Fan-Shaped Mass Floral Arrangement by mmcsx


									Fan-Shaped Mass Floral

By: Lauren Gree n
Fan-Shaped Mass
Cheap way of a fan shaped

This floral design is on the edge of being a fan
shaped design and a cone like design.
Incorporated in this design are an explosion of
carnations arranged one-sided and stylized amongst
eucalyptus, solidago and assorted foliages.
Dried Fan-Shaped Mass
The Dried Fan-Shaped Mass
This tall fan shaped  arrangement captures the look of
Autumn. Dried flowers in shades of orange, brown, rust and
cream have been used. Three large yellow silk
chrysanthemums are used as the feature flowers to
compliment the tall yellow metal container. Autumn colored
silk leaves are used to add a rich look and to give depth to
the arrangement. A Casual styled bow with long ends has
been made with several strands of cream raffia.
Spacial Fan-Shaped Mass
     Spacial Arrangment

There are some pink gerber daisies, mini white
daisies, and snap dragons accented with grass
creating the extended spacial fan shaped desgin.
Spring Fan-Shaped Mass
   Very much like spring

This pastel arrangement will express
your sympathy and lovingly show your
warm thoughts. This type of
arrangement would cost around $60.00
Champagne Wishes
        An elegant design

A stylized, one-sided arrangement in a frosted white
glass ice bucket of stock, snapdragon, fujis, white
stargazer lilies, eucalyptus and assorted foliages with
a beaded heart pick
More Like mother’s day or a
sympathetic arragnement
    Very clean and simple

What a lovely way to let the family know you're
thinking of them fragrant light and dark pink
carnations, accented with lush greenery. One fan-
shaped design of light and dark pink carnations with
complementing foliage and a pink ribbon is delivered
in a traditional container.
A Great Funeral Fan Design
  A Great Gift for loss of a
         loved one

A traditional "fan shaped" funeral basket consisting of
a gardeny mix of gladiolas, roses, snapdragon,
peruvian lilies, daisies and caspia.
The Dutchess
Simple way to do a fan design
 with a simple type of flower

A stylized half dozen roses arranged with lush
foliages and monte casino.
Fan-Shaped Deluxe Rose’s
             Simple Rose’s

12 long stem roses arranged in a clear glass garden
urn vase with leather leaf, jade, caspia and silver bow.
A Summer Fling
   Bright and Wonderful

A magnificent arrangement of Stargazer lilies,
roses and snapdragon. This is a taller way of
putting a Fan-shaped mass into design by
keeping the stems longer but extending all the
way around into a fan shaped floral design.

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