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									    Secrets of the Highest Earning
      Internet Marketing Gurus

                   What They Don’t Want
                      You to Know

                   By Ruth A. Hendrickson

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Secrets of the Highest Earning
Internet Marketing Gurus
What they aren’t telling and don’t want you to know!

Welcome to “Secrets of the Highest Earning Internet Gurus”. You
have made a wise choice to obtain this invaluable information. What
you are about to learn might make you angry, but it will also no doubt
motivate you to take the steps you need to take, make the changes
you need to make, in order to do what you really want to do – make
more money on the Net!

Have you been searching for ways to make money on the Internet?
Have you purchased dozens of e-Books and other products looking
for that magic secret that will show you the way to make lots of
money, enough money so you can quit your job and do internet
marketing full time? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re like me, you love the Internet, and you’ve spent a good
number of hours surfing and researching the market.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Internet products, spent many
hours surfing the Net, and many more hours researching what the
top-earning Internet gurus are doing to make their big bucks. And I
can tell you this: There is absolutely no reason that you can’t do the
same things and get your cut of the Internet pie! You just need to
know how to do it, that’s all.

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You’ll Learn Their Most Guarded Secrets Here

I’m about to tell you their most guarded secrets. You’ve paid good
money to learn the top-earnings gurus secrets, and you’re about to
learn them here.

A Small Group of People Are Allowed to Get a Slice of
the Big Pie

Whenever one of these top-earning gurus gets ready to launch one of
their products, they do a huge elaborate launch. Part of this launch is
to offer a few select people the opportunity to be part of the launch.
Chances are, when you bought some digital products, you purchased
them through someone else, probably through an email link. As part
of the product launch, a guru gets together with a few people who
have huge email lists. They know what those who have lists of
subscribers are more likely to get a sale, and that’s another one of
their secrets, but let me tie this one up first.

The idea is to create a lot of excitement over this product, so the guru
goes about creating as much hype over his product as he possibly
can. He gathers together the fellow gurus who have huge email lists,
so they can all send out emails at about the same time telling their
subscribes how great this product is, and encouraging their
subscribers to purchase their product.

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The Top Guru Makes the Most of Others’’ Liists
The Top Guru Makes the Most of Others L sts

The Guru knows that, as a subscriber to someone’s email list, you
probably have some kind of relationship with this person who sends
you emails periodically. You feel that you know this person; you feel
a connection to this person, and when he sends you an email and
tells you about this new great product, you are much more willing to
check it out, much more likely to actually buy the product than from
someone you have no relationship with and no connection to.

It’s just like someone knocking on your door and telling you about a
great product you should check out and get for yourself. If the person
knocking at your door is a total stranger, you might not give him the
time of day; you might just automatically say, “I’m not interested,”
because you don’t know the person and so don’t trust the person.
There’s no connection, no relationship.

On the other hand, if a trusted friend opens the door, or even if the
person is just a neighbor that you see on a regular basis, you are
much more likely to listen to this person when he tells you about a
great new product that he thinks you might be interested in. This is
part of the psychology of selling.

The gurus know all about this selling strategy, and they use it to their

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Top Gurus Possess Web Skills
This really should be the number one secret, and they RARELY
discuss this very important aspect of selling their products. You
MUST be web savvy. You MUST have the skills to well products on
the Internet.

These skills include:

Knowing HTML. This is a must. In order to make big money like the
gurus, you absolutely must know HTML, and XTML, and all that goes
with it.

Website Design. You must know how to design and create a
website. Many gurus will tell you that you don’t need a website at all.
Usually this is the case if they want to provide you with a website.
And why do they want to provide you with a website? So you can
promote their products!

Writing Skills. You must be able to write in order to create these
digital products. This is a given, but don’t sell yourself short here.
You don’t have to write like everyone else. In fact, if you really have
something to say, some valuable information that others can benefit
from, you can find your own voice. Your product doesn’t have to
sound like anyone else’s or look like the gurus’ products. In fact, it is
always refreshing to come across a unique idea presented in a
unique way! And consider this: The way to learn to write is to write.
The hardest part is getting started.

Promotional Skills. In order to sell your products, or even to sell
someone else’s products, you must have promotional skills. This
includes writing copy that convinces others to click on your link, and
to buy your product. This skill can be learned just like the others.

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You don’t have to be born with any of these skills. All of these skills
can be learned, with enough knowledge and practice. You have to
start somewhere, so it might as well be here.

Often the Recommended Choice is the Most
Profitable for Internet Marketing Gurus
Have you noticed that some of the gurus are telling you to get an
autoresponder and start building your email list? Well, that’s a given
because everyone is trying to get your email address. What they
don’t tell you, though, is how to go about it, how to actually gather
these email lists. But they probably have a link to an autoresponder
for you to sign up with, and it’s probably with the autoresponder who
pays out the most to affiliates, because the guru is an affiliate and
makes money when you click on their link and sign up to the
autoresponder that they recommend.

The Secret Behind ClickBank’s Gravity Number
When you go to ClickBank to browse and look for products to sell,
you probably look at the gravity, right? Most people search for
products by popularity first, and the highest gravity products are
usually (but not always) those that are the most popular.

The products that are listed first are usually those products that are
promoted the most, because people think the more popular the
product, the higher the gravity, the more likely they are to be able to
sell the product.

This is not always true, however, and listen to this: Popularity and
Gravity stats can be manipulated! That’s right, they can be
manipulated, and the gurus know how to do it! They know how to get
their products to appear most popular and with a high gravity in order

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to be listed on the first page and be most likely to get promoted by a
high number of ClickBank affiliates.

Here’s how they do it: When a guru starts his launch, he gets his
guru buddies with their huge email lists to all start the launch at once.
In this way, they all start the launch at the same time, make lots of
sales, and many of those who buy the product will also start
promoting the product, and that’s how the popularity and gravity
numbers go sky high, right from the beginning.

And listen to this: When the gravity number starts to go down, that
means that fewer affiliates are promoting the product. The gravity
number refers to the number of affiliates promoting the product; it
doesn’t refer to the number of people actually buying the product.

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Makiing Money from the Back-End
Mak ng Money from the Back-End
The Gurus’ products are filled with links to sites that make them
money when you click on the links and buy products. Even after
you’re purchased their product, they use that very product to make
MORE money from your clicks. This is the way they make money on
the back end.

This is an accepted practice, and you should do it, too, when you
create an ebook.

IInternet Gurus Copy Each Other!
  nternet Gurus Copy Each Other!
The Gurus know what’s going on in the Internet world – they keep up
with new ideas, new product launches, etc. And they COPY EACH
OTHER. If you notice the pitch pages in ClickBank, you can see this
as it happens. Many of the sales pages start to look just alike!
Especially the top-earnings ones. The Gurus pay attention to what
other gurus are doing, and they copy each other!

You can always see patterns if you look for them. At this writing, the
patterns are:

Sales pages that look like a piece of paper on the screen, often with a
background, websites that look the same, pop-up boxes that ask for
your name and email address, and lately there are Google ads that
attempt your attention for a competing product with phrases such as,
“I hate Product X,” “Don’t Buy Product X,” “Is Product X all Hype?”

Some gurus are suggesting that you get possible buyers’ attention by
posting text ads like “I hate Product X,” etc. If the gurus are
suggesting that we use trickery to get a potential buyer’s attention
and buy a product from our link, do you wonder what kind of trickery
they are using on you? I certainly do.

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Where They Get The IInformatiion To Sellll
Where They Get The nformat on To Se
Most people think that internet gurus get the information in ebooks
from personal experience. The gurus would have you think they’ve
spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in research, split
testing, buying books, ebooks and products, and that they have
gained the knowledge they are imparting by personal experience.
This is not necessarily true.

If you read closely, listen to what they say, buy their products and
spend many hours on the Net, you can see that much of the
information they put together in the form of an expensive ebook can
be gleaned from sources for free! Yes, that’s right. And this is one of
their biggest secrets: they take free information they gain from the
Internet, free ebooks, and other places, and that information is
compiled into a nice attractive ebook, downloaded as a PDF
document, and marketed.

Secrets of Salles Letters
Secrets of Sa es Letters

The Gurus’ secrets about sales letters include the number one
important aspect of a sales letter. Is it the information? The words?
Nope. The most important aspect of a sales letter to get the most
conversions is not the words, although they’re important as well. But
the most important aspect is the way the sales letter looks – the
appearance. The format is far more important in a sales letter than
the actual words. Well, how can you get the format that the gurus
use? It’s right in front of your eyes! Every time you buy one of their
products, you buy it from one of their sales pages.

Have you noticed that most of the sales pages look very similar? In
fact, many of them practically look just alike. That’s because they are
copying each other. That’s because a few of them found a sales
letter that pulls orders like crazy, and then they start using that

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particular format for all their sales letters. Soon, others take notice of
the sales letter format, and they follow suit.

At this writing, approximately 90% of all sales letters have the same
format. The style of the page, the color and size of the font, the
headlines, and the benefits of the product, the testimonials, all of
these are formatted almost exactly the same.

Pay attention to the sales letters of the internet gurus, and save them
as a favorite. Then go back, print them, and study them. Of course,
it wouldn’t be ethical or legal to copy the exact same document,
words and all, and use it for yourself. You should even change up
the format somewhat, but you can get an idea of the format of a sales
letter that pulls the most conversions to sales.

How to Tellll Who The Gurus Are
How to Te Who The Gurus Are
Do you know how to tell who the Internet Gurus are who are raking in
the money with internet marketing? Go to and
click on the marketplace link close to the top right of the page. Then
look for the most popular products in the business to business,
money & employment, and marketing & ads categories. Search the
most popular products. You’ll see products with a gravity figure of
over 200, oftentimes over 400. These are the internet marketing
gurus who are raking in the money from having their products
marketed and sold by thousands of affiliate marketers.

                        © 2007

Secrets of Product Launches
Secrets of Product Launches
There is a product for sale right now that claims to have the right
formula for product launches. The publisher claims that with this
product you will know the steps to take for a great product launch that
will make you lots of money.

This product is being sold for almost 600 dollars! It is mind boggling
to me that someone would actually pay that kind of money for this
product. Of course, the publisher claims to be able to show you how
to make that many times that amount of money by using his

I can tell you the gist of that product in one paragraph! Here it is:

Think of something, such as information that people are looking for
on the Internet. Then find the information yourself by researching,
going to forums and blogs, and reading other’s ebooks. Then write
your own ebook with a really catchy title that makes people want to
get this product. Write great sales copy that makes people want to
buy this product because they think by reading this product they will
be able to do what the publisher claims to be doing, i.e. making
money while he sleeps. After you’ve written the ebook, format it as a
PDF document. Then start your product launch.

                       © 2007

Product launch in one paragraph:
Send emails to and call your internet guru friends. Tell them about
your new product and ask them if they want to be part of your product
launch. All you have to do is mention a product launch, and they start
seeing dollar signs. Then you and your friends get as much hype
going as possible. Send emails to all the email lists. Have a video
telling about the product and how much everyone needs this product.
Offer the product on ClickBank, and have a great affiliate program for
others to market the product. Then have a certain date for a launch.
Then launch the product! That’s it.

You may be saying, “well gee I could do that.” Of course you can!
It’s not that hard, but it does take technical knowledge and know-how
with designing sales pages, writing copy, etc. But the secret of the
product launch is pretty much a no-brainer. Chances are that you’ve
watched them yourself.

Top Gurus Know that Tiime iis Money
Top Gurus Know that T me s Money
They know that time is money. The gurus don’t chase down every
ebook that is being launched with heavy promotion, thinking that the
next ebook is going to teach them how to make a fortune. Many
would-be internet marketers make this mistake of spending their time
surfing the net looking for products to sell, ebooks to buy, and before
they know it, hours have passed and all they’ve really done has been
surfing the net and reading others sales letters, and probably spent
money along the way.

                       © 2007

The highest-earning gurus know that just about every product is sold
in the same way using the same process: finding a hot market,
tailoring a product to that market, and marketing the product with a
sales page and good copywriting.

The typical would-be internet marketer spends time surfing the
internet, then he might find an ebook that looks promising. He then
purchases the ebook, reads the ebook, finds himself motivated to try
the techniques taught in the ebook. So, he spends time putting the
techniques in his new ebook to work. The problem is that he is
putting these techniques to work probably without the experience and
research he needs to make the process work. He finds he is not
making the money promised in the ebook, so he becomes
discouraged and finds himself surfing the Net. Then he finds another
ebook that appeals to him, and the whole process starts over again.

This is what the top-earning gurus are counting on happening. They
need many, many people to be going through the above process over
and over in order for them to sell their products.

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Gurus Rarelly Tellll Allll
Gurus Rare y Te A
The problem with these ebooks that promise and guarantee that you
can make money by using their techniques, is that the guru never
tells all. He always holds back his secrets. He has to because
otherwise, if he tells all his secrets, he will find himself with too much
competition. Only a small handful of his fellow gurus know these
secrets, and they are not giving them up.

The main thing is that the gurus don’t want you to know the best way
to make money; that is --

The best way to make money on ClliickBank iis to
The best way to make money on C ckBank s to
wriite your own ebook and be a publliisher..
wr te your own ebook and be a pub sher

As a publisher you can sell your own products on ClickBank, and you
have maybe dozens, maybe even hundreds, maybe even thousands
of people marketing your products, and they’re doing it for free! You
don’t have to pay them a dime to market your products. They only
get paid if they make a sale, and they are actually paid by ClickBank.
This is the first time in marketing history that a group of business
people have found a way to get others to market their products for
FREE. And the strangest part is that nobody seems to complain
about it! No, in fact, throngs of people are beating it to these people’s
doors to sell their products for them.

This is the highest-earning Internet Marketing Gurus secret. The one
way to make the really big money on the Internet is to WRITE YOUR
OWN STUFF and then use ClickBank and the other avenues to
market these products on the Internet, and get lots of people beating
a path to YOUR door to sell your products and make you thousands
of dollars, then hundreds of thousands of dollars, then millions of

                        © 2007

Makiing Money wiitth IInfformattiion They Gott FREE
Mak ng Money w h n orma on They Go FREE
The gurus will tell you not to scour the internet for free information,
that you should instead pay for their information. By I’m telling you
this: the information they give you can ALL be gotten by scouring the
internet. In fact, that’s exactly what they do: scour the internet for
information. But sometimes you have to read between the lines.
Oftentimes, the information that is most valuable is the information
that is implied, rather than the printed word.

The Learniing Curve Phase
The Learn ng Curve Phase
All of the Gurus have been in the start up phase when they first
started in Internet Marketing. That phase is the learning curve phase.
They spend huge amounts of time online surfing the Internet, buying
ebooks, signing up for programs and newsletters, and generally trying
to find out how people are making money on the Internet and seeing
what the options are. But here is their secret: You have to at some
point STOP surfing the Internet, STOP buying ebooks, and go with
what you know.
The Gurus all know that you must have a plan and work the plan.
You must spend productive time every day working your plan and
moving towards your goal.

Some people, actually many people, never get past this “surfing and
buying” phase. They spend a great deal of time surfing the Internet
and they spend lots of money on products. They tend to chase one
idea, buy the ebook, then off they go towards another idea.

It is very tempting to just keep surfing the Internet, checking out this
forum, that blog, that new ebook offer, etc. It just goes on and on.
The Internet is a place that is so massive that you can never learn
everything that everyone is doing on the Internet, even in your own
niche. So stop trying to be everywhere and know everything!

                       © 2007

This is important enough to repeat:

NO ONE will EVER know EVERYTHING on the Internet. So don’t try
to learn it all!

Gurus Pllan Theiir Work and Work Theiir Pllan
Gurus P an The r Work and Work The r P an

The best thing you can do for yourself is set aside a certain amount of
time every day to do nothing but work your plan. If you don’t have a
plan, use the sample plan outlined below.

They have goals, a business plan, and they work their plan!
This is very important. Without a plan, a roadmap so to speak, you
will just be blowing around like the wind! You’ll go this way, then that
way, then another way.

Sit down and write out your business plan. Then set aside a certain
amount of time every day to work your plan. Here is a sample
business plan to get you started.


Goal: Make an average of $5,000 every month in Internet Marketing,
and do it within one year.

Products: Write Ebooks. Complete one ebook every month. At the
end of the year, have 12 ebooks completed and on the market.

Ways to Market Ebooks:
Write articles to promote ebooks
Ask joint venturers to promote your ebooks
Use Google Adwords to promote ebooks
Participate in forums and have info about ebooks in post signatures

                       © 2007

Work up a list of email subscribers
Send offers for ebooks to list

Use the above plan to help you get started making your own plan.
One your plan is in place, work it every day. If the venture seems
overwhelming, remember how to eat an elephant – one bite at a time.
Break up the major projects into small tasks, and perform some small
tasks every day.

Most Gurus Started Out Part-Tiime
Most Gurus Started Out Part-T me
These Gurus, most of them started out in Internet Marketing part
time, while they worked at a fulltime job. After becoming successful
in Internet Marketing, they quit their day jobs and started doing
Internet Marketing full time. Once they made the decision to go full
time in the Internet marketing they found that they made much more
money than they did on their regular job.

Remember that these Internet Gurus did not quit their day jobs until
they were making almost as much money in Internet Marketing as
they were on their full time job. This is key. Do not quit your job until
you’re making enough money to cover the salary of that job. Be sure
to include making enough money to cover certain benefits of the job,
such as health insurance, sick leave, vacation leave, paid holidays,
etc. You will still need health benefits, a 401-K, etc., so plan for
these before you quit your job.

                       © 2007

IIn a nutshellll,, these are the Biig Secrets of the
  n a nutshe these are the B g Secrets of the
Hiighest-Earniing IInternet Gurus:
 H ghest-Earn ng nternet Gurus:
  •     They set goals and make business plans and put them in
  •     They set aside time to work their plan, and they stick to
        productive work.
  •     They set aside time to surf the Internet and investigate new
        ideas, new marketing techniques, and generally see what
        their competitors are doing.
  •     They create their own products to sell
  •     They have a plan for marketing their own products and use
        all the tools available at their disposal, especially online
  •     They put their products on ClickBank to make it available to
        be marketed for free by many people
  •     They offer a generous portion of their product to affiliates.
  •     They produce tools such as sales letters for affiliates to use
        to make it easy for them to market the product
  •     They make their product available for joint venturers to get in
        on the ground floor and make money with their new product
  •     They design a product launch for each new product that they
        introduce. They make as much hype as they possibly can
        for each new product to get people excited about buying the
        product and to get affiliates excited about promoting the

If you will focus on doing these things, you will find be successful at
Internet Marketing, and you may even find yourself referred to as one
of the Highest-Earning Internet Marketing Gurus!

                      © 2007

As you are on your way to becoming a top Internet Guru, remember
to be honest! Don’t try to trick people into clicking on your adwords,
and don’t use black hat techniques in order to trick people.
Remember, if you are deceived and click on an adwords ad, or if you
are deceived when buying a publisher’s ebook, how do you feel about
the person who took your money? And if an ebook encourages a
technique that is deceitful, i.e. getting someone to click on an
adwords ad under false pretenses – then they will deceive you as

              Home Sweet Home – That is what many wannabe
              Internet Marketers are trying for – to be able to work
              from home and not worry about having to have a job,
              not have to worry about making enough money to
              make ends meet.

And that is a great goal. Many Internet Marketers started out part time
while working a full time job, and then found a way to earn enough
money that they were able to quit their full time job and work from
their own home. That is a grand goal indeed!

                      © 2007

Thiis iis the SECRET Kiillller-Strategy used by the
Th s s the SECRET K er-Strategy used by the
top earniing IInternet Marketiing Gurus:
top earn ng nternet Market ng Gurus:
  1.    Find a hot niche (usually a niche within opportunity seekers)
  2.    Find keywords within the niche
  3.    Write (or have written) a quality ebook (usually at least 75
        pages) – keywords are in book title
  4.    Include affiliate links and other links in ebook to more offers
        to make money on the backend
  5.    Design a professional quality ebook cover
  6.    Write a professional quality sales page
  7.    Write a professional quality thank you page with the link to
  8.    Sign up with ClickBank as a publisher; sign up with PayPal
        as a Seller; sign up with Google Adwords
  9.    Test Google ads and sales pages; find Google ads and
        sales pages that give high CTR and conversion rates
  10.   Find joint venturers with large email lists to help you with
        product launch
  11.   Plan product launch, including a launch date. Build as much
        excitement (hype) as possible using all possible means
  12.   Have product come out on ClickBank on launch date and
        have joint venturers all buy the product and begin their
        launches at same time.

Let’s now look at each step in more detail.

No.. 1: Fiind a Hot Niiche
No 1: F nd a Hot N che
Before you can have a profitable ebook to sell, you must find a
profitable hot niche. One thing that most top-earning Gurus won’t tell
you is this: The hot niches are in the niche of Internet Marketers – or
opportunity seekers. How many ebooks have you purchased that

                       © 2007

included instructions about how to make money in just about every
niche except for the niche that the author himself is making money in
– the exact niche that the ebook was written for! Don’t be fooled.
The most highly profitable niche by far at this writing is the niche of
opportunity seekers/information seekers in the field of Internet

The hottest niches right now are niches within Internet Marketing
such as Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Search Engine
Optimization, Making Money on eBay, Blogging, Website Design, and
Website Content.

                       © 2007

No.. 2: Fiind the Riight Keywords
No 2: F nd the R ght Keywords
Before writing your ebook and launching it, you must find the right
keywords. For example, if you write an ebook called Internet
Marketing and use the keywords “internet marketing,” you will have a
very tough time competing with the masses of products and websites
already using those same keywords. It would be better to find a
niche within internet marketing and use keywords that aren’t being
overused right now.

Find Keywords Within Your Niche

This is a very important step in the Secret Killer Marketing Steps of
the top earning internet marketing gurus. They take the time to
research and find the best keywords to use for the ebook they plan to
write and promote. The best keywords are specific keywords, rather
than more general keywords. For example, the keywords, “making
money on the internet” have a lot of competition in search engines,
but keywords like “Google adwords” has less competition. It is true
that Google adwords is fast becoming more of a general category
than a specific category. When that happens you might need to get
even more specific within your niche. For example, the niche of
“Google adwords” you could use more specific keywords such as
“increasing CTR”.

Once you find the right keywords that you plan to work with, be sure
and put the keywords in the title of your ebook. Also, when you write
the sales page for your ebook, be sure and put those keywords in the
sales page, and any other web page that you plan to use to promote
the ebook.

                      © 2007

No.. 3: Wriite a Qualliity eBook
No 3: Wr te a Qua ty eBook

This is the part that stops most would-be successful internet
marketers. The thought of writing a book all by themselves is
frightening and mind-boggling to many people. Most really want to
write an ebook, they have some great ideas about what to write and
put into an ebook, but the truth is that they just never seem to get
down and do it.
This is where you will need to take the bull by the horns, so to speak,
and find whatever technique will work for you in order to make
yourself get this step completed. This is really the hardest part of the
entire process, is writing the ebook yourself. This is the tricky part:
Writing the eBook yourself ..

Of all the people in Internet Marketing, less than 1% will ever get
around to writing an ebook. And even less that will end up with a
quality ebook that others will want to purchase. But don’t let this
discourage you. There are ways to get this step completed.

Here are some options for you:

Have someone else write the ebook for you. There are freelance
writers who love to write and are willing to write for a very reasonable
fee. All you have to do is come up with a subject for your ebook, a
title of the ebook, and some research and content for the ebook. You
could spend some time in your local library researching your subject,
and you can research your subject on the Internet. Write out notes of
what you have learned and what you want to be included in the
ebook. Then once you have everything organized, you may feel like
you can go ahead and write the ebook yourself! But if you still feel
intimidated about writing it yourself, you can offer the project to
freelancers. A popular website for this purpose is
You can go to that website, post your project, and see what kind of
offers you get. You might be surprised to find out how reasonable it
is to have the ebook written for you.

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Once you get your ebook written and ready to be distributed, you will
feel empowered and motivated to complete the rest of the steps. You
are on your way to making money with your own virtual real estate!

No.. 4: IIncllude Affiilliiate Liinks and Other Liinks for
No 4: nc ude Aff ate L nks and Other L nks for
Back-End Profiit
Back-End Prof t
This is a step you will not want to leave out when writing your first
ebook, or any ebook or that matter. This is an accepted practice, as
long as you don’t over-do it. A good rule of thumb is to only include
affiliate links that serve a purpose and will give valuable to your
customer. Don’t just stick any link in your ebook in an attempt to get
your customer to follow the link, make a purchase and line your

But if you advise your customer to get a website and you have a web
host that you are very happy with and they offer an affiliate program,
by all means include your affiliate link to that web host program. If on
the other hand you wouldn’t recommend your web host to a friend,
then don’t recommend it to your customers either.

Another example is if you use a program, such as a keyword builder
software that has helped you find your own keywords, then include
the link to that program in your ebook, and if they have an affiliate
program, then be sure and use it.

Include affiliate links in your ebook, but only include those that will
give the customer real value and will help them in their own quest for
success in Internet Marketing.

Always use the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be
treated. Using the Golden Rule will come back to you!

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No.. 5: Desiign a Professiionall Qualliity eBook Cover
No 5: Des gn a Profess ona Qua ty eBook Cover
This is a big secret of the top-earning Internet Marketing Gurus, and
you don’t hear them talking about it, do you? But this is very
important: The design of your ebook cover can make or break your
ebook promotion. In fact, if you have an attractive and professional
looking ebook cover, you are already 40% on your way to success
with your ebook. It is that important.

Let me say that again: The appearance of your ebook cover will
determine the success of your ebook sales and affect your sales by
as much as 50%. So spend time on your ebook cover. Don’t copy
someone else’s cover, because they are protected by copyright laws.

This is something you can have a freelancer do for you. There are
some people who enjoy designing ebook covers, and they are very
good at it. Again, you can go to and post a project
there for someone to design your ebook cover. You are under no
obligation by posting a project, and you might be surprised to find
some very reasonable offers for designing your ebook cover.

If you do contract out the ebook cover design, make sure you find
someone to do the design who has experience and good references.
Check the person out before you give them your hard-earned money.

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No.. 6: Wriite a Professiionall Qualliity Salles Page
No 6: Wr te a Profess ona Qua ty Sa es Page
The sales page is one of the most important elements of this
campaign. Without a sales page that pulls orders, you won’t have a
successful money-making product.

Sales pages on the internet have become such that many of them
look very similar. Most sales pages have these characteristics:

  •     A statement leading into the heading
  •     A heading
  •     A subheading
  •     Five to seven paragraphs showing the benefits of the
        product – these are usually formatted in bullet form with a
        checkmark for the bullet
  •     Testimonials
  •     Some type of statement to give urgency
  •     A call for action

You can find many sales pages to use as an example, but you
shouldn’t go by just any sales page. And remember that everything
on the internet is copyrighted, so you shouldn’t copy someone else’s
sales page. You can, however, take several sales pages and use
them as examples for the format. Just make sure you use your own
words and don’t copy someone else’s words. You don’t want to be
accused of plagiarism.

The Gurus test their sales pages. They do this by writing several
different sales pages, trying each one out, and keeping records of
how much each sales page pulls in orders.
The Gurus also copy each other. They don’t plagiarize, but they do
copy each other’s formats and techniques. There are some Internet
Marketers who are very successful at marketing their products, and
you know that their products are selling. You can tell this because for
one thing, you bought their product yourself! Another telling sign is

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the product is listed on ClickBank and has a high gravity, which
means that the product is a popular product for affiliates.

You can bet that these successful Internet Marketing Gurus have
tested their sales pages and that they use the sales page that pulls
the most order. These are the sales pages you should study. What
do they have in common? This is the format you should follow.

That’s why the sales pages have begun to look very similar –
because the successful Internet Marketers copy each other! They
study the sales pages of successful products and use them for their
own examples to work with and modify for their own product.

Writing a sales page is something you just have to jump in and start
doing. Your first sales page will most likely be one that you will test
and then begin to modify it to make it better. Practice makes perfect,
so practice writing sales pages that make money.

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No.. 7: Wriite a Professiionall Qualliity Thank You
No 7: Wr te a Profess ona Qua ty Thank You
Designing a professional quality thank you page is an important part
of the marketing strategy used by the highest-earning Internet
Marketing Gurus. The thank you page has the link to the product the
customer is buying. The customer only sees the thank you page after
purchasing your product.

The successful internet marketers design the thank you page to be
very similar in format to the sales page. Thank the customer for their
purchase, and include a link to the ebook or product the customer just
paid for. An alternative would be to capture the customer’s email
address and send the product to the email address.

Most internet marketing gurus capture the email address at some
point in the process. One popular and successful way of capturing
the customer’s email address is to make this part of the sales
process. A mini sales page is used to capture the customer’s
attention by offering information they need. In order to obtain the
information, the customer must give an email address for the
publisher to send the report. Once the email address is given, the
report is sent to via email. Of course, the email includes a link to the
sales page.

Another way to obtain the email address is to include a form on the
sales page for the customer to give an email address. The downside
of this method is that the customer is not forced to give an email
address. Tests have shown that very often the email address is not
captured unless the customer is forced to give it in order to get
something. Otherwise, the customer will probably just ignore the form
on the webpage asking for the email address.

Another method of capturing the email address is to have a pop-up
form that pops up or drops down when the customer opens up the

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sales page. Some people say that Google does not like this practice,
so this method has for the most part bee abandoned.

Of course, it is not imperative that you capture the customer’s email
address. You could simply sell your product and not ask or the
customer’s email address. Most internet marketers will tell you,
though, that by capturing customer’s email addresses, you can build
your list of customers. And many internet marketers make a high
percentage of their total internet marketing revenue through
marketing to their list.

No.. 8: Siign up wiith ClliickBank,, PayPall,, and
No 8: S gn up w th C ckBank PayPa and
Googlle Adwords
Goog e Adwords
The Top-Earning Internet Marketing Gurus will all tell you that it is
absolutely essential to your internet success that you have an
account with ClickBank, PayPal, and Google Adwords.

ClickBank is the marketplace where many internet marketing gurus
make the majority of their money via their ebooks and other digital
products. Click on the ClickBank’s website: click
on “Marketplace.” If you browse through the categories in ClickBank
Marketplace, you will find that they are listed by default by the
category of “most popular.” These are the products that are most
popular with affiliates. The gravity figure is highest for the most
popular products. Those products with a low gravity figure are to
least popular products. These less popular products are viewed
much less frequently than those with a high gravity because they are
listed on the first pages.

This is the technique that the Internet Marketing Gurus use to get
their product listed on the first page of ClickBank’s Marketplace web
page. They choose a launch date to begin selling their product.
They line up their joint venture partners who are willing to sign up and
sell the product to their individual lists and on their websites.

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In this way, you have a lot of people who started promoting the
product all at the same time. This causes the gravity to skyrocket!
When the figures show all those people signing up to promote a
product at the same time, it causes the gravity of the product to go up
– way up, and so then the product appears on the first page of
ClickBank. This brings the momentum into action; other affiliates see
the new product show up on the first page with a high gravity, and
they, too, decide to promote the product to their respective lists and
websites. All this makes the gravity of the product keep going higher
and higher, until it finally peaks, and starts to go down.

The gravity peaks when affiliates stop signing up in droves to
promote the product. They soon realize that the market is saturated
and they cannot make money selling the product, even though it still
shows to be a very popular product with a high gravity.

Just because a product has a gravity in the 200’s or 300’s doesn’t
mean it will be a successful product for you to promote to your list or
on your webpage

The top-earning Internet Marketing Gurus know this important secret:
When it comes to making money from promoting other’s
products, timing is everything!

They know that the time to start promoting a product in order to make
the maximum amount of money is when the product is first released!
After the product has been on the market for 30 days, you can forget
making any money from the product, because the market is
saturated. That means that most of the professional internet
marketers have already bought the product and are already heavily
promoting the product. It becomes old goods. Everybody has it, and
nobody else is buying it.

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ClickBank’s An Old Shoe at Internet Marketing
The reason most Internet Marketers use ClickBank to market their
products is because ClickBank has been around a long time, and
they have make things easy for the Internet Marketer. They process
the payments and pass them along to the Internet Marketer. They
handle complaints and refunds. The publisher doesn’t have to do
much of anything but produce the products, write the sales page and
thank you page, upload the products and pages to the server, and
point ClickBank to the product. ClickBank does the rest.

Many Internet Marketing Gurus are making a very nice living
producing digital products and having them sold on ClickBank. Many
do not use any other form of marketing other than ClickBank,
because it works.

If you plan to be successful on the Internet, it is imperative that you
join ClickBank as a Publisher and Buyer as well. Sign up to join
ClickBank here:

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Sign up with PayPal
PayPal is a major player in the Internet Marketing arena, and it is
imperative that you open a Seller’s account so that your offers will
include PayPal as a method of payment.

Many people will purchase your products if you make PayPal an
option for them to pay for their purchases. PayPal has been around a
long time, many people have a PayPal account, and many of them
are Sellers with eBay, so they often have money in their PayPal
accounts just waiting to be spent. To many PayPal account holders,
their account is like having free money to use for online purchases.

Signing up with PayPal is an easy process, but it takes a few days, so
go ahead and get started. Follow this link to sign up for your Seller’s
PayPal account:

Google Adwords
Google Adwords is another must-have in your Internet Marketing
arsenal. Google is the top of the line when it comes to pay-per-click
programs. Google Adwords is not a perfect program and it’s not for
everyone or every product, but you need to be a player in this
program in order to stay in the game.

There have been a number of Internet Marketers who have had a
grievance with Google, and so they have stopped doing business
with Google. This is not a wise move. Remember, there are no
perfect businesses just as there are no perfect people, so don’t get
hung up on personal grievances against Google or any other online

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No.. 9: Test Test Test!
No 9: Test Test Test!
The top Internet marketing Gurus use secret strategies with Google
Adwords in other to put them at the top of their game. This is their
biggest secret: They test everything and often! They test every sales
page and every thing on the sales page. They test the heading, the
body, testimonials, benefits, the closing, even the P.S. at the bottom.

Their secret test strategy is as follows:

The gurus test one thing at a time in order to determine what is
pulling the best and converting to a sale. For example, they write a
sales page and finalize it to something they think looks very
professional. Then they break up the Google Adword and the sales
page into separate segments. The Google Adword segments include
each word in the ad, especially the heading and keywords. The sales
page includes the heading, subheading(s), body, benefits,
testimonials, bonuses, closing, and any extras such as the P.S. Each
segment is tested separately. In other words, the sales page is
tested by making two identical sales pages, with the only difference
being the item being tested, such as the heading. Then the same
Google Adword is used and everything remains the same except for
the heading. When you find which heading pulls the best, then you
move to the next item to test, such as the benefits. This split testing
method is used by the Internet Marketing Gurus extensively, and this
is how they fine-tune their marketing to pull better and better sales
and increase their sales month after month.

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Follllowiing the Gurus
Fo ow ng the Gurus
Since you know the gurus test everything extensively, you know that
every sales page they use has been tested and they are using the
best sales page they can.

This is a strategy the gurus use, also. They copy each other! They
do this because they know that successful internet marketers have
tested everything they use in their business. They have tested the
Google ads and the sales page, including every aspect on that sales
page. Therefore, a sales page used by an internet marketing guru
has more than likely been tested and refined so that it is a sales page
that pulls high numbers of orders and makes top money for the
internet marketing guru.

No.. 10: Fiind Joiint Venturers wiith Large Emaiill
No 10: F nd Jo nt Venturers w th Large Ema
L sts
This is a big secret used by the Internet Marketing Gurus. They find
and make relationships with fellow Internet Marketers who have large
email lists, and they use each others lists to help with their product
launches. When a guru has a product ready for launch, he contacts a
all of his contacts with large email lists and offers them a chance to
help with his launch. They become his affiliates and often make a
nice profit from the product launch themselves.

It is a good idea to interact with your fellow internet marketers so that
you can work together in joint venturers. This is one of the best ways
to hit the ground running with your new product, and most internet
marketers will be more than happy to help you with your product
launch as a joint venturer, because it gives them a chance to get in
on the ground floor of and make money with the new product before it
becomes yesterday’s news and has already been sold to a high
percentage of the market.

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No.. 11: Pllan Product Launch and Buiilld
No 11: P an Product Launch and Bu d
Exc tement
A Product Launch Plan is a must for a successful product launch.
You must have a plan in order to succeed with a product launch.
This is something all the successful Internet Marketing Gurus know
about, and it is one of their best secrets.

The Product Launch Plan includes a launch date and methods to
promote excitement about the product. The product owner builds his
team with his joint venturers; he develops his Product Launch Plan,
and then he implements the Plan.

The Plan will most likely include alternate means of communicating
over the Internet such as video, audio, and email campaigns to build
excitement over the approaching launch date of the new product.
Everyone wants to get in on something special, and if you can
convince people in the market that the new product is something they
really need and that it is going to be something everyone wants, then
they will want it, too.

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No.. 12: IImpllement the Launch -- Have the Product
No 12: mp ement the Launch -- Have the Product
Come out on ClliickBank on Launch Date
Come out on C ckBank on Launch Date

On the Launch Date, the top-earning Gurus have built the excitement
to its peak, and hopefully there is a buying frenzy when all the joint
venturers launch their email campaigns simultaneously. The joint
venturers buy the product, and the numbers look terrific with

The Launch Plan includes having as many people as possible buy
the product all at once. This strategy raises the gravity figure with
ClickBank, and it appears at least on the first page in the
marketplace, and hopefully in the first, second or third position.

The Gurus try to have their new products released with ClickBank at
the same time as the product launch date. This is all part of the
strategy of the Top Gurus. The overall launch strategy entails having
the product released on the product launch date.

More About Joiint Ventures
More About Jo nt Ventures

Gurus use joint ventures extensively, although they don’t usually
emphasize how important these joint ventures are to their
businesses. Joint ventures are simply getting together with other
people in internet marketing and getting them to agree to participate
in a product launch by offering the product to their email list. These
joint ventures are a very common way to increase profits among the
top Gurus, and they are an integral part of any product launch. They
also become affiliates of each other and push each others’ products
and link to each others sites. This is just a new version of the old
group theory of our ancestors, and interestingly it is true even today
even in the virtual world! Stay with the group, and you will survive; go
off by yourself and meet your demise.

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Well, now you know the strategies of the Highest-Earning Internet
Marketing Gurus, and you know their secrets of launching new
products and gathering the most momentum they can with joint
ventures, Google Adwords, and product launch planning.

Another secret of the successful Internet Marketing Gurus is that they
jump in and do the best they can with their marketing strategies. They
test everything they can to see what works and what doesn’t work.
Failure is something many of them are very familiar with, but they
don’t let failure stop them. They consider their failures as simply
learning experiences, and keep on trying until they find something
that works and becomes profitable for them.

Perseverance is an important element in a successful Internet
Marketers strategy. It pays off in the long run, and it is one of the
most important—if not the most important—elements of becoming
one of the top-earning Gurus in the Internet Marketing field.

You CAN succeed at Internet Marketing if you will work hard, learn
from your failures, and stick with it.

To continue learning about Internet Marketing tips and strategies, visit
my website at

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Here’s to your future and continuing success!!

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