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SILVERTOWN WAY - London Development Agency

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									                           DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK


              March 2006
                                                  DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON    


           ExECuTIVE SuMMARY                                   5     NOTIONAL SCHEME DRAWINGS                41
                                                                     Notional	Scheme	Drawing	List	           43
           PART I: THE SITE AND ITS CONTExT                    7     01.		Current	Site	Layout	               44
           1.	   Introduction	                                  9
                                                                     02.		Constraints	                       45
           2.	   Planning	policy	                              13
                                                                     03.		Opportunities	                     46
           3.	   Socio-economics	                              17
                                                                     04.		Site	Layout	Diagrams	              47
           4.	   Urban	design	                                 19
                                                                     05.		Infrastructure	Diagrams	           48
           5.	   Transport	and	access	                         21
                                                                     06.		Infrastructural	Layout	            49
           6.	   Property	market	                              23
                                                                     07.		Roof	Plan	                         50
           7.	   Development	issues		                          27	
                                                                     08.		Level	01	                          51

                                                                     09.		Level	02	                          52
           PART II: THE NOTIONAL SCHEME                       29
                                                                     10.		Level	03	                          53
           8.	   General	approach	and	concepts	                31
                                                                     11.		Level	04	                          54
           9.	   Options	considered	                           33
                                                                     12.		Building	Levels	                   55
           10.	 Preferred	option	                              35
                                                                     13.		Elevations	                        56
           11.	 Deliverability	                                39
                                                                     14.		Sections	Map	                      57

                                                                     15.		Sections	                          58

                                                                     16. Road Profile                        59

                                                                     17.		Isometric	View	                    60

                                                                     18.		Typical	Plot	Layout	               61

                                                                     19.		Typical	Floorplan	                 62
                                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                5


                                                                                   including	the	London	Borough	of	Newham,	the	Greater	London	             8.	    In	response	to	these	contexts,	the	LDA	has	commissioned	
                                                                                   Authority	and	the	London	Thames	Gateway	Development	                           the	Notional	Scheme	in	order	to	demonstrate	that	the	site	is	
                                                                                   Corporation.                                                                   capable	of	comprehensive	redevelopment.		The	Notional	Scheme	
                                                                                                                                                                  represents	one	means	of	achieving	the	viable	development	of	the	
                                                                             3.	   The	planning	context	is	formed	by	national,	strategic	and	local	
                                                                                                                                                                  Silvertown	Way	site.		The	LDA	recognises	that	there	are	other	
                                                                                   planning	policy	and	supplementary	planning	guidance,	such	as	the	
                                                                                                                                                                  means	and	that	as	and	when	a	planning	application	is	submitted	
                                                                                   Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	Masterplan.		As	an	under-utilised,	
                                                                                                                                                                  on	the	site,	it	may	be	for	an	alternative	–	but	equally	acceptable	
                                                                                   urban, brownfield site that benefits from extremely high public
                                                                                                                                                                  –	form	of	development.
                                                                                   transport	accessibility:	there	is	an	excellent	opportunity	for	the	
                                                                                   LDA	to	assemble	the	site	and	deliver	a	comprehensive	platform	for	      9.	    The	Notional	Scheme	comprises	the	following	uses:	
                                                                                   high-density	sustainable	development.
                                                                                                                                                                  \\	 47,645m²	of	new	housing;
                                                                             4.	   The	context	in	which	the	site	sits,	gives	various	indicators	of	               \\   9,758m² of office/light industrial workshops;
                                                                                   severe	deprivation	(high	unemployment,	low	proportion	of	
                                                                                                                                                                  \\	 4,741m²	of	shops;
                                                                                   residents of working age, employment sector profiles, etc.).
                                                                                                                                                                  \\	 3,891m²	of	cafes,	bars	and	restaurants;	and	
                                                                             5.    The physical nature of the site presents a number of significant
                                                                                   development	constraints.		The	site	is	approximately	500m	long	                 \\	 a	3,180m²	hotel.	
                                                                                   but	only	averages	45m	in	width.	It	is	bounded	on	one	side	by	a	
                                                                                                                                                           10.	   The	uses	are	arranged	across	six	distinct	plots	with	sixteen	and	
                                                                                   major	road	viaduct	and	on	the	other	by	Docklands	Light	Railway,	
                                                                                                                                                                  fourteen	storey	buildings	at	the	northern	and	southern	tips	of	
                                                                                   London	Underground	and	Mainline	railway	lines.		The	site	has	been	
                                                                                                                                                                  the	site	and	buildings	ranging	from	nine	to	six	storeys	in-between.		
                                                                                   left	fragmented	and	isolated	from	its	historic	street	pattern	by	the	
                                                                                                                                                                  Buildings	and	uses	will	also	relate	to	the	elevated	Silvertown	Way	
                                                                                   construction	of	Silvertown	Way.		The	urban	environment	is	poor	
                                                                                                                                                                  viaduct	creating	more	of	a	street	environment.
                                                                                   and	threatening	-	characterised	by	unsightly	buildings	and	uses,	
                                                                                   quiet	underpasses	and	closed,	defensive	property	boundaries.		
1.	   This	Development	Framework	has	been	prepared	in	support	of	
      a	compulsory	purchase	order	(CPO)	the	London	Development	              6.	   The	surrounding	road	and	rail	infrastructure	isolates	from	rather	
      Agency	(LDA)	wishes	to	make	on	a	site	known	as	Silvertown	                   than	integrates	the	site	with	the	wider	area	and	creates	a	hostile	
      Way,	Canning	Town,	London.		The	2.4ha	site,	which	is	in	sixteen	             pedestrian	and	cyclist	environment.		Road	access	and	egress	is	
      separate	land	ownerships,	is	irregularly	shaped	and	fragmented	              contrived	because	of	local	road	patterns.		However,	the	close	
      by	road	infrastructure.		Despite	strong	developer	activity	in	the	           proximity	of	the	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange	means	the	
      area	(described	in	Section	6)	and	the	site	enjoying	a	strategically	         site	is	highly	accessible	by	public	transport.		In	recognition	of	
      important	and	sustainable	location,	the	LDA	believes	that	the	               the	strategic	need	to	retain	access	to	the	adjacent	‘Limmo	site’,	
      private	sector	has	been	unable	(or	unwilling)	to	assemble	the	               the	Notional	Scheme	includes	the	ability	to	provide	a	future	
      site	in	a	comprehensive	manner	that	will	maximise	its	potential.		           pedestrian/cycle	bridge	between	the	sites.
      The	LDA	has	received	funding	from	the	ODPM	to	facilitate	the	
      redevelopment	and	regeneration	of	this	site.                           7.	   There	is	development	and	development	proposals	in	the	locality,	
                                                                                   which	capitalises	on	the	area’s	strategically	important	location,		
2.	   The	Development	Framework	itself	is	in	two	parts.		Part	I	                   for	example,	‘The	Sphere’	(Hollybrook)	and	the	‘Pura	Foods	site’	
      describes	the	site	and	its	context	and	the	development	constraints	          (Ballymore	Properties).	The	LDA	believes	there	to	be	a	market	
      that	have	led	the	LDA	to	consider	this	site	as	a	priority	site	for	          for further residential, commercial office/industrial, retail, hotel
      regeneration.		Part	II	describes	a	Notional	Scheme	in	response	              and	leisure	uses	on	the	Silvertown	Way	site	and	has	prepared	its	
      to the constraints and issues identified in Part I. Whilst the               Notional	Scheme	accordingly.
      Development	Framework	is	not	a	statutory	planning	document,	
      it	has	been	prepared	in	conjunction	with	the	key	stakeholders,	


          PART 1                                                                                                               DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                   9

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                                   the	type	of	development	which	would	not	only	be	acceptable	on	                 that is financially viable, acceptable in planning policy terms and
                                                                                   the	site	so	far	as	the	relevant	public	authorities	are	concerned	but	          commercially	deliverable	–	a	Notional	Scheme	that	demonstrates	
                                                                                   would	also	be	viable	and	deliverable	as	a	scheme	by	the	private	               planning	and	other	barriers	can	be	overcome	through	a	
                                                                                   sector	with	public	funding	and	support	from	the	LDA.                           comprehensive	approach	to	redevelopment.		

                                                                            1.4	   Paragraph	13	of	the	Circular	also	recognises	that	the	RDA	              1.8	   Whilst	the	Development	Framework	is	not	a	statutory	planning	
                                                                                   may assemble land for which it has no specific detailed                        document,	it	has	been	prepared	in	consultation	with	the	following	
                                                                                   development	proposals.		In	these	circumstances	the	RDA	seeks	                  stakeholders:
                                                                                   to fulfil its objectives by stimulating as much private sector
                                                                                                                                                           •	     London	Borough	of	Newham	[LBN]	(as	development	plan	making	
                                                                                   investment	as	possible.		The	Circular	recognises	that	it	would	be	
                                                                                   counterproductive	for	an	RDA	to	seek	to	predetermine	what	
                                                                                   private	sector	development	should	take	place	once	the	land	has	         •	     London	Thames	Gateway	Urban	Development	Corporation	
                                                                                   been	assembled.		However,	the	RDA	must	show	that	the	land	is	                  [TDDC]	(as	local	planning	authority);	
                                                                                   being acquired in furtherance of a clearly defined and deliverable
                                                                                   objective	and	that	its	acquisition	by	the	RDA	is	in	the	public	         •	     Canning	Town	Project	Team	[CTPT]	(as	local	regeneration	body	
                                                                                   interest.	                                                                     and	promoter	of	supplementary	planning	guidance	relating	to	the	
                                                                            1.5	   Paragraph	15	of	the	Circular	indicates	that	where	land	is	being	
                                                                                   acquired	to	stimulate	private	sector	investment,	as	here,	the	RDA	      •	     Transport	for	London	[TfL]	(as	strategic	transport	authority	for	
                                                                                   may not have specific proposals, other than broad indications in               London);
                                                                                   its	general	framework	for	the	area.		The	Secretary	of	State	will	
                                                                                                                                                           •	     Docklands	Light	Railway	[DLR]	(as	adjacent	landowner	and	railway	
                                                                                   want	to	be	reassured	that	there	is	a	reasonable	prospect	of	the	
                                                                                   project	proceeding	as	proposed.		This	Development	Framework	is	
                                                                                   not a prescriptive document insofar as it does not contain specific     •	     Greater	London	Authority	–	Planning	Decisions	Units	[PDU]	(as	
1. Introduction                                                                    proposals	for	the	site.	It	does,	however,	supplement	the	Corporate	            strategic	planning	authority);	and
                                                                                   Plan	in	providing	the	LDA’s	broad	indications	in	its	general	
                                                                                   framework	for	the	area.		                                               •	     Greater	London	Authority	–	Architecture	and	Urbanism	Unit	
The Development Framework                                                                                                                                         [AUU].
                                                                            1.6	   The	Development	Framework	itself	is	in	two	parts.		Part	1	
1.1	   This	Development	Framework	has	been	prepared	in	support	of	                                                                                         1.9	   The	Notional	Scheme	has	been	prepared	in	accordance	with	
                                                                                   describes	the	site	and	its	context.		It	summarises	the	planning	
       a	compulsory	purchase	order	(CPO)	the	London	Development	                                                                                                  relevant	national,	strategic	and	local	planning	policy	and	guidance.	
                                                                                   policy,	socio-economic,	urban	design,	transport	and	access,	
       Agency	(LDA)	wishes	to	make	on	a	site	known	as	Silvertown	Way,	
                                                                                   property	market	issues	and	development	constraints	that	have	led	       1.10	 The	stakeholders	support	the	Notional	Scheme	described	in	this	
       Canning	Town,	London.		
                                                                                   the	LDA	to	consider	this	site	as	a	priority	site	for	regeneration.            Development	Framework.		
1.2	   Appendix	B	of	Circular	06/04	(Compulsory	Purchase	and	the	
                                                                            1.7	   Part	II	describes	a	Notional	Scheme	in	response	to	the	constraints	     1.11	 The	remainder	of	this	section	provides	an	explanation	of	the	
       Crichel	Down	Rules)	provides	Regional	Development	Agencies	
                                                                                   and issues identified in Part I. The purpose of the Notional                  LDA’s	regeneration	responsibilities	in	relation	to	this	site	and	
       (RDAs)	with	guidance	on	making	CPOs.
                                                                                   Scheme	is	to	demonstrate	that	a	scheme	for	development	in	                    a	description	of	the	site	itself.		Section	2	describes	the	planning	
1.3	   Paragraph	9	advises	that	any	proposal	for	use	of	compulsory	                accordance	with	current	planning	policy	can	be	achieved	on	this	              policy	context	with	reference	to	national	planning	policy	guidance,	
       purchase	powers	“should	normally	have	been	included	in	the	                 site.		The	Notional	Scheme	has	been	prepared	by	KCAP	architects	              regional,	sub-regional	and	local	planning	policies	and	guidance.	
       RDA’s	Regional	Economic	Strategy	or	in	its	Corporate	Plan,	                 in	conjunction	with	JMP	transport	engineers.		Values,	costs	and	
       preferably	backed	up	by	a	more	detailed	development	framework.”		           property	market	output	has	been	provided	by	Glenny	chartered	           1.12	 Section	3	sets	out	the	socio-economic	context	for	the	site.	
       Silvertown Way is identified in the LDA’s Corporate Plan as a high          surveyors	in	order	for	the	LDA	to	satisfy	itself	that	it	is	viable.		         Sections	4	and	5	describe	the	urban	design	and	transportation	
       priority	project	for	land	assembly	for	mixed	use	development	               GVA	Grimley	has	provided	planning	advice	to	ensure	that	the	                  contexts.		Section	6	sets	out	the	property	market	context.		Section	
       with	Sustainable	Communities	Plan	funding.		This	Development	               Notional	Scheme	complies	with	policy.		The	Notional	Scheme	is	                7 describes the site’s specific development constraints.
       Framework	has	been	published	by	the	LDA	in	accordance	with	                 not intended as a definitive development solution for the site and
       Circular	advice	to	provide	more	details	of	the	project.		It	also	           the	LDA	recognises	that	the	site	may	be	developed	in	any	number	
       provides	details	of	a	“Notional	Scheme”	which	is	an	example	of	             of	ways.		The	LDA	has,	however,	prepared	a	Notional	Scheme	

The London Development Agency                                                        ensuring	that	sustainable	communities	are	achieved,	including	social	
                                                                                     infrastructure	that	responds	to	population	growth:
1.13	 The	LDA	is	one	of	the	nine	Regional	Development	Agencies	
      (RDAs)	established	by	the	Government	to	promote	economic	                	     “We	will	make	limited	strategic	investments	and	will	facilitate	
      development	across	England.                                                    work	with	partners,	for	example	with	health	and	education	
                                                                                     authorities,	and	cultural	and	leisure	organisations,	to	ensure	
	     The	LDA	is	focusing	on	four	strategic	areas	to	drive	economic	                 housing	development	does	not	proceed	in	isolation.	Examples	
      development:                                                                   of	these	areas	are	the	Royal	Docks,	and	town	centres	such	as	
      \\	 people:	investing	directly	to	improve	access	to	skills,	knowledge	         Stratford,	Canning	Town,	Barking	and	Woolwich.”	
          and finance;
                                                                               1.17	 Section	2	of	the	LDA	Corporate	Plan,	‘Our	Major	Projects	and	
      \\	 knowledge	and	enterprise:	encouraging	business	sectors	that	               Initiatives	2005-2008’	lists	Silvertown	Way	as	a	project	with	
          can	help	lead	recovery	and	growth;                                         direct	LDA	ownership	and	investment.	Section	4,	‘Our	Investment	
      \\	 infrastructure	and	places:	investing	in	areas	in	need	of	renewal,	         Framework’,	states:	‘We	are	currently	preparing	[Compulsory	
          tackling	barriers	to	development	and	delivering	major	                     Purchase]	Orders	for	Lewisham	Gateway,	Ailsa	Street	and	
          regeneration	initiatives;	and.                                             Silvertown	Way	in	the	Lower	Lea	Valley’.

      \\	 marketing	and	promoting	London:	promoting	London	                    1.18	 In	January	2006,	the	LDA	published	its	draft	Corporate	Plan	for	
          internationally	as	an	unrivalled	place	to	live,	work	and	do	               2006	–	2009.	The	Mayor’s	EDS	continues	to	be	central	to	the	draft	
          business.                                                                  Corporate Plan. In addition to capturing the economic benefits
                                                                                     of the Olympics, the draft Corporate Plan states as a specific
1.14 The LDA has identified the Silvertown Way site as a strategically               objective,	that	the	LDA	will	maintain	and	develop	its	existing	
     important opportunity to bring about significant economic                       Corporate	Plan	programmes.	To	this	end,	the	Silvertown	Way	site	
     development	and	regeneration	in	the	area.	The	LDA’s	Economic	                   continues to be identified specifically as a site where the LDA has
     Development	Strategy	(EDS)	advises	in	respect	of	Former	                        deemed	it	appropriate	to	use	its	CPO	powers.
     Employment	Land:
                                                                               1.19	 Despite	strong	developer	activity	in	the	area	(described	in	Section	
	     “There	is	a	need	for	a	strategic,	planned	and	managed	                         6)	and	the	site	enjoying	a	strategically	important	and	sustainable	
      approach	to	protection	or	release	of	former	employment	                        location,	the	LDA	believes	that	due	to	the	large	number	of	
      land. London’s land resources are finite, and must be used                     individual	land	ownerships	the	private	sector	is	unable	to	assemble	
      in the most effective way possible if sustainable economic                     the	site	in	a	comprehensive	manner	that	will	maximise	its	potential.
      development is to be possible. It is also important to bear
      in	mind	the	scope	for	including	appropriate	employment-                  1.20	 The	LDA	has	obtained	Board	approval	(1st	December	2004)	to	
      generating	uses	as	part	of	higher-density,	mixed	use	                          use	its	compulsory	purchase	powers	to	acquire	land	compulsorily	
      developments.”	                                                                that	cannot	be	acquired	by	agreement.

1.15	 The	EDS	is	reactive	to	London	Plan	Sub-Regional	Areas	and	
      Silvertown	Way	is	in	the	East	London	Sub	Region.	The	London	
      Plan identifies east London as the Mayor’s priority area for
      regeneration,	development	and	infrastructural	investment	and	as	
      the	place	where	a	substantial	amount	of	London’s	expected	growth	
      should	be	accommodated.	

1.16 The LDA’s Corporate Plan identifies the Thames Gateway as a
     major	focus	for	the	LDA’s	activity.	The	strategic	priorities	for	
     investment	shared	by	the	LDA	and	its	partners	fall	into	three	
     categories, the first of which is ‘Investment in areas where there                                                                                      Fig: 1.1: Silvertown Way CPO site & surrounding area
     is already significant development activity’, where the focus is on
                                                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON   11

The Site                                                                       1.27 The site is generally flat and occupied by a range of light/general
                                                                                    industrial,	commercial,	retail,	storage,	leisure	and	limited	residential	
1.21	 Figure	1.1	shows	the	location	of	the	site	in	its	wider	geographical	          uses.		The	nature	of	many	of	these	creates	a	poor	physical	
      context.		The	London	Borough	of	Newham	occupies	an	important	                 environment	and	the	site	is	also	likely	to	be	contaminated.	White	
      position	where	the	Thames	Gateway	meets	the	Lea	Valley	corridor	              Young	Green	has	provided	a	desk	top	assessment	of	ground	
      and	links	to	Central	London.	Being	within	the	Lower	Lea	Valley,	the	          contamination	which	states	that	there	is	a	moderate	to	high	risk	of	
      Borough	is	seen	as	a	key	area	of	regeneration	by	the	LDA	and	the	             contamination	on	the	site.	

1.22	 London	City	airport	is	located	approximately	1.5km	to	the	
      East	and	the	ExCel	exhibition	and	conference	centre	is	located	
      approximately	1km	to	the	east.	The	Canary	Wharf	estate	lies	
      approximately	2km	to	the	west.		The	Docklands	Light	Railway	
      (DLR)	extension	to	London	City	Airport	and	Woolwich	beyond	
      and	the	opening	of	the	Stratford	International	Station	on	the	
      Channel	Tunnel	Rail	Link	in	2007	will	further	improve	public	
      transport	infrastructure.	

1.23	 The	site	is	situated	immediately	south	of	the	Canning	Town	
      transport	interchange;	providing	London	Underground	(Jubilee	
      Line),	DLR,	Silverlink	North	London	Line	services	and	the	London	
      Bus Network). The A13 Newham Way flyover lies north of the
      interchange	with	the	existing	Canning	Town	centre	¼	km	to	the	
      north	east.

1.24	 Victoria	Dock	Road	runs	north-south	along	the	western	boundary	
      of	the	site,	separating	it	from	the	railway	lines.	Peto	Street	North	
      runs	north-south	along	the	eastern	boundary	of	the	site,	separating	
      it	from	Silvertown	Way,	which	is	a	four-lane	carriageway.		There	
      are	a	number	of	smaller	roads	running	east-west	between	Victoria	
      Dock	Road	and	Peto	Street	North.			A	large	site	known	as	‘Limmo’	
      fronting	the	River	Lea,	lies	further	west	beyond	the	railway	lines.		
      Whilst the Limmo site is identified by LBN as being suitable for
      mixed-use	development	in	the	long	term,	it	is	presently	safeguarded	
      for	DLR	extension	works	and	future	Crossrail	engineering	works.

1.25	 To	the	east,	lies	the	A1011	Silvertown	Way,	which	rises	from	north	
      to	south	alongside	the	southern	half	of	the	site,	to	cross	railway	
      lines	that	bound	the	site	to	the	west.		Opposite	the	northern	end	
      of	the	site	lies	a	new	Holiday	Inn	hotel	and	housing	development	
      in	the	latter	stages	of	construction	(“The	Sphere”	by	Hollybrook).		
      Further	east,	a	small	industrial	area	separates	Silvertown	Way	from	
      an	area	of	post-war	local	authority	housing.

1.26	 The	site	is	effectively	bounded	by	road	or	rail	infrastructure	on	all	
          PART 1                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                             1

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                                    developments	for	locations	that	allow	the	creation	of	linkages	              achieve	this,	the	Guidance	states	that	housing	should	be	principally	
                                                                                    between	different	uses	and	can	thereby	create	more	vibrant	places.	          accommodated	within	the	existing	urban	area	at	locations	that	are	
                                                                                                                                                                 highly	accessible	by	public	transport.		PPG13	is	considered	in	more	
                                                                             2.4    Planning authorities should also bring forward sufficient land of a
                                                                                                                                                                 detail	in	Section	5.		
                                                                                    suitable	quality	in	appropriate	locations	to	meet	the	expected	need	
                                                                                    for	housing,	for	retail	and	commercial	development	and	for	leisure	    2.10	 The	general	principle	of	PPG24	‘Planning	and	noise’	(September	
                                                                                    and	recreation	–	taking	into	account	issues	such	as	accessibility	           1994)	is	to	ensure,	wherever	practicable,	that	noise-sensitive	
                                                                                    and	sustainable	transport	needs	and	the	provision	of	essential	              developments	are	separated	from	major	sources	of	noise.	It	
                                                                                    infrastructure.	                                                             introduces	the	concept	of	Noise	Exposure	Categories	(NECs)	
                                                                                                                                                                 which	range	from	A-D,	A	being	acceptable	and	D	relates	to	
                                                                             2.5	   PPS6	‘Planning	for	Town	Centres	(March	2005)	establishes	an	
                                                                                                                                                                 development	that	should	be	refused.		Noise	is	a	key	consideration	
                                                                                    overall	approach	that	promotes	sustainable	patterns	of	land	use	
                                                                                                                                                                 on	the	Silvertown	Way	site	and	full	regard	has	been	had	to	PPG24	
                                                                                    and	transport	planning.		Site	selection	for	town	centre	uses	should	
                                                                                                                                                                 in	the	preparation	of	the	Notional	Scheme.
                                                                                    be on a sequential basis. Town centre, brownfield sites are the most
                                                                                    preferable for development and out-of-centre greenfield sites are
                                                                                    deemed	least	appropriate.	Mixed-use	development	is	promoted	in	
                                                                                                                                                           Regional Planning Guidance (RPG)9a:
                                                                                    order	to	reduce	the	need	to	travel.	
                                                                                                                                                           The Thames Gateway Planning Framework (1995)
                                                                                                                                                           2.11	 RPG9a	makes	some	general	references	to	the	Royal	Docks	and	the	
                                                                             2.6	   PPG3	‘Housing’	(March	2000)	sets	out	the	Government’s	intention	
                                                                                                                                                                 River	Lea	and	these	have	now	been	subsumed	by	the	other,	more	
                                                                                    of	providing	the	opportunity	of	a	decent	home	to	all	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                                 specific policies referred to in this section.
                                                                                    community.	It	promotes	more	sustainable	patterns	of	development	
2. Planning Policy Context                                                          and	better	use	of	previously	developed	land,	the	focus	for	
                                                                                                                                                           The London Plan (February 2004)
                                                                                    additional	housing	should	be	in	existing	towns	and	cities.	New	
                                                                                    housing	and	residential	environments	should	be	well	designed	
Introduction                                                                                                                                               2.12	 The	London	Plan	sets	out	the	fundamental	principles	of	
                                                                                    and should make a significant contribution to promoting urban
                                                                                                                                                                 development	that	London	boroughs	should	have	regard	to	in	their	
2.1	   GVA	Grimley	has	advised	the	LDA	on	the	planning	policy	context	              renaissance	and	improving	the	quality	of	life.		PPG3	advocates	
                                                                                                                                                                 planning	policy	and	decision	making.	The	three	main	themes	set	out	
       and	this	section	sets	out	relevant	planning	policy	and	guidance	             residential	densities	of	at	least	30-50	dwellings	per	hectare	and	
                                                                                                                                                                 in	the	Plan	consist	of	growth,	equity	and	sustainable	development.	
       from	national	to	local	levels.		The	Notional	Scheme	described	               maximum	car	parking	standards	of	1.5	spaces	per	dwelling.
       in	Part	II	of	this	Development	Framework	has	been	prepared	in	                                                                                      	     These	themes	are	consistent	throughout	all	of	the	Mayor’s	
                                                                             2.7	   A	consultation	paper	on	new	PPS3	‘Housing’	was	issued	in	
       accordance	with	this	policy	and	guidance	and	with	input	from	the	                                                                                         strategies	and	are	established	in	the	Mayor’s	objectives	in	Policy	I.1:
                                                                                    December	2005.	The	underlying	principles	within	this	document	
       key	stakeholders.	                                                                                                                                        \\	 Objective	1:	To	accommodate	London’s	growth	within	its	
                                                                                    echo	those	set	out	in	PPG3.	One	key	change	is	in	the	approach	to	
                                                                                    development	densities	ranging	from	30-40dph	in	rural	areas	up	to	                boundaries	without	encroaching	on	open	space.
National Guidance                                                                   70dph	and	above	in	city	centre	environments.	For	urban	areas	the	            \\	 Objective	2:	To	make	London	a	better	city	for	people	to	live	in.
                                                                                    range	is	given	as	40-75dph.
2.2	   Planning	Policy	Statement	(PPS)	1:	‘Delivering	Sustainable	                                                                                               \\	 Objective	3:	To	make	London	a	more	prosperous	city	with	
       Development’	replaced	Planning	Policy	Guidance	(PPG)	1:	’Policy	      2.8	   In	PPG4	‘Industrial,	Commercial	Development	and	Small	Firms’	                    strong	and	diverse	economic	growth.
       and	principles’	(February	1997)	in	February	2005.		PPS1	sets	out	            (November	1992)	the	overall	approach	is	to	tackle	the	challenge	of	
       key	policies	and	principles,	which	should	underpin	the	planning	                                                                                          \\	 Objective	4:	To	promote	social	inclusion	and	tackle	deprivation	
                                                                                    integrating	both	economic	growth	with	environmental	good	sense.	
       system.	As	its	title	suggests,	the	document	sets	out	how	planning	                                                                                            and	discrimination.
                                                                                    It	states	that	the	characteristics	of	industry	and	commerce	are	
       should	facilitate	and	promote	sustainable	patterns	of	urban	and	             continuously	evolving,	and	that	many	businesses	can	now	be	carried	          \\	 Objective	5:	To	improve	London’s	accessibility.
       rural	development.	                                                          on	in	residential	areas	without	causing	unacceptable	disturbance	            \\	 Objective	6:	To	make	London	a	more	attractive,	well-designed	
                                                                                    through noise, increased traffic and other adverse effects.                      and	green	city.	
2.3	   In	preparing	Local	Development	Plans,	planning	authorities	should	
       seek	to	promote	urban	and	rural	regeneration	to	improve	the	well	     2.9	   PPG13	‘Transport’	(March	2001)	aims	to	promote	more	sustainable	       2.13	 Part	2	of	the	Plan	‘the	broad	development	strategy’	focuses	on	
       being	of	communities,	improve	facilities,	promote	high	quality	and	          transport	choices	for	people	while	increasing	accessibility	to	              the	key	spatial	elements	whilst	addressing	all	of	the	Mayor’s	
       safe	developments	and	create	new	opportunities	for	the	people	               jobs,	shopping	and	leisure	facilities	by	public	transport,	walking	          objectives,	particularly	how	to	accommodate	London’s	growth.	The	
       living	in	those	communities.	Policies	should	promote	mixed	use	              and	cycling	and	reducing	the	need	to	travel	by	car.	In	order	to	

      Plan	recognises	that	the	greatest	challenge	faced	by	the	Plan	is	to	       2.19 The first review of the London Plan will focus on ten policy areas             and	further	schemes	have	been	proposed.	The	completion	of	
      accommodate significant growth in ways that respect and improve                 that	are	set	out	in	the	adopted	plan.	These	are:                               the	transport	interchange	made	Canning	Town	one	of	the	most	
      London’s	diverse	heritage	while	delivering	the	Mayor’s	vision	for	an	                                                                                          accessible	areas	of	the	Borough.	
                                                                                 •	    Climate	Change
      exemplary,	sustainable	world	city.	
                                                                                 •	    London	as	a	World	City                                                 2.24	 Policy	SH5	‘Canning	Town	District	Centre’	states	that	the	
2.14	 The	London	Plan	Draft	Sub	Regional	Development	Framework	for	                                                                                                 council	will	(working	with	other	interested	bodies)	promote	and	
                                                                                 •	    The	London	Economy
      East	London	was	published	in	May	2005	and	provides	guidance	on	                                                                                               encourage	the	regeneration	of	Canning	Town	District	Centre.	Key	
      the	implementation	of	policies	in	the	London	Plan	in	order	to	help	        •	    Housing                                                                      projects	that	are	included	within	this	policy	are:	a	programme	of	
      deliver	a	sustainable	and	prosperous	future	for	the	Sub	Region.		                                                                                             environmental	improvements;	the	development	of	a	food	store;	and	
                                                                                 •	    Tackling	Social	Exclusion
                                                                                                                                                                    town	centre-related	‘Flagship’	development	on	the	A13.	
2.15	 Part	One	sets	out	for	debate,	during	a	public	“discussion	period”,	        •	    Transport
      an	overall	direction	for	the	Sub	Region.	Part	Two	looks	at	                                                                                             2.25	 The	southern	part	of	the	site	is	designated	as	a	‘Principal	
                                                                                 •	    London’s	Geography	(including	the	sub-regions	and	inter	regional	
      implementation. In particular, it quantifies the various impacts of                                                                                           Employment	Area’	and	as	such	the	Council	will	sanction	the	
      the	growth	that	are	projected	to	take	place	in	the	Sub	Region	and	                                                                                            retention	and	expansion	of	industrial	and	warehouse	uses.	
      proposes	how	it	can	be	accommodated	in	the	right	place,	at	the	            •	    London’s	Suburbs
                                                                                                                                                              2.26	 The	Plan	sets	out	housing	densities	that	the	Council	deems	to	
      right	time	and	in	a	sustainable	way.	
                                                                                 •	    Liveability	(including	safety,	security	and	open	spaces)                     reflect a balance between their need for more housing and their
2.16	 Densities	are	addressed	under	Section	5	and	the	importance	of	             •	    The	2012	Olympic	and	Paralympic	Games                                        objectives	of	residential	amenity	and	good	design.	Policy	H16	
      achieving	higher	densities	in	appropriate	locations	is	stressed.	                                                                                             ‘Housing	Density’	states	that	the	required	density	range	is	between	
      Proposed	Action	5A	states	that	Boroughs	should	include	detailed	           	     The	timetable	for	the	review	is	to	undertake	consultation	with	the	          175	and	250	habitable	rooms	per	hectare.	Schemes	predominately	
      proposals	for	higher	densities	in	their	Local	Development	                       Assembly	and	GLA	group	organisations	in	late	spring	2006	with	               for	family	housing	should	not	exceed	212	habitable	rooms	per	
      Frameworks	(LDFs),	in	accordance	with	London	Plan	policies	and	                  public	consultation	in	autumn	2006.	An	Examination	in	Public	and	            hectare.	The	Council	will	also	seek	the	provision	of	approximately	
      introduce	a	policy	to	refuse	developments	that	represent	an	under-               the	Panel’s	report	is	scheduled	for	summer	2007and	the	revised	              25%	of	new	housing	to	be	affordable	on	developments	of	15	or	
      use	of	land.	                                                                    London	Plan	should	be	published	in	early	2008.                               more dwellings or on sites larger than 0.5 hectares. This figure
                                                                                                                                                                    increases	to	33%	when	the	affordable	units	are	provided	off-site.	
2.17 Appendix 1 – East London Town Centre Network specifies for
                                                                                 Newham unitary Development Plan (uDP)
     Canning	Town:                                                                                                                                            2.27	 Policy	T15	‘Parking	Standards	for	New	Development’	states	
                                                                                 2.20	 The	Newham	UDP	was	adopted	in	June	2001.	As	the	Notional	                    that	new	developments	will	be	expected	to	provide	parking	in	
      \\	 Experian	GOAD	(A	Town	Centre	comparison	goods	data	
                                                                                       Scheme	is	a	mixed-use	development,	there	are	a	number	of	UDP	                accordance	with	the	Council’s	parking	standards	contained	in	
          provider)	has	reported	that	there	is	39,000	m2 of floorspace;
                                                                                       policies	that	are	relevant	to	the	scheme.	This	section	seeks	to	             Appendix	T2.	The	parking	standards	require	new	build	residential	
                                                                                       highlight	only	the	most	pertinent	policies.	                                 development	to	provide	a	maximum	of:	1	space	(within	the	
      \\	 <1,000m2 modelled comparison goods floorspace need 2001-                                                                                                  curtilage)	for	1	bed	units;	1.5	spaces	per	2	bed	unit	(1	in	the	
          2016                                                                   2.21	 The	site	has	various	designations	on	the	UDP	Proposals	Map	and	              curtilage);	2	spaces	for	3	bed	units	(2	in	the	curtilage);	2.5	spaces	
                                                                                       is	divided	into	northern	and	a	southern	parts.	The	northern	area	            for	4	bed	units	(2	in	the	curtilage);	and	3	spaces	for	5	bed	units	
2.18	 The	Silvertown	Way	site	is	included	within	the	Royal	Docks	                      of	the	site	is	designated	as	‘Mixed	Use	Proposal’	and	lies	within	           (3	spaces	in	the	curtilage).	For	non-residential	developments	that	
      ‘Opportunity	Area’.	The	key	issues	for	the	Opportunity	Area	                     Canning	Town	‘Town	Centre	Boundary’.	The	southern	part	of	the	               include new offices, retail and A3 uses, a maximum of 1 space per
      include:                                                                         site	is	designated	as	a	‘Principle	Employment	Area’.                         1000m2	is	the	requirement.		
      \\	 reconciling	tensions	between	historic	parking	provisions	
                                                                                 2.22	 Paragraph	2.32	of	the	UDP	allocates	Canning	Town	as	the	focus	for	
          and	new	standards,	especially	in	areas	with	improving	public	
                                                                                       improvements	and	upgrading	of	its	existing	town	centre	in	order	       Newham 2020 – Local Development Framework
                                                                                       to maximise the potential benefit from the Jubilee Line Extension
                                                                                                                                                              2.28	 The	Planning	and	Compulsory	Purchase	Act	2004	requires	that	the	
      \\	 maximising	potential	uplifts	in	accessibility/development	                   and	its	interchange	station	with	Silverlink	Metro	and	the	Docklands	
                                                                                                                                                                    Council	produce	and	maintain	a	Local	Development	Framework	
          capacity	associated	with	the	river	crossings	and	minimise	their	             Light	Railway.	
                                                                                                                                                                    (LDF).	This	will	replace	the	current	Unitary	Development	Plan	that	
          environmental	impact;	and
                                                                                 2.23	 Canning	Town	District	Centre	has	approximately	13,000m2	gross	               was	adopted	in	2001.	
      \\	 various	infrastructure	issues	including	electricity,	gas,	water	and	         of retail and service floorspace centred on Rathbone Market.
          sewage.                                                                                                                                             2.29	 The	Local	Development	Framework	will	be	made	up	of	several	
                                                                                       The	centre	is	showing	serious	signs	of	decline.	However,	major	
                                                                                                                                                                    Local	Development	Documents	(LDDs).	These	documents	will	
                                                                                       investments	in	the	centre	and	surrounding	area	have	been	made	
                                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                 15

      contain	the	Council’s	spatial	vision	for	the	future	of	the	Borough	                  October	2006.                                                              \\   new office space;
      and	set	out	a	strategy	to	help	implement		this	vision.	The	LDDs	will	
                                                                                      \\   Draft Development Plan Document finalised 1st Quarter 2008.                \\	 improved	links	between	the	bus	and	rail	station	and	the	
      also set out the policies and site specific proposals that will help to
                                                                                                                                                                          surrounding	area;
      guide specific divisions on land-use matters.                                   \\	 Submission	to	Secretary	of	State	in	2nd	Quarter	2008.
                                                                                                                                                                      \\	 new	or	improved	schools,	health,	leisure	and	other	community	
                                                                                      \\	 Public	examination	during	4th	Quarter	2008.
2.30	 This	Local	Development	Scheme	(LDS),	which	sets	out	the	                                                                                                            facilities;
      Council’s	programme	for	preparing	its	LDF,	was	submitted	to	the	                \\	 Adoption	and	Publication	during	2nd	Quarter	2009.
                                                                                                                                                                      \\	 improved	connections	across	the	A13	including	an	‘oversail’	
      Secretary	of	State	in	March	2005	and	came	into	effect	on	18th	
                                                                                                                                                                          and	‘at	grade’	crossings	between	Canning	Town	Station	and	the	
      April	2005,	in	accordance	with	the	Town	and	Country	Planning	             Existing Supplementary Planning Guidance and Review
                                                                                                                                                                          surrounding	area;
      (Local	Development)	(England)	Regulations	2004.		The	LDS	                 Status
      contains	the	following	provisions	:	                                                                                                                            \\	 better	quality	streets	and	open	spaces	with	links	to	other	open	
                                                                                2.33	 Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	Area	Action	Plan	(adopted	                            spaces;
                                                                                      2001):	To	be	reviewed	and	incorporated	in	the	Stratford	and	Lower	
Core Strategy                                                                                                                                                         \\	 new,	integrated	safer	street	network	and	townscape;	and
                                                                                      Lea	Valley	Area	Action	Plan.	If	review	concludes	that	detailed	area	
2.31	 The	Core	Strategy	will	provide	an	expression	of	development	                    based	Supplementary	Planning	Document	(SPD)	is	also	required,	                  \\	 work	space	for	local,	small	and	emerging	enterprises.
      objectives,	a	spatial	context	and	policies	that	will	deliver	the	               this	will	be	programmed	for	production	beyond	June	2009.
                                                                                                                                                               2.37	 The	Masterplan	notes	the	residential	densities	described	in	the	
      Council’s	vision	for	Newham.	Guiding	principles	will	clearly	set	
                                                                                2.34	 Silvertown	Way	Planning	Brief:	To	be	reviewed	and	incorporated	                adopted	UDP	but	recognises	that	close	to	the	Canning	Town	
      out	the	priorities	and	vision	for	the	Borough,	and	will	inform	
                                                                                      in	the	Stratford	and	Lower	Lea	Valley	Area	Action	Plan.	If	review	             Transport	Interchange,	densities	of	up	to	1,100	habitable	rooms	
      the	objectives.	The	objectives	will	provide	context	for	the	Core	
                                                                                      concludes	that	detailed	area	based	SPD	is	also	required,	this	will	be	         per	hectare	may	be	achieved.		It	further	advocates	a	residential	
      Strategy	to	achieve	the	Council’s	vision	and	policy	areas	include:	
                                                                                      programmed	for	production	beyond	June	2009.                                    parking	ratio	of	0.8	spaces	per	unit,	whilst	welcoming	shared	on-
      Employment,	Housing,	Town	Centres	and	Shopping,	Recreation	and	
                                                                                                                                                                     street	parking.	2.38	          In	respect	of	the	Silvertown	Way	site,	
      Open	Space,	Transport,	Environment,	Community	Facilities	and	
                                                                                Canning Town and Custom House Masterplan                                             the Masterplan specifically encourages a mix of business, live/work,
      Regeneration.		The	programme	is	as	follows:
                                                                                                                                                                     hotel	and	residential	uses	on	the	northern	part	of	the	site	and	a	
      \\	 Public	consultation	on	preferred	options	June	to	July	2005.           2.35	 The	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	Masterplan	was	adopted	by	                   mix	of	employment,	live/work	and	residential	uses	on	the	southern	
      \\   Draft Development Plan Document finalised December 2006.                   LBN	as	supplementary	planning	guidance	(SPG)	on	23rd	October	                  part	of	the	site.		Ancillary	leisure,	retail	and	restaurant	uses	are	also	
                                                                                      2004.		It	combines	two	masterplan	proposals	for	the	housing	areas	             encouraged.
      \\	 Submission	to	Secretary	of	State	in	January	2007.                           of	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	and	was	the	subject	of	public	
                                                                                      consultation	during	early	2004.		The	Masterplan	supersedes	the	          2.39	 In	terms	of	building	heights,	the	Masterplan	advises	that	20	storeys	
      \\	 Public	examination	in	August	2007.
                                                                                      Canning	Town	Action	Plan	and	that	part	of	the	Lower	Lea	Valley	                at	the	northern	tip	and	15	storeys	at	the	southern	tip	of	the	site	
      \\	 Adoption	and	publication	during	1st	Quarter	2008.                                                                                                          would	be	acceptable	with	a	range	of	6-7	storey	buildings	in-
                                                                                      Framework	Plan	relating	to	Canning	Town.
Stratford and Lower Lea Valley Area Action Plan (AAP)                           2.36	 The	Masterplan	area	covers	over	100	hectares	and	sets	out	
                                                                                      the	replacement	of	4,000	homes.		The	Masterplan	seeks	the	
                                                                                                                                                               Draft Silvertown Way Planning Brief (Public
2.32	 The	Stratford	and	Lower	Lea	Valley	AAP	is	intended	to	deliver	                  regeneration	of	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	through	the	
                                                                                                                                                               Consultation Draft – October 200)
      change	in	a	key	part	of	the	Borough.	To	ensure	that	development	                following	objectives:
      complements	the	Council’s	vision	as	well	as	national	and	regional	                                                                                       2.40	 The	Draft	Silvertown	Way	Planning	Brief	was	prepared	for	public	
                                                                                      \\	 rebuilding	more	and	better	new	homes	including	courtyard	
      policy,	the	AAP	will	set	out	policies	for	change	and	the	site	                                                                                                 consultation	in	October	2003.		It	covers	an	area	broadly	equating	
                                                                                          houses	and	apartments;
      specific proposals for the area. It will also provide the context                                                                                              to	the	extent	of	land	proposed	to	be	acquired	by	the	LDA	at	
      for	any	existing	or	new	development	frameworks	or	masterplans.	                 \\	 replacement	of	poor	quality	housing;                                       Silvertown	Way.		The	Draft	Brief	was	not	subjected	to	public	
      Geographical coverage will refer directly to the areas defined                                                                                                 consultation,		as	it	was	incorporated	into	the	Canning	Town	and	
                                                                                      \\	 accommodating	those	people	who	want	to	stay;
      within	the	Action	Plan,	Stratford,	West	Ham	and	Three	Mills,	the	                                                                                              Custom	House	Masterplan.		It	does,	however,	provide	a	more	
      Cody	Road	and	Bidder	Street	areas	and	stretching	south	just	past	               \\	 proving	homes	for	sale,	shared	ownership	and	rent;                         detailed	indication	than	the	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	
      Canning	Town	station.		The	programme	is	as	follows:                             \\	 creating	more	jobs,	with	access	and	training	for	local	people;             Masterplan	of	what	LBN	considers	appropriate	development	on	
      \\	 Public	consultation	on	preferred	options	September	to	                                                                                                     the	site.
                                                                                      \\	 new	shops	and	a	supermarket	in	Canning	Town	centre;

Lower Lea Valley Regeneration Strategy                                               rented	sector.	Owner-occupied	(no	mortgage)	accounted	for	17%,	             of	social	exclusion	in	Canning	Town	that	the	SRB	in	the	area	had	
(December2005)                                                                       Owner-occupied	(with	mortgage)	33%,	Council	22%,	RSL	11%	and	               begun	to	address.	The	aim	of	the	project	is	to:
                                                                                     Privately	rented	17%.	
2.41	 The	Lower	Lea	Valley	Regeneration	Strategy	(LLVRS)	is	being	                                                                                               \\	 improve	1200	properties;
      prepared	on	behalf	of	the	LDA	by	EDAW.	The	LLVRS:	                       2.45 The survey identified that there was a substantial shortfall                 \\	 maintain	high	quality	accommodation	for	30	years;
                                                                                    of	dwellings	across	the	Borough	which	was	based	on	three	
	     “...presents	a	vision	that	will	bring	about	comprehensive	social,	                                                                                         \\	 provide	a	full	range	of	landlord	services	for	tenants	and	
                                                                                    components;	backlog	need,	516	dwellings	per	annum;	newly	
      economic	and	environmental	change	in	the	Valley	for	all	who	live,	                                                                                             leaseholders	in	PFI	properties;
                                                                                    arising	need,	3,310	dwellings	per	annum;	and	affordable	supply,	
      work	and	visit	there	now	and	in	the	future.	The	Strategy	presents	            1,216	dwellings	per	annum.	The	report	suggested	that	66%	of	the	             \\	 manage	services	to	promote	a	safe	and	attractive	environment;
      a	strategy	for	transformation	of	a	deprived	and	neglected	area,	              requirement	was	for	one	and	two	bed	properties.	However,	only	
      much	of	which	is	currently	occupied	by	industrial	activity,	into	a	                                                                                         \\	 redevelop	vacant	sites,	derelict	buildings	and	surplus	dwellings	
                                                                                    24%	of	need	for	3	and	4+	bed	property	can	be	met	by	supply.	
      new	urban	district	that	knits	together	the	existing	communities	on	                                                                                             to	provide	housing	for	sale	and	community	facilities;	and
      either	side	of	the	valley.”                                              2.46 The survey identified the Canning Town sub-area as having an annual           \\	 contribute	to	the	wider	regeneration	of	the	wider	Caning	
                                                                                    need	to	provide;	227	dwellings	arising	from	new	need;	156	dwellings	              Town	area,	including	empowering	residents	and	providing	
2.42	 The	Lower	Lea	Valley	Opportunity	Area	Planning	Framework	(LLV	                of	affordable	dwellings;	and	45	dwellings	arising	from	backlog.                   employment	and	training	opportunities.
      OAPF)	is	one	of	the	documents	within	the	LLVRS,	which	has	been	
      prepared	by	EDAW.		The	LLV	OAPF:                                                                                                                     2.49	 The	PFI	project	will	ensure	continued	investment	and	innovative	
                                                                               Newham’s Housing Strategy Statement update
                                                                                                                                                                 management	for	the	better	quality	and	more	popular	Council	
	     “...provides	a	planning	policy	context	for	the	sensitive	management	     200/05
                                                                                                                                                                 housing in Canning Town. However, the PFI targets specific blocks
      of	a	major	step-change	in	the	land-use	structure	of	the	LLV,	the	
                                                                               2.47	 The	aim	of	the	Newham	Housing	Strategy	Statement	is	to	ensure	              and	the	Council	is	ensuring	that	the	need	to	improve	housing	
      profile of the area and the quality of life for people who may
                                                                                     that	housing	policies	are	coherent	and	reinforce	the	Council’s	             stock	is	at	the	heart	of	the	canning	Town	and	Custom	House	
      travel	through,	use,	visit	or	live	or	work	across	the	local	area.	The	
                                                                                     vision	for	housing	in	the	Borough.	The	Strategy	is	a	regularly	             Masterplan.		
      intention	is	that	the	LLV	OAPF	will	be	adopted	as	a	statement	
                                                                                     updated	‘live’	document	and	sits	alongside	the	Housing	Study	2004.	
      of	planning	policy	by	the	Mayor	of	London	acting	as	the	planning	
                                                                                     The	Strategy	aims	to:
      framework	for	the	LLV	‘Opportunity	Area’	(as	designated	in	the	
      London	Plan).	The	intention	is	that	the	LLV	OAPF	will	also	be	                 \\	 develop	links	between	the	Housing	Strategy	and	other	key	
                                                                                                                                                           The London Thames Gateway Development
      endorsed	by	the	four	LLV	Boroughs	as	an	up-to-date	statement	                      Council	strategies	and	partnerships	with	particular	emphasis	
      of	strategy	policies	and	proposals	providing	a	context	for	their	                  on	education,	health	improvement,	community	safety,	training	
      respective	Local	Development	Frameworks	and	a	material	planning	                   and	employment;                                                   2.50			 The	London	Thames	Gateway	Development	Corporation	
      consideration	for	planning	decisions.	It	will	also	be	endorsed	by	the	                                                                                       (LTGDC)	now	has	the	power	to	determine	certain	planning	
                                                                                     \\	 build	real	partnerships	with	local	residents	and	promote	their	
      LTGDC	as	part	of	its	statutory	Regeneration	Framework.”                                                                                                      applications	in	accordance	with	the	London	Thames	Gateway	
                                                                                                                                                                   Development	Corporation	(Planning	Functions)	Order	2005.	
2.43	 The	draft	LLVRS	is	expected	to	be	completed	during	December	                   \\	 develop	plans	that	recognise	the	distinctiveness	of	Newham’s	             Given	the	nature	and	size	of	any	prospective	planning	application	
      2005.		An	informal	six	week	consultation	period	with	stakeholders	                 neighbourhoods	and	the	diversity	of	its	communities;                      on	the	site,	it	is	likely	that	the	LTGDC	would	be	the	local	planning	
      will	follow	over	January	and	February	2006.		Following	revisions	
                                                                                     \\	 develop	sustainable	residential	communities	through	increasing	           authority.	
      and	initial	Mayoral	approval	in	March	2006,	the	LLVRS	will	be	
                                                                                         the	range	and	quality	of	local	housing	choices;
      formally	launched	and	made	available	for	public	consultation	
      between	April	and	June	2006.		Following	formal	Mayoral	approval	               \\	 improve	the	quality	and	reduce	the	size	of	Newham’s	private	
      and	endorsement	by	the	Boroughs	and	the	London	Thames	                             rented	sector;
      Gateway	Development	Corporation,	the	LLVRS	will	gain	its	full	
                                                                                     \\   establish showcase areas to build the confidence of existing
      weight	within	the	statutory	planning	process	in	September	2006.
                                                                                          residents	and	business,	and	to	attract	new	residents	and	
                                                                                          business;	and
Newham Housing Study
                                                                                     \\	 provide	Best	Value	housing	management,	repairs	and	
2.44	 This	report	was	published	in	January	2004	and	contains	a	                          maintenance services, and housing benefit services.
      comprehensive	survey	of	the	housing	need	within	the	Borough.		At	
                                                                               2.48	 The	Canning	Town	Housing	Private	Finance	Initiative	(PFI)	was	
      the	time	of	the	survey	there	were	an	estimated	93,500	households.	
                                                                                     established	in	March	2000	in	order	to	tackle	the	serious	issue	
      The	main	tenure	groups	were	owner-occupation	and	the	social	and	
            PART 1                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                        17

            THE SITE
            AND ITS
                                                                             Population                                                                          deprived	(ODPM,	2004).		It	can	therefore	be	said	that	the	majority	
                                                                                                                                                                 of	the	Study	Area	experiences	issues	of	acute	multiple	deprivation.
                                                                             3.3	   The	Study	Area	has	a	total	resident	population	of	35,215,	which	
                                                                                    equates	to	14%	of	the	total	population	of	LB	Newham	(243,889	
                                                                                                                                                          Labour Supply
                                                                                    (2001	Census	of	Population)).
                                                                                                                                                          3.8	   There	is	a	total	of	13,896	economically	active	residents	in	the	
                                                                             3.4	   Of	the	total	resident	population	in	the	Study	Area,	21,765	or	
                                                                                                                                                                 Study	Area	which	equates	to	63.7%	of	the	total	working	age	
                                                                                    61.8%	are	of	working	age	compared	to	63.2%	throughout	Newham	
                                                                                                                                                                 population. This figure is similar to that at the Borough level
                                                                                    and	61.5%	at	the	national	level	(2001	Census	of	Population).		
                                                                                                                                                                 (63.8%) but significantly lower than that for at the national level
                                                                                    The	proportion	of	working	age	population	in	the	Study	Area	is	
                                                                                                                                                                 (76%	(2001	Census	of	Population)).		The	proportion	of	the	working	
                                                                                    therefore	in-line	with	the	national	trend	and	below	that	at	the	
                                                                                                                                                                 age	population	that	is	economically	active	in	the	Study	Area	and	
                                                                                    London	Borough	level	which	has	a	relatively	large	working	age	
                                                                                                                                                                 throughout	the	Borough	is	therefore	considerably	lower	than	the	
                                                                                                                                                                 national	level.	

                                                                             Deprivation                                                                  3.9    The trend outlined above can, in part, be explained by significantly
                                                                                                                                                                 high	levels	of	unemployment	amongst	the	working	age	population	
                                                                             3.5	   In	2004	the	ODPM	released	a	new	set	of	Indices	of	Multiple	                  in	the	study.		Unemployment	amongst	this	group	throughout	the	
                                                                                    Deprivation	(IMD).		Unlike	the	previous	IMD	survey	(DETR,	2001),	            Study	Area	is	13.5%	(14.9%	in	Canning	Town	North	and	14.1%	in	
                                                                                    which	collected	information	on	deprivation	at	the	Ward	level,	               Canning	Town	South)	compared	to	13.6%	at	the	Borough	and	5.8%	
                                                                                    the	new	indices	collected	information	at	the	Super	Output	Area	              at	the	national	level	(2001	Census	of	Population).
                                                                                    (SOAs	(smaller	than	LA	Wards))	which	relate	to	areas	containing	
. Socio-Economic Context                                                           a	mean	population	of	1,500	people.		This	allowed	analysis	to	focus	
                                                                                                                                                          Employment & unemployment
                                                                                    on	trends	occurring	at	a	very	detailed	local	level	that	was	not	
Introduction                                                                        previously	possible	with	relatively	large	Ward-based	aggregations.    3.10	 The	graph	below	illustrates	employment	in	the	Study	Area,	
                                                                                                                                                                the	Borough	and	at	the	national	level	according	to	standard	
3.1	   GVA	Grimley	has	advised	the	LDA	on	the	socio-economic	context	        3.6	   The	combined	IMD	ranking	to	which	this	section	relates	is	based	
                                                                                                                                                                occupational classification (Soc) groups. It is clear to see that the
       of	the	site.		The	Silvertown	Way	site	is	located	within	the	London	          on	an	aggregation	of	scores	for	seven	indicator	domains.		The	
                                                                                                                                                                Study	Area	has	lower	proportions	of	employees	working	in	the	
       Borough of Newham. Specifically, the Development Framework                   domains	that	make	up	the	overall	multiple	deprivation	index	and	
                                                                                                                                                                occupations	at	the	left-hand	side	of	the	graph,	in	the	managerial	
       area	extends	across	three	Wards	within	Newham:	Custom	House,	                the	weighting	attached	to	them	are	provided	below:
                                                                                                                                                                and	professional	roles	compared	to	the	Borough	and	national	level.		
       Canning	Town	North	and	Canning	Town	South.                                   \\	 income	(22.5%);                                                         The	converse	of	this	is	that	the	Study	Area	has	larger	proportions	
3.2	   This	section	provides	an	overview	of	a	number	of	socio-                      \\	 employment	(22.5%);                                                     of	its	employees	clustered	in	those	occupations	on	the	right-hand	
       economic	trends	occurring	in	Newham	and	where	possible	at	                                                                                               side	of	the	graph	in	the	elementary	and	manual	occupations.
                                                                                    \\	 health	deprivation	and	disability	(13.5%);
       a	more	detailed	level;	or	the	“Study	Area”	(an	agglomeration	of	                                                                                   3.11 Whilst this is not a reflection of economic activity taking place in
       the	three	wards	listed	above).		It	compares	trends	occurring	at	             \\	 education,	skills	and	training	(13.5%);
                                                                                                                                                               the	Study	Area	(i.e.	employers	located	therein)	it	does	represent	
       this	local	level	with	those	apparent	at	the	Borough	and	national	            \\	 barriers	to	housing	and	services	(9.3%);                               the	types	of	occupations	held	by	local	economically	active	
       levels.	Commentary	is	provided	on	the	following	socio-economic	                                                                                         residents.		In	comparison	with	trends	at	the	Borough	and	national	
                                                                                    \\	 crime	(9.3%);	and
       indicators:                                                                                                                                             level,	there	is	an	overrepresentation	in	primary	and	manual	
                                                                                    \\	 living	environment	(9.3%).                                             trades which require few skills or qualifications and an under-
       \\	 population;
                                                                             3.7	   The	IMD	ranks	all	of	the	SOAs	in	England	and	Wales	according	to	           representation	in	highly	skilled	managerial	and	professional	trades.
       \\	 deprivation;
                                                                                    the	level	of	deprivation	witnessed	therein	where	the	SOA	with	a	
       \\	 labour	supply;                                                           rank	of	1	is	the	most	deprived,	and	32,482	the	least	deprived.		Of	
       \\	 employment	and	unemployment;	and                                         the	24	SOAs	that	make	up	the	Study	Area,	8	or	33%	were	found	
                                                                                    to	be	in	the	5%	most	deprived	SOAs	in	the	country	and	17	SOAs	
       \\   qualifications.
                                                                                    or	71%	of	the	study	area	total	were	found	to	be	in	the	10%	most	

                                                                                                Qualifications                                                                               3.14 The following bullet points summarise the key findings emerging
                                                                                                                                                                                                  from	the	socio-economic	analysis:
                                                                                                3.12	 The	occupation	analysis	below	indicates	that	a	high	proportion	of	
                                                                                                      those	in	employment	in	the	Study	Area,	relative	to	the	Borough	                              \\	 The	Study	Area	contains	a	below	average	proportion	of	
                                                                                                      and	national	levels,	are	in	occupations	that	demand	little	or	no	                                residents	of	working	age.
                                                                                                      qualifications. Analysis of the Study Area confirms that of those                            \\	 The	Study	Area	experiences	issues	of	acute	multiple	
                                                                                                      persons	aged	between	16	and	74	only	a	relatively	small	group	has	                                deprivation.		17	of	the	24	SOAs	that	make	up	the	study	area	
                                                                                                      achieved higher level qualifications whilst a relatively large group                             are	in	the	10%	most	deprived	in	the	country.
                                                                                                      has no or unknown qualifications.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 The	proportion	of	economically	active	working	age	residents	
                                                                                                3.13	 Evident	of	this,	45.5%	of	those	aged	16	to	74	in	the	Study	Area	                                 in the Study Area is significantly below the national average.
                                                                                                      have no qualifications or their level of qualification is unknown,                           \\	 The	Study	Area,	and	the	London	Borough	of	Newham	both	
                                                                                                      compared	to	39.6%	at	the	Borough	and	35.8%	at	the	national	                                      experience significant levels of unemployment. Unemployment
                                                                                                      level.		35.9%	of	the	population	aged	16	to	74	have	lower	level	                                  in	the	study	area	is	13.5%	compared	to	5.8%	at	the	national	level.
                                                                                                      qualifications compared to 39.1% at the Borough and 43.9% at the
                                                                                                      national level. And finally, only 18.5% of the Study Area population                         \\	 A	greater	proportion	of	residents	from	the	Study	Area	are	
                                                                                                      aged 16 to 74 have higher level qualifications compared to 21.3% at                              employed	in	elementary	and	manual	occupations	compared	to	
                                                                                                      the	Borough	and	20.4	at	the	national	level.		Further	to	the	issue	of	                            the	Borough	and	national	averages.
                                                                                                      relatively low levels of qualification in the Study Area, comparative                        \\	 A	smaller	proportion	of	residents	from	the	Study	Area	are	
                                                                                                      analysis	of	the	same	indicators	at	the	level	of	the	Borough	                                     employed	in	managerial	and	professional	trades	compared	to	
                                                                                                      demonstrate	that	this	trend	is	more	acute	in	the	Study	Area.	                                    the	Borough	and	national	averages.











                Managers	and		           Professional     Associate	      Administrative		   Skilled	traders      Personal	services   Sales	and	customer	 Process	plant	and	   Elementary	
               Senior Officials                          professional		   and	secretarial                                                   services     machine	operatives    occupations
                                                        and	technical

     Fig .1 Employment by Occupation                                                                Study	Area         LB	Newham           GB
     Source:	2001	Census	of	Population
          PART 1                                                                                                                      DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                              19

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                                         North	and	Victoria	Dock	Road)	runs	along	both	sides,	connected	          Peninsula
                                                                                         by	a	number	of	small	east-west	oriented	streets.	The	road	
                                                                                         infrastructure	divides	the	site	into	small	plots.		The	site	currently	   4.7	   The	urban	fabric	around	the	site	is	strongly	fragmented	by	spatial	
                                                                                         contains a significant number of derelict, dilapidated or poorly                barriers.	The	docks,	basins	and	waterways	are	the	most	obvious	
                                                                                         maintained	buildings.	The	site	is	characterised	by	a	variety	of	                barriers,	and	the	meandering	River	Lea	fragments	the	surrounding	
                                                                                         light	industrial	and	temporary	uses,	ad-hoc	car	parking	and	open	               landscape.
                                                                                         storage.	It	is	considered	that	none	of	these	buildings	have	any	         4.8    The railway infrastructure is of equal significance. Along the west
                                                                                         architectural	value	and	with	the	possible	exception	of	the	public	              boundary	of	the	site,	the	rail	corridor	forms	an	impenetrable	edge	
                                                                                         house,	none	appear	to	have	community	value.                                     along	the	whole	length	of	the	site.	The	physical	presence	of	this	
                                                                                                                                                                         barrier	is	stressed	by	the	defensive	concrete	wall	bordering	the	
                                                                                                                                                                         site,	blocking	even	the	visual	relation	on	street	level	to	the	tracks	
                                                                                                                                                                         and	to	the	other	side.	

                                                                                                                                                                  4.9	   DLR	plans	to	elevate	the	rail	infrastructure	next	to	the	site	to	
                                                                                                                                                                         accommodate	a	grade	-	separated	junction.		A	new	railway	viaduct	
                                                                                                                                                                         will	therefore	further	strengthen	the	rail	as	a	barrier.	The	raised	
                                                                                                                                                                         DLR	track	limits	the	places	where	a	pedestrian-cycle	bridge	can	
                                                                                                                                                                         cross	to	the	Limmo	site	at	a	convenient	height.	

                                                                                                                                                                  4.10	 The	highway	infrastructure	and	especially	the	viaducts	of	the	A13,	
                                                                                                                                                                        the	Lower	Lea	Crossing	and	Silvertown	Way,	form	physical	barriers	
4. urban Design                                                                                                                                                         in	the	area.	Silvertown	Way,	a	dual	carriageway	forming	the	eastern	
                                                                                                                                                                        boundary	of	the	site,	rises	to	become	a	viaduct	at	the	south	of	
Introduction                                                                                                                                                            the	site.	This	creates	a	large	separating	barrier	which	forms	a	hard	
                                                                                   Fig 4.1 Link                                                                         edge	along	much	of	this	site	boundary,	dividing	the	site	from	the	
4.1	   KCAP	Architects	have	carried	out	an	assessment	of	the	Urban	
                                                                                                                                                                        industrial	area	to	the	east	of	the	viaduct.	
       Design	context	of	the	site	on	behalf	of	the	LDA.	The	site	offers	a	
       number	of	development	opportunities	and	constraints.	The	site	is	          4.4	   Analysed	in	a	wider	context,	the	site	is	at	a	crossroads	of	larger	
                                                                                                                                                                  4.11	 Due	to	these	barriers,	the	site	is	isolated	from	its	urban	context.	
       approximately	500m	long	and	on	average,	45m	wide.	It	is	bounded	                  London	venues.	It	faces	infrastructure	that	provides	connections	
                                                                                                                                                                        The	construction	of	Silvertown	Way	separated	the	site	from	
       on	either	side	by	a	busy	highway/viaduct	and	railway	corridor,	                   on	an	urban	scale:	the	tracks	of	the	DLR,	the	LUL	Jubilee	Line	
                                                                                                                                                                        Canning	Town	and	a	natural	development	of	the	site	in	isolation	
       with	a	public	transport	interchange	to	the	north.	It	is,	however,	                and	Silverlink	trains	and	highways	like	the	Lower	Lea	Crossing	
                                                                                                                                                                        has	never	occurred.	
       sited	in	the	Lower	Lea	Valley,	where	activity	from	the	forthcoming	               and	Silvertown	Way.	These	connect	Stratford	and	the	2012	
       Olympic	Games,	public	sector	initiatives	and	private	investment	is	               Olympic	Park	in	the	North	with	the	Greenwich	Peninsula	and	              4.12 Redevelopment of the site can also benefit from this relatively
       generating significant new opportunities for urban regeneration.                  the	Millennium	Dome	in	the	South.	In	the	other	direction,	they	               isolated	position	in	a	way	that	it	has	potential	for	a	development	
       This	context	provides	both	advantages	and	disadvantages	for	the	                  connect	Canary	Wharf	and	Isle	of	Dogs	to	the	west	with	the	Royal	             with	its	own	particular	identity.	Iconic	buildings	at	the	northern	tip	
       redevelopment	of	the	land.                                                        Docks	and	London	City	Airport	to	the	east.	                                   and	southern	tail	can	mark	the	beginning	and	ending	of	the	site.	
                                                                                                                                                                       Expressive	facades	towards	Silvertown	Way	and	Victoria	Dock	
4.2	   The	site’s	unusual	context	can	be	interpreted	in	various	ways.	            4.5	   In	this	context	the	site	has	the	opportunity	to	become	a	link	in	
                                                                                                                                                                       Road	can	mark	the	perimeter	of	the	site.
       For	the	purposes	of	analysing	the	site,	they	have	been	themed	as	                 the urban landscape between these venues. It can benefit from and
       ‘Link’,	‘Peninsula’,	‘Village’,	‘Corridor’	and	‘Capsule’.	Each	of	these	          contribute	to	the	urban	renewal	of	east	London	and,	as	a	landmark	
                                                                                                                                                                                                Fig 4.2 Peninsula
       interpretations of the site focuses on a specific contextual aspect               location,	put	Canning	Town	on	the	map.	
       providing	a	range	of	development	responses.                                4.6	   The	site	has	potential	for	the	development	of	relatively	tall	
                                                                                         buildings	(within	the	Civil	Aviation	Authority	(CAA)	ceiling	of	71m)	
Current Situation                                                                        which	would	provide	extensive	views	over	the	Thames	and	Dome	
                                                                                         to	the	south,	Canary	Wharf	and	the	City	to	the	West	and	the	Royal	
4.3	   This	long,	thin	site	has	a	north-south	orientation.	Its	main	
                                                                                         Docks	to	the	east.
       surrounding	road	infrastructure	(Silvertown	Way,	Peto	Street	

Village                                                                            trackside.	Victoria	Dock	Road	has	to	become	a	front	side	street,	
                                                                                   not	a	servicing	back	alley.
4.13	 Another	way	to	deal	with	the	isolated	position	of	the	site	is	to	
      reconnect	it	to	the	Canning	Town	Centre.	The	site	being	within	        4.19	 The	number	of	east-west	oriented	streets	between	Victoria	Dock	
      300m	of	the	primary	shopping	frontage	in	Canning	Town	Centre	is	             Road	and	Silvertown	Way	can	be	reduced,	so	to	limit	crossroads	
      a	positive	attribute,	which	should	be	exploited.	The	redevelopment	          with	Silvertown	Way.	The	redevelopment	of	the	site	has	to	keep	
      can contribute to and profit from the level of communal services             open	some	east-west	strips	providing	a	visual	relation	from	
      that	the	Canning	Town	Centre	provides.                                       Silvertown	Way	to	the	skyline	over	the	tracks.

4.14	 To	reconnect	the	urban	fabric,	part	of	the	existing	road	layout	on	                            Fig 4.4 Corridor
      the	site	can	be	maintained.	Silvertown	Way	can	be	redesigned	as	an	
      urban boulevard with entrances, retail and leisure on ground floor.

4.15	 Victoria	Dock	Road	and	Peto	Street	North,	both	carrying	a	light	
      traffic load, could be seen to be an over-provision of north/south
      distributors	given	the	adjacency	of	Silvertown	Way,	and	Caxton	
      Street	to	the	east.	If	Peto	Street	North	is	removed	from	the	road	
      layout,	the	building	plots	can	extend	up	to	the	viaduct,	providing	
      activity	at	the	viaduct	street	level	and	stimulating	the	‘urban	       Capsule
      boulevard’	character.
                                                                             4.20 The development can benefit from the site’s proximity to the
4.16	 The	redevelopment	has	to	provide	a	new	pedestrian/cyclist	bridge	           Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange,	London	City	Airport	and	
      crossing	the	rail	corridor	onto	the	Limmo	site.	This	allows	future	         main	highways.
      development	on	the	Limmo	site	and	Pura	site	to	connect	to	
                                                                             4.21	 The	site	plugs	into	a	network	of	transport	and	telecommunications.	
      Canning	Town	Centre.	
                                                                                   It	connects	the	inhabitant	physically	and	virtually	to	the	‘Global	
                                                                                   Village’:	inhabitants	shop	online,	commute	by	tube	to	work	from	
                         Fig 4. Village
                                                                                   the Canning Town Transport Interchange and occasionally fly away
                                                                                   for	the	weekend	from	nearby	London	City	Airport.
                                                                             4.22	 An	appropriately	high	density	development	should	be	sought	in	
                                                                                   such	close	proximity	to	the	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange.

                                                                             4.23	 To	improve	the	connection	from	the	site	to	the	Transport	
                                                                                   Interchange,	Victoria	Dock	Road	has	to	be	extended	for	
                                                                                   pedestrians	and	cyclists.
4.17	 Situated	between	the	railway	tracks	and	Silvertown	Way,	the	site	                               Fig 4.5 Capsule
      suffers	from	a	degree	of	noise	and	air	pollution	along	both	of	the	
      long	boundaries,	with	trains	and	road	vehicles	passing	by	at	raised	

4.18	 The	site	currently	has	a	limited	relation	to	the	surrounding	
      infrastructure.	New	development	can	replace	the	current	
      billboards	and	fences	and	give	Silvertown	Way	a	new	character	as	
      an	urban	boulevard.	It	has	to	upgrade	the	identity	of	the	routing	
      between	the	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange	and	the	urban	
      development	of	the	Royal	Docks	on	both	the	road	and	the	
          PART 1                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                              21

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                              5.3	   The	existing	cycle	network	is	provided	as	follows:                      5.8	   Canning	Town	Bus	Station	serves	67	buses	per	hour	in	the	peak	
                                                                                                                                                                    periods.	The	service	Nos.	5,	69,	115,	241,	276,	300,	309,	323,	330,	
                                                                                     \\	 A	cycle	route	is	signed	from	the	ExCel	Centre	via	Mace	
                                                                                                                                                                    474	provide	bus	access	to	the	station	during	the	day,	and	the	N15,	
                                                                                         Gateway	and	Basin	Road	down	the	whole	length	of	Silvertown	
                                                                                                                                                                    N50	and	N69	service	it	at	night.	All	services	are	presently	run	with	
                                                                                                                                                                    double-decker	buses,	providing	an	overall	capacity	of	13,000	over	
                                                                                     \\	 Other	cycle	routes	are	indicated	from	the	top	of	Caxton	                   the	3	hour	peaks.
                                                                                         Street	via	Victoria	Dock	Road	Custom	House.
                                                                                                                                                             5.9	   With	the	opening	of	the	DLR	extension	to	London	City	Airport,	
                                                                                     \\	 A	southbound	cycle	lane	is	provided	along	the	full	length	of	
                                                                                                                                                                    London	Buses	are	presently	re-assessing	the	routes	in	the	Canning	
                                                                                         Silvertown	Way.	The	northbound	the	cycle	lane	currently	ends	
                                                                                                                                                                    Town	Area.	London	Buses	have	indicated	that	the	re-assessment	is	
                                                                                         north	of	George	Street,	where	the	bus	lane	begins.
                                                                                                                                                                    unlikely	to	result	in	a	deletion	of	services,	rather	some	re-routing	
                                                                                     \\	 A	segregated	cycle	lane	is	provided	along	the	Lower	Lea	                   of	services.	For	example,	while	the	routing	of	the	route	69	south	
                                                                                         Crossing	(LLC)	and	the	A13.                                                of	Canning	Town	Station	would	be	duplicated	by	the	new	DLR	
                                                                                                                                                                    extension,	there	maybe	an	opportunity	to	re-route	the	service	
                                                                              5.4	   There	is	currently	no	easy	way	of	cycling	between	the	LLC	and	
                                                                                                                                                                    through	Royal	Victoria	Dock.	
                                                                                     Silvertown	Way.	Cyclists	would	either	need	to	carry	their	bicycle	
                                                                                     up	the	stairs	of	the	viaduct	from	the	LLC	roundabout,	or	navigate	      5.10	 London	Buses	have	expressed	a	preference	to	safeguard	land	south	
                                                                                     the	roundabout	and	join	Basin	Road	from	Tidal	Basin.	Alternatively,	          of Canning Town Transport Interchange to give flexibility in the
                                                                                     they	can	carry	their	bicycle	up	and	across	the	footbridge	from	Tidal	         future,	if	there	was	a	further	need	to	increase	the	capacity	for	bus	
                                                                                     Basin	to	Victoria	Dock	Road.                                                  standing	facilities	at	the	interchange.	

5. Transportation Context                                                     Canning Town Transport Interchange
                                                                                                                                                             5.11	 The	rail	passenger	transport	services	available	are	as	follows:
                                                                                                                                                                    \\	 North	London	Line	(Silverlink):	15	minute	headway	services	
Introduction                                                                  5.5	   Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange	is	a	major	interchange	                         are	running	between	Richmond	and	Stratford,	with	30	minute	
                                                                                     between	National	Rail,	London	Underground,	Docklands	Light	                        headway	extended	services	to	North	Woolwich	via	Canning	
5.1	   JMP	Transport	Planning	and	Engineering	Consultants	has	provided	              Railway	and	London	Buses.		The	whole	site	is	within	8	minutes	                     Town.	The	reduced	headway	between	Stratford	and	North	
       transport	advice	in	relation	to	the	wider	Canning	Town	area	                  walk of the station. The site is classified with the highest Public                Woolwich	exists	for	operational	reasons,	as	the	track	is	
       and more specifically, in relation to the Notional Scheme being               Transport	Accessibility	Level	(PTAL)	available	–	level	6.		The	high	               reduced	to	single-track	operation	at	Custom	House.	There	is	
       promoted	in	this	Development	Framework.	JMP	has	undertaken	                   PTAL classification means that the site can be considered for                      existing	capacity	for	1,000	passengers	in	each	direction	during	
       an	assessment	of	the	proposals,	the	conclusions	of	which	are	                 development	to	high	densities,	in	accordance	with	the	London	Plan	                 the	3	hour	peaks.
       integrated	into	the	Preferred	Option	section.	JMP’s	analysis	of	              and	national	planning	policy	guidance.
       current	transport	access	and	infrastructure	and	planned	transport	                                                                                           \\	 Jubilee	Line:	This	London	Underground	line	(LUL)	was	
       schemes	affecting	the	site	is	provided	in	this	section.                5.6	   The	majority	of	bus	services	access	Silvertown	Way	from	the	                       extended	from	Green	Park	to	Stratford	as	part	of	the	recent	
                                                                                     junction	with	the	A13	-	for	access	to	Canning	Town	Transport	                      Jubilee	Line	Extension	(2000).	It	provides	a	current	peak	period	
                                                                                     Interchange.	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange	provides	an	                       service	level	of	40	trains	per	hour	equating	to	a	passenger	
Walking and Cycling
                                                                                     internal	bus-loop	which	enables	buses	to	enter	and	exit	from	both	                 capacity	of	22,000	in	each	direction	during	the	3	hour	peaks.	
5.2	   The	overall	provision	for	pedestrian	and	cycle	movement	through	              the	northern	and	southern	ends	of	the	interchange.	                                Increased	train	lengths	in	2006	will	deliver	20%	increase	in	
       the	area	is	complicated	by	physical	constraints.	The	railway	tracks	                                                                                             capacity,	while	additional	trains	in	2009	will	increase	both	
                                                                              5.7	   The	service	Nos.	69	and	474	run	along	the	full	length	of	Silvertown	               capacity	and	service	frequency	by	a	further	30%.
       significantly reduce permeability from the south and from the west.
                                                                                     Way	(serving	London	City	Airport	and	Beckton),	whereas	the	
       The	Silvertown	Way	viaduct	has	created	an	isolated	pedestrian	
                                                                                     service	Nos.147	and	241	access	to	and	from	the	station	via	a	
       environment	at	ground	level	and	an	exposed	environment	above.		
                                                                                     one-way	working	arrangement	with	right	hand	turns	from	George	
       Silvertown	Way	separates	the	site	from	the	area	of	Canning	Town	
                                                                                     Street	and	left	hand	turns	onto	Hallsville	Road	(serving	Custom	
       to	the	east,	while	the	A13	separates	the	site	from	the	area	to	the	
                                                                                     House,	Plaistow,	Stratford	and	Ilford).	These	services	generate	12	
       north.	Proposals	within	the	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	
                                                                                     bus	movements		per	hour	in	each	direction	along	Silvertown	Way,	
       Masterplan	(CTCHM)	seek	to	address	the	pedestrian	connectivity	
                                                                                     south	of	Hallsville	Road,	and	24	per	hour	in	each	direction	north	of	
       issues	relating	to	the	A13	and	Silvertown	Way.
                                                                                     Hallsville	Road.

                                                       \\	 Docklands	Light	Railway	(DLR):	Canning	Town	DLR	Station	            5.16	 Works	undertaken	in	2003	under	a	Design,	Build,	Finance	and	
     Figure 5.1 Bus Services on Silvertown Way
                                                           is	on	the	Tower	Gateway	to	Beckton	line.	The	London	City	                 Operate	(DBFO)	contract	to	improve	the	A13	were	designated	to	
                                                           Airport	Extension	is	now	completed	and	provides	a	service	                address excessive traffic queuing to access the A13 westbound.
                                                           between	Bank	and	the	Airport	via	Canning	Town.	The	
                                                                                                                               5.17	 As	part	of	LB	Newham’s	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	
                                                           combined	capacity	of	the	Tower	Gateway	to	Beckton	and	
                                                                                                                                     Masterplan	(CTCHM),	it	is	proposed	that	Silvertown	Way,	north	
                                                           future	Bank	to	London	City	Airport	Line	will	be	approximately	
                                                                                                                                     of	Hallesville	Road,	will	be	downgraded	to	a	local	distributor	road,	
                                                           8,500	in	each	direction	during	the	3	hour	peaks.
                                                                                                                                     allowing for one lane of traffic in each direction, while maintaining
                                                 5.12	 The	DLR	is	proposing	a	new	link	between	Stratford	International	              the	existing	northbound	bus	lane.	There	are	currently	no	plans	
                                                       station,	which	is	planned	as	part	of	the	Channel	Tunnel	Rail	Link,	           pertaining	to	the	treatment	of	Silvertown	Way	south	of	Hallesville	
                                                       and	Royal	Victoria	station.	The	scheme	is	referred	to	as	the	DLR	             Road.
                                                       Stratford	International	Extension.

                                                 5.13	 The	link	will	use	the	existing	North	London	Line	between	
                                                                                                                               Site Access
                                                       Stratford	Regional	station	and	Royal	Victoria,	with	an	extension	       5.18	 The	Silvertown	Way	site	is	accessed	by:
                                                       from	Stratford	Regional	to	Stratford	International	station.	A	link	
                                                                                                                                     \\	 Silvertown	Way:	This	road	ramps	up	(approximately	1:35	
                                                       will	also	be	provided	to	the	DLR	Beckton	route.	The	existing	
                                                                                                                                         gradient)	from	its	junction	with	George	Street,	over	a	viaduct	
                                                       Silverlink	service	on	the	North	London	Line	will	cease	operation	
                                                                                                                                         that	bridges	the	rail	tracks	and	the	roundabout	for	the	LLC;
                                                       between	Stratford	and	North	Woolwich	with	the	closure	of	
                                                       Custom	House,	Silvertown	&	London	City	Airport	and	North	                     \\	 Victoria	Dock	Road	(W):	leads	into	the	site	from	the	south,	
                                                       Woolwich	stations.	However,	this	area	will	be	served	by	new	DLR	                  under	the	viaduct,	from	Victoria	Dock	Road	(E)	and	runs	along	
                                                       stations	at	London	City	Airport	and	North	Woolwich,	which	are	                    the	western	side	of	the	development	site.;	and
                                                       due	to	open	in	December	2005.	Silverlink	services	will	continue	
                                                                                                                                     \\	 Peto	Street	North:	runs	at	ground	level	parallel	with	the	
                                                       to	operate	on	the	North	London	Line	between	Stratford	and	
                                                                                                                                         Silvertown	Way	viaduct	(on	the	western	side).
                                                                                                                                     \\	 Pedestrian	access	via	Peto	Street	North	and	Silvertown	Way.
                                                 Road Network                                                                  5.19	 Peto	Street	North	provides	access	to	Silvertown	Way	for	
                                                                                                                                     northbound traffic. It also currently provides an alternative route
                                                 5.14	 The	development	site	is	surrounded	by	three	major	roads:
                                                                                                                                     for traffic from the area to the east of the development site to
                                                       \\	 The	A13:	an	important	part	of	the	Transport	for	London	(TfL)	             access	Silvertown	Way	northbound	via	Victoria	Dock	Road.	There	
                                                           Road	Network	(TLRN).                                                      is	potential	to	remove	Peto	Street	North	to	provide	a	larger	
                                                       \\	 The	Lower	Lea	Crossing	(LLC):	built	in	1991	as	the	new	main	              footprint for development and to help manage traffic movements
                                                           artery to the A13 from the east. The LLC is classified as a               through	the	area.
                                                           Principal	Road.
                                                                                                                               5.20	 Victoria	Dock	Road	(W)	provides	access	to	the	site	and	for	
                                                       \\	 Silvertown	Way:	Currently	a	Principal	Road	with	carriageway	              maintenance	of	the	boundary	wall	with	National	Rail,	DLR	and	LUL	
                                                           alignment	and	capacity	of	designed	for	the	2000	v/h	peak	time	            track.	
                                                           traffic it carried prior to the introduction of the LLC. Prior to
                                                                                                                               5.21	 Access	to	Victoria	Dock	Road	is	possible	via	Caxton	Street	/	Hoy	
                                                           the	opening	of	the	LLC,	Silvertown	Way	functioned	as	the	main	
                                                                                                                                     Street,	which	runs	at	ground	level	parallel	with	Silvertown	Way	on	
                                                           artery	to	the	A13.	As	a	result	Silvertown	Way	now	carries	a	
                                                                                                                                     the	eastern	side	of	the	viaduct.	However,	there	is	limited	access	for	
                                                           much lower traffic volume, with a maximum of 750 v/h – half
                                                                                                                                     northbound traffic onto Silvertown Way from Victoria Dock Road.
                                                           of which is local traffic.

                                                 5.15	 Silvertown	Way	became	part	of	TfL’s	Strategic	Road	Network	
                                                       (SRN)	in	April	2005.	Unlike	the	TLRN,	the	SRN	is	not	part	of	the	
                                                       trunk	network.	Therefore	responsibility	remains	with	each	of	the	
                                                       London	Boroughs	for	which	the	network	runs	through	(in	this	case	
                                                       Newham).	TfL	would	co-ordinate	any	road-works	on	this	network.
          PART 1                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                 2

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                              6.5	   These	opportunities	include;                                             6.10	 Until	the	mid	to	late	1990s	there	was	very	little	interest	in	
                                                                                                                                                                    redevelopment	from	the	private	sector	in	the	inner	boroughs	to	
                                                                                     \\	 Pura	Foods,	Leamouth	Peninsula:	a	site	assembled	by	Ballymore	
                                                                                                                                                                    the	east	of	London,	however,	from	the	late	1990s	starting	with	
                                                                                         Properties	Ltd	and	including	Hercules	and	Orchard	Wharfs	
                                                                                                                                                                    Stratford	there	has	been	an	increasing	interest	in	development	
                                                                                         for	a	comprehensive	mixed-use	development	comprising	
                                                                                                                                                                    opportunities	in	this	region.
                                                                                         predominantly	residential	of	circa	4000	units,	dedicated	culture	
                                                                                         centre,	restaurants	and	bars.                                        6.11 The first major new private housing developments to the east of
                                                                                     \\	 Crown	Wharf,	Bidder	Street,	Canning	Town:	this	site	is	owned	             London	in	locations	(excluding	the	Isle	of	Dogs)	such	as	Stratford	
                                                                                         by	Moonberry	Properties	and	there	are	plans	for	a	mixed-                  and Beckton in the late 1990s commanded re-sale figures in the
                                                                                         use	scheme	comprising	768	residential	units	including	268	                region	of	£2,152/£2,690/m2	(£200/£250/ft2)	and	they	have	now	
                                                                                         affordable	units	and	1,269m2	(13,654/ft2) of commercial floor             risen to figures in excess of £4,304/m2	(£400/ft2)	in	the	case	of	
                                                                                         space.                                                                    Stratford	town	centre.

                                                                                     \\	 Tidal	Basin	Road,	E16:	this	opportunity	comprises	an	island	site	    6.12 The first areas within the inner east London boroughs to attract
                                                                                         close	to	the	southern	end	of	the	subject	site	at	the	entrance	            private	developers	were	Stratford	and	Beckton	with	Barratt,	
                                                                                         to	the	ExCel	exhibition	complex.		A	planning	application	                 George	Wimpey,	Hollybrook	and	Fairview	being	the	most	
                                                                                         has been submitted for the first phase of a comprehensive                 active	developers.		As	a	result	of	the	pioneering	developments	
                                                                                         redevelopment	comprising	circa	450	residential	units	together	            undertaken	by	these	developers,	the	number	of	developers	seeking	
                                                                                         with commercial uses. The first phase is for 268 residential              opportunities	in	these	regions	has	steadily	increased	and	there	has	
                                                                                         units	and	1,768m2	(19,024/ft2)	of	B1	commercial	space.                    been	increasing	piecemeal	development	particularly	spreading	out	
                                                                                                                                                                   from	the	fringe	of	the	City	and	Docklands.
6. Property Market Context                                                    6.6	   The	proposals	referred	to	above	being	promoted	by	both	the	
                                                                                     public	and	private	sectors	highlight	the	general	level	of	interest	in	   6.13	 Historically,	Canning	Town	has	not	attracted	as	much	interest	from	
                                                                                     major	regeneration	in	this	area.                                               private	sector	housing	developers	because	of	its	industrial	base	and	
                                                                                                                                                                    a	high	percentage	of	poor	quality	public	sector	housing.	However,	
6.1	   Glenny	Chartered	Surveyors	has	provided	property	market	               Market Overview                                                                       as	a	result	of	this	increasing	demand	for	available	private	housing	
       advice	in	relation	to	the	wider	Canning	Town	area	and	more	                                                                                                  and	increasing	market	appreciation	of	Canning	Town’s	improved	
       specifically, in relation to the notional scheme being promoted        6.7	   This	section	provides	the	context	of	the	residential,	commercial	              public	transport	links	and	road	communications,	there	has	been	
       in	this	Development	Framework.	Glenny	has	also	undertaken	                    and	industrial	property	markets.	                                              an	increasing	interest	in	this	location	from	private	developers.		
       work	in	relation	to	the	viability	of	the	proposals.	Glenny’s	market	                                                                                         Evidence	of	this	has	been	the	recent	acquisition	of	sites	by	private	
                                                                              Residential	Market                                                                    developers,	Higgins	and	Hollybrook.
       commentary	is	set	out	below.	
                                                                              6.8	   Since	the	economy	started	coming	out	of	recession	around	                6.14	 Parallels	to	the	emerging	private	residential	market	in	Canning	
Analysis of the Market Opportunity                                                   1996,	the	housing	market	generally	has	been	very	buoyant	with	                 Town	can	be	drawn	with	the	original	development	activity	in	
                                                                                     the	market	particularly	in	the	South	East	being	stimulated	by	                 locations	such	as	Stratford,	Greenwich	Peninsula,	Woolwich	and	
6.2    The wider Canning Town area is identified by the Mayor of London              the	strength	of	economy	and	the	shortage	of	residential	units.		               Barking	in	the	late	1990’s	and	early	2000.			All	of	these	locations	
       as	an	area	with	considerable	redevelopment	potential.                         As	a	result	of	this	imbalance	of	supply	and	demand,	there	has	                 now	have	established	private	residential	markets	which	hitherto	
6.3	   The	LB	Newham,	through	its	Canning	Town	and	Custom	House	                     been	considerable	growth	in	values	and	this	in	turn	has	further	               they	had	not.
       Masterplan, sets out proposals for significant development and                stimulated	the	development	market.
                                                                                                                                                              6.15	 The	demand	for	development	opportunities	both	from	the	
       regeneration including 4000 new homes. The plan identifies ten         6.9	   Since	the	late	1990s	there	has	been	a	growing	interest	in	private	             development	and	occupier	markets	in	this	area	has	been	stimulated	
       specific areas of key redevelopment and regeneration including                residential	development	in	the	inner	London	boroughs	to	the	east	              by	a	number	of	factors	including:
       Area	8	(Silvertown	Way	including	48-112	Victoria	Dock	Road,	1	                of	London.		There	has	been	considerable	expansion	of	residential	
       Nelson	Street	and	Brunel	Street),	the	subject	site.	                          development	on	the	Isle	of	Dogs	with	re-sale	values	increasing	                \\	 scarcity	of	development	opportunities	in	the	established	
                                                                                     from	approximately	£3,228/m2	(£300/ft2)	to	in	excess	of	£6,456/m2	                 private	residential	markets;
6.4    In addition to the regeneration sites identified by LB Newham,
       there	are	a	number	of	other	redevelopment	opportunities	in	the	               (£600/ft2)	for	the	most	prestigious	developments	in	the	period	                \\   the increasingly positive influence of expanding commercial and
       pipeline	being	promoted	by	the	private	sector.                                from	the	late	1990s	to	2004.	                                                       residential	markets	in	adjoining	areas	including	Isle	of	Dogs,	

          The	Royal	Docks	and	Stratford;                                       6.21	 A	factor	of	the	market	that	has	become	more	evident	over	the	last	           Area           Zone A Rent (m2)        Zone A Rent	(ft2)       Yield
                                                                                     eighteen	months	is	that	developers	are	increasingly	seeking	sites	
      \\	 the	prohibitive	costs	to	occupiers	in	the	established	residential	
                                                                                     that	are	ready	for	immediate	development	as	opposed	to	those	                East	Ham	                   £753                      £70	       5.5%
          locations	both	in	respect	of	capital	and	rental	values;
                                                                                     with	complex	issues.	                                                        Stratford	                  £860                      £80	      5.25%
      \\	 the	changing	perception	of	the	entire	area	to	the	east	of	
          London owing to the Government’s high profile Thames                 6.22		 Whilst	at	the	present	time	there	is	uncertainty	in	the	residential	         Barking	                    £430                      £40	       6.0%
          Gateway	Regeneration	initiative;                                            occupier	market,	looking	beyond	any	slowdown	in	demand	for	
                                                                                                                                                                  Whitechapel	                £484                      £45	      5.75%
                                                                                      residential	developments	that	may	occur,	the	positive	factors	
      \\	 increasing	acknowledgement	of	the	steadily	improving	
                                                                                      highlighted	above	in	respect	of	steadily	improving	demand	from	
          communications	both	road	(A13/A406	improvements	and	the	
                                                                                      both	the	occupier	and	development	sectors	for	the	Canning	Town	
          Beckton	Thamesmead	River	Crossing)	and	public	transport	                                                                                              6.28	 At	the	same	time	as	the	pattern	of	retailing	in	terms	of	large	
                                                                                      area	indicate	a	very	positive	market	for	the	future.
          improvements	(Jubilee	Line	and	DLR	rail	links);                                                                                                             scale	shopping	has	changed,	there	has	in	recent	years	been	a	
                                                                               6.23		 These	factors	dictate	that	there	will	be	very	strong	demand	for	                trend	of	strong	demand	for	small	convenience	stores	with	the	
      \\	 the	positive	impact	on	market	perception	and	anticipated	
                                                                                      development	opportunities	in	the	Canning	Town	area	and	it	is	likely	            most	notable	examples	being	Tesco	Express	and	Sainsbury	Local	
          regeneration	resulting	from	the	2012	Olympics;	and
                                                                                      to	experience	above	average	growth	in	capital	and	rental	values	as	             seeking	representation	in	neighbourhood	centres	and	in	close	
      \\	 an	increasing	awareness	of	the	large	scale	comprehensive	                   the	market	improves	with	all	the	redevelopment	and	regeneration	                proximity	to	large	pedestrian	movements	such	as	at	major	points	
          redevelopment	and	regeneration	schemes	proposed	for	                        schemes	coming	forward.                                                         of	transportation.
          Canning	Town	centre	and	adjoining	sites.
                                                                               Retail	market                                                                    6.29	 A	further	trend	in	the	market	has	been	the	rapid	growth	of	
6.16	 In	respect	of	these	positive	factors,	it	is	important	to	highlight	                                                                                             restaurants,	fast	food	cafes	and	bars	again	seeking	representation	in	
      the influence the Thames Gateway regeneration initiative and             6.24		 The	retail	market	to	the	east	of	London	has	undergone	dramatic	                 locations	with	high	pedestrian	movements.			There	are	large	numbers	
      particularly	the	London	2012	Olympics	are	having	on	attracting	                 change	over	the	last	twenty	years.	Trends	in	retailing	have	                    of	catering	occupiers	in	Barking	and	Canning	Town	at	present.
      developer	and	occupier	interest	to	the	east	of	London	area.                     increasingly	resulted	in	shoppers	being	attracted	to	large	out-of-
                                                                                      town or edge of town retail parks and superstores with first class        Hotel	Market
6.17 Extensive media coverage of this area, specifically in relation to
                                                                                      car	parking	provision	or	extensive	enclosed	town	centre	shopping	
     the	Olympics	is	highlighting	the	scale	and	quality	of	regeneration	                                                                                        6.30	 Another	trend	in	the	commercial	property	market	over	the	last	ten	
                                                                                      facilities.	The	impact	of	these	changes	on	retailing	patterns	has	been	
     proposed	across	the	entire	region	of	the	East	of	London.                                                                                                         years	has	been	the	growth	of	budget	hotels.			There	has	been	strong	
                                                                                      for a significant reduction in demand for secondary and tertiary
                                                                                      property.                                                                       demand	for	sites	generally	up	to	one	and	a	half	acres	for	hotels	
6.18		 The	market	is	increasingly	recognizing	that	this	part	of	London	
                                                                                                                                                                      typically	providing	between	seventy	to	one	hundred	and	twenty	
       with	its	improving	infrastructure,	including	the	opening	of	the	
                                                                               6.25	 This	has	been	the	pattern	in	respect	of	Canning	Town’s	retailing	                rooms. Their preferred locations have been for high profile sites
       Channel	Tunnel	link	to	Paris	from	Stratford	in	2007	and	the	
                                                                                     which	has	been	most	notably	affected	by	large-scale	shopping	                    fronting	major	routeways	particularly	at	interchanges	and	in	proximity	
       development	of	the	Olympic	Park,	is	set	for	continual	regeneration	
                                                                                     centre	developments	at	Lakeside,	Thurrock	and	Bluewater,	                        to	major	commercial	and/or	industrial	centres.	The	operators	are	
       and	improvement.
                                                                                     Dartford	but	also	by	the	out	of	town	retailing	at	Beckton	and	the	               happy	to	be	incorporated	as	part	of	mixed	use	schemes.
6.19	 It	is	considered	that	demand	for	the	area	will	continue	to	improve	            increased	retailing	at	Canary	Wharf.
                                                                                                                                                                6.31	 Evidence	of	the	budget	hotel	market	in	east	London	is	seen	with	
      as	a	result	of	the	rapidly	changing	market	perception	in	terms	of	
                                                                               6.26	 Whilst	over	the	last	ten	years	the	retail	property	market	has	                   the	number	of	hotels	developed	in	and	around	Excel	focusing	
      how	accessible	the	area	is	to	the	key	employment	centres	of	the	
                                                                                     shown	good	rental	and	capital	growth	generally	this	has	not	been	                not	only	on	the	Exhibition	centre	but	also	City	Airport,	Canary	
      City,	West	End	and	Docklands,	the	improving	infrastructure	and	
                                                                                     the	case	in	Canning	Town	which	has	experienced	no	growth.	As	                    Wharf	and	the	City	of	London.		Directly	opposite	the	subject	site	
      environment	and	very	importantly	its	relative	affordability	to	other	
                                                                                     a	result	there	has	been	very	limited	investment	in	the	properties	               and	fronting	Silvertown	Way	is	a	new	Holiday	Inn	budget	hotel.		
      locations	so	close	to	central	London	
                                                                                     resulting	in	the	fabric	of	many	of	the	buildings	declining	adding	to	            In	addition	to	budget	hotels	there	have	been	a	number	of	higher	
6.20		 Since	the	summer	of	2004,	the	level	of	occupier	demand	for	                   the	appearance	of	dilapidation	and	decay.                                        grade	hotels	developed	in	close	proximity	to	ExCel	as	well.		Hotels	
       residential	property	in	the	London	has	declined	and	there	                                                                                                     in	the	vicinity	of	Canning	Town	include:
                                                                               6.27	 Rental	levels	in	the	prime	locations	in	Canning	Town	shopping	
       continues	to	be	uncertainty	in	the	market.	However,	this	                                                                                                      \\	 West	Ham	United	Hotel	in	Upton	Park;
                                                                                     centre	have	prevailed	in	the	range	£215	to	£269/m2	(£20	to						
       uncertainty	has	not	had	an	adverse	impact	on	developer	demand	
                                                                                     £25/ft2)	in	terms	of	Zone	A	and	current	yields	are	in	the	range	                 \\	 Marriott	at	West	India	Quay	E14;
       and	this	continues	to	be	very	strong.
                                                                                     6.5% to 7.5%. These figures compare with the following areas:
                                                                                                                                                                       \\	 The	Tower	at	St.	Katharine	Docks;
                                                                                                                                                                       \\	 Sunborn	Yacht	Hotel	in	Royal	Victoria	Dock;
                                                                                                                                       DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                                            25

       \\	 Ibis	Hotel,	Royal	Docks;                                                       such	investments,	again	dependent	on	location,	layout	and	most	                   offered	through	self	administered	pension	schemes.
                                                                                          importantly	covenant	of	the	tenant.
       \\	 Novotel,	Royal	Docks;	                                                                                                                                  6.46		 The	trends	referred	to	above	have	resulted	in	prime	rents	and	
       \\	 Ramada	Hotel,	Royal	Docks;	and                                           6.38	 Canning	Town	at	the	present	time	is	unlikely	to	be	a	location	to	               capital	values	for	the	inner	east	London	area	growing	over	the	last	
                                                                                          attract demand from one of the major fitness and sport centre                   five years as identified in the table below.
       \\	 Holiday	Inn	Hotel,	Silvertown	Way.
                                                                                          operators.		However,	with	the	proposed	large	scale	developments	
6.32	 Glenny’s	market	research	indicates	that	despite	the	considerable	                   for	this	area	together	with	the	changing	perception	of	the	area,	it	
                                                                                          should	only	be	a	question	of	time	before	there	will	be	demand	for	          unit Size                  Prime rents/yields 2000                   Prime rents/yields 2005
      development	in	recent	years,	there	is	still	further	demand	for	
      appropriate	sites	for	budget	hotel	development	within	reasonable	                   this	type	of	development.
                                                                                                                                                                     Large	units	                            £7.00	-	£8.00/ft2	                        £8.50	-	£9.00/ft2
      access	of	Excel,	Canary	Wharf	and	the	City.		
                                                                                    6.39	 It	is	important,	however,	to	note	that	other	proposed	major	               20,000+/ft2	                               £75	-	£86/m2	                             £91	-	£97/m2
6.33 There is still unsatisfied demand in east London from this sector                    redevelopments	in	the	area	are	also	likely	to	be	promoting	such	a	         1,858/m2	                                  7.5%	to	8.5%	                           6.5%	to	7.25%
     of	the	market.	As	the	use	of	the	ExCel	Exhibition	Centre	continues	                  development	within	their	schemes	and	the	market	for	sport	and	             Medium	units	                           £7.00	-	£8.00/ft2	                        £8.00	-	£9.75/ft2
     to	grow,	it	will	attract	further	demand	from	a	wide	range	of	hotel	                  fitness centres is finite in any specific area. Accordingly it will        3,000-20,000/ft2	                          £75	-	£86/m2	                            £86	-	£105/m2
     operators	and	this	demand	is	also	likely	to	be	strengthened	by	the	                  be	important	to	constantly	monitor	the	market	to	ensure	that	at	           278	-	1,858/m2	                            7.5%	to	8.5%	                          6.75%	to		7.25%
     successful	Olympic	Bid.                                                              the	time	of	it	being	possible	to	commence	the	development,	the	
                                                                                                                                                                     Small	units	                            £7.00	-	£8.00/ft2	                       £8.00	-	£12.00/ft2
                                                                                          demand has not been satisfied elsewhere.
                                                                                                                                                                     1,000-3,000/ft2	                           £75	-	£86/m2	                            £86	-	£129/m2
6.34	 The	potential	development	opportunity	presented	by	the	subject	
                                                                                                                                                                     93	-	278/m2	                                8.5%	to	9%	                           6.75%	to	7.25%
      site would meet this demand. However, the demand is finite and                Business Space and Industrial Property Market
      with	other	major	redevelopment	schemes	proposed	in	the	same	                                                                                                   	                               Industrial	land	value:	                   Industrial	land	value:
                                                                                    6.40		 The	business	space	and	industrial	property	market	across	the	             		                            £650,000	-	750,000/ft2	                   £900,000-1,300,000/ft2
      area,	timing	of	availability	will	be	critical	as	it	is	possible	the	demand	
                                                                                           country	and	in	particular	in	east	London	continues	to	be	buoyant	         	                        £1,600,000	-	£1,800,000/m2	               £2,200,000	-	£3,200,000/m2
      will	be	absorbed	on	alternative	sites	if	they	come	forward	earlier.
                                                                                           with	capital	values	of	land	and	buildings	continuing	to	show	growth,	
                                                                                                                                                                   N.B:	Yields	assume	a	good	covenant	on	the	basis	of	a	minimum	ten	year	FRI	lease	without	break	clause.
6.35		 The	terms	hotel	operators	are	prepared	to	pay	for	hotel	sites	                      although rental levels have not seen any significant increase in the
       varies considerably having regard to the profile of the site and                    last	eighteen	months.
       catchment	area	relative	to	the	level	of	bedrooms	already	available	
                                                                                    6.41	 The	business	space	market	to	the	east	of	London	has	largely	been	        6.47 The growth shown above reflects partly the general strength
       in	the	locality.	At	the	present	time,	the	main	operators	are	prepared	
                                                                                          driven	by	the	logistics	distribution	market	where	there	has	been	             of	the	economy,	which	has	impacted	similarly	across	the	entire	
       to	pay	in	excess	of	£1	million	per	acre	for	a	site	or	alternatively	a	
                                                                                          considerable	rationalisation	and	growth.                                      south east industrial market but it also reflects the specific strong
       rental	based	on	approaching	£2,800/room/annum,	which	equates	
       to	approximately	£135/m²	(£12,50	per	ft2)	on	a	gross	external	area	                                                                                              demand	in	the	east	of	London	that	has	resulted	from	the	improving	
                                                                                    6.42	 The	logistics	distribution	operators	have	increasingly	required	
       basis.                                                                                                                                                           infrastructure,	the	importance	of	the	east	section	of	the	M25	as	a	
                                                                                          larger	and	loftier	buildings	in	strategic	locations	close	to	the	
                                                                                                                                                                        strategic	logistics	location,	the	scarcity	of	industrial	and	commercial	
                                                                                          national	motorway	network	and	close	to	major	centres	of	
Sports	&	Fitness	Centres	Market                                                                                                                                         land	and	the	loss	of	industrial	land	to	residential	development	in	
                                                                                          employment	and	population.
                                                                                                                                                                        this	region.				
6.36	 Over	recent	years	there	has	been	considerable	growth	in	the	
                                                                                    6.43	 As	a	result	of	these	trends	most	well	located	industrial	land	that	
      provision of sports and fitness centres located in both out of town                                                                                          Office Market
                                                                                          has	become	available	on	any	scale	has	been	acquired	and	developed	
      and in town centre locations. Accessibility, appropriate profile and
                                                                                          for	large	warehouse	buildings.		                                         6.48 The office market to the east of London excluding Docklands
      size	of	population	have	been	the	key	market	requirements.		Fitness	
      First who typically acquire ground and first floor property in the            6.44		 As	a	consequence	of	this	trend	there	has	been	a	scarcity	of	                 (which	is	a	very	specialist	market)	throughout	the	1990s	to	present	
      region	of	1,390m²	(15,000ft2)	are	an	example	of	a	major	occupier	                    opportunity	for	development	of	small	to	medium	sized	business	               day	has	been	steady	and	unspectacular.			Since	the	recession	of	
      in	this	market.		A	929m²	(10,000ft2)	Esporta	was	recently	opened	                    space	and	workshop	premises,	particularly	in	the	Inner	London	               the	late	1980s	and	early	1990s,	there	has	been	very	little	new	
      on	Winston	Way	in	Ilford	as	part	of	a	mainly	(Use	Class)	A3	                         areas.	As	a	result	there	is	a	scarcity	of	small	business	space	and	          development	either	bespoke	or	speculative.		The	large	scale	
      development.                                                                         workshop	premises	to	meet	the	growing	demand	of	the	increasing	              Building	1000	in	the	Royal	Docks	is	one	of	the	few	exceptions.		
                                                                                           small	and	medium	sized	enterprises.                                     6.49 During this period many old outdated office buildings, particularly
6.37	 Rents	typically	paid	for	this	type	of	accommodation	range	between	
      £150	and	£194/m²	(£14	and	£18/ft2)	dependent	on	location,	nature	             6.45 In recent years a significant trend has been the strength of demand            close	to	central	London,	have	been	redeveloped	or	converted	and	
      of	the	accommodation	and	quality	of	the	tenant.			The	investment	                  for	freehold	and	long	leasehold	property	with	occupiers	seeking	               refurbished	to	residential	use.
      market	is	currently	seeking	returns	in	the	range	6.5%	to	7.5%	for	                 to	take	advantage	of	the	low	interest	rates	and	the	tax	incentives	

6.50	 The	combination	of	the	limited	new	developments	and	loss	of	
      stock	has	meant	that	demand	and	supply	across	the	region	has	
      generally	remained	in	balance	despite	limited	demand	throughout	
      this	period.

6.51	 As	a	result	of	the	pattern	of	supply	and	demand,	rents	have	only	
      steadily	increased	over	the	last	ten	years	and	in	many	of	the	sub	
      regional office centres, the prevailing rents have still not reached
      the	levels	achieved	in	the	late	1980s	and	early	1990s.			Owing	to	
      the	limited	level	of	demand	it	only	takes	a	relatively	small	amount	
      of additional space being placed in any one specific market to have
      a significant impact on lease terms.

6.52 A significant factor in the market in recent years and similar to
     the	business	space	and	industrial	market	has	been	the	increasing	
     demand for freehold property and in the office market this has
     been	for	property	up	to	5,000ft2.		As	a	result,	capital	values	of	this	
     size	space	have	been	rising	disproportionately	to	rental	levels.

6.53	 Another	aspect	of	the	market	has	been	the	good	level	of	demand	
      for small serviced office suites allowing occupiers considerable
      flexibility in terms of occupation commitments.

6.54	 The	table	below	sets	out	current	prime	rental	levels	and	yields	for	
      the main office centres in inner east London.

   Area                          Rent (m2)                      Rent (/ft2)                       Yield

   Stratford	                  £183	-	£215               £17.00	-	£20.00	               6.5%	to	7%

   Barking	                £134.50	-	£150                £12.50	-	£14.00	            7.0%	to	7.5%

   Dockland	                   £269	-	£377               £25.00	-	£35.00	               6.5%	to	7%

   Canning	Town	                 No	market                     No	market	

   Royal	Docks	                £161	-	£188               £15.00	-	£17.50	            6.5%	to	7.5%
N.B.		Yields	assume	minimum	ten	year	FRI	lease	to	a	high	quality	covenant	without	break	clause.
          PART 1                                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                               27

          THE SITE
          AND ITS
                                                                                       and	adjacent	to	its	tunnels.	Before	the	introduction	of	the	Crossrail	          relocated	as	a	result	of	Brunel	Street,	George	Street,	Willan	Wall,	
                                                                                       Bill and Crossrail defined Safeguarding Limits. These limits extend             Nelson	Street	and	Peto	Street	North	closures.	An	allowance	for	
                                                                                       beyond	the	tunnel	exclusion	and	tolerance	zones.		Any	planning	                 utility	diversions	has	therefore	been	made	in	the	LDA’s	viability	
                                                                                       applications	within	the	safeguarding	limits	are	referred	to	Crossrail	          appraisals	of	the	Notional	Scheme.
                                                                                       for	comment.	The	Notional	Scheme	proposes	development	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                                7.7	   None	of	the	statutory	services	highlighted	below	are	considered	
                                                                                       Crossrail	safeguard	zone,	and	as	such,	Crossrail	has	advised	that	
                                                                                                                                                                       to	present	an	insurmountable	impediment	to	development.	
                                                                                       any	subsequent	development	would	need	to	adhere	to	the	advice	
                                                                                       outlined	in	Crossrail	1	–	Information	for	Developers.		The	Notional	     Water	Drainage
                                                                                       Scheme	does	not	lie	within	the	Crossrail	exclusion	or	tolerance	
                                                                                       zones.                                                                   7.8	   There	are	a	number	of	foul	and	stormwater	sewers	that	run	under	
                                                                                                                                                                       the	site.	Present	collated	information	indicates	that	Thames	Water	
                                                                                Docklands Light Railway                                                                may	own	the	water	supply	and	sewage	infrastructure	on	this	site.		

                                                                                7.3	   The	proposed	Docklands	Light	Railway	Stratford	Extension	will	           Electricity
                                                                                       require	the	construction	of	new	DLR	track	along	the	existing	
                                                                                                                                                                7.9	   There	are	three	electricity	sub-stations	towards	the	north	of	
                                                                                       railway	lands	to	the	west	of	the	development	site.		The	new	track	
                                                                                                                                                                       the	site,	which	will	be	incorporated	(in-situ)	within	the	Notional	
                                                                                       will	include	a	grade	separated	junction,	located	opposite	the	
                                                                                                                                                                       Scheme.		Alternative	schemes	may	seek	to	relocate	the	sub	station.	
                                                                                       southern	end	of	the	development	site,	rising	and	descending	before	
                                                                                                                                                                       Present	collated	information	indicates	that	Energie	De	France	
                                                                                       the	tracks	continue	under	the	Silvertown	Way	viaduct	and	Lower	
                                                                                                                                                                       (EDF)	owns	the	electricity	infrastructure	for	the	area	and	the	site.
                                                                                       Lea	Crossing.	
7. Development Issues                                                           7.4	   The	new	track	alignment	will	require	a	small	intrusion	into	Victoria	    Gas
                                                                                       Dock	Road	at	the	southern	end	of	the	site.		The	realignment	of	          7.10	 Gas	mains	run	along	Victoria	Dock	Road	and	George	Street.	
Introduction                                                                           Victoria	Dock	Road	and	corresponding	diversion	of	utilities	has	               Present	collated	information	indicates	that	Transco	owns	the	gas	
                                                                                       been	incorporated	within	the	Notional	Scheme.		The	raised	track	               infrastructure	on	the	site.
7.1	   In	addition	to	the	site	context	already	described,	there	are	a	number	
                                                                                       profile for the DLR will have a visual impact on the development
       of	further	issues	that	the	Notional	Scheme	has	had	to	address	
                                                                                       site.		However,	noise	mitigation	measures	relating	to	the	operation	     Telecommunications
       in	order	to	satisfy	the	LDA	that	a	viable	scheme	can	be	brought	                of	the	DLR	should	mean	that	the	noise	impacts	remain	less	
       forward	on	the	site.		The	issues	of	Crossrail	and	the	Docklands	Light	          significant than either the impact of the surrounding road traffic, or   7.11    A telecommunications search confirmed that there are
       Railway	are	considered	exceptional	and	in	addition	to	those	issues	             the	existing	Silverlink	trains.                                                 no	wayleaves	on	the	site.	There	is	extensive	existing	
       normally associated with the redevelopment of an urban brownfield                                                                                               telecommunication	infrastructure	around	the	site.	Present	collated	
       site.		                                                                  7.5	   The	DLR	also	requires	a	5m	safeguard	zone	either	side	of	their	                 information	indicates	that	British	Telecom	has	services	running	
                                                                                       operation	track.	This	imposes	a	constraint	on	built	development	on	             along	Victoria	Dock	Road,	Brunel	Street,	George	Street,	Willan	Wall	
Crossrail                                                                              the	existing	Victoria	Dock	Road.		The	Notional	Scheme	does	not	                 and	Peto	Street	North	as	well	as	directly	across	the	site.	
                                                                                       include	any	built	development	in	this	area.
7.2	   There	is	a	proposed	Crossrail	tunnel	that	will	run	under	the	
                                                                                                                                                                Ground Conditions
       southernmost	tip	of	the	Silvertown	Way	site.	This	tunnel	is	             Statutory undertakers
       proposed	at	a	depth	that	would	mean	that	the	crown	of	the	                                                                                               7.12	 A	ground	contamination	desktop	assessment	for	the	site	was	
       tunnel	would	be	12m	below	current	ground	level.	Any	proposed	            7.6	   Information	provided	by	DLR	shows	the	main	utilities	running	                  carried	out	by	White	Young	Green	in	December	2003.	The	report	
       development	within	approximately	50m	of	the	tunnel	alignment	                   along	Victoria	Dock	Road	and	Peto	Street	North.	DLR	propose	to	                concludes	that	the	site	has	a	moderate	to	high	potential	ground	
       and	programmed	for	construction	prior	to,	or	coinciding	with	                   re-align	Victoria	Dock	Road	within	the	CPO	boundary	as	part	of	                contamination risk. Potential identified contaminants include
       the	construction	of	the	Crossrail	tunnel	would	need	to	consider	                work	related	to	the	Stratford	extention.	They	are	therefore	moving	            hydrocarbons from the former petrol filling station between
       the	effects	of	tunnel	induced	settlement	and	noise	and	vibration.	              a	number	of	utilities	to	facilitate	this.	This	Notional	Scheme	does	           George	Street	and	Brunell	Street	and	from	vehicle	workshops	
       Construction	should	follow	the	advice	set	out	in	the	published	                 not	propose	any	further	route	alterations	to	Victoria	Dock	Road	               along	Silvertown	Way.
       document	Crossrail	1	–	Information	for	Developers.	Crossrail	has	               and	will	therefore	not	require	further	utility	diversions.	However,	
       defined within its Bill limits an exclusion and tolerance zone above            Victoria	Dock	Road	may	need	to	accommodate	additional	utilities	

7.13	 A	review	of	the	British	Geological	Survey	Map	(North	London,	
      Sheet	256)	indicates	that	the	site	consists	of	alluvium	drift	deposits	
      comprising	of	sand,	silt	and	clay	overlying	the	solid	geology	of	
      undivided	London	Clay	comprising	of	sands	and	silts	in	parts.		
      Made-up	ground	is	likely	to	be	present	at	the	surface.

7.14	 The	report	recommends	that	an	intrusive	site	investigation	
      should	be	undertaken	to	study	environmental	risks	and	potential	
      constraints	on	the	redevelopment	of	the	site.	

7.15	 JMP	carried	out	a	initial	noise	assessment	in	March	2005,	assessing	
      noise originating from road traffic (Silvertown Way), passing trains
      (Silverlink,	DLR	and	Underground)	and	aircraft.		Recommendations	
      were made prior to the finalised Masterplan for the development,
      providing	timely	advice	to	steer	the	design	process.	

7.16	 It	has	been	recommended	that	balconies	would	not	be	suitable	
      for	the	development	and	additional	noise	mitigation	should	be	
      incorporated	within	the	building	fabric.	Noise	sensitive	rooms	
      should	be	orientated	away	from	road	and	rail	noise	sources	and	
      various specifications of westerns and eastern façade building
      materials	are	recommended	to	achieve	noise	reduction.	The	
      assessment	also	recommends	that	forced	ventilation	should	be	
      provided	to	the	residential	units,	as	this	degree	of	noise	reduction	
      cannot	be	achieved	if	windows	are	open.	Finally,	all	buildings	
      materials	should	be	designed	in	accordance	with	BS8233	(Sound	
      Insulation	and	Noise	Reduction	for	Buildings	-	Code	of	Practice).


PART 11                                                           DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON   1


           8. General approach and concepts
           8.1	   KCAP	architects,	on	behalf	of	the	LDA	has	prepared	a	Notional	
                  Scheme	in	response	to	the	site	constraints,	opportunities	and	
                  contexts	described	in	Part	I	of	this	Development	Framework.

           8.2	   The	Notional	Scheme	represents	one	means	of	achieving	the	viable	
                  development	of	the	Silvertown	Way	site.		The	LDA	recognises	
                  that	there	may	be	other	means	and	that	as	and	when	a	planning	
                  application	is	submitted	on	the	site,	it	may	be	for	an	alternative	
                  –	but	equally	acceptable	–	form	of	development.		

           8.3	   KCAP’s	starting	point	has	been	to	reconcile	commercial	property	
                  and	market	advice	from	Glenny,	planning	advice	from	GVA	Grimley	
                  and	highways	and	transportation	advice	from	JMP	with	KCAP’s	
                  own	analysis	of	the	site	opportunities	and	constraints.		KCAP’s	
                  overarching	brief	has	therefore	been	to	optimise	the	potential	of	
                  the	site	through	a	comprehensive	approach	to	redevelopment.

           8.4	   In	addition,	the	Notional	Scheme	has	evolved	in	conjunction	with	
                  iterative	development	appraisals	carried	out	by	Glenny	in	order	
                  to	ensure	that	the	preferred	option	stands	a	reasonable	chance	of	
                  being financially deliverable.

           8.5    The first step of the design process was to describe the various
                  design	issues	that	had	to	be	addressed.		Possible	solutions	for	the	
                  road	layout,	massing,	phasing,	etc.	were	set	out	in	a	design	matrix.	

           8.6	   Four	thematic	design	solutions	emerged	from	the	contextual	
                  analysis:	‘Village’,	‘Peninsula’,	‘Corridor’	and	‘Capsule’.		These	four	
                  thematic	design	solutions	are	described	in	the	following	section.

           8.7	   Following	consultation	with	stakeholders,	a	combination	of	the	
                  preferred	themes	was	taken	forward	to	the	next	stage	of	design	
                  evolution	and	four	variants	(Models	A,	B,	C	and	D)	were	produced.		
                  Following	further	consultation	with	stakeholders,	a	preferred	
                  Model was taken forward to final stage of design evolution.
          PART 11                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                         

                                                                                 	                                                                           Active	facades	at	Silvertown	Way	and	the	track	side
                                                                                                                                Fig 9.1 Iconic
                                                                                                                                buildings at the             9.4	   Both	Silvertown	Way	road	and	the	trackside	are	treated	as	front	
                                                                                                                                northern and                        sides	for	the	development.	All	the	building	plots	therefore	have	a	
                                                                                                                                southern end                        ‘front’	onto	Silvertown	Way,	which	is	consistent	with	LB	Newham’s	
                                                                                                                                of the site                         aspirations	to	convert	Silvertown	Way	into	more	of	an	urban	
                                                                                                                                                                    boulevard,	with	lively	pedestrian	walkways.	Peto	Street	North	is	
                                                                                                                                                                    removed	to	connect	the	development	in	the	southern	end	of	the	
                                                                                                                                                                    site	to	the	Silvertown	Way	Viaduct	and	to	move	the	north-south	
                                                                                                                                                                    traffic on Victoria Dock Road. Victoria Dock Road enlivens the site
                                                                                                                                                                    as	the	main	road	within	the	site.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fig 9. Active facades

                                                                                 Division	of	the	site	in	east-west	facing	plots

9. Options considered                                                            9.3	   KCAP	believe	in	the	importance	of	through-views	from	Silvertown	
                                                                                        Way	to	the	Limmo	Site	and	beyond.		The	limited	depth	of	the	site,	
                                                                                        phasing	and	maintenance	access	to	the	adjacent	railway	tracks	led	
Basic choices
                                                                                        to	a	logic	of	east-west	facing	plots.	
9.1	   The	potential	conceptual	scenarios	for	the	site	derive	principally	
       from	its	context.	Although	a	variety	of	designs	are	possible,	some	
                                                                                                                         Fig 9.2 East-west facing plots
       parallel	design	solutions	were	generated	in	the	different	options	
       and	because	of	their	logic,	these	are	established	as	design	basics.

Iconic buildings at the northern and southern end of the site

9.2	   An	iconic	building	at	the	northern	end	of	the	site	could	indicate	
       the	Transport	Interchange,	Canning	Town	Centre	and	the	
       crossroads	of	Silvertown	Way,	the	Lower	Lea	Crossing	and	railway	
       marking	the	transition	between	the	Royal	Docks	area	and	Canning	
       Town.	The	southern	iconic	building	has	to	draw	activity	into	the	
       tip	of	the	site	(for	instance	a	hotel),	generating	public	passage	that	
       enlivens	the	development	as	a	whole.
4                                                                                PART 11 THE NOTIONAL SCHEME

                                                                                                                                                                       corridor	and	a	soft	sloping	ramp	to	the	Limmo	bridge.

                                                                                                                                                                 9.11	 The	design	team	had	an	agreed	preference	for	‘Model	C’,	which	
                                                                                                                                                                       principally	incorporated	an	elevated	Victoria	Dock	Road	in	an	
                                                                                                                                                                       attempt	to	overcome	the	challenging	site	conditions.		The	design	
                                                                                                                                                                       team	has	progressed	this	option	but	has	concluded	that	it	is	
                                                                                                                                                                       not feasible for technical and financial reasons. The creation of
                                                                                                                                                                       an	embankment	to	support	an	elevated	Victoria	Dock	Road	as	
                                                                                                                                                                       envisaged	in	the	preferred	Model	C,	has	been	costed	and	would	
                                                                                                                                                                       be	prohibitively	expensive	in	the	context	of	the	development	
                                                                                                                                                                       of	the	site	as	a	whole.		The	embankment	would	also	require	a	
                                                                                                                                                                       retaining	wall	structure	adjacent	the	present	overland	railway	lines.	
                                                                                                                                                                       This	raised	a	number	of	technical	challenges	that	may	or	may	not	
                                                                                                                                                                       be	achievable	but	in	any	event,	could	not	be	addressed	with	the	
                                                                                                                                                                       timescale	associated	with	the	CPO.	
     Fig. 9.4 Village                                                                                                                                            9.12	 Design	evolution	has	therefore	continued	along	the	‘Model	A’	
                                                                                                                                                                       approach,	which	broadly	retains	existing	road	levels.


9.5      The first conceptual scenario focuses on restoring the Canning           	      un-built	space,	an	intense	alternation	of	architecture	and	view-
         Town	urban	fabric.	It	respects	the	historical	road	layout	of	the	               troughs. The build strips have wide floors of retail, leisure and
         site	and	connects	to	the	roads	leading	to	the	centre.	There	is	                 employment	space	in	the	base	and	housing	on	top.	The	bridge	to	
         a	clear	separation	of	public	and	private	space.	The	plots	have	a	               the	Limmo	Site	is	placed	in	one	of	the	open	strips	in	the	Notional	
         building	structure	of	‘half-open’	blocks	that	vary	in	height	and	have	          Scheme.
         publicly	accessible	uses	(shops,	bars	restaurants)	in	the	base	and	
         houses	with	roof	terraces	on	top.	Each	plot	has	to	solve	its	own	
         car parking use hidden from the façade. The bridge to the Limmo          9.8	   The	capsule	model	is	extreme	in	its	concept,	focusing	on	the	
         Site	is	architecturally	combined	with	the	iconic	building	at	the	               individual	who	prefers	to	live	close	to	a	transport	node	with	
         Transport	Interchange.                                                          lifestyle	that	does	not	otherwise	relate	to	the	surrounding	area.	
                                                                                         The	distance	to	the	Transport	Interchange	in	the	north	and	
                                                                                         the	highway	network	and	airport	in	the	south	is	minimised	by	
	9.6	 The	second	scenario	sees	the	infrastructural	barriers	and	isolated	                concentrating	residential	uses	in	the	tips	of	the	site.	This	results	
      position	of	the	site	as	an	opportunity	to	create	a	new	urban	                      in	two	mega-structures	with	a	wide	void	in	the	middle	of	the	site.	
      identity	on	the	site,	redesigning	it	from	an	internal	logic	that	allows	           This	void	is	a	central	green	space	where	the	bridge	to	the	Limmo	
      connections	to	the	surrounding,	but	does	not	enforce	them.	Plots	                  site	lands.
      are dimensioned to create efficient building layouts with a strong
                                                                                  Elaboration of the ‘Village’ proposal
      character.	Car	parking	is	solved	in	a	collective	structure	under	a	
      raised	public	space	that	overviews	the	tracks.	At	the	highest	point	        9.9	   The	Stakeholder	group	agreed	that	the	Village	approach	was	
      this	sloping	public	space	connects	with	a	bridge	to	the	Limmo	Site.                preferred,	with	elements	of	the	Peninsula	and	Corridor	approaches	
                                                                                         also	being	incorporated.	
                                                                                  9.10	 New	models	(A	to	D),	based	on	the	Village	approach,	tried	to	
9.7	     The	corridor	scenario	focuses	on	the	experience	of	the	traveller	
                                                                                        enable	any	future	link	westwards	into	the	Limmo	site	to	be	a	more	
         passing	by	car	on	Silvertown	Way	or	along	the	train	lines.	The	east-
                                                                                        natural	feature.	These	proposals	raised	parts	of	Victoria	Dock	Road	
         west	plots	are	reduced	to	a	fast	repetition	of	parallel	built	and		
                                                                                        on	an	embankment	to	create	a	panoramic	walkway	next	to	the	rail	
         PART 11                                                                                                               DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                           5

                                                                          Through-views                                                                 Bridge	to	the	Limmo	Site

                                                                          10.2	 Based	on	the	existing	east-west	street	layout,	the	plots	are	divided	   10.5	 The	Notional	Scheme	incorporates	provision	for	a	future	bridge	
                                                                                by	through-views	from	Silvertown	Way	to	the	skyline	over	the	                 link	between	the	site	and	the	adjacent	Limmo	site,	because	of	
                                                                                adjacent	railway	lines	and	Limmo	site.                                        the	likely	strategic	importance	of	the	Limmo	site	in	relation	to	
                                                                                                                                                              its	redevelopment	and	the	redevelopment	of	the	nearby	Pura	
                                                                          East-West	fronts                                                                    Foods	site.		There	will	be	various	ways	of	arranging	the	bridge	link	
                                                                                                                                                              depending on financial and technical constraints. For the purposes
                                                                          10.3	 The	plots	have	an	active	front	at	Silvertown	Way	and	at	Victoria	
                                                                                                                                                              of	the	Notional	Scheme,	KCAP	has	incorporated	an	illustrative	
                                                                                Dock	Road.	Victoria	Dock	Road	is	extended	towards	the	Transport	
                                                                                                                                                              straight	link	with	stairs	descending	towards	the	Silvertown	Way/
                                                                                Interchange	to	create	a	pedestrian	and	cyclist	route.
                                                                                                                                                              Hallsville	Road	junction.
                                                                          Central	green	space
                                                                                                                                                               Fig 10. Notional Scheme Bridge Link
                                                                          10.4	 A	park	is	introduced	in	the	centre	of	the	plot	as	a	public	green	


10. Preferred Option
10.1 The final scheme is an elaboration of Model A of the Village
     approach.	In	contrast	to	the	other	models,	Model	A	does	not	raise	
     the	existing	road	levels.	

Plot Layout
                                                                                                                                                        10.6	 The	illustrative	bridge	link	has	been	located	at	the	northern	end	
                                                                          Fig 10.2 Infrastructural Diagrams
                                                                                                                                                              of	the	Notional	Scheme	in	order	to	maximise	future	connectivity	
	                                                                                                                                                             between	the	Limmo/Pura	Foods	sites	and	the	Canning	Town	
                                                                                                                                                              Transport	Interchange.		In	addition,	the	proposed	DLR	grade	
                                                                                                                                                              separated	junction	adjacent	to	the	southern	end	of	the	site	may	
                                                                                                                                                              further	restrict	the	location	of	any	future	bridge	link	to	the	
                                                                                                                                                              northern	end	of	the	site.

                                                                                                                                                        Pedestrians and cyclists

                                                                                                                                                        10.7	 The	currently	car	dominated	Victoria	Dock	Road	is	redesigned	to	
                                                                                                                                                              incorporate	a	wide	pedestrian	walkway	and	a	cycle	lane	connecting	
                                                                                                                                                              to the Transport Interchange. There is little or no car traffic in most
Fig 10.1 Site Layout Diagrams                                                                                                                                 of	the	streets	between	Victoria	Dock	Road	and	Silvertown	Way.	

Car traffic                                                                              creates large surfaces and sufficient floor height to provide flexible   10.23	 The	third	underpass	(next	to	the	viaduct	stairs)	will	remain	open.	
                                                                                         accommodation.	                                                                 It is high enough to enjoy sufficient daylight, which could be further
10.8 The road network within the site is reduced to an efficient one-
                                                                                                                                                                         assisted	with	illumination	at	night.	It	is	situated	in	the	line	of	sight	
     way traffic loop that services all building plots and connects them to       10.14 Car Parking is also provided in the lower floors. Except for the
                                                                                                                                                                         of	the	surrounding	streets	and	will	therefore	enjoy	better	security	
     Silvertown	Way.	This	loop	is	accessed	from	Caxton	Street	North	and	                most	northern	plot	(Plot	1)	that	has	no	car	parking	because	of	
                                                                                                                                                                         through	natural	surveillance.		
     exits	onto	Silvertown	Way	at	Hallsville	Road.                                      the	limited	site	dimensions	and	its	proximity	to	the	transport	
                                                                                        Interchange.		The	preferred	option	does	not	adopt	underground	            10.24	 Whilst	the	preferred	scheme	does	not	include	direct	works	to	the	
10.9 This traffic loop provides access to the car parking facilities in each of
                                                                                        car	parking,	principally	on	ground	of	cost	but	this	may	be	an	equally	           three	underpasses	nor	the	viaduct	structure	itself,	an	allowance	
     the plots and a strip of car parking in the Victoria Dock Road profile.
                                                                                        valid approach where costs can be justified.                                     has	been	made	for	S.106	planning	obligation	contributions	towards	
                                                                                                                                                                         environmental	improvements	in	recognition	of	their	importance	to	
Servicing                                                                         10.15 In Plot 2, car parking is provided on the first floor, so that retail
                                                                                                                                                                         the	functioning	of	the	notional	scheme.
                                                                                        and	leisure	can	be	accommodated	on	street	level.	
10.10	 The	same	one-way	loop	services	all	of	the	building	plots	for	
       truck loading. The road profile is designed to provide flexibility in      10.16	 In	the	remaining	plots,	car	parking	is	located	next	to	the	elevated	     Transport Access and Infrastructure Provisions
       organising	loading	bays	within	the	buildings	or	in	the	parking	strip	             viaduct.		Retail,	leisure,	employment,	hotel	uses,	together	with	
       of	Victoria	Dock	Road,	depending	on	future	loading	needs.                         entrances	to	the	residential	uses	above,	can	then	connect	to	both	       Introduction
                                                                                         Victoria	Dock	Road	and	the	viaduct	level	above	the	parking.	
                                                                                                                                                                  10.25	 The	Notional	Scheme	includes	a	mix	of	hotel,	leisure,	retail,	
Building Layout                                                                                                                                                          residential	and	commercial	employment	uses	that	will	focus	
                                                                                  Upper	Floors
	                                                                                                                                                                        transport-related	activities	on	both	Silvertown	Way	and	Victoria	
     Fig 10.4                                                                     10.17	 A	variety	of	housing	typologies	have	been	created	on	the	upper	                 Dock	Road.	This	sub-section	illustrates	how	the	transport	access	
     Mixed-                                                                              floors. This elevated position creates some distance from the road              and	infrastructure	requirements	have	been	integrated	into	the	
         uses                                                                            and railway noise and benefits from the views over the Thames and               design	of	the	proposed	site	Masterplan.
                                                                                         Millennium	Dome	to	the	south,	Canary	Wharf	and	the	City	to	the	
                                                                                         West	and	the	Royal	Docks	to	the	east.                                    Walking	and	Cycling

                                                                                  10.18	 In	contrast	to	the	solid	base,	the	housing	is	more	open,	maximising	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fig 10.5 Pedestrian and
                                                                                         and	providing	access	to	large	terraces	on	top	of	the	base.	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cyclist routes
                                                                                  10.19	 The	Notional	Scheme	proposes	sixteen	and	fourteen	storey	
                                                                                         buildings	at	the	northern	and	southern	tips	of	the	site	and	buildings	
                                                                                         ranging	from	nine	to	six	storeys	in-between.


Mixed-uses                                                                        10.20	 Because	the	preferred	option	abuts	the	Silvertown	Way	viaduct	
                                                                                         (and	closes	Peto	Street	North),	the	retention	of	emergency	
10.11	 The	preferred	option	responds	to	the	planning	context	of	the	site	                access	to	existing	business	units	underneath	the	viaduct	has	to	be	
       in	terms	of	development	density	and	mix	of	uses.	The	preferred	                   carefully	considered.
       option provides a total floorspace of 69215m², comprising
       residential	(47.645m²),	B1	employment	(9758m²),	retail	(4741m²),	          10.21	 For	example,	the	northernmost	pedestrian	underpass	will	serve	as	
       leisure	(3891m²)	and	a	hotel	(3180m²).	                                           an	emergency	exit	for	the	car	parking	at	the	Caxton	Street	end.		
                                                                                         Depending	on	the	frequency	of	use	of	the	car	park,	it	could	become	
10.12	 All	plots	contain	a	mix	of	uses:	normally	retail	or	employment	uses	              a	regular	car	parking	entrance/exit	with	a	door	at	Caxton	Street.
       on ground and first floors with residential uses on upper floors.
                                                                                  10.22	 The	second	underpass	is	used	to	enter	the	parking	area	from	
Lower	Floors                                                                             Caxton	Street.	It	has	to	be	designed	according	to	its	function,	
                                                                                         taking into account factors such as sufficient lighting, an office for
10.13 The use of the lower floors for retail and leisure will contribute                 the	parking	supervisor	and	barrier	gates.		Access	to	the	car	parking	
      to a lively street façade. The dimensioning of the lower floors                    is	possible	from	Victoria	Dock	Road	as	well.
                                                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                              7

10.26	 Silvertown	Way	provides	a	clear,	direct	pedestrian	route	between	      10.31	 Low	car	ownership	by	occupants	of	the	notional	scheme	will	help	        10.36	 The	predominant	access	to	the	development	for	service	vehicles	
       the	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange	and	the	Silvertown	                    to	maximise	the	potential	demand	for	cycling.	Having	applied	a	car	            is	from	the	A13,	to	the	north	of	the	site.	The	one-way	working	of	
       Viaduct	–	which	will	be	given	new	activity	by	the	southern	part	              parking	provision	below	London	Plan	maximums	(see	Car	Parking	                 Victoria	Dock	Road	(W)	allows	for	a	simple	circulatory	pattern	
       of	the	scheme	as	it	connects	directly	to	the	ramped	section	of	               section),	it	is	recommended	that	secure	cycle	parking	provision	is	            of traffic movements for access and egress to the site, which is
       Silvertown	Way.	This	direct	route	emphasises	the	strong	connection	           above	minimum	standards.                                                       orientated	towards	access	to	the	A13.
       that	the	whole	site	has	to	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange.	
                                                                              Canning Town Transport Interchange                                             10.37	 The	exit	of	Victoria	Dock	Road	(W)	onto	Silvertown	Way	is	
       Equally,	a	pedestrian	route	is	provided	along	Victoria	Dock	Road.	
                                                                                                                                                                    intended	to	be	left-turn	only	in	the	direction	of	the	A13.
       This	provides	an	alternative	route	for	pedestrians	and	cycling	away	
                                                                              10.32	 Direct	pedestrian	and	cycle	connections	have	been	provided	
       from the heavier trafficked Silvertown Way.                                                                                                           10.38	 Victoria	Dock	Road	(W)	is	intended	to	provide	access	for	
                                                                                     between	the	interchange	and	the	site.	The	relationship	between	the	
                                                                                     site	and	the	transport	interchange	has	been	of	critical	importance	            development related traffic only. Therefore Victoria Dock Road will
10.27	 The	three	existing	tunnels	underneath	the	viaduct	maintain	their	
                                                                                     to	the	viability	of	providing	a	low-car	scheme	at	this	location.               comprise	a	shared	space	that	provides	access	and	parking	for	cars,	
       function	connecting	the	east	and	west	side	of	the	viaduct.	The	
                                                                                                                                                                    service	vehicles,	cyclists	and	pedestrians.	The	shared	spaces	will	
       main	difference	will	be	in	the	way	that	these	routes	are	used.	The	
                                                                              10.33	 The	design	at	the	northern	end	of	the	site	safeguards	the	potential	           enable	improved	landscaping	in	the	area.
       northern	pedestrian	tunnel	provides	access	to	or	emergency	exit	
                                                                                     expansion	of	the	transport	interchange	southwards	and	can	
       from	the	car	parking	of	plots	4-6.	The	middle	tunnel	underneath	
                                                                                     accommodate	a	proposed	new	southern	access	to	the	interchange.          Car Parking
       the	viaduct	at	Nelson	Street	provides	vehicle	access	to	the	car	
       parking	under	plots	4-6.	The	south	tunnel	at	Fen	Street	becomes	a	     10.34	 The	trips	generated	by	committed	developments	in	the	vicinity	          10.39	 The	very	close	proximity	of	the	Silvertown	Way	site	to	
       car	free,	public	pedestrian	area.	The	dimensions	of	the	underpass	            (refer	to	analysis	of	surrounding	developments	in	Market	Property	             numerous	bus	services,	Docklands	Light	Railway	and	the	Jubilee	
       also	allow	for	vehicular	access	for	emergencies	and	maintenance.	             Context)	and	the	proposed	Silvertown	Way	development	have	                     Line	Extension	provides	a	good	opportunity	for	a	sustainable	
                                                                                     been	assessed.	The	development’s	transport	capacity	requirements	              development.	With	less	space	for	car	parking,	the	development	has	
10.28	 The	design	of	the	buildings	in	the	Plots	4-6	allow	for	a	new	stair	
                                                                                     can	be	accommodated	within	the	existing	system.                                been	able	to	achieve	density	requirements	whilst	minimising	the	
       access	between	Victoria	Dock	Road	and	Silvertown	Way.	The	
                                                                                                                                                                    need	for	high-cost	car	parking	solutions.
       gradient, width and layout of these new stairs provide a significant
                                                                                                                        Fig 10.6 Vehicle Access
       improvement	to	pedestrian	and	cyclist	accessibility	between	the	                                                                                      10.40	 An	overall	allowance	of	approximately	50%	car	parking	for	the	
                                                                                                                        and Circulation
       Silvertown Way viaduct and Victoria Dock Road. Cyclists will find                                                                                            residential	units	is	provided.	The	residential	units	in	plot	1	next	to	
       this	connection	useful,	as	they	can	dismount	and	make	use	of	a	                                                                                              Canning	Town	Station	are	car-free,	with	the	exception	of	disabled	
       ramp	integrated	into	the	staircase.                                                                                                                          car	parking	spaces.	For	trips	requiring	access	to	a	motor-vehicle,	
                                                                                                                                                                    the	residents	could	also	have	access	to	membership	of	a	car-club.
10.29	 The	Notional	Scheme	has	recognised	the	future	opportunity	to	
       incorporate	a	cycling	and	pedestrian	‘land-bridge’	from	the	Limmo	                                                                                    10.41	 Viability	of	a	Car	Club	for	the	Silvertown	Way	development	has	
       Site	west	of	the	Silvertown	Way	site.	This	provides	the	potential	                                                                                           been	investigated.	This	site	is	suitable	for	a	combination	of	low-
       for	a	new	cycle	route	directly	connecting	Silvertown	Way	and	the	                                                                                            car	housing	with	the	availability	of	a	Car	Club.	The	size	of	the	
       Lower	Lea	Crossing	(LLC),	via	the	Limmo	Site.	                                                                                                               residential	component	of	the	scheme	and	the	proximity	to	Canning	
                                                                                                                                                                    Town	Transport	Interchange	are	key	factors	that	support	its	
10.30	 Cycle	routes	are	incorporated	into	the	design	and	function	of	
       Victoria	Dock	Road.	This	provides	a	direct	link	into	Canning	Town	
       Transport	Interchange,	via	a	pedestrian	and	cycle	only	path	north	                                                                                    10.42	 The	car	parking	arrangements	on	plots	4-6	are	designed	to	make	
       of	Victoria	Dock	Road.	The	incorporation	of	high	quality	cycle	                                                                                              good	use	of	the	space	that	abuts	the	viaduct,	below	the	level	of	
       facilities	into	the	development	will	further	assist	the	promotion	                                                                                           the	Silvertown	Way	street	access.	The	car	park	can	be	accessed	
       of	cycling	in	the	area,	consistent	with	the	London	Borough	of	         Vehicle	Access	and	Circulation                                                        (entry-only)	from	Caxton	Street,	through	an	existing	tunnel	under	
       Newham	(LBN)	aspirations	for	properly	integrated,	sustainable	                                                                                               the	viaduct.	An	entrance	and	exit	to	the	car-park	is	provided	
       transport.                                                             10.35	 Servicing	to	the	whole	site	and	access	to	the	on-site	car-parking	is	          from	Victoria	Dock	Road.	Providing	both	entry	and	exit	from	
                                                                                     provided	by	a	one-way	(south	to	north)	working	of	Victoria	Dock	               Victoria	Dock	Road	to	ensure	that	the	car	park	is	able	to	function	
                                                                                     Road	(W)	exiting	onto	Silvertown	Way	opposite	Hallesville	Road.	               independently	of	the	Caxton	Street	access	if	necessary.	Access	to	
                                                                                     The	remodelled	Victoria	Dock	Road	(W)	would	also	serve	as	an	                  parking	on	plots	2-3	is	via	Victoria	Dock	Road.	Parking	comprises	
                                                                                     emergency (fire) access and allow maintenance to the rail/LUL/                 the	second	level	of	the	plot	to	retain	an	active	frontage	at	ground	
                                                                                     DLR	boundary	wall.                                                             floor level.


	                                         Fig 10.7 Servicing

10.43	 Loading	areas	for	service	vehicles	are	accommodated	within	short-
       stay	parking	areas	along	Victoria	Dock	Road,	operational	during	
       the	day	and	providing	over-night	visitor	parking.	By	sharing	the	
       same space, short-stay parking and loading can be more efficiently
       catered	for.

10.44	 The	demand	for	servicing	has	been	evaluated	and	the	loading	
       facilities	assessed	against	this	demand.	The	provision	of	the	
       proposed loading facilities is sufficient for the site assuming that
       use of this space is managed and coordinated to increase efficiency
       of	its	use.

10.45	 To	assess	the	viability	of	access,	servicing	and	manoeuvring	on-
       site, vehicle tracking analysis was undertaken. This confirmed that
       vehicles	can	safely	and	conveniently	manoeuvre,	by	use	of	parallel	
       loading	areas	along	the	side	of	Victoria	Dock	Road,	servicing	plots	
       2-6,	and	an	inset	loading	bay	in	plot	1.
          PART 11                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON                                                9

                                                                                     under	different	circumstances	(for	example	with	housing	grant	or	a	           proposed	scheme	can	be	looked	at	in	the	context	of	other	
                                                                                     different	mix	of	uses),	the	provision	may	be	higher.                          major	redevelopments	that	have	successfully	taken	place	in	the	
                                                                                                                                                                   surrounding	area,	most	notably:
                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 Barratt	Homes	–	Barrier	Point,	North	Woolwich	Road.
                                                                              11.4 Total floor area: 3,180m2	(34,217ft2),	equating	to	a	110	bedroom	
                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 Barratt	Homes	–	Tradewinds,	North	Woolwich	Road.
                                                                                   hotel, with ancillary leisure and fitness centre unit extending to
                                                                                   1,500m2	(16,146ft2).                                                            \\	 Furlong	Homes	–	Furlong	City,	Albert	Basin,	Beckton.
                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 Fairview	Development	–	former	Hayes	Wharf.
                                                                              Workshop	Space
                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 Countryside	Properties	plc	–	developments	Greenwich	
                                                                              11.5 Total floor area approx 9,758m2	(104,996ft2)	of	proposed	                           Peninsula.
                                                                                   workshop space could incorporate a mixture of offices, research &
                                                                                                                                                                   \\	 Berkeley	Homes	–	Royal	Arsenal,	Woolwich.
                                                                                   development/hi-tech	or	light	industrial	uses.
                                                                                                                                                            11.12	 It	is	important	to	note	that	all	these	schemes	have	been	innovative	
                                                                              Retail	and	Leisure
                                                                                                                                                                   comprehensive	large	scale	developments.
                                                                              11.6 Total floor area 4,741m2	(51,013ft2)	of	primarily	convenience	retail	
                                                                                                                                                            11.13	 Having	regard	to	the	success	of	the	comprehensive	schemes	
                                                                                   floorspace is proposed within the Notional Scheme.
                                                                                                                                                                   referred	to	above	and	the	improving	perception	of	Canning	Town,	
                                                                              11.7 Total floor area 3,891m2	(41,867	ft2)	of	bars	cafes	and	restaurants	            we	would	expect	there	to	be	strong	market	demand	for	this	
                                                                                   is	proposed.                                                                    redevelopment	opportunity.

                                                                              Car	parking                                                                   Residential

                                                                              11.8 Car parking ratios have been adopted to reflect the extremely            11.14	 There	is	a	clear	pattern	of	strong	occupier	demand	for	one	
11. Deliverability                                                                 high	levels	of	public	transport	accessibility	the	site	enjoys	through	          and	two	bedroom	apartments	across	east	London	and	we	
                                                                                                                                                                   expect	the	level	of	demand	for	the	Canning	Town	area	to	grow	
                                                                                   proximity	to	the	Canning	Town	Transport	Interchange.		The	parking	
                                                                                   ratios	accord	with	national	and	local	policy.                                   disproportionately	to	the	overall	market	owing	to	its	vastly	
Proposed Development                                                                                                                                               improved	and	improving	communications	which	in	turn	is	assisting	
11.1	 The	Notional	Scheme	described	in	this	Development	Framework	            Other	uses                                                                           in	improving	Canning	Town’s	market	image.		
      provides	a	comprehensive	mixed-use	development	with	the	                                                                                              11.15	 The	Notional	Scheme	has	been	designed	in	response	to	market	
                                                                              11.9	 It	is	acknowledged	that	the	range	of	uses	promoted	is	a	response	
      potential	for	future	link	to	the	Limmo	site	immediately	to	the	west.	                                                                                        demand	for	one	and	two	bedroom	apartments.		Whilst	the	nature	
                                                                                    to	market	and	policy	contexts	and	does	not	preclude	alternative	
      The	scheme	broadly	provides	the	following	accommodation:                                                                                                     of	the	site	does	not	make	it	ideal	for	larger	family	accommodation,	
                                                                                    uses	such	as	a	nursery,	primary	care	units,	doctors	surgeries	and	
                                                                                    other	community	uses	etc.	should	funding	be	available	and	should	              some	three	bedroom	apartments	have	been	included	in	response	
                                                                                    market	demand	dictate	at	the	time	of	development.                              to	local	affordable	housing	needs.
11.2 Total floor area: 47,645m2	(512,660ft2),	equating	to	approximately	
                                                                                                                                                            11.16		Whilst	car	parking	provision	is	lower	than	the	market	would	
     800	units,	incorporating	approximately	25%	affordable	housing.           Market Demand                                                                        ideally require, having regard to the first class public transport in
11.3	 The	London	Plan	target	of	50%	affordable	housing	(comprising	70%	                                                                                            close	proximity,	this	will	not	adversely	impact	on	demand.
                                                                              Development	Market
      social	rented	and	30%	intermediate	tenures)	has	been	adopted	as	
                                                                                                                                                            11.17	 Whilst	at	the	present	time	values	for	residential	in	Canning	Town	
      a	starting	point	for	the	provision	of	affordable	housing	within	the	    11.10	 Glenny	has	appraised	the	Notional	Scheme	produced	by	KCAP	
                                                                                                                                                                   are	lower	than	immediately	surrounding	centres	such	as	Stratford	
      Notional	Scheme.		On	the	basis	of	development	appraisals	carried	              architects	for	the	regeneration	of	the	site	in	relation	to	current	
                                                                                                                                                                   and	locations	further	east	along	Silvertown	Way,	we	anticipate	that	
      out	on	the	Notional	Scheme,	a	provision	of	25%	(comprising	                    market	activity.
                                                                                                                                                                   the	gap	will	steadily	narrow	as	the	area	is	regenerated.
      50%	social	rented	and	50%	intermediate	tenures)	represents	the	
                                                                              11.11	 The	notional	comprehensive	redevelopment	scheme	meets	the	
      maximum	amount	of	affordable	housing	the	Notional	Scheme	
                                                                                     current	demands	of	both	the	developer	and	occupier	markets	
      can	bear	whilst	remaining	viable.		It	is	recognised,	however,	that	
                                                                                     and	at	the	same	time	the	aspirations	of	LBN	and	the	GLA.	The	
      this	provision	is	a	function	of	this	particular	scheme	only	and	that	

Workshop	Space                                                                        there	would	be	a	strong	market	for	the	indicative	scheme	on	the	                 companies	that	may	wish	to	take	space	in	proximity	to	the	Canning	
                                                                                      Order	land	and	it	would	be	economically	viable.                                  Town	transport	interchange.
11.18	 	In	the	Notional	Scheme,	approximately	9,758	m2	(104,996	ft2.)	
       of business space is provided suitable for office, research and         11.25	 Whilst	there	is	strong	demand	for	both	the	residential	and	                11.31	 Whilst	Glenny	has	been	able	to	identify	demand	from	these	
       development/high	tech	and	light	industrial	workshop	uses.                      employment	elements	of	this	scheme,	we	would	stress	that	it	                      commercial	uses	for	this	area	at	the	present	time,	this	demand	will	
                                                                                      is	important	that	the	scheme	is	brought	forward	at	the	earliest	                  be	targeted	by	other	large	comprehensive	developments	proposed	
11.19	 The	space	will	meet	the	demands	of	small	and	medium	size	
                                                                                      opportunity	to	maximise	the	prospects	of	securing	occupiers	for	                  in	the	area	and	therefore	it	will	need	constant	monitoring	to	
       enterprises	including	those	involved	in	high-tech	IT	industries,	
                                                                                      parts	of	the	employment	space.	The	market	for	aspects	of	the	                     ensure	that	there	is	demand	for	these	elements	of	the	scheme	at	
       marketing,	media	and	print	businesses	that	seek	largely	to	serve	
                                                                                      commercial space including the hotel, fitness and leisure centre and              the	point	of	commencement	of	the	development.
       the extensive office markets in the Docklands, the City and the
                                                                                      retail is finite and could be satisfied within other schemes in the
       West	End.		                                                                                                                                               11.32	 Having	regard	to	the	market	for	the	component	parts	of	the	
                                                                                      immediate area should they be brought to the market first.
                                                                                                                                                                        scheme	and	particularly	the	strong	demand	for	residential	
11.20	 Whilst	the	market	would	probably	prefer	more	traditional	
                                                                               11.26	 Whilst	acknowledging	that	until	recently	Canning	Town	and	its	                    apartments,	there	would	be	strong	demand	from	the	development	
       business	space	units	with	adjacent	car	parking	the	growing	demand	
                                                                                      immediate	environs	have	not	been	perceived	as	an	attractive	                      market	particularly	the	residential	sector.
       from	this	sector	of	the	market	place	and	also	the	loss	of	such	
                                                                                      residential	or	commercial	location,	perceptions	have	been	
       space	within	the	inner	London	area	as	a	result	of	residential	
                                                                                      increasingly	changing	largely	due	to	its	vastly	improved	accessibility	
       redevelopment	we	consider	there	would	be	good	market	demand	
                                                                                      to	the	main	employment	areas	of	the	City,	Canary	Wharf	and	the	
       for	this	accommodation.
                                                                                      West	End.
Retail	and	Leisure                                                             11.27	 Glenny	considers	there	is	currently	good	occupier	demand	for	
                                                                                      housing	in	this	location	and	it	is	likely	to	increase	at	a	greater	rate	
11.21	 	This	scheme	provides	for	approximately	4,741	m2	(51,000	ft2)	
                                                                                      than	other	locations	as	the	communication	advantages	of	the	area	
       retail	which	will	be	located	adjacent	to	the	Canning	Town	station	
                                                                                      become	more	understood	and	the	market	perception	of	the	area	
       and	transport	interchange.	We	consider	that	having	regard	to	
                                                                                      continues	to	improve.	
       the	proximity	to	the	large	pedestrian	movements	at	the	Canning	
       Town	transport	interchange,	this	space	will	meet	the	requirements	      11.28	 Glenny	considers,	therefore,	there	will	be	good	demand	for	the	
       of	convenience	retailers	such	as	Tesco	Express	and	travel	agents,	             residential	accommodation	in	the	proposed	scheme.		The	strong	
       estate	agents	and	hairdressers.	The	Notional	Scheme	incorporates	              occupier	demand	will	sustain	and	increase	the	already	strong	
       3,891m2	(41,867ft2)	of	leisure	uses	to	meet	likely	demand	for	                 developer	demand	for	opportunities	in	this	area.
       restaurants,	cafes	and	bars.
                                                                               11.29	 Whilst	acknowledging	the	layout	and	accessibility	of	the	proposed	
                                                                                      B1	business	and	workshop	space	is	unproven	in	the	market	place,	
Market Viability
                                                                                      Glenny	considers	that	owing	to	the	level	of	demand	in	Inner	east	
11.22	Glenny	has	appraised	the	Notional	Scheme	prepared	by	KCAP	                      London	from	the	small	and	medium	size	enterprises	and	the	
      architects,	taking	into	account	all	of	the	other	consultants’	reports	          scarcity	of	supply,	there	should	be	good	demand.	Particularly	if	
      and	has	concluded	that	the	scheme	will	be	economically	viable	and	              the space can be offered on long leasehold or short term flexible
      attractive	to	the	market	place.                                                 leases,	Glenny	considers	that	the	workshop	space	will	let	over	a	
                                                                                      sufficient period of time.
11.23	 It	is	acknowledged	that	the	Notional	Scheme	is	a	snapshot	of	
       the	type	of	development	that	could	be	developed	but	it	clearly	         11.30	 In	respect	of	the	other	aspects	of	the	development	the	proposed	
       highlights	that	such	a	scheme	or	one	similar	would	be	attractive	to	           budget hotel, fitness centre and retail space Glenny is aware
       the	market	given	the	site’s	location	in	this	improving	area.                   of unsatisfied demand. Hotel groups such as Travelodge have
                                                                                      unsatisfied requirements for locations within East London and
Summary                                                                               specifically within reasonable proximity of Excel. With the
                                                                                      increasing	number	of	housing	units	and	improving	socio-economic	
11.24	 The	Notional	Scheme	has	been	carefully	appraised	in	relation	to	               groups across the area, fitness and leisure groups such as Fitness
       market	activity	in	this	area	of	London	including	taking	account	of	            First	are	beginning	to	take	an	interest	in	securing	representation	
       current	supply	and	demand	across	the	residential,	commercial	and	              and	we	would	expect	the	scheme	to	be	attractive	to	them.			
       business	space	property	markets.	We	conclude	at	the	present	time	              Retailers	including	Tesco	and	Costa	Coffee	are	examples	of	

                                           DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK SILVERTOWN WAY CANNING TOWN LONDON   4

           01.		Current	Site	Layout	                    56

           02.		Constraints	                            57

           03.		Opportunities	                          58

           04.		Site	Layout	Diagrams	                   59

           05.		Infrastructure	Diagrams	                60

           06.		Infrastructural	Layout	                 61

           07.		Roof	Plan	                              62

           08.		Level	01	                               63

           09.		Level	02	                               64

           10.		Level	03	                               65

           11.		Level	04	                               66

           12.		Building	Levels	                        67

           13.		Elevations	                             68

           14.		Sections	Map	                           69

           15.		Sections	                               70

           16. Road Profile                             71

           17.		Isometric	View	                         72

           18.		Typical	Plot	Layout	                    73

           19.		Typical	Floorplan	                      74

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