Optima Bike Policy by liuqingyan


									Optima Bike Policy
                                       WHAT OUR TERMS MEAN
Loss or damage to your bike            Any word or expression which is        United Kingdom                         Comprehensive
accessories or spare parts        3    defined on this page is to have the    England, Scotland, Wales,              All parts of this policy apply.
                                       same meaning wherever it appears       Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man
LIABILITY TO OTHERS                    in the policy documents and            and the Channel Islands.               TPF&T
Cover provided for you            5    irrespective of its typeface or                                               (Third party fire and theft)
                                       colour.                                Great Britain                          All parts of this policy apply.
Cover provided for other people   5                                           England, Scotland and Wales.           Part A1 will only apply for loss or
Cover provided for legal               You                                                                           damage resulting from fire or
                                       The policyholder whose name is         Excess                                 theft or an attempted theft.
personal representatives          6
                                       on the schedule or, in the event of    The first amount of any claim
Legal expenses                    6    your death, your legal personal        which you will be responsible for      TPO
                                       representatives.                       if your bike is lost, stolen or        (Third party only)
Emergency medical treatment       6                                           damaged.                               All parts of this policy apply
                                       We, Us                                                                        except for part A1.
USE ABROAD                         7
                                       Groupama Insurance                     Young Rider
                                       Company Limited.                       A person under the age of 25 at        F&T
                                                                              the time of an event which you         (Fire and theft only)
No claim bonus                    8    Your Bike or Motorbike                                                        Part A1 of this policy applies but
                                                                              may be entitled to claim for.
Cover while your bike is being         Any bike/motorbike for which you                                              only for loss or damage resulting
serviced overhauled or repaired   8    have a current certificate of motor    Inexperienced Rider                    from fire or theft or an attempted
                                       insurance under this policy.           A person who has a provisional         theft.
GENERAL EXCEPTIONS                 9                                          licence or a person who has held a
                                       Certificate of Motor Insurance         full licence for less than 12 months   Accessories
POLICY CONDITIONS                 10   Evidence that you have motor                                                  Items which are permanently
                                                                              at the time of an event which you
                                       insurance as required by law.          may be entitled to claim for.          attached to your bike. Helmets,
                                                                                                                     gloves and other items you wear
                                       Pollution or Contamination             The Schedule                           are not included.
                                       ALL pollution or contamination of      The schedule attached to this
                                       buildings or other structures or of    policy. Please read the schedule       Acts of Terrorism
                                       water or land or the atmosphere.       carefully as it sets out the cover     The use or threatened use of any
                                                                              we will give you under this policy.    action, force or violence by any
                                       ALL injury loss or damage                                                     person or group of people
                                       directly or indirectly caused by the   We will give you a replacement         whether acting alone or on behalf
                                       pollution or contamination.            schedule whenever you renew the        of any organisation or government
                                                                              policy or if you make any changes      committed for political, religious,
                                       Market Value
                                                                              to the policy during the period of     ideological or similar purposes
                                       The cost of replacing your bike
                                                                              insurance.                             including the intention to
                                       with a bike of the same make,
                                                                                                                     influence any government or to
                                       model, specification, age, mileage     The terms used in the schedule         intimidate and/or put in fear the
                                       and condition as your bike was         to define the cover have the           public or any section of the public.
                                       immediately before the loss or         following meaning:
                                       damage you are claiming for.
Our contract                                             The law which applies to                                         Our customer care policy
with you                                                 our contract                                                     Groupama Insurances is committed to
                                                                                                                          delivering the highest standards of customer
This policy is a contract solely between you and us.     You and we can choose the law which will apply to this
                                                                                                                          care. We are always interested in your
It is not intended that the Contracts (Rights of         contract. We have decided the law which will apply will
                                                                                                                          feedback and you can contact us on the
Third Parties) Act 1999 should confer any                be the law of the country in which you live.                     following telephone numbers – or via email.
additional rights under this policy in favour of any                                                                      Telephone calls may be recorded.
                                                         If you do not live in England, Wales, Scotland,
third party.
                                                         Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of
The proposal (or any statement of fact or                Man, the law which will apply is the law of England              Claims
statement of insurance prepared from information         and Wales.                                                       Claims Centre Manager
you have provided) and declaration you make are                                                                           Personal Insurances Claims Centre
                                                         IMPORTANT                                                        1 Port Way
part of this contract. The schedule, any
                                                         Please read this policy, schedule and certificate of             Port Solent
endorsements and the certificate of motor
                                                         insurance carefully and make sure that they meet your            Portsmouth
insurance are all part of this policy. You must read
                                                         needs. If you have any queries please contact your               Hampshire
them all as one document. We will insure you
                                                         broker or intermediary who will be glad to help you.             PO6 4TY
against legal liability, loss or damage under the
                                                         Please keep this policy, schedule and certificate of             Tel     0870 240 1895
sections shown in the schedule during any period
                                                         insurance in a safe place. You may need to refer to              Fax     023 9220 5495
of insurance set out in the schedule. You must
                                                         them if you make a claim.                                        Email claims.care@groupama.co.uk
keep to the conditions of this policy.
                                                         Cooling Off Period
The cover applies throughout Great Britain,                                                                               Policy Administration and
                                                         We hope that you will be happy with your insurance policy. If,
Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of   having examined your policy, you decide not to proceed, you      Documentation
Man and the Channel Islands except when we say           have 14 days from the date you received your policy document     Operations Manager
otherwise. Your bike is also covered when in transit     to cancel this policy and receive a refund of premium. To do     Groupama House
within these countries and between any of their          this you should contact the intermediary or organisation that    60 Spring Gardens
ports.                                                   sold you your policy.                                            Manchester
                                                                                                                          M60 1HU
                                                         Any refund of premium given may be subject to a charge for
On behalf of Groupama Insurance                                                                                           Tel     0161 834 9888
                                                         any period that cover has been in force plus reasonable
Company Limited.                                                                                                          Fax     0161 839 9143
                                                         administration charges. Any refund will be subject to the
                                                         return of the policy document and any Certificate of Motor       Email admin@groupama.co.uk
                                                         Insurance or Cover Note.
                                                         A refund of premium will not be given if you have made a                                continued overleaf....
Pierre Lefèvre
                                                         claim under the policy or an incident has occurred which may                                                     1.
CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE                             give rise to a claim under the policy.
     Our customer care policy continued

     Our Commitment to You                            If you still feel that we have been unable to   Financial Ombudsman Service
     ●   We will make sure all the information        resolve the matter to your satisfaction then    If you are still unhappy following receipt of
         we give you will be clear, fair and          please write to our Chairman & Chief            our final response, you can refer the dispute
         accurate.                                    Executive, at:                                  to the Financial Ombudsman Service who
     ●   We will always try to be fair and                                                            will review your case on an independent
         reasonable whenever you need the             Groupama Insurances                             basis. The address is:
         protection of this policy.                   Groupama House
     ●   We will also act promptly to provide         24-26 Minories                                  The Financial Ombudsman Service
         that protection.                             London                                          South Quay Plaza
                                                      EC3N 1DE                                        183 Marsh Wall
     If things go wrong                               0870 850 8510                                   London
     Whilst we will make every effort to              020 7264 2860                                   E14 9SR
     maintain the highest standards, we                                                               Tel: 0845 080 1800
     recognise that there may be some occasions
     when we fail to satisfy the particular                                                           Financial Services
     requirements of our customers. We
     therefore have in place procedures to                                                            Compensation Scheme
     investigate and remedy any area of concern.                                                      Groupama Insurance Company Limited is
     In such circumstances we promise:                                                                covered by the Financial Services
                                                                                                      Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means
     ●   To acknowledge any formal complaint in                                                       that you may be entitled to receive
         5 days or less.                                                                              compensation if we are unable to meet our
     ●   To have the issues reviewed by a person                                                      obligations. Full details are available from
         of appropriate seniority and authority.                                                      the FSCS.
     ●   To identify the person managing your
                                                                                                      If you take any of the action mentioned
         complaint in our original letter of
                                                                                                      above, it will not affect your right to take
                                                                                                      legal action.
     ●   To respond fully to your concern or
         complaint within a maximum of 28 days.
         If for any reason this is not possible, we
         will write to you promptly to explain
         why we have been unable to finalise the
         matter quickly. We will also let you
2.       know when we will contact you again.
Loss of or damage to                                 If a replacement for any damaged accessory            If your bike cannot be driven because
                                                     or part of your bike is not available we will pay     of the loss or damage covered under this
your bike accessories                                the value of the accessory or part at the time of     policy we will pay the reasonable cost of
or spare parts (PART A1)                             the loss. We will not pay more than the               protecting your bike and taking it to the nearest
                                                     manufacturer’s last quoted list price in the United   competent repairer. After it has been repaired
WHAT       IS    INSURED:                            Kingdom for the accessory or part. If such a list     we will pay the reasonable cost of delivering it
If your bike, is lost, stolen, or damaged, we will   price is not available the most we will pay is the    to your address in the United Kingdom.

either:                                              manufacturer’s last quoted list price in the United
                                                                                                           If your bike is damaged by something
.    repair the damage;
     replace what is lost or is damaged beyond
                                                     Kingdom for an equivalent accessory or part.
                                                     We may use accessories or parts, including
                                                                                                           covered under this policy you must:
                                                                                                               do whatever is necessary to protect your
.    economical repair;
     pay you cash for the amount of the loss or
                                                     recycled parts, which are not made or supplied by
                                                     the manufacturer of your bike but are of a similar
                                                                                                           .   bike and its accessories;
                                                                                                               report the incident to us as soon as possible.
     damage.                                         type and quality to the parts we are replacing.
                                                                                                           Please refer to page 11 to 12 for full
                                                     We will not be responsible for additional storage
We have the right to choose which                                                                          information on the reporting of claims.
                                                     costs caused by the unavailability of an accessory
action to take in the case of any claim.
                                                     or spare part nor the cost of importation of any
Accessories and spare parts which are only for       accessory or part into the United Kingdom.
your bike, and are on your bike, at the time of
the loss or damage, will be covered in the same      The most we will pay is the market value of
way.                                                 your bike, accessories and spare parts at the
                                                     time of the loss or damage. We will not pay
                                                     more than the amount for which you insured
                                                     them. If your bike is under a hire purchase or
                                                     leasing agreement, we will pay any claim to the
                                                     legal owner.

     WHAT IS         NOT        INSURED:                 .   loss of or damage to telephone,                   Young Riders: If your bike or any of its
                                                             communication or navigation equipment of          accessories or spare parts are damaged while the
     This applies to all claims under part A1
     of the policy.
                                                         .   any kind;
                                                             loss or damage as a result of a deliberate
                                                                                                               bike is being driven by or in the charge of a
                                                                                                               person who is young, you will be responsible for

     We will not pay for any of the following:
                                                         .   act by anybody insured by this policy;            the first part of the cost as shown in the schedule

     .  any excess shown in the schedule;                    loss of your bike by deception by someone         You must pay this in addition to any other excess

     .  loss of use, loss of value, wear and tear;           who claims to be a buyer or a buying or           amounts shown in the schedule. You must pay the

        mechanical, electrical, electronic or computer
        failures or breakdowns;                          .   selling agent;
                                                             any further damage caused after an accident
                                                                                                               excess for each claim involving damage to your
                                                                                                               bike. If we pay any of these amounts you will
        damage to tyres from braking or by road              due to your bike being used under its own         have to repay the same amount to us as soon as

     .  punctures, cuts or bursts;
        loss, destruction or damage caused directly      .   power.                                            possible.
                                                             loss of, or damage to, any radio, cassette,
        by pressure waves caused by aircraft and             disc player or similar apparatus or accessories
        other aerial devices travelling at or above          or parts of any such apparatus. This does

     .  the speed of sound;
        any reduction in the market value of your
                                                             not apply if there is an endorsement in the
                                                             schedule saying otherwise.
        bike following any repair whether or not as

     .  a result of any claim under this policy;
        loss of or damage to any trailer whether or
        not it is being towed by or attached to your

Cover provided                                          Cover provided for                                  WHAT IS         NOT       INSURED:
for you (PART A2)                                       other people (PART A3)                              This applies to all claims under parts A2 and

WHAT        IS    INSURED:                              WHAT       IS    INSURED:                           A3 of the policy.

This policy covers you for:                             If you ask, we will provide the same cover to
                                                                                                            We will not pay for any of the following:
all you legally have to pay for the death of or
personal injury to any person as a result of an
incident involving your bike;
                                                        the following people:
                                                             anyone you allow to drive your bike if
                                                                                                               loss of or damage to property belonging to,
                                                                                                               or in the custody or control of any person
                                                             allowed by your certificate of motor
                                                                                                            .  insured under this part of the policy;

damage to any property as a result of an incident
involving your bike, but the indemnity against
                                                        .    insurance;
                                                             anyone you allow to use your bike for social
                                                                                                               anyone driving your bike who has never held
                                                                                                               a licence to drive it or who is disqualified
liability including all costs, expenses and indirect         domestic and pleasure purposes (this does
                                                                                                            .  from holding or applying for such a licence;
losses other than those covered under Legal
Expenses (PART A5) for such damage is limited to        .    not include driving);
                                                             any person travelling on or getting on or
                                                                                                               anyone who fails to keep to any of the terms,
                                                                                                               exceptions, conditions and endorsements of
£20,000,000 in respect of any such incident or series
of incidents arising out of one event.
                                                             off of your bike;
                                                                                                            .  this policy;
                                                                                                               anyone entitled to cover under any other

The same cover will apply if you are driving in
the United Kingdom any other bike which the
                                                                                                            .  policy;
                                                                                                               liability for the death of or injury to any
                                                                                                               person arising out of their employment by
certificate of motor insurance allows you to
                                                                                                               any person insured under this policy except
drive providing you have the owner’s permission
to drive.                                                                                                   .  as required under the Road Traffic Acts;
                                                                                                               loss of or damage to any bike being used or
                                                                                                               driven under this part of the policy .

     Cover provided for                                 Proceedings for manslaughter or                    Emergency medical
                                                        causing death by dangerous driving
     legal personal                                                                                        treatment (PART A6)
                                                        or causing death while under the
     representatives (PART A4)                          influence of drink or drugs: We will pay           WHAT      IS   INSURED:
     WHAT       IS   INSURED:                           for legal services to defend anyone insured
                                                                                                           We will pay emergency treatment fees as
     If anyone insured under the policy dies we will
                                                        under this policy if proceedings are taken
                                                        against them for manslaughter or causing death
                                                                                                           required under the Road Traffic Acts
     transfer to their estate the protection
     we provide under this policy.                      by dangerous driving or causing death while
                                                        under the influence of drink or drugs. The

     Legal expenses (PART A5)                           .
                                                        following conditions apply to this cover:
                                                             you must ask us to provide and we must

     WHAT       IS   INSURED:                           .    agree to provide the cover;
                                                             the death(s) giving rise to the proceedings
     General representation: If we give our
                                                        .    must be covered under this policy;
                                                             the event causing the death(s) must have
     prior written permission we will pay the fee for
                                                             happened in the United Kingdom  .
     a solicitor to:
         represent any person insured under this
         policy at any coroner’s inquest or fatal

     .   accident inquiry;
         defend any person insured under this policy
         in a court of summary jurisdiction in
         connection with any accident which you
         may be able to claim for under parts A2 or
         A3 of the policy.

                                                                                                          For travel outside these countries a Green Card
Foreign use (PART A7)                                   Extended cover                                    will be issued showing the countries and dates
WHAT        IS    INSURED:                              If we agree we will provide the wider cover       for which the wider policy cover

This policy provides the minimum cover you
                                                        shown in your schedule while your bike is being
                                                        used outside the United Kingdom or the
                                                                                                          is being provided .
need by law to use your bike in:
     any country which is a member of the European
                                                        Republic of Ireland or while your bike is in
                                                        transit between the United Kingdom or the         Customs duty/delivery
.    Union;
     any other country which agrees to meet
                                                        Republic of Ireland and any other country which
                                                        we have agreed to provide cover for.
                                                                                                          If your bike cannot be driven because of
     European Commission Directives on motor
                                                                                                          loss or damage covered by this policy and
     insurance and satisfies the European Commission
     that it has made arrangements to meet the          .
                                                        For this wider cover to apply you must:
                                                            request us to provide the cover before your
                                                                                                          subject to prior agreement, we will pay the
                                                                                                          reasonable cost of delivering it to your address
     requirements of these Directives.
                                                        .   departure;
                                                                                                          in the United Kingdom and any customs duty

WHAT IS          NOT         INSURED:                   .   tell us which countries you are visiting;
                                                                                                          you have to pay as a direct result of the loss or
Unless we have agreed to extend full policy
                                                        .   tell us your date of departure and return;
                                                            pay any required additional premium  .        damage

cover for use of your bike abroad we will not pay
                                                                                                          Driving of
for any of the following:
    loss of or damage to your bike or its accessories
                                                        International motor
                                                        insurance certificate                             other bikes

.   and spare parts;
    any third party liability which is more than the
                                                        (Green Card)
                                                        A Green Card is no longer required for travel
                                                                                                          Part A7 of the policy applies only to your
                                                                                                          bike. If your certificate allows you to drive
    minimum cover required by the European                                                                any other bike that cover does not apply

.   Commission Directives;
    any claim arising out of the use of your bike in
                                                        within those countries which are members of
                                                        the European Union or which meet the
                                                                                                          outside the United Kingdom   .
    any country that does not meet the European         requirements of the European Commission
    Commission Directives.                              Directives on motor insurance.

     ADDITIONAL BENEFITS - all policies
     No claim bonus                                     Cover when your
     1. If no claim is made you will qualify for a no
                                                        bike is being serviced,
        claim bonus. You cannot transfer your no        overhauled or repaired
        claim bonus to someone else. We will            The cover you have under this policy applies to
        allow the maximum no claim bonus if you do      you when your bike is in the hands of a motor
        not claim for seven years.                      trader carrying on a business from a motor trade
                                                        outlet or premises for service, overhaul or repair.
     2. If we pay emergency treatment fees under
                                                        On such occasions we will ignore the limitations
        the Road Traffic Acts it will not affect your
                                                        about driving and use described in your
        no claim bonus.
                                                        certificate of motor insurance.
     3. You can ask us for information on how
        your no claim bonus may be affected by a
        claim .

GENERAL EXCEPTIONS applicable to all of the policy
1. This policy does not apply when any                         war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection,            .  Customs examination areas of passenger

.  bike covered by it:
   is being driven by or is in the charge of any
                                                               military or usurped power or acts of
                                                                                                                    7. We will not be liable for death of or bodily
   person not allowed to do so under your                                                                              injury to any person or damage to property
                                                          4. This policy does not provide cover except

.  certificate of motor insurance;
   is being used other than for the purposes
                                                             under parts A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 for any
                                                                                                                       directly or indirectly caused by pollution
                                                                                                                       or contamination unless the pollution or

.  shown in your certificate of motor insurance;
                                                          .  accident, injury, loss or damage caused by:
                                                                                                                       contamination is directly caused by a sudden,
   is being driven with your permission by any
   person who you know has never held a licence
                                                          .  earthquake;
                                                             riot or civil commotion if it happens outside
                                                                                                                       identifiable, unintended and unexpected event
                                                                                                                       which happens in its entirety at a specific time
                                                             Great Britain, the Isle of Man or the Channel

.  or is disqualified from holding or applying for one;
   is towing for reward a trailer or disabled
                                                                                                                       and place during the period of insurance.

                                                                                                                        We will treat all pollution or contamination

.  mechanically propelled vehicle;                        5.    This policy does not cover any loss, damage or
                                                                                                                        which arises out of one event as having
   is towing more than one trailer or disabled
   mechanically propelled vehicle at any one              .     legal liability directly or indirectly caused by:
                                                               ionising radiations or contamination by
                                                                                                                        happened at the time the event took place.

.  time;
   being driven by you, if you do not hold a
                                                               radioactivity from irradiated nuclear fuel or
                                                               from any nuclear waste from the combustion
                                                                                                                        This exception will not apply in
                                                                                                                        circumstances where we have to meet
   licence to drive that type of bike or you are
   disqualified from holding or getting a                 .    of nuclear fuel;
                                                               the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other
                                                                                                                        any compulsory motor insurance laws.

                                                                                                                    8. We will not pay the claim and all cover
   licence.                                                    hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear
                                                               assembly or nuclear component of it.                    under the policy is forfeited if you or
2. This policy does not cover any liability incurred as                                                                anyone acting for you makes a claim
   a result of an agreement or contract unless that       6.    We will not pay for any liability, injury,             under the policy knowing the claim
   liability would have existed otherwise.                      damage or accident while the bike is parked            to be false, fraudulently inflated or
                                                                or is being driven in any part of an                   supported by fraudulent documents
3. Except as required under the Road Traffic Acts,
   this policy does not cover any loss or damage          .     airport or airfield set aside for:                     or if loss, damage or injury is caused

   caused by war, invasion, act of foreign enemy
   hostilities (whether or not war is declared), civil
                                                          .    moving, taking off or landing of aircraft;
                                                               aircraft parking areas and associated roads,
                                                                                                                       by your wilful act or with
                                                                                                                       your connivance    .
                                                               and ground equipment parking, maintenance
                                                               and refuelling areas;
      POLICY CONDITIONS applicable to all of the policy
      1. You or your legal personal representatives must              If we ask you must let us examine your bike at any        letter. We will send this notice to your last known
         give us in writing as soon as possible full details of       reasonable time.                                          address. You must send us the policy and
         any event which could lead to a claim under this                                                                       certificate of motor insurance and then we will
                                                                  6. Your bike must have a current MOT certificate
         policy. You must also send us unanswered any                                                                           refund to you a part of your premium.
                                                                     if applicable.
         letters, notices, writs or summonses you receive to
                                                                                                                            9. If we accept a claim under part A1 of this policy
         do with the claim. If you know of any possible           7. The insurance cover this policy provides                  but cannot agree the amount to be paid we will
         prosecutions, inquests or fatal accident inquiries          depends on the terms, exceptions, conditions              pass the matter to an arbitrator.
         you must tell us immediately in writing.                    and endorsements in this policy document and              The arbitrator will be appointed in accordance
                                                                     the schedule which must be read as one
      2. You must not admit responsibility or offer or                                                                         with the law in force at the time. The arbitrator
                                                                     document. Everyone claiming cover must do
         promise anything without our written                                                                                  must have made a decision before you can take
                                                                     everything the policy requires for it to stay in
         permission.                                                                                                           legal action against us.
      3.    If we wish we may take over and deal with                                                                       10. If the law of any country in which you are
                                                                  8. If you want to cancel this policy, you must tell us
           your claim in your name. We may also pursue                                                                          covered by this policy says we must settle a
                                                                     in writing and at the same time send to us your
           any claim to recover for our benefit any money                                                                       claim which we would not otherwise have paid
                                                                     certificate of motor insurance.
           we have paid out under this policy Anyone                                                                            we can ask you or the person who incurred the
           claiming cover under this policy must give us                                                                        liability to pay us that amount.
                                                                      As long as you have not made a claim under the
           whatever information and help we need.                     policy, we will refund part of your premium. If       11. If you do not pay a premium we will not
                                                                      the policy is cancelled in its first year we will
      4. If at the time a claim is made under this policy                                                                       provide cover from the date the premium was
                                                                      calculate the refund by using our scale for short
         any other policy exists that would cover the                                                                           due.
                                                                      period insurance. If the policy is cancelled in any
         claim, we will pay only our share of the claim
                                                                      other year we will calculate the refund on a pro      12. If you claim under this policy and you are paying
         unless it says differently in this policy.
                                                                      rata basis.                                               your premium under a Groupama Insurance
      5. You must do all you can to protect your bike                                                                           credit scheme we may take from any
         and keep your bike in a road worthy condition.               We or our authorised agent may cancel this
                                                                      policy by giving you seven days’ notice by
                                                                                                                                claim settlement any amount you owe us    .
If you are involved                                   from the repairer. If possible you should get        Before settlement can be made you will need to

in an accident or your                                estimates from two repairers and send them to
                                                                                                           provide us with:

bike is stolen
                                                      us immediately. Once you have sent the
                                                                                                           .    your certificate of motor insurance;
                                                      estimates, you may ask the repairer who gave the
                                                                                                           .    the bikes registration document;
Call Claimline on 0870 240 1895 as soon as            cheapest estimate to carry out the repairs.
                                                                                                           .    the bikes MOT test certificate;
possible after the incident has occurred.
                                                                                                           .    all sets of bike keys;
Assistance is available on this number
24 hours a day.
                                                      If we, or our representatives, think the repair
                                                      estimates(s) you have sent us is unreasonable,       .    the bike purchase receipt;
                                                                                                                details of any outstanding finance relating

The information you will
                                                      we can contact the repairer. If we cannot agree
                                                      on the cost, we can arrange to move your             .    to the bike;
                                                                                                                any other documentation that you may wish
need to provide to us:
.                                                     bike to another repairer. If this is the case, we         us to take into account such as the bike’s

.   your policy/certificate number;                   will pay for any work already done.                       servicing history.

.   your personal details and those of the driver;
    full details of the incident and any other        If your bike is a total loss
                                                                                                           NOTE: Sending the documents to us direct
                                                                                                           will avoid any unnecessary delay in issuing
    parties involved.                                 If your bike is irreparable or repair costs exceed   your settlement cheque.
                                                      the market value of your bike and its accessories
The claim form:         This will be completed over                                                        An engineer will contact you to agree a
                                                      it will be considered a total loss. Once this is
the telephone when you call Claimline.                                                                     valuation for your bike, subject to deduction of
                                                      determined we will immediately move your bike
If necessary the claim form will be sent to you                                                            any applicable policy excess, outstanding finance
                                                      to a place of free storage, so please ensure that
for checking and signing.                                                                                  and any premium still to be paid. Once you have
                                                      wherever possible all your personal effects are
                                                                                                           accepted this amount and subject to all
                                                      removed from your bike. You should note
Getting your bike repaired: If your                                                                        information and documentation being in order,
                                                      that all total loss bikes are placed on an
bike needs to be repaired please arrange for your                                                          we will issue you with a cheque (please allow 7
                                                      industry-wide register to guard against fraud
bike to be taken to the nearest competent                                                                  working days).
                                                      and this information is shared between
repairer. We will pay any reasonable costs for
                                                      insurance companies.
protecting your bike and for moving it to and                                                                                        continued overleaf.....

                                                      CLAIMLINE 0870 240 1895                                                                                  11.
      A GUIDE TO MAKING A CLAIM continued
      NOTE: For reasons of safety and to prevent        If a third party                                   General
      fraud, insurers actively discourage the
                                                        is involved                                        Information (if applicable)
      retention of total loss bikes by policyholders.
      Future insurance on such bikes may be refused.    DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY. Obtain names,              Cherished or personalised
                                                        addresses and telephone numbers of those           number plates:
      If your bike is stolen                            involved (eg. drivers, passengers, pedestrians     If your bike is stolen and not recovered or
      If your bike is stolen and recovered with
                                                        and witnesses). Please also obtain insurance       rendered a total loss you should contact the
      damage, it will either be repaired or a total
                                                        details for any vehicles involved and offer your   DVLA at the earliest opportunity to make the
      loss payment made in the manner already
                                                        insurance details to anyone involved               necessary arrangements to transfer the plate to
      described. If the bike is not recovered this
                                                        in the accident. Forward any third party           a replacement bike. NOTE: Failure to
      will also be treated as a total loss.
                                                        correspondence to ourselves unanswered.            do so could delay your claim.
                                                        Do not attempt to deal with any claim
      NOTE: We may arrange for a Groupama
      Representative to visit you to help us with our   yourself unless agreed by us.                      Uninsured loss recovery: When making
      investigation of theft claims                                                                        a claim any costs incurred which are not
                                                                                                           included under your policy, such as the excess
                                                                                                           are known as ‘uninsured losses’ If you are not at
                                                                                                           fault then you may be entitled to recover these
                                                                                                           from the known third party. You may have
                                                                                                           separate cover to assist in this recovery; check
                                                                                                           your documentation or contact the third
                                                                                                           party or their insurers directly
      CLAIMLINE 0870 240 1895                                                                              for reimbursement .


If you are involved in an accident    4. DO NOT admit blame or               6. Letters and documents
or your bike is stolen call              offer any payment                      All letters and documents you
Claimline on 0870 240 1895 -             Accidents are stressful, but it        receive to do with the incident
assistance is available on this
number 24 hours a day.                  .
                                         is essential that you do not:
                                             admit blame; or
                                             make any offer of payment;
                                                                                should be forwarded to
                                                                                us unanswered.
The following guidelines will help                                           7. Theft
                                         as it could make it more
us to help you with your claim.                                                 If either your bike or its
                                         difficult for us to manage
1. STOP                                  your claim and may also                contents are stolen, you

   If you have an accident with:
       another vehicle;
                                         affect your rights.                    should report the matter to
                                                                                the police as soon as possible.

       a pedestrian;
       an animal (livestock);
                                      5. Record all the facts
                                         Record all the facts of the         8. Note

  .                                      accident as soon as possible,          It will help speed up your
       a dog; or                                                                claim if you have all your
                                         regardless of how trivial the
       another person’s property;
   you must STOP at once.
                                         incident may seem at the time -
                                         they may help prove your case.         .
                                                                                documents to hand, such as:

                                                                                .    certificate of motor insurance;
2. Exchange all details

  .Important information is:
      the names and addresses of
                                            A rough sketch of the scene
                                           showing all the positions of
                                           the vehicles involved, the road
                                                                                     driving licence;
                                                                                     registration document; and
                                                                                     MOT certificate                             Groupama Insurance Company Limited
     all those involved (including         signs, markings, width, skid            (if applicable).                                   Registered Number 995253

  .  those of any witnesses);
      insurance company details
                                           marks, obstructions, where
                                           the incident happened and
                                                                                We will then guide you
                                                                                through the claims process.                     Registered in England Registered Office:

     (including policy numbers
     if known);
      registration numbers of
                                        .  the road names can help.
                                            A note of the weather
                                           conditions, visibility and
                                                                             What happens next is
                                                                             on page 11 - entitled:
                                                                                                                                            Groupama House
                                                                                                                                             24-26 Minories
                                                                                                                                           London EC3N 1DE
     the vehicles involved.                conditions of the road etc.         A GUIDE TO                                                www.groupama.co.uk

3. Show your certificate

  .of motor insurance
     If someone is injured in the
                                        .  is also useful.
                                            If you have a camera handy,
                                           all the better - take a
                                                                               MAKING A CLAIM
                                                                                                                               Member of the Association of British Insurers
                                                                                                                                  Authorised and regulated by the
                                           photograph of the accident                                                                Financial Services Authority
    accident, you must show your
    certificate of motor insurance         scene and any damage.                 CLAIMLINE
    to anyone who has a good                                                   0870 240 1895
  . reason for asking to see it.
     You must also report the
    matter to the police within 24
                                                                              NOTE : It is important that you only use these
                                                                                  numbers in connection with a claim.
    hours of the incident, and also
    show them your certificate of
    motor insurance.

                                                                                                                                               GR242 10/04

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