REHNUMA TAJBIN - DrinkMaster Bar by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                                   ROBERT DOWNEY JR.


                                  QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY
             Dependable, on-time, organized, detail orientated, able to multi-task in a fast paced environment
             Energetic, team player, versatile, quick learner with strong interpersonal & communication skills
             Proven ability to manage tasks and complete task in a timely manner

                                       BARTENDER TRAINING
         DRINKMASTER BARTENDING SCHOOL, Boston, MA                                            01/2006
         Certified in ServeSafe Liquor liability training, February 2006
          Intensive Hands-on Professional Bartending Program
          Training in glassware, pouring, shaking, up-selling, and bar maintenance.
          Knowledge of specialty drinks, cocktails, shots, and multi liquor drinks. Some examples: Martinis,
             Manhattans, Daiquiris, Long Island Ice Teas, Cosmopolitans, Russians, Collins drinks, and more!
          Understanding of presentation, handling techniques, and proper service of wine.

                                  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

FEDERAL EXPRESS, Boston, MA                                                           12/94 – Present
Senior Delivery Courier - 11 years of committed service
    Greeted customers and tended to their needs in a quick and timely fashion.
    Handled cash transactions on a day-to-day basis and provided customers with immediate knowledgeable
     answers to questions or concerns.
    Worked cooperatively and efficiently alongside co-workers to maintain a high level of customer
    Dedicated over 11 Years of loyal service to Fed Ex, received the “Bravo Zu Award of Excellence.”

FAINALARES CATERING, East Boston, MA                                                   3/05 - Present
Bar Back
  Provided food and beverage services to customers in a timely, hospitable manner in a fast paced
  Responsible for the cleanliness of the dining area.
    Performed with a high level of customer service while serving food and beverages.

St. MARYS BASEBALL, Revere, MA                                                               5-00 - Present
Little Leage Baseball Coach.
      Responsible for the care of up to twenty children ages ten through twelve.
      Dealt with high-pressure situations involving disagreements and/or fights between participants of the
      Listened and advised children on how to deal with situations of their own within their own lives.
      Maintained a high level of energy and enthusiasm for the duration of the program.

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