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   His Grace, archbishop and ... a Duke
   Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu now shares a Madison Experience performed by thousands of JMU Dukes — dancing with joy
   after receiving a JMU diploma. President Linwood H. Rose conferred an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree on Tutu, after the
   archbishop’s speech to a packed crowd in the Convo on the International Day of Peace. Although JMU awards more than 3,500
   degrees annually, the university has only presented 26 honorary doctorates. “It is an honor that JMU does not take lightly,” said Rose.
   “We are proud to add the name of The Most Rev. Archbishop Desmond Tutu to this select group.” Tutu visited campus to receive the
   JMU Gandhi Center’s first Mahatma Gandhi Global Nonviolence Award. Religion professor and center director Sushil Mittal presented
   the award saying, “It can be said with deepest respect and highest regard: This man has no need for another award. He is well sup-
   plied already. Instead it is we who need him. He is a rare kind of human being — the kind of human being who enables us to change our
   point of view, to shift our perspective at the most basic and vital level, to understand ourselves more appropriately and anew.” Read
   the archbishop’s remarks on Page 29, or view his speech on the Madison Channel at Click on the “All Archives”
   link and select Sept. 21, 2007. Also, learn more about the archbishop’s JMU visit at

M a d i s o n   M ag a z i n e                                                                     p h o t o g r a p h s b y b r i a n d i l l e n s n y d e r ( ’ 0 8)
w i n t e r   2 0 0 8
Contents                                                                                            winter 2008 * VoL.31 * no.1

                                                                                                                                His	Grace
                                                                                                                                During his historic visit to
                                                                                                                                campus, The Rev. Desmond Tutu
                                                                                                                                met with students, professors
                                                                                                                                and community members in the
                                                                                                                                JMU Mahatma Gandhi Center

    F eat u re d
                                                                                                                                for Global Nonviolence. Center
                                                                                                                                director Sushil Mittal and guests
                                                                                                                                planted a tree in the archbishop’s
                                                                                                                                honor. Read more on Page 29.

      29 	   Goodness is powerful by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu                                                   Up Front
             nobel Peace Prize winner desmond tutu shares his message that we were all “made for
             goodness.” the archbishop visited campus on sept. 21 to receive the Mahatma gandhi                         1	 Full Frame
             global nonviolence award from the JMU Mahatma gandhi Center for global nonviolence.
             JMU students, professors, alumni, community members and distinguished guests packed the                    4	 22807 Your Letters
             Convo to hear the much honored anti-apartheid activist.
                                                                                                                        6	 Contributors
      32     Keeping an even keel                 by Colleen Dixon                                                      7	 Directions
             with the equivalent rank of a three-star admiral, civilian sharie Bland Bourbeau (’79) steers                     JMU President Linwood H.
             the course for naval sea systems Command’s 53,000 employees.                                                      rose on enriching the Madi-
                                                                                                                               son experience.
      34     The Madison College era by Martha Bell Graham                                                                     On THE COvER:
             two excerpts from Madison Century, the book commemorating JMU’s centennial, chronicle                      	      Photograph	of	The	Rev.	Tutu	
                                                                                                                        	      by	Brian	Dillensnyder	(’08)
             the efforts of Madison presidents samuel P. duke and g. tyler Miller.

      46     The Honor Roll of Donors 2006-07
             Former Parents Council chairs James and Julie riley (’99P, ’05P) discuss the impact of giving in this special magazine section,
             which acknowledges the vital financial commitment private donors have made to Madison’s next century.

2   M a d i s o n   M ag a z i n e                                                                           p h o t o g r a p h b y b r i a n d i l l e n s n y d e r ( ’ 0 8)
M@dison                                                                                                        A time for
                                                                                                                 the arts
8	        news JMU goes green: CoB launches certificate in                                                  a rain downpour
          environmental sustainability, BusinessWeek lauds CoB pro-                                              couldn’t stop
          fessor Bob eliason, renowned scholars visit campus, JMU                                               the beat of the
                                                                                                             Marching royal
          and University of Malta create dual degree, Freshman send-
                                                                                                                 dukes’ drum
          off picnics, rotC is no. 1 and in Memoriam: Francis Bell                                                 corps at the
11 	 By the numbers what’s no. 1? and 2, 5, 11,                                                               groundbreaking
                                                                                                             for the Perform-
          220, 378 and 3,900?
                                                                                                             ing arts Center.
13 	 Connections Centennial walking tours, PBs                                                                        PAGe 18
          teacherLine and Center for Multicultural student ser-
          vices’ experiential learning program                                                                                     MC presidents
                                                                                                                                   Madison College presidents
15 	 Special Report by Andy Perrine (’86)                                                                                          samuel P. duke and g. tyler
          Beyond the symbolism, work remains to bring the Performing arts                                                          Miller usher in an era of campus
          Center to reality                                                                                                        expansion and coeducation. at
                                                                                                                                   right, President g. tyler Miller
18 	 Purple Carpet by Pam Brock
                                                                                                                                   dances with his wife at the party
          Performing arts Center groundbreaking and JMU President’s Council                                                        celebrating the 50th anniversary
20 	 Dukes Turf a day with the dukes, women’s soccer and field                                                                     of the college. P A G e 3 4
          hockey take Caa honors, football team makes nCaa playoffs

22 	 Bright Lights writing and rhetoric studies professor
          elisabeth gumnior, inn owner amy Jordan (’91) and golden
          girl scout aimee Lyn Burns (’09)
26 	 Expressions dance professor shane o’Hara honors
          modern dance pioneer daniel nagrin, quilt art by Martha                                                                                                                   Expressions
          Bruin degen (’91M)                                                                                                                                                           in dance
                                                                                                                                                                                Modern dance pioneer
42 	 Transformations by Craig Finkelstein (’07)                                                                                                                                  daniel nagrin shares
          international affairs major interns in iceland                                                                                                                         with students and his
                                                                                                                                                                                  protegé. P A G e 2 6
43 	 Essay by Dara Zafran (’08 Psy.D.)
          doctoral candidate discusses JMU’s approach to service learning
45 	 Professors You Love by Anita Noggle Powell (’78)
          remembering computer science professor Bennie Bauman
                                                                                                                                          Golden girl
62 	 Mixed Media Books by alumni and professors: Auto Mechanics,                                                                          aimee Lyn Burns
          Haunted Richmond: the Shadows of Schockoe, In a Class by Yourself,                                                                (’09) earns the
          Inside Greek U. and Katrina: Mississippi Women Remember                                                                              girl scout’s
                                                                                                                                            highest honor.

                                                                                                                                                     PAGe 25

64 	 news alumni president seeks to strengthen association connections,
          alumni faculty and staff awards tap two, Parents Council chairs start
          parents newsletter, University Union students honor Virginia tech
          counterparts, men’s basketball alumni tailgates, James Madison
          sudoku puzzle masters, chapter news and more
66 	 My Madison by Meghan McCormick (’08)
          Madison can open the door: it’s your job to run through it
67 	 Be the Change Joy Petway (’07) learns nonprofit leadership
          in Virginia’s Phoenix Project                                                                                                                                    Road Dawg travels
                                                                                                                                                                           road dawg (left) sniffs out
70 	 Trippin’ with Road Dawg Big dawg “off campus”                                                                                                                         the action from the lifeguard
72 	 Class notes news from alumni, JMUworks with K2M, Julie                                                                                                                station at Corolla Beach,
                                                                                                                                                                           n.C. Find out where Madi-
          Bragg sheppard (’94), Brennan sweeney (’97) and rachel engler (’05)
                                                                                                                                                                            son’s lovable pup traveled
                                                                                                                                                                            in his first three off-campus
                                                                                                                                                                            visits with alumni.
                                                                                                                                                                           PAGe 70

d r u m m e r s p h o t o g r a p h b y b r i a n d i l l e n s n y d e r ( ’ 0 8) ; m i l l e r s c o u r t e s y o f s p e c i a l c o l l e c t i o n s ; n a g r i n
b y r i c h a r d f i n k e l s t e i n ; b u r n s b y a a r o n s t e wa r t ( ’ 0 8) ; b e a c h d aw g b y l a u r e n yo u n g l a i m o n ( ’ 0 2)                            w i n t e r     2 0 0 8   3

                                                                    Starting new lives at Madison and
     winter 2008                   *    VoL.31
     B oa r d oF V i s i t or s 2 0 0 7-2 0 0 8
                                                         *   no.1
                                                                    renewing educational ties
     J o s e p H 	 Da m i c o ( ’ 76, ’ 77M), Rector
     m e r e D i t H 	 s t r o H m	 G u n t e r , 	 Vice Rector
     m a r k 	 t.	 B o w l e s	( ’86 )
     J .	 s c o t t 	 B r i D G e f o r t H	( ’86)
     r o n a l D 	 c .	 D e v i n e	( ’ 78 )
     l o i s	 J .	 f o r B e s	( ’6 4)
     c H a r l e s	 H .	 f o s t e r 	J r .
     J i m 	 H a r t m a n ( ’ 70 )
     s t e p H e n 	 r .	 l e e o l o u ( ’ 78 )
     e .	 r ay	 m u r p H y
     w H a r t o n 	 B .	 r i v e r s 	J r . ( ’02P)
     l a r r y	 m .	 r o G e r s ( ’ 79, ’81M)
     J u D i t H 	 s .	 s t r i c k l e r ( ’60 )
     f r e D 	 D .	 t H o m p s o n 	 J r .
     l i n Da 	 Z e c H e r
     s tac y	 f u l l e r ( ’08 ), Student Member
     D o n n a 	 H a r p e r ( ’ 77, ’81M, ’86 ed.s.), Secretary
     Pr esident
     l i n w o o D	H .	r o s e	
     diV ision Heads
     D o u G l a s	t.	B r o w n
     Provost and Vice President, Academic Af fairs
     J oa n n e	 c a r r
     Senior Vice President, University Advancement
     cHar le s	ki n G
     Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance
     m a r k 	 wa r n e r ( ’ 79, ’81M, ’85ed.s.)
     Senior Vice President, Student Af fairs and
     University Planning
     V i C e P roVo s t s F o r aC a d e M i C a F Fa i r s
     a .	 J e r r y	 B e n s o n
     t e r e s a 	 a .	 G o n Z a l e Z
     J o H n 	 B .	 n o f t s i n G e r 	J r . 	( ’85)
     r alpH	alB e r i co
     Libraries / Educational Technolog y
     s H a r o n	 l ov e l l 	(interim)
     Integrated Science and Technolog y
     Dav i D 	 f.	 B r a k k e
                                                                    D E S P i T E T H E T H R E AT              When Casey Templeton (’06) proposed
     Science and Mathematics                                        OF A CALL DOwn …                            to Ashley Perry (’06) at Kissing Rock, he
                                                                                                                surprised her with a guitarist/singer, pia-
     l i n Da 	 H a l p e r n                                       i’d like to share my story prompted         nist, violinist, Exit 245, Christmas lights
     University Studies
                                                                    by Madison’s article on the arboretum       and 50 of their closest friends.
     Dav i D 	 k .	 J e f f r e y	(interim)
     Arts and Letters                                               proposal and the engagement question.
     m a r i l o u 	 J o H n s o n	( ’80 ) (interim)                the arboretum sounds like a lovely          children and six grandchildren do. and
     Visual and Performing Arts                                     place to get engaged, but of course, it     now, one of my granddaughters will call
     r e i D	li n n                                                 didn’t exist in l954. the steps to the      JMU her alma mater. our family’s story
     Graduate School
                                                                    third floor of wilson Hall did and still    all started on the stairway to the third
     r o B e r t 	 D .	 r e i D
     Business                                                       do exist. it was a warm spring evening      floor of wilson Hall.
     p H i l l i p 	 m .	 w i s H o n                               when a handsome young Marine and
                                                                                                                  Jessica McClain (’57)
     Education                                                      an even younger Jackson Hall freshman
                                                                                                                  Martinsburg, W.Va.
     a LUMni assoCi ation oFFiCer s                                 were wandering around campus. it was
     J o n	 o f f l e y ( ’89), President                           early (remember, in those days the doors
     a -J	 f i s c H e r ( ’92 ), President Elect
                                                                    were locked at 10:30 p.m.) when we          DOES PURCELL
     Pa r e n t s C oU nC i L oF F iC e r s                         found a door to wilson Hall open. we        PA R K C O U n T ?
     DeBBie	D.	(’77) anD	Barry	BarnarD (’04, ’08P)
                                                                    crept inside the darkened halls until we    in response to Madison’s Fall 2007 issue
     Madison is an official publication of James Madison
     University and is produced quarterly for alumni, parents of
                                                                    reached the flight leading to the third     poll question — “did you get engaged
     JMU students, faculty and staff members, and friends of        floor. what a dangerous thing to do;        on campus?” — does Purcell Park count?
     the university. It is produced by the Division of University
     Advancement. Editorial and advertising offices: JMU,           if we had been caught, a “call down”        i graduated in 1996, and my girlfriend
     MSC 3610, Harrisonburg, VA 22807.                              would surely have been issued. i said yes   tristine “tristie” reed was finishing up
     JMU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,         to the marriage proposal because marry-     her senior year at JMU in 1998. the
     national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status,
     political affiliation, sexual orientation or disability        ing him was more important to me as         thursday before easter break ’98, i made
     (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities            a freshman than becoming a teacher.         up a story to lure her to Purcell Park. i
     Act) with respect to employment or admissions, or in
     connection with its programs or activities.                    the marriage didn’t last, but our four      told her that i was attending a used vehi-

 4    M a d i s o n         M ag a z i n e                                                                                 p h otogr a p h by to m m y t h o m p so n
                                                                                                 {Editor’s note}

cle auction in Harrisonburg that after-       the U.s. naval academy and attended                Talk about
                                                                                                 showing up
noon and asked if she would be available      george Mason University. gMU pro-
for lunch. i met her in her Honor Council     fessors told me i needed a language to
office, blindfold in hand, and explained      get an education degree, and i knew i

that i was kidnapping her. (i used an old     couldn’t handle a foreign language at                          s in recent years, town and cam-
tie, which i still have tied in the same      college level. i changed majors to social                      pus traffic slowed to a crawl
knot). during our time together at JMU        work and continued to complete course                          for Homecoming and Family
we spent a lot of time at Purcell Park. it    work. i left school in spring 1973 to get                      weekend. this phenomenon
was one of our favorite locations to meet     married and begin my family. seventeen             has become more prevalent recently, a sym-
for lunch and hang out. we walked all         years later (along with five children), my         bol of both the growth and the gravity of
the way to the pond and picnic table area.    husband and i moved to dayton, which               Madison as a community of increasingly
when i removed the blindfold, tris-           put me back in proximity to Madison.               farflung and engaged people. Harrisonburg
tie found an easter basket on the picnic      after a few months of working at sears             is mostly understanding about the incon-
table. she laughed and thought the easter     for lousy pay i realized i had the perfect         venience. People know it’s important to
surprise was very thoughtful. i had placed    opportunity to finish school and make a            alumni and parents to make the trip back
the engagement ring box in a decorative       better salary. amazingly, i still had my           to Harrisonburg so they can reconnect with
egg inside the basket. when it finally reg-   1970 JMU Catalog, and thanks to JMU’s              one another and celebrate Madison in per-
istered with her what she had opened, she     adult degree options allowing me to meet           son and together. to show up. that’s life in
screamed and would not open the box.          my previous requirements, i did not                a university town. and life for a university.
she was so nervous and surprised. she         lose any credits. i jumped right in and               For the Madison visit of anglican arch-
couldn’t believe i was proposing. tears       crammed two years of course work into              bishop emeritus desmond tutu, traffic
filled her eyes as i got down on one knee     three semesters and one summer. i grad-            ground to another virtual standstill. on
and asked her to marry me. it was a “yes.”    uated in 1991, and our family moved to             the international day of Peace, nobody
we have been married for seven years and      Florida due to my husband’s job relo-              could get to super walMart in fewer than
have a 4-year-old girl named ella and a       cation. i began a career as a media spe-           45 minutes. Few cared. the nobel Peace
20-month-old boy named reed. i can’t          cialist and currently serve as a library           Prize winner had helped to end a cruelly
wait to see the top 5 JMU engagement          media specialist at Pacetti Bay Middle             racist south african regime at inestimable
spots listed in the magazine.                 school. during the next several years, i           danger to himself. talk about showing up.
                                              progressively lost more of my hearing. i              addressing the 7,000 or so people who
  Bob Barton (’96)
                                              wondered about my ability to continue              packed into the Convocation Center, tutu
  Virginia Beach, Va.
                                              working. My greatest news is, thanks to            spoke of his faith in the power of goodness
                                              a cochlear implant, i now hear even bet-           to meet the world’s challenges. that’s what
THAnKS JMU                                    ter than before. it is the most amazing            showing up does. and what Be the Change
i originally entered JMU in 1970 right        technology. i wanted to share my success           ( means.
out of high school. i started off as an       story and once again thank Madison for                the turnout magnified the sense of
education major, and one of the first         making it all possible.                            togetherness and the meaningfulness of
things i did was a hearing test as part of                                                       tutu’s appearance. the same can be said
                                                Lynn Johnson (’91)
the application to the College of educa-                                                         for those who ventured through the rain
                                                St. Augustine, Fla.
tion. i knew that i would not do well                                                            to wilson Hall auditorium to see and hear
because i had a profound hearing loss,                                                           the school of Music’s Homecoming perfor-
                                              ☛ madison	welcomes	letters in
and i wore a hearing aide at the time. i                                                         mance of Portraits in Bluestone.
thought JMU would tell me there was no        response to magazine content. We reserve              tutu’s words are in this issue and online
way i belonged in the College of edu-         the right to edit for clarity, length and style.   ( so too is
cation or the teaching field. But i was       Anonymous letters will not be published.           the Performing arts Center groundbreak-
encouraged and told that i would be                                                              ing ceremony. Portraits in Bluestone will
                                              Send to “22807” Madison, 220 University
fine. i held those words to my heart in                                                          soon be available to download. Madison
my long route to graduation. i left JMU       Blvd., MSC 3610, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA,            will bring you more coverage of Homecom-
to be closer to my fiancé, who was in         22807, or e-mail               ing in the next issue.
                                                                                                    while JMU can offer you the down-
                                                                                                 loads, the sense of community must be
           Yes, Bob, Purcell Park counts                                                         experienced in person. Can an MP3 give
                                                                                                 you goosebumps? or bring you to tears?
     Top 5 JMU e n ga ge m e n t s pot s a s v ot e d on b y a l umni r e a d e r s              Being there in person sure can.
                                                                                                    these days it’s easy to conclude that you
  1 a JMU academic building                   2 Kissing rock                                     don’t have to show up anywhere anymore.
     (ashby, isat, Moody, wilson).                                                               to really appreciate life, and the Madison
                                              3 Christmas tree at the Quad
     notable: third floor isat balcony                                                           experience in particular, yes, you do. For 100
     with a picnic dinner, proposing at       4 Homecoming at newman Lake                        years, Madison has been about engagement.
     sunset. You romantic dukes!                                                                 the first step has always been showing up.
                                              5 Purcell Park
                                                                                                    Pam Brock, Executive Editor

                                                                                                                            w i n t e r   2 0 0 8   5

                                                                                                                                      JMU parents Jim and Julie Riley (’99P,
     winter 2008                        * VoL.31 * no.1                                                                               ’05P) established the first privately funded
                                                                                                                                      Centennial scholarship to support Madi-
     Executive Editor                                                                                                                 son’s commitment to create a more diverse
     pa m	B r o c k
                                                                                                                                      university community. the rileys are for-
     Managing Editor                                                                                                                  mer chairs of the JMU Parents Council, a
     m i c H e l l e	H i t e (’88)
                                                                                                                                      100-member volunteer advisory board. their
     Art Director                                                                                                                     daughter, Tara, and son, Paul, are both
     B i l l	t H o m p s o n
                                                                                                                                      Madison graduates. read more about the
     Copy Editor                                                                                                                      riley Family Centennial scholarship in the
     e l a i n e	s t r o u p e
                                                                                                                                      2007 Honor roll of donors on Page 46.
     Communications Assistant
     c o l l e e n	D i xo n
     MadisonOnline Editor                                                 dance professor Shane O’Hara searches for movement
     Ja n	G i l l i s	(’07)
                                                                          metaphors that define the ebb and flow and conflict of
     JMU Histor y Editor
                                                                          the human condition. His dances are created from the
     f r e D	H i lt o n (’96M)
                                                                          inside out, each work finding its own path and form. as
     Universit y Photog rapher
     D i a n e	 e l l i o t t ( ’00 )
                                                                          a performer, o’Hara has shared his work with audiences
                                                                          throughout the United states and europe, including con-
     Editorial Student Assistants
     k at i e	 H u D s o n 	 ( ’10 )
                                                                          certs in Lisbon, athens, new York, Philadelphia and wash-
     c a r ly	 l e D u c	 ( ’08 )                                         ington, d.C. His choreography commissions include the
                                                                          eisenhower dance ensemble of detroit, southern dance-
     Wr i t e r s , P h o t o g r a p h e r s , I l l u s t r a t o r s   works of Birmingham and grupo de danca de almada in
     J e n n y	 B a k e r	 ( ’08 )
     Jac q u e l i n e	c H a p m a n	(’08)	
                                                                          Lisbon. as a solo dance artist, o’Hara has worked exten-
     H a l i	c H i e t	(’07)	                                             sively with modern dance master daniel nagrin and pres-
     m a r t H a	B r u i n	D e G e n	(’91M)                               ently tours a concert of nagrin’s classic solo dances. Learn
     B r i a n	D i l l e n s n y D e r (’08)	                             more in the expressions department on Page 26.
     c r a i G	f i n k e l s t e i n	(’07)
     r i c H a r D	f i n k l e s t e i n
     e r i c	G o r t o n	(’86)	
     m a r t H a	B e l l	G r a H a m	                                                               Madison magazine intern Katie Hudson (’10) is a school of
     J m u	s p e c i a l	c o l l e c t i o n s
                                                                                                    Media arts and design print journalism major. during her
     c at H y	k u s H n e r	(’87)
     k at H y	l a m                                                                                 freshman year, she wrote for the arts & entertainment section
     Dav i D	l o n n q u e s t	(’11)                                                                of The Breeze. From 2005-06, Hudson also interned at The
     H e at H e r	l u c i a n o	(’07)	                                                              Daily Press in Hampton, Va. read her story on visiting lecturer
     p e t e 	 m a r ov i c H
                                                                                                    and pioneer Pr executive Harold Burson on Page 9.
     Ja m i e	m a r s H	
     m e G H a n	m c c o r m i c k	(’08)
     a Da m	m c p H e r s o n	(’08)	
     t o n i	m e H l i n G
     G l e n n	m o o Dy
                                                                          Madison magazine copy editor Elaine Stroupe has worked as
     a n Dy	p e r r i n e	(’86)
     a n i ta	n o G G l e	p o w e l l	(’78)                               a JMU communicator, beginning as a typesetter in JMU’s for-
     r i ku |an na                                                        mer print shop. over the last 20 years, she has published —
     Da r c i e	r o B e r G e	(’06)                                       copyediting and/or layout — everything from undergraduate
     Ja n e t	s m i t H	(’81)	
                                                                          and graduate catalogs and student handbooks to sports media
     a a r o n	s t e wa r t	(’08)
     c a s e y	t e m p l e t o n	(’06)	                                   guides to commencement programs as well as numerous bro-
     c H a s i t y	t H o m p s o n	(’10 )	                                chures. From the university magazine’s beginning, stroupe
     t o m m y	t H o m p s o n	 	                                         served as a volunteer copy editor. now as a staff member, she
     l au r a	t u t i n o	(’07)
     t H e	m o s t	r e v.	D e s m o n D	t u t u	(’07H)
                                                                          provides comprehensive editing and rewrites.
     m at t H e w	w o r D e n	

     Contributing Of f ices                                                                                    Dara Zafran (’08 Psy.D.) is completing a doctorate in
     offices of alumni, Be the Change, Public affairs,
     sports Media relations, Photography services
                                                                                                               combined-integrated clinical and school psychology in
                                                                                                               JMU’s school of Psychology. Last May, she traveled with
     For address updates:                                                                   anne stewart, psychology professor, and a group of 13
     To contact the magazine staff:                                                                            JMU undergraduates to work with girls in an orphanage
                                                                                                               in santo domingo, dominican republic. in the essay
     Voice: (540) 568-2664 ☎ Fax: (540) 568-7913                                                               on Page 43, zafran discusses the trip, JMU’s academic
     Madison, the magazine of James Madison University                                                         philosophy on experiential learning and the difference
     MSC 3610, James Madison University                                                                        between service learning and volunteering.
     Harrisonburg, VA 22807

                                                                                             r i l e y s ’ p h o t o g r a p h c o u r t e s y o f j i m r i l e y ( ’ 9 9 p, ’ 0 5 p) ; o ’ h a r a b y r i c h a r d
 6    M a d i s o n             M ag a z i n e                                                    f i n k e l s t e i n ; h u d s o n , s t r o u p e a n d z a f r a n b y b r i a n d i l l e n s n y d e r ( ’ 0 8)

                               enriching the Madison experience
                                                  D esmond Tutu h eads list of prominent campus speakers

                    n sept. 21, the international day of Peace,               is held internationally as well. our residential graduate program,
                    anglican archbishop emeritus desmond tutu                 housed in the 16th-century Palazzo Capponi — an important cul-
                    spoke of the power of goodness to confront and            tural icon to italians and an honor for Madison to occupy — is
                    overcome the many things that are so wrong in             turning heads for its reflection of post Cold war international rela-
                    the world. He delivered                                                              tionships and realities and for its interdis-
                    these words at James                                                                 ciplinary milieu.
Madison University, in a Convocation                                                                        our Master of arts program in politi-
Center filled to capacity.                                                                               cal science brings together american and
   as student, faculty, staff member and                                                                 international students from a wide range
community turnout for the archbishop’s                                                                   of disciplines, such as technology, law,
appearance demonstrated, desmond                                                                         government, business and humanities, for
tutu is a towering figure in the interna-                                                                instance, and immerses them for an intense
tional cause for peace. He helped lead the                                                               year of residential study in europe focused
cause to dismantle apartheid in his native                                                               on the european Union.
south africa and later headed President                                                                     during my trip, i met with Florentine
nelson Mandela’s truth and reconcilia-                                                                   dignitaries and with some of our first 17
tion Commission, which helped guide the                                                                  students in the program. i also toured the
people of that country through pain, tur-                                                                space we renovated in the palazzo for offices,
bulence and healing.                                                                                     classrooms, computer labs and apartments
   that a man of desmond tutu’s inspi-                                                                   for students and faculty fellows.
ration and stature visited our campus is                                                                    the groundbreaking of the Performing
evidence of JMU’s growing prominence                                                                     arts Center, during Homecoming of our
in the world. the nobel Peace Prize                                                                      centennial year, has brought additional
winner came to campus to receive the                                                                     attention to the stature of our arts programs,
Mahatma gandhi global nonviolence                                                                        ushering in the start of what i termed sev-
award. JMU’s Mahatma gandhi Center                                                                       eral years ago as a time for the arts. dur-
for global nonviolence, led by director                                                                  ing the last 100 years at JMU, there have
sushil Mittal, bestowed the award. tutu’s                                                                been stages of development and evolution
leadership is the quintessence of Madison’s                                                              in which business and science and other
Be the Change theme; that theme, by the                                                                  disciplines have had their building days.
way, is itself an adaptation of gandhi’s aphorism, “Be the change                now it is the turn of the arts, and the building of the Performing
you want to see in the world.” read tutu’s words on Page 29.                  arts Center over the next two years officially signals this period in
   during this centennial year, visits by several other eminent figures       JMU’s history.
underscore the richness of the Madison experience. among them                    already our fine and performing arts programs are among the
is James Madison biographer richard Labunski, who spoke at the                very best higher education has to offer, with our students enjoy-
James Madison Center and helped the university celebrate Constitu-            ing conservatory-quality instructional, programmatic and creative
tion day. Modern dance master daniel nagrin, public relations guru            opportunities within a fully rounded university environment.
Harold Burson, educational reformer e.d. Hirsch and internationally              the Performing arts Center on south Main street will provide a
acclaimed peace activist a.t. ariyaratne also visited this semester.          modern venue worthy of this quality, capable of delivering profes-
   in February, i look forward to a double-header of renowned visit-          sional-level production values. it will showcase the talent and skills
ing artists: social activist and artist Xu Bing will visit for a weeklong     of our professors and students and serve as a cornerstone for culture
residency as part of the spring studio seminar in the Center for              and the arts in the shenandoah Valley.
Visual studies. Composer and african drum expert steve reich will                Please consider visiting JMU and participating in the excitement
lecture and present a master class during the JMU Contemporary                of our centennial year as we celebrate and continually enrich and
Music Festival.                                                               transform the Madison experience.
   i mention these visits for their positive influence on the instruc-
tional program and the overall cultural and intellectual life of JMU.
our students enjoy contact with these great minds, while our pro-
fessors often undertake professional collaborations.
   on my recent trip to Florence, italy, for a tour and press con-                                            Linwood H. Rose
ference focused on JMU’s new european Union Policy studies                                                    President
Program, i was pleased to note the growing esteem in which JMU                                                James Madison University

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