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					What are the difference between windows7 and ubuntu 11.10?
Comparisons between the Microsoft Windows and Linux computer operating
systems are a long-running discussion topic within the personal computer
industry. Throughout the entire period of the Windows 9x systems through
the introduction of Windows 7, Windows has retained an extremely large
retail sales majority among operating systems for personal desktop use,
while Linux has sustained its status as the most prominent Free Software
and Open Source operating system. After their initial clash, both
operating systems moved beyond the user base of the personal computer
market and share a rivalry on a variety of other devices, with offerings
for the server and embedded systems markets, and mobile internet access.

Linux and Microsoft Windows differ in philosophy, cost, versatility and
stability, with each seeking to improve in their perceived weaker areas.
Comparisons of the two operating systems tend to reflect their origins,
historic user bases and distribution models. Typical perceived weaknesses
regularly cited have often included poor consumer familiarity with Linux,
and Microsoft Windows' susceptibility to viruses and malware.

Major differences. Ubuntu 11.10 is a Linux/Unix OS while Windows 7 is
well, a windows OS with a hybrid kernel (if that means anything to you).
None of them can run the same programs unless you get a version made for
the OS. EX: Firefox for Windows will work only for Windows but Firefox
for Linux will work with certain Linux distros, Ubuntu being one of them
but Internet Explorer will not work for Linux as there is no official
Linux version available. Ubuntu 11,10, well in general, is a free and
open source OS while Windows 7, or Windows in general, is a closed source
OS. They both work differently from each other, both having their
pros/cons. If you're new to Linux Ubuntu is great for learning the OS as
it's very simple. If you want something with a UI that's closer to
Windows 7's UI then give Kubuntu (Ubuntu with the KDE enviornment) a
shot. Think of Ubuntu as the Mac OS of PC, after all they're both based
off Unix. And that is my very basic answer.
Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as
well as a proprietary platform using the likes of Ubuntu and its
derivative distros. However Linux does have its limitations with some
applications and in particular gaming. For example I retain a dedicated
Windows partition to run specific applications such as Office 2010 etc.

I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 9 LTS which is built upon Ubuntu 10.04
LTS its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the
software you are likely to need preinstalled

Linux Mint 9 LTS Download…

How To Dual Boot Linux Mint and Windows 7…

Linux Mint 9 LTS Release Notes/User Guide

You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 9 LTS then you need to create a
Bootable LiveCD for installation…

Linux Mint 9 LTS can also be run straight from the LiveCD from Boot
without touching your Hard Drive

Once installed I suggest upgrading from the default Firefox 3.6 to
Firefox 5

How To upgrade to Firefox 5 on Linux Mint 9 LTS using the Mozilla Stable
Hi the last three contributors have explained the major good and bad
points about both operating systems. they are right about a lot of topics
and give you the idea we have something which is superior if you read
care to read between the lines.
I have tried several distro's of linux since the very beginning but i
have to admit ubuntu really is about the best. which i am using now.
The problems come with having so many friends who are so indoctrinated
with Microsoft's junk.a bit like this spell checker really it has no
concept of the Oxford English dictionary.
so if you want a operating system that costs next to nothing to install
will all you want with out the games package that most youngsters have
become addicted to then Ubuntu linux is the answer.
But if you feel like you are not getting anything worthwhile unless
someone is ripping you off to give it to you and you have the peer
pressure from the younger generation because there friends have this game
or that then you have to have the other product. but you will be dealing
with expense every year with updating the anti virus and fighting off the
malware continually.
and at the whim of updating to windows 8 shortly and beyond but i don't
have a bottomless pocket.
so this does all i want as an adult.
Having been around the computer field now since the beginning it is now a
real good deal a system that is not making some american fat cat richer.
i started with windows 3.1 and soon realised Microsoft was not interested
in my pocket, but the fat cat is now the richest man on the planet.
Windows 7 isn't free, but you won't be able to run a large number of
games and commercial apps on Ubuntu Linux like you can on Windows 7.

Also, the fanboy in me wants to say "Well, one sucks and the other is
Ubuntu Linux."
The main difference is that Ubuntu is a lot more stable and safer than
windows. With Ubuntu you don't have to worry about viruses to effect your
computer and you are more secure than with windows so you really don't
have to worry about firewalls as much as you would with windows. If you
are looking for more security of your system than Ubuntu would be your
best bet. But if you are a gamer then you need to stick with windows.
There are games that are compatible with Linux but there are few except
the ones that are made for Linux.
difference is in kernel for the beginning. Kernel is the "thing" that
logically connects hardware. I am, u can say new ubuntu user, and I have
to say that i have put all of my computers on Ubuntu. It is easy to use,
quick booting time, it is free. For the record 11.10 is not out yet. Only
11.10 alpha is out, still in programming faze. Ubuntu has, software
center for any of application u need for work, school or home. But if u
are a gamer well there is disappointment. There are not so many games for
it. And if u had blue screens of horror or terror on win7, ubuntu will
never have that.
There is a good book on this matter written by a former microsoft
programmer Keith Cary Curtis called After the Software Wars. Read it and
u will see why so many people are going to Ubuntu or any other linux
distribution. Funny thing is that more than 80% of servers is running
linux, cuz it is stable.

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