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									      Waste & Litter -
Interesting Websites for Pupils


                 This site contains information about the
                 cash for cans scheme, success stories and
                 an excellent interactive recycling tour
                 which gives information and video footage
                 of the aluminium recycling process.

                 These websites are suitable for children
                 and contain games, interesting facts,
                 information, quizzes and other fun
                 activities based around glass and glass

                 This website contains very good
                 animations, cartoons, quizzes, games and
                 downloadable worksheets covering many
                 environmental issues, including waste


                 An interesting website containing facts,
                 games, activities sheets and links, covering
                 all areas of recycling.

Good website for children with
information, games and quizzes.

Website containing information about
recycling at home, at school, and in the

Practical ideas for reducing waste.

A wealth of information, quiz, links, and a
recycled products guide.

Recycling scheme locator by postcode

Good information and recycled product

Information, games, activities and
educational materials based around
nouvelle recycled toilet paper.

This web site contains games, pictures to
colour, and information about recycling and
the history of steel. A number of free
educational materials are available on

Recycle City is an on-line game where pupils
can find out about and introduce different
waste management strategies for the town
of Dumptown. Information is available
about all the possible schemes and their
implications, and, as these are
implemented, a track is kept of how much
is being spent and what benefits are being
seen. The game can also be used to run
scavenger hunt for information and
answers to specific questions. -> educational resources

Explorers‟ club gives interesting
information, activities and games.
Excellent links.

Fun worksheets and games aimed at
primary age pupils which are free to

Good information, clip art, and promotional
and educational materials are available on
the website covering all aspects of plastics

This web site contains useful information
about packaging materials and the history
of packaging. Various information sheets
and education packs are available for P3
upwards which include colourful
information sheets and a range of
photocopiable worksheets.

Activities, clip-art and a club based around
sustainable education, all for children.

A wide variety of craft activities using
waste materials.

Recycled stationary manufacturers,
including pencils made from drinks cups
and pencil cases made from tyres.

A website selling interesting recycled

Recycled stationary manufacturers

This website contains good information and
links, and downloadable colouring books
which explain the three Rs through
pictures and words.

Information about everyday hazardous
waste in the house.

Information about materials recycling and
end products.

Shanks has produced a series of
informative leaflets about waste and
recycling issues, which give information
about different recyclable materials.
These are full of „Amazing Facts‟, and are
available for download from their website.

Here you can find information on drinks
cans, from the history of cans to how they
are made and filled.

Facts about waste, recycling and the
history of waste.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.
Environmental education information and
links, and waste and recycling statistics
for Scotland.

Information, games and quizzes.
Downloadable geography pack for ages 10-
14 (some of which is area specific), and
Ribena Packaging Pack.

Interesting information about worm

Information about the music and dance
troupe who use everyday objects as
instruments. Similar things could be done
with pupils using waste materials. The
website also contains music lesson plans
for primary and secondary age pupils.

Manufacture boards from recycled plastic
materials, which can then be used to make
furniture, worktops etc.

Information about mobile phone, ink
cartridge, stamp and second hand goods

Produce “Too Good to Waste”, a free guide
to recycling in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

A network of paint reuse schemes across
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern

A great game for kids to learn about
recycling issues through a quest style game

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