An Alliance to Nourish Suffering Children

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					An Alliance to Nourish Suffering Children
This fact sheet describes an alliance between Nourish the Children, a Nu Skin
Enterprises Initiative, and a leading charity and relief organizations to achieve the
mission of being “a powerful force in saving children’s lives.”

Lee Iacocca, Chairman of the Nourish the Children Advisory Board, states,
“There can be no greater cause than to save the life of a child and ensure that
child's future in our global society. We all have a responsibility to get involved
and make a difference.” Recently Nu Skin Enterprises launched the Nourish the
Children™ Initiative. This initiative is an innovative business solution to the major
problem of world hunger. Nu Skin Enterprises will donate one package of
VitaMeal™ food to a qualified relief agency for every 25 packages purchased.
Plus, distributors and customers can contribute part of their VitaMeal™ purchases
to the initiative. These food donations are distributed and served to suffering
children through our alliance with a qualified relief organization.

An Ally You Can Trust
Nourish the Children™ has created an alliance with Feed the Children, a leading
charity to distribute VitaMeal™ food packets. Through this alliance we can ensure
that all donations will reach the children they are meant to nourish. In addition,
VitaMeal™ product donations have been dispersed through the United Nations
World Food Programme.

Feed the Children
Larry and Frances Jones founded Feed the Children 23 years ago after a life-
changing trip to Haiti where they saw the tremendous suffering of Haitian
children. Over the years, the small relief project started by the Jones family at
their kitchen table has become the thirtieth largest charity in the United States.
Feed the Children, Inc. (FTC) is an international, nonprofit relief organization with
headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The purpose of the organization is to
deliver food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to families who lack these
essentials due to famine, war, poverty, or natural disaster. FTC works closely
with many civic-minded International and U.S. corporations, which donate
surplus food, medicine, clothing, and other staples suitable for distribution to the
hungry in the United States and abroad. Nu Skin Enterprises has chosen FTC as
its charity of choice for its Nourish the Children™ Initiative. As a charity, FTC is
able to give receipts to distributors for their donations. They are also organized
and funded to help deliver food to projects around the world. FTC has a for-profit
trucking company subsidiary. They also solicit public donations via television to
fund delivery of donations to needy children.
United Nations World Food Programme
The United Nations World Food Programme is the largest relief organization in
the world. Set-up in 1963, WFP is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight
against global hunger. In 2001, WFP assisted 77 million people in 82 countries
with almost 4.2 million tons of food. Governments are the principal source of
funding for WFP. In total, more than 60 governments underwrite the humanitarian
and development projects of WFP. The Programme receives no dues or portions
of the UN assessed contributions. All government support is on an entirely
voluntary basis. WFP enables Nourish The Children to reach suffering children,
especially through their Global School Feeding Campaign.

Global School Feeding Campaign: For almost 40 years the World Food
Programme (WFP) has been the largest organizer of school feeding programs in
developing countries. WFP is the United Nation’s frontline food aid agency and it
uses food to help nourish and educate poor children. WFP works in the poorest
areas of the world’s most vulnerable countries, working with communities to help
them become self-sufficient. In 2001, WFP fed 15 million children in 57 countries.
In the same year, WFP launched a global campaign to expand access to and
improve education for millions more children. This is the Global School Feeding
Campaign. Through the campaign, WFP hopes to not only provide more meals to
more students but also help meet sanitary, health, and educational needs that
are vital for a good education. A free meal brings starving children to school and
nourishes their bodies; an education nourishes their minds and gives them hope
for the future. WFP recognizes the nutritional value of VitaMeal™ foods and
considers VitaMeal™ one of the best packaged food products available, which is
why they’re using it as part of the Global School Feeding Campaign.
School feeding works. It helps create literate, educated societies and real
security for everyone. Food for education is an investment with guaranteed

Our Alliance Goal
Five million children die each year from malnutrition and starvation. Our goal is to
nourish millions of children every day. Our alliance with Feed the Children and
other qualified agencies and the distribution of our VitaMeal™ food donations
through The United Nations World Food Programme is critical to making this
possible. Our alliance will ensure that the food will continue to reach the
programs that feed the children of the world, such as schools in Haiti, China and
Southeast Asia, orphanages in Kenya, Romania and Mexico, and agencies in
Africa and Guatemala.

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