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									                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice
   Award Winning Publication of Golden Valley VFW Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary
            The Post Home: 510 West Allen Street, Clinton, Missouri 64735 Telephone: 660-885-5980
                  HF (Rick) House III 660-924-1853,postal.blue@hotmail.com, Editor & Publisher
                              Emory and Mary Hosmann 660-885-3649, Assistants

Commander:        Bill Howell     885-3897                     President:   Barbara Danforth   525-1376
Adjutant:         Sam Gibbons     890-2370                     Secretary:   Pat Snyder         885-6817
Quartermaster:    Bob Easton      885-4920                     Treasurer:   Mary Hubbard       885-7404
Chaplain:         Charlie Fry     885-4676                     Chaplain:    Cathline Vest      885-9777

                 VFW Golden Valley Post 1894
                     Weekly Breakfast
Come enjoy an exceptional, open to the public break-
fast, every Saturday morning at the Post Home (510
                      West Allen Street). The breakfast
                      will be available from 6:00 am
                      until 10:00 am for a donation of
                      $5.00 per adult, children age 6-12
                      are half price, and children under
                      6 are free, meal includes eggs
(cooked any way including omelettes), hash browns,
french toast, pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, biscuits,
sausage gravy, toast, orange juice and coffee. It’s the
best deal in town!! Tell all your friends about it, and
gather for the fellowship and food every Saturday
morning. Come and support the Post.
  Post members who pay their 2010 annual VFW Post
 1894 dues at the breakfast will get their meal for free.
            November                       The Golden Valley VFW Voice                                     Page
              2009            VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                       2

                                                                                       VFW NATIONAL HOME
                                                                                         FOR CHILDREN

                                                                             Latest Update is at the following link:

  VFW Membership                                                             http://www.vfwnationalhome.org/newsroom/
    Annual and Lifetime plans
available. Reasonable rates, and
 financial assistance is available                         If you’re not already a Life Member please
      for those who qualify.                               consider it for this worthwhile organization.
    Ask about our discounts                                  Cost is only $35.00 and includes a Life
        for older veterans.                                                Member Pin.
     Contact Bob Wonnell at
 (660)890-2072 or (660)351-2410
        for more information
                                               asked that tickets to a Chief''s home game be   Have you talked at your Post meetings
            NOTICE                             made available to Military personnel and area   about any of the following?
                                               Veterans as a thank you for their service to
                                               our country.
The Building and Grounds Committee
will be giving it’s report to the mem-                                                            1) How over a third of all claims proc-
bership at the November 12th meeting.              Branson's Veterans'                         essed by the St. Louis Regional VA office
                                                                                               is handled by the VFW Service Officers?
It is expected that motions concerning
real estate will be introduced at this             Homecoming Week
meeting.                                                                                         2) How the VFW Service Officers have
                                                Branson, Mo. will honor America's veter-       helped veterans in your Post and commu-
                                                 ans, service-members, and their families      nity?
      MEMBERSHIP                               during its "Branson's Veterans Homecoming
                                               Week" Nov. 5 - Nov. 11. From the opening           3) How VFW Service Officers obtained
                                                   ceremonies on November 5th for the          over $120,000,000 dollars in benefits for
You may be contacted by several mem-
                                                 "Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial          Veterans and their widowers in Missouri
bers concerning your membership if you         Wall" at the Welk Theater through the 76th      last year?
   have not paid your 2010 dues yet.             Annual Veterans Day Parade and closing
Please be patient if you have paid as we       ceremonies on Nov. 11, Branson's Veterans         4) How the cost to the Department of
  are providing new unpaid lists at the         Homecoming Week is billed as the nation's      our Veteran Service officer program is
             Post meetings.                     largest Veterans Day celebration. Dozens       over half the Department budget and
                                                of special events take place throughout the    over $11.00/member?
                                                 week for veterans and their families. For
                                               more information, call the Branson Tourism
                                                                                                 5) How survival of the program de-
                                                      Center at 800-785-1550 or visit
                                                                                               pends on regular Post donations?
      Tales from the                                www.BransonTourismCenter.com
                                                                                                 6) How the State Commander has asked
        Webcom                                                                                 that all Post donate on a continuing basis
                                                                                               at least $3.00 per member?
                                                    A Letter from the State
                                                                                                 7) How it is now (November) and your
 Anheuser Bush Distributor                          Adjutant/Quartermaster
                                                                                               Post may not have contributed to the pro-
     Kansas City Chiefs                                                                        gram?
 Support Troops & Veterans                     How often have your heard or said the
                                               words, “Don’t worry man, I’ve got your            “Does Your Post Have Their Back?”
                                               Back.” It’s something that’s been said
                                               and heard in all generations of combat             Comrades, it’s time we show our Ser-
                                               veterans and is often heard today.              vice Officers that all Posts in Missouri
                                                                                               “Have Their Back.” It’s time we have
                                               Whether it was said to the point man on a       100% support of the program. Our Ser-
                                               patrol in Korea or Vietnam or a soldier         vice Officers deserve nothing less.
                                               entering a building in Iraq, it was words
                                               we all could count on.                          Jessie L. Jones
                                                                                               State Adjutant/Quartermaster
                                                 Comrades, our Service Officers are on
                                               the front lines and in the trenches every
The Kansas City Chiefs Football Club and       day fighting the VA system for the earned
Anheuser Bush Distributor, County Beverage     benefits of our veterans and their
                                               spouses. All the rest of us are “in the rear
                                                                                                   Read more about these stories
Co. Lees Summit, MO., presented a check to
Tom Hartman, Chairman, Missouri Veterans       with the gear”. Can you honestly say,                        and others at
Foundation, and Chris Bell, VFW District #5                                                       http://vfwwebcom.org/Missouri
Commander. Kate Jackson and Becky Con-
                                                      “My Post Has Your Back?”
roy, of the Chief's Club, made the presenta-
tion. Anheuser Bush and County Beverage
         November                        The Golden Valley VFW Voice                                   Page
           2009           VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                       3

                                                     Veteran friendly local events
                                            Clinton School District will be having their annual Veterans Day As-
                                               sembly on Wednesday November 11, 2009 at 9:00 with Grade School and Middle
                                            School and at 10:30 with High School. The ceremonies will last about 45 minutes each.
         Comrades, this year is             Veterans are invited to attend both ceremonies. After the 10:30 ceremony lunch will be
going by fast and Thanksgiving is            provided for those wishing to stay and visit with students. A veteran’s tour of the new
almost upon us. Take a moment                               High School is currently being negotiated for after lunch.
this year to remember what you
are thankful for. I wish to thank             In recognition of your service to our country, all veterans and active duty military
all of the volunteers who are help-                                           Applebee's
                                           personnel are invited to eat free at                     Neighborhood Grill & Bar Res-
ing make the Saturday morning              taurants this Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2009. All U.S. veterans and ac-
breakfasts a success.         If you       tive duty military with proof of current or former military service will eat free at all
have not been in to have break-            Applebee's nationwide on Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009. (Proof of service
fast yet on Saturday you have no           includes: U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card, U.S. Uniform Services Retired
idea what you’re missing out on,           Identification Card, Current Leave and Earnings Statement, Veterans Organization Card,
you definitely get your money’s            photograph in uniform or wearing uniform.)
worth, also if you need to pay
your dues and do so at the break-                          For additional details, visit: www.applebees.com/vetsday
fast, you get to eat for free! I defi-
nitely think this is the best value
in town and it also supports the           Golden Corral               will be having their annual Free Veterans Meal on Monday,
VFW. If you are interested in              November 16, 2009 and will allow veterans and active duty military to enjoy a free meal
                                           during their regular hours of operation.
helping out once a month in a
rotation, contact the Kitchen Man-         follow.                                       $8.00 a person. ALL Proceeds go
ager Sam Gibbons at 660-890-                        Our Saturday breakfast is            to Cancer Aid and Research. You
2370, or the Commander Bill                working well.      Only $5.00 for             can purchase your ticket from Beau-
Howell at 660-885-3897. I really           adults and 2.50 for children 6-10             lahmae Hook at 660-885-4055
appreciate all the Comrades help-          and under 6 are free. We could
ing out with recruiting and collect-       use some volunteers, ladies our
ing 2010 dues, we still have a             job is very easy. Sitting at a table
                                                                                                  The history of
ways to go to reach 100% for this          to greet guests and accept their                       Veterans Day
year. We will have several mem-            donations. Please call if you                       (formally known as
bers coming around to collect              would like to help. A big “Thank
dues, please do not be upset if                                                                   Armistice Day)
                                           You” to the men who are handling
you are contacted more than                all the heavy work.
once, as new lists are passed out                                                        (Reprinted from the Internet)     By
                                                    I hope you are finding the
at the meetings, and if you are                                                          Steve Paul Johnson, November 9, 2000
                                           new electronic Bingo on Saturday
unpaid for next year you will be           nights to be much easier than you
on the list until the meeting after                                                      It was known as "the War to end all
                                           were expecting. Of course you
you pay when they are passed                                                             Wars". The first world war is consid-
                                           can still play the games on pa-
out again..Our Post Christmas                                                            ered today as the event which has
                                           pers, an even better idea is to try
                                                                                         had the greatest social and political
party will be on the 20th of De-           both.
                                                                                         impact in the annals of human his-
cember beginning at 5:00 pm at                      Make a difference projects
                                                                                         tory. It has been estimated that
the Post Home. Hope to see                 are well organized, if you want to
                                                                                         more than 61.5 million soldiers from
                                           help contact Faye Ball for more
everyone there.                            information.
                                                                                         all nations took part in the war, of

                     Bill Howell                    Our Americanism Chair
                                           Betty Conrick will have done her
                                                                                         which 8.5 million were killed, 12.5
                                                                                         million received recoverable injuries,
                                                                                         and 7 million were permanently in-
                                           program at 3 schools by the time
                                           you receive this newsletter.
                                                    A comment from the Dis-
                                           trict 6 President on our Inspection           The United States, which entered
                                           report “This is a very busy Auxil-            the war late, suffered among the
        Our Cancer-Aid and Re-             iary”. Ladies give yourselves a               fewest losses, at approximately
search Chair has been very busy            round of applause for all the hard            116,000. Nevertheless, the impact
selling pins, tickets for the 50-50        work you put in to making us                  the war had upon Americans was
Drawing and tickets for the Fund           such a great auxiliary.                       great. President Wilson, who
                                                                                         boasted that he would keep the
Raiser Dinner. If you have not
yet gotten your ticket please see                    Barbara Danforth                    United States out of the war,
Beaulahmae Hook.           She still                                                     shocked the country with his request
needs helpers for Sunday, No-                                                            for war.
vember 8th.
        Don’t forget the District 6
                                                 Cancer Aid and                          November 11, 1918 marked the offi-
meeting to be hosted by Appleton                 Research Dinner                         cial end of the war. One year later,
City Post 11242 held at the Clin-          Tickets are now on sale for the               President Wilson proclaimed No-
ton Post on November 1st. Not              Cancer Aid and Research Dinner                vember 11, 1919, as "Armistice
much we need to do but show up             on Sunday, November 8th for                   Day". It was the first nationwide
at noon for the dinner, meeting to                                                                                  (Continued on page 4)
           November                   The Golden Valley VFW Voice                        Page
             2009         VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary         4
(Continued from page 3)                erans. In 1954, Kansas Represen-       Ford signed into law a bill that
                                       tative Edwin K. Rees introduced a      would restore November 11 as
commemoration of the war.              bill that would change the purpose     Veterans Day.
                                       of Armistice Day to honor veterans
On November 11, 1920, Eng-             of all wars. On June 1, 1954, Presi-
land laid to rest an unknown sol-      dent Eisenhower signed the bill into   Election Day
dier in Westminster Abbey, a           law, officially renaming Armistice
way to commemorate their
losses in the war. France had
                                       Day to Veterans Day.                   November 4th
carried a similar act the same         Later that same year, on October 8,
                                                                              On election day don’t forget to
year at the “Arc de Triomphe”.         Eisenhower issued a proclamation
                                       creating a new "Veterans Day Na-       vote. The upcoming elections
On November 11, 1921, the              tional Committee" and naming the       will likely be close and every
United States followed-up with         Administrator of the Department of     vote will count. Make your
their own version. An unknown          Veterans Affairs as its coordinator.   voice heard, by voting for
soldier, who had already been          The Committee would be responsi-       your choice in this election. If
laid to rest at a cemetery in          ble for planning all national cere-    you choose not to vote, you
Europe, was selected and               monies and to set an example for       allow others to make your de-
placed aboard a ship to Wash-          state and local governments, as        cisions for you because of
ington D.C. It was to fill the new     well as providing suggestions for      your silence.
"Tomb of the Unknown Soldier".         Americans on how to celebrate
It was a much hyped and her-           Veterans Day.
alded event that received press
coverage from coast-to-coast.          On Memorial Day of 1958, two
Thousands of people flocked to         more unknown soldiers were rein-
see the body laying in state in        terred along side the unknown sol-
the Capitol rotunda. There was a       dier of World War I. One was a
funeral procession down Penn-          casualty of World War II and the
sylvania Avenue. Each state            other one of the Korean War. In
sent in floral arrangements to         1973, a law was passed to add an-
adorn the tomb. President Hard-        other unknown soldier from the
ing laid a wreath of flowers on        Vietnam war, but none could be
the casket. Taps was played.           found until 1984.                      Cadets from Clinton AJROTC pre-
The casket was placed into the                                                sented the Post and Auxiliary with a
tomb at 11:00am. The President         In 1968, a law was passed to           Certificate of Appreciation for our
requested that all flags be flown      change the date of Veterans Day to     support and a photo of the 2009-
at half-mast.                          the fourth Monday in October. This     2010 Clinton HS AJROTC Raider
                                       was done to give Americans a           Team
Though this event had been per-        three-day weekend, thus affording
formed a year earlier in England       them time to visit cemeteries, en-
and France, it had a more pow-         gage in ceremonies, and visit veter-
erful effect among Americans.          ans memorials. But other Ameri-
That single unknown soldier not        cans felt that November 11 was too
only symbolized America's              much of an important day to forget.
losses, but each American's            Many states continued to observe
losses and sacrifices in the war.      November 11. In 1978, President

In the years following, 27 states
had responded to that emotional
event by adopting laws declaring
November 11 as a legal holiday.
The United States Congress re-
acted by enacting a resolution
on June 4, 1926, asking the
President to issue a proclama-
tion to display the nation's colors
on all buildings on November 11.
The resolution officially named
the day, "Armistice Day".

On May 13, 1938, Congress en-
acted a new law that made Armi-
stice Day a national holiday.

In 1947, just 2 years after the
end of World War II, Raymond
Weeks, organized a "Veterans                                                  Comrade Bob Hubbard presents
Day" parade in Birmingham, AL,                                                 awards to AJROTC Cadets at
to celebrate all of America's vet-                                              an AJROTC Ranger meet
                                                                                   held in Clinton, MO
          November                          The Golden Valley VFW Voice                                    Page
            2009             VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                        5

  Computer Repair Center
                                                                                      You could be supporting
   417 N Maguire Ste F                                                                  our newsletter, too!
   Warrensburg, MO 64093
                                                                               Contact postal.blue@hotmail.com
Your all in one stop for personal                                                   For more information
 service done right the first time.

 We also sell used computers,
come see what we have today!                                                                                  Boy Scouts of
                                                                                                              Investment in
Rick House “In business for 15 years and with 45 years com-
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Bob Easton “Working on both PC’s and Laptops they provide a
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Stop in and see what these Comrades and more have already dis-
covered. You’ll never want to go anyone else again!                        To make a pledge, call 1(800)776-1110

                                                                   The VFW and the American Legion held a joint Flag Retirement Cere-
                                                                   mony recently at the Artesian Park where both organizations along with
                                                                     the public paid respect to American Flags no longer fit for service.
         November                     The Golden Valley VFW Voice                                 Page
           2009            VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                 6

                                  NOVEMBER 2009
   SUNDAY             MONDAY           TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                      FRIDAY       SATURDAY

 1                    2               3                 4                  5                6                7
                                        Pitch Players
 District 6 Meeting                        Play at                                           Reserved for
      12 Noon                            11:30 a.m.                                          Pitch Players
                                                                                               6:00 p.m.
                                      AUX BINGO                                                              POST BINGO

 8                    9               10                11                 12               13               14
                                        Pitch Players                       Post Meets
                                           Play at                         at 7:30 p.m.      Reserved for
                                         11:30 a.m.      Veteran’s Day      Ladies Aux       Pitch Players
                                                                              Meets            6:00 p.m.
                                      AUX BINGO                              at 7 p.m.                       POST BINGO

 15                   16              17                18                 19               20               21
                                        Pitch Players
                                           Play at        Men’s Aux                          Reserved for
                                         11:30 a.m.        Meets at                          Pitch Players
                                                           7:30 pm                             6:00 p.m.
                                      AUX BINGO                                                              POST BINGO

 22                   23              24                25                 26               27               28
                                        Pitch Players
                                           Play at                       Thanksgiving Day    Reserved for
  Post Reserved
                                         11:30 a.m.                                          Pitch Players
                                                                           Post Reserved       6:00 p.m.
                                      AUX BINGO                                                              POST BINGO

 29                   30              31
                                       Pitch Players
                                          Play at
                                        11:30 a.m.

                                      AUX BINGO

Sunday            November   1    Daylight Savings Time (Back 1 Hour)
Sunday            November   1    District Meeting at our Post Home (hosted by Appleton City Post 11242)
Tuesday           November   3    Election Day GO VOTE!!!!
Tuesday           November   10   Marine Corps Birthday (234 years)
Wednesday         November   11   Veterans Day (Armistice Day) (Post Office and Banks Closed)
Sunday            November   22   Post Reserved
Thursday          November   26   Thanksgiving Day (Post Office and Banks Closed) Post Reserved

Monday            December   7    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Sunday            December   20   Post and Auxiliary Christmas Party (Dance to Follow)
Friday            December   25   Christmas Day
Wednesday         December   31   New Years Eve

                             Notice to Ladies Auxiliary Members
Starting July 1 the annual dues are $20.00.
Now is the time you can help America’s Veterans. By paying your 2010 dues, you will remain a member of this great
organization and you will help our veterans through our legislative voice.
                                                                              Please make check payable to
                                                                              Ladies Auxiliary 1894 and mail to
Thank you,                                                                    Mary Hubbard, Aux. Treasurer
                                                                              409 E. Jefferson St.
     Mary Hubbard                                                             Clinton, MO 64735

          Next MO Department Convention                              Please keep you address updated to help us
                 is June 18-20, 2010                                  avoid costs from the Postal Service. We
                 Columbia, Missouri                                         pay $.50 for each correction.
            Start planning now to attend.                                                                 Thanks

           The next District 6 meeting                                      The 110th National Convention
       November 1, 2009, meal at 12:00 noon                                        August 21-26 2010
              meetings to follow.                                                 Indianapolis, Indiana
             Clinton, Missouri Post                                          Start Planning NOW to attend

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