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ABLE Students Appreciate Kindness


									                      ABLE Students
                    Appreciate Kindness
                   hen I was in high school in Vietnam,     us back to our car. I really appreciated this, and
                   I had a lot of friends, but I had one    I thought I’m living in a wonderful country! How
                   friend who helped me a lot. That         kind are the American people!
     was my best friend and I’ll never                                          Masae Ash, Student
     forget. One day, when I was sick,
     I couldn’t go to school. She was                                          Recently, I volunteered my time
     very worried for me. She helped                                     at the Parmly Library in conjunction
     me write down the lecture in the                                    with the Billings Project Homeless
     class, and she taught me what I                                     Connect. It was a wonderful experi-
     didn’t understand. She went with                                    ence to help out so many within the
     me to see the doctor and took                                       community. I learned at a young age
     care of me a lot. I was feeling                                     that volunteer work is very beneficial,
     very happy. I was so lucky when I                                   fulfilling, and rewarding. When I
     had a best friend like that.                                        volunteered with the Billings project
         Phuc Chau, Student                                              Homeless Connect, I helped by serv-
                                                                         ing sack lunches, chili, and drinks. It
         A few weeks ago, we were                                        felt great being able to give cold and
     driving home from Colorado            Student Phuc Chau knows hungry men, women, and children a
     when our car stopped on the             and shows kindness.          warm place to get something to eat.
     freeway.We had run out of gas.                                       It left me feeling very altruistic and
     We did not know exactly where we were. We had       enamored with my community. I am determined to
     passed an exit about five miles before, but there   give back to this community that we live in, and I am
     was no gas station at the exit. We didn’t know how always grateful when I get these types of opportuni-
     far away the next exit was. We felt anxious in the  ties,
     snow. We thought about calling 911, but it was not      Emily Powell, Student
     an emergency, so we called the information op-
     erator who helped us get a telephone number for         Last night at Albertsons, I was the only courtesy
     the Wyoming state patrol. The operator said she     clerk at the store where I work. One of the cashiers
     would send him to help us. Ten minutes later, a     asked me if I needed help bringing in the carts. So it
     state trooper drove up and took us 20 miles down    was a relief that she helped me. I was very thankful.
     the road to the closest gas station. Then he drove      Antone Bighead, Student

Expressions                          February/March, 2010   Volume XX Number 3                                   Page 1
                                          To Be Kind and...
     Kindness Is Important!
          My name is Chris, and I’m working towards my GED. I             she is spending time with them.
     ride the bus from Central to downtown and walk to the Lincoln              It made me feel good because at this time, I can give help
     Center. Last week I was walking across the street when I saw         like I received from other people when I started living in Billings.
     a homeless man. Most of the time I would just walk right by and            Lilliana Chaves, Student
     laugh, but for some reason I read his sign, took a good look at
     him, and walked up to him. All he had was a cardboard box,                 In the fall of 2006, I was addicted to prescription pain pills.
     raggedy clothes, and a blank look on his face. I walked up to        I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. My best friend had
     him, popped out my headphones, and grabbed all of my change          told his stepfather about my situation--that I really wanted to
     except for 25 cents to buy a smoke later on in the day. He told      stop but did not know who to ask for help or what to do. His
     me, “God bless you,” and I walked off. It made me feel kind of       stepfather decided to take a month off from work, and he took
     good, but it made me think, “Where is his God?’ How could            me out to their lake house where he could watch over and take
     he believe in God after all he’s been through? He has nothing        care of me while I was sick until I got better. It felt good knowing
     and still believes in God. All that means to me is if he still has   that there was someone that was willing to take time out of their
     faith in God, then I should have faith in myself and never give      life to save mine. I hope that there will be a time in my life that
     up on anything.                                                      I can help someone when they are down and out.
          Chris Ortiz, Student                                                  Brandon LaBelle, Student

           One day many years ago in Pacific, Washington, I was on             Well, Jesus always tells us to help people and to be kind, so
     my way to a meeting across town in Kent. The rain was coming         last month my husband and I took a kid shopping and bought him
     down hard; as I entered the on ramp, my tires hit an oil spot. My    and his siblings clothing, shoes, and coats. We wanted to bless
     car did a 360 degree spin on the ramp. When I stopped, I was         them just like Jesus has blessed us through all these years;
     teetering on the edge of going down into a gully. No one stopped     that makes us feel good about blessing other families in need.
     to help me. Finally, I got the courage to get out of my car. I was        Catrina Strohecker, Student
     afraid I’d fall with the car when I went to get out. Thankfully my
     car didn’t fall. I walked to a gas station in the pouring rain and        The one good deed I did was for my grandmother. When
     called for a tow truck. While waiting by my car, I looked like a     she was having knee problems after she had two knee replace-
     drowned rat. I was feeling sorry for myself, crying and praying      ments, I helped her take care of her house and things she
     for help. It was going to cost my last $40.00 to pay the tow truck   needed. One thing I did was rake all the leaves in her front and
     with two weeks to go until payday.                                   back yard. I also helped her cook and clean up the dishes. After
           The next thing I knew, a car pulled up beside me. A lady       helping my grandmother with all of the things she struggled with
     with her puppy came over and talked with me. While I cuddled         after surgery, she thanked me. I think she realized how much
     the puppy, she listened to my sad story. It was such a release       respect and love I have for her. I felt very relieved and awesome
     just to talk to someone. The tow truck came and pulled my car        for helping her when she was in need.
     back onto the road. The lady went over and spoke to the driver. I         Shelby Green, Student
     went to get my rolls of quarters. Then I realized she had already
     paid him. I wanted to repay her, but she refused. God had sent            From the time I was 21 to 25, I didn’t have a car to drive.
     me an angel; I was so blessed.                                       Everywhere I went, I was on foot. Although I was getting plenty
           Diane Erhart, Student                                          of exercise, the notion of arriving on time to some appointments
                                                                          was almost impossible. Depending on where my appointments
          The last time I did something kind was last week. My            were, I would have to start walking almost two hours in advance.
     mother-in-law was sick, and I helped her. I went to pick up her      Needless to say, my time was very valuable to me.
     granddaughter from school. I cleaned her house and I did some             In order for me to enjoy home-cooked meals, I had to
     cooking, too. I gave her medicine and she felt much better. I felt   pack two fistfuls of groceries for ten blocks or more. This was
     really good doing that because she is really nice and helps me       a common practice for me. On one particular day, a married
     sometimes, too, with my kids. I told her every time she needs        couple stopped and gave me and my groceries a ride back to
     something, she can count on me.                                      my house. On the ride to my house, they spoke of times when
          Ema Aragon, Student                                             they had been in the same position. Because they gave me a
                                                                          ride, I was able to arrive on time to an important appointment.
          Last week I helped Rocio, who is a new worker at the same            I was very grateful for their kindness; this unselfish act
     place that I work. She is from Peru and she is living here for a     inspires me to seek out others that could “use a ride.”
     period. I explained to her about the bus schedule and how she             Terry Komrs, Student
     could call a cab when there are not buses. She needed to send
     an E-mail to her family, and I went with her to the library; there        The other day it snowed a lot, and my truck was stuck in the
     she learned how to request free internet, and she got a library      snow really bad. I was about to leave it when an older gentle-
     card. Last Sunday, she attended church with me and she met           man pulled over. He hooked me up and pulled me right out. So,
     more Spanish speakers there; we had a wonderful time together.       I said thank you and felt great. Now I always carry a tow rope!
     I contacted people from Peru that are living in Billings, and now         Gregory Thorson, Student

Expressions                                   February/March, 2010        Volume XX Number 3                                                  Page 2
                                              to Be Helpful
     Kindness Is Important!
            I used to volunteer at a nursing home my mom worked at,         the person appreciated it very much, and it was really helping
     and the patients on my mom’s wing sort of adopted me as their          him out. This made the whole experience very gratifying, and I
     grandkid. I would sit and talk with them, write letters for them, or   would do it again and again.
     take them for a walk outside. The patients would light up when              Corie Draine, Student
     I would visit, and if I didn’t come to visit, they would ask my
     mom to have me come visit them. To see their faces and eyes                 Yesterday, I gave a member of my recovery group a ride
     sparkle so bright made me feel overjoyed and to make their time        home. He lives on 42nd Street. This made me feel good because
     a little easier. When any of them passed away, a little piece of       his driver had a seizure, and he didn’t have anyone else to give
     me would go with them, but I’m a better person because of it.          him a ride. He was very appreciative of the ride and I was glad
            LeAnn Mettler, Student                                          to help. I like helping others and I hope in doing so, others will
                                                                            pay it forward and help others. This would make the world a
          I have a friend named Duane who has been helping me               better and happier place to live.
     learn how to drive. When I started driving, I was very nervous.             Jin Imlay, Student
     I had to practice a lot to feel comfortable. Duane has a lot of
     patience, so I like driving with him. We are practicing a lot, and          Someone did something kind for me. We went to a wedding
     I feel better about driving. I am glad he helps me.                    in December; when we were dancing, I lost my favorite ring. I
          Lalita Bruder, Student                                            did not miss it until I got home. I called and someone had found
                                                                            my ring on the floor and turned it in! Was I happy!
            After my 16th birthday, I pushed myself to find a job. My            Yuphin Boyer, Student
     first job was working the cash register at the Dollar Tree. Every
     Friday, I had a lot of money, probably more than I should have                When I attended college, my computer started to act up and
     had. I spent a lot and saved little, a bad decision I realize now,     not start when I turned it on. When I did, it would restart itself
     but I shared a lot of my money with my family and others as well.      over and over. I then took it over to the IT people in the Human
     My friend’s family was just as poor as mine and more so after          Resource center and had them look it over. They weren’t sure
     his father’s death. They had little to go around, but his mom still    if it was a virus, but they did something to make it work again.
     found enough to make food for him and me when I would come             They didn’t charge me anything. I was overjoyed to have my
     over. Yet she still put up with all the noise, bad language, loud      computer back after they had fixed it.
     gun fire, and alien shrieks caused by our weekly Halo 3 meets.                Heather Indreland, Student
     I had always felt as if I had taken a lot and given nothing back.
     Now whenever I have money, even a little, I try to help out. I              My dad and I were grocery shopping at IGA and came up
     try to replace some of the food we eat and soda we drink, and          short on paying for groceries. We felt relieved when a middle-
     I can see that over the years, it has helped. I always feel good       aged woman who was next in the check-out line helped us out
     after spending money on them even if it leaves me without a            to pay for our groceries.
     dime. I know it went to a good cause.                                       Arno Johnson, Student
            Andrew Walter, Student
                                                                                  My mom was taking me to the doctor. When we were trying
          On one occasion I did something very kind for people who          to find a parking place, an elderly lady fell while crossing the
     are homeless. I decided to go out with my grandma to give the          street. I jumped out of the van and ran over there to help her
     homeless clothing, blankets, food, water, and humor. It was a          up. I ran to the hospital to get a wheel chair because she hurt
     very special day for me because it helped me not take my life          her back when she fell. I wheeled her to the hospital and made
     for granted. It also feels good to do something like that for your     sure she got right in. It made me feel great because I helped
     community. It’s pretty amazing that my grandma, who recently           a person when she needed it the most, and I felt satisfaction
     turned 80, is still giving back to the community like she has done     knowing that she was in good care at the hospital.
     for many years. The thing I learned most about that journey                  Kelee Krank, Student
     was that homeless people are just like us, but for most of them
     luck has just run out.                                                       Kindness: how do we define this? A simple exchange of
          John Cole, Student                                                words? Or is it an act that is carried out with the wish to help
                                                                            another being? I have been called “kind” by others, yet there
         A time when someone did something kind for me was when             are very few times in my life that I can remember another person
     I was really sick and my best friend was right there by my side        being kind in return to me. The last time that I was on the receiv-
     making sure I was ok and trying to make me feel better. It made        ing end of an act of kindness, I received a gift from someone, a
     me feel thankful that I have friends that will be right by my side     gift that can not be measured. She was kind enough to give me
     when I don’t feel good or if something is wrong, and I think only      the gift of hope--hope to improve my chances in life. Because
     your true friends would do stuff like that.                            of this gift, I can finally allow myself to excel, when I would
         Misty Gittings, Student                                            deny myself normally. Because of her kindness, I will continue
                                                                            to keep pushing forward, even in the face of impossible odds.
            Once there was a time when I loaned a friend twenty dollars.    I will continue moving forward to accomplish my goal.
     Even though this wasn’t a large act of kindness in any way, it               Shane Moore, Student
     still felt good to help. It felt good mostly because I knew that
Expressions                                    February/March, 2010         Volume XX Number 3                                                Page 3
                            To Be Considerate and...
     Kindness Is Important
            My friend let me stay with him when my mother kicked          the manager where I worked, she displayed a jar for donations
     me out of the apartment. It was nice of him. Then we played a        to help with my expenses. I was overwhelmed to hear that my
     game for a second. He said to me that I could stay for as long       regular costumers and other costumers were very generous with
     as I wanted and could come and go if I wanted. His mom said          their donations and the get well cards that I received. I haven’t
     it was ok and didn’t mind at all. So that is the story of someone    been back to work since that time due to complications. I want
     being nice to me.                                                    to take this time to thank all the people for their generosity and
            Titus Rivera, Student                                         kindness.
                                                                                 John Cherry, Student
           One kind thing that someone has done for me was actually
     to get me some personal help. For many years I have had a                 Something kind I have done for someone else was that I
     problem with being safe and inflicting pain on myself. One day,      let one of my friends live with me until he got back on his feet
     I was really down and someone had the guts to do something           with a job and some money for a place to stay. It had a good
     about it. At first, I was very angry at the person because at the    result because he helped out a lot, especially with the dishes!
     time I had wanted to hurt myself. Now, though, I am very grate-      I hate doing dishes, but he didn’t mind! It made me feel good
     ful to the person because if I would have died, or been severely     about myself.
     injured and hospitalized, I wouldn’t have the great life I do now.        Gary Grussing, Student
     I now know that sometimes being honest can help, and that
     even though you might not want to tell someone, you should.                 One time someone was kind to me. I was on the side of
             Abby Mogen, Student                                          the highway because of a flat tire. My dad called James Dun-
                                                                          kel, a friend of ours; he came to help me fix it. We found out
          I helped my neighbor move into her dream house. I was           the valve stem was broken, so we took it in to town. The tire
     happy to help her move everything into her home. She was filled      place was closed, but James knew the owner. We went to his
     with joy and happiness because she didn’t have to do it all by       house and got him out of the shower. He opened up and fixed
     herself. She was ecstatic when she found out that I wanted to        my tire for me. James told the owner to charge it to him. We
     help her move. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. I     went back to the car and put the tire back on. I thanked James
     was so happy that I was nervous to even pick up and move most        and went on my way.
     of the breakable stuff. It felt good inside to help someone that            Bryce Chapman, Student
     really needed my help but didn’t really want to ask. It helped me
     to be more confident in asking others for help or to just helping          I have been so lucky in my life to meet very talented
     others. By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty good about       people. I met one person over twenty years ago. His name is
     myself for what I accomplished that day!                             Tad. We have become very good friends. He is an amazing
          Shelby Vandersloot, Student                                     person. He has influenced me. He has helped with a lot of my
                                                                          medical problems. He inspires me with the goals that I want to
            There are people that are very generous in this world. I      accomplish in my life. This person is a very nice, kind person
     know because they were very kind to me. In 2007, I went into         to every one that he meets.
     the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple operation.               Loyd Hart, Student
     It turned into be the worst three months of my life. Thanks to

       Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are.
                                                      Author Unknown

           Not always an easy thing to do, I know! But most would agree it is the right thing to do. In our quest to become the
      people we want to be, let’s not forget the importance of kindness.
           The students in Billings Adult Education have amazed teachers and staff with the positive ways they treat each other.
      In our classrooms, students regularly lend a hand to their peers by a giving a helpful tip with an assignment or offering an
      encouraging word to try, try again. We have students in their teens, twenties, thirties, and up; we have students with a
      multitude of life experiences, some good and some bad. However, despite these differences, friendships are formed and
      character is enhanced. Students regularly look to each other for guidance and advice, and the teachers watch in awe as
      peers support one another. Probably the most amazing thing is how students don’t even seem to realize the magnitude of
      what’s happening. It’s just what they do.
           Every kind word or deed matters. It matters to the person who is frustrated, to the person who is sad. Thank you, stu-
      dents, for all of the ways you are kind to one another. In the near future, you may begin to notice an emphasis on kindness
      in the Billings Adult Education programs. We believe you are making a difference, and we want to recognize that. You are
      role models for one another, and we hope your willingness to rally round your peers extends beyond our walls and into our
      community. Focus your efforts on positive change, and watch the impact you have on the world around you.
                                                       Chris Malchuski, Instructor

Expressions                                   February/March, 2010        Volume XX Number 3                                               Page 4
                                           to Be Positive
     And the Good News Continues ...
           Compared to other countries, life in the United States is       with school for the first time in my life. I have tried before, but
     good even at our worst. We are very fortunate people in the           it was not working out in my best interests. I thought I would
     U.S. We have our freedom and the ability to become whatever           never achieve it, but I have. I been trying to finish school, juggle
     we want. I am very happy to be able to pursue my dream of be-         work, and raise my kids. I am a single mom with three kids
     coming a nurse. Seventeen years ago I came home from the              and one on the way, and I have done it. I am so happy to say
     navy and promptly went to work for the railroad. I have enjoyed       I have worked really hard to finish my schooling at this time. I
     the railroad, but I have always wondered what it would be like        would like to say if I can do it with all the hoops that I have gone
     to go to college and get an education. In the Navy I was a            through in my life, anyone can. People who know me are aware
     Corpsman. I would get a lot of satisfaction from helping others.      that I have walked through a lot to get here. I have also got out
     At the railroad I made a big paycheck which is what I needed          of a life style that could have got me into a lot of trouble. I did
     at the time. I never imagined getting the chance to go back to        lose a lot in my life: three of my six kids, house, and friends. My
     school or losing a job I really enjoyed. I am finding that money      parents have been there and helped me through it all. If I didn’t
     isn’t everything and following your dreams is very satisfying.        have them, I would have never made it.
     The economy had a lot to do with me losing my railroad job, but            Katrina McKeen, Student
     it also had everything to do with me chasing my dream. I am
     looking forward to the day I have a license in hand and can do             Through all the bad things going on in people’s lives, most
     another one of the jobs I have always wanted to do.                   are standing strong and fighting for things they need and care
           Tim Bennett, Student                                            about. I see my grandfather and uncle struggling to make
                                                                           money and pay their bills because of the jobs they have. They
          I know that the economy is not doing well. I would rather tell   work together doing construction, which as we know is not the
     everyone to look on the bright side of things even though they        season for it. But they seem to get by day to day by finding small
     may not have much or on the verge of losing everything. At            jobs to do. Luckily, most businesses here in Montana aren’t
     least, God gave them one more day in this cruel world to be           going out of business. And knowing that, it encourages people
     with family and friends. I also tell them to stay strong, pray, and   to push on and thrive to continue working, working harder for
     led an example for the children.                                      what they need and want. I don’t hear much of any good news
          Carrie McMahan, Student                                          on tv and the radio, but I do see people doing good for the most
                                                                           part here in town.
          The good news I have to share is that I’m saving up money             Monique Bittner, Student
     for my future. It is so good for me to save up money now be-
     cause later on in my life I will need it. For example, I will need         My husband is a self-employed businessman. His company
     money in my future so I can get my own place and get a car.           requires a lot of traveling. However, this bad economy slows
     The other good reason for this is I’ll need money to support          down his business. Therefore, he spends more time with us.
     myself when I retire.                                                 He helps more around the house and takes our kids to their
          Katie Bache, Student                                             after-school programs, which they enjoy very much and so do
                                                                           I. So, looking on the bright side, that is the best thing that has
         I have really good news in my own life that I thought I would     ever happened for me.
     never have achieved. The good news is I am almost done                     Dorla Roberts, Student

                  ood news is very hard to come by. In my life you could say almost extinct, or non-existent. However, a little ray
                  of sunshine did pop out of the clouds finally the other day. Now that it’s February again, this marks the second
                  anniversary of losing my right foot, my job, my paycheck, most of what was my life. After months of surgeries and
      no money coming in, on my part anyway, I was forced to go see if I was able to qualify for disability. This was very hard to
      do; this means admitting that your life has changed. After only a few minutes, the lady handwrote a few things down and told
      me that she was sorry, but I didn’t qualify. Another year passed. Nothing got any better, and it had been over a year since I
      had gotten any type of a paycheck. At this point we had to see our lawyer on a monthly basis, and the always present subject
      came up, MONEY, or lack of, mostly. He suggested I go back and reapply for disability. This is one of the most depressing
      things a person can hardly make himself do. This time, a different lady talked to us, and all my information got put on the
      computer. She filled out all the forms and told me it would take several months to hear back from I don’t know who; and when
      they turned me down, I was to make another appointment and file an appeal. This is also very depressing. Anyway, months
      went by, and I didn’t hear anything from anybody. After Christmas, I got my bank statement, and like always, I didn’t open it.
      Why? It’s always very depressing. But I finally did because I really needed to balance it since I hadn’t for a very long time.
      To my shocking surprise, there was money in it! I had been accepted, and my first check had been deposited in my account.
      Since I had been self-employed, working for a family business, I only get maybe half what most people get; but it’s money,
      very needed money. Even though in my prime I had made more in one day then I get each month, I’ve never appreciated
      getting a check as much as I did this one!! This was and is GOOD NEWS!

Expressions                                   February/March, 2010         Volume XX Number 3                                                 Page 5
                                           To Be Aware and...
     Driving While Distracted
           Cell phones are one of the greatest technological tools of our time. The advantages are numerous. Cell phones allow us to contact
     one another any time and any place; moreover, they provide us with options for how we communicate, i.e. voice, text or email. The con-
     venience of texting has expanded and enhanced communication for many people, including those with speech and hearing disabilities.
     The portability of cell phones provides a sense of security to the users. The need to connect with others is promptly fulfilled in a matter
     of seconds with cell phones. However, sometimes people’s desire for instant communication overrides their common sense, as in the
     case of driving while distracted (DWD), i.e. driving while talking or texting.
           Why do we think we are capable of maintaining control of a 2000-pound-plus machine; being alert to pedestrians, traffic signals, and
     the vehicles in front of, behind, to the left and right of us; being aware of emergency vehicles; AND carrying on a conversation, reading
     a message, or sending a message via our cell phones? The truth is, many of us know we cannot navigate all these tasks safely, yet we
     continue to do so, putting ourselves and others at risk. See sidebar.
           This risky behavior is resulting in changes in the law throughout the United States. Although no state currently prohibits all cell phone
     use while driving, six states—California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington—and the District of Columbia, ban
     the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. In addition, 19 states and the District of Columbia restrict or prohibit cell phone use by
     novice drivers, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
           Will Montana follow suit? In 2009, two separate bills addressing this issue were proposed in the Montana legislature, but neither
     passed beyond the committee level. Although Montana does not yet have a state law, one city decided to address the issue on its own.
     The city of Missoula banned texting while driving in 2009, with fines ranging from $100 to $350. An interesting note—the Missoula ban
     also applies to cyclists.
           I believe this topic is just beginning to surface and be taken seriously in Montana. Once the facts are presented to Montanans, it
     is likely, in my opinion, that a statewide ban on driving while distracted (DWD) will be forthcoming. If we want to prevent unnecessary
     accidents and fatalities, we have no choice.
            A 2009 survey by Nationwide indicates there is strong public support for legislation restricting cell phone use while driving. The
     results of this national survey show that 8 in 10 drivers support some type of restriction. Eighty percent support a ban on texting, while
     67 percent support restricting all phone calls while driving.
           Liz Wynegar, Instructor

         Should Montana ban cell phone use while driving? When the Adult Education West-COT students were asked to respond to this
     question, the results were as follows:
                 •    93 percent support some type of restriction.
                 •    58 percent support banning all cell phone use while driving.
                 •    35 percent support banning texting, with hands-free sets being acceptable.
                 •    Two respondents do not support any restrictions.

           The student comments below indicate there is an awareness of the significance of this issue:
           “Texting takes a lot of the person’s attention off the road and that is very dangerous.” Christine Picchioni
           “Texting while driving is crazy. There is no way you can text and pay attention to the road…If you really need to use it (cell phone) or
     have to answer a call, then you should pull over.” Christine Mustafa
           “There are many things that distract us when we are driving. The last thing we need is to create one more distraction. It’s better to
     return a missed call than to get in an accident, and never make a call again.” Steve Shuman
           “I know I’ve had close calls myself as I get into my phone call more than what’s on the road ahead of me. As far as I’m concerned,
     it should be against the law to text and talk while driving although I think allowances should be made for hands-free sets.” John Higgins
           “Talking while driving, I think, should not be against the law. I think that you are still able to control the car or truck to a certain extent
     while you are talking on the phone…It’s hard for me to text and keep driving straight.” Roman Quintana
           “I have driven over-the-road trucks for over twenty years … Some of the things I have witnessed in the last few years are driver’s talking
     on phones, texting, reading books and newspapers, watching TV, working on computers, doing makeup, and eating while driving in excess
     of 65 MPH…In ten years, I have had six tire blowouts. What would have happened if a driver was distracted by something and one of those
     large chunks of tire came a–t them? It scares the hell out of me.” Rick Williams
           “When I’m the passenger riding in a car and the driver is texting, I get very nervous. Hypocritically, I text and drive all the time and think
     I can handle it.” Morgan Hove
           “I think that they should be against the law because many people who are talking or texting while driving don’t focus on the road and
     that can cause accidents.” Audra Breiner
           “Even talking on a cell phone causes lack of attention to traffic and has proven itself to be quite dangerous, not only for the person
     talking on the phone, but for other people driving on the road, or walking down the street.” Phillip Champagne
           “People just shouldn’t do it and there wouldn’t be the argument for having the law…We shouldn’t have a law to not talk or text while
     driving. Everyone should be smart enough and control the urge to do either.” Tianna Roberts
           “I believe that the use of cell phones for communication is essential, and a right that everybody should be allowed to enjoy. I am never
     in support of restricting simple rights of the people; however, I do agree with those who say that texting should be banned. I think that many
     tragic situations will be avoided with the implementation of such laws and ordinances.” Justin Burt
           “Where I come from, Rochester, New York, it is against the law. […] I have a friend back home who got in a serious accident from talk-
     ing on a cell phone while driving, and had a lot of major injuries.” Julie Whitbeck
           “If you have important business, which everybody does, talking on the phone while driving isn’t as bad as texting.” Kaitlyn McCrae
           “I agree that cell phone usage should be banned or against the law in the U.S.A. I see my mom deal with a lot of car accidents because
     of the usage of cell phones. She works for an insurance company. She sees this kind of stuff every day.” Megan Lorentz

Expressions                                       February/March, 2010           Volume XX Number 3                                                      Page 6
                                                      to Know
                                                     And This ABLE Students Know ...
  I know…
     • That you should wear your seat belts. Kevin Kloepfer
     • I can be a go-getter if I really put my mind to it! Tracy Wilson
     • It is very important to follow rules, both work and city. Juanita McGregor
     • I can get algebra because of the patient help I have gotten from Kathy, and I am able to get through it. Gail Blakely
     • That the United States is founded on a system of democracy! Michael Principe
     • That an education is the best way to reach your goals in life. S. Shuman
     • That even though I want to say “I can’t”, I need to remember that “I can” and that everything worthwhile takes hard work. Gina Avila
     • Billings Adult Ed has helped me understand how much I still need to learn. Big Rick
     • I am looking forward to spending the next couple of years at the COT. John
     • Determination is motivation to get on those toes of yours when help seems to be a blur. William Boushie
     • That life doesn’t always go the way you plan for it to go. Audra Breiner
     • That everything you do in life matters. Phillip Champagne
     • Lots of good things, due to reading. Ricardo Rudman
     • That I can do whatever I put my mind to! Nicholas Doerge
     • That I don’t really know anything and that I will always be learning until the day I die. Christopher Price
     • That texting or talking on the phone should be against the law while operating a vehicle. Morgan Hove
     • That it doesn’t matter if I think I know everything because I wouldn’t be here if I did. Amanda Knust
     • That I will be happy to accomplish my classes and graduate. Christi Mustafa
     • That I am thankful for this opportunity to grow and learn something new every day. Darlene Weis
     • That if you do things to impress other people you forget to do things for yourself and you have to make yourself happy before you can
       make other people happy; do what makes you happy and have no regrets. Katie Schraudner
     • That if you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you’re right. Cole Weinberger
     • That life will only get better. Rachelle Blessing
     • I am going to make it through this day. Liana Nez Perce
     • I will make it in getting my business degree to be successful business women. Julie L. Whitbeck
     • That I can accomplish most anything I want as long as I make it a reasonable goal and I am really enjoying my math. Connie Lough
     • That I will succeed. Amy Todd
     • That living in the moment is the best way to be filled with excitement and joy at what you are learning and discovering. Cara Morrison
     • That I will accomplish all my goals in life. Fawn Bear Tusk
     • That it is hard to come back after vacation and get back to work. Megan Lorentz
     • That life is short, so use it wisely. Debbie Denny
     • That I will be someone and help change the world. Kaitlyn McRae
     • That I will be someone my daughter can forever and always look up to. Jennifer Francis
     • That light weight cars are horrible in the snow. Justin Burt
     • That it is a wonderful gift to have the chance to come back to school and actually enjoy it. Brie Anderson
     • That being back in school is a great opportunity for me to be able to do. Sondra Bonner
     • Not as much as I will, and that’s why I have returned to schoolin’. Eric H. Schilf
     • Being in school, I will expand my educational knowledge for a brighter future for my son and me. Jessica Cantrell

                                                              We are all unique!
                                                       Graphic by Stacey Bache, Student

Expressions                                   February/March, 2010        Volume XX Number 3                                               Page 7
                                                    Student of the Week
                                          Congratulations to the following students:
                                            Carrie McMahan        John Cherry
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                                            Ramona Macias         Kala Browning
                                            Lisa Stensby          Stacey Bache
                                            Chris Cleek           Wendi Turner
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