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					                    WSEAS and NAUN Conferences
                          Joint Program
                      15th CSCC Multiconference:
             15 WSEAS International Conference on Circuits
            15th WSEAS International Conference on Systems
        15th WSEAS International Conference on Communications
           15th WSEAS International Conference on Computers

4th WSEAS International Conference on Urban Planning and Transportation
                               (UPT '11)

  4th WSEAS International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism
                              (CUHT '11)

      8th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education
                           (EDUCATION '11)

4th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Structures,
                   Engineering Geology (EMESEG '11)

 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modelling
                               (ASM '11)

   International Conference on Circuits, Systems and Signals (CSS '11)

International Conference on Communications and Information Technology
                               (CIT '11)

International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer
                        2011 (FLUIDSHEAT '11)

  International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2011
                               (TAM '11)

International Conference on Education and Educational Technologies 2011
                               (EDU '11)

   International Conference on Geography and Geology 2011 (GEO '11)

  International Conference on Energy and Development - Environment -
                      Biomedicine 2011 (EDEB '11)

             Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2011
1st Day, July 14, 2011

Registration: 08:00-09:00

Keynote Lecture 1: 09:00-09:45, Room A’

                      Fundamental Laws of Nature: Mass-Energy, Work, Heat and
                      Entropy - From Reversible Isentropic to Irreversible Caloric
                      by Prof. M. Kostic, Northern Illinois University, USA.

Keynote Lecture 2: 09:45-10:30, Room A’

                      Jet Noise Predictions Using Large Eddy Simulations
                      by Prof. Anastasios Lyrintzis, Purdue University, USA.

Keynote Lecture 3: 10:30-11:15, Room A’

                      Fuel Cell for Electric Locomotive Transportation: State-of-the-Art
                      Review and Challenges
                      by Prof. Pradip Majumdar, Northern Illinois University, USA.

Coffee-break: 11:15-11:45
Plenary Lecture 1: 11:45-12:30, Room A’

                     New Approach to Continuous and Discrete-Time Systems based
                     on Abstract State Space Energy
                     by Prof. Milan Stork, University of West Bohemia, CZECH

Plenary Lecture 2: 11:45-12:30, Room B’

                     Romania, Tourism and Culture Major Drivers of Regional
                     by Prof. Mirela Mazilu, University of Craiova, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 3: 11:45-12:30, Room C’

                     Intelligent Robotic System with Fuzzy Learning Controller and 3D
                     Stereo Vision
                     by Prof. Shiuh-Jer Huang, National Taiwan University of Science
                     and Technology, TAIWAN.

Plenary Lecture 4: 11:45-12:30, Room D’

                     Infrared Image Processing Methods and Systems
                     by Prof. Alexander Bekiarski, Technical University Kliment
                     Ohridski, BULGARIA.
CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 12:30-14:30

CUHT Session: Sustainable Development, Urban & Rural Tourism

Chair: Mirela Mazilu, Nistor Stelian

Romania, Tourism and Culture - Major           Mirela Mazilu                                    659-263
Drivers of Regional Attractiveness
The Statistical Analysis of Romanian           Mirela Mazilu, Dumitru Bala, Roxana              659-446
Tourism in the Context of the World            Severineanu
Economic Crisis
Tourism - Revival Factor at Social, Cultural   Mirela Mazilu, Madalina Andrei, Daniela          659-447
and Economic Levels                            Dumitrescu
Belgrade as a Tourism Destination:             Nina Djurica, Gordana Tomic, Maja Djurica        659-178
Strategic Management Aspects
Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Sustainable     Rodica Petrea, Claudiu Filimon, Luminita         659-361
Development in Beius Land: The Wood            Filimon, Paul Olau
Civilization as Wandering Tourism Product
Protected Areas in Hungary and Romania,        Stelian Nistor, Camelia Teodorescu, Ribana       659-380
Bases for the Development of a Sustainable     Linc, Iulian Dinca, Liviu Bucur
Tourism – A Comparative Preliminary

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 12:30-14:30

EDEB Session: Energy Efficient Systems

Chair: Kurt Geckeler, Martino Paolucci

The Use of Thermal Energy Storage for          Anna Volkova, Andres Siirde                      303-243
Energy System based on Cogeneration
Monitoring of Energy Flows and                 I. Leobner, K. Ponweiser, C. Dorn, F. Bleicher   303-269
Optimization of Energy Efficiency in a
Production Facility
Hydrogen Energy Storage Materials Based        Kurt E. Geckeler                                 303-331
on Conducting Polymers and their
Heavy Metals Behaviour in a Gasification       Martino Paolucci, Carlo Borgianni, Paolo De      303-309
Reactor                                        Filippis
Energy Performance Implies Measures from       Rodica Frunzulica, Mirela Sanda Toropoc          303-401
Consumers to the Energy Supply Sources
European Energy Policy – Directives and        V. Pozeb, D. Goricanec, J. Krope                 303-306
Action Plans
CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 12:30-14:30

GEO Session: Geography and Geology

Chair: Abdalla Amir Omar, Alamta Singarimbun

Abnormal Deflection in the Some Folded          Abdalla Amir Omar                              303-113
Axes within Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt,
Northern Iraq, Mirawa-Mawaran Synclinal
Axis as a case Study
Self–Potential Methods on Geothermal            Alamta Singarimbun, Mitra Djamal, Fitri        303-278
Exploration (Case Study: Mount Patuha,          Meilawati
West Java, Indonesia)
Extreme Climatic Phenomena during the Hot       Ovidiu Murarescu, Gica Pehoiu, Bogdan Puscoi   303-329
Period of the Year in Targoviste Municipality
and its Surroundings (1961-2010). Case
Present Features of the Migration               Tamara Simon, Madalina-Teodora Andrei,         303-235
Phenomenon in Romania                           Iuliana Pop, Petronela-Sonia Nedea, Florin
Aspects of the Tourist Development on the       Tamara Simon, Mirela-Elena Mazilu, Madalina-   303-236
Romanian Black Sea Coastline                    Teodora Andrei, Roxana-Cristina Severineanu,
                                                Costin Dumitrascu

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 12:30-14:30

ASM Session: Applied Mathematics I

Chair: Ljiljana Petrovic, Azami Zaharim

On Markovian Extensions and Reductions of       Ljiljana Petrovic                              303-220
a Family of Hilbert Spaces
On Spatial Estimation of Wind Energy            Nurulkamal Masseran, Ahmad Mahir Razali,       303-313
Potential in Malaysia                           Kamarulzaman Ibrahim, Wan Zawiah Wan Zin,
                                                Azami Zaharim
The Value of Demand Postponement under          Rawee Suwandechochai                           303-330
Demand Uncertainty
Estimating Wind Energy Using Extrapolated       Siti Khadijah Najid, Ahmad Mahir Razali,       303-318
Data of Cameron Highlands                       Kamaruzaman Ibrahim, Kamaruzzaman
                                                Sopian, Azami Zaharim
A Delay-Differential Equations Model of         Suchanan Thongmak, Wannapa                     303-207
Bone Remodeling Process                         Kunpasuruang, Chontita Rattanakul
The Design and Realization of Data              Wei Jicai, Bai Hanbin, Zhao Wei, Ren           303-129
Accessing Service in the Meta-Synthetic         Tingguang, Li Junmei
Integrated Environment of Stratagem
Localized Resonant States and                   Yair Neve-Oz, Therese Pollok, Sven Burger,     303-345
Transmission in a Two-Dimensional               Michael Golosovsky, Dan Davidov
Photonic Quasicrystal
CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 12:30-14:30

CIRCUITS Session: Advances in Circuits and Systems I

Chair: José Antonio Siqueira Dias, Eko Supriyanto

Precision Table-Top Portable Thermal            Anderson W. Spengler, Elnatan C. Ferreira,        659-214
Chamber with Double Thermoelectric              Jose A. Siqueira Dias
Pulse Width Modulation Managing                 Dalibor Slovak                                    659-511

Low Cost PVDF Sensor Casing for                 Eko Supriyanto, Imamul Muttakin, Mohd Hafizul     659-360
Ultrasound Power Measurement                    Mohd Fathil, Camallil Omar
Lightning Surge Response Improvement by         Hitoshi Kijima                                    659-310
Combinations of Varistors and Gas -
Discharge –Tubes
Hardware Implementation of Field-               Robert Istvan Lorincz, Mihai Emanuel Basch,       659-582
Weakening BLDC Motor Control                    David Cristea, Ivan Bogdanov, Virgil Tiponut
Hardware Implementation of BLDC Motor           Robert Istvan Lorincz, Mihai Emanuel Basch,       659-558
Diagnosis                                       Ivan Bogdanov, Virgil Tiponut
Thermal Field Distribution in Bolted Busbar     Yanko Slavtchev, Nikos Mastorakis, Valeri         659-475
Connections with Longitudinal Slots             Mladenov

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 12:30-14:30

EDEB Session: Air, Water and Environmental Pollution

Chair: Maris Klavins, Cornelia Aida Bulucea

Assessing the Environmental Pollutant           Cornelia A. Bulucea, Andreea Jeles, Nikos E.      303-200
Vector of Combustion Gases Emission from        Mastorakis, Carmen A Bulucea, Constantin
Coal-Fired Power Plants                         Brindusa
Approaches for Peat Modification to Improve     Maris Klavins, Dmitry Porshnov                    303-217
Oil Sorption Capacity

Trace Elements in Sediments of Lakes in         Maris Klavins, Ilga Kokorite, Maruta Jankevica,   303-214
Latvia                                          Jonas Mazeika, Valery Rodinov
Evaluating the Environmental Impact of          Nikos E. Mastorakis, Andreea Jeles, Cornelia A    303-356
Coal-Fired Power Plants through                 Bulucea, Carmen A. Bulucea, Constantin
Wastewater Pollutant Vector                     Brindusa
Stress-Sensitivity in Tight Gas Reservoirs: A   Rosalind A. Archer                                303-346
Curse or an Opportunity for Carbon Dioxide
CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 14:30-16:30

CIT Session: Latest Researches in Communications and IT I

Chair: Amjad Daoud, Gabriela Czibula

Adoption Paths for Barcode and RFID            Alejandro Romero, Elisabeth Lefebvre, Louis-A.     303-288
Technologies in the Medication Process:        Lefebvre
Full Implementation, Hybridization or
Augmented Order Preserving Minimal             Amjad M Daoud, Hussain AbdelJaber, Jafar           303-405
Perfect Hash Functions for Very Large          Ababneh
Digital Libraries
A Distributed Reinforcement Learning           Gabriela Czibula, Maria-Iuliana Bocicor, Istvan-   303-132
Approach for Solving Optimization Problems     Gergely Czibula
Current Technologies and Trends in the         I. R. Edu, R. Obreja, T. L. Grigorie               303-272
Development of Gyros Used in Navigation
Applications – A Review
Digital Signature and Encryption in a Single   Laura Savu                                         303-182
Logical Step
Cryptography Role in Information Security      Laura Savu                                         303-183

Information Security on Elliptic Curves        Laura Savu                                         303-286

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 14:30-16:30

SYSTEMS Session: Dynamical Systems I

Chair: Alin Gilbert Sumedrea, Gennady Leonov

A Mathematical Approach to the Dynamics        Alin Gilbert Sumedrea                              659-169
of Psychological Instances
Modeling of Cement Milling Process Based       Dimitris Tsamatsoulis                              659-176
on Long Term Industrial Data

Simplified Modeling of Clinker Cooling         Dimitris Tsamatsoulis                              659-239
Based on Long Term Industrial Data
Hidden Oscillations in Dynamical Systems       G. A. Leonov, N. V. Kuznetsov, S. M. Seledzhi      659-537

Autonomous Mobile Robots Motion in             Hachour Ouarda                                     659-131
Unknown Environments
CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 14:30-16:30

EDU Session: Education and Educational Technologies

Chair: Azami Zaharim, David Tucek

Action Research and Application of Repeat      Adibah Ahmad                                    303-302
to Remember (R2R) as a Teaching
Techniques in Physics
Using BPM Principles to Increase the           D. Tucek, J. Basl                               303-378
Efficiency of Processes in Higher Education
in the CR
Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium         David Martincik, Mikulas Gangur                 303-294
Game as Economic’s Teaching Support
A Prediction Market in Education and Market    Mikulas Gangur, David Martincik                 303-268
Educating the Masses for the Middle Path       Shaharuddin Badaruddin, Mohammad Redzuan        303-245
Strategy and the Political Action of the       Othman, Azami Zaharim
Islamic Base Political Parties Post Malaysia
12th General Election, 2008
Educational Access and Opportunities in        Shaharuddin Badaruddin, Rosnani Hashim,         303-246
Higher Education for Socio-Economic            Zurina Md. Nen
Restructuring: The Malaysia Experience
Rasch Probabilistic Model as a Diagnostic      Zamalia Mahmud                                  303-252
Tool to Gauge Students’ Attitude Towards
Learning Statistics

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 14:30-16:30

CSS Session: Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing

Chair: Benabdellah Yagoubi, Tsai-Ming Hsieh

Memory Efficient and Low Power VLSI            A. D. Darji, A. N. Chandorkar, S. N. Merchant   303-341
Architecture for 2-D Lifting Based DWT with
Dual Data Scan Technique
A Geometric Approach to the Linear             B. Yagoubi                                      303-126
3D Area-Aware Partitioning for Floorplanner    Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Tsai-Ming Hsieh              303-165

A Reconfigurable Architecture for Multi-       Huong Ho                                        303-263
Frame Motion Estimation
Stained Glass Rendering for Images             Hwei-Jen Lin, Yue-Sheng Li, Shwu-Huey Yen,      303-355
                                               Chi-Yuen Chang
CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 14:30-16:30
TAM Session: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics I

Chair: Jaan Lellep, Zdenek Kala

Dimensioning Control of Non-Rigid Parts         A. Aidibe, A. Tahan, G. N. Abenhaim             303-125
using the Iterative Displacement Inspection
with the Maximum Normed Residual Test
The Effect of Diamond Particle Size on the      I. V. Rigou, G. Marginean, D. Frunzaverde, C.   303-397
Wear Resistance of Silver/diamond               V. Campian
Electroplated Dispersion Coatings
Optimization of Elastic and Inelastic Conical   J. Lellep, E. Puman                             303-400
Shells of Piece Wise Constant Thickness
Optimization of Elastic Circular Plates with    Jaan Lellep, Julia Polikarpus                   303-267
Additional Supports
Examples of Application of Fuzzy Logic to       L. Puklicky, Z. Kala                            303-202
Building Industry Research
Micromechanical Experiments of                  Min Shen, Jingwei Tong, Shibin Wang, Hongqi     303-280
Interlaminar Deformation and Damage in          Li
Angle-Ply Thermoplastic Composite

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 14:30-16:30

EDUCATION Session: Latest Researches in Educational
Technologies I

Chair: Igor Rozanc, Ladislav Burita

Mathematical Methods Assessment for New         Amin Daneshmand Malayeri, Ali Hilal-Alnaqbi,    659-094
Innovation Performance                          Nikos E. Mastorakis
Methods and Model Evaluation for                Felicia Coroiu, Alexandru Baloi, Corneliu       659-510
Probabilistic Load Flow Used in Electrical      Velicescu
Engineering Education
One Year Later: The Effect of the Bologna       Igor Rozanc                                     659-512
Reform on Algorithms and Data Structures
Course Teaching
Knowledge Management - Research and             Ladislav Burita                                 659-127
Simulation of Powder Flow in a Die Shoe         M. Radzi M Yunus, D. T. Gethin, R. Hashim       659-516

Application Of iCON(r) Software In Solving      Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Masturah         659-460
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Problems               Markom, Mohd Iqbal Razak
Teaching Collisions - Methodological            Stefan Nitsolov, Maya Mitkova                   659-221
Coffee-break: 16:30-17:00

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 17:00-19:30

EDUCATION Session: Contemporary Teaching Techniques I

Chair: Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu, Jian Chen

Professional Development in Teaching           Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu                         659-612
Mathematics to Engineering Students
Cooperative Learning on Mathematics            Izamarlina Asshaari, Haliza Othman,                 659-454
Engineering Courses at UKM: Students'          Noorhelyna Razali, Norngainy Mohd Tawil,
Response toward Cooperative Learning           Fadiah Hirza M. Ariff, Nur Arzilah Ismail
An Approach for Assessing Students’            Jian Chen                                           659-349
Performance in Software Engineering
Capstone Projects
Student's Diversity Problem in Programming     Michal Blaho, Martin Foltin, Peter Fodrek, Jan      659-291
Courses                                        Murgas

Importance - Satisfaction Analysis For Wiley   N. M. Tawil, A. Zaharim, N. Razali, N. A. Ismail,   659-455
Plus in Vector Calculus                        Z. M. Nopiah
Developing Conducive Sustainable Outdoor       N. M. Tawil, N. A. G. Abdullah, S. Z. Mirrahmi,     659-456
Learning (CSOL): The Impact Of Natural         A. I. Che Ani, N. Utaberta
Environment On Student's Ability
Developing Sustainable Architecture            N. Utaberta, B. Hassanpour, A. I. Che-Ani, A.       659-452
Education Approaches in Malaysia: A Case       Zaharim, N. A. G. Abdullah
Study of Critiques Session in 2nd Year
Design Studio of Architecture Department,
National University of Malaysia (UKM)
Criteria-Based Assessment and Grading in       N. Utaberta, B. Hassanpour, A. I. Che-Ani, A.       659-453
Architecture Design Studio                     Zaharim, N. A. G. Abdullah

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 17:00-19:30

SYSTEMS Session: Advances in Systems Science I

Chair: Ioan Gavrilut, Reinhard Viertl

CBR Based Problem Diagnostics                  Cristina Grama, Ljubisa Urosevic, Matthias          659-226
Application as a Decision Support System in    Wuerthele
the Cultural Heritage Objects Restoration
CNN Processing Techniques for Image-           I. Gavrilut, L. Tepelea, A. Gacsadi                 659-495
Based Path Planning of a Mobile Robot
Qualitative Modeling in the Landscape          J. Bila, J. Jura, I. Bukovsky                       659-097
Development Monitoring
Optimization Normal Availability of a Cold     Lixia Ma, Genqi Xu, Nikos E. Mastorakis             659-095
Standby System with Priority
Simulated Company as Validation                Marian-Stefan Neicu, George Savii, Marius-         659-368
Environment for the Design Methods and         Calin Benea
Algorithms of Informatics Systems Meant for
the Business Environment
Stability Boundary of Impedance Controlled     Peter Galambos                                     659-484
Robots: Effect of Stiffness, Damping,
Friction and Delay
Fuzzy Data and Information Systems             Reinhard Viertl                                    659-175

The Blade Flutter Measurement Based on         Vjaceslav Georgiev, Michael Holik,Vaclav           659-499
the Blade Tip Timing Method                    Kraus, Ales Krutina, Zdenek Kubin, Jindrich
                                               Liska, Martin Poupa

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 17:00-20:00

EDEB Session: Energy and Environment

Chair: Azami Zaharim, Kurt Geckeler

The Effects of Drying Air Temperature and      A. Fudholi, M. Y. Othman, M. H. Ruslan, M.         303-323
Humidity on the Drying Kinetics of Seaweed     Yahya, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
Design and Testing of Solar Dryer for Drying   A. Fudholi, M. Y. Othman, M. H. Ruslan, M.         303-321
Kinetics of Seaweed in Malaysia                Yahya, A. Zaharim, K.Sopian
A Pilot Study of the Building Integrated       A. Ibrahim, M. Y. Othman, M. H. Ruslan, S.         303-325
Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) Collector for     Mat, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
Commercial Applications in Malaysia
Thermal Comfort Assessment in Large            Fatemeh Azizpour, Saeid Moghimi, Chinhaw           303-336
Scale Hospital: Case Study in Malaysia         Lim, Sohif Mat, Azami Zaharim, Kamaruzzaman
Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis: Hydrogen       H. Razali, B. Ali, S. Mat, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian   303-322
as an Alternative Fuel for Internal
Combustion Engine (H2ICE)
Economic Analysis of Combined Solar-           J. M. Abdulateef, Nurul Muiz Murad, M. A.          303-333
Assisted Ejector Absorption Refrigeration      Alghoul, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
Experimental Study on Combined Solar-          J. M. Abdulateef, Nurul Muiz Murad, M. A.          303-334
Assisted Ejector Absorption Refrigeration      Alghoul, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
TRNSYS Simulation of Solar Water Heating       M. N. Mohammed, M. A. Alghoul, Kh.                 303-332
System in Iraq                                 Abulqasem, Alshrif Mustafa, Kh. Glaisa, P.
                                               Ooshaksaraei, M. Yahya, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
The Requirements and Challenges in             N. Asim, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian                     303-324
Energy Policy Formulation for Selected OIC
Building Energy Index (BEI) in Large Scale     Saeid Moghimi, S. Mat, C. H. Lim, A. Zaharim,      303-335
Hospital: Case Study of Malaysia               K. Sopian
Effect of Cloudless Sky Parameters on          Yousef A. Eltbaakh, M. H. Ruslan, M. A.            303-363
Global Spectral Solar Radiation Within 0.3-    Alghoul, M. Y. Othman, A. Zaharim, K. Sopian
1.1 µm Region
CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 17:00-20:00

FLUIDSHEAT Session: Heat and Mass Transfer

Chair: Andrey Kuleshov, Dimitrios Papavassiliou

Forest Fires 2D Numerical Simulation              Andrey Kuleshov, Elena Myshetskaya                303-226

Direct Simulations of Line Source Dispersion      Anjani Kalyan Karna, Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou   303-178
in a Turbulent Channel Flow
Numerical Simulation of Oscillatory Flow          Betti Bollo, Laszlo Baranyi                       303-264
Past and Heat Transfer from a Cylinder
Thermal Analysis of a High Power LED              Bor-Jang Tsai, Sheam-Chyun Lin, Wei-Kuo Han       303-307
Multi-Chip Package Module for Electronic
Solution of Solidification of a Binary Alloy by   Gregor Kosec, Miha Zaloznik                       303-377
a Local Meshless Technique
Effects of the Heating Behavior of Single         H. Huber-Fauland, K. Ponweiser                    303-262
Rooms on the Energy Consumption and
Comfort in Low Energy and Standard House
Numerical Analysis of the Fluid Flow in a         H. Walter, C. Dobias, F. Holzleithner, R.         303-191
Channel between Gas Turbines and Heat             Hofmann
Recovery Steam Generator
Boundary Layer Flows Induced by                   Mohamed Ali, Khaled Al-Salem                      303-283
Permeable Continuous Surfaces Stretched
with Prescribed Skin Friction
Numerical Investigation on the Heat               Pedro de la Calzada, Jose Javier Alvarez          303-177
Transfer and Flow Characteristics of a
Leading Edge Impingement Cooling System
for Low Pressure Turbine Vanes
Biomass Steam Gasification – Mathematical         Thomas Grobl, Heimo Walter, Markus Haider         303-213
Modeling of an Innovative Pressurized
Gasification Process

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 17:00-19:30

UPT Session: Urban Planning and Transportation

Chair: Alireza Estelaji, Luca Staricco

Urban Tourism Planning Emphasizing on             Alireza Estelaji, Hadi Sadeghian, Zahra           659-275
Urban Sustainable Development                     Beyhaghi
Integration of Load Carriers in a                 Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Christian Zabel              659-185
Decentralized Routing Concept for
Transport Logistics Networks
Influences of Communication Disruptions on        Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Christian Zabel              659-187
Decentralized Routing in Transport Logistics
Traffic Noise Predictive Models Comparison        Claudio Guarnaccia, Tony LL Lenza, Nikos E.       659-632
with Experimental Data                            Mastorakis, Joseph Quartieri
An Integrated Prediction Model to Define the   Federica Crocco, Sergio D’Elia, Domenico W.     659-653
Level of Noise in Urban Areas                  E. Mongelli
Noise Fundamental Diagram Deduced by           Gerardo Iannone, Claudio Guarnaccia, Joseph     659-631
Traffic Dynamics                               Quartieri
The Difficult Relationship between Land Use    Luca Staricco                                   659-328
Planning and Transport Planning: Evidences
from the City of Turin, Italy
Mining Communities between Decline and         Luminita Filimon, Paul Olau, Valentin Nemes     659-356
Sustainability. Case Study: Nucet (Bihor
County, Romania)
The Impact of Roads Network Expansion on       Mohammed Aldagheiri                             659-225
Agricultural Development: A Review Study
of Al-Qassim Region in Saudi Arabia

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 17:00-19:30

EDUCATION Session: E-Learning, Distance Learning and Web
Learning I

Chair: Boyan Bontchev, Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu

Learning Objects Types Dependability on        Boyan Bontchev, Dessislava Vassileva            659-515
Styles of Learning

Multidisciplinary Surveys in Technical         Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu                     659-610
Academic Education Concerning the Use of
ICT for Effective Learning
Active Learning of Radiocommunication          M. J. Madero-Ayora, M.A. Sarmiento-Vega, J.J.   659-321
Systems with the Help of Radio Planning        Murillo-Fuentes, L. Salamanca-Mino
Sources of Stress in Bordeaux University       M. Teichmann, Ph. Dondon                        659-211
eLearning and New University Students          Petra Poulova, Ivana Simonova, Miloslava        659-340

 Solar Engineering Education                   Petros J. Axaopoulos, Konstantinos              659-270
                                               Moutsopoulos, Michael P. Theodoridis
The Effect of Simulation Modules in E-         Shapoor Zarei, Amin Daneshmand Malayeri,        659-093
Learning Systems                               Nikos E.Mastorakis
Online International Collaboration - A Case    Zorica Nedic, Andrew Nafalski, Jan Machotka     659-649
Study: Remote Laboratory NetLab
2nd Day, July 15, 2011

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 08:45-11:15

FLUIDSHEAT Session: Simulation and Modeling in Fluid Mechanics

Chair: Anastasios Lyrintzis, Sheam-Chyun Lin

Jet Noise Predictions Using Large Eddy          Anastasios S. Lyrintzis, Gregory A. Blaisdell      303-376
Analytical Calculations of the Characteristic   Davinson Castano Cano                              303-404
Impedances in Arteries Using MAPLE

Investigations of Boundary Treatments in        Fanfan Sun, Mingyi Tan, Jing T. Xing               303-241
Incompressible Smoothed Particle
Hydrodynamics for Fluid-Structural
Real-time Thermal Model of Chemical             Hsien-Chang Shih, Sheam-Chyun Lin, Chao-           303-251
Mechanical Polishing                            Chang Chen, Zong-Ching Lin
CFD Simulation of the Liquid Metal Flow in      Marcel Bachmann, Vjaceslav Avilov, Andrey          303-340
High Power Laser Welding of Aluminum with       Gumenyuk, Michael Rethmeier
Electromagnetic Weld Pool Support
Recording and Evaluating Methods of             Michal Kotek, Vaclav Kopecky, Darina Jasikova      303-298
Experimental Research of T-Junction Flow
Direct Computation of Evaporation Rate at       Nikolay A. Vinnichenko, Alexander V. Uvarov,       303-261
the Surface of Swimming Pool                    Dmitry A. Vetukov, Yulia Y. Plaksina
Influence of Elevator Moving Pattern and        Sheam-Chyun Lin, Bor-Jang Tsai, Cheng-Ju           303-234
Velocity on the Airflow Uniformity for an LCD   Chang
Panel Delivery Facility
Existence of Shocklets in Supersonic            Yihong Fang, Yifang Liu, Xingfu Ye                 303-281
Boundary Layer and Its Relation with 3-D
A Comparative Study of Separated                Zhiyin Yang                                        303-374
Boundary Layer Transition on a Flat Plate
with a Blunt/Semi-Circular Leading Edge

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 08:45-11:15

SYSTEMS Special Session: Power Quality Impacts on Energy
Efficiency and Renewables

Chair: Aleksandar Nikolic

Power Quality Issues in Smart Grid              Aleksandar Janjic, Zoran P. Stajic, Ivan Radovic   659-608
Environment – Serbian Case Studies
Power Quality Analysis of Wind Generator        Aleksandar Nikolic, Branka Kostic, Maja            659-573
Connected to the Weak Grid During Low           Markovic, Sasa Minic, Srdjan Milosavljevic
Wind Speed
On-Site Measurement of Load and No-Load        Dragana Naumovic-Vukovic, Slobodan                  659-642
Losses of GSU Transformer                      Skundric, Ljubisa Nikolic, Aleksandar Zigic,
                                               Dragan Kovacevic, Srdjan Milosavljevic
Increasing Energy Efficiency by Improving      Joseph F. G. Cobben, Vladimir Cuk, Wil L. Kling     659-541
Power Quality
Bulk Material Transportation System in         Leposava Ristic, Milan Bebic, Sasa Statkic, Ilija   659-555
Open Pit Mines with Improved Energy            Mihailovic, Dragan Jevtic, Borislav Jeftenic
Motor Voltage High Harmonics Influence to      Miloje M. Kostic, Branka B. Kostic                  659-529
Efficient Energy Usage
Wind Farm Connection to Serbian                Sasa Minic, Dragan Tasic                            659-531
Distribution Network - Austere Quality
Requirements vs. More Economical Power
Inrush Related Problems Caused by Lamps        Vladimir Cuk, Joseph F. G. Cobben, Wil L. Kling     659-553
with Electronic Drivers and Their Mitigation

Power Quality and Electrical Energy Losses     Zoran P. Stajic, Aleksandar Janjic, Zoran           659-607
as a Key Drivers for Smart Grid Platform       Simendic

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 08:45-11:15

SYSTEMS Special Session: Real Time Control of Dynamic Systems

Chair: Luige Vladareanu

Hybrid Force-Position Control for              Alexandru Gal                                       659-578
Manipulators with 4 Degrees of Freedom
Distributed Control System for Robotic Cells   Cristian Spirleanu, Eugen Diaconescu                659-581
and Intelligent Building Automation Using
Genetic Algorithm for Walking Robots           Danut A. Bucur, Stefan A. Dumitru                   659-579
Motion Optimization
Spindle Analysis Using Numerical Methods       Doina Marin, George Panciu                          659-576

A Multi-Functional Approch of the HFPC         Luige Vladareanu, Alexandru Gal                     659-574
Walking Robots
Machining Force Regression Models and          Mihaiela Iliescu, Luigi Vladareanu, Marius          659-575
Real Time Control when Turning MET 4           Soceanu
Metallized Coating
The Haptic Impendance Control through          Octavian Melinte                                    659-583
Virtual Environment Force Compensation
Walking Robot Method Control Using             Stefan A. Dumitru, Danut A. Bucur                   659-580
Artificial Vision
Keynote Lecture 4: 09:00-09:45, Room A’

                             Multihop Cellular Networks: Integration, Cooperation,
                             Standardization, Research Challenges
                             by Professor Zoran Bojkovic, University of Belgrade, SERBIA.

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 09:00-11:00

EMESEG Session: Engineering Mechanics I

Chair: Hendrik Voll, Dimitrios Goulias

Indoor Climate of Classrooms with            Alo Mikola, Hendrik Voll, Teet-Andrus Koiv,           659-431
Alternative Ventilation Systems              Merje Rebane
Sustainable Concrete Using High Volume       Dimitrios Goulias, Upadhyaya Sushant                  659-403
Supplementary Cementitious Materials
Non-invasive Imagistic Investigations of     Emanuela Petrescu, Lavinia Meda Negrutiu,             659-099
Repaired IPS Empress e.max All Ceramic       Cosmin Sinescu, Roxana Rominu, Florin
Crowns                                       Topala, Mihai Rominu, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
Behaviour of Single Storey Frames with       I. Mircea Cristutiu, Daniel. L. Nunes                 659-098
Tapered Web Members Accounting for
Manufacturing and Assembling
Measuring and Comparison of Natural          Jakub Gottvald                                        659-285
Frequencies of Bucket Wheel Excavators
SchRs 1320 and K 2000
Ageing Behavior of Friction Stir Welding     T. Azimzadegan, Gh. Khalaj, M. M. Kaykha, A.          659-471
AA7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy                     R. Heidari
Experimental Research on Pre-Reduction of    Zarife Gashi, Shefik Imeri, Nexhmedin Lohja,          659-234
Nickel Silicate Ore in New Ferronickel       Muharrem Zabeli, Naim Tahiraj, Nagip Murati
Factory in Drenas

Keynote Lecture 5: 09:45-10:30, Room A’

                             Program Analysis and Optimization for Multi-core Computing
                             by Prof. Kleanthis Psarris, The University of Texas at San Antonio,
Keynote Lecture 6: 10:30-11:15, Room A’

                     Biomimetic Human Modeling, Simulation and Control
                     by Prof. Demetri Terzopoulos, University of California, USA.

Coffee-break: 11:15-11:45

Plenary Lecture 5: 11:45-12:30, Room A’

                     Knowledge Engineering for Medical Decision Support Systems
                     by Prof. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem, Ain Shams University, EGYPT.

Plenary Lecture 6: 11:45-12:30, Room B’

                     Education to Sustainable Development in Higher Education
                     Institution : Gadget or Necessity?
                     by Prof. Philippe Dondon, ENSEIRB, FRANCE.

Plenary Lecture 7: 11:45-12:30, Room C’

                     Adaptive E-Learning and the Future of Technology Enhanced
                     by Assoc. Prof. Boyan Bontchev, Sofia University, BULGARIA.
Plenary Lecture : 11:45-12:30, Room D’

                              Partition and Propagation of Delamination in Fibre Reinforced
                              Composite Laminates
                              by Prof. Simon S. Wang, Loughborough University, UK.

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 11:45-14:00

EDUCATION Session: Latest Researches in Educational
Technologies II

Chair: Ramona Chivu, Kamila Olsevicova

Financial Performance between Accounting     Chivu Maria Ramona, Blajanu Elena Adelina,       659-660
Outcome and Fiscal Outcome                   Chivu Marin, Popescu Dragos Gabriel, Brojba
                                             Laura Cornelia, Romanescu Doinita
Improvement of the Quality of Counseling     Cristina Georgiana Safta, Emil Stan, Mihaela     659-669
and Guidance Services in Romania by the      Suditu
Implementation of the European Project
An Undergraduate Collaborative Design        J. Alejandro Betancur, Carlos Rodriguez, Ivan    659-619
Experience among Institutions in the         Ezparragoza
Refined Concept Map of Agent-Based           Kamila Olsevicova                                659-651
The Accuracy of Media Coverage of Foreign    Madalina-Steliana Deaconu                        659-662
Policy Rhetoric and Events

The Information System of the Municipality   Rak Jakub, Jurikova Lucie, Adamek Milan          659-309
with Extended Powers for Population
Protection – The Structure Proposal

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 12:30-14:30

COMMUNICATIONS Special Session: Multiuser Wireless Systems

Chair: Stevan Berber

Capacity Calculation for Collaborative       Husnain Naqvi, Stevan Berber, Zoran Salcic       659-523
Communication with Imperfect Phase
Synchronization, AWGN and Fading in
Sensor Networks
Noise-based DS-CDMA System                   Ramin Vali, Stevan M. Berber                     659-521
Performance with Timing Jitter
Capacity Calculation for Multi-Relay           Stevan Berber, Husnain Naqvi, Miodrag           659-522
Channel in the Presence of Noise and           Temerinac, Vladimir Kovacevic
Digital Channel Modeling for Multi-Relay       Stevan Berber, Vladimir Kovacevic, Miodrag      659-517
Wireless Sensor Networks                       Temerinac
Digital Channel Modeling and Capacity          Stevan Berber, Vladimir Kovacevic, Miodrag      659-519
Calculation for Multi-Relay Multi-Hop          Temerinac
Wireless Sensor Networks
Fading Mitigation in Interleaved Chaos-        Stevan M. Berber, Ramin Vali                    659-520
Based DS-CDMA Systems for Secure

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 12:30-14:30

COMPUTERS Session: Computer Applications in Biology and

Chair: Eko Supriyanto, Zoran Bojkovic

Preliminary Step towards Renal Nomogram        Adeela Arooj, Yeoh Jing Wui, Eko Supriyanto     659-354
in Malaysian Adult Population

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Trigger Point         Eko Supriyanto, Joanne Soh Zi En, Syed Mohd     659-348
Detection based on Ultrasound Image            Nooh Omar

Automatic Ultrasound Kidney’s Centroid         Eko Supriyanto, Nurul Afiqah Tahir, Syed Mohd   659-330
Detection System                               Nooh
Automatic Non Invasive Kidney Volume           Eko Supriyanto, Wan Mahani Hafizah, Yeoh        659-532
Measurement Based on Ultrasound Image          Jing Wui, Adeela Arooj
A Computational Study of a Prebiotic           N. Aylward                                      659-332
Synthesis of L-Histidine
A Computational Study of a Prebiotic           N. Aylward                                      659-334
Photochemical Synthesis of Phosphatidyl
Choline Analogues

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 12:30-14:30

EMESEG Special Session: New Trends in Mechatronics

Chair: Hamid Reza Karimi

A Recursive Model for Nonlinear Spring-        Hamid Reza Karimi, Witold Pawlus, Kjell G.      659-560
Mass-Damper Estimation of a Vehicle            Robbersmyr
Localized Impact
Modeling Simulations and Instrumentation of    Sylvester Sedem Djokoto, Hamid Reza Karimi      659-572
High Pressure Roller Crusher for the Silicon
Carbide Production
Performance Evaluation of Feedforward          Witold Pawlus, Kjell G. Robbersmyr, Hamid       659-554
Neural Networks for Modeling a Vehicle to      Reza Karimi
Pole Central Collision
Hysteresis Modeling for the Rotational      Yousef Iskandarani, Hamid Reza Karimi           659-561
Magnetorheological Damper
Vibration Analysis for the Rotational       Yousef Iskandarani, Hamid Reza Karimi           659-562
Magnetorheological Damper

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 13:00-16:30

COMPUTERS Special Session: Knowledge Engineering for Decision
Support Systems

Chair: Abdel Badeeh M. Salem

Pairwise Key Establishment Scheme for       Abdullah Al-Dhelaan                             659-245
Hypercube-based Wireless Sensor
An Ontology-Based Approach for              Adriana Alexandru, Alexandra Galatescu,         659-528
Occupational Health                         Dragos Nicolau, Dragos-Catalin Barbu

Affective Gaming: A GSR Based Approach      Ahmed Aggag, Kenneth Revett                     659-429

Methods and Software Architecture for       Eleonora Tudora, Adriana Alexandru              659-540
Managing a System for Verifying the
Authenticity of Branded Products
A Model for Customer Complaint              Esraa Abd El-Aziz Abd El-Sadek Afify, Abd El-   659-451
Management System using SOA                 Fatah A. Hegazy, Mona Ahmed Kadry El-Sayed
Geospatial Multi-agent System for Urban     Heba Gaber, Safaa Amin, Abdel-Badeeh M.         659-220
Search and Rescue                           Salem
A Novel Model for Capturing and Analyzing   Hossam El-Sobky, Mostafa Abdelazeim             659-585
Customers’ Preferences for Ceramic Tiles
Fingerprints Registration Using Genetic     Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Mona M.                659-231
Algorithm                                   Abdulkareem
The Imperative Role of ICI for Supporting   Marilena Ianculescu                             659-265
Aging with Dignity
On the Applicability of Heart Rate for      Mohamed Luay, Kenneth Revett                    659-430
Affective Gaming
Multi-Objective GA Rule Extraction in a     Passent M. Elkafrawy, Amr M. Sauber             659-437
Parallel Framework
New Data Gathering Scheme for Large         Saad Al-Ahmadi, Abdullah Al-Dhelaan, Naif Al-   659-246
Scale Wireless Sensor Networks              Hosini

Developing an Affective Working             Shaimaa Hegazy, Kenneth Revett                  659-428
Companion Utilising GSR Data
Using Simulation and 3D Graphics Software   Stefan Korecko, Branislav Sobota, Csaba         659-244
to Visualize Formally Developed Control     Szabo
CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 14:00-16:30

SYSTEMS Special Session: Transmission System Operators:
Challenges for South-East Europe

Chair: F. V. Topalis

Database Structure Support for Bid Interface    Costin Cepisca, Alexandru Lazar, Sorin Dan       659-589
                                                Grigorescu, George Seritan
Congestion Management under Inter-              Fang Xu, Panos Liatsis                           659-616
regional Trade

Monitoring of Power Transmission as             Jean Constantinescu, Nicholas Harkiolakis,       659-592
Constraint Management in TSOs’                  Daniela Bolborici
Supporting Power Transmission Operators:        K. Xilogiannopoulos, P. Karampelas, L.           659-545
Designing the GUI of a Critical Application     Ekonomou, P. Krommydakis
Automation of the Day Ahead Congestion          Miomir Kostic, Nenad Sijakovic, Valeri           659-588
Forecast Procedure Miomir Kostic, Nenad         Mladenov
Sijakovic, Valeri Mladenov
Design and Implementation of a                  N. Harkiolakis, L. Ekonomou, F. V. Topalis, E.   659-547
Computational Platform for the Integration of   Zafiropoulos
Transmission System Operators
Transmission System Contingency Statistics      Nenad Sijakovic, Miomir Kostic, Valeri           659-587
Analysis                                        Mladenov
Study and Analysis of Systems for               Nikolina Petkova, Valeri Mladenov, Angel         659-591
Monitoring in Power Substations                 Tsolov, Petar Nakov, Georgi Bozukov
Model Creator for Day Ahead Congestion          Rubin Taleski, Jordanco Angelov, Petar           659-590
Forecast                                        Krstevski, Aleksandra Krkoleva, Aleksandar
                                                Paunoski, Kliment Naumoski

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 14:00-16:30

EDUCATION Session: Contemporary Teaching Techniques II

Chair: Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu, Azami Zaharim

A Virtual Measurement Instrument for Three      Alexandru Baloi, Adrian Pana                     659-411
Phase Electrical Networks Analysis

Education, Research and Business – A            Brandusa Prepelita-Raileanu                      659-611
Knowledge Triangle and a Strategic
Partnership between Technical Academic
Research and Romanian Business
Female Electrical Engineering Degree            Pauziah Mohd Arsad, Norlida Buniyamin,           659-199
Students’ Performance Based on Different        Jamalul-Lail Ab Manan, Rosni Abu Kassim
Entry Levels: A Malaysian Case Study
Integrated Project: An Innovative Way To        Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Mohd Sobri        659-459
Reduce Students’ Burden And Enhance Soft        Takrif, Abu Bakar Mohammad, Noorhisham Tan
Skills And Integration Elements                 Kofli, Manal Ismail, Masturah Markom
Creative Thinking in Design Through          Siu-Kay Pun                                         659-248
Collaborative Learning
Study on Applicability of European Credits   Talaghir Laurentiu-Gabriel, Ababei Catalina,        659-195
Transferable System in Student Mobility at   Iconomescu Teodora Mihaela, Brindescu Sorin
Physical Education Profile                   Ovidiu, Manolache Gabriel Marian
Effectiveness of Educational Process in      Talaghir Laurentiu-Gabriel, Ababei Radu,            659-194
High School (Ninth Grade) by the             Iconomescu Teodora Mihaela, Manolache
Application of Educational Technologies in   Gabriel Marian
Physical Education Lessons with Motor
Approach to Teaching Programming of          Vlastimil Maly                                      659-183
Applications for Mobile Devices

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 14:30-16:30

COMMUNICATIONS Session: Sensor Networks

Chair: Guillaume Auriol, Mark Leeson

An Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Grid       Dragos Ioan Sacaleanu, Dragos Mihai Ofrim,          659-339
Wireless Sensor Networks                     Rodica Stoian, Vasile Lazarescu

Hybrid Scheme for 3-D Localization in        Dragos Mihai Ofrim, Dragos Ioan Sacaleanu,          659-338
Mobile Wireless Multimedia Sensor            Rodica Stoian, Vasile Lazarescu
Design and Simulations of Wireless Sensors   G. Auriol, C. Baron, V. Shukla, J-M. Dilhac, J-Y.   659-116
Networks in a Long Range Aircraft            Fourniols

Ontology for Sensors                         Michal Sir, Petr Fiedler, Vaclav Kacymarcyzk        659-260

Ontology and Automation Technique            Michal Sir, Zdenek Bradac, Vaclav                   659-258
Fault Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network       V. Latha, Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, S.            659-500
Using Case Based Reasoning with              Shanmugavel
Semantic Tracking
Ethernet Powerlink Asynchronous Phase        Vaclav Kaczmarczyk, Michal Sir, Zdenek              659-228
Examination                                  Bradac

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 14:30-16:30

COMPUTERS Session: Computer Graphics and Artificial Vision

Chair: Vaclav Skala, Pavel Pokorny

New Methods of Render-Supported Sensor       Jurgen Rossmann, Nico Hempe, Markus Emde            659-503
Simulation in Modern Real-Time VR-
Simulation Systems
Testing Software for Ultrasonic Sensors      Neckar Pavel, Adamek Milan                          659-222
The Visualization of the Thermal Flow in a     Pavel Pokorny, Michal Gerza                  659-203
Glass Furnace
Aplying Mechatronic Elements in Developing     Petr Lukasik, Martin Sysel                   659-312
and Construction Work Centres
Evaluation Method for MRI Brain Tissue         Shafaf Ibrahim, Noor Elaiza Abdul Khalid,    659-463
Abnormalities Segmentation Study               Mazani Manaf
A Precision of Computation in the Projective   Vaclav Skala, Vit Ondracka                   659-144

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 14:30-16:30

EMESEG Session: Structure Design and Analysis I

Chair: Hana Hanzlova, Parham Memarzadeh

Seismic Performance and Vulnerability          A. Cinitha, P. K. Umesha, Nagesh R. Iyer     659-171
Analysis of Code - Conforming RC Buildings
Optimized Stochastic Based Design of           Abayomi Omishore                             659-205
Uncertainty Analysis of the Cross-sectional    Abayomi Omishore                             659-206
Area of a Structural Member

Nanoscience to Nanotechnology for Civil        B. Bhuvaneshwari, Saptarshi Sasmal, Nagesh   659-160
Engineering – Proof of Concepts                R. Iyer
Timber-Framed Walls with Openings Coated       Erika Kozem Silih, Miroslav Premrov          659-181
with Single Fibre-Plaster Boards
Analysis of Shear Failure of Flexural Fibre    Hana Hanzlova, Jiri Kratky, Robert Heran     659-168
Concrete Beams Reinforced with Rebars of
Two Ductility Classes
The Effect of Soil-Flexibility on Seismic      J. Mirlohi, P. Memarzadeh, F. Behnamfar      659-384
Response of a Typical Steel Plate Shear
Wall Subjected to Duzce Earthquake

Coffee-break: 16:30-17:00

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 17:00-20:00

COMPUTERS Session: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge
Engineering and Databases

Chair: Dimitrios Ventzas, Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif

Advances in Distributed Control Systems        D. E. Ventzas, G. Garani, C. Karapoulios     659-652
Data Bases
Ontology-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning            Dounia Mansouri, Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif           659-481
(CBR) Approach for Trainings Adaptive
Approximate Query Answering System                Francesco Di Tria, Ezio Lefons, Filippo            659-279
Architecture                                      Tangorra
Multiagent Reactive Plan Application              Huseyin Sevay, Costas Tsatsoulis                   659-559
Learning in Dynamic Environments
Comparative Information Retrieval                 Jacques Savoy, Nada Naji                           659-679
Evaluation for Scanned Documents

Spare Parts Allocation - Fuzzy Systems            Les M. Sztandera                                   659-421

Client-Server Hardware Detection Tool             Martin Sysel, Stanislav Vitasek                    659-497

Artificial Creativity: Improving on Algorithmic   Nathan Fortier, Michele Van Dyne                   659-556
Music Composition Using Genetic
Electrical Discharge Machine using Fuzzy          Noor Elaiza Abd Khalid, Nordin Abu Bakar,          659-490
for Fitness Evolutionary Strategies               Faridah Sh. Ismail, Noor Sheera Mohd Dout
Optimization (EDiMƒESO)
Brain Abnormalities Segmentation                  Noor Elaiza Abdul Khalid, Shafaf Ibrahim,          659-444
Performances Contrasting: Adaptive                Mazani Manaf
Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System
(ANFIS) vs K-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN) vs
Fuzzy c-Means (FCM)
Determining the Governance Controllability        Yu-Chuan Lin, Che-Cheren Lin, Chien-Chung          659-538
of Organizations in Supply Chain                  Lin
Management Using Fuzzy Expert System

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 17:00-19:30

SYSTEMS Session: Signal Processing

Chair: Alexandru Gacsadi, Snejana Pleshkova

Energy Based Medical Imaging                      A. Gacsadi, L. Tepelea, I. Gavrilut, O. Straciuc   659-385
Segmentation Methods by Using Cellular
Neural Networks
Measurement Systems for Distribution of           Aldis Kalpinsh, Vairis Shtrauss                    659-192
Relaxation and Retardation Times
Edge Detection in Ultrasound Images Using         Hum Yan Chai, Lai Khin Wee, Eko Supriyanto         659-425
Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion in
Canny Edge Detector Framework
A Novel Programmable Waveform                     Lai Khin Wee, Eko Supriyanto                       659-276
Generator for Ultrasound Therapy Machine
using FPGA
Extended Robust Diffusion Algorithm for           Lai Khin Wee, Hum Yan Chai, Eko Supriyanto         659-290
Two Dimensional Ultrasonic Images
FPGA & DSP Infrared Image Processing              Snejana Pleshkova                                  659-493
Module for People and Objects Detection
Edgemap-Based Wiener Filtering for             Suhaila Sari, Tetsuya Shimamura                   659-496
Preserving Image Fine Details and Edges
Recovery of Distribution of Relaxation and     Vairis Shtrauss, Aldis Kalpinsh                   659-193
Retardation Times by Measuring Amplitudes
to Multi-Harmonic Excitations
Efficient Algorithm for Extracting Essential   Zoltan Haraszy, David-George Cristea,             659-550
Head Related Impulse Response Data for         Sebastian Micut, Ivan Bogdanov
Acoustic Virtual Reality Development

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 17:00-20:00

ASM Session: Simulation and Modeling I

Chair: Bai Hanbin Wei JIcai, Chontita Rattanakul

Investigation of Multiple-Attribute Decision   Bai Hanbin, Wei Jicai                             303-127
Making Model Based on Uncertainty

Study of Application of Reciprocal Scale in    Bai Hanbin, Wei Jicai                             303-128
Quantitative Analysis

A Mathematical Model of Bone Formation         Chontita Rattanakul, Sahattaya                    303-181
and Resorption: Effect of Calcitonin           Rattanamongkonkul
Mathematical Modeling of Bone Formation        Chontita Rattanakul, Sahattaya                    303-199
and Resorption: Effects of Parathyroid         Rattanamongkonkul, Saowaros Srisuk
Hormone and Vitamin D
A Liquidity-Weighted GARCH Model for           Cristiana Tudor                                   303-292
Empirical Equity Series
Simulation Model and the Dynamics of           Cristina Stroe, Andreea Cambir, Cornelia Barti,   303-328
Relative Poverty Rates in the Presence of      Eva Militaru, Silvia Cojanu, Eliza Lungu,
Some Social Benefits in Romania                Codruta Dragoiu, Isadora Lazar
Offset C60 Fullerene Encapsulated inside       Duangkamon Baowan, Noraphon Bunkluarb             303-203
Goldberg Type I Fullerenes
Multi-Treatment Regression Analysis: The       Elsa Estevo Moreira, Joao Tiago Mexia             303-212
Unbalanced Case
Econometric Modeling of Return Migration       Gabriela Predosanu, Ana Maria Zamfir, Eva         303-349
Intentions                                     Militaru, Cristina Mocanu, Gabriela Vasile
Daily Rainfall Disaggregation Using            Ibrahim Suliman Hanaish, Kamarulzaman             303-314
HYETOS Model for Peninsular Malaysia           Ibrahim, Abdul Aziz Jemain
Optimization of Renewable Power System         Kh. Abulqasem, M. A. Alghoul, M. N.               303-319
for Small Scale Seawater Reverse Osmosis       Mohammed, Alshrif Mustafa, Kh. Glaisa,
Desalination Unit in Mrair-Gabis Village,      Nowshad Amin, A.Zaharim, K. Sopian
Modelling and Simulation in Non-Life           Viera Pacakova                                    303-290
CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 17:00-19:30

SYSTEMS Session: Advances in Systems Science II

Chair: Alexandros Soumelidis, Miin-Shen Yang

Pole Reconstruction of Systems from           Alexandros Soumelidis, Ferenc Schipp, Jozsef    659-366
Laguerre Basis Representations                Bokor
New Similarity Measures between Interval-     Chao-Ming Hwanga, Miin-Shen Yang                659-167
Valued Fuzzy Sets
Analyzing And Reduce The Bullwhip Effect      Ghassem Hajebrahimi, Farhad Faez, Abolfazl      659-641
In Supply Chain: Classic And Fuzzy Control    Mirzazadeh
Systems Approachs
Snapshot-Based Data Recovery Approach         Jaechun No                                      659-311

Applying the Fuzzy Delphi Method to           Kuei-Yang Wu                                    659-091
Analyze the Sustainable Neighborhood Unit
Evaluation Factors
Applying the Fuzzy Delphi Method to           Kuei-Yang Wu                                    659-678
Analyze the Evaluation Indexes for Service
Quality after Railway Re-Opening – Using
the Old Mountain Line Railway as an
Advanced Manufacturing Technology             Libuse Svobodova                                659-235
Utilization and Realized Benefits
A Bio-inspired Obstacle Avoidance System      Mihai-Emanuel Basch, David George Cristea,      659-536
Concept for Visually Impaired People          Robert Istvan Lorincz, Virgil Tiponut

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 17:00-19:30

COMPUTERS Session: Information Science and Applications I

Chair: Jung-Chuan Yen, Martin Sysel

Analysis, Design, and Simulation of a Mobil   Arturo Sanchez-Martinez, Arturo Zuniga Lopez,   659-480
Client in IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS )      Carlos Aviles-Cruz, Andres Ferreyra-Ramirez,
                                              Ivan Vazquez-Alvarez
Scaling in Cloud Environments                 Dominique Bellenger, Jens Bertram, Andy         659-319
                                              Budina, Arne Koschel, Benjamin Pfander,
                                              Carsten Serowy, Irina Astrova, Stella Gatziu
                                              Grivas, Marc Schaaf
Mixed Convexity & Optimization of the SVM     Emre Tokgoz, Theodore B. Trafalis               659-096
QP Problem for Nonlinear Polynomial Kernel
Visualizing Patterns of Online Media          Hani F. A. Rahman, Nasiroh Omar, Siti Z. Z.     659-469
Preference Based on Young Adults Lifestyle    Abidin, Zamalia Mahmud, Marshima M. Rosli
Gender Differences in Mobile Game-Based       Jung-Chuan Yen, Jeng-Yu Wang, I-Jung Chen       659-439
Learning to Promote Intrinsic Motivation
MATLAB/Simulink TCP/IP Communication            Martin Sysel                                     659-208

Analysis of Parallel Multicore Performance      Noor Elaiza Abdul Khalid, Siti Arpah Ahmad,      659-467
on Sobel Edge Detector                          Noorhayati Mohamed Noor, Ahmad Firdaus
                                                Ahmad Fadzil, Mohd Nasir Taib
Support Vector Machine Classification of        Raghav Pant, Theodore B. Trafalis, Kash          659-506
Uncertain and Imbalanced data using             Barker
Robust Optimization
Acquired Experience in the Use of a             Ramon Montellano-Garcia, Genovevo Aguilar-       659-202
Computer Hardware Emulator for Critical         Cervantes
Real-Time Applications

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 17:00-20:00

EMESEG Special Session: Polymer Processing and Funtionalization

Chair: Berenika Hausnerova

A Comparative Study of Crosslinked Sodium       A. Saarai, V. Kasparkova, T. Sedlacek, P. Saha   659-377
Alginate/Gelatin Hydrogels for Wound
Numerical Model of Randomly Distributed         Berenika Hausnerova, Jan Zidek                   659-449
Particles Generated from the Material
Structure as a Quantitative Analysis of
Structure/rheology Relationship
The Effect of ZnO Modification on Rubber        J. Kadlcak, I. Kuritka, P. Konecny, R. Cermak    659-298
Compound Properties
High-Pressure Crystallization of Poly(1-        Jiri Kalous, Lubomir Benicek, Roman Cermak       659-254

Polyurethane Improvement by Glasses             Martin Juricka, Veronika Struharova, Petr        659-346
Fibres, Acoustic, Mechanical and Thermal        Smolka, Ales Mracek, Petr Ponizi
Polymer Coated Carbonyl Iron Particles and      Michal Sedlacik, Vladimir Pavlinek, Petr Saha,   659-217
their Magnetorheological Suspensions            Petra Svrcinova, Petr Filip

Morphology of Polyethylene with Regular         Miroslav Janicek, Roman Cermak, Petr Ponizil     659-251
Side Chains Distribution

Protein Filled Polymer Composites for           Nabanita Saha, Lenka Jelinkova, Martin           659-315
Biodegradable Packaging                         Zatloukal, Petr Saha
Biodegradable Hydrogel Film for Food            Niladri Roy, Nabanita Saha, Petr Saha            659-282
On-Line SiOx Coating of Extruded                O. Hudecek, T. Sedlacek, A. Minarik, P. Saha     659-379
Polystyrene Sheets Utilizing Atmospheric
Pressure Plasma Treatment
On Pressure and Temperature Affected            P. Piyamanocha, T. Sedlacek, P. Saha             659-381
Shear Viscosity Behaviour of Poly(Lactid)
Acid Melt
Characterization of Partially Biodegradable     Pavel Kucharczyk, Vladimir Sedlarik, Takeshi     659-289
Poly(L-lactic acid)/Poly(methyl methacrylate)   Kitano, Michal Machovsky, Marian Barak,
Blends as Potential Biomaterials                Marek Koutny, Petr Stloukal, Petr Saha
Optimization of Biodegradable Polymeric      Petr Stloukal, Marek Koutny, Vladimir Sedlarik,   659-223
Submicroparticles Preparation                Pavel Kucharczyk
On the Influence of Nutrient Agents on       T. Sedlacek, T. Mikulka, R. Cermak, A.            659-382
Accelerated Physical Aging of LDPE Based     Kalendova, P. Saha
Mulch Foil
Pore Size Estimation                         Tomas Matousek, Petr Ponizil, Filip Kremen,       659-343
                                             Iva Buresova, Petra Dvorakova

July 15, 21:00: Conference Banquet

3rd Day, July 16, 2011

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 09:00-11:00

UPT Session: Urban Planning and Pollution

Chair: Charalampos Arapatsakos, Dimitrios Zikos

A Mathematical Model for Traffic Noise       Barone Vincenzo, Federica Crocco, Domenico        659-656
Prediction in an Urban Area                  W. E. Mongelli
Development of a Comprehensive               Bhuvanachithra Chidambaram, Dimitrios Zikos       659-302
Integrated Framework based on On-Road
Vehicle Emission Estimation in Hyderabad,
The Water Vapor Effect in the Gas            Charalampos Arapatsakos, Achilleas Dratzidis,     659-646
Emissions                                    Anastasios Karkanis

The Effect of Fuel Gases in Air Pollutant    Charalampos Arapatsakos, Anastasios               659-647
                                             Karkanis, Marianthi Moschou, Ioannis
The Gas Emissions in Relation to             Charalampos Arapatsakos, Dimitrios                659-648
Temperature and rpm                          Christoforidis
Air Pollution Zoning based on Land use and   Elnaz Irannezhad, Seyed Hossein Mousavi,          659-643
Traffic of Vehicles                          Mahdieh Zangiabadi
Plenary Lecture 9: 09:30-10:15, Room A’

                     Thermoelectric Technology as Renewable Energy Source for
                     Power Generation and Heating & Cooling Systems
                     by Prof. Noel Y. A. Shammas, Staffordshire University, UK.

Plenary Lecture 10: 09:30-10:15, Room B’

                     Hidden Oscillations in Dynamical Systems
                     by Prof. Gennady A. Leonov, St. Petersburg State University,

Plenary Lecture 11: 10:15-11:00, Room A’

                     Shock Reflection Problems and Gas Dynamics Equations
                     by Assist. Prof. Katarina Jegdic, University of Houston –
                     Downtown, USA.

Plenary Lecture 12: 10:15-11:00, Room B’

                     Language for Exact Description of Systems with Complex Control
                     by Prof. Eugene Kindler, University of Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC.
Plenary Lecture 13: 10:15-11:00, Room C’

                              Stochastic Delay Lotka-Volterra System to Interacting Population
                              by Prof. Andre A. Keller, Universite de Lille 1 Sciences et
                              Technologies, FRANCE.

Plenary Lecture 14: 10:15-11:00, Room D’

                              Large-Eddy Simulation of Separated Boundary Transition on a
                              Flat Plate with a Sharp/Semi-Circular Leading Edge
                              by Prof. Zhiyin Yang, Loughborough University, UK.

Plenary Lecture 15: 10:15-11:00, Room E’

                              Carbon Capture at the Conversion of Fuels into Electrical Energy
                              by Assist. Prof. Heimo Walter, Vienna University of Technology,

Coffee-break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 11:30-13:30

CIRCUITS Session: Advances in Circuits and Systems II

Chair: Bohumil Brtnik, Eko Supriyanto

Graph-Only Solution of SC Circuits by        Bohumil Brtnik                                      659-157
Means of Two-Graphs
Multilayered Membrane and the Effect of        Eko Supriyanto, Norhana Jusoh, Azila Abdul-       659-362
Additional Layer to Glucose Biosensor          Aziz
Solar Inverter with Multi Stage Filter and     K. H. Edelmoser, F. A. Himmelstoss                659-212
Battery Buffering
Development of a Computerized ECG              Konstantinos Kalovrektis, Theodore Ganetsos,      659-509
Analysis Model Using the Cubic Spline          N. Y. A. Shammas, I. Taylor, John
Interpolation Method                           Andonopoulos
Fractional Frequency Synthesizers Based        Milan Stork                                       659-237
on Flying Adder Principle Description and
Simulations Results
UM-Based Image Enhancement in Low-             Shwu-Huey Yen, Chun-Hsien Lin, Hwei-Jen Lin,      659-630
Light Situations                               Jui-Chen Chien

Symbolic Simplification by Means of Graph      Zdenek Kolka, Martin Vlk, Dalibor Biolek, Viera   659-476
Transformations                                Biolkova

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 11:30-13:30

COMMUNICATIONS Special Session: Advanced Techniques and
Simulations for Defense Applications

Chair: Nikolaos Bardis

Complex Dynamics of a Memristor Based          Christos K. Volos, Ioannis M. Kyprianidis,        659-090
Chua’s Canonical Circuit                       Ioannis N. Stouboulos, Costin Cepisca
Application of Biometric Algorithms to         D. P. Iracleous, A. Ionas                         659-677
Social Networks as a Platform for              E. V. Soroka, D. P. Iracleous                     659-088
Distributed Dictionary Attack

Classification of Total Load Demand Profiles   G. J. Tsekouras, I. S. Karanasiou, F. D.          659-681
for War-Ships Based on Pattern Recognition     Kanellos
Coverage Models in Military Operations         George Alexandris, Nikolaos V. Karadimas,         659-675
                                               Nikolaos Doukas
Military Staff Assignment Approach Utilizing   George Rigopoulos, Nikolaos V. Karadimas          659-089
Multicriteria Analysis

Psychophysiological Monitoring as Part of      Irene Karanasiou                                  659-676
the Training of Hellenic Airforce Pilots
CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 11:30-13:30

COMPUTERS Special Session: Advanced Computational
Techniques, Algorithms and Numerical Methods for Modelling,
Simulation and Optimization

Chair: Dana Simian

A Study on the Feasibility of the Inverse     Adrian Deaconu, Eleonor Ciurea                   659-605
Supply and Demand Problem

Algebraic Model for the CPU Logic Unit        Anca Vasilescu, Alexandra Baicoianu              659-661

Implementation of an e-Learning System.       Antoanela Naaji, Cosmin Herman                   659-551
Optimization and Security-related Aspects
The Determination of the Guillotine           Daniela Marinescu, Alexandra Baicoianu, Dana     659-623
Restrictions for a Rectangular Three          Simian
Dimensional Bin Packing Pattern
Incremental Algorithms for the Minimum        Laura Ciupala                                    659-355
Cost Flow Problem
Maximum Flow of Minimum Bi-criteria Cost      Mircea Parpalea, Eleonor Ciurea                  659-262
in Dynamic Networks
About Graph and Hypergraph Context Free       Silviu Dumitrescu                                659-604

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 11:30-13:30

ASM Session: Applied Mathematics II

Chair: Wei Jicai, Florentin Serban

The Design and Realization of                 Chu Juntian, Wei Jicai, Cui Hao, Lv Shao-Qing,   303-130
Comprehensive Evaluation in the Meta-         Zhao Wei, Dong Jie
Synthetic Integrated Environment of
Stratagem Research
Analysis of Environment - DFB-FL Sensors      Dan Savastru, Ion Lancranjan, Sorin Miclos       303-275
Interaction by Using Coupled-Mode
Earnings Analysis: A Panel Data Approach      Denisa Vasilescu, Madalina E. Andreica, Larisa   303-249
for the E.U. Members                          Aparaschivei, Nicolae Cataniciu
The Efficient Frontier for a Portfolio that   Florentin Serban, Maria Viorica Stefanescu,      303-230
Includes One Risk-Free Asset                  Silvia Dedu
Kinematic Analysis of Howitzer Feeding        Jiri Balla, Van Yen Duong                        303-344
Orthogonal Fixed Effects ANOVA with           Joao T. Mexia, Celia Nunes, Dario Ferreira,      303-229
Random Sample Sizes                           Sandra S. Ferreira, Elsa Moreira
The Role of Labor Productivity in the           Larisa Aparaschivei, Denisa Vasilescu,       303-244
Evolution of Romanian Employment                Speranta Pirciog

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 11:30-13:30

CUHT Session: Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Chair: George Niculescu, Iulian Dinca

The Role of Tourism Web in the                  Alireza Estelaji , Hadi Sadeghian, Roghaye   659-474
Development of Historical Cities Case           Ghasemi Darvish Baghal, Seyedeh Leyla
Study: Yazd Historical City                     Khoda Bakhshi
Shaping the Future in a Cultural Tourism        Aron Jinaru, Alexandru Caragea, George       659-387
Market                                          Niculescu
Oltcultour Certification Mechanism - Keeping    George Niculescu, Alexandru Caragea, Aron    659-391
the Right Balance between Authenticity-         Jinaru
Traditions-Creativity-Novelty in the
Development of Cultural Tourism in
Northern Oltenia Region of Romania
Exploitation of Touristic Potential of Dac-     Iulian Dinca, Camelia Teodorescu, Stelian    659-326
Roman Fortresses from Romania – Case            Nistor, Liviu Bucur, Ribana Linc
Study Sucidava Fortress
Designing Website Application for Family        Karim Fraoua                                 659-103
Decision Trip
Examination of Tourist Satisfaction Quality     Radovan Tomic, Dragica Tomic, Tamara Gajic   659-145
of Key Resources for the Development of
Cultural Tourism in Novi Sad
The Birth of a Late Iron Age Fortification. A   Vlad Vintila Zirra, Valentin Dumitrascu      659-534
Preliminary Archaeological and Osteological

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 11:30-13:30

EDEB Session: Environment and Development

Chair: Jamal Rizk, Stella Bondi

Field Implementation οf Phytoremediation        Abdul Rahman Abas, Mushrifah Idris, Siti     303-316
                                                Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah, Ahmad Khairi
                                                Husin, Raja Farzarul Hanim, Rozita Ayub,
                                                Roslina Mat Yazid, Iqmal Husin
Daylighting Performance of Offices with         Hui Shen, Athanasios Tzempelikos             303-232
Controlled Shades

Design of Permanent Magnet Hysteresis           J. Rizk, A. Hellany, M. Nagrial              303-260
Cost-Efficient Temperature Regulation of an     Pal Johan From, Amund J. Foyn                303-279
Office Building Utilizing the Drop in Night
Spatial Uncertainty                             S. Zimeras, Y. Matsinos                           303-360

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 13:30-16:00

CIT Session: Latest Researches in Communications and IT II

Chair: Linda Jackson, Hatim Aboalsamh

Parent Behavior, Children’s Technology Use      Linda A. Jackson, Edward A. Witt, Hiram E.        303-119
and Creativity: Videogames Count but            Fitzgerald, Alexander Von Eye, Yong Zhao
Parents Don’t!
Online Handwriting Recognition for the          Mai Al-Ammar, Reham Al-Majed, Hatim               303-186
Arabic Letter Set                               Aboalsamh
Economical Analysis of Finnish National         Matti T. Koivisto                                 303-238
Broadband Action Plan – Broadband to
Intelligent Techniques for Fed-Batch            Mihai Caramihai, Irina Severin                    303-196
Bioprocess Control

An Adaptive Call Admission Control Scheme       R. Shankar, P. Dananjayan                         303-408
with Load Balancing for QoS Enhancement
in Converged UMTS/WLAN
Utility Enhancement by Power Control in         R. Valli, P. Dananjayan                           303-393
WSN with Different Topologies Using Game
Theoretic Approach
Mapping Strategies and Performance              S. Vijayalakshmi, Nagesh R. Iyer                  303-187
Evaluation of Research Organizations
RFID-Enabled Materials Management in the        Yassine El Ghazali, Elisabeth Lefebvre, Louis     303-299
Industrial Construction Supply Chain            A. Lefebvre

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 13:30-15:30

SYSTEMS Special Session: Computational Intelligence and
Simulation Tools for Modern Power Systems

Chair: George J. Tsekouras

A Methodology for the Efficient Application     C. D. Tsirekis, F. D. Kanellos, G. J. Tsekouras   659-615
of Controlled Switching to Current
Interruption Cases in High-Voltage Networks
Midterm Energy Forecasting Using Fuzzy          Ch. N. Elias, G. J. Tsekouras                     659-622
Logic: A comparison of Confidence Interval
Estimation Techniques
Simplified Wind Turbine Model for the           F. D. Kanellos, G. J. Tsekouras, C. D. Tsirekis   659-636
Simulation of Frequency Support Mode of
Artificial Neural Network Methodology for the   F. E. Asimakopoulou, E. Α. Kourni, V. T.          659-629
Estimation of Ground Resistance                 Kontargyri, G. J. Tsekouras, I. A. Stathopulos
Short Term Load Forecasting in Greek          G. J. Tsekouras, F. D. Kanellos, Ch. N. Elias, V.   659-621
Interconnected Power System using ANN: A      T. Kontargyri, C. D.Tsirekis, I. S.Karanasiou, A.
Study for Output Variables                    D. Salis, P. A. Contaxis, A. A. Gialketsi, N. E.

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 13:30-16:00

CSS Session: Automatic Control

Chair: Carmen Maria Moraru, Jamal Rizk

Dynamic Output Feedback Controller for a      Achraf Ait Kaddour, El Houssine Elmazoudi,          303-372
Harvested Fish Population System              Noureddine El Alami
PowerView Monitoring System for Instant       Carmen Maria Moraru, Ciprian Bucur, Iulia           303-304
Power Consumption in Tritium Separation       Stefan, Ovidiu Balteanu
Technological Installations
Kharitonov Approach and Pade                  Ichrak Tolaimate, Nourredine El Alami               303-373
Approximation Applied to the Robust
Controller Design of Active Queue
Management Routers for Internet Protocol
Brushless DC Motor Control Using a Digital    J. Rizk, A. Watson, A. Hellany, M. Nagrial          303-150
Signal Controller
MATLAB Program for Simulation and             Jiri Vojtesek, Petr Dostal                          303-253
Control of the Continuous Stirred Tank
Stabilization PDC Controller of T-S Systems   Najat Ouaaline, Noureddine El Alami                 303-395
for Synchronous Machine Without Amortisor
with Maximum Convergence Rate
Robust Stabilization of Fractional Systems    Ouadia El Figuigui, Nourreddine El Alami            303-365

2DOF Adaptive Control of a Tubular            Petr Dostal, Jiri Vojtesek, Vladimir Bobal,         303-189
Chemical Reactor                              Zdenek Babik
Self-tuning Control of Nonlinear Servomotor   V. Bobal, P. Chalupa, P. Dostal, J. Novak           303-164
with Disturbance Rejection

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 13:30-16:00

ASM Session: Simulation and Modeling II

Chair: Andre Keller, Chontita Rattanakul

The Causal Relationship between               Adriana AnaMaria Alexandru, Ion Dobre,              303-248
Unemployment Rate and U.S. Shadow             Catalin Corneliu Ghinararu
Economy. A Toda-Yamamoto Approach
Stochastic Delay Lotka-Volterra System to     Andre A. Keller                                     303-379
Interacting Population Dynamics
A Mathematical Model of Bone Remodeling       Inthira Chaiya, Sahattaya Rattanamongkonkul,        303-184
Process: Effects of Parathyroid Hormone       Chontita Rattanakul
and Calcitonin
Expansion of the Basic EOQ Model with         Jure Erjavec, Luka Tomat, Miro Gradisar          303-285
Inclusion of Trim-Loss Costs
An Investigation of DEA Estimators            Monica Mihaela Matei                             303-347
Autoregressive Models with Stochastic         Ozlem Turker Bayrak, Aysen Dener Akkaya          303-394
Design Variables and Nonnormal
Effect of Vitamin D on Bone Formation and     Sahattaya Rattanamongkonkul, Pakawadee           303-185
Resorption: Mathematical Modeling             Sripraphot, Chontita Rattanakul
Theoretical Analysis of a High Power Fiber    Sorin Miclos, Dan Savastru, Ion Lancranjan       303-277
Modeling of the Interaction between a         T. Harribey, N-T-H. Nguyen-Bui, P. Chassaing     303-255
Turbulent Flow and an Ablatable Material
Emulation Models for Testing of Process       Victor Okolnishnikov                             303-221
Control Systems

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 13:30-15:30

EDEB Session: Biomedicine and Bioengineering

Chair: Cornelia Aida Bulucea, Elisabeth Lefebvre

Acrylic Teeth Ridge Lap Area Chemical         Adelina Elena Stoia, Mircea Pielmusi, Sorin      303-291
Treatment trough Tensile Strength Test        Lakatos, Cosmin Sinescu, Mihai Rominu,
Investigations                                Adrian Gheorghe Podoleanu
Histopathologic Exam of the Placenta,         Carmen A. Bulucea, Nikos E. Mastorakis,          303-357
Membranes and Umbilical Cord – Essential      Mariana F. Paun, Anca Patrascu, Alina D.
Step in Orienting the Standard Complex        Neatu
Investigation of Recurrent Abortion
Greening the e-Medical Equipment:             Elisabeth Lefebvre, Alejandro Romero, Louis-A.   303-295
Assessing the Initiatives Undertaken by the   Lefebvre
Multiplex miniSTR PCR in Miniaturized         Malgorzata Malodobra, Pawel Bembnowicz,          303-195
System based on LTCC Technology – First       Anna Jonkisz, Anna Karpiewska, Patrycja
Report                                        Sniadek, Anna Gorecka-Drzazga, Leszek
                                              Golonka, Tadeusz Dobosz
Towards a Unified Model of Pavlovian          V. I. Kryukov (Hegumen Theophan)                 303-358
Conditioning: A Solution to the
Reconsolidation Problem
CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 13:30-15:30

EDUCATION Session: E-Learning, Distance Learning and Web
Learning II

Chair: Miloslava Cerna, Danimi Mandic

Theory versus Field Experience                Blanka Frydrychova Klimova, Petra Poulova        659-158

Development of Teaching Competences of        Cerna Miloslava, Poulova Petra                   659-301
Teachers with Pedagogical and Engineering
Computers in Modern Educational               Danimir Mandic, Dragan Martinovic, Mirko Dejic   659-674
Personalization in eLearning: From            Ivana Simonova, Petra Poulova, Pavel Kriz        659-269
Individualization to Flexibility
Open Source Technologies in Education         Martin Foltin, Peter Fodrek, Michal Blaho, Jan   659-293

Analysis of Web Portals for Preprimary        Martina Manenova, Martin Skutil, Ivana           659-322
Education                                     Andresova

Defining Lexical Semantic Relationships for   Velislava Stoykova, Maya Mitkova                 659-609
Terms of Precalculus Study

Coffee-break: 16:00-16:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 16:30-19:30

CIRCUITS Session: Electronic Circuits Design and Analysis

Chair: Dalibor Biolek, Dalibor Slovak

Low-Voltage-Low-Power Current Conveyor        Dalibor Biolek, Viera Biolkova, Zdenek Kolka     659-482
for Battery Supplied Memristor Emulator
MIDI USB PWM Device                           Dalibor Slovak                                   659-507

Accelerated Analysis of Low-Level Injection   Enrico F. Calandra, Marco Caruso, Daniele        659-487
Operation for Transistor-Based Oscillating    Lupo
Symbolic and Semisymbolic Analysis of         Jiri Hospodka, Jan Bicak                         659-303
Electronic Circuit in Maple
On State Space Energy Controlled Systems      Josef Hrusak, Milan Stork, Daniel Mayer          659-478
with Quantum Chaotic-Like Behavior

Hydraulic Actuator Control Using an Multi-    N. Koroneos, G. Dikeakos, D. Papachristos        659-313
Purpose Electronic Interface Card
Proposal of a Novel Heat Dissipation Soil      Pedro Carvalhaes Dias, Wellington Roque,           659-261
Moisture Sensor                                Elnatan C. Ferreira, Jose A. Siqueira Dias
A Practical Modelling for the Design of a      Ph. Dondon, M. Cifuentes, G. Tsenov, V.            659-102
Sigma Delta Class D Power Switching            Mladenov
Amplifier and its Pedagogical Application
A New QCM Based E-NOSE Model Using             Sebastian Micut, Zoltan Haraszy, Virgil Tiponut,   659-527
Decay Method                                   Daniel Ianchis
An Improvement in the “Virtually Isolated      Spiros Cofinas                                     659-638
Transformerless Off - Line Power Supply”

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 16:30-19:00

FLUIDSHEAT Session: Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics

Chair: Bor-Jang Tsai, Irina Eglite

Numerical HVAC Analysis of Shape-              Bor-Jang Tsai, Sheam-Chyun Lin, Wei-Cheng          303-250
Stabilized Phase Change Material Plates        Yang
Coupling an Active Building Envelope
System in a Building
Experimetal Study of Full Cone Spray           D. Jasikova, M. Kotek, T. Lenc, V. Kopecky         303-240
Nozzle by Interferometry Particle Sizing
Dynamics of Condensate Migration in            Eko Siswanto, Hiroshi Katsurayama, Yasuo           303-171
Porous Media Under Ambient Treatments          Katoh

Asymptotic Analysis of Stability of Slightly   I. Eglite                                          303-242
Curved Two-Phase Shallow Mixing Layers

Experimental Evaluation of Backsplash on       Libor Chroboczek, Jiri Pospisil, Zdenek            303-351
Falling Film Tube Bundles with Smooth          Fortelny, Pavel Charvat
Cooper Tubes
Scaled Experiment for Loss of Vacuum           M. Benedetti, P. Gaudio, I. Lupelli, A. Malizia,   303-276
Accidents in Nuclear Fusion Devices:           M. T. Porfiri, M. Richetta
Experimental Methodology for Fluid-
Dynamics Analysis in STARDUST Facility
A Channel Flow Affected by a Synthetic Jet     Petra Dancova, Zdenek Travnicek, Tomas Vit,        303-297
Array – An Experimental Study                  Michal Kotek
Numerical Investigation on Performance and     S. Jamei, A. Maimun, S. Mansor, N. Azwadi, A.      303-386
Environmental Impact of a Compound Wing        Priyanto
in Ground Effect

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 16:30-18:30

EMESEG Session: Structure Design and Analysis II

Chair: Metin Husem, Jan Barnat

Analysis of Bonded Anchor in Combined          Jan Barnat, Miroslav Bajer                         659-335
Concrete-Bond Failure Mode
Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Wind Load         Jiri Kala, Miroslav Bajer, Jan Barnat             659-337
of the Foot-bridge
Effects of Vibration Time on Strength of          M. Emin Arslan, Ercan Yozgat, Selim Pul, Metin    659-180
Ordinary and High Performance Concrete            Husem
The Behavior of Cable-Stayed Bridges              Metin Husem, Selim Pul, Yousef Zandi, M.          659-163
Having Different Cable Arrangements under         Emin Arslan
Static and Dynamic Loads
Influence of Geometrical Parameters on the        Milan Smak, Josef Puchner                         659-394
Design of Connections Made with Pins

Combined Bending with Induced or Applied          Mojtaba B. Sirjani, Stella B. Bondi, Zia Razzaq   659-316
Torsion of FRP I-Section Beams

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 16:30-18:30

EMESEG Session: Engineering Mechanics II

Chair: Jiri Vala, Su-Hai Hsiang

Non-Stationary Identification of Heat             Jiri Vala, Stanislav Stastnik                     659-483
Transfer Characteristics Using the
Conjugate Gradient Technique
Exergoeconomic Optimization of the                Sorin Gherghinescu, Alexandru Dobrovicescu,       659-491
Cryogenic Cycles used in the Pilot Plant for      Eugenia Vasilescu
Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Adsorption Systems for Cryogenic Plants           Sorin Gherghinescu, Gheorghe Popescu              659-492

Investigation of Experimental and Numerical       Su-Hai Hsiang, Yi-Wei Lin, Wen-Hao Chien          659-232
Analysis on Extrusion Process of
Magnesium Alloy Fin Structural Parts
The Gear Whine Noise                              V. Niola, V. Avagliano, G. Quaremba               659-486

Effect of Distribution and Orientation of Steel   Yousef Zandi, Metin Husem, Selim Pul              659-172
Fiber Reinforced Concrete

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 16:30-18:30

SYSTEMS Session: Controllers and Control Algorithms I

Chair: Anastasios Boglou, Abdel-Karim Daud

Sampled - Data Optimal Output – Feedback          A. K. Boglou, D. V. Bandekas, D. I. Pappas        659-314
Hinfinity -Control for Designing Excitation
Controllers of a Turbogenerator – System
DSP Based Speed Control of the Surface            Abdel-Karim Daud, Alsayid Basim, Arafat           659-418
Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous              Zaidan
Motor with Hysteresis Current Controller
Constrained Hinfinity Control of Discrete-    Anna Filasova, Dusan Krokavec                    659-182
Time Systems
Modified Adaptive Load Shedding               H. A. Rakhshani, A. R. Heidari, M. M. Kaykha     659-266

Flight Trajectory Control of an Eight-Rotor   Igor Astrov, Andrus Pedai                        659-173
UAV for Enhanced Situational Awareness
Two Dimensional Automated Movement            Lai Khin Wee, Hum Yan Chai, Lee Siew Wen,        659-426
Ultrasound Breast Scanning System             Eko Supriyanto

CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 16:30-18:30

SYSTEMS Session: Dynamical Systems II

Chair: Katerina Hyniova, Ivan Vazquez

Theoretical Limitations in Vehicle System     Hyniova Katerina, Honcu Jaroslav                 659-124
Mathematical Model for Automobile's           I. Vazquez-Alvarez, J. J. Ocampo-Hidalgo, A.     659-374
Braking Process Considering a Friction        Ferreyra-Ramirez, C. Aviles-Cruz
Coefficient Dependent of the Longitudinal
Perturbation Analysis of Eigenvalues of       M. Isabel Garca-Planas, Sonia Tarragona          659-191
Polynomial Matrices Smoothly Depending
on Parameters
Non-Lyapunov Stability and Stabilization of   Mihailo Lazarevic                                659-393
Fractional Order Systems Including Time-
Varying Delays
Dynamic Modelling of a Special Purpose        T. V. Light, I. A. Gorlach, G. J. Wiens          659-417
CNC Machine

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 18:30-20:30

EMESEG Session: Structure Design and Analysis III

Chair: Pavel Padevit, Pavel Padevet

Identification and Robust Active Damping of   Oliver Janda, Ulrich Konigorski                  659-635
a Smart Structure
Experimental Studies on Cold-Formed Steel     P. Prabha, M. Saravanan, V. Marimuthu, S. Arul   659-161
Angle Tension Members                         Jayachandran
Comparison of Fracture Energy of Various      Pavel Padevet, Ondrej Zobal                      659-468
Cement Pastes

Creep of Cement Paste Preloaded at High       Pavel Padevet, Petr Bittnar                      659-505
Temperature and Prepared from Portland
Investigation of Relation between Core and    Selim Pul, Metin Husem, M. Emin Arslan,       659-177
Cylindrical Strength of Concrete Specimen     Yousef Zandi
Cured in Different Conditions
Effect of Individual Components on            Vladimira Vytlacilova                         659-257
Characteristics of Cement Composites with

CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 18:30-20:30

SYSTEMS Session: Computational Intelligence

Chair: Hong-Yu Lin, Shiuh-Jer Huang

Genetic Optimization for Transportation       Diana Betina Mirsu, Gabriela Prostean, Radu   659-634
Problem                                       Mirsu
Predicting Price of Taiwan Real Estates By    Hong-Yu Lin, Kuentai Chen                     659-423
Neural Networks and Support Vector
Support Vector Machines Neural Networks       Loukeris N., Eleftheriadis I.                 659-602
to a Hybrid Neuro-Genetic SVM Form in
Corporate Financial Analysis
Data Hiding Using Least Significant Bit       Mazen M. Al Hadidi, Yasir Khalil Ibrahim,     659-427
Approch                                       Haitham Karim Ali

Intelligent Robotic System with Fuzzy         Shiuh-Jer Huang                               659-210
Learning Controller and 3D Stereo Vision

CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 18:30-20:30

SYSTEMS Session: Controllers and Control Algorithms II

Chair: Shahram Javadi, Tohru Kawabe

Studying Large Scale System Using             M. R. Hojjati, S. Akraminejad, M. Razmdideh   659-165
Decentralized Control
Particle Filter for Platoon Based Models of   Nicolae Marinica, Rene Boel                   659-119
Urban Traffic
Fuzzy Logic Slip Control Design for Railway   Shahram Javadi, Ehsan Nabizadeh               659-410

The Influence of Modeling Approach for the    Surynek Tomas                                 659-436
MIMO Closed-Loop Systems on the Results
of Simulation in Simulink
An Obstacle Avoidance System based on         Tohru Kawabe                                  659-200
BMI and RHC for Robotic Wheelchair
CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 18:30-20:30

TAM Session: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics II

Chair: Robert Jankovych, Shun-Fa Hwang

Wear of Cannon 2A46 Barrel Bore               Robert Jankovych, Stanislav Beer                303-223

Service Robots: Design and Construction       S. M. Hosseini Monsef, Y. Maddahi, A. Maddahi   303-192

Critical Conditions of Epitaxy, Mixing and    Shun-Fa Hwang, Yi-Hung Li, Zheng-Han Hong       303-204
Sputtering for Cu Cluster Deposition on Si
Stability and Vibration of Axially Moving     T. H. Young, S. J. Huang, A. C. Liu             303-247
Plates under Partially Distributed Edge
Numerical Investigations of Flow on the       Vasile Cojocaru, Daniel Balint, Viorel          303-396
Kaplan Turbine Runner Blade Anticavitation    Constantin Campian, Dorian Nedelcu, Camelia
Lip with Modified Cross Section               Jianu
Sensitivity Analysis of the Beam Resistance   Z. Kala                                         303-201
of Hot-Rolled IPE 200 Profile

4th Day, July 17, 2011
Plenary Lecture 16: 09:30-10:15, Room A’

                              Communicating at the Nanoscale
                              by Assoc. Prof. Mark S. Leeson, University of Warwick, UK.

Plenary Lecture 17: 09:30-10:15, Room B’

                              Applications of Chaotic and Random Sequences for Secure
                              Communication Systems and Networks
                              by Prof. Stevan Berber, The University of Auckland, NEW
Plenary Lecture 18: 10:15-11:00, Room B’

                             High-Performance Hybrid Computing Systems and their
                             Application in Science and Engineering
                             by Prof. Boris Chetverushkin, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Plenary Lecture 19: 10:15-11:00, Room C’

                             New Developments of Kernel Methods in Weather Prediction and
                             by Prof. Theodore B. Trafalis, The University of Oklahoma, USA.

Coffee-break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 11:30-13:30

COMPUTERS Session: Image Processing I

Chair: Eko Supriyanto, Boris Chetverushkin

Segmentation of Prostate Tumor for Gamma      Eko Supriyanto, Lai Khin Wee, Yeoh Jing Wui,      659-351
Image Using Region Growing Method             Nuraini Md Isa, Bustanur Rosidi

Ultrasound Appendix Image Segmentation        Eko Supriyanto, Milton Wider, Yin Mon Myint       659-363
Using Histogram Thresholding and Image
Enhancement Using Noise Filtering
Segmentation of Carotid Artery Wall towards   Eko Supriyanto, Mohd Aminudin Jamlos, Lim         659-353
Early Detection of Alzheimer Disease          Khim Kheung
Semi-Automatic Thyroid Area Measurement       Eko Supriyanto, Nik M Arif, Akmal Hayati Rusli,   659-364
Based on Ultrasound Image                     Nasrul Humaimi

Abnormal Tissue Detection of Breast           Eko Supriyanto, Nor Saradatul Akmar Zulkifli,     659-367
Ultrasound Image using Combination of         Mohsen Marvi Baigi, Nasrul Humaimi, Bustanur
Morphological Technique                       Rosidi
Automatic Detection System of Cervical        Eko Supriyanto, Nur Azureen M. Pista, Lukman      659-464
Cancer Cells Using Color Intensity            Hakim Ismail, Bustanur Rosidi, Tati Latifah
Classification                                Mengko
Ultrasound Pancreas Segmentation: A New    Eko Supriyanto, Wan Mahani Hafizah, Wong        659-350
Approach Towards Detection of Diabetes     Wei Yun, Mohd Jamlos

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 11:30-13:30

COMPUTERS Session: Multimedia and Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Chair: Mahmoud Iskandarani, Radek Stohl

Novel Approach to Natural Child Head and   Mahmoud Z. Iskandarani                          659-170
Hand Gestures using Roll and Slide
Maximum Value Algorithm (RSMV)
Computer Analysis of Driver's Trajectory   Marie Havlikova, Radek Stohl, Sona Sediva       659-287

The Use of XSLT for Table Data Tasks       Mikulas Gangur                                  659-627

Murvis: Enhancing the Visualization of     Siti Z. Z. Abidin, M. Bakri C. Haron, Zamalia   659-422
Multiple Response Survey                   Mahmud

Testing Fusion of LDA and PCA Algorithms   Tomasz Lukanko, Tomasz Marcin Orzechowski,      659-146
for Face Recognition with Images           Andrzej Dziech, Jakob Wassermann
Preprocessed with Two-Dimensional
Discrete Cosine Transform

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 11:30-13:30

COMPUTERS Special Session: Fault Tolerance Software

Chair: Chandrasekaran Subramaniam

Fault Detection in Embedded System using   Balachandra Pattanaik, Chandrasekaran           659-549
Rough and Fuzzy Rough Sets                 Subramaniam
Fault Tolerant Software Intensive System   Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, Rajalakshmi         659-645
using Distributed Dynamic Tree Logic       Bhavanishankar
Rewrite Based Software Requirement         Chandrasekaran Subramaniam, Velayutham          659-586
Engineering for Signaling Systems Safety   Pavanasam

Information Security Assurance Model for   D. Vinod, S. Chandarasekaran                    659-501
Collaborating Business Processes
An Adaptive Trust Model for Software       S. Udhayakumar, S. Chandrasekaran, Latha        659-624
Services in Hybrid Cloud Environment       Tamilselvan, Fareez Ahmed

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 11:30-15:30

COMPUTERS Session: Image Processing II
Chair: Wichian Premchaiswadi, Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Haddad

Automatic Region of Interest Detection in      Anucha Tungkasthan, Wichian Premchaiswadi      659-564
Natural Images
Image Processing of Medical Diagnostic         Jiri Blahuta, Tomas Soukup, Petr Cermak        659-224
Neurosonographical Images in Matlab

Speech Recognition System for Cerebral         M. Hafidz M. J., S.A.R. Al-Haddad, Chee Kyun   659-186
Palsy                                          Ng
Network Delay Variation Model Consisting of    Miroslav Voznak, Jan Rozhon, Hakki Alparslan   659-405
Sources with Poisson’s Probability             Ilgin
The Performance of Contrast Enhancement        Siti Arpah Ahmad, Mohd Nasir Taib, Noor        659-498
based on Sharp filter for digital Intra-oral   Elaiza Abd Khalid, Haslina Taib, Norazan
Dental Radiograph Images                       Mohamed Ramli
A Compact Auto Color Correlation using         Wichian Premchaiswadi, Anucha Tungkasthan      659-563
Binary Coding Stream for Image Retrieval

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 11:30-15:30

COMPUTERS Session: Semantic Information and Mapping

Chair: Agostino Poggi, Susila S. Sampath Kumar

A Java and OWL based Approach for              Agostino Poggi                                 659-352
System Interoperability
Medical Ontology Based Tropical Diseases       Eko Supriyanto, Indra Hardian Mulyadi, Radha   659-329
Information Management System                  Swathe Priya, Lukman Hakim Ismail

Mobile-Oriented Scalable Cooperative           Filip Maly, Pavel Kriz                         659-508
A novel approach to add semantics to web       Susila, S.Vadivel                              659-593
Mobile Application for Learning the Thai       Wichian Premchaiswadi, Nucharee                659-565
Language                                       Premchaiswadi

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 15:30-18:00

COMMUNICATIONS Session: Mobile Networks

Chair: Michel Kadoch, Erik Chromy

The Impact of Time Varying Channels on         Ali Nassar, Michel Kadoch                      659-209
MAC Layer in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Markov Model M/M/m/infinity in Contact         Erik Chromy, Matej Kavacky, Jan Diezka,        659-277
Center Environment                             Miroslav Voznak
Comparative Study of Performance             G. E. Rizos, D. C. Vasiliadis, E. Stergiou       659-526
Evaluation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Using a Proxy Node
Differences in Users’ State of Awareness     Iosif Androulidakis, Gorazd Kandus               659-667
and Practices Regarding Mobile Phones
Security Among EU Countries
Flexible Mobility Management Strategy in     Jan Gajdorus                                     659-376
Cellular Networks
The Mobile Monitoring and Controlling of     M. Matysek, M. Adamek, P. Neumann, T.            659-204
Real Systems via the GSM                     Karafiat
New Cross-Layer QoS-Based Scheduling         Mohamed A. Abd Elgawad, Mohsen M. Tatawy,        659-297
Algorithm in LTE System                      Mohamed S. Elmahallawy
Potential of IEEE 802.21 as Backbone         Zoran Bojkovic, Bojan Bakmaz, Miodrag            659-424
Standard in Heterogeneous Environment        Bakmaz
Next Generation Cellular Networks            Zoran Bojkovic, Zoran Milicevic, Dragorad        659-440

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 15:30-18:00

COMPUTERS Session: Information Science and Applications II

Chair: Adrian Ivan, Miroslav Popovic

Expert Software for Steel Structures         Adrian Ivan, Marin Ivan, Ioan Both               659-571
Evaluation and Rehabilitation, “TECOMET”

Timing Attack in Vehicular Network           Irshad Ahmed Sumra, Jamalul-Lail Ab Manan,       659-325
                                             Halabi Hasbullah
Security, Trust and Privacy - A New          Jamalul-Lail Ab Manan Mohd Faizal Mubarak,       659-201
Direction for Pervasive Computing            Mohd Anuar Mat Isa, Zubair Ahmad Khattak
An Approach to Formal Verification of        Miroslav Popovic, Ilija Basicevic                659-115
Embedded Software
Kamailio Syntax Generator and                Miroslav Voznak, Lukas Macura                    659-465
Configuration File Parser

One Approach to the Testing of Security of   Sinisa S. Ilic, Ljubomir Lazic, Petar Spalevic   659-594
Proposed Database Application Software
Real Time FPGA Implementation of Hand        Sue Han Lee, Soon Nyean Cheong, Chee Pun         659-357
Gesture Recognizer System                    Ooi, Wei Heng Siew
A Fuzzy Logic Model of Digital Outdoor PIR   Tasho Tashev, George Popov                       659-504

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 15:30-18:00

COMMUNICATIONS Session: Advances in Telecommunications
Chair: Pierre Degauque, Mark Leeson

On-Line Improved Frequency Analysis and    Ivo Vesely, Dusan Zamecnik                      659-283
its Dependence on Controller Settings
MIMO Capacity in a Pedestrian Passageway   J. M. Molina-Garcia-Pardo, M. Lienard, P.       659-142
Tunnel Excited by an Outside Antenna       Degauque, L. Juan-Llacer
Performance Studies of Antenna Pattern     James Jen, Meng Qian, Zekeriya Aliyazicioglu,   659-189
Design using the Minimax Algorithm         H. K. Hwang
Communicating at the Nanoscale             Mark S. Leeson                                  659-570

Data Sharing in Networked Environments:    Suzana Ahmad, Siti Z.Z. Abidin, Nasiroh Omar    659-342
Organization, Platforms and Issues
Data Security in ITS Telecommunications    Tomas Zelinka, Zdenek Lokaj, Miroslav Svitek    659-123
The Change in Impedance of a Double        V. Koliskina, I. Volodko                        659-433
Conductor Line Due to a Two-Layer Medium

Managing Invisible Users in Interactive    Zainura Idrus, Siti Z. Z. Abidin, N. Omar, R.   659-249
Networked Collaborative Environment        Hashim

Roles of Users in Interactive Networked    Zainura Idrus, Siti Z. Z. Abidin, N. Omar, R.   659-252
Collaborative Environment                  Hashim

Coffee-break: 18:00-18:30

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