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              MARCH | APRIL 2007
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     heroes story
                                                          Dear Members,
6    aquatics                                             The Fourth Anniversary Party held on Friday, February 9 to
7    nutrition                                            benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay was a
8    group ex/yoga                                        smashing success! Music from the Bay Area’s premier dance
9    athletics/yoga                                       band Pride & Joy, hot tunes from DJ High Noon as well as
10   newskin clinic                                       cool jazz sounds from the Al Marshal Trio kept the evening
                                                          energized. Watch for photos in the next edition of M
11   the shop/the sanctuary spa
                                                          Magazine, and visit to view and order your
12   play club & kidspace                                 own festive shots of the night.
13   socials/squash
                                                          We believe so strongly in the mission of Big Brothers Big
14   anniversary party sponsors   Sisters that we have continued our unique weekly program offered only at Bay Club
16   caring for our community     Marin. The Health and Harmony Youth Program helps to introduce caring and
                                  supportive mentors to kids ages ten through fourteen. Many employees of the Club
                                  participate in weekly activities that teach wellness, nutrition, self-esteem and exercise
                                  to children who may not have the opportunity to learn about these things in their own
                                  communities. Thanks to the many members who attended the party, purchased raffle
                                  tickets and made donations to the silent auction items to help raise money and
                                  awareness for this important organization.
                                  An enormous thanks to our generous sponsors for the event’s incredible success!
                                  We pay tribute to them on page 16. Also see pages 14 and 15 to learn more about
                                  the Executive Chefs of Marin’s finest restaurants and give thanks for their support
                                  in providing the delicious food for the evening. We are truly in the hub of fine Bay
                                  Area cuisine!

                                  On another note, recognition and heartfelt thanks goes to our own Bay Club Marin
                                  heroes who truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Read their inspiring story
                                  on the following page.

                                  Spring is in the air, and we have plenty of fresh new programs to keep you motivated
                                  and on track with those New Year’s resolutions you set back in January. Keep on
                                  reading—we hope the following pages will inspire you to Spring into Action!

                                  Happy Spring!

                                  Megan Devlin
                                  General Manager

6                                 8
 Heroes Among Us
 We would like to share a very frightening yet inspirational event that
 happened at the Club this past December. This story was published in
 the Marin Independent Journal.

Alert Staffers At Health Club Save Woman
After Coronary
By Joe Wolfcale • Article Launched: 1/18/2007; 12:12:44 AM PST

The red light indicator confirmed what two Bay Club of Marin staffers knew all along: no
pulse was detected and an electric shock was needed.
James Lent and Neil Fraser sprung into action quickly Dec. 29 when a 50-year-old woman
collapsed in the club’s stairwell after completing a cardiovascular workout.
 Lent, the front desk manager, grabbed the club’s automated external defibrillator while
 Fraser, the club’s director of athletics and evening supervisor, tended to the convulsing
 woman. Her heart stopped, and she wasn’t breathing.
 Lent and Fraser resuscitated the woman by using the defibrillator and got a faint pulse.
 Seconds later, her heart stopped again, and the machine’s indicator advised another
 electrical shock.
 So again they revived her, getting her breathing again as Corte Madera Fire Department
 paramedics arrived.
“I know it was only minutes, but it felt like forever,” said Lent, a 1997 graduate of Terra
 Linda High School. “In the moment, you know, it was a pretty overwhelming thing. My
 hat’s totally off to Neil. He was the doctor, and I was the nurse. I know he was as scared
 as I was; his hands were shaking, too.”
 Lent and Fraser had completed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator training the
 Bay Club provides employees. The defibrillator is in the fitness area of the 60,000-square-
 foot club at Town Center in Corte Madera.
“My first impression was that she had a stroke,” said Lent, 28. “I knew it was serious,
 but I didn’t know it was a massive heart attack.”
 Lent said front desk associate John Walker called 911 and provided communication
 between the staff and emergency personnel.
 Fraser, 37, said the experience was one he won’t soon forget.
“To see someone in that condition, that definitely sticks with you,” said Fraser, who lives
                                                                                                TOP:   James Lent   BOTTOM:   Neil Fraser
 in Bel Marin Keys in Novato with his wife.
 The couple is expecting twins in a few days.
“It’s something I’ll never, ever forget,” he said. “We just had to trust the equipment and
                                                                                                Since this article was
 do what we’ve been trained to do.”                                                             published in the Marin IJ,
 Megan Devlin, the club’s general manager, said a number of employees played roles.             we have received several
“I’m so very proud of our team,” Devlin said. “It’s one of the most amazing things.             comments and had insightful
 We’ve prepared for this situation. They were awesome.”
                                                                                                conversations with many of
 Devlin said the club is considering purchasing another defibrillator and making the training
 available to members.                                                                          you on how you would react
 Corte Madera Deputy Fire Chief Roger Sprehn said the heroic effort was remarkable.             in the same situation. As a
“It’s more than just buying the equipment,” Sprehn said. “It requires a medical director        result, we decided to offer our
 and training for the personnel. It’s a whole program. It’s not required by anybody.            members an opportunity to
 The club did it for the benefit of clients and employees. They did it on their own.            renew or get certified for the
“They’re definitely good Samaritans,” Sprehn said.
                                                                                                first time in CPR/AED.
 Officials said the woman, whom they declined to identify, is recovering after heart surgery.
The men and staff of the Bay Club were recognized by the Corte Madera Town Council              Date:       Monday, April 16
on Tuesday night. Mayor Melissa Gill presented them with certificates of appreciation.          Time:       6:00–10:00 pm
 Sprehn said businesses interested in information about defibrillators and the training         Location:   Redwood Room
 required can call the fire department at 927 5077.                                             Contact:    Megan Flatt at 945 3081
                                                                                                            or for
                                                                                                            price and registration.
    FITNESS        | women’s health
                                                                                             Are you experiencing symptoms
                                                                                             associated with menopause or

    Pausitive                                                                                perimenopause? If so, you may be
                                                                                             suffering from hormonal imbalances

                                                                                             or metabolic damage. Rachelle has
                                                                                             developed a method to help women
                                                                                             regain natural hormone balance and
                                                                                             healthy metabolism. Using a combination
    Timeless Wisdom,                                                                         of the 5-step Schwarzbein Program,
    Mindful Choices:                                                                         complementary therapies and on-going
    An Integrated                                                                            emotional and spiritual support, she has
    Approach to                                                                              created a powerful and effective plan for
                                                                                             women to regain control of their lives and
    Menopause                                                                                live energetically and joyously!
    By Rachelle Goering
                                                                                             Date:        Tuesday, March 13
                                                                                             Time:        7:00–9:00 pm
                                                                                             Location:    Redwood Room
                                                                                             Cost:        Complimentary to members,
                                                                                                          $15 for guests
                                                                                             Contact:     Megan Flatt at 945 3081 or
                                                                                                          register online at

                                                   Research Update:
                                                   Heart Rate                                Heart rates vary from person to person and
                                                   Guidelines                                each exerciser should, of course, listen to

                                                   For Pregnant                              her own body and use the following table
                                                                                             simply as a guideline.
                                                   By Megan Flatt                            FITNESS LEVEL   AGE    20–29     30–39

    Should I keep my exercise heart rate under 140 bpm (beats per minute) during               more fit            145–160* 140–156
    my pregnancy?
                                                                                               less fit            129–144   128–144
    This is one of the most frequently asked questions women have about exercising
    during their pregnancy. The 140 bpm guideline is still commonly suggested to pregnant                     *bpm (beats per minute)
    women by family members, friends and even doctors. However, the American College
    of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) removed the 140 bpm as an upper limit for heart
                                                                                             Mottala also commented on exercise
    rates in a 1994 update of their Prenatal Exercise Guidelines. Currently, ACOG suggests
                                                                                             frequency in her research. ACOG
    that if a pregnant woman is “able to talk normally while exercising, (her) heart rate
                                                                                             recommends that pregnant women work
    is at an acceptable level.” They also suggest using the same 60-80% heart rate max
                                                                                             out on most, if not all, days of the week.
    guidelines used for non-pregnant exercisers.
                                                                                             But Mottala reminds women who are
    Michelle Mottala and her colleagues at the University of Western Ontario, Canada         normally very intense exercisers that they
    wanted more concrete guidelines than those given by ACOG. They felt that ACOG’s          should decrease the frequency of these
    guidelines might be appropriate for the average pregnant woman, but might not be         intense sessions to 3–4 times per week.
    valid for the very fit or overweight pregnant woman. In addition, Mottala’s study also   She agrees that all healthy pregnant
    considered the pregnant woman’s age.                                                     women should consistently exercise at
                                                                                             least three times a week for the greatest
    Mottala’s study looked at 156 women, separated into two age groups: 20–29 and            health benefits to both mom and baby.
    30–39. They further categorized the women as “fit,” “active,” or “unfit.” At the
    conclusion of the study, Mottala and her group determined more specific heart rate       BCM offers many exercise options for
    guidelines for each fitness level and age group. They concluded that fit pregnant        pregnant and postpartum women. For
    women between the ages of 20–29 can safely work out in the 145–160 bpm range,            more information on this topic or on the
    while fit women ages 30–39 should aim for 140–156 bpm. Healthy pregnant women            classes offered, please contact Megan
    who are less fit during their pregnancies should work out in the 129–144 bpm range if    Flatt at 945 3081.
    they are between 20–29. Less fit women ages 30–39 should maintain 128–144 bpm.
FITNESS         | Spr ing Into Action                                              Spring Teen Boxing Camp!
                                                                                   This inaugural program at Bay Club Marin is
                                                                                   a great opportunity for both girls and boys
                                                                                   (ages 13–16 yrs) to cross-train and get in
                                                                                   shape while learning the fundamentals of
                                                                                   “The Sweet Science!” This class combines
                                                                                   sports conditioning agility drills with
                                                                                   punching combinations, and is guaranteed
                                                                                   to be a knockout! Bring your ”A” Game
                                                                                   and get ready to sweat!
                                                                                   Date:     Monday, April 9–Friday, April 13
                                                                                   Time:     12:00–1:15 pm
                                                                                   Location: Gymnasium
                                                                                   Cost:     For the week:
                                                                                             $150 for members, $175 for guests
                                                                                             Drop-in class:
                                                                                             $35 for members, $40 for guests
                                                                                   Contact: Brian Edwards at 945 3065

Myofascial Ball Release                       Date:     Wednesday, March 7
for Cyclists & Runners                        Time:     6:00–7:15 pm
                                              Location: Bay Club Marin
Myofascial Ball Release is a tool you                   Conference Room
can use to release tight, overworked          Cost:     $30 for members
muscles.If you are serious about your                   $40 for guests
training, ball releasing is a strategy        Contact: Brian Edwards at 945 3065
that can help maximize your sports
performance, and reduce your chances          Brian Edwards is both a certified
of injury. Come and learn how this exciting   Health Fitness Instructor and
sensory experience can benefit you.           Massage Therapist.

Hike to Mt. Burdell                                                                FREE Injury Screening
in Olompali State Park with Expert Guide Cathy Ann Taylor
and celebrate the coming Spring!                                                   Do you have a nagging injury that just won’t
                                                                                   heal? Would you like some practical advice
This hike on the north slopes of Mt. Burdell offers great views, spectacular       on how to modify your workout? Could you
wildflowers and a glimpse of early California history. Olompali was an             use input to decide whether you should
important Miwok trading village for hundreds of years; on this hike, you’ll        seek professional help?
find out why.
                                                                                   The Center for Sports Medicine, located in
WHAT TO BRING:                                                                     the Corte Madera Town Center (a satellite
• Rain jacket                                                                      facility of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital),
• Fleece jacket                                                                    will be conducting an injury-screening clinic
• Day pack                                                                         on Wednesday, March 14. Medical Director
• Bag lunch or snacks                                                              Dr. Kristin Wingfield will be available to look
• Water or other drinks                                                            at your injury and give you some FREE advice.
• Sunscreen and a sun hat
                                                                                   Dr. Wingfield is a physician for the Canadian
Date:       Sunday, March 4                                                        National Alpine Ski and Diving teams, was
Time:       Meeting time 8:45 am. Hike starts at 9:00.                             a performer with Cirque du Soleil and is an
            (Duration: Approx. 5 hours; 8.3 miles moderate to strenuous loop)      avid cyclist and kitesurfer.
Location: Olompali State Park parking lot, Novato
Cost:       Complimentary for members                                              Date:     Wednesday, March 14
            $10 for guests                                                         Time:     6:00–7:00 pm
Contact: Megan Flatt at 945 3081                                                             (appointments every 10 minutes)
            or register online at                                 Location: Top lobby of Bay Club Marin
Directions: From south of Novato, go north on Hwy 101. Go 2.5 miles past           Cost:     Complimentary
            Olompali. Left on San Antonio Rd and head south on 101. Take           Contact: Megan Flatt at 945 3081 or
            care with the U-turn. From north of Novato, take Hwy 101 South.                  register online at
            Take Olompali exit. Parking Fee.
    A Q U AT I C S      | Take a Dip                                                       POOL ETIQUETTE
                                                                                       •  Swimmers arriving at a pool should do three
                                                                                          things before joining other swimmers:
                                                                                       1) Make note of “Fast, Medium, and Slow”
                                                                                          lane designations.
                                                                                       2) Spend a few minutes observing and roughly
                                                                                          timing the per-lap pace of swimmers already
                                                                                          in the pool.
                                                                                       3) Select a lane containing swimmers moving
                                                                                          as closely as possible to the pace that one
                                                                                          realistically expects to swim throughout his
                                                                                          or her entire workout.

                                                                                       •   It is the responsibility of the swimmer entering
                                                                                           a lane to inform all swimmers in that lane of
                                                                                           their desire to change format (i.e. from ‘split’
                                                                                           to ‘circle’ swimming or vice versa). Be patient,
                                                                                           as this may take a few minutes.

                                                                                       •   A swimmer entering a lane being ‘split’ by
                                                                                           two people (each swimming up/back on their
                                                                                           own side) should be sure before s/he begins
                                                                                           to swim that s/he alerts both individuals to the
                                                                                           need to change to a ‘circle’ format (everyone
                                                                                           swimming counterclockwise, on the right side
                                                                                           of the lane). This is most commonly done by
                                                                                           sitting at/on the edge of the pool, waving a
                                                                                           kickboard under water, or standing in the
                                                                                           water in the corner of the lane.

                                                                                       • When entering a lane with only one swimmer,
                                                                                         the arriving swimmer should still notify that
                                                                                         swimmer of his/her presence before starting
                                                                                         to swim, and explicitly agree with him/her on
                                                                                         which format to use (circle or split).

                                                                                       •   Swimmers should observe and respect the
     We hope that you have enjoyed the indoor pool during the winter                       pace and workout routines of other swimmers
                                                                                           in their lane. This is especially relevant when
     months. We’d like to thank you for you valuable feedback as we                        circle swimming. Please avoid actions that are
     continue to strive to serve you better. As a result of several requests,              likely to interfere with those routines.
                                                                                           Examples include:
     we placed an additional spinner on the pool deck to dry suits.
                                                                                       •   Slower swimmers starting a set should wait to
     We’d like to take this opportunity to review our pool etiquette and                   push off the wall until faster swimmers have
     introduce some simple ways to make your swimming experience
     more enjoyable.                                                                   •   Faster swimmers starting a set should give
                                                                                           slower swimmers as much “running room”
                                                                                           as possible before pushing off.

                                                                                       •   Allow swimmers doing faster strokes to
                                                                                           go ahead.
                                                                                       •   Try to select or negotiate workout routines
      •   Children under age 7 are not allowed in the pool area.                           complimentary to others in the lane. For
                                                                                           example, a set of short backstroke sprints
      •   Children under age 14 must be under direct adult supervision at all times.
                                                                                           may be difficult to weave in with others who
      •   Lanes must be shared for lap swimming.                                           are already doing a long, steady freestyle set
      •   Please shower before entering the pool.                                          without creating interference.

      •   No running on the pool deck.                                                 •   Swimmers resting or otherwise waiting at the
      •   No diving off the edge of the pool.                                              wall should stay far to one side of the lane.
      •   No sitting or climbing over the lane lines.
                                                                                       •   When circle swimming, swimmers should
      •   No glass containers in the pool area.                                            never stop in the middle of a length (e.g., to
      •   Pool usage may be temporarily restricted due to organized activities.            adjust goggles), as this may cause a trailing
                                                                                           swimmer to run into them.

NUTRITION              | Spr ing is in the Food                                               Spring Sauté of Sweet
                                                                                              Peas with Escarole,
                                                                                              Onions and Mint
Springtime=Lean&Green!                                                                        2 cups (1/2 pound) pearl onions, peeled
By Kate Hantman, Nutrition Director                                                           1¾ cups vegetable stock
                                                                                              1½ tablespoon of olive oil
Springtime is the first season of the year, and represents renewal, expansion and             2 cups white mushrooms, rinsed and
light. The sun begins to shine a little longer each day in the spring, signaling that             quartered
it’s time to remove the weight of winter slumber and re-assess health goals. In the           4 cups (4 ounces) escarole, rinsed and
springtime, we tend to eat less to help the body detox and clean itself naturally,                roughly chopped
resetting our chemistry to receive the nutrients of the new season. You may want              2 cups (10 ounces) freshly shelled peas
to focus on healthier, lighter foods and cooking methods this season in order to get          1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
maximum vital nutrients for optimal wellness. Light is the key to spring cuisine: lightly     1 teaspoon salt
cooked, lightly sautéed, lightly processed. These “light” terms translate into fewer          1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
calories and leaner bodies.
The liver is the organ of spring, representing light and life. After the stagnation of        Place the onions in a small saucepan
winter and a diet of heavy foods, the liver calls for fresh, leafy nutrients that represent   with the vegetable stock and place over
lightness and growth.                                                                         medium-high heat. When the stock
                                                                                              begins to boil, turn the heat down to
The color green is a telltale mark of spring. Sunlight means more chlorophyll—a key           low. Cover and simmer until fork-tender,
component in plants that allows them to harvest energy from the sun—and more                  approximately 10–12 minutes. Remove
green nutrients that help to safely clean the liver.                                          from heat and set aside.
Introduce at least two servings of leafy green foods to your daily menu. Some                 In a 10-inch saucepan, warm the olive
common spring greens are sweet peas, collard greens, romaine lettuce and escarole.            oil over medium-low heat; add the
                                                                                              mushrooms and sauté until browned, 3–5
Sweet Peas: Although peas date back to biblical times, it was not until the sixteenth         minutes. Remove from heat; immediately
century that green peas were popularized by the French King Louis XIV. Green peas             add the escarole and toss until wilted.
are an especially rich source of B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B6 and folate. These       Add the peas, mint, onions and onion
vitamins are essential to the proper metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.          broth to the saucepan. Season with salt
                                                                                              and pepper. Cover and cook until the peas
Collard Greens: Long a dietary staple of those living in the southern US, collard             are tender, about 4–5 minutes.
greens are becoming increasingly popular throughout the rest of the country. Like
their cousin broccoli, collard greens are a member of the cruciferous family of               Makes 4–6 servings.
vegetables and contain many unique health-promoting properties. Scientific studies
now show that cruciferous vegetables are extremely important for their health-
promoting sulfur compounds. The sulfur compounds in these vegetables appear to
be responsible for decreasing the occurrence of a wide variety of cancers, including          March is National
breast and ovarian cancer.
                                                                                              Nutrition Month!
Romaine Lettuce: Depictions of lettuce have been found on ancient Egyptian tombs,             Come celebrate with us at our seasonal
and it is believed that the Greeks and Romans held lettuce in high esteem for its             fruit and veggie happy hour!
medicinal properties. Today, there is no better way to lighten up your spring menu            Date:       Thursday, March 22
than to include more salads in your diet. Since all lettuce is not nutritionally equal,       Time:       5:00–7:00 pm
we recommend selecting romaine for your salads. Romaine is a heart-healthy green              Location:   Upstairs Lobby
filled with vitamin C and beta-carotene, nutrients that work together to prevent the          Cost:       Free for members, $5 for guests
oxidation of cholesterol.                                                                     Contact:
Escarole: a broad-leafed, slightly bitter green from the chicory family that looks like
Swiss Chard. Escarole is high in vitamins A, C, and K, and is also very high in fiber!

Spring Sweets: Apricots are the fruit of spring. First introduced to the world by China,      FORMULA 8 is the ultimate
apricots have been cultivated for more than 4000 years. This fruit comes in hues of           program for success! This 8-week,
red, orange and yellow, indicating that they contain carotenoids, phytonutrients that         one-on-one health & fitness program
provide powerful antioxidant protection. Apricots are especially rich in beta-carotene        integrates diet, exercise and lifestyle
and lycopene, two carotenoids important in reducing the                                       strategies to create lifelong health and
oxidation of LDL cholesterol. LDL is the bad cholesterol                                      wellness changes. When you join Formula
that contributes to the build-up of plaque on vessel                                          8, you will work exclusively with Nutrition
walls and arteries.                                                                           Director Kate Hantman and Personal
                                                                                              Fitness Trainer Amy Landers. Together,
                                                                                              they will arm you with the tools you need
                                                                                              to achieve lasting success in weight
                                                                                              management. In eight short weeks, you’ll
                                                                                              look and feel your best ever!
                                                                                              For additional information, contact
                                                                                              Kate Hantman at 945 3089 or Amy Landers
                                                                                              at 945 3079.

    GROUP EX             | A War m Congratul ations                                                 YOGA       | Etiquette

                                                                                                        mind Your
                                                                                                      “Peace” AND Q’s
                                                                                                    • Your practice begins as you
                                                                                                      walk down the hall.
                                                                                                    • Slow down. Breathe.
                                                                                                    • If you are late, please enter
                                                                                                      mindfully AFTER meditation.
                                                                                                    • Classes close 10 minutes
                                                                                                      after start time. NO late
                                                                                                    • Always practice at your own
                                                                                                      pace. Listen to your body.
                                                                                                    • We encourage you to own
                               Heather McKenzie                                                       and use your own mat.
                               Bay Club Marin’s new Cycling Coordinator!                            • Please keep your cell phone
                                                                                                      and valuables in your locker.
                               Heather is no stranger around here; she has been an
                               instructor at Bay Club Marin for over three years, teaching          • An open mind will enhance
                               cycling, kickboxing, Body Defined and Bootcamp. In her                 your practice even more than
                               new position as Cycling Coordinator, Heather brings a true             a flexible body.
                               passion for fitness and cycling as well as management and
                               customer service expertise. Since 1998, she has been a
                               group fitness instructor, cycling instructor and personal trainer.
                               She is an avid outdoor road cyclist and mountain biker and
    has competed in several mountain bike races. From 2004 to 2005, she led the group
    exercise, cycling and yoga programs for San Francisco’s Gorilla Sports Club chain. Prior
    to entering the fitness industry full time, Heather was a both a Project Manager and
    Professional Services Manager in the tech arena. She now lives in Mill Valley with her
    husband Yates and her daughter Mason Leigh.
    You may contact Heather at 945 3049 or via email:
    Look for some exciting new cycling programs and workshops coming your way in 2007!

    Argentine Tango Series
    Bay Club Marin presents its very own “Dancing with the Stars” with our Latin
    Dance Master Sergio Paganelli. The series is dedicated to this passionate form
    of dance, and will take you on a journey to another time and place. Experience
    a dance of feline movements, passionately embraced bodies and misty eyes
    interlocked. Single participants and partners are encouraged to attend.

    No previous tango experience necessary.

    Dates:     March 6–30
    Times:     Tuesdays from 7:30–8:30 pm; Fridays, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Location: Main Group Exercise Studio
    Instructor: Sergio Paganelli
    Cost:      $130 for members, $20 drop-in
               $150 for guests, $23 drop in
    Contact: Jeff McMullen at 945 3053 or register online at

YOGA         | Workshops
                                              yoga workshops
INTRO to YOGA                                TAOIST YOGA WEEKEND WORKSHOP                        YOGA with WEIGHTS
with Eva Yearsley                            with Master Paulie Zink                             (as seen on ABC TV)
Date:     Saturday, March 10                 Date:     Saturday, March 24 and Sunday,            with Sherri Baptiste
Time:     1:00–3:00 pm                                 March 25                                  Yoga with Weights supports
Location: Studio One                         Location: Studio One                                building core stability, increasing bone
Cost:     $25 for members                    Time:     1:00–5:00 pm                              density, improving coordination, and
          $35 for guests                     Cost:     $225 in advance, $275 at the door         developing flexibility while simultaneously
Contact: Erin Fleming at 945 3054            Contact: Erin Fleming at 945 3054                   keeping muscles and joints limber and active.
                                                                                                 Date:     Saturday, April 28
EARTH & SPIRIT                               TEEN YOGA-                                          Location: Group Exercise Studio
A Hiking and Yoga Retreat                    this is not your parent’s yoga!                     Time:     1:00–3:00 pm
with Yoga Director Erin Fleming and          with Arjay Foster                                   Cost:     $25 for members, $35 for guests
Personal Fitness Trainer James Tolbert       Date:       Saturday, April 21                      Contact: Erin Fleming at 945 3054
Date:     Thursday, March 15–                Location:   Studio One                                        (Please bring your own 1–3 lb
          Sunday, March 18                   Time:       1:00–3:00 pm                                      ankle weights!)
Location: Marconi Retreat Center             Cost:       $15 per teen (bring your friends!)
          Marshall, California               Contact:    Erin Fleming at 945 3054                Sherri’s new book, Yoga with Weights for
Cost:     $595                                                                                   Dummies, will also be available for sale!
Contact: Erin Fleming at 945 3054

AT H L E T I C S      | What’s On Our Cour t?
Indoor Soccer vs.
Outdoor Soccer
Indoor soccer is a wonderful compliment to outdoor soccer in that players can improve
their speed and shooting accuracy while staying warm and dry. Many players really
enjoy indoor play, especially the opportunity to kick the ball off of the walls and be more
involved with all aspects of the game.
                                                                                                        Golf, Anyone?
Besides the number of players, the biggest difference between outdoor and indoor
soccer is the size of the field. Indoor fields range from Astroturf to hard-packed dirt and             The first WAGA event of 2007 is
in our case a gym floor. The ball bounces differently on each surface. Typically, the field             set for March 11. Find a partner
is about the size of a basketball court. The four sides of the field are lined with walls, and          and join us for the season opener
players may kick and play the ball off of the wall if they choose. The goals themselves                 at StoneTree Golf Club!
are much smaller than in the outdoor game, and are built into the wall itself. The game is
                                                                                                        2-Man Scramble
fast-paced and aggressive, and requires smooth footwork and an accurate shot.
                                                                                                        Date:     Sunday, March 11
Each team will field four or five field players. You will want to set up two players each               Time:     8:30 am start
at defender and forward, with one player in the “center sweeper” position. The center                   Location: StoneTree Golf Club,
should be your fastest player and someone who does not tire too easily. The forwards                              Novato
and defenders will mark opponents and cover their “areas” of the field for defense or                   Cost:     $140 WAGA Members
for making shots. The center will sweep up and down the field, assisting and/or marking                           $150 Guests
as needed on defense, and also acting as a third attacker on offense and one who can                    Cost includes:
orchestrate breakaways from the defense.                                                                          Green Fees, Cart,
                                                                                                                  Range Balls, Bottled
Watch our league play on Monday nights, or stop by on Friday nights starting at 6:30 pm                           Water and a Box Lunch
and join a pick up game. This will help you to learn more about playing indoors and how
the ball bounces on different surfaces.                                                                 For more information and
                                                                                                        registration, please contact Matt
Good luck!                                                                                              Nuthals at our sister club Pacific
                                                                                                        Athletic Club at 650 593 5700
     Experience the age-defying effects of our non-surgical
     rejuvenation: surface repair with our gentle pulsed light
     brightens, evens and tones your skin, removes red and
     brown spots and makes you glow. Wrinkle-banishing
     BOTOX® Cosmetic and line-vanishing Restylane®
     and other dermal fillers produce immediate, safe and
     long-lasting youthful results.

     Marin’s finest Medical Skin Repair clinic is right here
     in The Sanctuary Spa at Bay Club Marin. Phone for a
     complimentary Board Certified MD consultation to
     learn what will bring your skin to its most beautiful.
     Make the call: 945 9555. And visit us on the web.

                                               Spring is here, and now is the time
                                               to update your spring collection with
                                               new styles from Joie, Da Nang, Prana,

                                               Stella McCartney and more!

                                               Join The Shop during the month
                                               of April for Spring Closet Cleaning
                                               Month! We will be collecting old
                                               clothes and donating them to the
                                               Goodwill of Marin County on Monday,
MARCH                                          April 30. Those who donate during the
                                               month of April will receive a coupon
The Shop is proud to introduce women’s         for a 10% discount off their next
fashion by Dude Girl, For Joseph, Tailor       purchase at The Shop.
Vintage, and women’s fitness apparel
by Ion Actif with the debut of their new       Coupons expire on Sunday, May 6,
Spring Collection. See all the latest          so don’t hesitate to start building your
fashions all month long!                       own spring wardrobe!

                                                     Need a break from life in the fast lane? The Sanctuary Spa is thrilled to
                                                     introduce a new form of treatment, Ayurvedic Massage. The word “Ayurvedic”
                                                     can be better understood in parts: “Ayu” means “life” and “Veda” means
                                                     “knowledge” or “science.”

                                                     Our Massage Therapists have just completed extensive training in these new
                                                     techniques and are ready to give you the relaxation experience of your life.
                                                     Ayurvedic massage spans many centuries of natural healing, and has been
                                                     said to promote balance and longevity.

  Ayurveda                         is the
  science of life and it has a basic, simple
                                                     We are offering four types of Ayurvedic massage: Abhayanga, Marma
                                                     Abhayanga, Four-Hand Abhayanga and Shiro Abhayanga. Each technique
                                                     involves the use of herbs, which are incorporated and blended with natural
  approach, namely this: we are part
                                                     oils and administered through touch. This form of alternative medicine aims
  of the universe and the universe is                to balance the body, mind, soul and senses. If you want a truly relaxing
  intelligent and the human body is part             and enlightening experience, try the Four-Hand Abhayanga, in which two
  of the cosmic body, and the human                  practitioners simultaneously apply warm oil to each side of the body using
  mind is part of the cosmic mind, and               synchronized movements.
  the atom and the universe are exactly
                                                     For the ultimate in relaxation, try a Marma Abhayanga. This is an extension of
  the same thing but with different                  the Abhayanga treatment, stretched out to a luxurious 90-minute session that
  form, and the more we are in touch                 ends with a steaming hot cup of ginger tea.
  with this deeper reality, from where
                                                     Which one do you want to try first? If you are having trouble deciding, our
  everything comes, the more we will be
                                                     knowledgeable spa concierge staff will be happy to direct you towards
  able to heal ourselves and at the same
                                                     harmony and balance!
  time heal our planet. –Deepak Chopra

 P L AY C L U B & KIDSPACE                     | Fun for Everyone
 Meet the Artist...Georges Seurat                   Mom & Baby Yoga                           Parents Night Out
 In this fun session, Kathy and the kids will       These classes provide gentle              Let your children have fun while you go
 celebrate the start of spring! Kids will learn     movement interaction between              out! Parents can leave the Club while
 about Georges Seurat and his pointillism           mother and baby, as well as yoga          the children stay and play. It’s a party just
 technique, and will then emulate his style as      practice for mothers. Class includes      for kids! While the parents are away, the
 they paint their own blown eggs.                   some gentle yoga stretches to release     children play games, make art, eat pizza and
 Date:       Monday, March 5                        tension in the shoulders and spine and    gummy bears, and watch a movie. Come
 Time:       4:00–5:00 pm                           increase abdominal strength. Justine      party with Play Club for a fun-filled night
 Location:   Play Club                              also includes a variety of other yoga     with no parents!
 Cost:       $15 for members, $20 for guests        postures to provide a well-rounded        Date:     “Rain, Rain Go Away”
 Contact:    Childcare Director Amy                 practice for the post-partum mom.                   Friday, March 16
             Campbell at 945 3021 or                Date:       Wednesdays                              “Showers and Flowers”
                 Time:       10:45–11:45 am                          Friday, April 20
                                                    Location:   Yoga Studio #2                Time:     6:00–9:00 pm
 Pre-registration recommended. Drop-ins are
                                                    Cost:       $10 for members               Ages:     2–6 years (limited space
 welcome, space permitting. Parents need to
                                                                $15 for guests                          available for younger siblings)
 remain in the Club for this event.
                                                    Contact:    Childcare Director Amy        Location: Play Club
                                                                Campbell, at 945 3021 or      Cost:     $25 per child
                                                                     (15% discount for siblings)
 Meet the Artist...Andy Warhol                      Pre-registration recommended. Drop-
                                                                                              Contact: Play Club at 945 3020 or
 Kathy and the kids will look at the repetitive                                               
                                                    ins are welcome, space permitting.
 pop art images of Andy Warhol’s work. The                                                    Pre-registration required. Parents do not
 kids will then create their own multiples of art                                             need to remain in the Club for this event.
 using watercolors and colored pencils.
 Date:       Monday, April 2
                                                    Tumble Time
                                                    Is your toddler ready to jump, roll
             4:00–5:00 pm
             Play Club                              and tumble? It’s Tumble Time! Watch       Summer Camp sign ups
 Cost:       $15 for members, $20 for guests        your child’s balance, coordination and    are now open!
 Contact:    Childcare Director Amy                 ability to follow directions blossom
                                                                                              Summer camps are back, with more
             Campbell at 945.3021 or                while having fun! Help your child
                                                                                              activities and options than ever to keep
                 gain confidence, increase flexibility
                                                                                              your kids active and having fun! From
                                                    and rhythm, and fine-tune motor
 Pre-registration recommended. Drop-ins are                                                   theme camps for 3–6 year olds to youth
                                                    skills through creative co-play with
 welcome, space permitting. Parents need to                                                   sports camps for 6–13 year olds, your child
                                                    you by their side. Class and skills are
 remain in the Club for this event.                                                           will beat the summer heat, stay active and
                                                    specifically designed for developing
                                                                                              have a fantastic time at Summer Camp!
                                                    stages and growing minds.
                                                    Date:     Tuesdays,                       For more information contact the camp
 Yoga for Kids                                                February 27–April 3             hotline at 945 3022, visit us online
 Our children are born natural yogis! As kids,                (6-week series)                 at, or email us at
 they naturally breathe deeply and enjoy their      Time:     11:00–11:30 am        
 bodies with their amazing qualities and ranges               (1–2 year old class)
 of motion. Designed for all levels, kid’s yoga               11:30–12:00 am
 is a way to support our children in staying in               (2–3 year old class)
 touch with this innate wisdom and joy.             Location: Basketball Gym
                                                    Cost:     $60 per series for members
 4–6 YEAR OLD CLASS                                           $72 per series for guests
 Date:     Tuesdays, ongoing                        Contact: Childcare Director Amy
 Time:      4:00–4:40 pm                                      Campbell, at 945 3021 or
 Location: Yoga Studio #2                           
                                                    Pre-registration required. Drop-ins
 Date:     Wednesdays, ongoing                      are welcome, space permitting.
 Time:     3:45–4:45 pm
 Location: Yoga Studio #1
 Cost:       $10 per class for members
             $12 per class for guests
 Contact:    Childcare Director Amy
             Campbell at 945 3021 or
 Pre-registration recommended. Drop-ins are
 welcome, space permitting. Parents need to
 remain in the Club for this even.

 SOCIALS          | Meet & Mingle               SQUASH            | Play Like a Pro
Chance Meetings                                 Tactical Squash Clinic
Join us for a fun evening with Jan              with Mark Allen
Newman, author of Chance Meetings               Running around and smashing the ball
That Tied the Knot. Jan will share inspiring    is a great adrenaline release, but playing
stories of chance meetings and the Top          good squash requires an understanding of
Ten Tips for Finding Love. Light appetizers     strategy. If you would like to learn more
and refreshments will be provided.              about the tactical side of the game, we
Date:       Thursday, March 8                   invite you to sign up for this three-week
Time:       6:00–7:30 pm                        course with Head Squash Pro Mark Allen.
Location: Redwood Room                          Some of the things you will learn are:
Cost:       $25 for members                     “T” position awareness, shot selection,
            $35 for guests                      change of pace, high percentage attacking,
            Book signing available with book    and sensible defense.
            purchase night of the event         Date:       Wednesday April 11, 18, & 25
                                                Time:       6:30–8:00 pm
                                                Cost:       $150 for members
Sip & Mingle Happy Hour                                     (Only 4 spaces available)
Unwind from your day and converse with          Contact:    Mark Allen at
other members over drinks & appetizers.           
Date:     Thursday, March 22
Time:     6:00–8:00 pm
Location: Member Lobby
Cost:     Complimentary for members             Spring Break                                      member Jerry Draper, takes place every
                                                Junior Squash Camps                               Monday night, and is open to players of
          $15 for guests
                                                with Lauren Doline                                intermediate level and up. There is no need
                                                                                                  to sign up in advance; just stop by any time
                                                Assistant Squash Professional Lauren              during the two-hour period and have fun
Dine about Town                                 Doline will host two junior camps over            mixing with other players both on and off
Grab a bite to eat with other members.          the spring break period to keep your kids         the court. There is no charge for Monday
Date:      Tuesday, March 27                    busy and active on the squash court. The          evening Round Robin.
Time:      6:30 pm                              camps are for children ages 8 to 14 years
Location: Meet in lower lobby of Bay            old, and are suitable for all levels, including   Tuesday Night Beginners Round
            Club Marin. Restaurant TBD.         complete beginners.                               Robin from 6:30–8:30 pm
Cost:      Members & guests are                 Date:       April 10–12 (Camp 1) and
            responsible for the cost of their                                                     This social evening takes place every
                                                            April 17–19 (Camp 2)                  Tuesday night, and is open to players at
            own meal and beverages.             Time:       10:00 am–1:00 pm                      beginner or advanced beginner level. If you
                                                Cost:       $200 for 3-day camp or                haven’t been playing for a long time and
                                                            $75 per day (6 spaces available)      feel that you are not ready for our Monday
Breakfast with Bay Club                         Contact: Lauren Doline at                         night Round Robin, this class is the answer!
Start your weekend off with delicious and                       There is no need to sign up in advance; just
healthy treats pre or post workout.                                                               stop by at any time during the 2-hour period
Date:      Saturday, April 7                    Good Luck to Bay Club Marin’s                     and have fun mixing with other players both
Time:      8:30–10:30 am                        Assistant Pro, Lauren Doline!                     on and off the court. There is no charge for
Location: Member Lobby                                                                            Tuesday night Round Robin.
Cost:      Complimentary for members,           We wish Lauren good luck as she travels
            $17 for guests                      to Yale University to take her Level 2
                                                certification with the United States Squash       Thursday Beginners Clinic
                                                Racquets Association during the weekend           with Lauren Doline from 11:00 am–12:00 pm
                                                of April 27–29. If you have taken lessons         If you consider yourself a beginner, and are
Texas Hold ’em: Poker                           with Lauren, you already know what a              keen to learn the basics of the game, this class
Lessons & Tournaments                           great squash coach she is. This weekend           is perfect for you. There is no need to book
“Shuffle Up & Deal” and put those tax           of learning will expand her coaching              in advance. Simply show up at class time
 returns to good use!                           abilities. If you haven’t taken a lesson with     to receive a great hour of instruction from
 Date:       Wednesday, April 18                Lauren yet, then improve your game by             Lauren. The cost is $25 per class, charged
 Time:       6:00 pm Lesson,                    signing up for a package of lessons now!          directly to your membership account.
             6:30–9:30 pm Tournament
 Location: Redwood Room                                                                           Junior Squash Classes
                                                Squash Classes & Clinics
 Cost:       $60 for members, $65 for                                                             Lauren conducts 3 squash classes each
             guests (Includes food &
                                                A quick rundown of squash classes                 week for junior players ages 8 to 14 years
             beverages; tournament is           available for you each and every week:            old. Tuesday and Thursday classes are from
             complimentary)                                                                       3:45–4:45 pm and Saturday’s class runs from
                                                Monday Night Round Robin                          11:30 am–12:45 pm. The cost is $25 per class,
For more information or to register for any     with Jerry Draper from 6:30–8:30 pm               charged directly to your membership account.
of the above programs, please contact
Mira Kanter, Socials Director at 945 3002       The best way to meet new squash players!
or register online at          This social evening, organized by fellow
 2 0 0 7 A N N I V E RSARY PARTY                         | Thanks to Our Sponsors

 Ciao Bella                                Il Fornaio                             Bungalow 44
 123 corte madera town center              223 corte madera town center           44 e. blithedale, mill valley, ca
 corte madera, ca                          corte madera, ca                       t: 415 381 2500
 t :415 924 5455                           t: 415 927 4400                                             Executive Chef Robert Price and
 Executive Chef Danilo Zecchin             Executive Chef CJ Synder               Sous Chef Camille Jackson

 Ciao Bella was fast becoming a            Romance of food has always been        Robert Price graduated from the          the Executive Chef and partner
 leading gourmet ice cream purveyor        a significant theme for Il Fornaio’s   City of Bath Culinary Institute          at the Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill
 when the company decided to               Chef-Partner CJ Snyder.                in Bath, England in 1983. Upon           Valley. San Francisco Chronicle’s
 conduct a worldwide search for an                                                graduation, he secured a position        Michael Bauer counts Buckeye
 executive chef.                           A native Northern Californian,         at the Capital Hotel in London, a        Roadhouse among the top 100 Bay
                                           CJ grew up in Los Altos                Michelin Star restaurant where           Area restaurants and Robert Price
 In 1999, Ciao Bella owners and            surrounded by family members           he worked under Executive Chef           earned a prized three star review
 management team Charlie Apt and           who excelled in the culinary arts.     Brian Turner for 3 years.                from Bauer.
 FW Pearce, discovered the very            CJ’s grandfather specialized in
 talented international Chef Danilo        cioppino, while his mother is          When Robert moved to Southern            In 2005, Robert opened Bungalow
 Zecchin. When the two met Chef            known for her Veal Milanese.           California, he was immediately           44 in downtown Mill Valley, his
 Zecchin, they not only recognized his     Becoming a chef simply became          enamored with a New World of             second restaurant as Chef/Partner.
 talents, but also shared his passion      an extension of CJ’s family life and   food, reveling in the rich bounty        The new restaurant caught on
 and commitment to making the finest       their passion for fabulous food.       of fresh produce and seafood at          quickly and soon developed a loyal
 possible product without cutting                                                 his fingertips. Just weeks after         clientele that appreciates his down-
 corners. Since then, Ciao Bella has   After he graduated from the                he arrived in Venice, California he      home, casual-yet-stylish American
 gone from making great ice cream to   Culinary Institute of America              met Bruce Marder, a pioneer of           menu. With its lively bar scene,
                                       in New York, CJ was offered a
 establishing itself as the #1 artisanal                                          California cuisine and the chef-         Bungalow 44 is also a great place to
 ice cream maker in the nation.        coveted fellowship at American             owner of the highly acclaimed            dine and “people watch.” Joining
                                       Bounty Restaurant, where he                West Beach Café. Very quickly,           him in the kitchen is Sous Chef
 Having worked in restaurants all      taught eighteen students the               Roberts became the Executive             Camille Jackson. Camille was at The
 over the world, Chef Danilo Zecchin   workings of the restaurant                 Chef at the Café.                        Meeting House Restaurant in San
 draws inspiration from diverse places industry. His next stop was                                                         Francisco from 2001 to 2003 and
 and people, many from his childhood New Orleans, where he pursued                Robert later returned to England         Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco
 home in Northern Italy. A dedicated   a passion for Creole cooking.              for a short time, but was asked          from 2003 to 2005.
“foodie,” Chef Zecchin has realized    CJ finally returned to Northern            to return to California to become
 Pearce and Apt’s vision of taking     California, and was introduced             opening Executive Chef at
 gelato and sorbet to new heights of   to Il Fornaio through a chef/friend        Rumpus in San Francisco. At
 quality and creativity. Chef Zecchin  at their Sacramento restaurant             Rumpus, Robert received high
 has earned a reputation among his     in 1998. He then became a                  praise for his culinary skills in such
                                       Sous Chef at the San Francisco             notable publications as Gourmet,
 peers for being able to fulfill the
 most exotic and demanding             Il Fornaio; two years later, he was
                                       promoted to Chef-Partner in Corte
                                                                                  Food and Wine, Sunset, Bon
                                                                                  Appetit, Art Cullinaire and Food
                                                                                                                                Many thanks
 requests from restaurants, hotels
 and caterers.                         Madera. Il Fornaio has had the
                                       pleasure of working with him for
                                                                                  Arts. Michael Bauer, food editor
                                                                                  for the San Francisco Chronicle,
                                                                                                                                to the talented
 Their menu of exceptionally delicious the past seven years.
 flavors such as Vahrohna Chocolate,
                                                                                  named Robert one of the Rising
                                                                                  Stars in San Francisco in 1995.               chefs behind
 Scharffenberger Chocolate, Fresh      Il Fornaio’s award-winning authentic
 Mint, Blackberry Cabernet, and
 Blood Orange consistently earns
                                       Italian food is some of the best in
                                       Marin. They offer a new menu every
                                                                                  Robert’s next move was to Real
                                                                                  Restaurants, where he worked
                                                                                                                                Marin’s finest
 Ciao Bella prestigious culinary
 awards and the applause of leading
                                       month, based on the season and
                                       the regions of Italy. The restaurant
                                                                                  with Gordon Drysdale at Gordon’s
                                                                                  House of Fine Eats in San                     Cuisine.
 chefs and food critics alike.         was the winner of the 2005 Wine            Francisco and Caffé Verbena in
                                       Spectator’s Award of Excellence.           Oakland. Later, Robert became

Pizza Antica                            Left Bank                                 Pacific Catch                        Poggio
800 redwood highway suite 1065         507 magnolia avenue, larkspur, ca          133 corte madera town center         777 bridgeway, sausalito, ca
strawberry village, mill valley, ca    t: 415 927 3331                            corte madera, ca                     t: 415 332 7771
t: 415 383 0600                                         t: 415 927 3474                                Executive Chef Richard Hodge                      Executive Chef Peter McNee
Executive Chef/Partner Gordon Drysdale                                            Executive Chef Joanna Perel

Gordon Drysdale brings three             As Executive Chef of Left Bank in        Joanna Perel began her culinary      Tuscany may be where Chef
decades of experience to his role as     Larkspur, Richard has full charge of     journey at age 15, when she          Peter McNee began his love affair
partner and Executive Chef of Pizza      the French-style kitchen, recruiting     landed a catering apprenticeship     with Italian cuisine and culture,
Antica. He has been a longtime           and guiding his well-trained staff       in Balitimore, MD. Following her     but the Sausalito sun keeps the
fixture in the Bay Area dining scene,    as well as selecting best-quality        induction, she went on to work       flame burning. Peter’s goal is to
with a reputation for modern,            produce and seasonal ingredients.        in restaurants in Atlanta and Fort   delight the palates of his guests
seasonal cuisine with classic roots.     Richard’s goal is to maintain the        Lauderdale, and later moved to       with authentic Northern Italian
                                         essence of in-season farm-fresh          Switzerland, where she ran her       dishes, some of which cannot
At Pizza Antica, Drysdale allows the     ingredients, and he plans and            own catering company for three       be found outside of Tuscany, and
seasons to be his guide, creating        executes the changing brasserie          years. Joanna moved to the           he accomplishes this with an
signature pizzas using fresh, local      menu under the direction of              Bay Area in 2001, and worked         infectious enthusiasm for the task.
ingredients. Along with the award-       Executive Chef and Co-Propriétaire       as Executive Chef at Palo Alto’s
winning pizza, the restaurant offers     Roland Passot.                           Blue Chalk Café. Joanna is now in    With the Poggio Chef’s Garden at
entrees, salads and house-made                                                    her second year at Pacific Catch,    his fingertips, a wealth of firsthand
desserts, for a menu that is both       Richard was born in the San               and is well known for her spicy      Italian culinary knowledge and
casual and sophisticated.               Francisco Bay Area, and has been          Southwest innovations and Asian      palpable exuberance, Peter is
                                        interested in cooking and food            fusion creations.                    infusing new soul into the rustic,
Drysdale began his restaurant           for as long as he can remember,                                                seasonal Tuscan cuisine that the
career as a dishwasher at the age       and credits his family for his initial Joanna has traveled extensively         acclaimed trattoria is known for.
of 16 and hasn’t left the kitchen       desire to cook. He began his career in the U.S., Europe, Southeast
since. After graduating from the        in the restaurant industry at age 15, Asia, and Central America, and           A rising star on the West Coast
Culinary Institute of America in        and has trained under (and cooked      continues to draw both personal         culinary scene, the Minnesota
Hyde Park, NY, Drysdale worked          for) several legendary chefs and       and culinary inspiration from her       native honed his skills in some of
for the Sheraton Grand Hotel, a         mentors. “I remember watching          experiences abroad. She lives in        the Bay Area’s top restaurants.
four star, four diamond hotel in        the greats like Jacques Pepin,         San Francisco with her partner          Before cultivating his fondness
downtown Los Angeles. In 1988,          Jacques Torres, and Julia Child on     and her two cats.                       for Italian cooking in Tuscany, the
Drysdale moved to the Bay Area          television as a kid. I enjoyed the                                             young chef’s culinary trajectory
and worked under the tutelage of        way they motivated me to want          Leslie Harlib of the Marin              took flight at the famed San
Cindy Pawlcyn, founder of Real          to cook. I never imagined that one     Independent Journal writes:             Francisco restaurant Stars, where
Restaurants Group. It was there         day I would actually cook for those “Pacific Catch could well be a             he cooked while attending the
that he learned to appreciate the       who inspired me.”                      model for the West Coast fish           California Culinary Academy in
flavor of food as much as its                                                  house of the 21st century. It is        1999. He quickly moved up the
artistry. Drysdale later went on to     Recently Richard has had the           a lively restaurant with                ranks at Stars, garnering extensive
become the opening chef and later       opportunity to cook for the likes      consciously cheery and                  knowledge of local produce along
a partner in critically acclaimed Bix   of Anthony Bourdain, Jacques           comfortable décor, low prices           the way, knowledge he would
in San Francisco.                       Pepin, Cindy Pawlcyn, and Patricia     and large portions of cleverly          refine in a subsequent role as
                                        Wells. Left Bank Larkspur is           thought-out dishes that pay             Sous Chef at Tra Vigne Restaurant
In 1981, he entered the Culinary        known as a hot spot for local          homage to Pacific Rim cultures.”        in St. Helena.
Federation Culinary Competition         celebrities and musicians.
and walked away with several                                                                                           After a yearlong culinary
top awards. He also won the             “I believe that Left Bank has made                                             pilgrimage to Italy in 2003, Peter
prestigious Presidents Award,            a name for itself as one of the few,                                          joined Poggio in the position of
given by Sheraton Hotels, beating        true French Brasseries in California,”                                        Sous Chef and helped launch the
out 1,500 other competitors for his       Richard says, “and I look forward                                            enormously successful opening
work at Ravel Restaurant. A few          to continuing the tradition and                                               that established Poggio as one of
years later, Drysdale joined Pizza       reputation that Left Bank has                                                 the Bay Area’s top restaurants.
Antica, where he is currently in         established in the culinary world.”                                           He assumed the role of Executive
charge of overseeing the kitchen                                                                                       Chef in April 2006.
of each Bay Area location.

220 Corte Madera Town Center Corte Madera, CA 94925

                                   Caring for Our Community
 National Rebuilding Day 2007 will be     Rebuilding Together Marin is a non-profit         owner-occupied homes and non-profit
 held Saturday, April 28. Volunteers of   community-based organization dedicated            community facilities serving these groups.
 all types are needed, both skilled and   to assisting low-income homeowners,               Each year, on the last Saturday in April,
 unskilled. To learn more, please visit   particularly the elderly, disabled and families   Rebuilding Together chapters nationwide             with children to live in warmth, safety and       celebrate National Rebuilding Day with
                                          independence through volunteer repair of          these projects.

   Thanks Again to Our Anniversary Party Sponsors!

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