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TRAINER NEWSLETTER by fjzhangxiaoquan


									            TRAINER NEWSLETTER

                                                                                  Training for Intervention ProcedureS

                                                                                                 August 15, 2008

                                 TIPS Trainer Spotlight on Gina Santiago
                      My first encounter with the TIPS     would do her a favor. She said, “Gina, if I pay for you
                      program was in 1995. My general      to become a TIPS instructor, will you train the rest of
                      manager at the Palladium             our staff?” I immediately said, “Yes!” She knew that
                      nightclub in New York City told      I had experience teaching mixology at a bartending
                      us we had to have a TIPS class.      school in Manhattan so I would have no problem
                      We all laughed! The bartenders       speaking in front of a group. What she didn’t know was
                      thought “There’s a way to make       that I would make a full time career out of training
                      more?” A week later all the          TIPS!
                      bartenders from four of the
                                                           So here I am 3 years later, having taught over 1,000
                    largest nightclubs in Manhattan
                                                           students. I am traveling all over the US and making
were in the same room at the same time, the first
                                                           about the same money that I made while bartending.
time we were all together, which was cool!
                                                           I work half the time from home and the other half
I remember we had about 60 students and 2                  traveling and teaching. It’s not easy making yourself
instructors. The class seemed long yet really              get up and work for yourself everyday, but hey, I have
informative and interesting. I learned that bartending     a great boss! I have learned so much while teaching.
was actually a serious job and that we had                 Every time I have a class in a new area I learn about
responsibilities to the people we served. It’s funny,      the laws in that area and why they have those laws.
when you work in a nightclub that holds thousands          Training TIPS for a living has also changed the way I
of people and you have Club Kids running around in         view alcohol.
their underwear with crazy makeup and carrying lunch
                                                           For me, bartending had lost its appeal. After 18 years
boxes, making responsible decisions about serving
                                                           I realized that I had become the “older” bartender,
alcohol is not your first thought! (Club Kids are people
that draw people to the clubs. Club Kids get free drink
                                                           not the “better” bartender in the eyes of the
tickets for making the club seem more lively, and often    establishment. In contrast, since I have been working
they dress in extravagant outfits.)                        for HCI I am constantly being recognized for my
                                                           accomplishments! I have been surprised with plaques
One of the things I liked most about the class was that    in the mail and I have been asked to speak in Las Vegas
it gave us an opportunity to talk about work without       this year at the Alcohol Responsibility Conference. I
having had any after-shift drinks. That was different!     always feel confident knowing that I have my account
I was so proud of my TIPS Certificate that I still have    manager, Brian Flickinger, around anytime I have
it to this day. After the class was over I approached      a question or need advice. He has become more
the instructors and asked how I could become a part        of a mentor to me than an account manager. I am
of the TIPS program. Unfortunately, at that time there     embarking on my 4th year as a trainer and feel it will
seemed to be no convenient opportunity for me to get       be my best year yet. I can’t wait to start recertifying
into it. The thought of training TIPS remained in the      my first clients. TIPS Training is the best job I have
back of my mind for the next 10 years as something I       ever had and it keeps on getting better.
would love to do.
                                                           By Gina Santiago, 3-yr. Independent TIPS Trainer in
In 2005, the general manager at the club I had been        New York, N.Y.
working for since leaving the Palladium asked me if I
                                   TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                           2

                         GOVERNMENT RELATIONS NEWS
Arizona continues to move toward becoming a             The weather may say summer, but the calendar says
mandatory state for commercial training in 2009.        that Maryland trainer permit renewal season has
HCI President, Adam Chafetz, attended a meeting
with the Department of Liquor License and Control       If you have a 2008 Maryland Trainer Permit, it will
(DLLC) in Flagstaff, Arizona late last month and        expire on October 31. You MUST have a current
reported that the state is moving toward mandatory      permit if you want to train in Maryland, or train
status.                                                 participants who work in Maryland.
We have no more information on this important           The first email to current permit holders has
change at the moment, but TIPS remains in very          already gone out. Additional emails will be sent in
close contact with DLLC and we’ll notify trainers       September and October. Current permit holders
promptly once more information is available.            will also receive a letter from the MD Comptroller’s
                                                        Office with information about renewing the permit.
                                                        Renewal applications will be received here beginning
Louisiana When training TIPS Commercial programs
                                                        on September 15. Please do not send your renewal
(On, Off, Concessions, Gaming, Social Functions) in
                                                        application to us before this date. TIPS and the
LA, TIPS trainers are reminded that the Alcohol and
                                                        Comptroller’s Office will not be ready to process
Tobacco Commission (ATC) has a very strict set of
                                                        renewal applications before this date.
training procedures that must be followed, and they
have “ZERO TOLERANCE” for non-compliance. The        In order to get your renewal application processed
requirements are as follows:                         by us and the MD Comptroller’s Office, it must arrive
                                                     here not later than October 10. If your renewal
1. The trainer must obtain a trainer permit.
                                                     application arrives here after October 10 it may
2. The trainer must schedule sessions with ATC at    not get processed in time to meet the October 31
   least 7 days in advance.                          deadline. If you train in Maryland, or train Maryland
3. The trainer must provide all information shown on participants after October 31 without a 2009 MD
   the state-supplied roster, which must be signed   Trainer Permit your session will be rejected. The MD
   by the trainer at the bottom. Supplemental        Comptroller’s Office has a zero tolerance policy for
   information must be filled in on the back of the  training with an expired permit.
   answer sheet also. It is recommended that the     Please be sure to fill out the application completely,
   trainer fill out the roster.                      sign it, and include the following:
4. The trainer MUST send the session in via overnight   1. Check for $5.00, payable to the Comptroller of
   mail, UPS, FedEx, etc., as soon as possible after
   the session ends. There is a 10 calendar day
   turnaround deadline for the ATC’s receipt of the     2. Copy of your unexpired TIPS Trainer Certification
   processed session roster.                               Card.
5. The participant MAY NOT use the establishment        3. Signed copy of the TIPS Trainer Agreement.
   address, unless the trainer receives permission in   * As this newsletter was being published we hadn’t
   advance from ATC.                                    received any word from the Comptroller’s Office
6. ATC requires that a Social Security number be        about a change for this fee. We presume it will
   provided by all participants.                        remain the same, although an increase is always
                                                        possible. If the fee does change we’ll let you know
Louisiana sessions are closely inspected both before
                                                        as soon as we get the word.
and after processing. Sessions not meeting these
requirements will be rejected.                          After completing the documents, send the renewal
                                                        application and all supporting items to the TIPS
If you have any questions about these procedures
                                                        Government Relations Department. We first need
contact the TIPS Government Relations Department.
                                                        to sign the permit application; we will then take
                                                        responsibility for delivering your application packet
                                                        to the MD Comptroller.
                                  TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                            3

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS NEWS continued...                       IMPORTANT MESSAGE
We currently have 334 TIPS trainers holding this
permit, more than all the other providers combined,
and the largest number in TIPS’ history. Processing
                                                               for TIPS Trainers:
                                                         As you know, you should receive an email with
all these renewal applications will be a challenge       a Session Roster detailing the graded results of
for us as well as the Comptroller’s Office. PLEASE       your training sessions when your TIPS sessions
SUBMIT EARLY!!!                                          are processed. If you haven't been receiving
                                                         these emails, check to ensure the email address
                                                         in your Class Processing Preferences is correct.
Attention Tennessee trainers: Need something to          The email address you choose for receipt of the
market to your off-premise beer establishments?          Session Roster can be different from your contact
                                                         email address. You are welcome to set your
The state has a voluntary Responsible Vendor
                                                         processing preference to be your supervisor’s
Program (RVP) for off-premise beer establishments.
                                                         or HR manager’s or training manager’s email
Establishments participating in the RVP can get a
reduced fine or suspension in case of a violation.
This could present many training opportunities in        * Find “Class Processing Preferences” under
your community.                                          TRAINERS in your Training Portal.
Trainers wishing to train this program must have a
state-issued permit, and there are some important
details of which to be aware. For information please             All TIPS DVD’s are
contact the TIPS Government Relations Department.
                                                                Subtitled in English
Attention Washington state trainers: The new state-    The On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, Gaming,
specific commercial exams (On Premise, Concessions,    University, and CAST DVD’s are subtitled in English.
Gaming, and Social Functions Version 105) are          The On Premise DVD also includes French subtitles.
available for downloading through the TIPS Training    The subtitled DVD allows deaf and hard of hearing /
Portal ( The Spanish versions are     hearing-impaired people, people learning English as
also available. All commercial sessions dated after    an additional language and others to read a transcript
July 30, 2008, MUST use this exam. Sessions after      of the audio portion of the video. As the video plays,
this date using the old exam will be rejected.         text captions are displayed that transcribe what is

Are you travelling out of state to train? Are any      To learn more, please contact your Account Manager
of your participants travelling out of state to        at 800-438-8477 or email
be trained? Are you going to conduct a session
where the participants work in one state but live
in another? If you answer “YES” to any of these
                                                       Access Your TIPS Invoices and
questions you should call the TIPS Government
Relations Department at least 6 weeks before                  Receipts Online
training. A quick call now can prevent a big           Once logged into your TIPS Training Portal
headache later.
                                                       Go to:
TIPS Government Relations Department
                                                        1. “Manage Orders” on the left
703-524-1200 Ext. 317         (Washington, DC, area)
                                                        2. Click “Search/Review Orders”
800-438-8477 Ext. 317         (Long Distance)            (Email)                   3. Click the grey button at the bottom
                                                           “Look up all Orders”
                                                        4. Click each invoice number to print the
                                                           invoices or receipts.
                                  TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                             4

Participant Exam Available Through Your Personal Training Portal
Beginning September 1, 2008, manual orders will no longer include a copy of the TIPS participant exam
questions. Instead, you can download the exam questions by logging into your TIPS Training Portal at This will ensure that you are using the most updated exam version when conducting
a TIPS session. If you do not know your log-in credentials, please contact your Account Manager at

Obtaining TIPS Participant Exams
TIPS participant exams for all our programs are updated frequently. Therefore, we have made the exams
available to you 24/7 online. Here is how to get the exam you need for your training session:
1. Access the TIPS Training Portal through our web site,
2. Login at the top of the page using your Username and Password. If you have forgotten either, you can
   request to have the information emailed to you from the log-in screen, or you can contact your Account
   Manager at 800-438-8477.
3. Once you are logged in, click the “Enter Your Personal Training Portal” button in the top left corner to be
   taken to the main page of your portal.
4. Click on “Trainer Libraries” in the left-side menu, and then click on “Participant Exams” in the sub-menu
   that appears.
5. There are two ways to locate the test you need.
     A) Scroll through the list of participant exams using the page numbers at the bottom of the screen to
        find the proper exam for your session. The exams are listed alphabetically by program name.
     B) Enter the name of the program for the exam you need (for example, On Premise) in the Search box
        at the top of the page, then search the results for the proper exam.
6. When you have found the exam you need, first read the description to verify it is the correct exam, then
   click on the exam name to download the exam in Adobe Acrobat. (If you do not already have Acrobat,
   download it using the link provided at the bottom of the screen.)
Important Note:
There are several pages of participant exams, including multiple program versions and state-specific versions
where applicable. Be sure to read the description of the exam before selecting and downloading it, to make
sure you download the proper exam for your session.

Using TIPS Participant Exams
Always check to see that the version number of the exam you have downloaded is compatible with the
version number on the manuals you are using for the class. You can find the version number in the upper
right hand corner of the exam, and on the lower left corner of the back cover of the manuals. As long as
the first digit of the version number is the same, the materials are compatible. (Example: 2.01 and 2.04 are
compatible, but 2.01 and 3.01 are not.)
Have all your participants fill-in the correct version number of the exam on their Certification Test Forms
before they begin the exam. Make as many copies of the exam as you will need for your session. You can
decide whether or not participants can mark on the exam questions, since you can make new copies for
each class if you choose or reuse unmarked copies. But be sure that participants understand that they need
to record all answers on the Certification Test Form they remove from the back of their manual, and not on
the test questions.
Periodically, you will want to download another copy of the exam to pick up any changes that have been
made. Sometimes exam questions are edited based on trainer feedback without a new version of the test
being released. Completely new versions are released when necessary, so be sure to regularly visit the web
site to pick-up the latest version.
                                  TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                              5

TIPS Sponsors USA v. Canada Senior Softball Tournament
                                                        intervene. TIPS was proud to sponsor a tournament
                                                        that is about fellowship and fun,” said Trevor Estelle,
                                                        HCI’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

 While softball is a sport being played at the Summer
 Olympics, there is a game you won’t see in Beijing.
 It won’t appear on NBC and it won’t be written about   According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human
 in your local newspaper. Instead of a gold medal,      Services, seniors over the age of 60 are the fastest
 the winning team receives a trophy that consists of    growing abusers of alcohol in the United States. TIPS
 Genesee Beer and Labatt Blue spigot taps mounted       is the only program of its kind to have the ability to
 on a slab of wood.                                     go into a community and train servers, sellers, and
                                                        consumers of alcohol, including seniors. If the goal
                                                        is to get the entire community speaking the same
                                                        language about promoting responsible consumption,
                                                        you need to include seniors.
                                                                              TIPS for Seniors recognizes that
                                                                              seniors are often in the best
                                                                              position to promote their own
                                                                              health, as well as the safety
                                                                              of those around them. TIPS
                                                                              for Seniors focuses on adult
                                                                              situations where alcohol is part
                                                                              of social interaction and teaches
                                                                              individuals about the risks of
 “It’s about bragging rights,” said Jim Kolesar, 69, a                        over-consumption. The program
 retired pipe fitter and manager of an over-60 select                         also covers alcohol and drug
 USA softball team that since 1999 has engaged in                             interactions, and behavioral
 a friendly cross-border rivalry with an all-senior     indications that can alert others when someone has had
 team from Canada. The two squads faced off on          too much alcohol.
 July 26-27 in Rochester, New York, where Team USA
 swept a three-game series to reclaim the Friendship For more information about the family of TIPS
 Tournament trophy from their Canadian counterparts, programs, please visit
 who held the award for the past two years.               shtml or contact your dedicated Account Manager at
 TIPS, specifically the TIPS for Seniors Program, was
 the proud sponsor of the tournament. “TIPS is about
 friends looking out for friends, seniors looking out
 for seniors. Seniors enjoy a beverage or two while
 socializing with their friends. In the majority of
 cases this is done responsibly, but it is important that
 seniors can identify a friend who may be getting into
 trouble and, more importantly, how to gracefully
                                  TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                           6

                             HCI’s New Account Manager
Please welcome Carlos Palacios, HCI’s new Account Manager for Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri,
Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Carlos is a recent graduate from West Liberty
State College. He lettered in wrestling and has a passion for physical and health education. Carlos can be
reached at 800-438-8477 x309 or Feel free to introduce yourself… I am sure he will be
in touch with you soon.
All of our Account Managers are happy to assist you with any of your TIPS training needs, including:
•	 Purchasing materials (participant manuals, trainer DVDs, trainer supplements, job-aid posters, incident
   report log books, etc.)
•	 Offering you guidance as you prepare to train a TIPS session
•	 Assisting you with setting up eTIPS training, our online certification program
•	 Assisting you with TIPS trainer certification for your employees/colleagues
•	 Keeping your TIPS certification current, and assisting you with your trainer recertification needs.
Our Account Managers are eager to work with you toward a shared goal of implementing TIPS training
whenever and wherever possible! Please make a note of your Account Manager’s contact information, as
shown in the following table.

                                                         Phone Extension
      Name                     Territory                                                   Email
                 Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut,
                 Montana, New Jersey, New York,
Brian Flickinger                                                  307
                 Oregon, Washington, Africa, Asia,
                 and the Middle East
                 Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine,
                 New Hampshire, Ohio, South
Robert Purple                                                     340
                 Dakota, Texas, Latin America and
                 the Caribbean
                 Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Indiana,
Carlos Palacios Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina,                 309
                 South Carolina, and Tennessee
                 California, Colorado, Georgia,
                 Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico,
Laura Hart                                                        311
                 Oklahoma, West Virginia, and
                 Delaware, District of Columbia,
                 Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North
Jean Bignell                                                      315
                 Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia,
                 Wyoming, and Europe
                 Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts,
Laundra Craig    Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode                       336
                 Island, Utah, Vermont, and Canada
                                    TRAINER NEWSLETTER                                                          7

                        REGISTER NOW for the ARC 2008!
                      Alcohol Responsibility Conference 2008 -
               Moving Communities Toward Responsible Consumption
            Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - Thursday, September 25, 2008
The last day to reserve your hotel accommodations at Harrah’s for the special conference rate of $149 per
night is August 24th! To reserve your room you have two options:
1. Use Harrah's online reservation system, already setup with our event code.
2. Call Harrah's directly at 888-458-8471 and give them the group code SHHCI8.
You can see full details about the conference agenda and sessions online at www.alcohol or
contact us at 800-438-8477, ext. 347, for more information.

               Don’t wait! Fax your registration form to
               703-524-1487 or register online today.

                   u           Maria Evans                    GA       1-yr. Trainer        210 trained

                   v           Michael Marcantonio            MA      24-yr. Trainer        208 trained
                   w           Wendy Greenwood                IN       2-yr. Trainer        176 trained
                   x           Michael Moser                  WY      11-yr. Trainer        174 trained
          TRAINERS y           Timothy Mangum                                               174 trained
          July 08                                             WY       4-yr. Trainer

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