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					                                 Victoria Bridge Club
                         112 Tinakori Road Wellington 6011

Minutes of Victoria Bridge Club (Inc) Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 01 July 2009
commencing at 5.00 p.m.

       Chair: Pat Knight, Dennis Lahman, Trish Barnes, Mary Slowey, Tim Heartt, Susie des
       Tombe, Kay Austad, Ann Tyrie, Judith Willis, Phil Thompson and Jan Hart.

1      Apologies: Tania Wynn

       “That the apologies be accepted”
                                                                            Moved: Tim Heartt
                                                                          Seconded: Ann Tyrie

2      Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 10 June 2009
       The minutes were circulated to committee members

       “That the minutes of 10 June 2009 as circulated are a true and correct record.”

                                                                          Moved: Tim Heartt
                                                                   Seconded: Dennis Lahman

2.1    Corrections to the minutes
       There were no corrections to the Minutes of 10 June 2009.

2.2    Matters arising from the minutes
       There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

3      Finance
       Dennis tabled the schedule of accounts paid $9, 837.81and accounts owing $1,307.50
       for committee approval and offered his comments.

3.1    Report and Payments
       Two payments to Bridge NZ (2004) Ltd. $367.00, for repairs and maintenance to the
       dealing machine. This is the first time the dealing machine had been repaired so the
       costs were reasonable given the length of time the club has had the machine. The
       second payment $312.23 was for packs of cards.
       Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ltd, building insurance - $8,454.77. Dennis commented this
       payment had made a big dent in the bank balance. The club would be actively pursuing
       another insurer.
       The cardboard boxes housing the Bridge boards have been replaced at a cost of $60.00
       with very strong stackable plastic containers with clip-on lids. These are more secure,
       easier to transport upstairs and should last a lifetime.

       It was noted that the cash position as at 30 June 2009 totalled, $30,540 ($2,240 in
       current account, and $28,300 at call)

       “That the schedule of payments dated 01 July 2009 and totalling $11,145.31 be
                                                                       Moved: Ann Tyrie
                                                                  Seconded: Pat Knight

Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                 1
4      Correspondence
       List of incoming correspondence was tabled.

4.1    Incoming

       The Lions Charity Bridge Day - Saturday 23 May 2009.
       Pat read out a letter from Tony Sutich (Eastern Suburbs Lions Club) thanking Victoria
       Bridge Club for helping to promote their charity tournament. 24 players from Victoria had
       supported the event. The nominated charity, “Camp Quality” for children with cancer,
       benefiting by $2,500.00.

          Action Point: Tim to include in the July Newsletter

       Rubber Bridge – Request from Michael Gibson
       Pat gave an overview of Michael’s proposal. - To seek Victoria Bridge Club’s help in
       influencing the Wellington Regional Committee to introduce a specific sponsored scheme
       Head-to-Head teams Rubber Bridge in the Wellington region. An anonymous sponsor
       has offered to donate $2,000 for this purpose, however, the offer was not taken-up in
       2007, 2008 or 2009. 2010 will be the final year sponsorship will be made available.
       Pat commented the idea was worth pursuing, and the club will write a letter to WRC in
       support. There was some concern raised about timings, but overall the Committee was
       unanimously in favour.

       NZ Bridge Magazine
       The annual subscription to the NZ Bridge magazine has increased from $35.00 to
       $40.00. This became effective in April and is the first increase in 8 years. Any questions
       or concerns should be directed to the Editor of NZ Bridge, Richard Solomon.

       Plaque for the Lift
       Phil Thompson received an email from Geoff Davidson, - Geoff was instrumental in
       arranging the lift installation - pointing out VBC had not yet arranged the plaque which
       was to be placed adjacent to the lift recognising the contribution of the NZ Community
       Trust to the lift project. The Community Trust grant of $60,000 covered the lift installation
       of $47,000 plus a further $13,000 for other site improvements. Geoff commented that the
       club was fortunate to get $60k when it was well in excess of the usual $5,000 grant.
       Pat asked Jan to follow this up with Tony Thomson who had undertaken to organise the
       plaque and also to provide a list of member’s names and donations. The NZCC logo is to
       be included on the plaque.

          Action Point: Jan to liase with Tony

4.2    Outgoing Correspondence
       Letter to Masterclean setting out work to be done and requesting a quote for the
       Winter/Spring clean as discussed at the last committee meeting.

       “That the inwards correspondence be received, and the outwards correspondence
       be approved.”


Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                  2
5      Membership

5.1    Nominations / Re-joining
       Two nominations received
       Colin Beyer – played at Victoria many years ago
       Rosa Mishkin – Alan Josephs partner

       Dennis asked how many members had not renewed their membership by final date (April
       09) which per the VBC club rules deems them to have resigned from the club.
       It was also noted that no list had been provided following the March Beginner Lessons of
       the participants who were taking up the offer of paid membership to the end of the year
       which is included in their lesson fee. Some of the participants are currently playing on a
       Wednesday night. Dennis will take some membership forms upstairs tonight. This will
       ensure the club has their contact details and they can be loaded onto the membership

                       “That the nominations for membership be approved”

                                                                           Moved: Kay Austad
                                                                     Seconded: Phil Thompson
5.2    Resignations/Deaths
       There were no resignations or deaths.

6      Sub Committees

6.1    Tournaments & Inter-Club
       Wellington Mini Congress: 10th – 12th July 2009.
       Judith Willis has been in touch with WRC Secretary Paula Jenner. VBC will be used on
       Sunday 12th only, although at this stage it appears numbers for this Tournament are low
       and VBC may not be required at all. Judith will know more next week. If Victoria is used,
       one or two people will be required on the Sunday to tidy up - empty bins, replenish coffee
       machines/cups etc.

       Open Swiss Pairs – Sunday 26 July 2009
       Flyer to go out to all clubs via email. After much discussion, it was decided to reduce the
       registration fee from $30.00 to $25.00 pp. This was in-line with that charged by other
       clubs in the area. Much discussion on the food - a menu of soup, bread/s, savouries and
       fruit was suggested. Pat commented it would be great to have a sponsor for this event.

6.2    House
       Ann Tyrie requested the broken glass top on the Coffee Machine cupboard downstairs
       be replaced. Ann felt a glass top is more hygienic, and much easier to keep clean.
       Dennis to provide the name of the glass people and Jan to obtain a quote.

          Action Point: Jan to obtain a quote

       Bartending Exam
       Pat congratulated Ann for passing the bartending exam and now being a fully licensed
       Bar Manager.

Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                   3
6.3    Maintenance
       Four quotes tabled
       The English Craftsman – per specs provided by Ian Nicholls              $30,150.00
       Concept Property Services – (does not include scaffolding)              $26,493.00

       Ian Nicholls advised there are another two quotes to come in. No further action required
       until these are received. Judith Willis explained Concept Property Services had done
       work at her home and she had no hesitation in recommending them or their
       workmanship to the club.

       Spotlight – for venetian blinds in Office and Library                $ 1211.00
       A generous discount of $336.30 offered if full payment is made on acceptance of quote.

       Kay Austad suggested a different type of blind – which she had in her own home - might
       be more suitable. Kay to obtain quotes and report back at next committee meeting.

       Masterclean – Winter/Spring clean
       The quote included,
       Spot cleaning the upstairs carpet                                       $  85.00
       Interior glass, window sills and frames                                 $ 125.00
       External glass, pole wash                                               $ 150.00
       Polish tables, banister’s, skirting and staircase woodwork              $  75.00
       Machine scrub seal and polish floors in kitchen / toilets               $ 390.00

                                                                               $ 825.00

       General consensus was, to have all cleaning completed at this time was too expensive.
       Decision made not to proceed with cleaning the outside windows, pending upcoming
       work on the exterior of the building or with the scrub and polish of the kitchen and toilet
       floors. Susie des Tombe offered to come in and do some of the work herself and also
       suggested getting a few committee/club members to come in. After further discussion,
       the committee approved Masterclean to complete the following:

          Spot clean carpets upstairs
          Interior glass, window sills and frames
          Polish tables, banisters, skirting boards and stair case woodwork
          Total cost $285.00

          Action Point: Jan to advise Masterclean

       Car Parks:
       In response to discussions at the last committee meeting, Trish wrote to the Wellington
       City Council to ask if the resident parking restrictions in Tinakori Road could be
       designated in such a way, that parking could be available for use by club members.

       WCC responded. The resident parking spaces could be converted to Coupon Parking
       or P120. There is reluctance by WCC to remove the resident parking. The Council
       suggested if digital photos could be taken and sent to them before, during and after club
       meetings on several different days, WCC can then see how the parks are being used.
       After some discussion, the committee decided not to proceed, as parking at the club was
       only at a premium on Thursday afternoons.

Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                  4
       Email from Geoff Davidson to Phil Thompson, and cc to the club. Geoff voiced his
       concern regarding the ongoing drama with the lift. Geoff commented he had spoken to
       Mike Schofield, from Associated Lifts in Tauranga, who advised he had not been told and
       knew nothing about any problems the club had experienced with the lift. Geoff
       recommended the club contact Mike direct if there are any further issues.

6.4    Programme, Promotions & Grading
       No items to report.

       2010 Programme Advertising/Sponsorship
       Advertising /Sponsors suggested for the 2010 programme – Audiology and Optometrists.

6.5    Lessons & Coaching

       Beginner Lessons:
       22 people have signed up for the beginner lessons commencing 15 July 2009,with a
       further five waiting in the wings. Discussion with John Cormack, resulted in the cut-off
       point being 24 -25 participants, 6 tables, which would be much easier to manage.

6.6    Directing / Dealing / Scoring
       It was suggested people should be chosen or invited to play in club championships. Top
       Junior – Top Intermediate – Top Open. Although most top players are known, currently
       invitations appear to be on an ad-hoc basis. Phil Thompson is currently working on a
       programme to track this.

       Swiss Pairs
       Yvonne Darcey coming in on Friday to prepare for the Garland Swiss Pairs, putting
       names in computer etc. Allan Joseph (Director) will be using score pads for this event.

6.7    Newsletter & Publicity
      The July Newsletter will be emailed out to members around the middle of the month.

7      Duplicate – Mon / Tues / Wed / Thursday
       Monday night going well.
       Tuesday: David Macdonald played with Graham Norman (non-club member) in the Club
       Pairs – someone to check the Club Rules to see if penalty should apply?
       Wednesday: 5 – 7 tables. Dennis will sign up the new members (from Beginner Lessons)
       who are playing on a Wednesday night.
       Thursday: good number of tables 13 – 14 – considering the weather.

       Discussion: Tim commented on "playing everyone in the Room" for year long events,
       e.g. Dougal McLean Pairs on a Tuesday night. Tim would like this to be discussed further
       at the next committee meeting.

Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                  5
8      General Business

       Badge Holders
       Susie des Tombe brought along a sample name badge holder tray. While compact and
       easy to store, the cost of $138.00 per tray was considered too expensive. The club would
       need at least 10 trays. $1300.00 (+GST) Committee decided not to proceed and to put
       this item on hold.

       Bridge Boards
       Pat advised the club needed to purchase another two sets of boards to allow more
       dealing to be done at one time. Suggested not purchasing any pale colours as the
       boards get very dirty. Jan asked to obtain costs.

          Action Point: Jan to obtain costs

       Office Heater
       Judith commented the office was very cold. The current panel heater is very old and not
       providing any warmth. Judith suggested a hard-wired Scope heater might be worth
       considering. Judith will obtain the cost and report back.

       Club Secretary
       Dennis advised that per the Club Rules the Secretary had to be voted in.

                                                                      Moved: Dennis Lahman
                                                                       Seconded: Pat Knight

       Honour Boards
       The clubs Honour Boards have not been updated despite the Presidents request that
       they be completed prior to the Annual General Meeting in April. Jan asked to contact

          Action Point: Jan to contact Tony

       Meeting closed at 6.40 p.m.

       NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 12 August 2009

Committee Minutes 01 July 2009                 6

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