last week's transcript - The Mix by fjzhangxiaoquan


									tiare -> OK guys and gals its TDN! who has a drink?

JohnTheBastard -> i do

tiare -> Give us!

JohnTheBastard -> Benedict's Rule:2 oz rye, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 1/4 oz Frangelico, 1/4 oz Carpano
Antica, 1 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters, 1 dash Angostura Orange Bitters, brandied cherry for garnish.

rumdood -> Ooh, looks lovely

tiare -> Looks nice

BonzoGal -> Good name

TheDow -> Love the name.

JohnTheBastard -> i've got a few good names to throw out tonight.

TraderTiki -> as long as it's not "Vow of Silence", which has been done twenty times and then some

rumdood -> The name should be readily apparent

JohnTheBastard -> no, better than that.

JohnTheBastard -> gfd

tiare -> i love brandided cherries

tiare -> Is anybody making the drink?

BonzoGal -> John is

BonzoGal -> I'm still at work

tiare -> I cant cuz i lack ingredients

jayhepburn -> no Frangelico i'm afraid

tiare -> no

jayhepburn -> or antica, shockingly enough, i ran out a few days ago

tiare -> and no carpano either, is it sold in the UK?

tiare -> is, its not here

jayhepburn -> yeah, it's not cheap (£20-£25) but it's worth it

tiare -> Ok, i have a drink too, for those who can:

tiare -> GINGER PUNCH - 2 oz appleton extra, 0.5 orange curacao, 0.5 oz benedictine, ¼ orgeat, 1 oz
pineapple juice, ginger ale to top. Shake and serve with crushed ice.

jayhepburn -> you always get me with the juices! sounds lovely though

tiare -> its just pineapple juice...

jayhepburn -> i only ever keep lemon, lime and orange in, i use pineapple very, very rarely
BonzoGal -> Yeah Jay, go out to your pineapple tree and pick one!

BonzoGal -> You live on an island, right?

tiare -> jay..pineapple juice is one of lifes staples! you need to learn that ;-))

jayhepburn -> hehe

sylvan -> I froze a bunch in ice cube trays to make serving size dollops that don't spoil

JohnTheBastard -> bwd. am i the only one.

tiare -> Dood!

BonzoGal -> How is the drink, John?

JohnTheBastard -> I like it.

JohnTheBastard -> enough that i will probably make it in the future. its a pretty nice variation on the

JohnTheBastard -> i shook it though, instead of stirred. this one needs to be as cold as you can get it.

tiare -> Do we need more drinks?

JohnTheBastard -> generally speaking, yes

tiare -> So who has one?

TheDow -> Always.

JohnTheBastard -> i just went, but have more if no one else has one.

BonzoGal -> Go for it

rumdood -> Go JTB

JohnTheBastard -> Monk's Mistress: 2 oz Brandy, 1/3 oz B & B, 1/3 oz Godiva, 1/3 oz Cointreau, 2
dashes Cherry Bitters

drink-well -> aww, come on. cherry?

drink-well -> you've bested me

rumdood -> You could probably sub rhubarb

JohnTheBastard -> you dont like cherry bitters? or peach

JohnTheBastard -> or orange if you have to.

TheDow -> blasted orange bitters eluding my grasp.

JohnTheBastard -> but its already got cointreau, so orange bitters probably won't be bringing much new
to the party.

tiare -> what about angostura?

drink-well -> has anybody succeeded with the live video?

JohnTheBastard -> looked too dark to see.
BonzoGal -> they're not broadcasting yet, not 'til 6pm EST

drink-well -> EST?

tiare -> yeah, but if thats what you have apart from orange and grapefruit and falernum and dry fly bitters?

BonzoGal -> Er, 9pm

drink-well -> ahh

BonzoGal -> Tiare, dry fly?

tiare -> thats one of trader tikis bitters

JohnTheBastard -> i'd do one dash orange, one dash angostura, t.

JohnTheBastard -> what does dry fly taste like?

JohnTheBastard -> any relation to dry fly gin?

tiare -> i suppose so, i havent tried the gin, the bitters taste its hard to describe, its um..herby and very

sylvan ->

tiare -> herbal

tiare -> lol

sylvan -> well, I'm off home and then to Craig's. See you all later.

tiare -> later sylvan

JohnTheBastard -> later sylvan

tiare -> So who else has a drink?

BonzoGal -> What about gin?

tiare -> Hi junkhauler

junkhauler -> hello, the broadcast starts at 9m eastern?

BonzoGal -> Yep

junkhauler -> gotta figure out what to drink

junkhauler -> tiare, what are you drinking

tiare -> now? my glass is empty for the moment

BonzoGal -> Okay, off the top of my noggin here at work: 2 oz gin, 1 oz St. Germain's, 1/2 oz
Benedictine, 1/2 oz. lemon juice?

drink-well -> wow, a full ounce?

tiare -> name Michele?

BonzoGal -> Yeah, what the hell
BonzoGal -> the Maximo

drink-well -> nice

JohnTheBastard -> up next, minimo.

BonzoGal -> Heh

JohnTheBastard -> with 1/32 oz st. germain's

BonzoGal -> Maybe cut down the St. Germain's a bit, but dang, I like that stuff

JohnTheBastard -> aparently it has a short shelf life, so might as well use it with abandon.

BonzoGal -> Woohoo!

junkhauler -> st germain's does, do not think i realized that

JohnTheBastard -> yeah, its not really advertized, but some early adopters are complaining their's is
changing color and losing its flavor a bit.

rumdood -> Hi Reese

Reese -> Sup Dood

JohnTheBastard -> probly want to use it withing 9-12 months of opening.

tiare -> Hi and welcome!

junkhauler -> good to know, something to consider when buying more as well

JohnTheBastard -> i'm gunna make a monk's mistress. gfd.

junkhauler -> ooops, gotta go looking forward to this evening

jayhepburn -> considering it's pretty low proof it's fairly stable... most low-proof liqueurs you're not going
to want have hanging around too long

tiare -> I have to wait a little with making drinks now, as everyone here is just gone to sleep and all lights
are off, unfortunately someone is sleeping in the living room just beside the kitchen and there is no door

BonzoGal -> Make them sleep outside!

BonzoGal -> Don't they know it's TDN?!?

tiare -> luckily i dont start to work until after lunch tomorrow

rumdood -> Use them as a barstool.

rumdood -> Or better yet, as the bar!

tiare -> yeah i told em...

BonzoGal -> Yeah!

BonzoGal -> Besides, hearing ice being crushed makes for nice dreams.

tiare -> "make them sleep outside" haha..and put up a big sign on the dorr "TDN"

tiare -> Dood you made the nicest tiki drink for the month, dont you have anything for tonight?
BonzoGal -> Just go in the bathroom to make your drinks and flush the toilet every time you use your

tiare -> lol

rumdood -> Fraid not, T. I'm still at work and didn't concoct anything head of time

tiare -> Hello marshall'

Marshall -> Hey T!

Reese -> Welcome Marshall

rumdood -> Hiya Marshall

tiare -> what? you cant make drinks at work?

Marshall -> Thanks Reese! 'Sup Matt!

rumdood -> The only drink I've ever created at work was the Italian Woodsman

rumdood -> And that was really just to see if Rick would really drink anything with Fernet in it

tiare -> lol

Reese -> So, I have a drink, but I'm not in love with it. Flavors feel a bit muddled to me. Any thoughts?
(1 1/2 oz Brandy, 1 oz Grapefruit Juice, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 1/4 oz Lemon Juice, 2 Dashes Grapefruit

rumdood -> The results of my research were troubling to say the least

tiare -> Do you have a name for it Reese?

Reese -> Not yet...

rumdood -> I think Reese is looking for help to strengthen it first

Reese -> Indeed

rumdood -> Suggestions?

rumdood -> Cut the grapefruit by 1/2?

Marshall -> strega!

tiare -> doesnt it need something a bit sweet, just a little? maybe honey?

rumdood -> Or jsut plain simple

Reese -> No, the grapefruit and benedictine is making it plenty sweet

Reese -> I added the lemon for some extra sourness which helped a lot

BonzoGal -> Maybe a different bitter?

BonzoGal -> Or none?

rumdood -> You could up the lemon or try it again with lime

BonzoGal -> Lime!
Reese -> Ok, I'm going to mix another with less grapefruit and more lime (rather than lemon)

Reese -> Back in a couple.

rumdood -> Sometimes when working out a drink I find that just switching from lemon to lime or vice
versa makes a huge difference

Reese -> Thanks for the tips :)

Reese -> Good tip Dood

tiare -> limes are more aromatic

tiare -> and less sour

BonzoGal -> Yeah, the lemons we have on our trees are really sweet, so lime is a huge difference for me.

JohnTheBastard -> so dar, all my efforts to combine benedictine and lemon have been failures.

JohnTheBastard -> oh, bwd.

rumdood -> And once again, the great debate about lemons vs. limes begins anew

drink-well -> Anybody familiar with Dolin? I'm trying to decide which to go with.

Marshall -> I'm a big fan of the Dolin!

JohnTheBastard -> i generally prefer lim to lemon, but there are definitely drinks where lemon works

TheDow -> We were talking about that earlier when I was asking about Vermouths.

drink-well -> which variety

JohnTheBastard -> i think lemon works better with whiskeys than lime.

rumdood ->

Marshall -> all :p

rumdood -> John, totally agree

drink-well -> i was thinking of going with the dry, but seanmike suggests it gets overwhelmed in cocktails

BonzoGal -> Stevi!

Marshall -> Their Blanc is fantastic stuff. Pour over ice with a float of Old Tom . . . nomnomnom*hic

stevideter -> howdy, all.

tiare -> Hi Stevi!

Marshall -> Hey Stevi!

BonzoGal -> Heh, oops, I was trying to type Stevi...

Marshall -> errr, how did that i get there . .

BonzoGal -> Hey!
rumdood -> Hi Stevi

stevideter -> i can has word replacement

BonzoGal -> Gabe punked you!

rumdood -> OK, I have to run, chillinz

JohnTheBastard -> later dood

stevideter -> b'bye dood of rum.

Marshall -> Later Matt!

BonzoGal -> Bye!

tiare -> later

drink-well -> bye dood

rumdood -> Toodles

Marshall -> So what's been going on with the Monkey Hut? I've got Craig's mug all up in my grill and
stuff. :)

JohnTheBastard -> regarding the monk's mistress: up the godiva to about 1/2 oz, reduce the cointreau to

tiare -> the webcam starts at 9pm est

BonzoGal -> Monkey Hut bizznezz not starting 'til later

Marshall -> ahhhhh, gotcha.

JohnTheBastard -> i wish liqueur makers would release alternate versions of their products with no sugar.

Reese -> Changes vastly improved my drink.

tiare -> OK John

JohnTheBastard -> i need to make an orange infused something that is dry.

Marshall -> drink-well, I can see what Sean says about the Dolin dry. It's still pretty tasty stuff.

JohnTheBastard -> but dont know where to find exotic orange skins

tiare -> What about Reeses drink, is the recipe ready?

drink-well -> thanks

Reese -> New recipe is: 1 1/2 oz Brandy, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 1/2 oz Grapefruit Juice, 1/2 oz Lemon Juice

tiare -> and name pls...

Reese -> Un pimento...thinking.

drink-well -> Marshall do you happen to know if the rouge would go well in a manhattan?

tiare -> pimento what?
Reese -> Sorry, bad word play on un momento.

JohnTheBastard -> pimento=momento

JohnTheBastard -> minute or moment, in spanish

tiare -> lol :}

Marshall -> yep, I've had a Manhattan made with the rouge and was quite happy.

JohnTheBastard -> anyone else get mekhong in the mail this week?

drink-well -> Thanks for the info. I think I'll go for the rouge.

Marshall -> No prob, glad to be of assistance.

Reese -> Negatory John

Reese -> Any good?

JohnTheBastard -> between the Monk's Mistress and the Benedictine Rule, i think the latter is the
superior drink.

Reese -> The name has been decided....

Reese -> The Surly Hobo: 1 1/2 oz Brandy, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 1/2 oz Grapefruit Juice, 1/2 oz Lemon

BonzoGal -> lol!

drink-well -> nice.

TheDow -> Alrighty folks. Trip to BevMo commences now. See you all l8er.

tiare -> tweeted

drink-well -> clearly the grapefruit

drink-well -> hobos love grapefruit

drink-well -> seeya later dow

JohnTheBastard -> lolwut

BonzoGal -> Oh, right! How could I miss that.

drink-well -> i have no idea

tiare -> later Dow

Reese -> Dunno, brandy always makes me think cheap brandy which leads to hobos.

drink-well -> still a good name though

drink-well -> ahh. E&J

Reese -> Although I think Drink-Well's logic is sound as well.

tiare -> If no one else has another drink i have one
JohnTheBastard -> do it.

Reese -> Straight up John?

tiare -> PEACHY LADY - 1.5 oz B&B, 0.5 oz lime juice, ¼ oz simple syrup, 1 egg white.1 barspoon
peach puree, 2 dashes Angostura bitters. Shake, strain, Serve on the rocks.

Reese -> Oh wow, that sounds tasty Tiare.

drink-well -> that does sound good

JohnTheBastard -> stutz, i was going to get some peach nectar for a drink for TDN and was liek "no one
will have that, i'm not buying any."

BonzoGal -> I wish peaches were in season now.

JohnTheBastard -> i wish peaches were in season always

tiare -> maybe you can use apricot?

BonzoGal -> You mean "no one will have that EXCEPT FOR TIARE" ;)

JohnTheBastard -> i dont have any puree/nectars.

tiare -> i sometimes get my fruit purees from the child food shelf

JohnTheBastard -> yes, i should count on tiare for exotic juices

drink-well -> really?

BonzoGal -> I have passionfruit in the freezer at home

Reese -> Not a bad idea, smaller quantities that way

drink-well -> you mean babyfood?

BonzoGal -> Tiare, that's a really good idea!

tiare -> yes

BonzoGal -> I'm going to check the babyfood aisle at my health food store

drink-well -> that's pretty ingenius

tiare -> its pure fruit purees in those little cans

JohnTheBastard -> nice. thats brilliant

Reese -> +1 for Tiare

drink-well -> how has it taken you this long to clue us in?

Marshall -> That is an awesome tip Tiare!

drink-well -> +10 for Tiare

tiare -> childfood here we come!

napplegate -> oh my!
Reese -> Hi there Napple

napplegate -> greetings!

tiare -> Hi Napple

BonzoGal -> It'll freak my husband out if I stock up our cabinets with jars of baby food.

BonzoGal -> "What the...?"

Marshall -> Leave little booties around the house too!

tiare -> inks are here:

napplegate -> whats the magical ingredient tonight?

BonzoGal -> Benedictine or B&B

drink-well -> i think with a preference for B&B, correct?

Reese -> You mean here:

tiare -> yes, sorry

napplegate -> i always come ill prepared :o

JohnTheBastard -> i dont think b&B is as useful. i can dilute myself when need be.

Reese -> Hi Forrest

Reese -> I concur John

stevideter -> ready for another drink?

forrest -> Hi Reese!!

tiare -> Hi Forrest!

JohnTheBastard -> but CSOWG got b&B in the mail, so a lot of people have that tonight.

forrest -> Howdy tiare!!

tiare -> Go Stevi, you aleays have good drinks

stevideter -> Brandied Cherry: equal parts rye, B&B, and cherry Heering. stir, strain, garnish with drink's

BonzoGal -> Nice!

Marshall -> That sounds quite tasty Stevi!

tiare -> Nice one S.t.e.v.i

Reese -> I like it. The spiciness of the Rye sounds like a good addition

forrest -> Hey Stevi you should submit that here:

stevideter -> anybody gonna try it?

tiare -> Stevi, ill tr`y yours, gfd
BonzoGal -> I will when I get home

forrest -> they are having a cocktail contest

JohnTheBastard -> still working on my last drink

BonzoGal -> Heading out to my ride home, back later!

tiare -> later Bonzo!

Reese -> Anyone have an idea how to complete this equation 1 oz Benedictine + X oz Brandy ~= B&B?

Reese -> Later Bonzo

JohnTheBastard -> my guess is 1:1 but havent tried to verify that

forrest -> Bye Bonzo

Reese -> That's what I was thinking but don't have any B&B with which to compare.

forrest -> Reese i am with John, but i dont know

Marshall -> It isn't straight 1:1, I think they add a few extra botanicals/sweetners in the mix

Reese -> Interesting

forrest -> Marshall i dont think so

JohnTheBastard -> wiki says its just a dilution of benedictine with brandy. it was released because that
was a popular way to drink benedictine at one time.

drink-well -> somebody have boh available?

forrest -> i talked with an international rep, and they said they just added brandy after the "B&B" became
so popular

drink-well -> i smell a science experiment

drink-well -> both*

forrest -> brb

stevideter -> i have both on hand, but you have the extra variable of what brandy they actually use.

stevideter -> and i could have sworn I read somewhere they age it again after adding the brandy to the
benedictine, but now i can't find where i saw that.

JohnTheBastard -> my suspicion is that your brandy is better than theirs, another reason i think straight
benedictine is the better ingredient to have on hand.

Marshall -> interesting, I've never been able to dilute Benedictine with brandy and get the same flavor
profile. wonder about the quality of the brandy.

drink-well -> i'd just use a cheap brandy and try 1:1, 2:1, and 1:2 to get a strong approximation

napplegate -> they say its a vsop

Marshall -> I agree John, I would much rather have benedictine and mix B&B myself.
drink-well -> but that's a pretty broad designation flavor-profile-wise

napplegate -> i find a nice courvasier vsop and benedictine is a good nightcap imo

tiare -> bwd, its nice stevi

drink-well -> its iStev

drink-well -> :)

forrest -> Stevi, i was serious about entering your drink here:

forrest -> Stevi

stevideter -> stevi, now certified for web 2.0

forrest -> What is happening?

stevideter -> word replacement fun. like vodka.

forrest -> oh, lame

drink-well -> stevi word replaces?

drink-well -> ahh

drink-well -> had to try

stevideter -> rumdood typed my name as "iStev" once (not sure if that was accidentally, actually) and the
reset is history.

forrest -> the reset

drink-well -> somebody reset history

stevideter -> heh.

stevideter -> that site is dog slow.

JohnTheBastard -> does anyone remember when Hennessy released the single distillery cognacs a few
years back? they bottled cognacs from some small producers that couldnt afford international
distribution. Le Peu, Izambard, and Camp Romain. I found the remnants from when I bought them while
visiting my parents. I was astounded at how much better they were than other brandies on the market.
Easily beath out of any VSOP from the major houses, and sold at about the same price back in the day.

tiare -> I like your drink Stevi

stevideter -> thanks, tiare!

stevideter -> howdy, jay!

Marshall -> Hey Jay!

tiare -> I always have too much juices in my drinks..

jayhepburn -> sorry, got caught up in phone call - stevi's drink sounds lovely, will be making that in a
second i think

tiare -> yeah, its nice jay
forrest -> hey Jay

jayhepburn -> i've never had b&b, not sure they even sell it here. was most surprised when a bottle
turned up

forrest -> must be nice

tiare -> lucky you, i dont have it but i sub with equal parts ben and brandy

forrest -> i dont know what wslcb is

stevideter -> washington state liquor control board.

tiare -> sounds serious

stevideter -> they've made benedictine special order.

JohnTheBastard -> up until about a year ago, ialways thought B&B was a cheap knockoff of benedictine.
like gran gala is to grand marnier

stevideter -> meanwhile B&B is everywhere.

forrest -> Well if they are sending stuff out, i'd love to offer my address even thought it is out of state

jayhepburn -> yeah that's crazy, i'd much rather have the real stuff and make my own b&b if i really
wanted to

forrest -> we have both at my work, but they are spendy

JohnTheBastard -> speaking of spendy, i am out of chartreuse.

stevideter -> i'm going to regret not sucking it up and buying the 750 ml bottle of green chartreuse when i
saw it.

napplegate -> chartreuse is getting close to edging out gin as my favorite spirit

napplegate -> CRAZY TALK I KNOW

JohnTheBastard -> thats an odd statement

forrest -> Now that is a big statement napple

stevideter -> chartreuse is one of the very hip liqueurs here in the seattle area at the moment.

stevideter -> everybody has the widow's kiss or a variant on their menu right now.

stevideter -> this is not a complaint.

napplegate -> i think its not the applicability of it but the fact that fun follows it everytime i drink it

JohnTheBastard -> sort of like saying nitrogen is edging out oxygen as my favorite gas.

forrest -> i love Chartr, just not as versatile-- but it is yumms

jayhepburn -> oh the widow's kiss is a lovely drink

forrest -> brb
napplegate -> flaming chartreuse shots, pickled eggs and every type of amazing beer you could think of
has become my tuesday rhetoric

stevideter -> flaming? why you flame the chartreuse? what did it do to you?

Marshall -> flaming chartreuse shots you say . . . I like your message and want to purchase your

JohnTheBastard -> i like to imageine that when napplegate says something, its christina applegate typing,
and christina is actually her middle name, her first name is actually nancy, and she enjoys chatting on the
internet about cocktails.

napplegate -> haha, that was quite the random addage

jayhepburn -> what's Houston like as a city, is there much of interest as a tourist? I'm trying to work out
my route to totc this year...

drink-well -> oops

JohnTheBastard -> houston has good restaurants. thats the only positive thing i can say about it.

napplegate -> i dont think chartreuse will ever be campy

jayhepburn -> bobby has his new bar openning soon, but i need more of a reason to visit a city than one
bar. not much more, in fairness, but something

JohnTheBastard -> if you are going through texas, austin and san antonio are better places to spend your

forrest -> Jay skip Houston

napplegate -> for me its a shot spirit as most bars where i live dont carry it and the ones that do certaily
arent places for a cocktail

jayhepburn -> just asking as it's an easy through-flight. i've a feeling i'll end up in nyc again

JohnTheBastard -> yeah, my dad took a job in houston is the reason they live there. my dad is from, and
loves, texas, but even he doesnt really like houston.

forrest -> Houston airport blows, almost as much as Dallas

JohnTheBastard -> i was hoping anvil would be open on my last trip, but sadly, that wasnt the case.

Marshall -> Houston will have The Anvil opening soon. That's Bobby Heugel's place.

stevideter -> jay -- seattle! seattle! seattle!

forrest -> Bobby who??

tiare -> drinkdogma

Marshall ->

tiare -> blog

jayhepburn -> stevi, i wanna do the west coast asap, but it's not really on the way to nola from here... ;-)

JohnTheBastard -> i did meet some of those guys on my previous trip and saw the inside of the bar they
were working on at the time.
Marshall -> Jay, you could always hit DC!

stevideter -> but as long as you made it as far as NOLA...

jayhepburn -> yeah i was thinking that marshall

JohnTheBastard -> anyone ready for another drink?

tiare -> yes we are..arent we?

JohnTheBastard -> can i go, or is it someones turn?

tiare -> i think you can go

JohnTheBastard -> ok

JohnTheBastard -> Broken Habit: 2 oz Bourbon, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 1/2 oz Apricot Brandy, 3/4 oz lime
juice, 1 egg white, 5 dashes Peach Bitters. top with 3 oz soda water

JohnTheBastard -> there is a pun in the name here, though its a bit oblique.

stevideter -> got a suggested apricot brandy for that?

JohnTheBastard -> Apry

JohnTheBastard -> is there another you like?

forrest -> Orchard Apricot

forrest -> Hauz Alpenz

stevideter -> i also like orchard apricot, but it' lighter and brighter

JohnTheBastard -> i dont know if that makes its way to oregon...

JohnTheBastard -> not that brizard does either.

forrest -> Lighter in body and a cleaner finish

JohnTheBastard -> i bought that in houston, about 4 blocks from anvil, actually.

JohnTheBastard -> okay, gfd.

drink-well -> gf ingredients

drink-well -> :)

Marshall -> Hey Jake!

forrest -> Hey jparrott

samuraibartender -> Hey all

stevideter -> and there he is...

forrest -> Samurai!

Marshall -> Hey Samurai!
jparrott -> evening folks...just dropping by for a few...eaarrrrrrrrrly mtg tomorrow and no prep done by me

samuraibartender -> sorry Im late

tiare -> Hiya Chris!

samuraibartender -> Konbonwa!

tiare -> what language is that?

samuraibartender -> japanese

samuraibartender -> ; )

tiare -> :}

samuraibartender -> Konbonwa = "Good Evening"

tiare -> Bon soir

JohnTheBastard -> actually, i lied. i'm going to hydrate for a while. make the drink in a bit.

tiare -> Hi deviator!

forrest -> hey Deviator

deviator -> hi tiare, forrest!

deviator -> how is the benedictining going?

Marshall -> Heya Deviator

forrest -> i'm sidelined tonight

JohnTheBastard -> somewhat uncooperative, but it definitely has its merits.

deviator -> hi Marshall

deviator -> I wonder if there's a trick to getting the live MonkeyHutInExile feed...

tiare ->

tiare -> we hope the webcam starts 20 min

forrest -> what webcam?

deviator -> OooOOoOoOOOoh

deviator -> tiare: your Ginger Punch looks like a winner. :)

samuraibartender -> several of these look awesome - any recommendations?

tiare -> thanks!

tiare -> try stevis

samuraibartender -> will do

JohnTheBastard -> of those i submitted, i would do Benedict's Rule first. I haven't tried the others.
Marshall ->

samuraibartender -> JohnTheBastard - th sounds like a deliciously nutty manhattan

tiare -> bamboo!

JohnTheBastard -> yeah, its basically a fancified manhattan.

Dr. Bamboo -> Hi-dee-ho, gang!

Marshall -> What's up Doc!

samuraibartender -> heya 'Doc

tiare -> What a hell of a drawing you made in your last post !

Dr. Bamboo -> Thanks Tiare!

JohnTheBastard -> ho-o-o dee ho dee ho dee ho

tiare -> and fun post too

forrest -> JohnTheBastard nice review on Citadelle Res

samuraibartender -> gfd - Stevi's AND John's, cause I'm thirsty & can't decide...

Dr. Bamboo -> glad you liked it :-)

tiare -> it was very unusual and also very useful and then fun too

tiare -> and then it reminded me of when i moved my home bar

Dr. Bamboo -> That was a good photo...and what my liquor closet looks like most of the time.

JohnTheBastard -> thanks forrest

forrest -> JohnTheBastard the Citadelle is a hot ticket around here also ( a 1.75 is $29ish)

tiare -> heh

Dr. Bamboo -> I keep thinking I'll organize it, but it never really happens.

JohnTheBastard -> damn, wish i could get 1.75 for $29

tiare -> no of course not, not here either

forrest -> and then there is the Ferrand Cognacs, and Plantation Runs that rock from the same place

TheMonkeyHut -> Live feed starting in 10 mintes

forrest -> JohnTheBastard then you'd have to drink it!!!

TheMonkeyHut -> and minutes

JohnTheBastard -> i go through a fifth of citadelle in about 3-4 weeks, typically.

forrest -> Think about your poor little freezer

jayhepburn -> stevi this drink is rather nice. i used a lemon zest twist to brighten it a little, but i like it.
lovely colour too
forrest -> 3-4 weeks?? i thought you said you liked it?!?!

JohnTheBastard -> heh, yeah. i dont actually drink that much though. TDN makes up about 60% of my
booze consumption in a typical week.

forrest -> well lade dah

forrest -> see Stevi-- i told you

tiare -> TDN has good effects on people

JohnTheBastard -> plymouth works best in some drinks, and if its something that needs gin but is going
to kill complexity, i use bellringer ($13/fifth)

forrest -> Well gang you can count on tiare and i, we will do our part drinking, right t!!

tiare -> heh..

tiare -> but i have a tough working day tomorrow

JohnTheBastard -> after lunch

forrest -> oh j/k

stevideter -> jayhepburn the twist is an excellent suggestion.

forrest -> brb

samuraibartender -> bwd - John, as I threw a cherry into stevi's I tried something different in yours - a
grate of Nutmeg...mighty tasty

samuraibartender -> Stevi...likewise on thw twist, but also really nice

JohnTheBastard -> not a bad idea.

JohnTheBastard -> i need to make a nutmeg liqueur.

samuraibartender -> mind the poison

JohnTheBastard -> meh

stevideter -> anu apte brought some saffron syrup back from India and now I totally need to get me some.

samuraibartender -> what was it T? ~ 5 tsp will make you ill?

samuraibartender -> stevideter is it just simple with saffron or other things?

stevideter -> i think it was just simple and saffron, but i'll have to ask her.

Reese -> Hi Greg

samuraibartender -> nice, I'll have to try & tincture mix that...sounds delightful, especially for summery
drinks maybe?

samuraibartender -> what'd you two use it in?

samuraibartender -> and Hi Greg!

stevideter -> she made a sour with it that was quite tasty.
Greg Boehm -> hi

samuraibartender -> rum I wager?

drink-well -> bw ingredients

stevideter -> i do believe it was rum, yes.

drink-well -> Do we need a new drink?

napplegate -> hey greg

Greg Boehm -> howdy

samuraibartender -> cool

tiare -> Hi greg wb

drink-well -> hey Greg

tiare -> So, anyone has a drink?

drink-well -> I have a gin drink if interested.

tiare -> yes, go for it

drink-well -> 1 1/2 oz gin, 3/4 oz lime juice, 3/4 oz Benedictine, about half a cucumber skinned

TheMonkeyHut -> Hello! Rick here... Jeff, Matthew, Joy, Sylvan, and Craig is here!

drink-well -> shake very well and strain into cocktail glass

tiare -> w00t!

tiare -> Do you have a name?

drink-well -> howdy fellows

drink-well -> Gimdom

drink-well -> Gimlet inspired with a nod to the Benedictine DOM

Dr. Bamboo -> Hey monkey crowd!

JohnTheBastard -> half a cucumber?

drink-well -> yeah

JohnTheBastard -> thats a lot of cuke.

drink-well -> it largely gets strained

drink-well -> if it's a large cucumber use 1/3 or so

drink-well -> it is pretty cuke heavy though

drink-well -> i like it

SeanMike -> Ya betta ask someboddddaaaaayyyyyyyyy!
JohnTheBastard -> RICK! finally someone who will try my drinks.

tiare -> SM wb

drink-well -> howdy seanmike

forrest -> Hey Hey Sean Mike

forrest -> He is super cool you should go if you can!

samuraibartender -> Dale? Oh I'll be there...

forrest -> Thats the spirit

tiare -> Oh Chris, did you talk about the fresh turmeric?

Dr. Bamboo -> Neato!

tiare -> or was it nutmeg maybe? that can make you ill if you eat too much

samuraibartender -> right yeah - I think John wanted to make a nutmeg liqueur

JohnTheBastard -> nutmeg

samuraibartender -> I recall you posting about it making one ill

JohnTheBastard -> is it still toxic if you boil it?

tiare -> nutmeg is poisonous if you use too much of it,

samuraibartender -> wanted to check about how much

forrest -> Nutmeg is supposed to have halucinagenic properties

forrest -> brb

tiare -> check the web

Greg Boehm -> Nutmeg State!

JohnTheBastard -> you have to eat a lit to get ill from it

tiare -> yeah, normal consuption doesnt harm you

SeanMike -> I've got a drink when people are ready

tiare -> we are ready

samuraibartender -> I'd almost say you could make a liqueur from less than 5 tsp...a whole nutmeg won't
make that much ground up and I put two (whole) into double batches of falernum...

tiare -> are we?

SeanMike -> (looks around)

drink-well -> i suppose

Reese -> I'm ready to mix up another, hit us SeanMike

tiare -> go for it SM
drink-well -> did anybody try the gimdom?

tiare -> Hi Doug

Pegudoug -> Hello all!

drink-well -> howdy doug

Reese -> Hey there Doug

jayhepburn -> hey Doug

forrest -> pegu pegu pegu Doug

tiare -> pegu tiki doug

Pegudoug -> Sorry, 1I had to take care of the kids tonight. and 2I forgot!

Dr. Bamboo -> cukes. I wanna try the Gimdom.

Pegudoug -> Any fun stuff?

stevideter -> ok, i will now share with you a drink you should not make.

SeanMike -> okay - BEAN TEA: Make a mug of strong tea (I'm using one standard mug with a bag each
of Constant Comment and English Teatime). Add in 2 oz. B&B, 3/4 oz vanilla simple syrup, 1/2 oz lemon
juice. If not vanilla ismple syrup, use regular and a couple of drops of vanilla extract

tiare -> how can you forget the TDN?

SeanMike -> garnish with a vanilla bean, and if you have it, a bit of hazelnut whipped cream

Pegudoug -> Well, I am SUPPOSED to be at Poker night....

Pegudoug -> I DO have to pay the mortgage.

Pegudoug -> SeanMike That sounds good.

samuraibartender -> that does

forrest -> Nice one Sean Mike, i always go to the tea with B&b

JohnTheBastard -> i generally have hazelnut whipped cream on hand, but am fresh out at the moment.

Marshall -> Oh, hey SeanMike, Doug

SeanMike -> I just got in from a cold walk from 4Ps and thought it would warm me up nicely

SeanMike -> heya Marshall

forrest -> i do have some kumquat Whip, with corriander do think that will sub?

drink-well -> Dr. Bamboo, it's decent without the cuke, just not quite as smooth. Any celery bitters? A
couple drops of that with a little bit more dillution might do it

JohnTheBastard -> gfd (broken habit).

stevideter -> don't be tempted to try gosling's black seal, B&B, and lime juice. it's...ick.

tiare -> SM...your drink required 4 tweets..
drink-well -> twitter is all aflutter

forrest -> Really Stevi?? sounds like there would be poss. there

tiare -> you owe me a beer

drink-well -> for those interested, the live show has "started" more or less

stevideter -> i thought so, but it was bad enough i sinked it instead of tinkering.

forrest -> beer? oh a ginger beer right?

tiare -> no...has it?

tiare -> Sean gave me a inhuman unbearable tweeting owe me a beer..

SeanMike -> I think mine might have a bit too much lemon in it

Pegudoug -> I'm not sure I've EVER been here when Rick, Gabe, and Matt are ALL not here.....

SeanMike -> tiare: I owe you a box full of stuff :)

forrest -> i know Doug its creepy.......

tiare -> hahah, i have a box here too..

TheMonkeyHut -> Doug... we're here

samuraibartender -> dito...two boxes actually : (

forrest -> Hey now, no inuendos

tiare -> i have 3 boxes, i have 5!

napplegate -> whats this "tiki blog" nonsense doug?

Pegudoug -> Oh. Hiding your identity, huh?

forrest -> WHAT???

tiare -> napple..NOT tiki nonsense

napplegate -> as a fellow pegu fanatic im FURIOUS

napplegate -> ;p

Pegudoug -> February is TIKI month. It's cold, dammit.

tiare -> i think his transformation is awesome

napplegate -> haha

tiare -> he go for it 10000%

Pegudoug -> I am nothing if not capable of drving a bit into the ground.

forrest -> i love tiki drinks if you want to make them for me....

stevideter -> will the whole night be watching rick turning from puter to bar?
Pegudoug -> And I have only just begun!

napplegate -> i cant say anything negative about tiki drinks or bolts of lightening will shoot out of my
screen i fear

Pegudoug -> Even if I did have to timeout for Judge

Pegudoug -> Bork this AM...

tiare -> I like when people focus 1000% of what they are doing

deviator -> GOLDEN BRANCADICTINE: 0.5oz Fernet Branca, 1oz Benedictine, 2oz Appleton 12yr, .75oz
lemon juice. Shake, strain.

forrest -> bbs

deviator -> Yes, I Really Just Did That.

Pegudoug -> deviator THAT is a hell of a lot of Myrrh there buddy.

tiare -> you score +++ for fernet

deviator -> it is a really interesting drink.

Dr. Bamboo -> awesome name, regardless of what the drink tastes like

Pegudoug -> Agreed.

tiare -> and 100000 for the name

deviator -> haha

Dr. Bamboo -> it sounds like some powerful artifact in an RPG

samuraibartender -> it does a little

drink-well -> they're making the maximo

samuraibartender -> ; )

drink-well -> live

SeanMike -> So - is the TheMonkeyHut actually DOING anything? Or just cuddling? did they get the
video going yet?

Pegudoug -> I swing my Golden Brancadine at the Balrog.

deviator -> hahaha

Dr. Bamboo -> exactly!

Reese -> Vid is up

tiare -> I just got to try the brancadictine gfd

samuraibartender -> hit AC -2?

SeanMike -> (I'm guessing that's the lot of 'em out on the NPW)

stevideter -> someone is mixing drinks back there.
SeanMike -> errr PNW

SeanMike -> what's the URL/etc.?

deviator -> yay video!

deviator -> wait, I see an ad for Domino's

drink-well -> it should come back after 5 seconds

Reese ->

Dr. Bamboo -> No Fernet, so I gotta pass. But i'll still make jokes about the cool name!

TheMonkeyHut -> this is ouro

Pegudoug -> My dinner is here. If I win a couple of hundred quick, I'll be back later!

TheMonkeyHut -> and I'm going to go look for a cucumber

napplegate -> i'm still perfecting my ode to miami vice

napplegate -> the crockett

Dr. Bamboo -> nice.

napplegate -> twist on his standard drink the blackjack

napplegate -> i'm waiting for TDN coffee liquers to blow you all away

napplegate -> on that note has anyone coffee infused scotch?

tiare -> brancabenedictine=NICE

Dr. Bamboo -> It sure is dark in the Monkey Hut!

SeanMike -> No, but I was thinking of making an Ovaltine & Scotch

deviator -> tiare: did you try it?

Marshall -> Ummmm . . . Ray's . . .

tiare -> yes, i have it now, as a fernet lover i just love it

drink-well -> for the blogtv users out there...

JohnTheBastard -> i entered my name at the blogtv site, but it says guests arent allowed to chat.

deviator -> yaaay I made a drink that is decent and tiare likes it ;)

JohnTheBastard -> also, i can hear people, but cant see jack shit

tiare -> lol

Marshall -> blogtv is free to sign up

Reese -> Yeah, the hut could use a bit of studio lighting

stevideter -> but whyfor two chats? too confusing.
SeanMike -> yeah

tiare -> i think its better with one chat - here

SeanMike -> should keep chat over here :)

samuraibartender -> napplegate I tried that maybe a year ago, botched it HORRIBLY

drink-well -> john, you should create an account. they're free

JohnTheBastard -> meh.

drink-well -> Live show, allow guests to chat

napplegate -> hmm

drink-well -> click on the little pencil below the viewers list on the right

JohnTheBastard -> ill just chat here... and listen to cocktail shakers shaking...

SeanMike -> who keeps looking into the camera? Is that Morgenthaler? Did he have a surprise surgery?

samuraibartender -> speaking of coffee, does anyone have Turkish coffe or Espresso about?

JohnTheBastard -> anyway, made the broken habit. think it would be better without benedictine. kinda
defeats the purpose.

Reese -> Hi Junk

Dr. Bamboo -> Tell 'em to light the tiki torches in the Monkey Hut. :-)

tiare -> is finished, but i have Blue mountain coffee:)

Marshall -> if there's a pool nearby, I'll hazard a guess where J.Mo is . ..

drink-well -> he's right about the peach bitters

SeanMike -> set Rick on fire

JohnTheBastard -> who is the face of the person i am looking at in the blogtv window?

Greg Boehm -> bbiam

drink-well -> howdy joy

drink-well -> i can hear

drink-well -> i think most of us can

Dr. Bamboo -> have someone pure of heart grasp the Golden will glow!

Reese -> Sound is good

samuraibartender -> tiare make a super-super strong cuppa if you want T...?

deviator -> where is Heather & Baby? :)

Marshall -> Oh, it's just Rick

samuraibartender -> or maybe not, you have to crash soon yeah?
TheMonkeyHut -> hello!

tiare -> shall i make a suoper strong cuppa Chris? ok..

samuraibartender -> yeah - close to espresso-strength as you can do T

tiare -> ok

JohnTheBastard -> make the Benedict's Rule instead. its much better!

JohnTheBastard -> bastards!

JohnTheBastard -> umm...amaretto?

drink-well -> How could you not have amaretto?

Reese -> Would your above comment be a meta-bastarding?

SeanMike -> where are they BTW? Someone's house? a bar? in a gutter?

Dr. Bamboo -> For the love of Pete...I don't have a single lime in this place!

samuraibartender -> If anyone's got Turkish coffe or espresso (or like T, good coffe that you can brew
STRONG) get it going for a warm drink ; )

drink-well -> Do you have cucumber?

Ouroboros -> sylvan notes "peanuts aren't nuts at all"

deviator -> wtf? how can Craig not have amaretto?

Marshall -> Craig's basement

JohnTheBastard -> what should they use instead of frangelico?

Greg Boehm -> back

deviator -> I have friends who disagree with you.

drink-well -> that could work

samuraibartender -> noyeau maybe? sort of?

JohnTheBastard -> do it!

drink-well -> nocino?

deviator -> noyeau would be good

tiare -> wb greg

stevideter -> i think i used my last lime for the drink i sinked.

JohnTheBastard -> hazelnut liqueuer is fine

tiare -> Chris, my cuppa is ready, what more shall i do?

drink-well -> aww, how cute

Marshall -> w00t!!! baby time!
drink-well -> when was he born?

SeanMike -> ooooo it's baby punching time! Who gets to punch the baby first?

Reese -> Hi there tiny human

tiare -> but its hot now..

drink-well -> nice

deviator -> make sure you're shaking the cocktail shaker, not the baby. (CHRIS TOLD ME TO SAY

Marshall -> Have you put the nipples on the rum bottles yet?

tiare -> do i need to cool it?

samuraibartender -> no, you want it nice & hot

drink-well -> Do you guys have cucumbers?

samuraibartender -> 3/4oz B&B, 1/4oz (aged) Demerara Rum, 1oz Turkish Coffee (or Espresso), 1.25Tsp
Raw Simple, 1 pinch ea. Cardamom & Nutmeg. Stir in sugar, roll between two mugs & pour into warmed

drink-well -> aww

drink-well -> nobody has cucumbers

Reese -> LOL

drink-well -> do you have celery bitters?

SeanMike -> i do!

SeanMike -> oh where'd my tea go?

stevideter -> i bought cukes for DTN Pimm's, but not for B&B, nope.

drink-well -> try the gimdom with celery bitters instead of the cucumber

SeanMike -> ok will do after i finish my tea

deviator -> try it!!

SeanMike -> were you guys using Benedictine or B&B? I thought tonight was just B&B...

samuraibartender -> probably either, though they sent out B&B...

JohnTheBastard -> both b%&B and benedictine tonight.

drink-well -> it apparently has evolved

tiare -> NICE Samurai!

samuraibartender -> you like T?

Greg Boehm -> B&B is a bit odd in a mixed drink

junkhauler -> so i can not figure out how to chat with the broadcast, am i missing something
SeanMike -> look at that furrowed brow, struggling to form letters into words and words into sentences

tiare -> Me? LIKE

SeanMike -> it's painful to watch

samuraibartender -> Rockin!

JohnTheBastard -> just type here. the live stream chat is retarded.

tiare -> Yeah, it rocks!

samuraibartender -> I'm gonna try ligting a similar thing aflame soon methinks

samuraibartender -> ; )

TheMonkeyHut -> OK: "Charley horse" 2oz Boca Loca Cachaca | 3/4 Carpano Antica or sweet verm | 1/2
benedictine | 2 dashes angostura, stir, strain lemon twist garnish. Jeffrey Morgenthaler

SeanMike -> oops someone used too many big words for whoever is at the keyboard

stevideter -> i tried b&B with cachaca b/4 the black seal. couldn't get that to work, either.

Dr. Bamboo -> Craig- Laura wants to seee the li'l guy.

tiare -> i`m tweeting it

junkhauler -> tweeting?

SeanMike -> i should probably chill some glasses

drink-well -> dinnertime, back soon

Ouroboros -> we're btwn drinks at the Monkey Hut (in Exile)

Dr. Bamboo -> BRB...mine is yelling!

SeanMike -> I wonder if there's a way to do multile streams at once on blogTV...then we could all turn on
our cameras and show off teh seksi

tiare -> Nice with cachaca


deviator -> APPLETON 12!!!

deviator -> like it really matters

tiare -> NOT ME SM

samuraibartender -> I was when I logged in...not anymore...

TheMonkeyHut -> is Ouro in the tie

jayhepburn -> nothing wrong with wearing a tie

SeanMike -> someone in the video was...

Marshall -> funny, I'm only wearing a tie . . .
SeanMike -> yeah but it's not around your neck

samuraibartender -> true true, unless you've had one on all day ; )

TheMonkeyHut -> it's important to treat the Monkey Hut (in Exile) with the respect it deserves

Marshall -> yeah, I get cold sometimes

samuraibartender -> SeanMike ahh ahhh!!

junkhauler -> i think everyone is over here anyways

jayhepburn -> i'm probably hitting some hotel bars this weekend where you *have* to wear a jacket and
tie to get in... proper old school rules

Greg Boehm -> Has anybody announced the prize?

samuraibartender -> jayhepburn Certainly something to be said for that

SeanMike -> I wonder if I should wear a jacket when I go to Bourbon Steak on Monday

tiare -> No clue what the prize is?

Marshall -> Jay, if you hit DC this summer, bring a tie/jacket for PX

JohnTheBastard -> this is sort of like being a wallflower at a party, except, im mute, not shy.

deviator -> YES! I made a drink more than one person (besides me) likes! :)

samuraibartender -> Greg Boehm What is it this week?

Greg Boehm -> let's make the prize a copy of Ted Haigh's book.. 1st British Edition

TheMonkeyHut -> we're split on the Golden Brancadictine

junkhauler -> where is trader tiki anyways?

deviator -> hahaha

stevideter -> Greg Boehm nice!

deviator -> 'tis not a drink for everyone.

JohnTheBastard -> did anyone ever make the Benedictine Rule, with the hazelnut sub?

tiare -> i liked the brancadictine

TheMonkeyHut -> that late-middle where the palette is just all fernet

TheMonkeyHut -> in a strange setting

TheMonkeyHut -> not so sure abotu it

TheMonkeyHut -> TraderTiki is working tonight

Greg Boehm ->

Greg Boehm -> the prize for tonight's TDN WINNER is:
junkhauler -> sorry, i meant where is the broadcast from

tiare -> Nice greg

deviator -> does 10000 points mean I'm the winner yet?

Greg Boehm -> anybody ready for a drink?

stevideter -> go for it, greg!

tiare -> yes

TheMonkeyHut -> do it

Greg Boehm -> Beveleca: 1.5 oz Benedictine, 1oz French vermouth, 1oz lemon juice, .5oz cachaca,
Dash orange bitters

TheMonkeyHut -> we're interested

JohnTheBastard -> i just sold my copy of that book on amazon for $68

junkhauler -> what munktiki were you talking about?

deviator -> hey cocktailnerd!

Marshall -> Hey Gabe!

cocktailnerd -> AND WE'RE BACK!!!!

SeanMike -> heya Gabe

JohnTheBastard -> gabe!

cocktailnerd -> hey everybody

SeanMike -> I can feel the politeness through the screen from Rick

tiare -> gabe Hi!

TheMonkeyHut -> GregB - we have questions as to appropriate service

cocktailnerd -> he's quite deferential

SeanMike -> oh and now it's gone

TheMonkeyHut -> up? twist

TheMonkeyHut -> ?

forrest -> The NErd herd~!

samuraibartender -> hey Gabe!

cocktailnerd -> Who is this tie-bearing man in my window?

TheMonkeyHut -> Greg?

Greg Boehm -> shaken with a twist

TheMonkeyHut -> <-ouro
cocktailnerd -> hey man!

AREvers -> Charley Horse is nice

JohnTheBastard -> Rick is in Oregon?

cocktailnerd -> yes, he is

stevideter -> yeah, he's slummin' after experiencing wonderful seattle.

TheMonkeyHut -> TDN is simul-cast from Oregon

cocktailnerd -> this is so weird hearing the audio along with the text at the same time

forrest -> The Penguin has escaped !!! call the fuzz1111

deviator -> where is heather btw? ;)

JohnTheBastard -> rick should come to eugene.

cocktailnerd -> I hear Char

cocktailnerd -> baby!

deviator -> hi!!!

deviator -> chris & I both say Hi

cocktailnerd -> Joana would like to say your baby is beautiful

junkhauler -> is that maria calas in the background?

stevideter -> I will also have you know...I out-ate Rick at sushi. I find this astonishing.

TheMonkeyHut -> Baz says waaaa

cocktailnerd -> holy crap stevi!

JohnTheBastard -> if i had realized tdn was hosted in portland sooner, i'd have tried to make it.

cocktailnerd -> Baz does indeed say "Waah HAAA 1oz Vermouth?!!!"

deviator -> bye ;)

cocktailnerd -> hey there deviator

forrest -> bye deviator!!

stevideter -> ok, gonna try greg's drink.

deviator -> was saying bye to heather :)

deviator -> and babty

deviator -> baby

Reese -> gfd (beveleca)

deviator -> ergh
forrest -> i just finished my deviation

forrest -> and now you leave

JohnTheBastard -> ok, gabe, i've proposed 3 cocktails tonight, but i think forest is the only one to try one
of them.

TheMonkeyHut -> Beveleca is a win

cocktailnerd -> BAAAAAH!

Greg Boehm -> thanks

cocktailnerd -> Hit me John

cocktailnerd -> with your best prospect

JohnTheBastard -> do the Benedictine's Rule.

forrest -> brb

cocktailnerd -> Is JMO there in the Monkey Hut?

JohnTheBastard -> yeah

Marshall -> behind the bar

JohnTheBastard -> i havent seen him on cam, but hear him sometimes

cocktailnerd -> poor poor dear

tiare -> the cam sint working yet right?

sylvan -> Jmo is behind the bar

tiare -> isn`t

cocktailnerd -> heard him

sylvan -> he's comfortable there

JohnTheBastard -> works, just really dark

Marshall -> jmo!

cocktailnerd -> JMo!

cocktailnerd -> Heya man

cocktailnerd -> Welcome from Tulsa

JohnTheBastard -> morgey

junkhauler -> tv mug, lets see it

cocktailnerd -> I can't talk BACK!

cocktailnerd -> It's like being stephen hawking!

Marshall -> I keep yelling at my computer!!!
napplegate -> wait

cocktailnerd -> Do your best HAL 9000 Joana says as you type

napplegate -> where is this magical cam link?

sylvan -> we are in Portland

cocktailnerd -> "hello gabe"

cocktailnerd -> "i'm scared gabe"

cocktailnerd -> you have to actually type Jeff

stevideter -> bwd. beveleca has potential.

JohnTheBastard -> wait, youcan cam back to blogtv?

cocktailnerd -> I know it's been awhile since you did a post

Marshall -> T, my name was taken too

Reese -> The Beveleca is quite tasty

cocktailnerd -> good to have you hear, I'm off to make one of John's drinks

cocktailnerd -> GFD!

Greg Boehm -> Stevi, what orange bitters did you use?

cocktailnerd -> *here

TheMonkeyHut -> Hi everyone.

stevideter -> angostura orange.

tiare -> Ok, here`s adrink for you: BIENVENUE - 1.5 oz Bourbon, 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice, 0.5 oz.
Benedictine, 0.5 oz honeysyrup, 1 oz Passionfruit juice, dash grenadine. Shake, strain, pour into ice filled
old fashioned glass.

stevideter -> but i think the main problem with my choices was the boissiere vermouth and the leblon
cachaca. should have used the boca loca i think.

stevideter -> and i'm not happy with the boissiere at all.

Greg Boehm -> boca would be good

Reese -> I used Noilly and Ypioca, very pleased.

JohnTheBastard -> greg, is the british version of Haigh's book different than the american version?

stevideter -> shh, quiet, jMo is wathicng.

Dr. Bamboo -> Ok, back from kid duty.

jayhepburn -> oh so jeff *is* there! hey jeff

JohnTheBastard -> lol

jayhepburn -> what's worth making? last drink of the night for me i think...
TheMonkeyHut -> Jay Hepburn!!

Greg Boehm -> The British version of Ted Haigh's book is the same as the American other than the title

sylvan -> pretty late in London, yeah?

JohnTheBastard -> I'm proud of the Benedictine Rule. Other people have liked Stevi's brandied cherry,
but i havnet tried it.

samuraibartender -> Both are awesome in their own ways

AREvers -> I'm digging the charley horse

jayhepburn -> 3am, thankfully i'm a nightowl and don't have to be in work particularly early

AREvers -> cachaca (leblon) caught me off guard, really nice

cocktailnerd -> it *is* nice

deviator -> is that actually Jeffrey Morgenthaler in Craig's basement?

cocktailnerd -> it is indeed the JMo

cocktailnerd -> ok, finally found a pen...NOW gfd

cocktailnerd -> My goal is to make a palatable drink using this Mekhong and B&B

tiare -> My computer crashed'

samuraibartender -> good luck

JohnTheBastard -> you like the rule, gabe? would you change something?

deviator -> where are the donuts from?

deviator -> voodoo?

samuraibartender -> tiare I jumped on twitter, can get off if you feel like continuing

TheMonkeyHut -> yes, voodoo doughnut


JohnTheBastard -> voodoo donuts. its like buying a donut from a tattoo parlor.

tiare -> I`m ok still, i can tweet some more'

Reese -> OMG...Maple bacon donut would make me so happy right now.

deviator -> chris says Maple Bacon is *always* gone

samuraibartender -> ok

cocktailnerd -> To eat that is

samuraibartender -> logged off

AREvers -> Maple Bacon Donut... such a thing exists?

tiare -> Chris, did i miss any drink when my computer crashed?
samuraibartender -> nope

Marshall -> yes, it is mythical. until I make one at home.

jayhepburn -> crazy americans with your bacon in everything

stevideter -> mmmm. bacon.

tiare -> OH YEAH

napplegate -> crazy british with their lack of bacon

AREvers -> mmmm

tiare -> haha

Dr. Bamboo -> My wife tells me bacon makes everything better.

AREvers -> marshall -- you of the Gibson?

napplegate -> you're just jealous of the glorious 'bacon roll'

tiare -> you really are bacon crazy

Marshall -> Not of the Gibson, drink there regularly though.

SeanMike -> mmmm GIbson

SeanMike -> going to be there at least twice next week :)

AREvers -> lucky man

Reese -> I smoked my own bacon over the weekend. Epic win.

cocktailnerd -> bwd

AREvers -> i was there over inauguration

sylvan -> mmm, bacon panties

stevideter -> whatcha make, gabve?

Marshall -> great place.

AREvers -> my smoker is out of commission until it gets warmer (9 in Boston right now)

cocktailnerd -> benedictine's rule is a win according to Joana

cocktailnerd -> She announces that she needs her "nuts"

JohnTheBastard -> \/\/00+!!!!1!!one

tiare -> Gabe, are you also in the monket hut?

cocktailnerd -> No, only in my dreams

tiare -> heh

JohnTheBastard -> i cant belive TDN is happening in Portland. I totally would have gone.
tiare -> its all dark in the MH

cocktailnerd -> It was in the announcement post, John

cocktailnerd -> and I think you can still make it

cocktailnerd -> given that, you know, it has like 5 hours to go

cocktailnerd -> just bang on the door

TheMonkeyHut -> we explicitly didn't tell you

JohnTheBastard -> i missed it, apparently. but its 2 hours each way.

cocktailnerd -> SHHHHhhHHHHH

TheMonkeyHut -> then you'd know the truth about the Falernum I have for you

cocktailnerd -> I was going to give him the wrong address

TheMonkeyHut -> and I've been keeping, err, aging, for the past few months

cocktailnerd -> black fuzz!

JohnTheBastard -> i could make it, but there are people i needed to tell in advance to be gone tonight.

cocktailnerd -> your mom?

JohnTheBastard -> also, i dont think getting in the car right now is a great plan.

TheMonkeyHut -> so what's the latest drink?

cocktailnerd -> Joana would like to know more about the music selection...

cocktailnerd -> sounds 20's now

Dr. Bamboo -> Blair- neat hat!

junkhauler -> and the lighting, are those tapa lamps lit up with green and blue in the background?

TheMonkeyHut -> it's just... Exotica, usualy whatever was on Ultra Lounge.. .right now it's Yma Sumac

Marshall -> Hey Blair, what's the tat?

samuraibartender -> I've got one for the que whenever a drink is needed

TheMonkeyHut -> Thanks Craig, my wife made it

sylvan -> I think that Craig has the soundtrack to the Enchanted Tiki Room ala Disneyland.

SeanMike -> well

SeanMike -> whaddyaknow

Marshall -> Yes, just not from Blair or Rick. OR SEANMIKE!!!

SeanMike -> I'd seen Blair's picture but didn't quite expect that ;)

tiare -> cHRIS, GO FOR IT!
Dr. Bamboo -> Cool! Laura likes to knit too. She made me a Slytherin scarf because I'm a NERD!

cocktailnerd -> oh wow craig, nice

cocktailnerd -> DONE!

samuraibartender -> Le Grande: 1oz B&B, 1/2oz Cognac, 3/4oz fresh Lemon, 1/2oz Raw Simple, 1
barspoon Yellow Chartreuse, dash Angostura. Shake, Strain, Up.

tiare -> Bonzo is back soon

Dr. Bamboo -> You want a Hogwarts scarf, Gabe? She made a Gryffindor one for one of our friends.

cocktailnerd -> yes?

cocktailnerd -> YES?!!?

TheMonkeyHut -> Nah dude, I'll just buy my wife some yarn

cocktailnerd -> I'm a total Slytherin, Craig

TheMonkeyHut -> I'm hufflepuff

samuraibartender -> By barspoon I actually meant 1 Tsp...

cocktailnerd -> you have no sense of adventure John

Dr. Bamboo -> Me too. (it's the goatee)

samuraibartender -> revised: Le Grande: 1oz B&B, 1/2oz Cognac, 3/4oz fresh Lemon, 1/2oz Raw Simple,
1Tsp Yellow Chartreuse, dash Angostura. Shake, Strain, Up.

cocktailnerd -> I'm off to make Stevi's Brandied Cherry

AREvers -> off to le grande it is

cocktailnerd -> wow...

cocktailnerd -> srsly guys

tiare -> Chris, shall i re-tweet?

JohnTheBastard -> afventure i have. but i also have foresight.

samuraibartender -> I suppose - might as well wait for the report to see if it sucks or not

samuraibartender -> barspoons are variable - I've got a largeish one

tiare -> ok, i tweet it as well

cocktailnerd -> We need to have a Mixo outing to the new paranormal museum that opened in NOLA this

cocktailnerd -> gfd

samuraibartender -> thanks - just let me know when its crash time for you T

TheMonkeyHut -> something was just behind me

JohnTheBastard -> well, i gotta go. will be back in like 2 hours, probly.
Reese -> See ya John

samuraibartender -> SM: I was waiting for that one

samuraibartender -> laters john!

deviator -> haha

tiare -> Chris not yet

drink-well -> not those in the know

cocktailnerd -> Blair, Joana would like to meet your prove she exists

TheMonkeyHut -> 4 sale, 1 baby

samuraibartender -> tiare cool

drink-well -> how much?

cocktailnerd -> yup!

JohnTheBastard -> back in a while. laters.

cocktailnerd -> "how pretty"

drink-well -> and nobody even tried my drink

drink-well -> :(

cocktailnerd -> and she hopes to see you at Tales this year

cocktailnerd -> dw, I'm on it like a bonnet

cocktailnerd -> which one?

drink-well -> oh, nice. howdy gabe.

drink-well -> the gimdom

napplegate -> when does tales start this year?

cocktailnerd -> ok, gfd: brandied cherry and gimdom

cocktailnerd -> July 8th, napple

SeanMike -> i keep getting distracted by shiny objects

drink-well -> the baby needs more booze

deviator -> gin on the gums

napplegate -> i believe a friend and myself will roadtrip down

junkhauler -> i thought it was bourbon

cocktailnerd -> Joana wants to hold and comfort the baby.... GIVE HER THE BABY!

tiare -> How qute Sebastian is!
deviator -> can't you fax the baby?

SeanMike -> drink-well - I'll get teh stuff for a gindom using celery bitters. What kind of gin?

drink-well -> anything nice and dry

drink-well -> plymouth would be good

TheMonkeyHut -> Typing something in..

drink-well -> i think i first did it with sapphire

cocktailnerd -> Joana says (and I quote) "My babies are big, fat, going to school kids! They get insulted
when you hold them like babies"

junkhauler -> bedazzler, awesome

TheMonkeyHut -> The Bedizzle: 1 oz El Dorado 15, 1 oz Lemon Hart 151, 1/2 oz Grapefruit juice, 1/2 oz
lime juice, 1/4 oz vanilla syrup, falernum, benedictine. Swizzle

samuraibartender -> AREvers - any word on Le Grande? Lousy?

AREvers -> just sampled

tiare -> here´s my lasrt one: TROPIC LIGHT - 1 oz golden rum, 1 oz white rum, 0.5 oz benedictine, 0.5
oz lime juice, ¼ oz vanilla syrup, 1 oz fresh pink grapefruit juice, Top with a little soda. Shake, strain
and serve in thin tall glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish cherry speared on lem

AREvers -> i like it

tiare -> on lemon slice

samuraibartender -> cool - any changes before I go make one?

AREvers -> i think i'm gonna add a lemon twist

AREvers -> give it more nose

AREvers -> but otherwise, mix on

samuraibartender -> flame the lemon maybe?

AREvers -> oof, now you tell me

AREvers -> that would be good

Reese -> A toast rack?

TheMonkeyHut -> yeah, I need a toast rack

samuraibartender -> will try...gfd

SeanMike -> ooooo, I like this one

SeanMike -> I made my own before I grabbed the stuff for the gindom

SeanMike -> let me know when people want yet another

drink-well -> gfd: surly hobo
Marshall -> alright folks, I have an early morning blood letting tomorrow, so time for me to head out.

TheMonkeyHut -> but now

SeanMike -> weenie


stevideter -> bye, marshall!

Reese -> Cya Marshall

AREvers -> i taught my dog not to destroy stuff by giving him a lemon to practice on

Dr. Bamboo -> Monkey Hut: pics are worth 1000 words.

deviator -> APPLEDICTINE: 1.5oz Laird's Applejack, .75oz Benedictine, .5oz Lemon Juice, shake over
ice & strain

Marshall -> 'night folks!

deviator -> is that like an existing drink?

sylvan -> The Bedizzle is quite nice

jayhepburn -> ok, i'm out of here too. give jeff plenty of hassle on my behalf ;-)

deviator -> not quite 3-2-1

deviator -> sorta :)

TheMonkeyHut -> yeah, nice

deviator -> ;)

deviator -> when craig's beard attacks

Reese -> That was beard-tastic!

SeanMike -> so - Craig - do you play for Metallica?

cocktailnerd -> bwd's

TheMonkeyHut -> Yma sumac going on here

deviator -> yay for Yma Sumac

cocktailnerd -> Brandied Cherry: Great use of rye in a dessert-style drink that keeps from being overly
sweet and tacky

deviator -> t the only thing that would make it better is an illuminated Tiki Room fountain

Greg Boehm -> Brandied Cherry works

cocktailnerd -> too tart

Greg Boehm -> my doggie is even licking up what I spilled and then in approval had a sneezing fit

cocktailnerd -> heheh
SeanMike -> here's a new one because I'm easily distracted

tiare -> heh

cocktailnerd -> no greater praise

SeanMike -> The B&B&B: 1.5 ounces bourbon (Maker's Mark), 1 ounce B&B, 1/2 ounce simple syrup (I
used vanilla), 1-2 dashes whiskey barrel bitters. Shake like crazy, garnish with a lemon twist.

cocktailnerd -> that looks like it has promise, SM

cocktailnerd -> unlike your love life

SeanMike -> it's a bit sweet the way I made it

SeanMike -> but i like it that way

deviator -> hmm, I sucked down that appledictine pretty quickly.

SeanMike -> well, you know Gabe, my love life's only promise is your mom

SeanMike -> and having to share her with everyone else does get sloppy

cocktailnerd -> that was a long way to go for that one, SM

Dr. Bamboo -> SeanMike, does it absolutely have to be maker's?

cocktailnerd -> Who is twittering right now?

SeanMike -> I just put up what I used

samuraibartender -> back...this isn't too shabby

SeanMike -> I think the Maker's is kind of sweet, so you might want to use a sweeter bourbon

cocktailnerd -> which one, chris?

samuraibartender -> totally right with the peel AREvers

cocktailnerd -> four roses

SeanMike -> though with the simple, you could maybe try Bulleit or something like that

cocktailnerd -> is what I'll use for it SM

samuraibartender -> mine, the Le Grande

Dr. Bamboo -> Gotcha. That's exactly what I've got.

tiare -> I`m twittering

cocktailnerd -> we should all taste test whatever julep Morgey is submitting to Tales

cocktailnerd -> thanks T

cocktailnerd -> Joana is glued to the webcast

Dr. Bamboo -> GFD: B&B&B

cocktailnerd -> it's quite endearing
cocktailnerd -> heya Marleigh!

tiare -> nerdling wb

Greg Boehm -> ok... FREE book for the first person who know why my drink is name Beleveca????

Reese -> Hi there nerdling

nerdling -> Hiya!

samuraibartender -> cocktailnerd I'm ready to go when T bounces

cocktailnerd -> oh wow...challenge!

Reese -> First two letters of each ingredient

samuraibartender -> hey Marleigh!

Greg Boehm -> that was quick

tiare -> cause u have a memory of some sort..

nerdling -> Hello!

Greg Boehm -> email me your address at

Reese -> Will do....thanks man.

stevideter -> ok, when people are ready, i has another.

cocktailnerd -> we have chris queued up next

tiare -> Go Stevi! go go go!

nerdling -> I feel so popular. And I even came with a drink, so put me in line.

cocktailnerd -> yes!

stevideter -> will wait my turn, cuz i'm good and anglo saxon that way. :)

cocktailnerd -> Everyone knows that the winner-selection process is different going forward eh?

deviator -> soooo glad there isn't a sponsor tonight.. ;)

tiare -> Marleigh you are after stevi

Greg Boehm -> explain Gabe

junkhauler -> sounds like hills, think i had it at a tasting, but it was 6th in line

junkhauler -> absinthe

cocktailnerd -> We (like, Rick, myself, and you know whoever has a strong opinion) will collect a group of
4-6 top contenders

cocktailnerd -> and then put a poll up on Friday AM on the Mixo blog

cocktailnerd -> and you, yes YOU

sylvan -> me?
cocktailnerd -> will be able to vote until Monday evening for the best

AREvers -> you're going to be up tomorrow AM?

cocktailnerd -> drink of TDN and they will be declred most awesomezt cocktail ever created by human

cocktailnerd -> for one whole week

stevideter -> i def'ly hope this new method works well. I like having the idea of more time to try the

sylvan -> 'nuther drink?

cocktailnerd -> last night

cocktailnerd -> we have several on-deck, chris

samuraibartender -> cocktailnerd - oh no, I just posted a drink - I was saying I've got twitter when T's
done for the eve

sylvan -> stevi?

samuraibartender -> whoevers up after me is good to go

cocktailnerd -> SM has the B&B&B&B up

cocktailnerd -> Anyone been able to make it yet?

cocktailnerd -> Or will I be the champion and arbiter of drink-tasting this evening, alone, and unshorn?

SeanMike -> able to make what?

cocktailnerd -> B&B&B

stevideter -> i think i will try that after i finish my current.

drink-well -> bwd: surly hobo

SeanMike -> I promised to make a gindom next but i'm so goddamned lazy

cocktailnerd -> xiphias needs to join us

Reese -> Thoughts Drink-Well?

cocktailnerd -> INDEED SIR!

drink-well -> citrus is just slightly overpowering

Reese -> I'm thinking it's drinkable but not optimal.

drink-well -> quite sour

drink-well -> but tasty

Dr. Bamboo -> BWD. Hey Marleigh!

drink-well -> maybe a small bump of brandy

Reese -> I think I had a weak-sauce grapefruit
cocktailnerd -> "quite sour" is correct

drink-well -> like another 1/4 ounce

cocktailnerd -> do eet Monkey Hut!

tiare -> Can you write it down?

Dr. Bamboo -> SeanMike- me likey. I used plain simple, but I can see why you like it w/ vanilla.

Greg Boehm -> Reese, which book do you want to reward you for being a genius?

Reese -> Thanks for the tips gents, that was the first recipe I created on my own. Need more practice I
think :)

nerdling -> Hey Doc B!

stevideter -> that's what we're here for! practice!

Reese -> Whatever suits you Greg. The only one I have that you sell is the UK version of Vintage
Cocktails and Spirits

Greg Boehm -> ok

samuraibartender -> Reese - Harry Johnson

Greg Boehm -> ok, Harry Johnson it is

Reese -> What the Ronin said :)

Dr. Bamboo -> Marleigh, i showed my mother-in-law our Super Bowl text history and she thought it was

samuraibartender -> well, thats just my 2 cents ; )

nerdling -> heh heh

nerdling -> I am pretty hilarious when drunk and watching football ;)

stevideter -> ok, my turn yet?

drink-well -> go for it

stevideter -> Sorcière - 1 oz Strega, 1 oz B&B, 1 oz while rum, 1/2 oz orgeat, shake, strain into absinthe-
rinsed glass

cocktailnerd -> go stevi

samuraibartender -> love the name...and a strega monster eh?

samuraibartender -> tempting

stevideter -> probably can cut back on the orgeat if you want to reduce sweetness.

cocktailnerd -> ok, making the Sorciere

SeanMike -> you know, when no one is sitting in front of the computer, I feel kind of like a creepy
voyeaur. It helps me sympathize with Gabe
SeanMike -> where's my trench coat?

deviator -> AT THIS POINT MY TASTE BUDS ARE SHOT: 1.5oz white rum (cruzan), .5 oz benedictine,
.5 oz campari, .5 oz lemon juice, shaken over ice, strain

deviator -> hmm, this drink is not right. 2 out of three is good.

tiare -> deviator, do you have a name?

SeanMike -> but that might be ... other things

deviator -> the name is, "At This Point My Taste Buds Are Shot"

TheMonkeyHut -> uh no comment.

tiare -> OK!!

TheMonkeyHut -> atpmtbas?

deviator -> yes.

SeanMike -> well, time to find the gin...

TheMonkeyHut -> That sounds like quitter talk.

SeanMike -> and by the way the monkey hut-ers should wear name tags

SeanMike -> or tattoos

SeanMike -> (other than Blair)

TheMonkeyHut -> I am Mrs. Blair

deviator -> ooooh, you are Mrs. Blair

Reese -> LOL

deviator -> Hi Mrs. Blair!

deviator -> seanmike: yes, I was in that one.

SeanMike -> OH DEAR LORD HE'S MARRIED uh I mean wow you must be a very nice, caring,
compassionate, well-meaning woman

junkhauler -> who hasnt been in one is the greater question

cocktailnerd -> hey sara (sp?) nice to finally meet you!

cocktailnerd -> bwd

cocktailnerd -> Sorciere smells like an onion afte shaking

SeanMike -> did you interrupt a Super Bowl recently?


tiare -> sorry caps..

junkhauler -> no, just played a town drunk in one
cocktailnerd -> and tastes like mojito-flavored gum

samuraibartender -> tiare - stevi's latest

deviator -> what tastes like mojito flavored gum?

tiare -> that nice one;-)

deviator -> that orbit mojito gum is gross ;)

Greg Boehm -> drinks tonight are quite good

SeanMike -> <The British Version of Pirates of the Carribbean>But where'd the gin

deviator -> haha

deviator -> gin, not rum

deviator -> :)

cocktailnerd -> That's not bad, mind you, but it's aparticular flavor

SeanMike -> gfd (gindom)

cocktailnerd -> Greg has liked...shit I forget you can't hear me

cocktailnerd -> srsly, a TDN party line would be hot

deviator -> oh we have gotomeeting. damn, forget how to use it.

cocktailnerd -> and a bunch of cackling and people trying to jump in to mkae jokes

TheMonkeyHut -> greg what drinks did you like tonight?

sylvan -> no strega here

stevideter -> maybe skip the absinthe rinse?

Reese -> Drink-Well -> suggestion on gin for the gimdom?

cocktailnerd -> No, I think it's the heavy dose of Strega, stevi

stevideter -> fair 'nough.

drink-well -> plymouth

drink-well -> or beefeater

cocktailnerd -> Sara, it *is* the point, but much like Daggerfall forums, just an exercise in out-clevering
one another

deviator -> if someone else would like to make drinks

cocktailnerd -> yes, deviator?

cocktailnerd -> hey there heinzy!

tiare -> Hi
heinzy -> hi all

sylvan -> welcome heinzy

drink-well -> welcome

Reese -> GFD -> Gimdom

sylvan -> if you want video -

deviator -> 1) pimento dram, 2) yellow chartreuse, 3) coffee liqueuer, 4) cynar

cocktailnerd -> good work, sylvan

cocktailnerd -> deviator's taste buds are shot

deviator -> it's not a drink

deviator -> it's suggestions for benedictine pairings

sylvan -> look at the lovely ladies

deviator -> :)

deviator -> jumping-off-points for drinks if you will

cocktailnerd -> Except for the coffee liqueur they're all competing herbal tones

deviator -> cn: yes, but explain the last word :)

sylvan -> herbal tones are additive

SeanMike -> more people should use B&B

deviator -> sylvan: exactly

Reese -> Crap, no cucumber or celery bitters, sorry Drink-Well, no Gimdom for me.

cocktailnerd -> Fair enough, but the Last Word is a classic...TDN drinks tend to be.......... epehemeral

drink-well -> any hendricks reese?

Reese -> Indeed

heinzy -> what's tonight's special?

cocktailnerd -> *ephemeral

Reese -> I'll give that a go

samuraibartender -> B&B or Bendictine

deviator -> cn: once in a while there's a gem

cocktailnerd -> B&B or Benedictine

drink-well -> the cucumber notes might pull it togetther

cocktailnerd -> your cucumber notes notes...nevermind
sylvan -> check out

Greg Boehm -> I made mine plus the Brandied Cherry anf the Charly Horse.. but the recipes in general
look good

TheMonkeyHut -> new idea for the next TDN - best cocktail you can make with 2 ingredients! or maybe
the worst.... either way, it's like winning scrabble!

cocktailnerd -> heh

heinzy -> ah, of course, BonzoGal told me about it

Reese -> Reese FTL...failed to replace my bottle of Hendricks.

TheMonkeyHut -> maybe we should call it the charley hoarse

cocktailnerd -> Triple Drink score if you add dashes of 3 different bitters

drink-well -> aww

TheMonkeyHut -> no triple drink score!

drink-well -> next time

deviator -> monkeyhut: yeah I suggested something like that - drinks with few ingredients :)

Reese -> Indeed, indeed

cocktailnerd -> yeah, anyone remember "Pre-Prohibition" night?

cocktailnerd -> that went terribly

TheMonkeyHut -> triple drink score is when you have 3 drinks in front of you

TheMonkeyHut -> ha

TheMonkeyHut -> we are attempting a coffee pairing at this moment

TheMonkeyHut -> comments to follow

drink-well -> The Triple Drink Score: 1 oz Brandy, 1 oz Benedictine, 1 dash Angostura, 3 dashes Peach
Bitters, 2 dashes Peychaud

cocktailnerd -> i.e 2oz B&B and some bitters

samuraibartender -> So 2 oz. B&B with bitters?

Reese -> That, on the other hand, I can make.

samuraibartender -> heh

drink-well -> yeah

drink-well -> kinda a joke

deviator -> technically B&B is two ingredients

cocktailnerd -> hahaha

sylvan -> ooh!
sylvan -> you got the salute!

drink-well -> that cocktail glass is too large

drink-well -> i'm disappointed

deviator -> can someone write out the B&B & coffee syrup drink?

drink-well -> how many ounces? like 17?

deviator -> and give it a name pls?

SeanMike -> well

cocktailnerd -> ok, I'm off to develop a drink using vanilla sugar and coffee syrup

TheMonkeyHut -> An Early Morning: 1.5 oz old nola rum, amber and 1/4 oz coffee syrup, 1 oz

TheMonkeyHut -> yum!

sylvan -> those are about 7 or 8 ounce

SeanMike -> this is the first time I used celery bitters since that TDN back in Sept that caused me to
forget pants the next day

drink-well -> slight exageration

deviator -> do you need actual amber from an archaeological dig?

junkhauler -> i want some ice water

drink-well -> any good, seanmike?

cocktailnerd -> hehehe

cocktailnerd -> I took it the same way dev

cocktailnerd -> gfd

SeanMike -> it's not bad. I made the gindom using Hendrick's and celery bitters instead of cucumber

drink-well -> well at least it's not bad

drink-well -> gabe hated it

SeanMike -> i need another taste or two to fully appreciate I think

samuraibartender -> Gabe: 3/4oz B&B, 1/4oz (aged) Demerara Rum, 1oz Turkish Coffee (or Espresso),
1.25Tsp Raw Simple, 1 pinch ea. Cardamom & Nutmeg. Stir in sugar, roll between two mugs & pour into
warmed demitasse

deviator -> the drink is called a Gabe?

deviator -> yet another Gabe-named drink...

SeanMike -> that's a repost there

samuraibartender -> no, I posted that hours ago, with no name, but if hes playing with coffee anyways…
samuraibartender -> and no, please, much as I like Gabe...

junkhauler -> the gabe would have vampire blood in it stirred with a magic wand from what i can gather

samuraibartender -> and a healthy dash of gin

SeanMike -> yeah it'd have to be a Buffy themed drink

Greg Boehm -> I must say goodbye

samuraibartender -> G'night Greg

Reese -> Bye Greg

tiare -> Night greg

SeanMike -> night Greg

sylvan -> night

deviator ->\

deviator ->

tiare -> I forgot my last one, here it is: HACIENDA: 1.5 tequila reposado, 0.5 benedictine, 2 oz blood
orange juice, ¼ agave syrup, o.5 fresh lime,. Shake and strain into glass filled w crushed ice.

deviator ->

samuraibartender -> tiare oooh

deviator -> you really owe it to yourself to see the second link

cocktailnerd -> got a drink, just need to remember and write it down

samuraibartender -> ; )

samuraibartender -> hahaha

cocktailnerd -> Morning Wood: 1.5oz tequila blanco, .5oz B&B, .5oz coffee syrup, .25oz fernet, 2d
absinthe shaken and strained into cocktial glass with lemon twist

deviator -> wow, that looks good!

cocktailnerd -> it actually is

napplegate -> i like the name gabe

cocktailnerd -> heya rowley!

SeanMike -> Oh and NOW Rowley joins us!

Reese -> Hi Rowley

nerdling -> Rrrrrowley!

cocktailnerd -> just in time for morning wood, rowley

napplegate -> lol
tiare -> WB Rowley

rowley -> ahoy there, kids

drink-well -> you know the germans always make good stuff

cocktailnerd -> C"MON!

cocktailnerd -> totes

napplegate -> freducine, linguine, martini, bikini

cocktailnerd -> Morning Wood: 1.5oz tequila blanco, .5oz B&B, .5oz coffee syrup, .25oz fernet, 2d
absinthe shaken and strained into cocktial glass with lemon twist

cocktailnerd -> blair is getting reverb

cocktailnerd -> it's sorta hot

nerdling -> So are we still taking turns, or do we need a new drink?

SeanMike -> I'll reverb you!

cocktailnerd -> Marleigh, spring it

rowley -> ah, see, there. I'm out on the MW: can't stomach coffee. But I appreciate the sentiment.

SeanMike -> and now Marleigh starts getting kinky

cocktailnerd -> I totally jumped in line

nerdling -> That's what she said.

cocktailnerd -> noice!

nerdling -> The working title is B&B: First Blood

cocktailnerd -> heh

cocktailnerd -> RamB&B

drink-well -> I already like it

nerdling -> Makes two: 3oz B&B, 1.5oz R&W Orchard Apricot, .75oz St. Germain, .75oz lemon juice, 4
dashes peach bitters. Shake, strain, sip.

deviator -> who is sitting right here and doesn't drink.

deviator -> I know

cocktailnerd -> 3oz?!

deviator -> :)

napplegate -> ive got one

nerdling -> MAKES TWO!

cocktailnerd -> oh, heh
samuraibartender -> heh

cocktailnerd -> I thought that was just a name

cocktailnerd -> you know, not to be taken literally

cocktailnerd -> b/c we do hang with Rick

cocktailnerd -> and you never know

napplegate -> The Crockett: 1 1/2 oz light bodied scotch, 1 oz coffee syrup, 1/2 oz cointreau, 1/2 oz
lemon juice, 1/2 oz benedictine

nerdling -> I have an advanced sense of the abstract. I can handle the non-literal.

cocktailnerd -> "light-bodied scotch" = your mom's first lover

napplegate -> haha

napplegate -> i dont mind something like dewars 12

napplegate -> just nothing too bold

cocktailnerd -> Anyone ableor willing) to make the Morning Wood or Makes Two?

cocktailnerd -> or, at this point, The Crockett?

drink-well -> is live coming from seattle?

cocktailnerd -> portland

cocktailnerd -> oregon, that is

deviator -> attn: chris (my chris) just said there should be a middle-eastern-themed drink night. I said "but
they really don't drink" - and he said "exactly, it would be a challenge."

SeanMike -> I don't have the orchard apricot or coffee syrup

drink-well -> i think they drink arak or something

drink-well -> get it?

samuraibartender -> deviator I am DOWN for that

drink-well -> me neither

samuraibartender -> arak, raki, all kinds of fun spices

napplegate -> SM, use kahlua or something similar if you must

tiare -> I have to call it anight..goodnight to mya all, have nice TDN!

deviator -> goodnight tiare!!!!

cocktailnerd -> night T!

napplegate -> night!

Reese -> Cya Tiare
tiare -> night

SeanMike -> I wonder if I have any still

napplegate -> gabe, let me know your thoughts on the crockett

samuraibartender -> I've got twitter Gabe

napplegate -> i have zero booze in front of me

cocktailnerd -> thanks Chris

SeanMike -> drink-well: the gindom isn't bad. It's a bit floral for me, but I could see it hitting the spot at
certain times.

cocktailnerd -> napple, I don't remember committing, but, you know, I"m GAME

drink-well -> thanks

deviator -> did someone say chambord & benedictine?

cocktailnerd -> they did

cocktailnerd -> Hey, Monkey Hut

deviator -> somoene post a recipe.

drink-well -> i think damn should try it

napplegate -> haha, np

cocktailnerd -> Would like your feedback on my Morning Wood

cocktailnerd -> you know, if you can take it

napplegate -> wait

deviator -> oh, the drink?

deviator -> nm

cocktailnerd -> heheh

napplegate -> wow i had to reread that

napplegate -> lol

nerdling -> That's what she said.

cocktailnerd -> Ok, napple, gfd

SeanMike -> wow, Paul's latest Proof blog is GREAT: -> ummm...
are the people posting on the vid chat just coming in off the street or sometihng? ;)

drink-well -> probably

drink-well -> i'm low on ingredients :(

junkhauler -> just a reader tonight
SeanMike -> okay somebody entertain Jeff, I'm out of witticisms

drink-well -> use more morningwood jokes

cocktailnerd -> Jeff?

cocktailnerd -> Who's Jeff?

drink-well -> What is he looking at?

SeanMike -> sorry - Morgenthaler

TheMonkeyHut -> I'll have to scroll up and try to find those witticisms, SeanMike

cocktailnerd -> Oh, HIM!

nerdling -> My liver is small and not very mighty. I must conserve my energy!

drink-well -> ouch

SeanMike -> Oh they're there

SeanMike -> and HYSTERICAL

TheMonkeyHut -> Oh, sorry. I was just reading my own website/

drink-well -> so you're the one that reads that

cocktailnerd -> so YOU'RE the reason it shows "7,000" hits/wk

drink-well -> too slow gabe

drink-well -> i win

ouroboros -> here comes the FIRE

cocktailnerd -> ok, gfd, the one by napple

cocktailnerd -> ummmm

drink-well -> Jeff, do you guys have celery bitters there?

cocktailnerd -> Crockett

sylvan -> that's me

TheMonkeyHut -> Apparently we do

napplegate -> my homage to Miami Vice

cocktailnerd -> "You be crockett, I'll be Tubbs"

drink-well -> Gimdom #2: 1/2 oz gin, 3/4 oz lime juice, 3/4 oz Benedictine, small dash celery bitters

napplegate -> haha, perfect

deviator -> wait! we wanna see!!

drink-well -> darkness falls
TheMonkeyHut -> FIRE

TheMonkeyHut -> FIRE

samuraibartender -> drink-well - That's shake strain up?

deviator -> yaaay

deviator -> what is it?

junkhauler -> flames are nice and blue

SeanMike -> too much smoking there Ouro

drink-well -> samurai, yes

samuraibartender -> cool

TheMonkeyHut -> FIRE

cocktailnerd -> hey there GB

cocktailnerd -> gfd

cocktailnerd -> FIRE FIRE

SeanMike -> heya GarnishBar

GarnishBar -> howdy. Just got in from the Ringling Bros. Circus. with the family.

SeanMike -> dear god my brother is watching the replay of the Super Bowl again and I still get mad when
I hear that safety...I will have to stop and watch the Holmes touchdown again to make me feel better

nerdling -> Oooh and Camper's here.

SeanMike -> NOW IT'S A PARTY

deviator -> hi camper!

camper -> howdy. just back from nyc

TheMonkeyHut -> CAMPER!!

samuraibartender -> Heya Camper

napplegate -> how do i paste things in the chat?

deviator -> so what was in the shot? (besides fire)

nerdling -> Whenever y'all are ready, we have another one. Specifically for our most specialest guest.

drink-well -> @SeanMike Hey Camper

drink-well -> oops

TheMonkeyHut -> It was 1 part fire, 1 part burning

ouroboros -> that was a lot of fire

deviator -> hahaha
junkhauler -> sounds like the Gren Lizard at Tiki Ti

ouroboros -> TTiki, you're lucky the stubble didn't catch

junkhauler -> green lizard

junkhauler -> but without the fire

TheMonkeyHut -> Is there one from Dan-O?

nerdling -> Oh yeah. The Donkey Kong Cocktail.

napplegate -> how does one paste into chat?

nerdling -> 1.75oz B&B, .25oz Frangelico, .25oz creme de banana, .25oz St. Elizabeth. Shake, strain, sip.

TheMonkeyHut -> Sounds.... delicious. Is there Banana Schnapps in it?

samuraibartender -> name?

napplegate -> persay a link copied from firefox

TheMonkeyHut -> There is no banana here.

deviator -> -> Riggins!

nerdling -> Epic fail.

TheMonkeyHut -> Yeah. Sorry.

samuraibartender -> or is that the The Donkey Kong Cocktail?

cocktailnerd -> bwd: crockett

cocktailnerd -> napple, this is very much centered on the coffee syrup

Dr. Bamboo -> There is no fail tonight, for we possess the GOLDEN BRANCADICTINE!!!

cocktailnerd -> Craig, that may be the best sentence ever

drink-well -> gfd

napplegate -> what does bwd mean haha?

cocktailnerd -> bwd = back with drink

rowley -> ahh, so it's NOT some morning wood crack

nerdling -> Not only is there no banana at Le Monkey Hut, but Portland loaned us their weather.

Dr. Bamboo -> Thanks Gabe!

TheMonkeyHut -> Keep it.

deviator -> to be more precise

SeanMike -> yeah i'm going back to B&B

napplegate -> you think a bit less coffee syrup gabe?
napplegate -> does it work or is it unbalanced

SeanMike -> saving my Benedictine for something good

cocktailnerd -> yes, let the scotch and cointreau come out more

cocktailnerd -> But there's probably a lot of variation in how coffee syrups are made and their

drink-well -> bwd

drink-well -> peachy lady

junkhauler -> gotta run, night everybody

napplegate -> how intense is yours?

drink-well -> who made it?

deviator -> g'night junkhauler

napplegate -> perhaps a 1/2 ounce?

drink-well -> ah T, and she's already gone

nerdling -> Night!

drink-well -> The Peachy Lady is quite tasty

cocktailnerd -> this may be the TDN ever

samuraibartender -> cocktailnerd Maybe...just maybe

cocktailnerd -> hey camper

drink-well -> and from now on will always have peach puree around

cocktailnerd -> no shit, did you have the live video running camper?

nerdling -> Anyone in PST, there is an AWESOME movie on SciFi right now. CGI Kraken!

cocktailnerd -> it's "must see tv"

napplegate ->

napplegate -> drat

SeanMike -> awesome 404!

Dr. Bamboo -> Roethlisberger is the very definition of 'it ain't pretty, but it works".

camper -> live video? was that tonight? no i just got here

SeanMike -> what to make, what to make...

cocktailnerd -> sylvan, you got the link?

TheMonkeyHut -> Matthew Ouroboros: Angkor Wat: 1.5 gin, .75 Benedictine, .5 lime, dash Angostura.
Shaken, up, lime twist
cocktailnerd -> make morning wood, SM

SeanMike -> that sounds a lot like the gindom

cocktailnerd -> you'd be terribly mistaken

SeanMike -> a bit less lime, plus a dash of angostura

cocktailnerd -> huh?!

Reese -> Well all, I must go. It's been great.

napplegate ->

cocktailnerd -> Cya Reese!

SeanMike -> cya Reese

sylvan ->

deviator -> yay, more 4040s

deviator -> 404s

TheMonkeyHut -> I'll tell him he stole your drink

cocktailnerd -> Jeff, I hope you realize that the word replacements that bear your name are a sign of
endearment, jealousy

SeanMike -> not my drink, it's drink-well's

drink-well -> what about it?

ouroboros -> I didn't realize

drink-well -> i missed that

TheMonkeyHut -> As long as mine isn't as bad as Bourdreau's....

ouroboros -> strange, it must have caught my eye and bypassed my brain

rowley -> I've got to roll, but would it be bad form to toss a recipe through the transom on my way out?

cocktailnerd -> true, Jeff, ain't nuthin bad as Boudreau's

cocktailnerd -> do it!

napplegate ->

drink-well -> oh i see

napplegate -> there we go, you could be the tubbs to my crockett gabe

rowley -> aight then.

drink-well -> is nobody tweeting anymore?

samuraibartender -> I am
cocktailnerd -> and, you know, darkly complected

drink-well -> oh, ok

samuraibartender -> did I miss someones?

napplegate -> haha

rowley -> named after an old term for revenuers in North Carolina, here's the Red Legged Grasshopper, a
light one...

cocktailnerd -> I'm waiting for the 1t Aromatic bitters recipe

rowley -> 2 oz homemade unoaked whiskey, .5 oz Benedictine, .5 oz Kirschwasser, 1 oz fresh lemon
juice, 2 dashes Fee’s orange bitters, 2 dashes Angostura bitters. Shake, strain into rocks with fresh
ice and top with Black Cherry soda (preferably Cheerwine from North Carolina or IBC).

cocktailnerd -> holy moly

drink-well -> the monkeyhut one

drink-well -> but they ripped off my drink anyway

drink-well -> :)

cocktailnerd -> Rowley

samuraibartender -> the angkor?

drink-well -> yeah

samuraibartender -> done

drink-well -> oh, missed it

cocktailnerd -> What would you sub for, you know, those of us w/o "unoaked" whiskey

cocktailnerd -> ?

rowley -> no vokda

cocktailnerd -> heh

cocktailnerd -> DAMN!

rowley -> build a still

nerdling -> Gah! Or black cherry soda.

TheMonkeyHut -> What?

cocktailnerd -> DONE!

TheMonkeyHut -> WHAT?

napplegate -> gabe

cocktailnerd -> ?

napplegate -> use kesslers as a sub
SeanMike -> damn I might have some unoaked whiskey but I don't have kirschwasser or black cherry

cocktailnerd -> don't have kirsch?

drink-well -> just making sure you were awake still. you look bored.

cocktailnerd -> cocktailian-fail

rowley -> or...really? no kirsch?

rowley -> huh

cocktailnerd -> So, I'll use Old Potrero :)

rowley -> could swing it back to sling territory and use Heering

napplegate -> time for the gym, night all

cocktailnerd -> night napple

rowley -> Gabe! OP is an excellent choice

cocktailnerd -> :)

drink-well -> Jeff, what's everybody behind you drinking?

cocktailnerd -> hey nathan!

SeanMike -> actually hold on a sec

drink-well -> howdy nathan

rowley -> like I said, over the transom and out the door. Just one to consider. Kids, I gotta split.

nerdling -> Okay, time for me to pack up dinner and head out. It's been a pleasure. Morgy, thanks for
coming to play. I'll see the rest of you degenerates later!

SeanMike -> I do!

oysterschnapps -> hi all!

cocktailnerd -> Rowley, the drink looks lovely

cocktailnerd -> I'll have to figure out how to work it with what I gots

drink-well -> bye nerdling

deviator -> DARQUEDICTINE: .5oz Benedictine, .5oz Starbucks Coffee Liqueuer, 1.5oz Cruzan or other
white rum, shake over ice, strain

TheMonkeyHut -> Some really sweet drinks. I think they're dropping B+B into Monster energy drink

cocktailnerd -> ouch

deviator -> whoops

deviator -> forgot to add

oysterschnapps -> just popping in for a minute to say hi, and pester the guys at Craig's :)
SeanMike -> I avoided doing my usual "drop a shot of X liqueur into Y beer" tonight

drink-well -> You're just letting that happen?

drink-well -> right behind you?

oysterschnapps -> wait...where are they?

rowley -> Thanks, Gabe ~ lemme know how she comes out with the subs.

deviator -> DARQUEDICTINE: (cont.) 2 dashes fee's barrel-aged bitters

nerdling -> G'night!

Dr. Bamboo -> Nathan!

drink-well -> lol

drink-well -> what happened?

oysterschnapps -> heya craig!

drink-well -> did somebody spill booze over there?

oysterschnapps -> I've been drinking your Dolin like mad :-)

deviator -> hi oysterschnapps!!!

sylvan -> how about another drink?

drink-well -> of course

oysterschnapps -> heya dev

sylvan -> Stumbling Monk: 1 1/2 oz rye, 1/2 oz Heering, 1/2 oz Benedictine, 3/4 oz Lillet blanc, 1/4 oz
simple, 2 dash Angostura orange bitters

oysterschnapps -> woo...sounds sweet

Dr. Bamboo -> Hey Nathan- good tip about the wine tote inside the backpack!

drink-well -> toting tips?

TheMonkeyHut -> Craig, that illustration from today's post was top notch adorable

oysterschnapps -> thanks! I tend to avoid driving when I'm carrying around liquor so it works well :)

sylvan -> the first try was 1.2 oz syrup, so that should be fine

samuraibartender -> indeed - brilliant

sylvan -> or you could use dry vermouth

Dr. Bamboo -> Thanks Monkey Gang!

Dr. Bamboo -> And Chris!

samuraibartender -> ; )

sylvan -> *1/2
SeanMike -> oooo, sylvan, I think I'll make that

samuraibartender -> agreed

deviator -> which drink are you tasting?

deviator -> hahaha

cocktailnerd -> hey, wife!

drink-well -> hello, gabe's wife

ouroboros -> I like the looks of that martini with benedictine splash, but eff the vodka

ouroboros -> heheheh

ouroboros -> gin, and dry vermouth

TheMonkeyHut -> Improved backseat Driver: 2 oz Rye, 1 oz Benedictine, 1 oz Lemon, dash Angostura

cocktailnerd -> she was listening to my fine audiofile of how to pronounce "mixoloseum"

drink-well -> but that ruins the joke ouro

drink-well -> is that your voice?

cocktailnerd -> yes

drink-well -> i love the ending

cocktailnerd -> my "training voice"

drink-well -> he got it wrong

jofrench75 -> he did

samuraibartender -> TheMonkeyHut - Shake Strain Up on that?

cocktailnerd -> hehehe

drink-well -> mix all... uh.. zee? um...

TheMonkeyHut -> I am summoning... lasers....

TheMonkeyHut -> DID YOU LIKE THAT?

cocktailnerd -> for you

TheMonkeyHut -> For your

cocktailnerd -> nooo!

drink-well -> what the hell are they drinking in the twilight behind you

cocktailnerd -> CAN'T

cocktailnerd -> FIHT

cocktailnerd -> BACK!
TheMonkeyHut -> sensing something....

deviator -> cocktailnerd: u have a link to said audiofile? ;)

drink-well -> log in and out of chat and it'll pop up

sylvan -> some day you'll have your own audio feed, gabe

cocktailnerd -> yup

drink-well -> rather, out then in

Dr. Bamboo -> Monkey Hut gang- if I make that w/ gin, can I call it the "Improved Minnie Driver"?

deviator -> blair is toast.

TheMonkeyHut -> YES

TheMonkeyHut -> no no, if I'm any carb, I'm a doughnut

TheMonkeyHut -> wives think that is funny

cocktailnerd -> srsly they did

cocktailnerd -> hahah

cocktailnerd -> you gots moxie, toots

deviator -> does anyone know who the people ar echatting on blogtv? :)

cocktailnerd -> yes

TheMonkeyHut -> Me

cocktailnerd -> I've met them

TheMonkeyHut -> and other jerks

cocktailnerd -> they're friends of mine

cocktailnerd -> and you sir

cocktailnerd -> are not on BlgTV

sylvan -> harsh!

cocktailnerd -> oh, the CHATing

drink-well -> could we get a prettier face in front of the camera?

oysterschnapps -> so I was to understand there would be live video feed

ouroboros -> it might be time to "just make drinks"

deviator -> what are you talking aboot? blair is cute :)

cocktailnerd -> jofrench75, is well, my wife

jofrench75 -> dustin diamond
sylvan -> nathan :

cocktailnerd -> can you imagine neil diamond, AdRock, and Screech around the dinner tbale together?

cocktailnerd -> *table

drink-well -> hey, somebody is still making drinks

cocktailnerd -> why?!

sylvan -> whaddaya think, SM?

camper -> i can only see an ad

SeanMike -> it's...interesting.

drink-well -> it goes away

oysterschnapps -> oh yes here we go

camper -> there u ares

drink-well -> would somebody buy?

sylvan -> hey, camper, you slumming on Thur?

cocktailnerd -> awesome

camper -> no i get harrassed in two forms at once

SeanMike -> I can't say I don't like it, but on the other hand -- hmmm. There's a lot there.

cocktailnerd -> indeed

cocktailnerd -> I've been dealing with it all night

camper -> yes

sylvan -> no, I think SM is talking about the drink

drink-well -> anybody have another drink idea?

camper -> which jerk is that

SeanMike -> and yes I was talking about the drink

samuraibartender -> Garden Monk: 1 oz B&B, 1 oz Calvados (or Laird's BiB), 3/4 oz Lemon, 1 1/2 Tsp
Simple, 1 1/2 Tsp Grenadine. Shake, strain, up. Orange twist.

deviator -> something horible has happened with my feed to the monkeyhutinexile

SeanMike -> yeah mine died

deviator -> seanmike: ahh

camper -> i had to refresh
cocktailnerd -> Yeah, the feed is getjost

SeanMike -> deviator: I know that because the building I park my car in has a Domino's

sylvan -> he's working on it

drink-well -> refresh page

deviator -> portland is kinda third-world - unstable internets

camper -> how else would they know im' wearing a pink shirt?

cocktailnerd -> Joana has it running on her PC. I am, mercifully, free of the virus on mine

TheMonkeyHut -> how about somthing dry?

TheMonkeyHut -> more gin based maybe?

drink-well -> hmm

samuraibartender -> or not...?

deviator -> I mean everyone in PDX roams around drunk all day, so infrastructure services are not
necessarily dependable

TheMonkeyHut -> something that would lead our conversation in a more, how do you say,
intelllllectuya'all direction?

cocktailnerd -> ?!

cocktailnerd -> who is manning that keyboard?

SeanMike -> why hasn't someone written on Ouro's head in magic marker?

cocktailnerd -> totally

cocktailnerd -> high cheekbones

cocktailnerd -> tie

cocktailnerd -> pressed shirt

cocktailnerd -> needs a good markering

deviator -> yay back

TheMonkeyHut -> one might sya, "elegant"

TheMonkeyHut -> whooops! out of tunes

cocktailnerd -> noooooes!

camper -> stupids

cocktailnerd -> party-fail
SeanMike -> sylvan: so, thought on the drink. It's good. It's not what I'd jump up and down for, but if I got
it at a bar, I'd say "oh, hey, this isn't bad."

SeanMike -> I like the complexity of it despite this late hour, but it almost feels a bit like it's trying too hard

sylvan -> I think it needs a little work

SeanMike -> also, my Lillet is a bit old, so it might not be helping

TheMonkeyHut -> chauncy?

drink-well -> Vesper Prayer: 2 oz Dry gin, 1/2 oz Lillet, 1/4 oz Benedictine

TheMonkeyHut -> recipe pls

SeanMike -> however, it gave me an idea for a very random drink I'm going to post here in a minute

drink-well -> Stir and Strain, serve up

cocktailnerd -> need to just do Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet for all of TDN

deviator -> drink-well: well-played

cocktailnerd -> nice, dev

drink-well -> thank you

Dr. Bamboo -> I love that band!

cocktailnerd -> twist of anything on that?

SeanMike -> man tonight is reminding me why I love TDN. A week ago I basically skipped and two
weeks ago was at Tabard so I was totes distracted the whole time (by sexy Rick).

drink-well -> MonkeyHut, try Vesper Prayer above

drink-well -> oh, twist of lemon

drink-well -> of course

cocktailnerd -> great one

TheMonkeyHut -> for serious- D us "chauncy cocktail"

Dr. Bamboo -> Dim the lights, chill the ham.

cocktailnerd -> heheh

TheMonkeyHut -> Dr.Bamboo name that band?

Dr. Bamboo -> I love you too.

cocktailnerd -> I BROUGHT IT UP!

cocktailnerd -> again
SeanMike -> seriously folks when are we doing a "Name drinks after bloggers and bartenders" TDN? :)

camper -> ooh, we wouldn't want to offend anyone

SeanMike -> at Tales?

cocktailnerd -> when no one will ever pay us again

deviator -> camper: hahah

drink-well -> TheMonkeyHut, you asked for a dry gin drink?

cocktailnerd -> oh my, dev, seriously?

SeanMike -> have a TDN in a room and have it "name it after people in the room"? :)

drink-well -> oh well

drink-well -> agreed

drink-well -> of course, THAT one they read

cocktailnerd -> hehe

cocktailnerd -> hey, is that ednbrg?

drink-well -> i'm gonna try again

SeanMike -> Heya Mrs. Blair

TheMonkeyHut -> Mrs. Blair again. Sorry we have to log out I need to go check facebook.

TheMonkeyHut -> heh,

cocktailnerd -> ugh

camper -> yeah surely theres something happening there

deviator -> it's called multitasking

echoedinburgh -> It is,, how is everyone?

deviator -> you can open a second browser window ;)

SeanMike -> hey Stevi was playing Mafia Wars on there, you can multitask

SeanMike -> (so was I)

cocktailnerd -> Well, sir! Good to have you!

TheMonkeyHut -> Just kidding!

cocktailnerd -> nice, ouro

SeanMike -> Hi diddly ho echoedinburgh!
drink-well -> Vesper Prayer: 2 oz Dry gin, 1/2 oz Lillet, 1/4 oz Benedictine, stirred, strained, served up
with a lemon twist.

deviator -> hahahahaha

deviator -> ahahahaha

drink-well -> almost worked that time

SeanMike -> I screenshotted it and will be...reviewing it ... later

cocktailnerd -> I could stand to be drinked, by something lighter than the VP

cocktailnerd -> nonono

SeanMike -> cocktailnerd : I'm about 5 mins from a ginger beer drink :)

cocktailnerd -> word

drink-well -> maitais yo

deviator -> mmm... maitais with benedictine... hmm

cocktailnerd -> Strega Daiquiri

SeanMike -> let me ... stand up ... (looks aroudn to make sure no one is looking) ... and try it out

deviator -> yaaay craig

Dr. Bamboo -> Man, I want one of those Vic's Mai Tai glasses.

cocktailnerd -> Strega/Benedictine Daiquiri

TheMonkeyHut -> Hey every body

drink-well -> last try, i promise

drink-well -> Vesper Prayer: 2 oz Dry gin, 1/2 oz Lillet, 1/4 oz Benedictine

TheMonkeyHut -> Craigh in control of the keyboard

cocktailnerd -> wb John

drink-well -> never gonna work, who else has a drink?

JohnTheBastard -> thanks, what'd I miss?

samuraibartender -> cocktailnerd - s'all good

camper -> we are multimedia

cocktailnerd -> doug!

drink-well -> howdy doug
deviator -> what exactly is the music now?

cocktailnerd -> late for your joining sir, good to see you!

cocktailnerd -> well, yes, doug

deviator -> ah. wow.

drink-well -> indeed

TheMonkeyHut -> in my and Heather's opinion 'The best album ever"

deviator -> hahaha

drink-well -> doug or john, do you have a drink for us?

Dr. Bamboo -> Doug!

cocktailnerd -> nice facilitation, dw

deviator -> g-d

deviator -> :)

drink-well -> i do what i can

Pegudoug -> Is there a B&B drink for losing $200?

Dr. Bamboo -> Gabe, nice!

drink-well -> i actually just want something to drink

JohnTheBastard -> i already put up 3 tonight. try one of those.

cocktailnerd -> you play poker tonight, doug?

drink-well -> i can't. my ingredient stash is not good here

cocktailnerd -> wb Dow

drink-well -> next week though

Pegudoug -> I LOST at poker tonmight.

TheDow -> ty

JohnTheBastard -> well...i'm about out of ideas.

TheDow -> We tried 2 of them, DW.

cocktailnerd -> apparently, doug. I'm sorry

JohnTheBastard -> actually, no i'm not.

drink-well -> he means of his drinks
TheDow -> Hackneyed them together, and I enjoyed.

TheDow -> ah

cocktailnerd -> Got a drink to offer or want a drink recommended?

SeanMike -> okay got a drink

deviator -> gin?

echoedinburgh -> See how this flies: 1.5 oz Genever, .5 oz Benedictine, .5 dry vermouth, 1 oz lemon
juice, dash egg white, shake/strain into chilled martini.

cocktailnerd -> GiN!

Pegudoug -> I see the Monkey Hut is hopping tonight....

Dr. Bamboo -> Doug just drank 3 Jet Pilots.

TheDow -> I need to try a Genever.

cocktailnerd -> hmmmmmm

JohnTheBastard -> make a blended daiquiri, sub benedictine for maraschino.

Pegudoug -> 2 Jet Pilot.

deviator -> yayaaayayayay for trader vic's glassware

cocktailnerd -> dash of egg white

drink-well -> not bad

SeanMike -> TheDow: I love love love me some Bols Genever

Dr. Bamboo -> :-)\

TheDow -> How do you color someone's name? Just click their name and change the color manually?

Pegudoug -> Could have contributed to poker losses.

camper -> sounds good

SeanMike -> TheDow - your name is automatically made red by the software

cocktailnerd -> You know what

samuraibartender -> echoedinburgh - got a name on that?

cocktailnerd -> to christen my bottle of Bols Genever

TheDow -> SeanMike On someone else's screen?

cocktailnerd -> I'm going to try ednbrg's
TheMonkeyHut -> I'm green now

drink-well -> TheDow did it work?

TheDow -> It did.

deviator -> I am Tiare's Mai Tai

drink-well -> oh, nice

echoedinburgh -> Not yet. Something like Holland Abbey might work.

SeanMike -> I make a lot of Bols Genever Old Fashioneds - a healthy dash of simple, a couple dashes
Repeal Day bitters, and a couple-three ounces of Bols Genever

SeanMike -> TheDow - no just on yours - like when you said my name there it's red for me.

deviator -> mmmm rum barrel

TheDow -> drink-well So, does it look black on my screen only, but then red on everyone else's?

deviator -> l

TheDow -> AH.

drink-well -> i guess so

SeanMike -> oh this is GOOD

camper -> not on me

TheDow -> I'm drinking a pseudo-tini atm.

drink-well -> non-bittered?

sylvan -> how sad

TheDow -> 4:1

deviator -> as they drink more at TMHIE they decide to create more ambitious and complex drinks...

TheDow -> I like.

cocktailnerd -> totes

SeanMike -> The Charlie Baker - build in this order in a collins glass full of ice - 1.5 ounces B&B, .5
ounces Cherry Heering, 1-2 dashes grapefruit bitters, top with ginger beer. Stir, drink, punch your cat.

cocktailnerd -> I hear all, I see all

samuraibartender -> echoedinburgh - cool, tiwttered under Holand Abbey

TheDow -> Kim took a sip, dw.

drink-well -> i should have gave you a lemon on your way out.
drink-well -> My bad

TheDow -> Made a funny face.

TheDow -> Ah, that's ok. I'll get one for my next one. Make it a real martini. Something to look forward

cocktailnerd -> hahah

sylvan -> real martinis have orange bitters

deviator -> haha

deviator -> yes.

drink-well -> what's the sub for that dev?

TheDow -> And the Peachy Lady. Dug that drink.

SeanMike -> who just walked away with a bar towel in their pocket?

deviator -> sub for 5 oz jager? 5 oz fernet branca of course.

deviator -> same effect.

sylvan -> that was CraigH

drink-well -> whatnot

Dr. Bamboo -> well, now the typing skills have gone.

drink-well -> don't look at them

drink-well -> they don't love you

deviator -> is there actually a camera person? :)

drink-well -> the baby

deviator -> ahh.

deviator -> yes.

Pegudoug -> I'll have the Strip, medium-rare, please.

drink-well -> blend and serve

Pegudoug -> I'm cold, may I have my mink, please?

TheMonkeyHut -> 1 1/2 oz Pisco, 1/2 oz Amber Martinique, 1/2 oz Carpano, 1/2 oz B&B, 1/4 oz St.
Elizabeth Allspice Dram, dash Barrel Aged Bitters

TheDow -> I was gonna GFD, but the cat ran away.

JohnTheBastard -> Okay, Im not waiting for a request, I'm just putting this up.
drink-well -> how esoteric

JohnTheBastard -> Daiquirictine: 2 oz cuban white rum, 1 oz lime juice, 1/4 oz grapefruit, 1/4 oz
Benedictine, 1 tsp simple syrup. Blend with ice.

drink-well -> quote of the night

TheMonkeyHut -> The... Tower of Babel

TheDow -> heh

cocktailnerd -> dude, ednbrg, this drink has something seriously wrong with it

Bamboo It might

echoedinburgh -> cocktailnerd: that's definitely possible. anything particular?

TheMonkeyHut -> They guy what ain't sendin' you falernum

SeanMike -> hey Blair - do you read achewood?

TheMonkeyHut -> I have seen it, and am to a degree familiar

cocktailnerd -> Bols Genever is beautiful in its maltiness, and this lemon, along with the egg white, gives it
a certain odd flavor

JohnTheBastard -> ah, blair, got it. who was wearing a tie earlier?

samuraibartender -> Ouro

cocktailnerd -> I would cut the lemon and use bianco

cocktailnerd -> heh

TheMonkeyHut -> That was Matthew (ouroboros), from boozecouncil

camper -> i hear you bithces

echoedinburgh -> wonder if there's a big herb battle between the genever, vermouth and the DOM.

drink-well -> herb battle?

Dr. Bamboo -> Chris- right on!

SeanMike -> did anyone else try the Charlie Baker?

drink-well -> sounds like college

cocktailnerd -> yeah, everything sinks to the back under the lemon and egg

cocktailnerd -> sorry man, I feel bad thrashing your first submission to TDN

drink-well -> no, unfortunately

deviator -> blah, I'm out - tty all later
deviator -> g'night

drink-well -> you can just speak, we can hear you

SeanMike -> cya deviator

drink-well -> later deviator

TheMonkeyHut -> Heather (Craig's wife), Sara (my wife), Char (Rick's Lady)

echoedinburgh -> i wouldn't worry about it. some things just don't work.

drink-well -> perfect

SeanMike -> no Rick is Char's lady

SeanMike -> sorry that was funnier in my head

SeanMike -> please don't hit me Char

drink-well -> Is Char short for Chartreuse?

JohnTheBastard -> yes

SeanMike -> it's short for Char-WOW!

drink-well -> Yay!

TheMonkeyHut -> Yes, Chartresue, de Bomarchay

drink-well -> what are they drinking?

drink-well -> aftershock?

drink-well -> this is going downhill

drink-well -> fast

TheMonkeyHut -> Post-preggatinis

drink-well -> Where's Natalie?

TheMonkeyHut -> no, same old ones

cocktailnerd -> oof


drink-well -> Too slow

JohnTheBastard -> LOLZ

drink-well -> liqueur

drink-well -> Doug couldn't stand it any longer
TheDow -> I'm about with him.

drink-well -> Madness? MADNESS?! THIS IS TDN!!!

camper -> refund!

cocktailnerd -> I think Doug was despondent

camper -> dougspondent

drink-well -> I'm not sure this whole live thing is working out

sylvan -> The live thing is working great over here!!!

drink-well -> what is it?

drink-well -> i mean, i'm not sure it's helping

JohnTheBastard -> it always devolves to 4chan

Dr. Bamboo -> What happened to Rick? Fernet coma?

drink-well -> it sure does explain a lot though

TheDow -> *anonymous*

cocktailnerd -> bbiab

cocktailnerd -> again

camper -> i think you cant hear my thoughts

drink-well -> gfd

cocktailnerd -> "Gabe, I'm scared gabe"

drink-well -> probably just gin, neat

cocktailnerd -> bbiab

drink-well -> boozefags?

JohnTheBastard -> yes.

drink-well -> gfd

SeanMike -> they just grew out of it until they get enough booze into them

samuraibartender -> ; )

JohnTheBastard -> gabe translated it into italian.

samuraibartender -> !

samuraibartender -> night TheDow
camper -> ciao dow

JohnTheBastard -> later ow

JohnTheBastard -> dow

SeanMike -> Nighty mc night night

echoedinburgh -> Night!

samuraibartender -> true this

SeanMike -> i'm going to finish my charlie baker, patiently waiting for OTHERS TO TRY IT, and then get
a beer (Dogfish Head 60 Minute) and read a bit as I go to bed (and log outta here)

SeanMike -> huh

camper -> lol

drink-well -> ready for a new drink?

samuraibartender -> surely

JohnTheBastard -> FOOT ON HEAD

drink-well -> The BBTart: 2 oz brandy, 1.5 oz Benedictine, 1.5 oz grapefruit juice, .5 oz lemon juice

drink-well -> Shake and serve on the rocks

drink-well -> oh and a dash of angostura

JohnTheBastard -> BBTart or BBtard?

drink-well -> Tart

drink-well -> it's a bit tart

drink-well -> try with and without angostura if you're willing. i'm curious of thoughts

JohnTheBastard -> but it could have been topical!

drink-well -> true

JohnTheBastard -> what happened to gabe?

drink-well -> how about the BBtardtart

JohnTheBastard -> sight

drink-well -> jager coma

SeanMike -> man i'm going to host a live TDN when i move. it'll be awesome.

SeanMike -> i'll taser Marshall on camera
drink-well -> fantastic

SeanMike -> well probably not marshall

SeanMike -> Rick definitely

drink-well -> anybody able to make the BBTart?

drink-well -> It's actually pretty good

drink-well -> not another one of my joke drinks

JohnTheBastard -> im actually probably done drinking tonight

drink-well -> probably isn't definitely

drink-well -> and you know you're curious

samuraibartender -> drink-well Yeah, I'll give that a shot

samuraibartender -> gfd

forrest -> well iam ouy of here have fun tonight

drink-well -> yay!

SeanMike -> night forrest

drink-well -> seeya forrest

samuraibartender -> Night forrest

drink-well -> live show, try above drink

Dr. Bamboo -> Well guys, almost 1 am...gotta call it.

SeanMike -> oh noes it is someone new again at the monkey hut

Dr. Bamboo -> happy drinking!

samuraibartender -> Night 'Doc!

drink-well -> who is that?

SeanMike -> night boo-boo

drink-well -> seeya Doc

TheMonkeyHut -> hithere

JohnTheBastard -> i was hoping someone would make the daiquiritine and tell me if its any good. if it
was good, i might make it.

echoedinburgh -> my, i should probably go, seeing as its 6am local. Night all!
Dr. Bamboo -> G'night everyone!

drink-well -> what's your name

TheMonkeyHut -> this is sylvan

drink-well -> oh, howdy sylvan

drink-well -> you should try the above drink

drink-well -> it's tasty

samuraibartender -> ok, gfd, for real this time

camper -> sylvan looks less evil than i expected

cocktailnerd -> oh, that's sylvan!

cocktailnerd -> hey man!

JohnTheBastard -> it sounds....horrible. no offense. i keep trying to mix benedictine and citrus, and
every time i hate it.

drink-well -> well he couldn't have looked more so, camper

cocktailnerd -> heh

cocktailnerd -> nice

drink-well -> first time for everything john

camper -> but his teeth are so shiny

drink-well -> of what?

camper -> do you have something done?

cocktailnerd -> wow, quite a few people left

cocktailnerd -> I need a drink

cocktailnerd -> and…ednbrg left

camper -> <- hollywood talk

drink-well -> try my new one gabe

cocktailnerd -> I blame myself, really

cocktailnerd -> ok!

drink-well -> the BBTart

JohnTheBastard -> alrite gabe, got one for you
drink-well -> or john

drink-well -> john's*

cocktailnerd -> I'll totally swing and do both at once

TheMonkeyHut -> nobody has left here really

JohnTheBastard -> i need you to tell me if its any good, cause my blender sucks and i dont actually want
to make it.

drink-well -> somebody submitted a blended drink?

cocktailnerd -> did craig get that from Pat O'Briens?

JohnTheBastard -> daiquiritine.

JohnTheBastard -> its on twitter

cocktailnerd -> ok, will check it out

JohnTheBastard -> lol

TheMonkeyHut -> you wish you had this jet pilot

camper -> that's lazy backseat bartending

cocktailnerd -> Ok, I'm making the daiquiritine

TheMonkeyHut -> no just another skinny goatee guy

cocktailnerd -> IT's A FIRE SALE!

drink-well -> the BBTart

drink-well -> don't think it made it to twitter

drink-well -> i'll copypaste

cocktailnerd -> thanks dw

drink-well -> The BBTart: 2 oz brandy, 1.5 oz Benedictine, 1.5 oz grapefruit juice, .5 oz lemon juice, dash
angostura, shake, serve on the rocks

SeanMike -> I will now refer to him as "Little Tommy Sunday" from now on :)

drink-well -> back in 10 minutes. have to switch computers.

SeanMike -> (is re-reading the War against the Posleen series again)

JohnTheBastard -> bbtard is on twitter

drink-well -> oh, thanks john

cocktailnerd -> Ok, BBTart, that's : 2oz B&B, .5oz Ben...
SeanMike -> you're on twitter

drink-well -> yeah

drink-well -> wasn't loading on mine for some reason

drink-well -> alright, back in 10

cocktailnerd -> ok, writing these down and then I'm gfd

cocktailnerd -> WHERE"S PAUL! dammit

cocktailnerd -> wb stevi

SeanMike -> got back from facebook stevi? :)

stevideter -> anybody died of benedictine OD yet?

cocktailnerd -> man, TDN has turned into an evening of fallen half-full soldiers sitting atround me to clean
up in the AM

cocktailnerd -> I complain about this, not at all

SeanMike -> i clean as i go, because i have roomies. soon, i will no longer do that

SeanMike -> and when i have kids, they will clean for me

camper -> heh

cocktailnerd -> BLOGTV

cocktailnerd -> indeed

cocktailnerd -> it's true

cocktailnerd -> SYLVAN!

TheMonkeyHut -> now jmo is drinkning beer. We have failed

cocktailnerd -> Feed him Jaeger, it's the only way

cocktailnerd -> FAIL!

cocktailnerd -> bbiab gfd

cocktailnerd -> BBTart

cocktailnerd -> and Daiquirithingy

TheMonkeyHut -> 2 at once?

SeanMike -> YES

SeanMike -> did he do a shot of grand marnier first? that'd make him a DC bartender...:)
SeanMike -> well, Gina and some others prefer Jameson' preference, too

SeanMike -> but they also do Miller High Life instead of'd say the Gina route is better.

TheMonkeyHut -> irish is so sweet

SeanMike -> though that's Redbreast and not Jameson's

TheMonkeyHut -> redbreast is much better

samuraibartender -> true, but jameson's beats many of the other irish varieties

stevideter -> ok, the B&B refresher: into glass of ice, pour 1 oz B&B, top with soda water, 2 dashes cherry

TheMonkeyHut -> hell, I even like pinkbreast

JohnTheBastard -> wb stevi...if you were gone

cocktailnerd -> first up, Daquiritineishthing

cocktailnerd -> heh

JohnTheBastard -> true

camper -> agree

cocktailnerd -> The Daquiritine is pleasant but safe and uninspiring

JohnTheBastard -> thats sort of a relief. i dont have to blend ice with my POS blender.

cocktailnerd -> and "Where's the Oronoco?"

JohnTheBastard -> because its B&B TDN and I am out of ideas.

cocktailnerd -> it's not the worst drink I've had this evening, by far

SeanMike -> okay kids i'm about outta here

cocktailnerd -> ok, now for the BBTart

cocktailnerd -> cya ShawnMic

TheMonkeyHut -> 'night

cocktailnerd -> Oh wow...

cocktailnerd -> the BBTart is actually tasty as hell and well balanced

cocktailnerd -> whose is this?

drink-well -> sweet

drink-well -> mine
TheMonkeyHut -> bbtart

cocktailnerd -> I used straight B&B essentially

drink-well -> that's fine

cocktailnerd -> and jus tshook it and poured it into a glass zombie-style

cocktailnerd -> but it's nice, well done

drink-well -> thanks

drink-well -> i liked it as well

TheMonkeyHut -> it is good, the bbtart

drink-well -> thanks monkeyhut?

drink-well -> oops, no question mark

cocktailnerd -> yeah, it's making my "Top 5" for sure

cocktailnerd -> unusual for a drink this late to be worth a stutz

drink-well -> did everybody over there try it

drink-well -> heh

cocktailnerd -> :

camper -> could you change the music please

cocktailnerd -> dump the benedictine and go with straight B&B I says

camper -> ok that was nerdy

drink-well -> i'll have to try that too gabe

cocktailnerd -> <LaForge>If we channel the dynamic thrust inducers through the deflector
just might work!!!</laforge>

TheMonkeyHut -> so smooth

TheMonkeyHut -> power failure

cocktailnerd -> Scotty wuld *never* have let this happen!

JohnTheBastard -> were it not for the laforge tags i would have guessed star wars

cocktailnerd -> HEH

cocktailnerd -> oops

cocktailnerd -> camper, you have any magic potions in mind this evening?
camper -> no

samuraibartender -> drink-well I just finished you BBTart - that was a fine & tasty beverage, quaffable

cocktailnerd -> agreed chris

drink-well -> wow, thanks

cocktailnerd -> But just use B&B

drink-well -> seems like folks liked it

cocktailnerd -> yup

cocktailnerd -> The Daiquiritine has sat unloved here

camper -> this is the music i requested you change earlier

JohnTheBastard -> use b&B instead of benedictine, you mean?

drink-well -> sorry, i'll probably try it on monday when i get home, gabe

camper -> i love QOTSA but i expect tiki-esque

samuraibartender -> cocktailnerd Did that too, figured it'd work just fine

camper -> <- backseat ipodding

cocktailnerd -> heh

drink-well -> he means instead of the mix of ben and brandy

drink-well -> i think

samuraibartender -> yup

drink-well -> right, gabe?

cocktailnerd -> yes

JohnTheBastard -> oh, got it, right.

TheMonkeyHut -> all camper says are LIES

cocktailnerd -> nice engrish

TheMonkeyHut -> camper is engrish

drink-well -> so what's the prize this time around?

JohnTheBastard -> is 1 dash angostura really enough to stand up to all that?

drink-well -> B&B?
drink-well -> a healthy dash

cocktailnerd -> John, actually yes, was surprised

cocktailnerd -> but it comes through well enough

samuraibartender -> UK copy of Haigh's Vintage Spirits & Forgotten cocktails

drink-well -> i think so, but i love angostura

cocktailnerd -> I think Fee's Aromatic might serve it better but it's needed either way

drink-well -> to me, it makes almost any drink better

cocktailnerd -> The prize is a copy of "The Mixicologist"

drink-well -> still haven't tried those gabe

drink-well -> oh, nice

sylvan -> what, in metric?

cocktailnerd -> and then Greg is giving Reese a side-prize

JohnTheBastard -> im gonna make half size, and use fee's whiskey barrel

drink-well -> side prize? for what?

cocktailnerd -> that will be a little drier but should work

drink-well -> yeah, that should be fine john

cocktailnerd -> to Reese for guessing where his (Greg's) drink's name came from

drink-well -> ahh

cocktailnerd -> heya Jen!

JohnTheBastard -> what was greg's drink called?

jentiki -> Hi!

drink-well -> howdy jen

cocktailnerd -> anyone else able to get the feed?

samuraibartender -> huh, thought when he linked to that page he was showing the prize...whoops, just a
plug then

cocktailnerd -> Belvecadeasomthing

camper -> are you changing the music now?

drink-well -> hm
camper ->

drink-well -> i'm getting the feed. but i'm not sure how into TDN they are at the moment

drink-well -> wb ouro

drink-well -> That's my favorite

jentiki -> Who all is at the Monkey Hut?

cocktailnerd -> I love it when Blair acts like he's too cool for us

cocktailnerd -> Blair, Craig H, Sylvan, Rick, Char, JMo

cocktailnerd -> Sara, Heather, your mom

jentiki -> Yeah, but I've seen him in the pith helmet, so I know better

cocktailnerd -> awwww

cocktailnerd -> heh

drink-well -> heh

drink-well -> yup

cocktailnerd -> Blair, you're looking good man

drink-well -> french fries

drink-well -> etc.

samuraibartender -> camper enjoy...?

drink-well -> howdy camper

drink-well -> web

drink-well -> wb

cocktailnerd -> poor camper

drink-well -> what are you guys drinking right now?

TheMonkeyHut -> I don't know, but it's on fire

jentiki -> oooohhhhhh

cocktailnerd -> I've moved onto the Daiquiritine

samuraibartender -> glass of water, polished yours off in record time

drink-well -> nice

drink-well -> that fire looks dangerous
drink-well -> with the plastic cup

drink-well -> yeah

cocktailnerd -> those guns!

TheMonkeyHut -> No, that was a ceramic coconut

cocktailnerd -> niiiice

drink-well -> oh okay, we can call the fire marshall back then

jentiki -> I believe it was a Trader Vic's Coconut

TheMonkeyHut -> I have been eating more

cocktailnerd -> hah!

cocktailnerd -> So, does JMo want nothing at all to do with any of this going forward?

cocktailnerd -> I would have to think so

TheMonkeyHut -> thatdrink was a Jim's Special

sylvan -> very tasty\

cocktailnerd -> oh hey sylvan, I forget you're logged on separately

drink-well -> what's in it?

sylvan -> wifi baby

sylvan -> ask rick

drink-well -> RICK!!!

drink-well -> I'm not sure he can hear me

cocktailnerd -> he wants to set absinthe on fire

drink-well -> they melted the straw?

cocktailnerd -> yes

samuraibartender -> haha

cocktailnerd -> twice

sylvan -> its still burning!

cocktailnerd -> they need metal straws

drink-well -> metal spoonstraw ftw

cocktailnerd -> DRINK!
jentiki -> a metal straw would get too hot

cocktailnerd -> nah, jen

cocktailnerd -> just tells you the pace at which you should be drinking

JohnTheBastard -> back with /bb/tard

drink-well -> nice

cocktailnerd -> interested in what you think, John

drink-well -> awaiting verdict

cocktailnerd -> !!

cocktailnerd -> ?

JohnTheBastard -> it doesn't taste anything like i would have guessed, which is to say, it tastes good.

drink-well -> thanks

drink-well -> i wasn't expecting it to be that good either to tell you the truth

cocktailnerd -> hahah

TheMonkeyHut -> I've had both

TheMonkeyHut -> Can you hear that?

drink-well -> very loudly

cocktailnerd -> cya Jen!

drink-well -> night, jen

samuraibartender -> laters jen

JohnTheBastard -> christian bale?

cocktailnerd -> yup

cocktailnerd -> when the DP came and started messing with lighting

cocktailnerd -> (DP= dir. photography)

JohnTheBastard -> what happened in i 3> huckabees?

cocktailnerd -> oh my

JohnTheBastard -> <3 rather

drink-well -> I less than three cocktails

cocktailnerd -> and russian article-man?>
drink-well -> <3

drink-well -> sounds like they have a new one

TheMonkeyHut -> 2 oz Tequila, 2 oz Dark Jamaican Rum, 1 oz Lime Juice, 1 oz Passion Fruit Syrup, 1/2
oz Orange Curacao, 1/2 oz Orgeat - Jim's Special

cocktailnerd -> Matt!

samuraibartender -> heya Matt

cocktailnerd -> heh

rumdood -> Hey

drink-well -> howdy matt

cocktailnerd -> you *must* get the Full metal Jacket version of blair on your screen

cocktailnerd -> it's pretty glorious actually

rumdood -> DW, looks like you opted for more grapefruit and went back to lemon

drink-well -> BACK to lemon?

cocktailnerd -> ?

drink-well -> Yeah, i'm confused too.

cocktailnerd -> ohmy

drink-well -> i did bartending school

rumdood -> The BBTart? Wasn't that the drink being worked on when I left with brandy, ben, grapefruit,
and lemon?

drink-well -> waste of money

samuraibartender -> not at THAT bartending school I hope

cocktailnerd -> did they teach you when to pick your nose?

drink-well -> not that one know

drink-well -> no*

drink-well -> nope

drink-well -> oh yeah, have you tried it Matt?

cocktailnerd -> well, no wonder you do it wrong

drink-well -> it's actually quite tasty apparently

cocktailnerd -> your boogers?
drink-well -> those too, but i meant the BBTart

drink-well -> "nobody really uses fresh limes anymore"

rumdood -> Haven't tried any of them. Got home about an hour ago, but have been pretty much just
settling ing

rumdood -> in

cocktailnerd -> noone uses fresh limes anymore

cocktailnerd -> they're hard to get

rumdood -> Returning phone calls, text messages, figuring out tomorrow

drink-well -> and expensive

drink-well -> heh

drink-well -> where are your priorities, matt?

drink-well -> booze first!

cocktailnerd -> *laugh

drink-well -> it's luggable

cocktailnerd -> Blair, does the feed get stored in any way?

drink-well -> only if they hit record

drink-well -> wb, john

rumdood -> I just saw JohnTheBastard -> thanks

rumdood -> Blair even

cocktailnerd -> Dude, yes, totally FMJ going on

drink-well -> FMJ FTW

rumdood -> I'm going ot have nightmares

drink-well -> I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep

rumdood -> GFD: Mind Bleach

samuraibartender -> cool, I'm heading off to bed - night all

cocktailnerd -> g'night chris

cocktailnerd -> Yes, but blair, do any of those have B&B or Ben. in them?

TheMonkeyHut -> all of them are rinsed with B&B
cocktailnerd -> oh really...a SHOT GLASS

drink-well -> "there are different types of shotglasses"

cocktailnerd -> hahaha

drink-well -> dood, are you watching the live feed?

cocktailnerd -> I think he is, hence the silence

cocktailnerd -> the horrified silence

drink-well -> maybe he stroked out from all the awesomeness

cocktailnerd -> ?!

rumdood -> I need one hand for the mouse

cocktailnerd -> speaking of two hands

JohnTheBastard -> i think 1/2 proportions of the bbtard is ample

cocktailnerd -> your mom is ample

drink-well -> that's probably true, it's got some body to it

cocktailnerd -> IT IS!

JohnTheBastard -> i suck at floats. i use a turkey syringe to insert the heavy liquid at the bottom of the
glass if i really need to do one.

cocktailnerd -> layering B&B, Benedictine, Char, and Milk?

drink-well -> we should have a layered drink TDN

JohnTheBastard -> a 4 layer drink?

drink-well -> indeed

rumdood -> I want some coffee-flavored lickur

cocktailnerd -> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

drink-well -> irish cream liquor?

drink-well -> that sounds awesome

cocktailnerd -> screw around and float it

drink-well -> floating liquors requires the force

cocktailnerd -> this guy is liek Stan Jones' grandson that sold out the family biz for magic beans

drink-well -> kahlue and midori
drink-well -> yum

drink-well -> kahlua*

JohnTheBastard -> true

cocktailnerd -> HAHAH

drink-well -> lol

drink-well -> nice

JohnTheBastard -> kahlua and midori

drink-well -> studly guys again

drink-well -> sour mix, not too much

drink-well -> any is too much

drink-well -> almond schnapps?

drink-well -> sweet

rumdood -> Almond....schnapps

cocktailnerd -> we need to invite him to the conference to speak and then just berate him incessantly

rumdood -> whaaaaa?

drink-well -> soco, yay

drink-well -> that would be awesome

cocktailnerd -> CREME DE NOYAUX FTW

rumdood -> And all this time I've thought amaretto was the way

rumdood -> And some Walnut Schnapps

cocktailnerd -> man

rumdood -> Bald Pussy Schnapps?

cocktailnerd -> heheh

drink-well -> blueberry schnapps ftw

rumdood -> Someone make him stop rubbing his beard

rumdood -> Please

JohnTheBastard -> i think they should revoke your bartending liscense for watching this stuff.

drink-well -> don't forget the irish cream licker
cocktailnerd -> OOPS

drink-well -> :)

JohnTheBastard -> sugar based? i guess thats sort of true

cocktailnerd -> this is what the internet was born for, no?

cocktailnerd -> BJ - sugar-type drink

cocktailnerd -> "Whaddya gonna do, eh?"

cocktailnerd -> heh

cocktailnerd -> How does the american bartending school stay in biz?

cocktailnerd -> Dude, limes are very expensive

rumdood -> People like blair watch their videos

cocktailnerd -> stop giving him shit

cocktailnerd -> wtf?

JohnTheBastard -> so, i've never looked into it...what does one have to do to get a bartending license?
does it vary by state? is ith through the ABA?

rumdood -> Images burned into my retinas that I never wantned

cocktailnerd -> you doing shots of bald pussies, blair?

cocktailnerd -> varies by state, john

cocktailnerd -> in some state syou have to take a test

cocktailnerd -> in some you just have to pay a fee

cocktailnerd -> and, of course, complete the application

rumdood -> He keeps hurting me

cocktailnerd -> very few, if any, require actual bartending training in regards to drink-making

JohnTheBastard -> do you have to take a class? what do they test?

cocktailnerd -> for me, John, I had to mail in a 10-question questionairre along with $50 to be licensed for
2 years

JohnTheBastard -> hmm

drink-well -> bwd

cocktailnerd -> Blair, who is that on the vid?

rumdood -> Is that Sylvan?
rumdood -> Peanuts or no?

cocktailnerd -> yes, sylvan is to blair's left

drink-well -> the julep, you know, like a mojito

rumdood -> DONE

cocktailnerd -> yes!

JohnTheBastard -> did you know that brizard made a tea liqueur?

drink-well -> everybody knows that john

drink-well -> i mean, no

JohnTheBastard -> wonder if its better than firefly

drink-well -> now they're watching something in a different language?

cocktailnerd -> I think he might kill you through the internet for denigrating firefly

JohnTheBastard -> i dont know if they make it any more. i found it in the cocktaildb gallery

drink-well -> who is that in the green sweater vest?

cocktailnerd -> heather I think

cocktailnerd -> craig's wife

JohnTheBastard -> i like most of brizard's products.

cocktailnerd -> wow

drink-well -> no big deal

cocktailnerd -> hey sylvan!

drink-well -> Does Carpano Antica make a good manhattan?

TheMonkeyHut -> Carpano Antica makes anything good

cocktailnerd -> hah!

JohnTheBastard -> carpano is beautiful.

cocktailnerd -> indeed

cocktailnerd -> "heavy" flavor

drink-well -> what was everybody's conversion drink?

drink-well -> mine was the old-fashioned

cocktailnerd -> what does that even mean?
cocktailnerd -> Aviation

cocktailnerd -> finding maraschino liqueur changed everything

drink-well -> what does conversion drink mean??

JohnTheBastard -> conversion from waht?

drink-well -> from not liking true cocktails

cocktailnerd -> huh?

JohnTheBastard -> wut?

JohnTheBastard -> uhh...gin matinis.

JohnTheBastard -> martinis

cocktailnerd -> Mattini

drink-well -> with rumdood mixed in?

JohnTheBastard -> mmm, rumdood and vermooth

JohnTheBastard -> lol

rumdood -> Just make sure it's dry vermouth

drink-well -> damn straight

drink-well -> and orange bitters too

rumdood -> Not as far as I know

cocktailnerd -> did you make a drink, matt?

cocktailnerd -> I have one more in me if you did

rumdood -> Yes

drink-well -> what's everybody's favorite orange bitters for martinis/martinezs?

rumdood -> A total throw-away idea

rumdood -> But I'm drinking it anyway

cocktailnerd -> For a martinez I've been using Bitter Truth

JohnTheBastard -> then i found ted haigh's book and realized he had done all the work for me.

drink-well -> interesting john

cocktailnerd -> for martinis I use Regan's

drink-well -> really?
drink-well -> i've only tried it with fees

cocktailnerd -> yup, I like the spiciness

drink-well -> i REALLY need to pick up some regans

JohnTheBastard -> depends on my mood. Fee's was my standard for like 3 years, so i still use it pretty

rumdood -> 1 oz Jamaican Rum, .5 oz Benedictine, .5 oz Tuaca, .25 oz Creole Shrubb, .5 oz Lime Juice,
2 dashes bitters. Shake with ice, strain into some sort of vessel designed to hold liquids...possibly with
frozen water of some sort

JohnTheBastard -> Angostura is probably the better bitters, but i have a strong affection for Fee's

cocktailnerd -> I don't have Ango orange, rick hasn't sent it to me yet

cocktailnerd -> observe

rumdood -> Did he eat chili?

JohnTheBastard -> what are they watching?

JohnTheBastard -> cheech and chong?

rumdood -> The Bartender Hates You

drink-well -> i wish rick would send me bitters

drink-well -> or anything

cocktailnerd -> well, I won them in a TDN, and he hasn't been able to get ahold of them

drink-well -> I have an idea. Let's create a cocktail one ingredient/person at a time.

drink-well -> each person adds an ingredient

JohnTheBastard -> hey, gabe, email me rick's address. i told him i'd send him robert hess's book, but he
never gave me an address

rumdood -> My drink needs a name

drink-well -> oh, let's name the drink first

JohnTheBastard -> we used to do that DW.

cocktailnerd -> will do John

JohnTheBastard -> i dont remember it ever working well. it was fun, but we'd spend an hour and a half
arguing about a base spirit

drink-well -> well our base has to be B&B of course

rumdood -> Or Benedictine
drink-well -> let's just start with 1.5 oz B&B

rumdood -> .5 oz Green Chartreuse

JohnTheBastard -> this is the problem with TDN themes. long after I am tired of the theme ingredient...its
still the theme.

drink-well -> nice

JohnTheBastard -> batavia arrack

drink-well -> .25 oz luxardo maraschino

cocktailnerd -> no!

rumdood -> Someone suggest Fernet for Rick!

cocktailnerd -> I actually did a decent fernet drink earlier

drink-well -> sure you did

cocktailnerd -> which is coming up in a few weeks, btw

JohnTheBastard -> fine, no batavia arrack. parfait amour

drink-well -> now i have to buy fernet?

cocktailnerd -> GAH!

rumdood -> You don't have Fernet?

drink-well -> nope

drink-well -> i'm pathetic

drink-well -> i only have about 80 bottles of booze

JohnTheBastard -> i have fernet because it came in the mail

rumdood -> Oh right

drink-well -> neat

rumdood -> What are you? Italian?

cocktailnerd -> Blair

cocktailnerd -> bah!

rumdood -> Armadilla Extract

drink-well -> a little

rumdood -> mmmmmm
cocktailnerd -> had an actual question

drink-well -> ask

cocktailnerd -> hehehe

drink-well -> BLAIR!!!

rumdood -> Who's scruffy lookin?

rumdood -> Gabe!

cocktailnerd -> so it would seem

cocktailnerd -> hey there Jeff

rumdood -> OMG it's' J-MO!

cocktailnerd -> how is Clyde treating you?

drink-well -> Jeff is back

cocktailnerd -> heh

cocktailnerd -> monosyllabic Jeff

cocktailnerd -> awesome

drink-well -> Hey Jeff, do you know how to cohost

drink-well -> i'll be on camera

cocktailnerd -> you say that like it would be a good thing mark

drink-well -> ahh

rumdood -> It doesn't sound like a good thing to me

rumdood -> And didn't Gabe have another drink to submit?

cocktailnerd -> whatev

cocktailnerd -> Oh, blair

cocktailnerd -> Did you have to take off work tonight?

drink-well -> heh

cocktailnerd -> hahaha

cocktailnerd -> tweaking

rumdood -> As they often do

cocktailnerd -> true
JohnTheBastard -> like, take out the ingredients, and replace them with other, better ones.

rumdood -> Normally I get to do at least two passes before submitting

drink-well -> Mine was good too, but I guess you wouldn't know that. You non-BBTart-taster.

cocktailnerd -> I soooooo want to have a "perfection" night where people bring on one drink from prior
TDNs and retool them so they work

cocktailnerd -> they're generally only 80% there at best in ere

rumdood -> I like it

drink-well -> i agree

JohnTheBastard -> true

drink-well -> best typing face ever

cocktailnerd -> Being mocked by JMO is the highlight of my day

cocktailnerd -> that should indicate the quality of life I lead

JohnTheBastard -> screen is too small to see chat and feed at the same time.

cocktailnerd -> that's why you need 3 laptops

drink-well -> What's wrong with your screen, John?

drink-well -> haha

drink-well -> It seems things may be winding down

JohnTheBastard -> did we do a chartreuse TDN already?

cocktailnerd -> yes

cocktailnerd -> in January

cocktailnerd -> heh, nice shot

JohnTheBastard -> oh...that was the one that happened when i was out of town

cocktailnerd -> hehe

cocktailnerd -> night!

drink-well -> goodnight, m'lady

drink-well -> crap, here come the faded jeans again

cocktailnerd -> be good, portlanders

drink-well -> "faded"
cocktailnerd -> zoooooom!

cocktailnerd -> night John

cocktailnerd -> good to see you this evening sir

drink-well -> night john

cocktailnerd -> bye rick

cocktailnerd -> RICK!

cocktailnerd -> hehe

JohnTheBastard -> indeed. fun as always. see you next week.

cocktailnerd -> have safe travels, rick

drink-well -> i always feel like that's too happy of a sound for when people leave

drink-well -> brought to you by American Bartending School

cocktailnerd -> night blairz

drink-well -> nighty night bliar

cocktailnerd -> adios all

cocktailnerd -> heading out myself

cocktailnerd -> heh

drink-well -> and others

cocktailnerd -> thanks for hosting the feed Craig, you beautiful creature

drink-well -> Yes, thanks

drink-well -> What happened to stevi?

drink-well -> okay, well I'm gonna call it a night... after a couple more cocktails of course.

drink-well -> until we meet again

TheMonkeyHut -> Night

TheMonkeyHut -> anyone there?

TheMonkeyHut -> Woot! good night world

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