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									P.H.A.T. LASH
                                               Pretty, Hot, and Thick!

     Eyelash Extensions are a revolutionary semi-permanent product that
    lengthens and thickens eyelashes. Extensions are single strands of
  synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They
    are bonded to individual eyelashes, one lash at a time, for a natural,
  elegant and luscious look that accentuates the beauty of your own lash

  They are the choice of many runway models and celebrities around the
  world! Eyelash Extensions are painless weightless and water resistant
              so you can sweat, swim or shower worry free!
                        *** VERY IMPORTANT! ***
      Please read the FAQ pages prior to contacting us for an appointment
         to inform yourself and make sure that you are a candidate for
                    P.H.A.T. Lash services and/or products

                                    Our Goals

           Educate our clients through research and complete HONESTY.

                  To provide the BEST quality of work possible.

                  To make each client feel like the ONLY client.

            To provide our clients with the HIGHEST quality available.

     Servicing ALL of Miami-Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beaches
                     *Be sure to note our travel policies
                                  About Us
                                    Company Policy

               Your happiness is our success. It’s as simple as that.

   We at P.H.A.T. Lash have been 'certified' by and consulted with several different
 companies looking for 'new' or 'different' information, application methods, adhesives,

                    In the process we have realized several things...

 One is that the lashes do NOT stay on for 90 days as most companies are advertising.
This is virtually impossible without maintenance. This leads to disappointment for clients
                                     and retention loss.

                We solve the issue by telling our customers the TRUTH!

    That although they ARE 'semi-permanent' and the majority of the lashes will last
between 4 to 6 weeks and they will need to get touch ups every 2 to 4 weeks depending
   on the lengths of the extensions applied and how well they follow the maintenance
  instructions. Maintenance is the #1 important factor in the longevity of your eyelash

Second, we make sure they understand that they will need to maintain them just as they
would artificial nails as far as touch ups are concerned. Your lashes grow and fall out in
cycles as does ALL the hair on your body. Your lashes can last indefinitely if touch-ups
 are maintained to fill in new lashes and redo any that may have fallen out due to poor
                             maintenance or natural detachment.

Once we explain this to them, they are happy to have their beautiful, full lashes and they
                         understand the need for maintenance.

Lastly, we have chosen NOT to endorse any ONE company, but have decided to source
 the best products from all the companies in order to provide our clients with the best of
                                     the industry.

***Our application times MAY take longer than other stylists. We are VERY meticulous to
insure the BEST application possible. We believe perfection takes time and we refuse to

         We are committed to honesty and quality work for our customers.
Price List
       photos are for example only - each persons eye shape, lashes,
      lifestyle, etc are different. Therefore we take each clients needs
      into consideration and recommend a custom style that will look
                                  best on them.

                         *** Complete Sets ***
        Note: The amount, thickness, and length of lashes
       applied will be determined by the actual natural lash
       size and condition. During your consultation you will
             be advised of your options and given our
       recommendations so you may achieve your desired
               A complete set of Eyelash extensions is $500
      During consultation we will take into consideration amount and
       condition of lashes for discounts, when applicable, for lesser
                         amount of applied lashes

                               *** Additional ***
                            Mink lashes - add $100 to initial set

               Fill-Ins - $100 per hour (PrePaid Discount packages available)

                      *** In Home Service ***
                        Miami-Dade - add $25 per visit

                Broward / Palm Beaches - add $50 per visit

         *** Travel / Celebrity / Fashion Service Available ***
                            Day rates upon request
          Accomodation, Flight, etc to be at same class as client

                *** Style Option Examples ***
                    Based on Natural lash condition, length, etc.
                        See what our customers are saying........

     Amy, Fort Lauderdale- "Fantastic! I don't even know they are there. By far the best
     substitution for mascara (and no clumps!), they look so natural!"
     Ivette, Miami - "I LOVE MY NEW LASHES!! I have always wanted to have long, full
     lashes but unfortunately I was not blessed with them. Luckily, Lisa made it a reality for
     me!! I forget I even have them on and the best part is I never have to wear mascara. I
     can't stop looking in the mirror!

     Bailey, Broward - "As consistent user of false lashes on a daily basis my biggest issue
     with them was that you could tell that they weren't mine! Ever since Lisa did my lashes
     everyone has been asking where I purchased these new ones that look so real. I am
     very impressed with how well they wear and how they feel and most definitely how they
     look!! Sure wish I had them done a while ago, I think I spent more money on the ones I
     threw out every couple of days than these...oh well. I am definitely a happy customer!"
     -Bailey, Alumni Miami Dolphins Chearleader
     Tammy, WPB- "I am a statistic......Prior to PHAT LASH I was getting those $30-100
     'extensions' you see in the malls and some salons that take about 15 minutes to put
     on...let me tell you the are NOT the same. I really couldn't get them wet or the glue
     would loosen, I would lose 1 section and have a huge 'hole' in my lashes, they are really
     temporary and have to be removed COMPLETELY each time, AND I eventually ended
     up at the doctor with an infection caused by 'clogged follicles' (?!) from the glue...
     ...after A LOT of thought (and speaking to my doctor) I decided to give these a try...
     Yes, it takes longer and is a bit more expensive - I still get fills about every two weeks
     (But I had to replace the old ones the same)....but, WOW!, I am SO happy.... They
     REALLY are attached one by one to EACH lash and they shed just like regular lashes.
     NOONE knows I have them on, AND I never have to worry about that infection problem
     b/c they don't touch my skin (eyelid)."
     "I feel BEAUTIFUL and I HIGHLY recommend!"

     Jessica, Plantation - "...WOW! I was so shocked and VERY happy to see my after look.
     I don't think I will ever be able to live without them! I'm hooked!"
     Yolanda, Hollwood- "Typical to many black woman, my lashes are curly, but VERY
     short. These extensions give me an beautiful, enhanced, and SO natural look. It's
     incredible what 'lashes' do for my eyes!"

     Kimberly, Miami - "I am ADDICTED! When Lisa told me about eyelash extensions I
     thought it was crazy. But, I saw hers, and couldn't believe she had on 'fake' lashes. I
     gave it a shot and was so surprised at my "after" look....I rarely feel the need to wear
     makeup anymore and my husband LOVES the flirty looks I give him!"
                         Here are some examples of our work.

                Amy Before                        Amy After

    Amy has .20 11mmJ & .20 - 13,15mm C

                April Before                     April After

    April has .20 - 9,11,13mm C

               Ivette - Before                    Ivette - After

    Ivette has .20 8mm J, 9 & 11mm C

              Christy Before                    Christy After

    Christy has .20- 9,11,13mm C
         Rebecca Before
                                     Rebecca After

Rebecca has .15 - 8,9,11mm J & .20
10mm J,

           Dawn Before                Dawn After

Dawn has .15 - 7, 9,11,mm C

          Bailey - Before             Bailey - After

Bailey has .20 - 8J, 9C,10J,11C mm

            Kim Before                Kim After

Kim has .20 10-14 mm C
After Care Products
     Longer Life Clear Coating Retail $70 *Clear coating sealer

     The Longer Life Coating Sealant, seals in the adhesive. The sealant is an extremely
     effective tool in aiding the glue to cure and to hold the synthetic lashes onto the natural
     lash for the entire life of the natural lash.
     The Longer Life Coating will help to protect the synthetic lashes from water, sweat, and
     other elements that may break down the adhesive.
     Apply the coating with the eyes closed, coating the lashes every other evening before
     going to bed.
     The Longer Life Coating also helps to keep the lashes looking moist, shiny, and luscious!
     * especially recommended for those clients with oily skin or those who do not carefully
     maintain their lashes.
                                                                               Top of Form
      Volume Up Extended Eyelash Mascara Retail $50

     Specially formulated for eyelash extensions, Volume up mascara is gentle enough to
     wear every day.
     The nutritional botanicals leave the extensions looking softer, thicker and even more
     dramatic without the damage that other mascaras can cause to the extensions.
     Water-washable, you can literally rinse the extensions with only water to remove the
     Volume Up mascara is the finest quality mascara on the market today. Whether its for
     your natural or synthetic lashes, this mascara will give your lashes Volume UP
     Bottom of Form

     Heated Eyelash Curler Retail $25
      Light Lavender Titanium cased heated lash curler fits perfectly into the black velvet
      A Heated Lash Curler is the Must Have accessory to your luscious lash extensions!
      Helps to straighten and untangle the lashes creating-a voluminous curl!
      The Heated Lash Curler heats up to a warm, soft, temperature in just 30 seconds!
      Slowly brush the heated curler from the base of the extension to the end of the
      synthetic lash, until the lashes neatly fall into place, and you’re ready to go!
      This Heated Lash Curler is a low temperature of heat; gentle enough not to melt the
      adhesive, yet warm enough to curl and separate the extensions.
     Advanced Heated Eyelash Curler Retail $50 Bottom of Form
     The Advanced Heated Eyelash Curler's revolutionary new forming device is designed to
     be more efficient and powerful than the standard heated curler.
     It's advanced heating coils heat up quickly and also help curl the lashes faster, saving the
     user much time and energy.
     It also gives a longer lasting curl while smoothing and separating the eyelash extensions.
Refer a Friend
         Many clients are referred to us by another satisfied client.

        So if you have friends or relatives who would be interested
         in our services, just let us know who they are. We're sure
        they would appreciate your recommendation and so would

        ******* Referral incentives are given to existing customers!

         ******* Discounts on After Care Products are applied to
                            new customers!

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