not been
thought about, or had apparently not been written down or passed
on anywhere.                                     114
    As long as you are an adaptable open-minded individual who is
prepared to work hard, you will have lots of fun developing the
craft to suit yourself. Along the way you will have the opportunity
to make an amazing amount of money.
    I enjoy most the freedom to work where I wish and wherever I
     want to. As you progress in the craft you will also become a
      highly intuitive at a subliminal level that will give you an
      edge over others in every aspect of life.
          Why fortune telling? Simple! Even skeptics have taken a
                look at their horoscopes in a paper or magazine from
                 time to time, whether they admit it or not. Why?
                 Because it deals with them and their lives directly.
                 What could be more interesting to us as individuals
               than that?
                   If you like lots of attention, you will certainly get it
            when the word spreads that you have acquired a
           wonderful new talent, and not just from aging spinsters
          wondering if Mr. Right will find them in the near future.
          Interest will come from all sections of the community,
          young and old, rich and poor, male and female. They will
          all tend to seek your services.
              The real market is virtually untouched. In fact, when
          your reputation gets around, you will find yourself
         turning work away. You may assert that there are lots of
       palmists and other types of readers already out there,
   offering a glimpse of the future for a minimal fee. This point
 bothered me when I first started, but it didn’t take long to realize
that this small group of people and the inadequate readings that
they offer will make your professional services more valuable in
the eyes of the potential customer.
    The majority of clients that will visit you generally have
readings at regular intervals all the way through their lives. They
tend to visit every reader in the area until they find one that tells
them what they want to hear. This is the real secret of this craft,
finding out what they want to hear, and then telling them. Send
them away happy, with the knowledge that their future has lots of
good times ahead.
    ‘Shut- eye’ readers (the term used by those of us from a magical
background to describe non-magical or true believers in psychic
matters) are usually a little strange or disturbed. Most feel that
they have been given a gift from God and it is their duty to help
other people with these powers.
    Most shut-eyes I have met have problems keeping their own
lives in order. You will hear many stories about these people, some
of whom send their clients away in a more confused state than
when they first arrived. In many cases the shut-eye readers ignore
the original reason for a client’s visit completely, although they
usually manage to install at least one new unnecessary fear or
anxiety in the client’s mind.

    As soon as the shut-eyes hear there is someone new in the area
offering readings, they will start visiting you to check out the
opposition by booking a reading. Surprising though it may sound,
they are usually very easy to read for. Don’t give them another
thought; some will even refer sitters who they find to be more
difficult clients to you for readings.
    After a little practice you should visit the local shut-eyes in
your own area. You will be amazed how poor most of them are
at their craft. The readings are usually very unentertaining,
hard to follow, erratic with no flow or pattern to them and,
worst of all, have no thought behind the advice that they offer.
    Unlike most other areas of the magic world, fortune telling
requires only small props that can be carried in your pocket;
Tarot cards, pendulum, business cards, etc. You will not
require the use of a large car or van to transport props,
lights and sound systems. In fact, you have no need to make
any other outlay at all, although the printing of business
cards or flyers outlining your services and telephone
number would be very useful.
    You only need to visit a pub or bar, restaurant, club,
etc., and mention to the bar maid that you noticed that she has
an interesting life-line to get started. She will need no
encouragement to unfold her hand for you. Usually within a minute
of this practice there will be another waiting for the same
treatment. A brief explanation that this is how you make your
living, coupled with the impressive brief reading you have just
given to the bar maid will be enough to get you paid work, in many
cases, with the consent of the management, there and then.
    There is no easy way to become a top player in whatever field
you choose and this one is no exception. It is my hope that you will
take encouragement from this short article and begin your journey.
    A good living can be earned from fortune telling. One of the best
things about it is that, as you progress, it will open other doors into
even more lucrative avenues.
    The hardest part of this business is giving your first few
readings. However, as this new skill becomes more familiar, you
will soon be able to give enjoyable, flowing readings which leave
your client in a happy and positive state of mind, ready to spread
the word about your amazing talents.
    If you wish to contact me via e-mail, my electronic address is:
    Editor’s note: Max Morgan’s book, “How to Make and Tell
Fortunes” is available in the U.S. (for $40.00) from Mark Strivings,
3309 N. Grandview, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, (602) 774-0804. Make
checks payable to Mark Strivings.
    Overseas purchasers should contact Max Morgan directly by
writing to: 21 Hawkhurst Road, Maypole, Birmingham B14 5HS,
telephone +0121430 2444

                                                                            Volume 2, Number 7
                            Mark Strivings                                            Issue # 25

                            Unleaded Par-Optic
                               “The Russians conducted
                            research,” informs the Mentalist,
                            “on the reported ability of some
                            people to sense color, even ‘see’
                            with their fingertips.”
                               “As you know,” he says, fanning a
                            pack of playing cards so that the well-
                            shuffled faces show, “these can be
                            visualized first for color, then for the
                            shape of the index or suit, and finally for
                            the value or pattern. This leads to an
                            interesting experiment.”
                               The Mentalist walks up to one member of the
                            audience, spreads the cards face down, and asks,
                            “Please grasp a group of three cards and place them in
                            your trouser pocket, sight unseen.” He does so.
                               “Keep your hand in your pocket and touch just the face of one of
                            those cards,” instructs the performer, “and feel for the color.
                            Concentrate on what your ‘sixth sense’ tells you. Do you get any
                            impression? No? I get the distinct feeling that you’re touching red.
                            Pull it out and show it to the audience.” The card is a red card.
                               Continuing, the Mentalist says, “Here’s where we fine-tune your
                            touch. Repeat what you just did with the next card. Run your
  Edited by: Lee Earle      fingers lightly over the face of the next card in your pocket. Do you
                            get a hot or cold feeling? Yes? You’re improving. Touch it once
                            more. Black. And a rounded shape, that means a club suit. Show
   All rights reserved.
         SYZYGY             it please.” The playing card is removed from his pocket and shown.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       It is, indeed, of the club suit.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301         “This is the final step,” reminds the performer, “so touch that last
                            pocketed card. Use your hidden senses to sense its surface. Can
       Telephone:           you perceive anything? My impression
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            is that it is another red colored card, a
                            sharp pointed diamond suit, and – I             Mark says this
        E-Mail:             think – there aren’t many spots on that       presentation is a
    LeeE7@aol.com           card. Perhaps three?”                            combinatin of
                               The participant removes the final         Annemann’s classic
     World Wide Web
                            card from his pocket and shows that it            and his own
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                  “Par-Optic Plus.”
                            is the 3 of Diamonds!
   Subscription rates:         Stack top 26 cards of the deck in Si
    $38.00 per year         Stebbins order. The bottom 26 cards
                            are thoroughly shuffled. When the deck is fanned, the forward-most
                            portion, seen by the audience, is legitimately mixed.
   US$48.00 per year
                               Spread only the top half and have someone take three cards in
   Overseas (airmail):      series to place in any available pocket. Cut the deck at that point
   US$55.00 per year        and sight the new face card to determine which cards were taken.
                                                          Please turn to UNLEADED, page 120
  Single issues: $2.50
Fred Rosenbaum

Chinese Menu
    “People who dine at Chinese restaurants,” informs the Mentalist,
“sometimes order a variety of selections, with everyone at the table
sharing a portion of each dish. Often they will take turns ordering,
one from column ‘A’, one from column ‘B’, and so forth.”
    Inserting a folded piece of paper into his breast pocket where it
remains visible, the performer continues, “For our imaginary meal, I
have a gift certificate, valid for a four-course dinner for two couples.”
    “A few of you will be partaking of our fanciful cuisine,” he says,
                                                                            Fred acknowledges
picking up four ‘menus’ and handing them to someone close by, “so
                                                                              Larry Becker’s
please take one of these and pass the remainder along to someone
                                                                            “Game Show” as the
else. As you can see, each menu a selection of items, all at different
                                                                            inspiration for this
prices. Keep any one you wish, then please stand.”
    With the four participants are standing, the Mentalist instructs,
“To avoid duplication, one of you will order the appetizer, another
will choose the side dish. Someone else selects the entree and one
lucky person gets to pick dessert. You needn’t select the courses in
sequence. If a course hasn’t been ordered, it’s yours to choose.”
    Draping a towel over his forearm, the performer takes pen and
pad in hand and asks of the first participant, “Which course to you
wish to order? The dessert? Splendid. And what would you like for
that course? Almond cookies? Delicious. What’s the price of that
item? Two-eighty? I’ll write that down.”
    The Mentalist notes the selection on his pad and repeats the
process for each course of the meal. With all four dishes and
their prices on the pad, he openly adds the figures and circles
the total on the pad. “Would each of you confirm that, had
you chosen an alternate course, a totally different set of prices
would have been listed?” The four participants agree.
    “The face value of the gift certificate,” says the Mentalist,
displaying the writing on the paper, “is an odd amount...”
    The certificate’s value matches the cost of the meal, exactly!
    Presentation is everything with this piece, because the
working is automatic. Each menu has four sections, one for
every course. There are a number of items listed in each course,
but only one price for the course itself. It doesn’t matter which
items the participants choose because it is the price of each
course which is important. As long as each course comes from a
different menu, the total will always be the same, $14.35.
    If you figure out why this works, don’t tell me. I prefer being

  Item           Menu A        Menu B       Menu C        Menu D
  Appetizer      1.95          2.25         2.75          3.60
  Side Dish      .95           1.25         1.75          2.60
  Entree         6.70          7.00         7.50          8.35
  Dessert        2.00          2.30         2.80          3.65

                         Chase Goforth

                         A Savory Tip
                                      Many Mentalists do some sort of routine which involves
                                    secretly marking or identifying envelopes. Tests which
                                     involve clairvoyance, psychometry, paycheck roulette,
                                      design duplications, etc., all can be routined to use
                                      envelopes in some fashion.
                                          The original Pseudo-Psychometry method, writing a
                                        number inside the envelope near the end (to be easily
                                         noted when the end of the envelope is torn off to
                                            access the contents), leaves incriminating evidence
                                            which makes some performers uncomfortable.
                                              Likewise, small nail nicks or secret markings
                                           are all too easy to misinterpret in less-than-
                                          optimal conditions.
                                           And, of course, none of these methods is useful
                                     when one is blindfolded.
                                    Chase offers a delicious method which sidesteps the
                              above shortcomings.
                                The envelopes are tastefully prepared using flavored
                         Chapstick lip balm.
                            Use a toothpick to obtain a pinhead-sized chunk of the soft
                         Chapstick. Gently lift a corner of the sealed flap at the bottom of
                         the envelope and deposit the particle of Chapstick beneath the
                         flap. Each envelope is treated with a different flavor (use a new
                         toothpick each time). The envelopes are arranged in a known
                         order so they may be easily associated with audience participants.
                            They are distributed using Lee Earle’s ‘No-Brainer’ technique.
                         Find someone wearing red to give the cherry flavored envelope; the
No one ever claimed      orange treated envelope goes to someone attired in rust or orange.
  that a Mentalist       Follow with color associations for the remaining envelopes and
 should have good        flavors: lemon (yellow), grape (purple), mint (green), root beer
taste, but it helps in   (brown), and licorice (black).
    this routine            When the envelopes are retrieved, it is unbelievably easy to get
                         one between your teeth for “legitimate” reasons, (i.e. uncapping a
                         pen, turning a page in your sketchbook, handing the object back to
                         its owner, etc.) to sample the flavor.
                            This is one method in which one should intentionally have too
                         many props to handle, thus justifying placing the envelope in one’s
                         mouth for a moment.
                            It is even possible to scrape one’s fingernail across the flap to
                         draw out a taste of the Chapstick. It’s quite simple to employ a
                         gesture which will allow the flavor to be transferred to your mouth
                         for tasting.

Editor’s Desk

Last Minute Shopping
   The latest back-channel talk reveals that Mark Edward has an
infomercial in work. The project is rather hush-hush right now but
more details will be made available when the release date nears.
   Docc Hilford is no longer a resident of Arizona, having relocated
to the wetter climate of Florida. The fabled Six and One-Half,
Arizona’s Mentalism round table, will not be the same without him.
   So many creative and talented people are now marketing their
hard-won knowledge. Here are some Christmas list suggestions:
   Kenton has finally published his work on the use of language in
Mentalism (and in conjuring, too), choosing the medium of audio
tape. “Wonder Words” is a $59.95, 4-tape package which also
includes a printed reference pamphlet. If you liked his Quarterly
Supplement, you’ll love this offering. Highly recommended. You can
order it direct by phoning (602) 957-6375, or writing to Kenton at
3104 E. Camelback Road, #312, Phoenix, AZ 85031.
   Those who purchase “Cold Reading the Future With Numerology,”
Richard Webster’s newest publication (64 pages, 8 1/2 x 11", staple
bound), get an unexpected bonus. They also receive the full text of,
and permission to reprint under their own names, “You and Your
Lucky Numbers” originally one of Richard’s pitch books. Always on
the cutting edge, Webster really hits the mark with this one. No
library is complete without all of his books. They are available from
dealers across the country or direct from Brookfield Press, 22
Marriott Rd., Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand.
   Another recently prolific writer, John Riggs, has released
“Psychic Soirees.” Subtitled, “Small Psychic Shows and House
Parties,” this 70-page spiral bound book details the Palmistry Party,
the Graphology Party, the Couples Night, and Special Ladies Night.
Contact John at (615) 521-6705, or write to John at: 4408 Kingston
Pike, #9, Knoxville, TN 37919. I don’t have a price but suspect it’s in
the neighborhood of 40 bucks. You’ll make that back in a hurry.
   Larry Becker is now advertising a limited edition of “Casino
Royale,” the triple-threat, gambling-themed prediction he nailed ‘em
with on the convention circuit a couple of years back. $200.00 gets
you the best mental magic trick on the market today. Contact Larry
at (602) 488-0980 or P.O. Box 6023, Carefree, AZ 85377.
   Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Joyous Solstice to all.

UNLEADED, continued

    The first and third cards of that group will be the same color and
it is likely that one of these will be the first card touched and
removed. Since you are only going for the color, it’s an easy call.
    The second card is usually the center card of the original three
and will be of the opposite color. Go for its suit. Even if you’re
wrong, you now know the final pocketed card’s identity.
                                                                           Volume 2, Number 8
                            Steve Shaw                                              Issue # 26

                                The performer displays a glass
                            tumbler from which he removes a
                            crumpled handkerchief. He
                            bundles the hank into a small ball
                            and secures it with a loose knot,
                            then explains, “There are two
                            reasons this handkerchief is
                            being thrown into the audience.
                            The first reason is because we
                            need to select someone at random.”
                                The Mentalist turns his back to
                            the audience and gently lobs the bundle over his
                            shoulder into the assembled crowd.
                                “The second reason the handkerchief was
                            thrown,” he continues, “is that it’s far too messy to
                            throw the glass! Who has the hank?” A hand is raised among the
                            audience. “Please,” requests the performer, “bring it to the stage –
                            and bring your billfold and spectacles with you.”
                                After the participant has been welcomed on stage, the Mentalist
                            instructs, “Reach into your money supply, take out one bill, and
                            immediately crumple it until it’s the size of a gumball. Turn aside
                            as you do it, so that no one can know the denomination of the bill.”
  Edited by: Lee Earle          As that assignment is being carried out, the performer unties
                            the handkerchief, drapes it over his arm, and extends the glass
    Copyright©1997          towards the participant. “Just drop the rolled bill into the glass. I
   All rights reserved.     need to get close to it, but don’t want to directly touch it.”
                                Covering the glass with the handkerchief, the Mentalist snaps
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      an elastic band snugly around the top of the glass to hold the hank
                            in place. He extends the glass to the participant and says, “Here,
       Telephone:           grasp the glass through the cloth and
  602 / 247-7323 voice      hold it tightly.”
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                                                                            This is Steve’s
                                A large drawing pad and broad-tip        improvement on a
        E-Mail:             marking pen are pulled from the               piece (Bill-z-Bub)
    LeeE7@aol.com           performer’s briefcase as he explains        which he originally
                            with a wink, “I am not only unaware of          contributed to
     World Wide Web
                            the denomination of the $20.00 bill you            “Magick.”
                            are holding... (he pauses for the
   Subscription rates:      delayed reaction) but also have no idea
    $38.00 per year         of its unique serial number. Let’s see what can be discerned.”
                                The Mentalist writes a large “$20” in the upper corner of the
   US$48.00 per year        tablet and then proceeds to write a series of eight digits as well.
                            Propping the tablet in full view, he takes the glass from the
   Overseas (airmail):      participant, walks to the front of the stage, and displays the wadded
   US$55.00 per year        bill inside the glass to the audience.
                                                    Please turn to BILL•Z•BETTER, page 124
  Single issues: $2.50
Phil Goldstein

Mind Flight
    The Mentalist explains that his work entails a fair amount of air
travel. One way in which he makes use of time spent in flight is to do
the crossword puzzle that is usually found in the in-flight magazine,
as a means of keeping his mind limber.
    “On my most recent flight,” he comments, “I opened
the magazine, only to find that
the crossword was already
filled in. However, in
flipping through the pages
I came across an interesting
ad that provided the mental stimulation I sought. In
fact, I brought a photocopy of it with me.”
    He displays a Xerox of a page torn from a magazine, bearing an
ad that announces a series of mileage awards tied to an airline
frequent flier program. The promotion states that, for any flight to
certain cities prior to April 1, the program member will receive a
bonus amount of mileage points.
    The performer points out that the airline seems to have assigned
mileage points on an arbitrary basis. Those associated numbers and
cities suggested an enjoyable mental exercise; that of memorizing
which random number goes with which city.
    Handing the photocopy to a member of the audience, the
Mentalist asks that person to test his memorizational skills, by
calling off the name of any city on the list. For each city named, he
promptly calls out the 4-digit mileage number attached to that
location. This is repeated several times, with equal success.
    As you may have guessed, this is a pseudo-memory
demonstration. Although the numbers appear to be arbitrary, in fact
there is a hidden system and it is one most readers already know:          This piece is typical
the standard Number-to-Consonant mnemonic key table, which                  of Phil Goldstein’s
links a digit to each consonant sound.                                      thinking – simple,
    1 = T or D; 2 = N; 3 = M; 4 = R; 5 = L; 6 = J or G; 7 = K or hard C;   direct, and topical.
8 = V or F; 9 = P or B; 0 = S, Z, or soft C. Any basic text on
mnemonics will have more details.
    The 4-digit number following each city name is generated by the
first 4 consonant sounds in that name. Thus, for example, LONDON
translates to L = 5, N = 2, D = 1, N = 2, yielding 5212.
    If a city begins with a consonant for zero, skip to the next
consonant. As an example, SAN FRANCISCO begins, not with the S
= 0, but skips over to N = 2, F = 8, R = 4, N = 2, to yield 2842.
    If a city name does not contain four consonant sounds, the
remainder of the 4-digit number is made by simply adding ascending
digits. So, for example, ROME yields 4345.
    Use the ad printed on the following page to make your own
photocopies for performance.
                                             , January 1996
                           The Executive Traveller

       A Bright I.D.E.A.
     for Frequent Flyers:

Fly to any of the listed international destinations between January 1 and April 30, 1996,
and add the extended mileage shown to your frequent flier plan. Some restrictions apply
and certain dates are blacked out. See your travel agent for details or call Executive Air.

               Proud sponsor of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team

Editor’s Desk

The New Year Begins
    So many subscribers sent holiday greeting cards this season that
I simply cannot reply to all of them on an individual basis. Instead,
please accept this acknowledgement with my sincere best wishes for
continued health, happiness, and enormous success.
    Marc Psiman informs me that he was recently the “victim” in a
motion picture, “Mind Trap.” Naturally, he was cast as a psychic
entertainer. The film will probably be released direct to video. Don’t
know when.
    Here are a couple of lines which play well:
    “A friend said he didn’t believe in intuition. I asked him why. He
said, ‘I don’t know – it’s just a hunch.’ ”
    To skeptical-appearing audience member, “Have you acquired
Psychic Belief Syndrome?” He’ll answer, “No.” To which you reply,
“Really? The first symptom is denial...”
    Speaking of denial – Steve Shaw almost joined Houdini at that
big Séance in the Sky. It turns out that, during the busiest part of
his holiday performing season, his appendix ruptured. Unaware of
the reason for his “severe intestinal disorder,” Steve continued
working for two days on pain pills and grit. He’s fine now, but his
physician says Steve’s lucky to be alive. Yet another narrow escape!
    The best impression clipboard in the business is now even better.
I found a thicker (and lighter-colored) woodgrain veneer for my
Micro-Thin Clipboard. That means easier access to the hidden
impression with less wear & tear. Still $25.00 plus postage. The
clipboard will be among the methods detailed in “Lee Earle’s Q & A
Teach-In,” my new video being taped by Brad Burt this January.

BILL•Z•BETTER, continued

    The Mentalist adds, “Please note that, just by looking, it’s
impossible to discern the nationality of the bill, much less its value
or serial number. Let’s check my impressions.”
    He pulls the hank from the glass, turns to the participant
upstage, and dumps the rolled bill into his hands. Taking the
writing tablet in his hands, the performer asks, “Please open the
bill and verify first the value, then read aloud the serial number.”
    Your 100% accuracy is due to a bold turnover move as the glass
is covered with the hank. Because the glass is straight-sided, no
one is aware that the kerchef is being sealed around the bottom of
the glass. The rolled bill tumbles out of the upside-down glass into
your hand, to be opened and glimpsed under cover of searching for
the marking pen in your briefcase. When you take the glass to
show its contents to the front row, the re-crumpled bill is easily
    Having the onstage participant hold the empty and upside-down
glass seems gutsy, but it’s a marvelous method for easing any
                                                                           Volume 2, Number 9
                            Bev Bergeron                                             Issue # 27

                            Mental Murmurs
                                Every day our morning
                            newspapers advertise an incredible
                            variety of goods and services,” states
                            the Mentalist. He thumbs through a
                            sizable stack of over fifty index cards,
                            showing a different newspaper
                            advertisement pasted to each one.
                                “Since purchase decisions are as much emotional as
                            financial,” the Mentalist continues, “salesmen often slant a sales
                            pitch toward the ‘sizzle’ instead of the ‘steak.’ The good ones ‘read’
                            the prospect’s non-verbal language and alter their approaches
                            accordingly.” The performer points to someone and asks, “Would
                            you be our salesperson for a moment?”
                                The Mentalist asks a second participant to stand, saying,
                            “Please select one of these ads and concentrate on the product’s
                            details. Whether or not that product is one you would have
                            voluntarily chosen is not important, but how you feel about it is
                            critical. Your expression, even though may you attempt to control
                            it, will communicate volumes of information.”
                                Pointing with his ballpoint pen to various features in the
                            advertisement, the performer says, “Picture each of the product’s
                            features in your mind. Think of what color you might choose. Is it
                            firmly in your imagination? Good.”
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                                Handing a salesbook and pen to the ‘salesman’, the Mentalist
    Copyright©1997          says, “See if you can visualize the product in your prospect’s
   All rights reserved.     imagination. Listen in your mind for the customer’s inner voice.
         SYZYGY             Record his mental purchase in your salesbook.”
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                                After the ‘salesman’ has finished writing, the Mentalist asks the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            customer to describe his item and the color he selected. The
       Telephone:           ‘salesman’ has “written up” the exact same item and color!
  602 / 247-7323 voice          The card is classic-forced. The ad
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   on the card, to which you point, allows
                            for a choice of only two colors (you type      For a delightful
        E-Mail:                                                             mental magic
    LeeE7@aol.com           them on the ad after it’s pasted on the
                            card). The pen, purchased from a “The presentation they’ll
     World Wide Web         Sharper Image” store, is actually a         talk about for a long
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    microchip voice recorder which plays          time, try this one.
   Subscription rates:      either of two whispered messages
    $38.00 per year         which you pre-record. Each message
                            will describe the product in one of the two alternate colors, for
        Canada:             example, “He’s thinking of a blue Cadillac Sedan Deville. Don’t tell
   US$48.00 per year
                            how you knew. Just say you heard his mind whisper.”
   Overseas (airmail):          Your ‘salesman’ hears the message when you place your hand on
   US$55.00 per year        his shoulder, near his ear, and ask him to listen for the prospect’s
                            inner voice. Trigger the pen and watch for a glimmer of recognition.
  Single issues: $2.50
Ray Grismer

Gambler’s Recall
    Card playing gamblers know that it is essential to
keep track of the discards,” begins the Mentalist, “in order
to modify their wagering and playing strategy.”
    The performer withdraws a deck of cards from its case and
spreads it, face up, on the table in front of him to display the
random assortment of suits and values.
    “It’s a simple task to keep track of four or five cards. But when
most of the cards are no longer in play, how does the gambler
remember which cards remain undealt? There are three ways
to accomplish that simple feat: Practice, practice, practice.”
    He sweeps up the ribbon spread deck, cuts it several times,
and then shuffles the deck twice. The Mentalist spreads the
face down cards before him, forming a broad, curved ribbon and
says, “I’ll show you how gamblers practice if you will take 5 or 6
cards and place them aside.” Several participants around the table
pull cards from the spread and place them in a pile to one side.
    The performer gathers the spread deck, cuts it several times,
turns the faces toward himself, and quickly thumbs through the
deck. “They will run through the remaining cards and engage their
mental processes like this,” says the Mentalist, “much more quickly
than discards would be seen in an actual situation.”
    Having looked at all the remaining cards, the performer states,
“Will someone hold the six cards I didn’t see and check me? If my
memory is serving me today, the cards in your ‘hand’ are the 4D, 8D,
AC, KH, 5S, and 10C. How did I do?” All six cards were named!
    Begin by stacking the deck in your favor. Pull from a shuffled
pack one card of each value; suits don’t matter. Using the random
order of these cards, arrange the remaining cards into three sets in
the same order. Assemble the four sets and you have a deck which
has cards of the same value 13 cards apart throughout the pack.
When this stacked deck is spread, the arrangement will be                 While NOT a card
indetectible, and a series of straight cuts won’t disturb the stack.     trick, this piece can
    Here comes the tough part – after the initial face-up spread,       look like one if you’re
break the deck at the center (cards of the same value will be on the    not careful. Premise
face of each half) and butt-shuffle (faro shuffle) the two packets           is everything!
together. You can do a regular riffle shuffle, but it should be near-
perfect. Repeat for one more shuffle. The cards will now be
arranged, with some minor variances, in sets of four cards of the
same value. This arrangement is ribbon spread, face down, for cards
to be removed from six parts of the spread.
    When you thumb through the cards, even after a series of straight
cuts, the values remain arranged in groups. When you encounter a
group of only three, secretly downjog the odd-colored card; it’s the
color-mate to one of the withdrawn cards. Cut the pack, stripping
the down-jogged cards to the face of the pack. Name the missing
cards by calling out the value and opposite suit of each of the six.

                         Lee Earle

                         Duplicitous Business
                            Speaking to a service club group (such as Rotary, Lions,
                        Kiwanis, etc.), the Mentalist claims, “Our seemingly random choices
                        may not be as unique as we think. I’ll demonstrate if I may first get
                        a business card from each of you.” He holds up one of his own and
   This piece was       explains, “The cards should have blank backs, like this one. Please
devised to provide an   hand them to me blank side up.”
excuse for gathering        Gathering and mixing the business cards, the performer turns
                        the top card face-up and reads aloud the name on the card. That
  business cards to
                        person is asked to write, on the blank side of his business card, any
build a mailing list.   word which comes to mind. The card is placed, writing side down,
                        on the table.
                            This procedure is repeated with a second participant, who is
                        asked to make a sketch or drawing on his business card. That card
                        is placed directly beneath the first card, on the table.
                            Looking at the printed side of one card, the performer says,
                        “Stereotypes are often based in fact. This gentleman’s card
                        announces that he is a realtor. I've determined that means he’s
                        likely write a word like ‘downspout’ on his card. Let’s see.” His
                        card is turned over to show that very word.
                            “Someone who is an attorney,” continues the Mentalist, reading
                        the printed side of the second card, “would probably draw a toy
                        train.” The card is turned over to show a sketched locomotive!
                            Cut a blank-on-both-sides business card from white card stock,
                        but make it just a fraction of an inch longer than the standard 31/2"
                        length. This is the ‘business card’ which you pull from your wallet
                           to illustrate what you need from the audience.
                                     One final requirement is a small pellet of soft wax. As
                                     you gather the cards, find two of them which are printed
                                      on white stock and use the wax to covertly stick them
                                      back to back, making an instant double-faced card.
                                      ‘Mix’ the cards to place your double-blank directly below
                                     the improvised double-facer on top.
                                        Memorize the name on the top card, the uppermost
                                  face of the improvised double facer. Turn it over and read
                             aloud the name which is now face-up. Ask that person to come
                        forward to assist. You apparently turn his card blank side up, but
                        actually do a double-lift (made easy by the long, double-blank
                        second card).
                            Hold the packet with the fingertips of each hand at the ends of
                        the cards, with your double-blank facing the participant. Ask him
                        to print, in block letters, any word which comes to mind.
                            Turn the packet to the horizontal so his writing is facing down
                        and then perform a glide move (see worm’s eye view, left) in which
                        you appear to draw the bottom card off the packet but really remove
                        the double-facer, second card from the bottom. Place it on the table.
                                                   Please turn to DUPLICITOUS, page 128

Editor’s Desk

Welcome Competition!
    Mark Strivings unveiled his new all-Mentalism lecture in
Scottsdale, AZ last week. This student of Ted Annemann’s writings
has tweaked, transformed, and tested some of the best, developing a
workmanlike mix of material. I predict the lecture be well received.
    At present, Mark is putting the finishing touches on “Mobile
Mentalism,” his anthology of material for walk-around performers.
He has contributions in hand from some very recognizable names
(Docc Hilford, Terry Nosek, E. Raymond Carlyle, et al). Add a
pair of videos, to be released through Flora & Co., and (pardon the
pun) he’s making a Mark in Mentalism.
    Belated thanks go to P.E.A. president Elliott Black for his superb
hospitality during my family’s visit to Chicago last fall. We were
there to observe my son’s graduation from U.S. Navy recruit training
and Elliott insisted that we share his nearby house. Measure my
wealth in friends and I could ransom a king!
    If you’re still interested in Larry Becker’s “Casino Royale” effect,
the only place it’s available now is from Viking Mfg., 4619 South
Highway 281, Edinburg, TX 78539, (210) 380-3929. They make the
piece for Larry and still have a few left.
    Phil Goldstein wants you to know that an alteration was made in
the mnemonic consonant substitution table for his piece in the last
issue. The lists were shortened and the title was changed, too. The
line directly below the masthead graphic explains it.

DUPLICITOUS, continued

    All will assume that his writing is on the underside of that card.
    Rotate the packet of cards so that the word just written faces
directly toward you. Thumb the card off into your right hand with
the blank side toward the audience. Pretend to read aloud the
name you memorized earlier as you glimpse the first participant’s
    Replace the card, blank side up, on the packet. Hold the packet
as before while the person named draws on ‘his’ card.
    When he’s through, turn your head to one side as you thumb the
top card, still drawing side up, onto the table, sliding it beneath –
and completely aligned with – the other tabled card.
    Gaze at the printing on the upper of the two cards, make an
appropriate remark, and reveal the word which was written. To
verify your success, pick up both cards at one end, fingers on top,
thumb beneath. Rotate your wrist and spread the cards. You
probably recognize the venerable two-card monte move (right).
    Hold up the double-blank, word side toward the audience,
allowing the audience to see it. That’s when you view the drawing,
the one they think is on the underside of the tabled card. Slide the
double-blank beneath the double-facer on the table which puts the
cards in position to repeat the procedure, to reveal the drawing.

                                                                          Volume 2, Number 10
                            Richard Webster                                          Issue # 28

                            Pin-Up Postcard
                               “At least 90% of what we know,”
                            asserts the performer, “comes to us
                            through our eyes. And 100% of what we
                            think is reflected back through those same
                            eyes. That’s why Aristotle Onassis always
                            wore dark glasses when conducting
                            important negotiations and refused to do
                            business with people who did the same.”
                               Picking up a selection of picture
                            postcards, the Mentalist continues, “A
                            psychologist named Eckhard Hess devised
                            an interesting experiment. He showed test
                            subjects a series of postcards, all but one of
                            which bore photos of landmarks and monuments. The remaining
                            postcard was imprinted with a photograph of a scantily clad model.”
                               The group of postcards is handed, picture side down, to a
                            participant who is asked to mix them so no one will know which
                            card is the revealing-but-tasteful pose. He’s told, “I will show these
                            cards to you one at a time. Keep your expression as neutral as
                            possible, giving no outward clue as to which photo you’re viewing.”
                               The Mentalist holds the packet of postcards, picture sides
                            toward the participant. After a moment he announces, “The first
                            picture sparks no response,” and transfers one card from the face to
                            the back of the packet. He continuously repeats the same action,
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            each time saying, “You’ve still not there yet...another travel
    Copyright©1997          photo...more scenery...Yes! Now you’re looking at the beautiful
   All rights reserved.     woman.”
         SYZYGY                The face postcard of the packet is shown to the audience. It is,
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       indeed, the pin-up photo!
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301         Any red-blooded male, when looking at the postcards one at a
                            time, cannot conceal when the sexy photo is before his eyes. In fact,
  602 / 247-7323 voice      his eyes will give him away by dilating
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   (the pupils of his eyes grow larger)
                            when he sees the provocative pin-up.       Richard has written
        E-Mail:                As insurance, for when your             several books for the
    LeeE7@aol.com           participant is not interested in zaftig     general public, too.
                            beauty, the pin-up postcard is also        His latest is work is
     World Wide Web
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    “punched” to provide a tactile clue. A       “Oghams, Omens,
                            thumbnail, firmly pressed against the          and Oracles.”
   Subscription rates:      back of the postcard, will raise a small
    $38.00 per year         bump on the face of the postcard.
                            Mark two diagonally opposite corners. Not one to take chances,
                            Richard throws caution to the wind and runs a straight pin through
   US$48.00 per year
                            the card’s corners, creating a “punch” which can’t be missed!
   Overseas (airmail):         When working small audiences, service club breakfasts for
   US$55.00 per year        example, Webster repeats the experiment with the audience
                            determining when the participant is viewing the babe. It works!
  Single issues: $2.50
Dave Arch

Double Divination
     “Students of astrology,” begins the Mentalist, “have long held that
one’s date of birth can be an indicator of personality and capabilities.
We are all familiar with the simplest of these categories, the Sun
Sign. Newspaper astrology columns use these groupings when
offering their daily advice.”
    The performer tears the top sheet from a pad and hands it to his
participant, saying, “If you’re not already aware of your sun sign, you
can find it by referring to the table in the black section at the bottom.
Once you’ve found your sign – Libra, Capricorn, or Virgo for example
– write it down in the center of the circle.”
    “Think of your sign. Can you spell it in your mind? I get the
impression of an ‘R’. Is that letter in your sign? Yes? How about an
‘I’? No? Perhaps a letter shaped almost the same. Could it be a ‘T’?
Yes? You must have been born a Taurus!” The participant agrees.
    Readers familiar with Ray Grismer’s “What’s Your Sign?” will
immediately recognize the strategy upon which this presentation is
based. With Ray’s blessing, Dave Arch’s combination of two different
letter sequences (useful for an instant repeat when performing for
couples, for example) with the hidden-in-plain-view method for
concealing the cribs makes this approach unique.
    This form, and a center tear, is great for getting pre-show
information. Your participant writes his sign and a random word,
then quarter-folds the paper. You divulge his sign, then center tear
the paper, telling him you’ll save the other word for your stage show.
    The six lists across the top supply the letters called; use the first
letter in each word. Work them across, in this order: Relational,
Intuitive, Actualizing; Stabilizing, Unified, and Gregarious.
    A “yes” response moves you to the next list while a “no” directs you
to get your subsequent letters from within that list. Then use the
                                                                              Your printer can
first letter of the descriptor following each sign, a “yes” moving you to
                                                                              photograph this
the line below and a “no” stopping you on the correct sign. If you
                                                                            artwork to reproduce
reach the end of any list, you’ve found the sign, regardless.
    For example, Virgo would get yesses for ‘R’ and ‘I’, but a negative
                                                                             “4-up” on a single
response for ‘A’. Your next letter called is the letter ‘S’ (from
                                                                             page, to be printed
Sensitive). The participant says, ‘No’ and you’ve found his sign.
                                                                               and bound into
    The second crib is found in the words below each graphic element.
                                                                              pocket-size pads.
The four longest words (taken clockwise: Inspirational, Responsible,
Sentimental, and Conscientious) supply the sequence as long as the
response is “yes”. When a letter gets a negative response (or you’re in
the final, Conscientious section) begin advancing clockwise one
illustration at a time to get each subsequent key letter.
    Here’s the big difference – A second “no” directs you to the prior
illustration (counterclockwise) for the correct sign. As before, when
you reach the final illustration in a list without a second “no,” (you
can tell because the next graphic has one of the long words beneath
it) that final illustration is the correct one.

                 Your Sun Sign Attributes
         RELATIONAL              Cancer - Tenacious           ACTUALIZING
       Leo - Introspective     Taurus - Compassionate        Virgo - Sensitive
       Gemini - Practical                                   Scorpio - Aggressive
      Pisces - Affectionate
                                 Aries - Harmonious            GREGARIOUS
        STABILIZING                                           Aquarius - Timid
      Capricorn - Logical                                   Sagittarius - Friendly
        Libra - Caring

                              TRUSTY        INSPIRATIONAL

                UNIQUE                                           ABLE


CONSCIENTIOUS                                                            RESPONSIBLE


                              AWARE           SENTIMENTAL
Editor’s Desk

The New Year Bodes Well
     New England readers can attend the SYZYGY’s BEST! lecture on
Saturday, February 23rd, 10:00 a.m., at the Magic Art Studio in
Watertown, MA. Call John Henry Flood for info: 617 848-7690.
     The trilogy is complete! Herb Dewey, co-author of “Red Hot Cold
Reading” and (it can finally be acknowledged) “King of the Cold
Readers” has compiled a third, very impressive volume entitled,
“Psycho-Babble.” Herb, with the editing assistance of Roy Miller,
has produced the first ‘must have’ book of the new year. Within its
104 perfect-bound, 81/2 x 11 inch pages, one will find an assortment
of tips, tables, techniques, and teachings for cold readers at every
level of the art. “Psycho-Babble” is available direct from Herb Dewey,
304 Unity Lane, Annapolis, MD, 21402. It is a good value at $48.00
postpaid to U.S addresses and US$50.00 elsewhere.
     Canada’s Paul Alberstat phoned to advise of an interesting
opportunity. His associates are planning an all-Mentalism production
which will require up to four additional performers. They’ll need to
see your stuff on video,VHS (NTSC - U.S. & Canada standard) only,
please. Call for details first, at (403) 720-0687, or post e-mail to
     Scott Shoemaker has original issues of Bascom Jones’
MAGICK available, either singly or in bunches. If you’re looking to
fill in the voids in your collection, telephone Scott at (412) 789-9252.
     “Stunners - The Mental Magic of Larry Becker” was an instant
sellout as a $225.00 hardcover back in 1992; the same result is
inevitable now that the book is available in a soft cover edition at
$89.50. Check your local dealer or contact Larry Becker at P.O. Box
6023, Carefree, AZ 85377, or call (602) 488-0980.
     Public Broadcasting System’s “Nova” television program recently
featured a mellow, less strident James Randi debunking spoon-
bender Uri Geller (again!), Phillipino psychic surgeons (again!),
religious revivalist Peter Popov (again!), and assorted Russian
psychics and faith healers. Ray Hyman put in an impressive palm
reading guest appearance. It was an intelligent and well-produced
documentary pieced together from a number of previously broadcast
segments. But it won’t make any difference.
     Bob Cassidy reprised his lecture (from the Psychic Entertainers
Association convention in Seattle) at the Magic Castle recently, and to
great reviews. His cabaret act is booked to play a week there this
February. Catch it if you can; Cassidy’s one of the best.
     Steve “I’m tired of them forgetting my last name” Shaw has made
a change which should help cement a more memorable image in
peoples’ minds; he’s now booking himself under the pseudonym of
Steve Banachek and will eventually use the surname only.
     Ray Grismer’s January visit to Phoenix included an unplanned
gall bladder surgery. He’s on the mend now, back at Box 1, Silverton,
ID, 83867. I warned you about those home-fries, Ray!!!

                            Robert Waller

                            What’s Her
                                According to Mary Kay Cosmetics, the shape of a woman’s
                            lipstick is directly related to her personality.
                                While a seemingly infinite assortment of outlook-affirming lip
                            shades crowd the cosmetic counters, only eight basic shapes
                            emerge after a lipstick is put to use.
                                Barbara Templeton, senior sales director for Mary Kay in South
                            Carolina, developed this information years ago for a psychology
                            class assignment. At that time, she surveyed more than 100
                            women concerning their lipsticks and personalities. The
                            correlations were later fine-tuned using a more extensive
                                Templeton claims her findings, while unscientific, have been
                            verified repeatedly over the years by women across the globe.
                                A. The Original: Follows the rules; shuns attention; mildly
                            reserved; prefers a schedule; self-conscious.
                                B. The Peak: Curious; seeks
                            attention; mysterious; big ego;               Robert found this
                            faithful; tooks for east route; loves life.   information in a
                                C. Ths Silo: Even-tempered;             column on the front
                            peacemaker; steady; likable; generous.
                                                                        page of the women’s
                                D. The Flat Top: Direct; high
                            morals; seeks approval; careful about
                                                                             section of the
                            appearance; dependable; conservative;         Arizona Republic
  Edited by: Lee Earle                                                        newspaper.
                            quick mind; loves challenges.
    Copyright©1997              E. The Spire: Loveable; family
   All rights reserved.     oriented; motivated; takes charge;
         SYZYGY             domestic; exaggerates occasionally; stubborn over little things;
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       gregarious.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                                F. The Ski Jump: Creative; enthusiastic; energetic; thrives on
       Telephone:           attention; helpful; talkative; needs a schedule but dislikes it.
  602 / 247-7323 voice          G. The Slope: Opinionated; high-spirited; dislikes schedules;
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   selective of friends; outgoing; likes attention; argumentative.
                                H. The Dip: A great detective; makes friends easily; inquisitive;
        E-Mail:             adventurous; complex; exciting.

     World Wide Web

   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year

   US$48.00 per year

   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year

  Single issues: $2.50
Mona Santow

KOLD Radio Readings
    Editor’s Note: This is a delightful utilization of resources which
would probably never occur to most of us. While not a full-time
performer, Mona tapped her background in advertising and mass
media in a way which should be the envy of professional Mentalists
and will delight a cold-reader’s heart.
    During her first few days in a new employment situation, Mona
sought a way to build a rapport with her associates in an office
environment which seemed built to prevent it. Each staffer had his
or her own private cubicle, computer, telephone, etc., separate and
apart from every other employee, effectively isolating each staffer
from the others.
    “I consider myself a good judge of people and their choices,” she
said one day to a co-worker, “and it’s clear that you are someone
who is very much in tune with environmental issues. In fact, you
probably drive a safe, imported car and prefer wine with your
meals. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a vegetarian.”
    It took her fellow employee some time to recover from the shock
of this highly accurate mini-reading.
    With one associate after another, Mona managed to get ‘hit’
after ‘hit’ with tailored cold reading lines so precisely targeted that
other employees were awestruck.
    The source of her information is surprisingly mundane.
    As she moved throughout the office complex, she heard the quiet
murmur of broadcast radio music. In fact, most of the office
employees had radios playing softly in their subdivided office
spaces, some tuned to easy listening stations, others to progressive
jazz, soft rock, or all-news & talk.
    It was this information which she finessed into those
killer cold readings.
    Market research is conducted to determine what type of              53 60 80 100 130 160
person listens to each radio format. These surveys are quite
specific, detailing household income range, disposable                  88 92 96 100 104 108
income, political attitudes & voting preferences, age, and
many, many other factors for every radio station and
broadcast format in any advertising market.
    Mona is quite knowledgeable about these radio station
demographics and used them to spectacular advantage. For
the rest of us, there is a publication produced by the
Standard Rate and Data Service (in the reference section of
most public libraries) which lists all the radio stations in a
particular geographical area and the demographic categories
to which their broadcasts appeal.
    Once Mona heard a station’s call letters (and, sometimes,
just the broadcast itself), she could make some amazing
generalizations regarding her associates.
        Continued from other side of flap                      Psychologists consider handwriting a
❑   Pride: Personal standard of conduct                     movement that reveals your innermost
    and achievement.                                        characteristics – an expressive movement.
❑   Procrastination: Habit of putting off                   No matter how hard you try, it is virtually
    something until a future time.                          impossible to conceal or disguise your
                                                            personality traits by intentionally altering
❑   Resentment: Indignant displeasure
                                                            your handwriting.
    from a sense of being injured or
    offended.                                                  Graphoanalysis is a valuable aid in any
                                                            area where a keen knowledge of human
❑   Responsibility, desire for: Wish for
                                                            behavior is important. It is widely used in
    greater opportunity or trust.
                                                            the home, education, guidance counseling,
❑   Sarcasm: Use of cutting and caustic                     personnel and employment work, business
    remarks.                                                management, police work, and suspect
❑   Secretiveness: Tendency to conceal                      document cases.
    facts from others; keeping of                              It goes without saying that nearly
    confidences.                                            everyone can be happier and more effective
❑   Self-consciousness: Unduly aware of                     in his relations with others if he has a
    self.                                                   better understanding of human nature.
                                                                                                              ...character assessment
❑   Self-deception: Tendency to form                        Graphoanalysis can bring you this better          as revealed by
    opinions from insufficient evidence.                    understanding of people.                          your handwriting
❑   Sense of Humor: Ability to discover
    the incongruous in ideas, situations,
    and events.
                                                              For Information, Contact:                    This brief analysis (or candid shot
                                                                                                           analysis) of your handwriting gives you
❑   Sensitiveness: Readiness to feel a                                                                     the most obvious traits as revealed
    hurt or slight.                                                                                        through Graphoanalysis, the scientific
❑   Vanity: Overestimation of self.                                                                        system of handwriting analysis.

                                                                                                           A detailed Graphoanalysis or telephone
    Comments                                                                                               consultation may be obtained from the
                                                                                                           Certified Master Graphoanalyst whos
                                                                                                           name appears on this form.
                                            sheet. The other side
                                            used by “legitimate”

                                             page. Learn from it.
                                              is on the following

                                                                                                                       Prepared for
                                               This brochure is

                                               analysts as a tic



                                                                                                                       Prepared by

                                                                                                           CERTIFIED MASTER GRAPHOANALYST
How You React to Emotional                     Your Goals                                    Other Important
Experiences or Situations                      ❑   You like to plan for the future. Your     Characteristics
                                                   goals may or may not become realities     The personality characteristics listed below are neither
❑   You are usually very reserved and
                                                   depending upon other influencing          “good” nor “bad” in themselves. Each characteristic
    unresponsive. This may be a result of                                                    becomes meaningful only when carefully evaluated with
    self-interest.                                                                           all others present in a personality.
                                               ❑   Your goals are more practical and         ❑    Acquisitiveness: Wish to acquire.
❑   You appear calm and collected; under
                                                   within your reach since you like to       ❑
    most circumstances you tend to act                                                            Aggressiveness: Ability to invade
                                                   have assurances of success.
    objectively.                                                                                  new fields of activity.
                                               ❑   You underestimate your capabilities,
❑   You will react with consideration and                                                    ❑    Broad Mindedness: Willingness to
                                                   satisfying yourself with less than your
    empathy, modified with common sense.                                                          tolerate the ideas of others.
❑   You are warm and responsive – but                                                        ❑    Details, attention to: Care in regard
    seldom to extremes.                        How You Achieve                                    to details.
❑   You are very responsive and inclined to    Your Goals                                    ❑    Dignity: Quality of being worthy of
    react immediately.                         Will Power:    Ability to direct yourself
❑   Others may find it difficult to know                          toward a goal.             ❑    Diplomacy: Tactfulness in dealing
    how you will react, for you may react in                  ❑ Weak to moderate
                                                                                                  with people.
    several of the above ways depending                                                      ❑    Domineering: Tendency to be
                                                              ❑ Moderate
    upon the circumstances.                                                                       overbearing and authoritarian.
                                                              ❑ Moderate to strong
How Emotional                                                                                ❑    Enthusiasm: Ardent inner force that
                                               Determination: Ability to finish assigned          creates interest and action.
Experiences Affect You                                            task.
                                                                                             ❑    Fluidity: Ability to think smoothly.
❑   Experiences are felt at the time, but                     ❑ Weak to moderate
                                                                                             ❑    Frankness: Honesty or candidness in
    they do not leave a lasting impression.                   ❑ Moderate                          speech.
❑   Emotional experiences remain for a                        ❑ Moderate to strong           ❑    Generosity: Willing to give or share.
    period of time but are moderate and in
    time will fade.                            Your Imagination                              ❑    Independent Thinking: Setting
                                               You have the ability to create mental              one's standard of behavior regardless
❑   Emotional experiences are felt deeply
                                               images that are apart from the material or         of custom.
    and leave lasting impressions.
                                               practical, including the understanding of     ❑    Initiative: Aptitude for instigating
Your Thinking Processes                        ideas, theories, philosophies.                     ideas and actions.
❑   Analytical: You are capable of sorting      ❑ Restricted ❑ Moderate ❑ Active             ❑    Irritability: Easily annoyed.
    ideas and facts to determine their         You have the ability to picture something     ❑    Jealousy: Fear of rivalry.
    value.                                     existing but not actually present.            ❑    Loyalty: Steadfastness to what one
❑   Exploratory: Available information          ❑ Restricted ❑ Moderate ❑ Active                  thinks is right.
    does not satisfy you. You feel you must                                                  ❑    Narrow Mindedness: Inability to
    investigate for yourself.                                                                     appreciate or accept another's point of
❑   Comprehensive: You are quick to            General Aptitudes –                                view.
    understand and often do not require        Cultural Trends                               ❑    Organizational Ability: Aptitude for
    detailed explanations.                            ❑ Artistic     ❑ Manual Dexterity           putting ideas or things in order.
❑   Cumulative: By slowly accumulating                ❑ Creative     ❑ Showmanship           ❑    Persistence: Aptitude to continue
    information, you are capable of                                                               steadfastly.
                                                      ❑ Literary
    reaching more accurate conclusions.                                                                  Continued on other side of flap
                                                                         Volume 2, Number 11
                            Christopher Caldwell                                    Issue # 29

                            Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!
                                “At one of those shopping mall movie
                            studio theme stores,” explains
                            the Mentalist, “I found this...”
                            A small bag, marked with the
                            Warner Brothers studio logo, is
                            deposited on the table and a
                            pack of “Looney Tunes” playing
                            cards is removed from it.
                                The performer continues, “All
                            my life I have enjoyed the colorful
                            antics of these cartoon characters.”
                            He withdraws several cards from
                            the pack and places them, face up, in
                            a pile on the table.
                                “Here’s Wiley Coyote, Acme
                            company’s best customer,” the Mentalist goes on, “the carrot
                            crunching Bugs Bunny...” He removes and descibes several more
                            individual cards from the pack disclosing, “These are my ‘Top Ten’
                            personal favorites.”
                                “Among these zany ‘toons’ is the one with which I identify most,”
                            confesses the Mentalist, “and it’s very hard for me to conceal that
                            crazy affection. You’ve seen all of them, so give me a number from
                            one to ten and let’s see if you’ve discovered my little secret.”
                                A participant says, for example, “Five.” The performer replies,
  Edited by: Lee Earle      “Please take the packet and count down to the fifth card.” That
                            card turns out to be the Sylvester the Cat character.
    Copyright©1997              “I reminded you that one of these is my favorite. And when I
   All rights reserved.     was in the store, I purchased something else with that same face on
         SYZYGY             it.” The Mentalist pulls up his sleeve to show his wristwatch.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       Filling the face is a very colorful portrait of Sylvester.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                                Actually, eleven cards are removed from the deck to be used in
       Telephone:           the packet, but no one counts. As the face up pile of cards on the
  602 / 247-7323 voice      table builds, just make sure the
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   Tweety card is the seventh card dealt          Christopher uses
                            and the Sylvester card is the ninth.           this presentation
        E-Mail:             That puts Sylvester and Tweety,               when his close-up
    LeeE7@aol.com           respectively, third and fifth from the
                            face of the packet. Pick up the packet
                                                                        work brings him to a
     World Wide Web
                            and hold the cards edgewise so that
                                                                        table with children.
                            the face of the packet is vertical.           But it’s the adults
                                Ask your participant for a number        who really respond.
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         between one and ten. If the number is
                            greater than six, place the cards in his hand face down; otherwise
        Canada:             hand them to him face up. For any odd number, have your helper
   US$48.00 per year        count to the card at that number. If an even number is used, your
                            participant transfers, one at a time, that many cards from the top of
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            the packet to the bottom. You’ll use the next card.
                                                                Please turn to TOONS, page 140
  Single issues: $2.50
Mark Edward

The Two Martini Hunch
     The rubber-gloved Mentalist slowly and methodically pours a
careful measure of concentrated battery acid into one of three
identical cocktail glasses sitting on a round serving tray, and
confesses, “It’s amazing the extremes a genuine sensitive will go to,
in order to prove a point!”
    He carefully wipes the last droplet of acid from the lip of the
reagent bottle with a small gauze pad and gently replace the bottle
in its padded shipping container.
     Continuing, the performer explains, “It’s equally amazing how
much effort the same person will expend for a tax-exempt martini!”
With that comment, he withdraws a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka
from a brown paper bag and fills the remaining two glasses to a
level equal with the first.
    “Two comparitively benign ‘control’ elements to accompany one
rather caustic alternative,” remarks the performer, “and all because
I’m bored with bending spoons. Besides, the element of risk
heightens the inner senses to a level which makes a demonstration
like this possible.”
    A member of the audience is asked to come forward for a
moment and is handed a laboratory apron to put on, followed by a
pair of thick, black rubber gloves, and a clear face shield. The
Mentalist advises, “While there is little chance that you would come
into contact with the acid, my attorney insists on these little
precautions. And I know you’ll be more comfortable as well.”
    Pointing to the tray on the table, the performer asks, “Once
you’ve donned the hazardous materials gear, carefully move all
three glasses to different positions on the tray and bring the tray to
me. Be mindful of how you handle the glasses; you can’t tell them
apart. The rearrangement of the glasses on the tray ensures that I,
as well, will have no clue as to which glass contains the flesh-
consuming acid, because I won’t look as you re-arrange them.”              It isn’t so much the
    “Answer me truthfully,” asks the Mentalist, “have you any idea             novelty of the
which two drinks are safe to consume? No? Very well, I’ll take the       premise which makes
tray and you may remove the protective gear to the sound of               this piece appealing
applause from the audience. We thank you for your assistance.”           (it’s an old idea) as it
    With his free hand, the performer removes a wooden clothespin         is the attitude of the
from his breast pocket and clamps it over his nose. “I think you’ll            presentation.
agree with me,” he says to the now-seated helper, “that the aroma
of the acid can be overwhelming.” The participant nods in
    “Now that a sniff is impossible, only intuition guides my hand,”
remarks the dare-devil performer. He reaches for one glass, then
another, finally muttering to himself, “...always go with the first
choice...” He picks up one glass, raises it in a toast, and downs its
contents in a single gulp.
                                 Please turn to MARTINI, page 140

                       Robert Waller

                          Wanderlust,” the Mentalist begins, “is a uniquely human trait.
                      It is the desire to travel – to one’s ancestral homeland, an exotic
                      tropic isle, or just to gain a new perspective – it is a universal and
                      undeniable drive.”
                          While thumbing through a selection of thirty picture postcards,
Robert is a member    the performer continues, “Many people collect postcards as
   of Arizona’s       souvenirs of their wanderings. My wife asks me to bring more home
 Mentalism think-     every time I travel. I suspect she’s not really collecting the
tank, the exclusive   postcards; she just wants proof that I went where I claimed I did.”
    and fabled            Addressing a willing audience participant, the Mentalist asks
Six and One-Half.     her name and continues, “Maria, tonight you will help us plan an
                      imaginary trip. We’ll select our final destination using these
                      postcards. Would you mix them to change their order, please?”
                          After the participant shuffles the postcards, the performer takes
                      them in hand, gives them an additional shuffle, and says, “You will
                      decide where our wanderings will take us, depending on how you
                      answer a few questions. For a twist, you may choose to answer each
                      question truthfully or your answer can be, as they say when
                      referring to certain political figures, ‘at variance with the truth’.”
                          “Before we begin this trip, please say what your preferred mode
                      of transportation will be. Ocean liner? My, how extravagant!
                      Please take the stack of postcards and deal one of them onto my
                      hand for each letter. O-C-E-A-N-L-I-N-E-R.” She deals 10 cards.
                          The performer continues, “Since you’ve chosen to travel by sea,
                      would you rather visit Japan or Brazil? Spell out that choice, too.”
                      She spells B-R-A-Z-I-L, dealing one postcard for each letter.
                          Once again, the performer offers a question, “For a second stop,
                      let’s visit a third world country; will it be Iraq or Yemen?” That
                      choice (e.g: I-R-A-Q) is spelled, letter by letter and card by card.
                          “Let’s see,” remarks the Mentalist, “where our travels have
                      taken us. What is the next postcard? Paris, France. Marvelous. I
                      visited Paris recently and, after a strange dream, even mailed a
                      postcard home. That one. Would you turn it over and read it aloud
                          She reads, “Paris is an expensive city but it’s quite beautiful.
                      The baked goods are even more delicious than I imagined. I predict
                      that you will soon be able to visit the Eiffel tower in person, Maria.”
                          The Paris postcard is shorter and narrower than the 29 others.
                      When you take back the pack to shuffle, cut the Paris card to the
                      top of the picture-side-down pack. Shuffle 9 other postcards onto it.
                      When the pack is pictures-side-up, Paris will be the 21st card. Prior
                      to the performance, quietly learn the name of one woman near the
                      front row and write her name in the message on the Paris card.
                          The chart on page 140 provides your spelling selections. Paste a
                      copy of it to the back of one of those all-black joke postcards such as
                      “Berlin at night.” Remove that card from the stack before the
                      shuffles, remark on it, and put it where you can glimpse the cues.

Editor’s Desk

Not Much Room For News...
     Sad late news: Punx (Ludwig Hanemann) died February 11th,
of complications following a stroke. He was 88.
    SYZYGY’s BEST! lecture dates: Pittsburgh, on March 7* (Mark
Zajicek, 412 793-8070); Detroit, March 9* (Al Ulman, 313 874-2591);
and Columbus on March 11 (David Blevins, 614 224-2929). The *
denotes openings available at intensive workshops scheduled for the
following night, reservations required.
    Mark Edward’s Psychic Revival Network informercial (with
celebrities Nell Carter & Eric Estrada) is being aired nationwide.

TOONS, continued

    Should your helper combatively choose 1 or 10, you can always
spell, “O-N-E or T-E-N” with the deck face up to get to the 3rd card.
    In the bag is a stuffed Tweety plush toy, which is your ‘out’ for
any number over 6. Should your residual magician’s guilt betray
you after the Sylvester watch face disclosure and someone asks,
“What’s in the bag?” you reply, “Sylvester’s lunch!” Show the
stuffed Tweety.
    For another great gag, cover the face of one card with a white
self-adhesive label. Deal this one on the pile and say, “That’s the
voice of all the characters – Mel Blanc!

MARTINI, continued

    His eyes go wide, a painful grimace covers his face, and he
shakes his head like a dog emerging from the rain. Then he says,
“That’s good booze – but it needs an olive!” Whereupon he produces
from his pocket a small jar of cocktail olives, opens it, and eats one.
    “Now for the final choice,” the Mentalist remarks. “It’s easier
with that liquid courage beginning to have its effect.” Taking
another olive out of the jar, he holds it over one of the glasses, and
says, “This one is next.” In quick steps, he drops the olive into the
liquid, brings the glass to his lips, and downs the drink.
    Removing one last olive from the jar, he holds it over the final
glass asking, “Cocktail, anyone?” The olive is dropped into the acid
and immediately begins a bubbling and sizzling decomposition.
    Both the vodka and acid bottles are filled with water (or the
clear beverage of your choice). The third olive is plastic, obtained
from a joke store. It is hollowed out and filled with a crushed Alka-
Seltzer tablet. That’s what supplies the reaction in the final glass
of ‘acid.’
    The small gauze patch which is used to wipe the lip of the acid
bottle is liberally doused beforehand with a few drops of
concentrated Acetic acid (extra-strong vinegar, essentially). It is
left on the center of the tray and supplies the unmistakable acid
fumes which the helper is bound to notice. His non-verbal reactions
alone are worth the effort of this small step.
                                                                          Volume 2, Number 12
                            Alain Nu                                                 Issue # 30

                                “For years,” begins the Mentalist, “dowsers
                            have claimed the ability to locate underground
                            water using a forked twig from a sapling. They
                            say the moisture in the green wood ‘seeks’ any
                            subterranean aquifers.
                                “Many of these ‘water- witchers’ also claim to
                            be able to find buried precious metals or
                            gemstones as well. Claiming that ‘like finds like,’
                            they often ‘sensitize’ their dowsing instrument by
                            rubbing it with a sample of the substance for
                            which they are probing. Others will draw or
                            carve ancient and mystic symbols, representing
                            the elements they seek, on their divining tools.”
                                Taking an eating utensil from the table, the
                            Mentalist continues, “Let’s test that theory.
                            Lacking a forked twig, perhaps this dinner fork
                            will serve. Which ancient symbol would you like
                            to use: earth, air, fire, or water? I’ll draw it on
                            the handle of the fork to set the target.”
                                The performer reaches into his pocket,
                            withdraws some coins, and says, “Here is a
                            handful of quarters – would you please duplicate
                            the mark I made onto one of the coins?”
                                The participant copies the fork’s mark onto a
  Edited by: Lee Earle      single coin after which the performer scoops up
                            all of the coins and drops them into a straight
    Copyright©1997          sided coffee mug.
   All rights reserved.         Next, he places the fork in the cup, business
         SYZYGY             end down, and stirs the coins just a bit.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           When a participant removes the utensil from
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            the cup, the marked coin is now seen to be
       Telephone:           impaled between the tines of the fork!
  602 / 247-7323 voice          Alain’s M.O. is quite simple. While the
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   participant is looking at the handle end of the
                            fork to duplicate the symbol you’ve drawn there, you are busy
        E-Mail:             bending the two inside tines of the fork
    LeeE7@aol.com           to slide over the coin. Since his               Carry a fine-tip
                            attention is on drawing the symbol, the marking pen and a
     World Wide Web
                            misdirection is perfect.
                                When you drop the coins into the
                                                                         few coins and you’re
                            coffee mug, the last coin (which
                                                                           ready to perform
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         happens to be the marked one) is                 this delightful
                            actually dropped so it rests against the          “impromptu”
        Canada:             straight side of the mug with its edge              routine.
   US$48.00 per year        on the mug’s bottom. Thus, it’s quite
                            easy to ‘stab’ the on-edge coin with the split tines of the fork. Be
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            sure to really jam the coin tightly into the fork.
                                Everything else is presentation.
  Single issues: $2.50
Jack Dean

     “People in personal relationships,” begins the Mentalist,
“often develop a peculiar sense about their significant others.
Would any two people in the audience who are a ‘couple’ please
raise your hands?” One pair of volunteers joins the performer
on stage.
    The performer takes a snapshot of the couple, using a
Polaroid™ camera. While the photo is developing, a package of
opaque envelopes is opened and emptied onto the table.
    The performer shows four photos taken previously, each of
an attractive couple smiling for the camera. “Please take each
of the snapshots,” illustrates the Mentalist with one photo, “and
seal it in an envelope, like this. When you’re through, all five
photos will be hidden within randomly selected envelopes.”
    “Please gather the envelopes and mix them a bit,” instructs
the performer, “so no clue remains as to which is which.” He
takes the shuffled stack of envelopes and deals them on the
table in a row.
    Speaking to one of the pair, the Mentalist directs, “Hold
your partner’s hand and move your free hand over the row of
sealed photos until you feel your hand compelled to drop on one of
    When the participant does so, the performer explains, “Stories
abound about lovers, siblings, or friends who have a mysterious
connection. I know of no other explanation.” He opens the envelope
and shows the photo. It is the snapshot of the very same couple!
    The working is simple and direct. After you’ve obtained a
Polaroid™ camera, take 4 photos of couples. Buy a small package
of stainless steel double edged razor blades, a Radio Shack Catalog
Number 64-1895 rare earth magnet (3/16" diameter, 1/16" thick),
and some 1" x 3" adhesive labels. Test that the magnet will attract
the blades. Carefully break two blades in half, lengthwise, to get 4
thin, magnetic shims.
    Conceal each shim behind an adhesive label. Attach the                 Jack knows that it’s
shimmed labels to the center back of the photos, aligned vertically.      always a good idea to
Stack the photos face up and attach the magnet to the back of the           let the participant
bottom photo. It’s this one with which you demonstrate how to              feel responsible for
insert & seal. As you place the photo in the envelope, slide the           his success onstage.
magnet off the shim and allow it to drop into the corner of the
    When you are given the stack of envelopes, find the magnet by
feel and move that one to the bottom of the stack. Turn the stack so
the magnet is in the outer, right corner. As you deal the envelopes
onto the table, draw the center of each one over the magnet. The
only envelope which doesn’t attract the magnet is your target.
Place it second from your helper’s left in the row of five. Just before
he begins to move his hand over the row, adjust the position of the
envelope second from the right. He will almost always drop his
hand on the target envelope. If not, equivoque (verbal control) will
help you guide him to success. See “Payday” in issue #24 for an
example of this strategy.

                        Lee Earle

                        Korano Blanco
                            Asked to picture a playing card,” begins the Mentalist, “it is
                       probable that you would think of either the Ace of Spades or the
                       Queen of Hearts. Those are the two most commonly chosen.
                            “Should you be requested to think of a piece of furniture, more
                       often than not a chair would be your first mental image.
 Think “Word Test”          “Likewise, when queried for a vegetable most people answer,
instead of the term    ‘Carrot’ and for a flower, ‘Rose’ is the usual reply.”
 “Book Test.” That          Picking up a dust-jacketed hard cover novel, the performer
  puts the inferred    continues, “It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that if one were
focus on the target,   asked for a single word, there may be a reply which seems random
   not the device.     but in fact is quite predictable. That’s the reason for using a book.”
                            The Mentalist hands the volume to a nearby member of the
                       audience and asks, “Do you read well in English? Fine. Open the
                       book to any page and satisfy first yourself and then the septics -
                       pardon me, skeptics - that all the words on the page are different.
                       With the possible exception of those words with fewer than four
                       letters, of course.”
                            Paging through the book, the participant agrees that the text is
                       not prepared, as is truly the case.
                              “By the way,” continues the performer, “about how many words
                               are on a page? Two hundred, you say? And how many pages
                                in the book? Three hundred and sixty? So how many words
                                is that, all together? About seventy thousand or so, yes?”
                                   Going on, the Mentalist suggests, “Then certainly you can
                               page through and find a random word. Hopefully one which
                              will present a challenge. Have you found one yet? Good!”
                                 He pulls the top sheet of a Post-It note pad and attaches it to
                            the cover of the dust jacket and says, “Just in case, please print
                           the word in block letters. That way, you’ll be able to put the book
                          down and just concentrate on the word.” Given a ball-point pen,
                         the participant writes his word on the yellow square of paper.
                             The performer retrieves the book and holds it with the Post-It
                       paper facing the floor, “I don’t want to see what you’ve written, so
                       take this dust jacket to act as a screen.” Slipping the dust jacket
                       from the book, the performer hands it, still note side down, to the
                       helper, as he places the book aside.
                            “Concentrate on your word, letter by letter,” commands the
                       Mentalist. I sense the letters G, N, I, Z, A, M, and A. No, wait! I
                       have that backwards. The word is ‘AMAZING!’”
                            Obtain a hard cover book which has a smooth, dark surface. A
                       light colored dust jacket is helpful - it must be white on the inside.
                       With a container of underarm antiperspirant which lists Aluminum
                       Chlorhydroxide as an ingredient, spray the inside front cover of the
                       dust jacket to give it a white coating of the antiperspirant.
                             The coating will transfer just like carbon paper to the dark
                       cover of the book. On a smooth cover, it wipes off with a thumb

Editor’s Desk

NEMCON Greetings
    As I write this on my now-obsolete Macintosh PowerBook 100, I’m
sitting on the edge of my bed at the Holiday Inn, North Haven, CT, at
the NEMCON (New England Magicians CONvention). I seldom work
magic conventions, but this one was an exception and I’m glad for it.
The folks here at the Tom Prete Assembly #127 put on a hellova one-
day event. Haven’t had so much fun in ages.
    The ever-eclectic John Riggs has yet another book in print, this
time published by Jerry Mentzer. Magic from the Ambient Domain
is 81/2 x 11 inches in size, perfect bound, and contains 94 numbered
pages of material with a disparate appeal. How else could I describe a
book which illustrates both balloon animals and PK with a fork? The
fork thing, by the way, is a perfect companion for Alain Nu’s piece, in
this issue.
    It won’t be long before the subscription renewals go in the mail, so
start reviewing the presentations published since issue #15 (the cutoff
issue for last year’s feedback) to supply your nominations for next
year’s SYZYGY’s BEST! If the little number to the right of your name
on each issue’s envelope is greater than 36, you probably won’t get a
renewal notice, but your input is still important.
    Reaction to Fred Rosenbaum’s Chinese Menu piece in issue #25
was so positive that we made arrangements to go commercial with it
as the first SYZYGY Exclusive Release (yes, there will be others to
come). Szechuan Sampler is available now for $50.00 plus $5.00
postage. You must see these fabulous menus to appreciate their
quality. They are virtually indistinguishable from legitimate
restaurant menus. There’s even a take-out menu among
the set. The gift certificates, featuring a Chinese dragon in
red and black wrapped around the page, are gorgeous! You
get three of them, each imprinted with a different price, for
repeat shows. The total is changed depending upon which
four menus are used (you actually get six menus).
    More lecture dates: Omaha, Nebraska hosts SYZYGY’s
BEST! on Friday, March 22nd. Phone Phil “Digger”
Hardiman, at (712) 527-5241, to save your seat at the 7:00
p.m. event.
    The next morning (11:00 a.m.) finds me presenting at Twin Cities
Magic, (612) 227-7888, in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Portland, Oregon is the city where we’ll put SYZYGY’s BEST! on
video tape. David Fredric Ashton, III will be behind the camera
and in the editing suite. The combined lecture & shoot is Thursday
March 28. David is promoting the lecture himself, so if you want to be
part of the fun and in on the action, reserve your place now by calling
him at (503) 727-2654.
    And since, transcontinentally speaking, I’ll be in the neighborhood,
the lecture will be presented in Seattle, Washington on Sunday,
March 31, at 2:00 p.m. Ed Loveland is your contact for that event,
at (204) 631-7516.
                                                                          Volume 2, Number 13
                            Paul Pacific                                             Issue # 31

                                “People often ask me,”
                            confesses the Mentalist, “‘If you’re
                            so clever, why don’t you just pick
                            next week’s Lotto numbers and
                            then retire?’ That question deserves
                            an honest answer, and here it is:
                            I’ve tried – and failed! It’s not
                            difficult to get images of the little
                            balls dropping into the chute, but
                            making out the numbers on them is
                            something else altogether. How does one correct the
                            vision of the mind’s eye?
                                “What I can see,” he continues, “often turns out to be
                            interesting, at least in retrospect. And it does seem that the more
                            one has at stake in the outcome, the more accurate the preview
                            becomes. That’s why, when I mailed my impressions of a future
                            event to your company representative, I included a well-stocked
                            wallet. If my forecast is inaccurate, the cash will be donated to
                            your group’s favorite charity. Talk about incentive!
                                “Will the holder of the stakes join me on stage? Please verify
                            that, several weeks ago, you were sent a sealed envelope
                            containing a bulky object and that this is the very same item
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            sealed in this envelope? If you will tear open the envelope, you will
                            find my wallet inside, which contains a significant amount of cash,
    Copyright©1997          yes? In addition, there is a sealed manila coin envelope which you
   All rights reserved.     should now tear open in order to remove and display the contents.”
                                As the performer holds up the front page of the daily
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      newspaper, the participant unfolds a thin sheet of tracing paper
                            which bears an unmistakable similarity to the newspaper’s layout,
       Telephone:           complete with a sketched image of each photograph!
  602 / 247-7323 voice          The mailed wallet is one of the Himber switching type. Inside
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            one section is a manila coin envelope containing a blank sheet of
        E-Mail:             tracing paper. Before the show, meet
    LeeE7@aol.com           with the recipient and ask him to tear
                            open the envelope and remove the
                                                                             In desktop
     World Wide Web                                                          publishing,
                            wallet. From a duplicate envelope you
http://www.Lee-Earle.com                                                 ‘greeking’ means
                            remove a handful of currency which
                                                                        turning detail too
   Subscription rates:      you will place in the wallet. Your          small to read into
    $38.00 per year         excuse is, of course, that you didn’t feel graphic elements.
                            comfortable sending cash in the mail.
   US$48.00 per year            Concealed beneath the currency is
                            a second coin envelope containing a rough sketch of the
   Overseas (airmail):      newspaper’s front page, complete
   US$55.00 per year
                            with your renderings of the photos. When you open the wallet to
  Single issues: $2.50                                     Please turn to GREEKED!, page 148
Gary Ward

    “There is often a strange, almost magical bond between lovers,”
begins the Mentalist, “one which manifests itself in the most
unusual of ways. Are there any lovers here?”
    A young man and woman near the front cautiously raise their
hands. “Step over here,” instructs the performer, “and we’ll
demonstrate your compatibility. Each of you should take one of             This is a charming
these ‘testing templates’ and hold it in front of you, like a tray.”      compabatibility test.
    Positioning the participants so they face away from one                 With one simple
another, the performer steps between them and says, “From this
                                                                             subterfuge the
point forward, your thoughts and actions will not be subject to any
                                                                               outcome is
visual influence from your partner.
    “Notice that there are six circles on each template,” informs the
Mentalist, “designated with the letters ‘A’ through ‘F,’ and six coins,
a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and silver dollar. Place
your coins, in a random order, so each circle is occupied, like this
(the performer illustrates for each participant). By the way, the
odds are over 700 to 1 against your initial lineups being identical.”
    “These directions,” reminds the Mentalist, picking up a
preprinted instruction card, “will tell you to switch or remove
coins. Pay close attention as I read them.”
    The performer reads from the instruction card:
    1. Switch the positions of the dime and the quarter;
    2. Switch the positions of the dollar and the penny;
    3. Remove the coin on circle ‘F’;
    4. Locate the lowest valued coin and switch it with the
coin directly next to it on either side;
    5. If there is a coin on circle ‘A’, remove it;
    6. Locate the two highest value coins and switch their
    7. If the penny is still on your template, switch it with
the coin directly next to it on either side;
    8. If there is a coin on circle ‘B’, remove it;
    9. Switch a silver colored coin for a copper colored coin if two of
them are directly next to each other;
    10. If there are coins on circles ‘C’ and ‘E’, remove them;
    11. Note which coin remains and what circle it occupies.
    “Let’s see if your minds are para-sympathetic,” the Mentalist
suggests. What coin or coins remain, and where are they to be
found?” Both subjects have, in the same lettered circle, the penny!
    Attach photocopies of page 147 to two pieces of stiff poster
board to make a solid panel which will serve as a tray. Place an
assortment of six coins on each and your preparation is complete.
    When you illustrate how to place the coins, push each tray’s
silver dollar onto one of the “A - C - E” circles, after which each
participant places the remaining coins in a random order.
   A              B              C               D               E                  F

                 Para-Sympathetic Testing Template

       This template is to be used in the Rhine Para-Sympathetic testing
       series to correlate the responses between two individuals or a small
       group of individuals (t<=4). Ideal testing conditions should be obtained
       with (t=2). A delta coefficient of less than 0.05 within group variance is
       considered relevant for the test performed.

Copyright ©1978 by Para-Psi Testing, Inc., Houston, TX                     Form 2397PS
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    This page may appear a little odd; I omitted the usual headline,
gaining three extra lines of text. The change will be permanent.
    Thanks to John Riggs for the idea of using a greeked layout
for the newspaper prediction in Paul Pacific’s piece in this issue.
    Some subscribers received a mailing, with address labels from
SYZYGY, for Ted Karmilovich’s Mother Of All Booktests.
Occasionally and irregularly, you may receive other product
mailings. The dealer supplies the stuffed, sealed, and pre-stamped
envelopes and I apply labels and mail the envelopes. Subscribers
get the benefit of receiving product updates while knowing that
SYZYGY’s subscriber list is never released.
    Look for some killer material from Ted in future issues.
    John Gardner (James Bond author, P.E.A. member, and
SYZYGY subscriber) will undergo periodic maintenance to clean
out an artery or two this month. He’ll be back in circulation soon.
    While on the subject of things surgical, Robert Bluemle (Dr.
Juris) finally let his M.D. take an arthroscopic snip or two on his
gimpy knee. The prognosis is excellent and he’s looking forward to
globe-trotting over to Africa this December.
    Most one-year subscriptions come due soon. This will be the
final opportunity for charter subscribers to extend (for up to three
years) at the original rate. It would be very helpful if renewals
were mailed in before May 15th. That makes planning for the next
year much simpler.
    All remaining Volume One back issues (#1 through #18) have
been assembled into a final 50 sets of Volume One Complete.
There will be no more when these are gone, although a scattered
selection of individual issues will be on hand for a while longer.

GREEKED!, continued

display the dummy envelope inside, the open wallet is
supported by your hand holding the cash. That’s when your
fingers beneath the wallet push the duplicate envelope into the
opposite side of the wallet. The illustration explains it.
    When you mailed the wallet, you placed the coin envelope
under one of the pocket-flaps. Ease it out now so it merely rests
on the face of the open wallet. Close the wallet for a moment,
to get a pen from your pocket. When you re-open the wallet,
you access the other side, the one with the newly inserted
prediction envelope. Ask your participant to write the
total of the cash on the envelope, place the currency on top
of it so the bills overlap the end of the wallet, and flip the
wallet closed. The protruding currency provides a perfect
marker to indicate which side of the wallet to open on stage.
    Slip the wallet inside the now-empty cash envelope and seal it.
Return the entire package to your participant to keep and bring on
stage during your program.
                                                                         Volume 2, Number 14
                            Ted Karmilovich                                         Issue # 32

                            Bold & Beautiful Prophecy
                                The performer points to a front-
                            row member of the audience who
                            is sitting to his extreme left and
                            asks, “Please name a simple
                            geometric design...a triangle?
                            Thank you.”
                                He indicates a second person
                            – front row, center – and asks,
                            “Would you mind stating aloud
                            you choice of any major city in
                            the United States? Let me give you a
                            hint,” the performer pauses, “that leaves
                            out Highland Park.” (When he plays another small town, he’ll use
                            that town’s name. It always gets him a good laugh.) “Newark?”
                            confirms the performer, “Even better.”
                                “To complete the triad,” continues the Mentalist, directing his
                            comments to a third individual seated in the front row to the
                            performer’s far right, “you must name any well-known celebrity
                            whose reputation will be known to everyone here. Cher? Perfect!”
                                Reaching into his pocket, the entertainer informs, “Previously,
                            my impressions were recorded on the backs of my business cards.
                            Here they are.” He withdraws three business cards from his
  Edited by: Lee Earle      pocket and removes the paper clip which holds the cards together.
                            He fans the cards, printed sides toward the audience.
    Copyright©1997              “On the back of one,” he explains, “I recorded a geometric
   All rights reserved.
                            design.” He pulls a card from the fan. “A second card bears the
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       name of a city,” he says as another card is withdrawn from the fan.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      “The third card records the name of an actress,” says the
                            performer, as the fan’s final card is taken in the other hand.
       Telephone:               The Mentalist asks each of the participants to stand. He hands
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   one of the cards to each person, then says, “Please read, silently,
                            what is written on the backs of your cards. As I recall, the choices
        E-Mail:             were Cher, Newark, and a Triangle,
    LeeE7@aol.com           correct? If the prediction you are
     World Wide Web
                            holding is 100 percent accurate, please Ted is the creator of
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    be seated and lead the applause.”           “The Mother Of All
                                All three participants take their      Booktests” which is
   Subscription rates:      seats and begin clapping!                  destined to become a
    $38.00 per year
                                The working is simplicity in itself; classic of Mentalism.
        Canada:             each business card bears the same
   US$48.00 per year        prediction: “One of the choices will be
                            a TRIANGLE.” Re-read the presentation to appreciate the double-
   Overseas (airmail):      speak which makes this piece work. As far as the participants are
   US$55.00 per year
                            concerned, the cards just got mixed up when you distributed them.
  Single issues: $2.50                         Please turn to BOLD & BEAUTIFUL, page 152
George Kirkendall

Four on a Date
    “Numerology,” begins the Mentalist, “is the art, some would say
science, of using numbers to determine one’s aptitudes,
capabilities, and options. Each of us is said to have a unique
number to which our personality ‘vibrates’.”
    Tearing a no longer needed page from a wall calendar, the
performer suggests, “Let’s find your personal number for this          George has taken an
month. Please outline a square of numbers which is four dates           ancient principle
wide and four dates deep. The result will be a group of sixteen         and has crafted a
numbers, four on a side.”                                                   delightful
    The performer writes something on a piece of paper which he        presentation. Try it!
places, writing side down, to one side saying, “I’ve written my
educated guess as to what your number might be. We’ll see later if
that estimate is correct.”
    Handing the participant four coins, the Mentalist instructs,
“Place one coin on any date within that square. Good. Here’s a
pencil. Please draw a line through every date in the same row as
that coin. And while you’re at it, draw a line through every date
which is in the same column as the coin.”
    Once the lines are drawn, the performer continues, “Deposit a
second coin on any unmarked date and repeat the procedure of
marking out dates in the same row and colum.” The participant
does so.
    In a final instruction, the entertainer requests,
“Now do the same with the final two coins, making
sure no coin goes on a marked date.”
    The Mentalist concludes, “Your random
placement of those coins has guaranteed a
selection of four numbers unique to your mood at
this moment. Please remove the coins and
calculate the total of those four numbers which
they covered.”
    The participant adds the four figures and
reaches a total.
    “You’ll remember that, before you even
began randomly choosing numbers, I made a
notation which was placed aside? Would you read it now,
    The number, written on the paper, is exactly the same as the
total calculated by the participant!
    George has been doing this stunt for years and it’s always one
which people talk about. The method is quite simple. Once the
participant has outlined a 4x4 square of dates, mentally add the
dates in the four corners of the square and write that total on your
prediction paper. The rest of the handling is automatic.

                        Pierre Barry

                        Blow Out the Candles
                            Addressing the table of diners, the Mentalist asks, “Is anyone
                        here celebrating a birthday? No? Is anyone about to? No? Has
                                     anyone recently celebrated one? Yes? Good, I was
                                      running out of options!”
                                         The performer quickly sketches something on an
                                     index card, lays his pencil on the table, and asks the
                                     person who spoke up, “Imagine that you are celebrating
                                     your birthday today. Before you on the table is a large
                                     birthday cake, adorned with the appropriate number of
                                    candles. Can you see that picture in your mind?”
                                        When the participant acknowledges that the image is
                                    in place, the Mentalist continues, “It’s customary for the
                                   birthday celebrant, after making a secret wish, to blow out
                                   the candles on the cake. If all the candles are extinguished
                                   in one breath, then the wish will come true.”
                                        Continuing, the performer says, “I can’t guarantee any
                                  results like that, but I have recorded, on this card, my
                                  impressions of future events. In your mind make a wish
                                 and then blow out most, but not all, of the candles. How
                                 many are still burning? Six? That’s interesting. In your
                                 mind remove all the extinguished candles, leaving only the
                                 burning ones on the cake.”
                                       Handing the index card, drawing side down, to the
                                participant, the Mentalist says, “Once again, remind us how
                                many candles still burn on that birthday cake in your
                            The participant says, “Six.”
                            “Please turn that card over,” instructs the performer, “and read
                        aloud what’s written there.”
                            He reads, “Your wish will come true if you leave 6 candles
A challenging aspect    burning.” Above the text is an illustration of a birthday cake with
    of Mentalism        six candles!
involves finding new        What a novel presentation using our old friend, the swami
presentations for old   gimmick. Or nail writer, boon writer, etc.
 methods. Like this         Pre-write the prediction statement near the bottom of the card,
  one, for example.     leaving a space for the numeral to be filled in. Near the top of the
                        card, as in the illustration, make a sketch of a birthday cake.
                            It’s no trouble at all to add the appropriate digit in the empty
                        space, once the participant announces the number of candles still
                        burning. As he is mentally removing the other candles, turn the
                        card sideways and stroke the number of candles onto the cake.
                        Don’t move your thumb, just place the point of the lead on the cake
                        and pull the card straight to one side, lifting the point from the
                        paper for a moment to create the space between candle and ‘flame’.
                        Repeat for each candle.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    Boy am I red-faced! It shouldn’t have happened and
proofreading should have caught it, but the piece in issue #31, page
146, did not have the contributor’s name at the head of the page.
For the record, PSImpathy is the brainchild of Gary Ward of
Spring, TX. Sorry, Gary. SYZYGY has just transitioned from an
older computer typesetting program to a newer and (of course)
more complicated one. In the confusion, I let the mistake slip by.
    Congratulation to Docc Hilford for landing a lucrative
contract with Jose Cuervo Tequila – 28 one-day promo events.
    John Riggs reports that his new book, The Even Compleater
Fortune Teller is now ready to ship. Eighty pages and chapters on
Blindfold Q & A and Historical Q & A. It’s $35.00 postpaid from
John at: 1004 Craig Road, Knoxville, TN 37919, or call him at: 423
521-6705. I haven’t seen the book yet, but I like everything else
John has produced, so it’s a good bet.
    Portland, Oregon was a superb host city for the videotaping of
SYZYGY’s BEST! David Fredric Ashton, III was behind the
camera for this live-audience shoot. The following evening David
and I sat in the editing suite of Diligent Productions, adding titles
and close-ups where necessary, producing a video exactly 1:59:37
long. If you missed the lecture, here’s your chance to see these
fabulous presentations in performance, complete with all the
handling tips & techniques that come after over 50 lectures. The
full two-hour video is $35.00 in US-VHS and US$45.00 in PAL-VHS
(non-US) format. The tapes will be ready in plenty of time for the
Psychic Entertainers Association’s Meeting Of The Minds in Valley
Forge, PA this June 13-16.
    By the way, the final U.S. venue for SYZYGY’s BEST! is the
Magic Castle, on May 19. As you read this, I am presenting the
lecture in France, England, Scotland, and Ireland through May 12.
After a final swing through Australia and New Zealand (and
perhaps Honolulu if we can work it out), the current lecture will be
retired, to be replaced with selections from Volume Two. So, if you
haven’t sent in your ballot (enclosed with issue #31) for the new
SYZYGY’s BEST!, do it now. The results will be tallied in June.

BOLD & BEAUTIFUL, continued

    Make up several sets of cards, substituting SQUARE, CIRCLE,
and RECTANGLE. Place each set in a different pocket, building a
body index. You don’t need to wait until the end of the presentation
to bring out the packet. Just as soon as you learn the geometric
figure you can casually bring out the appropriate packet and keep it
in view, using it as a pointer when addressing your participants.
    When you fan the cards with the writing toward youself to
recount the three choices, you must appear to read the writing on
the backs of the cards before you pull them out of your hand. This
little ‘sell’ makes all the difference.
                            Lee Earle

                            The Secret
                                Performers, especially Mentalists,
                            are always on the lookout for a place to
                            perform where they can polish their new material without
                            jeopardizing their reputation with current clients.
                                Back in 1978-1981, I discovered a brand-new, untouched
                            market of audiences eager (if not desperate) for entertainment.
                            These venues provided a fantastic opportunity to work the kinks
                            out of my routines and be to paid handsomely as well.
                                As far as I know, it was the first time anyone linked all of these
                            individual locations into one national circuit. There are still few, if
                            any, entertainers who are taking advantage of this huge potential.
                                In only the second year I worked
                            this circuit, albeit as an unknown
                            magicomedian with a one-hour show, I           This article is
                            managed to book 65 one-night dates          excerpted from the
                            over 84 days, across the “sun belt” of      author’s new book,
                            the southern United States.                tentatively entitled,
                            Enterprising Mentalists can do much        “Golden Highways”
                            better, now.
                                It was late 1977 when longtime
                            friend, Chris Allen of Mesa, AZ, suggested that I was missing a
  Edited by: Lee Earle      good bet, figuratively right in my own backyard.
                                For years, the city of Mesa, AZ (suburb of Phoenix) has been a
   All rights reserved.     haven for retired, middle-class folks from those northern U.S.
         SYZYGY             states where the snow piles up deeply every winter. These
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       ‘snowbirds’ come south in mammoth homes-on-wheels otherwise
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      known as a Recreational Vehicles (or RVs) to enjoy the more
                            comfortable weather which Arizona offers. They flock together in
  602 / 247-7323 voice      mammoth facilities which offer, in addition to electrical, telephone,
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   water, and sewer hookups for their motor homes, every feature one
                            could imagine.
        E-Mail:                 Most of these mini-communities offer swimming pools, spas,
                            shuffleboard and tennis courts. They often boast very luxurious
     World Wide Web         recreational centers where
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    hobbies and crafts are
                            available. Many are
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         equipped with nice multi-
                            use rooms with platforms
        Canada:             or stages for residents to
   US$48.00 per year        enjoy square dances,
   Overseas (airmail):
                            bingo games, church
   US$55.00 per year        services, and
  Single issues: $2.50
    At one time the only entertainment might have been a new
square dance caller or a pot & pan novelty band from a
nearby sister RV resort. These were attractive options for
folks who spent all winter playing shuffleboard and
watching grass grow. Today’s RV resorts offer a
greater variety of entertainment alternatives but are
still fertile fields for new ideas and presentations.
    Back in 1980, outside entertainment was so rare
that the Activities Directors at the RV parks were
hungry for something novel. The problem existed,
however, that they also had no budget for bringing in
performers. It was like pulling teeth to get them to
pay a decent fee.
    Only after I adapted a technique suggested to me by
none other than Harry Anderson did the money begin flowing
in. I’ll disclose his method, as well as others, later in this report.
    The good news is that these RV resorts are not limited to
Arizona. California, Texas, and Florida have large concentrations
of seasonal citizens. In Texas they are referred to as “winter
Texans.” Most states have small clusters of RV parks and mobile
home communities which will serve your purposes.
    By the way, these audiences come from a generation which grew
up enjoying the live variety entertainment offered by vaudeville and
burlesque; they are very responsive to good, clean programs. Don’t
even think about doing “blue” or risqué material.
    In the intervening years since I worked the circuit, the number
of RV parks has almost doubled, with the largest of these putting
up to 1,500 people in their auditoriums.
                        Today, the Activities Directors of the RV
                     resorts in some areas form loose alliances and
                      pass the word to one another as to which
                       performers offer good value and which ones
                       should be given the cold shoulder. The local
                        Arizona RV resorts introduced the practice of
                        holding entertainment auditions (showcases)
                          with many of the Activities Directors
                           previewing acts for their resorts.
                              This is good for both the entertainer and
                           the RV resorts because any opportunistic
                           local performers who may eventually try to
                         undercut your prices must show their stuff
instead of merely talking their way into those dates. This practice
also allows a certain economy of scale on the part of the performer,
reducing the initial need for individual contact with each separate
Activities Director.
    You are pretty much on your own when it comes to setting fees,
but it’s a good idea to never charge less a dollar per person based
on the anticipated size of the audience. You shouldn’t be too
apprehensive regarding fees anyway, because you are about to
learn the real secret to maximizing your “take” at these events.
     You don’t need to charge a fee.
     That’s right – in many instances you will be happy to perform
for free. Provided you are afforded the opportunity to “pass the
hat” following your show.
              I know this sounds crazy. That’s exactly what I thought
          when the idea was presented to me by Harry Anderson.
         He, of course, had plenty of experience as a street
        entertainer and felt comfortable working for tips. They didn’t
      call him “Harry the Hat” (a moniker he later used on the
     “Cheers” television series) for nothing. Once I got over my
    shock and surprise at the idea, it began to make sense. The
  most delightful thing about working for gratuities is that there is
 no upper limit on what you can make.
          The Activities Directors have a fund from which they must
        pay for everything from bingo cards to hobby supplies. It
         stands to reason that they are reluctant to spend large
         amounts from this account. On the other hand, if you offer
       to add to that account, by rebating a percentage of your take
   as a “rental fee” for the auditorium, they see your presentation
  as an opportunity to augment their meager activities fund.
        Some RV resorts have a similar policy in place already. You
    must resist the temptation of looking at this percentage as a
     “kickback” or “payola.” Instead, consider how little you would
      make if you didn’t book the show.
          It’s a good idea to put a limit on how much you will be
      expected to pay. After a little experience on the circuit, you
      may even be willing to guarantee an amount. You should
   prefer a fixed figure, even a high one, to a percentage, because
with a percentage deal the Activities Director wants to collect and
count the money first. It’s your money and you don’t necessarily
want someone else counting it for you. Besides, once they find out
how well you are doing, they may ask for a larger cut.
     When setting up a show at which you pass the hat, avoid using
the same receptacles which “everyone else uses.” Coffee cans are
common, as are baskets. The reason for this is simple - you are
interrupting a habit pattern. If audiences are accustomed to
putting in pocket change when the can comes around, that’s all
you’ll get. If, on the other hand, you employ your own more
elegant and somewhat larger containers, your “take” will snowball;
first because of the fact that it’s not the same old thing to put the
money in and second because it never looks full.
     Early on, I developed a great pitch for the end of the show and
the small baskets filled up before they reached all of the audience.
This is not a good thing. People figured that I had made enough
money already and didn’t feel guilty about not contributing. When
I switched to a large container (a large Mad Hatter chapeau over
18 inches tall - several of them, actually) the “take” increased
     One sneaky thing I did when in south Texas was to have
constructed (in nearby Mexico) a number of baskets woven
    especially for taking the collection. The interesting thing was
that the open weave of each basket was such that coins would fall
through the holes. When I made my closing pitch I would point out
this novelty of construction, always with the wink of an eye so that
the audience knew that I knew that they got the message.
    As the baskets were being passed, I went into an “encore” effect
as a “thank you” for the audience’s generosity. Most of the time it
was something fast, visual, and funny.
    Never allow the collection to be made before the performance.
Unless you are willing to accept the habitual dropping of a quarter
                                                                        “Golden Highways” contains
or two into the can at the start of the show simply because that’s
                                                                          a step by step marketing
what the audience is used to doing. Tell the Activities Director that
                                                                         plan which shows you how
you prefer to wait until the audience has seen the show before you
                                                                          to set up your own tour,
ask them to donate. After all, that’s only fair. Why should they pay
                                                                          finding and booking the
for what they haven’t seen? (We know they will like it, but that’s
                                                                         most profitable RV Resorts
the rationale.)
                                                                             from coast to coast.
    One direct benefit about passing the hat is that you are seldom
tempted to “phone in” your show. Because what shows up in the
hat at the conclusion of your performance is in direct proportion to
how well the audience feels they have been entertained, you are
always reminded to be at your best. Likewise, the “take” is a direct
measure of your effectiveness as a performer. Instant feedback.
    And that’s not your only source of income.
    You can easily supplement your fee by offering short personal
readings following your show. Provide a free palm, tarot, or
signature reading with the purchase of every $10.00 pitch book. It
takes just one hour of your time to deliver ten 5-minute readings;
you do the math. Make sure you aren’t violating any local
ordinances – you don’t want the sheriff paying an unwelcome visit.
    Memory loss is a valid concern among senior citizens and a              Find out more about
combination “Total Recall” program and workshop will find an              printing and selling your
eager audience. Harry Lorayne’s Magic Square memory demo,                  own personalized pitch
George Sands’ Sandsational ESP, and my own Memory Stunt from             items from publications by
First Impressions are all workable material. The performance is an      Richard Webster, 22 Mariott
in-person infomercial for your inexpensive books & audio tapes as            Road, Pakauranga,
well as for your workshops in which you teach mnemonic technique.         Auckland, New Zealand.
    A Question & Answer act is also right on target. Expect lots of
queries like, “How safe is our house back in Iowa?” or “Are the kids
and grandkids doing well?” or “Is the diagnosis correct?” or
“Should I sell now?” Remember to use caution, discretion, and
common sense. Save all the billets from your shows and index them
for reference later. It’s solid gold information.
    Use your performance as a vehicle to promote and book Psi
Parties among the residents. Schedule them for the open days
between show dates. The possibilities are endless.
    Whether you are young and unattached, retired and willing to
travel, or just anxious to find more venues in which to practice your
craft, The Secret Circuit is ready and waiting for the enterprising
    Your fortune awaits.
                                                                          Volume 2, Number 15
                            Boris Korvo
                                                                                     Issue # 33

                            Technicolor Trio
                                The Mentalist displays a
                            ‘memo cube,’ a stack of
                            several hundred separate
                            square papers enclosed in a
                            clear plastic container. The
                            first dozen sheets are red, the
                            next twelve are all yellow
                            sheets, and the following
                            twelve sheets are green.
                                Addressing a member of
                            his audience, the Mentalist instructs,
                            “Please take this pen and draw, sketch, or
                            doodle something on the top sheet of this stack of square papers.
                            Artistic skill doesn’t count, only participation. So be creative.”
                                When the participant is done, the performer scrunches the
                            paper into a small ball and drops it into a mesh bag of the type
                            used to keep small items together in a washing machine.
                                Maintaining a lively commentary, he approaches eleven other
                            participants, obtaining a quick sketch from each and subsequently
                            rolling each paper into a ball to be deposited in the mesh bag.
                                The Mentalist continues, “The yellow sheets require any
                            number between one hundred and one thousand, as long as all
                            three digits are different.” One after another, participants are
  Edited by: Lee Earle      requested to write their numbers until all the yellow papers have
                            been written upon, balled up, and dropped in with the others.
    Copyright©1997              “Finally,” says the performer, “when presented a green paper,
   All rights reserved.     you must write a single word. It will help if the word is descriptive
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       of something easily visualized.” As before, audience participants
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      are encouraged to write on the green pages which, rolled into
                            marble-sized pellets, join the red & yellow ones in the bag.
       Telephone:               “By now,” the mentalist teases, “you must be wondering the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            purpose of gathering these random words, numbers, and
                            drawings.” Handing a marking pen
        E-Mail:             and three large pieces of colored
    LeeE7@aol.com           posterboard to the person holding the Boris Korvo wants to
                            papers, he goes on, “Please take one        make sure that full
     World Wide Web
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    paper of each color from the bag and        credit for this idea
                            reproduce their contents on a larger       goes to the legendary
   Subscription rates:      scale on a matching colored                    Robert Nelson.
    $38.00 per year         posterboard. I’ll face away from you to
        Canada:             give you some privacy.”
   US$48.00 per year            When the participant has finished reproducing the selected
                            targets, the performer takes duplicate colored panels in hand and
   Overseas (airmail):      asks, “Focus, please, on each item. First the red – yes!” He draws
   US$55.00 per year
                            something on his red panel.
  Single issues: $2.50                              Please turn to TECHNICOLOR, page 160
Leo Boudreau

Picture Show
    “It was reported recently,” announces the Mentalist, “that the
Pentagon has funded research in remote viewing. The ability to
perceive distant targets by clairvoyant means would have obvious             Leo credits Simon
advantages on the battlefield.                                                Aronson for the
    “In fact, this ability exists in all of us, to one degree or another.   multiple participant
University researchers will ask volunteers to visit local landmarks         pumping technique.
such as museums, airports, and the like, chosen at random by the
volunteers themselves. A test subject remains behind in the
laboratory to record his impressions of the places visited by the
    Choosing three participants from the audience, the performer
continues, “You will visit some of my favorite places, not in person,
but in your imaginations.” He picks up a large photo album which
contains over 60 pages of postcards mounted three to a page, and
flips through the pages showing that no scene is duplicated. The
group of three is asked to page through the book to decide for
themselves a page focus upon.
    One of the helpers is directed to concentrate on the top
postcard, another on the middle scene on the page, and the third
volunteer focuses on the bottom view. “The chances are,” says the
Mentalist, “that at least one of you will be able to project a clear
image of your target.”
    Slowly the performer begins to relate the impressions he
receives, “An image is coming to mind...reflections...a body of
water...flowing. Does that make sense to you? It does? And I also
see giant redwood trees...a tall, delicate waterfall...a building with
a prominent dome.”
    The Mentalist goes on to describe in accurate detail each of the
images being viewed by the three participants.
    It would appear that there is an unlimited selection from
among the postcards in the album. In fact, there are only seven
different pages, each of which bears one set of three postcards.
These seven pages are repeated three times to make a total of 21
pages in the album. When an image is repeated on a subsequent
set of pages, a postcard of the same subject taken from a different
perspective or in a horizontal format instead of vertical is used.
    In order to determine which of the seven pages is the one the
participants are focusing upon, the performer makes only the one
statement about reflections, water, etc. The combination of
participants who acknowledge that there is water in their image
provides the only clue needed.
    Here’s how it works: Since the first participant looks only at
the Top image, let’s call him Tom. The Center postcard belongs to
Cathy, and the Bottom picture is Bill’s. There are seven

combinations of positive responses which are possible when the group
of three is queried: 1) Tom only; 2) Cathy only; 3) Bill only; 4) Tom and
Cathy; 5) Tom and Bill; 6) Cathy and Bill, or; 7) Tom, Cathy, and Bill.
    So when Cathy and Bill acknowledge the presence of water in their
images (Center and Bottom postcards), then you know that group 6 has
been selected and you can proceed accordingly. If only Tom confirms
water, then you are dealing with group 1.
    In this sample crib sheet, each boldfaced subject is reflected in a
pond, has a fountain, or is adjacent a large body of water:

 Page    Top                  Center               Bottom

 One     Seattle’s Space      Pike’s Place         Mount
         Needle               Market               Rainier

 Two     San Francisco’s      Alcatraz Prison      Univ. of Cal.
         Chinatown                                 at Berkeley

 Three The steam clock        US-Canada            Totem pole in
       in Vancouver           Friendship Arch      Vancouver, BC

 Four    Long Beach           S.S. Queen Mary      Disneyland
         skyline              at Long Beach        Park

 Five    Coronado             San Diego Zoo        Veterans
         bridge                                    Cemetery

 Six     Sequoia              A waterfall at       Diablo Canyon
         Forest               Yosemite Park        Nuclear Plant

 Seven Aerial View of         The fountain at      Point Loma
       Coronado Beach         a resort hotel       Lighthouse

    Editor’s Note: Each page’s postcards are from the same
geographical area which allows an easy association of images.
    If you wish to have all the postcards different, you can build
additional, totally different 7-page sets which conform to the same
overall descriptions, but are from a different part of the world (for
example the western U.S., eastern U.S., and Europe).
     The Space Needle (towerlike structure, panoramic view) is replaced
in subsequent sets by the Washington Monument (Eastern U.S.) and
the Eiffel Tower (Europe); Rikers Island in New York and the Tower of
London are prisons surrounded by water (or a moat), just like Alcatraz.
    After learning which generic page within a set the participants are
viewing, you describe the target scenes in abstract terms , “I see a
building with a dome... (Nuclear plant, U.S. Capitol, St. Paul’s
Cathedral).” A glance over your shoulder allows you to see which set of
7 pages is being used. Just observe which section of the scrapbook is
open (Western U.S: first 7 pages, Eastern U.S: middle 7 pages, Europe:
last 7 pages). With that information you can now fully describe the
images in their minds.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    After five weeks touring the lecture through France, England,
Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, I’m exhausted. It’s great to be back.
    The hospitality offered at every stop was second to none. Here
are a few random memories: French host Daniel Rhod navigating
at full speed through Parisian traffic...the delicious home-cooked
meal prepared by Doreen Knott...Glasgow’s Douglas Cameron’s
gift bottle of Deanston single malt whiskey...the guest inn in Clwyd
where Shakespeare stayed...running into Terry Seabrooke on the
train platform at Preston and spending the next 2 hours talking
with him as we returned to London...Balti cuisine after the
Wolverhampton lecture with Peter Jefferies...trading ‘war stories’
with Tony Griffith at Bath... John Budden’s handsome
tuxedo...the memorial service for Peter Warlock at London’s St.
Martin’s in the Fields church... Ali Bongo and Teller (of Penn &
Teller) at the Magic Circle...the tasty buffet laid on at the
Upminster venue, supervised by the lovely Barbara Budden...the
impact of the ‘lost bag’ impromptu lecture at Ilford...yet another
delicious Indian meal with Colin Peters following the
Leatherhead lecture...meeting actor Dennis Franz at The Ivy
restaurant in London...all the shades of green around Ireland’s
Newgrange neolithic burial mound...the photo opportunity with
Dublin’s Lord Mayor...and Guiness Stout!
    Extra thanks go to Morley Budden for producing the tour and
to Quentin Reynolds for hosting us during our stay in Dublin.
The ‘us’ being me and my wife Dawn Earle. She flew over to the
U.K. for a weekend of overdosing on musical theatre (Cats,
Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Starlight
Express, and Sunset Boulevard) before trekking with me to Eire.

Technicolor, continued

    “Say the numbers on the yellow sheet over and over in your
mind – of course!” He pens something on his yellow panel.
“Visualize the green card’s word – I think I have it!” The Mentalist
writes on his green panel.
    “Let’s compare our results,” suggests the performer to the
participant, “Turn your colored panels around so we all can see
them and I’ll do the same.”
    Of course all three items are a perfect match.
    How? The doodles, numbers, and words written by the
participants vanish shortly thereafter because the pen uses
disappearing ink! These pens, which have a purple colored ink, are
found in fabric stores. Seamstresses use them to temporarily mark
fabric prior to stitching. Using a duplicate color of ink, the three
force items are previously written on the undersides of the
appropriate colored papers.
    The mesh bag allows a free flow of air around the crumpled
papers to accelerate the ink fading – a plastic bag would not.
                                                                         Volume 2, Number 16
                            Raj Madhok                                              Issue # 34

                            Melts in Your Mind
                                “There has been a lot of publicity,”
                            begins the Mentalist, “surrounding
                            the new color of M&M’s candy. A
                            national contest was held, with
                            blue being selected as the next
                            color for the hard shell surrounding
                            the milk chocolate.
                                “There were originally five colors
                            available; red, yellow, orange, green, and
                            brown,” continues the performer. He writes on a small, square
                            Post-It note pad, quarter folds the paper, and sticks it to the back
                            cover of a paperback book. The book is turned sticky-note-side-
                            down, and he continues, “Imagine, if you will, that this book is a
                            tray with one M&M’s candy of each color, all in a line. Can you see
                            them? You can? And they call me crazy!”
                                The Mentalist goes on, pointing to each imaginary candy as he
                            names it, “I’ve arranged them rainbow color order. There’s the red
                            one on the end, the orange one is right next to it. The yellow candy
                            is in the very center. The next piece is green and the last candy in
                            the row is the brown one.
                                Asking the participant for his help, the performer says, “Reach
                            out and pretend to pick up one of the candies in each hand. Which
  Edited by: Lee Earle      colors did you select? Brown and red? Hold them for just a
                            moment. I promise they won’t melt in your hand. We should allow
    Copyright©1997          some of the others to indulge their imaginary sweet tooth, too.”
   All rights reserved.     The remaining pretend-candies are distributed among other
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       onlookers.
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          Maintaining the pretense, the Mentalist asks, “Since you hold
                            the brown and red M&M’s candies, which one will you share with
       Telephone:           me? Red? I’ll hold it while you go ahead and eat the one you’re
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            holding so you can tell me one last thing: Is this one a plain or
                            peanut M&M? Peanut?”
        E-Mail:                 The book is turned over and the
    LeeE7@aol.com           Post-It note is removed. It reads, “I
                            sense the last imaginary candy will be This issue happens
     World Wide Web
http://www.Lee-Earle.com    a red, peanut M&M.”                           to feature three
                                Besides using equivoque to select         pieces from the
   Subscription rates:      the color, a second pre-prepared and       group known as the
    $38.00 per year         folded Post-It note is previously          Minnesota Mind Psi.
        Canada:             attached to the book’s back cover. Its
   US$48.00 per year        message is, “I sense the last candy will
                            be a red, plain chocolate M&M.” Because the notes are quarter-
   Overseas (airmail):      folded, it’s a simple matter to cover one or the other when
   US$55.00 per year
                            removing the proper one at the end of the presentation.
  Single issues: $2.50                                          Please turn to M&M, page 164
Earl Keyser

The “IQ” Chart
    “An optometrist,” begins the Mentalist, “can easily determine
your visual acuity using a simple eye chart. To measure what
takes place in your mind’s eye takes a different approach entirely.”
     The performer hands a printed list to a participant and says,
“From among this specially selected set of words, please mentally
select one of them to keep in your mind. Some are easily
visualized like ‘radio’ and ‘flame’ while others are extremely
difficult to picture like ‘exist’ and ‘lowly.’ You may choose either
type to test your projective imagination.
    “Sometimes it helps, when tackling a difficult task, to break it
down into smaller components. Think of only the first letter of the
word in your mind. Here,” offers the Mentalist, handing an
eyechart to his helper, “find that letter and focus your eyes on it.
You may have to search on both sides of the chart.”
    The performer continues, “Good! Do the same with the next
letter - and the next letter. Visualize the fourth letter, locate it
on the chart, and focus on it. Now repeat with the final letter.
    “Having concentrated on the shape of each letter in the
word,” continues the Mentalist, “now visualize the word as a whole
- all five letters. Fantastic! Shift your gaze to my eyes and see the
word spelled in your mind. There is only one word which could fit
your eye movement pattern and it is ‘marsh.’ Correct?”
    The working is in two parts. First the word list, with cues:



    The “Q&I” cues are for your eyes only. Make up a larger,
duplicate list for the participant. Construct enlarged versions of       There’s a bonnie bit
the eye charts shown at the right and paste them back to back.           of Becker and a byte
    When the participant finds each letter in his word on the eye        of Boudreau in this
chart, the top letter on the side which faces you supplies your cue.     clever presentation.
Five successive cues locate, on your chart, the word in his mind.
    In this example, the participant thinks of the word ‘marsh.’
He gazes at his first letter and you see an ‘I’. That locates his word
on the right half of the above list. Looking at his second letter also
shows an ‘I’ which places you on the fourth column. The third
letter gives you a ‘Q’ cue, locating the word in the top half of the
4th column. The final ‘I’ and ‘Q’ narrow the selection to ‘marsh’.

                       Chuck Hickok

                       Verbal Influence
                           “Our purchase decisions,” claims the Mentalist, “are influenced
                       at the subconscious, subliminal level by the size, color, and shape
                       of the package as well as its placement on the store shelf.
                           “Likewise, when we deal with a salesperson, we are influenced
Chuck is the current   by what that person says as well as how it is said.”
  President of the         The performer continues, picking up a packet of 30 or so
Psychic Entertainers   postcards, “A visual choice made from this stack of postcards would
    Association.       involve looking at each photograph to take in color, subject, and so
                       forth. You might prefer this scene of Minnesota’s lakes, or this one
                       of downtown St. Paul. Perhaps your eyes are drawn to a shot of a
                       giant cherry & spoon or to this nighttime photo of a Vikings game.”
                           With a twinkle in his eye, the Mentalist goes on, “But if you are
                       shown only the backs of the postcards, at a distance where you
                       cannot read the captions, your prime influence will be verbal; the
                       sound of my voice, the speed at which I speak, and my choice of
                       emphasis. You will choose one, knowing that your choice is a free
                       one. And you will be wrong. I’ve made a notation on the back of
                       my business card as to your final choice. Let’s test.
                           “As I hold up each postcard with its back to you, I’ll ask the
                       same question in a different way. When you feel the impulse to
                       stop, just say ‘yes’ otherwise, say ‘no’ instead.
                           “Do you want this postcard? Do you want this postcard? Do you
                       want this postcard? Do you want this postcard? Do you want this
                       postcard?” Each time, when the helper decides to reject a postcard
                       being displayed, the Mentalist turns its picture side toward the
                       audience to show that it is yet another different scene, and then
                       places it on the bottom of his stack of postcards.
                           Sooner or later, the participant responds, “Yes.”
                           “What influenced your decision?” asks the Mentalist. “My tone?
                       Emphasis on one word? You’ll be surprised at the outcome. Please
                       read what is written on my business card.”
                           “The Mall of America,” replies the helper.
                           “Indeed,” beams the performer as he turns around the card he’s
                       holding. “Still think you’re immune to verbal influence?”
                           The postcard at which the participant stopped is the only one
                       bearing an overhead view of the Mall of America!
                           Your stack of postcards is a version of the pop-eyed popper deck
                       familiar to magicians - there are 15 different cards and 15
                       duplicates, all trimmed to exactly the same size. Each of the
                       duplicates is attached to the back of one of the different cards with
                       dabs of wax, creating a double card which can be comfortably
                       handled as an ordinary postcard.
                           When one is selected, return it momentarily to the top of the
                       stack as you ask a question, split the two cards apart, and take the
                       top, force card back into your hand for your revelation.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    Two weeks ago, following a presentation of the SYZYGY’s
BEST! lecture at the Magic Castle, Paul Green came by to say
hello. He is marketing a clever new (everything old is new again)
take on the Mentalist’s DateBook routine called, “The
Fortuneteller’s Book of Days.” In essence, the participant’s lucky
playing card is found to have been entered in the DateBook on the
participant’s birthday! There is even a short cold-reading
paragraph for each of the 366 days of the year. The price is right,
                                                                             Wise Words:
$20.00. You can phone Paul at: 818.368.135, or write him at:
                                                                        In every show, make at
11559 Viking Avenue, Northridge, CA 91326.
                                                                        least one participant
    Only saw a part of the Lance Burton television special, the
buried-alive segment, which bore a strong resemblance to a
presentation on video sent to me last year by Steve Shaw. Steve            Norm Van Tubergen
mentioned that, unknown to Burton, a third party was responsible
for the unintended exchange of ideas and that Lance was a real
gentleman about the mix-up. Both men are class acts.
    Mark Strivings squeezed in a couple of lectures just before the
Psychic Entertainers Association’s Meeting Of The Minds, in
Philadelphia on June 10 and in Baltimore on June 11. The early
reviews are good. His Mobile Mentalism book/audio tape package
on walk-around mind reading is now available for $40.00 postpaid
to US addresses. Canadian & Mexican purchasers need to add an
extra $3.00 for postage; those living elsewhere should add $4.00.
Mark’s address is 3309 N. Grandview, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, and
his telephone number is 520 774-0804.
    Docc Hilford’s always surprising Weerd Weekend is set for
September 19-22, not far from balmy Palm Beach, Florida. Write
for information to: Docc Co., P.O. Box 2293, Stuart, FL. 34995.

M&M, continued

    Here are the alternate handlings:
    If he pantomimes handing you the non-red, pretend to pop it in
your mouth and ask, “Are these plain or peanut M&M’s? Plain? So
your final, unconsumed candy is a red, plain M&M?”
    Should the first two candies imaginarily selected not include the
red one, proceed as follows: “Even though they’re different colors,
they should be equally delicious; go ahead and savor their taste.
Before you eat the rest of them, would you share one with me?” If
it’s red say, “While you’re finishing the last two, answer one more
question: are these plain or peanut M&M’s?”
    If you were told it was non-red, ‘eat’ it and then say, “That was
tasty. Of the two remaining, red and (for example) brown, one is
plain and one is peanut. Which is which? And which one do you
prefer?” Should he indicate, by either filling or color, the non-red
one, then say, “By all means, go ahead and eat your favorite.”
However, if he indicates the red candy, then say, “Well, keep your
finger on it, because I’d like another.” And ‘eat’ the non-red candy.
                                                                       Volume 2, Number 17
                            Allen Zingg                                          Issue # 35

                            The Shape of Things
                                As the Mentalist sketches different symbols
                            on the backs of five business cards, he
                            comments, “Anthropologist Angeles Arrien, in
                            her book Signs of Life, suggests that there are
                            five universal shapes found across all cultures
                            and eras.”
                                He places the five cards, symbol side up, in
                            front of the participant.
                                “In addition,” informs the performer, “the
                            author notes that people’s preferences for these
                            shapes is reflective of their current inner,
                            subjective states. I have a copy of those
                            interpretations here.”
                                He produces a folded card, opens it to make a
                            private notation on the inside, and places it face
                            down to one side.
                                “We’ll refer to that information later, but
                            first, please arrange the five symbols in your
                            order of preference, from your left to your right.”
                                The participant does so.
                                Looking at the newly ordered row of symbols
                            between the him and the participant, and after
                            he confirms the order of preference, the
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            Mentalist picks up the printed card and delivers
    Copyright©1997          an accurate interpretation of the participant’s
   All rights reserved.     personality and mindset. Then he says, “I had a
         SYZYGY             hunch about you, and I’ve learned to follow those
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            hunches. You’ll recall that before you
                            rearranged the symbols, I made some notations on this prompter
       Telephone:           card? I think you’ll find them interesting.”
  602 / 247-7323 voice          Marked on the card is the exact order of the participant’s
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            symbol preferences.
        E-Mail:                 Both a reading method and a
    LeeE7@aol.com           mental effect, this should be in every
                            Mentalist’s repertoire. The notations            Use Allen’s
     World Wide Web         on the prompter card, which is                references to the
                            reproduced on the following page for        book and author to
                            you to photocopy and utilize, are            lend credibility to
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         simply tic marks made with a nail
                                                                       this very compelling
                            writer which matches the pen with
                                                                          reading method.
   US$48.00 per year
                            which you draw the symbols. But as
                            in psychometry, it’s the reading which offers the one-on-one
   Overseas (airmail):      entertainment.
   US$55.00 per year            The notations simply validate the reading.
                                                Please turn to, SHAPE OF THINGS, page 166
  Single issues: $2.50
    Where You Think You Are. This position signals the process that has
      your attention. It does not indicate where you actually are right
      now; it shows only where you think you are or want to be.
      Your Strengths. This is an inherent strength in you at this time,
          whether you know it or not. You demonstrate this strength to
          others without effort. The shape at this position indicates areas
          of your nature that are currently strong and resourceful.
          Where You Are. This is the most significant choice, showing
              your true current growth process; what's really going on. It
              indicates where your gifts can be used most advantageously.
              Your Motivation. This position points to past challenges,
                  tests, and circumstances that have motivated your
                  current process of change. It shows where you have been
                  and gives an indication of why you are attending to the
                  work that the shape in position 3 indicates.
                  Unfinished Business. This position identifies a process
                      you have outgrown or one that you dislike, still
                                                                                   This is camera ready
                      resist, or are judging. It relates to unresolved issues      art for your printer.
                      you may wish to put aside but to which you will most          The top two panels
                      likely return and reclaim or reintegrate later.              are folded inside the
                                                                                     card; the bottom
1     2   3   4   5 Circle: Unity. You engage in a search for wholeness and
                                                                                    panel is the cover.
                    aspire to independence and uniqueness. You need room
                    and avoid situations which restrict you.
1     2   3   4   5 Triangle: Goals. You have an innate sense of vision and
                    are intensely focused on identifying and pursuing a goal.
                    Your greatest need is to follow your dreams; your worst
                    fear is having none to pursue.
1     2   3   4   5 Cross: Relationships. This represents a coupling,
                    integrating, and balancing process. You have a strong
                    need for connection to a person, group, or project. You
                    seek supportive relationships while fearing abandonment,
                    loss, and isolation.
1     2   3   4   5 Square: Stability. You are ready to implement a plan
                    and manifest ideas and have a strong need for consistency,
                    accountability, and completion. You want results and fear
                    than nothing will be accomplished, wasting your time.
1     2   3   4   5 Spiral: Growth. Coming to the same point again and
                    again but at different levels so that things are viewed in a
                    new light. You gain new perspectives and exhibit a desire
                    for variety. Very creative, you often initiate projects but
                    have difficulty on follow-through. You fear the routine.

                       John Riggs

                       Tarot Telepathy 2000
                                                             The beautiful female
                                                         ‘sensitive’ sits, blindfolded, in a
                                                         chair placed at center stage.
                                                             Her partner reaches into a
                                                         bowl of folded papers, opens one,
                                                         and reads aloud only the name of
                                                         the person who wrote the
                                                         question thereon.
                                                             Hesitating only a brief
                                                         moment, the lovely medium
                                                         proceeds to deliver an extremely
                               accurate reading to the questioner and concludes by
                              answering the question. At no time does her partner say
                            anything other than the person’s name.
                              Required reading for all Mentalists is the book, “The Mental
                        Mysteries and other Writings of William Larsen, Sr.” In it, there is
                       a chapter entitled Tarot Telepathy in which the approximate age
                       and gender of an audience participant are encoded and verbally
                       transmitted to the blindfolded medium. Simply by prefixing the
                       term “lady” or “gentleman” with “a nice...” or “a very nice...” you
                       encode middle age or old age. No modifier added means the
                       questioner is a young adult. This allows for a reading, specific to
                       that age group and gender, to be delivered and is the first of two
This piece was taken   methods used by John and his partner in this presentation.
from John’s seventh       John has discovered that almost all questions fall into a few
  book, “The Even      known categories such as Love, Health, Career, Travel, Money,
Compleater Fortune-    and Happiness. If the subject matter is known, a generic answer
       Teller”.        can be delivered which, given the circumstances, is quite stunning.
                          The illustration tells everything you need to know.
                          Even though she is blindfolded, the medium can still see well
                       enough to discern her partner’s hand as he holds the question card.
                          Each corner of the opened question card is designated to
                       represent two general topics. The partner holds the card by the
                       appropriate corner to transmit the subject, one finger representing
                       the first subject and two fingers denoting the second.
                          Please note that there is a corner bearing the designations
                       “pass” and “gag.” This corner cues the medium when a trick
                       question is encountered or when an extremely sensitive topic has
                       been addressed.
                          Likewise, three or four fingers holding the paper can be visual
                       cues for “hot” or “cold” when the answer is being delivered.
                          Editor’s Note: For a full review of Larsen’s presentation and
                       access to some wonderful readings, refer to the book. If you need a
                       copy, call GENII Magazine at 213 935-2848 or write to P.O. Box
                       36068, Los Angeles, CA, 90036. It’s the best $35.00 you’ll spend.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    What a weekend! Just returned from the Psychic Entertainers
Association’s Meeting Of The Minds, this time in Valley Forge, PA.
    The strongest memories are of performances - Bob Cassidy
introduced a new term and style to the art: Jazz Mentalism; Tim
Conover showed why he will never be successfully imitated, no
matter how they might try; Anton Zellman’s out-of-venue
infotainment flowed silky smooth; Pascal du Clairmont was
so...so...French!; John Riggs redefined the term “Southern                  Wise Words:
Gentleman”; and Ken Weber, professionally (and pricelessly)
dissected the Friday night show.                                      Fan the flames, don’t
    Lecturers left their marks, too, Joe Marino first among them. flame the fans.
His presentation was first class; a shame he had to compress a
half-day event into just 90 minutes.                                          Marcello Truzzi
    In a late night workshop which ran over into the early hours
Satori revealed some fabulous muscle reading techniques.
    A treasure’s been unearthed in Charlie Buckner, who has the
inside stuff on Dunninger.
    Only bits & pieces of the remaining events come to mind - my
fault, not theirs. Too many friends, too little time.
    Bill Myers and his crew organized an excellent event.
    No fair scooping Roy Miller on everything, so read about the
award winners and new officers in VIBRATIONS.
    You can infer an unqualified recommendation when yours truly
actually buys something. This time it’s a series by Bob Cassidy
entitled Principia Mentalia - Elements of Mentalism. Subtitled
Fire, Earth, and Air, this trilogy (soon to be expanded by one with
the publication this August of Water), is $20.00 per book, each over
50 pages, 51/2 x 81/2 inches, saddle stapled. Order directly from Bob
at 2211 So. Star Lake Road 13-106, Federal Way, WA 98003.
    John Riggs gets one more tip o’ the hat for his new book, The
Even Compleater Fortune-Teller. Eighty, 81/2 x 11 inch, comb
bound pages long, the book is an eye-opening delight to read.
Order from John at (423) 588-9598 or send $35.00 (plus $3.00 for
priority mail) to 1004 Craig Rd., Knoxville, KY 37919.
    Subscription renewals are due now. If you don’t want to miss
any issues, your renewal should be in the mail soon. Also,
remember to cast your vote for your favorite item from the past
year’s issues. It’s from among the top vote-getters that the
material for next year’s SYZYGY’s BEST! will be chosen.
    Speaking of that, the 2-hour lecture video is now available. If
you missed the lecture and are interested to know how well this
material plays, you’ll want to get the video. It’s $34.95 plus $3.00
postage to U.S. addresses. Add $5.00 postage to Canada. The PAL
version for all other countries is $39.95 plus $7.00 airmail postage.
    By the way, if you would like to own a complete set of original
issues and began your subscription after the first year, you’d better
act fast. Fewer than 30 complete sets remain. Volume One,
Complete (with the 3-ring collectors binder) is still $49.95.
                                                                           Volume 2, Number 18
                            Banachek                                                  Issue # 36

                            Mind Over Body
                                “Many years ago,” begins the
                            Mentalist, “Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’
                            described a Buddhist priest who could
                            crack a human skull with the powers
                            of thought alone. How interesting!
                                “We need a volunteer,” continues
                            the performer, pausing for the
                            inevitable reaction, “not for cranial
                            crunching, but for something much
                            more subtle. And I promise to
                            neither harm nor embarrass my
                            helper in any way. In fact, that
                            person will be able to manifest an amazing capability.”
                                After selecting his participant and learning his name, the
                            Mentalist instructs, “Hold your arms directly out in front of you.
                            Close your fists with your index fingers pointing straight ahead.
                            You follow instructions well! Bend your elbows so that your finger
                            tips now touch each other about six inches in front of your mouth.”
                                Checking to see that the directions have been precisely
                            followed, the performer continues, “Next, spread your elbows so
                            you separate your fingers by about two inches. Close your eyes so
                            you will not be visually influenced in any way. In order to achieve
                            success in this demonstration, you must allow yourself to become
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            intellectually inert; think of yourself as a spoon about to be bent or
    Copyright©1997          as a book cover about to be levitated. In other words, put your
   All rights reserved.     mind in neutral.” The participant complies.
         SYZYGY                 “The audience and I will concentrate on your left hand and arm,
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      willing your finger to rise. If you are as receptive as I judge you to
                            be, your entire left arm will elevate.” The performer addresses the
       Telephone:           audience as he applies a light pressure under the participant’s left
  602 / 247-7323 voice      arm for a moment, “Think with me, ‘rise...lighter...float...’ and send
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            those thoughts directly into John’s left arm. Begin.”
        E-Mail:                 As the audience concentrates with
    LeeE7@aol.com           him, the Mentalist says, “We are now        Formerly known as
                            focusing on John’s left arm, seeing it           Steve Shaw,
     World Wide Web
                            in our minds as rising, getting higher.      Banachek is one of
                            We visualize it as clearly as if it were      the world’s most
   Subscription rates:      happening. There it goes, higher and            active psychic
    $38.00 per year         higher! John, open your eyes!”                  entertainers.
                                The participant will be awestruck
   US$48.00 per year        when he sees the distance his arm has risen.
                                How? Suggestion and ideomotor response. The presentation
   Overseas (airmail):      sets up the participant for success. Touching his left arm as you
   US$55.00 per year        instruct is important since it avoids confusion and imparts its own
  Single issues: $2.50
                            nonverbal message.
Peter Stammers

Einstein’s Tarot
    The Mentalist-Tarot Reader begins, “The genius
physicist Albert Einstein interpreted space and time
as akin to a blanket, which could be folded to bring
distant points directly adjacent one another.
    “Likewise, the layout of Tarot cards during a
reading can be folded to bring otherwise invisible
associations into sharp focus.”
    Showing a small packet of Tarot cards, the
performer explains, “We’ll use only these first
nine cards of the Major Arcana, just to keep
things simple. Although it may not be a perfect match, with which
of these nine do you most closely identify? The Moon? Make a
wish on it now.”
    The cards are given to the participant. “Don’t shuffle them,
that’s for card games;” instructs the Mentalist, “gently mix the
nine cards, then cut them once and turn the packet face down.”
    Taking the cards and laying out 3 rows of 3 cards each, the
performer states, “The three columns signify past, present, and
future; the three rows denote body, mind, and spirit. Since the
corner cards in the layout represent the cornerstones of your life,
we’ll turn those face up for the initial interpretation.”
    The meaning of each of the four corner Tarot cards is explained,
in context, by the Mentalist.
    “Remember when I spoke of folding the universe?” asks the
performer. “Imagine these nine cards as if they were printed on a
pocket handkerchief; the spaces between the cards are the fold
lines. Fold the imaginary handkerchief, turning over either a row
or a column of three cards onto or under an adjacent set of three.”  This adaptation of a
The participant does as instructed.                                   routine from Peter
    Continuing, the Mentalist says, “It’s significant that you chose   Stammers’ book,
to fold your body row onto your mind row. That means an inner        “A Mind of My Own”
desire for unity of mind & body, something which has eluded you       has a nice ‘kicker’
for some time. Once again, fold the imaginary handkerchief.”         for a Tarot reading.
    When the fold is complete, the performer remarks, “This time,
you combined past and present, indicating a healthy attitude
toward your personal history. Fold two more times; that will bring
all the cards into one packet. Cut that packet one time. If
necessary, turn the packet over so a face down card is on top.” The
instructions are followed.
    “This assembly,” reminds the Mentalist, “corresponds to your
personal space-time continuum. Those Tarot cards which remain
face up represent realization of goals or implementation of ideals.”
    When the packet of nine cards is spread, the only face up card
is the ‘wish’ card, in this case, The Moon!
                               Please turn to EINSTEIN, page 172
                       Ty Kralin

                       Whenever - Anywhere
                           While attending a social event in a friend’s home, the Mentalist
                       is asked to demonstrate the mind’s unique abilities. He asks, “Is
                       there a dictionary or other large book in the house that we might
                       use?” The hostess brings a recent copy of a dictionary.
 Perform this piece        “In order that we use words with no personal bias involved in
once and you’ll have   choosing them, as the pages are flipping past, will someone in the
   an impromptu        audience will call out, ‘stop’?” The Mentalist riffles the pages
  stunner in your      slowly from the back toward the front of the dictionary and halts at
 repertoire forever!   a page when he hears someone ask him to stop.
                           “The index word on this page is ‘xenophobic’,” remarks the
                       performer, showing the entry to a participant near the front, “Is
                       that how it’s pronounced? Let’s get a few more and when you hear
                       one which you can both understand and spell, keep it in your mind.
                       Do nothing to indicate which word might be your choice; we’ll find
                       a dozen from which you might choose.”
                           The Mentalist continues to riffle through the dictionary, giving
                       the index word on the page each time he is stopped, rejecting the
                       occasional word due to its length or definition. After ten or twelve
                       selections have been read, he says to the initial participant, “From
                       among that group of words, you have one of them in mind, yes?”
                           Handing his helper a pencil and pad, the performer asks,
                       “Please print the word you are visualizing on the pad in block
                       capital letters. This will enhance your concentration.” The
                       participant does as instructed while the performer looks away.
                           “Concentrate,” continues the Mentalist, “not on the word as a
                       whole, but on the letters which make up the word. As I receive
                       your thoughts, letter by letter but probably not in order, please
                       cross off each letter that I correctly name.”
                           The performer names a letter and the participant crosses it off
                       his list. Then another letter is called out, and another, and
                       another. “Any Scrabble players in the group?” asks the Mentalist.
                       “Surely we can construct a word with those letters. Wait a minute,
                       is ‘housework’ the word in your mind?” The participant agrees!
                           All the words (except the first one) which you ‘read’ from the
                       dictionary are miscalled, recited from a memorized list. Ty uses
                       the progressive anagram list from Sam Swartz’s, “The Hidden
                       Force” book test. (Each time the participant doesn’t cross off a
                       letter is the same as his saying, “No.”) Absent a similar source,
                       memorize a list of words with different third letters and pump for
                       those. To avoid mnemonics, build a bookmark crib, see left.
                           Time your riffling to ensure that you are initially stopped in the
                       very last pages of the dictionary. Asking for help with the word
                       shows that you are, indeed, stopping when requested and reading
                       the words from the index corner of the dictionary. Remember that
                       word, just in case your helper wants to be playful.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:
    Some nits to pick - we often allow our presentations to become
diminished through the use of inappropriate, empty verbiage;
habitual phrases which send the wrong message to our audience.
    “I’m going to ask you to...” or “I’m going to have you...” Don’t tell
us what you are going to do. Wait until you need something done
and then give appropriate instructions. If you must alert someone
to future actions, use a phrase like, “Erase all thoughts from your
mind, because you will soon have the opportunity to...”                           Wise Words:
    Here’s another: “I want you to hold the item in full view...” or “I
want you to stand over there...” The audience doesn’t care what you         Gaffer’s tape - it’s a
want. Instead, say, “Everyone must see the item, so hold it high...”        toolkit on a roll!
    One more: “I need to use someone from the audience...” Please
remember, we don’t use people. How about, “This process requires                      Marc DeSouza
an alert participant. You look attentive. Please stand up and tell
me your name.”
    Did you notice the common use of the personal pronoun, “I” in
each of the above examples? Enough said?
    With this issue, Volume Two is complete. As was the case for
Volume One, Volume Two will be available in a SYZYGY 3-ring
Collectors Binder, for $49.95, plus shipping. By the way, there
remain fewer than 20 complete sets of Volume One, same price.
    Marc Salem, the opening performer on the P.E.A.’s Saturday
night tour de force last month, faxed to confirm that his unique
concept of post-show work will soon be featured in SYZYGY. When
this seasoned professional speaks, we should all listen.

EINSTEIN, continued

    When you build the layout, the ‘wish’ card must go in the
center spot, thus the cards are marked. After the cut, deal the top
card on the table. If it is the ‘wish’ card, position the remaining
cards around it to form the 3 x 3 layout. If not, continue dealing.
    If the second card is the ‘wish’ card, place it next to the tabled
card and deal the following card to place the ‘wish’ card in the
center of the row. Complete the layout by dealing the remaining
cards in rows above & below. If the second card is not the ‘wish’
card, deal it onto the table in a row with the first card, but leave
room between them for another card.
    Should the third card be the ‘wish’ card, place it between the
first two, otherwise it becomes the top card in the center column.
    If the ‘wish’ card shows up as either of the next two, its
placement in the center of the layout is logical as you fill in the
center column. If not, continue by dealing the remaining cards in
the corners. When the ‘wish’ card comes up, place it in the center
as you move symmetrically across the layout.
    When the participant ‘folds’ the layout, offer suitable remarks
pertaining to past, present, & future; body, mind, & spirit.
                            Lee Earle

                                 At the recent Psychic Entertainers
                            Association convention, it was my pleasure
                            to present a lecture on using desktop publishing in promoting one’s
                            career. Following the lecture, a number of people asked for copies
                            of a postcard layout I used illustrate one promotion technique.
                            SYZYGY’s subscribers will find those graphics useful, too.
                                 On the following page are reproduced four different postcard
                            formats (printers call this “4-up”). The graphics are positioned so
                            you can easily convert them into personalized camera-ready art.
                            The punched holes penetrate areas of all black, all white, or my
                            photo (which you will replace with your own halftoned photos).
                                 Your print shop can copy and reduce your promotional photo to
                            fit, halftoning it (at 85 lines per inch) into tiny dots for mechanical
                            reproduction. Affix the new photo directly over the existing one.
                                 The copy (text message) is arranged to allow easy overlay of
                            your own name, telephone number and message. The type is set in
                            an industry-wide standard font called Helvetica which will be very
                            easy for your printer to match. Avoid the temptation to use
                            additional type faces. Generally, more than two different fonts on
                            one layout can make it seem busy, hard to read, and muddied.
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            Just because you can put multiple fonts on a document doesn’t
                            mean that it’s a good idea. Rather than use my sample copy
    Copyright©1997          verbatim, your copy will be more effective when it is written with
   All rights reserved.     your prospect and your product in mind.
         SYZYGY                  If your computer database software permits, you can simplify
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      the addressing process by creating a layout which imprints the
                            address information onto the non-printed side of the 4-up
       Telephone:           postcards. Cutting the cards apart after they are addressed saves
  602 / 247-7323 voice      a lot of time which would be otherwise be spent in manually
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            affixing individual address labels.
        E-Mail:                  With these cards, you can put your         A postcard is an
    LeeE7@aol.com           name under each prospect’s eyes four             efficient way to
                            times before they see the same                deliver a powerful
     World Wide Web
                            message repeated, something                      message which
                            advertisers call multiple impressions.         doesn’t have to be
   Subscription rates:           Wise advertisers test their mailing      opened to be read.
    $38.00 per year         pieces to determine which of several
                            different formats or approaches works best. If you have a sizable
   US$48.00 per year        list, more than 1,000 names, mail cards to ten percent of your list,
                            recording which card or message goes to each address. The
   Overseas (airmail):      variation which generates the best response is the one you send to
   US$55.00 per year        the remaining prospects on your list.
  Single issues: $2.50
                                                         Please turn to POSTCARDS, page 180
 Assure the success of your
  upcoming holiday event!                                                    Assure the success of your
                                                                              upcoming holiday event!
     Lee Earle                                                                   Lee Earle
 shows how to use the other
90% of your brain, in a fresh                                                shows how to use the other
    & funny program.                                                        90% of your brain, in a fresh
                                                                                & funny program.
 Everyone in the audience
will energize a “sixth sense”                                                 Everyone in the audience
 to read minds & perceive                                                    will energize a “sixth sense”
     unspoken thoughts.                                                       to read minds & perceive
                                                                                  unspoken thoughts.
 It’s possible that Lee Earle
   will change your mind!                                                    It’s possible that Lee Earle
                                                                               will change your mind!
  For information regarding
this unique presentation, call                                                For information regarding
       (602) 247-7323                                                       this unique presentation, call
                                                                                                               Please forward to your events planner.

                                                                                   (602) 247-7323

                                   Please forward to your events planner.
 Assure the success of your                                                  Assure the success of your
  upcoming holiday event!                                                     upcoming holiday event!

     Lee Earle                                                                   Lee Earle
 shows how to use the other                                                  shows how to use the other
90% of your brain, in a fresh                                               90% of your brain, in a fresh
    & funny program.                                                            & funny program.

 Everyone in the audience                                                    Everyone in the audience
will energize a “sixth sense”                                               will energize a “sixth sense”
 to read minds & perceive                                                    to read minds & perceive
     unspoken thoughts.                                                          unspoken thoughts.

 It’s possible that Lee Earle                                                It’s possible that Lee Earle
   will change your mind!                                                      will change your mind!

  For information regarding                                                   For information regarding
this unique presentation, call                                              this unique presentation, call
       (602) 247-7323                                                              (602) 247-7323
                                 Please forward to your events planner.
                                                                                                             Please forward to your events planner.
POSTCARDS, continued

    Here’s another labor-saving tip: As long as you’re running those
4-ups through your computer’s printer to put the addresses on the
cards, you have a wonderful opportunity to use the left half of the
card for an additional, personalized sales message.
    Of course, you can vary this message as well, to test the “pull” of
different appeals. Be careful. Don’t mail more than one set of
variables at a time; four messages or four layouts - not both.
    When you print your sales copy on the address side of the card, a
serif font such as Palatino, New Century Schoolbook (used to set
this text), or Bookman makes the information easier to read.
    Your mailings will give you the best return when you focus on
either clubs & associations or companies with more than 100
employees. Your local Chamber of Commerce or a commerical list
broker (found in the Yellow Pages under Mailing Lists) can supply
these lists. Be prepared to pay for the information you need, as
little as $40.00 per thousand names to as much as a dollar per
name, depending on the exclusivity of the list. You will also pay an
additional premium to have the list delivered on computer disk
instead in printed form. It’s worth paying for; typing or scanning
thousands of listings into your computer is not fun.
    A list broker can extract a list of prospects from his database
using an amazing varitey of qualifying criteria. Ask these
professionals for assistance whenever you can; they want you to be
a satisfied, return customer.
    One thing which will not make you a welcome customer is
cheating your list broker. Depending on the price you pay, the list
provided by a broker may not be yours to use as you wish. If the
list is “rented” rather than sold, you may only be purchasing the
right to mail to the list one time. Ask before you pay.
    How does the broker know if you try to squeeze in repeat
mailings or sell the list to someone else? The clever ones include
several entries in the mailing list which appear to be normal but
are really addresses which they monitor for arriving mail. The
really sneaky brokers encode your customer identity in those
dummy entries, hidden in the addressee’s department number for
instance. If you employ the list again, the broker gets multiple
copies of your mailing at each phony address, and you’ll get a new
invoice in your mail. Better to play it straight or pay the extra and
buy the list. Once you get a response from a listed prospect,
however, that name belongs to you.
    Quite often, mailing lists come with telephone numbers as well.
Call each prospect and inquire as to whether the card was received,
addressed correctly, etc. It not only transforms you from a face on a
postcard into a personality with whom your prospect has spoken
but also gives you an additional sales opportunity and the chance to
establish a professional relationship.
    That’s it. This material works. Now work it.
                                                                             Volume 3, Number 1
                            Andy Leviss                                               Issue # 37

                            Deli Delight
                                “In my younger days,” begins the
                            Mentalist, “when I had to work for a
                            living, one of my employers was a
                            convenience market chain. It’s not the
                            most challenging occupation, so to keep
                            my mind active, I would play a game with
                            myself. Whenever a customer opened the
                            glass door where the ready-made
                            sandwiches were displayed, I would make
                            an instant guess about which type of
                            sandwich the customer would choose.
                                “The funny thing is that, after a while, those
                            guesses became more and more accurate. Perhaps it
                            was a subconscious association between the fellow in the
                            Birkenstock sandals and his choice of the vegetarian special, or the
                            big guy in the rodeo hat and the barbecue beef on a bun which he
                                Holding up a small paper sack, the performer informs, “I’ve
                            brought a sandwich with me today, straight from the corner
                            market. Let’s find someone who is likely to enjoy this selection.
                                To a man near an aisle, the Mentalist says, “Sir, what is your
                            occupation? Engineer? I’m sure you are an excellent one, but you
                            don’t fit the profile I’m looking for. How about this gentleman -
                            what do you do for a living? You’re a carpenter? That’s better.
                                “The refrigerated sandwiches are made with various kinds of
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            bread. Which would you prefer; white, wheat, rye, sourdough, or
    Copyright©1996          whole grain?” The participant announces his preference.
       SYZYGY                   “How about the contents?” asks the performer, “You have your
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       choice of roast beef, salami, tuna salad, egg salad, barbecue beef, or
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      assorted sprouts.” Again, the participant names his choice.
                                “Any lettuce, tomato, onion, or
  602 / 247-7323 voice      watercress?” the performer inquires.
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   The helper states his wishes.              This scenario was
                                The Mentalist goes on, “You can        originally a “how-
           E-Mail:          have your sandwich with American          would-you-do-this?”
 America On Line - LeeE7    cheese, Swiss cheese, or cheddar
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com
                                                                        e-mail challenge.
                            cheese. Does one of those sound             Turns out it plays
   Subscription rates:      appetizing?” One does.                       very well. Try it.
    $38.00 per year             “Finally,” the performer concludes,
                            “what condiment or sauce would you
        Canada:             prefer: ketchup, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, or BBQ sauce?”
   US$48.00 per year        One is chosen by the audience participant.
   Overseas (airmail):
                                “Let’s recap - you have selected tuna on rye, with lettuce and
   US$55.00 per year        Swiss cheese. And you want that with ketchup, correct?
                                “Would you please step up to the microphone, take the
        Reprints:           sandwich out of the bag, and tell us what kind of sandwich it is?”
     $2.50 per issue                                      Please turn to SANDWICH, page 180
Eddie Burke

    “Clairvoyance,” instructs the Mentalist, “is defined
as the power to see objects or events that cannot be
perceived by the physical senses. In laboratory
experiments, researchers will conceal objects or drawings in
sealed containers and then invite those being tested to record their
impressions of the contents.
    “While it’s impossible to achieve scientific perfection in an
entertainment venue, we can come close. You’ll be amazed at what
we can accomplish when we combine our energies in the attempt.”
    The performer holds up a large manila envelope and states,
“Inside this package is your target. I’ll give you a hint; it’s a 3-
digit number and two of the digits are even numbers. For this
experiment, we use this set of nine round cardboard discs, each
bearing a different single digit number.” The four inch diameter
discs are given to a front-row participant.
    “Would you please mix these number counters? Keep them
number side down so no one can peek. Thank you. Let’s get more
folks involved.” The Mentalist distributes the shuffled discs to two
more members of the audience. Each person gets three numbers.
    “Do all of you have an assortment of both odd and even
numbers? Good. Please do this,” he says to the first helper, “Use
your imagination to visualize the contents of this envelope. Then,
without showing your numbers to anyone else, from among them
pick the even number which stands out in your mind, hold on to it,
and give the others to me.”
     The second participant is asked to retain an odd digit and the
third is requested to withhold an even numbered disc.
    The Mentalist pulls a sheet of posterboard from the envelope         England’s Eddie
bearing the number 498. “Please reveal to the rest of the audience      Burke worked out
your digit choices.” The participants hold up their discs bearing         this idea after
the digits 4, 9, and 8!                                                 reading a Walter
    This handling is a twist on an old 9-digit number force.           Webb contribution in
Although the shuffle is honest, the distribution of the discs is not.       “Magick.”
The discs numbered 2, 6, & 9 are exactly 4 inches across. The
discs bearing the numbers 5, 4, & 7 are slightly larger in diameter;
the remaining discs are slightly less than 4 inches across.
    The differing diameters make the discs into a ‘stripper’ deck.
After the shuffle, you simply appear to be giving the stack of discs
a cut. In fact, your fingers grip the stack of discs by their opposite
edges and strip the three larger diameter discs out, giving them to
the first helper. A second stripping delivers the proper three to the
second helper, with the remainder going to the third person.
    All that remains is to ask for digits in even-odd-even order.
Each participant has no choice; only one disc in each set satisfies
the even-odd-even criteria.
                       Doug Slater

                       Spiritual Attraction
                           “Psychometry,” states the Mentalist, “is defined as, ‘...the
                       ability or art of divining information about people or events
                       associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.’ It
                       is an intuitive skill and can be easily demonstrated.”
 Doug says that he         He opens a small jewelry box and takes out three rings; one
drew his inspiration   with a cameo, a second with a yellow stone, and another with a
   from a James        cluster of pearls. All of the pieces appear to be old, perhaps
   Delman piece,       antique. The final item taken from the jewelry box is a manila
 “Grave Decision.”     coin envelope from which is removed a photo of an elderly woman.
                           “My great aunt Hazel owned one of these items and wore it
                       almost every day. This is her photo;” the performer chuckles,
                       “when she divorced Edgar she snipped off his side of the snapshot.”
                           “Pick up the rings, one at a time,” instructs the Mentalist, “and
                       hold each of them over the photo. Sense what your intuition tells
                       you. Perhaps you’ll imagine one ring getting heavy, or warm. Or
                       your intuition might sound a little bell in your inner mind. If one
                       ring seems to be drawn to the photo, place it near the photograph.”
                           After holding each of the rings, the participant places one - the
                       cluster of pearls - next to the photograph on the table.
                           “Amazing,” remarks the performer, “it seems to happen every
                                     time. Here, see what I mean...” He opens the manila
                                     envelope and dumps out onto the table the other half of
                                    the photo. When the halves are matched together, the
                                   ring on Hazel’s hand is the one with the clustered pearls!
                                       The hardest part is finding an elderly couple to pose
                                  for the photos. After you’ve obtained three antique
                                 looking rings, put your camera on a tripod and arrange
                                 your models into a pose which shows her hand to good
                                advantage. Take several photos, one with each ring on her
                                hand, moving her hand as little as possible.
                                   When the photos are developed, cut one of them in half,
                               right down the middle between the two people. Use the
                               woman’s half of the photo as a guide for trimming the other
                              two so her hand lines up with her arm in every shot. Then
                             trim each assembled combination to the same size.
                                 Using a Larry Becker idea, cut two other manila envelopes
                       to make panels which will fit into the third one, dividing it into
                       three compartments. The first panel is about 1/4" shorter than the
                       length of the envelope and the second one is 1/2" shorter. Thus you
                       can insert your fingers into the envelope and easily direct them
                       into the appropriate compartment containing the photo half which
                       matches the participant’s choice.
                           Squeeze the envelope by the sides to keep it open to the
                       compartment you wish and empty the contents onto the table. The
                       photos in the other compartments remain trapped in the envelope.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk:

    Yes, I now know that QS#8 bears incorrect page numbers.
    Wise Words were harvested at the recent P.E.A. conclave. Each
respondant was asked, “What single piece of advice would you give
to an emerging performer?” Your words of wisdom are welcome, too!
    John Gardner was surprised following his recent major
surgery with the view in his bathroom mirror, claiming, “I look as if
I’ve been autopsied!” He’s back at the typewriter, prognosis:                    Wise Words:
excellent! John thanks everyone for the good thoughts & prayers.
    Received a nice press release from Harrison Smith, featuring              Arrive an hour
updates on his E.S.P. and Hypnotism shows. He’s doing a good job              early and
(and good business) keeping in touch with clients and prospects.              reconfirm all
    David Winston writes, “The QS#8 postcard supplement is so                 details.
nice. For the sales impaired it’s an easy way to get started with
very little effort and expense. For the sales enhanced it’s a great                 Bill Tadlock
addition to their marketing efforts. I always write ‘Call for a free
reading’ and then do a ‘Meet and Mindread’ for the entire office
staff.” I’m still pitching David to contribute a supplement on
marketing and promotion. He’s one of the best.
    I need back issues of M-U-M: 9/93, 2/94 through 11/94, 1/95, &
2/95. Please get in touch if you can part with your copies.

SANDWICH, continued

    He says, “Tuna on rye with lettuce and Swiss cheese.”
    “Wait a moment,” the performer adds, “you didn’t say anything
about the condiment. It was ketchup, wasn’t it? Look in the bag.”
    He pulls out a single serving packet of ketchup!
    Buy a convenience store sandwich which is packaged in one of
those triangular plastic containers with the clear plastic panel
which allows the customer to see the food inside. Replace the
sandwich with something of similar weight & bulk and cover the
opening with a piece of mirrored mylar plastic (trimmed from a
                                                                            Roast Beef     BBQ
potato chip bag, the inside of which is the silvery mylar) so the           Tuna Salad   Veggie
“sandwich” can no longer be seen.                                           Egg Salad    Salami
    Then attach a label printed as per the example in the                   White        Wheat
illustration. It is sized to fit the Avery 5163, 2 x 4 inch label format.   Rye     Sourdough
    All it takes is a swami gimmick (boldly employed as you display             Whole Grain
the packaged sandwich before dropping it back into the bag bearing
                                                                            Lettuce       Tomato
the convenience market’s logo) to check off or circle the participant’s
                                                                            Onion     Watercress
choices on the sandwich label. The condiment packets are body-
indexed (mayo in your left trouser pocket, mustard in your right            American Cheddar
trouser pocket, etc.) so you can covertly withdraw the appropriate                  Swiss
condiment hidden in your hand to deposit in the sack.
    Rather than sending the participant back to his seat with the
now unrefrigerated “sandwich,” give him an envelope containing
gift certificates (two one-dollar bills) good at any participating
convenience market for the sandwich of his choice.
                                                                           Volume 3, Number 2
                            Terry Parrett                                            Issue # 38

                            Boris and Natasha
                                 “Did you know,” questions the
                             Mentalist, “that the former Soviet
                             Union’s intelligence agency, the
                             KGB, recruited psychics in an
                             attempt to locate secret
                             installations in the United States?
                             They were the world’s second
                             largest employer of psychics –
                             after Dionne Warwick.”
                                 The performer continues, “I read about one of
                             their training exercises which is very easy to duplicate. Want
                             to try? Good!” He takes two business cards out of his wallet and
                             draws on their backs identical (more or less) outlines of the United
                             States and hands one of them to the participant.
                                 “First, I’ll indicate my secret base’s coordinates on this map,”
                             informs the Mentalist. “Don’t peek while I mark its location.”
                             When the participant closes his eyes or averts his gaze, the
                             performer writes on the map side of his card, turns the card to the
                             vertical and writes something across the end of the card then
                             crosses it out and rewrites a word on the other end of the card.
                             Then he places the card map-side down on the table.
                                 Handing the pencil to the participant the performer remarks,
                             “This is the very same instrument with which I recorded my
                             clandestine site. Perhaps, in some odd space-time continuum
  Edited by: Lee Earle      psychometry, it retains the information. Take it and allow it to
                            circle freely over your map. When you feel its impulse, lower the
                            pencil to the paper and make an ‘X’ on the map.”
  2901 N. 55th Avenue           When the participant has finished, the Mentalist retrieves the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      tabled business card asking, “By the way, would you rather be
                            Secret Agent ‘Boris’ or ‘Natasha’ ? Natasha? Did you consider the
       Telephone:           other name a moment? I thought so.
  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            Let’s check your accuracy.”                       Terry’s timely
                                The two cards are turned map-side              routine is a
           E-Mail:          up. The participant’s ‘X’ is placed           presentation which
 America On Line - LeeE7    exactly on the location of the                    converts your
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    performer’s ‘secret base’! And, as a          business card into a
   Subscription rates:
                            kicker, the Secret Agent code name is memorable souvenir.
    $38.00 per year         written on one end of the card with the
                            other choice crossed off!
        Canada:                 Write the name “Boris” on one end of your card, pretend to
   US$48.00 per year        draw a line through it and then write “Natasha” on the other end.
   Overseas (airmail):
                            Once you see the location marked by the participant on his card,
   US$55.00 per year        you can ‘X’ your card in the same location using a nail writer,
                            swami gimmick, Boon writer, Scarab, etc. Ask for his agent’s
        Reprints:           moniker and stroke out the other one on your card before you hand
     $2.50 per issue        it to him for comparison.
Lee Marelli

    “Sometimes,” begins the Mentalist,
“we get a preview of the future. It
usually happens in a dream and
becomes a deja vu experience. Other
times it comes as an intuitive insight.”
    Pulling a single business card out of
its plastic case, he continues, “I’ve just
had one of those flashes, so let me take a
moment to record my impression.” He
draws something on his card, superimposed
on the crystal ball design in the corner. The card is then returned to
the plastic case.
    “In this case,” the performer puns, “I have perceived a
compelling image coming from someone at this table...” Pointing
to one of the participants he states, “...and it’s your thought I’ve
been receiving. Would you like to help me prove it?” The
participant agrees to assist.
    The Mentalist opens the business card case again and pulls a        Feel free to use the
single business card into view, turning it face down on the table.     crystal ball artwork
He takes his pen in hand and sketches five symbols on the back of          for your own
the card: a circle, a plus sign, a triangle, a square, and a star.       business cards.
    “I’ll give you a hint – one of these symbols is the same as the      That’s why it is
one I drew earlier,” he claims, “and my hunch is that’s the one you reproduced full size.
will choose. Consider all the options and then put your finger on
one of them.” The participant points to the star.
    “That’s amazing,” says the performer. “let me show you the
sketch I made earlier!” He removes all the business cards from the
case and spreads them. Drawn on the one in the center of the
spread is a star!
    The method makes this one simple to perform on a moment’s
notice. Four of the business cards are as shown in the illustration
above. The fifth card is specially constructed (or specially printed)
as in the illustration at the right. Both sides of the card are the
same, making it a diagonal 50-50 double faced card.
    Draw one of the symbols in each of the four crystal balls on the
gimmicked card and place it in the center of the group of four
cards. When you remove the packet from the business card case,
spread the cards to reveal the drawing. If you hold the cards from
the other end when spreading, a second option appears. Turn the
packet over for the spreading and two more possibilities become
    The fifth symbol is drawn on the ungimmicked business card
which was returned to the case, the same one you pull out later
when you draw the five symbols for the participant’s choice. If the
symbol drawn on that card is selected, just turn the card over.
                        Alain Nu

                        Double Delight
                                             Approaching a table of guests in the restaurant,
                                         the Mentalist asks, “Have all of you put your business
                                         cards in the bowl near the receptionist’s station? One
                                        name is drawn every month for a free dinner for four.”
                                        Several diners indicate in the negative.
                                           “I’ll be happy to collect them from you now,” offers
                                       the performer, “and I’ll put them in the bowl myself.”
                                       As several people in the close-up audience open purses
                                      or wallets to supply their business cards, he hands a pen
                                     to someone who has a business card ready and asks,
                                     “Just for fun, would you draw or doodle something on the
                                     back of your card? Keep your image secret from everyone.
                                     We’ll mix the card drawing-side-down among the others.”
                                          When all the business cards have been gathered, the
                                      Mentalist pulls out his wallet and unzips the money
                                      compartment. He picks up the stack of business cards,
                        shuffles them a bit, and then inserts the entire stack in the
                        compartment which is then zipped shut.
                            “A wallet looks pretty empty with no currency in it,” continues
                        the performer, “so would someone offer the loan of a nice, crisp dollar
                        bill for a few moments?” One of the diners offers a dollar bill and the
                        Mentalist adds, “Please keep the bill turned so that the picture is
                        facing the table.” He takes it and places it on one side of the open
Put that old Bendix     wallet and then folds the wallet closed.
Bombshell wallet to         The performer announces, “Thanks. We can all agree that there
use in Alain’s clever   is no way anyone could know either the bill’s serial numbers or the
   sneak-a-peek         doodle on this gentleman’s card. But, just for fun, let’s try.”
      routine.              He reopens the wallet and withdraws one of his own business
                        cards. He says, sliding the bill onto the table, “Look for yourself - it’s
                        impossible to view the number through the back side of the bill.”
                            Taking pen and his own business card in hand, the Mentalist
                        asks the person who made the doodle to take the bill and look at the
                        serial number. “Please read the serial number aloud,” instructs the
                        performer, “but for several of the digits, substitute your own. Sort of
                        like Liar’s Poker.” The participant recites eight digits which the
                        performer writes on his business card.
                            “I detected a pause before three of the digits and a tremor in your
                        voice for a fourth. You gave the serial number as B72849678W, but
                        in fact, only the 2, 4, 6, and the final 8 were truthful, yes?” The
                        participant agrees. “As I suspected,” exclaims the Mentalist, “Now
                        concentrate on the real numbers.” He scribbles quickly on the card
                        and holds it so everyone at the table can see the writing and asks,
                        “Read aloud the complete serial number.” It matches the number
                        written on his business card!
                                                 Please turn to DOUBLE DELIGHT, page 184
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Although it wasn’t planned to be, this issue has turned into a
“Business Card” special. If feedback indicates that subscribers like
themed issues, perhaps more can be assembled in the future.
    Burt Sperber enclosed the personalized bookplate at the right
with a recent piece of correspondence. I think it’s marvelous.
    We need a term to describe a participant chosen during the
performance who has neither been subjected to preshow work nor
tampered with in any other manner. “Pristine?” I don’t think so.
“Virgin” and “Clean” both have a certain snicker quotient. An
“untouched” participant brings to mind Brahmans or Elliott Ness.
    Larry Becker is releasing “Thot Scan” (the improved,
commercial version of “No Brainer Q & A” - see issue #10) for
$38.50, which includes shipping and handling. This classy effect
features reusable laminated question cards and includes non-
smear, easy erase pens to use with the presentation. Contact Larry
at (602) 488-0980 or write to: P.O. Box 6023, Carefree, AZ 85377.
    If you have a World Wide Web browser for your computer and
extra time on your hands, you may find one web site interesting:


    “Wait a moment,” the Mentalist says, “you also sketched on your
business card. What was it?” When the participant replies, the
performer moves his fingers which were covering the corner of his
own card. Underneath them is a near-duplicate of that drawing!
    Write the serial number from a not-quite-new dollar bill on one
of your business cards which is placed on top of the others in your
                                                                                Wise Words:
Bendix Bombshell wallet. Place the bill with it’s face toward the
wallet’s center panel, the one with the access slit in it. Close the         Mentalism’s Four
wallet and reopen the matching duplicate section when it’s time to           Factors: Force it,
gather the audience’s business cards.                                        Fake it, Find it
    When you mix the cards, shuffle the card bearing the drawing to          out, or Fill it in.
the bottom of the stack. The entire stack goes inside the unzipped
“money compartment”. The drawing (on the bottom business card                 Pasqual Perrino
in the stack) goes face-to-face with the dollar bill already there.
    Borrow a bill of the same denomination and appearance and
place it on the open wallet which is then closed. When you open the
wallet to get one of your business cards you access the side which
contains your bill. Remember, the bill’s serial number is pre-written
on the back of the top card. The bill will be laying directly on top of
the stack of their business cards you collected, as in the illustration.
    Raise the wallet just a little as you slide the bill onto the table so
the audience’s eyes don’t see the stack of business cards beneath it.
Glimpse the drawing on the uppermost (formerly bottommost,
before the wallet turnover) business card as you close the wallet
and put it in your coat pocket.
                                                                           Volume 3, Number 3
                            Lee Earle                                                Issue # 39

                            Dream Scheme
                                “From the earliest times
                            to the present day,”
                            whispers the
                            Mentalist, “dreams
                            have been perceived as
                            messages from within.
                            Interpretation of dreams
                            is a question of decoding
                            the message so that it
                            makes sense.
                                “It is possible to
                            condition yourself to remember, upon awakening, the experience
                            and images from your dreams. It’s uncanny how accurate such
                            nocturnal premonitions can be.”
                                The performer says, “In fact, it’s fun to compare these
                            nighttime musings against later occurrences to link premonition
                            with fact. I asked my contact with your group, Mr. Bill Smith, to
                            write down, privately, some of his recent dream visions. He had
                            them notarized and sealed in a tamperproof envelope and has that
                            notarized statement with him tonight. Please welcome Mr. Smith.”
                                 As Mr. Smith steps on stage, the Mentalist remarks, “You have
                            a sealed envelope and a book, both in your care since we first
                            talked, weeks ago. Is that correct?” The participant agrees.
  Edited by: Lee Earle          “Please open the envelope and, for the first time, read aloud the
                            notes you made describing your dream images,” instructs the
    Copyright©1996          performer. The participant reads, “Crowds - Water - Fire.”
                                “Those images,” reminds the Mentalist, “are the product of your
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      dreams, subject to interpretation. Let’s look up what they mean.”
                            The book entitled “Interpret Your Dreams” is opened to the index
       Telephone:           and the page numbers for the three
  602 / 247-7323 voice      images are noted.
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                              This high technology
                                Opening the book to the indicated          routine may be
           E-Mail:          pages, the performer says, “Please         beyond the reach for
 America On Line - LeeE7    follow along by reading silently over           many, but it’s
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    my shoulder as I read the information certainly within the
   Subscription rates:
                            aloud. It says here that dreams                  grasp of all.
    $38.00 per year         involving crowds often represent ‘the
                            establishment’ - government,
        Canada:             employers, or even family.
   US$48.00 per year
                                “Your next dream image of water,” he continues, turning the
   Overseas (airmail):      page, “symbolizes either dealing with a problem or ‘washing one’s
   US$55.00 per year        hands’ of a concern.
                                “And finally,” he says, opening the book to the third referenced
        Reprints:           page “fire represents energy, a vigorous solution to a problem.”
     $2.50 per issue
                                                   Please turn to DREAM SCHEME, page 186
DREAM SCHEME, continued

    The Mentalist, putting it all together, says, “Let’s see –
government – dealing with a problem – a vigorous solution; let’s
compare that to today’s headlines.” He holds up the front page
from the daily newspaper so all can see it. It reads, “VOTERS
    The Mentalist concludes, “I guess that’s close enough. You are
more psychic than you know!” And he leads the applause.
    The dream interpretation book is gimmicked. This presentation
requires that you have a computer, software, and laser printer
which can duplicate the text as typeset in the book. The book should
be a small one which is mostly text, as opposed to one with heavy
graphic content. The pages (and the index, if one is used) which
give your interpretation of the participant’s dream objects are
printed, on the same paper used in the book. On the day of the
show (after you read the daily headlines) you replace a similar
page or pages which you remove from the book.
    You learn his dream images through the use of a Mentalist’s
clipboard, an impression device which makes a secret carbon copy
of whatever is written on a piece of paper clipped to its surface.
    Arrange your first meeting at a notary’s office and make sure
you arrive first. That’s when you place your clipboard at a spot in
the office where you can access it when you need it. Suggest that
your helper make a private notation of his dream images which he
should sign and date. The Notary Public official will stamp and
countersign the document which is then sealed in an envelope.
    Hand the participant a copy of the dream book (take it out of a
bag bearing a popular bookstore logo) and a larger, self-sealing
mailing envelope in which to put both the book and the ‘dream
image’ envelope. The real purpose of the mailing envelope is to
keep his hands off the notarized statement and the book. The
clipboard’s secret copy allows you to compose the appropriate
interpretation for the dream book.
    During a preshow meeting ask your participant to tear open
the mailing envelope. “I forgot,” you say, handing him a pen, “to
have you initial the inner envelope at the Notary office.” While his
attention is on affixing his initials, take the dream book and
apparently put it into a fresh mailing envelope.
    Actually, you switch the book for your duplicate with the
favorable pages. The second mailing envelope, which already
contains the gimmicked book, is laying in your open briefcase. You
pretend to put the first book into the mailer (actually it goes
behind the mailer) and then lift the mailer clear of your briefcase
and hand it to your participant. You can remark, “You must be
able to verify that only you and the notary ever handled that
envelope, so please note that I have never so much as touched it.”
    A nice nuance is to have duplicate cash-register receipts (with
appropriate dates) stuck between the same pages of both books.

                        Dave Arch

                        Place Setting
                                       “Often it’s not the important, life-or-death matters
                                    which seem to be the subject of spontaneous telepathy,”
                                        informs the Mentalist. “Sometimes the totally trivial is
                                           what triggers thought transfer, perhaps because the
                                           conscious mind is otherwise engaged. I’ll show you
                                         what I mean.”
                                           “Clear a space in front of you and place, in a
                                       horizontal row, a knife, a fork, and a spoon. You can
                                        arrange them in any order. I won’t look as you do it.
                                        Please listen carefully to these brief instructions. They
                                        are intended to occupy both your left and right brains,
                                         allowing your midbrain, the subconscious, the freedom
                                             to project its images.”
                                                 Once the participant is ready to begin and has
                                             the flatware laid out on the table in a row in front
                                             of him, the performer continues, “First, exchange
                                          the spoon with the item on its right. If there is no
                        item on the spoon’s right, leave the spoon where it is. All you need
                        to do is to change the spoon’s position with the item on the spoon’s
                        right if something is there with which to exchange.” The switch is
                        made by the participant.
                            “Next,” continues the Mentalist, “exchange the knife with
                        whatever is directly to its left. Should there be no item on the knife’s
    Dave’s earlier      left, please leave the knife where it is. If there is an item on the
telephone script was    knife’s left, swap the two.” He pauses while the exchange is made.
so well received that       The performer goes on, “For the final possible exchange, switch
 a second helping is    the fork with the item on its right. Obviously, if there is nothing on
 warranted. Enjoy.      the fork’s right, nothing happens. Let me know when you’ve done
                        that.” He pauses until the participant advises the work is done.
                            “Now we start having fun. Pick up the item on the far left end of
                        the row – and carefully sit on it,” the Mentalist instructs. “The
                        sharper of the two objects remaining on the table goes in your right
                        hand and the final object should be picked up in your left hand.
                            “Please stare at the object in your left hand. Picture yourself
                        using it. I’m receiving an image of you eating a bowl of breakfast
                        cereal. No one eats breakfast cereal with a knife or fork; so you must
                        be holding the spoon in your left hand.” The participant agrees.
                            “Shift your focus to your right hand. Can you see yourself using
                        that utensil? With the spoon out of the way, the choice should be
                        simple. Of course. Your right hand holds the fork!
                            “That means you must surely be careful as you reach underneath
                        yourself and remove the knife. How did I know you were sitting on
                        the knife?” asks the Mentalist. “It’s simple – hindsight!”
                            This one couldn’t be simpler. Just repeat the instructions given
                        above for the same outcome.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Your 8 x 10 glossies wanted! A Quarterly Supplement on the
practical considerations of promotional photography is in the works
and I need your examples to show and write about. If you have a
promo photo featuring a well-known name from the past, I’d love to
use that, too. All photos will be treated with tender, loving care and
(if you want them back) they will be returned promptly after they’re
scanned into the computer.                                                   Wise Words:
    Haven’t seen it myself, but Mark Roberts, of Bag o’ Trix in
Carrolton, TX, describes his new Blown Away as a nice pocket              Learn to give
watch which will set itself to any time called for by a participant       clear, concise
without being touched by the performer (no ballpoint pen required).       instructions – or
He says it’s about four times as fast (and twice as visible) as a         take up juggling
wristwatch version currently available.                                   instead!
    Look for The Informant – a new item from Denny Laub – to be
advertised soon. I’ve seen a pre-release version and I’m impressed                  Norm
with Denny’s thinking. Basically, it’s a utility item which allows            VanTubergen
the performer to see what’s written on a card inside an opaque
envelope; no chemicals, cuts, or windows, either.
    The final selection of SYZYGY’s BEST! for 1996-1997 has been
made and the material assembled for this year’s lecture tour. As
before, the subscribers nominated a superb field. Congratulations
to these very creative contributors. They are, in alphabetical order:
        Dave Arch                     Quintuple
        Leo Boudreau                  Picture Show
        Ted Karmilovich               Bold & Beautiful Prophecy
        Earl Keyser                   The “IQ” Test
        Ty Kralin                     Anywhere-Whenever
        John Riggs                    Dream Design
    As you read this, the lecture is touring: New Zealand (Sept. 17 -
21), Australia (Sept. 22 - 28), and Hawaii (Sept. 28 & 29 - no, this
isn’t a typo, the International Date Line is responsible for messing
up linear-temporal continuity).
    Help me bring SYZYGY’s BEST! to your area. Provide the
name and phone number of the appropriate person in your local
group which could sponsor the lecture and I’ll take it from there.
It’s more efficient for me to contact the key individuals directly (at
my long-distance phone expense) rather than the reverse.
Experience has shown that the good dates will fill up fast, so time is
of the essence. Call right away if you can help.
    Mark Strivings recently showed me his Sight Unseen Case, a
simple but clever business card case which falls into the category of
‘utility item.’ It facilitates billet switches, peeks, nail-writing and
more. Manufactured by Roy Roth of England (the same fellow who
makes Larry Becker’s leather goods), this top quality item is
something I’ll use myself. It sells for $45.00 plus $3.00 postage.
Contact Mark at 520 774-0804 or write to: 3309 N. Grandview,
Flagstaff, AZ 86004.
                                                                             Volume 3, Number 4
                            Graham Kite                                                Issue # 40

                            Scents and Sense
                                “One of the newest scientific
                            discoveries,” sniffs the Mentalist, “is
                            the impact of various aromas on the
                            mind and body. There is an entire
                            specialty called ‘Aromatherapy’
                            which claims that one’s health
                            and well-being can be
                            affected by the scent of
                            certain essential oils.”
                                Placing a small velvet-
                            covered box in the table,
                            he continues, “Perfumers
                            contend that exotic blends of
                            essences, oils, and fragrances
                            bypass the logical brain and directly
                            affect the emotions. Only recently
                            have experiments shown that there is
                            some validity to those statements. A preference for one scent over
                            another is deeply rooted in the human psyche.”
                                Opening the jewelry box, the Mentalist explains, “In earlier
                            times it was the fashion of young ladies to wear a pendant made
                            from a glass vial on a necklace, keeping the essential oils at body
                            temperature and ready for instant application. One such container
  Edited by: Lee Earle      is threaded on this gold chain.” He tips the box and a portion of the
                            golden chain spills over the edge of the box.
    Copyright©1996              Turning to an attractive young woman at the table, the
                            Mentalist says, “The five most recognized aroma-oils are citrus,
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      cinnamon, mint, vanilla, and lavender. Please recall from your
                            memories an experience which had an emotional impact on your
       Telephone:           life. No one else will learn of your
  602 / 247-7323 voice      choice; it will remain entirely private
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                                Graham is not only
                            and within your mind, so you are free          one of Australia’s
           E-Mail:          to recall something pleasant, peaceful,             new crop of
 America On Line - LeeE7    exciting, or perhaps even erotic. Tell Mentalists, he is also
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    us which of those five scents you most        a ballroom dancer
   Subscription rates:
                            closely associate with that event.”              and a jeweler.
    $38.00 per year             The woman replies, “Cinnamon.”
                                “Interesting,” replies the
        Canada:             performer. He grasps the loop of chain dangling from the box and
   US$48.00 per year
                            lifts it clear, elevating the attached vial for all to see. “Please open
   Overseas (airmail):      the container and sniff it. Then tell the rest of us what aroma you
   US$55.00 per year        detect.”
                                She does as instructed, smiles, and exclaims, “Cinnamon!”
        Reprints:                                              Please turn to SCENTS, page 192
     $2.50 per issue


Safely Sealed
    “To quote Groucho Marx,” offers the Mentalist,
“‘Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read!’ Three members
of the audience were earlier given current bestselling books
and large manila envelopes. Would they please stand?”
    The participants arise, each holding a large sealed
envelope. “The three of you were asked to find a challenging
word from any page in the books you hold,” states the performer,
“and once you marked your choice, you sealed your book in those
envelopes. Correct?” All three agree. “Will you confirm that this
process took place while you were apart from everyone and that
nothing was ever written down?” Each participant agrees.
    “Please pass the packages forward,” instructs the Mentalist, “so
I can write something on the envelopes.” Once the three manila
envelopes are gathered on stage, the performer gazes at each
standing participant and then writes a word on an envelope using a
broad-tip marking pen. The audience cannot see what is written.
    The Mentalist says, “Three words which come to mind are
‘parallel’, ‘constructive’, and ‘refrigerator’. Are those your words?”
Each participant shakes his head, indicating a complete miss.
    “Then perhaps each of you can tell us the word in your mind,”
suggests the performer. “Fissionable,” says the first helper.
“Categorizing,” informs the second. “Insurance,” remarks the third.
    “That’s what I thought,” smiles the Mentalist as he turns around
the envelopes to reveal the word he has written on each one. The
words are: fissionable, categorizing, and insurance! He hands the      This routine evolved
envelopes back to the participants and says, “Please accept the          from a technique
books as my thanks for your participation.”                              Grocki uses with
    Obtain two copies each of three current paperback novels. The        gimmicked books
second copy of each pair is for backstage reference.                   such as “Flashback”.
    The gimmick involved is that silicone novelty toy contained in a
plastic egg, Silly Putty. It has the marvelous property of lifting ink
from the printed page when pressed into contact. Because it is
(more or less) flesh colored, a small patch of it on the pad of your
middle finger is invisible until employed.
    In working with your preshow participant, pick up a paperback
book, clearly & openly turn your head aside, and riffle the pages
until your participant says, “Stop.” Ask him to pick the longest and
most challenging word on the top line, indicating the top of the page
by placing your middle fingertip there, directly on top of the page
number. Instruct him to take the book, dog-ear the corner of the
page, circle the word, and then seal the book in the envelope (which
has been pencil dotted for identification later).
    Backstage, you read the mirrored page number impression on
your finger and refer to your copy of his book for the right word.
                    Joseph White

                    By the Numbers
                        “Gambling,” decrees the Mentalist, “is often a pastime which
                    separates the optimists from the mathematicians. Take a lottery,
                    for example. The odds against any particular individual winning
                    the jackpot are astronomical.”
                        Addressing a front-row member of the audience, the performer
                    says, “Your chances are much higher here, because rather than
Joseph’s original   guess in advance each individual number, you only have to try for a
contribution was    total. But let’s keep it in a countable range, otherwise our audience
modified with an    will lose patience with us. Please tell us your name and then say
 idea from Tim      aloud a number between 100 and 200.” The participant responds
    Conover.        with, “My name is Larry and I pick 137.”
                        Performer takes from his case a small opaque plastic bowl and a
                    clear plastic package of round key tags, each about the size of a
                    poker chip. One and two digit numbers are written on one or both
                    sides of each chip. “Reach in and take a numbered tag,” instructs
                    the performer, “and drop it in the bowl. While you’re at it, take
                    another. And another.”
                        After a few more numbered tags have been dropped in the bowl,
                    the Mentalist asks, “Larry, have you any idea how many tags
                    you’ve taken? No? I assume you also have no clue as to the total of
                    the numbers on the tags? Neither do I. Spread out the bowl full of
                    tags on the table. We’ll add up their numbers, then we’ll turn them
                    over and continue with the numbers on their other sides.”
                           Speaking to the audience, the performer says, “We’ll keep a
                          running total as Larry calls out all the numbers he selected.”
                            The participant reads aloud the number showing on each
                            tag, then turns all of the tags over and gives the numbers
                            from the opposite sides of the discs. The final total is Larry’s
                            target number, 137!
                            Enabling Larry’s fantastic feat requires a gimmicked plastic
                    bag with a clear panel which divides the bag into two separate
                    compartments. The tags in one side of the bag have numbers on
                    both sides which total 25 (i.e.: 2 & 23, 17 & 8, 25 and blank, etc.).
                    Those tags in the other compartment bear digits which will add up
                    to 10 (i.e.: 3 & 7, 10 & blank, etc.).
                        Larry takes the tags from the “25” compartment while you
                    maintain a mental tally, “25 - 50 - 75- 100 - 125.” If the next “25”
                    tag would push the sum beyond the desired total, the remaining
                    tags are taken from the “10” side, in this example one more tag
                    brings your mental total to 135 (125 + 10 = 135).
                        When you go into your case for the bowl and bag of tags, you do
                    the same arithmetic and take, from a foam rubber index of 9 tags,
                    the one which will bring the total to the desired number, in this
                    case, 2. It is held against the inside of the bowl, hidden with your
                    fingers, until there are enough tags in the bowl to provide cover.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    There remained among us for a while one dwindling connection
to the vanished inner circle of Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller,
Faucett Ross, Paul Fox, and other greats of that golden era. And
now there are none; Danny Dew died last September 25. His
grace, humor, and charm made him a person everyone loved.                   Wise Words:
Danny was the embodiment of a Southern Gentleman and the only
truly humble man I’ve ever known. He will be missed. The winter          Routining is easy;
sky has dimmed by yet one more star.                                     just put a bunch
    Something new will be added to the menu at lecture stops for         of stuff together
SYZYGY’s BEST! Individuals who are seriously interested in               and perform it.
advancing their skills to the next level can arrange personal and/or     Your audience
group coaching sessions with yours truly. Topics include, but are        will tell you
not limited to: performance technique, marketing, routining,             which items to
staging, structuring, graphic design, or promotion. While not            keep in the act.
inexpensive, this personal, one-on-one mentoring will be an
investment which pays dividends over the long term. Details on                 Danny Dew
SYZYGY’s World Wide Web site http://users.aol.com/LeeE7/.
Scheduled lecture dates are: Nov. 6th, Phoenix, AZ (Bob Bluemle
602 947-6765); Nov. 7th, Washington DC (Barry Taylor, 301 949-
3881); and Nov. 8th, Louisville, KY (Earl Bullard 502 895-7286).
    My New Zealand lecture tour coordinator, Alan Watson, shared
a delightful idea with me during the drive from the airport to his
home in the suburbs. Remember the old Out of This World card
trick? When done with a Tarot pack (minor Arcana) it has an
impact totally out of proportion to its method. Give it a try.
    Hollywood’s Diego Domingo and Allen B. Brannum have
been buying and collecting Robert Nelson originals for quite some
time and are compiling material for a book on that most enigmatic
of personalities. If you have personal anecdotes, stories, or just
reminiscences of the Columbus, Ohio master Mentalist &
merchandiser, of Nelson Enterprises, or of his wife Betty, contact
Allen and tell him about it at (213) 965-7858.

SCENTS, continued

    The beautiful thing about this presentation is that the lady does,
indeed, have a completely free choice among the five scents. The
vial shown is permanently affixed to the box’s display panel, its
short chain is secured behind the panel.
    Five other vials are concealed within the box, behind the display
panel, all threaded on the golden necklace chain with a loop made
of thin jeweler’s wire closed with a single twist. When you pull the
chain out of the box, finger pressure on the thin bottom of the box
retains four of the five hidden vials behind the display, allowing the
chain to be pulled free of their wire loops. The vial containing the
selected aroma is lifted free and presented as a gift to the lady.

                                                                            Volume 3, Number 5
                            Mark Garetz                                               Issue # 41

                            Cold Readers
                                “The ancient Tarot cards,” informs
                            the Mentalist, “were used by
                            medieval gypsies who depended
                            upon the Tarot’s mystic symbols
                            to help them interpret fortune,
                            fate, and future.
                                “Our common playing cards
                            are direct descendants of that arcane
                            Tarot deck. Many people who are not
                            otherwise superstitious feel that some of those magical properties
                            are still associated with all cards.” The performer pauses, then
                            asks, “How would you feel if one day you found the Ace of Spades
                            slipped under your front door?”
                                “In fact,” continues the Mentalist, “certain cards do seem to
                            have an affinity for particular personality types. Or perhaps it’s
                            the other way around. Are you game for a simple experiment?
                                “Take these modern playing cards,” offers the performer, “and
                            thumb through them until one of them feels ‘right’ to you. It helps
                            if you don’t search for a particular suit or value; let the card select
                            you, as it were. When you’ve located your pasteboard counterpart,
                            place the others aside and put your selection on the table with your
                            hand touching it. There’s no need to reveal it just yet.”
                                As the participant is looking through the deck, the Mentalist
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            goes on, “Already, I sense that your affinity card will indicate that
                            this is a time of change for you – that circumstances have forced
    Copyright©1996          you to modify plans. You still hold on to your dream but sometimes
       SYZYGY               feel frustrated that fate keeps putting obstacles in your way...”
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                                The participant has, by now, found the one card and has placed
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            her hand over it. The performer lightly places his hand over hers
       Telephone:           and says, “In fact, those impediments
  602 / 247-7323 voice      are solidifying in you a strong resolve
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   to persevere. It’s likely that you will       As simple as the
                            be drawn to a red card. The fact that          method is, this
 America On Line - LeeE7    you are becoming more emotionally           presentation is one
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    assertive lately – I can hear you          which connects with
                            saying to yourself, ‘I’m not going to be your participant on
   Subscription rates:
                            anyone’s doormat any longer’ – shades          a primal level.
    $38.00 per year
                            your personality more toward the
        Canada:             hard diamond as opposed to the soft heart. You need fewer
   US$48.00 per year        complications in your life right now which would draw you to a two
                            or a three. What card did you select as your cardboard companion?”
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year            She turns over the card to reveal the Three of Diamonds!
                                The modus operandi is a marked deck. Combine well-timed cold
        Reprints:           reading lines with your participant’s selection of a card and it
     $2.50 per issue        seems that your comments predict rather than react to her choice.
T.J. Osborne

Dowsing Duplicates
    “Dowsing is an ancient practice in which one seeks hidden
objects or information using the principle that ‘like attracts like’,”
mentions the Mentalist. “The usual image which comes to mind is
searching for underground water using a forked sapling branch.”
    The performer collects six business cards (all printed on plain,
white stock) from those around the table. He tears the face-down
stack in half and mixes the twelve pieces before dealing them on
the table in three rows of four pieces each.
    “Remember the children’s pastime with a pack of cards,
‘Concentration’? The object is to look at one of the pieces and then
guess which of the others makes a match. If you pick correctly you
may choose again but if turning over two pieces results in no match,
you turn them face down and your opponent gets a turn. The trick
is to memorize the positions of the unsuccessful guesses so that you
can make the matches when it’s your turn again.”
    “Dowsing often has the uncanny capability of locating the
matching pairs but we often ignore these techniques out of
skepticism. If you will let me interpret your dowsing response, I
think we’ll make a believer out of you. Pick up any one of the card-
halves, look at it, and hold it in your closed hand. Good. Extend
the first finger of that hand to serve as a pointer. I’ll hold your
wrist lightly as you move your pointer over the rows of pieces
remaining and let you know when I sense that particular response.”
    The participant, with the Mentalist lightly touching the
extended finger’s wrist, moves his finger over the card pieces on the
table. Over one of the pieces the performer says, “Stop! Pick up          T.J. acknowledges
this one and conceal it in your hand with the other piece. Let’s run       the influence of
the same procedure with another person.” The process is repeated         ideas by T.A. Waters
four times until only one pair of pieces is remaining on the table.      and Phil Goldstein
The performer turns them over to show that they match!                     on this routine.
    “Each of you open your hands and check your results,” instructs
the performer. All five pairs of pieces also match!
    When you tear the cards in half, place one set of torn pieces atop
the other, making a twelve-piece packet. Your ‘shuffle’ pulls three
pieces, one at a time, from the top of the packet into your other
hand, each successive piece going on top of the one just pulled off
(exactly like running 3 single cards in an overhand shuffle). Place
the entire remaining packet on top of those three pieces. Repeat
the procedure with two pieces (run 2), drop the packet on top of
them and then deal three rows of four pieces each. The pieces will
now be in an order identified by the mnemonic at the right.
    Each letter represents the piece at that position. The piece in
column one of the first row (S) will be the mate of the one in the
second row, third column, etc. After your participant picks up a
piece, stop his finger at the position which matches his choice.
                     Danny Archer

                     Do Not Pass Go!
                         Placing a small, cloth drawstring pouch on the table, the
                     Mentalist says to one of those around the table, “Remember playing
                     the Monopoly® game? This bag contains the house & hotel tokens.
                     Please reach inside and remove some of each, then count your
                     properties beneath the table by touch.” The participant complies.
                         “You’ll need a piece of real estate upon which to place them,”
Danny is the owner   continues the performer. He fetches from his case a small box
 of the Magicians    containing a sealed envelope, four individual players’ game tokens,
Lecture Network, a   and a pack of Monopoly® property cards (‘deeds’). Slipping the
booking agency for   rubber band from around the stack of cards and thumbing through
     lecturers.      them, he comments on their relative values, and then squares the
                     packet requesting, “Cut the pack to select your property.” The
                     participant cuts to a card near the center of the pack and takes it.
                         The Mentalist instructs, “Refer to the rental schedule on your
                     deed and arrange your assets so that you can collect the maximum
                     amount of rent. You can put up to four houses or four hotels on
                     your acreage; zoning laws don’t allow mixed usage, so place any
                     leftovers back in the pouch.” He does so.
                         Emptying the box containing the four players’ tokens onto the
                     table the performer adds, “There are only two of us playing, so grab
                     a couple...and return them to the box. Pick up the remaining two,
                     one in each fist. Actually, only one of us needs a token, so open one
                     hand...and drop that one back into the box.
                         “Let’s recap: You chose one deed out of the dozens available,
                     picked a random number of houses and hotels to set the amount of
                     rent you can charge, and even selected the top hat token I would
                     use to move onto your property. As for the rent –” he picks up the
                     card and reads the side of the card with the rent prices, “...let’s
                     see...Marvin Gardens...two hotels...the rent is $625!”
                         The performer asks the participant to open the envelope and
          ®          read the note inside. It says, “I have the uneasy premonition that
                     my top hat will land on one of the yellow properties, and will be
                     assessed a very high rent. I’ve enclosed the proper amount in the
                     appropriate currency.” He counts $625 in Monopoly® cash!
                         Once you purchase the Monopoly® game, place four hotels and
                     eight houses in the pouch; your instructions guarantee that he
                     takes at least one hotel. While he is counting his hotels & houses
                     under the table, place your palm on the bag to push it aside. The
                     hotels, which are larger, can be felt and counted through the cloth.
                     When you get the box of cards & tokens, you also add one of four
                     envelopes with identical predictions inside. The first envelope
                     contains Monopoly® money for Marvin Gardens rental with one
                     hotel, the second envelope contains the rental with two hotels, etc.
                         The ‘deed’ card is forced (i.e: crosscut); the participant is steered
                     to the proper playing piece via equivoque.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    High demand has made the previously out-of-print King of the
Cold Readers by Herb Dewey and Bascom Jones available once
again. It’s a cold reading classic and one leg of the trilogy (Red Hot
Cold Reading and Psycho Babble are the other two) which should be
on every Mentalist’s bookshelf. Order your copy for $45.00 plus
postage from Herb at 304 Unity Lane, Annapolis, MD, 21401.
    Subscriber Craig Bender-Rovinsky advises that if you’ve ever            Wise Words:
wanted to work one of those 1-900 psychic telephone lines, this may
be your opportunity. He tells me that Steven Logan is recruiting         Those who can,
personnel for one of the major national lines and can be contacted       do. Those who
for an telephone tryout at 409 245-3764.                                 have done, teach.
    Lee Marelli (of metropolitan Denver, CO) writes to inform that       Those otherwise,
he, Allan Few, and other unindicted co-conspirators have formed          criticize.
the Rocky Mountain Mentalism and Bizarre Magic Association. I
can only hope that they choose a more memory-friendly moniker as               Anonymous
they join The Thirteen, The Six and One-Half, The Elders, and The
Minnesota Mind Psi, all local groups promoting Mentalism. Any
others out there?
    At the Psychic Entertainers Association’s convention last
summer, historian Charles Buckner gave a presentation
featuring little-known facts & tidbits about Joseph Dunninger.
Since then, he has compiled photocopies of all the materials (flyers,
promo sheets, tic sheets for the advance man, press book, press
releases, advertising endorsements, etc.) into a hefty, 3/4-inch thick
volume (about 140 pages) which he is making available for a short
time. Write to him at 1118 Berwick Road, Birmingham, AL 35242.
At $40.00, it is a steal!
    Mark Garetz e-mailed to say that he has the Ted Lesley
Working Performer’s Marked Deck available, as well as the marking
material. His “web” address: www.hoptech.com/magic/lesley.html;
his postal address is: 6 Dover Court, Danville, CA 94506.
    Leonard Hutchens reports of his success in using Rocco’s
D’Lights during the dark portion of his séances. The key, he says,
is to keep the hand moving before, during, and after the light is
activated, for the shortest duration possible. The units are never
used for more than two brief bursts of light, which are seen flitting
around the Medium’s head.
    Christian Chelman was in Phoenix recently and was treated
to lunch by some of the members of the fabled Six-and-One-Half
(Dr. Juris, Kenton, Gene Urban, Christopher Caldwell, Mark
Strivings, Larry Becker, and Lee Earle). I’m excited that he has
pledged to contribute material to SYZYGY for upcoming issues.
    It would be easy to become envious of Marc Salem; he reports
lucrative bookings from American Express, Revlon, Merril Lynch,
General Mills, and Calvin Klein. Contemporary Mentalism pays!
    Sad late news: Creative genius Stewart James of Canada died
November 3rd, at age 88, from complications following a stroke.
                                                                           Volume 3, Number 6
                            E. Raymond Carlyle                                      Issue # 42

                            Midway Dream
                                “Almost everyone enjoys the games of
                            skill on a carnival midway,” asserts the
                            Mentalist. “Whether we’re attempting to
                            pitch pennies onto dinner plates, toss
                            wooden rings around the necks of
                            Coke bottles, or throw darts onto a
                            grid of numbers to reach a high
                            score, it’s likely that the games
                            are far more difficult to win
                            than they appear to be.”
                                After showing three small
                            stuffed toys, the performer
                            points to an audience member
                            and says, “You are the first to
                            play for a prize. Please tell us
                            your name.” The participant says, “John.”
                                The Mentalist picks up a set of three blank index cards and
                            writes that name on the top card, turns it over and secretely writes
                            a figure on the reverse side. Then he flips the card name side up
                            and transfers it to the bottom of the stack of three cards.
                                Pantomiming holding a plate in his free hand, the performer
                            says, “I’ve written the number of pennies you must toss into this
                            imaginary plate to win a prize. How many do you think you need?”
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            John says, “Four.”
                                “You’re next,” says the Mentalist, pointing to a second person.
    Copyright©1996          “What’s your name?” She answers, “Anne.” Her name is written
       SYZYGY               on the top index card. As he writes a number on the unseen
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       reverse side of the card, the performer says, “You will need to ring
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            this many bottles to beat the game. In your mind, how many rings
       Telephone:           do you see on bottles’ necks?”
  602 / 247-7323 voice      “Seven,” she says.
602 / 247-4665 fax & data       “The dart game requires a steady        Carlyle, pictured
                            eye and a clear head,” informs the
                                                                      above, is a founding
                            Mentalist pointing out a third helper.
                                                                         member of “The
 America On Line - LeeE7
                                                                        Elders”, group of
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    “Your name is...” “Percy,” replies the
                                                                      Mentalists in the Los
                            participant. Once again, the name is
   Subscription rates:                                                     Angeles area.
    $38.00 per year
                            written on one side of the top index
                            card and a number is inked on the
        Canada:             back side. Each of the three cards is leaned, name side out,
   US$48.00 per year        against one of the plush prizes.
                                The Mentalist picks up a numbered chart and says, “Percy, you
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            have five imaginary darts to toss in order to get the highest score
                            possible. Where does your first dart land?”
        Reprints:               When the participant replies, that number is circled and all
     $2.50 per issue        other numbers in the same row and column are crossed out.
                                                             Please turn to MIDWAY, page 198
MIDWAY, continued

    “You didn’t think,” grins the performer, “that a ‘carnie’ would let
you just hit only the five highest numbers, did you? Now toss your
remaining four darts.” As each imaginary dart’s point of impact is
circled, row & column are crossed out as
    “Let’s run a total of your five numbers...21,
2, 18, 14, and 10. That adds up to 65,” says
the Mentalist. “Let’s recap. John figured that
four pennies would win the prize, while Anne
thought it would take seven ringed bottles.
Percy threw darts which totalled 65. How well
did you all do?” He turns the name cards
around to reveal the figures 4, 7, and 65! The
three prizes are given to the successful players
with a round of applause.
    Carlyle uses a combination of two methods,
the first of which is a derivation of Peter
Warlock’s three slate move. After each name is
written on the top card, you apparently turn it
over to write on the back. Actually, you turn
over two cards, as in a double lift. On the back
of the first card (actually the blank, double lifted
card) you write 65, a number which will be forced later. Turn the
pair over again and place the two cards as one on the bottom. Don’t
flash the underside of the stack.
    Have John toss his imaginary pennies on your imaginary plate
and ask how many he chose. Remember the number.
    Write the second person’s name, Anne, on the top card and do
another double turnover. When you write, you are actually writing
on the back of card #1, so put down the number of pennies. Again,
flip the pair over and transfer them to the bottom.
    Anne is asked to say aloud how many bottles were ringed in her
imagination. When you repeat the writing process with the third
helper, fill in the Anne’s number of ringed bottles when you write
on the double turned card. This pair is turned name side up and
the three cards are placed against the three prizes.
    To force the number 65, make up a numbered chart like the one
shown in the illustration and proceed as described. You can also
copy the chart from SYZYGY’s Internet page:
    http:// www.Lee-Earle.com/SYZYGY.html.

   Editor’s note: Richard Ganstwig, also of “The Elders”, phoned
not long ago to suggest that this issue of SYZYGY be dedicated to Ed
Fowler (E. Raymond Carlyle) who is relocating to the Virginia
Beach, VA area. Southern California’s loss is Virginia’s gain.
   Richard submitted several contributions from that group,
including one of his own. Due to the length of Carlyle’s routine, the
others had to be retained for future issues. Thank you, Richard.

                   Paul Green

                   Option Call
                       “There is a phenomenon,” begins the Mentalist, “known in the
                   sales trade as ‘buyer’s remorse’. It’s the second guessing and self
                   questioning that occurs within a customer’s mind after making an
                   important purchase, wondering how much better the deal might
                   have been if only other options had been explored.”
                       Placing his wallet on the table in front of a participant, the
 Paul Green is a   performer begins shuffling a deck of cards and advises, “I guarantee
working pro who    you will experience that sensation in a few moments, even though
  created “The     we will do everything possible to prevent it. Hold out your hand.”
Fortune Teller’s       One by one, the Mentalist begins dealing cards into the
Book of Dreams”.   participant’s outstretched hand. He says, “Stop me at any time.”
                       When halted, the performer remarks, “I don’t know if you were
                   counting...but I was. There are exactly 17 cards in your hand.
                   Later tonight, when you rethink this moment, you will wonder
                   what would have happened if you had asked me to deal a few more.
                   Should I?” The participant declines.
                       “As you are driving home, you will question what might have
                   been the outcome if you had opted to stop me sooner. Would you
                   like me to take back some of the dealt cards?” “Take back two,”
                   directs the participant. The performer complies.
                       “In the morning,” predicts the Mentalist, “you will ponder what
                         alternative outcome might have been achieved if you had
                             decided to have me deal more or fewer cards. Would you
                                care to have me add or take back any cards?” The
                                participant says, “No.”
                                    “It’s your turn to do some of the work,” smiles the
                                performer, “So divide the cards into two piles, as if you
                             were dealing a two-handed game.” The participant does as
                            “Select either of the two piles by placing your hand on it,”
                            instructs the Mentalist. “Sometime tomorrow, you are going
                               to reflect on these events and contemplate the outcome if
                                you had chosen the other pile. You may do so if you
                                 wish.” The participant switches to the other pile.
                                      “Turn over the card immediately under your hand,”
                                   requests the performer, “so that we all may see the
                                    result of your random pattern of choices.” As the
                                     helper is flipping over the card, the Mentalist opens
                                      the tabled wallet to reveal a single, face down
                                       playing card. When turned over, it is revealed to be
                                       a duplicate of the participant’s choice!
                       Start with any two cards on top of the deck and their duplicates
                   stashed in opposite sides of a Himber style wallet. Your shuffle
                   retains the two cards on top and the rest is self-working until the
                   point at which you open the wallet to the appropriate card.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Loyd Auerbach (510 652-5906) of the San Francisco Bay area
has penned an excellent book for the laymen entitled Mind Over
Matter. His material from author Martin Caidin makes a
compelling case for psychokinesis. It’s published by Kensington
and can be found in your local bookstore or from Loyd for about
$15.00. Loyd’s other activities involve his work with his Séance
Fiction Theatre. Production artwork is shown here.
    John Riggs (423 521-6705) has penned yet another volume in
his Lessons in Mentalism series; PW – The Mentalist’s Secret
Weapon. It’s a nice treatise on pocket writing; 39 pages, 81/2 x 11,
comb bound. Volume One in the series, by the way, is Phrenology
for the Psychic Entertainer, same physical stats.
    If you have a Museum Store in a mall near you, look for a
wonderful conversation starter or office prop, a ceramic head with
phrenology zones clearly marked. These stores are a great source of
relatively inexpensive reproductions of old world artifacts.
    Kenton’s Wonder Words Volume Two - The Real Work is simply
awesome; 4 audio tapes and a 22 page booklet open the door to a
universe of semantic meanings and hidden messages in the
language we use. Includes an Invisible Deck routine which uses
only imaginary cards (a truly invisible deck) and kills ‘em. This set
is priced in the neighborhood of $65.00. Order at (602) 957-6375.
    The classic word test using a selection of pieces from a torn
newspaper predates even Al Koran. In his Tabloid Psychic,
Denny Laub (219 657-5695) manages to combine the best of
several methods. It’s $20.00 and contains several nice touches.
    Mobile Mentalism is being offered by Mark Strivings, a 56
page, 81/2 x 11, comb bound book featuring close-up, strolling
Mentalism. Contributors are Ed Fowler, Docc Hilford, Anthony                Wise Words:
Lindan, Terry Nosek, John Riggs, Gene Urban, Robert
Waller, and Richard Webster. Reach Mark at (520) 774-0804.               There is no
    How about Methods of Mentalism from Ty Kralin? Subtitled as          market for a fake
“A course on presenting great psychic readings,” this comb bound,        Mentalist.
47 page, 81/2 x 11 book offers tips, routines, sound advice, promotion
ideas, and much more good stuff from a working pro. Get yours                  John Riggs
from Ty by calling (908) 752-9865.
    One more: The Invisible Eye has been called “a breakthrough
gimmick for cards” and is the modus operandi behind the ‘Out of
This World’ that fooled Paul Curry! This clever utility gimmick is
available for $40.00, postpaid from Dennis Marks; (213) 851-2375.
    Richard Webster is a new, first-time grandfather at the ripe
young age of 50. Congratulations, Richard!
    Kaplan, Louisiana’s newspaper ran a full page, with two very
large photos - one ‘above the fold’ - featuring Ken Meaux (it is
pronounced, ‘moe’) as a paranormal investigator. What a spread!
    SYZYGY has a new World Wide Web address on its editor’s
virtual server. Check the masthead on the front page.
                                                                           Volume 3, Number 7
                            K.H. Fossgreen                                          Issue # 43

                                “You may be surprised to
                            learn,” begins the Mentalist,
                            “that there are over one
                            hundred million active land
                            mines buried around the world!
                            These military explosive devices are
                            buried in shallow holes in the ground
                            and covered with topsoil. They explode
                            when stepped on, when a vehicle rolls over
                            them, or when something snags the mine’s
                            tripwire. Some activists want nations to outlaw
                            land mines as legitimate weapons. The absolute minimum
                            should be requiring decay devices which would render them inert
                            after a certain time, preventing injury to innocent civilians.”
                                The performer places five small cards on the table. Every card
                            has a section of map printed on both sides. He explains, “These
                            are not unlike the pocket sized map segments that military
                            engineers use when marking minefields they emplace. Such maps
                            are vital in case soldiers must clear the minefield in the future.
                            Take this marker and put an “X” on one of the maps to indicate
                            where a secret minefield might be placed then turn that map over.”
                                The Mentalist continues, placing five manila envelopes on the
                            table, “Slide each map into one of the envelopes. That will hide the
  Edited by: Lee Earle      evidence, much like layering dirt over the deadly explosive. When
                            you’re through, mix the envelopes thoroughly.” The participant
    Copyright©1996          seals each map in an opaque envelope and shuffles the envelopes.
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                                Picking up the five envelopes, the performer deals them in a
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      row in front of the participant and asks, “Do you know which
                            ground is harmless to walk upon and which is deadly?”
       Telephone:               “Hold out your left hand,” the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            Mentalist instructs, “palm down over
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            the ‘soil’ and sense what’s safe and       K.H. Fossgreen is a
           E-Mail:          what’s not. Place that hand on one of
                                                                      European subscriber
 America On Line - LeeE7    the five concealed maps – and do the
                                                                         and a performer
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com                                              with a sense of social
                            same with your right hand. Lightly!
   Subscription rates:      Use your imagination. If this were
    $38.00 per year         real, one mistake would render you
                            into component molecules!”
        Canada:                 The helper places one hand on each of two envelopes and the
   US$48.00 per year
                            performer tears the other three into pieces, saying, “You have
   Overseas (airmail):      narrowed your choice to two possibilities. Hand me one of them –
   US$55.00 per year        and tear the other one up as I did the last three.”
                                                      Please turn to MINEFIELD, page 202
     $2.50 per issue

MINEFIELD, continued

    The performer suggests, “Let’s see how successful you are at
locating hidden danger...” The envelope is opened and the map
withdrawn. It is the one marked with the minefield.
    “I had a hunch that you would place the minefield there,”
remarks the Mentalist as he withdraws a sixth envelope from his
pocket. “Compare the coordinates I marked earlier to your
minefield’s location.” A map-card is pulled from the envelope.
    The participant’s minefield is in the exact spot as a broad, black
“X” on the performer’s map!
    For a contemporary, double-hit presentation, this one is
surprisingly easy to accomplish. You learn which envelope contains
the map bearing the mark of the secret minefield due to the Filman
Principle and then guide the participant to locate the same
envelope via equivoque.
    The sixth envelope has a cutaway face panel which allows an “X”
to be secretly inscribed with a Swami Gimmick (nail writer, Boon,
etc.), shortly after the envelope is withdrawn from your pocket.
    The Filman Principle takes advantage of the fact that heavy
card stock has, like a thin veneer of wood, a grain; it is easier to flex   Filman Principle template
across the grain than against the grain. If one cuts cards out of this
stock on a 45° bias, then two diagonally opposite corners will be
relatively stiff when flexed and the other two corners will be more
flexible, even when tested through the envelope. A commercial
variant of this principle is the magic trick, “Tel-a-Color” cards.
    Photocopy any map onto both sides of the cards so that the top of
the map is at the same end on both sides. Test the corners before
performing to ensure the cards are aligned with the grain running
in the same direction. After one of them is marked with the
participant’s minefield, it is turned over (side to side or end to end)
which reverses the grain bias. Even within envelopes, the stiff
corner among the flexible corners (or the flexible corner among the
stiff corners) locates the marked map.
    Mix the envelopes to place the minefield second from the
participant’s left as you deal the envelopes in a row in front of him.
That position is psychologically “hot” and the most often selected. If
his left hand doesn’t find the minefield, then ask him (without
appearing to have intended otherwise) to place his right hand on an
envelope. Should his right hand cover the minefield envelope,
praise him for his skill in narrowing the choices to two and destroy
the remaining three envelopes, continuing as in the patter above.
    If both hands cover unmarked maps, instruct him to destroy
both envelopes. Then have him extend an index finger to sense
among the remaining three. If he fingers the hidden, marked map,
say, “You were lucky with the first two. The fingertips are much
more sensitive and you’ve probably found the minefield.” Tear up
the other two envelopes. If his finger finds an unmarked envelope,
proceed with his other extended index finger, repeating the
procedure you used for the first two envelopes.
                            Christopher Caldwell

                            “From our choice of wardrobe to our preference in stationery,”
                      begins the Mentalist, “Every action we take, intended or
                      subconscious, reflects our personality, taste, and style. Choices
                      made with apparent free will may actually have been ‘programmed’
                      into our personality years before.”
                           The performer takes a stack of about 40 holiday greeting cards
Christopher is one of and thumbs through them while occasionally glancing into the
  Arizona’s busiest   audience. He approaches one person and asks him to hold the
 ‘voice-over’ artists bundle of cards.
with tons of industry      After learning the participant’s name, the Mentalist displays a
     credits for      single, brightly colored envelope and explains, “You were chosen for
    commercials.      a particular reason. You’re easy. To read, I mean. That red
                      envelope contains something which will prove that point in a few
                      moments. Those cards run from the tasteful to the brash and
                      feature themes from the religious to the irreverent.”
                           The performer goes on, “Please hand me the top greeting card in
                      the group you hold. For the benefit of those of you who cannot see
                      it, it’s a reindeer in harness. Now give me the next one – it’s a
                      snow-laden tree. And another – this one’s a Santa Claus cartoon.
                      As you can see, they share the same Christmas theme, but
                      otherwise none are the same.” The participant agrees.
                                    “Continue handing me the cards,” instructs the
                                             performer, “one at a time, until you feel the urge
                                              to stop. There? That’s a lovely card; little
                                              golden angels with tiny wings. This tells me you
                                             are, at heart, a traditional person who is quite
                                            creative, perceptive, and versatile. You have a
                                           strong attraction to nature and can be somewhat
                                          of a perfectionist. You are your most effective when
                                         things are in a clearly defined order. Is that true?”
                                        The participant verifies.
                                      The Mentalist continues, “You’ve had dozens of
                                  different cards from which to choose, but you elected to
                                  select the golden angel card. Let’s look inside that red
                                  envelope.” He removes the card inside and shows it to the
                                  audience. It’s a duplicate of the participant’s choice!
                                      The cards are arranged in a Koran 5-Star setup to force
                      one of four different cards. Start with a holiday card assortment of
                      25 or so greeting cards. You should also obtain at least five each of
                      four more, different cards which will be your force cards. Interleave
                      16 force cards into the assortment so that, beginning with the 8th
                      card, every card at an even position from the top is one of your force
                      cards. Rotate among the force cards so that duplicates are 8 cards
                      apart in the final stack.
                                                         Please turn to CARDED, page 204
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Mark Garetz of the San Francisco Bay area sent in a great tip
for those of you working restaurants. The restaurant’s reservations
book often lists guests’ telephone numbers which can be cross-
referenced via CD-ROM phone directories or Internet searches to
yield lots of material to add spice to “impromptu” readings.
    Lee Earle offers the latest version of his well known Clone Pad
design dupe. It’s no longer a gimmicked sketch pad; it’s two vinyl
clipboard/folders and offers improvements such as instant reset, a
protected clone surface, replaceable paper & gimmick, and it’s even
examinable. Clone Pad was great; The Clone Folio is even better.                  Clon
Priced at $150.00 plus shipping. See more on the SYZYGY website.                  Foli
    In an earlier issue, I teased The Rocky Mountain Mentalism and                     o
Bizarre Magic Association about their word-heavy title. Still, I was
surprised when Lee Marelli wrote to inform that they will
henceforth refer to themselves as the PSI Clones. Clever.
    Two Colorado groups will host SYZYGY’s BEST!: Fort Collins
(contact Ed Hurtibis - 970.223.8767) and Denver (Lee Marelli -
303.751.4603) on March 6th and 7th, respectively. Lee is also
ramrodding a half-day workshop in Denver on Sat., March 8th.
    Saturday, December 28 was the day Mark Strivings married
April Canter. A lovely ceremony and a strikingly beautiful bride.
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Strivings. The Best Man was none
other than SYZYGY contributor, Robert Waller. The clan Flora
was also in full attendance; Brian, Jan, Ian, and Hillary.
    Got lots of nice feedback from subscribers (and audiences) on
Carlyle’s Midway Dream. It’s a keeper.
    Correction department: The phone number given in the last              Wise Words:
issue for Loyd Auerbach is incorrect. Contact him at
415.616.5501 or via e-mail at esper@california.com. Also relating to    The audience was
the same issue, Paul Green credits Monte Smith for the idea             drunk; half of
behind his routine. In addition, Paul’s commercial release is more
                                                                        them saw two of
accurately entitled, “The Fortuneteller’s Book of Days”, not Dreams.
                                                                        me and the other
                                                                        50% didn’t notice
                                                                        anything at all,
CARDED, continued                                                       so things rather
                                                                        evened out.
   After the participant has dealt the first seven cards into your
hand, suggest that he may stop at any time. When he does, one of           Patricia Fripp
the 4 force cards will either be at the top of his stack or will have
just been handed to you. You indicate the force card as his ‘choice.’
   A flap divides the envelope into two compartments. Within
each compartment is a single card, made by gluing two of the force
cards back to back. End on, the glued cards resemble the letter ‘z’,
making a double-sided card which behaves like a Himber style
wallet. When you access the envelope to remove the card, simply
open it to the appropriate compartment and remove the card
inside. Lightly pencilled cues help you remember to have the
appropriate side of the card facing up when you pull it into view.
                                                                             Volume 3, Number 8
                            Dr. Juris                                                  Issue # 44

                            Juris Prudence
                                The ‘last item’ anticlimax common to
                            many pseudo-psychometry presentations is
                            avoided in this spellbinding routine.
                                “Much like the fabled Phineas Fogg,”
                            begins the Mentalist, “it’s been my
                            privilege to visit some of the most
                            remarkable places on the planet. Every
                            culture has its own shibboleths and saints;
                            curses and charms, which I gather as
                            others would accumulate postcards.”
                                As he recounts his travels, he places
                            an open-topped, polished hardwood box
                            on a table at one side of the parlor. He
                            carefully removes six items from within
                            the box, gently extracting each from its cloth drawstring pouch. A
                            small paper scroll is attached, using an elastic band, to every item.
                            All six scroll-bearing artifacts are returned to the box, out of sight.
                                Indicating five persons seated in the audience, the performer
                            continues, “Each of you please step over to that box and remove
                            one artifact. You may choose an item at random, because it’s
                            pretty, or perhaps you feel somehow compelled to select it, but
                            touch and take only one item. Pull the attached paper scroll free
                            and put it in your pocket for now, then conceal the artifact in a
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            cloth pouch to prevent anyone from knowing your choice. Place the
                            bagged artifacts back in the box and return to your seats with my
    Copyright©1996          thanks.” The participants, one by one, comply.
       SYZYGY                   “A shaman, sorcerer, prophet, witch, or medicine man would
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       tell you that a true amulet is attracted to the person and not the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            reverse,” informs the Mentalist, “Let’s test that theory.”
       Telephone:               Speaking to someone sitting near
  602 / 247-7323 voice      the box, the performer asks, “Please
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   hand me one of the pouches.” He              Dr. Juris’ home is
                            opens the pouch given him and               more like a private
 America On Line - LeeE7    withdraws the item inside (for             museum, displaying
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    example, a carved ebony totem). He            curiosities from
                            explains its alleged mystical               around the world.
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year
                            properties, how it was obtained, and
                            maybe a personal recollection.
        Canada:                 The Mentalist goes on to describe in detail the type of person to
   US$48.00 per year        whom the amulet might be attracted, then turns to one of the
                            participants and says, “That description seems to fit you. Unroll
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            your scroll and display what’s written on it.” It reads, “Black,
                            wooden good luck totem.” A perfect match.
     $2.50 per issue                                          Please turn to JURIS, page 208
John Riggs

The Compelling Key
    “Every home in the country has a ‘junk drawer’ somewhere in
the house,” proclaims the Mentalist. “Ours is in the kitchen and
serves as a repository for an assortment of nuts, bolts, screws,
connectors, washers, and nails. And keys. Then, when we discover
an old padlock, we must try every key in the drawer in order to find
the correct one. Surely, there’s an easier way!”
    The performer removes a padlock from a small paper bag and
remarks, “There are a half-dozen keys in the bag, one for each of
six persons in the front row. When it’s your turn, reach into the
bag and remove a single key. Be sure to keep it tightly closed in
your fist so no one can know which one you’ve chosen.”
    One by one, six participants remove a key from the paper
sack, taking care to conceal their choices within their hands.
    “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use our intuitive
processes to shortcut the search for the key which fits?” asks
the Mentalist. “Perhaps we can. Hold out your fists.”
    Walking down the row of extended fists, the performer
touches several, saying, “One potato, two potato, three
potato...no, that seems too silly. Eeny, meeny, miney,
mo...nah, that’s even worse!”
    “History is full of stories,” continues the Mentalist, “about
dowsers, scryers, and seekers. One of those techniques
employs a pendulum to connect to the ‘universal
consciousness’.” He ties a short length of string to the shackle of
the lock, then dangles the lock over the first closed hand. The lock
hangs still and steady.
    “That key must not fit the lock,” he says to the participant, “Give
it a try.” The participant fits the key into the lock but it won’t turn.
    The procedure is repeated for the remaining helpers. Over one
                                                                           John is one of the
of the hands, the string & lock pendulum begins to describe a circle.
                                                                             most creative
                                                                           performers in our
“We’ll try that one last,” explains the Mentalist, who goes on to
                                                                         craft; sooner or later,
‘pendulize’ the remaining participants, each of whom tests his key
                                                                            you will feel his
with no positive result.
    Returning to the person over whose hand the pendulum moved,
the performer says, “A key without a lock is a solution in search of a
problem. Likewise, an intuition untapped is a resource which is
wasted. I think the lock has found its key. Try it.”
    The participant inserts the key into the lock, twists the key, and
the lock snaps open!
    The secret tattletale is a tiny, rare earth magnet. The lock is
purchased after its keys are tested to be steel. The other keys are
chosen because they are nonmagnetic, nickel plated brass. While
the keys are in the bag, the magnet is attracted to the single, steel
key, adhering to the bottom of the bag on your palm. When the
steel key is taken, the magnet drops into your hand.
                      Mark Edward

                      Reigning Cats and Dogs
                          “People are divided into two distinct categories;” begins the
                      Mentalist, “cat people and dog people. You can tell a lot about a
                      person by the type of pet he chooses. Some psychologists claim that
                      there is a Freudian connection.”
                          The performer continues, “Earlier, I asked three guests to put
                      their heads together to covertly agree whether that trio’s pet of
 Choose the right     choice was a dog or a cat. Each of the participants selected one
   audience and       letter of the word ‘d-o-g’ or ‘c-a-t’ to focus upon and secretly printed
atmosphere for this   that letter, in block capital style, on a piece of posterboard.”
routine’s gag lines       “As that committee of three comes forward, they have been
 and it’s a winner!   instructed to hold their panels bearing the letters tightly against
                      their chests so no one else will have a clue to the group’s animal
                      choice, much less who has selected which letter. Please help me
                      welcome them.” The performer leads the applause.
                                  Eyeing the three, the Mentalist explains, “This group
                              appears to be comprised of independent thinkers who live
                              life on their terms. They avoid becoming emotionally
                              involved in crucial decisions and seem to project a sense of
                              confidence. They must be cat people.”
                                  “Before you acknowledge whether or not that guess is
                              correct,” says the performer to the trio, “I’ll go further.
                      Larry, please move to your far right in the row. Thank you. Curly
                      and Moe please exchange places. That will do, thanks.”
                          Now the Mentalist interprets, “Larry is quick to seize
                      opportunity (and anything else left lying around). He is someone
                              who has learned to put off worrying about procrastination.
                              He has a strong drive but his putt needs work. With a
                              healthy respect for age, Larry prefers only the better
                              whiskies. He will be the person who chose the letter ‘C’.”
                                  “Moe has the ‘A’ and will soon receive money from Lady
                              Luck; he’ll spend it on Lady Friend. Good at pursuing
                              money, his hobby is following Brinks trucks. He’s a strong
                              believer in love & marriage, but not with the same person.
                          “Curly, who has the final letter, the ‘T’, is aware of his strong
                      reputation; he’s moved three times in five years because of it. He
                      only dated women born on Christmas so he could save money on
                      gifts. Curly’s planning a surprise for the boss – and will be at work
                      on time tomorrow. Turn your panels around so we can see them.”
                          The panels spell out, in order, C-A-T.
                          After the preshow group chooses ‘cat’ or ‘dog’, each participant
                      prints his letter on the matte-surface posterboard after you print
                      his name on the other side. You can hear the difference between
                      the letters (C=one long stroke, A=three straight strokes, T=two
                      straight strokes; D=straight stroke and curved stroke, O=one long
                      stroke, G=one long stroke and one or two short strokes).
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Word from Rich Wagner of Denver is that a new Magic Island
opens on January 29th. Show tickets are set at $12.95 per person
and dinner guests (meals average about $15.00, not including bar
beverages) receive priority seating. No Mentalists booked yet, but
hope springs eternal. Phone for reservations at 303.988.5662.                Wise Words:
    If you haven’t heard about Craig Karges’ Unlocking the Power
Within then you haven’t been watching enough cable television.            Keep in mind
His slickly packaged infomercial product is quite impressive. Using       that you are a
audio cassettes, a video tape, and programmed instruction, this           totally unique
treasure hunt in the mind explores everything from mnemonics to           individual – just
lucid dreaming, with intriguing layovers at pendulums, intuition,         like everyone else.
and affirmations. Lots of good research material here. SYZYGY
subscribers can purchase directly from Craig, for $44.00 postpaid               Anonymous
(regular retail is $70.00), by calling his office at 304.233.4366.
    Chuck Hickok, Psychic Entertainers Association president,
performed in Phoenix recently, working a tough business audience
into a standing ovation. His corporate trainer’s touch and casual
style provide a textbook example of contemporary Mentalism.
    Toronto, Canada’s Ron Guttman informs us of a Mentalism
special interest group in that city, cryptically known as M5. Eh?
    Another friend and brother in the art has taken his final bow -
Tony Johnson, director of Cicardi’s record-setting Mind Probe
television program, left us last January 24th. Fade to black...

JURIS, continued

    Each item gets a similar treatment as the Mentalist-Curator
fascinates his audience with his depth of knowledge about the
artifacts and confounds them with his uncanny analysis of the
personality and identification of each participant. Each scroll
denotes its artifact as invoking success, love, health, etc.
    “It’s prudent of you,” informs the performer, removing the item
remaining in the box, “to have avoided this small, stone statue. It
is attracted only to evil and is never chosen.” He pulls the scroll
free and opens it. The scroll reads, “Aztec ‘death’ icon.” How?
    Before each person steps up to take an artifact, the performer
hands him one of the five, identical drawstring pouches. In fact,
every pouch has a different colored lining; participants are chosen
because each wears a clothing item of a matching hue so the
contents of the color-lined pouch can be easily linked to him later.
    The ‘death’ scroll starts in the Mentalist’s pocket and is
concealed in his hand as he reaches into the box for the final
artifact. That artifact’s scroll is pushed free and remains in the
box; he just pretends to detach the ‘death’ scroll from the artifact.
    It helps to describe some of the final artifact’s ‘evil’ attributes
before opening and reading the scroll.

                            Cold Reading
                                Living in and providing readings in a large city
                            like Los Angeles, enables one to encounter a
                            wide variety of people. This goes double if one
                            does a high volume of readings in clubs or
                                Although the following information may
                            appear stereotypical, drawing on some rather
                            politically incorrect observations, there is a
                            surprising ‘grain of truth’ in each of
                                Young to middle-age Filipino women
                            tend to be nurses or in similar support areas
                            within the medical field. In fact, some medical facilities
                            actively recruit in the Philippines for labor. “Your heart line has a
                            decided healing quality; the same indication that many nurses or
                            physical therapists have.” Please note that the line is paraded by
                            them, not blatantly expressed, “...are you a nurse?”
                                Educated and well-spoken Indians and Pakistanis are often in
                            medical school or are doctors already. “You have the mind to use
                            your skills to help and heal. I saw a medical student last week
                            whose palm had a nearly identical line.”
  Edited by: Lee Earle          Middle-eastern types, Syrians especially, tend to gravitate
                            toward the garment business (known as the “rag trade”). Almost
       SYZYGY               all tend to be entrepreneurs. There is something wonderful about
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       the free market spirit these folks seem to radiate. “You have the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      power to put together an idea which other people could use. It’s
                            amazing that many designers and
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            retailers have this same component.”
602 / 247-4665 fax & data       Vietnamese who wear soft, used            Even though this
                            (but not fashionably faded) denim are material is based on
           E-Mail:          frequently senior employees on the
 America On Line - LeeE7
                                                                      stereotypes, all of the
                            sewing floor of the garment trade          associated lines are
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com
                            (sweat shops). They confirm lots of           very positive and
   Subscription rates:      hits when told of raising cash to buy            affirming.
    $38.00 per year         more sewing machines. Others whom
                            we refer to as “boat people” seem to fit
   US$48.00 per year        into this generalization; industrious, forward-looking, and thrifty.
                            “You have the discipline and persistence to provide things which
   Overseas (airmail):      others want, but a key element - something you need - that will
   US$55.00 per year        help you be even more productive is just out of reach. As
     $2.50 per issue                                                  Please turn to page 210

little as two or three thousand dollars would do the trick.”
Personal experience shows that almost all Asians identify
strongly with the word ‘persistence’ when it’s used in

    Medical or engineering school seems to be the area of
interest for many Taiwanese students. It has been well
documented within the education fraternity that Asians do
well in technical subjects, often edging out Anglos and other
minorities in college entrance exams. “You have the ability to
solve problems, to analyze things. You would do well as a
scientist or engineer because you can get to the crux of a
problem quicker than most.”

    Tough and trim looking W.A.S.P.-ish types tend to be in or
associated with law enforcement. The tip-off is a controlled,
collected manner. They have a strong sense of right and wrong. “I
see you standing in a position between right and wrong as a buffer
between good and evil.” This line also works for military personnel.

   Taller trim & lean types (especially if they wear those shiny
wire rim glasses ala William Sessions) are with, or thought about
becoming a member of, the FBI, BATF, etc. A good line which
scores like a Patriot missile is, “You can do things in a covert
manner. If you were in law enforcement, you would excel in
maintaining a low profile and in quietly blending into the
background - like a plainclothes detective or FBI/CIA agent.”

   Spouses of the above appear to act out marriage roles that
were more the norm a generation ago (traditional family
values). At a recent party attended by cops, sheriffs, and their
wives, it seemed almost like going back in time 30 years!

    Koreans connect with statements like, “Something very
close to you was wrenched away and it seems no one cares.
You feel invisible and somehow blamed for others’ actions.” In
Los Angeles, an average of one Korean shopkeeper is murdered
every month. Many Koreans feel the 1992 riots have never
stopped, but have been edited out of the news instead.

   For some strange reason, Iranian nationals (and a few other
middle eastern types) seem to want to be in trendy businesses.
“You have the ability to commercialize creativity, to take an idea
and put it into profitable action. You could design a popular
nightclub or start a fashion trend.”

   Young girls (6-14 years) who have that wholesome, Marsha
Brady look often have thoughts about being veterinarians or
working with animals. “Your heart line reveals the ability to
comfort and heal small animals or children.”

      Pre-war Babies                             Baby Boomers                                  Baby Busters
      Born through 1945 - Grew up                Born 1946-1963 - 72 Million - the            1964 to present - The “Fix It”
      during the Agricultural Age -              “Happy Days” generation - Grew               generation - Focus is quality of
      Experienced the Great                      up on the Industrial Age. Military           life- Grew up in Information Age.
      Depression, military experience            experience negative (Vietnam) -              Short military experience. Want to
      was positive, victorious. Believed         Goals focused on money, status,              avoid risk and rapid change.
      in “Keeping the World Safe for             material success. Rising standard            Predicted to have a falling or flat
      Democracy.”                                of living.                                   standard of living. Generation X.

      Focus: Security, the “American             Focus: Money, Status, Materialism            Focus: Quality of life
      Dream”, material success
                                                 Marriage: Lots of divorces, but keeps        Marriage: Marry late - 40% doubt it will
      Marriage: Family sticks together, no       trying; fewer kids than pre-war.             last. Many were Latch-Key kids &
      matter what. Many kids.                                                                 raised themselves.
                                                 Job: Work-a-holics. Focused on

      Job: Lucky to have one; retire with        achievement - getting to the top -           Job: Lack full-time employment; not
      same employer. Belief: “Work hard &        paying their dues.                           money motivated. Want work they can
      you get ahead.”                                                                         enjoy.
                                                 Education: Street smart. High school -
      Education: Not that important - High       some college.                                Education: College; computers.
      school level is typical.
                                                 Ego Drive: Fulfilled at work                  Ego Drive: Fulfilled outside of work;
      Ego Drive: Being able to provide for                                                    personal achievements.
      the family; “Keeping food on the table.”   Heroes: Athletes, actors, celebrities like
                                                 the Kennedys.                                Heroes: Not many - Mother Theresa,
      Heroes: Political leaders - Churchill,                                                  Jane Fonda, parents.
      Roosevelt, Henry Ford                      Social Problems: Rebelled against
                                                 establishment, dropped out, apathetic,       Social Problems: Concerned with local
      Social Problems: Protecting workers -      tried drugs, some activism, support less     because world problems are too huge.
      Unions, Prohibition, Morality, defending   government.                                  National debt, Aids, Crime,
      Democracy.                                                                              Environment, Education.
                                                 Motivations: 1) Status & wages; 2)
      Motivations: 1) Security; 2)               Opportunity for promotion; 3) Job            Motivations: 1) Must enjoy their work;
      Wages/Overtime; 3) Promotions; 4)          security; 4) Enjoy their work; 5)            2) Be appreciated in their work; 3)
      Working conditiions.                       Appreciated for their work                   Feeling “in” on things; 4) Security
   Upscale white females may have a tendency to feel directed
toward psychology studies; many are planning to be some sort of
psychiatrist. “You’re a good ‘people person’ who can see the trees in
others’ forests and have the potential to help other people make
wise choices.”

    Entrepreneurial types, easily spotted by their “wheeler-dealer”
attitude, are easily read; “It is said that Americans will buy
anything if you put it in a box. You have that unique ability to
package things for presentation or sales.”

    Professional black males who model a conservative dress and
demeanor are receptive to business models. “You have the ability
to devise with solutions that can be built upon. Someone like a Ted
Turner or a John Johnson would have this line.” To avoid
appearing patronizing, use both a white and a black person as your
examples. Black businessmen will recognize Johnson, Earl Graves,
and A.G. Gaston.

   All artistic types, especially Anglo males and non-conservative
black males, respond to: “You can see creative ability in others and
find ways to make it work for you. Someone like a Walt Disney or
a Berry Gordy would have this line.”

    For the actor/singer personality, “This line is common in
someone like a Bette Davis or a Madonna. You have a great deal of
creative energy and the ability to communicate ideas and feelings
in very innovative ways. Even though you feel the odds may be
against a successful outcome, your persistence will pay off.”

    Editor’s note: The individual who contributed the material for
this supplement is the source of a delightful story:
    When doing a reading for a client connected to the film
industry, the palmist pulled a few lines ‘from the can’ and delivered
them with full sincerity. Immediately after he said something like,
“You have a great deal of unrealized potential which you have not
turned to your advantage...” the client looked him in the eye and
said, “It’s a script, isn’t it?”
    Our reader, attempting to avoid appearing guilty, simply
swallowed hard and raised an eyebrow.
    The client continued, “I’m sure of it now. All along you’ve been
encouraging me with advice, and it’s just a script!”
    Just when the reader was about to confess, thinking he was just
nailed, the client said, “I’ve simply got to finish that damned script
I’ve been working on and submit it. I don’t know how you knew
about it, but you’re one hundred percent right. Thank you!”
    Such are the trials and tribulations of the cold reader.

                                                                            Volume 3, Number 9
                            Banachek                                                 Issue # 45

                            Golden Year
                                Striding to the center of the platform,
                            the Mentalist points to someone in the
                            audience and asks, “Please say aloud a
                            number between zero and ten, then stand
                            up.” The participant says, as he is rising,
                            “Seven.” A second participant is given the
                            same instructions and replies, “Three.”
                                Both audience helpers remain standing as the
                            performer reaches into his pocket and removes a single, gold coin.
                            It is sandwiched between layers of clear plastic in a white,
                            cardboard frame. “Please stand and hold out your hand,” requests
                            the performer, addressing a third participant at the front of the
                            audience. “This is a rare, gold coin from the last century and you
                            are hereby appointed as its guardian for a few moments.” The coin
                            is placed on the participant’s outstretched hand.
                                The Mentalist takes pad and pen in hand, turns to the first
                            standing helper and asks, “Your number was...?” “Seven,” says the
                            participant, and the performer writes that number on his pad.
                            Addressing the second volunteer, he inquires, “And your digit,
                            please?” The response is, “Three.”
                                “Seven and three,” repeats the performer. “Or, seventy three,
                            to be more precise. As a date in the last century, that’s 1873, yes?”
                                Turning to the third participant, the Mentalist directs, “Please
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                            turn that coin over and tell us the date it was minted.” The helper
                            flips over the coin and replies, “It is a commemorative gold piece,
    Copyright©1996          in Extra Fine / Proof condition, struck in Eighteen Seventy Three!”
       SYZYGY                   The method is quite simple. You can find a reasonably priced
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       and undated commemorative coin (it should be as large as
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            possible) at a local rare coin dealer. At the same time, purchase a
       Telephone:           number of the cardboard and plastic
  602 / 247-7323 voice      frames which are used to display and
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   protect the rare coins.                        Simplicity is the
                                Use a pencil which matches the
                                                                         prime ingredient in
                            lead in your nail writer or Swami
                                                                            this quick and
 America On Line - LeeE7
                                                                         powerful variation
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    gimmick to write on the frame,
                                                                          of the Koran Gold
                            “Special Issue gold coin. Condition:
   Subscription rates:                                                        Medallion.
    $38.00 per year
                            X-Fine / Proof. Minted 18 ” with
                            blank space for you to thumb-write
        Canada:             the final two digits.
   US$48.00 per year            Because you return to the first two participants to ask (again)
                            for their digits, the audience will mis-remember that the coin was
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            in the third helper’s hand before the numbers were given.
                                Your coin dealer might have a thin, foam padded, clear plastic
        Reprints:           box instead of a cardboard frame. Apply a removable paper label
     $2.50 per issue        to the front surface for the necessary writing.
Lee Earle

Poor Man’s Room Service
    “It’s a sad world,” laments the Mentalist, “in which security
concerns have become paramount in the hospitality trade. Thieves
have been known to stay at a hotel, keep the room key, and then
return at a later date to loot the same room while the current
occupant is attending a conference session or enjoying the
poolside buffet. When people forget to return their room keys,
the locks must be rekeyed as a precaution. That’s expensive!”
    The performer goes on, “Lately, hotels have begun using
electronic locks with keys like these.” He shows a flat, credit
card sized piece of plastic in the pocket of a small paper folder.
    The Mentalist explains, “This key fits a computerized door
lock. It is encoded to open your room’s door only and operates
just for the duration of your stay; after you check out, it will no
longer function in the lock. In some hotels, if you persist in
your attempt to use an expired key, you may find a brawny
member of the hotel security staff tapping your shoulder.
    “Neither hotel name,” reminds the performer, “nor room
number are printed on the card; another frustration for a
would-be pickpocket. If an active card-key is stolen, the
thief won’t know which hotel it accesses, much less the room
number. Instead, there is a space here on the folder where
the reception clerk writes your room number by hand. Guests are
advised to memorize the room number and carry only the card-key.”
    Smiling sheepishly, the Mentalist admits, “Of course if you have
less than a perfect memory (or one too many adult beverages) that
practice is problematic. It’s not wise to walk down the hotel corridor
in the early morning, repeatedly inserting one’s key-card until a
door lock flashes its green light. Surely, there’s an easier way to
recall the room number, perhaps through intuition or clairvoyance.”
                                                                           Who needs a
    Addressing three persons in the audience, the performer asks,
                                                                          gimmicked key
                                                                         chain? Your next
“Would each of you give me a single digit please? Just allow the
                                                                          hotel stay will
numbers to appear on a hotel door in your imagination.” The
                                                                       provide most of what
numbers given are 3, 8, and 1. “I’ll write that room number right
                                                                           you require.
here in the space provided on the folder.”
    Returning the pen to his pocket, the Mentalist brings out a
mechanical crayon marker and says, “I also carry one of these china
markers. It’s about the only thing which will not permanently
deface the plastic. I use it to write the room number on the back of
the card in bold black digits which I can see without my glasses.
What was your guess at room number again? Three-eight-one?”
    He withdraws the key-card from the folder and turns it over. On
the back, next to the brown magnetic stripe, are the digits 381!
    A piece of pencil carbon paper is taped inside the folder so you
can transfer the digits to the key-card by writing with your
thumbnail as you show the folder’s printed side to the audience.
                     Denny Laub

                          “Back in the 1930’s,” begins the Mentalist, “researchers at Duke
                     University began their experimentation into E.S.P. In order to
                     provide unambiguous targets for their tests, they employed these
                     five designs, circle, cross, waves, square, and star.”
                          The mindreader shows a small chart which bears all five
                     symbols. Incorporated in each symbol is a small area in which to
                     write. He hands the chart and a pencil to the participant.
  Photocopy this          “I have a packet of cards, each bearing one of the designs,” says
specially designed   the performer. He pulls one of the cards from the group and places
chart for your own
                     it, face down, on the table. “Let your inner eye see the hidden
                     symbol, then write the number ‘1’, to signify your first guess, inside
                     the same design on your chart.’
                          The procedure is duplicated for the next three cards; the
                     Mentalist places a target card face down on the pile and the
                     participant records his guess with the numbers ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4’.
                          “The final design is no choice at all,” reminds the Mentalist, “so
                     write the number ‘5’ in the only unfilled box on your chart.” He
                     adds the final card to the pile as they dragged off the table into his
                     hand. “Let’s check your chart and see how perceptive you are.”
                          The participant calls out his choices in order and, one by one,
                     the design cards are turned over. They are in the exact same order!
                          The chart is designed so that you can ‘pencil-read’ which of the
                     five choices the participant marks.
                          You actually have six symbol cards; one with each design plus a
                     sixth card which has a spot of wax on its face. The waxed card is
                     placed face down on the table as the participant’s first target. When
                     he marks his chart, you learn which design card to place down next.
                          Hold your packet of cards in a block with the faces toward you.
                     Keep the packet squared so your participant won’t detect the extra
                     card. If the design he just marked isn’t on the face card, transfer it
                     to the back of the packet. Repeat until the desired card is on the
                     face of your packet, then remove it and place it face down on the
                     first tabled card and ask the participant guess its design next.
                          Repeat until he makes his fourth guess at which time you
                     actually have two cards held as one in your hand. There are two
                     possibilities: If his fourth choice is on the face of your doubled pair,
                     place them as one on the pile and pick up the tabled packet.
                     Compare for results in reverse order starting with guess #5. Show
                     the top card, move it to the bottom of the packet and apply pressure
                     so it sticks to the waxed card. Continue through the next four cards.
                          When his fourth guess is not on the face of your doubled pair,
                     slowly and deliberately pull the tabled cards one at a time onto your
                     hand, atop the doubled pair. This time, the waxed card will be on
                     top of the packet and will adhere to the one below it. The sequence
                     of the five cards (the waxed double is on top) will match his chart.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    A poll by The Magicians’ Yearbook 1997 has placed SYZYGY
among the top three magazines in the world, in every category
(Value for Money, Quality of Material, and Quality of Production)!
More? SYZYGY placed second for Best Magazine Overall.
Not bad for a four-page newsletter! Hearty congratulations go to
Stan Allen’s MAGIC for taking first place honors.
    Ron Aldrich has put in a request for any videotapes of old
Dunninger TV shows. If you can help, call him at 313.824.6194.
    At a recent Six-and-One-Half meeting, Larry Becker
previewed his new Chameleon Chest, a utility item for the
Mentalist. As with all of Larry’s offerings, it is of top quality and
comes with a jillion routines. The outfit sells for $169.50, plus
shipping. You can call him at 602.488.0980 or write to P.O. Box
6023, Carefree, AZ 85377 and he’ll send a detailed description.
    Look for the SYZYGY’s BEST! (Volume 2) lecture this Spring in
cities around the world. The May European tour (Belgium, The
Netherlands, France, & Italy) is now fully booked. I’ve posted all
the dates on SYZYGY’s World Wide Web page (for those with
Internet access) but will also print upcoming dates in this column.
Here are the remaining March dates (with contact information):
    March 18, Cleveland, OH - (Neil Rozum at 216.333.4664);
    March 20, Bloomfield, NJ - (Bill Rutan at 201.429.7597).
    What a time we had in Ft. Collins & Denver – they even made
me an honorary member of Denver’s Psi-Clones! Ed Hurtubis and
Lee Marelli were suberb hosts to this travelling lecturer. When I
deplaned at the much-maligned DIA airport, Lee met me with a
set of maps, contact names, itinerary, and tour guides all bound
into a 3-ring binder. This guy could have planned D-Day or Desert
Storm!                                                                     Wise Words:
    The sad news has arrived that another of our number is no
longer with us; Ray Grosholz of Cooper City, FL, who suggested
a presentational twist featured in my current lecture, passed on        The eye sees only
last February 6th, at age 71.                                           what the mind is
    Concerning Poor Man’s Room Service on page 214, it is obvious       prepared to
that a Listo lead swami gimmick could also be used to inscribe the      comprehend
numbers, and I have used that method myself, but the routine
actually was conceived as one of those “lost luggage” challenges.
    Just heard from a reliable source that a new Herb Dewey                Henri Bergson
book on cold reading technique is due for release this summer.
    E. Raymond Carlyle has relocated to Virginia Beach, VA and
is already consulting in a commerical séance project. When it
opens, you’ll read about it here.
    With the debut of his bi-monthly Quintessence, Bob Cassidy
has taken the plunge into the Mentalism newsletter business.
Annual subscriptions are $48.00 from Bob at 2211 S. Star Lake
Road, 13-106, Federal Way, WA 98003. Highly recommended.
                            Ty Kralin



  Edited by: Lee Earle

  2901 N. 55th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301

  602 / 247-7323 voice
602 / 247-4665 fax & data

 America On Line - LeeE7
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com

   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year

       Canada:                Ty shares valuable
   US$48.00 per year            money making
                               secrets, excerpted
   Overseas (airmail):        from his new book,
   US$55.00 per year
                             “The Pen is Mightier
        Reprints:             Than The Sword.”
     $2.50 per issue

    Handwriting analysis is ‘the Mother Lode’ waiting to reward the
enterprising Mentalist. Considering the timeless interest in
psychic phenomena and personal readings, it’s amazing more
entertainers aren’t persuing handwriting analysis as a profitable
    I originally was forced to incorporate handwriting analysis as a
last-resort attempt to salvage a booking at a fair. The event
managers threatened to cancel our contract because they
considered psychic readings as presenting a religious conflict with
another attraction.
    In fact, there are venues that will accept a handwriting analyst
that wouldn’t touch a psychic reader even though both are
delivering essentially the exact same product! It’s simply a matter
of perception. In many cases that perception will give you an
advantage over any other ‘reader’ types to the point that you will be
given preference for bookings. I have made my living from this for
years now, refining it more and more over the years to make the
presentation more efficient. The bottom-line benefit is that I sell
far more products and services than most psychic readers.
    The average person finds handwriting analysis to have an
acceptable premise. When people say to themselves, “Yeah, I
remember reading about police using this handwriting stuff...” it
validates that belief which is based on past experiences, urban
legends, and Court TV.
    The handwriting slant also allows for numerous presentations
to be tied in with a stage show which you want the promoter to
book. For instance, a living & dead test becomes a lie detection or
mystery theme effect and a design duplication becomes a
predictable doodle for someone’s personality type. The underlying
theme is, “Handwriting analysis is so amazing it almost seems like
    When performing, there is a certain psychological mindset that
I try to establish. It’s that ‘PULL’, a frame of mind that makes
them say, “He didn’t exactly perceive the thought currently in my
mind but what he just described was in my thoughts a moment
    I want the audience pulling for me, bridging the gap when my
long-shot guess is wrong, saying in their minds, “His description is
incorrect, but he got the color (shape, emotion, time-of-day) right.”
    Here is where the real art of Mentalism comes in and where
handwriting analysis has a tremendous advantage. It creates an
easy faith. Handwriting analysis is a ‘pseudo science’ (highly
respected and taught in European universities, by the way) which
many believe in and therefore accept. They transfer, or project this
feeling of belief onto a particular presentation and believe it also to
be real by association. Faith is a wonderful thing.
    The main difference (compared to psychic readings) in doing
personality analysis by graphology is that I don’t have to make any
predictions, although I will when it serves my purposes.
    Mistakes or disagreeable points are excused by saying, “It’s a
small sample” or “Your text would have more to say and might
disagree with your signature, but we’ll save that approach for a
more in-depth analysis.”
    An ideal venue for handwriting analysis is at house parties. I
have been far more successful impressing agents with handwriting
analysis than I ever was through readings.
    A novel way to ensure that party guests spread the word about
your graphology talents like wildfire is to have the hostess, in her
invitations, request that each guest bring the signature of someone
who won’t be attending the party. When the time comes to address
the group, hand a single business card and a pencil to each person
who provides one of those signatures. They are requested to take
notes about my signature analysis and give those notes to their
friends, explaining the relationships I point out. I deliver a brief
analysis (using a combination of an A-Z method and a strategy I
describe in my book Methods In Mentalism) insuring that no two
signatures generate the same reading.
    Usually I also make one prediction. The guests chatter about
those notes all night long, fitting the reading to the ‘signature’
person (even when I clearly see it was off the mark). They are
going to take this back to their friends who are often intrigued
about the information and give me a call for a private consultation.
    Since the party guest doesn’t want to appear foolish for
believing what was in the reading, that person will usually further
enhance the reading, verbally adding to the notes and thereby
making the reading fit perfectly, after the fact. Viola! A miracle!
    People who didn’t attend the party hear about me and are
absolutely amazed at how accurately I described the person who
signature was analyzed. I’ve been called weeks later and told how
they were still talking about that interlude.
    Graphology is perfect for both shows and talks as well as the
street fairs. As you may suspect, I use each of these venues to
                         promote the other aspects of what I’m
                         doing. My three favorite venues are
                         lectures, fairs, and malls. Additional
                         profits can be had by selling (pitching) a
                         mail-in analysis following my show. In
                         many circumstances, it’s possible to make
                         as much presenting a free talk as for a fully
                         compensated date.
                             The average fair brings in about $200.00
                         plus, a day with the high end of the scale at
                         about $800.00 a day. The weather will
                         have much to do with this, being a variable
                         out of our control. At these events, both
                         readings and handwriting analysis are
                         offered but most of the signage on the booth
                         advertises handwriting analysis.

    My wife learned how to work the booth (using my special tic
sheets) after the first hour of instruction. I don’t know why it took
that long though (tongue firmly planted in cheek). We grossed
more than $50,000 last year selling shows through this promotion.
    The real value in working a booth at a fair is that it sells a stage
show at the same event and often to the same planners.
    Graphology can bridge the gap between two seemingly unrelated
topics when you present a combination show and talk entitled
Discover your ideal lover through handwriting analysis, sold to
singles clubs and groups. Either they pay a fee or agree to allow
individual analysis sessions (each after a slight formality at the
cashbox). Think about presenting a talk called Body language,
graphology and other forms of nonverbal communication. This
provides a wonderful potential for supplementing the talk with
selected Mentalism presentations.
    Free talks are one of the greatest ways to let the world find out
about you. The handwriting analysis should always be linked to a
benefit, describing the advantage people will derive from attending
your talk, such as Breaking the ice with handwriting analysis.
    Offer free talks and classes on handwriting analysis in book
stores and Adult Education Programs. Doing only the better paying
single session seminars ($20 to $30 per person) in the spring and
fall semesters pulled $60,000.00 for me in one year.
    The handwriting lectures bring in a great many people who will
want to book you for their corporate or private cocktail parties.
Provide a simple, brief and interesting talk on this subject to build
curiosity about what handwriting says about a person.
    Unlike the psychic reader, you are allowed to ask questions
about the actions and behaviors of the writer and therefore can gain
an extremely accurate idea of what that person is like and then feed
this information back later in the conversation. People don’t say,
“Why did you ask that? You’re supposed to know.”
    You can also use handwriting analysis as a specialty for working
trade shows as well. Approach the trade show booth of a company
which is building a list of sales leads and tell them you have the
ideal way to harvest tons of prospects. They hire you, paying by the
day, to prepare a brief handwriting analysis for anyone who comes
to their booth. The signature sample card becomes the booth
sponsor’s lead card, with name and contact information. The more
signatures you analyze, the more names they add to their database.
Also, when attendees are queued up for their handwriting analysis,
the company’s trade show staff can do their job of representing their
company to the prospects.
    Since you are now a proven commodity, offering good value and
drawing prospects into the booth, you have a better chance of
selling them your entertainment alternatives.

                                                                        Volume 3, Number 10
                            Ken Schwabe                                            Issue # 46

                            Digit Eyes
                                Tossing six
                            business cards onto
                            the table, the
                            Mentalist begins,
                            “These cards bear
                            the numbers 1 through
                            63 on them. You’ll notice that the numbers are arranged in neat
                            rows and columns, but not all numbers are printed on every card
                            and those which are have been distributed in a random order.”
                                The mind reader requests, “Please bring to mind one of the
                            numbers in that range, 1 through 63. Perhaps you may wish to
                            take a moment and ponder a second or third choice but at the end,
                            let us know when you have one of those figures in mind.” The
                            participant thinks a moment or two, then nods.
                                “As a benchmark for the process to come,” instructs the
                            performer, handing the participant one of the cards, “look at this
                            set of numbers to determine if your target number is among them.
                            Then place it face down on the table.”
                                After a few moments, the card is tabled and the Mentalist
                            continues, “Was your mentally selected number among those on
                            the card? No? Here are the remaining number sets. Repeat the
                            process of searching for your target number in each set. When you
                            find any which contain your number, place them in a second pile,
  Edited by: Lee Earle      here.” He indicates a spot on the table next to the first discard.
                                “Accomplish the task as quickly as you can,” reminds the
    Copyright©1996          performer, “but bear in mind that accuracy is critical.” It is
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                            obvious to everyone at the table that it takes several seconds for
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      the participant to visually scan each set of numbers. After almost
                            a minute, the cards have been divided into two piles.
       Telephone:               “It’s a dreary chore, yes?” asks the
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            Mentalist. “I prefer the Evelyn Wood
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            speed method, myself. I’ll use the           By changing the
           E-Mail:          larger of the two piles and scan for the      premise of the
 America On Line - LeeE7    number which is either repeated or           routine, this well
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    missing on all the cards.” He squares      known math puzzle
                            the packet of cards and holds it in his    becomes fun again.
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         fingers about half an arm’s length
                            from his eyes. Then, very rapidly,
        Canada:             each top card is whisked aside to reveal the one beneath it. He
   US$48.00 per year
                            takes out a pen and jots a note on the back of one of the number
   Overseas (airmail):      bearing cards.
   US$55.00 per year            “Was the number in your mind 17?” asks the performer. “No,”
                            replies the participant. I was thinking of 55.” With a twinkle in
                            his eye, the Mentalist turns over the card upon which he wrote. It
     $2.50 per issue
                            reads, “Your number is 55!”
                                               221      Please turn to DIGIT EYES. page 222
DIGIT EYES, continued

    Most of us are familiar with this number trick, having
discovered it as one of the items packaged in many magic sets.
Presented as a mind reading stunt, it fails to impress because it is
obviously mathematical in nature.
    This routine provides a wonderful premise which takes the heat
off the secret. All the performer must do is add up, from either pile,
all the numbers which appear in the upper left corners of the cards.
If it’s the pile in which you’ve been told the target number is
present, the total is the same as the target number. Otherwise,
mentally subtract the total from 63 to get the target number.
    You will note that the numbers on the sample cards below are
not in the usual, numerical order. Each card’s numbers have been
scrambled into a random sequence to sidestep the otherwise
obvious arrangement. This has the added benefit of slowing down
the participant’s search for his target number (at the expense of
making his task a little more error prone). Be sure that you give
him adequate time to complete each search and script your routine
so you have something interesting to say during those dead spots.

                         Marc Salem

                                             After inscribing something on the unprinted side
                                         of one of his business cards, the Mentalist points to a
                                        front-row participant and asks, “Please name the first
                                        vegetable that comes to mind...” The single word reply
                                       is “Canteloupe.”
                                           “I think that’s a fruit, but we’ll work with it,”
                                      remarks the performer, who continues to add strokes
                                      and lines to the artwork on the card in his hand. “Let’s
                                     imagine that you are strolling through a supermarket
                                     and take a detour over to the produce aisle. You walk up
                                    and down the aisle looking for canteloupe but find none.”
                                       “Then,” continues the mind reader, “you search out and
                                   find a grocery clerk to inquire as to the location of the
                                   canteloupe. He tells you that they are on sale today, for a
                                  very special price. The display of canteloupe is at the end of
                                 the next aisle.”
                                     As the Mentalist speaks, he adds a final touch to his as
                                yet unseen sketch on the business card, transfers the pen to
                                his other hand and asks, “Picture in your mind a bushel
                               basket of canteloupe. I’ve drawn such a basket which appears
                         to contain several canteloupe. Imagine that this pen is instead a
                         little signpost attached to the bushel basket with a small, square
                         sign at the end.”
                             “In this store,” remarks the performer, “canteloupe are priced
                         per each, rather than by weight. What price do you see on the
                         sign? Seventy nine cents? That’s amazing. You must be psychic!”
                         He turns the card around and shows his bushel basket of
Whether the reply is     canteloupe, priced at 79¢ each!
a fruit or a vegetable       For a surefire routine with lots of impact, nothing seems to do
 (or even a tomato),     the job like a Swami Gimmick (nail writer, band writer, Boon,
  this quick & easy      etc.). But the beauty of this presentation is that you have an early
 routine plays well.     chance to score a direct hit, without using your gimmick.
                             The most often named vegetable is a carrot. So write, in block
                         capital letters, the word “CARROT” on the back of the card, timing
                         your question so that you are finished writing just before your
                         participant names his choice. If his response is the expected one,
                         smile, turn the card around, and take your applause.
                             Should any other vegetable be named, continue to draw a
                         bushel basket on the card so that your strokes cover the earlier
                         inscribed word. Draw a small, square sign on a stick above the
                         basket, put a small “ea.” (or in the case of bulk produce “ /lb.”) in
                         the bottom, right corner of the sign.
                             Just as soon as the participant names the price, thumb-write it
                         into the space provided as you ask him to repeat (as if you didn’t
                         hear him clearly the first time).
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Now that my domestic lecture schedule is nearing completion,
look for SYZYGY to arrive a bit more frequently than of late.
    Speaking of lectures, the final U.S. city for the current edition of
SYZYGY’s BEST! will be in Portland, Oregon on April 25. This is
where the lecture is recorded on videotape for release this summer.
Contact David Fredric Ashton, III at 503.775.9377 for time and                Wise Words:
    Abundant thanks go to my hosts Neil Rozum (of Cleveland)
and Bert Rutan (of New Jersey’s Mecca Magic) for the terrific job          Mediocrity is self
they did to make the lectures in their areas successful.                   imposed.
    I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge the kindness of
Moshe & Teva Botwinick and Allen & Nancy Zingg who
offered their personal hospitality for those ‘tween-date evenings                Jim Hennig
when I was in the NY-NJ area. Good friends and good
conversations; what a blessing.
    Brothers in the art, Ty Kralin, Ted Saint James, and Marc
Sky assembled in my honor for a Manhattan afternoon of show and
tell. Or toast and boast, take your pick. What a creative bunch they
are! Ted, in particular, fried my brain for hours with the simplest
of concepts. Perhaps one day I can convince him to share that
devilish routine with SYZYGY subscribers. Marc Salem, who was
also present, did contribute one of his gems, the one on page 223.
    The European dates for the lecture are:
    May 7     Antwerp, BELGIUM, Marc Janssen, +32.3.480.6196
    May 9     Kortrijk, BELGIUM, B. Mahieu, +
    May 10 Eindhoven, HOLLAND, H. Minten, +
    May 12 Paris, FRANCE, Georges Proust, +
    May 13 Lyon, FRANCE, Jean-Yves Prost, +
    May 15 Milano, ITALY, Carlo Faggi, +39.2.805.2773
    May 16 Bologna, ITALY, Gianno Loria, +39.51.701135
    May 17 Padova, ITALY, Aroldo Lattarulo, +39.49.619121
    And, while I’m at it, there are three more events scheduled:
    May 22 Thunder Bay, CANADA, Peter Puna, 807 345.5736
    May 23 Winnipeg, CANADA, Eric Wittenburg, 204 694.6711
    May 24 Winnipeg, CANADA (Half day seminar), same phone.
    The final lecture will be presented at the Psychic Entertainers
Association’s Meeting Of The Minds, a members only convention in
Minneapolis, MN this June 12-15. The P.E.A., by the way, is an
outstanding organization of individuals who share the mutual
interest of promoting the ethical presentation of psychic
entertainment (which can encompass Mentalism, bizarre magick,
mental magic, new-age readings, etc.). I wouldn’t be a bit surprised
if most of the the P.E.A. members could also qualify for admission
to that high-IQ outfit, Mensa. If you’re interested in applying for
membership to the P.E.A., write to the membership chairman:
Doug Dyment, 1361 Rhode Island, San Francisco, CA 94107, or
call 415.647.7754. He’ll send a complete application packet.
                                                                          Volume 3, Number 11
                            Larry Becker                                             Issue # 47

                            Lightning Thot
                                The Mentalist’s associate is
                            blindfolded and seated, facing
                            the audience, approximately
                            eight to ten feet behind and
                            slightly to the left of the
                            performer. The Great One
                            hands an opaque clipboard
                            bearing a pad of unlined
                            drawing paper to three members
                            of the audience, requesting that
                            each print a bold numeral on the
                            pad, creating a 3-digit number.
                                Taking the clipboard in hand and at
                            no time allowing the pad to face in any direction but directly away
                            from his associate, the performer asks the audience to concentrate
                            on the first digit, then the second digit, and finally the third
                            number. During this entire sequence nothing else is said.
                                Within seconds, the blindfolded associate correctly reveals the
                            3-digit number!
                                Most subscribers will be familiar with a gimmick intended for
                            magicians, Rocco’s D’Lite. It’s a thumbtip in which a small light
                            and battery are concealed. A slight pressure inward on a switch in
                            the thumbtip illuminates the tiny red, gold, or green light.
  Edited by: Lee Earle
                                The blindfold used is one which allows straight-ahead vision,
                            such as Osterlind’s Stainless Steel Blindfold. A quick and
    Copyright©1996          inexpensive variation is a double rolled handkerchief. Place a
       SYZYGY               handkerchief flat on the table and roll two diagonally opposite
  2901 N. 55th Avenue       corners toward the center until the rolled sections meet. If the
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301
                            blindfold is tied over one’s eyes so one roll is just above and the
       Telephone:           other below eye level, only one layer of
  602 / 247-7323 voice      cloth obstructs the vision and a decent
602 / 247-4665 fax & data   degree of sight is possible while the          Your local magic
           E-Mail:          blindfold appears genuine.                    shop has a $19.95
 America On Line - LeeE7        The performer holds the clipboard       gimmick which will
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    over his shoulder, thumbs behind the          add miracles to a
                            board and fingers to the front. Even            two-person act.
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year
                            though the associate does not look
                            directly at the performer, it is easy
        Canada:             enough to use peripheral vision to detect the E.T.-like glow
   US$48.00 per year        emanating from the tip of the performer’s ‘thumb’.
                                Coding each number as he asks the audience to concentrate on
   Overseas (airmail):
   US$55.00 per year
                            the first, second, and third digits is a snap.
                                Naturally, many items can be coded in the same manner;
        Reprints:           symbols, colors, celebrity photos, etc. Just be aware of your angles
     $2.50 per issue        and of any reflective surfaces behind you.
Christian Theiss

A Table for Two
    “Imagine a romantic, candlelight dinner,” begins the
Mentalist, speaking to a woman at a nearby table. “As you gaze
lovingly into your companion’s eyes, a delicious aroma, borne on the
breeze from the kitchen, drifts into your consciousness. It’s your
favorite dish.”
    The performer writes something on a small pad, then tears off
the top page and folds it twice before placing it in an empty wine
glass. “I believe I caught a mental hint of your menu selection. The
note records my impression. Please tell the rest of the audience of
the meal you selected.” She replies, “Spaghetti carabonara.”
    “I was close,” suggests the mind reader. “I’ll try again, this time
with the wine. Perhaps I can do better. Taste, in your mind, the
perfect wine to accompany your dinner.” After pondering a
moment, he makes a second notation and that paper also is
quarter-folded and placed in the glass with the first note.
    “Now, what do we drink?” asks the performer. “A Bordeaux, I
think - 1986, full bodied and demi-dry,” responds the lady.
    “An excellent choice, and a perfect vintage,” compliments the
Mentalist, “I’m sure the meal will be perfect. Following dessert,
you yield to an impulse and take the single flower from the elegant
vase on the table.” He once more jots a notation on a piece of paper,
folding it and depositing it with the others. “What flower is it?”
    The participant thinks a moment and replies, “A red tulip.”
    All three slips are poured from the glass and opened by the
performer. They read; “At our romantic dinner, you will order a
pasta dish; We share a tasty, demi-dry Bordeaux, 1986; When you
leave, the scent of the flower you love will be with you. A tulip.”
    A standard one-behind strategy is employed here, with a clever
variation for the third option. Your first slip actually bears the       You’ll recognize the
flower prediction. “Tulip” is written at the bottom of the slip, well    method right away,
below the rest of the text. When you pretend to inscribe your             but it’s the flowery
impression of her wine choice, you actually write a general             ‘kicker’ which makes
description of her menu choice. As you apparently write the name         this routine special.
of the flower in her mind, you really put down the selected wine.
    Be aware that your notes should be more than just one or two
words. If you wrote only “Tulip” (when you are predicting the dish),
what if she says, “McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and fries?”
    There are two clever ‘outs’ if she selects another flower. Because
you described it as a single flower in a tall, elegant vase, the flower
most chosen is, of course, a rose, so put a light dab of rose scent on
the paper. Then, when you open the note, cover “A tulip” with your
finger, have her read the note and sniff to identify the selection. A
third choice is covered with a single carnation in a tall bud vase in
your attache case. As before, you cover “A tulip” as she reads your
note; remove the vase from your case and present the flower.
                        Christopher Faria

                        Walk of Fame
                            “Have you ever,” queries the Mentalist, “taken a stroll down the
                        fabled Hollywood Boulevard? Trust me, it’s better to do it in the
                        daytime. No, not for the reason you’re thinking, but because it’s
                        easier to read the celebrity names on the stars which are imbedded
                        in the sidewalks.”
                            He picks up a drawing tablet and, with a jumbo marker, draws a
   Many well-read       large star on the page and leaves room in the center for future use.
subscribers will find   Numbering the points 1 through 5, the performer suggests, “Let’s
 lingering traces of    choose three of these numbers. You’ll see why in a moment.”
 Brain Echos in this        The participants agree to use 1, 4, and 5. The mind reader
      routine.          strokes through the other two digits and hands one of the helpers a
                        copy of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide. “Turn to page 145 in that
                        book and focus your mind on the film described in the first entry on
                        that page. See that film on the movie screen in your mind.”
                            Once again taking the drawing tablet in hand, the Mentalist
                        begins to write something in the star, as well as in the margins.
                            “I get the impression you are concentrating on an action
                        thriller,” proclaims the performer. “Lots of special effects. Military
                        stuff. Drug cartels. Now concentrate on the leading man. I’m not
                        sure he’s on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet, but I predict he soon
                        will be. Will you tell us the title and star of the movie in your
                        mind?” The participant replies, “Clear and Present Danger,
                        starring Harrison Ford.”
                            When the drawing tablet is turned around, the words “Tom
                        Clancy’s Clear & Present Danger” are written above the star. In the
                        center of the star is written “Harrison Ford!”
                                        Because you have limited the page selection to the
                                     digits 1 through 5, there are only 60 possible three-digit
                                  combinations, twelve beginning with each of the five
                                available digits. There are 5 duplicate jumbo marking pens.
                             Taped around each of them is a ‘crib’ which lists twelve possible
                            pages and cues you to the identity of the first entry on that
                              page. You can either write very small with a fine-tip pen, or
                                typeset the numbers on a home computer.
                                     The first pen’s crib represents every 3-digit combination
                                 beginning with ‘1’, when no numbers are repeated (123,
                        132, 124, 142, 125, 152, 134, 143, 135, 153, 145, and 154). The
                        second pen cues the series which begins with the digit ‘2’, the third
                        pen those numbers beginning with ‘3’, etc. The pens are either
                        body-indexed or in their box in numerical order. When you get the
                        movie guide from your attache case you also remove the appropriate
                        pen. Read your cues as you complete your sketch.
                            It will be helpful if you browse the film listings in advance so
                        you know some of the details in each possible target movie and can
                        discuss those particulars as you sketch.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    An unofficial challenge has been registered, by members of the
Legendary East Coast Mentalism think tank, The Thirteen, to those
of the equally Fabled Six-and-One-Half of Arizona. The conditions
are simple: a trusted and neutral third party (Marcello Truzzi,
perhaps?) will suggest a premise for a routine, perhaps only a
tentative title, and the criteria for success. Then the two groups will      Wise Words:
engage in a battle of the brains to see which, if either, will be the
first to develop a workable solution to the problem. The winning          Be like a postage
entry will be published in SYZYGY.                                        stamp - stick to
    I wonder if The Elders, The Minnesota Mind-Psi, the Psi-Clones,       something until
or any other similar groups want a piece of this?                         you get there.
    Larry Becker is back on the lecture trail again this May. It
seems the old fire horse has heard the bell once more. There is               Josh Billings
even some early talk about reprising our Mental Magic Super
Symposium in one or two cities, whenever he and I can arrange for
our paths to cross. Let us know if there is any interest in your area.
No promises, because it may not come together at all, but speaking
for myself, I can’t think of a more enjoyable way of spending a
Saturday than doing point & counterpoint with the Beckmeister.
In the meantime, look for him in the Northwest - May 21 in Seattle,
WA; May 23 in Vancouver, BC; and May 24 in Victoria, BC.
    I can’t tell you everything that I know about the subject, but
Richard Mark has a hardcover book in preparation, set for release
within the next year. The project is shaping up to be more or less
“The Collected Works of...” plus additional new material. His is one
of the most creative minds in the business, so his book will probably
be on almost everyone’s ‘must buy’ list. It certainly will be on mine.
    Now that Bob Cassidy is publishing his Mentalism newsletter,
and since Roy Miller is still doing his outstanding job editing the
Psychic Entertainers Association’s VIBRATIONS, the competition
for new material is keener than ever. SYZYGY’s reservoir of
contributions is a bit lower than has been the case for a while.
    If you have routines, effects, or even unfinished ideas which you
would like to see polished and published in the most widely
circulated Mentalism newsletter in the world (I can’t help it - it just
came out!), send ‘em in. Don’t spend a lot of time actually writing
out a finished piece for publication because almost everything
submitted is rewritten to fit space and style constraints. Just jot
down the bare bones of the effect, the modus operandi, and any
good lines you use with the routine and let me do the rest.
Basically, my job as Editor is to make the contributors look good.
    One nice benefit of getting your work published in SYZYGY is
that you are automatically covered under U.S. copyright law; your
ownership of the material is established and your manufacturing
rights (just in case you might want to ‘go commercial’) are
protected. So send in your good stuff and become part of SYZYGY’s
celestial lineup.
                                                                          Volume 3, Number 12
                            Irene Levitt                                             Issue # 48

                            The Four Pattern Ploy
                                “Psychologists,” informs the
                            Mentalist, “are continuously
                            developing tools which help
                            define and explore the myriad
                            facets of our personalities.
                            Some are well known like the
                            Myers-Briggs test, the
                            Minnesota Multiphasic
                            Personality Inventory, or the
                            Carlson Company’s
                                Drawing several symbols
                            on a small sheet of paper,
                            the performer explains,
                            “While not as comprehensive as some of
                            the better known tools, there is a simple method to explore
                            your core drives and values. Look at this set of symbols and then
                            tell me which figure appeals to you the most. There is no right or
                            wrong answer, just a preference.”
                                Depending upon which item among the four is chosen, one of
                            the following evaluations is delivered.
  Edited by: Lee Earle          The participant answers, “The circle.”
                                “Love and completeness are important factors for you. You have
    Copyright©1996          the unusual ability to find peace within, as opposed to searching for
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                            approval from the outside.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301          “I’ll choose the square,” says our subject.
                                “Home and hearth are your touchstones. Security and stability
       Telephone:           will be the critical criteria when you
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            make your long-term plans.”
602 / 247-4665 fax & data                                                    Irene Levitt is a
                                “My pick,” replies your particpant,
           E-Mail:          “is the triangle.”                                  nationally
 America On Line - LeeE7        “You’ve indicated the symbol            recognized authority
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com    associated with power and sensuality,          and consultant in
                            which indicates a strong drive and a           Grapho-Analysis.
   Subscription rates:
    $38.00 per year         very intense focus in all your
        Canada:                 Your subject answers, “The squiggle seems to attract me.”
   US$48.00 per year
                                “Creativity and imagination are the keystones in your life. You
   Overseas (airmail):      are often frustrated when ‘locked in a box’ by others’ constraints on
   US$55.00 per year        your working habits. You prefer to ‘draw outside the lines’.”
                                That’s all there is to it. Give this tool a try and you’ll be
                            amazed at the reactions you generate.
     $2.50 per issue

Danny Archer

Par for the Course
    His sealed, initialed, green prediction envelope in
full, if slightly inaccessible, view, the Mentalist tees up
his opening line, “Golf is a game in which a sphere
measuring one and one quarter inches in diameter is
placed on a sphere approximately eight thousand miles in
diameter. The object is to take a stick in hand and hit
the small ball, not the large one.”
    “Some people,” he remarks as he pulls a small
white card from his shirt pocket, “even keep score.
On scorecards similar to this, using a pencils like
this.” The performer displays a stubby, eraserless pencil. “They
have no erasers in order that they may lead us not into temptation.
You see, in golf, the lowest score wins.”
    The mind reader hands card and pencil to an audience
participant and instructs, “There are 18 holes to play, each marked
with a value called ‘par’, which is the number of times a very good
golfer should hit the ball into in order to put it in that hole. Please
enter a number from 1 to 10 for any one of the holes, then pass the
card and pencil to the next person at your table to do the same,
until scores for all 18 holes have been entered.”
    As the card is being passed, the Mentalist continues, “A higher
number of ‘strokes’ is ‘over par’ and a lower number can be parlayed
into free drinks at the country club’s lounge. At the end of the 18
holes of play, the number of strokes is totaled. We’ll do that in a
moment. The last hole has been played? Good, hand me the score
card please.”
    Looking at the card, the mind reader comments, “A hole-in-one?
Thanks. There’s only one other time I got an ace. In my dreams.”
    The Mentalist indicates the prediction envelope thumbtacked to        This routine is fresh
the wall at one side of the room and asks of someone who has not             from Danny’s
yet participated in the routine, “Would the gentleman seated near         current lecture and
that envelope please detach it and bring it to the stage? You will be      makes use of some
in charge of totaling the score. But don’t be apprehensive - you’ll be    diabolical thinking.
provided with a calculator.”
    The arriving participant is handed the calculator and score card
and is asked to retain the envelope for the moment. When he has
totalled the score, the Mentalist looks over his shoulder and asks,
“Well, did we break 100? I guess not. The total is 118. That’s my
par for the course.” He removes from the envelope and displays a
card which shows a golf ball on a brightly colored green. Imprinted
on the white ball is the number 118!
    The calculator is the key element in this routine, not because it’s
gimmicked; to the contrary, it is quite normal.

                                     Please turn to PAR, page 231
                                 PAR, continued

                                    It is necessary because it provides the justification for a sneaky
                                 switch of score cards! As all attention is on the participant’s
                                 retrieval of the green envelope, you are holding the scorecard in
                                 your hand as you dip into your open attache case to get the
       Presidio Golf and
         Country Club               Next to the calculator is a duplicate scorecard on which you
                                 have entered, using several different styles of handwriting, scores
Hole     Distance   Par          which total 118. Just leave the original card behind when you
                                 grasp the calculator and new scorecard. Don’t give it a thought.
 1     398 yards     4     ___      Eliminate any fumbling by standing the calculator and card
 2     528 yards     5     ___   together, on edge, leaning against another item in your case. The
 3     379 yards     4     ___   wise performer will construct a small device (such as a block of
 4     145 yards     3     ___   wood with a slot in it) to ensure a perfect and secure positioning of
 5     312 yards     4     ___   calculator and card.
 6     363 yards     4     ___      The scores you enter on the final scorecard must include a 1 and
 7     245 yards     3     ___   a 10. This gives you the opportunity to comment either on a hole-
 8     379 yards     4     ___   in-one or the truly awful 10 when either shows up on the genuine
 9     491 yards     5     ___   card. After the switch you can ask of your audience, as you look
                                 again at the card (remembering the position from the genuine
 Front 9            36 ___       card), “Who is the sadist who entered 10 strokes for the fourteenth
                                 hole? Is that from personal experience? I thought so (or not).”
                                    Photocopy the scorecards at the right and attach them back-to-
                                 back for the routine. You can also download the graphics from
Hole     Distance   Par
                                 SYZYGY’s web site: http://www.Lee-Earle.com/SYZYGY.html.
 10     508 yards    5     ___
 11     398 yards    4     ___       Editor’s Note: In a conversation with Larry Becker, another idea
 12     453 yards    4     ___   for a switch came into play.
 13     173 yards    3     ___       Purchase an inexpensive calculator which has a folio-style case.
 14     349 yards    4     ___   Re-attach the calculator to the case with a strip of cloth tape along
 15     182 yards    3     ___   the bottom left edge only, between the folio’s front and back covers,
 16     368 yards    4     ___   so it is hinged like a thick page in a book.
 17     353 yards    4     ___       Stick small Velcro tabs on the back of the calculator at the
 18     524 yards    5     ___   corners and the matching tabs on the surface of the rear cover.
                                 These will ‘lock’ the hinged calculator to the back panel. To
 Back 9             36 ___       keep the card from possibly sliding out of the section
 Front 9            36 ___       behind the calculator, glue a little piece of foam rubber
                                 to the center of the panel.
                                     Prepare by placing your duplicate
 Course TOTAL 72 ___
                                 score card on top of the calculator and
                                 close the case.
                                     When it’s time for the switch, pull the
                                 calculator out of your pocket and open the
                                 folio to the side behind the calculator and
                                 drop the first card inside.
                                     Close the case (pressing the Velcro
                                 tabs to lock everything in place) and
                                 hand the calculator to your onstage
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    In a recent correspondance with an inquiring mind, I listed some
elements which I feel are critical for success in contemporary
Mentalism. I thought it might be helpful if I repeated them here.
    1) Mindset is monumental. Contemporary Mentalism is no
longer just a subset of magic and conjuring, but has evolved into an
art form of its own. It’s not about ‘fooling’ the audience.
                                                                           Wise Words:
    2) Premise is pivotal. If you set a believable premise,
everything else falls into place. A flawed foundation will encourage    All mystical
your audience to eat you alive.                                         experience is
    3) Material is minimal. The less between you and your               coincidence - and
audience the better. Dunninger is alleged to have said, “Every time     vice-versa.
you pick up a prop, your price goes down.”
    4) Personality is paramount. Nobody likes a phoney. Unless
you’re a consummate actor, don’t even think about developing a             Tom Stoppard
‘character.’ Be natural and be real to be successful.
    5) Entrepreneurism is everything. All successful Mentalists
are first exceptional solo businessmen. No one outside our
community of peers knows what a Mentalist is or does. It’s up to us
to promote and exploit the opportunities for income.
    6) Attitude is all-important. Don’t ‘play’ at it; give it your
best or stay off the stage. Mentalism is not easy. It requires effort
to craft a presentation worthy of an audience’s attention.
    7) Honor your audience. No one really cares what special
talents you claim to have developed. Audiences have every right to
ask, “What’s in it for me?” Remember, today’s cynical audience is
just a breath away from saying, “So what?”
    8) Study your stagecraft. You must be an effective
communicator, a master of platform skills, and a continuing
student of the specific techniques of Mentalism. Anything less is
shortchanging yourself.
    Every now and then a publication written for the ‘real world’
provides content which has immediate applications in our
specialized line of work. Such a booklet is Brainwriting! - for Sales
by Irene Levitt. It’s about 40 pages, 51/2 x 81/2, staple bound, and
packed with quick shortcuts to understanding and applying
graphology techniques. For only $9.95, it’s a bargain! Contact
Irene at Handwriting Consultants. L.L.C., 8687 E. Via de Ventura -
Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 or e-mail to IRLevitt@aol.com.
    Subscriber Malcom Beard called to inform that the little
necklace-vials for perfume (used in Scents and Sense, issue #41) can
be obtained from your local Avon cosmetics representative.
    Jack Dean has introduced Perception, a drawing duplication
routine using two vinyl-surfaced, 7" x 9" whiteboards and markers.
Your helper sketches, writes a number, or a puts down a word on
his whiteboard and you duplicate it on yours. Classic, clean, and
minimalist Mentalism, it comes with several handlings. It’s $44.00
postpaid from Stagecraft, 3110 Arrendale St., Memphis, TN 38118.
                            Herb Dewey


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       Canada:                              Herb Dewey is an
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                                           master in the art of
   Overseas (airmail):                     Cold Reading. Now,
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                                           he shares his “secret
        Reprints:                            words” with us.
     $2.50 per issue

Marc Sky

    (From the Foreword to the book, ‘Mindblowing Psychic
    I’ve been doing psychic readings for a number of years. It is said
we all share the same hopes, fears, dreams and sorrows. But we are
also unique. Years ago I read what I consider one of the best books
on readings, a book called ‘Passages’ by Gail Sheehy, a book which
is not about psychic readings, but rather common psychological
patterns we fall into at specific decades in our lives.
    While doing a reading for a very attractive woman (indeed, she
had won a few beauty pageants) I told her things about herself that
were strictly based on her beauty. In other words, it would not have
been accurate if she was an overweight woman in her forties.
    In talking to Herb, he too had a specific type of reading he
would offer to that same type of person. Not that it was a canned,
memorized reading, mind you, but certain things about that person
that would probably be about eighty percent accurate. All while
tuning into her and genuinely sensing other things about her.
    That’s where the germ of this book was hatched. I said to Herb,
“You know, it would be interesting if a reading could be generated
for many personality types. I mean, a female college student’s
reading based on her life experiences would be different from that
for a married man in his thirties or an Hispanic woman.
    People’s life experiences are simply different. That’s not to say
one is better than another, simply that their backgrounds, the ways
they were brought up, make their attitudes, their expectations,
their personalities quite separate from each other.
    Herb Dewey has been doing readings for decades. He estimates
he has done over a hundred thousand readings. A hundred
thousand readings! And all of them rated between eighty and
ninety percent accurate by his clients. Anyone who’s done that
many readings has to know what he’s doing.
    Given a list of typical personality and age types, Herb put
together a 15-minute reading for each type.
    These readings are not meant to replace your own intuitive
skills, but rather to compliment them. Use pieces of them to fill in
the gaps of your own readings. When your brain begins to shut
down after a full day of doing readings, use the enclosed material to
get back on track.
    Another important point – you don’t have to use the entire
material in each reading. An imaginative way you can use these
words is to combine them. Suppose you’re doing a reading for an
overweight married female in her twenties. You can mix parts of
the overweight reading and the married 20’s female reading!
    For a black attractive female who’s married in her 20’s you have
three types of readings you can combine to your heart’s content.
The possibilities are endless. Now I’ll be ready when I meet a
teenage overweight Asian handicapped lesbian!
    Editor’s Note: These examples are excerpted from much longer
and far more detailed readings in Herb’s new book. It is priced at
$45.00 + $4.00 postage (overseas airmail is $10.00), and will be
available after June 1, 1997 from Mindreaders, P.O. Box 120,
Marlboro, NJ 07746. Or call (908) 750-4377.
    Teenager – Female You’re not fully an adult, yet you think
like an adult. You have a tendency of wanting to chum around with
people older than kids your own age, who are two-three years older
than you, because it is very exciting for a freshman to go out with a
senior. I don’t think that you’re truly understood. I think that you
are having all this independence put on you.
    Teenager – Male I would think that, statistically, you
probably would stay and work and live and raise a family in the
geographic area you are in now. Yet in your mind, you want to be
the adventurer, you want to be the traveler, you want to set a new
course in your life that has not been set in the past, or go to new
places, or different places. As far as work or a career is concerned I
believe that probably the second most important decision in your
life is what you will do with your career.
    College – Female If you find yourself in an unusual
relationship with a person of a different ethnic or race or religious
background, that is probably normal, simply because you are trying
to leave your own signature on the universe. You are trying to do
things that are different and not do things that are commonplace.
You see yourself far more adventuresome, perhaps, than your
mother. Much more of a daredevil than your mother and much
more outspoken than your mother.
    College – Male There will always be some potential
relationship as far as a female is concerned, and for the most part,
you will date girls your age and younger, but there will be one
exception to the rule, where this girl is going to be anywhere from
four to seven years older than you. There would probably be a
relationship there, that she’ll be much more experienced than you
in life, but I think that there will be a deep relationship there.
    20's Female – Single You are a non-compromising individual,
who could be competitive with men, which would lead me to believe
that at some point in time you may hold a career position normally
held by a male. I don’t see you as weak and you are not the type of
individual who gives in or “settles”. There seems to be a confidence
factor that you have that others do not. That is not to say that you
are aggressive or forceful, but that you would take a calculated risk
or take a chance at a job, and would be very successful.
    20's Female – Married You would be the one-man woman.
You have not needed a multiple of potential relationships. Once you
have set your mind on a person, sort of like love at first sight, that’s
probably all that you need. In retrospect, you’ve taken a great deal
of responsibility on your shoulders, and of course your family
would still see you as a young child.

    20's Male – Single I think that you have the ability to achieve
whatever you want to achieve in life. I suspect that ultimately you
would own your own businesses, because you’re not going to
become rich working for somebody else. I feel you would excel in
marketing or in sales. Since, if you’re good in sales or marketing,
they are one in the same. You have a likable way about you; you
are people oriented. You don’t need a college education, you don’t
need a masters degree, you don’t need a Ph.D., you simply have a
way about you for getting along with people.
    20's Male – Married I would get a feeling that lately there
seems to be a great deal more responsibility on your shoulders
than there has been in the past. Money seems to be very
important to you now, at this point in time of your life. Everybody
is going to say to you, you’re too young to be married, you’re just a
child yourself, you’ve not developed to your fullest potential, why
did you have to marry so young, and thus and so.
    30's Female – Single I feel that you have been concentrating
a lot more on work lately than personal relationships or
socializing. And it seems to me that you are devoting a great deal
of time to work in a sense that it’s a comfortable scenario, it’s a
comfortable situation because the more that you involve yourself
in work, the less you become aware of your purpose in life.
    30's Female – Married I don’t believe that you are a
manipulator or a game player or into head games or mind games.
So obviously you are not a user, you don’t take advantage of those
around you, and you don’t step on people’s toes. In many ways
you’d be considered reasonably old fashioned. If somebody is going
to do you a service or a favor or give you something, it’s important
for you to balance the scales. It’s important for you not to be in
debt to any other person, but rather to pay back a favor.
    30's Male – Single It appears now that when you date a
woman more than three times it would indicate that it’s the
beginning of a serious relationship because normally you put the
woman under a microscope and if you’re not impressed with her
body, mind, and spirit, if you’re not impressed with her values or
integrity, I really don’t think that you’d hang around.
    30's Male – Married Your psychological idiosyncrasies, your
desires, your habits, your routines pretty much have been set in
place at this point in time. Based on your energy level the most
significant thing I can tell you is never settle or compromise. Do
not become commonplace, do not be placated into staying in one
place within your life.
    40's Female – Single You are able at this point in your life to
know, or have a knowing, if there is any potential with the person,
and you will probably know that within the first couple of minutes.
Somebody can show you a photograph of a male, because I believe
that there has been some match making or networking done, and
you have probably experienced at least one or two blind dates.
                        Continued in Quarterly Supplement #12
                                                                          Volume 3, Number 13
                            Denny Laub                                               Issue # 49

                            Kidz Kardz
                                “I can almost guarantee that if you
                            have a home with children,” begins the
                            Mentalist, “every deck of cards will
                            number between 49 and 51.” When I
                            was a youngster, we often amused
                            ourselves by playing Old Maid, Go Fish,
                            Crazy Eights, or some other simple
                            card game. After extended periods of
                            play, a card may become damaged or
                            missing and we would substitute in its
                            place the Joker, its new suit and value
                            inscribed with a crayon.”
                                The performer asks of the
                            audience, “Have any of you shared a similar
                            experience?” One person among the group lifts his hand.
                                “I recently rummaged through an old box from my attic and
                            found a kid-worn deck of cards,” the mindreader explains. “As I
                            expected, the deck is short by one card. If my memory serves, the
                            missing card was last seen clothespinned to the fender strut of my
                            bicycle, making ‘motorcycle’ noises against the rotating spokes.”
                                Turning to the participant, the Mentalist asks, “My mind’s eye
                            still sees that missing card. Open your mind to my thoughts. See it
                            with me. I’ll give you a hint - the missing card is not an Ace. Which
  Edited by: Lee Earle      card did I remove from the deck?”
                                After a moment, the participant says, “The Seven of Hearts.”
    Copyright©1996          The performer’s jaw drops open, then he recovers, saying, “You are
  2901 N. 55th Avenue
                            more perceptive than you think. Let me show you what I mean.”
Phoenix, AZ 85031-3301      He withdraws from his pocket a pack of cards in its case and then
                            removes the cards, placing them in the participant’s hands.
       Telephone:               He remarks, “You’ll be pleased to
  602 / 247-7323 voice
                            note that the Seven of Hearts is             Some license was
602 / 247-4665 fax & data
                            missing from this deck. Go ahead,           taken with Denny’s
           E-Mail:          count all of the cards into a face up         original routine,
 America On Line - LeeE7    pile, and see for yourself.” One by
Internet - LeeE7@aol.com
                                                                         which used folded
                            one, the participant deals and counts        paper predictions
   Subscription rates:      every card in the deck; only 51 cards        instead of Jokers.
    $38.00 per year         are present and the Seven of Hearts is
        Canada:                 “Remember,” reminds the Mentalist, “how, as children, we
   US$48.00 per year
                            replaced a missing card?” He opens the card case’s flap and
   Overseas (airmail):      withdraws a face down card and turns it over.
   US$55.00 per year            It is the Joker - with both indexes crossed out and ‘7-H’ written
                            boldly across its center!
                                                              Please turn to KARDZ, page 238
     $2.50 per issue

KARDZ, continued

    Begin with two decks of cards. Remove from each
deck all the odd numbered black cards as well as the
even numbered red cards. These are assembled into one
deck while the remaining cards are combined into a
second deck. Remove a single card, it doesn’t matter
which, from both decks so that there will only be 51
cards to be counted. When you place the decks in your
pocket(s) you must remember which deck is EvenRed/
OddBlack and which is EvenBlack/OddRed. When the
participant names a card, you simply remove the deck          Cut slits here
which does not contain his choice.
    As for the Joker substitute, you require a Swami
Gimmick which uses Listo, Scripto, Chinagraph or
Crayon lead. Prepare the Jokers by using the same
marker to draw an ‘X’ over the index on each corner.
Each card case is doubly slit as in the top illustration,
allowing one of the Jokers to be inserted in the case
so its center section will be available for your
thumbwritten entry. The Aviator brand of cards has
the ideal box for this purpose.
    When you remove the deck from the case, hand the cards to your
participant for dealing and counting, close the flap and retain the
card case. While the cards are being scrutinized and
counted, you have ample opportunity to inscribe the
value and suit of the ‘missing’ card on the Joker
before placing the case, Joker side down, on the table.
    Of course, it is also possible to pocket-write the
card’s identity before you bring the box into view. It’s
quite easy because the deck provides a firm surface to
support your inscription.
    Seasoned Swami Gimmick users please note that,
while one can make the appropriate entry when the
deck is first brought out of the pocket, that’s when the
‘heat’ is greatest. Wait for the ‘offbeat’.
    For an alternate ‘kicker’, employ pocket card indexes
which hold 48 (no Aces, remember?) battered, beaten
cards. As the counting progresses, your hand goes to your
pocket and retrieves the named card from the index. A
nice touch would be to attach an old, worn clothespin to
the card before you remove it from your pocket.
    If you really want to go the distance, locate a kid (who
resembles you, as a child), dress him in appropriate
clothes, and attach one playing card to his bike’s fender
frame with a clothespin. Then take a snapshot of kid & bicycle
which clearly shows the card’s identity. Repeat with 47 more cards.
Index these photos, instead of cards, for a nostalgic finish.

Steve Michaels

Local Attraction
    “It would seem,” offers the Mentalist, “that every hotel, inn,
motel, guest lodge, and luxury resort has a display of local
attractions for visiting tourists. These memorable alternatives
bombard our senses with new sounds, fresh tastes, enticing aromas,
surprising textures, and fascinating vistas. But often, more than
       just our five physical senses are stimulated.”
            Picking up a handful of advertising cards for tourist
      destinations, he continues, “Here are just some of the many
      memorable places folks can visit right here in this area. You’d
     be surprised how many local residents aren’t aware of the
        The performer thumbs through the stack of advertising
   cards, showing come-ons for skydiving, helicopter tours,
   amusement parks, hot air balloon rides, steamboat cruises,
  factory outlet shopping, and so forth. “Let’s take a virtual
 journey,” he offers, “to one of these vacation options.”
     Approaching a front-row participant, the mindreader
demonstrates, “Please lift off a portion of these advertisements, and
look at the one on the underside of the portion you’ve taken, like
this. I’ll turn aside to lend some privacy.”
    When the participant has cut the cards, the performer says,
“Tune in your senses to everything in the scene you see. Experience
in your mind every sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.”
    The Mentalist sniffs the air and says, “Is that the aroma of
popcorn? (Yes.) Do I sense a soft seat, reclined a bit more than
usual? (Yes.) And stunningly rich sound effects, too! (Yes.) There’s
a six-story high screen and a 14,000
watt Digital Sound System - you’re
visiting the IMAX® theatre. (Yes!)”            The deck of cards
    Go to any hotel to pick up your            described here is a
free supply of advertising cards,             perfect utility force
which should include 20 cards, all            for the final item in
different, and another 20 of the same        a 3-part ‘one behind’
subject. The cards are found near the                routine.
reception area or at the concierge’s
    Use a paper trimmer, Exacto knife, or (best yet) a print shop’s
precision cutter to slice all the different cards about 2mm narrower
than the set of 20 duplicates. Interleave the cards so that every
other card is a force card.
    When one grasps the sides of the pack to cut off a portion, the
bottom card will always be one of the wide, force cards. To show the
different attractions, hold the pack face up and grasp them with the
thumb and fingers on opposite sides. Let a few cards at a time
dribble off the bottom of the deck into your other hand. Handled
this way, only the faces of the short, indifferent cards will be seen.
Lee Earle at the Editor’s Desk

    Wow! The European tour for SYZYGY’s BEST! is history. And,
boy, am I exhausted. Counting a short side-trip to Winnipeg &
Thunder Bay, Canada, yours truly was ‘on the road’ for almost the
entire month of May.
    But what memories!
    The incredibly delicious Belgian beer...whisper quiet (and fast)
                                                                                       Wise Words:
French trains...the