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					The Honourable Dato 'Seri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang (Jawi: ‫ ,حاج عبد الهادي اوڠ‬born October
20, 1947) was president of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party and former Chief Minister of

Early life

Born on 6 Muharram 1366H, in the village of Rusila, Marang, Terengganu. Son of the fifth of nine
siblings. His father was a religious teacher and imam of the Mosque of Rusila, Marang.


Having two wives is Mrs Hajah Zainab bt. Awang and Dr. Norzita Obedience. Bestowed by 13
children. With his first wife had 11 children, while the second wife, he has 3 children. His eldest son
is 22 years old and currently studying at the University of faith, Yemen.


Began studying at the National School Rusila, Marang and Sekolah Agama Marang and take Sanawi
flow in Religious Schools Sultan Zainal Abidin, Kuala Terengganu. In addition he studied religion,
Arabic, and politics of his own father of Tuan Guru Haji Awang Muhamad. Further studies at the
Islamic University of Medina, with scholarships from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1969 - 1973,
finished with a BA (Sharia). Further studies at al-Azhar University to the MA (Political Syariyyah) and
managed to finish in just two years (1974-1975).


He became active since 1964, the time to learn more as the Secretary Rub (current branch) PAS
Rusila village, Marang. In 1976, after completion of study and return home was appointed chief
Terengganu PAS Youth and Centre PAS Youth Exco. In 1977 was elected to the PAS Central Working
Committee and then confirmed to that position in 1980. In 1989 chosen as deputy president of PAS
after Datuk Fadzil Mohd Noor was selected as the President of PAS.


Start participating in elections as soon as returned home in 1978 in the State Assembly and lost at
the hands of Marang Tengku Zahid Musa, with the majority of 68 votes. In 1982 once again be
entrusted with the PAS candidate in the state assembly and Parliament Marang Dungun. Winning in
the Assembly but defeated in Parliament Marang Dungun in the hands of Haji Awang Jabar. In 1986,
the Rhu Rendang state assembly contest and won but lost in Parliament Marang in the hands of
Abdul Rahman Bakar. In 1990 won the Rhu Rendang state assembly and Parliament Marang.
Similarly, in 1995, won the Rhu Rendang state assembly and Parliament Marang.

Began to engage internationally in Medina when he became the Head of Madinah Islamic University
Malaysia students and serves as the Secretary General of Federation of the Southeast Asian Students
in Madinah. While in West Asia, he was active with the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and Dr. Eve
Said, Professor and Dr. Mohammed Al-Wakeel. Abdul Satar Al Khudsi. In Egypt, he became secretary
of Section Shariah Law and Malay Society Syrian Republic of Egypt. As a senior leader of PAS, Tuan
Guru Abdul Hadi Awang heavily involved at the international level, whether Islamists or people's
movement. Among them: -

  Member of the General Coordinator of the World Islamic parties based in Istanbul Turkey.
  Member of the General People's struggle to defend Jerusalem, based in Amman, Jordan.
  Member Majma 'Taqrir among the sects of Islam which is based in Tehran, Iran.
  Members of Parliament delegation of Islamic parties led by Dr. Necmetin Erbakan, former Turkish
Prime Minister met UN Secretary-General Butros Butros Ghali and the United States to meet
members of the Senate.
  Join the delegation members visited the European Parliament of the Islamic Party led by Dr.
  Join the delegation of the Islamic parties throughout the world pemipin met kings and presidents
countries of Western Asia before the Gulf War.
  Accompanying the president of PAS, Dato 'Mohd Noor Fadzil Germany with delegation of Muslim
leaders around the world to reconcile the Afghan Mujahideen groups.

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