Registration Procedure by niusheng11


									               2011 State Leadership Conference and Food Events Competition
                         Registration Procedure – General Guidelines
NOTE***if a student is both a voting delegate and an event participant – enter student status as
voting delegate - the computer will automatically list events

NOTE to FOODS advisers        ***you are not required to enter a voting delegate
                              ***you will not have banquet entrée choice on your registration
      Before you start your online registrations - have on hand:
                 user name and password - that you used last year for registration
                 completed worksheet
Cannot remember user name/password or don’t have one - contact Miriam Chavies at – put FCCLA on the subject line to ensure that Miriam will open

*Log on to the appropriate website: - State Conference - Foods Competition

*Click on Registration
       Enter          user name
       Press submit

*Verify and update all information – adviser and school
       ***NOTE: Payment option – check or credit card
       Press submit

***NOTE CHANGE: ---- Advisers – you will need to add yourself to registration

*Screen - Registration for: ------- your school’s name
       Add new name
               First name
               Last name
       Grade level – 9, 10, 11, 12
       Status options – adviser                     banquet guest                chaperone
                       event participant            participant-workshop         voting delegate
                       state officer candidate      interview panel member
       Level – Junior, Senior, Occupational
       Banquet entrée – chicken or salmon
       Press submit

*Select events
       Check/select event
       Enter topic/title
       Press submit
*T-shirts      If a participant would like to purchase a t-shirt ($10 each)
       Click on “t-shirt” next to their name on registration
       Enter the amount/number of t-shirts participant wishes to purchase
       Press submit
Keep adding new names until all have been registered

*View registration – at this point you can either save and finish later Or Submit

*Registration Invoice screen
       If complete – print copy of invoice
       Click confirm – to submit registration

***NOTE: If you are paying by credit card –
     *The credit card fee of 4% will be automatically calculated and added to invoice
     *You will need to log on to - to get the credit card form, which must be
            completed and submitted no later than Friday, March 4, 2011

Send copy of invoice, copy of affiliation and check made out to Colorado FCCLA, postmarked no later
than Friday, March 4, 2011.
To:    FCCLA State Leadership Conference
       9101 E. Lowry Blvd.
       Denver, CO 80230-6011

Once you have finished with your registration, be sure to either click the LOG OUT link or exit your
browser – to make sure that the connection is securely closed. This will ensure that no one can get in and
make changes in your registration.

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