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									Table of Contents
HCC Continuing Education • Winter 2010
2	    Business	and	Professional	              31	   nursing	and	allied	health
      develoPment                                   Allied Health Care Courses
      American Management Association               Ed2go Courses Winter 2010
      Business Administration                       Medical Coding and Billing Specialist
      Business Courses—Online                       Seminars
5	    animal	Care/	                           37	   languages
      veterinary	offiCe	Careers                     Children’s Language Courses
      Pet Groomer Training                          Italian
      Pet Owner Courses                             Spanish
      Veterinary Technician and Assistant           French
       Continuing Education                         German
9	    CertifiCation	and	                            Russian
      liCensure                                     Sign Language
      Child Care Certification Courses        43	   lifelong	learning
      Child Care Continuing Education               The Art Studio
      Certified Pool Operator Certification         Calligraphy
      Bartending                                    Stained Glass
      Fitness Certifications                        Knitting
      Insurance Career and Continuing               Photography
       Education Courses                            Home and Garden
      Industry Related                              Music
      Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses             HCC Bluegrass Academy
      Pennsylvania Real Estate                      Writing Workshops
      Real Estate Appraiser Qualifying
                                                    History and Culture
                                                    Cultural and Historical Trips
      Real Estate Appraisal Continuing
       Education                                    Philosophy
      Pharmaceutical Careers                        Genealogy
      Lead Paint Abatement                          Personal Finance and Wealth Building
      Home Improvement Courses                      Online Personal Finance and Wealth
19	   ComPuters                                     Test Preparation Courses
      Computers—General                             Online—ed2go classes
      Senior Adult Computer Courses
                                              63	   healthy	living
      Computers—How To
      Hands-On Seminars
       Computers—Office 2007
                                                    Water Exercise Courses
      Computers Online
      Computers—Repair and Networking
                                                    Middle Eastern Dancing
25	   industrial	teChnology	                        Mind, Body and Spirit
      and	trades
      Alternative Energy                      70	   adult	eduCation

28	   transPortation                          71	   registration	is	easy
                                                    Off-Campus Locations
Business and Professional Development

              American Management
        Interested in:
        •	 Learning	new	management	tools?
        •	 Developing	new	perspectives?
        •	 Sharing	with	professionals	from	other	organizations?
        HCC	has	two	certificate	programs	to	assist	supervisors,	managers,	
        HR	managers,	and	those	wanting	to	enter	these	fields	that	can	
        assist	with	your	interest.
        American Management Association College Program
        The	Center	for	continuing	Education,	in	cooperation	with	
        American	Management	Association	(AMA)	is	offering	two	
        certificate	programs,	one	in	Management,	and	one	in	Human	
        Resources	Management.	The	AMA	course	are	taught	by	
        experienced	HCC	instructors	and	utilize	AMA	course	material.
        Certificate in Management
        Five Courses required for the Certificate:
        •	 First	Line	Supervision
        •	 Communication	Skills	for	Managers
        •	 Leadership	Skills	for	Managers	
        •	 Coaching	for	Top	Performance
        •	 Fair,	Square,	and	Legal:	A	Managers	Guide	for	Safe	Hiring,	
            Managing	and	Firing	Practices
        Certifcate in Human Resource
        Five	Courses	required	in	
        Management	Certificate	plus:
        •	 Fundamentals	of	Human	
            Resource	Management
           For	questions	concerning	these	
                certificate	programs		
                please	call	Cindi	Hull
              301-790-2800,	ext.	520

                       Winter 010 •
                                                 Business and Professional Development

American Management                               Business Courses—Online
Association                                       Choosing your class is easy. Visit our
                                                  online classroom at
                                                  hagerstown. Browse through the class
                                                  schedule and select the topic and month
Coaching for Top Performance                      that are right for you. Register online and
Workplace coaching has become an essen-           we’ll send you additional information by
tial business skill that every manager needs      e-mail before your class starts.
in today’s change filled business environ-
ment. While the traditional manager was           Questions? Call 301-790-2800, ext. 553 or
characterized as the one having the bulk of       e-mail
authority and holding most of the key busi-       Section F      12/09/2009 – 01/29/2010
ness information, the coach in the emerging       Section G      01/20/2010 – 03/12/2010
high-involvement organization helps people        Section H      02/17/2010 – 04/09/2010
succeed by enabling them to manage and lead       Section I      03/17/2010 – 05/07/2010
themselves. Coaching gives you the ability to
bring out the best in your employees, creates
productive partnerships between you and
your employees, and makes teamwork hap-
pen. Participants will be able to: * Identify
                                                Business Administration
Coaching Skills/Competencies * Discover and     Accounting Fundamentals
Use Coaching Tools * Practice Communication     Demand for accounting professionals cur-
Skills for Coaches * Understand How to Deal     rently exceeds supply. If you’re interested in
with Coaching Challenges * Apply Principles     increasing your financial awareness and ac-
to Real Life Situations. Class Limit: 30        countability while also gaining a marketable
Fee: $100 Materials Fee: $84                    skill, this course is for you.
Registration Fee: $5                            Fee: $89
PRD 764 A T 08:30AM-04:30PM 03/09/10 Staff
    Valley Mall 6                               Accounting Fundamentals II
                                                While it is true that accounting professionals
                                                are scarce, those with corporate accounting
                                                experience are even more rare. This course
                                                will build on the knowledge you gained in our
                                                Accounting Fundamentals course to provide
                                                you with a solid understanding of corporate
                                                accounting practices.
                                                Fee: $89

                                                Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
                                                Rapid growth in the health, legal services,
                                                data processing, management, public rela-
                                                tions, and other industries have created many
                                                new job opportunities for administrative
                                                Fee: $89

                                                Administrative Assistant Applications
                                                Gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to
                                                prepare for the Certified Administrative Profes-
                                                sional exam and begin a rewarding career as
                                                an administrative assistant.
                                                Fee: $89

                       For registration information, see pages 71-76                            
Business and Professional Development

    Introduction to Business Analysis                 Employment Law Fundamentals
    Give yourself an employment advantage by          Learn the basics of employment law so you can
    developing analytical skills that are consis-     legally fire, evaluate, and manage employees.
    tently in high demand. This course will teach     Learn the difference between an employee
    you powerful quantitative methods that will       and an independent contractor; the basic
    have you making better, more informed, and        types of employee benefits; effective hiring,
    more effective business decisions.                evaluation, and termination procedures;
    Fee: $89                                          methods to employment disputes in and out
                                                      of course; discriminations and union laws; and
    Mastery of Business Fundamentals                  workplace safety rules.
    Are you interested in acquiring practical         Fee: $89
    business experience in strategic planning,
    management, and finance without enrolling         Project Management Fundamentals
    in an MBA program? This course is for you!        There are more projects occurring today than
    You’ll understand the significance of strategic   at any time in history. Organizations initiate
    planning.                                         projects to create new computer applications,
    Fee: $89                                          erect bridges and buildings, improve pro-
                                                      cesses, develop new products, and reorganize
    Successful Construction Business                  company operations.
    Management                                        Fee: $89
    Your contracting business can gain a powerful
    and permanent advantage over the competi-         PMP Certification Prep I
    tion by practicing expert business manage-        Learn how to prepare for the Project Manage-
    ment. Learn how to build your company’s           ment Institute’s prestigious PMP certification
    business skills up to the same high level as      exam. Master the first six chapters of “A Guide
    your trade skills.                                to the Project Management Body of Knowl-
    Fee: $89                                          edge” (PMBOK Guide), the most essential
                                                      resource for the PMP certification exam.
                                                      Fee: $104

                                                Please notice:
                                                Students	that	register	for	classes	that	list	
                                                (Textbook	Required)	within	the	course	
                                                description	need	to	purchase	their	textbook	
                                                from	the	HCC	bookstore.	If	the	course	
                                                description	lists	(Textbook	included	in	
                                                materials	fee),	students	will	receive	their	
                                                books	at	the	first	class.

                                                Bookstore	hours	are	Monday-Thursday,		
                                                8:30	am	–	6:00	pm	and	Friday	8:30	am	–	4:00	
                                                pm.	To	contact	the	HCC	Bookstore,	please	
                                                call	301-790-2800,	ext.	271.

                             Winter 010 •
                                              Animal Care/Veterinary Office Careers

                     Training the Family Dog
                     A One-Day Training for
                    Dog Trainers and Owners
                   Presented by
                    Pat Miller
       Training Editor, Whole Dog Journal;
 Author of The Power of Positive Dog Training and
               Positive Perspectives
                with Colleen Pelar
      Author of Living with Kids and Dogs…
             Without Losing your Mind
      Kids and Dogs: A Professional’s Guide to
                 Helping Families

             Saturday March 27, 2010
                      9am – 4pm
         Hagerstown Community College
     Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and
                 Conference Center

Morning Session – 9AM – 12noon
Understanding the Canine Family Member: How Dogs Think and Learn
Pat Miller is a Certified Dog and Horse Behavior Consultant and Certified Profes-
sional Dog Trainer. She offers classes, behavior modification services, training clinics
and academies for trainers at her Peaceable Paws training facility in Fairplay, Mary-
land, and presents seminars worldwide. She has authored four books with the fifth
due out soon. She is training editor for The Whole Dog Journal and writes for Tuft’s
University’s Your Dog, and several other publications. She shares her home with hus-
band Paul, five dogs, three cats, five horses and a donkey.

Lunch from 12noon – 1PM included in the cost of the training

Afternoon Session 1PM-4PM
What Trainers and Parents Should Know about Dogs and Kids
Colleen Pelar is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Pet Dog Trainer.
As co-owner of one of the largest dog-training companies in Virginia, she offers a full
range of services including group classes, private lessons, and behavior-modification
programs. Pelar specializes in kid-and-dog relationships with a particular focus on
dog-bite prevention and has written two books on the subject. Because a knowledge-
able adult can improve every interaction between a child and a dog, Pelar is com-
mitted to educating parents, children, and dog owners on kid-and-dog relationships.
She travels throughout the US and Canada doing presentations about dog behavior.

Fee includes a light lunch - $74 plus a $5 registration fee
Use course number PET 013 A for registration
Pending approval by Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants for 6 hours of CEU

                       To Register call 301.790.2800 ext 236

                   For registration information, see pages 71-76                           
Animal Care/Veterinary Office Careers

                            veterinary	assistant	training	2010
                       Veterinary Assistant Training begins February 22, 2010 and ends December 4, 2010
            Portions of this training are licensed by The Institute for Veterinary Training at Carroll Community College.
                             This training also uses the Animal Care Training, Inc. Video Training Series.
        Veterinary Assistant Training prepares students to work in the animal care field. As a trained assistant, you will be
        involved in supporting veterinary technicians and veterinarians in a variety of inpatient and outpatient activities
                     from the care and feeding of animals to medical treatment within the scope of the law.
     Pre-requisites: Students must be 18 prior to the beginning of the Veterinary Assistant Training Practices course. Stu-
     dents must be a high school graduate or GED certified prior to July of the program year. Students will be required to
     take a final examination for each course and the grade will be posted on the certificate of completion. Students
     must attend 85% of the classroom hours for each course to receive a certificate of completion. Students must pass the
     Introduction to Veterinary Terminology Course with a 70% final grade or higher before being allowed to enter
     the course Veterinary Assistant Principles Part I. Students must have a grade of 70% or better for Veterinary As-
     sistant Training Principles Part I and pass an animal handling competency exam before being allowed to enter
     the course – Veterinary Assistant Training Practices. There is a maximum of 25 students accepted into the program.
     Veterinary Assistant Training uses live animals for teaching purposes. Hagerstown Community College takes all neces-
     sary safety precautions when students interact with live animals, however, students must be aware that live animals
     by nature may not be absolutely controlled. Therefore, a potential exists for students to be bitten, scratched, or injured
     by an animal while participating in this training. The Hagerstown Community College makes no representation
     concerning any animal’s exposure to rabies or other diseases. Hagerstown Community College does not provide
     medical insurance or workman’s compensation for any injury suffered while participating in this training.
                                                       2010 Courses
     Introduction to Veterinary Terminology
     This course introduces and reviews veterinary terminology and vocabulary.
     Fee: $99 Material Fee: $59 Enrollment Fee: $5 • Course # PLC 655 A Mondays 6-8PM 2/22/10- 3/29/10
     Veterinary Assistant Training Principles Part I
     Section I Workbook – Outpatient Care
     Topics include an overview of the veterinary profession, office procedures, client relations & exam room procedures.
     Section 2 Workbook – Diagnostic and Pharmacy
     Topics include laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology.
     85% attendance required and a passing grade in each section plus a final exam.
     Fee: $299 Material Fee: $149 Enrollment Fee: $5
     Course # PLC 396 A Mondays 5:30PM-8:30PM 4/5/10 -7/12/10
     Veterinary Assistant Training Practices
     This course consists of 50 hours of combined training including hands-on classroom training, field trips, clinical
     visits, Humane Society volunteer work and clinical observations. Students must be available some mornings and
     have a flexible schedule to attend training and field trips as arranged.
     Fee: $249 Material Fee: $99 Enrollment Fee: $5
     Course # PLC 317 A Mondays July 26, 2010 – Aug. 30, 2010 and as arranged with Humane Society, clinics and
     field trips until the end of the program . • Presentation of Special Projects Saturday December 4th, 2010
     Veterinary Assistant Training Principles Part II
     Section 3 Workbook - Patient Care and Treatment
     Topics included patient care and clinical procedures.
     Section 4 Workbook – Anesthesia, Surgery and Emergency Care
     Topics include anesthesia, surgery, emergency medicine and care, and animal CPR.
     85% attendance required and a passing grade in each section plus a final exam.
     Fee: $299 Material Fee: $149 Enrollment Fee:$5
     Course # PLC 397 A Mondays 5:30PM-8:30PM 9/13/10 – 11/29/10

                                     For questions call Cynthia Hull at 301-790-2800, ext. 520
                                               To register call 301-790-2800 ext 236

    6                                 Winter 010 •
                                                    Animal Care/Veterinary Office Careers

Pet Groomer Training                               Dog Behavior and Communication
                                                   Students learn about verbal chatter, tone
Professional Pet Groomer Practices I       NEW!    inflection, body language, pack ranking, how
Students must have attended and passed the         conditioning works and their pet’s spatial
course Professional Pet Groomer Principles in      references. This course is recommended for
order to enroll in this course. Classes will be    those interested in better understanding
held at Central Dawgma 1337 Pennsylvania           their pet and why training works. This very
Ave, Hagerstown, MD. Students begin hands          popular course is taught by Mike Ocker of
on training. Class Limit: 8                        Greystone Kennels, Greencastle, PA. Lecture
Fee: $394 Materials Fee: $299                      program only, do not bring dogs to class.
Registration Fee: $5                               Class Limit: 25
PET 014 A T 05:00PM-08:30PM 01/05/10-03/16/10      Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
    L Sweeney Central Dawgma                       PET 010 B Th 06:00PM-09:00PM 04/08/10   M. Ocker
                                                       Career Programs Building 214
Professional Pet Groomer Practices II NEW!
Students must have completed and passes            Introduction to Pet Massage For the
the Professional Groomer Practices I in order      Pet Owner
to enroll in this course. Students complete        Introduction to a step-by-step approach for
hands-on training and complete their port-         the pet owner to massage your dog or cat.
folio requirements. Class Limit: 8                 This class will introduce the holistic philoso-
Fee: $394 Materials Fee: $299                      phy of animal well-being, while teaching an
Registration Fee: $5                               elementary knowledge of your pet’s anatomy,
PET 015 A T 05:00PM-08:30PM 04/06/10-07/06/10      basic animal psychology, and showing how
     L Sweeney Central Dawgma                      massage can help your cat or dog, how your cat
                                                   or dog speaks to you with body language, and
                                                   how to create the best massage routine. This
Pet Owner Courses                                  course is designed for personal application
Pet CPR, Nutrition and First Aid                   for pet owners. Taught by Meribeth Persson
Pet owners learn how to respond to emer-           CMT, ESMT. (Textbook is included in material
gency situations and know when it is time          fee). Class Limit: 12
to call the veterinarian. The basics of good       Fee: $39 Materials Fee: $20
nutrition are reviewed and how diet affects        Registration Fee: $5
your pet’s health. Students review common          PET 001 A1 S 09:00AM-01:00PM 03/27/10 Persson
                                                       Humane Society of Wash Co
pet illnesses and warning signs. Students will
learn basic Pet CPR through the use of two CPR
dogs. (Cost of course includes a textbook and
Pet First Aid Kit). Class Limit: 20
Fee: $29 Materials Fee: $30
Registration Fee: $5
PET 005 B S 09:00AM-02:30PM 01/23/10    K Tracey
    Valley Mall 6

Puppy Manners and Socialization            NEW!
Join Mike Ocker of Greystone Kennels for a
helpful and informative course that will help
you help your puppy to be better socialized
and develop good habits and manners.
Owners learn age appropriate training for 8
weeks, 10 weeks and 16 weeks and beyond.
Class Limit: 50
Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5
PET 016 A1 Th 06:30PM-09:00PM 03/18/10-03/25/10
     M Ocker Valley Mall 6

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                 7
Animal Care/Veterinary Office Careers

    Veterinary Technician and Assistant Continuing Education

               Western Maryland
              Veterinary Technician
           Continuing Education Event
                 Sunday February 21, 2010
                        9AM- 4PM
             Hagerstown Community College
             Merle S. Elliott Conference Center

        Feature speaker
        Denise “ Chip” Taylor, DVM
        She graduated from the Northern Virginia Community College’s School of Veterinary
        Technology in 1988 and the Ross School of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. Dr. Taylor was an
        adjunct professor at the Northern Virginia Community College’s School of Veterinary Tech-
        nology for three years in which she provided instruction in Hematology, Clinical Chemistry
        and Pharmacology. She has also offered continuing education lectures for the Virginia
        Association of Licensed Veterinary Technologists. Dr. Taylor worked full-time at the Animal
        Emergency and Critical Care at TLC in Leesburg, VA for 8 years. She now works part-time at
        the Prince William Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Manassas, VA and owns Advocation 4 Vet
        Techs which offers in-house continuing education to Veterinary Technicians.
        9AM-12 Noon
        The First Ten Minutes of an Emergency are the Most Critical
        Pending approval of the Maryland Dept of Agriculture for 3 hours of Veterinary Technician CE
        Reading Differentials
        Pending approval of the Maryland Dept of Agriculture for 3 hours of Veterinary Technician CE

                       Total cost including lunch and 6 hours of Technician CE—$99
                                      To register use Course # PLC 530 A
                                            301.790.2800 ext 236

                              Winter 010 •
                                                                   Certification and Licensure

Child Care Certification                            administrative training for child care center
                                                    directors. Class Limit: 15
Courses                                             Fee: $249 Materials Fee: $100
                                                    Registration Fee: $5
Preschool Child Care II: Activities and
                                                    PLC 528 A W 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/13/10-04/28/10
Curriculum                                               T Kitchen Classroom Building 122
This course along with Pre-school Child Care
I and the 9-hour Child Care Communications
course completes the requirements of the            Child Care Continuing
Maryland Office of Child Care to become senior
staff in a MD pre-school child care center. Top-    Education
ics include pre-school activities and practices.
                                                    Emergency Prep in Child Care
Class Limit: 30
                                                    This training is designed for child care center
Fee: $274 Senior Adult Fee: $165
                                                    staff, family child care providers, and informal
Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
                                                    providers. Successful completion requires
PLC 368 A M 06:30PM-09:30PM 01/25/10-05/10/10
     D Mills Career Programs Building 124           completion of a written emergency plan
                                                    for center room, program, family child care
Child Care II—School-Age Activities                 program or informal program. This training
Study age appropriate activities for school-        will build upon basic child care licensing
age children. Topics also include classroom         requirements and address additional areas
management and daily routines in the after          of concern that are now in the forefront of
school setting. Note: this course meets part        emergency preparedness planning. Funding
of the Office of Child Care’s requirement for       for this project was received by Chesapeake
School Age Child Care Staff. Also required:         College, Wye Mills, MD from the Maryland
45 hr. Child Care I and Child Care III/9 hr. Com-   State Department of Education. The grant
munication Skills. Class Limit: 40                  activities are managed by the Chesapeake
Fee: $219 Senior Adult Fee: $130                    Child Care Resource Center. This course
Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5             provides 3 hours of continuing education in
PLC 586 B Th 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/14/10-04/22/10      professionalism and 3 hours in health and
     D Snyder Fun & Learning Center 1               safety categories. Class Limit: 40
                                                    Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
Communication Skills for Child Care                 PLC 689 JT S 09:00AM-04:00PM 01/09/10 Valley Mall 6
This course is designed for childcare profes-
sionals as an introduction to the basic con-        Certified Pool Operator
cepts of developing strong communication
skills when working in a child care center.         Certification
Topics include: speaking, writing, interper-        Certified Pool Operator
sonal communication strategies, and critical        This course prepares the student to take and
techniques with a focus on communication            pass the State of Maryland Health Department
with parents and co-workers and communi-            Examination to become a Certified Swimming
cation issues within a typical child care day.      Pool Operator. Upon completion of the course
Class Limit: 25                                     and passing a required examination with a
Fee: $59 Senior Adult Fee: $35                      grade of 75% or better, the student’s records
Materials Fee: $25 Registration Fee: $5             will be submitted to receive certification as a
PLC 652 B S 08:30AM-01:00PM 01/16/10-01/23/10
                                                    public pool/spa operator. Fee includes text
     D Mills Valley Mall 3
                                                    which is written by the instructor, Renee Bran-
Maryland Child Care Administration                  denburg-Huffer of Aquatic Training Services.
Maryland Child Care Administration provides         You must be 16 years old to register for this
an overview of the basic child care services        course. Class Limit: 20
from family day care, school-age, group day         Fee: $25 Materials Fee: $75
care and school age centers. Topics include         Registration Fee: $5
center start up, budget, licensing and regula-      PLC 047 S MT 05:30PM-09:30PM 04/20/10-05/11/10
tions. This course satisfies the Maryland Office         Career Programs Building 232
of Child Care requirement for 45 hours of

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                 
Certification and Licensure

  Certified Pool Operator Update Course              theoretical issues and pass a one on one
  This course provides the certified pool and        practical skills exam. Students are required
  spa operator with the updated information          to complete a 30 hour internship within 6
  as required by the Maryland Department of          months of completing the course. Students
  Health for the safe operation of public swim-      need to provide proof of CPR Certification
  ming pools, spas and hot tubs. Topics include a    and internship hours before certification will
  review of the current policies and procedures,     be granted. This course helps you prepare
  updated changes to laws and responsibilities       for the National Boards ( for
  of pool/spa operators. This is the certification   details). The textbook is not included in the
  renewal course only. Fee includes the course       material fee - Students should order their
  material written by the instructor Renee Bran-     books for an additional fee ASAP in order
  denburg-Huffer of Aquatic Training Services.       to begin studying prior to class. To order
  Class Limit: 25                                    your books call 1-888-330-9487. Age Limit:
  Fee: $10 Materials Fee: $30                        16 years and older. Saturday mornings will
  Registration Fee: $5                               be held at the HCC Main Campus. Saturday
  PLC 048 F T 05:30PM-09:30PM 05/18/10               afternoon classes will be held at a local gym
       Career Programs Building 232                  to be announced. Students may learn more
                                                     about World Instructor Training School - WITS
                                                     (the course provider) at www. witseducation.
  Bartending                                         com. Class Limit: 20
                                                     Fee: $75 Senior Adult Fee: $35
  Introduction to Bartending                         Materials Fee: $399 Registration Fee: $5
  This introduction to the bartending profession     PLC 349 G S 09:00AM-04:00PM 03/20/10-04/24/10
  covers bar setup, glassware, measuring, tools,          Staff Career Programs Building 230
  identification of liquors, beers, wines, recipes
  and mixing techniques. The last night of class     Fitness Management Certification
  includes the State of Maryland TAM certifica-      This course prepares students to become
  tion. The materials fee includes a bartending      managers of all types in the fitness industry
  kit, textbooks and field trip. Students must be    and is good for owners of a fitness company.
  18 years old to serve in Washington County,        This course presents a comprehensive blue-
  Maryland and be TAM certified. Students            print for developing, leading, managing and
  must be 21 years of age to participate in class    operating a successful fitness business. Course
  activities - photo proof of age is required.       topics include: Introduction to the health/fit-
  Class Limit: 14                                    ness industry, membership, membership
  Fee: $189 Senior Adult Fee: $107                   retention, the health club business, staffing
  Materials Fee: $129 Registration Fee: $5           issues, facilities and equipment, and opera-
  PLC 696 J W 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/20/10-03/17/10      tional practices. Textbook can be purchased
  S Rhodes/T Smith Valley Mall 4                     from WITS by calling 1-888-330-9487 prior to
                                                     the first class. Class Limit: 20
                                                     Fee: $95 Senior Adult Fee: $35
  Fitness Certifications                             Materials Fee: $299 Registration Fee: $5
                                                     PLC 522 B S 09:00AM-04:00PM 03/20/10-04/24/10
  Personal Trainer Certification                          Staff Career Programs Building 232
  Whether a career move or for your own
  personal knowledge get all the information
  you need to become a CERTIFIED PERSONAL
  TRAINER. This challenging course is taught
  over a 6-week period for better retention and
  skill competency. The National Exam is held
  on the 6th and final day of class. The course
  includes 15-hours of “hands-on” practical
  training prepared you to actually work with
  client’s one on one. The course also includes
  15-hours of lectures covering anatomy, health
  screening, exercise physiology, nutrition,
  muscle and skeletal injuries, etc. Students
  must pass a written 100 questions exam on

  10                         Winter 010 •
                                                                   Certification and Licensure

Insurance Career and                                Industry Related
Continuing Education                                Maryland Title Producer Pre-Licensing Course
Courses                                             This course is provided at Hagerstown Com-
                                                    munity College by MODA Systems, Inc. This
Maryland Property and Casualty Insurance            course prepares the attendee for the Maryland
Licensing                                           Licensing Examination to become a Maryland
this course includes 54 hours of live classroom     Title Producer. The History of Title Insurance, a
instruction and 42 hours of self-study. The         review of the Title Policy as well as the Mary-
instructor is Carol McClain. Students will be re-   land and Federal Laws which are applicable
quired to sign an affidavit that they completed     are discussed. Class sessions total 16 hours
the self study hours before receiving a certifi-    with an additional 14 hours completed as
cate of completion. The course requires 100%        self-study.
attendance for the 54 hours of live classroom       Fee: $295 Senior Adult Fee: $177
work. The course covers the basic principles        Registration Fee: $5
of property and casualty insurance as well          PLC 697 A M 05:00PM-09:00PM 01/25/10-02/15/10
as the Maryland regulations. The cost of the             J Cunningham Valley Mall 6
course does not include textbooks. Students
                                                    Notary Public Principles and Practices
may order the textbook “BYSIS Property and
                                                    This course covers the principles of the notary
Casualty Exam Cram Book with cd and practice
                                                    public appointment and correct practices
quizzes at then
                                                    and procedures to operate within Maryland
search for insurance. Class Limit: 30
                                                    notary law. Topics include history, definitions,
Fee: $394 Senior Adult Fee: $237
                                                    responsibilities and duties, and professional
Registration Fee: $5
                                                    organizations available for career advance-
PLC 672 A F 09:00AM-04:15PM 04/09/10-05/28/10
                                                    ment. This is for those desiring to become a
     Valley Mall 4
                                                    notary as well as commissioned notary that
How Good Ethics Prevent Breaches                    want a better understanding of their appoint-
this course is approved for 4 hours of the fol-     ment. (Textbook included in the Material Fee.)
lowing Insurance CE hours through MODA              Class Limit: 25
Systems the course provider: Life/Health/ P&C/      Fee: $54 Registration Fee: $5
Title. Bail bonds and Assisted Living Manag-        PLC 311 A MT 05:30PM-08:30PM 03/15/10-03/16/10
ers. Approved for MD and PA Insurance CE.                J Cunningham Valley Mall 6
The course covers exercises in good ethics,
                                                    Mortgage Loan Officer Training—MD
privacy issues, circumstances when privacy is
                                                    This 20 hour course is for those entering or
not protected, discussion of the harm done by
                                                    seeking to advance in the mortgage lending
unethical practices, Gramm-Leach_Biley Act
                                                    field. Topics covered include mortgage termi-
and HIPPAA, FCRA and how to evaluate and
                                                    nology, calculating debt to income ratios, loan
eliminate risk. Class Limit: 50
                                                    to value ratios, qualifying a buyer, analyzing
Fee: $49 Registration Fee: $5
                                                    a credit report, an appraisal, understanding
PLC 730 A S 08:30AM-12:30PM 04/10/10 McClain
                                                    conventional loan products and other train-
     Valley Mall 4
                                                    ing requirements required by the Maryland
What Are Insurance Scores                           Office of Financial Regulation. The course is
This course is approved for 4 hours of Insur-       provided by 2 Blue Chip Professionals and
ance CEU for P&C, L& H, Bail Bonds and Title        taught by Karyn Bullock and Trevor Jules.
Producers in MD and PA pending through              Class Limit: 50
MODA systems the instructor provides. This          Fee: $45 Materials Fee: $225
course is designed to provide the Insurance         Registration Fee: $5
Professional with the information concerning        PLC 733 A FS 09:00AM-07:15PM 03/19/10-03/20/10
how Insurance Scores are developed and why               K Bullock/T Jules Valley Mall 6
they were necessary. Students learn the dif-
ference between Credit Scores and Insurance
Scores. Discussion included on various types
of coverage and how the scores address them.
Class Limit: 50
Fee: $49 Registration Fee: $5
PLC 527 A S 01:00PM-05:00PM 04/10/10
     McClain Valley Mall 4

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                11
Certification and Licensure

  Real Estate Pre-licensing                                        Real Estate 0-HOUR Supplemental Course
                                                                   For West Virginia
  Courses                                                          This course is for agents licensed in Maryland
  Principles and Practices of Real Estate For                      that want to take the West Virginia real estate
  Maryland                                                         license examination. This course is 10 hours
  This course provides the requirements of the                     of Principals and 20 hours of Law. This course
  Maryland Real Estate Commission to take                          along with the certificate of completion of the
  and pass the Maryland Real Estate licensing                      MD Real Estate 60-hour pre-licensing course
  examination. Students must attend 60-hours                       within the past five years, will qualify you to
  of class time and receive a 70% or better on the                 take the West Virginia real estate licensing
  final in order to receive a certificate to take the              exam. All other course work is assigned on your
  MD state examination. Students must arrive                       own time as correspondence. Class Limit: 25
  to class on time. (Textbooks are not included                    Fee: $89 Materials Fee: $139
  in the materials fee) Class Limit: 40                            Registration Fee: $5
  Fee: $245 Materials Fee: $29                                     PLC 235 F W 02:00PM-05:00PM 04/28/10-06/09/10
                                                                        Staff Valley Mall 5
  Registration Fee: $5
  PLC 364 F TTh 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/26/10-04/13/10                  0-hour West Virginia Real Estate
       C Hull/L Elsemore/R Beckwith Career Programs Building 123
                                                                   Correspondence Course - Online
  Real Estate Pre-Licensing Ethics Required                        This online pre-licensing is the required course
  Three Hours                                                      to take the West Virginia Real Estate Licensing
  This course is for students that took the MD                     Examination. Students read a chapter online
  Real Estate Pre-licensing course prior to                        and proceed to the next chapter once they
  October 2004. This course can be used for                        receive a 90% or better on the chapter quiz.
  both salesperson and broker pre-licensing                        Students must pass the final examination
  requirements. Class Limit: 10                                    with a 75% or better in order to complete the
  Fee: $29 Registration Fee: $5                                    course. The final examination is given live at
  PLC 519 F Th 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/25/10 C Hull                     the Hagerstown Community College by ap-
       Career Programs Building 123                                pointment. You have up to 1 year to complete
                                                                   the course but work at your own pace. You
  Pennsylvania Real Estate Fundamentals                            can begin the course anytime. Call for details
  Online                                                           —301-790-2800, Ext. 520.
  This course and PA Real Estate Practices meets                   Fee: $294 Registration Fee: $5
  the pre-licensing requirements of the Penn-                      PLC 241 A
  sylvania Real Estate Commission to take the
  Pennsylvania Real Estate License Exam. The
  goal of the course is to prepare students for                    Pennsylvania Real Estate
  the real estate fundamental portion of the PA
  real estate examination.
  Fee: $100 Senior Adult Fee: $60                                  General Module Pennsylvania Post-Licensing
  Materials Fee: $140 Registration Fee: $5                         This module is required of any standard
  PLC 715 S 04/11/10-04/17/10                                      Pennsylvania salesperson licensee taking
                                                                   Pennsylvania Real Estate Continuing Educa-
  Pennsylvania Real Estate Practice
                                                                   tion for the first time. Any Pennsylvania real
  This course taken after completing Pennsyl-
                                                                   estate salesperson initially licensed after
  vania Real Estate Fundamentals will complete
                                                                   December 1, 2007 is required to take this com-
  the requirements of the Pennsylvania Real
                                                                   mission developed course. Class Limit: 50
  Estate Commission to apply and take the
                                                                   Fee: $89 Senior Adult Fee: $53
  Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing Exami-
                                                                   Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5
  nation. The goal of the course is to prepare
                                                                   PLC 711 J Th 09:00AM-04:30PM 01/14/10 J George
  students for the Pennsylvania portion of the                          Valley Mall 6
  Pennsylvania Real Estate Examination.                            PLC 711 S W 09:00AM-04:30PM 03/10/10 J George
  Fee: $100 Senior Adult Fee: $60                                       Valley Mall 6
  Materials Fee: $140 Registration Fee: $5
  PLC 714 S

  1                                Winter 010 •
                                                                 Certification and Licensure

Residential Module Pennsylvania Post-              Real Estate Appraisal
This module alone with the General Module
                                                   Continuing Education
meets the Pennsylvania post-licensing con-         Hagerstown Community College is partnering
tinuing education requirement for newly            with The Maryland Association of Appraisers
licensed salespersons. Any Pennsylvania            to offer continuing education courses held at
real estate salesperson initially licensed after   the HCC Main Campus in the Merle S. Elliott
December 1, 2007 is required to take com-          Continuing Education and Conference Center,
mission approved post-licensing courses.           Career Programs Building. For more informa-
Class Limit: 50                                    tion contact Cynthia Hull 301.790.2800 ext
Fee: $89 Senior Adult Fee: $53                     520. Please call the Maryland Association of
Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5             Appraisers directly to reserve your seat at
PLC 712 J W 09:00AM-04:30PM 01/13/10 J Crumrine    410 879-1341. You may also wish to visit the
     Valley Mall 6
                                                   MAA website at for
PLC 712 S Th 09:00AM-04:30PM 03/11/10 J Crumrine
                                                   additional course listings.
     Valley Mall 6
                                                   “Green” Residential Valuation
                                                   April 9, 2010 8:30AM-4:30PM - Friday
Real Estate Appraiser                              Taught by Don Briggs
Qualifying Courses                                 7 hours of Maryland Appraisal CE.

Basic Appraisal Principles—                        USPAP Update 010/011 Series
                                                   March 6, 2010
the Hondros Learning AQB Approved Course
                                                   Taught by Greg Glover
This basic real estate appraisal course provides
an overview of real property concepts and          Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and
characteristics, legal considerations, value       Cost Approach
influenced, real estate finance, types of value,   15 hr QE and CE
economic principles, real estate markets and       June 18 and 19, 2010
analysis, and ethics in appraisal theory. The
course offers practical application of appraisal   Residential Sales Comparison
principles. Approved by Maryland, Pennsylva-       15 hr QE and CE
nia and West Virginia. Classes will be held on     July 16 & 17, 2010
Thursday and Friday. (Textbook included in
material fee) Class Limit: 35                      Residential Income Approach
Fee: $250 Materials Fee: $149                      15hr QE and CE
Registration Fee: $5                               August 13 & 14, 2010
PLC 273 A ThF 08:30AM-05:00PM 02/25/10-03/05/10
                                                          All courses will be held at the
     H Bowman-Caprio Valley Mall 3
                                                        Hagerstown Community College
Basic Appraisal Procedures—                         Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and
the Hondros Learning AQB Approved Course                        Conference Center,
This basic real estate appraisal course pro-                Career Programs Building
vides an overview of real estate appraisal          For directions –
approaches to value, valuation procedures,
property description, residential applica-
tions, commercial applications, improvement
construction, home inspection, and appraisal
math. Approved for Maryland and Pennsyl-
vania and West Virginia. Classes will be held
Thursday and Friday. (Textbook included in
material fee) Class Limit: 35
Fee: $250 Materials Fee: $149
Registration Fee: $5
PLC 274 A ThF 08:30AM-05:00PM 03/25/10-04/02/10
     R Fennel Valley Mall 4

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                         1
Certification and Licensure

              Maryland Real Estate
       Continuing Education Online Courses
                                                           REALTOR Rookie Education Series
              You can start at any time—call                        Spring 010
         301-790-2800, ext. 564 to find out how!           These courses are recommended for new agents
   Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate                (1year or less experience) or agents with limited
   Practice—PLC 377                                        experience. The fee for each course is $10 plus $5
   4 hours of Maryland CE credit in the professional       registration fee. Classes are held at the HCC Valley
   enhancement category. • $49 and $5 enrollment fee       Mall Training Center.
   Tax Free Exchanges—PLC 378                              Tax issues for RE Agents
   4 hours of required Maryland CE credit in the legal     January 12th, 2010 • Thursday 6PM – 8PM
   update category. • $49 and $5 enrollment fee            PLC 384 A VM 6
   Real Estate and Taxes—PLC 309                           2 hours of real estate CE
   5 hours of Maryland CE in the professional              Procuring Cause and Pathways to
   enhancement category (F).                               Professionalism
   The course takes approximately 6 hours to complete.     January 20th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   $49 and $5 enrollment fee                               PLC 318 A VM 3
   Commercial Real Estate Set I—PLC 361                    2 hours of real estate CE
   6 hours of Maryland CE credits in the professional      Maryland Agency and Update
   enhancement category (F).                               January 27th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   The course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.     PLC 667 A VM 3
   $49 and $5 enrollment fee                               2 hours of real estate CE
   Commercial Real Estate: Listing Properties—PLC 362      Pennsylvania Agency and Disclosure
   6 hours of Maryland CE credits in the professional      February 17th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   enhancement category (F).                               PLC 668 A VM 6
   The course takes approximately 6 hours to complete.     2 hours of real estate CE
   $49 and $5 enrollment fee                               Maryland Contract Basics
   Maryland 3-Hour Legislative Update Online—              February 24th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   PLC 659                                                 PLC 382 A VM 6
   3 hours of Maryland CE Credits in the required          2 hours of real estate CE
   category (A) Legal and Legislative Updates. No          Maryland Contract Addenda
   Pennsylvania CE. •$45 and $5 enrollment fee             March 3rd, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   Maryland Ethics and Predatory Lending                   PLC 347 A VM 6
   Online—PLC 660                                          2 hours of real estate CE
   3 hours of Maryland CE Credits in the required          Pennsylvania Contract Basics
   category (D) Ethics and Predatory Lending.              March 10th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   $45 and $5 enrollment fee                               PLC 599 A VM 3
   Fair Housing 1 1/2 Hours for Maryland—                  2 hours of real estate CE
   PLC 661                                                 Pennsylvania Contract Addenda
   1 1/2 hours of Maryland CE Credits in the required      March 17th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   category (C) Fair Housing Law.                          PLC 613 A VM 3
   $20 and $5 enrollment fee                               2 hours of real estate CE
   Risk Management Online—PLC 687                          Listing Agreements and CMAs
   6 hours of Maryland CE Credits in Category (F)          March 24th, 2010 • Wednesday 6PM – 8PM
   Professional Enhancement.                               PLC 348 A VM 3
   $54 and $5 enrollment fee                               2 hours of real estate CE
   Electronic Transactions—PLC 686
   6 hours of Maryland CE Credits in Category (F)               To register call 301-790-2800, ext. 236
   Professional Enhancement. • $54 and $5 enrollment fee            For more details see our website
          To register, call 301-790-2800 ext 564.    

  1                              Winter 010 •
                                                                        Certification and Licensure

   Real Estate Continuing Education—Winter 2010
                          General Module Pennsylvania Post-Licensing
             Choose from one of three dates: January 14, 2010, March 10, 2010 or May 6, 2010
                                      See course listing on page 12.

               Real Estate Technology Training Day with Dick Betts—
                      National Real Estate Technology Trainer
                                 January 22, 2010
                      Today’s Top Technology for Real Estate Agents
                                            8:30 AM-12 noon
          Pending 3 ½ hours of PA Real Estate CE • Fee: $25 and Reg. Fee $5 • Course # PLC 735 A
                                        Social Networking
          Pending 3 ½ hours of PA Real Estate CE • Fee:$25 Reg. Fee $5 Course # PLC 736 A
             HCC Main Campus – Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and Conference Center

                     Residential Module Pennsylvania Post-Licensing
            Choose from one of three dates: January 13, 2010, March 11, 2010 or May 13, 2010
                                      See course listing on page 13

                                            February 4th, 2010
                            Foreclosures –  hours of legal update
                             Category “A” • Chuck Kasky, MAR Legal Council
                               Fee: $25 Reg. Fee $5 • Course # PLC 456 A

                                           February 11th, 2010
                                             Fair Housing
                               1PM-2:30PM • 1 ½ hours required MD CE
                              Fee: $15 Reg. Fee:$5 Course # PLC 092 W

                                           February 18th, 2010
                               MD Ethics and Predatory Lending
                                 1-4PM • 3 hours required category “D”
                              Fee: $20 Reg. Fee:$5 Course # PLC 282 W

         To register use the course # above and using a credit card call 301.790.2800, ext. 236
                  To see more CE courses –
          Courses are held at the HCC Valley Mall Training Center unless otherwise indicated

Real Estate Agent Continuing Education Course
                                      December 2009
                             Real Estate Continuing Education
 Fair Housing                                            MD Ethics and Predatory Lending
 December 10th, 2009 5:00PM – 6:30PM                     December 15th, 2009 5:00PM – 8:00PM
 Course # PLC 092 D                                      Course # PLC 282 D
 Fee: $15 Enrollment Fee: $5                             Fee: $20 Enrollment Fee: $5

                      For registration information, see pages 71-76                                1
Certification and Licensure

  Pharmaceutical Careers                           Lead Paint M & R Supervisor Training for
       Certified National Pharmaceutical           This course meets the most recent training
       Representative—Online Training              guidelines to become certified by the Mary-
                                                   land Department of the Environment as a Lead
    This nationally recognized                     Paint Abatement Maintenance and Repainting
    Pharmaceutical Sales Representative            Supervisor. Anyone that removes lead paint
    online training course (CNPR) and              is required to be certified by the Maryland
    program was developed in response              Department of the Environment. The course is
                                                   taught by Chris Gunther of ECTC. (All materials
    to a rising need for entry-level certified
                                                   included in material fee).
    pharmaceutical sales representatives.
                                                   Fee: $45 Materials Fee: $150
    The program is designed for
                                                   Registration Fee: $5
    individuals who want to gain entry             PLC 580 A FS 08:30AM-04:30PM 02/05/10-02/06/10
    into the pharmaceutical industry but                C Gunther Valley Mall 3
    who lack the required pharmacology
    and medical education. This online             Lead Paint Visual Inspector Refresher
    certificate program is offered in              This course meets the training requirements
    partnership with major colleges,               to maintain Maryland accreditation as a Lead
    universities, and other accredited             Paint Visual Inspector. Emphasis is on new
    education providers. 120 hours of              regulations, technologies and products. This
                                                   course is taught by Chris Gunther of ECTC.
                                                   Class Limit: 20
    Total cost: $1595
                                                   Fee: $45 Materials Fee: $149
    To register for this course go to www.         Registration Fee: $5               PLC 676 A F 08:30AM-04:30PM 03/26/10 C Gunther
    and select “Healthcare and Fitness”.                Valley Mall 3
    You will find course information and
                                                   Lead Paint Visual Inspector
    registration instructions.                     This course is for those who want to be certified
                                                   by the Maryland Department of the Environ-
                Need to pass the                   ment to become Maryland Certified Lead Paint
              Pharmacy Technician                  Visual Inspectors. The emphasis will be on
       Certification Board Examination?            conducting visual inspections on residential
                                                   properties as required by the Maryland Lead
       HCC has a course this winter/spring that    Poisoning Prevention Program. Students are
       will prepare you to pass the PTCB Exam      required to pass an examination at the end of
                     Questions?                    the course. There is an additional fee to MDE
                                                   to apply for certification. Class Limit: 25
               Contact: Elaine Ashby at            Fee: $55 Materials Fee: $165
                  Registration Fee: $5
                                                   PLC 016 B FS 08:30AM-04:30PM 03/05/10-03/06/10
                                                        C Gunther Valley Mall 6
  Lead Paint Abatement
                                                   EPA Certified Lead Paint Renovator
  Lead Paint Supervisor Refresher Course           EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Final
  This course meets the training requirements      Rule (40 CFR 745) requires that renovations
  to maintain a Maryland Certification as a Lead   conducted for compensation, must be per-
  Paint Abatement Supervisor. This course is       formed by Certified Firms using Certified
  approved for maintenance and repainting          Renovators. Renovation firms that wish to
  supervisors as well as demolition supervisors.   work in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied
  Emphasis is on new abatement technologies        facilities must apply to EPA and pay a fee in
  and products. The course is taught by Chris      order to become certified. Renovators seek-
  Gunther of ECTC. (WCLPOA members receive         ing to become Certified Renovators must
  a $10 discount) Class Limit: 25                  successfully complete this EPA-accredited
  Fee: $31 Materials Fee: $94                      renovator course. This course is an approved
  Registration Fee: $5                             EPA course for Certified Renovators and as
  PLC 049 C F 08:30AM-04:30PM 01/29/10 C Gunther   such meets all requirements in 40 CFR 745.90.
       Valley Mall 6

  16                         Winter 010 •
                                                                  Certification and Licensure

This course instructs you how to comply with       Preparing for the Home Improvement
the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule       Examination
and the HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule, and            Join instructor Ray Harbaugh to prepare for
how to perform lead-safe work practices            the Maryland Home Improvement Examina-
safely and effectively. EPA approval pending.      tion. This intensive & accelerated course is
Class Limit: 6                                     designed to assist you in passing the Maryland
Fee: $34 Materials Fee: $160                       Home Improvement Contractor Examination.
Registration Fee: $5                               Textbooks are included in the Material Fee.
PLC 731 A F 08:30AM-05:30PM 01/22/10 C Gunther     Class Limit: 30
     Valley Mall 4                                 Fee: $149 Senior Adult Fee: $90
PLC 731 B F 08:30AM-05:30PM 03/19/10 C Gunther
                                                   Materials Fee: $69 Registration Fee: $5
     Valley Mall 3
                                                   PLC 073 A W 06:00PM-09:00PM 02/03/10-02/24/10
                                                        R Harbaugh Career Programs Building 123

Home Improvement
Fundamentals of Locksmithing
This is a comprehensive hands-on course in
Fundamental Locksmithing Techniques. The
student will develop the ability to identify
common key blanks, adjust key cutting equip-
ment, use key duplicating and code cutting
equipment, disassemble, service and originate
keys for common lock cylinders using methods
such as shimming, picking, impressioning and
code cutting. Lockset servicing, functions and
finished as well as basic master keying will be
covered. The course is the ALOA (Associated
Locksmiths of America, Inc) fundamentals
course. The instructor is J. Casey Camper, CML,
CPS. He began his locksmithing career in 1974
and his experience includes service as a factory
representative for a major lock manufacturer
as well as over 20 years owning and operating
2 full service locksmith and security companies
in Colorado and Montana. Casey is an ALOA
certified instructor who has taught at the ALOA
national convention. Class Limit: 30
Fee: $194 Materials Fee: $1194
Registration Fee: $5
PLC 453 A MTWThFS 08:00AM-05:00PM
     03/22/10-03/27/10 Staff Valley Mall 6

                            For registration information, see pages 71-76                          17
Certification and Licensure

              Earn a non-crEdit                      Become	a		
         cErtificatE of training in                home	inspector!
       construction Estimating or                    Hagerstown Community
            projEct managEmEnt                    College and American Home
                                                     Inspectors Training have
       Construction Estimating                    teamed up to offer you home
       Students must complete the following         inspection training at the
                                                 HCC Valley Mall Training Center
       6 courses or requirements to qualify
                                                        April 10 – 17, 2010
       for the Construction Estimating Cer-              To register, call
       tificate:                                      AHIT * 1-800-441-9411
       • Building Construction Methods and
         Materials—see page 26
       • Printreading 1 and 2
       • Computer Applications ( or permis-
         sion of the instructor as qualified)
         —see page 26
       • Estimating 1 and 2                      American Home Inspectors
                                                 Training Institute is the nation’s
       Construction Project                      leader in home inspection
       Management                                training and training materials.
       Students must complete the following      We have been successfully
       10 courses or requirements to qualify     training home inspectors for
       for the Construction Project Manage-      over a decade. Whether you
       ment Certificate:                         are currently in the home
       • Building Construction Methods and       inspection profession or
                                                 just looking at getting into
                                                 business, we can help you. Our
       • Printreading 1 and 2                    classroom courses, distance
       • Computer Applications ( or permis-      learning course, videos and
         sion of the instructor as qualified)    training books have all been
       • Estimating 1 and 2                      professionally designed and
       • Construction Contracts / Accounting     refined over the past decade
       • Scheduling / Cost Control               to give you the best possible
       • Project Management / Practicum          learning environment.

           For more information contact
                                                    What are you waiting for?
                    Cynthia Hull
          Hagerstown Community College,
                                                     1-800-441-9411 or visit
          Center for Continuing Education
               301.790.2800 ext 520

  1                         Winter 010 •

Computers—General                                  Web Design II
                                                   Learn fundamental design and development
Intro to Personal Computing                        concepts for creating Web sites. This course
If you are tired of waiting at the technology      provides a more detailed introduction to Web
on-ramp, then head for this class that teaches     design, from planning to publishing. Topics
you more than just how to use a computer.          include using (X) HTML and Cascading Style
Become confident with the components and           Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, internationalization,
terminology that define today’s personal com-      multimedia integration and implementing
puting experience. Discover how you can use a      professional techniques for successful search
computer at home to send an e-mail or instant      engine recognition. This course will have a
message or at work to write a memo or create       strong focus on page design as well as 508
a spreadsheet. Make the Windows desktop a          compliance and handicap accessibility. Pre-
friendly place to visit and the Internet a safe    requisite: CMW 101 Class Limit: 18
place to surf Web sites or make purchases on-      Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $25
line. (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 14          Registration Fee: $5
Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $75                    CMW 110 A MW 06:00PM-08:45PM 03/15/10-05/03/10
Materials Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5               S Maher Adv. Tech. Center 110A
CMP 680 A M 06:00PM-08:30PM 01/25/10-04/12/10
   K Billings Valley Mall 2                        Beginning QuickBooks
                                                   An effective bookkeeping system can make
Keyboarding on the PC                              the difference between success and failure
Mastering the personal computer starts with        in your business. You can quickly and eas-
mastering the keyboard. “Keyboarding for the       ily master basic bookkeeping tasks using
PC” allows you to do this at your own pace         QuickBooks and the help of your instructor.
through easy-to-follow step-by-step instruc-       Learn how to set up a QuickBooks company
tions and computer-led tutorials. Individual       including income accounts, payables and
progress on the alpha and numeric keys is          receivables, invoice reports, expense tracking,
charted as you work toward the ten-week goal       and payroll. Windows experience required
of twenty words-per-minute. More advanced          and basic bookkeeping experience helpful.
students will have the opportunity to work with    (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 14
the numeric keypad as well as build their typing   Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $75
speed. (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 14         Materials Fee: $25 Registration Fee: $5
Fee: $75 Senior Adult Fee: $50                     CMP 675 A Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 02/18/10-03/25/10
Materials Fee: $25 Registration Fee: $5               D Maddox Valley Mall 2
CMP 751 A Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 02/18/10-04/22/10
   M Clipp Valley Mall 5

Web Design I                                       Senior Adult Computer
Learn fundamental Web design techniques in-        Courses
cluding graphics, HTML, JavaScript, rollovers,
publishing with FTP, and tables-based design.      Introduction to Windows Vista
Dreamweaver will be the primary software           Join Carvel Wright in this new course featuring
used and you will learn to manage Web sites,       an introduction to Windows Vista. Whether you
use templates, use library items and gain a        have recently purchased a new computer with
general understanding of the Dreamweaver           Vista or simply wish to keep up with this new
design and coding environment. This course         Windows operating system, Carvel Wright will
serves as an introduction to Internet technolo-    guide you through it all! This new course is
gies used to support browsing, file transfers,     designed to develop a basic working knowl-
e-commerce and user security. Other topics         edge of Vista, focusing on new applications
will include standards, accessibility (508),       and advantages. This course is designed for
Internet research and intellectual property        participants that have basic keyboard knowl-
rights as they relate to Web content. Required:    edge. Textbook included in Materials Fee. Class
“Intro to Personal Computing” or equivalent        Limit: 10
knowledge. Class Limit: 18                         Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $35
Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $45                       Materials Fee: $47 Registration Fee: $5
Registration Fee: $5                               CMP 868 AA TTh 01:00PM-03:00PM 03/02/10-04/01/10
CMW 101 A MW 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/11/10-03/03/10        W Wright Valley Mall 5
   S Maher Adv. Tech. Center 110A

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                               1

 Windows XP                                            How to Take Great Pictures With a Digital
 HCC instructor Carvel Wright presents for your        Camera
 learning pleasure an Introduction to Windows          Digital cameras can free you from trips to the
 XP.This computer course is designed to develop        local photo store while at the same time giving
 a basic working knowledge of Windows XP,              you more options for your prints. Investigate
 focusing on desktop works, how to start ap-           different lighting techniques, review options
 plications, how to switch to programs using the       for setting up a shot, and experiment with
 taskbar, WordPad and Paint, set up folders, as        digital editing tools that could brighten up
 well as manage disks with Explorer and system         your photos. Award-winning photographer
 tools. This course is for new users of Windows XP     Mike O’Grady shares his journey from film
 who have basic keyboard knowledge.Textbook            to flash media. You must be familiar with
 included in Materials Fee. Class Limit: 14            Windows and a mouse, and bring your digital
 Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $35                       camera to class. (Textbook Recommended)
 Materials Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5               Class Limit: 14
 CMP 306 AA TTh 01:00PM-03:00PM 01/19/10-02/18/10      Fee: $65 Materials Fee: $10
    W Wright Valley Mall 2                             Registration Fee: $5
                                                       CMP 896 A W 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/24/10-04/14/10
 Computer Basics                                          M O’Grady Valley Mall 2
 This is the computer course you have been
 asking for! Join experienced HCC instructor           How to Sell on eBay
 Carvel Wright in this fun and interesting class!      Imagine earning extra money while your attic
 Get your advanced technology feet wet in this         and garage “clutter” disappear! Learn more
 very basic introductory computer course. This         about the eBay selling environment, from
 course was designed to introduce the basics           researching and listing an item to customer
 of computers to complete beginners. We will           service, profit margins, what sells and what
 start at the very beginning: introducing the          does not, as well as shipping and handling
 pieces of the computer, how to buy a personal         tips to get those items safe and sound to the
 computer, what a computer can do for you, an          customer. Knowledge of Windows and good
 introduction to the Internet and Windows XP           Internet skills are needed as well as something
 plus much more. Textbook included in Materi-          to sell. You must feel comfortable disclosing
 als Fee for this class. Class Limit: 14               bank and credit card information online to
 Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $35                       eBay and have that information available the
 Materials Fee: $44 Registration Fee: $5               first night. (Materials fee includes textbook
 CMP 112 AA    TTh 09:00AM-11:00AM 01/19/10-02/18/10   from eBay) Class Limit: 10
    W Wright     Valley Mall 2                         Fee: $95 Senior Adult Fee: $50
 CMP 112 BB    TTh 09:00AM-11:00AM 03/02/10-04/01/10   Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
    W Wright     Valley Mall 2                         CMP 573 A W 06:00PM-09:00PM 04/21/10-05/19/10
                                                          T Poletti Valley Mall 5

 Computers—How To
 How to Basics for Digital Camera Newbie’s             Hands-On Seminars
 If mega-this or mega-that has you confused,           Computers—Office 2007
 then welcome to the club! Buying or owning
 a digital camera can be a mystifying experi-          Office 00 to 007 Transition
 ence with all the terminology and options             If you are moving to Office 2007 from 2003,
 that surround this technology. Help yourself          then you need this class on the new features
 demystify the digital world by attending this         and integration found in the latest Office ver-
 one-night class that will make you feel more          sion. We will help you transition to the Office
 comfortable buying or using a camera. Be              2007 system with expert instruction on the
 ready for that next great shot of the sunset          new interface including the Office button,
 or your grandchild as you explore the options         Ribbon tabs and groups, the Mini toolbar,
 for taking, transferring, and printing digitally.     galleries, dialog launcher and more. Spe-
 (No textbook required) Class Limit: 12                cific content will be featured on Word, Excel,
 Fee: $25 Materials Fee: $10                           PowerPoint, and Access along with some of
 Registration Fee: $5                                  the more popular integration features. Note:
 CMP 648 A1 W 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/10/10                 this class is for current Office users only and
    M O’Grady Valley Mall 2                            too fast paced for students with no Office

 0                           Winter 010 •

experience. (Textbook included)                             MS Access 007 Hands-On
Fee: $125 Senior Adult Fee: $50                             Manage, store, search, analyze, and display im-
Materials Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5                     portant relational database information with
CMP921A MW 9:00AM – 4:00PM            1/25/10 & 1/27/10     this latest version of Access. In Level I, design
   VM2                                                      and create databases; work with tables, fields,
                                                            and records; and sort and filter data. Level II
MS Word 007 Hands-On
                                                            builds upon the skills and concepts taught
Craft letters and documents with ease;
                                                            in Level I. Normalize data; work with Lookup
navigate the Word environment including
                                                            fields and sub-datasheets; create join queries;
the new Office ribbon; format on-the-fly text
                                                            add objects to forms; print reports and labels,
and paragraphs; and setup pages including
                                                            and create charts. In Access Level III, create ac-
headers, footers, and numbering using the
                                                            tion queries such as append, update, delete,
introductory topics in Word 2007 Hands-On.
                                                            and make-table; automate tasks with macros
Level II moves your documents from bland to
                                                            and menus; import, export, and link database
brilliant as you enhance your basic skills. In the
                                                            objects. Also perform database maintenance
Level II class, you will focus on creating your
                                                            tasks including compact and repair, pass-
own style with templates; organizing with
                                                            word-protection, change properties, and add
tables and columns; inserting and arranging
                                                            encryption. (Textbook included)
graphics; formatting tables; managing docu-
                                                            Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45
ment revisions; using mail merge, printing
                                                            Materials Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
labels and envelopes; and working with Web
                                                            Level I     CMP741A    M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/8/10    VM2
features. (Textbook included)
                                                            Level I     CMP741B    W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   3/3/10    VM2
Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45                              Level I     CMP741C    M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   4/19/10   VM2
Materials Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5                     Level II    CMP742A    M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/22/10   VM2
Level I     CMP900A   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/1/10    VM2   Level II    CMP742B    W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   3/10/10   VM2
Level I     CMP900B   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   3/17/10   VM2   Level II    CMP742C    M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   5/3/10    VM2
Level I     CMP900C   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   4/26/10   VM2   Level III   CMP757A    W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   4/14/10   VM2
Level II    CMP901A   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/15/10   VM2   Level III   CMP 757B   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   5/17/10   VM2
Level II    CMP901B   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   4/7/10    VM2
Level II    CMP901C   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   5/10/10   VM2   MS Publisher 007 Hands On
                                                            Learn how to create and edit publications,
MS Excel 007 Hands-On                                      arrange text and pictures, work with master
Bigger and better spreadsheets are even
                                                            pages, and create and format tables. Discover
easier with Excel 2007. In Level I class, create
                                                            how to flow text across text boxes, create a
basic formulas and functions; format text,
                                                            facing-pages layout, export publications to
cells, and worksheets; manage print areas
                                                            PDF, and prepare publications for commercial
and views, and modify multiple worksheets.
                                                            printing. (Textbook included)
In Level II, learn to improve the visual appeal
                                                            Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45
and usability of an average workbook using
                                                            Materials Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
tables, filters, and colorful charts and graphs.            Publisher CMP758A W 9:00AM – 4:00PM 2/24/09 VM2
Level III topics include using lookup functions;
learning about data validation and database                 MS PowerPoint 007 Hands On
functions; work with PivotTables and Pivot-                 Create your own professional presentations in-
Charts; import and export data, and query                   cluding text, graphics, WordArt, tables, charts,
external databases. (Textbook included)                     and diagrams. Edit and format slide content,
Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45                              apply transition effects, print speaker notes,
Materials Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5                     and understand how to manage and deliver
Level I     CMP902A   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/3/10    VM2   a presentation. (Textbook included)
Level I     CMP902B   M   9:00AM – 4:00PM   3/8/10    VM2   Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45
Level I     CMP902C   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   4/28/10   VM2   Materials Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
Level II    CMP903A   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   2/17/10   VM2   PowerPoint CMP678A W 9:00AM – 4:00PM 2/10/09 VM2
Level II    CMP903B   M   9:00AM - 4:00PM   3/15/10   VM2
Level II    CMP903C   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   5/12/10   VM2
Level III   CMP904A   M   9:00AM - 4:00PM   4/12/10   VM2
Level III   CMP904B   W   9:00AM – 4:00PM   5/26/10   VM2

                              For registration information, see pages 71-76                                          1

 Computers Online                                     and efficiently. Learn the secrets behind
                                                      writing powerful formulas, using functions,
      Choosing your class is easy. Visit our          sorting and analyzing data, creating custom
      online classroom at              charts, creating 3-dimensional workbooks,
      hagerstown. Browse through the class            building links, and creating macros and cus-
      schedule and select the topic and month         tom toolbar buttons. An Intermediate and
      that are right for you. Register online and     Advanced Excel class is also offered.
      we’ll send you additional information by        Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)
      e-mail before your class starts.
                                                      Secrets of Better Photography (Online class)
      Questions? Call 301-790-2800, ext. 553 or       Designed for both film and digital photogra-
      e-mail                  phers, you’ll learn the basic technology that
      Section F     12/09/2009 – 01/29/2010           all cameras use, and you’ll receive helpful in-
      Section G     01/20/2010 – 03/12/2010           formation on exposure and lighting. You’ll also
      Section H     02/17/2010 – 04/09/2010           explore strategies for taking excellent photos
      Section I     03/17/2010 – 05/07/2010           in all types of situations, including portraiture,
                                                      landscape, macro and still life.
                    Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)

 Creating Web Pages (Online class)                    Photographing People with Your Digital
 Plan content and structure, create pages of          Camera (Online class)
 text and graphics, build links to other sites,       Photographing people can be fun, exciting
 and add a splash of attention-grabbing color.        – and complicated! Discover the best way to
 You can even market your Web site to others          shoot faces, repair common problems, and
 on the Internet for free!                            take professional portrait and formal group
 Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)     shots. You’ll even gain expertise in filling your
                                                      photographs with imagery, setting moods,
 Introduction to Dreamweaver (Online class)           and creating themes.
 Master the best and most widely-used Web             Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)
 design tool available - create and format
 text, images, hyperlinks, tables, and various        Photoshop Elements for the Digital
 other media types. You’ll also examine page          Photographer (Online Class)
 design with an emphasis on avoiding com-             Bring out the best in your images! Adobe’s
 mon layout errors.                                   Photoshop Elements provides the tools for
 Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)     quick fixes and detailed enhancement of any
                                                      digital photograph. Designed for those with
 Introduction to CSS and XHTML                        no image-editing experience, this class will
 Learn how to create state-of-the-art Web sites       take you from novice to accomplished user.
 using modern CSS and XHTML techniques.               Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)
 CSS and XHTML not only make it easier for
 you to build and manage large Web sites,             Introduction to Photoshop CS or CS (Online
 these languages can give you more precise            class)
 control over the appearance of every page            Artists, photographers, designers, and hobby-
 you build.                                           ists all rely on Adobe Photoshop for graphic
 Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, and registration)   design work. This hands-on, project-oriented
                                                      course is filled with detailed step-by-step
 Introduction to Microsoft Word (Online class)        instructions to help you learn how to edit
 Learn to use MS Word to add, move, format,           photos, create basic paintings, and prepare
 and edit text, setup pages and paragraphs,           your images for printing, remove flaws, correct
 use grammar tools, and become a better               for poor exposure, or add new elements.
 consumer of fundamental Word skills. An              Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)
 Intermediate and Advanced Word class is
 also offered.                                        Introduction to PC Troubleshooting (Online
 Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)     class)
                                                      Walk step-by-step through the typical hard-
 Introduction to Microsoft Excel (Online class)
                                                      ware and operating system problems that
 Discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for
                                                      happen to PCs. Once you’ve mastered the
 setting up fully-formatted worksheets quickly
                                                      basics, launch into some of the more advanced

                           Winter 010 •

and nasty problems that sometimes crop up           introduced to working in three dimensions
and fix them!                                       and will create three-dimensional drawings
Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)    and models, use script files, and produce a
                                                    portfolio of their work. (Textbook Required)
Basic A+ Certification Prep (Online class)          Prerequisite: CMT 252 or equivalent work
Time to roll up those sleeves and dive inside       experience. Class Limit: 15
the personal computer! The Basic CompTIA A+         Fee: $372 Materials Fee: $35
Certification Prep course teaches you about         Registration Fee: $5
the hardware common to virtually every              CMT 153 A M 06:00PM-09:30PM 01/11/10-05/03/10
personal computer. You’ll learn how things              J Felice Adv. Tech. Center 115
work, how to configure everything, and how
to troubleshoot in real world environments.
Intermediate and Advanced level classes also        Computers—Repair and
Fee: $165 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)   Networking
Introduction to Networking (Online class)           PC Tech: Repair and Troubleshooting
Discover the fundamental concepts for net-          Focus on the practical skills needed to be
working your business or school in terms you        a successful computer technician and pre-
can easily understand. Class topics will cover      pare for CompTIA’s A+ certification exam (in
network hardware, software, and functions,          combination with CMT 151. This hands-on
and how to tell if a career in networking is        class will teach you the techniques needed
right for you.                                      to diagnose hardware problems, configure
Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)    PC components, and replace defective com-
                                                    puter parts. You will learn how to install and
Introduction to PHP & MySQL (Online class)          configure a variety of hardware components
Learn how to create an interactive Web site,        with an emphasis on customer service tech-
allowing visitors to post and retrieve informa-     niques. Required: “Intro to Personal Comput-
tion using the PHP programming language             ing” or equivalent work experience with a PC.
and the MySQL database server. You’ll learn         (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 4
clear, step-by-step instructions demonstrating      Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $95
how to create a complete Web site capable of        Registration Fee: $5
dynamically displaying data.                        CMT 150 A W 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/13/10-04/28/10
Fee: $99 (includes tuition, fee, & registration)        K Weil-Yates Adv. Tech. Center 200

                                                    PC Tech: Operating Systems
Computers—CAD                                       Installing and configuring operating systems
                                                    is a fundamental competence for anyone
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) I                       planning to service a computer or obtain A+
Design objects or create drafting mock-ups          certification (in combination with CMT-150).
with computer-assisted design/drafting using        Learn the concepts and develop the skills
AutoCAD software. Class topics include cre-         needed to install and support Windows-based
ating and modifying entities, layers, viewing       operating systems. CMT-150 or equivalent
commands, blocks, and plotting. Participants        work experience required. (Textbook Re-
prepare drawings, create designs, and produce       quired) Class Limit: 4
a portfolio of their work. Prerequisite: Intro to   Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $95
Personal Computing or working familiarity           Registration Fee: $5
with Windows applications and file manage-          CMT 151 A M 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/11/10-05/03/10
ment. (Textbook required) Class Limit: 16               K Weil-Yates Adv. Tech. Center 200
Fee: $279 Senior Adult Fee: $167
                                                    CCNA: Networking 
Materials Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
                                                    This course provides a comprehensive, theo-
CMT 252 A T 06:00PM-09:30PM 01/12/10-05/04/10
    T Wolford Adv. Tech. Center 115
                                                    retical, and practical approach to learning the
                                                    technologies and protocols needed to design
Computer-Aided Design II                            and implement a converged switched net-
A hands-on competency based course builds           work. Students learn about the hierarchical
on skills and knowledge gained in CMT 252.          network design model and how to select
Students receive advanced instruction in            devices for each layer. The course explains how
dimensioning and plotting. Students are             to configure a switch for basic functionality

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                               

 and how to implement Virtual LANs, VTP, In-                   Programming
 ter-VLAN routing, and Spanning Tree Protocol
 in a converged network. In conjunction with                   Visual Basic
 the Cisco Networking Academy, students also                   Design a Windows interface and application
 develop the knowledge and skills necessary                    to address common business requirements.
 to implement a WLAN in a small to medium                      Become familiar with the Visual Basic user
 network. One Saturday meeting date required.                  interface and the programming requirements
 Students must have a personal computer and                    to create applications for a Windows PC or
 Internet access (broadband is recommended)                    a Windows Mobile based cell phone. Class
 to complete online assignments and exams.                     topics will include variables and arithmetic
 Also meets on Saturday, 2/27/10 from 9:00 to                  operations; mobile applications using deci-
 3:00. (Textbook Required) Prerequisite: CMT                   sion structures; loop structures; string ma-
 355. Class Limit: 15                                          nipulation function procedures and exception
 Fee: $372 Senior Adult Fee: $220                              handling; and incorporating databases with
 Materials Fee: $95 Registration Fee: $5                       ADO.NET. Previous programming experience
 CMT 455 A W 06:00PM-10:00PM 01/13/10-03/03/10                 helpful; Windows and mouse skills required.
     J Drooger Adv. Tech. Center 202                           (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 18
                                                               Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $10
 CCNA: Networking                                             Registration Fee: $5
 This course covers the WAN technologies                       CMT 133 A M 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/11/10-05/03/10
 and network services required by converged                        T Gift Adv. Tech. Center 109
 applications in Enterprise Networks. Students
 learn how to implement and configure com-
 mon data link protocols and how to apply
 WAN security concepts, principles of traf-
 fic, access control and addressing services.
 Natural Address Translation (NAT) and DHCP
 services are also covered. Students must have
 a personal computer and Internet access
 (broadband is recommended) to complete
 online assignments and exams. Also meets
 on Saturday, 05/01/10 from 9:00 to 3:00.
 (Textbook Required) Prerequisite: CMT 455.
 Class Limit: 15
 Fee: $372 Senior Adult Fee: $220
 Materials Fee: $95 Registration Fee: $5
 CMT 456 A W 06:00PM-10:00PM           03/17/10-4/28/10
     J Drooger Adv. Tech. Center 202

                                                          Please notice:
                                                          Students	that	register	for	classes	that	list	
                                                          (Textbook	Required)	within	the	course	
                                                          description	need	to	purchase	their	textbook	
                                                          from	the	HCC	bookstore.	If	the	course	
                                                          description	lists	(Textbook	included	in	
                                                          materials	fee),	students	will	receive	their	
                                                          books	at	the	first	class.

                                                          Bookstore	hours	are	Monday-Thursday,		
                                                          8:30	am	–	6:00	pm	and	Friday	8:30	am	–	4:00	
                                                          pm.	To	contact	the	HCC	Bookstore,	please	
                                                          call	301-790-2800,	ext.	271.

                                Winter 010 •
                                                             Industrial Technology and Trades

Small Engine Repair                                    Introduction to HVAC/R
Whether for fun or profit, you can service small       Troubleshoot and repair today’s HVAC equip-
engines found in lawn equipment, motor-                ment and refrigeration-based processing
boats, snow blowers or garden equipment.               equipment. Participants will be introduced
Never have another equipment breakdown                 to concepts of energy, refrigeration, tempera-
you can’t trouble shoot! Hands-on shop activi-         ture, humidity, and conduction of heat and will
ties and expert instruction will introduce you         be trained in refrigerant handling. There will
to the principles of two-cycle and four-cycle          be overviews of HVAC related equipment and
engine operation, fuel and exhaust systems,            systems. (Textbook required) Class Limit: 12
ignition components, lubrication systems,              Fee: $294 Senior Adult Fee: $169
and cooling systems. Tools and equipment               Materials Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5
provided but appropriate safety clothing re-           CNT 107 A MW 04:00PM-05:40PM 01/11/10-05/04/10
quired for shop activities. (Textbook required).           J Wachter Career Programs Building 142
Class Limit: 10
Fee: $125 Materials Fees: $25
                                                       Advanced Motors, Machines, and
Registration Fee: $5                                   Mechanical Devices
TRD 124 A W        06:00PM-09:00PM 03/17/10-05/19/10   This is an advanced course in the operating
    C Banks III   Career Programs Building 212         principles of machines, mechanical devices
TRD 124 B R       06:00PM-09:00PM 03/18/10-05/20/10    and robotics. Advanced topics such as me-
    C Banks III   Career Programs Building 212         chanical devices, servomotors, motor drives,
                                                       and robotic motion control will be covered
Plumbing and Pipefitting                               with a strong, hands-on training in setup,
Study the fundamental, practical skills needed         programming, maintenance and trouble-
for plumbing and pipefitting. Identify the             shooting. Prerequisite: CMT 119—Funda-
classifications and functions of boilers, steam        mentals of Electricity. (Textbook required)
and hot water heating systems. Plus, review            Class Limit: 18
the details related to heating code. (Textbook         Fee: $294
required). Class Limit: 10                             Registration Fee: $5
Fee: $294 Senior Adult Fee: $135                       CNT 158 A Th 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/14/10-04/29/10
Materials Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5                    A Valente Career Programs Building 142
CNT 105 A F 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/15/10-04/30/10
    K Allen Career Programs Building 142               PLC Applications
                                                       This is an advanced course which features the
Welding                                                Allen-Bradley SLC-500, PLC 5, A.I. Series and
Start learning to weld in a practical, hands-          RSLogix software. Topics include conceptual
on class. No previous welding experience is            understanding and troubleshooting of PLC
necessary. Oxyacetylene (welding and cut-              systems which utilize data manipulation in-
ting), arc welding, soldering and brazing are          structions, program control instructions, data
explored with equipment provided at our                communications, remote I/O, analog I/O, block
welding stations. Work on class competen-              transfer and PID process controls. PLC based
cies, at your own pace, beginning with safety          motion control is also discussed. This course
practices and set-up in each welding area.             is intended for industrial electronics students,
(Textbook required) Class Limit: 10                    technicians, industrial electricians and engi-
Fee: $294 Senior Adult Fee: $169 Materials             neers who need to upgrade their skills in the
Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5                          area of PLC applications. Prerequisite: INT 102.
CNT 106 A M 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/11/10-05/03/10 S        (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 18
    Staley Career Programs Building 142                Fee: $294 Senior Adult Fee: $35
CNT 106 B W 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/13/10-
                                                       Materials Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
    04/28/10 W Staley Career Programs Building 142
                                                       CNT 103 A T 06:00PM-08:45PM 01/12/10-05/04/10
                                                           A Valente Career Programs Building 142

                             For registration information, see pages 71-76                              
Industrial Technology and Trades

 Construction Methods and Materials                Alternative Energy
 Construction Methods and Materials will pro-
 vide a study of the wide variety construction     Home Energy Analysis
 techniques and materials in use today. Meth-      Prepare yourself for the green economy and
 ods will include site built framing systems,      certification as an Energy Analyst/Auditor or
 cast in place and precast concrete systems,       a building performance professional. Recog-
 masonry, structural steel and pre-engineered      nized by the Maryland Energy Administartion,
 metal buildings. Materials covered will include   topics to be covered include elements of an
 concrete, masonry, metals, wood, glass,           energy analysis (audit) for a single-family
 roofing, plastic and finishes. The appropriate    home; building science, safety and calcula-
 selection and installation of materials and       tions of space and volume and use of related
 building systems will be covered. (Textbook       measuring and/or diagnostic equipment.
 included materials fee). Class will be held       Customer relations, including the ability to ex-
 Tuesday 1/19/10—college is closed 1/18/10         plain technical terms in laymen’s terms, will be
 for MLK. Class Limit: 25                          emphasized. Completers will be eligible to sit
 Fee: $299 Materials Fee: $80                      for written and field exams from the Building
 Registration Fee: $5                              Performance Institute (BPI). Prior experience in
 PLC 399 A M 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/04/10-03/22/10     construction is recommended. Class will also
      R Harbaugh Career Programs Building 212      meet on one Saturday morning for site work.
                                                   (Textbook included) Class Limit: 10
 Computer Applications—Construction                Fee: $595 Materials Fees: $1000
 Computers will be discussed as a construc-        Registration Fee: $5
 tion management tool. This overview of            TRD 125 B MTWThF 08:30AM-04:30PM
 computer applications will orient the student         02/22/10-02/26/10 Staff FCC
 to word processing, spreadsheets and email        TRD 125 A TTh 06:00PM-09:30PM 01/05/10-02/04/10
 communications. Basic software review of              Staff FCC
 Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook will be
 completed. Construction applications will         Introduction to Alternative Energy
 be incorporated in all exercises. Students will   Renewable and alternative energy are options
 develop keyboarding and software navigation       available today for residential and commercial
 skills. Understand data storage, retrieval and    electrical consumers. Understanding which op-
 transmission – Create custom spreadsheets         tions are available and how they benefit can help
 and forms – Learn email basics and create         you or your organization stay viable in today’s
 attachments. Class Limit: 12                      global market. Learn the basics about different
 Fee: $249 Materials Fee: $40                      energy types such as solar, wind, bio fuel, solar
 Registration Fee: $5                              thermal, geo thermal, magnetism, pressure
 PLC 529 A M 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/29/10-06/07/10     and mechanical energy. Hands-on labs include
      R Harbaugh Valley Mall 5                     miniatureWindTurbine Operation, Solar Energy
                                                   Collection, and Hydro-fuel Vehicle operation.
                                                   Prerequisites: strong math and reading skills.
                                                   (Textbook required) Class Limit: 18
                                                   Fee: $294 Materials Fee: $25
                                                   Registration Fee: $5
                                                   CNT 202 A W 02:30PM-05:15PM 01/13/10-04/29/10
                                                       A Valente Adv. Tech. Center 213

 6                         Winter 010 •
                                                       Industrial Technology and Trades

                          of Locksmithing
                                6 Day Course
           Presented by the Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc
   at the Hagerstown Community College Center for Continuing Education

                          March 22–27, 2010
                          8AM–5PM each day
     At the Hagerstown Community College Valley Mall Training Center

This is a comprehensive hands-on course in Fundamental Locksmithing Techniques.
The student will develop the ability to identify common key blanks, adjust key cut-
ting equipment, use key duplicating and code cutting equipment, disasemble, service
and originate keys for common lock cylinders using methods such as shimming,
picking impressioning and code cutting. Lockset servicing, functions and finishes as
well as basic master keying will be covered. The course is the ALOA (Associated
Locksmiths of America, Inc) fundamentals course. The instructor is J. Casey Camper,
CML,CPS. He began his locksmithing career in 1974 and his experience includes
service as a factory rep for a major lock manufacturer as well as over 20 years owning
and operating 2 full service locksmith and security companies in Colorado and Mon-
tana. Casey is an ALOA certified instructor who has taught at the ALOA national
convention. For more information about ALOA –

          Total cost of the course including all textbooks and materials is $1399.

                           To register use course # PLC 453 A

    Prepare for jobs in the new
        “Green Economy” 	
The	Center	for	Continuing	Education	has	teamed	with	
ProTrain	to	offer	you	flexible	learning	options.	Dozens	of	
online	classes	cover	topics	in:
     •	     Green	Building/Construction
     •	     Renewable	Energy
     •	     Green	Supply	Chain
     •	     LEED	Certification
     •	     Smart	Home	Technology
                  View	the	full	class	list	at
     For	more	information,	contact	Samantha	Willard
           at	301-790-2800,	extension	413	or		

                      For registration information, see pages 71-76                      7

 Driver Education                                         Senior Adult Driver Safety
 For adults or teens, prepare for your Maryland           The AARP Driver Safety Program is a defensive
 Driver’s License in this Motor Vehicle Admin-            driver improvement class designed especially
 istration (MVA)-approved course. The course              for motorists age 50 and older. The class teach-
 includes a required student/parent/mentor                es preventive measures to use when driving
 orientation session, 30 hours of classroom               that saves lives and reviews normal changes in
 and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruc-                 vision, hearing, and reaction time associated
 tion. The orientation acquaints you with the             with aging. This course is provided in conjunc-
 requirements of the HCC driving school and               tion with the Washington County Commission
 the components of Maryland’s Graduated                   on Aging and the AARP. To register, call Judy
 Driver Licensing Laws. You MUST bring your               Brewer at 301-790-0275, ext. 220.
 learner’s permit to the first class. Individual          Cost: $12 for AARP members, $14 for non-
 student driving schedules are assigned by                members, payable in person. Class Limit: 20
 lottery after classroom sessions begin. Class            DRV 050 A T 01:00PM-05:00PM 03/16/10 Staff
 Limit: 20                                                    Valley Mall 6
 Fee: $200 Senior Adult Fee: $80
 Materials Fee: $80 Registration Fee: $5
                                                          Motorcycle Repair—Part I
 DRV 001 E    MW 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/11/10-02/15/10        You can master the fundamental concepts and
     Staff   Career Programs Building 210                 skills to keep a metric bike running smoothly.
 DRV 001 F    MW 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/01/10-04/05/10        In this course, learn how to setup a safe mo-
     Staff   Career Programs Building 210                 torcycle shop and select the right tools, from
                                                          simple to specialized, to perform inspections,
                                                          troubleshooting, and maintenance. Hands-on
                                                          lab projects will include tune-ups, fastener ser-
                                                          vicing, fuel systems, basic electronics, batteries
                                                          and charging systems, and engine condition
                                                          diagnosing without teardown. Information
                                                          also relates to servicing ATV’s and scooters.
                                                          (Textbook required) Class Limit: 10
                                                          Fee: $225 Senior Adult Fee: $100
                                                          Materials Fee: $50 Registration Fee: $5
                                                          MST 002 A MT 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/15/10-05/17/10
                                                              C. Banks ATC 213

                                                           Teen drivers average
                                                           9,000 miles* per year
                                                         Make the first miles with us
                                                     •	Quality	classroom	facilities
                                                     •	New	vehicles	modified	for	training
                                                     •	MVA	certified	instructors
                                                     •	Classes	starting	every	8	weeks
                                                     Classes	now	available	from	the	Center	
                                                     for	Continuing	Education	to	meet	your	
                                                     teenager’s	need	for	safe,	expert	driver	
                                                     training.	For	more	information,	contact	Deb	
                                                     Bauer	at	301-790-2800,	ext.	508	or	email	
                                                     * National survey conducted by QPC

                            Winter 010 •

         Safety Training
                                                        Tuition discount
                                                        for early Spring
                                                         registration on
                                                      Thursday, January 21,
                                                        5:00 - 7:00 PM
                                                       Valley Mall Center

Basic Rider – MST 614
Fun on two wheels! If you have limited or no motorcycle riding experi-
ence, our rider coaches help you develop the skills to operate a mo-
torcycle safely. Six-hours of informative classroom and eleven-hours of
hands-on motorcycle instruction are included. Motorcycles are provided
and riding is conducted on a closed range. Successfully complete and
receive a certificate for the Maryland Class M endorsement.
Course Fees: $244 plus $5 registration fee *

Basic Rider II – MST 615
For individuals who have at least six months on-road riding experience,
this course will make you a safer biker and hone your street skills. Motor-
cycles are provided for five hours of range instruction. Successfully com-
plete and receive a certificate for the Maryland Class M endorsement.
Course Fees: $244 plus $5 registration fee *

Experienced Rider – MST 616
For the rider with a Class M endorsement, this course provides five
hours of instruction covering advanced cornering, braking, and collision
avoidance with emphasis on in traffic strategy and safety. Riders provide
their own licensed/tagged motorcycle and proof of insurance.
Course Fees: $100 plus $5 registration fee *

* $20 additional tuition for non-Maryland residents

  For more information on registering and available dates,
               or call 301-790-2800, ext. 236

              For registration information, see pages 71-76                   

      Truck Driver
   Been	off	the	road	for	awhile?		                                               Starts Here.
   We	can	help	you	get	back	on	

                                       Attention, CEOs, Supervisors, Managers!
   track	with	your	CDL	and	career.                                               We offer:
                                                                                 • Courses tailored
   •	Brush	up	on	tractor/trailer	                                                    exclusively to meet your
     skills                                                                          needs
   •	On	the	road	and	simulator	                                                  • Leadership, manage-
     training                                                                        ment, people skills
   •	Customized	to	individual	                                                   • Information technology,
     needs                                                                           professional, vocational
   •	Flexible	schedule	with	                                                     • Foreign language and
     experienced	instructors                                                         sign language
                                                                                 • Flexibility to train staffs
                                                                                     of all sizes, at your site or

                                                                                   For more information on
                                                                                  training for your company,
                                                                                        call Cindi Hull at
                                                                                   301-790-2800, ext. 520.

        For more information,
        contact Jack Drooger at
        301-790-2800, x453 or e-mail

 0                  Winter 010 •
                                                                       Nursing and Allied Health

                                                     the CMA clinical Update. Certificates will not
  Multicompetency	 Courses	 for	 Health	             be awarded without successfully completing
  Professionals	 may	 be	 taken	 through	 the	       the course. Please bring a stethoscope and a
  Center	 for	 Continuing	 Education	 for	 CE	       drug book to class. Class Limit: 20
  credits	or	as	part	of	a	credit	program.            Fee: $70 Registration Fee: $5
  When	a	course	is	taken	for	non-credit	no	          NRS 033 A S 09:00AM-06:00PM 01/23/10 S Mills
  final	exam	is	given.	The	course	cannot	be	             Career Programs Building 152
  changed	to	credit	at	a	later	date.	If	a	course	    NRS 033 B S 09:00AM-06:00PM 02/27/10 S Mills
  is	taken	for	credit,	no	continuing	education	          Career Programs Building 152
  certificate	is	given.                              NRS 033 C S 09:00AM-06:00PM 03/27/10 S Mills
                                                         Career Programs Building 152
          Contact Hours for Nurses
                                                     BLS Healthcare Provider
  Maryland	Community	College	Association	
                                                     This course provides instruction to healthcare
  for	 Continuing	 Education	 and	 Training	
                                                     students and healthcare professionals whose
  is	 accredited	 as	 a	 provider	 of	 continuing	
                                                     jobs require CPR. Topics include: foreign body
  nursing	education	by	the	American	Nurses	
  Credentialing	 Center’s	 Commission	 on	
                                                     airway obstruction, rescuer breathing, CPR for
  Accreditation.	 Requirements	 to	 receive	         victims of all ages, the use of the bag valve
  ANCC	 contact	 hours	 include	 full	 course	       mask, and automated external defibrillator
  attendance	and	submission	of	the	course	           (AED), and signs and symptoms of stroke and
  evaluation.                                        heart attack. Class Limit: 16
                                                     Fee: $55 Registration Fee: $5
      Continuing Education Credits for               NRS 848 A M 04:00PM-09:00PM 01/11/10
        Social Workers, Psychologists,                   L Altizer Career Programs Building 213
         Therapists, Counselors, and                 NRS 848 B M 04:00PM-09:00PM 02/08/10
                 Radiographers                           L Altizer Career Programs Building 213
  Hagerstown	 Community	 College	 is	 an	            NRS 848 C M 04:00PM-09:00PM 03/15/10
  authorized	sponsor	for	Category	I	Continu-             L Altizer Career Programs Building 213
  ing	Education	Credits	for	Social	Workers,	
  Continuing	 Education	 Units	 (CEUs)	 for	         NCLEX Review
  Psychologists,	and	Category	A	and	B	CEUs	          This course prepares nursing students for the
  for	Counselors	and	Therapists.	Submission	         NCLEX exam. Students will take a pr-test of the
  for	 ASRT	 Category	 A	 Continuing	 Educa-         overall body systems, anatomy and physiol-
  tion	 (CE)	 for	 radiographers	 is	 approved	      ogy, disease processes, assessment and care,
  by	 course.	 	 ANCC	 credits	 may	 apply	 as	      as well as nursing process and legal and ethical
  Category	B	CEs	for	radiographers.                  issues practice. Emphasis will be focused on
                                                     test taking strategies and areas where stu-
                                                     dents exhibit need for additional instruction.
                                                     A post-test to review learner success will also
Allied Health Care Courses                           be administered. Class Limit: 60
                                                     Fee: $300
Nursing Home Medicine Aide Recertification           NRS 854 B TWThF 08:00AM-04:00PM 01/05/10-01/08/10
This course provides current medicine aides              Staff Career Programs Building 125
with updated information on drug therapies
and safe medication administration and meets
the Maryland Board of Nursing continuing
education requirements for recertification.
Students must attend each session and score
a minimum of 80% on the written final exam.
Please verify the following documentation
prior to class registration: 1. Practiced as a CNA
for 16 hours in the 2 years immediately preced-
ing admission to the CMA Clinical Update. 2.
Practiced as a GNA for 8 hours in a licensed
nursing home in the 2 years immediately
preceding admission to the Clinical Update
class. 3. Practiced as a CMA for 100 hours in the
2 years immediately preceding admission to

                          For registration information, see pages 71-76                             1
Nursing and Allied Health

 Ed2Go Courses                                       HIPPA Compliance
                                                     Demystify the complexities of HIPAA! If you’re
 Winter 2010                                         a health care professional, it’s mandatory that
                                                     you know the ins and outs of HIPAA compli-
      Choosing your class is easy. Visit our
                                                     ance. This course focuses on the Administra-
      online classroom at
                                                     tive Simplification portion of HIPAA. By the
      hagerstown. Browse through the class
                                                     end of the course, you’ll feel confident in your
      schedule and select the topic and month
                                                     ability to bring your organization into compli-
      that are right for you. Register online and
                                                     ance with HIPAA’s requirements. NRS-832
      we’ll send you additional information by
      e-mail before your class starts.               Certificate in Pain Assessment &
      Questions? Call 301-790-2800, ext. 553 or      Management
      e-mail                 Pain assessment and management is a
                                                     crucial part of compassionate and effective
      Section F     12/09/2009 – 01/29/2010
                                                     patient care. Scientific advancements in the
      Section G     01/20/2010 – 03/12/2010
                                                     understanding of the mechanisms of pain,
      Section H     02/17/2010 – 04/09/2010
                                                     multidisciplinary methods of assessment and
      Section I     03/17/2010 – 05/07/2010
                                                     management, and the improvement of medi-
                   cations to treat pain have contributed to the
                                                     wealth of knowledge in this area. NRS-639
 Human Anatomy and Physiology                        Certificate in Complementary & Alternative
 This course focuses on the anatomical
 structure of the human body, including all
                                                     Enhance your professional marketability by
 biological systems and how they function.
                                                     gaining a broad understanding of alternative
                                                     health care options.
 Legal Nurse Consulting                              NRS-586
 Experienced, specialty prepared nurses are in
 demand to assist attorneys in comprehending
 medical situations, terminology and deficits
 that may have occurred in medical cases.
 This course will identify the terminology and
 processes of legal issues. NRS-641

                                                Please notice:
                                                Students	that	register	for	classes	that	list	
                                                (Textbook	Required)	within	the	course	
                                                description	need	to	purchase	their	textbook	
                                                from	the	HCC	bookstore.	If	the	course	
                                                description	lists	(Textbook	included	in	
                                                materials	fee),	students	will	receive	their	
                                                books	at	the	first	class.

                                                Bookstore	hours	are	Monday-Thursday,		
                                                8:30	am	–	6:00	pm	and	Friday	8:30	am	–	4:00	
                                                pm.	To	contact	the	HCC	Bookstore,	please	
                                                call	301-790-2800,	ext.	271.

                           Winter 010 •
                                                         Nursing and Allied Health

                                               Continuing Education
     CArinG FOr                                     series for
    PErsOns wiTh                                  radiographers
  iMPAirMEnT AnD                            AL
    hEALTh issuEs

                                                  sPrinG 2010
                                                    Image Critique
                                                         NRS	859	A
                                                   Tuesday,	March	16,	2010
                                                      Paul	Marinelli,	MD
  January 12, 2010—NRS 717 B
    May 11, 2010—NRS 717 C
        9:30 AM - 3:30 PM                       Virtual Colonoscopy
    Valley Mall Center Room 6                            NRS	861	A
                                                    Tuesday,	April	13,	2010
This 5-hour course presented by the                  Mansoor	Husain,	MD
Alzheimer’s Association along with
the Mental Health Association satis-              Infection Control:
fies the new 2006 Maryland regula-
tions for those working in assisted
                                                   MIRSA & C-Diff
                                                         NRS	858	A
living facilities.
                                                    Tuesday,	May	11,	2010
                                                        Austin	Rinker
•Normal aging                                        The	Merle	S.	Elliott		
•Overview of memory disorders                      Continuing	Education	and	
•Communication                                       Conference	Center
•Environment                                              Room	212
•Behaviors                                         Career	Programs	Building
•Activities                                        Hagerstown	Community	
•Recognizing and reducing pain                             College
•Late life mental and behavioral
 health                                            To	register,	contact	the	
•Working with families                          Continuing	Education	Office	at	
•Caregiver stress                                 301-790-2800,	ext.	236
•End-of-life issues
                                                  Funding	for	this	educational	
         Seminar Fee: $45
                                                    offering	established	by	
        Registration Fee: $5
                                                  Associated	Radiologists,	PA,	
                                                       Hagerstown,	MD

                   For registration information, see pages 71-76                  
Nursing and Allied Health

            Become a Medical Coding and
                 Billing specialist
                  Take	online	courses	on	your	schedule.
                   Last	date	to	enroll:	January	25,	2010
                     Classes	begin	February	1,	2010	
             Participants must have access to a computer with an e-mail account.

 here’s how it works!                              Unless you already have equivalent ex-
 Register through Hagerstown Community             perience, courses should be taken in the
 College using the course numbers listed below     order listed.
 after you have carefully read the information.
                                                   Unless otherwise indicated, each course
 When you register, an active email address is
                                                   entails 36-39 instructional hours over a
 required and then you will be provided with
                                                   period of 11 weeks. Due to the work that
 an orientation letter, explaining the online
                                                   is required, students are advised to take no
 process and how you will communicate with
                                                   more than 2 courses at a time.
 your online instructors during the course.
 They will advise you about purchasing a CD-
                                                   Medical Terminology
 download. Cost is $64.00 for each download
                                                   NMA 001 A
 for each course. Your online instructor will
                                                   Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5
 contact you by email each week during the
                                                   Serves as a foundation for all other medi-
 course. At the course completion, the in-
                                                   cal training courses. Over 1,000 words and
 structor will notify Hagerstown Community
                                                   terms are defined in 33 chapters outlined by
 College if you have successfully completed
                                                   body systems. The CD-download contains
 the coursework, and then you will receive a
                                                   a comprehensive audio medical dictionary
 certificate of completion.
                                                   and words are pronounced through your
 PrOGrAM DEsCriPTiOn                               computer speaker.
 This series of six (6) on-line courses in basic
                                                   Medical Coding
 to advanced on-line medical coding courses
                                                   NMA 002 A
 is open to individuals interested in gaining
                                                   Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5
 insurance coding skills for an entry-level po-
                                                   Prepares students for entry-level jobs in insur-
 sition, to the coder who desires educational
                                                   ance coding in a doctor’s office or other medi-
 enrichment through earning CEUs, and to
                                                   cal facility. This course includes ICD-9 CM
 the coder who is preparing for the American
                                                   Coding, CPT Coding, Medicare Fraud and
 Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
                                                   Abuse, and Evaluation and Management.
 Certification Exam. Participants must have
 access to a computer and an email account.        Medical Billing
 Medical Coders work in hospitals, physician       NMA 003 A
 offices, insurance companies and at home on       Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5
 a free-lance basis. Job placement success may     This course prepares students for entry-level
 also depend upon previous experience in the       jobs in accounting skills necessary in a doctor’s
 medical field. Those who successfully com-        office or other medical facility. This course
 plete the certification exam (after completion    includes Front Office Management, Filing
 of the six courses) will be known as Certified    Part B HCFA 1500, filing Part A HCFA
 Professional Coders, using the credential         1450, Medicare, Medicare Billing Problems,
 “CPC” after their name. Specific instructions     and Patient Record Keeping using Medisoft,
 for scheduling the AAPC Certification Exam        Medicare as secondary payer, Medicare and
 will be provided with information as part of      Home Health and Women’s Health. Also in-
 the AAPC Certification Exam Review.               cluded is a 1,000-page, 28-chapter Advanced
                                                   Claims Processing Manual with everything
                                                   you ever wanted to know about starting your
                                                   own medical billing business from home.

                         Winter 010 •
                                                                 Nursing and Allied Health

Advanced Coding ICD-9                              AAPC, AHIMA, and AMBA
NMA 004 A                                          Certification Exam Review
Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5                     NMA 006 A
This course compiles and summarizes the of-        Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5
ficial coding guidelines concerning the most       This online course is designed to prepare
common yet complex diagnosis coding issues.        students to take:
The course is organized by major body system        • the Certified Professional Coder Ex-
chapters, as found in the ICD-9-CM manual.              amination (Hospital) administered by
Each chapter is organized by (1) Issues (2)             the American Academy of Professional
Coding Clarification (3) Physician Documen-             Coders (AAPC)
tation Issues, and (4) Coding Scenarios. Real       • the Certified Coding Associate exam
life coding problems illustrating the issues are        administered by the American Health
presented with ICD-9-CM solutions.                      Information Management Association
                                                        (AHIMA) and
Advanced Coding-CPT
                                                    • the Certified Medical Reimbursement
NMA 005 A
                                                        Specialist exam administered by the
Fee: $125 Registration Fee: $5
                                                        American Medical Billing Association
This course is organized according to the
sections in the CPT book. Frequently asked
questions from real life situations are an-        Topics for review include Medical Terminol-
swered in an authoritative manner. This            ogy, Human Anatomy, CPT Coding Guide-
course provides advanced coding problems           lines, ICD-9-CM (Vol. 1 , 2 & 3) Diagnostic
with their solutions. The main emphasis is         Coding, HCPCS Level 2, E//M Coding,
on Evaluation and Management and Surgery           Anesthesia Coding, Surgical Coding, and
codes. A five-step outline is used to help you     Use of Modifiers.
code the exercises/scenarios in the problems.
Detailed medical history reports, including
post-operative reports, are provided from
which CPT codes are determined.

     Students who register for this
     course should:                                          Questions?
    •	Have	basic	computer	skills                          Call 301-790-2800, ext. 480
    •	Have	access	to	a	computer	
                                                       Additional information and online
      with	Internet	connection	and	an	
                                                        registration is also available at
      e-mail	address
    •	Be	self-motivated
    •	Be	able	to	learn	and	work	
    •	Be	able	to	meet	deadlines

                       For registration information, see pages 71-76                        
Nursing and Allied Health

                                     All conferences are held at the
                    Merle S. Elliott Continuing Education and Conference Center,
                                 HCC Campus, unless otherwise noted.

   Systemic Influences on Oral Health—NRS 220 A            Radiography Continuing Education Series
     Friday, November 13, 2009 8:30 am – 4:00 pm              “Virtual Colonoscopy” —NRS 861 A
                    (Check-in: 8:00am)                      Tuesday April 13, 2010 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm
    Fee: $149.00; $135.00 per person when registering           (Check-in: 6:00 pm) • Fee: $12:00;
               three or more the same office                  WCHSYS employees employees: $5.00
         010 Optometry Seminar —NRS 498 A               Issues of Aging and Mental Health—NRS 499 A
        Sunday, Feb 28, 2010 8:30 am – 4:00 pm                     Atlee Kepler Theater, HCC Campus
            (Check-in: 8:00am) • Fee: $109.00                Friday, April 16, 2010 8:30 am – 4:15 pm
  Management of the Complex Foot and Ankle—                       (Check-in: 8:00 am) • Fee: $59.00;
                       NRS 278 A                            Non-Professional Family Member Fee: $25.00
     Friday, March 19, 2010 8:00 am – 3:45 pm                  Administrative Professionals Day –
           (Check-in: 7:30 am) • Fee: $99.00                                   PRD 770 A
       Radiography Continuing Education Series               Friday, April 23, 2010 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
             “Image Critique”—NRS 859 A                     (Breakfast with the vendors: 7:45 – 8:30 am)
       Tuesday March 16, 2010 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm                                Fee: $79.00
            (Check-in: 6:00 pm) • Fee: $12.00;                  Forensic Investigation – NRS 113 A
                WCHSYS employees: $5.00                     Friday, April 30, 2010 8:00 am – 12:45 pm
           Advanced Stethoscope—NRS 118 A                        (Check-in: 7:30 am) Fee: $49.00
        Friday, March 26, 2010 9:00 am – 4:30 pm            Transformational Leadership – NRS 863 A
              (Check-in: 8:30 am) • Fee: $ 65.00                   In honor of National Nurses Week
      Emotional Freedom Pressure Techniques—                  Friday, May 7, 2010 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
                          NRS 867 A                                      (Check-in: 8:00 am)
        Friday, April 2, 2010 8:30 am – 4:00 pm           Fee: $105.00 Complimentary Luncheon Buffet
            (Check-in: 8:00 am) • Fee: $85.00              Radiography Continuing Education Series
                   Trauma—NRS 497 A                     “Infection Control: MIRSA and C-diff” – NRS 858 A
         Friday, April 7, 2010 8:00 am – 4:00 pm             Tuesday, May 11, 2110 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
             (Check-in: 7:30 am) • Fee: $75.00                          (Check-in: 6:00 pm)
            I.V. Therapy Seminar—NRS 178 A                     Fee: $12:00; WCHSYS employees: $5.00
         Friday, April 9, 2010 8:15 am – 4:15 pm                    Men’s Health – NRS 177 A
              (Check-in: 7:30 am) • Fee: $70.00               Friday, May 14, 2010 7:30-12:30 pm
                                                                        (Check-in: 7:30am)
                                                             Fee: $39.00 for health care professionals;
                                                                     $25.00 for general public

              For detailed information including program agenda and a listing of available CEUs, visit
      or call Debbie Staley, Conference Planner, Hagerstown Community College at 301-790-2800 ext. 454

 6                            Winter 010 •

                                        d              s
                               ef or Ki
     CC olleg

 A Summer enrichment program
       for grades 1-10
• Quality, hands-on programming
• Experienced instruction and ad-
  ministration team
• Supervised and comfortable
  classroom environment

                           Please call 301-790-2800,
                           ext. 236 to be added to
                               our mailing list.

       For registration information, see pages 71-76         7

 Children’s Language                                  Bradford. (Textbook is the same as Italian
                                                      Beginning I) Class Limit: 25
 Courses                                              Fee: $179 Senior Adult Fee: $107
                                                      Registration Fee: $5
 Spanish for Preschoolers                   NEW!
                                                      LAN 032 R Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 01/28/10-04/08/10
 Would you like for your young child to hear
                                                          E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 4
 and be able to practice words and phrases
 of the Spanish language? The price of this           Planning a Trip to Italy?
 course enrolls one adult caregiver at the given      Join Elsa Bradford, a native Italian, for this
 price and one preschooler at no extra charge.        short-length course for the beginning student.
 Instructor Chris Truax will use immersion            You will be introduced to the fundamentals of
 (speaking only Spanish) as much as possible,         the Italian language. You will develop sounds
 to urge your little one to figure out what is be-    and pronunciation, essential vocabulary and
 ing said and to practice what is heard. Adults       patterns of dialogues of real-life situations
 will learn basic pronunciation patterns and          including shopping, dining and traveling.
 children will learn basic greetings and intro-       (Textbook included in material fee)
 ductory phrases, number, colors, shapes, and         Fee: $49 Materials Fee: $25
 like/dislikes through songs, games and hands         Registration Fee: $5
 on activities. Class Limit: 20                       LAN 026 A S 09:00AM-12:00PM 04/10/10-04/24/10
 Fee: $49 Materials Fee: $11                              E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 8
 Registration Fee: $5
 LAN 208 A W 09:00AM-09:30AM 01/06/10-02/24/10
     C. Truax Valley Mall 4                           Spanish
 French for Preschoolers—                             Everyday Spanish—Beginning
 1 Adult 1 Child                                      This course will teach the participant how to
 Would you like for your young child to hear and      say practical, common phrases and questions
 be able to practice words and phrases of the         in Spanish. The student is introduced on how
 French language?The price of this course enrolls     to pronounce the Spanish language, plus is
 one adult caregiver at the given price and one       given language menus covering a wide variety
 preschooler at no extra charge. Instructor Chris     of Spanish phrases, expressions and questions,
 Truax will use immersion (speaking only French)      for use in everyday interactions. This is a great
 as much as possible, to urge your little one to      course to quickly learn enough Spanish to sur-
 figure out what is being said and to practice what   vive a trip, missionary work both US and abroad,
 is heard. Adults will learn basic pronunciation      business trips in Spanish speaking countries, and
 patterns and children will learn basic greet-        any other situation where practical everyday
 ings and introductory phrases, number, colors,       Spanish is needed to be learned quickly. Upon
 shapes, and like/dislikes through songs, games       completion of the course the participants will
 and hands on activities Class Limit: 20              be able to say a few phrases of kindness or re-
 Fee: $49 Materials Fee: $11                          spect to Latinos they meet and will also have a
 Registration Fee: $5                                 better understanding of the cultural differences
 LAN 209 A W 09:45AM-10:15AM 01/06/10-02/24/10        between Latinos and non-Latinos. (Textbook
     C. Truax Valley Mall 4                           included in material fee) Class Limit: 30
                                                      Fee: $99 Senior Adult Fee: $60
                                                      Materials Fee: $49 Registration Fee: $5
 Italian                                              LAN 200 A W 06:00PM-08:00PM 01/27/10-04/14/10
                                                          E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 8
 Italian: Beginning II
 This course is for those who have an elemen-         Spanish At Fort Ritchie
 tary knowledge of Italian or have taken              Join Gaby McCardell for beginners’ introduc-
 Italian Beginning. Increase your vocabulary;         tion to Spanish and Spanish culture at the
 learn more advanced language structure               HCC Ft. Ritchie Campus. The emphasis is on
 and grammar. Continue to develop reading,            everyday phrases that might be useful on a
 listening/comprehension and conversational           trip to Spanish speaking countries or when
 skills. Class also meets on Saturday, April 15th.    working with Spanish speaking individuals
 This course is taught by a native Italian, Elsa      or Spanish communities. No class March 10th,

                          Winter 010 •

2010—Spring break. (Textbook included in
materials fee) Class Limit: 25                      Customized spanish
Fee: $74 Senior Adult Fee: $45
Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
                                                      Training at the
LAN 175 A W 06:00PM-08:00PM 03/17/10-05/05/10           workplace
    Fort Ritchie Education Center 4

Planning a Trip to Latin America
Join Elsa Bradford for this short-length course      Many companies are
for the beginning student. You will be intro-
duced to the fundamentals of the Spanish
language. You will develop sounds and pro-            Spanish Language
nunciation, essential vocabulary and patterns
of dialogues of real-life situations including         skills essential!
shopping, dining and traveling. No class March
13th, 2010, closed for Spring break. (Textbook     If your employees interact locally
included in material fee) Class Limit: 25          with Latino employees, customers or
Fee: $49 Materials Fee: $25                        community members, it is important
Registration Fee: $5
LAN 174 A S 09:00AM-12:00PM 03/06/10-03/27/10
                                                   to be able to reach out to them in
    E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 6             their language and understand their
                                           NEW!    culture.
Everyday Spanish Continues
Join Elsa Bradford for a continuation of Everday   HCC Center for Continuing Education
Spanish. The course continues to introduce         can customize survival Spanish courses
spoken Spanish in order for students to be able    for your company’s individual situation.
to say limited Spanish phrases that have prac-
                                                   We can offer quotes to bring the course
tical applications. Students learn situational
Spanish and everyday interactions.                 to your location for larger class sizes or
Fee: $124 Materials Fee: $5                        you can send your employees to us.
Registration Fee: $5
                                                   Courses can focus on conversational
LAN 205 A T 06:00PM-08:00PM 04/13/10
    E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 3             business Spanish, Travel Spanish
                                                   for Business, Occupational Spanish
Spanish for the Workplace                          or a little of each. In addition to
Spanish language skills are becoming es-
sential to communicate in the workplace.
                                                   bringing regular weekly classes to
This course provides employers and staff the       your workplace we can also offer
ability to communicate effectively with the        these options:
Spanish-Speaking Employees and Staff. This
course covers the following: greet and com-
                                                       •    Lunch time Spanish
pliment employees - introduce yourself and                  language and culture
others - hire and dismiss employees - handle                intensive
scheduling issues - deal with medical emer-            •    Half-day and full-day
gencies - explain safety concerns - command                 Spanish language and
and control site supervision - use time, speed              culture workshop
and quantity expressions - use key location
                                                       •    One-on-one Spanish
words. This program also contains the follow-
ing appendices: The Spanish Alphabet - The                  coaching
Spanish Surname System - Dates and Time                •    Group training
- Money Issues - Colors - Uniform Vocabulary
                                                   To discuss your individual course needs
- Office and Areas of the Workplace - Signs
in the Workplace. (Textbook included) Class                       or to obtain
Limit: 25                                                     a price quote call
Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $45                           Cynthia Hull, Manager for
Materials Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5                  Certification and Licensure,
LAN 193 F F 01:00PM-04:00PM 02/05/10-02/26/10             301-790-2800, ext. 520.
    E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 4

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                           

 Spanish for Missions—Crash Course         NEW!      Beginner German Part II                   NEW!
 This is a one day comprehensive Spanish             This course is for students that have taken
 course that incorporates language used by           beginning German or have limited speak-
 service and volunteer and religious organiza-       ing experience. The course is taught by Jeff
 tions when bringing aid to Spanish-Speaking         Driscoll. Class Limit: 30
 countries. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF SPAN-              Fee: $74 Materials Fee: $5
 ISH REQUIRED. Students receive a manual of          Registration Fee: $5
 phrases that will be helpful for future practice.   LAN 206 A Th 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/25/10-05/13/10
 Spanish culture is also reviewed in the course.         T Driscoll Valley Mall 7
 Class Limit: 40
 Fee: $19 Materials Fee: $20
 Registration Fee: $5                                Russian
 LAN 207 A F 09:00AM-04:00PM 03/19/10
     E Proverbio-Bradford Valley Mall 4              Introduction to Russian Language and
                                                     Planning a trip to Russia or perhaps Repub-
 French                                              lic of the former Soviet Union? Yearning to
                                                     learn your ancestors’ language or to read
 Planning a Trip to France                 NEW!
                                                     old family names and letters? Maybe you are
 If you would like to learn and practice key         just intrigued by the language and culture?
 phrases and expressions used in everyday life       Whatever your reason, join Lydia Aleshin for
 in France, this course is for you! Whether you      this introductory course in Russian language,
 are planning to travel to a French speaking         culture and contemporary events. You will
 country or would like to increase your ability      learn necessary phrases, important vocabu-
 to speak and understand other French speak-         lary and cultural tips for traveling in Russian
 ers, the emphasis in this beginner course is on     speaking countries. (Textbook included in
 communication. You will learn useful vocabu-        materials fee) Class Limit: 25
 lary and pronunciation through expressions          Fee: $59 Materials Fee: $20
 of daily activity such as meal time, shopping       Registration Fee: $5
 and traveling. No prior knowledge of French         LAN 202 B W 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/20/10-02/10/10
 required. Class Limit: 25                               L Aleshin Valley Mall 7
 Fee: $44 Materials Fee: $20
 Registration Fee: $5                                Beginning Russian                         NEW!
 LAN 210 A W 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/10/10-               This course is designed for those who are just
     03/31/10 C. Truax Valley Mall 5                 beginning to learn Russian or have studied a
                                                     few Russian phrases. The focus will be on learn-
                                                     ing important expressions useful in everyday
 German                                              situations, key vocabulary and basic Russian
                                                     grammar. Class Limit: 25
 Beginners German                                    Fee: $79 Materials Fee: $30
 This course is designed for those who are           Registration Fee: $5
 either just beginning to learn German or have       LAN 191 A W 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/17/10-04/14/10
 studied less than a few years. The focus will           L. Aleshin Career Programs Building 211
 be on learning important expressions useful
 in everyday situations, key vocabulary, the
 basic concepts of German grammar, building
 confidence in each student’s ability to speak,
 and laying a good foundation for future study
 of the language. The class will use a textbook
 different from the one used in past German
 for Travelers courses. No class on February 9th,
 2010. Class Limit: 25
 Fee: $84 Senior Adult Fee: $50
 Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
 LAN 203 A T 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/26/10-03/23/10
     T Driscoll Career Programs Building 232

 0                          Winter 010 •

Sign Language                                         Note: Class will not meet MLK Day 1/18/2010.
                                                      (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 25
Sign Language: Basic II                               Fee: $194 Senior Adult Fee: $110
Designed for those interested in continuing their     Registration Fee: $5
studying for basic signs. You will increase your      LAN 048 A M 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/11/10-04/27/10
vocabulary in signs. You will begin using more            D Gladhill Career Programs Building 232
difficult sentences. Learn to recognize four to six
letter words and use finger spelling, numbers,        Sign Language: Conversational Signing VI
and signs to form sentences. Linda Turner has         This course is a continuation of Conversational
been involved with Interpreting and teaching          Signing V and uses the same textbook“Signing
Sign Language for the past 25 years. Note: Class      Naturally—Level 3”. The course continues to
will not meet MLK Day Monday 1/18/2010. (Text-        focus on building narrative skills and build-
book is the same as Basic I) Class Limit: 25          ing on formal presentations. The course also
Fee: $134 Registration Fee: $5                        develops language skills needed to explain
LAN 045 A M 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/11/10-04/05/10         ideas and concepts and illustrating how things
    L Turner Valley Mall 4                            work. Note: Class will not meet 3/11/2010.
                                                      (Textbook Required) Class Limit: 15
Sign Language: Basic IV                               Fee: $244 Senior Adult Fee: $110
Designed to enhance the student’s Ameri-              Registration Fee: $5
can Sign Language (ASL) signing skills and            LAN 171 A Th 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/14/10-04/29/10
vocabulary. Improvement of expressive and                 D Gladhill Career Programs Building 230
receptive finger spelling skills will be incor-
porated. Prerequisite: Sign Language: Basic           Interpreting I
III or equivalent. Note: Class will not meet on       Designed for those who have a desire to
March 10, 2009. (Textbook is the same as Basic        learn how to interpret for the deaf. Learn the
III) Class Limit: 20                                  basic skills and methods needed to interpret.
Fee: $174 Registration Fee: $5                        Emphasis will be placed on changing what
LAN 046 A T 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/12/10-04/20/10         is being said into ASL. You will be given the
    D Gladhill Career Programs Building 210           opportunity to practice your skills in class.
                                                      Prerequisite: Conversational Sign Language
Sign Language: Conversational Signing II              VI or equivalent. No class January 18, 2010.
Designed for those who want to continue               (Textbook is not required).
improving their skills to communicate with the        Fee: $159 Senior Adult Fee: $35
deaf. American Sign Language (ASL) will be            Registration Fee: $5
taught. You will learn ASL sentence structure         LAN 003 A M 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/11/10-03/08/10
as well as having ASL classifiers incorporated            H Bible Career Programs Building 123
into class. Linda Turner has been involved with
Interpreting and teaching sign language for           Interpreting II
the past 25 years. Prerequisite: Sign Language:       Designed for those who have a desire to
Conversational I or instructors permission.           learn how to interpret for the deaf. Learn the
(Textbook Required) Class Limit: 25                   basic skills and methods needed to interpret.
Fee: $174 Registration Fee: $5                        Emphasis will be placed on changing ASL into
LAN 047 A T 07:00PM-09:00PM 01/12/10-03/30/10         English. You will be given the opportunity
    L Turner Valley Mall 4                            to practice your skills in class. Prerequisite:
                                                      Interpreting I or equivalent. (Textbook is not
Sign Language: Conversational Signing IV              required) Class Limit: 25
This course is designed to help you sign,             Fee: $244 Registration Fee: $5
fingerspell, and use expressive and body              LAN 100 A M 07:00PM-09:00PM 3/15/10-4/15/10
language. Continue to improve your receptive              H Bible Career Programs Building 123
sign language skills. Learn to recognize time,
dates, numbers, and financial money signs.
Develop the necessary skills to communicate
with the deaf with ease using both signing and
reading signs. Prerequisite: Sign Language
Conversational III or instructors’ permission.

                         For registration information, see pages 71-76                                 1

 Inspirational Signing
 Join Linda Turner for Inspirational Signing.
 Come, explore and learn a specific type of          Language courses Online – ed2go
 vocabulary. You will practice signing inspira-
 tional terminology, songs and verses, which
                                                    Choosing your class is easy. Visit our online class-
 will enhance your current working vocabulary.       room at Browse
 Prerequisite: Basic Sign II or equivalent. This      through the classroom schedule and find the
 course is based on the textbook “Religious          month that is right for you. Register online and
 Signing - A Comprehensive Guide for all Faiths”.   we’ll send you additional information by e-mail
 Class Limit: 16                                                before your class starts.
 Fee: $89 Materials Fee: $30                        Questions? Call 301.790.2800, ext. 413 or e-mail
 Registration Fee: $5                                         online @
 LAN 005 A T 07:00PM-09:00PM 04/13/10-06/08/10
     L Turner Valley Mall 4                         Beginning French
                                                    Learn common word phrases for both leisure and
 Sign Language for Health Professions               business.
 This course is designed to train medical           Fee: $89
 personnel how to communicate with deaf
 patients through the use of American Sign          Speed Spanish
 Language (ASL). Emphasis is placed on en-          Speak, read and write Spanish with Speed
 hancing patient care, facilitating registration    Spanish!
 and dismissal, reducing the Deaf patient’s         Fee: $89
 fear and anxiety, and improving patient in-
 volvement in medical procedures. No prior          Speed Spanish II
 knowledge of Sign Language is necessary.           Become more conversational and more comfort-
 (Textbook included in the material fee) Class      able in Spanish-speaking situations.
 Limit: 25                                          Fee: $89
 Fee: $40 Materials Fee: $25
 Registration Fee: $5                               Speed Spanish III
 LAN 016 A F 09:00AM-04:00PM 04/09/10 L Turner      Master your ability to speak, understand, and
     Valley Mall 3
                                                    read Spanish by taking the final installment in our
 Sign Language—EMT & Firefighters                   unique three-part Speed Spanish learning series.
 It is crucial for emergency professionals to       Fee: $89
 communicate effectively with deaf patients.
 This course introduces emergency personnel         Grammar for ESL (US)
 to the SL culture and some introductions to        This 6-week course includes in-depth analysis of
 signing in emergency situations. Fee includes      English grammar for intermediate to advanced
 handouts and lunch. The course is taught by        English, as a Second Language college Students.
 Linda Turner, HCC Sign Language instructor.        Fee: $89
 Class Limit: 40
 Fee: $24 Materials Fee: $15            NEW!
                                                    Writing for ESL (US)
 Registration Fee: $5                               You will learn about the entire writing process
 LAN 176 A S 09:00AM-03:00PM 06/12/10 L Turner      and its five stages: prewriting, outlining, writing,
     Valley Mall 6                                  revising, and editing.
                                                    Fee: $89

                                                    Conversational Japanese
                                                    Learn conversational Japanese for travel or just for
                                                    fun, for beginners.
                                                    Fee: $89

                          Winter 010 •
                                                                                 Lifelong Learning

The Art Studio                                        Beading With Becky
                                                      Join the fun and excitement of entering the
Learn the Heritage Craft of Chair Caning              Wonderful World of Beads. In this class you
Join instructor Jo Lum of Living Waters Chair         will learn to create jewelry from an array of
Caning in this interesting class featuring the        semi-precious gemstones, seed beads, wire,
heritage craft of chair caning and seat weaving.      and cabochons. During each class you will
Bring in your rocking chairs, foot stools, piano      create a different jewelry project. Gain the
benches and dining room chairs and Jo Lum             knowledge of working with various beading
will teach you how to restore these wonderful         techniques and jewelry design. All skill levels
pieces back to their original woven beauty.           are welcome. Becky will help the beginner and
Many of us have pieces in our attics, garages         present challenging projects for the skilled
and basements that are not being used due             beader. Let your imagination soar while creat-
to the condition of the woven backs or seats.         ing a beautiful piece of jewelry! Materials may
These treasures are just waiting for your loving      be purchased from the instructor in the first
care! Jo Lum will guide you through the many          class session. Please call instructor Rebecca
hands-on techniques in the weaving process            Montgomery at 301-824-3407 if you have
needed to restore the woven areas, returning          additional questions regarding the class or
the piece back to its original splendor. You will     supplies. Additional supplies will be discussed
have the opportunity to create your own wo-           in the first class session. We look forward to
ven seat on a small stool or work on an existing      seeing you in class! Class Limit: 15
project as a way of learning the chair caning         Fee: $60 Registration Fee: $5
techniques. Reward your children and grand-           ANE 094 A1 Th 05:00PM-07:30PM 01/14/10-02/18/10
children with a hand woven gift that will last            R Montgomery Valley Mall 1
a lifetime! Materials may be purchased from           ANE 094 B1 Th 05:00PM-07:30PM 03/04/10-04/08/10
the instructor. Bring a bucket, scissors, towel,          R Montgomery Valley Mall 1
measuring tape, pencil, one dozen clothes pins
and paper to class. Class Limit: 15                   Oil & Acrylic Painting—
Fee: $75 Senior Adult Fee: $35                        Snowy Scenes
Registration Fee: $5                                  Enrich your life with the depth and richness
SEN 090 A1     Th 12:00PM-02:30PM 01/21/10-03/04/10   of oil and acrylic painting with instructor
    G Lum     Little Antietam Community Cent Hall     Rebecca Montgomery. This class will focus
SEN 090 A    T 06:00PM-08:30PM 01/19/10-03/02/10      on snowy seasonal landscapes. Supplies will
    G Lum     Valley Mall 6                           be discussed during the first class session.
SEN 090 C1    M 09:00AM-01:00PM 03/15/10-04/12/10     A 16 X 20 primed canvas is required for this
    G Lum     Fort Ritchie Education Center 3         class. Please call instructor 301-824-3407 if you
                                                      have additional questions. Class Limit: 15
Basic Rug Hooking                                     Fee: $85 Registration Fee: $5
Join Shelly Martin rug hooking artist, for a basic    ANE 342 A1 T 05:00PM-07:30PM 01/12/10-02/16/10
course in primitive rug hooking while creating            R Montgomery Valley Mall 1
a 12 inch X 16 inch mat. This is not latch hook,
but the old fashioned art of pulling loops of         Watercolor Painting—
wool fabric through a burlap backing. Explore         Winter Wonderland
techniques, background, color, materials,             Join instructor Rebecca Montgomery for this
edge finishing, and a brief history of the art.       new watercolor class! Waltz through the winter
You will need to bring small embroidery scis-         wonderlands you create, with unique water-
sors and a 12 inch wooden embroidery hoop.            color techniques. Supplies will be discussed
Shelly has been making hooked rugs for 17             during the first class session. An 11X17 or larger
years and has been featured in Rug Hooking            watercolor paper is required for the first class.
Magazine and received the People’s Choice             Please call instructor 301-824-3407 if you have
Award from the Celebrations 2002 Book. The            additional questions. Class Limit: 15
materials fee includes all other items needed         Fee: $85 Registration Fee: $5
to complete the project. Class Limit: 10              ANE 341 A1 W 05:00PM-07:30PM 01/13/10-02/17/10
Fee: $45 Materials Fee: $60                               R Montgomery Adv. Tech. Center 105
Registration Fee: $5
ANE 172 A1 W 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/03/10-02/24/10
    Staff Career Programs Building 212

                           For registration information, see pages 71-76                                
Lifelong Learning

 Oil & Acrylic Paintings— Spring Tidings NEW!         Calligraphy
 March is the time for snow to fade and daffodils
 and crocuses to emerge, bearing the tidings          English Round Hand (Copperplate)
 of the spring season. Join instructor Rebecca        English Round Hand (Copperplate) is an el-
 Montgomery and create your own oil or acrylic        egant hand, developed during the age of the
 tidings of spring masterpiece. Supplies will be      great writing masters in the 18th Century. A
 discussed during the first class session. A 16       luscious, curvaceous hand, this script is used
 X 20 primed canvas is required for this class.       extensively for invitations and formal events
 Please call instructor 301-824-3407 if you have      in addition to artistic work. We will introduce
 additional questions. Class Limit: 15                the use of the flexible pointed nib and learn
 Fee: $85 Registration Fee: $5                        the basic minuscule and majuscule letter
 ANE 199 A1 T 05:00PM-07:30PM 03/02/10-04/06/10       forms, with emphasis on seeing the underly-
     R Montgomery Valley Mall 1                       ing basic forms of this hand. With practice,
                                                      this course can be used as a spring board for
 Love Is in the Air                                   further development of the English Round
 Show that special someone just how much              Hand (Copperplate.)A materials kit with all
 they mean to you with a handmade stamped             the English Round Hand supplies may be
 gift this Valentine’s Day! Join Stampin’ Up          purchased in the first class session from the
 Demonstrator and long time stamper, Jen-             instructor for a $20 fee. Class Limit: 10
 nifer Downey and create a wonderful gift that        Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $5
 includes everything you need, starting with a        ANE 095 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/26/10-02/16/10
 greeting card and ending with the chocolate!             J Ferrington Career Programs Building 212
 And what’s great is it will be already to give!
 Class Limit: 10                                      Calligraphy Art
 Fee: $15 Materials Fee: $10                          If you’ve studied calligraphy and would like to
 Registration Fee: $5                                 brush up on your skills and do some projects,
 ANE 449 A1 T 06:00PM-08:00PM 01/19/10 J Downey       come join the calligraphy study group. This is
     Valley Mall 7                                    an opportunity to be creative with your cal-
                                                      ligraphies skills applying the fundamentals
 Welcoming New Little Ones                  NEW!
                                                      of layout and design to your project. We’ll
 The sweet smell of powder, diapers, and              also study the Uncial Hand. Uncials were the
 bottles galore! Join Jennifer and stamp 10           standard book hand of scribes from the 5th
 sweet and cute cards for little ones. You will       to 8th centuries. They have a modern flavor,
 be making 2 each of 5 different designs. Clear       which is well suited to contemporary ideas
 envelopes will be given with each card for           and designs. Bring your favorite poem, text,
 mailing. There’s nothing better than making          or phrases to class. Supplies for the first day
 a handmade card to welcome a new little one          are the tools and paper you already have. You
 into the world! Class Limit: 10                      may wish to purchase additional supplies later
 Fee: $15 Materials Fee: $7                           for your project. Class Limit: 10
 Registration Fee: $5                                 Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $5
 ANE 522 A1 S 10:00AM-01:00PM 02/13/10 J Downey       ANE 219 A1 M 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/15/10-04/26/10
     Valley Mall 4                                        J Ferrington Adv. Tech. Center 139
 Luck Be a Lady!                            NEW!
 Oh yes, it’s great to be a gal! You’ll be creating
 everything“girlie”in this class! From dresses, to
 high heel shoes, to purses, celebrate the“fabu-
 lousness”of women! Join Jennifer Downey and
 stamp a variety of items including cards and
 3-D items specifically made for those wonder-
 ful women you know! Class Limit: 10
 Fee: $10 Materials Fee: $4
 Registration Fee: $5
 ANE 523 A1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 02/25/10 J Downey
     Valley Mall 6

                          Winter 010 •
                                                                                  Lifelong Learning

Stained Glass                                        Knitting
Introduction to Stained Glass Beginners              Ear Flap Hat                              NEW!
Join Mary Lemen a stained glass artist and           Join instructor Susan Hostetter at the Knitting
owner of The Glass Loft for this introductory        Cottage for this great new class featuring the
course in the art of stained glass the copper        Ear Flap Hat; a “must have” for your winter
foil method. The sessions will cover cutting         headwear! Be prepared for cold weather with
glass, foiling, pattern assembly, soldering and      this neat ear flap hat that is quick and easy to
framing your sun catcher. This class will be the     make. Materials including needles and yarn
basis for future advanced classes. Material          may be purchased in the first class session.
fee includes the use of tools and all materials      Class Limit: 10
needed to complete your project. Please bring        Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
safety glasses, a dust mask and latex gloves         ANE 516 A1 Th 10:30AM-12:30PM 01/07/10-01/21/10
to the first class session. These items may be           Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
purchased at any hardware store and will be          ANE 516 B1 Th 06:00PM-07:30PM 01/07/10-01/21/10
necessary for participation in this class. Mary          Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
has been working with stained glass for 18                                                     NEW!
                                                     Socks You’ll Like to Wear!
years and looks forward to sharing her knowl-
                                                     Join instructor Susan Hostetter at the Knitting
edge with you! (Students must be 18 years
                                                     Cottage for this great new class featuring soft,
or older. Due to exposure to lead, pregnant
                                                     cozy socks! Learn to knit the gift everyone
women are advised not to participate in this
                                                     looks forward to—including you! Materials
class.) Class Limit: 10
                                                     including needles and yarn may be purchased
Fee: $85 Materials Fee: $48
                                                     in the first class session. Class Limit: 10
Registration Fee: $5
                                                     Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
ANE 196 A1 S 09:00AM-12:00PM 01/16/10-02/20/10
                                                     ANE 517 A1 Th 10:30AM-12:00PM 02/04/10-02/18/10
    M Lemen Adv. Tech. Center 105
                                                         Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
Picture Frame                                        ANE 517 B1 Th 06:00PM-07:00PM 02/04/10-02/18/10
Join Mary Lemen stained glass artist and                 Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
owner of The Glass Loft for a class in the as-       Beautiful Felted Flowers                  NEW!
sembly of a picture frame using the copper           Join instructor Evelyne Fischer at the Knitting
foil method. Session will include cutting glass,     Cottage for this great new class featuring
foiling and soldering and the assembly of a          beautiful, felted flowers. Think spring in this
frame. Material fee includes use of tools and        hands-on course and learn the easy method
all materials needed to complete a picture           of felting. Materials including needles and yarn
frame. Please bring safety glasses, dust mask,       may be purchased in the first class session.
and latex gloves to the first class session. These   Class Limit: 10
items may be purchased at any hardware store         Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
and will be a must have for participation in this    ANE 518 A1 S 01:00PM-02:30PM 03/20/10
class. Please dress for work or bring a smock to         Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
cover your arms and your clothing. Students
must be 18 years or older. Due to exposure           Go Green—Make a String Market Bag NEW!
to lead, pregnant women are advised not to           Go green with instructor Susan Hostetter at
participate in this class. Mary has been working     the Knitting Cottage and learn to knit your
in glass for 19 years and in business for 15 and     own string market bag. This great bag will fold
is looking forward to sharing the art of stained     up neatly and may be carried in your purse or
glass with you. Class Limit: 10                      pocket; ready to load your purchases in at the
Fee: $85 Materials Fee: $45                          checkout counter. Materials including needles
Registration Fee: $5                                 and yarn may be purchased in the first class
ANE 143 A1 S 09:00AM-12:00PM 03/06/10-04/17/10       session. Class Limit: 10
    M Lemen Adv. Tech. Center 105                    Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
                                                     ANE 519 A1 Th 10:30AM-12:00PM 03/04/10-03/18/10
                                                         Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop
                                                     ANE 519 B1 Th 06:00PM-07:00PM 03/04/10-03/18/10
                                                         Staff The Knitting Cottage Shop

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                  
Lifelong Learning

 Photography                                           Black and White Photography
                                                       Taking black and white photographs is an in-
 Basic MM Photography                                triguing form of photography. There are many
 Learn the basics to improve your 35mm                 subjects that just have to be photographed in
 photography. Discuss the importance of the            black and white. This course will introduce you
 shutter, aperture, lenses, film, filters, flash,      to this fascinating form of photography. You
 macro (close-up) techniques and composition.          will be introduced to film, lens, techniques and
 Color slides will be projected at each session        how to look for those black and white photos.
 to explain the specific topic. Don Cooper is          Don Cooper is a retired National Geographic
 a retired National Geographic Society pho-            Society photographer. He has been teaching
 tographer and printer. He has been teaching           photography for over 30 years and is still a
 photography over 30 years. Equipment neces-           very active photographer. Prerequisite: Basic
 sary for class: 35 mm camera-film or digital,         35mm photography knowledge or equiva-
 (single lens reflex helpful but not necessary).       lent. Equipment necessary for class: 35 mm
 Class Limit: 15                                       camera-film or digital, with SLR (single lens
 Fee: $50 Senior Adult Fee: $35                        reflex). Class Limit: 15
 Registration Fee: $5                                  Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 ANE 103 A T     06:30PM-08:30PM   01/12/10-02/09/10   Registration Fee: $5
     D Cooper   Valley Mall 3                          PDV 338 A M 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/01/10-03/22/10
 ANE 103 B T     06:30PM-08:30PM   02/23/10-03/23/10       D Cooper Valley Mall 3
     D Cooper   Valley Mall 3
 ANE 103 C T     10:00AM-12:00PM   01/12/10-02/09/10   Portrait Photography
     D Cooper   Valley Mall 3                          This is the photography class you have been
 ANE 103 D T     10:00AM-12:00PM   02/23/10-03/23/10   waiting for! If you enjoy taking pictures of your
     D Cooper   Valley Mall 3                          family and friends and would like to improve
                                                       your skills, as well as explore the possibilities
 Level II Photography                                  of taking professional and casual portraits,
 Join Don Cooper as you take the next step
                                                       this is the class for you! Instructor Don Cooper
 beyond basic 35 mm photography. Explore
                                                       will discuss the importance of equipment,
 the advanced applications of lighting, lenses,
                                                       lighting, film, and composition. After gaining
 filters and other photography equipment. You
                                                       the essential knowledge you need to focus
 will also learn the photography techniques
                                                       in on great portraits, you will gain additional
 necessary to take special situation photo-
                                                       knowledge by taking portraits of subjects in
 graphs such as weddings. Don Cooper is a
                                                       class and in a local studio. Professional pho-
 retired National Geographic Society photog-
                                                       tographer Don Cooper has been teaching for
 rapher who has spent 30 years photographing
                                                       over 30 years. Come and enjoy this interesting
 birds and wildlife in the Appalachian System.
                                                       class with Don and learn the basics of portrait
 Field trip will be discussed in class. Don has
                                                       photography. Equipment necessary for class:
 been teaching photography for 30 years and
                                                       35 mm camera or digital camera with single
 is still an active photographer. Prerequisite:
                                                       lens reflex. 8 clock hours. Class Limit: 15
 Basic 35mm photography or equivalent.
                                                       Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 Class Limit: 15
                                                       Registration Fee: $5
 Fee: $50 Senior Adult Fee: $35                        PDV 485 A M 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/25/10-02/15/10
 Registration Fee: $5                                      D Cooper Valley Mall 3
 ANE 003 A W 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/13/10-02/10/10         PDV 485 B Th 06:30PM-08:30PM 04/08/10-04/29/10
     D Cooper Valley Mall 3                                D Cooper Valley Mall 3
 ANE 003 B W 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/24/10-03/24/10
     D Cooper Valley Mall 3                            Low Light Photography
 ANE 003 C W 10:00AM-12:00PM 02/24/10-03/24/10         Join Don Cooper for this field study of low light
     D Cooper Valley Mall 3                            photography and taking photographs after
                                                       dark. The course will cover time exposures,
                                                       multiple imaging, flash painting, and other
                                                       low light techniques. Don Cooper is a retired
                                                       National Geographic Society photographer &
                                                       printer, who has spent over 30 years photo-
                                                       graphing birds and wildlife in the Appalachian
                                                       System. Equipment to bring to each class: SLR
                                                       (single lens reflex) 35 mm or digital camera,

 6                            Winter 010 •
                                                                                     Lifelong Learning

wide angle lenses, medium telephoto lenses,          Growing Your Own Fruit: Fruit Trees and
tripod, and a cable release or equivalent.           Small Fruit
Prerequisite: Basic 35mm photography or              One of the greatest rewards a home gardener
equivalent. Class Limit: 12                          can have is to pick your own fruit. However,
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35                       in many cases the reward occurs after much
Registration Fee: $5                                 work. Join Sandy Scott, retired Washington
PDV 746 A M 06:30PM-08:30PM 04/12/10-05/03/10        County horticulture consultant for this valu-
    D Cooper Valley Mall 3                           able two session course on growing your
Nature and Wildlife Photography                      own fruit. The first class will cover the small
Are you interested in capturing the moment of        fruits. Fruit in this unit include brambles
a beautiful sunset, delicate flower or wildlife in   (raspberries and blackberries), strawberries,
their natural habitat? Join photographer Don         blueberries and grapes. The second class
Cooper for this new course focusing on nature        will focus on growing fruit trees. The class
and wildlife photography. Class sessions will        will cover planting site, pollination, varieties,
cover bird, macro and outdoor photography as         soil fertility, insects, diseases and pruning.
well as equipment including use of lenses, tri-      Tree fruit information will be given on apples,
pods, blinds, feeders and bait to set up those       pears, peaches, cherries and plums. Reap the
great wildlife shots. Don Cooper, professional       benefits this summer by taking the time this
photographer, has been teaching for over 30          spring to learn the basics of growing your own
years. Equipment necessary for class: 35mm or        fruit. Class Limit: 20
digital camera with a single reflex lens. Class      Fee: $30 Registration Fee: $5
will not meet on 05/31. Class Limit: 15              HOM 025 A1 W 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/24/10-03/31/10
                                                        S Scott Valley Mall 4
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
Registration Fee: $5                                 Bring Feng Shui Serenity Into Your Home
ANE 090 A M 06:30PM-08:30PM 05/10/10-06/07/10
                                                     Part I
    D Cooper Valley Mall 3
                                                     Are you tired of the way your home looks and
                                                     feels? Are you looking for ideas to rearrange
                                                     your home to bring more serenity, productiv-
Home and Garden                                      ity, and harmony into your life? Would you
Floral Design With Denny Warrenfeltz                 like to learn ways to make changes without
Join floral designer and historic garden spe-        spending any money? If so, come join us to
cialist Denny Warrenfeltz for this wonderful         learn the basic principles of Feng Shui. These
class that will bring together your creative         principles can help you achieve your goals.
senses! The many layers of floral arrangement        Class Limit: 10
will be explored in this insightful class. We will   Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
begin with several sessions on decorating            HOM 045 A1      M 09:30AM-11:30AM 01/25/10
your home with beautiful florals to brighten            J Spickler    Career Programs Building 128C
every room in the winter season, as well as          HOM 045 B1      M 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/25/10
                                                        J Spickler    Career Programs Building 128C
an exploration of arranging silk flowers for a
lasting impression. The closing sessions will        Bring More Feng Shui Serenity Into Your
focus on the spring season ahead, creating           Home Part 
lasting arrangements that will surely please         Now that you know some of the basic prin-
your guests and family. Bring your friends           ciples of Feng Shui, come join our class to learn
and give yourself a treat! You deserve it! Sup-      more useful ideas. We will focus on enriching
plies to be discussed during the first session       your knowledge of creating serenity between
and may be purchased from instructor. Cost           you and your home. In some cases, Feng Shui
dependent upon your choice of materials.             can be very simple, but the application of cre-
Class Limit: 15                                      ating harmony and productivity is a lifelong
Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $5                        process. Please join the class members who
PDV 795 A1 M 06:30PM-08:30PM 01/25/10-03/22/10
                                                     really understand the benefits of Feng Shui.
    D Warrenfeltz Adv. Tech. Center 105
                                                     Class Limit: 10
                                                     Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
                                                     HOM 046 A1 M 09:30AM-11:30AM 02/01/10 J Spickler
                                                        Career Programs Building 128C
                                                     HOM 046 B1 M 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/01/10 J Spickler
                                                        Career Programs Building 128C

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                 7
Lifelong Learning

 Designing With Style                                  Kitchen Remodeling Basics
 Join licensed interior designer Vicki Hrabel for      What is involved in remodeling a kitchen?
 this new series of interior design workshops          Big change or small, Bicki Hrabal will guide
 focusing on window treatments, bathroom               you through the basics. Whether planning
 and kitchen remodeling and developing your            the process out for a do-it-yourself job or
 own designing style. Series dates are 9/22,           pulling your thoughts together to talk with a
 9/29, /10/6 and 10/13. Series units may be            professional, this class will help you with the
 purchased individually—see courses below.             steps to starting your project. Topics include:
 Vicki Hrabal, owner of“Oak Hill Interior Design,”     cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, backsplash and
 graduated from the University of North Texas          flooring options, color schemes, countertops
 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.          and timetables, appliances and the functional
 She has studied design, architecture & art in         differences for this “heart of the home” room.
 Chicago, New York and Paris, France. She is a         Class Limit: 20
 member of Hagerstown’s Historic Commission            Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
 and allied member of ASID. Class Limit: 20            HOM 051 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/09/10 Staff
 Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5                            Career Programs Building 212
 HOM 047 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/16/10-03/09/10
    Staff Career Programs Building 211

 What Is Your Style?
 Let Vicki Hrabal walk you through the world           Kindermusik—Family Time
 of interior design! What is your style? How do        Families With Children Newborn to Age 7
 you tell someone what you are looking for?            Bringing children of all ages together provides
 This class will help you define your own unique       a dynamic and integrated learning experience
 design style. You will be able to shop or speak       for everyone. So we took favorite Kindermusik
 to a designer with confidence. Information in         songs and rolled them into a fun, family class
 this course applies to any room in the house.         where each child is welcomed and valued
 Topics to be discussed are: formal or casual,         and family “together time” is celebrated and
 high maintenance or low, French Country or            cherished. “Here, There and Everywhere”:
 Louis XVI, Modern, Arts & Crafts, Retro, Vintage      the five sub-themes center around different
 and others. Class Limit: 20                           family outings: a visit with a friend, an outing
 Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5                         at the park, a trip to the city, an afternoon at
 HOM 048 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/16/10 Staff           the aquarium, and a day on the farm. Home
    Career Programs Building 211                       Materials: Two Books: Flip-Flap, Sugar Snap!
 What Do I Do With These Windows?                      and Jingle-Jangle Jambourine, Two Home
 This course will explore the options for dress-       CDs, Family Guide, board game, Waggs the
 ing your windows relating to function and             dog hand puppet and finger puppet, and two
 appearance. Topics discussed: blinds verses           jambourine instruments. The special home
 shades, controlling the weather from the              materials kit will help your family to take the
 inside, fabric treatments, hardware, problem          fun home to enjoy over and over again! Please
 windows, how to measure, and building your            purchase one materials package per family.
 look on a budget. Class Limit: 20                     Fee is based on each child participating in the
 Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5                         class. Class sessions are held in the Antietam
 HOM 049 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/23/10 Staff           Room at the Robinwood Retirement Village
    Career Programs Building 211                       located across the street from the Robinwood
                                                       Medical Center. Please use the entrance
 Bathroom Remodeling Basics                            marked Town Center. Class Limit: 10
 What is involved in remodeling a bathroom?            Fee: $80 Materials Fee: $62
 Are you ready for a quick change or thinking          Registration Fee: $5
 of a full room remodeling. Whether doing it           ANE 113 A1 T 06:00PM-06:30PM 01/12/10-03/16/10
 yourself or talking with a professional, this class       S Strausbaugh Village At Robinwood Ant
 will help you to start your plans off right! Top-
 ics include: cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, tile,
 color schemes, countertops and timetables.
 Class Limit: 20
 Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
 HOM 050 A1 T 06:30PM-08:30PM 03/02/10 Staff
    Career Programs Building 211

                           Winter 010 •
                                                                              Lifelong Learning

Our Time—1. Years to  Years Old
Away We Go! Hop on the train, get in the car,
                                                             Kinder Konzerts
board the plane, and away we go! This class                     2009-2010
focuses on transportation, a favorite topic for
toddlers who are on the go, go, go! Sing and                     January 21, 2010
play along with favorite songs, such as “I’ve               MSO Woodwind Quintet
Been Workin’ on the Railroad” and “Wheels                9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00 Noon
on the Bus”. Explore fast and slow, smooth                 at the HCC Kepler Theater
and bumpy, and high and low. Read stories
about ways to get around. Shiny Dinah tells                     February 18, 2010
the story of a train, and Giddy-Up! has a horse,
                                                               MSO String Quartet
speedboat, racecar, and more to help you get
                                                         9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00 Noon
where you want to go. Home Materials: Double
CD featuring songs from class; two interactive
                                                           at the HCC Kepler Theater
story books: Shiny Dinah and Giddy-Up! to
develop early literacy skills; Home Activity                     March 25, 2010
Book, and two harmonicas. Class sessions are                   MSO Brass Quintet
held in the Antietam Room at the Robinwood               9:00AM, 10:30AM, 12:00 Noon
Retirement Village located across the street               at the HCC Kepler Theater
from the Robinwood Medical Center. Please
use the entrance marked Town Center. Class                       April 15, 2010
Limit: 10                                             Clear Spring High School Reflections
Fee: $100 Materials Fee: $50                                      Show Choir
Registration Fee: $5                                      9:00AM & 10:30AM at the
ANE 443 A1 M 09:45AM-10:15AM 01/11/10-03/29/10               HCC Kepler Theater
    S Strausbaugh Village At Robinwood ANT

Guitar for Beginners                                            May 20, 2010
Have you always wanted to learn to play the            Smithsburg High School Orchestra
guitar? You can learn in this low pressure,                 9:00AM & 10:30AM at
slow paced group environment. This class                   Smithsburg High School
is for absolute beginners and teaches the
fundamentals of basic guitar performance                   For groups over 10 people
including chords, strumming, finger picking,                or for more information,
and note reading. It is a great way to “try out”                  please call the
guitar before the commitment of private les-             Maryland Symphony Orchestra,
sons or to refresh your memory from having                        301-797-4000
played years ago. Sign up with a friend, or with
your son or daughter! Student must provide            Sponsored in part by Washington County
his or her own guitar (electric or acoustic,          Board of County Commissioners, Wash-
but acoustic is preferred), picks, and a folding      ington County Board of Education, and
music stand. This course is open to adults and
                                                       the Washington County Gaming Com-
children 11 years of age or older. (Materials
fee includes textbook, distributed in the first
class session.) Class Limit: 15
Fee: $70 Materials Fee: $10                            The Maryland Symphony Orchestra is
Registration Fee: $5                                   funded by an operating grant from the
ANE 105 A1 W      06:00PM-07:00PM 01/27/10-02/24/10   Maryland State Arts Council an agency
    C Mowbray   Classroom Building 121                dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural
ANE 105 B1 W     06:00PM-07:00PM 03/17/10-04/14/10        community where the arts thrive.
    C Mowbray   Classroom Building 121

                           For registration information, see pages 71-76                            
Lifelong Learning

 HCC Bluegrass Academy                                   Open Bluegrass Jamming                    NEW!
                                                         This is an open jam session with instructor
 Sunday Afternoon Bluegrass Jamming NEW!                 Ernie Bradley. Available for help, questions,
 Join Ernie Bradley ( for            instrumentals, tips, and stories. Beginning
 three hours of jamming. Short workshops will            and Intermediate jammers. Participants are
 be held throughout the afternoon.                       encouraged to bring favorite song choice to
 Fee: $7 Registration Fee: $5                            share or request. No class on May 10, 2010.
 BLU 005 A U 02:00PM-05:00PM        01/10/10 E Bradley   Fee includes 4 sessions.
     Career Programs Building 211                        Fee: $34 Registration Fee: $5
 BLU 005 B U 02:00PM-05:00PM        01/24/10 E Bradley   BLU 006 A1 M 07:00PM-09:00PM 04/19/10-05/17/10
     Career Programs Building 211                            E Bradley Career Programs Building 211
 BLU 005 C U 02:00PM-05:00PM        03/28/10 E Bradley
     Career Programs Building 211
 BLU 005 D U 02:00PM-05:00PM
     Career Programs Building 211
                                    04/11/10 E Bradley
                                                         Writing Workshops
                                                         How to Publish Your Book
 Beginning Bluegrass Jamming
                                                         Whether you’ve got the first spark of an idea
 Can you strum a song using G, C, F, D, A and E?
                                                         or a finished manuscript, in this workshop
 Do you envy those people that can jump into
                                                         you’ll gain the tools you need to publish your
 any jam session? Join us Monday evenings for
                                                         book. Discover how to groom your book to fit
 this beginner’s jam that instructs you in song
                                                         an established market. Learn how to find the
 lyrics, taking breaks, and just plain jamming
                                                         right publisher (traditional? POD? E-publisher?
 fun. If you have always wanted to try joining
                                                         Yourself?), write an attention-grabbing query
 a jam session this is your chance. The course
                                                         letter, outline or synopsis, and manage the
 is lead by Ernie Bradley - well known band
                                                         submission process. Find out what to expect,
 leader and instructor. Acoustic guitars, banjos,
                                                         and what to look out for, when it’s contract-
 mandolins, bass, dobro and fiddles welcome.
                                                         signing time. Learn how to promote yourself
 There are 3 levels of participation available at
                                                         once your book is out. Whether you write
 each jam session: 1. Learning to hear and play
                                                         fiction or nonfiction, if your goal is to get
 chord changes 2. Sing and play 3. Sing, play
                                                         published, this workshop is for you!
 and take a beginning level break. No class on
                                                         Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
 February 8, 2010. Fee includes 4 sessions.
                                                         ANE 454 A1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 01/28/10 Staff
 Fee: $39 Registration Fee: $5                               Valley Mall 6
 BLU 002 B1 M 07:00PM-09:00PM 02/01/10-03/08/10
     E Bradley Career Programs Building 213              Creating Characters I: Build Fictional
 Beginning Bluegrass Guitar                       NEW!   Characters From Personal Experience
 Learn a few simple bluegrass songs on your              Want to bring your stories to life with unfor-
 guitar. Students are taught to play by ear. These       gettable fictional characters? Start with your
 group lessons are for students with little or no        own well-stocked storehouse of personal
 guitar playing experience. No class on Febru-           experiences! In this hands-on workshop, you’ll
 ary 8, 2010. Fee includes 4 sessions.                   mine your own memories and personality for
 Fee: $34 Registration Fee: $5                           the basis of your character. Then you’ll mix,
 BLU 008 A1 M 06:00PM-07:00PM 02/01/10-03/08/10          match, flip, add, and combine elements from
     E Bradley Career Programs Building 213              other sources to create a unique individual
                                                         who brings energy and emotion to your story.
 Beginning Bluegrass Banjo                               Finally, you’ll delve into your new creation to
 Group Lessons                                           answer the two most important questions
 This course is for beginning banjo players              all writers must ask of their characters. Class
 with little or no experience. Students are              Limit: 20
 taught to play by ear, no music or tableture            Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5
 are used. Students learn traditional bluegrass          ANE 505 B1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 02/25/10 Staff
 tunes. No class on May 10, 2010. Fee includes               Valley Mall 3
 4 sessions.
 Fee: $34 Registration Fee: $5
 BLU 007 A1 M 06:00PM-07:00PM 04/19/10-05/17/10
     E Bradley Career Programs Building 211

 0                             Winter 010 •
                                                                               Lifelong Learning

Creating Characters II: Borrow from                 Poetry
Psychology to Develop Fictional Characters
The world of psychology offers some great            The Foundations of Western Poetry
tools for character development! Tap into the        There are intimate connections evident
Myers-Briggs personality matrix to find out          in the shared images, themes, and root
more about what makes your characters tick,          words in the ancient poetry of the Indo-
how they respond to stress, and how they get         European peoples. Before colonization the
along with others. Discover how your char-           Indo-European languages had spread from
acters interact with the world by identifying        Iceland in the west to Asia in the east, and
their VAKT learning style. Learn to mine the         everywhere a colorful and revealing poetic
DSMIV to give your characters realistic men-         expression can be found. It speaks of life
tal disturbances and personality disorders.          experiences, values, and views of the world
Give your readers a peek through the Johari          that have pervaded western culture for
Window-and let them observe things about             millennia. Karen Gray explores some of the
your characters they don’t even know about           earliest forms of Indo-European poetry in
themselves! Class Limit: 20                          this series designed to delight anyone who
Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5                        loves language and those lyrical and potent
ANE 506 B1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 03/04/10 Staff         forms of human verbal expression that we
    Valley Mall 3                                    call poetry. This lecture from 9:30-11:30am
                                                     will be followed by a half-hour discussion
Creating Characters III: Interviewing Your           period. Series dates are 2/17, 3/24, and 4/28.
Character for Back Story                             Series units may be purchased individually
How much do you need to know about your              see courses below. Class Limit: 40
character in order to write your story? When         Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5
you’ve developed a rich back story, you’ve got       DIS 293 A W 09:30AM-12:30PM 02/17/10-04/28/10
a gold mine of detailed information to tap into       K Gray Valley Mall 6
whenever you’re not sure how your character
should respond to a situation—or whenever           The Ancient Roots of Indo-European Poets
inspiration runs dry. We’ll talk about the effect   While the relevance of contemporary poetry
on character regarding ethnic background,           may be questioned by many today, ancient po-
religion, family upbringing, and much more.         etry tells us precisely what was most relevant
Then you’ll pair up for an in-depth character       to the people who created and cherished it. In
interview that can become the basis for your        powerful formulaic phrases and words rooted
character’s back story! Class Limit: 20             in proto-Indo-European, past Indo-European
Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5                       speakers share with us their beliefs, fears, joys,
ANE 507 B1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 03/11/10 Staff        and the objects and forces that defined their
    Valley Mall 3                                   lives. In this lecture Karen Gray elucidates the
                                                    commonalities of Indo-European poetry in a
Discover Yourself as a Fiction Writer               way that will enrich your understanding of
You’ve always wanted to try it, but you’re          language in general and poetry in particular.
afraid you aren’t any good. The thought of          Class Limit: 40
letting someone else read your work makes           Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
your toenails curl. Every time you sit down to      DIS 294 A1 W 09:30AM-12:00PM 02/17/10 K Gray
create your masterpiece, you get writer’s block.         Valley Mall 6
This class is for that budding novelist inside
you who just needs a chance to get started.         The Early Greek Poets (Orphic & Lyric)
Find your voice, your category, your talent.        For the ancient Greeks, orphic and lyric poetry
Learn how to hone your craft, outfox writer’s       had well-defined forms and content, and were
block, and be creative on your own terms.           performed in specific ways. In this lecture
Walk out of this class with the confidence          Karen Gray explains the specifics of this poetry,
and direction you need to dive into your first      enriching the lecture with many examples by
story! Class Limit: 20                              poets such as Orpheus, who has been called
Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $5                       the Father of Poetry; Sappho whom Plato
ANE 520 A1 Th 10:00AM-12:00PM 01/28/10 Staff        called “the tenth muse”; and Pindar, who has
    Valley Mall 3                                   been described as “the most careful architect
                                                    that poetry ever had.” Class Limit: 40
                                                    Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
                                                    DIS 295 A1 W 09:30AM-12:00PM 03/24/10 K Gray
                                                         Valley Mall 4

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                1
Lifelong Learning

 The Bardic Poetry of Medieval Britain               of misplaced loyalties, poor judgment and a
 The most ancient bards of the British Isles         flawed foreign policy that rivals the best fic-
 often left us haunting glimpses of a history        tion novel. Meet Jim Hassinger, HCC Professor
 otherwise lost. Even in their own time, they        Emeritus and author of historic fiction, as he
 were reservoirs of the people’s past, its heroes,   unravels an American tragedy that never
 and it yearnings and values. In this lecture        should have happened. Class Limit: 15
 Karen Gray discusses the role of the Welsh          Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5
 and Anglo Saxon bards and the works passed          DIS 292 A1 Th 06:00PM-08:00PM 01/28/10
 down to us under names such as Taliessen and             J Hassinger Career Programs Building 232
 Aneirin, with special attention to their insepa-
                                                     George Washington and the American
 rable connection with Arthurian mythology.                                             NEW!
 Class Limit: 40                                     Revolution: an Assessment
 Fee: $15 Registration Fee: $5                       After discussing Washington’s personal and
 DIS 296 A1 W 09:30AM-12:00PM 04/28/10 K Gray        professional traits, we will address this ques-
      Valley Mall 6                                  tion: How effective was Washington as com-
                                                     mander-in chief? To answer this question, we
                                                     will analyze his record as military commander
 History and Culture                                 as well as his roles as commander-in chief.
                                                     We will investigate his learning emanating
 The Peninsula Campaign (Civil War)        NEW!      from his military experience in the French &
 In March 1862, Union Army of the Potomac            Indian War. We will assess his ability to create
 commander George B. McClellan set out on a          a professional army, including his subordi-
 grand scheme to take Richmond, the capital          nates. We will discuss his relationships with
 of the Southern Confederacy. Avoiding the           civilian authorities, including the Continental
 overland route south from Washington City,          Congress, and his relationship with command-
 McClellan chose to approach Richmond                ers of his principal field ally, France; finally,
 from the east, moving up Virginia’s peninsula       we will assess his record in context with his
 between the James and York Rivers. By early         military opponent, Great Britain and her field
 April 1862, most of McClellan’s army of over        commanders. Join historian and author Roger
 115,000 had sailed down the Potomac River           Swartz for this interesting course on George
 and lower reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, and        Washington. Class Limit: 20
 were facing Confederates’ defensive works           Fee: $60 Registration Fee: $5
 along the Warwick River line. What followed         DIS 297 A W 09:00AM-12:00PM 01/20/10-02/03/10
 was a three-month campaign that many feel                R Swartz Valley Mall 6
 displayed a distinct lack of aggressiveness on                                                      NEW!
 McClellan’s part, while Confederate General
                                                     George Washington’s Lieutenants
                                                     In this program we will cover those generals
 Robert E. Lee, McClellan’s opponent for the
                                                     loyal to Washington throughout the Ameri-
 latter half of that spring of 1862, pursued a
                                                     can Revolution, as well as those who wished
 distinctly opposite strategy. Was that really the
                                                     to see Washington replaced. We will discuss
 case? Join Jeff Driscoll for this four-week class
                                                     their personal and professional traits as well
 as we consider that question, as well as many
                                                     as outline their experiences, successes and
 others, and look at this crucial campaign in the
                                                     failures in the war. Those generals covered
 early stages of our Civil War. Class Limit: 20
                                                     who were loyal to Washington are: Benjamin
 Fee: $60 Registration Fee: $5
 DIS 291 A Th 06:30PM-08:30PM 02/25/10-03/18/10
                                                     Lincoln, Henry Knox, Nathaniel Greene, Daniel
      T Driscoll Valley Mall 7                       Morgan, and Alexander Hamilton. Those who
                                                     were detractors are Horatio Gates and Charles
 The Root Causes of the                              Lee, the most professional of the generals.
 Great Depression                           NEW!     Join historian and author, Roger Swartz for
 On Thursday October 24, 1929 the stock market       this new program focusing on Washington’s
 contracted and the post World War I prosperity      Lieutenants. Class Limit: 20
 abruptly ended plunging the country into a          Fee: $60 Registration Fee: $5
 major depression. The policies and institutions     DIS 299 A T 09:00AM-12:00PM 02/09/10-02/23/10
 that fostered the catastrophic economic melt-            R Swartz Valley Mall 4
 down were born during the Wilson administra-
 tion and have left a legacy of instability that
 lingers into the present. The crash is a story

                          Winter 010 •
                                                                                 Lifelong Learning

New France at the Beginning of the         NEW!      Cultural and Historical Trips
French and Indian War
Join historian and author Roger Swartz for               A complete itinerary will be sent to you
this program focusing upon the years 1748 -              one week prior to the departure date.
1753. In the program’s first half, we will discuss       All day trips will depart from the Valley
characteristics of the society, economy, and             Mall. A departure point map will be sent
government of New France: Louisiana, Illinois,           with the itinerary.
Canada, and Nova Scotia. In the last half, we
will assess how New France attempted to                  More trips coming! Please call 301-790-
protect its North American arc of Empire from            2800, ext 236 for a full brochure.
encroaching English fur trade and settlement.
We will cover its relationships with Native          Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit—
American nations; detail New France’s policy         National Geographic Museum
of 1748 resulting in the Celeron de Blainville       Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime opportu-
expedition to claim the Ohio Valley; its inva-       nity to view the famous Terra Cotta Warriors:
sion of western Pennsylvania in 1753; and the        Guardians of China’s First Emperor. At long
English reaction. Class Limit: 20                    last the time has come for you to discover
Fee: $60 Registration Fee: $5                        this Eighth Wonder of the World for yourself.
DIS 298 A Th 09:00AM-12:00PM 03/11/10-03/25/10       Marvel at more than 100 objects, the largest
     R Swartz Valley Mall 3                          display of terra cotta figures and tomb artifacts
                                           NEW!      ever to travel to the U.S. Tour fee will include:
Lunch and Learn With Roger Keller                    entrance fee, audio tour, and fully equipped
Join historian and author, Roger Keller for this     motor coach transportation/gratuity. Depar-
great new lunch and learn, featuring a study         ture will be from the Valley Mall. A complete
of local history, music and more! Take a great       itinerary/parking map will be sent to you one
walk through Washington County history               week prior to the tour date. Class Limit: 52
and famous personalities while watching the          Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $5
newly created “virtual tour” of Hagerstown.          DIS 301 A1 T 07:00AM-05:00PM 03/16/10 Staff
Relive the early days of American music from              TBA
the 1700s with a focus on selections enjoyed
by George Washington, the Charles Carroll            Washington D.C. Research Trip
family of Maryland and popular tunes from            Join HCC Continuing Education Genealogy
Annapolis and Southern Maryland. Revisit the         instructor Dorothy Reed on this genealogy re-
famous Bruce Springsteen concert in Dublin,          search trip to Washington, D.C. Research time
Ireland that was not hard rock, rather a collec-     is built into this day and may be used either
tion of folk songs form America, Britain and         at the DAR Library, the Library of Congress
Ireland. Last but not least, tap your toes to        or the National Archives. Instructor Dorothy
the Original Salty Dogs Dixieland Jazz Band.         Reed will contact participants one week prior
So, grab a lunch and join your friends for this      to the trip for a discussion of research options.
relaxing class held at the HCC Valley Mall           Lunch is on your own but may be purchased
Training Center. Class Limit: 15                     within walking distance of all facilities. Tour fee
Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5                        includes: motor coach transportation/gratu-
DIS 300 A1 T 12:30PM-01:30PM 03/16/10-04/06/10       ity. A complete itinerary will be sent to you
     S Keller Valley Mall 3                          one week prior to the tour date. There is an
                                                     additional admissions fee of $6 to the DAR
                                                     Library. Class Limit: 15
                                                     Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
                                                     SEN 144 A1 T 07:00AM-05:30PM 03/23/10 D Reed

                                                     Washington D.C. Escape
                                                     Back by popular demand! Another great trip
                                                     to our Nation’s Capital! We heard your requests
                                                     and responded with another trip to explore
                                                     the mighty museums on the Capital Mall. Join
                                                     your friends as we travel to Washington for a
                                                     day of nothing but lots of time to relax and
                                                     explore all your favorite museums on the Mall

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                   
Lifelong Learning

                                                in complete leisure. Our motor coach will drop

       Welcome to the
                                                you off and pick you up at the Smithsonian
                                                Castle, allowing for plenty of exploration time
                                                in one or more of the historic museums on the
        HCC Lifelong                            Mall or shopping! As per your suggestions the
                                                day will be yours to Explore! Explore! Explore!
       Learning Travel                          Fee includes a tour map of the Mall, round-trip
                                                motor coach transportation to Washington
          Program                               and convenient drop-off and pick-up loca-
                                                tions. Departure will be from the Valley Mall.
                                                A complete itinerary will be sent to you one
                                                week prior to the trip date. Class Limit: 35
        We feel a connection to life when       Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
           we travel. Travel retools our        SEN 196 A1 T 07:00AM-05:00PM 03/23/10 Staff
       senses, changes our focus, causing
         us to step out of our well worn
          daily path; connect with new          Philosophy
         people and places leading us to
                                                1 Ways to Know Yourself Better           NEW!
            reconnect with ourselves.
                                                ”Know Thyself,” the Oracle of Delphi advises.
       Join us on one of our historical day     This class is a thought-provoking investiga-
          trips or weeklong National and        tion into the most fascinating being on the
        International travel opportunities.     planet-you! Discover a kaleidoscope of self-
                                                knowledge tools from around the globe and
                                                across time, from psychology, mythology, and
           Please call me for more              literature to spiritual practices and religious
       information. I look forward to           traditions. Discover where you fit in the My-
                                                ers-Briggs personality matrix, locate your level
              speaking with you!
                                                among Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, meet
                —Anne Myers,                    your Native American totem animal, delve
      CE Lifelong Learning Coordinator          into the symbolism of Feng Shui, Enneagram,
           301-790-2800, ext. 582               and much more. Come prepared to gain new
                                                insight into your most valuable asset-yourself!
                                                Class Limit: 20
                                                Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $5
                                                ANE 521 A1 Th 10:00AM-11:30AM 02/18/10-03/11/10
                                                    Staff Valley Mall 4

                                                Tracing Your Family Roots—
                                                Introduction To Genealogy
                                                Making a personal connection with history
         Alpine Explorer with                   and discovering previously unknown relatives
          Glacier Express and                   are just two of the many rewards available from
                                                researching your family tree. This introductory
        Oberammergau Passion                    course will cover the fundamental building
        Play—May 11-21, 2010                    blocks of genealogy research. Learn where
                                                to find the source documents, and the best
   Please call Anne Myers, CE Lifelong          ways to research in order to save valuable time.
   Learning coordinator, 301-790-2800,          You will use the most current tools, including
   ext. 582 or Karen Moulton at Richards        reference CDs and the software mainstays
   World Travel, 301-791-1010, ext. 129 to      of genealogy research including Family Tree
   reserve your seat and receive an itinerary   Maker & Legacy Family Tree. This class is held in
   for this great trip.                         a computer lab at the HCC Valley Mall Training
                                                Center, with direct access and introduction

                         Winter 010 •
                                                                                  Lifelong Learning

to some of the finest genealogy websites on           Personal Finance and
the Internet including, Heritage
Quest, Family Search, footnote, Genealogy-            Wealth Building
Bank and WorldVitalRecords. Take advantage
                                                      Understanding the Stock Market
of instructor Dorothy Reed’s twenty plus years
                                                      This introductory course will make you com-
of genealogy research. Class Limit: 14
                                                      fortable with the basics about asset classes,
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
                                                      saving versus investing, risk and reward, how
Materials Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
                                                      to invest in stocks, bonds and cash equivalents
SEN 377 A1   F 09:30AM-12:00PM 02/05/10-02/26/10
                                                      and how to find investments that will help you
    D Reed   Valley Mall 2
SEN 377 B1   T 06:00PM-08:30PM 02/02/10-02/23/10
                                                      meet your long term financial goals. Note: The
    D Reed   Valley Mall 2                            instructor does not provide personal advice on
                                                      specific investments and neither the instructor
Genealogy Plus                                        nor HCC is responsible for students’ personal
Get on the inside Genealogy Track! HCC Ge-            investment decisions. (Textbook included in
nealogy instructor Dorothy Reed will guide            materials fee) Class Limit: 25
you through new and innovative computer               Fee: $15 Materials Fee: $15
generated research techniques, using Family           Registration Fee: $5
Tree Maker, and Legacy Family Tree software           MON 018 A S 08:30AM-01:30PM 02/06/10
and their direct Internet connections. Sort out          G McGovern Valley Mall 6
and organize all the wonderful information
you have found, and then learn to put your
                                                      Tax Issues for New Small Business
                                                      This three hour course will explore what
family information on paper, CD, flash drive,
                                                      deductions are available to small businesses
or PDF file to share with others. Discover the
                                                      and how their new income will affect their tax
most recent details of DNA research. This class
                                                      return. This is your opportunity to get answers
is held in one of our new computer training
                                                      to your tax questions such as: what you can and
centers within the convenience of the HCC
                                                      cannot deduct, what IRS publications apply to
Valley Mall Training Center, with direct access
                                                      your situation and what records you need to
to the mainstays of genealogy research online.
                                                      have for your tax preparer. Class Limit: 50
This hands-on computer class is designed for
                                                      Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
genealogy enthusiasts who are researching
                                                      MON 021 A1 Th 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/21/10 T. Spruill
their family history and would like to explore
                                                         Career Programs Building 210
additional resources. Class Limit: 14
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35                        Understanding Your Tax Return
Materials Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5               This three hour course will explain a basic tax
SEN 097 A1 F 01:30PM-04:00PM 02/05/10-02/26/10        return and what deductions you may or may
    D Reed Valley Mall 2                              not be eligible to take. You will have time to
                                            NEW!      ask specific questions so bring your questions
Washington D.C. Research Trip
                                                      and basic tax information. Class Limit: 50
Join HCC Continuing Education Genealogy
                                                      Fee: $10 Registration Fee: $5
instructor Dorothy Reed on this genealogy re-
                                                      MON 022 A1 Th 06:00PM-09:00PM 01/28/10 T. Spruill
search trip to Washington, D.C. Research time
                                                         Career Programs Building 210
is built into this day and may be used either
at the DAR Library, the Library of Congress
or the National Archives. Instructor Dorothy
Reed will contact participants one week prior
to the trip for a discussion of research options.
Lunch is on your own but may be purchased
within walking distance of all facilities. Tour fee
includes: motor coach transportation/gratu-
ity. A complete itinerary will be sent to you
one week prior to the tour date. There is an
additional admissions fee of $6 to the DAR
Library. Class Limit: 15
Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5
SEN 144 A1 T 07:00AM-05:30PM 03/23/10 D Reed

                          For registration information, see pages 71-76                                   
Lifelong Learning

 Landlord Crash Course                                     Test Preparation Courses
 By popular demand this course has been
 expanded to two evenings in order to give                  Praxis I Preparation Online – New!
 each topic more coverage. This course is for               Are you a prospective teacher who needs
 landlords in Washington County Maryland                    to pass the Praxis I Exam? Have you already
 and covers such topics as leases, lead paint               attempted the Praxis I and not been suc-
 laws, resources available to landlords, tips by            cessful? If you answered yes to either of
 successful landlords, fair housing laws, lead              these questions, then this course is for
 paint laws, evictions and Hagerstown City                  you! You’ll develop all the skills you need
 Code Enforcement. Co-sponsored by the                      for the test as we review and prepare for
 Community Housing Resources, a non-profit                  everything it includes.
 organization devoted to housing issues in
 Washington County. Each student receives a                 You’ll get familiar with the different types
 comprehensive packet of information, forms                 of questions that appear on the Reading
 and resource information. Class Limit: 60                  and Writing tests. You’ll master the many
 Fee: $35 Materials Fee: $5                                 areas of math that you’ll be tested on:
 Registration Fee: $5                                       number operations, negative numbers, ex-
 PLC 369 A W 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/10/10-03/17/10              ponents, square roots, order of operations,
      Staff Valley Mall 7                                   decimals, fractions, percentages, algebra,
                                                            geometry, data analysis, graphs, prob-
                                                            ability, and measurements. To prepare for
 Online Personal Finance                                    the essay, we’ll discuss what constitutes a
 and Wealth Building                                        high scoring one. We’ll also go through the
                                                            process of writing an essay in the amount
 Courses—Ed2Go                                              of time allotted.

   •   Debt Elimination Techniques that Work                You’ll learn useful test-taking strategies
   •   Personal Finance                                     and get plenty of practice questions that
   •   Money Management                                     are similar to what you’ll find on the exam.
   •   Keys to Successful Real Estate Investing             You’ll also have the opportunity to take a
   •   Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property    full-length practice test in each subject
                                                            area. Using clear explanations, numerous
   •   Introduction to Stock Options
                                                            examples, and graphics and animation,
   •   Stocks, Bonds, and Investing
                                                            this course will not only prepare you for
   •   Where Does all my Money Go?
                                                            the Praxis I, but do so in a way that’s fun
                 For more information –                     and interesting. After completing this
 and select               course, you’ll be totally ready to pass the
          “Courses” and select Personal Finance &           Praxis I Exam!
                     Wealth Building.
                                                            Total Cost - $99

                                                            Go to and
                                                                   select “Test Preparation”

                                                                    Online Test Prep Courses
                                                                       GED Language Arts
                                                                           GED Math
                                                                        GED Preparation
                                                                        Grammar for ESL
                                                                       Praxis I Preparation
                                                                      SAT/ACT Preparation

                                                                   For more information
                                                                  select “Test Preparation”

 6                               Winter 010 •
                                                                             Lifelong Learning

Online—ed2go classes                              give you the confidence you need for helping
                                                  children get the best from the Internet.
  Choosing your class is easy. Visit our          Fee: $89
  online classroom at
  hagerstown. Browse through the class
                                                  Grammar Refresher
                                                  Gain confidence in your ability to produce
  schedule and select the topic and month
                                                  clean, grammatically correct documents and
  that are right for you. Register online and
  we’ll send you additional information by
                                                  Fee: $89
  e-mail before your class starts.
  Questions? Call 301-790-2800, ext. 413 or       Introduction to Algebra
  e-mail                  Understand how algebra is relevant to almost
                                                  every aspect of your daily life, and become
  Section F      12/09/2009 – 01/29/2010
                                                  skilled at solving a variety of algebraic prob-
  Section G      01/20/2010 – 03/12/2010
  Section H      02/17/2010 – 04/09/2010
                                                  Fee: $89
  Section I      03/17/2010 – 05/07/2010                  Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals
                                                  Join a registered dietitian and discover how
                                                  easy it can be to prepare meals that are deli-
Assisting Aging Parents                           cious and nutritious! Uncover the secrets of
Are your parents in their golden years? Learn-    making lowered-fat recipes taste terrific.
ing how to help parents or other loved ones       Fee: $89
through their transition can prepare us for
our own.                                          Music Made Easy
Fee: $89                                          If you enjoy music and would like to know more
                                                  about what makes it work, this is the course
The Creative Classroom                            for you. You’ll gain a complete understanding
Creativity will abound in your classroom as       of rhythm, melody, and harmony, and you’ll
you tap into your students’ hidden talents.       be able to recognize pitches on the musical
Learn creative new approaches to learning         staff and on the keyboard. You’ll also be able
labs, activities, exercises, assignments, field   to build intervals, major scales, and chords.
trips, and evaluation methods.                    Fee: $89
Fee: $89
                                                  Mystery Writing
Demystifying Forensic Science: A Writer’s         Using vivid examples from bestselling mys-
Guide                                             tery novels, this course will teach you the
Ready to add a new level of intrigue, charac-     techniques you need to become a successful
ters, depth, zest, and marketability to your      author. Topics include three-act structure, the
fiction? This course will provide you with a      difference between plot and story, theme,
quick education in forensic science, revealing    premise, characters and viewpoint, plus
all the secrets you’ll need to know in order to   much more.
write about crimes and crime-solving with         Fee: $89
knowledge and confidence.
Fee: $89                                          Ready, Set, Read!
                                                  Learn what the newest research says about
Enhancing Language Development in                 how children really learn to read and write and
Childhood                                         become a powerful guide to literacy develop-
Follow your child’s lead and have fun while       ment when you work with young children.
enhancing language development! In this fun       Fee: $89
and user-friendly course for parents, teachers,
and caregivers, you will discover how children    Research Methods for Writers
learn to process language and how they be-        Attention all writers! Learn how to efficiently
come proficient speakers and thinkers.            and effectively conduct research for any writ-
Fee: $89                                          ing project: fiction, nonfiction, business...even
                                                  term papers and dissertations. Learn how to
Guiding Kids on the Internet                      identify and access every information source
Work the Web with your kids! This essential       imaginable.
course for teachers, leaders, and parents will    Fee: $89

                       For registration information, see pages 71-76                            7
Lifelong Learning

 Understanding Adolescents                           Survival Kit for New Teachers
 To know your kids is to love them. In this          Feel a little trepidation before entering your
 course, an experienced social worker will           classroom? You’re not alone! Whether you’re
 help you gain a deep understanding and ap-          already teaching, a newly credentialed gradu-
 preciation of your adolescent’s development         ate, or a substitute looking to transition to
 and behavior.                                       full-time, this course will provide you with
 Fee: $89                                            proven tools, tips, and tricks to make your
                                                     early years in the classroom a breeze.
 Advanced Fiction Writing                            Fee: $89
 Do you have a story idea but aren’t sure how
 to begin? In this course, you’ll explore all the    Teaching Math: Grades -6
 topics a writer needs to create a successful        Reinvent math instruction for grades 4-6 by
 manuscript, including story structure, plot,        bringing hands-on learning, inexpensive ma-
 character, dialogue, setting, suspense, conflict,   nipulatives, and real-world connections into
 action, viewpoint, tense, and even how to get       your classroom. Whether you’re a new teacher
 published.                                          or a seasoned pro, this course will help you get
 Fee: $89                                            your students excited about math!
                                                     Fee: $89
 Romance Writing
 Learn the secrets of writing romance novels         Teaching Science: Grades -6
 that get publishers excited. Facilitated by a       Want to increase your effectiveness as a sci-
 bestselling, multi-published romance au-            ence teacher for the middle grades? Join us
 thor, this course will guide you on your road       and learn about the nature and history of
 to writing your first romance and getting it        science as well as how to help students in
 published.                                          this age group grasp the scientific method.
 Fee: $89                                            You’ll receive lots of worksheets and specific
                                                     examples of some great experiments you can
 Beginning Writer’s Workshop                         use in your own classroom.
 If you’ve always wanted to write but have no        Fee: $89
 idea where to start, this course will demystify
 the process for you. You’ll get a taste of the      GED Prep
 writing life, improve your writing skills, and      If you never finished high school, the GED
 develop new ways to stretch your creative           exam will serve as proof that you have acquired
 muscles. This exciting, hands-on course for         the equivalent of a high school education on
 the creative writing novice is filled with chal-    your own. This course will help you develop
 lenging exercises, expert advice, and plenty        the additional reading and thinking skills
 of direct support and encouragement.                you’ll need to succeed in all five GED test
 Fee: $89                                            areas: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science,
                                                     Literature, and Math.
 The Craft of Magazine Writing                       Fee: $89
 Have you ever thought about writing for
 magazines? If you’re a determined new writer        GED Math Test Prep
 or if you haven’t written for magazines in          Master the skills required to successfully pass
 years, this class will jump start your career.      Test 5 in the GED test series. You’ll start off with
 You’ll learn plenty of powerful brainstorming       a review of math basics and begin building
 techniques designed to practically write every      the foundation you’ll need to solve the types
 article for you.                                    of math problems commonly found on the
 Fee: $89                                            test. By the time you finish this course, you’ll
                                                     be much more comfortable with your math
 Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom         skills, and you’ll know how, when, and why to
 Differentiated instruction (DI) is becoming         use each math concept you learn.
 a mainstay in classrooms across the country         Fee: $89
 as educators are starting to see the ways that
 the traditional classroom setting limits their      GED Language/Writing Prep
 ability to reach diverse learners. Join us on       Worried about the GED Language Arts, Writ-
 this journey through 10 practical DI integra-       ing test? Don’t be! This course will help you
 tion strategies!                                    prepare to take both parts of this two-part
 Fee: $89                                            exam. You’ will learn a step-by-step approach
                                                     to writing that will give you the confidence

                          Winter 010 •
                                                                               Lifelong Learning

you need to craft a winning GED essay! You’ll      Achieving Success with Difficult People
understand all the elements of the GED essay,      Would you like to learn how to have more
including how the essay is scored, and what        successful relationships with difficult bosses,
types of topics you’re likely to encounter.        co-workers, students, neighbors or fam-
Fee: $89                                           ily members? Join this class and get helpful
                                                   information for understanding yourself, solv-
Drawing for the Absolute Beginner                  ing people problems, and improving your
Have you always been interested in drawing,
                                                   relationships and personal and professional
but never really knew how to get started? If
so, then this is definitely the course for you!
                                                   Fee: $89
Gain a solid foundation and understanding of
the basics to drawing and become the artist        Introduction to Journaling
you’ve always dreamed you could be!                This insightful course will help you discover
Fee: $89                                           an exciting new way to express yourself and
                                                   enhance your creativity. You’ll learn to use
Big Ideas in Little Books                          powerful journaling techniques to develop a
Increase student performance on standards
                                                   deeper and more spiritual understanding of
important to your district by learning how to
                                                   yourself and explore your thoughts, feelings,
develop your own work books, lab manuals,
                                                   beliefs, and values.
booklets, activity kits, visual aids, and ma-
                                                   Fee: $89
nipulatives targeting those standards. The
instructor--a former K-12 teacher who is also      Genealogy Basics
the author and developer of over 50 products       If you are a newcomer to this hobby or just
for the educational market--will walk you step-    want to make a small family tree, this course
by-step through the process of creating a wide     will get you off to a good start. You will explore
variety of instructional materials.                many Internet sites where you can search for
Fee: $89                                           family names. The course explains in simple
                                                   terms where to look, who to contact, and
Get Assertive!                                     how to use the genealogical research tools
Get the assertiveness training you need in
                                                   of the computer and the Internet to further
order to be more confident and powerful with
                                                   your research.
family members, friends, bosses, co-workers,
                                                   Fee: $89
professionals, service people, and even total
strangers. Discover how you lose your power        Goodbye to Shy
when you talk and what you can do to get it        The ability to interact with others impacts
back. Learn how to deal with anger and criti-      everything we do, from selecting a mate to
cism effectively.                                  advancing in our careers. Fortunately, the
Fee: $89                                           ability to relate easily with others is a skill that
                                                   can be learned. This engaging course will help
Get Funny!                                         you learn how to reduce anxiety, build self-
Humor enhances everything you do, no mat-
                                                   esteem, strike up conversations with others,
ter whether you’re looking to deliver better
                                                   win friends, and act confidently in romantic
presentations, increase your marketability
as a writer, deliver more hits to a Web site, or
                                                   Fee: $89
simply become friendlier and more outgoing.
Whether you’re naturally funny or want to be,      Skills for Making Great Decisions
this hilarious course will help you sharpen        Learn how to make excellent everyday deci-
your wit.                                          sions from an experienced counselor and life
Fee: $89                                           coach. Master techniques for achieving your
                                                   goals, managing risk, dealing with crises,
Everyday Math                                      and making decisions--big and small--with
Ever find math baffling? This course can help
                                                   knowledge and confidence. Find out how
you gain confidence in your basic math skills
                                                   to avoid many types of mistakes and how to
so you can start using math to your advantage.
                                                   recover from others.
You won’t find any theory or memorization
                                                   Fee: $89
here. Each of your lessons will be filled with
practical exercises and information that you
can put to immediate use.
Fee; $89

                       For registration information, see pages 71-76                                
Lifelong Learning

 Write Your Life Story                                  Travel Writing
 It’s your story. Tell history, share your secrets      For fiction writers who want to capture the
 and successes, and better understand yourself.         landscape and feelings that are translated
 The step-by-step process begins with captur-           into novels or for the magazine writer who
 ing ideas and ends by providing all the tools          longs to write on travel. You’ll understand
 to tell the stories in your life.                      the writing styles and methods needed to
 Fee: $89                                               sell material in today’s competitive market
                                                        (including the how-to’s of technical aspects of
 Debt Elimination Techniques That Work                  lead paragraphs, descriptive passages and the
 If you are like most people, you’re drowning           uses of interviews, quotes and facts).
 in a sea of debt and looking for a lifeline. Well,     Fee: $89
 this course is that lifeline. This course will teach
 you a specific and workable strategy that will         Write Fiction Like a Pro
 get you out of all debt--including your mort-          Do you have an idea for a novel or short
 gage--in the shortest possible time.                   story burning in your mind, but can’t seem
 Fee: $89                                               to get it on paper? In this course, you’ll de-
                                                        velop your own original story, beginning
 Personal Finance                                       with your passion and theme. From these
 This course is designed to prepare you for             you’ll discover your characters, their flaws,
 a lifetime of worthwhile personal financial            and the inner struggles that will bring them
 planning. The tools you will learn are useful,         to life. Then, you’ll structure your story, from
 realistic, and easy to work into your regular rou-     start to finish.
 tine. They will help you gain control over the         Fee: $89
 financial impact of the choices you make.
 Fee: $89                                               Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers
                                                        This class will ignite your creative energies in
 Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published                  simple, fun and easy steps. You’ll quickly put
 Your success in the writing game will be               to use the tools published writers utilize for
 determined by the amount of credibility                novels, memoirs, short stories or articles. If
 publishers attach to you and your work. This           you’ve ever dreamed of hearing your writer’s
 course, taught by a published author, will             voice and writing what’s in your heart and
 help you gain that credibility. You’ll discover        head, this class will make it happen.
 powerful shortcuts most other writers still            Fee: $89
 haven’t learned after many years of trying to
 get published.                                         Writeriffic : Advanced Creativity Training for
 Fee: $89                                               Writers
                                                        Increase writing confidence, beat writer’s
 Pleasures of Poetry                                    block, manage time, negotiate writing fees,
 If you want to write poetry, this course will help
                                                        write, and live your dreams. Learn advanced
 you create your best possible work, whether
                                                        methods to create and write like the profes-
 you’re looking to be published or simply
                                                        sionals--whether you’re launching a career
 wish to craft a beautiful poem as a gift for a
                                                        or seeking personal satisfaction through
 friend. In this course, you will discover formal
                                                        writing. In Writeriffic 2, you’ll learn to be the
 elements of craft, explore poetry topics, learn
                                                        writer you’ve always wanted to be and have
 how to prepare a manuscript for publication,
                                                        fun, too.
 and receive guidance in a constructive and
                                                        Fee: $89
 nurturing environment.
 Fee: $89                                               Writing for Children
                                                        Join a published children’s author and discover
                                                        how you can touch the hearts of children by
                                                        creating books for them. By the time you fin-
                                                        ish this course, you’ll have all the tools and
                                                        resources you’ll need to continue to grow as
                                                        a writer for children.
                                                        Fee: $89

 60                          Winter 010 •
                                                                                                            Lifelong Learning

Guided Reading: Strategies for the
Differentiated Classroom
Now more than ever, today’s teachers are
grappling with the question of how to reach
struggling readers. While there are no quick
fixes, thousands of teachers are combining
the principles of differentiated instruction                                                  Customized
and guided reading with unparalleled success.
Mixed in the right proportion, these popular
strategies will help you build a balanced liter-
                                                                                              Starts Here.
ary framework that gets results with even the
most challenged learners.
Fee: $89

                                                    Attention, CEOs, Supervisors, Managers!
Solving Classroom Discipline Problems                                                         We offer:
Why do some teachers enjoy peaceful, or-                                                      • Courses tailored
derly classrooms while other teachers face
daily discipline battles? The answer is that
                                                                                                  exclusively to meet your
many teachers have not been taught the                                                            needs
secrets to solving discipline problems. This                                                  • Leadership, manage-
course reveals those secrets and presents a                                                       ment, people skills
step-by-step approach to effective, positive
classroom discipline. Teachers continually
                                                                                              • Information technology,
rate this course one of the most valuable they                                                    professional, vocational
have ever taken.                                                                              • Foreign language and
Fee: $89                                                                                          sign language
Working Successfully With Learning Disabled                                                   • Flexibility to train staffs
Students                                                                                          of all sizes, at your site or
Learn how to successfully meet the diverse                                                        ours
needs of the learning disabled students in your
classroom from an experienced special educa-
tor. We’ll dissect the whole special education                                                  For more information on
process, from working with individualized                                                      training for your company,
education programs (IEPs) to helping students                                                        call Cindi Hull at
struggling with reading comprehension, math
skills, and writing.
                                                                                                301-790-2800, ext. 520.
Fee: $89

An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL
English language teachers enjoy a wide
range of opportunities and face a daunting
set of challenges. This course will show you
innovative ways of teaching vocabulary and
grammar, listening and speaking, and reading
and writing. But more than that, it will give you
a deeper understanding of who your students
are and who you are as a teacher.
Fee: $89

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                                                             61
Lifelong Learning

                                                d        s
                                       ef or Ki
               CC olleg

        A Summer enrichment program
              for grades 1-10
      • Quality, hands-on programming
      • Experienced instruction and ad-
        ministration team
      • Supervised and comfortable
        classroom environment

                                   Please call 301-790-2800,
                                   ext. 236 to be added to
                                       our mailing list.

 6                 Winter 010 •
                                                                                                        Healthy Living

Dance                                                          You will be surprised at how quickly you will
                                                               master dance techniques and soon be dancing
Ballroom Dancing—Beginning                                     like a star! Class Limit: 28
Why are those folks out on the dance floor                     Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50
having such a good time? BECAUSE BALL-                         Registration Fee: $5
ROOM DANCING IS FUN! Join the Goodnights                       FIT 010 A1 T 07:00PM-08:30PM 01/26/10-04/13/10
to learn the Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-Cha,                        I Easterday/B Easterday Western Maryland Hospital Cntr Aud
Swing and Tango. This is a basic class for
beginners or those wishing for a refresher                     Find Pleasure in Ballroom Dancing—
course. Come have a great time learning to                     Intermediate
dance with Carroll and Jean. Registration is                   Join in the excitement of Ballroom Dancing!
based upon each member of your Ballroom                        This class is designed for those who have had
Dancing Team - so grab a partner and register                  previous ballroom dancing experience and
today! Class Limit: 28                                         are ready to gain more dance knowledge
Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50                                 and improve your dance skills. This popular
Registration Fee: $5                                           intermediate class will take you to the next
FIT 008 A1 Th 06:00PM-07:30PM 01/21/10-04/08/10                level. Find your comfort zone with many
     J Goodnight/J Goodnight St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Main   rhythms: Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Rumba,
                                                               Swing, Tango and more. You will soon enjoy
Ballroom Dancing—Intermediate                                  the social benefits as you make new friends
Get out there and dance! If you have learned                   in the dance world. Learn from Irv and Betty
the basics and you are ready for more, join                    Easterday who have trained with top national
the Goodnights to review the Waltz, Foxtrot,                   ballroom professionals and have been teach-
Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Tango and learn                         ing social ballroom dancing for over 35 years.
a few more wonderful dance steps such as                       You will be surprised at how quickly you will
the Quick Step and the Mambo! This popular                     master dance techniques and soon be dancing
intermediate class will take you to the next                   like a star! Class Limit: 28
level of dancing and fun! Come have a great                    Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50
time honing your skills with Carroll and Jean.                 Registration Fee: $5
Registration is based upon each member of                      FIT 017 A1 T 08:15PM-09:30PM 01/26/10-04/13/10
your ballroom dancing team - so grab a partner                      B Easterday/I Easterday Western Maryland Hospital Cntr Aud
and register today! Class Limit: 28
Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50                                 Dancing Like Stars!
Registration Fee: $5                                           Have you been watching the dancing programs
FIT 007 A1 T 01:30PM-03:00PM 01/19/10-04/06/10                 on TV? Have you marveled at the accomplish-
     J Goodnight/J Goodnight St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Main   ments of the non-professionals? You too can
FIT 007 B1 Th 07:30PM-09:00PM 01/21/10-04/08/10                join in the fun of exciting Ballroom Choreog-
     J Goodnight/J Goodnight St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Main   raphy! Pre-determined sequences for specific
                                                               musical arrangements will be offered in many
Find Pleasure in Ballroom Dancing—Beginning                    rhythms (i.e. foxtrot, waltz, tango, quickstep,
Join in the excitement of Ballroom Dancing!                    cha-cha, jive, rumba, bolero, samba, salsa, and
This class is designed for those who are inter-                mambo). These exciting choreographies are
ested in learning the basic dance figures of                   borrowed from Sequence Dance that is popular
the most popular rhythms: Cha-Cha, Swing,                      in Europe and Round Dance that is very popular
Foxtrot, Waltz, and Rumba. Find you’re“Dance                   in the US. It is an easy method of learning and
Comfort Zone”as you gain more dance knowl-                     leading interesting choreography on the ball-
edge and improve your dance skills. Learn                      room floor. This course is available to those who
how to “Lead and Follow.” You will soon enjoy                  have experienced intermediate dance training.
the social benefits as you make new friends                    Please contact the instructor’s roundarama@
in the dance world. Learn from Irv and Betty          if you have any questions. Irv and Betty
Easterday who have trained with top national                   have been teaching ballroom dancing for more
ballroom professionals and have been teach-                    than 35 years. They continue to study dance
ing social ballroom dancing for over 35 years.                 technique with top world dance professionals.
                                                               Class Limit: 40
                                                               Fee: $95 Senior Adult Fee: $50
                                                               Registration Fee: $5
                                                               FIT 006 A1 W 07:00PM-09:30PM 01/27/10-04/14/10
                                                                    I Easterday/B Easterday Western Maryland Hospital Cntr

                               For registration information, see pages 71-76                                                 6
Healthy Living

 Fitness                                            to stress the importance of cardiovascular
                                                    conditioning. The weight training portion
  Special pricing for adults 60 and over            of the sessions will concentrate mostly on
  with classes designed to promote                  the large muscles that tend to atrophy as we
  increased wellness, physical strength             age. In all areas of the program, each person
  and balance for adults of all ages!               will start and progress at his or her own pace.
  Join our popular instructors, Juanita             NOTE: New students only please arrive at 8:30
  Souders, Bunny Parks, Sandy Ferris and            a.m. at the first class session for a special class
                                                    orientation. Class Limit: 30
  Sylvia Rodgers in class today!                    Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 Total Fitness                                      Registration Fee: $5
 Are you in search of a good, balanced exercise     SEN 087 B1 TTh 09:00AM-10:15AM 01/12/10-04/08/10
                                                        J Souders Athletic & Rec. Bldg 201
 program? Join others who are seeking to
 improve their overall health and meet new          Living Well With Juanita Souders
 people. This complete conditioning program         Join Pump, Flex and More instructor Juanita
 includes the three essentials: stretching,         Souders for this great new class focusing on
 strengthening, and cardiovascular condition-       health and fitness. Are you thinking of add-
 ing which includes low impact aerobics and         ing an extra day to your lifestyle program or
 floor exercises for toning. Instructor Bunny       perhaps your schedule allows for a weekly
 Parks has been teaching for over 23 years          healthy living break; this Friday morning
 and is certified through the National Exercise     class may be a great fit into your plan! Juanita
 Trainers Association. Start walking down the       will focus on sustaining a healthy lifestyle by
 road to improved health today with instructor      incorporating physical flexibility, muscle tone
 Bunny Parks—you’ll be glad you did! Partici-       and aerobic fitness through simple aerobic
 pants should dress in comfortable clothes and      dance routines. This class is class is puts the
 bring an exercise mat. Class Limit: 60             “fun” in fitness. So join Juanita Souders now
 Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $35                     for this great new class and begin living well
 Registration Fee: $5                               today! Class Limit: 30
 SEN 046 A1 MW 09:00AM-10:15AM 01/25/10-03/17/10    Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
     R Parks Athletic & Rec. Bldg PC2               Registration Fee: $5
 Exercise                                           FIT 009 B1 F 09:00AM-10:00AM 01/15/10-03/26/10
                                                         J Souders Athletic & Rec. Bldg 201
 Treat yourself to this gentle yet effective ex-
 ercising program with certified group fitness      Fitness in Keedysville
 instructor, Sandy Ferris. Your exercise program    Studies have shown that anyone can receive
 is designed to include low impact aerobic          healthful benefits from participating in ex-
 moves, strength training (1-4 pound weights        ercise. Join certified group fitness instructor,
 are optional, but recommended), flexibility,       Sandy Ferris, for a gentle yet effective exercise
 and balance training. Benefits of your program     experience that includes simple low impact
 include increased energy, stamina, flexibility,    aerobic moves, strength training (1 to 4
 strength, and balance. Class Limit: 30             pound weights optional, but recommended),
 Fee: $55 Senior Adult Fee: $45                     and flexibility and balance training. Work at
 Registration Fee: $5                               your own pace and increase your energy and
 SEN 085 B1 TTh 09:30AM-10:30AM 01/19/10-04/13/10   stamina. You will love this exercise class cen-
     S Ferris St John’s Lutheran Church Hall        trally located for everyone living in Southern
 Pump, Flex, and More                               Washington County! Class Limit: 18
 Have you ever wondered why a friend of yours       Fee: $55 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 seems to have more vim, vigor, and vitality        Registration Fee: $5
 than you? Perhaps he or she has discovered         SEN 371 B1 W 10:00AM-11:00AM 01/13/10-05/19/10
                                                        S Ferris Little Antietam Community Cent Hall
 the many advantages of exercising with this
 instructor who has been teaching fitness for       Simply Fit
 30 years. In this unique program, you will         Join HCC Fitness Instructor Sylvia Rodgers
 discover how to use muscles for the maximum        for this class designed around patterns of
 benefit to you. Add more life to your years        easy exercises that will improve range of mo-
 and more years to your life, while continuing      tion, muscle strength and endurance; some

 6                         Winter 010 •
                                                                                               Healthy Living

relaxation techniques are also included. Light           Yog-Wa (Water Yoga)
hand weights and resistance bands are used               Yoga done in a warm water pool. The water
but not required.                                        comfortably supports the body. Gentle on
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35                           the joints and muscles. Poses enhance flex-
Registration Fee: $5                                     ibility and strength. Breathing, and mind/
SEN 379 B TTh 09:30AM-10:30AM 01/12/10-                  body awareness are emphasized. A blend of
    03/25/10 S Rodgers Hag Seventh-Day Adv Church Hall   traditional postures adapt to the water. Fun,
                                                         relaxing and effective! Anita Binder, a personal
                                                         trainer, and Registered Yoga Teacher through
Water Exercise Courses                                   Yoga Alliance, certified by AFAA, AEA, and Yoga
                                                         fit guides you through the poses. Materials fee
Arthritis Aquatics
                                                         includes: use of pool, hot tub, locker room and
Join HCC Fitness Instructor Juanita Souders
                                                         showers. Class Limit: 15
for this gentle yet structured exercise class
                                                         Fee: $49 Senior Adult Fee: $35
in warm water. Current findings show that
                                                         Registration Fee: $5
moderate exercise can ease joint pain and
                                                         MBP 043 B1    M 05:30PM-06:30PM 01/11/10-
help to maintain a healthy weight. This class               03/08/10     A Binder Village At Robinwood Pool
is designed for people that will benefit from            MBP 043 C1    Th 05:30PM-06:30PM 01/14/10-
increased flexibility & range of motion as well             03/04/10     A Binder Village At Robinwood Pool
as maintaining strength and overall stamina.
No swimming ability necessary. Easily acces-             Aqua Pilates
sible entry into and exit from warm water. This          Join us as Elaine Lutz, an Aquatic Fitness Spe-
course is held at the Village of Robinwood Re-           cialist who is certified with the Aquatic Therapy
tirement Community Centers indoor, heated                and Rehabilitation Institute, Aquatic Exercise
pool. The Village of Robinwood is located                Association, the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic
across the street from the Robinwood Medical             Program, Ai Chi International, Hydro-Fit Acad-
Center. Please use the entrance marked Town              emy, and is a registered nurse who has 35
Center. Please consult with your physician               years of experience in Aquatics training, leads
before beginning a new exercise program.                 a shallow water exercise program implement-
Materials fee includes: use of pool, hot tub,            ing the principles of Pilates. She will integrate
locker room and shower. FIT 012 C will not               the core conditioning to strengthen, lengthen
meet on Monday, 1/18. Class Limit: 15                    and improve muscular-skeletal strength and
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35                           alignment using support and resistance of the
Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5                   water. This course will assist with improved
FIT 012 C MW 02:30PM-03:30PM 01/11/10-02/22/10           strength and alignment of the body, gentle
     J Souders Village At Robinwood Pool                 stretching to lengthen muscles, improve pos-
FIT 012 D MW 02:30PM-03:30PM 03/08/10-04/14/10           ture, core stability, muscle balance, static and
     J Souders Village At Robinwood Pool                 dynamic balance. Please bring a “fun noodle”
                                                         which can be purchased at many local stores
Splash Aerobics
                                                         to this class. Course material fee is for shower
You will really get moving, marching, hopping,
                                                         and locker use. Class Limit: 15
kicking and splashing in this great new water
                                                         Fee: $55 Senior Adult Fee: $39
aerobics course with Juanita Souders! This is
                                                         Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5
a great, but simple cardiovascular workout
                                                         MBP 084 A1 T 05:30PM-06:15PM 03/23/10-05/11/10
that is followed by stretching and toning ex-               E Lutz Village At Robinwood Pool
ercises. You can work out in shallow or deep
water. This is recommended for all who are               Aqua Zumba
comfortable with moderate exercise. Please               ITS HERE! AQUA ZUMBA! Bring the party to the
consult with your physician before beginning             pool! The magic that makes Zumba unique
a new exercise routine. Materials fee includes:          from other fitness workouts is its formula of
use of pool, hot tub, locker room and shower.            turning classes into an exhilarating party-like
Class Limit: 15                                          workout. This magic comes to the water in a
Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35                           CHALLENGING workout to splash your way
Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5                   to fitness. Experience the merengue, cha-
FIT 001 C1 TTh 02:30PM-03:30PM 01/12/10-                 cha, salsa, lambacia tango, flamenco like you
     02/18/10 J Souders Village At Robinwood Pool        never have before. Join instructor, Anita Binder
FIT 001 D1 TTh 02:30PM-03:30PM 03/09/10-                 (Certified by Zumba, AEA and AFAA) in making
     04/15/10 J Souders Village At Robinwood Pool        some waves with Aqua Zumba. Materials fee

                            For registration information, see pages 71-76                                     6
Healthy Living

 includes: use of pool, hot tub, locker room        Fee: $99 Senior Adult Fee: $59
 and showers. Class Limit: 15                       Registration Fee: $5
 Fee: $49 Materials Fee: $5                         MBP 119 B1     W 06:00PM-07:30PM 01/27/10-03/17/10
 Registration Fee: $5                                  S Heurich    Career Programs Building 213
 MBP 125 A1 M 06:45PM-07:45PM 01/11/10-03/15/10     MBP 119 C1     W 06:00PM-07:30PM 03/31/10-05/26/10
    A Binder Village At Robinwood Pool                 S Heurich    Career Programs Building 213

                                                    Yoga for the Health of It! With Simone
 Yoga                                               Heurich RYT 00, Certified Anusara Yoga
 A Taste of Yoga With Simone Heurich RYT 00,       This yoga class is perfect for you if you have
 Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor                  a special condition that you would like to
 This introductory session will give you the op-    improve or find more comfort with. We will
 portunity to experience basic poses, breathing     modify poses for a variety of needs, such as
 and relaxation techniques of Hatha Yoga. You       fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and chronic
 will discover that the many benefits of yoga       fatigue. We will also utilize therapeutic tech-
 await you, no matter your age or abilities.        niques in poses to create better alignment,
 Poses are modified as needed for each indi-        more strength as well as flexibility with foot,
 vidual, and you will learn how to bring yourself   knee, hip, back shoulder and neck problems.
 more comfort through proper alignment, and         Whatever your unique situation is, our hope is
 balanced strength and flexibility. Through         that you will leave this class with some specific
 hatha yoga, experience a more vibrant body,        ways to feel better. Class Limit: 12
 peaceful mind and joyful heart. Yoga instructor    Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 Simone Heurich has been a student of yoga for      Registration Fee: $5
 over 30 years and is a Certified Teacher in the    MBP 037 B1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 03/06/10-03/20/10
 Anusara style of Hatha Yoga and a 500 hour            S Heurich Career Programs Building 213
 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga
 Alliance. Students are asked to wear comfort-
 able clothing and bring a floor mat and one        Zumba
 or two blankets. Class Limit: 10
 Fee: $25 Registration Fee: $5                      Zumba Gold
 PDV 799 B1 S 02:00PM-04:00PM 01/23/10 S Heurich    This workout uses easy to follow steps for the
     Career Programs Building 213                   Active Older Adult or Beginner. Zumba fitness
                                                    program is inspired by Latin dance. Combining
 Yoga for Everybody With Simone Heurich RYT         Latin Rhythms with cardiovascular exercise
 00, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor             creates an aerobic routine that is fun and easy
 This session will introduce students to the ba-    to follow. The name Zumba is derived from a
 sic poses, breathing and relaxation techniques     Colombian word meaning to move fast and
 of Hatha Yoga. Through developing yourself         have fun. Using the principles of fitness inter-
 awareness, you will learn proper alignment,        val training and resistance training maximizes
 increase your strength, and improve your flex-     caloric output, fat burning, and total body
 ibility. Through encouragement in honoring         toning. Dance steps are easy to follow and it
 where you are starting from, you will experi-      is fun and addictive. The terrific Latin rhythms
 ence the benefits of yoga without unnecessary      in the program have taken the ‘work’ out of
 discomfort. You’ll appreciate how important        “working out.” Class Limit: 20
 your breathing is and learn ways to breath in a    Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $39
 more balanced way. Through hatha yoga, you         Registration Fee: $5
 can experience a more vibrant body, peaceful       MBP 052 B1 M 08:45AM-09:45AM 01/11/10-03/08/10
 mind, and joyful heart. This session is suitable      A Binder Athletic & Rec. Bldg 201
 for all ages and abilities. Yoga instructor Sim-
                                                    Women’s Self-Defense Seminar
 one Heurism has been a student of yoga for
                                                    This seminar is designed for women who are
 over 30 years and is a Certified Teacher in the
                                                    interested in all aspects of self-protection
 Anusara style of Hatha Yoga and a 500 hour
                                                    from an assailant. During this seminar, you
 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga
                                                    will gain an understanding of the background
 Alliance. Students are asked to wear comfort-
                                                    and theory underlying the use of self-defense
 able clothing and bring a floor mat and one
                                                    methods that involve awareness, avoidance,
 or two blankets. Class Limit: 15
                                                    and active response. The instructor will ad-

 66                         Winter 010 •
                                                                                  Healthy Living

dress your own concerns and scenarios, ac-         Massage
cording to the types of attacks that you worry
about most as women. You will learn how            Friends and Family Massage Series: Seated
to deal with problem situations via training       Chair Massage
methods that are suited for your own level of      Imagine the stress we experience in a day...
strength and ability as women. We will cover       jobs, family, finance, health problems and
basic principles of evasion and getting away,      all the other conflicts that may arise. Now
certain legal issues as they pertain to self-      imagine simple non-invasive, massage tech-
defense, and your mental state as it carries       niques that will aide in relaxation and stress
through to physical methods used against           reduction. Join Chuck and Terrye Armstrong,
specific attacks. You will have time for basic     Nationally Certified Massage Therapists, for a
solo practice of the methods, which will help      two-hour session that will provide you with
you to build in basic body responses that          the necessary information and techniques that
are based on sound principles. You will then       will help alleviate: stress, neck and shoulder
practice some of the methods in pairs at a         pain, headaches, and muscle tension and
controlled pace for safety and to assure they      discomfort. Wear comfortable, loose clothing
are performed correctly and will project well      and bring a pillow. Class Limit: 16
to a sudden and full-speed situation. Then you     Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35
will drill the solo form again. You can then try   Registration Fee: $5
these (in a controlled manner) with the instruc-   MBP 089 B1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 03/06/10
tor in order to check your skills against a bit       T Armstrong Valley Mall 4
more strength as an added obstacle. While no
one method can make you invulnerable to a          Friends and Family Massage Series: Hand and
determined predator, this seminar should give      Foot Massage
you the knowledge and skills training needed       Tired, aching feet and hands? Learn how to
to better develop your own edge for dealing        effectively and properly massage your hands
with dangerous situations. Class Limit: 30         and fee. Join Chuck and Terrye Armstrong,
Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $5                      Nationally Certified Massage Therapists, for a
MBP 067 B M 06:00PM-09:00PM 03/01/10 P Cote        two-hour session that provides you with the
   Career Programs Building 211                    necessary information that will help alleviate:
                                                   * Pain caused by average daily living * Hand
                                                   and wrist pain * Muscle tension and discomfort
Middle Eastern Dancing                             * Soreness and stiffness Wear comfortable,
                                                   loose clothing and bring a pillow. Limit the
Middle Eastern Dancing                             amount of jewelry on hands and wrists. Class
Discover your inner beauty and strength            Limit: 12
through an exciting and ancient art form of        Fee: $39 Senior Adult Fee: $35
dance. Join Amira who provides you with            Registration Fee: $5
an introduction to belly dancing which is a        MBP 090 B1 S 10:00AM-12:00PM 03/20/10
wonderful recreational activity and art form          T Armstrong Valley Mall 4
that can be enjoyed at any fitness level. Par-
ticipants will learn what is common in all belly   Learn to Massage Your Baby                NEW!
dance styles and work on exercises that can        Infant massage class is a wonderful way for you
help them improve posture, strength, and           to learn how your baby communicates by use
flexibility. Dancing is a great way to relieve     of nurturing touch and massage techniques
tension and stress. This class embraces all body   for your baby. This course is for parent(s) and
types and ages. Benefits include improving         their infant. The infant should be under 10
self-image by increasing awareness of posture,     months of age. Only the parent(s) are in con-
grace, body language, facial expressions, and      tact with their child. Possible Benefits for your
good health. Class will not meet 2/25/10.          Baby: More relaxed and possibly deeper and
Class Limit: 25                                    longer sleep. Baby forms a trusting relation-
Fee: $65 Materials Fee: $5                         ship with you as their parent stimulates brain
Registration Fee: $5                               development and body awareness. Possible
MBP 068 A1 Th 07:30PM-08:30PM 01/14/10-03/04/10    benefits for you as a parent: More comfort in
   M Hobbs Athletic & Rec. Bldg 201                parenting skills, More awareness of what is

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                               67
Healthy Living

 normal for your baby, understand and respond        feel free to contact Anne directly: anneaden@
 to baby’s cues. Our instructor Melissa McElroy Class Limit: 8
 is an experienced, certified educator of infant     Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50
 massage through “Infant Massage USA.” She           Registration Fee: $5
 has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is        MBP 039 A S 09:00AM-05:00PM 02/20/10 A Aden
 a Home Based teacher serving families with             Valley Mall 6
 young children. Class Limit: 6
 Fee: $55 Materials Fee: $5
                                                     Usui Reiki Level One
                                                     Reiki, pronounced “ray-kee,” Rei meaning
 Registration Fee: $5
 MBP 128 A1 Th 06:30PM-07:30PM 01/21/10-02/18/10     universal life force and Ki meaning individual
    Staff Valley Mall 3                              life force in Japanese. Reiki is a rediscovery
                                                     of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique
                                                     of healing that involves the transfer of heal-
 Mind, Body and Spirit                               ing energies form one person to the next.
                                                     BENEFITS of Reiki: Induces a deep relaxation
 Principles of Meditation—A Joyous Peaceful          response which decreases stress, anxiety,
 Way of Life                                         decreasing pain and improving sleep, works
 The practice of this ancient art will enrich your   through the autonomic system to lower blood
 life experiences and expand your horizon. It        pressure and heart rate, augments the ability
 is an excellent support to prevent, slow or         of the immune system in healing, stimulates
 control cardiovascular disease, improve the         brain production of endorphins that act to
 ability to sustain concentration, restore bal-      decrease the perception of pain and create
 ance for depression, develop constructive           a state of well-being, decreases the negative
 use of thought patterns and ease pain associ-       effects of treatments such as chemotherapy,
 ated with chronic diseases. If the practice of      radiation, or drug therapy by reducing stress,
 meditation is a new concept you would like          anxiety, decreasing pain, improving sleep, and
 to experience - or if you wish to renew your        increasing appetite. Class Limit: 15
 meditation practice, this course will help you      Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $35
 establish a firm foundation. Mary Ann Allan is      Materials Fee: $5 Registration Fee: $5
 a lifelong seeker in the field of Ancient Arts;     MBP 069 A S 09:00AM-04:00PM 04/17/10
 an Astarian of the Eighth Degree. She has              A Hargett Valley Mall 3
 been practicing meditation for over 40 years;       Beginning T’ai Chi (easy T’ai Chi Primer Form)
 teaching in the community for 2 decades.            This beginning course in t’ai chi ch’uan is de-
 Class Limit: 15                                     signed especially for the novice and for seniors
 Fee: $65 Senior Adult Fee: $35                      who wish to learn and practice a simplified
 Registration Fee: $5                                version this profound art form. In this class,
 MBP 027 A1 W 10:30AM-12:00PM 01/13/10-02/17/10
                                                     the art of t’ai chi is taught as a holistic exer-
    M Allan Valley Mall 3
                                                     cise that promotes health, improves balance,
 MBP 027 B1 T 06:30PM-08:00PM 02/23/10-03/30/10
                                                     and enhances mind-body awareness. The
    M Allan Valley Mall 7
                                                     participant will receive step-by-step instruc-
 Reiki Jin Kei Do Level I                            tion in an easy-to-learn primer form of less
 Join Anne Lively-Aden, Reiki Jin Kei Do (TM)        than 20 movements selected from the Yang
 Master: This unique lineage of Reiki was first      and Wu styles of t’ai chi. The instruction will
 introduced in the US in 1990 by the Japanese        also include some of the basic principles and
 yogi, Seiji Takamori, and is based on the Bud-      theory derived from ancient Chinese thought
 dhist principles of wisdom and compassion.          as well as from modern human anatomy and
 This workshop will introduce students to the        physiology. When practiced correctly, t’ai chi
 wonderful healing properties of Reiki and           promotes natural resistance to disease and
 teach how to use it to support your medita-         helps speed recovery. The movements of t’ai
 tion and healing. In addition to receiving the      chi are circular, soft, and flowing, and are per-
 first series of attunements, participants will      formed slowly with concentration and control.
 learn self-treatment, a full treatment for others   This course is an excellent system for people of
 and meditation and Qi Gong techniques. The          all ages and fitness levels as it builds strength,
 class is open to anyone, including those who        flexibility, balance, and endurance in a very
 have received training in other Reiki lineages.     gentle and low-impact manner. In beginning
 If you have questions before the class, please      t’ai chi, the participant can return again-and-

 6                         Winter 010 •
                                                                                   Healthy Living

again to same class and simplified primer          Bones for LifeTM Healthy Bones...
form for depth of understanding, or use the        A Guide for Help With Osteoporosis, Arthritis
lessons as a foundation if they wish to pursue     and Better Balance
continued studies of t’ai chi at an intermediate   Join Tammy Spitzer, a physical therapist who is
or advanced level. Wear comfortable clothing       also a guild-certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
and flat-soled shoes. Class Limit: 24              TM
                                                     , as you learn how to better use your skeletal
Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $55                     alignment to improve posture, balance, and a
Registration Fee: $5                               feeling of safety. This system was developed
MBP 072 A1 Th 06:00PM-07:00PM 01/21/10-03/25/10
                                                   by Ruthie Alon, GCFP with roots in The Felden-
   P Cote Career Programs Building 213
                                                   krais Method. People can sense a dynamic,
Intermediate T’ai Chi                              powerful alignment using pressure through
 (Authentic Northern Wu Style)                     the feet or hands in a safe and stable manner
This intermediate level course features the        helps to stimulate bone strength. Techniques
authentic Northern Wu style t’ai chi ch’uan        shared in this class will give you options for
that was passed down via the late Grand-           safe and effective movement with less fear of
master Wang Peisheng of Beijing, China. This       falling. People who have attended this session
class is suited for those continuing on from       have stated that these strategies have helped
beginning t’ai chi and for those who are ready     them feel stronger, clearer, more flexible, and
from the start to experience a more challeng-      that they experience an improved blood flow
ing method of t’ai chi ch’uan practice. The        in their arms and legs. This technique improves
participant will receive step-by-step detailed     balance and strength on any level, for those
instruction in the movements and principles        who feel healthy, or if you are challenged with
of the 37-posture Wu style t’ai chi form. No       balance difficulties. It can also help improve
previous experience with t’ai chi is required      self-confidence and attitude. Please wear
if you are in good health and feel you are         loose, comfortable clothing and bring an extra
ready to begin your t’ai chi experience at an      pair of socks. New this season, is use of brightly
intermediate level. Those who have taken one       colored “wraps” to help you feel more firmly
or more semesters of the beginner’s t’ai chi       aligned. Very helpful for ages 40+ to reduce
course, and those who have practiced other         risks of osteoporosis. Class Limit: 20
t’ai chi styles, are welcome. The participant      Fee: $45 Senior Adult Fee: $35
in this class will experience all of the same      Registration Fee: $5
mind-body benefits mentioned for beginning         MBP 080 A S 09:00AM-12:00PM 03/06/10 T Spitzer
                                                      Valley Mall 3
t’ai chi, and will make rapid progress toward a
higher understanding of t’ai chi for both health
and self-defense. Wear comfortable clothing
and flat-soled shoes. Class Limit: 16
Fee: $79 Senior Adult Fee: $55
Registration Fee: $5
MBP 073 A1 Th 07:00PM-08:00PM 01/21/10-03/25/10
   P Cote Career Programs Building 213

                        For registration information, see pages 71-76                               6
Adult Education

                 Adult Education Programs at hCC
                            HCC	is	now	the	home	of	the	Washington	County	Adult	Education	
                            Program.	The	mission	of	the	program	is	to	provide	adult	learners	(16	
                            years	of	age	or	older)	with	basic	life	skills,	including	reading,	writing,	
                            and	mathematics	to	increase	their	literacy	rates	and/or	prepare	them	
                            for	the	labor	market	or	further	educational/vocational	training.

   Definitions of Adult Education Programs
   Adult Basic Education (ABE):	Key	objectives	include	increasing	basic	academic	skills;	
   improving	life	skills,	job	readiness	skills,	job	seeking	skills,	job	retention	skills,	and	parenting	
   skills;	and	meeting	personal	goals	such	as	being	able	to	read	the	bus	destination	banner.
   Adult Secondary Education (ASE): Key	objectives	include	life	skills,	parenting,	citizenship,	
   preparation	for	the	GED	examination	or	the	Maryland		Adult	External	High	School	Diploma	
   Program,	employability	skills,	job	readiness	skills,	job	seeking	skills,	and	job	retention.
   English as a Second Language (ESL):	Key	objectives	include	purposeful	use	of	language,	life	
   skills,	EL	civics/citizenship,	English	language	skills	in	speaking	and	writing,	employability	skills,	
   job	readiness	skills,	job	seeking	skills,	and	job	retention	skills.
   Family Literacy (FL):	Services	are	provided	to	families	with	at	least	one	parent	eligible	for	
   adult	education	services	and	at	least	one	child	aged	birth	through	16.	Services	include	the	
        1.	 Interactive	literacy	activities	between	parents	and	children.
        2.	 Training	for	parents	regarding	how	to	be	the	primary	teachers	for	their	children	and	full	
            partnersin	the	education	of	their	children.
        3.	 Parent	literacy	training	that	leads	to	economic	self-sufficiency.
        4.	 Age	appropriate	education	to	prepare	children	for	success	in	school	and	life	
   Maryland Adult External high school Diploma Program (EDP)
   is	a	competency-based,	applied	performance,	high	school	diploma	program	for	adults	18	
   years	of	age	or	older	who	have	acquired	academic	and	occupational	skills	through	their	life	
   Official GED Practice Test
   Key	objectives	include	eight	weeks	reviewing	high	school	level	skills,	which	culminate	in	
   the	Official	GED	Practice	Test.	Comparable	to	the	actual	GED	exam,	the	Practice	Test	uses	
   questions	similar	in	content,	difficulty,	and	format	and	is	a	good	tool	in	deciding	whether	the	
   student	is	adequately	prepared	to	succeed	on	the	actual	GED	Test	or	whether	additional	study/
   practice	is	recommended.
      MusT call 301-790-2800, ext. 313 to register and attend an orientation.
                                      Classes begin January 4.

      GED/EDP Orientation Dates*                          ESL Orientation Dates*
      January	7	     (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        January	14	      (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      January	8	     (Friday)	             9:30	am        January	15	      (Friday)	             9:30	am
      February	4	    (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        February	11	     (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      February	5	    (Friday)	             9:30	am        February	12	     (Friday)	             9:30	am
      March	4	       (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        March	11	        (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      March	5	       (Friday)	             9:30	am        March	19	        (Friday)	             9:30	am
      April	8	       (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        April	15	        (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      April	9	       (Friday)	             9:30	am        April	16	        (Friday)	             9:30	am
      May	6	         (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        May	13	          (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      May	7	         (Friday)	             9:30	am        May	14	          (Friday)	             9:30	am
      June	3	        (Thursday)	           5:30	pm        June	10	         (Thursday)	           6:00	pm
      June	4	        (Friday)	             9:30	am        June	11	         (Friday)	             9:30	am

                                   *schedule subject to change

 70                           Winter 010 •
                                                                                                         Registration is Easy

Office Hours/Registration Hours                                        College Holidays
Monday thru Thursday                         8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.       • Monday, January 18, 2009—Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Friday                                       8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.       • Friday, March 12, 2010—Spring Break
                                                                       • Classes will not be on the HCC Main Campus March 8-14, 2010,
Valley Mall Center                                                       due to Spring Break.
Monday thru Thursday                       8:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
Friday                                     8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
                                                                       Employer’s Tuition Assistance
Selected Saturday hours at the Valley Mall Center only.                If your employer is paying for your course, we must receive a
                                                                       purchase order or a letter on company letterhead along with your
  You may register for Continuing Education classes                    registration form. The purchase order or letter must state what
                                                                       the employer is paying (i.e. tuition, material fee), your name, and
   now! Registrations will be accepted through the
                                                                       the course(s) in which you are enrolling. Registrations will not
  first day of class if space is available. However, we                be processed without this paperwork. If the employer is paying
           encourage you to SIGN UP EARLY.                             for your textbook, a separate letter or purchase order must be
                                                                       submitted to the Bookstore at the time of purchase.
For Additional Information
CONTACT:                                                               Tuition and Fees
Center for Continuing Education
Hagerstown Community College                                           Any Maryland resident 60 years of age or older and who enrolls
11400 Robinwood Drive                                                  in a Maryland funded course, is exempt from payment of tuition
Hagerstown, MD 21742-6590                                              but must pay the $35 fee (or higher fee if indicated in the course
                                                                       description) and any other applicable fees. Tuition does not include
Phone Number                                                           any fees or costs associated with a self-supporting program.
301-790-2800, extension 236                                            All students who enroll in continuing education classes which are
Valley Mall                                                            not eligible for State funding—shall pay full tuition and fee.
301-790-2800, extension 565                                            All students registering for an open enrollment course shall pay a
For Out-of-County and Out-of-State Students                            $5 registration fee. Checks should be made payable to Hagerstown
1-866-422-2468                                                         Community College. There will be a “returned check fee” of $35
                                                                       for checks returned for insufficient funds.
HCC Valley Mall FAX Number
                                                                       For information concerning tuition assistance for individuals with
                                                                       disabilities, please call 301-790-2800, extension 273.
Our E-Mail Address                                                 Refund Policy
Our Web Address                                                        A full refund will be granted when a class is filled or cancelled.                                                   A refund will be given when a student withdraws from a course,
                                                                       subject to the following limitations:
IT Schedule
                                                                       •   Withdrawal prior to the second class—100% of fee will be
                                                                       •   Seminars or one-day classes must be cancelled at least 1 day
Use of Cell Phones and Pagers During Class                                 in advance to receive a 100% refund.
Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or set to vibrate when     •   Refunds for all trips are subject to availability based upon
class is in session. Calls must not interrupt the class. If students       agreements with all vendors. Please call the Continuing
have to make or take calls on an emergency basis, please step out          Education Department for more information.
of the classroom to do so in order to minimize the disruption.
                                                                       College for Kids Refund Policy
ed2go Online Course Registration Information                           •   The College must be notified 48 hours in advance of the
                                                                           first class session
Online courses offered by HCC can be attended based on your
                                                                       •   Refunds will not be processed after the first class
personal schedule, day or night! New classes start on the second
Wednesday of each month with 2 lessons posted each week.
                                                                       •   To request a refund, please call 301-790-2800, ext. 236
Print the online registration form and forward it along with your
payment to the Hagerstown Community College, Continuing                Course Cancellations
Education Office.                                                      Each non-credit class requires a minimum number of enrollees to
                                                                       run. The decision to hold or cancel a class is made in most cases
If you have additional questions, you can also e-mail our student
                                                                       three business days prior to the start of the class. The college,
liaison at
                                                                       however, reserves the right to cancel a class at any time due to
                                                                       unexpected circumstances.

                                 For registration information, see pages 71-76                                                          71
Registration is Easy

 Admission                                                              Radio Stations
 Anyone 16 years of age or older is eligible for admission (unless      WARK ...........................................................................1490 AM
 specified otherwise).                                                  WWEG .........................................................................106.9 FM
                                                                        WAYZ...........................................................................104.7 FM
 Registration Confirmation                                              WCHA.............................................................................800 AM
 You will receive confirmation of your registration. Attend             WCRH ............................................................................90.5 FM
 class on the date and time indicated.                                  WDLD ............................................................................96.7 FM
                                                                        WEPM ..........................................................................1340 AM
                                                                        WFMD ............................................................................930 AM
 Children’s Learning Center
                                                                        WFRE ............................................................................99.9 FM
 Hours: Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.                              WHAG ..........................................................................1410 AM
 HCC’s new Children’s Learning Center is now open. Full and             WIKZ .............................................................................95.1 FM
 part-time child care is offered for children ages 2 to 6 years. Call   WINC ..............................................................92.5 FM/1400 AM
 01-70-00, extension .                                           WJEJ.............................................................................1240 AM
                                                                        WICL .............................................................................95.9 FM
 College Bookstore                                                      WLTF .............................................................................97.5 FM
 Normal Hours                                                           WQCM ...........................................................................94.3 FM
 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday                               WPPT ............................................................................92.1 FM
 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Friday                                             WBHB..........................................................................101.5 FM
 Call for Special Evening Hours.
 The Bookstore is located in the College Center. Textbooks may          Non-Credit/Credit Shared Courses
 be purchased in the HCC Bookstore. Disks will be issued the first      Selected courses may be taken for either academic credit or on a
 night of class by the instructor for computer classes. The cost of     non-credit basis. Should the student desire to transfer from non-
 the disk is included in the material fee.                              credit to credit, the student must transfer by the second week of
 Books and materials may be returned for a cash refund or exchange      class. In order to transfer from non-credit to credit, the student
 when accompanied by the original cash register receipt. Books          must first drop the course through Continuing Education and then
 must be returned in the original condition by the second               register in the Registrar’s Office. Students who have completed the
 class. The Bookstore Refund Policy is posted in the Bookstore.         non-credit course will receive a Certificate of Completion but will
                                                                        not be awarded college credits and may not earn college credit
 Bookstore: 01-70-00, extension 71.                                for the credit course by exam.

 Parking                                                                Certificate/CEU Information
 If you are taking classes on the HCC campus, you must register         Students do not receive grades for Continuing Education courses.
 your vehicle with the College. You may obtain the parking sticker      Some non-credit courses offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
 at the Registration Desk. When registering your vehicle, you need      You must inform the instructor if you need CEUs.
 your license tag number.
                                                                        Code of Student Conduct
 Emergency Closing                                                      Hagerstown Community College has established rules of behavior
 In case of severe weather or other emergency conditions, you           that must be followed so that the teaching/learning process is
 should listen to local radio or television announcements of            not disrupted. A copy of the student handbook is available in the
 closings.                                                              Continuing Education Office or the Student Government Office.

 Listen for specific mention of the College, since we will not          Smoking Policy
 necessarily close when the public schools do. When the public          The State law prohibits smoking on the premises of anyWashington
 schools are closed due to weather or emergencies, all classes at       County Public School. Smoking is also prohibited in the buildings
 public school locations are cancelled. When the College closes,
                                                                        on the HCC campus and the Valley Mall Center.
 all classes at off-campus sites are cancelled.
 Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or emergencies will
 be made up.

  7                                  Winter 010 •
                                                                                                            Registration is Easy

Equal Opportunity College                                                 Jeanne Cleary Act
Hagerstown Community College does not discriminate against                In accordance with the “Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus
any individual for reasons of race, sex, color, religion, national or     Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act” the Campus Police
ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, or conditions of disability in    prepares an annual Security Report. The report states the College’s
the admission and treatment of students, educational programs             security and crime reporting policies; crime prevention programs;
and activities, scholarship and loan programs, hiring of faculty          policies regarding alcoholic beverages; policies regarding illegal
and staff, or any terms and conditions of employment. The College         drugs; policies regarding sex offenses; the police authority of the
is committed to affirmative action.                                       Campus Police and the cooperation with other law enforcement
                                                                          agencies. The report also contains the crime statistics for the past
Individuals requiring special accommodations are requested to
                                                                          three years for enumerated crimes occurring on College property.
contact the Office of Student Services at 301-790-2800, extension
                                                                          As of October 1, 2000, this report can be accessed via the College’s
240, to make arrangements no later than ten (10) days prior to
                                                                          web page. However, if you would like a copy of the report sent to
the meeting or course.
                                                                          you, please write to the Campus Police Office, Hagerstown Com-
                                                                          munity College, 11400 Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown, Maryland
Disclaimer                                                                21742-6514 or call 301-790-2800, extension 312.
The College, of necessity, reserves the freedom to change without
notice any programs, policies, requirements, or regulations pub-          Birthdate and Social Security Number
lished herein. The College regrets any discrepancies or typographi-
                                                                          Your social security number and birthdate is requested on our
cal errors. This publication is not to be regarded as an irrevocable
                                                                          registration form for use as student identification numbers to
contract between the student and the College.
                                                                          help us avoid duplicating records and mailings. It is for internal
                                                                          use only and remains confidential. Your birthdate is required by
                                                                          the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

                                    off-Campus	locations
    Emma K. Doub Elementary School                                       St. Johns Lutheran Church
    1221 South Potomac Street                                            141 South Potomac Street
    Hagerstown, MD 21740                                                 Hagerstown, MD 21740
    First Christian Church                                               Synergy Healing Arts Center
    1345 Potomac Avenue                                                  13593 Monterey Lane
    Hagerstown, MD 21740                                                 Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
    Fort Ritchie                                                         The Knitting Cottage
    14310 Castle Drive                                                   21941 Leitersburg Pike
    Cascade, MD 21719                                                    Hagerstown, MD 21742
    The Fun and Learning Center                                          Village at Robinwood
    13510 Corello Drive                                                  19800 Tranquility Circle
    Hagerstown, MD 21740                                                 Hagerstown, MD 21740
    Hagerstown Seventh Day Adventist                                     Washington County Hospital
    Church                                                               251 East Antietam Street
    11507 Robinwood Drive                                                Hagerstown, MD 21470
    Hagerstown, MD 21742
                                                                         Washington County Technical High School
    Little Antietam Community Center                                     50 West Oak Ridge Drive
    40 Mount Vernon Drive                                                Hagerstown, MD 21740
    Keedysville, MD 21756
                                                                         Western Maryland Hospital Center
    Robinwood Medical Center                                             1500 Pennsylvania Avenue
    11100 Medical Campus Road                                            Hagerstown, MD 21740
    Hagerstown, MD 21742
                                                                         100 East Baltimore Street
                                                                         Funkstown, MD 21734

                                  For registration information, see pages 71-76                                                            7
Registration is Easy

  7                   Winter 010 •
                                                Registration is Easy

For registration information, see pages 71-76                   7
Registration is Easy

  76                   Winter 010 •

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