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The Early Childhood Education Program


									                    The Early Childhood Education Program

                                                            The main office for the Early Childhood Education Program
                                                            (ECEP) is located at 2339 Haste St. in Berkeley. We offer full-time
                                                            developmental childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschool
                                                            children. Seven centers provide a warm environment which
                                                            attends to the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth of
                                                            each child. (See the back for more information about the centers).

                                                                           Early Childhood Education Program
                                                                             University of California, Berkeley
                                                                        2339 Haste Street, Berkeley, CA 94720-7416

Application & Schedule
ECEP centers operate Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The year-round centers follow the University
calendar, with semester breaks of two weeks in December/January and one week in early August. Academic calendar-
year centers are open late August to mid-May. Applications are available at the ECEP office, 2339 Haste St., or online at

Children entering the program must be at least 3 months old and not more than 56 months old in August of the year
of enrollment. Vacancies will be filled year-round as they become available. Children of UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and
students are given priority for acceptance.

Fee Schedule — Staff, Faculty, Post-doc
and ‘Full-Fee’ Student Families
Infant Classrooms..........................$2,000/month
Toddler Classrooms...........................$1,792/month
Preschool Classrooms......................$1,483/month
Rates are effective August 1, 2011.
A percentage of spaces are reserved for UC Berkeley
students who are eligible for childcare subsidized
by the California State Department of Education.
Eligibility for free or reduced childcare is based on
family gross income level, adjusted for family size,
and need for care. Subsidized spaces are generally
for toddlers and preschoolers.

Breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks are provided at all

In addition to the primary goal of providing quality
childcare to University families, a secondary commitment is that of facilitating research on early childhood development.
Children (and their families) enrolled in the Center may be asked to participate in research programs administered by the
University of California.

                                    For admissions information, e-mail:
                                           For general information, call 510-642-1827
              Early Childhood Education Program Centers

The Haste Street Child Development Center
2339 Haste Street, Berkeley
This facility features six classrooms with ample outdoor play yards for infants, toddlers, and
preschoolers; winner of the University of California/California State University award for Best
Integrated Design Process and a Silver LEED award from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Harold E. Jones Child
Study Center
2425 Atherton Street, Berkeley
A preschool and research facility
for students of child development,
designed by the late award-wining
architect, Joseph Esherick, as a fresh air,
indoor/outdoor environment.

The Clark Kerr Campus Centers
2900 Dwight Way, Berkeley
An infant/toddler center and a
preschool tucked among the trees and
sprawling lawns on the quiet Mission-
style Clark Kerr Campus.

The University Village Center in
Albany (UVA)
1123 Jackson Street, Albany
A newly remodeled center for older toddlers and preschoolers, located in an internationally and
culturally diverse family living community.

Infant Toddler Center (ITC)
2340 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
Located very close to campus, ITC teachers provide a close-knit, warm environment for toddlers.

Girton Hall
Located on the central campus close to Haas Business School, Girton Hall is a cozy ‘cabin’ for two- to
three-year-olds. Girton was designed by Julia Morgan and completed in 1912 with a 2011 renovation.

                          For admissions information, e-mail:
                                 For general information, call 510-642-1827

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