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					                            The Shield
                  Glenelg High School
                  14025	Burntwoods	Road
                                                                                                                         Volume XXXVI
                                                                                                                                Issue 1
                  Glenelg,	Maryland	21737                                                                                  October 2008

  ha t’s        Tradition	in	transition
                Homecoming	bids	hallways	farewell,	as	next	year	welcomes	new	mural	tradition
                     by	Courtney	Knill

Insi            	         During	 freshman	
                year	 I	 toured	 Florence	 and	
                Rome,	 caught	 a	 glimpse	
                of	 the	 Leaning	 Tower	 of	
                Pisa,	and	then	found	myself	
                caught	 in	 a	 Japanese	 game	
                show	 a	 few	 minutes	 later.	 	
                I	 marveled	 at	 the	 Egyptian	
                pyramids	 and	 sarcophagi	
                and	 soon	 found	 myself	
                caught	in	the	masses	charg-
                ing	 through	 lavish	 decora-
                tions	 of	 red,	 in	 Glenelg’s	
                own	running	of	the	bulls.
                	         The	 next	 year	 I	      	
  Students’	    was	 instead	 transported	
                to	 Hollywood,	 caught	 in	
 Mission	Trip   the	 magic	 of	 various	 film	
                styles.	 	 There	 were	 plen-          Last year the class of 2009’s hallway included a replica of That ‘70s Show’s basement.
                ty	 of	 Disney	 princesses,	
   page	5       action	 and	 adventure,	 and	      and	 a	 disco	 party,	 and	 was	   looking	forward	to	hallway	       	held	a	common	disappoint-
                yet	 another	 senior	 hallway	     swallowed	by	Jaws.		               decoration	this	year,	my	last	    ment.		A	petition	that	united	
                adorned	 in	 red,	 though	 this	   	        I	only	remember	bits	     time,	 only	 to	 come	 back	      more	 than	 a	 third	 of	 the	
                time	 to	 portray	 the	 bloody	    and	 pieces	 of	 the	 hallways	    to	 school	 and	 discover	 it	    school	 demonstrated	 	 the	
                remains	of	horror	films.		         SGA	 decorated	 in	 my	 first	     would	not	happen.                 undeniable:	 we	 like	 our	
                	         Just	 last	 year	 I	     two	 years	 of	 high	 school,	     	        The	 news	 that	 our	    hallways.	 	 Taking	 this	 into	
                was	 not	 taken	 around	 the	      but	I	can	recall	every	detail	     school	 hallways	 were	 to	       account,	 it	 was	 announced	
                world,	 but	 rather	 back	 in	     of	 the	 school’s	 designs	        remain	 unobstructed	 and	        that	we	will	have	halls	this	
                time	to	explore	the	first	four	    last	 fall,	 simply	 because	 I	   plain	 this	 October	 ignited	    year,	 but	 this	 year	 alone.		
                decades	 of	 Glenelg’s	 exis-      watched	 them	 transform	          a	 rage	 amongst	 the	 student	   After	 this	 last	 run,	 a	 new	
                tence.		I	momentarily	found	       the	 school	 over	 two	 days.	 	   population	that	I	have	never	     mural	 tradition	 will	 begin.	
                myself	 in	 Vietnam,	 sitting	     Those	 hours	 spent	 with	         before	 witnessed.	 	 Those	      and	 I	 implore	 everyone	 to	
                in	a	‘50s	diner,	and	appreci-      friends	 working	 toward	 a	       involved	in	SGA,	as	well	as	      appreciate	the	last	halls,	but	
                ating	 the	 creation	 of	 MTV.		   common	goal	were	some	of	          those	only	remembering	the	       take	on	the	murals	next	year	
  Batman        I	 walked	 down	 a	 street	        the	 best	 of	 my	 high	 school    prior	 transformations	 they      with	equal	enthusiasm.				
                of	 cookie	 cutter	 houses,        career.	 	 Over	 the	 past	        witnessed	 on	 an	 otherwise	     	
     vs.        danced	 at	 both	 a	 sockhop       summer	 I	 was	 already	           boring	Monday	morning,                     continued on page 9
                New year brings Phelps plans to take
   page	11
                new classrooms on Baltimore next
                     by	Christy	Duff               was	so	small	that	there	were	         by	Melissa	Wrobleski           normal	 as	 possible,	 some	
                                                   portables	in	the	back	of	the	                                        believe	 that	 the	 life	 of	 a	
                                                   school	by	the	student	park-   	                                      young	man	with	such	great	
                        For	 the	 past	 few	                                     	
                                                   ing	 lot.	 As	 a	 result,	 two	        After	winning	eight	          achievements	will	never	be	
                years,	 Glenelg	 has	 been	        years	ago,	the	students	wit-  Olympic	 gold	 medals	 for	            the	same.	Although	Phelps	
                under	         construction.	      nessed	 the	 beginning	 of	 a	swimming	 in	 Beijing	 this	           has	 lived	 in	 Baltimore	
                Everything	 from	 the	 stair-      new	project,	the	Science	and	 year,	 setting	 a	 new	 record,	       County	 his	 whole	 life,	 his	
                cases	 to	 the	 cafeteria	 has	    English	 wing,	 as	 it	 under-Baltimore	 born	 Michael	              newfound	 fame	 may	 make	
                been	renovated.                    went	construction.	It	took	a	 Phelps’	 fame	 is	 beginning	          it	impossible	for	him	to	go	
                        Before	 the	 cafeteria	    year	and	a	half	for	the	wing	 to	consume	him.                        out	as	a	normal	23	year	old	
                renovation,	the	students	had	      to	be	complete.	              	        Returning	 from	              without	 being	 noticed,	 as	
                to	 eat	 their	 lunches	 with	             At	the	end	of	spring	 Beijing	 to	 a	 new	 condo,	           everyone	knows	his	face.	In	
                                                                                                                        fact,	his	page	on	facebook.
    NFL         their	backs	right	up	against	      break	last	year,	the	students	a	 parade,	 and	 goals	 to	 go	
                                                                                 to	 the	 2009	 FINA	 World	            com	 has	 nearly	 one	 and	 a	
                the	chair	behind	them.	This	       in	 English	 and	 Science	
 Predictions    was	 the	 case	 for	 most	 of	     classes	 were	 moved	 from	   Championships	 in	 Rome,	              half	million	fans	and	is	the	
                the	renovations,	all	of	them	      the	 old	 classrooms	 to	 the	it	 seems	 nothing	 can	 stop	         second	 most	 viewed	 page	
                resulting	 from	 the	 lack	 of	    new.	                         Phelps	 from	 achieving	               behind	Barack	Obama’s.	
   page	16      ample	space.	In	fact,	before	                                    greatness.	And	although	he	            	
                the	 renovations,	 the	 school	              continued on page 2 plans	 to	 keep	 his	 life	 as	                continued on page 2
                                                                                                                                                           The Shield
      2 October 2008                                                                                                                               News
    Shorter week saves schools money
            by	Lauren	Grose
                                            	        Due	to	the	four	day	weeks,	
                                            there	has	been	improved	attendance	
                                                                                          is	 the	 necessity	 of	 finding	 daycare	
                                                                                          for	elementary	students	on	the	day	
                                                                                                                                            some	 schools	 decided	 to	 make	 the	
                                                                                                                                            change	 because	 of	 an	 oil	 crisis	 in	
                                            and	attitude	in	the	students.		               of	 the	 week	 when	 their	 parents	              the	1970s.		But,	now	that	history	is	
	                                           	        The	students	and	teach-                      have	work	but	the	kids	aren’t	            repeating	itself,	more	schools	have	
	        Starting	 this	 year,	 100	        ers	 who	 drive	 to	 these	                                in	 school.	 	 Taking	 on	           decided	to	make	the	change.
schools	 in	 16	 states	 have	 decided	     schools	are	also	saving	                                       these	 students	 is	 not	        	        How	 would	 students	 feel	

to	change	to	a	four	day	week	due	to	        money	because	they	                                               ideal	 for	 daycare	          if	our	school		moved	to	a	four	day	
the	rising	gasoline	prices.		               now	 only	 have	 to	                                                providers	 as	 they	        school	 week?	 	 Junior	 Gena	 Daigle	
         Instead	 of	 five	 eight-hour	     drive	 to	 school	                                                    will	 be	 over-           says,	 “Glenelg	 should	 definitely	
days,	 the	 schools	 will	 be	 changing	    four	 days	 a	             weeks have                                  crowded	 one	            change	 the	 school	 week	 to	 four	
to	 four	 ten-hour	 days.	 Some	 states	    week.	 	 One	 of	                                                       day	 per	 week	         days.		It	
that	have	decided	to	change	include	        the	 best	 ben-            allowed the                                   and	 under	            would	make	things	easier	for	us	and	
Minnesota,	 New	 Mexico,	 Maine,	           efits	 from	                                                              capacity	dur-         the	teachers.”		
and	Kentucky.		
         Rural	 states	 especially	 are	
                                            this	 change	
                                            is	 that	 the	
                                                                     schools to save                                  ing	 school	
                                                                                                                      days,	 but	 it	
                                                                                                                                            	        However,	 senior	 Emily	
                                                                                                                                            Witty	 disagreed.	 	 She	 said,	 “We	
considering	 the	 change	 because	
some	of	their	buses	travel	so	many	
                                            teachers	 and	
                                            students	 are	
                                                                      thousands of                                    also	 costs	
                                                                                                                      parents	more	
                                                                                                                                            would	 have	 more	 time	 for	 other	
                                                                                                                                            things	on	that	one	day	off,	but	think	
miles	to	reach	the	school	everyday.	
Marc	 Egan,	 who	 is	 in	 charge	 of	
                                        	   given	 a	 lon-
                                            ger	 weekend	
                                                                        dollars in                                    money.				
                                                                                                                     	Not	 only	 are	
                                                                                                                                            about	 how	 much	 less	 homework	
                                                                                                                                            time	 you’d	 have	 on	 a	 given	 night.		
the	 federal	 affairs	 at	 the	 National	
School	Boards	Association,	report-
                                            for	 relaxation	
                                            and	completing	
                                                                     transportation                                 some	states	
                                                                                                                   c o n s i d e r i n g	
                                                                                                                                            No	 one	 would	 hire	 a	 student	 to	
                                                                                                                                            work	only	that	day,	and	afterschool	
ed,	“For	rural	school	districts	where	
buses	may	travel	100	miles	round-
                                            school	work.
                                            	        O t h e r	
                                                                       and energy                                 changing	 the	
                                                                                                                 school	 week	 to	
                                                                                                                                        	   jobs	 would	 be	 almost	 impossible.	
                                                                                                                                            Also,	 sports	 practices	 would	 run	

trip	 each	 day,	 there	 certainly	 are	
transportation	 savings	 worth	 con-
                                            changes	have	come	
                                            due	 to	 the	 four	 day	      costs.                               four	 days,	 some	
                                                                                                            states	 are	 even	 con-
                                                                                                                                            late	 at	 night,	 causing	 difficulties	
                                                                                                                                            with	 lighting	 in	 the	 late	 fall	 and	
sidering,”	 as	 reported	 on	 csemag.       week	 schedule.	 	 Since	                                   sidering	 changing	 the	            athletes	would	have	a	12	plus	hour	
com.                                        one	day	has	been	cut	out	out	                           work	 week	 to	 four	 days	 as	         day,	before	homework.”	
         Because	 buses	 are	 no	 lon-      of	 the	 school	 week,	 it	 forced	 the	      well.	 	 This	 would	 mean	 that	 the	            	        Still,	 the	 financial	 advan-
ger	 needed	 for	 five	 days,	 schools	     school	 days	 to	 be	 extended.	 	 As	 a	     average	 person	 would	 work	 four	               tages	 in	 a	 faltering	 economy	 are	
save	thousands	of	dollars.		Further,	       result,	 students	 still	 attend	 school	     days	a	week	for	ten	hours	a	day.		                hard	 to	 ignore.	 	 Will	 all	 schools	
schools	 cut	 down	 on	 energy	 costs	      for	 the	 same	 number	 of	 hours	 as	        	         This	is	not	the	first	time	that	        be	 forced	 to	 change	 to	 a	 four	 day	
because	 they	 no	 longer	 have	 to	 be	    they	would	in	a	five	day		week.			A	          schools	have	considered	shortening	               school	week	if	gasoline	prices	don’t	
open	five	days	a	week.		                    oft-quoted	 disadvantage	 however,	           the	school	week.		Thirty	years	ago,	              decrease?		Only	time	will	tell.

    Phelps:BeijingtoBaltimore Construction nears a close
	continued from page 1	                     ner.	                                         continued from page 1                 auditorium	 being	 completed	 very	
                                            	        Though	 it	 has	 been	 said	 he	                                           soon.	 	 The	 addition	 will	 be	 more	
	       In	 the	 Beijing	 Olympics,	        should	 be	 worth	 over	 a	 hundred	                  In	 addition	 to	 the	 new	 spacious,	 have	 padded	 seats	 and	
Michael	 Phelps	 walked	 away	 with	        million	 dollars	 by	 the	 end	 of	 his	      Science	 and	 English	 wings,	 they	 include	 	 new	 dance	 and	 stagecraft	
eight	 gold	 medals,	 and	 he	 broke	       life,	 Phelps	 has	 even	 bigger	 plans.	     also	renovated	the	old	science	wing.	 rooms.		
seven	 world	 records.	 	 He	 won	 the	     With	rumors	going	around	about	his	           “I	think	that	it	is	a	                                             In	 spite	
gold	 medal	 in	 the	 400	 Individual	      possible	purchase	of	Meadowbrook	             good	thing	that	we	                                       of	all	the	renova-
Medley,	 the	 400	 Freestyle	 Relay,	       Swim	 Club,	 it	 seems	 Phelps	 can’t	        are	 expanding	 our	                                      tions	 in	 the	 rest	
the	200	Freestyle,	the	200	Butterfly,	      be	 stopped.	 Along	 with	 the	 swim	         school	because	the	                                       of	the	school,	the	
the	 800	 Freestyle	 Relay,	 the	           club	 it	 is	 also	 said	 that	 he	 bought	   classrooms	 aren’t	                                       one	 renovation	
200	 Individual	 Medley,	 the	 100	         the	 Northwest	 Ice	 Rink,	 which	 is	        as	cramped	as	they	                                       that	 has	 really	
Butterfly,	 and	 the	 4x100	 Medley	        adjacent	to	the	Swim	Club,	and	also	          once	were,”	junior	                                       stood	 out	 over	
Race.	                                      a	post	office	to	add	onto	the	club.	          Casey	Rolla	said.	                                        the	year	since	its	
	       An	 all-around	 American,	          	        He	 will	 use	 these	 spaces	                A n o t h e r	                                    completion	is	the	
Phelps	started	off	as	a	young	child	        to	 expand	 the	 club	 to	 make	 it	 the	     advantage	 of	 the	                                       opening	 of	 the	
with	dreams	of	achieving	greatness.	        ideal	 place	 for	 competitors	 look-         summer	 construc-                                         T-hallway.	 	 The	
And	 what	 better	 way	 to	 achieve	        ing	 for	 a	 place	 to	 train	 for	 the	      tion	 is	 the	 addi-                                      stairs	are	no	lon-
greatness	 than	 to	 have	 an	 amazing	     Olympics.	With	the	team	of	Phelps	            tion	 of	 a	 hallway	                                     ger	 so	 crowded	
diet?	 Every	 day	 Phelps	 consumes	        and	his	coach,	Bob	Bowman,	there	             connecting	 the	                                          and	 are	 easier	 to	
12,000	calories,	which	is	more	than	        is	no	doubt	that	the	pair	can	create	         English	and	Social	                                       navigate.		
four	times	what	the	average	man	of	         a	 place	 that	 could	 become	 home	          Studies	wings,	and	                                                However,	
his	size	or	age,	23,	eats.		     	          to	 some	 of	 the	 best	 swimmers	 in	        upstairs,	 the	 new	                                      too	 many	 people	
	       	        Every	 time	 he	 sits	     not	 only	 the	 United	 States,	 but	 in	     and	 old	 Science	 The new spacious science labs are	 now	 using	
down	 for	 a	 meal,	 Phelps	 eats	 four	    the	 whole	 world.	 The	 new	 club	 is	       halls.	 	 Last	 year	 include several new fume hoods. the	 extra	 space	
thousand	 calories.	 The	 swimmer	          expected	to	become	one	of	the	most	           students	in	Science	                                      to	 stand	 around	
eats	 pound	 after	 pound	 of	 food	        elite	in	the	world.                           had	to	walk	all	the	way	around	to	 and	 block	 the	 hallway,	 making	
with	 every	 meal	 with	 habits	 more	      	        With	 many	 achievements	            reach	the	Foods	room,	for	example,	 walking	 through	 the	 downstairs	
like	 that	 of	 an	 overeater	 than	 an	    already,	 	 Phelps	 is	 a	 man	 aspiring	     but	that	is	now	much	simpler.			      level	difficult.				Many	people	are	
Olympic	champion.	He	also	drinks	           athletes	can	look	up	to.	We	can	only	         	       The	 drama	 department	 has	 concerned	about	a	lack	of	parking,	
one	 thousand	 calories	 worth	 of	         expect	more	greatness	from	him	in	            been	under	construction	since	May	 but	once	construction	is	complete,	
energy	 drinks	 with	 lunch	 and	 din-      the	years	until	the	London	games.             as	well,	with	the	intention	of	a	new	 more	spots	will	be	available.		
The Shield
News                                                                                                       October 2008 3
Health dangers in appliances Russia Versus Georgia
	                                             	        Air	the	out	room	before	and	                                                     pute,	however,	did	not	end	there.		
         by	Lucas	Santiago                                                                           by Daniel Zhao
                                              after	 cleaning	 for	 the	 next	 several	                                                 	        On	 August	 26,	 President	
	                                             weeks.                                                                                    Medvedev,	 with	 the	 support	 of	
	        In	 the	 past	 decade,	 many	        	        Granite	 countertops	 are	                    On	August	8	a	war	broke	out	       Federal	 Assembly	 of	 Russia,	 offi-
astonishing	 home	 improvement	               becoming	 more	 and	 more	 popular	           between	 Russia	 and	 Georgia	 over	        cially	recognized	South	Ossetia	and	
products	have	emerged.	However,	is	           in	kitchens.	However,	a	recent	test	          the	 separatist	 states	 South	 Ossetia	    Abkhazia	as	independent	republics,	
it	possible	that	along	with	increased	        on	 the	 rock	 shows	 that	 some	 con-        and	 Abkhazia,	 finally	 resulting	 in	     a	move	condemned	by	Georgia,	the	
ambiance	 and	 efficiency,	 we	 are	          tain	traces	of	uranium.		Along	with	          hundreds	 of	 thousands	 of	 refugees	      United	 States,	 NATO,	 and	 many	
putting	ourselves	at	risk?	                   uranium,	some	tests	found	traces	of	          being	 displaced,	 as	 well	 as	 1,500	     European	 nations.	 Poland	 and	 the	
	        The	most	recent	health	con-          radon	in	the	countertops.	Radon	is	a	         civilians	 killed	 in	 South	 Ossetia	      United	States	have	agreed	to	place	
cerns	are	placed	on	florescent	light-         radioactive	gas	that	can	cause	lung	          alone.                                      a	missile	defense	system	in	Poland,	
bulbs,	 and	 various	 types	 of	 granite	     cancer.	                                      	        While	the	world	was	focused	       further	stretching	relations	between	
countertops.                                  	        Uranium	 is	 a	 radioactive	         on	Beijing,	Georgian	forces	invad-          Russia	 and	 Western	 nations.
	        Many	 people	 knew	 CFLs	            element	 used	 to	 create	 Nuclear	           ed	 South	 Ossetia	 during	 the	 night	     In	 a	 hypothetical	 situation,	 were	
(compact	florescent	lights)	had	mer-          Bombs,	 and	 as	 it	 decomposes	 it	          and	 early	 morning	 of	 August	 8,	        Russia	to	annex	South	Ossetia	and	
cury	in	them.	But	how	much?	Well,	            releases	 radon.	 The	 EPA	 has	 even	        followed	 by	 a	 deployment	 of	 the	       Abkhazia,	Georgia	would	draft	help	
a	CFL	can	contain	5-15	milligrams	            found	 granite	 that	 can	 produce	 4	        Russian	 military,	 which	 quickly	         from	its	allies	to	attack	Russia.		
of	 mercury	 in	 them.	 How	 bad	 for	        Picocuries	(a	unit	of	radiation	mea-          established	 a	 naval	 blockade	 in	        	        The	 United	 States	 would	
you	is	this?	Well,	in	response	to	that	       surement)	 per	 liter	 of	 air	 of	 radon,	   the	 Black	 Sea.	 The	 Russian	 Air	        likely	help	Georgia	in	the	interest	of	
question,	 the	 EPA	 gave	 the	 appro-        which	 is	 about	 the	 equivalent	 of	        Force	 launched	 air	 attacks	 and	 the	    gaining	access	to	Russia’s	oil	fields.	
priate	 steps	 to	 clean	 up	 a	 break	 or	   smoking	half	a	pack	of	cigarettes	a	          Russian	 Army	 started	 a	 land	 inva-      Russia	could	then	potentially	launch	
spill	of	a	florescent	light-bulb.             day.	Radon	is	the	second	most	com-            sion	 of	 100	 armored	 vehicles	 	 and	    a	 nuclear	 strike	 against	 the	 United	
	        First,	 clear	 the	 area	 of	 all	   mon	reason	for	lung	cancer.                   Russian	 troops.	 	 	 Abkhazia	 and	        States	 in	 retaliation.	 The	 United	
people	 or	 pets,	 open	 a	 window	 if	                This	 creates	 new	 questions	       South	 Ossetian	 forces	 joined	 the	       States	 may	 even	 enact	 its	 doctrine	
possible,	 leave	 the	 room	 for	 15	 to	     regarding	 how	 much	 radon	 is	 safe	        Russian	attack	and	pushed	forward	          of	mutually	assured	destruction	and	
30	 minutes,	 and	 turn	 off	 the	 cen-       in	 a	 home.	 Lou	 Witt,	 a	 program	         into	Georgian	territory,	just	over	30	      launches	 its	 nuclear	 weapons.	 No	
tral	 heating	 or	 cooling	 unit.	 After	     analyst	 with	 the	 agency’s	 Indoor	         miles	outside	of	the	Georgian	capi-         matter	the	reason,	if	war	breaks	out	
returning	 to	 the	 room,	 pick	 up	 the	     Environments	Division,	says	“There	           tal,	Tbilisi.                               between	Russia	and	Georgia	again,	
glass	pieces	using	gloves,	and	place	         is	no	known	safe	level	of	radon	or	                    On	 August	 12,	 Russian	          then	a	collapse	in	relations	between	
them	 in	 a	 glass	 jar	 with	 a	 sealed	     radiation.”	 The	 Marble	 Institute	 of	      President	 Dmitry	 Medvedev	                the	 West	 and	 Russia	 could	 lead	 to	
metal	lid,	or	sealed	plastic	bag.	            America	 is	 still	 looking	 to	 find	 a	     declared	an	end	to	Russian	military	        World	 War	 III,	 nuclear-style,	 end-
	        Go	 back	 with	 sticky	 tape	        proper	way	to	test	commercial	gran-           operations	 in	 Georgia,	 but	 Russian	     ing	life	as	we	know	it.	Despite	this	
and	pick	up	small	glass	pieces	and	           ite	for	uranium	and	radon	traces.	            forces	continue	to	man	checkpoints	         drama,	a	straining	of	relations	could	
place	 the	 tape	 in	 the	 same	 sealed	               For	the	time	being,	the	EPA	         on	Georgian	soil	such	as	around	the	        at	 the	 very	 least	 lead	 to	 another	
container.	 Place	 the	 container	 in	 a	     says	 to	 be	 cautious	 of	 the	 kinds	       key	port,	Poti,	and	on	the	main	road	       Cold	 War	 between	 Russia	 and	 the	
separate	 trash	 bag,	 and	 put	 out	 the	    of	 marble	 products	 installed	 in	 a	       from	Poti	to	Tbilisi.	                      United	 States	 which	 is	 not,	 to	 the	
trash	for	the	next	trash	disposal.	           home.                                                  The	 Russian-Georgian	 dis-        say	the	least,	beneficial	to	anyone.	

Colleges reconsidering SAT validity           SAT	 preparation	 programs	 along	            mit	the	scores	but	do	not	require	it.	      ence,	and	technology.	And	the	fact	
           by	Nykita	Vernot
                                              with	 school	 programs	 to	 help	 stu-        About	 70	 percent	 of	 the	 students	      that	 there’s	 such	 a	 gap	 between	
                                              dents	 to	 get	 more	 familiar	 with	         who	apply	to	these	colleges	submit	         Maryland	and	the	national	average	
         Should	students	be	required	         the	 testing.	 High	 school	 teachers	        their	SAT	and	ACT	scores	anyway,	           is	very	disturbing.”		 	            	
to	 pass	 SATs?	 Some	 colleges	 are	         sometimes	 incorporate	 SAT	 study	           just	 to	 be	 competitive	 should	 their	   	         Specialists	are	noticing	that	
dropping	 the	 SAT	 requirement	              sessions	 into	 their	 classes.	 Some	        application	 come	 under	 further	          this	 is	 the	 biggest	 drop	 in	 reading	
while	others	are	certain	that	this	test	      specialists	do	 not	think	these	 extra	       review.				                                 scores	 in	 31	 years.	 These	 special-
is	far	too	important	to	overlook.		           sessions	are	helping	to	improve	the	                    Unfortunately,	 the	 average	     ists	are	 observing	 how	 students	 do	
	        Many	 colleges	 are	 making	         low	scores.                                   SAT	scores	in	Maryland	fell	a	total	        not	enjoy	the	reading	portion	since	
SATs	optional	to	all	students.	This	                   All	 schools	 have	 different	       of	 14	 points,	 roughly	 over	 two	        another	writing	segment	was	added	
debate	has	been	going	on	for	several	         opinions	 on	 how	 SATs	 should	 be	          percent,	 in	 just	 last	 year.	 	 This	    to	the	SAT	a	few	years	ago.		 	
years	due	to	the	dramatic	decline	in	         handled.“By	 making	 the	 SAT	 and	           year	 in	 Maryland,	 the	 math	 aver-       	         Officials	are	concerned	that	
SAT	scores	throughout	the	nation.             ACT	 optional,	 we	 hope	 to	 broad-          age	stayed	the	same	as	last	year,	at	       this	 lack	 of	 interest	 is	 because	 of	
         Some	counselors	and	super-           en	 the	 applicant	 pool	 and	 increase	      502	points,	after	a	downfall	several	       the	 lessening	 number	 of	 students	
intendents	 insist	 that	 this	 decline	      access	 at	 Wake	 Forest	 for	 groups	        years	before.	The	reading	section	of	       taking	 composition	 and	 grammar	
is	 due	 to	 fatigue	 from	 other	 simi-      of	students	who	are	underrepresent-           the	SAT	fell	two	points,	now	at	499	        courses	in	high	school.		
lar	 standardized	 tests	 such	 as	 the	      ed	 at	 selective	 universities,”	 said	      points.	The	writing	portion	rose	one	                 Students	 worldwide	 are	
ACT.	 Nancy	 Grasmick,	 State	                Martha	Allan,	director	of	the	admis-          point	to	have	a	total	of	497,	which	        shocked,	 teachers	 are	 curious	 and	
Superintendent,	 said	 “One	 reason	          sions	at	Wake	Forest	University.	             is	still	below	average.                     disappointed	 in	the	 two	 point	drop	
the	SAT	scores	may	not	be	improv-                      Applications	 	 to	 some	                      William	 E	 Kirwana,	 the	        in	 	 reading	 section	 of	 the	 SAT.	
ing	state	wide	is	because	a	compet-           schools	allow	the	student	the	option	         chancellor	of	the	University	System	        Durham	 school’s	 assistant	 super-
ing	 exam,	 the	 ACT,	 is	 becoming	          of	whether	or	not	to	submit	his/her	          of	Maryland	says,	“I	think	the	sharp	       intendent,	 Chris	 Bennett	 said,	 “It	
more	 popular	 with	 college	 bound	          test	 scores.	 These	 colleges	 some-         decline	 is	 a	 cause	 for	 concern,	 if	   was	 surprising,	 but	 we’re	 going	 to	
seniors.”		       	       	       	           times	use	the	scores	as	a	tiebreaker	         not	 alarm.”	 He	 says	 that	 the	 state	   review	 the	 data	 and	 see	 where	 we	
	        Teachers	 and	 specialists	          when	it	comes	to	acceptances.	The	            of	 Maryland	 needs	 a	 work	 force	        didn’t	make	gains,	and	we’re	going	
have	designed	optional	after	school	          colleges	encourage	students	to	sub-           “that	is	highly	skilled	in	math,	sci-       to	address	those.”	
                                                                                                                                               The Shield
       4 October 2008                                                                                              Features
New classes spark new interests
        by Ethan Myers
                                             has	created.	Using	hyper	fiction,	or	 the	 different	 kind	 of	 creatures	 that	   they	 are	 there.	 This	 year,	 his	 class	
                                             group	writing,	Ms.	Chawkat’s	class	 live	 in	 the	 sea	 such	 as	 terrapins,	      will	 be	 using	 maps,	 demography	
                                             will	 be	 composing	 a	 novel	 online	 horse	 shoe	 crabs,	 and	 other	 under-     (the	 study	 of	 population	 size	 and	
         At	 the	 start	 of	 the	 school	                                                                     water	 wild	      the	 causes	 of	 population	 change),	
year	 students	 are	 already	 talking	                                                                        life.	 They	      case	 studies,	 and	 cultural	 trends	 in	
about	the	cool	new	classes	they	were	                                                                         are	     also	    order	 to	 get	 a	 better	 understanding	
taking.	 This	 year,	 the	 new	 classes	                                                                      planning	 to	     of	 human	 placement	 on	 earth.	 Mr.	
being	 offered	 to	 students	 include	                                                                        get	 aquari-      Scible’s	class	started	out	the	school	
Human	 Geography	 AP,	 Advanced	                                                                              ums	 in	 the	     year	 studying	 population	 distribu-
Composition,	 Intermediate	 Special	                                                                          class	 room	      tion,	 moving	 onto	 studying	 eco-
Topics,	 and	 Marine	 Science.	 Not	                                                                          to	 research	     nomics,	 urban	 centers,	 agriculture,	
only	are	these	new	classes	interest-                                                                          and	 observe	     and	 technology.	 Students	 taking	
ing,	 they	 are	 fun	 and	 exciting	 too,	                                                                    the	 crea-        Human	 Geography	 AP	 have	 also	
allowing	students	to	focus	on	topics	                                                                         tures	 first	     been	using	3D	mapping	software	to	
they	enjoy	the	most.	                                                                                         hand.	Senior	     gain	a	better	understanding	of	glo-
         Advanced	 Composition,	                                                                              M a r i s s a	    balization	 as	 well	 as	 learning	 how	
taught	by	Ms.	Chawkat,	is	designed	                                                                           Shalan,	said,	    ideas	are	moved	from	one	location	
to	 help	 students	 to	 become	 better	                                                                       “I	really	like	   to	another.	
writers	 by	 exploring	 the	 different	                                                                       the	 class.	               Intermediate	Special	Topics,	
writing	 modes.	 Instead	 of	 the	 tra-                                                                       It’s	 inter-      taught	 by	 Ms.	 Crehan,	 is	 a	 class	
ditional,	 boring	 way	 most	 classes	       Students write original pieces in Advanced Composition.          esting	 and	      for	students	who	took	Spanish	and	
are	 run,	 Advanced	 Composition	 is	                                                                         fun,	and	I’m	     want	 to	 learn	 more	 about	 the	 cul-
a	collaborative	class	where	students	        which	will	include	pieces	from	each	 excited	about	getting	aquariums.”	            ture	and	civilization.	Ms.	Crehan’s	
share	 their	 work	 with	 their	 peers	      young	author	in	her	class.                     Human	 Geography	 AP,	              class	 is	 studying	 the	 history,	 as	
and	work	together	on	different	writ-                 Another	new	class	is	Marine	 taught	 by	 Mr.	 Scible,	 is	 the	 study	     well	 as	 music,	 art,	 literature,	 and	
ing	 assignments,	 all	 a	 part	 of	 the	    Science,	 taught	 by	 Ms.	 Bortz.	 The	 of	 where	 people	 and	 groups	 are	       issues	that	are	affecting	the	Spanish	
workshop	style	class	Ms.	Chawkat	            Marine	Science	class	is	researching	 located	 around	 the	 world	 and	 why	        speaking	world.	

Fall television season starts strong
         by Lauren Grose                  decided	to	divorce	her	husband	and	 doctors	 after	 Cameron,	 Chase,	 and	            night.		On	the	CW,	America’s Next
	                                         during	the	process,	her	ex-husband	 Foreman	 quit	 his	 team.	 	 One	 of	             Top Model	 and	 Gossip Girl	 have	
	                                         came	back	into	her	life.		In	the	final	 the	 candidates	 eligible	 for	 a	 posi-      both	already	returned	for	their	new	
	        It’s	that	time	of	year	again.	 episode,	 the	 last	 scene	 showed	 the	 tion	 on	 House’s	 team	 was	 Amber.	     	    season.	 Other	 shows	 returning	
Finally	the	new	fall	season	of	some	 women	of	Wisteria	Lane	five	years	 Although	 she	 did	 not	 receive	 the	                  later	in	the	year	for	another	season	
of	our	favorite	shows	begins.             into	the	future.		We	left	Susan	kiss- job	 with	 House,	 she	 began	 dating	          include	 CSI, Family Guy, and The
	        One	 show	 that	 has	 already	                                                                                         Simpsons.
caused	 talk	 is	 American Idol.	       	                                                                                       	       Along	 with	 old	 shows	
Although	 American Idol	 doesn’t	                                                                                               returning,	 new	 shows	 are	 premier-
start	its	new	season	until	2009,	the	                                                                                           ing	this	year	as	well.		On	September	
announcement	 of	 a	 fourth	 judge	                                                                                             2,	 90210	 premiered	 on	 the	 CW.	      	
has	 caused	 anticipation.	 	 Kara	                                                                                             90210	 is	 based	 on	 the	 previous	
Dioguardi,	 a	 nominated	 song	 writ-                                                                                           show,	Beverly Hills 90210.		Another	
er,	will	be	the	fourth	judge	joining	                                                                                           new	 show	 premiering	 on	 the	 CW	
Randy,	 Paula,	 and	 Simon	 at	 the	                                                                                            network	is	the	show	Privileged.		In	
judges’	table	this	upcoming	year.		                                                                                             this	show,	Megan	Smith	has	dreams	
	        Dioguardi	 has	 written	                                                                                               of	 becoming	 a	 famous	 journalist.	    	
songs	 for	 artists	 such	 as	 Kelly	                                                                                           But,	 her	 plans	 change	 when	 she	 is	
Clarkson,	Carrie	Underwood,	Faith	                                                                                              fired	from	her	job.		
Hill,	 Miley	 Cyrus,	 and	 The	 Jonas	                                                                                          	       She	 is	 hired	 by	 a	 rich,	
Brothers.		Another	major	change	in	                                                                                             famous	 makeup	 creator	 named	
the	show	is	that	Nigel	Lythgoe,	one	                                                                                            Laurel	 Limoges	 to	 tutor	 her	 two	
of	the	executive	producers,	decided	                                                                                            granddaughters.		But,	when	her	per-
to	 leave	 the	 show.	 	 Ken	 Warwick,	                                                                 Internet Photo          sonal	relationships	start	to	interfere	
the	 other	 executive	 producer,	 will	        The Office kicked off its season premiere Thursday, September 25.                with	her	life,	her	main	concern	is	to	
be	 staying	 on	 the	 show,	 however.	  	                                                                                       help	 the	 two	 girls	 advance	 in	 their	
With	 Nigel	 Lythgoe	 no	 longer	 on	                                                                                           lives.	
board,	 many	 changes	 are	 sure	 to	 ing	 a	 man	 who	 was	 not	 Mike,	 her	 House’s	 friend,	 Wilson.	 	 The	 sea-            	       	 	 Unfortunately,	 due	 to	 the	
come	next	year.                           husband.		                              son	 ended	 when	 both	 House	 and	           Writer’s	 Strike	 last	 season,	 there	
	        Many	students	are	anticipat- 	           Dancing with the Stars	 is	 Amber	 were	 in	 an	 accident	 that	              are	 fewer	 new	 shows	 than	 in	 the	
ing	the	return	of	their	old	favorites	 returned	 to	 ABC	 on	 September	 22	 House	could	not	remember.		In	the	                 previous	 years.	 	 Instead	 of	 being	
this	upcoming	fall.		On	September	 and	 some	 of	 the	 contestants	 this	 end,	 Amber	 was	 killed	 and	 House	                 able	to	create	new	shows,	most	sta-
28,	Desperate Housewives	returned	 year	 include	 Lance	 Bass	 and	 Kim	 was	worried	that	Wilson	will	blame	                    tions	 had	 to	 bring	 back	 the	 shows	
for	 its	 fifth	 season.	 	 Last	 season	 Kardashian.	 	 House	 also	 returned	 him	for	Amber’s	death.	                         that	 would	 have	 most-likely	 been	
on	Desperate Housewives,	Wisteria	 to	 television	 on	 September	 16	 on	 	               One	 of	 the	 most	 anticipat-        cancelled	last	year.		With	so	many	
Lane	 was	 nearly	 destroyed	 by	 a	 Fox.	 On	 the	 last	 season	 of	 House,	 ed	 shows,	 The Office,	 returned	 to	            shows	 to	 choose	 from	 this	 year,	    	
tornado	 that	 left	 Carlos	 blind	 and	 the	 brutally	 sarcastic	 Dr.	 House	 NBC	on	September	25,	and	Grey’s                  what	will	you	be	watching	this	fall	
Victor	 and	 Ida	 dead.	 	 Katherine	 was	 forced	 to	 hire	 a	 new	 team	 of	 Anatomy returned	to	ABC	the	same	                season?
The Shield
Features                                                                                               October 2008 5
D e a t h s m a r 2 0 0 8 Summer box office
        by Lucas Santiago                     last	time.	                                     by Ethan Myers                    Dark Knight	broke	$200	million	in	
                                                          Isaac	 Hayes	 was	 a	 sing-                                           the	 first	 five	 days	 it	 was	 shown	 in	
                                              er,	 musical	 artist,	 and	 actor,	 born	                                         theaters.	This	broke	the	record	held	
         This	 summer	 was	 	 unfor-          August	4,	1942.	                              This	summer	there	wasn’t	a	         by	Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead
tunately	 marred	 by	 the	 untimely	                                               week	 that	 went	 by	 without	 a	 good	
                                                          He	 became	 a	 popular	 soul	                                         Man’s Chest	which	made	$200	mil-
deaths	 of	 celebrities	 Bernie	 Mac,	        and	funk	singer,	and	his	career	led	 movie	that	left	everyone	talking.	           lion	in	eight	days.	
Isaac	Hayes,	and	Robert	Knox.	                him	 to	 become	 a	 famous	 record	           The	summer	started	off	with	                 In	 the	 film,	 Batman	 found	
         Bernie	 Mac,	 probably	 the	         publisher.	 His	 notoriety	 led	 to	 the	adventures	                                                  himself	 with	 a	 new	
most	well	known	of	the	three,	was	            the	 opportunity	 to	 compose	 the	  of	 Harrison	                                                    villain,	 the	 Joker,	
born	 October	 5,	 1957	 in	 Chicago,	                                             Ford	 in	 the	
                                              soundtrack	 and	 act	 in	 the	 popular	                                                               played	 by	 	 the	
and	was	an	inspiring	comedian,	and	           1970s	movie	Shaft.	                  movie		Indiana                                                   recently	 deceased	
actor.	 He	 had	 done	 stand	 up	 com-                                             Jones and the
                                                          He	 is	 most	 famous	 for	 his	                                                           Heath	 Ledger.	 Fans	
edy	for	several	years	in	night	clubs,	        voice	of	the	character	“Chef”	in	the	Kingdom of the                                                   raved	 about	 the	
although	 his	 actual	 career	 didn’t	        cartoon	comedy	series	South Park.	   Crystal Skull.	                                                  movie.	
start	until	the	late	1980s.	He	starred	       His	reign	on	the	show	ended	when	    Jones	 is	 in	 a	                                                         Hancock,	 a	
in	 Mr. 3ooo,	 and	 was	 the	 con-            he	fell	into	debate	with	the	produc- battle	 against	                                                 movie	 starring	 Will	
man	 colleague	 of	 Daniel	 Ocean	 in	                                             the	 Soviets	 to	
                                              ers	 over	 his	 scientologist	 beliefs.	  	                                      Internet PhotoSmith,	came	out	early	
Oceans 11, 12,	and	13.	                       He	was	also	known	for	his	humani-    return	 a	 skull	                                              in	 the	 summer.	 The	
         Mac	was	well	known	for	his	          tarian	work	in	Africa.	He	died	just	 made	of	quartz	to	the	“home	of	the	          opening	of	the	movie	showed	Will	
character	playing	in	movies	as	well	                                               crystal	skulls”	before	it	gets	into	the	
                                              after	 his	 66th	 birthday,	 on	 August	                                          Smith,	 or	 Hancock,	 passed	 out	 on	
as	 his	 role	 in	 his	 own	 show,	 The       10,	from	cardiac	arrest.	            wrong	 hands	 and	 could	 potentially	       the	 bench	 with	 a	 bottle	 of	 alcohol	
Bernie Mac Show.                                                                   endanger	the	west.	Ford	did	a	great	
                                              													The	aspiring	actor,	Robert	                                          right	 beside	 him.	 He	 didn’t	 appear	
         His	 publisher	 told	 report-        Knox	at	the	age	of	18.	Born	August	  job,	 as	 usual,	 playing	 the	 role	 of	    to	 be	 anything	 more	 than	 a	 rag-
ers	 that	 he	 had	 died	 at	 the	 age	 of	   21	 1989,	 and	 was	 an	 extra	 and	 Indiana	 Jones,	 leaving	 many	 fans	        ing	 alcoholic.Then,	 the	 real	 super	
50	 from	 complications	 of	 pneu-                                                 raving	 about	 his	 great	 role	 in	 the	
                                              small	 time	 actor	 in	 a	 number	 of	                                            hero	 came	 out	 of	 this	 him	 as	 he	
monia	 on	 August	 9.	 His	 funeral	          movies	and	TV	shows	such	as	King     movie.	                                      began	doing	things	to	help	the	Los	
was	 held	seven	 days	 later,	 where	         Arthur.	                                      A	 long	 awaited	 movie	 was	       Angeles	police	department.																									
celebrities	 and	 friends	 gathered	 to	                                           The Dark Knight,	 starring	 Heath	
say	 goodbye	 to	 the	 comedian	 one	                          continued on page 7 Ledger	 and	 Christian	 Bale.	 The                                continued on page 7

Students give back during vacation        the	 week,	 which	 was	 composed	 of	 	         Enders	 mentioned	 how	 fun	          the	 comradeship	 brought	 about	 by	
      by Ms. Leila Chawkat
                                          10-hour	 days,	 was	 spent	 learning	 it	was	to	learn	to	use	miter	and	jig	           helping	others.
                                          by	 doing.	 	 His	 day	 began	 at	 7:00	 saws,	as	well	as	a	chalk	line	and	a	         	        Enders	 said	 of	 the	 experi-
	        This	 past	 July,	 seniors	 Dan	 am	with	breakfast	in	the	bunkhouse	 power	drill.	For	the	first	time	ever,	            ence,	 “I	 was	 surprised,	 but	 it	 was	
Enders	 and	 Katie	 Beaver	 trav- cafeteria.		                                     Enders	 and	 his	 team	 hung	 a	 door,	      actually	 a	 lot	 of	 fun.	 I	 did	 have	
eled	 to	 the	 Appalachian	 region	 of	                                                                                         trouble	 understanding	 the	 dialect,	
Virginia	 to	 assist	 poverty-stricken	                                                                                         but	the	people	we	worked	for	were	
families	 with	 household	 projects.	                                                                                           really	 nice.	 They	 offered	 us	 food	
Enders	 and	 Beaver	 were	 part	 of	 a	                                                                                         and	 water	 as	 we	 worked.	 I	 mostly	
team	made	up	of	11	local	students	                                                                                              enjoyed	 meeting	 other	 people	 my	
and	 four	 adults	 organized	 by	 the	                                                                                          age.”	
Episcopal	 Appalachian	 Ministries.	                                                                                            	        Similarly,	 Beaver	 cites	
They	 spent	 eight	 days	 at	 Grace	                                                                                            the	 experience	 as	 one	 of	 the	 most	
House,	 a	 not-for-profit	 outreach	                                                                                            incredible	times	of	her	life.		When	
project	 that	 houses	 and	 organizes	                                                                                          asked	 to	 describe	 the	 resident	 her	
teams	 of	 volunteers	 from	 as	 far	                                                                                           group	 assisted,	 Beaver	 said,	 “PJ	
away	as	Montana	to	help	local	resi-                                                                                             sat	and	talked	to	us,	telling	us	sto-
dents	improve	their	lives.                                                                                                      ries	 about	 his	 life,	 his	 religion,	 his	
	        The	residents	near	St.	Paul,	                                                                                          kids	 and	 his	 grandkids.	 Just	 hav-
Virginia	 are	 some	 of	 the	 hardest	                                                                                          ing	someone	to	talk	to	made	PJ	so	
hit	 by	 the	 recent	 fluctuations	 in	                                         Photo Courtesy of Dan Enders                    happy,	 and	 that	 was	 what	 had	 the	
the	 economy.	 Living	 paycheck	 to	 The team, including Enders and Beaver, help erect a wall.                                  most	 impact	 on	 me.	 PJ	 could	 also	
paycheck,	the	beneficiaries	of	such	                                                                                            play	the	guitar	better	than	anyone	I	
community	 outreach	 projects	 like	 	            After	 a	 20-minute	 bus	 ride	 replaced	 railings	 on	 a	 stairway,	         have	ever	met.	He	taught	me	how	to	
this	 one	 rely	 heavily	 on	 volunteer- down	the	mountain,	Enders	arrived	 repaired	 plumbing,	 and	 installed	 a	             play	my	first	chords,	D,	C,	and	G.	
ism.		                                    at	the	home	where	he	would	spend	 sink,	 vanity	 and	 top.	 Grace	 House	             While	I	struggled	to	play	the	chords	
	        Many	 residents	 of	 the	 30- the	day	acquiring	new	skills,	meet- was	sure	to	group	students	with	lit-                 by	 themselves	 (much	 less	 in	 suc-
some	 small	 towns	 surrounding	 St.	 ing	 the	 local	 folk,	 and	 experienc- tle	power	tool	and	handyman	expe-                 cession),	he	called	me	“git-tar	girl”	
Paul	 do	 not	 have	 running	 water	 ing	a	unique	sense	of	self-satisfac- rience	 with	 those	 who	 had	 been	                  and	said	that	I	would	be	a	star	one	
inside	their	homes;	some	even	lack	 tion	 upon	 completion	 of	 a	 project.	 volunteers	 with	 the	 organization	               day.”
electricity.	 	 Grace	 House	 and	 its	 Among	 other	 tasks,	 Enders’	 group	 before.	                                          	        Both	 Enders	 and	 Beaver	
volunteers	 make	 a	 visible	 differ- spent	 the	 eight	 days	 fixing	 floor	 	           Alongside	 these	 veteran	            intend	 to	 return	 to	 Grace	 House	
ence	in	people’s	lives.                   boards	 -	 pulling	 up	 rotten	 boards	 craftsmen	and	missionaries,	Enders	           next	 summer	 for	 another	 week	 of	
	        Though	 there	 was	 time	 for	 and	 replacing	 them	 -	 for	 the	 resi- learned	 the	 most	 important	 thing:	         community	 service.	 They	 wish	 to	
volleyball	and	shopping	in	the	local	 dent	 who	 had	 hurt	 his	 back	 years	 surpassing	 the	 skill	 required	 to	             invite	interested	students	to	contact	
town,	 Enders	 says	 the	 majority	 of	 before.		                                  operate	heavy	tools	is	the	magic	of	         them	for	more	information.
                                                                                                                                                    The Shield
      6 October 2008          Features
Drinking age in question China impresses
        by Lauren Grose
                                           minors	to	drink	in	their	home	with	a	                by Melissa Picone                 the	 flame	 and	 starting	 the	 2008	
	                                          parent/guardian	or	at	religious	cer-                                                   Summer	Olympics.
	                                          emonies,	 none	 allow	 people	 under	                                                           And	then	there	was	the	end	
	        The	 debate	 to	 lower	 the	      21	 to	 buy	 alcohol.	 This	 is	 due	 to	              This	 summer,	 all	 anyone	 of	the	games,	the	closing	ceremony,	
drinking	age	to	18	has	been	argued	        the	law	passed	in	the	1980s	stating	        could	talk	about	was	the	Olympics.	 which	was	flooded	with	talk	about	
by	 some	 unexpected	 groups.	 It	 is	     that	 ten	 percent	 of	 federal	 high-      Every	four	years	this	event	occurs,	 the	 amazing	 athletic	 accomplish-
an	 issue,	 similar	 to	 the	 driving	     way	funds	would	be	withheld	from	           and	when	it	does,	hundreds	of	thou- ments,	 like	 Michael	 Phelps’s	 eight	
age,that	 stirs	 up	 many	 emotions.	      states	 that	 did	 not	 prohibit	 people	   sands	 of	 people	 tune	 in	 on	 their	 gold	 medal	 victories,	 which	 broke	
Parents	 want	 their	 kids	 safe	 and	     under	21	from	buying	alcohol.	              TVs	to	watch	the	Olympic	Games,	 the	 36-year-old	 record	 of	 seven	
protected	 while	 kids	 and	 realists	     	        According	 to	 the	 National	      held	 in	 Beijing,	 China	 this	 year.	 gold	 medals	 set	 by	 Mark	 Spitz.	
feel	they	have	to	                                                                     Most	 people	 love	 the	 games,	 but	 Once	 again	 it	 was	 a	 colorful	 and	
learn	 to	 handle	                                                                     this	 year	 the	 best	 part	 were	 the	 beautiful	 event,	 with	 just	 as	 much	
the	 responsibil-                                                                      Opening	 and	 Closing	 ceremonies,	 creativity	as	the	opening	ceremony	
ity	sooner	rather	                                                                     both	of	which	were	held	in	the	new	 before	 it.	 It	 was	 artfully	 produced	
than	later.	                                                                           National	 Stadium,	 which	 was	 part	 with	 6,800	 performers.	 Although	
         W h i l e	                                                                    of	 the	 new	 construction	 in	 Beijing	 it	was	the	end	of	the	28th	Olympic	
college	 age	 stu-                                                                     for	the	Olympics	that	cost	an	over- Games,	 it	 was	 also	 the	 start	 of	 the	
dents	are	for	the	                                                                     all	 43	 billion	 dollars.	 These	 cere- 29th,	which	will	be	held	in	London,	
age	 reduction,	   	                                                                   monies,	designed	by	Zhang	Yimou,	 England	in	2012.
as	 expected,	 so	                                                                     were	far	more	spectacular	than	any	                 But	 now	 that	 these	 games	
are	 their	 pro-                                                                       ceremony	yet.	The	country	that	was	 have	 ended,	 the	 question	 is,	 how	
fessors,	 which	                                                                       given	 the	 opportunity	 to	 host	 the	 have	they	affected	China?	The	coun-
is	 a	 surprise.	                                                                      games	seven	years	ago	changed	sig- try	was	eager	to	show	their	strength	
College	 educa-                                                                        nificantly	 in	                                                         to	the	world	
tors	 feel	 that	                                                                      those	 years,	                                                          in	         the	
allowing	 their	                                                                       and	 with	                                                              O l y m p i c s ,	
students	to	drink	                                                                     that	 change,	                                                          but	now	that	
would	       keep	                                              Internet Photo         was	 able	                                                              the	 games	
them	from	doing	 A BAC chart demonstrates how certain amounts of                       to	 hold	 the	                                                          are	over,	and	
it	 underground	 alcohol can impair your judgement in different ways.                  O l y m p i c s	                                                        the	spotlight	
in	 an	 irrespon-                                                                      successful-                                                             off	 China,	
sible	 manner.	                                                                        ly.                                                                     what	 will	
Students	feel	that	if	they’re	allowed	 Survey	 on	 Drug	 Use	 and	 Health,	                       I n	                                                         they	 do?	
to	vote	and	to	die	for	their	country,	 in	2005,	85	percent	of	20-year-olds	            just	         the	                                                      Before	 the	
then	 they	 should	 have	 the	 right	 to	 have	 used	 alcohol.	 40	 percent	 said	     o p e n i n g	                                                          O l y m p i c s	
enjoy	 a	 beer.	 David	 J.	 Hanson,	 an	 they	 had	 binged-consumed	 five	 or	         c e r e m o n y	                                                        the	 country	
alcohol	 policy	 expert	 for	 the	 State	 more	drinks	at	one	time-in	the	pre-          there	 were	                                                            spent	 sev-
University	 of	 New	 York-Potsdam,	 vious	month.	                                      four	 hours	                                                             eral	 years	
claimed,	 “Just	 like	 during	 national	 	        Drinking	 is	 a	 controversial	      of	 dazzling	                                                            b u i l d i n g	
prohibition,	 the	 law	 has	 pushed	 topic	 that	 varies	 for	 each	 person.	      	   f i r e w o r k s ,	                                Internet Photo and	rebuild-
and	 forced	 underage	 drinking	 and	 Some	people	can	handle	the	respon-               p y r o t e c h - The National Stadium on ceremony night. ing	 things,	
youthful	 drinking	 underground	 sibility	while	others	cannot,	similar	                nics,	 and	                                                              such	 as	 the	
where	we	have	no	control	over	it,”	 to	driving.	There	will	always	be	the	              thousands	 of	 performers.	 These	 new	three	billion	dollar	airport	ter-
according	to	MSNBC.		                     kids	 who	 total	 their	 cars	 the	 first	   Olympics	 were	 also	 visited	 by	 a	 minal	 and	 the	 19	 new	 Olympic	
	        Petitions	have	already	been	 week	they	get	them	just	like	the	kids	           very	 important	 fan	 of	 the	 games,	 venues,	 like	 the	500	 million	dollar	
circulating	 in	 the	 hopes	 of	 getting	 who	get	their	stomachs	pumped	on	            President	 George	 W.	 Bush,	 who	 National	Stadium	and	the	National	
the	 issue	 on	 a	 ballet	 such	 as	 the	 their	 21st	 birthdays.	 But	 there	 are	    showed	his	support	for	our	country’s	 Aquatics	 Center.	 They	 also	 did	
National	Youth	Rights	Association	 still	the	ones	who	get	into	a	fender-               athletes.	 He	 also	 visited	 many	 of	 things	 like	 shutting	 down	 facto-
and	Choose	Responsibility.	Both	of	 bender	once	in	their	lives	and	drink	              the	events	throughout	the	games.	          ries	 so	 that	 the	 sky	 would	 be	 blue	
which	 are	 supported	 by	 teens	 and	 in	moderation	while	using	common	                          The	 most	 interesting	 part	 instead	of	the	usually	hazy	polluted	
professors.	                              sense,	demonstrating	responsibility	         of	 the	 ceremony	 was	 that	 it	 con- filled	 gray	 sky	 that	 is	 normal	 for	
	        	 But	 opponents	 are	 backed	 in	the	rest	of	their	lives.		                  tained	 many	 displays	 of	 China’s	 Beijing.	
up	by	statistics.	Since	the	drinking	                                                  history.	It	didn’t	just	contain	things	             Many	believe	that	China	will	
age	 has	 increased	 to	 21	 there	 has	                                               traditional	to	China,	but	things	tra- return	 to	 the	 state	 it	 was	 in	 seven	
been	a	slight	drop	in	teenage	DWIs	                                                    ditional	 to	 the	 Olympics	 for	 many	 years	ago	when	they	first	were	told	
and	 casualties	 due	 to	 alcohol	 con-
sumption.	 Mark	 Rosenker,	 chair-
                                          What do you think?                           years,	 such	 as	 the	 lighting	 of	 the	 they	 could	 host	 the	 Olympics,	 but	
                                                                                       Olympic	 flame,	 which	 was	 carried	 some,	like	Shen	Dingli,	a	professor	
man	of	the	National	Transportation	                                                    in	by	Xu	Haifeng,	China’s	first	ever	 at	 Fudan	 University	 in	 Shanghai,	
                                               Should the drinking
Saftey	 board,	 stated,	 “Why	 would	                                                  gold	medalist,	and	actually	lit	by	Li	 believed	 that	 “China	 was	 eager	 to	
we	repeal	or	weaken	laws	that	save	           age be dropped to 18
                                                                                       Ning,	who	was	on	China’s	first	ever	 present	something	that	shows	it	is	a	
lives?	 It	 doesn’t	 make	 sense.”	 If	 or remain at 21? E-mail                        Olympic	team	and	came	back	with	 new	power	that	has	its	own	might.”	
anything	 opponents	 like	 MADD and                               six	gold	medals.	This	was	the	best	 This	 would	 mean	 that	 they	 don’t	
(Moms	 Against	 Drunk	 Driving)	 tell us your opinion. The                             part	of	the	ceremony,	because	after	 want	 to	 lose	 the	 newfound	 respect	
would	 agree	 to	 have	 stronger	 results will be in the next                          the	 torch	 was	 run	 around	 the	 sta- they	acquired	after	the	outstanding	
restrictions	due	to	the	rise	in	binge	                                                 dium,	 changing	 hands	 eight	 times;	 Olympics,	 but	 all	 we	 can	 hope	 for	
                                              issue of The Shield.
drinking	and	hard	liquor	consump-                                                      Ning	was	lifted	into	the	air	and	was	 is	 that	 China	 has	 finally	 decided	
tion	among	teens.	                                                                     then	 able	 to	 fly	 around	 the	 top	 of	 to	 better	 itself	 in	 the	 aftermath	 of	
	        While	some	states	do	allow	                                                   the	 stadium	 once	 before	 lighting	 these	games.
The Shield
Features                                                                                                October 2008 7

New teachers add to school excellence
  The Questions                                               Ms. Joerdens                                                 Mr. Shear
1.		What	specific	courses	do	you	teach?	                                                                          1.		English	11	and	English	12	Honors
2.		Are	you	a	first	time	teacher?	                       1.	English	10	and	English	10	Honors.                     2.		I’ve	been	teaching	in	Howard	County	for	
3.		What	is	your	favorite	thing	about	Glenelg?	          2.		I	taught	7th	grade	Language	Arts	at	                 eight	year	and	I	taught	in	upstate	New	York	for	
4.		How	does	Glenelg	differ	from	any	prior	               Walkersville	Middle	School	in	Frederick	                three.
 schools	where	you	may	have	taught?	                      County,	MD.                                             3.	The	feeling	of	community
5.		What	is	the	most	exciting	thing	you	have	            3.		The	friendliness	of	the	staff	and	students!          4.			Far	more	people	are	motivated,	even	driven,	
 done	in	your	life?		                                    4.		The	students	are	older	and	smell	better.             to	achieve	success.
6.		Where	did	you	attend	college?	                       5.		Last	spring,	I	was	cut	into	thirds	by	a	magi-        5.		Ziplining	through	a	jungle	on	a	Caribbean	
7.		What	drew	you	to	the	subject	you	now	                 cian.                                                   island.
 teach?                                                  6.		University	of	Maryland	College	Park	–	Go	            6.		SUNY-Oneonta	and	SUNY-Cortland
8.		What	is	your	favorite	food	/	sport	/	color?           Terps!                                                  7.		Viracious	love	of	reading
9.		What	was	your	favorite	subject	when	you	             7.		I	love	books	and	even	grammar.                       8.	Anything		that	is	deep	fried	/	Lacrosse	/	red,	
 were	in	high	school	different	from	the	one	you	         8.		Spaghetti	/	Football	is	my	favorite	to	watch	        yellow,	and	blue
 are	now	teaching?	                                       and	Field	Hockey	is	my	favorite	to	play	/	red           9.		I	liked	English,	but	Biology	was	also	a	
10.		What	other	careers	did	you	consider	before	         9.		I	always	loved	English	class.		I	also	really	        favorite
 settling	on	teaching?	                                   enjoyed	biology.	I	got	a	5	on	my	AP	Bio	test.           10.		Law
11.		What	brought	you	to	Glenelg?	                       10.		I	considered	law	or	being	a	professional	           11.		The	experience	of	coaching	the	Junior	Var-
12.		What	do	you	love	most	about	your	job?                beach	bum.                                              sity	lacrosse	team	here	last	year
13.		Is	there	anything	about	the	school	year	that	       11		I	moved	to	Howard	County	over	the	sum-               12.	The	people	that	I	am	surrounded	by
 you	are	specifically	looking	forward	to?                 mer,	and	Glenelg	has	a	reputation	of	being	a	           13.		Lacrosse	season,	of	course
                                                          wonderful	school.
                                                         12.	I	love	working	with	teenagers	and	help-
                                                          ing	them	make	meaning	of	literature.	There’s	
                                                          nothing	better	than	listening	to	students	argue	
                                                          over	what	a	passage	means	or	watching	their	
                                                          eyes	light	up	when	they	suddenly	“get	it.”		
                                                         13.	I	look	forward	to	those	moments	in	my	

 Shining stars burn out Hot summer movies
continued from page 5                    death	 traumatized	 his	 family,	 they	       continued from page 5                     filled	 with	 many	 twists,	 and	 kept	
                                         hoped	 that	 it	 would	 bring	 more	                                                    moviegoers	 on	 the	 end	 of	 their	
         However,	 his	 biggest	 role	 attention	 to	 the	 problem	 of	 knife	                  Filled	 with	 many	 twists,	     seats.	
to	 date	 is	 in	 the	 upcoming	 movie,	 crime	in	England,	and	want	his	life	          Hancock	 left	 many	 movie	 goers	                 While	 summer	 2008	 was	
Harry Potter                                                      to	be	remem-         delighted.	                               filled	with	many	good	movies,	it	also	
and the Half                                                      bered,	 not	                  Wanted,	 starring	 Morgan	       had	a	few	bad	ones,	Disaster Movie	
Blood Prince.	                                                    mourned.             Freeman,	Angelina	Jolie	and	James	        being	the	terrible	one	that	stuck	out.	
He	 played	 a	                                                              T h e	     McAvoy,	 both	 of	 whom	 star	 on	 a	     Senior	 Jane	 Austin	 exclaimed,	 “I	
student	 in	                                                      deaths	 of	          team	 of	 assassins	 who	 go	 around	     had	 to	 leave	 that	 movie	 because	 it	
R a v e n c l a w ,	                                              these	 young	        killing	 people.	 Young	 Wesley	          was	so	bad.	I	left	after	it	was	only	
M a r c u s	                                                      celebrities	         Gibson	 (McAvoy)	 is	 recruited	 by	      playing	 for	 like	 30	 minutes.”	 The	
Belby.	 He	                                                       remind	 all	         a	team	of	assassins	who	call	them-        title	 of	 Disaster Movie	 describes	
had	signed	on	                                                    of	 us	 how	         selves	 “The	 Weavers.”	 Training	        it	 pretty	 well;	 being	 that	 it	 was	 a	
to	do	the	sev-                                                    very	 fragile	       the	 young	 and	 inexperienced	 boy,	     complete	 disaster	 in	 many	 peoples	
enth	 Harry                                                       and	 surpris-        Wesley,	they	hone	in	on	his	ability	      opinion.	 Disaster	 also	 starts	 with	
Potter,	 and	                                                     ing	 	 	 life	       to	kill,	and	use	him	to	do	all	of	the	    a	 “D”	 which	 is	 also	 the	 grade	 this	
was	 on	 his	                                                     is,	 	 no	 mat-      assassinations.	                          very	dull	movie	received.	
way	 to	 star-                                                    ter	 if	 you’re	              Once	he	has	done	what	they	               The	 movies	 this	 summer	
dom.			 	                                                         a	 high	 paid	       wanted	 him	 to	 do,	 “The	 Weavers”	     were	a	hit,	now	it’s	time	for	the	fall	
S e v e r a l	                                                    c o m e d i a n ,	   decide	it	is	now	time	for	Wesley	to	      and	 winter	 blockbusters	 that	 come	
weeks	 after	                                                     like	 Bernie	        be	 killed.	 He	 manages	 to	 outsmart	   out	on	holidays	like	Halloween	and	
the	 contract	                                                     Mac,	         a		   them,	 escape,	 while	 all	 assassins	    Christmas	 to	 emerge...can	 you	 say	
was	 signed,	                                  Internet Photo voice	 of	               kill	each	other,	except	for	Freeman	      Saw V?
he	          was	 Bernie Mac is one of three young stars a	 cartoon	                   and	McAvoy.	
                                                                                                                                      What do you think?
stabbed	 to	 to pass away unexpectedly this year. c h a r a c t e r	                            	       McAvoy	          and	
death	 trying	                                                     like	 Issac	        Freeman	then	have	one	final	battle,	        E-mail ghsshield@gmail.
to	 defend	 his	                                                   Hayes,	 or	         where	 Freeman	 is	 left	 dead	 and	       com and tell us what movies
little	brother	outside	of	a	bar	in	the	 an	 up	 and	 coming	 star	 on	 his	 way	       McAvoy,	 the	 once	 amateur	 assas-         you’re looking forward to
United	Kingdom.	                         to	the	top	like		the	youthful	Robert	         sin,	becomes	a	very	talented	assas-        seeing or ones that you saw.
	        Although	the	tragedy	of	his	 Knox.	                                           sin	 just	 like	 his	 father.	 Wanted,	
                                                                                                                                              The Shield
      8 October 2008                                                                                                Features
  New administrator, same great school
       by Deborah Dodson                   School	 has	 just	 begun	 but	 Mrs.	
                                           Russo	 has	 much	 to	 anticipate	 for	
                                           the	year.		Along	side	the	graduating	
         As	 the	 school	 year	 starts	    class	of	’09,	she’ll	experience	grad-
off		with	a	blast,	we	welcome	Mrs.	        uation,	 prom,	 and	 the	 growth	 of	
Russo	 and	 Mr.	 Novak	 as	 our	 two	      the	 Glenelg	 community,	 from	 our	
new	administrators.	Though	we	do	          building’s	 renovations	 to	 the	 ever-
miss	Ms.	Carr	and	Mr.	DiPaula,	the	        evolving	minds	of	the	students.
excitement	is	stirring	to	know	who	                 She	 wants	 the	 best	 for	 the	
these	two	new	characters	are.              students,	 like	 any	 administrator,	
         Mrs.	 Russo	 	 joins	 the	        and	 plans	 to	 work	 hard	 to	 keep	
Glenelg	 community	 after	 transfer-       the	 students	 safe	 and	 the	 rules	 in	
ring	 from	 Long	 Reach.	 	 Prior	 to	     tact.	 Mrs.	 Russo	 is	 “in	 charge”	 of	
that	 she	 worked	 at	 the	 Homewood	      enforcing	the	dress	code	at	Glenelg.	
school.	 She	 decided	 to	 come	 to	       She	 said,	 “The	 rules	 set	 for	 all	
Glenelg	 because	 of	 its	 good	 repu-     Howard	 County	 schools	 apply	 at	
tation.	 She	 grew	 up	 in	 Baltimore	     Glenelg.	We	are	here	to	learn,	and	
and	 attended	 Severna	 Park	 High	        cute	 clothes	 should	 be	 saved	 for	
School	 then	 went	 on	 to	 attend	 the	   going	 to	 the	 mall	 or	 beach;	 some	
University	 of	 Maryland	 where	 she	      are	not	for	school.”	
studied	Education.                                  It’s	hard	to	believe	that	our	
	        Before	becoming	an	admin-         administrators	 have	 lives	 outlside	
istrator	Mrs.	Russo	taught	a	business	     of	 school,	 especially	 when	 they	
class,	 which	 included	 information	      can	 be	 seen	 at	 nearly	 every	 home	
processing	 and	 data	 bases-	 similar	    game,	 dance,	 induction,	 and	 fund	                                                   Photo by Karen Shollenberger
to	a	combination	of	Glenelg’s	CRD	         raiser.	 Mrs.	 Russo,	 though,	 spends	      Transferring from Long Reach, Mrs. Karen Russo joins the administrative team.
and	Software	Applications	classes.         her	time	away	from	the	school	in	an	
         Mrs.	 Russo	 complimented	        interesting	variety	of	ways.	She	has	
the	Glenelg	students	on	their	polite-      her	motorcyclist	license,	owns	a	jet	
ness	and	respect.	She	also	admires	        ski	that	she	enjoys	riding	in	Ocean	
                                                                                                   Be sure to look for an interview
our	dedication	to	academics,		all	the	     City,	 plays	 golf,	 and	 enjoys	 draw-                 with Mr. Novak in the next issue
amazing	 awards	 we	 have	 received	       ing	and	working	with	charcoal.	
and	all	the	events	and	extra-curricu-               We	welcome	Mrs.	Russo	to	
                                                                                                            of The Shield.
lar	 activities	 in	 which	 we	 partici-   our	 community	 and	 hope	 to	 learn	
pate,		from		math	club	to	football.        more	about	her	through	the	years.

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The Shield
Op/Ed                                                                                                         October 2008 9

Transition year appreciated by all
continued from page 1                       pride	 and	 awe	 that	 swells	 in	 your	     sible	to	describe,	and	at	that	point,	            hope	 to	 come	 back	 next	 year	 and	
                                            chest	at	the	realization	of	what	you	        it	is	all	worth	it.		                             see	 a	 beautiful	 demonstration	 of	
	        For	the	average	student,	it’s	     have	done.		                                 	         I	 had	 spent	 so	 much	 time	          the	 diversity	 of	 the	 school	 and	 its	
simply	about	being	transfixed	by	the	       	        Everyone	 has	 something	 to	       with	 a	 great	 group	 of	 people	 of	            activities.	 	 The	 entire	 school	 will	
creative	 powers	 of	 their	 peers	 and	    contribute	 to	 the	 hallway,	 whether	      my	 own	 age,	 and	 instead	 of	 my	              be	 represented,	 and	 in	 effect,	 all	
experiencing	something	incredible,	         they	are	involved	in	organizing	the	         normal	 frustration	 at	 the	 idea	 of	           will	 be	 proud.	 	 	 Looking	 at	 a	 gor-
all	in	the	normally	drab	hallways	of	       initial	 design,	 creating	 the	 more	       groupwork,	 I	 relished	 it.	 	 Besides	          geous	 wall	 of	 school	 spirit	 would	
their	 school.	 	 For	 SGA	 members,	       elaborate	 pieces,	 or	 simply	 help-        the	 few	 moments	 of	 stress	 that	 we	          definitely	 beat	 the	 drab	 bricks	 that	
hallway	 decoration	 is	 a	 passionate	     ing	 to	 hang	 signs	 and	 spread	 out	      wouldn’t	 finish,	 my	 weekend	 was	              currently	 grace	 the	 back	 wall	 and	
subject,	 and	 the	 highlight	 of	 the	     props.	 	 The	 visionaries	 can	 watch	      entirely	 filled	 by	 one	 word:	 fun.	       	   could	 also	 demonstrate	 the	 talents	
year.		Still,	I	am	sure	that	painting	      the	 more	 artistic	 and	 neat	 workers	     As	 high	 school	 students	 we	 usu-              of	 the	 artists	 in	 the	 school,	 which	
murals	next	year	will	be	as	positive	       bring	 their	 idea	 to	 life,	 something	    ally	 spend	 our	 weekends	 buried	 in	           are	often	overlooked.		With	athlet-
an	 experience	 and	 will	 become	 a	       they	 couldn’t	 have	 done	 on	 their	       textbooks	or	with	fingers	pounding	               ics	 claiming	 most	 of	 the	 spotlight,	
beloved	tradition	quickly.		                own.		And	while	they	may	not	have	           the	keyboard	to	produce	yet	another	              having	murals	near	the	football	sta-
	        The	reality	behind	the	won-        physically	 have	 created	 a	 piece,	        five	page	paper.		Yet,for	that	week-              dium	will	 remind	 spectators	of	 the	
der	 of	 hallway	 decoration	 is	 the	      there	 is	 still	 immense	 pride	 in	 the	   end	 I	 felt	 like	 part	 of	 a	 team,	 and	      talent	the	entire	school	holds.		
immense	 satisfaction	 at	 having	          completion	of	their	ideas.		                 the	camaraderie	was	overpowering.	            	   	        When	 the	 administration	
managed	 a	 seemingly	 impossible	          	        The	junior,	‘70s	hall	of	last	      That	 weekend	 was	 different,	 and	 I	           announced	 that	 they	 had	 agreed	 to	
task,	which	will	exist	still	with	the	      year	was,	for	two	days,	filled	with	         will	 hold	 on	 to	 its	 memory	 for	 the	        support	 the	 students’	 wishes	 this	
new	 murals.	 	 With	 such	 a	 large	       20	plus	students	and	one	supportive	         rest	of	my	life.		                                year	and	allow	the	hallways	a	fare-
space	to	fill,	it	will	take	an	immense	     teacher,	working	together	to	create	         	         	 	 For	 all	 of	 the	 wonder	 of	      well	 tour,	 my	 heart	 again	 swelled	
amount	 of	 effort	 to	 create	 a	 suc-     the	 impossible.	 	 There	 was	 non-         hallway	decoration,	mural	painting	               with	 anticipation	 for	 Homecoming	
cessful,	and	lasting,	design.		             stop	 giggling	 at	 something	 going	        is	 guaranteed	 to	 become	 a	 project	           week.			This	final	showing	of	deco-
	        As	cliché	as	it	may	be,	dec-       on	 down	 the	 stretch	 and	 satisfied	      that	will	be	valued	equally.		It	will	            rative	 creativity	 will	 provide	 clo-
oration	 manages	 to	 unite	 students	      smiles	 graced	 many	 faces	 when	           unite	 everyone,	 including	 visitors	            sure	 to	 a	 great	 tradition,	 but	 will	
from	 various	 groups	 in	 an	 incred-      they	 stepped	 back	 to	 admire	 their	      to	 the	 school	 and	 will	 be	 on	 dis-          also	 allow	 the	 development	 of	 a	
ible	 process	 to	 beat	 the	 clock	 and	   accomplishments.	 	 	 For	 a	 person	        play	 for	 the	 entire	 community,	 not	          new,	and	perhaps	better	one.			I	can	
finish	the	hall.		It’s	not	even	about	      who	doesn’t	become	overly	excited	           just	 the	 few	 students	 who	 see	 the	          only	 thank	 our	 administration	 for	
defeating	 the	 other	 classes	 in	 the	    by	 much,	 I	 was	 absolutely	 elated	       completed	 hallways.	 	 The	 idea	 of	            listening	 and	 reconsidering	 their	
competition	 or	 showing	 off	 our	         by	our	success,	and	more	proud	of	           painting	 the	 back	 wall	 is	 a	 really	         decision	for	this	year	and	in	a	few	
accomplishments	 to	 the	 rest	 of	 the	    my	grade	than	ever	before.		Despite	         good	 one,	 and	 can	 bring	 together	            weeks	 I	 look	 forward	 to	 taking	 a	
school.		It’s	all	about	that	moment	        the	fact	that	the	halls	are	gone	even	       more	 than	 just	 the	 SGA	 councils	             trip	 down	 a	 Candyland	 path	 and	
when	 you	 walk	 through	 the	 com-         faster	 than	 they	 are	 created,	 for	 a	   as	well.		Various	clubs	are	looking	              turning	 it	 into	 an	 important	 stop	
pleted	hall	for	the	first	time	and	the	     few	moments,	the	feeling	is	impos-           to	 get	 in	 on	 the	 action	 next	 fall.	 	 I	   down	memory	lane.		

New Rowling book to come out
	         by Emily Witty                    that	 Rowling	 first	 designed	 and	         J.K.	 Rowling’s	 signature,	 gem-                 Stone,	 is	 working	 with	 David	
                                            illustrated.	 This	 copy	 is	 made	 to	      stones	and	an	emerald	ribbon.                     Yates	 to	 create	 the	 final	 install-
                                            look	 like	 a	 book	 off	 the	 library	               In	 other	 Potter	 news,	 it	            ment	 in	 the	 Harry	 Potter	 epic,	
	        The	Harry	Potter	series	has	       shelves	 of	 Hogwarts	                                 is	 with	 great	 disappoint-            Harry Potter and the Deathly
been	 loved	 by	 children,	 teens,	         School	of	Witchcraft	                                        ment	 for	 fans	 that	            Hallows, a	two	part	movie	due	to	
and	 adults	 for	 its	 award-winning	       and	Wizardry.	                                                  the	movie,	Harry               its	length	and	complex	plot.	
books	 to	 captivating	 movies.	 If	
you	 thought	 the	 days	 of	 Harry	
                                                      T h e	
                                            money	 from	             If	you	                                   Potter and the
                                                                                                                                                   Fans	are	welcome	to	build	
                                                                                                                                           up	 their	 anticipation	 by	 watching	
Potter	 had	 come	 to	 a	 close	 as	 he	    these	 will	                                                          P r i n c e              trailers	 for	 the	 upcoming	 movie	
walked	 away	 from	 the	 Hogwarts	          go	 towards	       thought	the	days	                                    has	 been	             which	 focus	 on	 Dumbledore	
Express	 after	 dropping	 off	 his	         M r s .	                                                                 m o v e d	            showing	 Harry	 Voldemort’s	 past	
beautiful	children	with	wife	Ginny	
in	the	seventh	book,	think	again.	
                                            p e r s o n a l	
                                                              of	Harry	Potter	had	                                   back	 to	 a	
                                                                                                                     July	 2009	
                                                                                                                                           through	 a	 tool	 called	 a	 pensieve	
                                                                                                                                           so	 that	 Harry	 will	 be	 able	 to	
         J.K.	 Rowling’s	 first	 book	
after	 the	 legendary	 Harry	 Potter	
                                            charity,	the	
                                                               come	to	a	close,	                                     r e l e a s e ,	
                                                                                                                    r a t h e r	
                                                                                                                                           understand	the	Dark	Lord	and	his	
                                                                                                                                           weaknesses.	Those	who	have	read	
series	 will	 hit	 bookstores	 on	
December	4.	The Tales of Beedle
                                            High	 Level	
                                            Group,	 for	
                                                                  think	again.                                     than	 the	
                                                                                                                                           the	 book	 can	 only	 wait	 in	 antici-
                                                                                                                                           pation	 for	 the	 excitement	 of	 the	
the Bard will	 give	 readers	 the	          v u l n e r a b l e	                                               ly	 planned	                next	movie.
complete	 book	 of	 children’s	 sto-        children.	                                                       N o v e m b e r	                      New	 characters	 include	
ries	 that	 Hermione	 Granger	 was	                   Besides	 the	                                       release.	This	is	due	            Horace	Slughorn,	the	new	potions	
given	 by	 Dumbledore	 in	 Harry            five	 children’s	 stories,	                              to	a	movie	maker	belief	              teacher,	 and	 the	 boy	 Tom	 Riddle	
Potter and the Deathly Hallows,             The Tales of Beedle the Bard will	           that	 a	 summer	 release	 will	 give	             or	 Voldemort	 as	 a	 child.	 The	
the	final	installment.	                     also	contain	an	introduction	from	           the	 movie	 more	 attention	 than	 it	            movie	is	not	yet	rated	but	as	fans	
           Potter-heads	 everywhere	        Rowling,	 illustrations,	 and	 com-          will	 get	 if	 released	 at	 the	 same	           can	imagine,	it	certainly	won’t	be	
have	already	begun	reserving	their	         mentary	 by	 Headmaster	 Albus	              time	as	many	other	movies,	in	teh	                under	PG-13	as	the	story	becomes	
copy,	 but	 extremists	 are	 actually	      Dumbledore.	                                 Christmas	rush.	                                  darker	and	more	twisted.	
paying	 $100	 for	 the	 collector’s	                  With	 only	 100,000	 made,	 	               Producer	 David	 Heyman,	                        For	more	Harry	Potter	info	
edition	 that	 is	 a	 replica	 of	 the	     the	 collector’s	 edition	 will	 come	       who	has	been	a	part	of	the	Harry	                 from	 books	 to	 movies	 check	 out	
seven	 hand-made	 original	 copies	         with	 a	 velvet	 bag	 embossed	 with	        Potter	 movies	 since	 Sorcerer’s       	
                                                                                                                                                       The Shield
    10 October 2008                                                                                                                      Op/Ed
    Choice 2008: use it or lose it
        by Lyndsey Yencha                     “I	 wrote	 a	 paper	 about	 how	 stupid	
                                              John	 McCain	 is	 and	 how	 smart	
                                                                                             	       by Amanda Picone                    funding	 for	 after	 school	 programs	
                                                                                                                                         to	 include	 one	 million	 more	 chil-
                                              Obama	 is”…Really	 now?	 Let’s	                                                            dren.
          Every	four	years,	it’s	always	      see,	 people	 who	 are	 older	 usually	        	        The	 2008	 Presidential	 can-               One	 of	 the	 first	 things	
the	same	thing:	an	election	that	ends	        are	 smarter	 and	 have	 more	 experi-         didate	Barack	Obama	is	causing	the	         Obama	 would	 do	 as	 president	
up	more	violent	than	the	Civil	War.	          ence.	McCain	having	army,	foreign	             younger	generation	to	go	crazy	over	        would	be	to	end	the	war	in	Iraq	and	
What	 is	 it	 that	 sets	 us	 “elephant”	     policy,	 and	 political	 experience	 is	       politics.	As	the	youngest	person	to	        start	withdrawing	troops.	He	said	in	
people	 against	 the	 “donkey”	 peo-          not	 stupid.	 Obama	 has	 very	 little,	       ever run for office, and the first per-     Fayetteville,	North	Carolina,	“Here	
ple?	 The	 factor	 is,	 the	 sides	 have	     but	 that	 doesn’t	 make	 him	 stupid	         son	of	mixed	race	to	be	on	the	bal-         is	the	truth:	fighting	a	war	without	
a	 representative	 for	 that	 party	 and	     either.	 The	 point	 is,	 McCain	 isn’t	       lot,	Barack	Obama	is	changing	the	          end	 will	 not	 force	 the	 Iraqis	 to	
that	party	feels	their	representative	        stupid	 just	 because	 he	 ranks	 with	        way	we	think	of	the	President.              take	 responsibility	 for	 their	 future.	
should	 be	 president,	 so	 they	 fight	      the	elderly.	                                           Although	 Obama	 is	 young,	       And	 fighting	 in	 a	 war	 without	 end	
over	it	like	little	children.                           McCain	 would	 make	 an	             that	 does	 not	 mean	 he	 is	 inexpe-      will	not	make	the	American	people	
          Although	I	am	a	Republican,	        amazing	 president,	 probably	 not	            rienced	 for	 the	 demanding	 job	 of	      safer.	“
I	personally	did	not	care	about	John	     	   as	 funny	 as	 Bush	 or	 as	 jubilant	 as	     commander-in-chief.	 After	 becom-                   “So	when	I	am	Commander-
McCain	 whatsoever.	 	 I	 realized	           Obama,	 but	 his	 beliefs	 certainly	          ing	 the	 President	 of	 the	 Harvard	      in-Chief,	 I	 will	 set	 a	 new	 goal	 on	
that	 Bush	 is	 “the	 decider,”	 Barack	      come	 into	 matter.	 McCain	 and	 his	         Law	 Review	 he	 was	 a	 civil	 rights	     day	 one:	 I	 will	 end	 this	 war.”	 By	
Obama’s	“the	thinker,”	and	Hillary’s	         running	mate,	Sarah	Palin,	are	both	           lawyer,	then	his	work	brought	him	          doing	 this,	 Obama	 would	 be	 mak-

“the	dreamer.”	But	we	need	some-              pro-life	and	they	plan	to	make	abor-           to	Illinois,	where	he	became	a	state	       ing	the	best	decision	for	this	coun-

                                  nt                                                                                                      rpo
one	 better,	 the	 Republican	 side	          tion	 illegal.	 He	 is	 tolerant	 to	 those	   senator	for	four	years.	                    try	by	bringing	the	servicemen	and	

needs	a	time	of	change	instead	of	a	          with	 different	 lifestyles,	 and	 he	                  	       As	a	senator,	Obama	       women	home.

continuous	slant	of	mediocrity.	We	           also	has	a	great	deal	of	respect	for	          has	 worked	 with	 both	 Republicans	                Obama	believes	that	it	is	his	

don’t	need	a	thinker,	or	a	dreamer,	          the	 mentally	 challenged.	 He	 also	

                                                                                             and	 Democrats	 to	 create	 solutions	      responsibility	 to	 support	 stem	 cell	

we	 need	 a	 “Doer.”	 Someone	 who	           opposes	 pork	 barrel	 spending	 and	          for	 the	 many	 problems	 facing	 the	      research	and	the	potential	it	has	to	
can	 actually	 carry	 out	 a	 task	 prop-     contributes	 to	 Iraq	 and	 Vietnam	           country.	 Obama	 assisted	 in	 creat-       bring	 new	 information	 to	 light	 on	
erly	and	with	thought.                        veterans,	which	shows	his	selfless-            ing	 the	 Earned	 Income	 tax	 Credit,	     life	 threatening	 diseases,	 research	
          McCain	is	a	prime	example	          ness,                                          which	provided	tax	cuts	to	families	        that	 would	 improve	 the	 lives	 of	
that	 Americans	 still	 have	 preju-                    The	 senator	 has	 chosen	 a	        throughout	the	state.	                      thousands	of	Americans.
dice	and	hatred.	Everyone	goes	and	           vice	 president	 as	 well.	 Palin	 is	 a	               Many	 of	 the	 ideas	 that	                 	He	will	provide	educational	
thinks	 they’re	 the	 funniest	 person	       very	 strong	 woman,	 and	 doesn’t	            Obama	 was	 fighting	 for	 in	 the	         opportunities,	promote	equal	oppor-
on	 Earth	 because	 they	 make	 fun	          get	put	down	very	easily.	Recently	            Senate	are	the	same	as	the	ones	he	         tunities,	 increase	 the	 employment	
of	 McCain’s	 age.	 Making	 fun	 of	          she	gave	birth	to	a	child	with	Down	           is	fighting	for	as	a	presidential	can-      rate,	 and	 support	 independent	 liv-
politicians	 for	 their	 race,	 age	 or	      Syndrome,	which	she	knew	prior	to	             didate.	 Obama	 wants	 to	 eliminate	       ing	for	Americans	with	disabilities.
sex,	 it	 doesn’t	 make	 you	 funny,	 it	     his	 birth,	 yet	 she	 decided	 to	 have	      unfair	 tax	 cuts	 that	 George	 Bush	               With	 his	 running	 mate	 Joe	
makes	you	a	complete	jerk.	If	John	           the	baby	anyway.	“That	is	fine,	he	            has	made	for	the	wealthy	during	his	        Biden,	Obama	is	the	perfect	choice	
McCain	gets	wins	the	election	and	            is	 our	 son,	 and	 we	 love	 him	 very	       presidency.		                               for	 President	 of	 the	 United	 States,	
does	 a	 superb	 job	 like	 Reagan,	          much,”	she	said.                                        Obama	 would	 address	 the	        much	more	so	than	any	other	choice	
people	could	go	and	say,	“Hey,	old	           	         This	 dynamic	 duo	 has	 an	         dropout	 crisis	 that	 plagues	 schools	    for	President	because	of	his	support	
people	really	aren’t	so	incompetent	          amazing	personality	and	great	deci-            by	 funding	 intervention	 strategies	      for	 everyone’s	 differences	 and	 his	
after	all”.	                                  sion	making	skills	which	 will	help	           such	 as	 personal	 academic	 plans	        plans	to	make	this	country	a	better	

The ups and downs of high school
          An	anonymous	student	said,	         them	handle	upcoming	conditions.               and	 mentoring	 and	 expanding	 the	        place.

	        by Jessica McClure                   time	 my	 bus	 arrives	 to	 the	 time	 I	      earlier.	                                   built,	 because	 now	 we	 have	 many	
                                              get	 through	 the	 front	 hallway	 the	        	        While	 there	 are	 other	 bad	     new	classrooms	and	supplies	inside	
	       As	 a	 sophomore,	 I	 would	          bell	has	usually	rung.	                        things	 about	 high	 school,	 such	         the	 classrooms,	 instead	 of	 having	
qualify	 myself	 to	 know	 what	 is	          	       Now,	 keep	 in	 mind,	 this	           as	 some	 teachers	 and	 homework	          to	use	older	things.	
good	 and	 bad	 about	 high	 school.	         isn’t	 even	 because	 my	 bus	 gets	           loads,	 these	 things	 are	 condition-      	        One	really	good	thing	about	
I	am	young	enough	to	still	be	able	           here	late	or	because	my	bus	driver	            al	 depending	 on	 the	 classes	 you	       high	school	is	that	the	teachers	are	
to	compare	it	to	middle	school,	but	          drives	 extremely	 slowly,	 which	             take.	                                      more	 relaxed	 and	 don’t	 treat	 us	
old	enough	that	I	know	the	ins	and	           she	 does,	 but	 because	 the	 front	          	        Now	 that	 that’s	 out	 of	 the	   like	 little	 kids	 anymore,	 most	 of	
outs	of	high	school.	                         entrance	is	crowded	with	so	many	              way,	 there	 are	 definitely	 some	         them	anyway,	and	we	get	to	learn	
	       Everyone	 has	 their	 own	            people	that	unless	you	shove	your	             good	things	about	high	school	too.	         about	more	age	appropriate	topics	
high	 school	 experience,	 and	 those	        way	 through	 everyone	 there	 you	            One	 of	 these	 is	 that	 you	 will	 get	   and	are	talked	to	like	we	are	actual	
are	 good	 or	 bad	 depending	 on	 the	       will	never	get	anywhere.	                      to	 meet	 a	 lot	 more	 people	 from	       people.	
person	 you	 ask.	 Many	 people	 say	         	       Second,	 our	 school	 starts	          different	 schools,	 and	 make	 a	 lot	     	        Now,	 high	 school	 is	 dif-
that	 their	 high	 school	 years	 were	       very	early	in	the	morning.	It	would	           of	 new	 and	 good	 friendships	 and	       ferent	for	every	person	because	of	
the	worst	of	their	lives,	while	oth-          be	nice	if	our	schools	started	later	          relationships.	                             who	 they	 are	 friends	 with,	 what	
ers	say	that	their	high	school	years	         as	 we	 went	 up	 from	 elementary	            	        In	high	school	there	are	also	     classes	 they	 take,	 what	 pressures	
were	the	best.		                              school	 to	 middle	 school	 to	 high	          some	fun	electives	(drama,	dance,	          are	 being	 put	 on	 them	 and	 just	
	       To	 start	 off	 with,	 there	         school,	but	instead	the	schools	start	         choir,	art)	which	you	can	choose	to	        whether	or	not	they	like	school	in	
are	 several	 bad	 things	 about	 high	       earlier	and	earlier	as	you	move	on.	           take	because	you’re	actually	inter-         general.	It	really	isn’t	good	or	bad	
school	in	general,	especially	which	          Glenelg	starts	at	7:25,	and	I	know	            ested	 in	 what	 they	 teach	 and	 not	     because	it’s	all	a	matter	of	opinion.	
I	have	noticed	about	our	school.	             many	 of	 my	 friends	 buses	 pick	            because	you	have	to	take	them.	             Honestly,	 some	 people	 like	 it	 and	
	       First,	 we	 have	 extremely	          them	up	at	around	6:30,	and	many	              	        Other	 good	 additions	 this	      some	people	don’t,	but	personally,	
crowded	 hallways,	 and	 from	 the	           more	students’	buses	pick	them	up	             year	 are	 the	 new	 wings	 that	 were	     I	really	do.	
The Shield
Op/Ed                                                                                                           October 2008 11

Battle of the brawn:Batman vs. Iron Man
	         by Jordan Grebow                        lionaire	inventor,	who	was	wound-
                                                  ed	 by	 his	 own	 bomb	 then	 taken	
                                                                                              	         by Tyler House                     in	 the	 new	 version	 and	 was	 great.	
                                                                                                                                           His	 character	 was	 more	 developed	
                                                  unconsciously	 by	 a	 terrorist	 group	                                                  and	 more	 realistic.	 Christian	 Bale	
	        Kobe	 vs.	 Shaq,	 Rosie	 vs.	            know	 as The Ten Rings.	 	 When	            	         The Dark Knight	 and	 Iron         really	did	become	the	Dark	Knight	
Trump,	Tupac	vs.	Biggie,	and	with	                the	 terrorists	 ordered	 him	 to	 make	    Man	were,	to	me,	the	two	best	2008	          as	opposed	to	just	being	the	charac-
Robert	 Downey	 Jr.’s	 recent	 com-               his	 famous	 Jericho	 missile,	 Stark	      summer	 movies.	 Although	 in	 my	           ter	 Batman.	 His	 monologue	 at	 the	
ments,	 Batman	 vs.	 Iron Man	 can	               instead	 used	 the	 allotted	 time	 to	     opinion,	the	Dark	Knight	was	much	           end	 was	 great,	 but	 I	 still	 think	 he	
be	 added	 to	 the	 list	 of	 rivalries.	     	   make	 an	 “arc	 reactor”	 suit	 to	 help	   better.	                                     could	 work	 on	 his	 voice.	 The	 fact	

The	 new	 golden	 boy	 for	 Marvel	               him	escape	captivity.		The	film	pro-        	         With	a	balanced	mix	of	com-        that	almost	every	girl	I’ve	talked	to	

Comics,	Downey,	made	some	news	                   vided	 the	 excitement	 and	 tragedy	       edy	 and	 action,	 The Dark Knight	          about	him	says	he’s	gorgeous	may	

by	saying,	“My	whole	thing	is	that	               which	Batman	was	lacking.                   made	18.5	million	dollars	in	the	box	        also	have	something	to	do	with	the	

                                oi                                                                                   te
that	 I	 saw	 ‘The Dark Knight,’”	                	        One	thing	about	Batman that	       office	 after	 its	 first	 showings.	 The	   fact	that	he	is	Batman.	

Robert	 said	 in	 an	 interview	 with	            really	 bothered	 me	 was	 the	 trans-                                                            The Dark Knight	 was	 the	

                                                                                              movie	also	had	the	best	actor	of	the	        	

Movie Hole.	 “I’m	 like,	‘That’s	 not	            formation	 of	 Harvey	 Dent	 (Aaron	        summer,	 Heath	 Ledger.	 His	 Joker	         best	 Batman movie	 made,	 better	
my	 idea	 of	 what	 I	 want	 to	 see	 in	         Eckhart)	to	the	infamous	Two-Face.	     	   role	 was	 unforgettable,	 and	 was	         than	Batman Returns and	extremely	
a	 movie.’	 I	 loved	 ‘The Prestige’	             In	an	attempt	to	bring	back	a	once	         much	 better	 than	 Jack	 Nicholson’s	       better	 than	 the	 embarrassing	 Bat-
but	 didn’t	 understand	 ‘The Dark                famous	villain,	they	turned	a	crime	        in	 the	 previous	 movie.	 He	 was	 so	      man and Robin	(which	in	my	opin-
Knight’.	Didn’t	get	it,	still	can’t	tell	         fighting	District	Attorney	into	a	foe	      into	 character	 that	 it	 was…scary.	       ion,	they	had	no	business	making.)	
you	 what	 happened	 in	 the	 movie,	             centered	on	revenge.		                      He	 made	 the	 Joker	 a	 real	 person,	      I	talked	to	some	people	around	the	
what	 happened	 to	 the	 character…	              	        The	 transition	 was	 ques-        the	 details	 he	 put	 into	 the	 charac-    school,	 and	 although	 there	 were	
I’m	 like,	 ‘I	 get	 it.	 This	 is	 so	 high-     tionable	 at	 best,	 as	 they	 had	 the	    ter	 were	 amazing,	 especially	 when	       mixed	 responses,	 most	 of	 them	
brow	 and	 so	 smart,	 I	 clearly	 need	          Joker	kill	Dent’s	girlfriend,	Rachel	       he	 licked	 his	 lips	 and	 the	 constant	   though	 went	 along	 the	 lines	 of,	 “it	
a	 college	 education	 to	 understand	            Dawes.	Then	in	an	event	that	could	         reference	 to	 his	 scars.	 I	 think	 the	   was	 a	 fantastic	 movie,”	 or,	 “I	 saw	
this	 movie,’”	                                                       hardly	 be	 consid-     quote	of	the	summer	has	definitely	          it	 so	 many	 times,	 I	 know	 half	 the	
the	actor	ranted	                                                     ered	realistic,	Dent	   been	 “why	 so	 serious?”	 There	 are	       words!”	
before	 adding,	                                                      escaped	a	fire	with	    Facebook	 and	                                                      	 	          O n e	
“You	 know	                                                           half	 of	 his	 face	    Myspace	groups	                                                     kid	 even	 keeps	
what?	 Forget	                                                        burned,	 resem-         titled	 after	 the	                                                 a	 poster	 of	 the	
DC	 comics.	                                                          bling	 TwoFace.	    	   quote.	 People	                                                     movie	 in	 his	
That’s	 all	 I	                                                       Assuming	 this	         have	 gone	 so	                                                     room.	 I	 don’t	
have	to	say	and	                                                      scene	 was	 in	         far	as	to	photo-                                                    know	 if	 any-
that’s	 where	                                                        anyway	 realis-         shop	pictures	of	                                                   one	else	picked	
I’m	really	com-                                                       tic,	 Dent’s	 hatred	   themselves	 to	                                                     up	 on	 it,	 but	 it	
ing	from.”                                                            would	 then	 be	        make	them	look	                                                     was	 pretty	 fun-
         Off	 the	                                                    turned	 to	 Joker,	     like	 the	 Joker,	                                                  ny	 when	 Bruce	
set	 Downey’s	                                                        the	man	that	mur-       and	 yes,	 the	                                                     Wayne	 asked	
harsh	       com-                                                     dered	 his	 wife,	      caption	is	“why	                                                    Lucius	 Fox	 to	
ments	 have	                                                          over	 a	 city	 of	      so	 serious?”	 It	                                                  create	 a	 suit	 in	
led	 a	 verbal	                                                       bystanders	 to	 the	    is	 a	 real	 shame	                                                 which	 he	 could	
assault	 on	 Iron                                                     tragedy	in	Gotham	      what	         hap-                                                  move	 his	 neck,	
Man	 and	 their	                                                      City.                   pened	 to	 him,	                                                    because	 in	 all	
star,	 but	 why?	   	                                                 	      A n o t h e r	   I	 would	 have	                                                     the	 other	 mov-
Through	all	this	                                                     exaggerated	 idea	      loved	 to	 see	                                                     ies,	 he	 could	
chaos,	 people	                                                       from	 The Dark          Heath	 Ledger	                                                      not.	
are	 disregard-                                     Internet Photo Knight was	Heath	          in	      another	                                 Internet Photo 	 A l t h o u g h	
ing	 Christian	                                                        Ledger’s	 perfor-      Batman	 movie	                                                       there	       were	
Bale	 being	 arrested	 in	 London	 for	           mance	 as	 the	 Joker.	 	 With	 his	        as	the	Joker,	and	I’m	sure	that	role	        many	 possible	 ending	 scenes,	 and	
assault	 on	 his	 own	 family.	 	 Bale,	          January	passing,	many	Ledger	fans	          would	have	landed	him	many	other	            I’m	not	one	hundred	sure	if	TwoFace	
who	has	played	Batman in	the	last	                were	 waiting	 anxiously	 for	 their	       opportunities.	                              was	 necessary,	 The Dark Knight	
two	 movies,	 was	 reported	 by	 his	             idols	last	performance.		There	is	no	       	         	 Another	 good	 character	        was	 the	 top	 movie	 of	 the	 summer,	
own	 sister,	 for	 verbal	 abusing	 her	          denying	he	did	a	good	job	playing	          was	 Christian	 Bale.	 His	 character	       the	best	Batman	movie	ever	made,	
and	their	mother.		Although	charges	              a	character	as	complex	as	Joker,	but	       in	 the	 Batman Begins	 movie	 was	          and	 one	 of	 the	 best	 movies	 of	 the	
have	been	dropped,	there	must	have	               all	of	this	posthumous	Oscar	talk	is	       weak.	I	don’t	think	he	took	the	time	        entire	year!	I	would	love	to	see	an-
been	more	than	a	disagreement	for	                malarkey.	                                  or	 the	 energy	 to	 really	 and	 truly	     other	Batman	movie	of	this	caliber,	
the	police	to	get	involved.		                              	 With	 two	 comic	 book	          become	 Batman	 and	 they	 could	            and	 I	 hope	 they	 do	 make	 another	
	        On	 the	 set	 was	 where	 Iron           blockbusters	in	the	books,	The Dark         have	 done	 a	 much	 better	 job	 with	      one,	 and	 I’m	 sure	 you	 do	 to!	 The	
Man	 really	 proved	 victorious.	            	    Knight	 was	 good,	 but	 Iron Man	          the	 casting.	 I	 guess	 he	 heard	 bad	     question	on	everyone’s	mind	now	is	
Downey	 played	 Tony	 Stark,	 a	 bil-             reigned	supreme	in	every	way.               reviews,	 because	 he	 came	 back	           when	another	will	be	made.
                                                                                                                                                     The Shield
   12 October 2008                                                                                                                    Op/Ed
Twilight:	Team	Jacob	vs.	Team	Edward                                                   	                                              her,	 or	 at	 least	 wound	 her.	 Many	
       by Jessica McClure                   however,	will	live	forever.	He	is	                       by Melissa Picone
                                            immortal	 and	 can	 pretty	 much	                                                         times	 in	 the	 books	 they	 have	 a	 dis-
                                            never	be	hurt,	get	sick,	tired,	or	                                                       cussion	and	he	barely	keeps	control,	
          Many	 students	 have	 read	       hungry,	(for	anything	other	than	          	         In	the	popular	series	Twilight,	     and	one	time	he	actually	loses	con-
the	 popular	 Twilight	 series	 by	         blood)	 and	 will	 stay	 young	 and	       by	Stephenie	Meyer,	the	main	char-             trol	and	changes	right	in	front	of	her.	
Stephanie	Meyer.	In	these	books,	           perfect	 while	 Bella	 grows	 old	         acters,	Edward	and	Bella	are	in	love.	         Edward	is	a	little	over	a	century	old,	
three	 of	 the	 main	 characters	 we	       and	 changes.	 Why	 should	 she	           But	 they	 have	 a	 few	 obstacles	 to	        and	 he	 hasn’t	 drank	 human	 blood	
read	 about,	 Edward,	 Bella,	 and	         want	 to	 be	 married	 to	 a	 high-	       overcome,	one	of	the	few	being	that	           in	 seventy	 years.	 He	 has	 already	
Jacob,	are	part	of	a	twisted	love	          schooler	when	she	is	30?	Forty?	           he	 is	 a	 vampire	 and	 she	 is	 human,	      learned	the	control	that	is	necessary	
triangle	 in	 which	 Edward	 and	           Fifty?	                                    and	 another	 is	 that	 Bella	 is	 also	 in	   for	them	to	be	able	to	continue	their	
Jacob	 are	 fighting	 for	 Bella’s	                  She	 could	 never	 want	 to	      love	 with	 Jacob	 Black,	 a	 werewolf.	       relationship.	
love.	                                      have	 a	 marriage	 with	 a	 young	         The	fact	that	she	loves	both	of	them	          	        We	 know	 why	 Jacob	 is	 a	
          So,	 where	 exactly	 is	 the	     boy	 when	 she	 is	 so	 much	 older,	      is	 tough	 on	 all	 three,	 but	 the	 hard-    horrible	 choice,	 but	 why	 is	 Edward	
twist?	 Edward	 is	 a	 vampire,	            and	as	she	has	only	ever	been	in	          est	 part	 of	 the	 situation	 is,	 who	       a	good	one?	Edward	is	a	gentleman.	
Jacob	is	a	werewolf,	and	Bella	is	          a	 relationship	 with	 Edward,	 she	       should	 she	 choose?	 Simple	 answer:	         Mostly	this	is	because	of	the	time	he	
a	human	who	loves	both	Edward	              still	 needs	 to	 experience	 other	       Edward.                                        grew	up	in,	the	early	1900s.	He	was	

                                                                                       	         He	 IS	 the	 best	 choice,	          born	1901	and	he	was	changed	into	

and	 Jacob.	 Being	 with	 either	           relationships.	 To	 have	 a	 life	
Edward	 or	 Jacob	 presents	 many	          with	 Edward	 she	 would	 have	 to	        because	 he	 loves	 Bella	 much	 more	         a	vampire	in	1918,	so	he	grew	up	in	

challenges,	 especially	 because	           become	 a	 vampire	 so	 that	 she	

                                                                                       than	 Jacob.	 He	 loved	 her	 so	 much	
                                                                                                                                      a	time	when	17-year-olds	were	men,	

they	 could	 both	 so	 easily	 hurt	        would	not	grow	old	and	be	more	            that	 he	 was	 willing	 to	 leave	 her	        not	 boys,	 and	 they	 still	 believed	 in	

                         Po                                                                     ou
her,	but	clearly	Jacob	is	the	bet-          like	 him,	 and	 miss	 out	 on	 so	        because	 he	 thought	 she	 would	 be	          being	chivalrous.		
ter	 choice.	 If	 I	 had	 the	 choice,	     many	life	experiences	she	would	           better	 off.	 He	 wanted	 her	 to	 have	 a	    	        He	 is	 always	 kind	 to	 Bella	
I	 would	 certainly	 choose	 Jacob	
hands	down,	no	contest.	
          Why	 is	 Jacob	 so	 much	
                                            get	a	chance	to	have	otherwise.	
                                                     Now	 let’s	 discuss	 why	
                                            Jacob	 is	 such	 a	 great	 choice.	
                                                                                       normal	 life,	 to	 be	 able	 to	 grow	 old	
                                                                                       with	 someone	 and	 have	 children,	
                                                                                       whereas	Jacob	is	selfish.
                                                                                                                                      and	 is	 willing	 to	 do	 anything	 for	
                                                                                                                                      her.	 Not	 only	 is	 he	 kind,	 but	 he	 is	
                                                                                                                                      smart,	 funny,	 strong,	 sensitive,	 and	
better	 then	 Edward?	 There	 are	          He’s	 pretty	 much	 perfect,	 but	         	         The	 most	 important	 reason	        mysterious.	He	cares	so	much	about	
so	many	reasons,	but	first	I	will	          not	in	the	physical,	literal	sense	        is	 that	 he	 is	 a	 werewolf.	 Whenever	      her	 soul,	 he	 won’t	 change	 her	 into	
explain	why	Edward	is	the	worst	            that	 Edward	 is.	 He’s	 charis-           werewolves	 lose	 control,	 they	 turn	        a	 vampire,	 despite	 her	 wishes.	 	 He	
any	girl,	especially	Bella,	could	          matic,	 funny,	 sweet,	 sensitive,	        into	 the	 horrible	 creatures	 that	 can	     is	 also	 very	 handsome,	 with	 his	
choose.	                                    good	 with	 cars,	 and	 has	 the	          hunt	 and	 kill	 their	 mortal	 enemies,	      reddish-brown	 hair	 and	 eyes	 that	
          Edward,	 being	 a	 vam-           whole	 emotional-struggle-with-            vampires.	 Usually	he	 is	good	 about	         change	from	light	to	dark	gold,	and	
pire,	 has	 a	 thirst	 for	 blood.	 He	     his-love-for-Bella	 thing	 going	          keeping	calm,	but	no	one	is	perfect,	          is	 frequently	 described	 by	 Bella	 as	
makes	 it	 clear	 to	 Bella	 that	 just	    on.	 He’s	 always	 looking	 out	           especially	him.	What	if	they	were	in	          god-like.	Jacob	is	relatively	plain	in	
being	 around	 her	 drives	 him	            for	 Bella’s	 safety	 and	 wanting	        a	 fight,	 and	 she	 said	 something	 to	      comparison	with	him.	But	it	all	boils	
crazy	with	thirst	and	her	life	will	        to	 save	 her	 from	 Edward	 and	          make	him	mad?	                                 down	 to	 this;	 Edward	 loves	 Bella,	
be	 constantly	 at	 risk	 with	 him	        the	 dangers	 she	 faces	 by	 being	       	         He	 would	 explode	 into	 a	         and	Bella	loves	Edward.	And	in	the	
around.	To	make	this	even	more	             with	 him,	 which	 makes	 readers	         werewolf	 and	 could	 possibly	 kill	          end,	isn’t	that	all	that	matters?
dangerous	 for	 Bella,	 she	 seems	         insane,	 wishing	 he	 could	 have	
to	have	exactly	the	type	of	blood	          Bella.	
that	 Edward	 wants	 the	 most,	                     Besides	 having	 the	 per-                                          The Shield
which	he	has	never	experienced	             fect	 personality,	 Jacob	 is	 per-
before	so	he	does	not	know	how	             fect	 on	 the	 outside	 as	 well.	 He	
to	deal	with	this	thirst.	                  is	 extremely	 attractive	 with	 the	
          He	compares	his	thirst	for	       whole	 tall,	 dark,	 and	 handsome	                                   Editors and Managers
her	blood	to	a	heroin	addict	who	           look	 he	 has,	 and	 is	 very	 strong.	        Editor-in-Chief...................Courtney	Knill
is	 in	 a	 room	 full	 of	 his	 favorite	   Not	 only	 is	 he	 hot	 in	 terms	 of	
brand,	and	tries	to	explain	to	her	         looks,	 but	 he	 is	 literally	 hot.	
                                                                                           Business	Manager...............Daniel	Zhao
how	 hard	 it	 is	 for	 him	 to	 con-       Being	 a	 werewolf	 makes	 him	                News	Editor........................Lauren	Grose
trol	himself.	Besides	this,	being	          always	 warm	 and	 he	 can	 stand	             Op/Ed	Editor.......................Melissa	Wrobleski
around	 Edward	 just	 gets	 Bella	          up	 to	 the	 strongest	 of	 condi-             																																												Jessica	McClure
into	 more	 and	 more	 danger,	 as	         tions,	 while	 Edward’s	 being	 a	             Features	Editor....................Emily	Witty
she	 seems	 to	 attract	 other	 more	       vampire	 makes	 him	 freezing	 to	             																																												Austin	Andre
dangerous	 vampires	 besides	               the	touch	all	the	time.
Edward	 when	 she	 is	 with	 him,	                   	 Unlike	 permanent	 vam-
                                                                                           Sports	Editor.......................Jordan	Grebow
and	they	want	to	kill	her	simply	           pires,	 he	 is	 not	 always	 a	 were-          																																												Sam	Whitman
because	she	belongs	to	Edward.	             wolf,	 so	 he	 can	 change	 to	 a	             Faculty		Advisor..................Ms.	Leila	Chawkat
Edward	 also	 belongs	 to	 a	 “fam-         human	when	he	wants	to	be	with	
ily”	of	vampires,	many	of	whom	             Bella	and	to	a	werewolf	when	he	
                                                                                                                         Staff Reporters
do	 not	 have	 nearly	 as	 much	            needs	to	be.	When	Jacob	no	lon-
self	 control	 as	 Edward	 when	 it	        ger	 needs	 to	 be	 a	 werewolf	 he	           Christine	Duff	                                  	
                                                                                                                       								Daniel	Enders	 				Tyler	House	 		
comes	to	their	blood	lust.	                 will	stop	changing	for	good	and	               Derry	MacDermott								Ethan	Meyers						Victoria	Mullinix	
          Being	 with	 Edward	 puts	        can	grow	old	with	Bella	and	they	              Amanda	Picone													Melissa	Picone					Lucas	Santiago	
Bella	 in	 peril	 constantly,	 but	         can	live	their	lives	together.                 Karen	Shollenberger						Gina	Sirenne									Nykita	Vernot
let’s	 look	 at	 the	 problems	 with	                Jacob	is	pretty	much	per-             						 																													Lyndsey	Yencha	 						
their	relationship	besides	that.	           fect,	 and	 if	 it	 is	 a	 competition,	       							
          Bella,	a	human,	will	grow,	       I	 am	 definitely	 decided	 on	 who	           	
change,	 face	 different	 stages	 of	       should	 win.	 TEAM	 JACOB:	
life,	and	eventually	die.	Edward,	          because	we	like	it	hot.
The Shield
Sports                                                                                                             October 2008 13
    Gladiator football aims to hit hard
           by Sam Whitman                 earn their first win of the season.                     playing.”                             stability,	unlike	last	year,	when	the	
                                          	       Coach	 Schaffer,	 return-                                The team definitely has the  team	lost	20	players	due	to	gradua-
	                                         ing	for	his	third	year	as	the	Varsity	                                                        tion.	 	
                                                                                                  talent.They	 are	 led	 by	 junior	 quar-
	        It’s	that	time	of	year	again,	 football	coach,	has	a	bright	outlook	                     terback	 Gage	 Trawick,	 returning	   	        Two	 of	 the	 most	 dominant	
and	you	know	what	that	means.	Its	 on	this	season.	“I	feel	that	we	have	                                                                teams	in	the	county,	River	Hill	and	
                                                                                                  for	 his	 second	 year	 as	 the	 Varsity	
football	 season	 and	 Varsity	 looks	 a	 great	 opportunity	 to	 succeed.	                       quarterback.	Shannon	Maura,	also	a	   Wilde	 Lake,	 could	 expect	 to	 have	
to	 prove	 why	 they	                                                                                                                              some	 company	 if	 Glenelg	
will	 go	 deep	 into	                                                                                                                              continues	 to	 play	 at	 the	
this	year’s	postsea-                                                                                                                               level	 at	 which	 they	 ended	
son.	                                                                                                                                              last	year.
	        Last	 year’s	                                                                                                                             	      Schaffer	 said,	 “Ev-
team	 got	 off	 to	 a	                                                                                                                             ery	 opponent	 is	 hard.	 If	
shaky	 start	 at	 0-4	                                                                                                                             you	 stop	 thinking	 about	
but	 made	 up	 for	                                                                                                                                the	 next	 game	 and	 start	
those	 games	 by	                                                                                                                                  thinking	 three	 games	
ending	 on	 a	 hot	                                                                                                                                down	the	road,	everything	
streak	 of	 six	 wins	                                                                                                                             will	fall	apart.	You	have	to	
to	 end	 the	 season	                                                                                                                              treat	 each	 game	 as	 if	 it’s	
6-4.	This	year	they	                                                                                                                               the	 hardest	 opponent	 you	
are	looking	to	con-                                                                                                                                will	 ever	 face.”	 Hopeful-
tinue	 to	 put	 up	 big	                                                                                                                           ly	 the	 team	 does	 this	 and		
games and finish                                                                                                                                   gives	 River	 Hill	 a	 run	 for	
opponents	 early	 in	                                                                                                                              its	money.	
the	game.	                                                                                                                                         	      Glenelg	will	end	the	
	        Sadly,	 that	 wasn’t	 the	 case	 The	 capabilities	 of	 our	 players	 are	               junior,	will	team	up	with	Tyler	Brit- season	 at	 River	 Hill	 on	 November	
on	 September	 12	 when	 they	 blew	 there,”	 said	 Schaffer,	 “I	 think	 we	                     tain in the backfield to give Glenelg 7.	 They	 will	 also	 play	 Atholton,	
a	half	time	lead,	21	-	18,	to	lose	at	 will	do	well.	With	the	players	on	our	                     a	one	–	two	punch.	                   October	 18,	 for	 Glenelg’s	 Home-
Long	 Reach,	 21	 -	 32.	 Previously	 team,	I	think	we	could	win	States	if	                       	        There	are	also	12	returning	 coming.		All	things	considered,	the	
they	defeated	Mt.	Hebron,	21	-	6,	to	 we	play	the	way	we	are	capable	of	                          starters	 which	 should	 help	 bring	 Glads	like	their	chances	in	2008.

Beijing Olympics prove entertain ing
	      by Derry MacDermott                            ball.                                       19.96	seconds	and	Walter	Dix	with	                cer,	gymnastics,	horse	back	riding,	
                 	                                    	         The	 big	 story	 was	 when	       a	time	of	19.98	(taking	the	bronze).	             and	tennis.	America	also	won	silver	
                                                      Micheal	Phelps	dominated	the	Bei-           Bolt	also	won	the	100-meter,	setting	             medals	 in	 BMX	 cycling,	 softball,	
	               Everyone	 has	 been	 waiting	         jing	 pool,	 winning	 8	 gold	 medals,	     another	world	record.                             taekwondo,	 and	 water	 polo.	 Final-
for	 these	 sixteen	 days	 for	 the	 past	            the	 most	 won	 in	 a	 single	 Olympic	     	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 The	American	 men	 and	   ly	 the	 U.S.	 won	 bronze	 medals	 in	
year,	and	on	August	8	the	2008	Bei-                   games.	                                     women	basketball	teams	swept	the	                 baseball,	boxing	and	judo.
jing	 Olympics	 arrived	 with	 a	 huge	               	         Born	 in	 Baltimore,	 this	       court,	 winning	 both	 gold	 medals.	             	          The	Beijing	Olympics	were	
bang.	The	opening	ceremony	at	the	                    amazing	 swimmer	 	 has	 won	 a	 to-        The	 men’s	 team	 beat	 Spain	 118	 to	           definitely a huge success, with 16
“Bird’s	 Nest”	 was	 said	 to	 be	 “the	              tal	 of	 16	 Olympic	 gold	 medals	 in	     107,	 and	 the	 women’s	 basketball	              days	of	action	packed	sports.	Now	
most	 spectacular	 Olympics	 Open-                    his	life	time.	He	started	swimming	         team	crushed	the	Australians,	92	to	              that	the	2008	Olympics	are	over,	the	
ing	Ceremony	ever	produced.”	                         when	 he	 was	 eight	 and	 found	 out	      65.	                                              next	 big	 summer	 Olympic	 games	
												A	total	of	about	10,500	ath-              that he had Attention Deficit Hyper-        												The		beach	volleyball	duo	            are	 the	 2012	 	 Olympic	 Games	 in	
letes	 participated	 consisting	 of	 the	             activity	Disorder,	and	so	he	started	       Kerri	 Walsh	 and	 Misty	 May-	 Tre-              London.
games	 in	 302	 events	 in	 28	 sports,	              to	swim	to	burn	off	the	energy.	And	        anor	 killed	 the	 competition	 and	              	          Nobody	 knows	 if	 the	 Lon-
one	more	sport	than	the	2004	Olym-                    look	at	him	now,	the	world’s	great-         received	 the	 gold	 medal.	 	 They	              don	 Olympics	 will	 beat	 the	 Bei-
pics	in	Athens.                                       est	Olympian.		                             breezed	 through	 the	 tournament;	               jing	Olympics.	London	will	be	the	
	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 The	 Beijing	 games	 cre-     	         Also,	41-year-old	Dara	Tor-       not	 dropping	 the	 ball	 in	 any	 set	 or	       first city to hold the Olympics three
ated	a	lot	of	new	records	in	the	six-                 res appeared in her fifth Olympics          match	 (in	either	 2004	 Olympics	in	             times;	the	games	will	only	hold	26	
teen	 days	 of	 non-stop	 sports.	 	 The	             for	 swimming.	 Torres	 has	 been	 in	      Athens	or	2008	Beijing	Olympics).	                sports	this	time	around,	eliminating	
games	 saw	 43	 new	 world	 records,	                 more	Olympic	games	than	any	other	          In the final game against China, the              baseball	and	softball.	
and	 132	 Olympic	 records.	 Eighty	                  American.	 Even	 though	 she	 didn’t	       rain	 poured	 down,	 but	 Walsh	 and	             	          Since	two	sports	have	been	
seven	countries	won	a	medal,	while	                   bring	 home	 the	 gold,	 she	 still	 won	   May-	 Treanor	 powered	 through	 it,	             eliminated,	 they	 IOC	 is	 also	 con-
China	dominated,	winning	51	gold	                     three	silver	medals	in	the	50-meter	        winning	 both	 sets	 and	 both	 games	            sidering	 other	 sports,	 such	 as	 golf,	
medals,	the	second	largest	haul	by	a	                 freestyle,	 4×100	 medley	 relay,	 and	     21-18.	                                           squash,	 women’s	 boxing,	 karate,	
national	team.                                        the	4×100	freestyle	relay.                  	               May-	 Treanor	 won	 her	          roller	sports,	or	rugby	sevens	for	in-
												The	Americans	did	incred-                 	         Swimming	 wasn’t	 the	 only	      103rd	career	tournament	and	Walsh	                clusion	on	the	program.	
ibly,	winning	a	total	of	110	medals:	                 sport	 that	 Americans	 excelled	 at;	      won	her	100th	career	tournament	in	               										Whatever	sport	you	like	to	
36	 gold,	 38	 silver,	 and	 36	 bronze,	             running	also	gave	us	many	medals.	          the	Beijing	games.	Also,	the	men’s	               watch	the	most,	whether	it	be	Mi-
not	to	mention	claiming	the	title	for	                In	the	200	meter	race,	Jamacan	Usain	       beach	volleyball	team	won	the	gold	               chael	Phelps	diving	into	eight	gold	
most	 medals	 won	 by	 any	 country.	             	   Bolt	took	the	gold,	setting	a	world	        for	the	U.S.                                      medals	or	women’s	volleyball	hit-
The	Americans	set	many	world	and	                     record	 of	 19.30	 seconds.	 Dashing	       												Some	other	sports	that	Amer-          ting	the	sand,	these	games	did	not	
Olympic	records,	including	those	in	                  behind	 him	 were	 two	 Americans,	         ica	won	gold	in	were	rowing,	sail-                disappoint,	and	we	look	forward	to	
swimming	 and	 women’s	 	 	 basket-                   Shawn	 Crawford	 with	 the	 time	 of	       ing,	wrestling,	shooting,	saber,	soc-             the	London	games	in	2012.
                                                                                                                                                        The Shield
    14 October 2008                                                                                                                       Sports

    Soccer kicks off new season
          by Dan Enders                      but	 the	 new	 seniors	 are	 stepping	
                                             up	 and	 a	 lot	 of	 the	 underclassmen	
                                                                                            fact	we	just	wanna	play.”	With	such	
                                                                                            team	 chemistry	 and	 great	 players,	
                                                                                                                                          mistic	 about	 the	 upcoming	 season.	
                                                                                                                                          Warner	exclaimed,	“I	love	the	team	
                                             are	 ready	 to	 play.”	 	Although	 very	       Reigel	 hopes	 to	 at	 least	 make	 the	      this	year!	I	realize	that	we	lost	some	
	         When	 asked	 what	 the	 most	      young,	 the	 boys	Varsity	 team	 is	 in	       quarterfinals as they did last year.          really	 great	 players	 last	 year,	 but	
popular	sport	in	the	world	is,	many	         no	way	inexperienced	with	veteran	             With	 such	 talented	 young	 players,	        we’ve	 gained	 a	 lot	 of	 talent	 this	
of	you	will	say,	football,	but	the	truth	    team	 captain,	 Ryan	 Ferrera	 return-         the	boys’	Glenelg	High	School	soc-            year.	
is	that	it	is	fútbol	instead	of	football.	   ing	 for	 his	 fourth	 year	 as	 a	 starter	   cer	team	will	certainly	be	a	force	to	        	        Everyone	gets	along	so	well	
Although,	both	sound	quite	similar	          on	 the	 Varsity	 team.	 “There	 are	 a	       be	reckoned	with	in	years	to	come.	           both on the field and off. We have
they	are	very	different	games.	Fút-          lot	 of	 good	 teams	 [in	 the	 county],	      	         Soccer,	 like	 many	 sports	        amazing	 team	 chemistry	 and	 I	 re-
bol,	 as	 most	 of	 you	 know	 is	 what	     but	we	have	a	lot	of	underclassmen	            at	Glenelg,	has	a	great	tradition	of	         ally	think	that’s	going	to	help	us	in	
we,	in	the	United	States,	like	to	call	      that	 might	 make	 it	 hard	 for	 other	       winning,	especially	the	girls	Varsity	        the	long	run.”	Warner	is	not	the	only	
soccer.	 Both	 the	 boys’	 and	 girls’	      teams	to	know	a	lot	about	us,”	said	       	   team, which finished last season off          one	who	is	optimistic	about	the	sea-
varsity	soccer	teams	had	very	suc-           Reigel.	Even	with	a	young	team	in	a	           with	a	record	of	12-6-1	and	a	sec-            son	to	come,	Sheridan	feels,	“Pretty	
cessful	seasons	last	year.	                  very difficult county, both the play-          ond	 state	 championship	 in	 a	 row.	        good	[about	the	season],	we	have	a	
	         The	 boys’	 team	 found	 suc-      ers	and	Reigel	are	highly	optimistic	          Although	the	defending	champs	lost	           lot	of	young,	new	faces,	but	I	think	
cess	 in	 a	 late	 surge	 boosting	 them	    about	this	season.	                            multiple	invaluable	players	such	as	          we’ll	 learn	 to	 play	 together	 well.”	
to the state quarterfinals and a fi-         	         According	 to	 Reigel,	 “our	        leading	 scorer	 Alayna	 Markwordt,	          Sheridan	 expects	 a	 lot	 from	 this	
nal	record	of	7-8-3,	while	the	girls’	       team	 is	 working	 hard	 and	 playing	         Coach	 Dean	 Sheridan	 “brought	              young	group,	hoping	to	compete	for	
team	achieved	a	state	championship	          well.	I	think	we	will	surprise	a	lot	of	       in	 a	 talented	 group”	 to	 replace	 the	    a	 Regional	 and	 third	 straight	 State	
last	year	with	the	stunning	record	of	       people.” And as senior midfielder,             lost	seniors.		The	varsity	team	only	         championship.	
12-6-1.	 Both	 teams	 lost	 a	 number	       Colin	Vechery	put	it,	“many	people	            includes	 two	 seniors,	 Meaghan	             	        Varsity	soccer	may	be	inex-
of	 starters	 and	 other	 great	 players	    this	year	have	said	that	we	lost	a	lot	        Guyader	 and	 Mary	 Kate	 Warner,	       	    perienced	 but	 they	 feel	 they	 have	
to	 graduation,	 but	 have	 done	 well	      of	 great	 players,	 players	 of	 great	       but	they	are	still	experienced,	with	         what	it	takes	to	suprise	people	this	
replacing	them	with	young	and	ex-            ability,	talent,	and	spirit.	This	is	very	     players	 such	 as	 third	 year	 varsity	      season.	 	 All	 in	 all,	 both	 the	 boys’	
cited	players.	                              true,	 but	 we	 have	 gained	 each	 one	       player,	 junior	 Ellie	 Axenfeld	 an-         and	girls	Varsity	soccer	teams	have	
	         As	 boys	 Varsity	 coach,	         lost	in	one	way	or	another	and	be-             choring	the	team.                             quite	a	reputation	to	live	up	to,	but	
Bill	 Reigel	 said,	 “It’s	 been	 really	    ing	a	member	of	this	team	last	year,	          	         Despite	 the	 variety	 of	 ages	    both	the	coaches	and	the	players	ex-
tough	replacing	players	like	Devon	          our	chemistry	is	far	superior	to	any	          on	the	Varsity	team,	injured	senior	          pect	great	success	from	their	teams	
[Caldwell]	 and	 Tommy	 [Osborne],	          other	 years	 in	 the	 past	 due	 to	 the	     goalie	 Mary	 Kate	 Warner	 is	 opti-         this	year.		

Golf tees off season Running at states
	     by Mel;issa Wrobleski                  appointing	for	the	team	and	all	of	its	
                                                                                                   by Victoria Mullinex
                                                                                                                                          how	welcoming	her	teammates	are	
                                                                                                                                          and	 all	 of	 the	 good	 times	 she	 has	
                                             	       “The	team	is	really	good	this	                                                       had	with	them.
	        The	 golf	 team	 has	 always	       year,”	 said	 senior	 Stephen	 Castro.	        	        The	cross	country	team	con-          	        In	 addition	 to	 Volrath,	 Mr.	
been	 watched	 and	 supported	 by	           “Although	we	had	our	recent	loss	to	           sists	of	over	70	people	who	all	share	        Ruckert,	 a	 retired	 health	 teacher,	
the	 school,	 although	 this	 year,	 the	    Marriotts	Ridge	we	 are	 doing	 well	          one	 interest:	 running.	 It	 clearly	        and	 Rob	 Stephens	 coach	 the	 team.	
first girl player in history to be on        otherwise.”                                    showed	when	the	boys	team	placed	             Volrath,	 who	 has	 been	 the	 cross	
the	 team	 really	 has	 people	 talking.	    	       Senior	 Matt	 Philie	 of	 the	         first in the State championship last          country	 coach	 since	 1973,	 is	 look-
Junior	Rachel	Smith,	new	member	             team	 added	 on,	 “We’re	 the	 best	           year	and	the	girls	placed	sixth.	Mr.	         ing	forward	to	the	upcoming	meets,	
on	the	golf	team,	has	made	Glenelg	          looking	team	in	the	county.”                   Volrath,	 one	 of	 the	 coaches,	 hopes	      especially	County	regionals.	Unfor-
history by being the first girl to join      	       As	 for	 new	 people	 coming	          for	 the	 boys	 team	 to,	 “repeat	 that	     tunately, the first meet of the season
the	team,	and	doesn’t	plan	on	leav-          onto	 the	 team	 for	 next	 year,	 hope-       and	 for	 the	 girls	 to	 do	 even	 better	   was	 cancelled	 due	 to	 bad	 weather.	
ing.	                                        fully	Smith	has	had	an	impact	to	get	          than	 sixth.”	 The	 team	 deserves	 it	       County	 regionals	 are	 very	 impor-
	        Although	 Smith	 was	 the	          even	more	girls	to	join	the	already	           after	 spending	 six	 days	 a	 week	 at	      tant	to	the	entire	team	because,	“all	
first girl to be on the team, two more       great	team.	                                   practice,	alternating	between	length	         the	county	schools	will	be	there	and	
female	players	joined.	Colleen	Cas-          “There	are	already	new	people	who	             and	workout	every	other	day.	                 we’ll	get	an	idea	of	where	we	are,”	
tro	and	Yu	Lee	have	joined	to	assist	        want	to	join,”	Smith	says	of	making	           	        For	 example,	 they,	 “have	 a	      said	Volrath.	
Smith	in	making	our	school	victori-          an	 impact	 on	 other	 girls.	 “People	        workout	 whether	 it’s	 intervals	 like	      	        The	 captains	 of	 the	 girls	
ous.                                         see	how	much	fun	I’m	having	and	               timed	800s,	hills	or	stride	workouts,	        team	 are	 senior	 Natalie	 Campanile	
	        “It’s	 been	 an	 exciting	 and	     want	to	join	in.”	                             etc,	and	then	the	other	days	are	long	        and	 junior	 Lindsey	 Nolan,	 and	 the	
rewarding	 experience	 to	 play	 on	         	       Coach	 Chris	 Beil	 also	 had	         runs,”	 Kirby	 Taylor,	 a	 sophomore	         captains	of	the	boys	team	are	seniors	
the	 team,”	 Smith	 said,	 “I	 get	 the	     a	 new	 experience	 of	 coaching	 the	         on	 the	 varsity	 team,	 said.	 Taylor	       Justin	Deitrick	and	Connor	Pencek.	        	
honor	 of	 playing	 competitively	 for	      golf	 team.	 Although	 he	 is	 in	 his	        joined	 the	 team	 in	 her	 freshmen	         Nolan	 has	 been	 on	 the	 team	 since	
my	school	against	other	teams	who	           third	year	teaching	at	Glenelg,	and	           year.	She	continues	to	run	because,	          her	freshman	year	and	was	made	a	
work	just	as	hard	as	we	do.”	                has	 coached	 other	 school	 teams,	           “everyone’s	really	nice	and	support-          captain	at	the	start	of	this	season.		
	        Although	having	girls	on	the	       coaching	 golf	 was	 something	 new,	          ive	 and	 the	 pasta	 parties	 are	 good,	    	        	 Pencek	 offers	 words	 of	
team	is	something	new	and	exciting	          though	 he	 played	 golf	 himself	 in	         too.”	She	recommends	that	anyone	             inspiration	 in	 saying	 that,	 “with	 a	
for	the	students	of	Glenelg,	it’s	not	       college, and as a result, is qualified.        who	wants	to	join	next	year	should	           positive	 mindset	 and	 a	 great	 work	
the	 only	 exciting	 thing	 about	 the	      	       The	sport	of	golf	is	one	that	         try	out	because,	“it’s	really	fun	and	        ethic,	anyone	can	be	on	top.”		Cross	
team.	The	team	works	together	to	be	         is	growing	more	and	more,	and	this	            it	will	be	a	good	experience	for	any-         Country feels confident in their
competitive	against	other	schools	in	        team	 is	 one	 to	 watch	 for	 both	 the	      one.”	                                        ability	 to	 build	 on	 last	 year’s	 suc-
the	 county,	 although	 a	 recent	 loss	     rest	of	this	season,	and	for	years	to	         	        Her	 favorite	 aspects	 of	 be-      cess	and	bring	home	another	cham-
by	one	to	Marriotts	Ridge	was	dis-           come.                                          ing	 on	 the	 cross	 country	 team	 are	      pionship.		
The Shield
Sports                                                                                                     October 2008 15

    Hockey aims for success NBA losing star power
          by Gina Sirenne                     sweeper	Maddie	Vincent	is	holding	            	       by Austin Andre                      The	 question	 is,	 are	 these	 players	
                                              together	 the	 defense,	 while	 fresh-        	       								                             replaceable?	 Some	 argue	 that	 the	
                                              men	Alyssa	 Parker	 and	 Mary	 Kate	                                                       NBA	 will	 suffer	 minimally,	 even	
	        Despite	 a	 disappointing	           Olson	anchor	the	attack.		The	team	           	        Again	 and	 again,	 overseas	       with	a	loss	of	players.	Aspiring	play-
overtime	 loss	 to	 Towson	 in	 their	        returns	 many	 seniors	 and	 plans	 to	       leagues	are	swiping	our	NBA	play-            ers, they say, will fill in the gaps left
first game of the year, the field             look	 to	 that	 leadership	 for	 playoff	     ers.	Only	last	month,	Hawks	player	          behind	 without	 incident.	 Says	 Joel	
hockey	 team	 has	 since	 come	 back	         success.			                                   Josh	 Childress	 accepted	 a	 20	 mil-       Litvin,	 NBA	 president	 of	 league,	
strong	and	boasts	a	positive	record.	         	        “When	it’s	time	to	get	down	         lion	deal	from	Euro	league,	appar-           “We’re	 not	 terribly	 concerned,	 in	
In	 head	 coach	 Ginger	 Kincaid’s	           to	 business,	 the	 team	 will	 really	       ently unsatisfied with his pay in the        fact,	we	see	this	as	a	positive	indi-
thirty-second	 season,	 the	 team	 has	       have	to	step	up	and	play	as	a	team,”	         NBA.	 Star	 player	 Lebron	 James,	          cation	 of	 how	 popular	 the	 sport	 of	
been	joined	by	long	time	occasional	          said	 Kincaid.	 “Speed,	 quickness,	          considered	 playing	 overseas	 if	 he	       basketball	is	on	a	global	basis.”
coach	 Lindsay	 Ricks	 as	 the	 junior	       and	 muscular	 strength	 become	 a	           was	offered	40-50	million	a	year.	In	        	       Recently,	 the	 world	 has	
varsity	head	coach.			                        major	factor	late	in	the	season,”	and	        his	words,	“Great	basketball	is	great	       been	catching	up	to	the	U.S.	in	bas-
	        Undefeated	 in	 county	 until	       the	team	has	been	training	with	this	         basketball,	 whether	 it’s	 America,	        ketball statistics, not to mention fi-
the	championship	game	last	season,	           in	mind.			                                   Europe	 or	 Asia.”	 Seriously.	 How-         nances,	 which	 has	 been	 the	 reason	
the	girls	are	looking	to	reach	claim	         	        Key	games	include	defend-            ever,	 the	drawback	 for	the	 NBA	 is	       why	it	can	afford	to	“buy	off”	NBA	
the	state	title	they	lost	two	years	ago	      ing	 county	 champion	 Centennial	            potentially	 weaker,	 shakier	 teams	        players.	However,	some	believe	it’s	
and	 come	 out	 on	 top	 of	 the	 coun-       as	well	as	River	Hill	and	Atholton,	          with	a	lack	of	key	player	structure.	        doubtful	 that	 star	 NBA	 players	 in	
ty	 as	 well.	 	 	 	 Key	 senior	 Lauriann	   both	of		which	the	team	defeated	in	    	     	        This	 leads	 to	 speculation	       their	prime	will	make	this	leap	and	
Parker	 is	 back	 as	 four	 year	 varsity	    overtime.		                                   about	 the	 European	 team	 motives.	  	     play	 overseas.	 For	 one,	 superstars	
player.		Having	scored	22	goals	last	         	        The	junior	varsity	squad	ran	        In	 addition,	 players	 who	 agree	 to	      don’t	have	issues	getting	their	mon-
season,	leading	the	county	in	scor-           undefeated	 last	 season	 and	 plans	         play	 overseas	 have	 been	 offered	         ey,	and	two;	they	are	above	playing	
ing,	 Parker	 will	 be	 a	 huge	 asset	 to	   to	 do	 the	 same	 again	 under	 Ricks.		     citizenship	in	that	area.	It	has	been	       against	lesser	competition.
the	team,	as	will	three	year	varsity	         With	a	full	balance	of	talented	soph-         posed	 that	 European	 teams	 are	 not	      	       	Regardless,	the	NBA	has	to	
starting	senior	goalkeeper	Courtney	          omores	 and	 freshmen,	 the	 team	 is	        after	 the	 money,	 but	 instead	 civic	     worry	about	overseas	teams	poach-
Knill,	 	 senior	 Kendall	 Church	 and	       undefeated	thus	far	and	has	allowed	          and	 national	 pride.	 Either	 way,	         ing	 their	 star	 players.	 	 With	 argu-
senior	 Skylar	 Marcoux.	 	 All	 four	        only	 one	 goal	 against,	 largely	 due	      there’s	 a	 good	 chance	 more	 play-        ments	 on	 either	 side,	 people	 will	
are	 captains,	 setting	 the	 tone	 for	      to	the	goalkeeper	coaching	of	Carly	          ers	will	be	drafted	to	play	overseas.	       just	have	wait	and	see	which	play-
both	 practice	 and	 games.	 	 Senior	        Robinson.		                                   And	soon.	                                   ers	take	the	bait.

Volleyball set for season Cheering up a storm it	 to	 States	 this	 year.	 Junior	 Carly	             by Sonia Shariff                   tion	 squad,	 for	 the	 girls	 who	 want	
     by Karen Shollenberger
	                                             Hawkins	 and	 McComas	 are	 also	                                                          to	learn	a	choreographed	routine	to	
                                              both	top	players.	                                                                         compete	against	other	cheerleaders	
	       Varsity	 volleyball	 has	 one	        	         The	 Junior	 Varsity	 team	 is	     	        Cheerleading,	 like	 many	          from	 different	 schools.	 Junior	Var-
goal	 this	 season;	 to	 bring	 home	 a	      being	led	by	captains	Amanda	Sei-             Glenelg	 sports,	 have	 new	 coaches	        sity	makes	up	the	two	game	squads,	
state	 championship.	 Last	 season,	          grist	 and	 Meagan	 McComas	 this	            this	year.	Tiffany	Brewer	and	Nick	          which	 is	 for	 the	 girls	 who	 want	 to	
they got to the state semi-final game,        season.	 The	 Freshman	 team	 chose	          Santolla	join	returning	coach,	Paige	        show	 support	 for	 the	 other	 sports	
where	 junior	 Casey	 Schmidt,	 the	          Stacy	Diamond	and	Kimmy	Martin	               Komsa,	to	help	the	girls	cheer	their	        teams	 and	 pump	 up	 the	 crowd	 at	
team’s	main	setter,	hurt	her	foot	and	        as	captains.	                                 way	to	victory.	Unlike	Tiffany,	Nick	        games.
was	unable	to	play.	Without	her,	the	                   The first game of the season        is	 no	 new	 face	 to	 the	 squad.	 Over	    		       On	top	of	these	changes,	the	
team	failed	to	move	on	to	the	state	          was	against	River	Hill.	The	Fresh-            the	 previous	 years,	 he	 has	 helped	      girls	 had	 one	 more	 small	 change:	
championships,	but	the	team	is	ex-            man	team	was	evenly	matched	and	              the	girls	with	stunting	during	sum-          where	 they	 practice.	 Due	 to	 the	
cited	for	the	upcoming	season,	with	          won a close first game. The Junior            mer	 camps	 and	 clinics,	 to	 prepare	      renovations,	 the	 cheerleaders	 were	
her	back	in	the	game.                         Varsity	team	played	next,	but	didn’t	         them	 for	 upcoming	 tryouts.	As	 for	       unable	 to	 practice	 in	 the	 gym.	 To	
	       This	year,	Coach	Don	Beall	           fair	as	well.	The	games	were	close,	          Paige,	 this	 will	 be	 her	 fourth	 year	   accommodate	 that	 problem,	 they	
is	 coaching	 the	 Varsity	 team,	 Mr.	       but	they	lost	two.	The	Varsity	team	          coaching	the	squad.                          practice	in	the	dance	room	or	on	the	
Schmidt	 is	 coaching	 Junior	 Var-           played	 last,	 with	 similar	 results	 to	    	        Besides	getting	new	coach-          baseball field.
sity,	and	Mr.	Quinn	is	coaching	the	          Junior	 Varsity.	 They	 played	 well,	        es,	the	girls	were	faced	with	another	       		       All	in	all,	junior	Taylor	Ber-
freshman	 team.	 In	 addition	 to	 the	       but	still	lost	in	three	games,	enough	        change.	 This	 year,	 instead	 of	 the	      ry states “I feel confident with plac-
three	 head	 coaches,	 Lindsey	 Han-          to	 give	 another	 victory	 to	 River	        normal	 Varsity	 and	 Junior	 Varsity,	      ing	in	competition	this	year.	With	a	
nah	sometimes	helps	out.	                     Hill.                                         they	now	have	a	competition	squad	           new	coach	staff	and	a	stronger	team	
        Before the first game, se-            	         “If	our	heads	are	in	it,	we’re	     and	two	game	squads.	                        I	feel	that	we	will	be	able	to	make	
nior	Anne	 Regan	 said,	 “I	 think	 we	       good.	 It’s	 all	 kind	 of	 psychologi-       	        Varsity	is	now	the	competi-         our	way	to	the	top.”
have	a	chance	at	states	this	year,	but	       cal.”	Regan	added.	Hopefully	it	was	

                                                                                            HOMECOMING UPDATE
if	we	start	off	bad,	we’ll	end	bad.”	         just first-game nervousness and ev-
The	Varsity	team	prides	themselves	           eryone’s	heads	will	be	in	the	game	
in	 playing	 well	 all	 around,	 though	      for	the	rest	of	the	season.	
last	year	their	servicing	skills	were	
especially	helpful	in	the	clutch.
                                              	         If	 nobody	 gets	 injured	 this	
                                              season,	and	everyone	stays	focused,	
                                                                                                            October	18th					
	       This	year’s	Varsity	captains	
are	 seniors	 Natalie	 Long	 and	 Cara	
                                              this	 season	 could	 be	 even	 more	
                                              noteworthy	than	last,	ending	with	a	
                                                                                                     	Game	at	2							Parade	at	12
McComas.	 Casey	 Schmidt	 may	
be	 what	 the	 team	 needs	 to	 make	
                                              Volleyball	 State	 Champion	 banner	
                                              to	hang	with	pride.
                                                                                                      Tickets	$20				Dance	7-11		
                                                                                                                                              The Shield
    16 October 2008                                                                                                             Sports
2008-2009 NFL Power Rankings
       by Jordan Grebow

            The Elite                      	      Playoff Push                          Middle of the Pack                           Maybe Next Year
1.								Dallas	Cowboys	(12-4)            7.	     New	York	Giants	(11-5)	          15.	    Minnesota	Vikings	(9-7)	            24.	     	Houston	Texans	(6-10)
											Super	Bowl	Champion             Eli Manning leads a injury filled Gi- Gus	Frerrotte	replaces	Tavaris	Jack-           The	Texans	are	one	of	the	most	in-
In	 Tony	 Romo’s	 two	 years	 in	 the	     ant	team	back	to	the	playoff	and	the	 son	 at	 quarterback.	 Its	 about	 time	       jury	prone	teams	in	the	NFL,	and	I	
NFL	 he	 has	 led	 the	 Cowboys	 to	       Super Bowl MVP makes his first for	 a	 change.	 This	 offense	 has	 the	             don’t	see	that	changing	in	’08.		Matt	
outstanding	 regular	 seasons,	 but	       pro	bowl.                                best	running	back	in	the	league	but	        Schaub	 has	 struggled	 and	 he	 bet-
playoff	 disappointments.	 	 With	                                                  can’t	get	anything	going	in	the	air.	       ter	 pick	 it	 up	 before	 the	 fans	 start	
the	 addition	 of	 players	 like	 Zach	    8.	     Denver	Broncos	(11-5)	                                                       cheering	for	Sage	Rosenfeld.
Thomas,	Pacman	Jones,	and	rookie	          Cutler	 to	 Marshall.	 Get	 used	 to	 16.	       	New	York	Jets	(9-7)					
Felix	Jones	the	Cowboys	think	Su-          hearing	 that	 because	 these	 two	 are	 Brett	Favre	reverts	back	to	old	hab-        25.		 Oakland	Raiders	(5-11)	
per	Bowl	or	bust.		This	is	the	year	       the	real	deal.	This	team	has	chemis- its	 and	 throws	 more	 interceptions	          By mid-season, add Laine Kiffin
Romo not only wins his first playoff       try	and	could	sneak	into	the	cham- than touchdowns in his first season               to	the	list	of	coaches	looking	for	a	
game, but his first Super Bowl.            pionship	picture.	                       in	the	Big	Apple.                           job.		

                                           9.					Carolina	Panthers	(10-6)	          17.			 Baltimore	Ravens	(9-7)              26.	     	Cleveland	Browns	(5-11)	
2.								Pittsburgh	Steelers	(12-4)       With	head	coach,	John	Fox,	on	the	        Joe	 Flacco	 is	 the	 future,	 however,	   Derek	Anderson’s	cashes	in	only	to	
												Super	Bowl	Runner-Up	          hot	 seat;	 quarterback,	 Jake	 Del-      the	future	is	a	few	years	away.	Flac-      turn into another flop in the Browns
In	 a	 weak	AFC	 North	 the	 Steelers	     home,	 saves	 both	 Fox’s	 and	 his	      co	 has	 good	 mobility	 and	 a	 strong	   unsuccessful	franchise.		You	have	to	
strong	division	record	helps	out	an	       own	job	with	a	career	year	and	the	       arm,	 but	 needs	 to	 work	 on	 consis-    feel	 for	 these	 loyal	 fans,	 who	 year	
otherwise	 brutal	 schedule.	 	 Expe-      final NFC playoff wildcard. Jono-         tency.	                                    in	and	year	out	cheer	their	Browns	
rience	 helps	 and	 the	 Steelers	 have	   than	Stewart	will	make	his	case	for	      	         	                                only	to	recieve	yet	another	medio-
plenty	of	it.		As	for	the	playoffs,	a	     rookie	of	the	year	which	is	impres-       		18.						San	Francisco	49ers	(8-8)	      cre	performance.
strong	 defense	 prevails	 in	 a	 down	    sive	considering	he	is	not	even	the	      J.T.	 O’Sullivan	 will	 be	 this	 years	   		
year	for	the	AFC	elite.                    starting	the	running	back.                Derek	 Anderson.	 	 His	 cinderella	       27.		 Cincinnati	Bengals	(4-12)	
                                                                                     story	will	last	through	the	year	and	      Chad	Ocho	Cinco	is	going	to	be	liv-
3.							Philadelphia	Eagles	(12-4)       10.	     San	Diego	Chargers	(10-6)	 offensive	 cordinator,	 Mike	 Martz	              id	if		he	can	count	their	wins	on	one	
																NFC	Runner-Up	            The	most	overrated	team	in	the	NFL	 will	 once	 again	 prove	 why	 he	 de-            hand…	we	hope
Even	 with	 a	 stellar	 season	 from	 proves	once	again	why	they	haven’t	 serves	a	head	coaching	position
Donovan	 McNabb,	 the	 Philly	 fans	 won	a	Super	Bowl.		Shawne	Merri-                                                           28.	     	Detroit	Lions	(4-12)	
will get sick of finishing second to man	going	down	is	going	to	prove	 19.			New	Orleans	Saints	(8-8)                           Detroit’s	 hockey	 and	 basketball	
their	 rival	 Cowboys	 and	 begin	 the	 costly	to	an	already	shoddy	defense.	 Sean Payton officially is on the hot
                                                                                   	                                            success,	won’t	translate	to	the	grid-
Kevin	 Kolb	 chants.	 Brian	 West- Look	 for	 Norv	 Turner	 to	 be	 job	 seat	after	yet	again	failing	to	repeat	                iron,	at	least	while	Matt	Millen	is	in	
brook’s	 versatility	 takes	 them	 this	 hunting	by	the	end	of	the	season.           the	performance	of	2006.	                  charge.
far	 but	 they	 are	 no	 match	 for	 the	
Cowboys.	                                 11.	     Buffalo	Bills	(10-6)	             20.								Chicago	Bears	(7-9)	 	          29.		 Miami	Dolphins	(4-12)	
                                          In	 a	 surprising	 turn	 of	 events,	 the	 So	you	think	the	Bears	are	thinking	       A	three	win	improvement	from	’08	
4.							Indianapolis	Colts	(13-3)        Bills	creep	up	and	steal	the	AFC	East	 quarterback	in	the	2009	draft?	Kyle	           will	be	considered	a	successful	sea-
														AFC		Runner-Up	             leaving	Favre’s	Jets	and	Brady-less	 Orton	and	Rex	Grossman	will	joim	                son	in	Miami.		Added	with	an	upset	
With	 Brady	 going	 down	 early,	 Pats	home	stunned.		Trent	Edwards	 Joey	Harrington	as	early	draft	picks	                      in	New	England,	Dolphin	fans	have	
Manning	becomes	the	obvious	can- might	turn	out	to	be	the	gem	in	the	 looking	for	a	job.                                        to	be	pretty	happy	with	the	work	of	
didate	 to	 represent	 the	AFC	 in	 the	 07	draft	class.                                                                        Bill	Parcells.
Super	Bowl.	However,	the	Colts	get	                                                  21.			Tampa	Bay	Buccaneers	(7-9)	
caught	looking	past	the	Steelers	and	 12.	         Arizona	Cardinals	(8-8)	          Jon	 Gruden	 made	 a	 mistake	 by	         30.	    	Atlanta	Falcons	(3-13)	
are	embarrassed	at	home	in	what	is	 The	Cardinals	aren’t	the	best	team	 benching	his	Pro	Bowl	quarterback	                      The	 post-Vick	 era	 is	 another	 few	
more	than	likely	Tony	Dungy’s	last	 remaining,	 but	 in	 the	 NFC	 West	 after	 just	 one	 game.	 	 Brian	 Griese	              years	 away	 from	 being	 complete.	    	
season.	                                  you	don’t	have	to	be,	and	the	Cards	 has	 been	 a	 career	 backup	 and	 his	          I	like	the	Mike	Smith	hire	and	the	
                                          round	out	the	playoffs.                    mediocre	numbers	show	why.                 Matt	Ryan	pick	but	the	Falcons	are	
5.						Jacksonville	Jaguars	(11-5)	                                                                                            in	just	year	two	of	their	drastic	re-
A	 strong	 one-two	 punch	 of	 Fred	 13.			 Tennessee	Titans	(10-6)	                 22.		New	England	Patriots	(7-9)	           building	process.
Taylor	 and	 Maurice	 Jones	 Drew	 In	a	tough	year	for	wild	cards,	the	 There	is	a	reason	Matt	Cassel	hasn’t	                   	       	
leads	 the	 Jaguars	 once	 again.	 	An- Titans	 elite	 defense	 falls	 just	 short	 started	 since	 high	 school.	 The	 Pa-     31.	    Kansas	City	Chiefs	(2-14)	
other	solid	wild-card	season	for	the	 of	returning	to	consecutive	playoff	 triots	just	can’t	get	it	done	without	               The	 offense	 is	 awful,	 the	 defense	
Jags,	but	until	Peyton	is	no	longer	a	 appearances.	                                 Brady.                                     might	 be	 worse.	 	 Injuring	 Tom	
Colt,	they	don’t	have	the	man-pow-                                                                                              Brady	might	be	the	most	press	the	
er	to	take	control	of	the	tough	AFC	 14.		Washington	Redskins	(10-6)                 23.			 Seattle	Seahawks	(6-10)	            Chiefs	 will	 get	 all	 year.	 	 College	
south.                                    A	brutal	division	leaves	a	10-6	Red- Mike	 Holmgren’s	 last	 season	 will	            quarterback	 Chase	 Daniels	 might	
                                          skins	squad	home	for	the	playoffs.	 be	 one	 to	 forget.	 The	 Hawks	 just	
                                                                                   	                                            be	 the	 best	 quarterback	 in	 all	 of	
6.					Green	Bay	Packers	(11-5)	          Jason Campbell finally lives up to can’t	 get	 anything	 going	 this	 year	           Missouri.
Aaron	 Rodgers	 learned	 from	 the	 the	 hype	 and	 proves	 successfull	 in	 in	 a	 strong	 NFC.	 	 Their	 chances	
best,	and	Packers	faithful	may	have	 Jim	 Zorn’s	 newly	 installed	 west	 for	 any	 major	victories	 are	 slim	to	              32.								St	Louis	Rams	(1-15)	
found	an	heir.		A	ruptured	spleen	to	 coast	offense.	 		            	       	        none.		                                    Remember	 just	 a	 few	 short	 years	
Al	Harris	might	be	the	achilles	heel	 	            		                                                                           ago	when	they	were	nicknamed	the	
of	the	Packers.                                                                                                                 “Greatest	Show	on	Turf.”

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