National Model United Nations by liwenting


									    National Model United Nations

By Youth Association of
                     International Conferences
    National Model United Nations

      NMUN is held in NY,
    USA annually in
    springtime. Every year,
    more than 3,000 college
    students from all over the
    world join this activity to
    learn more about how the
    UN actually functions in
    the real world.
National Model United Nations
   In the year 2004, the first delegation
    from Taiwan joined NMUN for the
    first time in history. 8 out of the 22
    delegates were from NCCU.
What is NMUN?

   Country Assignment
   Researching
   Position Paper
   Committee sessions
   Working Paper
   Resolution
     What do we do in committees?

       Committee Sessions

Speaking List Caucus   Speaker’s Forum   & Voting
    Stand Up and Caucus!

     Caucusing usually
    occupies 80% of the
    committee sessions.
   A well-trained delegate
    seeks to use the time well
    and actively participate in
    the discussion.

   A Majority Vote
   A 2/3 Vote
Practice Social Skills!
 2004 NTU MUN in Taiwan

 December 17th-19th
 5 delegations from Youth Association
  of International Conferences (青年國
  際會議社) joined the first MUN held in
Commission of Human Rights
Social Programs

   Dinner at Grand Hotel
   Clubbing Night
   Diplomatic Awards:
Delegation of Pakistan (CHR)
政治三 張敦為 英文二 張馨文
   Oral Recommendation:
Delegation of Singapore (CHR)
英文三 古筱智 法律四 孫依玲
Delegation of DPRK(DISEC)
外交三 周姿岑 新聞三 陳怡安 法律一 郭政雄
2005 NCCU MUN May 21st-22
                        nd,   2005

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