Meeting Minutes - Relay for Life by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Committee Meeting Minutes 12/7/10


Meaghan Kordusky, Cheryl Bell, Connie Ballenger, Debra Wilkenloh, Alicyn Delzoppo, , Kathy
Protokowicz, Meghan Marquette, Mary McCormack, Suzi Ford, Vicky Lewis

Welcome to our new Committee Member, Vicky Lewis who will chair the Bark for Life.

Suzi discussed the following:

    Progress thus far: 35 teams registered, 210 participants, and $7K raised thus far
Every 2nd Friday of the month, Mangia hosts a fundraiser for the Relay. So far, they have raised
over $1k for our Relay. Let’s show our support and attend the fundraiser on December 10th.
Mary will be guess-bartending on January 21st at Mangia’s.

 Mary gave an update on Lake Elkhorn. After talking to Parks & Rec, Lake Elkhorn will not be
available at all next year due to the lake dredging. As long as there is any type of equipment on
the premises, Parks & Rec will not allow any activity on site due to the liability issue.

Rally Update: Due to the short notice by Kimco Realty, setting up tables at Kings Contrivance
or Columbia Gateway was not feasible. Mary stated that they might want to use Mangia’s as a
source for getting out the word about the Relay. For now it has been taken off the table and
may be re-addressed at a later date.

      Meaghan stated that Dick Story is available and willing to be the announcer for our
      Relay next year.
      Soccer fields cannot be used to set up tents for next year’s Relay due to a new sprinkler
      system being installed at Hammond. The football practice field will be used instead. It
      also brought up the issue of looking for another venue to host the Relay. Kathy will
      approach her contact within the school system to check out the possibility of Reservoir
      as an option. She will get back to Suzi with a name. If the venue doesn’t change this
      upcoming Relay it may have to in the near future due to the constraints of parking, being
       further away from the school and restrooms & having to ensure people & equipment get
       to the football practice field.

Vicky gave an update on the Bark for Life. She is contacting Parks & Rec this week to discuss
a site. As soon as she knows anything, she’ll get back to Mary with the information.

Discussed the Kick-off to be held January 20th.

It was agreed that the Committee would host a potluck.

The following were mentioned as Agenda items:
    Thank you from a survivor
    ACS – where the money goes
    Awards received by the Relay by Beth
    Activity: What another Birthday means

       Next meeting 1/4 @ 6:00 p.m. in the Howard County Gov’t Bldg.

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