2008 Track& Field Season

Dear Track & Field athlete and parent(s),

Welcome to the sport of Track & Field. As coaches, we are committed to helping
athletes perform at their highest level, both as an individual athlete and as a team. This
means each athlete must be physically and mentally ready for competition. During the
season, we will provide a training regimen designed to prepare athletes to compete at
their highest level. Our workout schedule includes principals such as aerobic and
anaerobic conditioning, strength training, and technique/skills training. During
practices, we will vary training intensity and duration based on the timing of
competition and the overload, recovery, recuperation, and peaking cycle.

We expect athletes to perform at their peak during competition. This means that each
athlete must commit to the training we give. It is their degree of commitment, as
reflected in effort and attitude throughout all phases of the season, which will determine
individual success and the success of the team.

Attached to this letter are the rules and expectations for Track and Field at Shawano
Community High School. Athletes and parents please sign and return this top
sheet to Coach Smurawa before the start of the season. Athletes will not be
able to participate until the Head Coach has received a signed copy. By
signing, both the parents and athletes signify that they have received a copy of the Track
and Field Expectations and will follow them during the season.

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Scott Smurawa
Room 1119A
Boys and Girls Track & Field Head Coach
Phone:       526-2175 ext. 1119 or voicemail ext. 4127
Web page:

All athletes must follow the Shawano Community High School Athletic
Code of Conduct. The following expectations are specific to Track & Field. Anyone participating in
Track commits to attending all practices and meets and meeting all expectations.

     No athlete will be cut from the Track and Field team. Athletes who compete as varsity must meet
     specific criteria, including, but not limited to, having the best times, distances, experience, attitude,
     meeting minimal performances per event as determined by the coaching staff, and coaches’
     discretion. Those not meeting these criteria will compete in Freshman, Sophomore, and/or Junior
     Varsity meets. Minimal performance requirements are set by the coaching staff.

     Athletes seeking to compete at the Bay Conference Championship and Regional meets must be in
     good standing, must meet minimum qualifying performances, and be selected by coaches
     according to the criteria above. Athletes need to set performance goals and train during the season
     to meet their goals. If an athlete’s goal is to run at the Conference and Regional meets, then their
     performance goals need to correspond with the minimal qualifying performances. These are listed
     on page 7.

     Except for the varsity invitational meets (Bay Conference Indoor, Seymour, Marinette, Pulaski, Bay
     Conference, Regionals, Sectionals, and State) all athletes are expected to be at the meets. If an
     athlete is not competing at a meet, they will have practice. Attendance at all home meets is a
     requirement for everyone, whether or not they are competing. Athletes must compete in the events
     assigned to them. Athletes who take themselves out of an event (scratch) without the prior
     approval of a coach will not compete in the following meet.

     An athlete must ride the team bus to and from all meets. However, athletes may return home with
     their parents at the conclusion of the meet and as long as he/she completes the proper form and
     gives it to the head coach before the bus leaves for the meet. Athletes must stay for the entire
     meet. The forms are available in the high school office. This rule will be strictly adhered to.

      We do not stop after meets to eat. There are concession stands at each meet, and you are
      encouraged to eat a healthful mid-day meal, as well as bring along healthful snacks if you so desire.

     Athletes may not drive themselves nor receive rides to the track for after school practices. Anyone
     caught driving will not compete in the next meet. Running to the track is part of the warm-up
     routine. Any athletes practicing at track are expected to report to the track in a prompt manner.
     Athletes reporting late to the track will be asked to run extra and will be deducted points per
     infraction program.

  Attendance is required and the following policies strictly adhered to. Before an athlete participates
  in Track and Field, he/she must return a signed letter signifying they have received a copy of the
  Track and Field Expectations. Athletes must attend all practices and must attend each practice
  from start to finish. Practice begins at promptly at 2:45 p.m. in the gym. Expect all
  practices to last until 5:30 p.m. (except for some occasional scheduling conflicts.) Athletes
  may leave early only when excused by a coach, and after all of the athlete’s practice activities are
  completed for the day.

  We follow the district policy for missed practices. All missed practices are considered either absent
  or unexcused. Keep in mind that when athletes miss a practice, they miss critical training which
  directly affects their performance. Please schedule all non-school related appointments and
  commitments outside of the scheduled practice times.

   1. Before missing a practice, the athlete must to talk directly to Coach Smurawa. Failure to do
      so will result in being considered unexcused and infraction points will be deducted.
          a. Athletes who are sick for the day must contact Coach Smurawa by noon of the
              same day they are ill. Leaving a voice mail by noon is acceptable.
                  Voicemail Extension is 4127.
          b. Athletes with pre-arranged commitments must contact Coach Smurawa at least
              three days prior to the practice to be missed and at least one week before a
              missed meet. All meets have entry deadlines that must be submitted before the meets.
              This gives coaches time to make adjustments before submitting entries for meets.
   2. If an athlete needs to see a teacher after school, he/she should bring a note to practice from
      that teacher. Athletes that are substantially late or are repeatedly late will deducted points per
      infraction program.
   3. If an athlete leaves practice before he/she is excused or is asked to leave because of disciplinary
      or safety concerns, he/she will not compete in the following meet. These are unexcused
      absences. In addition, points will be deducted per infraction program.

  All Track athletes are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times. As a
  member of the track team athletes represent not only themselves, but the school, the community,
  and the sport of track. The public draws conclusions based on how our track athletes behave. All
  athletes should always behave at their best.

  Remember, you are a student first and an athlete second. Classroom attendance and appropriate
  behavior are mandatory. Points will be deducted per the infraction program.

   It is strongly recommended that injured athletes visit appropriate medical personnel for treatment
   and rehabilitation program. Athletes need to take an active part in their injury rehabilitation.
   Injured athletes are expected to attend all practices. At each practice, injured athletes must
   first report for attendance and then to the Head Coach. The Head Coach will provide
   practice instructions based upon injury updates and doctor/trainer rehabilitation

  We exercise caution when dealing with all athletes’ injuries. As a general rule, athletes who have
  injuries that prevent them from practicing will not compete in meets. However, special
  considerations will be given in consultation with medical personnel. All injured athletes must
  attend all practices and must attend all appropriate meets as determined by the Head Coach.

Our coaching staff will be using a point system to maintain the integrity of our Athletes and to insure our
Athletes are making the commitment it takes to maintain a successful program. Each Athlete will start
with 10 points. If infractions occur, the Athlete loses points. We feel this concept gives an unbiased form
of discipline and is extremely fair to every Athlete in the program. Athletes cannot earn points back.
(The Infraction Program replaces the former procedure of making up practices.)

  1    Leaving practice or meet early unless required school event.
  1    Arriving to practice late unless at required school event or tutoring from teacher (includes
       reporting late to the track during practice.)
  1    Inappropriate school behavior (skipping, cheating, acting up). If athlete does not self report this is
       2 points.
  1    Missing practice for any reason other than doctor excused or family funeral. Athlete must let
       coach know they are missing in advance.
  1    Detention or BIC. If athlete does not self report this triples.
  1    Not properly equipped/dressed/etc. for practice or meet—first offense
  2 Not properly equipped/dressed/etc. for practice or meet—second offense
  1-4 Scratching self from event without prior approval of a Coach. Extra infractions deducted per
       subsequent violation.
  1-3 In school suspension.
  1-4 Insubordination to coach. (not following requests, backtalk, disrespect) (i.e., Negative remarks or
       negative attitude towards others, complaints about meet entries, pouting, whining, etc.)
  1-4 Meet misconduct (unsportsmenlike towards opponent, fan, coach or official)
  1-5 Being asked by a coach to leave practice or meet due to behavior. (Immediate one meet
   2-4 Out of school suspension.
   2-4 Athletic violation
   2-5 Severe misconduct (fighting, swearing, arguing, etc.) Deductions will vary depending on severity.
        Immediate suspension from meet(s)-length of suspension to be determined by Coach.

  10 Athlete is outstanding and we are a stronger team. 10 points awarded toward letter.
  9-8 Athlete is in good standing, but we need to count on you. 5 points awarded toward letter.
  Under 7 – No extra points awarded.
  7-6 Your team can’t count on you. Assigned duties or tasks (i.e. shoe bag responsibility, etc.)
  5 Apology to team, 2 mile run (in addition to practice)
  4 One meet suspension (stay back and practice or if no practice out of uniform and go to meet with
     assigned duty/task).
  3 One Meet suspension, no travel, no practice until suspension served.
  2 Two Meet suspension, no travel, no practice until suspension served.
  1 Time away from team and meet suspension to be determined by coaches.
  0 Dismissed from team.
  ***The Coach may alter the number of points deducted and/or impose additional
  consequences based on the type, severity, or quantity of infractions.

Each Athlete is granted 1 ―free day‖ at the beginning of the season to be excused from practice with no
penalty. Using the ―free day‖ the day before a meet will result in being scratched from events. Athletes are
required to notify coaches at least three school days in advance of using the ―free day‖. This allows
coaches to enter athletes in meets and to make changes to meet entries prior to the entry deadline. Coach
has the right to deny the request based on team needs, important practice, too many athletes gone, etc.
Minimal deductions will result in additional points awarded toward Varsity letter.

       1. An individual cannot earn points back. An entire team can for awesome behavior, attitude
          and focus.
       2. Only doctors’ excuses, family funerals, getting help with teacher or required school events
          are exempt from deductions.
       3. If an Athlete is sick and misses consecutive school days without a doctor’s excuse, it is only a
          1 point deduction.
       4. Final decisions on points lost or gained are determined by coaches.
       5. The ―free day‖ is not intended to be used the day before a competition or during the weeks
          of conference, regionals, sectionals, or state.
       6. Missed Meets will fall under meet misconduct.
       7. Athletes need to pay attention to the importance of self reporting.
       8. If have questions, ask the Head Coach immediately, not after the fact!


    Athletes are expected to have proper equipment and be wearing the proper clothes and uniform
    for all practices and meets. Athletes not meeting this requirement are unexcused and will not
    participate in practice or the meet. This will be strictly enforced. Athletes must be properly attired
    at all times in practice and at meets (Jerseys, T-shirts, etc. must be worn at all times.)

    All Practices
    Athletes are required to wear Sweatpants, Sweatshirts, and proper footwear throughout all
    practices. It is the coaches’ discretion as to when athletes may take sweats off. Athletes not
    wearing these articles of clothing are unable to practice and will be unexcused.

    Cold weather practice (below 45 degrees F):
    During the indoor season, all athletes, in addition to their sweats, are required to have a stocking
    cap (or headband) and gloves (or mittens) available for every practice. (Athletes may want to wear
    additional warm clothes for outdoor practices, but this is not required.)

    Athletes without proper attire can not practice and will be sent home. This will be an unexcused
    absence and the attendance guidelines will be followed.

    Meet Uniforms
    Athletes participating in meets must wear the school’s official Track and Field uniform and warm-
    ups. Practice sweats and Letterperson’s jackets (or additional jacket) may be worn for warmth in
    addition to the school’s uniform and warm-ups. Cross-Country warm-ups are not allowed at
    meets. Athletes may not change out of their uniforms during meets or on the bus.

    WIAA has specific rules regarding dress during competition. Not following these rules during
    competition will lead to disqualification. Any visible undergarments must be a solid color.
    Spandex may be worn under shorts; however, they must be black with no emblems. Relay teams
    must all wear identical school uniforms. Their undershirts, if worn, must be the same color and
    type. Anyone running relays should acquire the same color undershirts (Red, black, or white) as
    their teammates.


  Required Shoes
  All athletes need to have one pair of shoes for practice and training purposes. Runners and jumpers do
  not need to purchase separate racing flats for meets. We have these available for athletes to use,
  complements of the Shawano Athletic Booster Club. Throwers should see the Throwers Coach about
  shoes for competition. We have some select throwing shoes and may be able to add sizes to our stock.

Training Shoes (required)
   We recommend shoes with good support and soft cushioning such as running shoes and cross-training
   shoes. A good pair of shoes will help the athlete avoid injuries. Running shoes may be best for distance
   runners. All other athletes may consider either running shoes or cross-training shoes, depending upon
   cushioning, support, and the events they will participate in. Any shoes other than running and cross-
   trainers may not give the support and cushioning needed for the type of workouts in Track and Field.

Racing Flats (not required)
   Racing flats are designed for optimal performance in races and jumps. They are lightweight and non-
   bulky and have the ability to attach metal spikes for rubberized tracks. We have many pairs of these
   shoes available for our athletes. Purchasing individual shoes by an athlete is not needed. However,
   athletes may purchase their own if they desire. If one purchases their own, he/she should buy shoes
   with rubber-bottoms with removable spikes since we race on both blacktop and
   rubberized tracks. Although prices vary greatly, the difference in shoes in very minimal. If your feet
   don’t grow, they should last your entire high school career. Shoes may not come with the appropriate
   size spikes. The only spikes most schools will allow are pin spikes.

Where to purchase:
  Several stores sell running shoes. I suggest going to a store that specializes in running shoes and has
  salesmen knowledgeable in running. There are just a few of these stores in the area. My favorite is Run
  Away Shoes on Oneida St in Green Bay. This store is dedicated to the running athlete. Student athletes
  receive a discount. They have salesmen who run and are track coaches from around the area.

   Other options you may consider:
   Run Away Shoes, Green Bay-
   Dick’s Sporting Goods, Green Bay
   Dennis Sport Shop, Green Bay
   In Competition Sports, University Ave, Green Bay -
   The Footlocker, Green Bay
   The Finish Line, Green Bay

  Athletes who have questions, concerns, complaints, or issues regarding the rules, coaches’
  decisions or procedures must first seek out and talk directly with the Head Coach about their
  specific concerns. The Coach will not talk with parents or others about the issues unless this is
  done. Rationale: Issues cannot be resolved unless the Coach becomes aware of them and is given
  the opportunity to deal with them directly with the athlete.

Please feel free to contact any of the coaches or myself if you have any questions.

Scott Smurawa
Boys and Girls Track & Field Head Coach
Room 1119A
Phone:    526-2175 ext. 1119 or voicemail ext. 4127
Web page:

Requirements for a Varsity Letter

A. All Athletes
A Track and Field Athlete may qualify for a Varsity letter following
these guidelines:

1. The athlete received the recommendation of coaches.
2. The athlete has not received an Activities Code suspension.
3. At the completion of the season, the Athlete has returned in all
   equipment or has paid comparable costs to replace missing or
   damaged equipment or clothing.
4. The athlete has followed all Track and Field’s expectations for training and competition including the
   district’s Athletic Code.
5. The athlete has completed the season in good standing.
6. Attended and contributed to practices and meets.
7. The athlete acquired the recommended number of points as determined by the coaches.

B. Four year Athletes
An athlete who has completed four years of track may earn a letter, regardless of point accumulation,
provided they:
1. The athlete has met the requirements in Section A Numbers 1-7 above.
2. The athlete has shown improvement in performance during the season.

C. Injured Athletes
The coaches may recommend an injured athlete has qualified for a letter if the following conditions are
1. The injury was of the type that did not permit the athlete to return to track.
2. The athlete contributed and attended practices and meets.
3. The athlete has followed all Track and Field’s expectations for training and competition including the
    district’s Athletic Code.
4. It is the opinion of the Track Coaches that the athlete would have earned a letter had he/she not been
5. An injured athlete who returned to competition but did not meet the point requirements will be given
6. Special consideration will be given to previous letter winners.

D. Additional Ways to Letter
1. An athlete that has placed fourth or better at Regionals or Conference meets will automatically earn a
   letter, provided the athlete has met the requirements is section A 1-7, even if they did not earn the
   required points.
2. An Athlete who sets a school record during the course of competition will automatically earn a letter,
   provided the athlete has met the requirements is section A 1-7, even if they did not earn the required

E. Managers
Managers will earn a letter by meeting the following guidelines.
1. Has completed, the season in good standing.
2. Attended all practices and meets as assigned.
3. Fulfilled all duties assigned.

Letter Points
In Track and Field, unlike other sports, an athlete does not earn a letter based solely on participation in
Varsity competition. An athlete must significantly contribute to the team score during meets. It is for this
reason athletes must earn a set minimum number of points in varsity competition during the season.

1. In order to earn a varsity letter, an athlete needs to accumulate a minimum of 50 Varsity points during
competition by the end of the season.

   a. Athletes with no infractions will receive 10 bonus points.

   b. Athletes with one or two infractions will receive 5 bonus points provided that absences were
       excused, the athlete had displayed a positive attitude throughout the season, and the athlete has
       not missed any meets.

   c. Relay members will receive points awarded to team--as if an individual score (points will not be
       divided between members).

Points in Meets
Only points earned in Varsity meets count toward a Varsity letter. The points earned at meets designated
as JV, freshman, or sophomore do not count towards a Varsity letter. An athlete may compete in some JV,
freshman, or sophomore meets and still compete in Varsity meets. All points earned at varsity
invitationals, regionals, conference, and sectionals count toward the varsity letter. In all Duals,
Triangulars, and Quads, all athletes will compete. Those who place (Duals: first, second, third;
Triangulars: first, second, third, fourth; Quads: first, second, third, fourth, fifth) in their event will earn
points for Varsity team and will count towards their Varsity letter. All other places will count for JV, if the
meet scores for JV. (During JV and Varsity combined meets only limited number of athletes from each
team may score varsity points. Therefore, if an athlete competes well enough to place but is unable to
score varsity points due to meet limitations, the corresponding points will be credited toward the athlete’s


                                              Relay                                                  Relay
        Boys           Performance            Goal               Girls         Performance            Goal
       Events               Goal            5th Place           Events               Goal          5th Place
   3200 m Relay        n/a                  9:00            3200 m Relay       n/a                 11:20
   110 m Hurdles       20.0                                 100 m Hurdles      19.75
   100 m Dash          12.1                                 100 m Dash         14.75
   800 m Relay         n/a                  1:40            800 m Relay        n/a                 2:00
   1600 m Run          5:10.0                               1600 m Run         6:50
   400 m Relay         n/a                  47.1            400 m Relay        n/a                 57.0
   400 m Run           57.5                                 400 m Run          1:10
   300 m Hurdles       50.5                                 300 m Hurdles      57.0
   800 m Run           2:25.0                               800 m Run          2:45
   200 m Dash          25.5                                 200 m Dash         31.5
   3200 m Run          11:10.0                              3200 m Run         14:30
   1600 m Relay        n/a                  3:35.0          1600 m Relay       n/a                 4:30.0
   Discus              105.0‖                               Discus             77-0
   Shot Put            37-0‖                                Shot Put           27-6‖
   High Jump           5-04‖                                High Jump          4-4‖
   Long Jump           17-6‖                                Long Jump          11-6‖
   Triple Jump         36-0‖                                Triple Jump        26-6‖
   Pole Vault          9-6‖                                 Pole Vault         7-0‖

Bus Departure Times – Approximate Driving Times
Location     Class Dismissal     Bus Departure      Approximate Driving Time
Antigo             1:45            2:00                  1 Hr
Ashwaubenon        2:00            2:15                  40 min
Pulaski**          2:00            2:15                  30 min
Seymour            2:00            2:15                  40 minutes
Marinette          1:30            1:45                  1 hr. 20 minutes
Appleton North     1:30            1:45                  40 min
Wisconsin Rapids 12:50             1:05                  1 Hr 50 Min
Denmark            1:35            1:50                  1 Hr. 10 minutes
Hortonville        1:45            2:00                  1 Hr.
Lux-Casco          1:35            1:50                  1 Hr. 10 minutes
New London         2:00            2:15                  45 minutes
Oconto Falls       1:55            2:10                  50 minutes
West De Pere       2:00            2:15                  45 minutes
Bay Port           2:10            2:25                  35 minutes

Saturday Meets
Seymour              --             8:20 am              40 minutes
Lux-Casco            --             7:10 am              1 Hr. 10 minutes

Meet Start Times
Most meets begin at 4:00 pm. Some invitations will begin pole vault 30 minutes early.
Bay Conference Meets (indoor and outdoor) will begin at 10:00 am.

**Pulaski Invitational begins at 3:30.

2008 Track Schedule

Thursday   7-Feb    Pre-Season Meeting. 2:40 in LGI
Monday     3-Mar    First day of practice
Tuesday    11-Mar   JV & Varsity Indoor Practice meet
                    @ Ashwaubenon with New London
Monday     17-Mar   JV & Varsity Practice @ 8:30 a.m. in Gym
Tuesday    18-Mar   JV & Varsity Indoor @ Antigo
Wednesday 19-Mar    JV & Varsity Practice @ 8:30 a.m. in Gym
Thursday   20-Mar   JV & Varsity Practice @ 8:30 a.m. in Gym
Friday     21-Mar   Good Friday - No Practice
Saturday   29-Mar   Varsity   Coed Bay Conference Indoor @ Seymour
Tuesday    1-Apr    JV & Varsity Indoor @ Antigo
Tuesday    8-Apr    JV & Varsity Bay Tri-angular @ Seymour with West DePere
Tuesday    15-Apr   JV & Varsity Bay Tri-angular @ Home with New London and Hortonville
Thursday   17-Apr   Varsity @ Antigo Invitational
Tuesday    22-Apr   JV & Varsity Bay Tri-angular @ Home with Marinette and Lux-Casco
Thursday   24-Apr   Varsity   Pulaski Invitational @ Pulaski
Monday     28-Apr   JV & Varsity Bay Tri-angular @ Oconto Falls with Denmark
Tuesday    29-Apr   VarsityMarinette Invitational
Thursday   1-May    JV & Varsity Seymour Invitational @ Seymour
Monday     5-May    Freshman-Sophomore Invitational @ Marinette
Tuesday    6-May    Varsity   Jozwiak Invitational @ Home
Friday     9-May    Freshman Invitational @ Ashwaubenon
Saturday   10-May   Varsity   Bay Conference @ Lux-Casco
Tuesday    13-May   Varsity   Bay Conference Relays @ Seymour
Monday     19-May   Varsity   Regionals @ Wisconsin Rapids
Thursday   22-May   Varsity   Sectionals @ Ashwaubenon
Fri-Sat    30-31-May   State Meet @ La Crosse


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