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              ASTAV                                     Contact: Howard Fabian
                                                        Phone: +972-52-598-8077
                                                        Email:      hrf@ASTAV.net

ASTAV has developed and is marketing several anti-fraud technologies, including:
  SignSafeTM:NOPHISHTM : Strong AuthorizationTM technology- empowering individuals and organizations
  to detect and protect against identity fraud, online and in the real world. Selected as a disruptive
  technology by Guidewire Group, for presentation at DEMO ’06. Service OEM deployed in USA &
  Canada to over 1900 users in 07 & 08. Four US patents pending, three of which with international
  SignSafeTM:NOBOTSTM : Strong protection against web bots. One US patent issued, with international
  option, selected by OceanTomo Ltd for worldwide auction in 09. One other US patent pending.
  SignSafeTM:OFFLISTTM : Offers opportunity for complete SPAM elimination. One US patent issued, with
  international option, selected by OceanTomo Ltd for worldwide auction in 09.

  Marketing IT/Security, particularly identity fraud protection for financial organizations, healthcare
  organizations, internet service providers, banking, credit cards, retail stores, e-commerce trading,
  e-gaming companies, shipping (USPS, DHL, FedEx) and Dept of Homeland Security

                 ELECTRIC FUEL LTD
                Electric Fuel Ltd                      Phone: +972-2-990-6600
                1 Battery Way                          Fax:      +972-2-990-6688
                Western Industrial Zone                Email:     mrsh@arotech.com
                Beit Shemesh 99000                     Web:      www.electric-fuel.com

Electric Fuel Ltd. (EFL), a subsidiary of Arotech Corporation (NasdaqGlobal:ARTX), is a defense and
security products and services company engaged in two business areas in Israel: armoring for military
and nonmilitary air and ground vehicles; and batteries and charging systems, mainly for the military.

The defense related products we manufacture in Israel include armored cars and various power sources.
Our Beit Shemesh production facility is the headquarters for the Battery and Power Systems Division.
There we develop, manufacture and sell primary and rechargeable lithium and zinc air batteries and their

In addition, we produce water-activated lifejacket lights for commercial aviation and marine applications.

     To acquire other defense and security companies in our space to further broaden our product line.

                                          DIET TV
              Diet TV                                   Email: Craig@DietTV.com

Following a two million dollar ($2,000,000) first round led by MentorTech Ventures, a Philadelphia based
VC firm, DietTV.com was launched in 2006 with the goal of becoming the primary independent arbitrator
in the confusing diet universe, and today has a community of over 100,000 profiles. The site provides the
most extensive diet reviews on the web, as well as offering its users the "dietfinder", an Ajax technology
tool which allows the user to choose the perfect diet based on the user's preferences. Sample meal plans
are available for all 100 diets reviewed on the site. DietTV.com also offers a plethora of tracking tools to
assist the user in his daily diet plan.

DietTV.com is currently working on a re-launch of the site which is scheduled for fall 2009. The new site
will showcase the DietTV Superstore that will feature its own privately branded DietTV Gourmet Dinners,
in addition to other foods, vitamins, and diet related cds. In addition, the site will have a video portal of
videos produced by its own production company.

    Investment opportunities
    Cultivating strategic relationships

                           eBIZ. mobility
              eBIZ. mobility                          Phone: +972-2-999-3881
              Har Tuv Industrial Zone A               Fax:      +972-2-999-6374
              Beit Shemesh 99101                      Email: Jeremy.kagan@ebizmobility.com
                                                      Web:      www.ebizmobility.com

 eBIZ works to provide a safe and easy way for paying online to the 90% of internet users worldwide who
 do not have credit cards (under 18, foreign residents, etc.), and to the millions of consumers who do not
 use their cards for fear of fraud and identity theft. Our solution, OneTouch Online Purchasing™, benefits
 consumers while increasing profits for telecom service providers, banks, and merchants.

 OneTouch Online Purchasing™ enables any company that has a trusted billing, prepaid, or other financial
 relationship with consumers to process online payments. We currently facilitate payments for content
 downloads and plan to expand to payments for dating and gaming services.

     Business partners that have mass consumer experience in web commerce
     Sales channel partners in the USA
     Strategic investors

Eloquent Localization Engineering
              Eloquent Localization                    Phone: +972-52-889-5639
              Engineering                              U.S.:      +1-301-576-0793
                                                       Email:     jody@eloquentlocalization.com
                                                       Web:       www.eloquentlocalization.com

Eloquent Localization Engineering provides engineering, consulting and project management services
to software companies who are preparing their products for the world market. We organize and
manage the localization process by guiding development requirements, engineering, translation, QA,
and documentation localization. Training on standard localization practices and tools is also available.
By handling the project management, engineering, and training tasks, Eloquent provides a complete
localization solution.

    Seeking software companies preparing to launch their products internationally.
    Eloquent is available to assist Localization Service Providers with their localization engineering and
    training needs.

               Goldrock Capital                         Phone: +972-2-992-2234
               Sofri House,11 Hamelacha Street          Fax:     +972-2-992-2235
               Har Tuv A Industrial Zone                Email:    karen@gi-mail.com
               Beit Shemesh 99100                       Web:     www.goldrock-capital.com

Growth capital resides at the intersection of private equity and venture capital. It is a common and
attractive investment category in most Western countries – but is minimally existent in Israel today. This
gives Goldrock Capital a unique position in the Israeli market.
Goldrock Capital’s growth equity strategy is a risk-managed class of private equity. Investment targets
typically are strong businesses with identifiable risks and attainable return targets. Goldrock invests in
businesses with annual sales of at least $5 million and significant further growth potential. The Goldrock
team adds value to these companies wherever possible - sourcing additions to management, strategic
planning and identifying exit opportunities to help management grow the company faster - generating
shareholder value. Goldrock does not depend on leverage to generate or accelerate returns thus
reducing the risk of the portfolio as a whole.
The company is currently deploying Goldrock Israel Growth I, a $25 million fund, dedicated to growth
investments with a typical investment size of $1-$3 million.

Goldrock Capital is led by Daniel Goldman and Darren Rockman, who have a combined three
decades of private equity investment experience in Israel and abroad. Daniel has a broad professional
background that includes venture capital and corporate finance. Darren has a strong corporate legal and
management consultancy background.

                Healthsolv                              Phone: +972-2-991-3771
                122 Nachal Hayarden                     Fax:      +972-2-991-3813
                Ramat Beit Shemesh                      Email: healthsolv@gmail.com

Healthsolv is a unique software program designed for physicians to rapidly assess their patient’s risk
profile and provide all the solutions to optimize their health.

This includes:
    An individualized screening program for each patient.
    A diet and exercise program customized for each patient.
    A method of tracking their patient’s progress for screening, weight loss and exercise.

The program was developed by Physicians and nutritionist and is an essential tool for all Physician
practices to successfully manage their patients’ overall health.

The program was developed by Dr. Barry Dinner who was a co-director of The Corporate Stress Institute
in South Africa. This company was involved in Stress and Wellness management programs of large
corporations in South Africa. He now runs a family practice in Ramat Beit Shemesh and directs the
Healthsolv program in Israel.

             iSkoot Israel                           Phone: +972-2-992-4549
             Ganir Center                            Fax:     +972-2-995-1207
             Har Tuv A Industrial Zone               Email: info@iskoot.com
             Beit Shemesh 99801                      Web:     www.iskoot.com

iSkoot Israel began in 2005 with the premise that the services we use to stay connected would be even
better if they worked on the mobile phones that people already carry around. We began with internet
calling, releasing iSkoot for Skype in early 2006, and in 2007 worked with Skype to develop software for
the 3 Skypephone. Since then we’ve been busy mobilizing other Internet services, including Facebook™,
Gmail™, Google Talk™, AOL® Mail, and AIM®. What makes it all work is iSkoot’s Kalaida™ Platform
- a unique architecture that moves data-intensive tasks off of the phone and onto a smarter network.
Our products that are available today are:
1. Kalaida everywhere - allowing everyday mobile phones do things that only smartphones used to do,
like sending and receiving emails, real-time updates to social networks, IM and news feeds.
2. iSkoot for Skype™ enables Skype calling over the mobile voice network, creating VoIP solution that
powers Skype on the award-winning 3 Skypephone, Skypephone S2, INQ1 and 3’s suite of X-Series
handsets. iSkoot for Skype works on virtually any phone and any cellular network.
Kalaida everywhere and iSkoot for Skype are available today on major mobile networks around the

  We are looking for customers of our Carrier grade Social Networking Mobile application.

              Matrix Global                            Phone: +972-72-270-2682
              BIG Shopping Center                      Fax:      +972-2-995-1169
              Beit Shemesh 99000                       Email: contact@matrix-global.net
                                                       Web:      www.matrix-global.net

Matrix is the leading IT company in Israel. Matrix manages large scale services projects,represents
leading software products, provides infrustructhare and consulting services, training and deployment.
Matrix offers solutions that span all key verticals – telecom, financial services, healthcare, government,
defense, and high-tech. Matrix Global is a Matrix division based in Beit Shemesh that focuses on
providing outsourced product development, testing quality assurance, and IT services. Now numbering
over 600 developers and QA engineers, it is the largest, most advanced center of its kind.
Matrix Global is uniquely set up to provide “Smart Shore” solutions. When Israeli technology companies
look to extend their staff, they usually need small teams that can perform virtually any task, at the
highest quality possible. Matrix Global relies on a strict recruitment and training process to establish
talented teams of between two and fifty engineers on short notice. These teams operate with total
commitment to delivery, with ISO-approved management methodology. All work done by the Matrix
Global teams is safeguarded by strict security standards, and the latest technologies and methodologies
are employed to protect the customer’s IP and data. Matrix Global has a large development site in Beit-
Shemesh and is committed to Beit Shemesh and its community.

    Matrix Global is open to opportunities in North America and Europe.

                                QOOF LTD
             Qoof Ltd.                               Phone: +972-2-999-9185
                                                     Fax:     +972-2-999-9184
                                                     Email: richard@qoof.com
                                                     Web:     www.qoof.com

The internationally acclaimed and award winning Qoof is a video commerce platform that bridges the
world of online shopping, internet video, and Direct Response TV to create a distributed, targeted, and
personalized video commerce network. Clients leveraging the Qoof Video Commerce Platform can easily
distribute their video assets across multiple distribution channels including ad networks, social media
sites, affiliate networks and Qoof’s own publishers program.

Qoof was founded and is currently operated by hi-tech entrepreneurs with strong marketing and
corporate finance backgrounds.

              Scitronix                                Phone: +972-2-999-7026
              15/5 Rechov Nahal Refaim                 Fax:      +972-2-999-7027
              Ramat Beit Shemesh 99640                 Email: david@scitronix.co.il
                                                       Web:      www.scitronix.co.il

Scitronix Ltd. is a leading manufacturers’ sales representative, serving as an agent for manufacturers
of Electro-Optical, Electronic Warfare & Simulation products, from the USA, Canada and Europe, to the
Israeli and Turkish defense markets.

Scitronix Electro-Optics and Simulation (SEOS) has been approved by TRACE (Transparent Agents &
Contracting Entities), the US-based external auditors for anti-bribery and transparency.

   Scitronix is seeking new clients and customers in the fields of defense electro-optics, simulation and
   electronic warfare.

              SHIMSHON HI-TECH
               Shimshon Hi-Tech                           Phone: +972-52-350-3589
                                                          Fax:      +972-2-999-7505
                                                          Email: info@shimshonhitech.com
                                                          Web:      www.shimshonhitech.com

Shimshon Hi-Tech is a full service business development consultantcy focusing on helping businesses to
relocate and or remain in the Beit Shemesh region. Shimshon Hi-Tech is a recognized business mentor
certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to coach early stage ventures among the services provided
     Business plan preparation
     Sales and marketing plans
     Strategic partnerships with other ventures
     Finding early stage financing
     HR policy formulation and recruitment
     Communications and presentation seminars

Currently Shimshon Hi-Tech is spearheading an initiative to establish a technology incubator in the
Greater Beit Shemesh area, and has already reached an agreement with an established successful
incubator regarding a strategic alliance. The next phase is the raising of initial operating capital for the
ramping up period.

Additionally, Shimshon Hitech is the home of the Beit Shemesh Hi-Tech Forum, a bi-annual conference
that showcases local industry and attracts outside investors and publicity for the local Hi-Tech industry.

              Vringo                                   Phone: +972-2-990-2500
              Big Center, Beit Shemesh                 Fax:      +972-2-991-3382
              1 Yigal Allon Blvd (2nd floor)           Email: liora@vringo.com
              Beit Shemesh 99062                       Web:      www.vringo.com

Vringo is the leader in video ringtone sharing and next generation mobile personalization. Vringo
provides users with the ability to share video ringtones each time they make a phone call. Vringo brings
ringtones to life by integrating video clips, avatars, animation, greeting cards or photos whenever users
make or receive calls.

Vringo has raised over $14 Million in venture capital, and is backed by Warburg Pincus, the global PE
and Venture group with over $35 Billion in assets under management. (for more information see www.

   Strategic partners
   Mobile content business partners


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