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Web-Based CRM for Small Businesses


									Web-Based CRM for Small Businesses

        Web-based/on-demand/hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are
gaining popularity among small business owners. Small business owners need to accept the web-
based CRM as a business technology strategy to revolutionize their businesses and maximize
their profits. There are many Web based CRM providers in the market. Apptivo’s CRM for
small business is beneficial for those in the field of sales, marketing, and management. Here we
look at the advantages of using a web-based CRM for small business owners.

Low Installation Cost and Easy Implementation –

        There are times when small businesses may not be able to install on-premise CRM
application due to its cost. However, with the advent of cloud computing and software as a
service provider, they can implement the web-based CRM applications. Compared to the
traditional CRM applications, the hosted CRM systems are easier to install and implement. All
small business owners have to do is select the modules that his or her business requires, ask the
service provider to customize CRM applications accordingly, and start using it.

Web-based CRM Offers Flexibility –

        Web-based CRM systems for small businesses are subscription based services. It allows
the user to add or remove features as per the needs of the business model. That is a small
business owner can subscribe and pay for only those features that are absolutely necessary for his

Automated CRM Systems –

        Web-based CRM software is useful for those businesses with very few staff members.
For instance, there are hosted CRM applications which allow automated email services. Instead
of employing someone to manually send the emails and conduct surveys, the compa ny can use
the automated emailing services. Here customers can enter relevant information about
themselves where the data will be automatically updated, and stored in the database of the
company’s on-demand CRM system.

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Accessibility Anytime Anywhere –

        Remember, the data you need is on the web, therefore, you can access the information
anytime you want from anywhere. All that is required is a reliable Internet connection. Even
while on the move, a small business owner can do manage their business. They can contact their
customers from any location and enter current details into the database without any delay. Web-
based CRM is beneficial to the employees who work from home or on-site because they can
maintain accurate customer records from wherever. Everyone involved in a project will get
access to the current and up-to-date data.

Easy Consolidation of Data –

         A major advantage of web-based CRM for small businesses is that information regarding
the customers (mail addresses, phone numbers, and customer preferences) can be gathered,
consolidated, updated, and analyzed. A web-based CRM, which has power-call features, will
enable small business owners to connect with prospective customers from around the globe by
programming and automating sales call lists. That is, On-demand CRM applications help small
businesses run their business smoothly while also scaling their businesses to increase their

By installing and integrating web-based CRM in their enterprise, the small business owners can
offer new and better services to their customers. Web-based CRM applications are suited for
small businesses because the total cost of overhead is reduced. All maintenance, data security,
and upgrades are conducted by the CRM service provider. Web-based CRM applications are a
blessing for the small business owners.

-Maya Pillai is passionate about helping small businesses and professionals. She is a blogger for
Apptivo's Small Business University .

© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.

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