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DOE Information and Advice Pack 2009 to 2010

                           INFORMATION AND ADVICE PACK

                                                                      Page Nos

Welcome                                                                 3
Administration                                                          4-7
Quick Guide to Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award Sections                       8
Contacts                                                                9
Open Award Provision                                                    10
Training                                                                11-12

Forms Section
Group leader registration form                            Attached      +Online
Young people enrolment                                    Attached      +Online
Resources to buy or free                                  Attached      +Online
       Video, etc booking form                            Attached
Camping equipment booking form                            Attached      +Online
Open Expedition Application (Form PC/B)                   Attached      +Online
Green Wild Country Form                                   Online
Wild Country Panel Areas                                  Online
BEL application form                                      Attached      +Online
e-DofE Training                                           Attached      +Online
Assessor training                                         Attached      +Online
Introduction to the award                                 Attached      +Online

Information Sheets
NCC Insurance policy and advice                           Online

 As additional information is available and/or changes are made, new section pages
                  will be issued to you for inclusion in this document.

DOE Information and Advice Pack 2009 to 2010
                     NORFOLK COUNTY AWARD OFFICE
 Children‟s Services, IYS Development Centre, School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TR
                   Telephone: 01603 485999        Fax: 01603 482629

                      INFORMATION AND ADVICE PACK

  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is committed to providing for
 young people an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme
 of personal development, which is of the highest quality and the
                          widest reach

This Information and Advice Pack has been compiled in an attempt to offer both
advice and guidance to assist you with all your endeavours associated with The
Award. It is fully recognised that The Award in Norfolk relies on willing volunteers
and naturally The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award County Steering Group and all staff
associated with the project are extremely grateful for the commitment and effort that
you make on behalf of The Award.

Encouragingly over 1700 new entrants at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels were
recorded last year, which confirms that The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award is more
popular than ever and plays an important role in helping young people develop both
personally and socially.

I hope this information pack is helpful to you. Remember however that if there is any
other information, advice or support you need, please contact The Duke of
Edinburgh‟s Award County Office at Children‟s Services, IYS Development Centre,
School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TR acts as a focus for the County. A
phone call will provide access to:
Lynn Rutherford (Positive Activities Co-ordinator/
County Award Officer)                                      01603 214288
Chris Holmes (Business Support Officer)                    01603 485999 option 4
Joanna Hogarth (Expedition Co-ordinator)                   01603 485999 option 4

                               National Web Site:

DOE Information and Advice Pack 2009 to 2010
                               Administration Section

If you are setting up a group, or taking over an established group, please let us know
who you are and how we can contact you (form attached). In this section we have
included a flow chart of how the administration of an award group works and details of
the resources available to you to buy or to borrow. Having enrolled yourself as a
leader, the next stage is to enrol young people (form attached). By this stage you will
be needing some of the resources detailed below:

Resources – Award resources to buy or free

The award nationally produces a handbook and supporting materials for group
leaders and leaflets and posters to support your promotion in school (request

In Norfolk we have a stock of items including videos and notice boards that you are
welcome to borrow .We also have an equipment store of expedition kit available for

The Norfolk Children‟s Services has a fleet of minibuses based at different locations
throughout the County. These vehicles are available to those on the County
Schedule of Voluntary Organisations and should be booked through the appropriate
Office. See under Contacts on page 10 for Area office details.


All your activities as an award group will need to be covered by insurance. The
details of the Norfolk County Council (NCC) policy are available online.

Any insurance queries should be addressed to Gerry Baker, Norfolk County Council,
01603 224416.


Yes, the admin for expeditions is hard work the first time, but don‟t let it put you off.
You need to refer to your EVC and the guidance document for this. If you are new
to running expeditions then we are happy to help you with the forms. If you are not
new then you need to maintain your relationship with the EVC – or give us a ring – or
contact the „appropriate office‟ which is Graham Lodge and Liz Dye at the
Professional Development Centre, Norwich – 01603 433276 ext. 130.

DOE Information and Advice Pack 2009 to 2010
Payment Arrangements

Group Leaders

Norfolk County Council would like us to avoid sending cheques between
establishments within the council, hence the note about payments at the bottom of the
second page of the expedition application form (PC/B). If your school finance office
don‟t want to bank cheques or are not part of the e-journal system you can replace
that statement (1) with the alternative (2) by the magic of photocopying.


If you are attending the expedition with a school group, please make your cheque
payable to the school and take it with the form to the school. (They will then transfer
the money to us electronically).

If you are sending the form directly to this office, please make the cheque payable to
Norfolk County Council.


Please make the cheque payable to Norfolk County Council.
If you are attending with a school group. Take the cheque and form into school so the
group leader knows who is attending.
If you are signing up independently, send the cheque directly to this office.

DOE Information and Advice Pack 2009 to 2010
               Norfolk Administration

Explain Award to young people and parents

Enrol young person. (under 18‟s to have parental
consent) Send form to Award office and an e-
participation pack will be assigned to each

 Agree activities, (online) participate for specified
 time, and demonstrate progress

 Complete sections in “keeping track” booklet
 or online.

 Sectional Certificates – check entries and forward
 to Award Office - optional

 Complete all sections, group leader approves
 online and passes to Award Office for certification

 Presentation of Award

 Register for next level

 On completion of Gold, complete Gold
 Attainment form and send to Award Office

 Visit palace for presentation and attend a local

             Guide To Establishing The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award
                           Activities In Your Organisation
To start a group       -    Contact The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award Office in Norwich (01603)
                            485999 to discuss implications and the process to follow.

To form a group        -    Support of other staff/willing volunteers.
                       -    Support from Norfolk County Award Office staff team.

Promotion              -    Posters/publicity – brochures and videos available from Norfolk County
                            Award Office.
                            Promote to young people – assembly/tutor groups. Powerpoint
                            presentation available on CD.

Open Meeting           -    Involve parents.
                       -    Invite parents and young people to a meeting.
                       -    Use slide/audio presentation or video.
                       -    Display information on The Award activities.
                       -    Local information on The Award and proposals for operating programme.

Recruitment            -    Hand out enrolment forms.
                       -    Identify first meeting and pattern of meetings.
                       -    Establish recognised „display‟ location – noticeboard.

Process                -    Identify regular meeting slot – agree frequency of times etc.
                       -    Agree a time scale with group for completion of each section.
                       -    Identify key dates for programme activities embracing seasons, length of
                            commitment, costs, etc.
                       -    Develop contacts with local groups and organisations promoting The

Policy/Safety          -    Use other adults where possible, but check Children‟s Act implication
                            New CRB forms for next year – see attached leaflet

                       -    Use „schools journeys‟ insurance for trips. – your school may have a
                            block policy to cover all trips.
                       -    Check NCC policy for educational visits and journeys. Check
                            school/organisations individual policy and procedures.

Support from           -    Minibuses subsidised loan.
Children’s Services/   -    Camping equipment subsidised loan.
D of E Office          -    Insurance liaison.
                       -    Expedition training.
                       -    Expedition assessors.
                       -    Advice/support/information.

Validation             -    Forward to Joanna Hogarth – Norfolk County Award Office.
                       -    We will check and return with badges and certificates (Bronze and
                       -    Note – Gold procedure is different and involves Regional/National Office.
                       -    Ensure assessors fully understand the Award concept of their role. (We
                            do have leaflets that relate to each section to support assessors).

Recommendations        -    Start small.
                       -    Liaise closely with headteacher / manager/ EVC/ DofE office.
                       -    Involve other staff/leaders/adults.
                       -    Involve parents.
                       -    Encourage participants to do it themselves.
                       -    Strongly discourage Silver or Gold direct entry unless their is clear
                            understanding of The Award structure and its implications – typically over
                            18 candidates, and only those who have evidence of previous
                            commitment (e.g.: Queen‟s Scouts).

                  Quick Guide to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Sections
         From the internet go to and enter the main site.

         You should see something like this:


If you can‟t find information on a specific activity, please contact the County Award Office.
Telephone 01603 485999 option 4 or E mail


County Award Officer:                 Lynn Rutherford    Tel 01603 214288
Business Support Officer              Chris Holmes       Tel: 01603 485999
Expedition Co-ordinator:              Joanna Hogarth     Tel: 01603 485999 opt. 4


Western Area: Pat Pinnington
King‟s Lynn Area Youth Work Team, Providence Street, King‟s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 5ET
Tel: 01553 773565

Northern Area: Bob Ovenden
Northern Area Youth Work Team, Youth Centre, New Road, North Walsham, Norfolk
NR28 9DE
Tel: 01692 402498

Northern Area Youth Work Team, London Road, Dereham Norfolk NR19 1AS
Tel: 01362 692839

Southern Area: Olly Cooper
Southern Area Youth Work Team, Shelfanger Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 3EH
Tel: 01379 742425

Central Area
Central Area Youth Work Team, School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TR
Tel: 01603 408678

Eastern Area: Terry Wood

Children‟s Services Eastern Area Youth Work Team, Edison Way, Gapton Hall
Industrial Estate, Greatt Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 ONG
Tel: 01493 414568

Minibuses are available for hire from the above Areas for use within the UK

                        Open Award Provision Norfolk

Open provision is provided by the Integrated Youth Support Service to support young
people working on the Award. It comes in 2 forms:

      Open award groups. Where young people can get together in areas where their
       school is not running a group. For details of the venues see the „Contacts‟
       section on page 9.
      Open expeditions. A programme of Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions run
       around the county and beyond to enable young people to complete their award.
       These are provided for groups, and individuals to get together for expeditions
       where they are unable to access school provision. Details of all these
       expeditions are on the application form. (Form PC/B)

It should be remembered that The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award is not an organisation but
a programme available to all young people. Its flexibility allows it to be dovetailed into
programmes of other units with a wide diversity of aims to act as “value added factor”.

Open Award Centres are established specifically for Award purposes. Established
units such as Schools, Scout Groups, Guide Units and Youth Clubs may use Open
Award Centres as an extension of their existing programme.             There are close
similarities between some of the activities undertaken by young people for their Awards
and those they are required to undertake within their own particular youth organisations.
Quite simply, Open Award Centres are meeting places for young people to socialise but
also to take advice on issues surrounding their continued involvement in The Award

The link between Schools, Voluntary Organisations and Open Award Centres is an
important aspect of the Award Scheme structure. It is difficult to create Open Award
Centres in every community/location and inevitably changes occur which can affect
existing provision. The following list is an indication of those Open Award Centres
currently meeting throughout the County.      Recognising that changes can occur, it
would be sensible to contact the County Office before passing this information on or
before making any enquiries yourself.

The location/communities where Open Award Centres exist are as follows:

King’s Lynn: contact Pat Pinnington
Gt. Yarmouth: contact Terry Wood
Sprowston: Norwich contact
Wells: contact Bob Ovenden
West Norfolk (Business and Industry)
South Norfolk/Wymondham: contact Olly Cooper

For information involving whom to contact, the venue and times of meetings etc. ring
Chris Holmes at the County Office on (01603) 485999

      Training for Leaders

The award nationally has this year introduced the national training framework. The
training we deliver locally feeds into the framework.

Introduction to Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award, Expedition Supervisor and Assessor
courses are run during the year. Contact Lesley Kurudere on 01603 428625 for your
next opportunity. The next B.E.L. course begins 19 January 2011.

Expedition training is provided through the B.E.L., a nationally recognised award
through the British Sports Trust. to prepare leaders taking young people out on
expeditions. Full details and application form attached but if you have any queries
please call Joanna on 01603 485999 option 4.

This is a training course for teachers or youth workers leading young people on
expedition or training them for expeditions. The qualification covers what is recognised
by The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award, as Normal or Open ground so is suitable for
Bronze and Silver level expeditions. B.E.L.. is a nationally recognised qualification
moderated by the British Sports Trust. This course will be particularly focussed on the
requirements for leading The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award groups.

New expedition leaders can also be supported by the open expeditions where they can
bring their young people and join in an established expedition programme.

Other training available nationally:-

* Award Administration
* Train the Trainers

See award website ( for details