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									             Northern California Chapters Council (NCCC) (www.ncccinfo.com)
                                     Meeting Minutes
Date: August 29, 2009                               Next Meeting Date: November 7, 2009 @ 9:30
Location: Manteca Senior Center                           Future Meeting Dates: To Be Determined
Meeting commenced at 10:00 a.m.                                   Meeting was adjourned at: 12:20

Today’s meeting was held at the Manteca Senior Center. Roni Marks called the meeting to order.
Minutes from the April 4, 2009, meeting were approved as issued (Linda Bass/Fran Swithenbank).

Future Meeting Dates: Our November 7, 2009, meeting is scheduled to be held at the Manteca Library,
McFall Room (320 W. Center Street, Manteca, just a few streets from Carole’s shop).

Attendees: (R=NCCC Rep, A= Alternate Rep, P=President, S=Chapter Secretary, G=Guest)

Anne Balthazor, R-NCDA                Linda Bass, P/R-MPDA                  Roni Marks, R-VVFP
Barb Flavin, R-TBT                    Mary Laffin, R-MPDA                   Sandra Goodrich, R-RHDB
Connie Mitterbach, A-WCDA             Milena Lanka, G-TBSC                  Susie Lockwood, R-TBSC
Fran Swithenbank, R-GCDB              Pat Tierce, R-GVT                     Winnie Sutton, R-NCDA
Jeanie Gollow Strech, R-WCDA          Rhonda Botts R-DBNC
Karen Vecchi, R-TBT

Treasurer’s Report: Susie reported that there is a balance of $6,125 in our account. This amount
reflects the check written to the California State Fair, although it has not been cashed yet. Susie will
check with our bank to see if that check will still be honored (it was written January 31, 2009); Averill
Gary will contact the CA. State Fair committee and inquire about check # 944, for $150.00 and ask that
they either cash the check or if it has expired we will cancel and reissue a replacement check.
Chapter Sharing: Lots of great seminars are in the works! All chapters having seminars or chapter
events will send the information to Leah Luper for posting on the NCCC website.

Communications: Roni shared several items of communication with us:
       a letter from the Yellow Rose Chapter in Dallas, Texas inviting chapters to join them on a 7-day
          painting cruise beginning January 24, 2010 (Roni will forward this information to Leah for
       Leah Luper, President of Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists, has sent a challenge to match their
         donation of $500 to SDP (Roni posed the question to NCCC reps, ―Does NCCC want to send
         money to SDP?‖ The vote was No (Fran Swithenbank/Rhonda Botts), with the thought being
         that the decision to contribute should be at the chapter level.
       An announcement was received that the 2010 and 2011SDP conventions will be held in Wichita,
         Kansas (May 18-22, 2010, and on May 17-21, 2011)
       Roni read a report from National Convention n Peoria, IL which included information from the
         General Meeting and Chapter gatherings. It was also noted that for all Obituaries submitted to
         the DP the Chapter President must submit or the contact person and SDP will require validation
         of the information.
       Roni also acknowledged Carole Valtierra for her upcoming submission in the Fall Issue of the
         Decorative Painter.
                                                                                    Meeting Date: August 29, 2009
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Old Business:

State Fair: Roni gave presented Averill’s report in her absence. There was a decline in entries this year.
There were 14 entries in 2007, 54 entries in 2008 and 30 entries in 2009. Of those 30 entries in 2009
seven were members of a NCCC chapter. Linda King of Gold Country Decorative Artist won the Best of
Division, Golden Bear and Best of Show. Please have chapters remind their members –perhaps
monthly—of the entry dates to their respective County Fairs as well as the State Fair. It was noted that
anyone may enter something in a State Fair, but some Counties require that you be a resident to submit
entries to their County Fairs. For that reason, please alert your chapter members to be sure to check with
the County that they plan to submit an entry to, to be sure it will be accepted. It was noted that Leah
would post the State Fair Dates, categories and submission deadlines on the web site as soon as
information was available to us after the first of the year


Posting Problems: Roni will contact Leah Luper to discuss problems some chapters are experiencing
with finding their submissions on the NCCC website. In addition, some chapters are seeing their
submissions on the website, but are unable to open them.

Website Bill: A motion was made and approved (Pat Tierce/Susie Lockwood) that NCCC assume
responsibility for payment of the website rather than dividing that bill up among the NCCC chapters.
Susie Lockwood will issue a check to Leah for $107.40 for payment of the 2009 website bill.

Materials to be Posted: A motion was made and approved (Sandra Goodrich/Fran Swithenbank) that
Leah would post links to all chapter web sites on the NCCC web site. All chapters without web sites
would continue to submit their newsletters to Leah either electronically or via USPS and Leah would
only post chapter seminars, happenings and fund raisers on the NCCC web site. Leah would no longer
post chapter birthdays, treasure reports, recipes, etc.

Ronda Botts asks that reps remind their chapters that the main purpose of the website is to sidestep the
huge costs we were facing with printing the catalog for our retreats, and that has worked out very well.

Chapter Website Addresses: Chapters with web addresses should send those addresses to Roni. Roni
will forward them to Leah for posting on the NCCC website.

2010 Retreat Venue:

The various hotels in question will be called to see if there’s a cancellation clause and the Marriott in
Sacramento will be called to see if they will waive their $5,000 cancellation clause.

The hotel in Santa Nella will be called to set a tour date. The date will be announced to the NCCC reps
and those who can, will tour the facility.

Voting for the venue will be done via email—we will not wait until the November 7 meeting to do so.
                                                                                  Meeting Date: August 29, 2009
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At this time no date has been set for Retreat. it is hoped that the date can be set for sometime in
September or early October (if necessary), 2010. It is possible that Retreat will have to be moved to

Class Scheduling and Teacher Submissions: After prospective classes have been voted on by the
NCCC reps, it is imperative that none of those voting results be revealed to our chapter members,
because there is a possibility that changes may have to be made; for example, to accommodate available
time slots, a class that had been selected might have to be put aside. The Teacher Coordinator will notify
the teachers who have been selected. Teachers who received negative feedback may submit entries for
the 2010 (2011) Retreat, but we will pull their entries and not include them in the voting proces

Teacher submissions will be sent electronically to Karen, rather than requiring the submission of paper
entries/photographs. NCCC will reimburse Karen for printing fees associated with printing the photos
out for posting to the voting boards.
                                                                                                                                      Meeting Date: August 29, 2009
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                                            NCCC Chapter Member Information AND                  Chapter Task/Function

                                  Chapter Name                                  Email Address             Phone            Cell           Alternate Info

CHDA         California's Heart of Decorative Artists - Class Sales
President:   Chelesta Barclay                                            None
Rep:         Carole Valtierra                                            caroleval@aol.com              209-239-1093   209-239-4662

DBNC         Decorative Brushes of N. CA - Signs
Rep:         Rhonda Botts                                                rbpaint@yahoo.com              530-529-0262

GCDA         Gold Country Decorative Artists - Chapter Sales
             Averill Gray - Facilities Coordinator (if venue is near
President:   Sacramento)                                                 averillgray@att.net            916-685-6464   916-216-6464
Rep:         Fran Swithenbank                                            swithy@starstream.net          916-624-1979   916-765-3706

GVT          Grapevine Tolers - Registration
President:   Sandy Grow
             Pat Tierce - Facilities Coordinator (if venue is near
Rep:         Monterey)                                                   pat.tierce@fresno.gov          559-434-4109   559-281-4673
Rep:         Jean Dorn                                                   jeankorn@att.net               559-433-0670   559-977-0944

MGP          Magic Palette - Set-Up/Clean Up
President:   Cheryl Banwarth
Rep:         Jennifer Williams                                           frednjennifer@att.net          530-241-4736   530-524-0789

MPDA         Monterey Peninsula Decorative Artists - Make It / Take It
President:   Linda Bass                                                  bajmblrb@aol.com               831-384-5391
Rep:         Mary Laffin                                                 mlaffin@aol.com                831-384-6913
                                                                                                                                     Meeting Date: August 29, 2009
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                                 Chapter Name                                   Email Address            Phone            Cell           Alternate Info

NCDA         N. California Decorative Artists - Pins/Historian/Surveys
President:   Linda Sharp                                                 linda.sharp.cda@comcast.net   925-961-0625
Rep:         Anne Balthazor                                              caspmelzor@aol.com            510-278-4209
Rep:         Winnie Sutton                                               suttondw@juno.com             510-537-1173

RHDB         Red Hat Decorative Brushes - Check-In / Welcome
President:   Sue Pierce                                                  weeds10@att.net               916-988-4154
Rep:         Sandra Goodrich                                             cmrssgood@sstv.net            916-315-8687   916-276-7855   916-315-8691 Fax

TBSC         Toling Belles of Santa Clara County - Raffle
President:   Susie Lockwood - Treasurer                                  cuttinfools@earthlink.net     408-923-5239   408-250-3248
Rep:         Carolyn Silvas-McKee - Retreat Advisor                      creativepallete@aol.com                      408-205-2272

TBT          Toll Bridge Tolers - Booklet - & Assist with Decorations
President:   Jann Louvau Otvos                                           jjotvos@comcast.net           925-706-8365
Rep:         Karen Vecchi - Teacher Coordinator                          karenvecchi@sbcglobal.net     925-228-0409                  karen.vecchi@ucop.edu
Rep:         Barb Flavin - Secretary                                     hlpinghand@aol.com            925-779-9596   925-783-0669

VVFP         Vaca Valley Frenzied Painters - Fill In As Needed
President:   Christine Miles
Rep:         Roni Marks - Moderator                                      roni56@aol.com                707-446-1527

WCDA         Wine Country Decorative Artists - Decorations
President:   Connie Mitterbach                                           cmitterbach@gmail.com         707-894-3600
Rep:         Jeanie Gollow Strech                                        jeaniepaints@yahoo.com        707-383-6489
Rep:         Jan Voester                                                 voester@att.net               707-539-2029

Website      Leah Luper                                                  luperlea@pacbell.net

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