; Vice President Sales Marketing in San Francisco Bay CA Resume Donald Araldi
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Vice President Sales Marketing in San Francisco Bay CA Resume Donald Araldi


Donald Araldi energized sales in the most volatile and competitive of markets through relentless customer focus and ongoing service. He is equally accomplished in adding new business, and selling more to existing accounts. Donald has successfully planned and managed the entire sales cycle, from market assessment and opportunity identification through sales training, direct customer interaction and closure. By mastering this critical path, he has led benchmark revenue growth for technology-based products and professional services in tough, cost-sensitive markets.

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									D o n a l d P. A r a l d i
Mountain View, CA 94040 - donaraldi@gmail.com
Vice President Sales
B2B Market Identification / Consultative Sales / Multi-Market Growth Planning / Product Launch
Channel Development / Startups / Turnaround / Business Alliances / P&L / Team Leadership
I energized sales in the most volatile and competitive of markets through relentless customer focus and ongoing service. I
am equally accomplished in adding new business, and selling more to existing accounts. I have successfully planned and
managed the entire sales cycle, from market assessment and opportunity identification through sales training, direct
customer interaction and closure. By mastering this critical path, I have led benchmark revenue growth for technology-
based products and professional services in tough, cost-sensitive markets.

                       Driving sales growth in rapidly changing, competitive markets
                       Enabling sales teams to achieve record performance (Over-Quota 27 years)
                       Building collaborative relationships with customers
                       Turning around sales underperformance
I have a BS Commerce (Marketing major) from Santa Clara University. My trademark skills are in quickly and easily
establishing profitable C-level customer relationships. I have a well deserved reputation as a thought leader in creating
and driving the initiatives that enabled companies to achieve beyond their expectations.
                                              SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Applied creative alternatives to fuel rapid growth. Effectively leveraged consultative approach with C-level executives
instead of traditional mid-level managers. Partnered with banks, private equity firms and brokers. Grew assets-under-
management from $0 to $6.5B. Made Wilton Re fastest growing life reinsurance company in the US.
Expanded technology-based sales support. Inadequate product demonstration capability was causing increasingly
frequent losses of account business to Information Builders’ competitors. Created National Accounts Technology Team.
Increased sales 25% and recaptured lost market share through high impact sample solutions.
Reconceived sales strategy. Replaced Crystal Decisions’ software emphasis on seat licensing with consultative
approach. Enabled sales team to uncover and resolve customer problems, significantly expanding perceived value.
Migrated sales from seat licensing to enterprise licensing. Grew average sale from four figures to five.
Captured elusive major market. Rebuilt Crystal Decisions’ sales and professional services team in the NY metro
market. Quickly and effectively penetrated financial, media and pharmaceutical buying offices that had responded poorly
to prior sales management. Generated inquiry levels that were challenging to keep up with.
Restored company’s ability to meet or exceed quota. DuPont Safety Resources group had missed sales targets for
several years. Restructured sales around professional sales staff instead of chemical engineers and plant managers.
Introduced new compensation plan. Quickly hit 200% of quota.
                                                   CAREER SUMMARY
Senior VP / Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Wilton Re, 2005 to Present. Built sales and marketing group for this
startup-to-$300M provider of risk and capital management solutions, reinsurance and closed book runoff business
services for the life insurance industry. Lead team of six in building relationships with C-level customers.
VP North American Sales, Information Builders, 2002 to 2004. Led multi-office sales organization for this $350M
provider of enterprise business intelligence and web-based reporting software. Assembled industry-leading team through
vigorous recruiting and training. Headed management team of five Regional VPs and 23 Branch Managers.
Regional Sales Manager, Crystal Decisions, 2000 to 2002. Forged new sales and professional services team for this
$250M enterprise business intelligence software company’s New England region. Held P&L responsibility for growing
revenue from Fortune 1000 accounts through a sales force of 30.
Prior Assignments: Sales and Business Development Manager, DuPont Safety Resources. VP Regional Development,
Stibo Group. Sales Representative, Hewlett-Packard.
Santa Clara University / B.S.C. – Marketing, Santa Clara, California, graduated in June of 1983.

     I am a tenacious sales executive with an impressive and successful track record (Every year of my career has
      resulted in over quota performance). I have extensive experience developing and maintaining solid relationships
      with Fortune 1000 customers, SMB accounts, and within the government sector as well. I have worked effectively
      with professionals at all levels of the organization. My transition from one employer to the next has consistently
      been via aggressive recruitment efforts on the part of the companies themselves to get me working on their team!

     My seasoned experience selling services as well as my success building and developing sales teams and
      execution successes over the years make me a strong candidate for this key role within the organization. I have
      very good direct experience with solution selling and have also designed training classes on solution selling. I
      have strong new product/services roll-out experience, and a lot of expertise entering new vertical markets as well
      as new geographic territories. I have achieved tremendous success in a variety of sales environments and have
      15+ years of sales experience in strategic planning and execution in a solutions sales environment.

     I have proven experience designing and developing a sales force and is adept at identifying talent, extensive
      experience mentoring and developing team members in the field as well as inside sales teams across multiple
      business segments, and I have developed appropriate training and development courses. In addition, I have
      been on the ground floor with 6 start-ups, developing processes and fine-tuning them as an organization matures.
      I am adept at structuring sales quota goals and revenue expectations and I have achieved process development
      successes. I have built and managed both inside and field sales teams which ranged in size from 10 people to
      150+, which ranged in scope from regional to international, and which ranged in revenue responsibility from $10
      to $350 million annually.

     I worked for Crystal Decisions as a Regional Sales Manager and was responsible for rebuilding the entire
      organization for New England, and the Tri-State area. The previous efforts to grow a presence in the Northeast
      had failed. The VP of Sales hired me to build a new presence and capture market share from the companies
      already firmly entrenched there. These efforts included hiring consulting staff and sales team members. During
      my tenure with Crystal, the region became the number one region in the U.S. which played a crucial role in
      Crystal’s efforts to ramp up for an IPO or buyout. My success was noted by a number of competitors, and after 2
      years with Crystal, I was sought after by several organizations.

     As the VP of North American Sales with Information Builders, I revamped the sales process, revamped the
      process for evaluating, hiring and training sales reps, built an entirely new back office support infrastructure, and
      redesigned the pre-sales technical engineers from the ground up. IBI had a superior product offering, but
      apparently didn’t know how to position it and showcase its strengths against the competition. With my help, this
      challenge was overcome successfully. My responsibilities grew to include management and training of the
      European offices as well while the company looked for a new VP of Europe.

     Throughout my career, I have proven my ability to gain an audience with key decision-makers within an
      organization. Even when I have changed industries completely and started selling a new product or service into
      accounts that I had never called on previously, I have repeated this success. I am adept at building long-term
      relationships where my clients see me as a trusted advisor.

     For the last six years, I have been working as the SVP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Wilton Re, where I
      was once again thrust into a completely new line of products and services. For six straight years the company
      has superseded every analyst’s prediction for their growth, and Wilton Re has been the fastest growing company
      in the field.

     I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University, I am an excellent team player with
      boundless creativity, and I possess a broad-based career background that adds to my ability to find creative
      solutions. I am able and willing to travel as needed, and I also have a willingness to work a flexible schedule as
      may be required to get the job done. I have excellent time management skills. I have professional written and
      verbal communication and interpersonal skills and I have managed communications with the press, investors, and
      board members. I am also an excellent public speaker and professional with dynamic presentation skills. I have
      extensive experience selling and managing sales teams, focused on both Federal and State government
      agencies, and I am well-acquainted with the process of selling to government agencies. I am an outstanding
      candidate that would make a significant contribution to your continued growth and success.

      “I worked with Don when he was VP of NA Sales at Information Builders and I found him to be a hugely energetic,
       highly focused marketing and sales executive who has a knack for increasing excitement around products. Don's
       enthusiasm and drive are contagious, making him very effective at building strong internal and external
       relationships. He is an especially talented presenter. Don was a strong asset to the sales organization at IBI and I
       believe he will continue to contribute a lot of value for whichever organization he is working.” Monica McDonald
       Banks, Senior Marketing Manager, Information Builders, Inc.

      “I've known Don since 1995 and we have worked together at four different companies. Don is an outstanding
       professional whose strategic intuition and business acumen enable him to consistently achieve results. His
       passion is infectious and his personality and genuine nature allows him to easily foster strong relationships with
       his partners, co-workers and clients. I have always been impressed with Don's ability to ask the tough questions
       when necessary as well as provide succinct, carefully considered, and direct advice to customers and partners.
       Don is brilliant, talented, funny, hardworking, focused, savvy and driven. He is also very collaborative and open-
       minded which helps him achieve superb results. My highest praise for Don is for his introspection - he continually
       strives to improve himself, both personally and professionally. Don is a former co-worker, a friend, a mentor and
       someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend for nearly any responsibility.” Karen Knowles, Sales,

      “I had worked with Don Araldi at Contour Software while I was a project manager of one of the key software
       products. He was highly regarded for his sales success for the company, while on the support end, he was
       keeping us busy with his volume of sales coming in. We would aid in supporting the customers after he had
       installed, trained and deployed the products for the customer. Don was not only one that could adapt and
       understand various business models represented by our customers in the mortgage industry. He also had a solid
       background in technology that eased the customers concerns when deciding to make a major shift towards
       technology. Don, straight forward and an honest gentleman, one of integrity and professionalism with customers
       and the company staff; he was always a key player in the company. Customers were very satisfied with the way
       he would simplify such a significant project to a simple turn-key system and communicate often with customers
       face to face and get great results on the products use. Don had always recruited people to work with him and he
       would train them to the best of their capacity his Professional Service and Sales he was providing for the
       company. I later became the COO of the company, remembering how Don would sell and provide a service; I had
       wished we had more like Don Araldi on our team.” Pat McGale, COO, Contour Software

      “In working with Don at an online storage networking company as one of his sales people, I found Don to be
       incredibly diligent, intelligent and a great manager and communicator. He ran a national sales team and was our
       lead presenter. He demonstrated excellent consultative selling skills and was a consummate closer. His patience
       and thoughtful style, under even the most pressure, was a great example to his team and fellow executives. I
       think Don would make and excellent management addition to any company who wants to cultivate their people
       and still make their number.” Tom Beck, Owner, Catapult Direct Marketing

      “I can't speak highly enough for Don as my manager. As an Enterprise Sales Executive, I was tasked with
       penetrating Fortune 50 accounts to sell our software platform. Don provided invaluable guidance based on his
       many years as a sales representative and manager. Don led by example and shared his proven experience
       building relationships, navigating complex organizations, identifying opportunities and ulimately closing the
       business. I would highly recommend Don for any future position.” Victor Bernardino, Enterprise Sales
       Executive, Business Objects

      “I had the pleasure of working with Don during his tenure at Information Builders. Don's focus was selling value
       and providing innovative tools to measure (and show) ROI. He's a gifted educator, mentor and presenter (and can
       give Tony Robbins a run for his money). He could take any business need or goal and transform them into
       something achievable with our technology. It's a pleasure to recommend Don for any high level poistion in sales
       for any organization, and looking forward to working with him again.” Chris Banks, Technical Director -
       Product Mktg, Information Builders

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