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									Chapter Leader Fall Forum
      Compliance Education
   “Campus Resources” Session
        October 26th, 2007

    Joel M. Ott – Assistant Director of Compliance

•   Alumni Associations
•   Boosters
•   Prospective Student-Athletes
•   Athletic Memorabilia Requests
•   Alumni Club Scholarships
•   Student-Athletes
•   Who to contact with questions?
UW Alumni Association

• Subject to NCAA Rules
  – All bona fide alumni organizations are subject to all the
    limitations placed upon the member institution by NCAA
  – A violation of such legislation by any member of the
    alumni organization shall be a violation by the member
  – Members of an Alumni Association are considered
Who else is a “Booster”?

• UW Alumnus
• Individuals that have donated to a UW athletics program or
  an athletics booster organization.
• Someone that has assisted or assisting in the recruitment of
• Someone that has assisted or assisting in providing benefits
  to enrolled student-athletes or their families.
• Someone that has ever helped to arrange employment for
  enrolled student-athletes.
• Someone that has ever been involved in any way promoting
  the Badger athletic program.
    – Even if you no longer donate to the UW Athletic Department.
Boosters are IMPORTANT!!

• Boosters are a very valuable component of successful
  athletic programs.
• NCAA Rules hold the University of Wisconsin responsible for
  the actions of its boosters; therefore
   – We must educate those who have been identified as boosters.
   – We must have a system in place to monitor booster club
   – The UW is subject to penalties for all violations committed by a
Prospective Student-Athletes

•   A “prospect” is generally a student who has begun ninth grade
     – All 9-12 graders are considered prospects even if the student does not
       play sports or UW is not recruiting the student.
•   It is possible for a younger student to be considered a prospect.
•   An individual remains a prospect until one of the following occurs
    (whichever is earlier):
     – The individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full-time
       program at a four-year collegiate institution (excluding summer); or
     – The individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a
       four-year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any
       term; or
     – The individual officially registers and enrolls and attends classes during
       the summer prior to initial enrollment and receives institutional athletics
Prospective Student-Athletes

• Permissible Activities
  – Notify UW Coaches about prospects.
  – Attend high school or two-year college athletic
    competitions or other events where prospects
    are competing. However, you may not contact
    the prospect or the prospect’s parents or
  – Maintain existing friendships with families of
    prospects, but you may not attempt to recruit
    the prospect.
Prospective Student-Athletes

• Established Relationships
  – It is permissible to have contact with an
    established family friend or neighbor.
     • “Established” is a known person before he/she
       became a prospect or obtained status as an athlete.
     • Contact cannot be made for recruiting purposes.
     • Contact cannot be initiated by a member of UW’s
       coaching staff.
Prospective Student-Athletes

• Impermissible Activities
  – In general, anyone not employed by the UW is
    prohibited from contacting a prospect or
    prospect’s family to encourage him/her to
    participate in Badger athletics programs.
Prospective Student-Athletes

• Specific impermissible examples include:
  – You cannot contact in-person on or off UW
  – You cannot write or phone a prospect or a
    member of the prospect’s family.
     • This includes contact in a “chat room”, “message boards”, or
       on popular sites such as MySpace & Facebook.
  – You cannot contact a prospect’s coach,
    principal, or guidance counselor to evaluate the
     • This includes visiting a prospect’s school to pick up film or
Prospective Student-Athletes

• Specific impermissible examples include:
  – Cannot provide a benefit to high school, prep school, or
    community college coaches.
  – Cannot contact an enrolled student-athlete at another
    institution to encourage a transfer to the UW to participate
    in our athletic program.
  – Cannot make arrangements for a prospect or the
    prospect’s relatives or friends to receive money or
    financial aid of any kind.
      • This could include donations to a club team comprised of
Prospective Student-Athletes

• What is permissible?
  – Prospects may attend Luncheons, Teas, or
    Dinners hosted by bona fide Alumni
    Organizations provided:
     • The prospective students (both athletes and
       nonathletes) are of the immediate locale;
     • The primary purpose of the function does not relate to
       the institution’s athletics programs;
     • There is no athletics recruiting presentation made in
       conjunction with the function; and
     • Alumni do not have any contact with any prospect
       regarding his or her interest in attending the institution
       to participate in intercollegiate athletics.
Athletic Memorabilia

• What is the process for requesting athletic
   – Complete a “Memorabilia Donation & Signature Request
     Form” (provided with handouts, please make copies as
   – Send to the specific sport to begin process.
       • If they agree to fulfill the request it will be forwarded to
         compliance for their approval.
   – All conditions pertaining to memorabilia requests must be
     followed or future privileges may no longer be offered by
     the University’s Department of Athletics.
   – The UW Athletic Department may not assist (directly or
     indirectly) in raising funds for prospect-age students.
Athletic Memorabilia

• Conditions of requests.
  – All individuals receiving UW Athletic Memorabilia facilitated by
    the athletic department may not:
      • Sell, exchange, or donate these items to any third party who may
        use them to raise money, directly, or indirectly, to benefit any high
        school program, including athletics programs;
      • Give or sell these items to an organization for the purpose of
        auctioning them off to raise funds to provide financial assistance to
        high school students to attend a collegiate institution of their choice;
      • Sell, auction, or exchange for value items that have been
        autographed by current student-athletes or coaches. These items
        are signed for fan enjoyment or to raise funds for certain pre-
        approved organizations.
                  (Included with Request Form)
Other Donations

• Exceptions
  – A booster may provide funding to benefit a high
    school athletics program located in the
    community in which a booster resides provided:
     • The booster acts independently of UW;
     • The funds are distributed through channels
       established by the high school or the organization
       conducting the fundraising activity; AND
     • The funds are not earmarked directly for a specific
Founder’s Day

• The athletics department may donate an
  item that will raise money for the alumni
  chapter’s general fund.
   – Money cannot be earmarked for prospect scholarships.
• The athletics department cannot donate
  any item that will be used to raise funds for
  scholarships awarded to prospects.
Alumni Club Scholarships

• These types of scholarships are considered
  institutional aid.
• They are countable against a student-
  athlete’s individual and team athletic
  financial aid limits.
• Alumni Clubs should check with the
  Compliance Office before awarding one to
  a prospective student-athlete who will
  attend the UW and participate on an
  athletic team.
Alumni Club Scholarships

• Exceptions
  – The NCAA requires every member institution to
    certify any institutional financial aid as having
    been awarded without regard to the recipient’s
    athletics ability.
  – An Alumni Chapter would have to certify the
    following statements as being true.
     • The scholarship was awarded without taking his/her
       athletics participation/honors into consideration when
       deciding to award the scholarship; AND
     • The scholarship would have still been awarded even if
       he/she had not listed athletics participation/honors in
       the scholarship application/essay.
Current Student-Athletes

• In general, you may not provide
  anything or make a special
  arrangement for our student-athletes,
  or their friends or family, that is not
  available to the general student
  – If you don’t know, Ask Compliance!
Current Student-Athletes

• Alumni Association Memberships
     • Provide complimentary memberships to student-
       athletes or their parents, other relatives or friends.
  – CAN
     • The parents of a current student-athlete may pay to be
       members of the alumni association, just as any other
       member of the general public.
         – They cannot be provided anything not included in the
           membership that other WAA members would pay for.
           (i.e., free tickets to a badger tailgate vs. a fellow WAA
           member is required to pay to enter)
Current Student-Athletes

• Housing
     • Provide room and/or board or transportation
       for a student-athlete with eligibility remaining.
  – CAN
     • May rent an apartment to a student-athlete at
       the identical rate that would be given to any
       UW student.
Current Student-Athletes

• Pictures or Names
     • Use the name or picture of a student-athlete to
       advertise a commercial product or service.
  – CAN
     • Hang a UW team poster, provided it does not include
       any autographs of student-athletes with eligibility
Current Student-Athletes

• Entertainment
      • Entertain a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s friends or
           – This includes allowing a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s
             friend or relatives into a suite.
   – CAN
      • May host a student-athlete in your home for an occasional
        meal (with approval of student-athlete’s coach).
           – You may transport the student-athlete to attend the meal.
           – This does not include the student-athlete’s friends or relatives.
Current Student-Athletes

• Complimentary Admissions
     • Purchase complimentary admissions from a current
  – CAN
     • If you think you have a prior established relationship
       with the student-athlete please check with the
       Compliance Office prior to accepting a complimentary
       admission from a student-athlete.
Current Student-Athletes

• Speaking engagements
    • Provide a honorarium to a student-athlete for a
      speaking engagement.
  – CAN
    • Ask a student-athlete to speak at a booster club
      function and provide them expenses (transportation &
      meals) via approval of the athletic department.
        – Must be preapproved by:
           » Bridget R. Warren
             Athletic Academic Advisor
Questions or concerns??

• Steve Waterfield – Assistant AD for Student Services
   – or 608-265-2973

• Katie Smith – Associate Director of Compliance
   – or 608-265-5071

• Benjy Wilber – Assistant Director of Compliance
   – or 608-263-4835

• Joel M. Ott – Assistant Director of Compliance
   – or 608-262-4985

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