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					Unit 9 Taking Transportation
Lesson 2 Audio Script
CONVERSATION 1 [F = Spanish]
M: Good morning. How can we assist you today?
F: I’m flying to Bogota on October 6th, and I need a limousine.
M: Certainly. For you alone?
F: No. I’ll be traveling with my three children. We’ll have lots of
M: That’s no problem. I can book you a limo with a large trunk for the
   luggage. Are you going to need a hotel reservation in Bogota?
F: No, thank you. Bogota is my home.

CONVERSATION 2 [M2 = U.S. regional]
M1: Yes, sir. Can I help you with something?
M2: I hope so. I’m arriving in Seoul on October 4th, and I need a hotel
    reservation. I’m very concerned because I don’t speak any
M1: Don’t be concerned, sir. The hotel staff all speak English.

CONVERSATION 3 [F = Chinese]
F: Excuse me. I need some help with a rental car reservation
M: Yes, of course. Please have a seat. I’ll be right with you. Now,
   ma’am. Where do you need that car?
F: In New York, at John F. Kennedy airport. I arrive on the third.
M: Of October?
F: Yes. At 11:30 P.M. Is that too late to get a car?
M: Certainly not. Nothing’s too late in New York!

CONVERSATION 4 [M2 = Eastern European]
M1: Excuse me. Do you work here?
M2: Yes, sir. How can I assist you this afternoon?
M1: I’m arriving in Montevideo from Porto Alegre on October 4th at
    eight o’clock in the morning. I have a reservation at the Hotel del
    Centro. I’ll need either a taxi or a limousine. Are there limousines
    from the airport to the hotel?
M2: Let me check... Actually, no. You’ll need to take a taxi.
M1: Is it possible to make a reservation? I have a lunch meeting and
    I want to be sure I don’t have to wait for the taxi. Is that possible?
M2: Anything is possible. If you’ll just give me a moment, I’ll go online
    to see what the options are.

Lesson 3 Audio Script
[F and M = Spanish]
F: Lanca Airlines, flight 692, with service to Antofagasta, Chile, and
   continuing service to Santiago is now ready for boarding through
   gate 26B. Passengers with boarding passes should pass through
   security and proceed immediately to the gate.

F: This is a gate change for Lanca Airlines, flight 692, with service to
   Antofagasta, Chile, and Santiago. The new gate is gate 16 C. This
   is a gate change for Lanca Airlines, flight 692, with service to
   Antofagasta, Chile, and Santiago. The new gate is gate 16 C.

M: This is an announcement for passengers on Lanca Airlines flight
   692 with service to Santiago with an intermediate stop in
   Antofagasta. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The
   captain informs me that there is a mechanical problem, and the
   new departure time will be at seven o’clock. If you are traveling on
   flight 692, please take your seat. The flight has been delayed. The
   new departure time is seven o’clock. We’re sorry for the delay.

M: Ladies and gentlemen, Lanca Airlines, flight 692 to Antofagasta,
   with continuing service to Santiago is now available for boarding
   through gate 16C. Passengers requiring assistance or with small
   children will be boarded first. We’re now ready to board passengers
   in the Wide World Alliance or those passengers with first-class or
   business-class boarding passes. Have a good flight.

Lesson 4 Audio Script
CONVERSATION 1 [M1 = British English]
M1: You’ll never believe what happened on our holiday.
M2: What?
M1: Well, we took this great cruise, and we were seasick the whole
M2: You’re kidding! What bad luck.

F: How was the trip with your family?
M: It ended well. But it started badly.
F: What do you mean?
M: Well, the airport limo had an accident.
F: Did anyone get hurt?
M: No. But it was really scary.

CONVERSATION 3 [F = Chinese]
M: How did it go?
F: Pretty good, except for one thing.
M: What was that?
F: We got bumped from our flight.
M: Oh, no!
F: Well, it turned out OK. They put us on a later flight, but we got in
   too late for the party.

CONVERSATION 4 [F2 = Spanish]
F1: What time does your parents’ flight arrive?
F2: Well, it was supposed to arrive at five, but they called to say it was
F1: How come?
F2: Some kind of mechanical problem. It’s leaving at eight, so they
    won’t be in until ten.

F: What are you doing home?
M: We missed our flight.
F: Oh, no. What are you going to do?
M: It’s OK. We’re going to take the first flight out in the morning.

M: Is she going to rent a car in New York?
F: I’m pretty sure she is.
F: How are you going to get to the airport?
M: We’re going to take a limousine.

Ml: What kind of seat would you like, sir?
M2: I like a view. A window seat, please.

M: Hey! They’re offering a free ticket on a later flight to people who
   didn’t get a seat.
F: That’s great. But I don’t think that airlines should sell more seats
   than they have!

CONVERSATION 5 [M = Spanish]
F: Look at all those people waiting to get through security!
M: These new rules are driving me crazy!

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