ISA Athletics Championships _ Norman Park Thursday 29th April 10

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        ISA Athletics Championships @ Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. Wednesday 22                     June 2011 11-5pm (approximate times)

        Pupils going on Bishop Challoner coach meet at Bishop Challoner at 7am (Anna Barnett, Tate Dowding, Jilly Goodman, Rachel Ade-Odunlade and
        Emily Mahoney . (Sophie Presley, Annie Barker and Issy Borman-Clerck travelling up with Mrs Presely)
        Please ensure you have spoken with the teachers of any lessons you will miss and get the work you will miss.
        Please come to the event in your shorts, polo shirt/vest, track suit/fleece and trainers. Please bring spikes if you have them. Asthma sufferers must carry their
        inhaler with them at all times. Please bring a packed lunch and please ensure you have plenty to drink with you.
        Pupils returning on the coach will need to be collected from Bishop Challonor at approximately 9pm.
        Mrs Golds will meet you at the stadium to ensure the team is registered on time. Mrs Morgan will be travelling on the coach with the pupils.

   EVENT             Y7 GIRLS           JUNIOR GIRLS (Y8&9)                         INTER. GIRLS                                  TRANSPORT
                                                                                                                   Bishop Challoner Coach:
                                                                                                                   Anna Barnett, Tate Dowding, Jilly
                                                                                                                   Goodman, Rachel Ade-Odunlade and
                                                                                                                   Emily Mahoney and (Mrs Barnett)

    100m                              Sam Leighton,                  Rachel Ade-Odunlade                           Mrs Presley Taking: Sophie Presley,
                                                                                                                   Annie Barker and Issy Borman- Clerck
    200m                              Tate Dowding
                                                                                                                   Own way there:
    800m                                                             Emily Mahoney                                 Mr Brooks Taking: Paige Brooks
   1500m                              Sam Leighton                                                                 Mr and Mrs Leighton Taking: Sam
    Relay                             Sam Leighton, Tate             Rachel Ade-Odunlade, Isobel Borman-
                                      Dowding, Paige Brooks,         Clerck, Emily Mahoney, Sophie Presley
                                      Jilly Goodman
   Discus        Anna Barnett
   Javelin                                                           Annie Barker
 Long Jump                                                           Rachel Ade-Odunlade

The girls have been selected from          Girls: Please tick the team sheet        Parents: If there are circumstances         Parents: If you wish to travel on the
the ISA qualifying results                 on the PE Notice board to confirm        why your daughter cannot take part in       coach please contact me as soon
                                           you can take part.                       representing the school at this event       as possible via
                                           If you can’t take part- see Mrs          – please email me immediately     
                                           Golds immediately              

Educational Visit Details:    ISA National Athletics, Birmingham                      Date of Visit: 23.6.2011

Child’s Name______________________________Form_________

I consent to my child travelling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle, including a mini-bus, driven by the party leader or any other
responsible adult member of the party who is authorised by law and duly insured to drive, including a coach provided by Bishop Challoner School.
I give permission for my daughter to travel to and from the event in the car of a parent, Mrs Presley.

I acknowledge that my child will be responsible for the safety of his/her own money and personal effects. I will not hold the School responsible for
losses unless caused by negligence of the School.

I agree to indemnify the staff and the School against every loss not recoverable under the terms of the trip insurance including any liability incurred by
child (alone or with others), except where such loss is caused by the negligence of the School or its staff.

I understand that the highest standards of behaviour are required, and that my child will adhere to the School Rules. I will also ensure that my child
wears the correct school uniform, unless otherwise specified in the covering letter.

Medical Information & Dietary Information
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief my child is in good health and (if applicable) has received all necessary inoculations. I am aware
of no reason, on medical grounds, why my child should not be a member of the party for this trip.

Does your child have any condition requiring treatment or medication? Yes/No. If yes, please give details.

Name and telephone number of family doctor: ___________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________
I give permission for medical or emergency treatment including anaesthetic or blood transfusion as considered necessary by the medical authorities
present. Yes/No.

Is your child allergic to any medication? Yes/No. If so, please specify.

When was your child’s last tetanus injection? ________________________

I will inform the class teacher if there is any change in my child’s medical or other circumstances between now and the day of the event.

Does your child have any dietary requirements if applicable to the trip:

Please provide at least 2 emergency contact numbers: numbers: ______________________________________________________________

Signed: __________________________ Relationship to child: ___________
Name (print) ____________________________ Date: __________________

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