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               TI NUING        Fall 2010 Cou rses
         Education             Classes in Bridgewater & Branchburg

                   @ RVCC
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 New Tech no lo g y & T rad e Pr og r a m s
        R VC C @ B rid ge w a t e r
    RVCC is offering a wide range of courses – both credit and
    noncredit – at our new satellite location in Bridgewater (formerly
    the Somerset County Technology Institute).

      Areas of Study Include:
        Automotive Technology
         Computer Aided Design
        Computer Programming
                  & Networking
        Construction Technology
                Diesel Technology
                  Electrical Trades
                   Interior Design
                Medical Assisting

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                     Letter from
          Raritan Valley Community College
               President Casey Crabill
        Whether you are looking to train for a new career, upgrade your skills
        or are in search of personal enrichment, Raritan Valley Community
        College is here to serve you. We offer the highest quality education at an
        affordable price.

        This fall we are pleased to offer a wide range of technology and trade
        courses at the College’s newest location in Bridgewater. The facility,
        formerly the Somerset County Technology Institute, will be home to
        such technical programs as automotive technology, welding, auto body
        repair, construction technology, and heating and air conditioning. as
        well as cosmetology. In many cases, students will be able to pursue
        either certificates or degrees in these fields. Many of our other noncredit
        continuing education courses will be moving to this new location.

        We recognize that in these difficult economic times you may need to
        return to school to learn new job skills. At RVCC we offer special support
        for adults learners who have been out of the classroom for many years.
        Our division of Continuing Education stays on top of workforce trends
        and specializes in offering training in the fields with the greatest growth

        Please take a few minutes to look through this brochure and see if there
        is a course or area of study that meets your needs. I hope to see you on
        campus in September.

        Casey Crabill
        President, Raritan Valley Community College

         Raritan Valley Community College
                                                RVCC Continuing Education
                                     118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, New Jersey 08876
                           Phone: 908-218-8871 • Fax: 908-526-3576 •
                                               Board of Trustees
                   • Paul J. Hirsch, Chairman • Evelyn S. Field, Vice Chair • Catherine Hebson McVicker, Vice Chair •
• Frank T. Araps • Raymond H. Bateman • Joetta Clark Diggs • Trudy Doyle • John Graf, Jr.• John L. McGuire • Peter G. Schoberl •
   • Frederic C. Sterritt • Gerald J. Vernotica • Kate R. Whitman • Robert P. Wise • Kimberly Schwabe, Alumni Representative •
                                                       • Casey Crabill, President •
                        TA B L E                    OF     C O N TE NTS
ACCOUNTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7     Small Business Record-Keeping
Accounting Fundamentals                                     Small Business Taxes
CMA PART 1: Financial                                       Start a Consulting Business
CMA PART 2: Financial Decision Making                       Understanding Financial Statements
QuickBooks A/R and A/P for Small Businesses                 Turn Your Hobby into a Business
QuickBooks for Small Businesses                             BUSINESS MANAGEMENT . . . . 11
Small Business Record-Keeping                               Green Project Management for the 21st Century
Understanding Financial Statements                          Project Management Certificate
                                                            Quality Management
AIR CONDITIONING,                                           Risk Management
REFRIGERATION & HEATING . .9                                Scheduling/ Cost Control
Electricity I
Heating Systems Design                                      BUSINESS MARKETING . . . . . . . 49
Refrigeration I                                             ABCs of Sales
Residential HVAC Controls & Instrumentation                 Anatomy of a Sale
                                                            Business Law
AUTO BODY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11    Business Marketing Writing
Auto Body - Welding & Metal Work                            Communication Skills
Auto Body Refinishing                                       Customer Experience Management
Auto Body, Shop Practices                                   Drive Traffic to Your Website
Auto Body: Custom Paint                                     Get Found Online!
                                                            Increase Your Website Traffic
AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY . . 10                                Marketing & Sales Certification
Auto Theory, Service & Engines                              Marketing Your Business on the Internet
Automotive Brake Systems                                    Marketing Strategies
Cooling & Climate Control System                            Multi-Generational Marketing
Fuel System & Emission Control                              Networking
                                                            Personal Branding
Steering & Suspension Systems
                                                            Word of Mouth
                                                            Marketing Initiative
Better Business Writing                                     BIO MANUFACTURING . . . . . . . . 32
Building and Financing Your Business
Business Concepts
                                                            CAREER DEVELOPMENT . . . . . . 15
Business Plan                                               Employment Options for the Baby Boomers
E-Commerce for a Small Business                             Green Collar Jobs
Efficiently Getting Cash Out of Your Business               How to Write the “Perfect” Resume
Entrepreneur Assessment                                     Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurial Certificate                                 Mastering the Phone Interview
How to Obtain Financing and Business Plan Review            Transitioning into Careers after Motherhood
                                                            Voiceovers, Intro to
How to Start a Business
                                                            Where the Jobs Are
Launching a Home-Based
Legal I - Start-up Specifics                                CAREERS IN-DEMAND. . . . . . . . . 13
Legal II – Contracts                                        A+ Comptia
Looking to start your own successful business?              Advanced Electronic Security
Managing Customer Service                                   Basic Data
Overview of a Business Plan                                 Basic Telecommunications
Purchasing Applications                                     Broadband Technologies
Self Employment Assistance                                  Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Seven Core ECP Courses                                      Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
                       TA B L E                 OF       C O N TE NTS
Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) Essentials          COMPUTER PRESENTATION
Electronic Security Installation
Material Handling Equipment                              SOFTWARE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Solar Panel Installation                                 Adobe InDesign
Voice Over IP (VoIP) Essentials                          Microsoft Office Project 2007
                                                         Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic
CAREER TRANSITIONS . . . . . . . . 15                    Photoshop

CLINICAL RESEARCH . . . . . . . . . . 33                 CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY . 22
Audit & Inspection of Clinical Trials                    BPI Certification: Building Analyst I Training
Clinical Data Management (CDM)                           Building Design and Maintenance
Clinical Project Management                              Construction - Quality Estimating
Clinical Research Applying the Principles                Construction Blueprint Reading
Clinical Research Associate (CRA)                        Construction Materials & Procedures I
Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)                      Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building
Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA)                          Systems
ICH vs. FDA Clinical Requirements                        Design, Placement & Testing of Concrete
Interpretation of Laboratory Values in Clinical Trials   Electrical
Overview & Management of 21-CFR-11                       Electrical Systems & Illumination
Protocol Preparation and Writing                         Electrical Trades I: AC Principles & Blueprint Reading
                                                         Electrical Trades III: AC Principles
COMPUTER AIDED DRAFTING. . 18                            Electronic Security Installation
Architectural CAD Drawing                                Energy Management and Controls
Computer Aided Drafting I                                Solar Panel Installation
Solid Modeling                                           Weatherization and Green Building Certificate
Workplace Skills Using AutoCAD
                                                         COSMETOLOGY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
NETWORKING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20      CULINARY ARTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Active Server Pages.Net                                  Desserts for the Holiday
Cisco Networking                                         Gourmet Cooking
Computer Literacy (MAC)                                  Rolling in the Dough
Database Development & Design
Desktop Computer Hardware & Software                     CUSTOMIZED TRAINING . . . . . . 59
Microsoft Net Framework
Network Planning & Administration                        DANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Oracle SQL/Pl SQL                                        Dance Ensemble
Visual Basic.Net                                         Middle Eastern Dance

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY . . . . 16                           DENTAL RADIOLOGY . . . . . . . . . . 35
Business Applications Computer Specialist
Microsoft 2007 New Features                              DIESEL TECHNOLOGY . . . . . . . . . . 26
Microsoft Access Basic
Microsoft Excel                                          EDUCATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Microsoft Office 2007 Basic                              Educational Interview
Microsoft Word                                           Pathways to Teaching
Spreadsheets                                             Praxis II Exam Review: Elementary Ed
Windows Operating System                                 Teaching Profession
Word Processing                                          Teaching Students with Autism
                       T A BL E                   OF     C O N TE NTS
FOOD SAFETY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36     Design Studio III
                                                         History of Furniture & Interiors I
Food Handlers Certificate
ServSafe Essentials                                      Home Entertainment Systems
                                                         Principles of Interior
GED PREPARATION . . . . . . . . . . . . 37               Selecting the Right Window Treatments
GED Preparation Course                                   Textiles, Finishes & Materials I
                                                         What to Know before Starting a Home Remodel
GENERAL INTEREST . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Beaded Jewelry                                           LANGUAGES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Boaters Licensing Preparation                            Spanish
Defensive Driving / Point Reduction                      Accent Reduction
Everything About Medicare                                Sign Language
Making Elastic Netted Cuff Bracelet
Maximum Money for College                                NON-PROFIT CERTIFICATE . . . 45
Residential Landscape Design                             Non-For Profit Organizations: From Mission to
Retirement Planning                                      Successful Outcomes
Small Engine Repair                                      Grant Writing Research & Development
Speed Reading                                            Managing Your Grant Funding
Woodworking & Cabinetry Making                           OPHTHALMIC SCIENCE . . . . . . . . 36
FOOD-PRENEUR                                             Math Review
CERTIFICATE PROGRAM                       . . . . . 53   State Board Licensing Exam Review
The Food Service Industry                                State Board Practical Review
GRAPHIC DESIGN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28           PAYROLL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
Two-Dimensional Design                                   APA Payroll Professional Learning Series
Animation, Intro to                                      Fundamentals of Payroll
Photoshop                                                Professional Payroll Certification
HEALTH PROFESSIONS . . . . . . . . 29                    REAL ESTATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
Administrative Medical Assisting Principles
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
                                                         REGISTRATION INFO . . . . . . . . . . 57
Clinical Medical Assisting Principles                    SCORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
CPR Refresher Course                                     SIX SIGMA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
EKG Analysis & Basic Arrhythmia & 12 Lead                SMALL BUSINESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
Placement                                                Business Counseling
EKG Technician National Certification                    WELDING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
EMT Ad                                                   Advanced Welding
Medical Assistant Professional Practicum                 Basic Welding
Medical Assisting
                                                         Welding Fundamentals – MIG & TIG
Patient Care Technician (PCT)
Pharmacy Technician                                      WEB PAGE DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Phlebotomy                                               Dreamweaver
Phlebotomy / Lab Assistant
Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD                             Flash Fundamentals
                                                         HTML, XHTML and CSS Web Page Formatting
INTERIOR DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43           WebDesigner Technologies
Basic Bathroom Design
Basic Kitchen Design
Color Theory I
Design Studio I
                                          Fall Classes

ACCOUNTING                                                       Accounting and Quickbooks
Are you ready to take your accounting and finance career
to the next level? The CMA Learning Systems course,              This program is designed to cover the basics of accounting
prepared by the Institute of Management Accountants              fundamentals and then to apply those fundamentals
(IMA) helps management accounting and finance                    to QuickBooks. Attend all three courses in the following
professionals enhance their skills, advance their careers, and   sequence – Accounting Fundamentals, QuickBooks for Small
increase their earning potential. The Certified Management       Businesses, and QuickBooks A/R & A/P (MUST BE TAKEN IN
Accountant (CMA) credential is highly recommended for            THIS SEQUENCE) – for a total of 18 hours to earn a certificate;
management accounting and finance professionals who              or take them individually to improve your knowledge base
work inside organizations where expertise in decision-           by enhancing your skills in one particular area.
making, planning, and taking control over value-creating
operations are crucial elements of operational success. By       AC105 Accounting Fundamentals
earning the CMA credential, you can demonstrate both                                                 0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
technical competencies and an understanding of the linkage
                                                                 This course is designed to provide students with
between strategy and financial performance, grounded in a
                                                                 fundamental knowledge of accounting procedures and is a
firm commitment to upholding strict professional ethical
                                                                 complement to QuickBooks for Small Businesses. Students
                                                                 become proficient in concepts needed for bookkeeping and
                                                                 accounting terminology used to effectively operate financial
FI565 CMA PART 1: Financial Planning                             software.
                                            0 credit/30 hours
                                                                 Instructor: Carla Fallone, MBA, Fallone Business Resources
This course reviews elements of Financial Planning
                                                                 CRN 13190                 Sect. 01                2 sessions
 performance and control. The course presents the following
concepts:                                                        Mon/Thu                   Sept 27 & 30        6:00-9:00pm
 Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Performance                 CRN 13191                  Sect. 02                2 sessions
Management                                                       Mon/Thu                    Nov 2 & 4            6:00-9:00pm
• Cost Management
• Internal Control                                               CRN 13192                  Sect. 03                2 sessions
• Professional Ethics                                            Mon/Thu                    Nov 29 & Dec 2       6:00-9:00pm
Prerequisite: Understanding of basic accounting                  Course fee: $99 ($62 tuition, plus fees)
Instructor: Phil Ganz, CMA
                                                                 SB016 QuickBooks for Small
CRN 13129        Sect. 60 6 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat     Sept 11-Oct 16 8:30am-1:30pm            B104             Businesses        0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
Course fee:   $1,199 ($384 tuition, plus fees)                   This introductory course explains how QuickBooks can
                                                                 simplify the accounting process for a small business.
FI566 CMA PART 2: Financial Decision                             Students learn about the set-up for a small business.
Making                   0 credit/33 hours
                                                                 Learn how to record transactions, understand the reports
                                                                 generated from QuickBooks and the components of
This course examines the strategies of financial decision        financial statements. (Participants should have knowledge
 making. Concepts presented in this course:                      of basic keyboarding.)
• Financial Statement Analysis                                   Instructor: Carla Fallone, Fallone Business Resources
• Corporate Finance
                                                                 CRN 13193 Sect. 01 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
• Decision Analysis and Risk Management
                                                                 Mon/Thu Oct 4 & 7 6:00-9:00pm                         B207
• Investment Decisions
• Professional Ethics                                            CRN 13194 Sect. 02 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Instructor: Phil Ganz, CMA                                       Tues/Thu  Nov 9 & 11 6:00-9:00pm         B207
CRN 13135         Sect. 60 6 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat     Oct 30-Dec 11      8:30am-2:30pm         B104            CRN 13195      Sect. 03 2 sessions
(No class Nov 27)                                                Mon/Thu                 Dec 6 & 9               6:00-9:00pm
                                                                 Course fee: $99 ($69 tuition, plus fees)
Course fee: $1,399 ($434 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                        7
    SB129 QuickBooks A/R and A/P for
    Small Businesses 0 credit/9 hours/.9 CEU                           ACCOUNTING/PAYROLL
    This intermediate course is designed to put the student            APA Payroll Professional Learning Series
    in a simulated real business environment managing both             The American Payroll Association (APA) certification is a
    the Customers/Sales and Vendors/Expenses capabilities              valuable, objective credential that verifies a specified level
    in QuickBooks. Accounts Receivable transactions include            of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the payroll profession
    creating customer and job lists, setting up item (product)         as payroll administration is becoming increasingly more
    lists, creating quotes, tracking employee time for customer        complex and challenging. This body of knowledge is the
    jobs, applying customer payments, journal entries, and             basis for two nationally recognized certifications for the
    accounts receivable reporting. Accounts Payable transactions       payroll professional-- the Fundamental Payroll Certification
    include setting up vendors, preferences, processing vendor         (FPC) and the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP). The
    invoices, credit card statement payments, applying invoices        courses are taught by leading payroll professionals holding
    to customer jobs, batch and single check process, voiding          the CPP certification in conjunction with certification
    checks, journal entries, and Account Payable reporting.            from the APA. Certification helps individuals demonstrate
    QuickBooks for Small Businesses or good working knowledge          their payroll expertise, secure promotions, advance their
    of navigating QuickBooks is a prerequisite.                        careers, and enhance their standing within the profession.
                                                                       The mastery level of Payroll Certification is the second
    Instructor: Cindi Ebert, Ebert Consulting Group, LLC,              of a two part course. It incorporates the primary and
    Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Certified               fundamental payroll skills in the areas of core payroll
    QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor                                concepts, compliance, principles of paycheck calculations,
    CRN 13196                  Sect. 01               3 sessions       payroll process & systems, accounting and management. It
    Tue/Thu                    Oct 12, 14, 19     6:00-9:00pm          is designed to help students prepare for the CPP exam.

    CRN 13197                  Sect. 02               3 sessions
                                                                       FI552 Fundamentals of Payroll
                                                                                                        0 credit/32 hours/3.2 CEU
    Tue/Thu                    Nov 16, 18, 23      6:00-9:00pm         This is the first of a two part series which leads to a national
                                                                       certification as a payroll professional. The course prepares
    Instructor: Linda E. Dousis, Administrative Services &             students for the Fundamentals of Payroll Professional (FPC)
    Consulting, LLC ProAdvisor                                         examination. It is intended for new payroll professionals
    CRN 13198               Sect. 03             3 sessions            and anyone who is in the payroll industry. The program
    Tue/Wed/Thu             Dec 14, 15, 16    6:00-9:00pm               provides a thorough overview of the laws and regulations
    Course fee: $129 ($84 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                        that affect payroll. Students gain practical knowledge with
                                                                      “hands-on” activities.
                                                                       Topics include:
                                                                       • Calculating gross pay and deductions from pay
    SB006 Small Business Record-Keeping                                • Paycheck Fundamentals
                                        0 credit/3 hours/.3 CEU        • Determining which employer-provided benefits are
    This course instructs students on what records need to be            taxable or subject to reporting
    kept for small businesses, how to do bookkeeping, and              • Calculating Tax Withholdings
    how to use records as a management tool. Key topics                • Reporting payroll taxes
    include: manual and/or recommended software to                     • Preparing Forms W-2 and 941
    use, inventory control, cash flow management, end of                Instructor: Lydmila Dukhovnaya, CPP
    month summary procedures, accounts payable, accounts               CRN 13123                   Sect. 60                 8 sessions
    receivable, cash receipts, cash disbursements, profit and          Sat                         Oct 2-Nov 20 9:00am-1:00pm
    loss controls, internal controls and back up needed for tax        Course fee: $630 ($192 tuition, plus fees)
    Instructor: Deb Weyman, CPA at Amper, Politziner & Mattia
                                                                       FI550 Professional Payroll Certification
                                                                                                        0 credit/32 hours/3.2 CEU
    CPA’s                                                             The course is the second of a two part series leading
    CRN 13186                 Sect. 01                1 session        to a nationally recognized certification as a payroll
    Thu                       Oct 28              6:00-9:00pm          professional and prepares participants for the Certified
    Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                           Payroll Professional (CPP) examination. Students are
                                                                      given intensive training on complex payroll functions
                                                                      and regulations. Issues such as benefits and human
                                                                       resources departments are also presented. This course is
    SB003 Understanding Financial                                      intended for individuals with payroll experience or who
    Statements             0 credit/.3 CEU                             have passed the Fundamental of Payroll (FI552) class.
    Learn to enhance and clarify your bottom line. Topics             Topics covered include:
    covered include spreadsheets, understanding revenue               • Federal Taxation and Withholdings
    and expense, structure and relationships, developing              • Payroll Systems and Reporting payroll taxes
    meaningful forecasts and projections, break-even analysis,        • FLSA “white collar” exemption rules
    balance sheets, P&L, and cash flow.                   .3 CEU      • Understanding Fringe Benefits
    Instructor: Deb Weyman, CPA at Amper, Politziner & Mattia CPA’s   • The Impact of benefit plans on the payroll process
                                                                      • Skills and Responsibilities
    CRN 13187 Sect. 01 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater                      Instructor: Sharon Richardson, CPP
    Thu             Nov 11     6:00-8:30pm                  B104      CRN 13064                  Sect. 61               8 sessions
    Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition plus fees)                           Sat                        Oct 2-Nov 20 9:00am-1:00pm
                                                                       Course fee: $630 ($192 tuition, plus fees)
8                                                                                            Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                       • PAYROLL / AIR CONDITIONING, REFRIGERATION & HEATING TECHNOLOGY
AIR CONDITIONING,                                                   design (cooling) is required. Classroom instruction consists
REFRIGERATION &                                                     of engineering design and analysis of hot air (ducted),
HEATING TECHNOLOGY                                                  hot water (baseboards), steam (radiators), radiant (warm
                                                                    floors) and geothermal heating systems. Throughout the
Associate of Applied Science                                        semester the student is also trained in the selection of
Degree/Technology Certificate                                       equipment and peripheral components, and in the use of
                                                                    engineering-design and computer aided drafting software.
The Associate of Applied Science degree program in Air
Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology                  Instructor: Paul Flor
 prepares students in manipulative skills, design, estimating,      CRN 10395                Sect. 01X     RVCC@Bridgewater
 theory, instrumentation, electricity and control systems.          MTW Sept 1-Dec 8 9:00-11:50am                         B103
Academic courses in electrical, and thermodynamic
 theories as well as practical practical applications in the        Instructor: Antoine Hajjer
 laboratory provide students with the background necessary
 to become technicians, installers, sales personnel, entry          CRN 10941                Sect. 51X RVCC@Bridgewater
 level designers and middle managers. (See College Catalog          MWF Sept 1-Dec 10 6:00-8:50pm                 B202
 for full requirements and course details.)                         Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
 If you are considering transfer to a four-year institution for a
 bachelor’s degree in technology, it is strongly recommended        ARTC 206 Residential HVAC Controls
 that you consult with a transfer counselor early in your           & Instrumentation     3 credits/75 hours
 program to determine the requirements of the transfer              Prerequisite: ESTC 102 Electricity II
                                                                    This is an advanced course in electrical control systems for
To receive a Technology Certificate credential from the
                                                                    HVAC, requiring students to have previous training or field
 Division of Continuing Education, the following courses
                                                                    experience in the areas of control and instrumentation
 must be completed:
                                                                    for HVAC. This course focuses on residential applications
• Refrigeration I                                                   beginning with concepts of automation and feedback for
• Electricity I                                                     control loops, continuing with a presentation of operating
• Computer Aided Drafting I                                         principles of gas, oil and electric heating/cooling control
• Air conditioning Systems Design                                   systems and associated equipment, and finally exploring
• Electricity II                                                    indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues. Training is provided in the
• Heating Systems Design                                            operation, troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair procedures
• Residential HVAC Controls & Instrumentation                       of mechanical and electrical malfunctions on boilers,
                                                                    furnaces, heat pumps, central cooling systems, humidifying
• Refrigeration II                                                  & dehumidifying equipment and peripheral devices, and in
• Commercial HVAC Controls                                          the operation, calibration and testing of such systems.
                                                                    Instructor: Paul Flor
ARTC 101 Refrigeration I
                                        6 credits/135 hours         CRN 10396                 Sect. 01X        RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                    Th/F Sept 2-Dec 10 9:00-11:50am                          B103
This is an entry-level course for students in the HVAC/R
field. Its purpose is to provide the student with a practical
blend of technical theory and laboratory skill- building            Instructor: TBA
activities. The course content aims at developing in the            CRN 10942                  Sect. 51X   RVCC@Bridgewater
student a solid foundation in the basics of thermodynamic           T/Th Sept 2-Dec 9          6:00-8:50pm            B103
theory as applicable to refrigeration, and in the operation         Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
of the most modern tools, instruments and equipment in
current use by field service professionals during installation,     ESTC 101 Electricity I                    2 credits/45 hours
troubleshooting, maintenance and service procedures on
                                                                    An entry-level course designed to provide the student
present-day refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
                                                                    with the essentials of DC and AC electricity, as well as
Instructor: Paul Flor                                               the necessary electrical background to pursue the more
CRN 10394                  Sect 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater           advanced instrumentation and control courses. Instruction
MWF Sept 1-Dec 13 1:00–3:50pm                           B103        includes instructor-directed bench work using the latest in
    Instructor: Eric Symborski, Jr.                                 electrical instrumentation to introduce the student to basic
                                                                    electrical testing and troubleshooting procedures.
CRN 12956                  Sect. 51X     RVCC@Bridgewater
MWF Sept 1-Dec 13 6:00-8:50pm                           B103        Instructor: David Peins
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees         CRN 10397                 Sect. 01X     RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                    Th Sept 2-Dec 9           1:00–3:50pm                 B103
ARTC 202 Heating Systems Design                                     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                        6 credits/150 hours
This is a course which deals primarily with the application
of the fundamental facts of engineering to the practical
design of central heating systems. Previous knowledge of
heat transfer processes as applicable to air conditioning

Fall 2010                                                                                          9
                                                                    Instructor: TBA
     AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY                                          CRN 12958                  Sect. 35X    RVCC@Bridgewater
     Associate of Applied Science Degree                            Sat Sept 4-Dec 11          12:30-2:20pm            B210
  The Associate of Applied Science degree program in                Sat                        2:30-5:20pm             A112
  Automotive Technology prepares students for entry into            Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
   the automotive service field as technicians and middle
   managers. Instruction in the program includes fuel systems,      AUTC 201 Fuel System & Emission
  electrical systems, acetylene/electric welding, and analysis      Control               3 credits/45 hours
  of engines, suspension systems and wheel alignment. (See
                                                                    Prerequisite: Automotive Theory, Service & Engines
  Collage Catalog for full requirements and course details.)
                                                                    This course is a study of theories and practices in various
   If you are considering a transfer to a four-year institution
                                                                    automotive fuel systems with respect to injection,
   for a bachelor’s degree in technology, it is strongly
                                                                    carburetion, fuels, manifolding and pumps. Training is
   recommended that you consult with a transfer counselor
                                                                    provided in diagnosing, repairing and adjusting fuel and
  early in your program to determine the requirements of the
                                                                    exhaust systems with emphasis on emission control systems.
   transfer institution.
                                                                    Instructor: Ivan Anderson
  To receive a Technology Certificate credential from the
   Division of Continuing Education, the following courses          CRN 10405               Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater
   must be completed:                                               M Sept 13-Dec 13 1:00-2:50pm                         B210
  • Automotive Theory, Service & Engines                            M                       3:00- 5:50pm                 A112
  • Automatic Transmission Service & Repair Principles*             Instructor: TBA
  • Automotive Brake Systems                                        CRN 10921                  Sect. 51X   RVCC@Bridgewater
  • Basic Welding                                                   M Sept 13-Dec 13           4:00-5:50pm            B210
  • Clutches & Manual Transmissions*                                M                          6:00-8:50pm            A112
                                                                    Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
  • Cooling & Climate Control Systems
  • Electrical Systems
                                                                    AUTC 203 Steering & Suspension
  • Engine Diagnosis*
                                                                    Systems               3 credits/45 hours
  • Fuel Systems & Emission Control
                                                                    Prerequisite: Automotive Theory, Service and Engines.
  • Metallurgy or Advanced Welding
                                                                    The course covers the principles involved in front and
  • Steering & Suspension Systems                                   rear suspension, weight distribution, wheel balancing and
 *Spring 2011                                                       alignment. Practice is provided in diagnosing and servicing
                                                                    these systems of an automobile.
     AUTC 101 Auto Theory, Service                                  Instructor: Ivan Anderson
     & Engines              4 credits/45 hours                      CRN 10406                Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater
     Upon completion of this course, the student will be familiar   W Sept 1-Dec 8           1:00-2:50pm                 B210
     with the tools, service procedures, and safety customary to    W                        3:00-5:50pm                 A112
     the automotive field. Training is provided in general and      Instructor: TBA
     specific maintenance areas.                                    CRN 10922                Sect. 51X      RVCC@Bridgewater
     Instructor: Richard Reina                                      W Sept 1-Dec 8           4:00-5:50pm                 B210
     CRN 10403                 Sect. 01X     RVCC@Bridgewater       W                        6:00-8:50pm                 A112
     T Sept 7-Dec 7            1:00-2:50pm                 B210     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
     T                         3:00-7:50pm                 A112
                                                                    AUTC 205 Cooling & Climate
     Instructor: TBA                                                Control System         3 credits/45 hours
                                                                    Prerequisite: Automotive Theory, Service and Engines
     CRN 12957                  Sect. 35X   RVCC@Bridgewater        The study of cooling, heating, defrosting and air conditioning
     S Sept 4 Dec 11            7:30am-9:20am          B210         systems is conducted in this course. Maintenance, diagnosis
     Sat                        9:30am-2:20pm          A112         and repair of the systems are covered using lecture and lab
     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees    experiences. Electrical and/or vacuum circuits and controls
                                                                    are emphasized.
     AUTC 102 Automotive Brake Systems                              Instructor: TBA
                                               3 credits/45 hours
                                                                    CRN 10407                 Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater
     This course is an overview of the brake system. Training       F Sept 3-Dec 10           2:00-3:50pm                    B210
     covers the entire brake system and complete brake servicing.   F                         4:00-6:50pm                    A112
     Inspection diagnosis, adjustment, and repair of drum, disc,     Instructor: TBA
     and anti-lock brake systems are performed.
                                                                    CRN 10923                 Sect. 51X      RVCC@Bridgewater
     Instructor: Richard Reina                                      F Sept 3-Dec 10           5:00-6:50pm                    B210
     CRN 10404                 Sect. 01X    RVCC@Bridgewater        F                         7:00-9:50pm                    A112
     Th Sept 2-Dec 9           2:30-4:20pm                B210      Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
     Th                        4:30-7:20pm                A112
10                                                                                        Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                 • AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY / AUTO BODY / BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
AUTO BODY                                                        BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
This program is directed to students interested in a career
 in automotive collision repair and refinishing. This one year   PM018 Project Management
 program teaches the components for body work, painting,         Certificate         0 credit/36 hours
 welding and other components while focusing on safety           In today’s fast paced world, more and more of the work is
and OSHA requirements. Safety goggles and steel-toed             done through the creation and execution of projects whether
shoes are required. Students are required to purchase            the goal is to deliver a new drug to market, design and
 materials identified in the first day of class.
                                                                 develop a new business application, or paint a house. Project
Course work:                                                     management is a key managerial skill needed for success, not
• Auto Body Refinishing                                          only in the business world, but also in personal life.
• Auto Body: Metal Work & Welding
                                                                 The Certificate in Project Management Program features
• Auto Body, Shop Practices                                      36 hours of training. The class is based on best practices
• Major Auto Body Repairs & Frame Alignments                     as prescribed by the Project Management Institute
                                                                 (PMI), the global organization representing the Project
AB100 Introduction to Auto Body,                                 Management profession through the Project Management
Shop Practices         0 credit/50 hours                         Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The curriculum presents
Students learn shop practices and proper procedures to           the nine bodies of knowledge in preparation for the
straighten small dents using a metal file, pick hammer and       PMP examination, combined with material that presents
dollies. Hands-on procedures to prepare and apply auto           practical real-world experiences. The program provides
body filler and smooth auto body surfaces are covered.           students with the training hours needed to meet the
Safety goggles and steel-toed shoes are required.                educational requirements for the Project Management
                                                                 Professional (PMP) and the Certified Associate Project
Instructor: Raymond Esler
                                                                 Manager (CAPM) certifications offered through PMI. Note
CRN 13331 Sect. 50X 14 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                 that the educational requirement is just one of several
T/Th         Sept 7-Oct 21 6:00-9:40 pm             A103         needed to be eligible for the exam. Visit the PMI website
Course fee: $425 ($235 tuition, plus fees)                       at for more information. At least one
                                                                 year of project management experience is recommended
AB101 Auto Body-Welding &                                        for this course.
Metal Work           0 credit/50 hours                           Topics include:
Students continue with the basic elements learned in the         • Requirements for and benefits of PMI certification
Introduction (AB100) course with instruction in the use of
welding techniques and metal work. Safety goggles and            • Foundational concepts of project management
steel-toed shoes are required.                                   • Project management framework and integration
Instructor: George Byrd                                          • Project scope, time and cost management
CRN 13332 Sect. 50X 14 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   (the “triple-constraint”)
M/W          Sept 13-Oct 27 6:00-9:40pm             A103         • Quality, communications, human resources, risk and
Course fee: $425 ($235 tuition, plus fees)                         procurement management
                                                                 • PMI professional responsibility
AB102 Auto Body Refinishing
                                             0 credit/55 hours   • Practical application of PMI principles
In this course, students learn the how to use paint shop         • Exam study and test-taking strategies and Practice
materials, spray equipment, solve paint problems and learn         questions and a practice final exam
safety rules of painting. The course is open to students with
some body work experience. Safety goggles and steel-toed         Instructor: Steve Cohen, PMP
shoes are required.                                              CRN 13053 Sect. 50 12 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Instructor: George Byrd                                          Thu Sept 23-Dec 16 6:30-9:30pm            B108
CRN 13333 Sect. 60X 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                 Course fee: $899 ($360 tuition, plus fees)
Sat           Sept 11-Nov 13 7:30am-1:00pm A103
Course fee: $390 ($190 tuition, plus fees)

AB103 Auto Body: Custom Paint
                                        0 Credits/22 hours
The course introduces the basic techniques of customized
painting for autos, motorcycles, and more. The course
is hands-on, working on your own individual pieces of
artwork. Student to purchase paint material. Safety goggles
and steel-toed shoes are required.
Instructor: George Byrd
CRN 13334 Sect. 51X 4 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat           Nov 20-Dec 18 7:30am-1:00pm             A103
(No class Nov 27)
Course fee; $170 ($105 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                   11
     Mastery Project Management                                     SIX SIGMA SERIES CERTIFICATES
     Certificate Program                                            Six Sigma presents a rigorous, focused and highly effective
     Project management is one the most popular processes           implementation of proven quality principles and techniques.
     in business today. This series of courses provide a            Six Sigma aims for virtually error-free business performance
     comprehensive review of four of the most critical topics       while using statistics to measure the variability in the process.
     within project management. All courses are taught based        BU028           Six Sigma: White Belt
     on the Project Management Institute’s Guidelines of Project                                        0 credit/4 hours/.4 CEU
     Management.                                                    Designed to present a broad understanding of Lean/Six
                                                                    Sigma principles and practices; learn to build capability to
     PM013 Risk Management                                          implement Lean/Six Sigma initiatives and to operate with
                                      0 credit/12 hours/1.2 CEU     awareness of Lean/Six Sigma at the enterprise level. Learn
     Risk Management is one of the most critical areas of project   proven principles and techniques to become more profitable
     management. The course provides both a comprehensive           while increasing customer satisfaction. Students also learn
     study of the six phases outlined in the Project Management     the four key elements to Lean Six Sigma.
     Institutes (PMI) 4th edition of their project management-      Instructor: Joan Whitehead, MBA, Certified Six Sigma, Black Belt
     Instructor: Steve Cohen, PMP                                   CRN 13078 Sect. 51 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     CRN 13093                Sect. 02                 3 sessions   Mon/Wed Sept 20 & 22 7:00-9:00pm                         B210
     Mon/Tue/Wed              Sept 20-22         9:00am-4:00pm      Course fee: $119 ($34 tuition, plus fees)
     Course fee: $279 ($120 tuition, plus fees)                     BU029 Six Sigma: Yellow Belt
                                                                                                        0 credit/4 hours/.4 CEU
                                                                      Learn how to implement the Lean Six Sigma principles
     PM014 Green Project Management                                   by linking these concepts to business priorities. Concepts
     for the 21st Century 0 credit/12 hours/1.2 CEU                   presented are the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology
     This course presents an overview of this very fast growing and the five laws of Six Sigma. Students identify processes
     field covering an evaluative process to incorporate “Green” that could benefit from improvement and when to apply
     in the work environment. Discussion focuses on current and a DMAIC methodology to maximize cost savings using
     timely topics of the green initiatives as they relate to project Statistical Process Control.
     management. The class presents a simple multi-scope Instructor: Joan Whitehead, MBA, Certified Six Sigma, Black Belt
     process for businesses to start in this growing arena.           CRN 13079 Sect. 51 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Instructor: Steve Cohen, PMP                                     Mon/Wed Sept 27 & 29 7:00-9:30pm                    B210
     CRN 13095 Sect. 02 3 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   Course fee: $189 ($44 tuition, plus fees)
     Mon/Tue/Wed Oct 18, 19, 20 9:00am-4:00pm B208
     Course fee: $279 ($120 tuition, plus fees)                     BU030 Six Sigma: Green Belt
                                                                                                     0 credit/30 hours/3.0 CEU
                                                                    The course continues to build upon the Lean Six Sigma
     PM015 Scheduling/ Cost Control                                 foundational concepts by providing case studies which
                                                                    offer practical applications. Principles such as preventive
                                      0 credit/12 hours/1.2 CEU     maintenance, sustainability, performance metrics and lean
     This three day course provides a solid understanding of        enterprise alignment are presented. An introduction into
     the integration of time, cost and scope management.            Black Belt methods is also given.
     Students learn techniques for building and developing work     Prerequisite: Previous experience or Six Sigma: Yellow Belt
     timelines which eliminate time and cost. Learn easy ways to
     apply concepts to real world projects.                         Instructor: Martin Czebotar, Certified Six Sigma, Black Belt
     CRN 13098 Sect. 02 3 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                 CRN 13080 Sect. 51 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Mon/Tue/Wed Nov 8-10 9:00am-4:00pm                   B203      Wed            Oct 6-Dec 15      6:00-9:00pm           B210
     Course fee: $279 ($120 tuition, plus fees)                     Course fee: $749 ($154 tuition, plus fees)

                                                                    BU043 Six SIGMA (Black Belt)
                                                                                                     0 credit/72 hours/7.2 CEU
     PM012 Quality Management                                       The course is a continuation of the Six Sigma body of
                                      0 credit/12 hours/1.2 CEU     knowledge. Class presents real life simulation exercises,
     Learn a comprehensive understanding of quality for project     practical examples and case studies. The course presents
     managers. Course provides an in-depth understanding of         information that is useful guidance for practical application
     quality as outlined in the Project Management Institute        and for the exam preparation. Prerequisite: Previous
     (PMI) 4th edition.                                             experience or Six Sigma: Green Belt
     Instructor: Steve Cohen, PMP                                   Instructor: Bill Hamilton, Six Sigma, Master Black Belt
     CRN 13099                Sect. 02             3 sessions       (No class Nov 23 & 25)
     Mon/Tue/Wed              Nov 29-Dec 1 9:00am-4:00pm            CRN 13081 Sect. 51 12 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Course fee: $279 ($120 tuition, plus fees)                     Tue/Thu        Oct 26-Dec 7       6:00-9:00pm          B210
                                                                    (No class Nov 25)
                                                                    Course fee: $849 ($234 tuition, plus fees)

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     W here jobs ar e in t he fut ur e :

                                                                                                                                   • CAREER TRACK COURSES FOR IN-DEMAND CAREERS
                   Voice over Internet Protocol Providers
                                                       ■         ■     ■

                                              Court Reporting
                                   Source:, Anthony Balderrama
                          For more information call 908-218-8871 or

CAREER TRACK COURSES                                             poor or broken connections and components, or incorrect
                                                                 programming. Course fee includes course textbook and
FOR INDEMAND CAREERS                                            equipment necessary for use during class.
The following courses are designated “in-demand” career          For information on class dates and times please contact
tracks providing the student with the knowledge to               Bridget Waverka at (908) 526-1200 ext. 8471 or email
gain entry into the different fields as technicians or self
employed individuals.                                            Course fee: $2450 ($450 tuition, plus fees)
Solar Panel Installation 0 credit/40 hours                       Advanced Electronic Security
This introductory course is intended to present the basic                                                  0 credit/40 hours
materials for individuals performing design, self installation   Pre-requisite: Intro to Electronic Security Installation
and maintenance of a residential solar electric power system,    In this advanced level course, students learn how to design
also known as a Photovoltaic system. Through a combination       commercial and home electronic security systems. Topics
of hands-on-labs and lecture you are introduced to the           include next generation monitoring including video and
following: Working Safely with Photovoltaic (PV) Systems,        access control monitoring, technical design requirements
Conducting a Site Assessment, Selecting a System Design,         for on premise and central station, access control equipment
Adapting the Mechanical Design, Adapting the Electrical          & systems, central station equipment & software, fire
Design, Installing Subsystems and Components at the Site,        detection equipment & systems, intrusion detection
Performing a System Checkout and Inspection, Maintaining         equipment & systems, IP-based security products, video
and Troubleshooting a System. The course covers the              analytics, video surveillance equipment and systems and
current tax rebates and incentives available for PV home         residential custom electronics. Fee includes course textbook
installations. Fee includes course textbook and equipment        and equipment necessary for use during class.
necessary for use during class.
                                                                 For information on class dates and times please contact
For information on class dates and times please contact          Bridget Waverka at 908-526-1200 ext. 8471 or email
Bridget Waverka at 908-526-1200 ext. 8471 or email                                               Course fee: $2450 ($450 tuition, plus fees)
Course fee: $2595 ($595 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                 Class A Commercial Driver’s License
Electronic Security Installation                                 (CDL) – Tractor Trailer 0 credit/60 hours
                                          0 credit/40 hours      The course prepares you to operate a tractor trailer and
An introductory level course designed to prepare an              obtain a Class A Endorsement. The required skills in order to
individual for work as a certified electronic security           obtain a CLASS A CDL are the following: General Knowledge,
installer. Students learn how to program, maintain, and          Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, and Pre-Trip Walk around
repair security wiring and equipment. Topics include codes,      inspection and road test. Students first attend a lecture class
inspecting and testing alarms and system equipment, usage        which prepares you for the knowledge skills tests. Once
of circuit testers, logic probes, diagnosing component and       the knowledge skills tests are passed, you receive a permit
equipment faults, adjust, align, replace or repair equipment,    and are scheduled for driving time with a licensed CDL
assemblies and components, checking the system for               instructor to prepare for the road test. Vehicles are provided

Fall 2010                                                                                    13
     for the road test, students are responsible for paying            complex machines. Hard hats are provided for use during
     knowledge, road test and finger printing fees directly to the     equipment training.
     NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.          Course fee: $2,395 ($395 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                       Basic Telecommunications
     For information on class dates and times please contact                                                      0 credit/40 hours
     Bridget Waverka at 908-526-1200 ext. 8471 or email                Course helps students for the Carrier in Convergent Network                                           Technologies (CCNT) certification examination. It is designed
     Course fee: $2595 ($595 tuition, plus fees)                       for the review of the Basic Telecommunications module
     Class B Commercial Driver’s License                               of the CCNT, as well as the professional development
                                                                       for Information Technology (IT) Professionals. Course
     (CDL) License/P (Straight/Box Truck, Bus)                         familiarizes the student with the concepts of analog and
                                               0 credit/40 hours
     The course prepares you to operate a straight/box truck and       digital technologies, networks, business communication
     bus and obtain a Class B endorsement. The P endorsement           systems, signaling, and switching. This course aims at
     enables students to operate passenger vehicles (buses) with       providing an overview of the Telecommunications Industry.
     greater than 8 passengers. The required tests in order to         Some of the topics covered include: Customer Premise
     obtain a CLASS B CDL are the following: General Knowledge,        Equipment (CPE), Specialized Services, Multiplexing,
     Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, and Pre-Trip Walk around        Advances of Digital Technology, Telecommunication
     inspection and road test. Students first attend a lecture class   networks and Cellular networks.
     which prepares students for the knowledge skills tests. Once      Course fee: $2235 ($195 tuition, plus fees)
     students have passed the knowledge skills test students           Basic Data Communications
     receive a permit and are scheduled for driving time with a                                                   0 credit/40 hours
     licensed CDL instructor to prepare for the road test. Vehicles    Course helps students for the Carrier in Convergent Network
     are provided for the road test, students are responsible for      Technologies (CCNT) certification examination. Course is
     paying knowledge road test and finger printing fees directly      designed for the review of the Basic Data Communications
     to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.                               module of the CCNT, as well as the professional development                   for Information Technology (IT) Professionals. This course
     For information on class dates and times please contact           provides the student with an understanding of how data
     Bridget Waverka at 908-526-1200 ext. 8471 or email                communication systems work. In addition to a review of                                           various software and hardware components related to Basic
     Course fee: $1795 ($595 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                       Data Communications. Topics cover: Data Terminal Devices,
                                                                       System Network Architecture, TCP/IP, Transmission Principles
     A+ Comptia                                0 credit/40 hours       and an Overview of Communication Equipment.
     CompTIA A+ certification validates the latest skills              Course fee: $2235 ($195 tuition, plus fees)
     needed by today’s computer support professionals. It is
     an international, vendor-neutral certification recognized         Computer Telephone Integration
     by major hardware and software vendors, distributors              (CTI) Essentials      0 credit/40 hours
     and resellers. CompTIA A+ certification confirms a                Course will prepare students for the Carrier in Convergent
     technician’s ability to perform tasks such as installation,       Network Technologies (CCNT) certification examination.
     configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and             Course is designed for the complete review of CTI
     basic networking. The exam covers domains such as security,       Essentials module of the CCNT, as well as the professional
     safety and environmental issues and communication and             development for Information Technology (IT) Professionals.
     professionalism. In thishands on class students are prepared      Course familiarizes the student with all aspects of CTI
     to take the CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam (220-601) and              including: Interactive Voice Processing, Fax Systems,
     the IT Technician Certification Exam (220-602). At the            Simultaneous Voice-Data and Videoconferencing. Course
     conclusion of this course students have the necessary skills      will cover CTI Applications by market including: Corporate
     to build, configure, troubleshoot and repair a personal           and Government, Distribution and Retail, Electronic Media
     computer. Fees include course text book, tools for use            and Transportation. In addition, the course will also provide
     during class and 2 COMPTIA A+ testing vouchers. Pre-              an understanding of CTI Architectures including: Signal
     requisite – Basic PC knowledge.                                   Processing Boards, PBX and UpPBX Systems, Hot-Based
     For information on class dates and times please contact           Systems, Desktop, Client/Server, Hardware, Application
     Bridget Waverka at 908-526-1200 ext. 8471 or email                Programming Interfaces (API) and Standards.                                           Course fee: $2235 ($195 tuition, plus fees)
     Course fee: $2995 ($595 tuition, plus fees)                       Voice Over IP (VoIP) Essentials
                                                                                                                  0 credit/40 hours
     Material Handling Equipment                                       Course will help students for the Carrier in Convergent
     Fundamentals-Payloader/Excavator                                  Network Technologies (CCNT) certification examination.
                                               0 credit/30 hours       Course is designed for the preparation and review of the
     Designed for the individual who has no experience operating       module of the Voice Over IP (VoIP) Essentials module
     heavy equipment vehicles; the first session is devoted            of the CCNT, as well as the professional development
     to a lecture class where students learn safety standards,         for Information Technology (IT) Professionals. This course
     pre-operational instructions, precautions and government          familiarizes the student with Voice Over IP including, the
     regulations regarding the operation of payloaders and             topics covered include: Key VoIp Applications, Gateway
     excavators. Subsequent sessions are devoted to field              functions and interfacing, Bandwidth Consumption, Quality
     training where students have actual vehicle practice time         of Service (QoS) Issues, PC Phones and VoIP Standards.
     under the supervision of a licensed trainer operating these       Course fee: $2235 ($195 tuition, plus fees)

14                                                                                           Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                 • CAREER DEVELOPMENT
Broadband Technologies                                           Instructor: Charlene Watler, SPHR
                                          0 credit/40 hours      CRN 13066 Sect. 51 5 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Course will help students for the Carrier in Convergent          Wed        Oct 20-Nov 17       6:00-9:00pm B108
Network Technologies (CCNT) certification examination.           Course fee: $349 ($94 tuition, plus fees)
This course is designed for the review of the Broadband
Technologies module of the CCNT, as well as the professional      CD232 How to Write the
development for Information Technology (IT) Professionals.
This course will familiarize the student with the concepts
                                                                 “Perfect” Resume with “Imperfect”
of analog and digital technologies, networks, business            Work History           0 credit/3 hours
communication systems, signaling, and switching. The topics      In today’s competitive job market it is essential that
covered in this course include Network Topologies, SONET, SS7,   individual resumes and cover letters set you apart from other
Frame Relay, Cell Relay, SMDS, ATM, DSL & VPN.                   job applicants. Learn what to do when your work history is
Course fee: $2235 ($195 tuition, plus fees)                      less than perfect. This class is designed to help students
                                                                 prepare a solid resume and cover letter to compensate for a
                                                                 less than stellar employment history.
CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                               Instructor: Charlene Watler, SPHR
CD133 Green Collar Jobs 0 credit/2 hours                         CRN 13165                Sect. 50                 2 sessions
Learn about career opportunities in areas such as Water          Thu                      Sept 30 & Oct 7       6:00-9:00pm
Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental            Course fee: $59 ($20 tuition, plus fees)
Quality and Innovation Design. This workshop presents the
various exam tracks also associated with green technology        CD220 Mastering the Phone
careers.                                                         Interview             0 credit/3 hours
Instructor: Wayne Baruch                                         Learn how to prepare for a telephone interview at a
CRN 13136 Sect. 50 1 session          RVCC@Bridgewater           moment’s notice. More and more employers are using the
Wed Sept 22             6:00-8:00pm                 B208         telephone as a way of recruiting and selecting candidates
Course fee: $15                                                  for employment. This course presents information to help
                                                                 you gain the confidence to master that phone interview
                                                                 and get you to that next step of the face to face interview.
HR101 Essentials of Human
Resource Management Certificate                                  Instructor: Nancy Anderson
                                          0 credit/15 hours      CRN 13076                Sect. 51                   1 session
                                                                 Wed                      Oct 20                6:00-9:00pm
This program, aligned with the Society of Human Resource
                                                                 Course fee: $59 ($20 tuition, plus fees)
Managers (SHRM), is designed for entry level human
resource professionals or small business owners with
HR responsibilities. Students taking this course may be
new to the field or have some current human resources
responsibilities and wish to learn more.

                          Car eer Tr ans i t i o ns
                     Outplacement Services for Your Employees
                                                         ■    Change management programs
                                                         ■    Understanding the unemployment system
                                                         ■    Career planning through personal assessment
                                                              & goal setting
                                                         ■    Job search strategies workshops, covering
                                                              resume preparation, interviewing skills,
                                                              networking and career guidance
                                                         ■    Skill set development through professional
                                                              development & training
                                                         ■    One on one coaching support
                                                         ■    Specialized industry support
                                                         ■    And more
                      For more information about Career Transitions,
                                a powerful resource for YOU
                        Contact Julia West Johnson
      | 908-526-1200 ext.8319
Fall 2010                                                                                   15
     CD234 Where the Jobs Are                                          COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY
                                                  0 credit/2 hours
                                                                       RVCC has provided computer training for over 25 years
     Individuals looking for work already know where the               delivering quality training by offering the most sought-after
     jobs are NOT. Students need to become familiar with the           certificate programs in networking and security, web design,
     industries where job growth is anticipated. This workshop         graphic design, and Microsoft Office. All Microsoft Office
     helps target the job search to align skills with areas that       courses are taught using the XP version, Office 2007, and
     have the greatest potential for success.                          all courseware is MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) approved.
     Instructor: Charlene Watler, SPHR                                 Competencies tested at various levels of the Microsoft
     CRN 13170               Sect. 50                 1 session        Office Specialist Certification (MOS) are taught within these
     Wed                     Sept 29              6:00-8:00pm          courses. If you are unsure of which course to take; please
                                                                       call 908-218-8871.
     Course fee: $59 ($20 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                       WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM
     GI685 Introduction to Voiceovers                                  WO441 Microsoft Windows Basic
                                                  0 credit/2 hours
     Learn how to get started in professional Voice Acting. This                                           0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
     fun interactive class presents many details of the industry.   This hands-on course trains individuals who have little or
     This class is taught by a professional voice actor from a voice no experience with Windows to use the exciting features
     acting training company.                                        found in this software. No computer experience is necessary.
     Instructor: Staff of Voices for All                            Topics include:
     CRN 13061                  Sect. 51                   1 session• Windows desktop
     Thu                        Dec 2                 6:00-8:00pm   • Working with using the taskbar and start menu
     Course fee: $69 ($54 tuition, plus fees)                       • Working with menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes
     CD223 Transitioning into Careers                               • Using the help window and contents tab
     after Motherhood                          0 credit/5 hours     • Working with the Index tab
     Learn how to tap into resources and obtain skills needed • Working with My Computer
     to return to the workforce. This workshop provides tools • Working with Windows Explorer
     needed to assess skills and career interests that match the • Working with files
     criteria for today’s jobs. The course is ideal for a stay-at-
                                                                     Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
     home mom who desires a career change or is returning to
     work. This course is taught by the author of Job Search Skills CRN 13037 Sect. 62 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     for Mommies, a new book in the Mommie Line series.             Sat            Sept 18 & 25               9:00am-12:00pm
     Instructor: Nancy Anderson                                     Course fee: $139 ($42 tuition, plus fees)
     CRN 13075 Sect. 01 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Tue Oct 5 & 12            10:00am-12:30pm              B107
                                                                    MO204 Microsoft Office 2007 Basic
     Course fee: $15                                                   Certificate Program                 0 credit/30 hours/.3 CEU
                                                                       Students are given 30 hours of instruction in Microsoft
     CD136 Employment Options for                                      Windows, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. The program
     the Baby Boomers    0 credit/6 hours                              teaches the basic applications for each software package to
                                                                       give students a solid foundation necessary before studying
     The program includes information about jobs of the future,        at an intermediate or advanced level. All courseware used is
     area resources for employment, and career transitions for         MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) approved.
     people over 50. Job search and resume writing techniques
     are also covered.                                                 Instructor: Ann Marie Delprincipe
     Instructor: Charlene Watler, SPHR                                 CRN 13121 Sect. 60 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                       Sat           Sept 18-Nov 20              9:00am-12:00pm
     CRN 13065               Sect. 51              2 sessions
     Wed                     Oct 6 & 13                                Course fee: $686 ($159 tuition, plus fees)
     6:00-9:00pm CD234 Where the Jobs Are                              MO208 Business Applications
     Course fee:                $59 ($20 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                       Computer Specialist 0 credit/200 hours/20.0 CEU
                                                                       Obtain the computer skills you need to compete in today’s
                                                                       job market by learning the latest software packages. This
                                                                       intensive certificate program allows beginners to become
                                                                       proficient in the use of MS Office 2007 products. The
                                                                       course focuses on teaching the skills employers want their
                                                                       employees to possess. This course meets at times that are
                                                                       convenient for the working parent. Funding is available for
                                                                       eligible individuals who apply early and qualify.

16                                                                                           Register Today, 908-218-8871
Topics include:                                                   MO201 Microsoft Word Intermediate

                                                                                                                                  • COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY
• Introduction to Windows XP                                                                           0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
• Word 2007                                                        Prerequisites: Word Basic or equivalent experience
                                                                  Topics include:
• PowerPoint 2007
                                                                  • Working with sections and columns
• Excel 2007
• Access 2007                                                     • Formatting tables
• Microsoft Office integration concepts                           • Working with imported data
 Prerequisite: keyboard skills                                    • Using styles and Auto Text
 Instructor: TBA                                                  • Working with headers and footers
CRN 13017 Sect. 03 32 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   • Working with graphics
M/T/W/Th Sept 27-Nov 18                 9:00am-3:00pm             • Introduction to templates
Course fee:    $3900 ($1548 tuition, plus fees)                   • Workgroup collaboration
                                                                  • Printing options
MO213 Microsoft 2007 New Features                                  Instructor: TBA
                                             0 credit/3 hours
                                                                  CRN 13120 Sect. 50 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Learn various new features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.        Mon/Wed Oct 25 & 27                            6:00-9:00pm
Topics presented are the Microsoft Office button, Ribbon           Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
tabs and Ribbon groups, galleries, contextual Ribbon tabs,
Live Preview, the Quick Parts and building blocks, charts and     CRN 13022 MO201 02 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                   Fri            Nov 12                      9:00am-4:00pm
reports, Dynamic SmartArt graphics, and the Mini toolbar.
This course is offered as a preview to the Office 2007 courses.   Course fee:    $158 ($42 tuition, plus fees)
Instructor: Ann Marie Delprincipe, RVCC Faculty
CRN 13014 Sect. 51 1 session              RVCC@Bridgewater        SPREADSHEETS
Tue                        Sept 28               6:00-9:00pm
Course fee: (Free, registration required)                         SP404 Microsoft Excel Basic
                                                                                                       0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
WORD PROCESSING                                                    Excel is an easy-to-use spreadsheet program. All Excel
                                                                  courses are taught using MOS approved courseware.
MO212 Microsoft Word Basic                                         Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows Basic or equivalent
                                     0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU       knowledge
Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing            Topics include:
software in the world. Classes are taught using MOS
approved courseware. Prerequisites: Windows 98: Basic             • Entering and editing data
or Windows 2000/XP: Basic or equivalent experience.               • Modifying a worksheet
Topics include:                                                   • Using functions & Formatting worksheets
• Editing documents                                               • Creating charts
• Moving and copying text                                         • Alternative user input
• Formatting characters and paragraphs
                                                                  • MOS exam objectives map
• Creating and managing tables                                     Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
• Controlling page layout
                                                                  CRN 13028         Sect. 52 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
• Using proofing tools
                                                                  Mon/Wed           Oct 11 & 13                 6:00-9:00pm
• Alternative user input
• MOS exam objectives map                                         Instructor: RVCC Faculty
 Instructor: RVCC Adjunct Faculty                                 CRN 13019        Sect. 03 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater
CRN 13027 Sect. 04 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                    Fri              Oct 15               9:00am-4:00pm
Mon/Wed                    Sept 20 & 22      6:00-9:00pm          Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
 Instructor: RVCC Adjunct Faculty                                 CRN 13040        Sect. 54 2 sessions
CRN 13018 Sect. 04 1 session            RVCC@Bridgewater          Sat              Oct 16 & 23         9:00am-12:00pm
 Fri                       Oct 1          9:00am-4:00pm           Instructor: TBA
 Instructor: Staff, RVCC Faculty
                                                                  CRN 13031       Sect. 55 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
CRN 13038 Sect. 62 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                  Mon/Wed         Oct 25 & 27              6:00-9:00pm
Sat                        Oct 2 & 9        9:00-12:00pm
 Instructor: Staff, RVCC Faculty                                  Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
CRN 13025 Sect. 03 1 session            RVCC@Bridgewater          CRN 13026       Sect. 53 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater
 Fri                       Oct. 29        9:00am-4:00pm           Fri              Dec 10              9:00am-4:00pm
 Instructor: Staff, RVCC Faculty                                  Course fee: $139 ($42 tuition, plus fees)
CRN 13035 Sect. 03 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Tue/Thu                    Dec 7 & 9         6:00-9:00pm
Course fee: $139 ($42 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                    17
     SP400 Microsoft Excel Intermediate                              COMPUTER AIDED DRAFTING
                                         0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
  Prerequisites: Excel Basic or equivalent experience                ESTC 110 Computer Aided Drafting I
 Topics include:                                                                                               3 credits/45 hours
 • Working with large worksheets                                     This course is an introduction to basic CAD (computer
 • Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks                    aided drafting) techniques using AutoCAD software.
 • Advanced charting, formatting & • List management                 Fundamentals of drawing and editing are presented and
  Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe, RVCC Adjunct Staff             practiced.
                                                                     Instructor: Zuzar H. Merchant
 CRN 13023 Sect. 02 1 session              RVCC@Bridgewater
  Fri                       Nov 19            9:00am-4:00pm          CRN 10460                  Sect. 01X    RVCC@Bridgewater
     Instructor: TBA                                                 T/Th Sept 7-Dec 9          9:00-11:20am            B202
     CRN 13033 Sect. 52 2 sessions               RVCC@Bridgewater    Instructor: TBA
     Mon/Wed            Dec 6 & 8                     6:00-9:00pm    CRN 10533                  Sect. 35X   RVCC@Bridgewater
     Course fee: $158 ($42 tuition, plus fees)                       Sat Sept 4-Dec 11          8:00am-12:30pm         B202
                                                                     Instructor: TBA
     SP402 Microsoft Excel Advanced
                                                                     CRN 10461                  Sect. 51X   RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                  0 credit/6 hours
                                                                     T/Th Sept 7-Dec 9          5:30-7:50pm            B202
  Prerequisites: Excel Intermediate or equivalent experience         Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
 Topics include:
 • Table Creating and enhancing using 2007 techniques                CNTC 104 Architectural CAD Drawing
 • Using Lookups and data tables                                                                               3 credits/67 hours
 • Advanced list management                                          Prerequisite: ESTC 110 Computer Aided Drafting I
 • Working with Pivot Tables                                         Construction related applications of computer aided drafting
 • Exporting and importing & using analytical options .6 CEU         are presented and practiced in detail with emphasis on
  Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe                                 preparing a complete set of residential drawings.
 CRN 13024                  Sect. 03                1 session        Instructor: TBA
  Fri                       Dec 3            9:00am-4:00pm           CRN 11194        Sect. 35X        RVCC@Bridgewater
     Course fee: $158 ($42 tuition, plus fees)                       Sat              Sept 4-Dec 11           8:00am-12:20pm
                                                                     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees

              FALL 2010 Computer Training Classes
                          Offered in partnership with the NJ Community College Consortium
                                   Funding provided by the NJ Department of Labor

     Word (Beginner) - 9am to 4pm
     Sept 10 | Oct 1 | Oct 29

     *Word (Intermediate) - 9am to 4pm
     Sept. 24 | Nov 12                                                      Excel (Beginner) - 9am to 4pm
                                                                            Oct 8 | Oct 15 | Dec 10

                                                                          *Excel (Intermediate) - 9am to 4pm
                                                                            Nov 19

                                                                                     Course Fee: Free, (must register)
                                                                                     * pre-request beginner class
          FREE 1-Day Classes
                                    You must be currently employed by a New Jersey business
                                     to take advantage of these FREE training opportunities
                                     Register or for more information
                              Julia West Johnson at 908-526-1200 ext 8319
                                      or email:
18                                                                                         Register Today, 908-218-8871
AD005 Workplace Skills Using W                                    Includes advanced sketch management, 3D sketching

                                                                                                                                    • COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY
                                                                  principles, advanced parametric shapes, 3D surfacing,
AutoCAD I             0 credit/30 hours
                                                                  advanced filleting, feature library creation, design in context
This class provides a guided, hands-on environment to             principles, and assembly level features. Among other
learn the basics of AutoCAD. This course is an introduction       topics, troubleshooting problems with parametric features,
to basic CAD (computer aided drafting) techniques using           advanced work planes, advance assembly construction,
AutoCAD software. Fundamentals of drawing and editing             bottom up and top down, and part configurations are
are presented and practiced.                                      covered.
CRN 13318               Sect. 60                 7 sessions       Instructor: TBA
Sat                     Sept 4-Oct 16 8:00am-12:30pm
                                                                  CRN 13321 Sect. 60 7 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Course fee: $189 ($54 tuition, plus fees)                         Sat            Sept 11-Oct 23 8:00am-12:20pm B207
                                                                  Course fee: $190 ($55 tuition, plus fees)
AD003 Workplace Skills Using
AutoCAD II            0 credit/30 hours
The course can also serve to upgrade your CAD/drafting            DATA MANAGEMENT
skills. Learn how to create, edit, save, and print drawings, as
well as utilize templates that come with AutoCAD. The class
assignments have application to mechanical, civil, electrical,    DM400 Microsoft Access Basic
                                                                                                      0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
and architectural drafting as well as, interior design and
other disciplines.                                                 Prerequisites: Windows Basic or equivalent experience.
Instructor: John Pulsinelle                                       Topics:
CRN 13319                 Sect. 50                   7 sessions   • Working with fields and records
Sat                       Oct 23-Dec 11 8:00am-12:30pm            • Querying tables
(No class Nov 27)                                                 • Creating and using forms & reports
Course fee: $189 ($54 tuition, plus fees)                         • Importing, exporting, and linking objects
                                                                  • MOS exam objectives map
AD006 SOLIDWORKS I                                                 Instructor: TBA
                                 0 credit/30 hours/3.0 CEU
                                                                  CRN 13020 Sect. 03 1 session            RVCC@Bridgewater
SolidWorks, a 3D CAD software program, helps you to design         Fri                     Oct 22             9:00am-4:00pm
better, more productive products. This hands-on course
conquers the intricacies of this powerful design
                                                                  Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
                                                                  CRN 13041 Sect 62 2 sessions                RVCC@Bridgewater
tool. Included are construction and editing of solid models,
                                                                  Sat           Oct 30 & Nov 6                 9:00am-12:00pm
creating working drawings with dimensions and tolerance
and production of the working drawings on a plotter.              Course fee: $139 ($42 tuition, plus fees)
Instructor: TBA
CRN 13320 Sect. 60 7 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat           Sept 11-Oct 23             8:00am-12:20pm
                                                                  PRESENTATION SOFTWARE
Course fee: $190 ($55 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                  PS001 Microsoft PowerPoint
AD007 SolidWorks II                                                                                   0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
                                 0 credit/30 hours/3.0 CEU         Prerequisite: Windows Basic or equivalent experience.
Intermediate SolidWorks focuses on specialized features
and design methods including but not limited to: creating         • Building new presentations
complex designs with sweeps and lofts; generating variable        • Formatting and proofing
radius fillets and model threads; building top-down               • Using drawing tools; working with WordArt & clip art
assemblies; creating cores and cavities for mold design;
                                                                  • Enhancing & delivering presentations
building models using sheet metal features; defining
assembly configurations. Detail drawing using ISO and              Instructor: TBA
ANSI standards along with Geometric Dimensioning and              CRN 13021 Sect. 02 1 session           RVCC@Bridgewater
Tolerancing are also studied.                                      Fri                     Nov 5           9:00am-4:00pm
Instructor: TBA
                                                                  Instructor: TBA
CRN 13322 Sect. 60 7 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat             Sept 11-Oct 23          8:00am-12:20pm            CRN 13034 Sect. 54 2 sessions               RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                  Mon/Wed            Nov 8 & 10                    6:00-9:00pm
Course fee: $190 ($55 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                  Instructor: Anne Marie Delprincipe
AD008 Solid Modeling III
                                 0 credit/30 hours/3.0 CEU        CRN 13042 Sect. 62 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
This course presents advanced design techniques and               Sat                     Nov 13 & 20 9:00am-12:00pm
capabilities of solid modeling using SolidWorks software.         Course fee: $139 ($42 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                     19
     GD003 Adobe InDesign I (Mac)                                     Instructor: David Martinez
                                      0 credit/18 hours/1.8 CEU       CRN 13015 Sect. 51 7 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Students and Professionals learn the tools and techniques        Thu Oct 21-Dec 9 6:45-8:45pm             B200
     of the most powerful and widely used page layout program         (No class Nov 25)
     in the graphic communications industry. This class will          Course fee: $295 ($70 tuition, plus fees)
     showcase InDesign’s capabilities through a series of well-
     rounded, real world projects while emphasizing design,
     computer, and production skills.                                 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING/
     Instructor: Paula Uribe                                          NETWORKING
     CRN 13256 Sect. 50 6 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Wed           Sept 22-Oct 27     6:00-9:00pm       B200          CISY 102 Computer Literacy (MAC)
     Course fee: $236 ($44 tuition, plus fees)                                                                    3 credits/60 hours
                                                                      A computer literate person is referred to as one who
     GD004 Adobe InDesign II (Mac)                                    understands how computers work, uses them, and
                                      0 credit/18 hours/1.8 CEU       identifies the role of computers in society. Students should
                                                                      have a basic understanding of computers and how to access
     This class builds on the basic skills learned in InDesign        information on the World Wide Web. Emphasis is placed on
     I through continued in-depth exercises and auxiliary             the application of microcomputers; the use of productivity
     material with incredible attention to detail. Learn additional   software (word processing, spreadsheet management,
     functionality of Adobe InDesign, related tools, underlying       presentation management and data base management,
     graphic design concepts. Industry requirements will also         search tools, and multimedia) to gather, analyze, and
     be explored.                                                     present information; and the social, ethical, and privacy
     Prerequisite: Adobe I or related experience                      aspects of the impact of computers on society. Students
     Instructor: Paula Uribe                                          may not enroll for credit in this course if they have earned
     CRN 13257 Sect. 50 6 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   credit for a higher level computer science course. Open lab
                                                                      time required.
     Wed        Nov 3-Dec 15       6:00-9:00pm               B200
                                                                      Instructor: TBA
     No class Nov 24
                                                                      CRN 12962                 Sect. 23X     RVCC@Bridgewater
     Course fee: $236 ($44 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                      MW Sept 1-Dec 8 10:30am-12:20pm                        B200
                                                                      This section of the course is geared for MAC users with
     MO217 Microsoft Office Project 2007                              Microsoft Office 2008.
                                      0 credit/12 hours/1.2 CEU
     Learn features of MS Project 2007 and how it helps               Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
     manage projects through the phases of initiating, planning
     executing, controlling/monitoring and closing. This four-day     CISY 113 Desktop Computer
     instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge       Hardware & Software 3 credits/60 hours
     and skills to build, maintain, and control well-formed           This course provides an introduction to the infrastructure
     project plans. Some of the concepts students learn are how       components of desktop computers and their application
     to create and define projects, work with estimates and           to business problems. A study of current hardware and
     dependencies, task calendars. This is the first course in our    operating environments is presented. The course also covers basic
     new Microsoft Office Project 2007 Curriculum and serves          troubleshooting methods and systems administration tasks.
     as the fundamentals for MCTS Certification (70-632) class:
     Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007. This       Instructor: Bob Woodhall
     course is intended for both novice and experienced project       CRN 12671                 Sect. 02X       RVCC@Bridgewater
     managers and schedulers. These individuals are involved          W       Sept 1-Dec 8       6:00-9:50pm                    B105
     in or responsible for scheduling, estimating, coordinating,      Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
     controlling, budgeting, and staffing of projects and
     supporting other users of Microsoft Office Project. A
     familiarity with key project management concepts and
     terminology is recommended as well as basic Windows              Certificate of Completion –
     navigation skills.                                               Cisco Emphasis
     Instructor: TBA                                                  This one-year program prepares students for employment
     CRN 13089 Sect. 51 4 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   in network troubleshooting, networking coordination and
     Mon                      Nov 22-Dec 13         6:00-9:00pm       networking analysis in a variety of industries that use
     Course fee: $266 ($60 tuition, plus fees)                        Cisco Networking equipment. The Cisco Emphasis Certificate
                                                                      of Completion also exposes students to a wide variety
     GD001 Intro to Photoshop (Mac)                                   of networking protocols and their implementation on
                                      0 credit/14 hours/1.4 CEU       Cisco Routers and Switches. The program also prepares
     Learn basic and advanced photo editing, as well as ways to       students for the Certified Cisco Networking Associate
     ensure images print correctly. Using layers and a multitude      (CCNA) examination as well as for the more traditional
     of filters you are able to enhance any photo to be a museum      roles of Network Troubleshooter and Network Manager in
     grade piece. The seminar also reviews photo techniques and       activities that are centered on support of Cisco Networking
     working with digital photography.                                equipment.

20                                                                                          Register Today, 908-218-8871
CISY 270 Introduction to Cisco                                   CP012 Active Server Pages.Net

                                                                                                                                   • COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY/CISCO
Networking              3 credits/60 hours                                                                    0 credit/60 hours
This course is the first of four 7 ½ week courses in a program   Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET) allows students to build
called the Cisco Networking Academy, which is a partnership      Web pages dynamically, access databases easily, and set up
                                                                 secure commercial applications over the Internet. The topics
between RVCC and the Cisco Corporation. This first course
                                                                 covered include ASP.NET basic concepts, form processing,
covers the basics of modern data communication networks
                                                                 and database access. Visual Basic.NET is the programming
including the OSI Model and TCP/IP open protocols. Students      language that is used throughout the course.
will have hands on experience including, but not limited to,
Network Operating System installation and configuration, cable   Prerequisite/s: Introduction to Visual Basic.NET AND Web
construction and testing, basic LAN design and implementation    Page Development or instructor permission
in a laboratory environment. Prerequisite: None.                 Instructor: TBA
Instructor: Tom Edmunds                                          CRN 13116                Sect. 50               15 sessions
CRN 13010                    Sect. 53X    RVCC@Bridgewater       Tue                      Sept 7-Dec 7         6:00-9:50pm
T/Th Sept 2-Oct 19 6:00–9:50pm                           B105    Course fee: $503 ($297 tuition, plus fees)
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                 CP006 Microsoft Net Framework
CISY 270 Intermediate CISCO                                                                                   0 credit/45 hours
Networking             3 credits/60 hours                        This course introduces students to the backbone of .NET, its
Prerequisite: CISY270 – Intro to CISCO Networking.               common language runtime and class libraries. Learn how
This course is the second of four 7 ½ week courses in a          to create reusable, extensible classes using Visual Basic.NET.
                                                                 Object oriented programming concepts will be emphasized
program called the CISCO Networking Academy, which is
                                                                 throughout the course. Prerequisite: CISY 224 Intro to Visual
a partnership between RVCC and the CISCO Corporation.
                                                                 Basic.NET or instructor’s permission.
This second course covers Networking Protocols, especially
Routing and Router Protocols and the basics of CISCO             Instructor: TBA
Router Configuration and Operating System. Students              CRN 13115                 Sect. 50               14 sessions
have hands on experience including basic WAN design and          Thu                       Sept 2-Dec 10        6:00-9:50pm
implementation in a Laboratory environment including the         Course fee: $503 ($297 tuition, plus fees)
configuration of several routes in tandem which simulate
a T1 WAN.                                                        CP009 Intro to Oracle SQL/Pl SQL
Instructor: Tom Edmunds                                                                                       0 credit/45 hours
CRN 13009               Sect. 53X      RVCC@Bridgewater          In this introductory Oracle course, students are introduced
T/Th Oct 21-Dec 9 6:00-9:50pm                      B105          to SQL and PL/SQL functions. Learn how to create and
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees      maintain database objects and how to store, retrieve, and
                                                                 manipulate data. In addition, students will also learn how
CISY 258 Network Planning &                                      to create PL/SQL blocks of application code that can be
Administration        3 credits/60 hours                         shared by multiple forms, reports, and data management
                                                                 applications. Prerequisite: CISY 285 Database Development
Prerequisite CISY 219, Networking Essentials with a grade of     & Design or permission of instructor
C or better. This course provides instruction on 1) top down
networking design and 2) Network Server Administration.          Instructor: TBA
Students also lean a systematic approach to network design,      CRN 13112                Sect. 50               14 sessions
implementation, testing and documentation. Students              Mon                      Sept 13-Dec 13       6:00-9:50pm
learn and gain hands on experience in network server             Course fee: $503 ($297 tuition, plus fees)
management principles through the use of the current
Windows Service Operating System.
Instructor: Tom Edmunds
                                                                 CP038 Database Development &
CRN 13011                 Sect. 52X      RVCC@Bridgewater        Design              0 credit/45 hours
M Sept 13-Dec 13 6:00-9:50pm                            B105
                                                                 Prerequisite: CISY 132 - Systems Analysis and Design. This
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                 course will provide the student with an overview of basic
                                                                 types of commercially offered data base systems. It will
CP005 Introductory to Visual Basic.Net                           cover the objectives associated with good database design.
                                             0 credit/60 hours   The student will have the opportunity to implement a
In this introductory course, students learn how to create        functioning data base system using a relational data base.
event driven, Windows based applications using the Visual        This course will stress the practical aspects of data base
Basic.NET programming language. Hands on laboratory              design, implementation and maintenance.
exercises are emphasized.                                        Instructor: Paul Ponniah
Prerequisite: CISY 103 Computer Concepts & Programming
or permission of instructor.                                     CRN 13117                Sect. 50              15 sessions
                                                                 Tue                      Sept 7-Dec 7        6:00-9:50pm
Instructor: TBA
CRN 13114                Sect. 50             14 sessions        Course fee: $503 ($297 tuition, plus fees)
Thu                      Sept 2-Dec 9       6:00-9:50pm
Course fee: $503 ($297 tuition, plus fees)
Fall 2010                                                                                     21
     WEB PAGE DESIGN CERTIFICATE                                     like Fox News, Forbes and Yahoo and a movie controller
                                                                     that enables one to start, stop and play animations and
                                                                     embedded sound. Prerequisite: Exposure to graphic software
     Web Designer Technologies                                       tools such as in PowerPoint, Fireworks or Photoshop.
     This program is designed for people retraining in the IT
     field or who work with web sites as a part of their office      Instructor: Lon Hosford
     tasks. The courses provide a foundation for the underlying      CRN 13046 Sect. 51 2 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     technologies for web sites and web pages. Students receive      Tue      Nov 16 & 23 6:00-9:00pm
     a web hosting service to publish live on the Internet.
                                                                     Course fee: $158 ($40 tuition, plus fees)
     The courses are taught using the latest software. After
     successful completion of each course, students receive a        WP496 Flash Intermediate
     Certification of Completion. Prerequisite: experience using                                         0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
     PC and Netscape.                                                This course focuses on linking Flash movies to external media
                                                                     files and other Flash movies. The course includes creating
     WP499 HTML, XHTML & CSS Web                                     multi-page Flash applications. Explore the strategies of
     Page Formatting 1 0 credit/9 hours/.9 CEU                       applying Flash for navigation between pages both internal
     The course covers the fundamentals of using Hypertext           and external to the Flash movie. This course addresses
     Markup Language (HTML), eXtensible Hypertext Markup             bandwidth and streaming optimization.
     Language (XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). HTML,        Instructor: Lon Hosford
     XHTML and CSS are the essential technologies needed to          CRN 13047 Sect. 51 2 sessions            RVCC@Bridgewater
     create web pages and to format web page content. Beginner       Tue                       Nov 30-Dec 7          6:00-9:00pm
     programmers learn how these technologies are critical to
     the successful use of web design tools. Learn about the         Course fee: $158 ($62 tuition, plus fees)
     use of CSS styles to enhance the traditional XHTML tag          ONLINE WEB DESIGN
     formatting as well as page layout and content styling           The following are online courses, designed as self-paced,
     techniques. External style sheets are also covered enabling     online instructional programs that allow students to
     participants to create common styles across multiple            develop their skills in the field of Web Design. To register,
     web pages and to build, update and manage web sites.
                                                                     call 908-218-8871
     Prerequisite: experience using PC and Netscape.
     Instructor: Lon Hosford                                         Creating Web Pages                            WD100
     CRN 13044 Sect. 51 3 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater        Achieving Top Search Engine Positions         WD101
     Thu                      Oct 7-21             6:00-9:00pm       Intro to Dreamweaver                          WD103
     Course fee: $256 ($138 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                     Intro to FrontPage 2003                       DE102
     WP480 Dreamweaver 0 credit/9 hours/.9 CEU                       Intro to Photoshop CS4                        PG112
     The course introduces students to creating web pages            Course fee: $83 ($45 tuition, plus fees)
     using the Dreamweaver software program. Dreamweaver
     is a leading web page and web site design tool. Basic page
     layout and content formatting are covered, along with           CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY
     including graphics in a web page. Learn how Dreamweaver
     works to help you easily manage your web site with the site     CNTC 100 Construction Blueprint
     function and built-in visual FTP (File Transport Protocol)      Reading               2 credits/45 hours
     capabilities. HTML and CSS are not taught in this course        This course is designed to familiarize the student with the
     but are essential for successfully learning Dreamweaver.        interpretation of drawings used in the construction industry.
     CSS Page Formatting for Web Pages course is strongly            The course content covers residential, commercial, and
     recommended as a prerequisite..                                 heavy construction. Fundamentals of construction materials
     Instructor: Lon Hosford                                         and procedures, essential construction mathematics, the
                                                                     use of architectural & engineering scales, and basic material
     CRN 13045 Sect. 51 3 sessions          RVCC@Bridgewater         quantity determinations are presented.
     Thu                      Oct 28-Nov 11       6:00-900pm
                                                                     Instructor: Ben Pokrywa
     Course fee: $256 ($138 tuition, plus fees)                      CRN 11118                Sect. 51       RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                     W       Sept 1-Dec 8       4:00-6:50pm                 B107
     WP495 Flash Fundamentals                                        Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                         0 credit/6 hours/.6 CEU
     Learn how to use the Flash animation tool. This course covers   CNTC 101 Construction Materials &
     the basics of the Flash product for creating animations         Procedures I         3 credits/45 hours
     with graphics, text and images. Students are introduced
     to timeline, basic vector drawing tools, tweening, text,        This is primarily a residential construction course. Site
     importing images, ActionScript movie playback control           investigations, plot plans, permitting requirements and
     and the library. The course focuses on creating interactivity   grading, as well as foundations through roofing details of
     with the Flash button symbol and the movie clip symbol.         conventional framing and finishing systems are studied.
     Learn how to create reusable animation elements that play       Instructor: Ben Pokrywa
     independently through Movie clips. Importing and using          CRN 10399               Sect. 51       RVCC@Bridgewater
     sound are also introduced. Basic projects for this course
                                                                     W      Sept 1-Dec 8 7:00-9:20pm                      B107
     include a Flash web advertisement you see on web sites
                                                                     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees

22                                                                                         Register Today, 908-218-8871
CNTC 102 Design, Placement &                                      Instructor: Edward Kurzum, Jr. Master Electrician

                                                                                                                                  • CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY
Testing of Concrete   3 credits/45 hours                          CRN 13343               Sect. 50X       RVCC@Bridgewater
This course covers the principles of mix design, placement        M/W        Sept 8–Dec 1 6:00-8:50pm                A100
and testing of portland cement concrete. Field and                (No class Nov 24)
laboratory testing of concrete and aggregates are performed       Course fee: $550 ($385 tuition, plus fees; includes books)
by the students with an emphasis on preparation for the NJ
State Special Inspector Certification for Concrete Placement      CT303 Electrical Trades III: AC
examination. A field trip to a concrete batch plant may be
planned with an additional cost. Cost of book not included.       Principles            0 credits/75 hours
                                                                  Student becomes proficient in AC circuits, single phase and
Instructor: Nicholas J. Sugar, Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc.
                                                                  three phase, related to transformers motors, generators and
CRN 13239                 Sect. 51X       RVCC@Bridgewater        motor generator control systems.
T/Th      Sept 2-Dec 9        6:00-8:50pm                B107     Instructor: Michael McClain
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                  CRN 13345                 Sect. 50X     RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                  T/Th      Sept 14-Dec 9       6:00-9:00pm             A100
                                                                  (No class Nov 25)
ELECTRICAL                                                        Course fee: $550 ($385 tuition, plus fees; includes books)
The four-year, 600 hour program is for both the person
planning a career in the electrical trades or individuals who     CT300 Construction - Quality
wants further expertise in the commercial, industrial or          Estimating            0 credit/36 hours
residential electrical fields.
                                                                  This course prepares the student to perform detailed and
                                                                  accurate quantity estimates of the materials used in the
CT301 Electrical Trades I: Intro to                               construction of typical residential and small construction
AC Principles & Blueprint Reading                                 projects.
                                          0 Credits/75 hours      Instructor: Ronald Piccolo, PE, PP, CME
Learn to calculate volts, amps and resistance of simple DC        CRN 13342 Sect. 50X 12 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
circuits. Course provides an introduction to DC principles        Mon       Sept 13-Nov 29         6:00-8:50pm        B107
and Blueprint Reading. Theory and laboratory assignments          Course fee: $320 ($205 tuition, plus fees)
in electrical design; symbols used on building construction
blueprints; explanation of electrical diagrams are covered.
The use of the National Electrical Code as a governing agent
which establishes wiring requirements is stressed. Students
learn residential wiring, switching, lighting, receptacles, and
service entrances.

                             Prepare for the IAAP May 2011 Certification Exams*
            Pro fessional Cer t i fi cat i o n
    The Career Advantage @ Raritan Valley Community College
  Prepare for May 6 & 7, 2011
     IAAP CPS/CAP Exams
     Professional Secretary
      Review Course (CPS)
                                                                                                               *Courses are not
  Wed, Nov. 3, 2010-April 27, 2011                                                                               sponsored or
           5-8pm, $2,000                                                                                       endorsed by IAAP
  Administrative Professional
      Review Course (CAP)
    Thur, Feb. 24-April 28, 2011
        5-8:30pm, $1,150
                                   DON’T MISS THIS
                    important professional development opportunity!
                  For more information call Kathy Petrillo
               908-218 -8871 or email

Fall 2010                                                                                      23
     CD225 Weatherization and Green                                    Instructor: TBA
     Building Certificate 0 credit/108 hours                           CRN 13111       Sect. 01 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
     Green Building concepts support existing buildings and            Mon/Tue/Wed/Th/Fri Oct 25-Nov 5 9:00am-4:00pm B203
     new construction, both residential and commercial. Design         Course fee: $1995 ($200 tuition, plus fees)
     professionals, builders, remodeling contractors, real estate
     professionals or homeowners completing the course will
     have valuable information that can be incorporated into           BOMI International Building Design
     your next energy efficient project. Students learn options
     and choices to use effective Green Building Principles            and Maintenance
     by selecting products and techniques to make a home               September 1- December 15, 2010 (online courses)
     or business, more productive and more efficient over its
     lifespan. Students review designing and planning, needs           These courses are offered by Building Owners and Managers
     analysis and build vs. remodel. This certificate program          Institute International (BOMI)
     includes concepts in IN-Home Energy, Energy & Building            Please contact (908) 526-1200 ext. 8874 to register
     Shell, Air Leakage, Insulation, Windows & Doors, Water
     Heating, Lights & Appliances and Health & Safety. The             Design, Operation and Maintenance
     program provides students with the elements to perform
     energy audits for residential construction using the whole
                                                                       of Building Systems (online)
     building system approach. The last module in this program                                                        0 credit/90hours
     is a comprehensive understanding of your “House as a              This course provides information that property and facility
     System.” Students explore each component of construction          managers need to manage the ongoing operation and
     and the implications that proper use of materials and             maintenance of building systems and to maximize building
     techniques have on improving energy performance. Using            efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Student will be provided
     an actual case study, students discover details of design and     information about building design and construction,
     construction methods and materials. The system includes:          project delivery, construction materials, and HVAC (heating,
     • Foundation                                                      ventilating, and air-conditioning) systems. Other areas of
                                                                       interest that are also covered in this course book include
     • Framing
                                                                       roofing systems, ceilings and floorings, interior walls, and
     • Insulation                                                      plumbing systems.
     • Air Sealing                                                     Sept 1-Dec 15             Online
     • Roof Design and Detailing                                       Course fee: $1430 ($595 tuition, plus fees)
     • Windows & Doors
     • Heating & Cooling systems                                       Energy Management and Controls
     • Water Heating                                                   (online)            0 credit/90 hours
     • Lights & Appliances                                             This course covers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
                                                                       (HVAC) control systems, and teaches the student to develop
     • Interior Finishes                                               energy management strategies for HVAC, electronic, and
     Instructor: Wayne Baruch, CR of the Artisans Group, LLC &         lighting systems. Learn about the components, principles,
     James Del Grosso AIA, LEED AP                                     adjustment, and maintenance of system controller, auxiliary
     CRN 13175                 Sect. 50               18 sessions      devices, electronic, pneumatic, and computer control systems.
     Tue/Thu                   Sept 28-Dec 7        6:00-9:00pm        Learn to create an energy management program for a facility.
     (No class Nov 2, 4 & 25)                                          Topics include:
     Course fee: $2,395 ($595 tuition, plus fees)                      • Control system basics
                                                                       • Auxiliary and electronic controls and their application to
                                                                         heating, cooling, humidifying, and volume control
     CD216 BPI Certification: Building                                 • Computerized automatic control systems
     Analyst I Training    0 credit/120 hours                          • Factors determining energy consumption in HVAC,
     Train to become a home performance pro with Building                electronic, and lighting systems
     Performance Institute’s (BPI) Building Analyst I Certification.   • Preventive maintenance measures in energy management
     Training provide the student with the knowledge and               • Energy management control system applications
     skills to perform whole house energy audits including             Students can receive LEED AP Fulfillment Points as this
     understanding the relationship between all the systems            course has been reviewed and approved by USGBC as an
     of the house and the effects on health, safety, comfort           Education Provider course available for LEED fulfillment
     and efficiency. Gain knowledge of building science                points.
     fundamentals, energy conservation strategies, heat loss           Sept 1-Dec 15              Online
     calculations, and blower door testing. In this two-week
     training program, become skilled at how to find the cause         Course fee: $1,430 ($595 tuition, plus fees)
     of customers’ energy conservation problems and provide
     solutions that work. Fee includes written and field tests,
     scorings as well as course materials, handouts and reference

24                                                                                            Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                            • COSMETOLOGY/GREEN TECHNOLOGY
Electrical Systems & Illumination                                   Real Estate Investment and
(online)                 0 credit/90 hours                          Finance (online)        0 credit/90 hours
Students learn to safely operate and maintain a building’s          Through this course students learn to take charge of real
electrical equipment, and knowledge of the components of            estate investments in order to maximize the value of a
electrical systems. This class also presents how to measure         property. Students develop knowledge about basic financial
the electricity a building consumes.                                concepts as they relate to real estate, including valuation,
Topics include:                                                     analysis, taxation, depreciation, and life-cycle costing. This
                                                                    course features exercises that require the basic use of the HP
• Sources of electricity and Electrical safety                      10bII* financial calculator.
• Electrical circuits and Electric meters
                                                                    Topics include:
• Cables, terminations, and conduits
                                                                    • Asset valuation and enhancement
• Light sources, fixtures, and maintenance                          • Costs and taxes and Capitalization
• Electric motor basics and maintenance                             • Site and building analysis
Recommended Prerequisite: 2 semester hours, lower                   • The appraisal process
division baccalaureate in Fundamentals of Electricity,              • Discounted cash flow measurement
Industrial Electricity, or Engineering Technologies
                                                                    • Ownership vehicles
Sept 1-Dec 15               Online
                                                                    Sept 1-Dec 15             Online
Course fee: $1430 ($595 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                    Course fee: $1,430 ($595 tuition, plus fees)

COSMETOLOGY                                                         Prerequisites:
                                                                    • High School Diploma, official transcript or equivalency (GED)
CMCE101 Cosmetology                                                 • Satisfactory score on Basic Skills Admissions Test
                                          0 credit/1100 hours
                                                                    • Interview with Cosmetology Coordinator/Instructor
The Cosmetology Program consists of 1100 hours of theory
and practical applications that are designed to prepare             Coordinator/Instructor: Marcia H. Bird
students for the New Jersey State Board Licensing Exam.
                                                                    Full Time – Day, One Year Program, Sept 2, 2010-June 3, 2011
Licensed Cosmetologists are able to perform hair, skin and
nail care services in salons and day spas. Introduction to          CRN 13247 Sect. 01X M/T/W/Th/F RVCC@Bridgewater
the career opportunities and how to be successful in the            Section 01              Sept 2, 2010 – January 14, 2011
beauty profession are discussed. During the first phase of          8:30am-3:30pm           B211
the program students learn the fundamentals of hair and             Sect. fee: $3,900 ($3,925 tuition, plus $25 nonrefundable test fee)
nail services to include: manicures, pedicures, scalp and
hair treatments, facials, hair removal, styling and design          Total Cost of the program is $7,800
and haircutting.                                                    Balance for one year program due Dec 15, 2010
The second phase of the program covers chemical services            Balance for two year program due Aug 15, 2011
to include: permanent waving, chemical texturizing and hair
coloring. Advanced services are explored in nails, haircutting      No discounts or tuition waivers allowed
and styling. Students learn about salon business practices          (Class does not meet on national holidays. Complete
and prepare for employment. Upon completion of 600                  schedule is covered in class.)
hours, students will be required to perform services in
the student salon. All related sciences are covered as it           Section 02 Jan 19, 2011 – June 2, 2011
applies to each topic. General sciences include: anatomy            8:30am-3:30pm          B211
and physiology, structure of the hair, skin and nails, infection    Sect. fee for Section 02: $3,900 ($3,700 tuition, plus $200 fee)
control, basic chemistry and electricity. Students experience       Instructor: TBA
the industry through field trips to various trade shows
and advanced training centers. There are a minimum two              Part Time –Evening, Two Year Program; Sept 1, 2010-June, 2012
trips per year (fees not included in the tuition.) Trips are
mandatory as an integral part of the curriculum.                    CRN 13248 M/T/W/Th RVCC@Bridgewater                    B211
                                                                    Sect. 51 Sept 1, 2010 – January 13, 2011 5:45-9:45pm
In addition to tuition and fees, Cosmetology                        Sect. fee: $1,975 ($1,750 tuition, plus $25 nonrefundable test fee)
students are required to purchase textbooks and
kit (approximately $600.) These items can be purchased              Future course/payment schedule:
through the school upon program acceptance. In addition to the      Sect. 52 Jan 18, 2011-June 2, 2011 5:45-9:45pm
smock, students are required to wear a complete uniform that        Sect. fee:     $1,950
includes a smock, rubber sole/closed-toe shoes and black
slacks. This is covered in more detail on the first day of class.   Sect. 53       Sept, 2011-January, 2012
Students must complete the course with a C (75%) or higher          Sect. fee:     $1,950
and fulfill the required semester hours in order to advance to
the next semester.                                                  Sect. 54       Jan 2012, June 2012
                                                                    Sect. fee:     $1,950

                                                                    Contact Marcia Bird at

Fall 2010                                                                                              25
                                                                     GI660 Raritan Valley Dance Ensemble
     These culinary workshops are perfect for anyone who
                                                                     Take this exciting opportunity to work as part of a
     desires to learn more about festive cooking while having fun
                                                                     semi-professional touring dance company. Through this
     at the same time. Explore new techniques in food prepping,
                                                                     experience, students have the opportunity to practice
     cooking and presenting. Learn to create various different
                                                                     and perform a variety of dance techniques. Weekly
     types of dishes and cultural foods. Gain knowledge from a
                                                                     rehearsals and public performances are required. Interested
     professional chef before planning your next event!
                                                                     community participants are welcome to join RVDE on a non-
                                                                     credit, fee-paying basis through the Division of Corporate
                                                                     and Continuing Education, and non-dance majors may
     G70I Rolling in the Dough                                       participate on a credit or noncredit basis. Raritan Valley
                                                  0 credit/5 hours   Dance Ensemble (RVDE) members are selected each year
                                                                     by audition on the first day of class. Dance outfit will be
     This course provides an introduction to puff pastry, cream      purchased by the student.
     puffs and how to make tasty and appealing desserts with
     dough. Students make such desserts such as Danish dough         Instructor: Loretta Fois, RVCC Dance Coordinator
     and cannoli, cinnabons using sweet dough, apple strudel,        CRN 13077                  Sect. 51              15 sessions
     and much more. All material is supplied.                        Wed                        Sept 1-Dec 13 9:00am-1:00pm
     Instructor: John Vinvara, Chef Gourmet Cooking                  Course fee: $25
     CRN 13244                 Sect. 60              6 sessions
     Sat                       Oct 2-Nov 6     9:00am-2:30pm         GI684 Middle Eastern Dance
                                                                     Come exercise your body, mind and spirit through the
     Course fee: $220 ($120 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                     timeless tradition of Middle Eastern dance! Dance technique
                                                                     of the basic movement vocabulary will be covered as
                                                                     well as a variety of regional stylizations. Whether you are
     GI702 Introduction to Gourmet                                   starting out or are a seasoned dancer, this course provides
     Cooking                0 credit/30 hours                        a comprehensive understanding of this rich and vast dance
     Students are introduced to a comprehensive series of            form. No previous experience necessary. Course may be
     cooking areas such as soups, salads, appetizers, vegetables,    repeated as often as desired.
     potato and pasta, soufflés, meat & seafood, and much            Instructor: Jessikah Humphrey
     more. Learn how to prepare and plate gourmet foods using        CRN 13060                Sect. 51                6 sessions
     proper cooking techniques. Class provides all ingredients for   Mon                      Sept 27-Nov 1        7:00-8:30pm
     each dish as well as a tasty lunch each session. All course
                                                                     Course fee: $89 ($74 tuition, plus fees)
     materials are supplied.
     Instructor: John Vinvara, Chef Gourmet Cooking
     CRN 13245                 Sect. 60               10 sessions    DIESEL TECHNOLOGY
     Thu                       Sept 23-Dec 2        6:00-9:00pm
     (No class Nov 25)                                               DS101 Principles of Diesel Engines,
     Course fee: $279 ($100 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                     Diesel Theory, Service &
                                                                     Maintenance             0 credit/168 hours
                                                                     Students learn the mechanical skills and theory connected
     GI703 Desserts for the Holiday                                  with the diesel and heavy duty trucking industry.
                                                                     Students develop knowledge in diesel engine principles,
                                                  0 credit/6 hours
                                                                     engine maintenance and rebuilding, as well as a study
     Students learn to create appealing and delicious holiday        of construction nomenclature, the purpose of parts and
     desserts. Learn basic elements of dessert planning and          principles of diesel engines. Laboratory work encompasses
     execution. All course materials are supplied.                   the disassembling, inspecting, assembling and testing of
     Instructor: John Vinvara, Chef Gourmet Cooking                  diesel engines. Emphasis is placed on inspection of parts
                                                                     and failure analysis. A study of diesel theory linked with a
     CRN 13246                 Sect. 60               2 sessions
                                                                     general coverage of maintenance procedures and practices
     Tue                       Nov 9-16            6:00-9:00pm
                                                                     develops a general understanding of the diesel engine. This
     Course fee: $59 ($29 tuition, plus fees)                        course leads to the development of a proper periodic service
                                                                     procedure, including test and repairs. Emphasis is placed
                                                                     on lube, cooling, intake and exhaust systems. Appropriate
                                                                     attire required including safety glasses, oil resistant/steel
                                                                     toe shoes.
                                                                     Instructor: Robert Merkle, Jr., Engine Tech Certification
                                                                     CRN 13314         Sect. 50                        27 sessions
                                                                     Tue/Thu Sept 7-Dec 9 6:00-7:20pm RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                     (No class Nov 25)          7:30-9:50pm                  A109
                                                                     Course fee: $980 ($650 tuition, plus fees)

26                                                                                         Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                 • CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM / DANCE / DIESEL TECHNOLOGY / EDUCATION
EDUCATION                                                       Teaching Students with Autism:
                                                                Successful Strategies (Online) 0 credit/40 hours
Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey:                             This six week online class provides teachers with effective
An Alternate Route to Teaching                                  strategies with high functioning autism and Aspergfer’s
The New Pathways to Teaching (NPTNJ) program at Raritan         syndrome. Students gain valuable knowledge at their
Valley Community College is a collaborative program with        convenience with flexibility to study at their own pace
New Jersey City University (NJCU) designed to provide an        combined with structure and support to complete the
alternate route to teacher certification in the state of New    course.
Jersey.                                                         Course fee: $83
Students/candidates who successfully complete the NPTNJ
program and who elect graduate credits earn 15 NJCU             ED071 The Educational Interview
graduate credits that can be applied toward a graduate                                                       0 credit/4 hours
degree program at NJCU upon matriculation.
                                                                Students are exposed to and familiarized with the
Please visit and click on Teacher        education interview process through learning “The Six P’s
Development for program and registration instructions or        to the Perfect Interview.” Discussions take place about how
call 908-218-8871.                                              successful candidates are selected through effective resume
Those who elect certification-only and successfully complete    writing and personal presentation during the interview.
the program are awarded a Certificate of Completion by          Sample interview questions are examined through guided
Raritan Valley Community College as an agent for the            discussion. The seminar concludes with a mock interview
New Jersey Department of Education. All students who            conducted to practice application strategies.
successfully complete NPTNJ and all related NJ Department       Instructor: TBA
of Education (NJ DOE) requirements are eligible for Alternate
Route Teacher Certification through NJCU as agent for the       CRN 13067 Sect. 53 2 sessions            RVCC@Bridgewater
NJ DOE.                                                         Mon/Wed Oct 18 & 20 6:30-8:30pm                        B204
Admission Requirements: Stage I                                 Course fee: $50 ($35 tuition, plus fees)
• 2.75 undergraduate GPA and appropriate
  undergraduate major                                           ED003 Praxis II Exam Review:
• Passing score on Praxis II exam                               Elementary Ed          0 credit/15 hours
• Completion of Intro to teaching (see page 23)                 The course presents the types of questions asked on the
• Achieved a Certificate of Eligibility                         Elementary Education Content Knowledge Praxis II 0014
                                                                Exam. This praxis exam is a requirement for certification to
Admission Requirements: Stage II                                teach elementary school in New Jersey. The exam review
                                                                covers Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, and
• Successful completion of Stage I
                                                                Science. Proper test preparation helps students minimize
• Promise of employment from school district within the         the anxiety associated with taking a standardized test. At
  subject area of Certification of Eligibility (CE)             the time of print, testing dates were not available.
Information Sessions                                            Instructor: Patricia Johnston
CRN 13082 6:00-7:00pm                 Tue, Oct 12               CRN 13072 Sect. 51 4 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                Tue/Thu        Oct 21-Nov 4 6:00-9:00pm               B204
CRN 13083 6:00-7:00pm                 Wed, Nov 17
                                                                Course fee: $266 ($216 tuition, plus fees)
Free, Please Pre-Register by visiting the website or calling
                                                                Professional Development Online
ED403 Introduction to the                                       Programs for Educators
Teaching Profession   0 credit/20 hours                         Ed2go, the industry leader in online education and Madonna
As of November 2009 candidates for the Pathways Program         University, a recognized higher education institution,
must take a 24 hour pre-service component. Topics               are pleased to announce their partnership that offers
presented in this course include classroom management,          graduate credit to education professionals. In addition
lesson planning, terminology in the educational profession      to earning Professional Development Units (CEUs, PLUs,
and a component of teacher observation. This course is a        etc.), educators looking to renew their certificates and
must for anyone entering education as a substitute teacher      increase their salaries can apply to the Madonna University
or entering the Alternate Route Teaching Program.               Professional Development Program and earn graduate
                                                                credits for approved ed2go courses for Teacher Professional
CRN 13069 Sect.63 5 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater         Development Online Courses. Contact Brenda Fisher for
Sat Sept 18-Oct 16 9:00am-1:00pm                     B104       details at 908 526-1200 ext. 8367 or email bfisher@
CRN 13070              Sect. 64                  5 sessions
Sat                    Oct 23-Dec 4         9:00am-1:00pm
(No class Nov 13 & 27)
CRN 13071 Sect. 53 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
Mon/Wed Sept 20-Oct 20 7:00-9:00pm        B203
Course fee: $200 ($85 tuition, plus fees)
Fall 2010                                                                                   27
     GRAPHIC DESIGN                                                   GD001 Intro to Photoshop (Mac)
                                                                                                       0 credit/16 hours/1.6 CEU
     ARTS-105 Two-Dimensional Design                                  Learn basic and advanced photo editing, as well as ways to
     (Mac)                3 credits/60 hours                          ensure images print correctly. Using layers and a multitude
     Course is an introduction to the various aspects of design.      of filters you are able to enhance any photo to be a museum
     Using a combination of traditional and digital media,            grade piece. The seminar also reviews photo techniques and
     students explore the basic elements used in art-making and       working with digital photography.
     the design principles that guide visual form. No previous        Instructor: David Martinez
     computer experience is needed. Student will purchase some        CRN 13015 Sect. 51 8 sessions            RVCC@Bridgewater
     art supplies.                                                    Thu             Oct 21-Dec 9       6:45-8:45pm         B200
     Instructor: Darren McManus                                       Course fee: $295 ($70 tuition, plus fees)
     CRN 13013 Sect. 06X                   RVCC@Bridgewater
     W             Sept 1-Dec 8 1:30- 5:20pm        B201/B200
     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees

     CD238 Intro to Animation (Mac)
                                      0 credits/18 hours/1.8 CEU
     This course presents concepts of animation using traditional
     and digital methods. Students learn current skills of
     animation such as key drawing, in-betweening, squash
     and stretch, story boarding and script writing. Skills learned
     in this class are foundational concepts for Multi-media,
     gaming, Flash or 3D digital animation and stop motion.
     Students create a short animated piece during this course.
     No previous experience or drawing skills are needed.
     Instructor: Lluanna Jones
     CRN 13325 Sect. 50 6 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater
     Thu            Sept 9-Oct 14 6:00-9:00pm                 B200
     Course fee: $179 ($75 tuition, plus fees)

                                 Raritan Valley Community College In partnership with

                                            EMT Somer se t
        The original Somerset County EMT Course started in 1975 in affiliation with Somerset Medical Center

                                        ■ Emergency Medical Training (EMT) teaching the Emergency
                                          Medical Technician curriculum according to the U.S.DOT standards.
                                        ■ Classes are Core Training classes and Refresher courses consisting
                                          of both lectures and hands on practice.
                                        ■ Upon successful completion of the course, the students are
                                          eligible to take both the NJ State test and the National Registry
                                          test to be certified as an EMT.
                                        ■ Attendance at all classes is mandatory.
                                        ■ Students must have a current CPR card, either AHA HCP or ARC
                                          Professional Rescuer by the first night of class.
                                        ■ Class is eligible for training fund reimbursement for members of
                                          Volunteer First Aid Squads.

                    Contact Charlotte-Meiner Flohl @ 908-647-1884
                         To register please call 908-218-8871

28                                                                                          Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
                   Health Professionals

According to the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics, in recent     TP543 CPR/AED for the
years the demand for health care professionals has rapidly
increased. There are tremendous shortages of trained
                                                                Professional Rescuer                        0 credit/8 hours
personnel. As a result, Allied Health disciplines are among     Designed for individuals that are being trained to assume
the fastest growing occupations. Our courses prepare            responsibility for delivering health care and ensuring public
students for employment opportunities in a variety of areas.    safety, this course prepares you to respond as the first
Classes are offered year-round, day and evenings. Classes       trained person to arrive at an emergency scene. Learn the
can also be customized to fit the needs of your organization    appropriate action to take for life-threatening emergencies
or company.                                                     until advanced medical personnel arrive. The course covers:
                                                                • Priorities of Care
TP560 Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)                                • Breathing, Choking and Cardiac Emergencies
                                         0 credit/184 hours       (Infant, Child & Adult)
This course is approved by The New Jersey State Department      • Breathing Devices
of Health and Senior Services, prepares you for the NJ State    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
competency evaluation and CNA licensure test. Certification     Upon successful completion, participant receives an
allows you to work at long-term care facilities and other       American Red Cross Certification. Participant must bring a
health care organizations. The course includes classroom        pocket mask to class.
lecture and nursing lab experience and clinical practice at a
long-term care facility. The course covers:                     Instructor: Calvin Salter, State Certified EMT, ARC Certified
• Role of nursing assistant
                                                                CRN 13127 Sect. 01 2 sessions             RVCC@Bridgewater
• Providing safe and ethical basic nursing skills
                                                                Tue/Thu                    Sept 14 & 16        5:00-9:00pm
• Communication skills
• Infection control and emergency procedures                    CRN 13128 Sect. 02 2 sessions  RVCC@Bridgewater
• Personal care and resident’s rights                           Tue & Thu          Nov 16 & 18      5:00-9:00pm
• Techniques for assisting the older adult                      Course fee: $109 ($78 tuition, plus fees)
• Learn about common diseases
Prerequisites: a clear understanding of written and spoken
English. All applicants must 1) be interviewed 2) pass
                                                                TP544 CPR Refresher Course for
the mandatory background check and finger printing              the Professional Rescuer 0 credit/4 hours
(at no extra cost to the student) 3) obtain professional        This recertification course is designed for individuals who are
liability insurance (approx.$40) have documented proof of       currently certified by the American Red Cross or American
the following immunizations: Mantoux, HBV, MMR, and             Heart Association and need to be recertified annually.
Varicella. Students are required to have a clean uniform,       Students must own a pocket mask, which can be purchased
white shoes and a watch with a second hand (not included        at RVCC bookstore.
in tuition).                                                    Instructor: Calvin Salter, State Certified EMT, ARC Certified
An information session on immunization, professional            Instructor
liability & background checks will be held on Aug 18, 2010,     CRN 13130                  Sect. 01                   1 session
6:00pm at RVCC@Bridgewater. For more information and to         Thu                        Sept 16                5:00-9:00pm
schedule an interview, call 908 526-1200 x8235.
Instructor: Jackie Baras, RN, BSN                               CRN 13131                  TP544 Sect. 02           1 session
CRN 13126 Sect. 01 23 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                 Thu                        Nov 18               5:00-9:00pm
Mon/Wed                   Sept 8-Dec 1          5:30-9:30pm     Course fee: $57 ($45 tuition, plus fees)
(No class Nov 24 & 26)
Course fee: $1,252 ($569 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                   29
     TP545 EKG Analysis and Basic                                       TP701 Patient Care Technician
     Arrhythmia & 12 Lead Placement                                     (PCT) Track I        0 credit/158 hours
                                                  0 credit/6 hours      Are you ready to enter into a rewarding career as a Patient
     Are you looking to work as a Monitor Tech, or to be able to        Care Technician (PCT)? This 158 hour course prepares you
     identify and understand EKG arrhythmias? This course will          to become multi-skilled and to sit for certification through
     help you achieve your goal. We have added the 12 Lead EKG          the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). The
     lead placement to bring this class one step higher.                certification allows you to work at hospitals, long-term,
                                                                        sub-acute facilities and other health care organizations.
     • Anatomy of the Heart                                             The course includes 90 hours of classroom lecture and lab
     • Electrical Conduction of the Heart                               experience and 60 hours of clinical practice. Clinical practice
                                                                        runs from 5:00-10:00pm, on Tuesdays. The course covers:
     • Normal EKG
                                                                        • Role of the PCT
     • Abnormal EKG                                                     • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
     • Identifying Arrhythmias                                          • EKG • Venipuncture
     •12 Lead EKG Placement                                             • Infection control •Vital signs
                                                                        • CPR certification • Legal & ethical aspects
     •Complexes and Intervals of Cardiac Cycle
                                                                        Prerequisites: clear understanding of written and spoken
     No experience is necessary                                         English, high school diploma or GED. All applicants must
     Instructor: Margaret Legue, CMA, Cardiology Supervisor             pass the mandatory background check and finger printing,
     CRN 13132 Sect. 01 2 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater           obtain professional liability insurance (approx. $45),
     Wed                     Oct 6 & 13           5:30-8:30pm           have documented proof of the following immunizations:
                                                                        Hepatitis B(HBV), MMR, Varicella and 2-step Mantoux test.
     Course fee: $108 ($40 tuition, plus fees)                          An information session on immunization, professional
                                                                        liability, and background checks will be held on Aug 18,
     TP546 EKG Technician National                                      2010 at 6:00pm. There is an additional charge for the NCCT
                                                                        National exam that is not included in the course fees.
     Certification        0 credit/40 hours
                                                                        Instructor: Jackie Baras, RN, BSN
     Become certified in one of the most in-demand occupations.
     Obtaining an electrocardiogram (EKG) is often an important         CRN 13134                     Sect. 01        RVCC@Bridgewater
     part of a medical workup. A properly recorded EKG may be           Sat Aug 28-Dec 11 8:30am-4:30pm                               B205
     critical in determining the proper care for a patient. This        (No class Sept 5 & Nov 28)
     40 hour course prepares individuals to function as an EKG          Clinical Practice: 12 sessions – Tue Sept 15 to Dec 8, 5:00-10:00pm
     Technician in a wide variety of settings including hospitals,      (No clinical Sept 22)
     physician’s offices, clinics, sport medicine facilities, nursing
     homes, and insurance companies. Participants will:                 Course fee: $2,062 ($1,299 tuition, plus fees)
     • Review the anatomy and physiology of the heart                   Clinical Practice location: To be determined
     • Learn how to correctly operate the EKG machine
                                                                        TP702 Patient Care Technician
     • Understand the components of the EKG waveform                    (PCT) Track II        0 credit/50 hours
     • Identify how each component of the EKG waveform
       relates to cardiac function                                      This course trains the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) to become
                                                                        a Patient Care Technician. The 50 hour course prepares the
     • Understand Electrode placement and obtain the various            student to learn the subjects and skills needed to sit for
       signals                                                          the Patient Care Technician certification exam through the
     Upon successful completion of this course, students are            National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). The course
     eligible to sit for the American Society of Phlebotomy             covers:
     Technicians (ASPT) National exam. There is an additional           • Role of the PCT
     charge for the ASPT National exam that is not included in the      • Venipuncture
     course fees. The certification exam is held at RVCC.               • EKG
     Instructor: Margaret Legue, CMA, Cardiology Supervisor             • CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer
     CRN 13133 Sect. 01 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                    • NCCT Exam review
     Sat             Sept 11-Nov 13              9:00am–1:00pm          Pre-requisites: Certified Nurse Aide State certification and
     Course fee: $775 ($357 tuition, plus fees)                         clear understanding of written and spoken English. There
                                                                        is an additional charge for the NCCT National exam that is
                                                                        not included in the course fees. An information session on
                                                                        immunization, professional liability, and background checks
                                                                        will be held on Aug 18, 2010 at 6:00pm. Space is limited,
                                                                        register early.
                                                                        Instructor: Jackie Baras, RN, BSN
                                                                        CRN 13137 Sect. 01 6 sessions               RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                        Sat Aug 28, Sept 11, Nov 6, 13, 20, Dec 4 8:30am-4:30pm B203
                                                                        Course fee: $688 ($419 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                        National Exam day: TBA

30                                                                                             Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                  • HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
TP552 Pharmacy Technician                                         • Arm and hand
                                           0 credit/90 hours      • Basic hematology
Become certified in one of the most in-demand occupations         • Blood collection
today. This comprehensive 90-hour course is designed to           • Specimen transport and processing
provide hands-on training to individuals who seek a career        • How to read prescriptions
as a Pharmacy Technician (PT). The role of the PT is to           • Infection control
assist the pharmacist in all aspects of current pharmacy          • Safety
practice in retail and hospital environments. This course
                                                                  • Quality control
provides a fundamental understanding of the nature of
pharmacy education and all necessary tools to permit the          • Confidentiality and communication skills
PT to become an effective extension of the Pharmacist.            Upon successful completion of this course students are
 The course covers:                                               eligible to sit for the American Society of Phlebotomy
• Basic principles of pharmacology                                Technicians (ASPT) National Certification Exam, which is
                                                                  being held at RVCC. There is an additional charge for the
• Medical terminology specific to pharmacy
                                                                  ASPT National exam that is not included in tuition.
• Reading and interpreting prescriptions
                                                                  Prerequisites: Clear understanding of written and spoken
• Defining drugs by generic and brand names                       English, professional liability insurance (approx. $40), and
• Dosage calculations/ dose conversions                           proof of the following immunizations: Mantoux, HBV, MMR,
• IV flow rates                                                   and Varicella titer, and a mandatory background check
                                                                  (approx. $60). An information session on immunization,
• Drug compounding                                                professional liability and background check will be held
• Dispensing of prescriptions                                     on August 5, 2010 at 6:00 pm. Corporate and Continuing
• Materials management/inventory control                          Education/Allied Health are an approved provider for the
                                                                  American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT).
• Billing and reimbursement
                                                                  Instructor: Hans Angenor, A.S., CPT
• Applied mathematics and application of these principles
  in retail and hospital environments                             CRN 13140 Sect. 01 29 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
The course involves 50 hours of classroom instruction,            Tue/Thu Sept 2-Dec 16             6:00-9:30pm         B205
question/answer review, and exams, plus 40 hours of practical     (No class Sept 7 & Nov 25)
experience in a pharmacy. The practical experience will           Course fee: $1,273 ($629 tuition, plus fees)
be scheduled at the beginning of the course and must be
completed by the last day of the class. This course is designed
to enable students to successfully complete the national          AH402 Tourette Syndrome, ADHD,
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam.
                                                                  OCD & Related Disorders 0 credit/3 hours
Instructor: Maharaj Raina, PhD
                                                                  Tourette syndrome, ADHD, OCD, related disorders and
CRN 13138 Sect. 01 10 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   learning disabilities are addressed. The diagnosis/clinical
Sat Sept 18-Nov 20 9:00am-3:00pm                          B208    assessment of Tourette Syndrome are explained along with
                                                                  current medical interventions. School related issues are
CRN 13139 Sect. 02 17 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                   emphasized. Helpful interventions and modifications for
Mon & Wed          Sept 13-Nov 8    6:00-9:00pm                   behavior management are addressed along with appropriate
B203                                                              forms of discipline. This seminar enables educators to
Course fee: $1,199 ($586 Tuition, plus fees)                      recognize student’s challenges as well as their strengths
                                                                  and potential. The course trains school nurses to provide
                                                                  peer in-services in their schools. Understand the nature of
                                                                  these disorders and their impact at school and at home.
TP553 Phlebotomy / Lab Assistant                                  The presenter has been a professional educator for over two
                                         0 credit/180 hours       decades and the parent of a child with TS. She has conducted
Phlebotomists are integral members of the laboratory team         workshops on Tourette Syndrome for professionals at several
who are trained in specimen collection and processing.            NJ school districts, the NJ School Counselors’ Convention as
This 180-hour course consists of lecture, lab, and clinical       well as many Colleges and Rutgers University.
practice. It prepares students to seeking employment as           Who should attend? Teachers, counselors, school nurses,
a phlebotomist in hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical          psychologists, social workers, all health and nursing
practices, and insurance companies. The course consists           professionals and anyone who is interested to learn about
of 100 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of             this subject.
clinical practice at a hospital. The clinical practice runs       Workshop presenters are affiliated with the NJ Center for
from 7:00am-3:30pm, Monday through Fri, for 10 days,              Tourette Syndrome,
(scheduled dates will be assigned at the end of the first
month of the class). Course subjects include:                     CRN 13141                 Sect. 01                  1 session
                                                                  Fri                       Sept 24          9:00am-12:00pm
• Medical terminology
                                                                  Course fee: $59 ($30 tuition, plus fees)
• Anatomy and physiology of the basic cell
• Circulatory system

Fall 2010                                                                                    31
                     Take advantage of career opportunities
          with the Pharmaceutical companies located here in Central NJ
                  B io Manu factur i ng
                            Certificate Program
            Sept. 13, 2010 ■ 240 hours ■ Monday - Thursday
                  8:30am-1:30pm ■ Course fee: $3,250

                                          Become Qualified
                                          for Entry-level Positions
                                          in Biotechnology
                                          & Pharmaceutical
                                           ■   Bio-Process Technicians
                                           ■   Labeling & Packaging Operators
                                           ■   Instrument & Media Prep Technicians
                                           ■   Manufacturing Associates
                                           ■   Quality Control Specialist

                                          Perform Tasks such as:
                                           ■   Preparing buffers
                                           ■   Operating filtration & column
                                           ■   Cleaning and preparing glassware
                                           ■   Operating autoclaves performing
                                               under sterile conditions
                                           ■   Utilizing GMPs

     Unemployed individuals may be eligible for Department of Labor funding,
             contact the Somerville One Stop Employment Services
                      Contact Debbie Katz
      | 908-526-1200

32                                                       Register Today, 908-218-8871
CLINICAL RESEARCH                                                  • Current topics in data management, including Electronic

                                                                                                                                   • CLINICAL RESEARCH
                                                                     submissions, Electronic Data Capture, 21 CFR 11, Clinical
                                                                     Data Interchange standards Consortium (CDISC)
CR200 Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
                                                                   Suggested Prerequisite Courses: Medical Terminology
& Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)
                                           0 credit/36 hours
                                                                   Instructor: Juliana Graham
The demand for qualified and trained clinical research             CRN 13152 Sect. 01 6 sessions            RVCC@Bridgewater
professionals continues to grow. This course can open              Sat Sept 11-Oct 16 9:30am-4:30pm                       B108
doors to new and exciting career opportunities, providing          Course fee: $1,749 ($969 tuition, plus fees)
a detailed overview of the key aspects of preparing for a
career in the management of clinical trials. The course is
appropriate for those who wish to build a knowledge base           CR212 Essentials of Clinical Project
to pursue a career either as a clinical research associate (CRA)
representing a pharmaceutical sponsor or Contract Research
                                                                   Management: Developing a Clinical
Organization (CRO), or as a clinical research coordinator (CRC)    Program                0 credit/24 hours
in a physician-investigator’s office/clinic. The participants      This course is designed to give the student the essential
are provided with detailed course material, which includes         knowledge, tools and experience to manage a clinical trial
valuable checklists of activities and responsibilities at every    from beginning to end. This course provides an overview of
step of the clinical study process. The course covers:             clinical project management and how to initiate a project
• An overview of the pharmaceutical industry and the drug          plan. The key topics that are presented and discussed
  development process                                              include:
• Understanding and complying with Good Clinical Practice          • Overview of the fundamentals and concepts of project
• Study protocol and Case Report Forms design
                                                                   • Project planning, scheduling, resource and cost estimates
• Practical aspects of site monitoring and coordination
                                                                   • Risk assessment and management
• Regulatory Overview, Human Subjects Protection, IRB
  review and Informed Consent                                      • Monitoring and controlling for performance
Suggested prerequisite courses: Medical Terminology and            • Organizational structures and team dynamics
HIPAA Compliance courses                                           • MS Project planning
Instructor: Jon Fourre, PhD                                        Pre-requisite: Clinical Research Associate/Clinical Research
CRN 13150 Sect. 01 6 sessions               RVCC@Bridgewater       Coordinator (CRA/CRC)
Sat Sept 11-Oct 16 9:30am-4:30pm                          B206     Instructor: Jennifer Turpin
                                                                   CRN 13153 Sect. 01 8 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater
CRN 13151 Sect. 02 12 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                    Tue/Thu Oct 26-Nov 18          6:00-9:00pm             B203
Mon/Thu Sept 13-Oct 21 6:00-9:00pm        B206                     Course fee: $1,200 ($696 tuition, plus fees)
Course fee: $1,749 ($969 tuition, plus fees)

                                                                   CR202 Overview & Management of
CR205 Clinical Data Management in                                  21-CFR-11 Compliance, EDM Systems,
the Pharmaceutical Industry (CDM)                                  & Electronic Submission of Data to
                                           0 credit/36 hours       FDA for Clinical Trials 0 credit/12 hours
This course is for those with a degree in life science, nursing,   The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21-part 11,
or computer science. It is also for students who have an           “Electronic Records, Electronic Signatures” has been the law
interest in exploring a career as a clinical data manager,         since August 1997. This course is appropriate for individuals
clinical database programmer, or clinical data coordinator in      wanting an introduction to the sweeping new rules
the pharmaceutical industry. The course is designed to give        governing the treatment of electronic data in clinical trials
the student a broad knowledge of clinical data management          and who are tasked with having to bring existing clinical
and hands-on experience. Specific topics include:                  study related documents and databases into compliance as
• The roles of a clinical data manager, clinical database          expeditiously as possible. Topics include:
programmer, and clinical data coordinator, and other               • Review of the Current 21 CFR 11 Rule and subsequent
associated roles                                                     clarifications: Being complaint in clinical trials
• Terminology used in clinical research                            • Updates in the Regulation for 2008/2010
• Protocol/study designs                                           • Requirements of 21 CFR 11 - training and documentation
• Case report form design and data validation                      • International Outlook on 21 CFR Part 11 - The European
• Data management plans                                              Union and rules for electronic data
• Database design and edit check programming                       • Defining “computerized systems” used in Clinical Trials and
                                                                   “electronic data capture”
• Data entry and data coordination, including database
  correction processes and quality control procedures              • Carrying out a 21 CFR 11 audit to identify the non-
                                                                     compliant areas of the study or studies
• Coding
                                                                   • Identifying processes to bring clinical studies into
• Regulations and good data management practices
                                                                     compliance with 21 CFR 11
Fall 2010                                                                                    33
     • Data and system security                                           • How to follow up on abnormal lab results so as not to lose
     • Preparation of electronic data for submission to the FDA             a study patient
       and EMEA                                                           • Quality assurance and quality control in laboratory
     • What happens if the FDA finds your group or your                     medicine
       company out of compliance with the rules?                          Instructor: Andrew DeLuise M.S, M.B.A., Certified Trainer/
     • FDA Actions previously taken for failure to abide by Part          Lab Manager
       11 regulations.                                                    CRN 13156                Sect. 01                 2 sessions
     Suggested Prerequisite Courses: CRA/CRC, Clinical Data               Mon                      Oct 25 & Nov1         6:00-9:30pm
     Management                                                           Course fee: $303 ($141 tuition, plus fees)
     Instructor: Jon Fourre, PhD
     CRN 13154                 Sect. 01                 2 sessions
     Sat                       Oct 23 & 30        9:30am-4:30pm           CR206 Protocol Preparation and
     Course Fee: $990 ($595 tuition, plus fees)                           Writing                0 credit/7 hours
                                                                          The course is designed for pharmaceutical professionals,
     CR221 Audit & Inspection of                                          nurses, physicians and professionals in other fields. Learn
     Clinical Trials        0 credit/6 hours                              what background is necessary to be able to support
                                                                          decisions made in protocol writing, including learning from
     This course is designed for students preparing for a career          the literature. Topics covered include:
     transition to clinical research and for individuals in the
     pharmaceutical industry who wish to broaden their skill              Importance of experimental research
     sets within clinical research. Participants are provided             Review of protocol structure, ethical considerations, research
     with course material that includes functional checklists of          designs and methods
     activities and tools for every step of the clinical audit process,   Researching the background for a protocol - common search
     as well as FDA standards for conducting and reporting drug           methods and techniques
     trials. Learn about the FDA Inspection process. Course covers:
                                                                          Good Clinical Practice principles involved in making a good
     • How to audit clinical trials for adherence to GCP, Good            protocol.
       Clinical Practice principles
                                                                          Prerequisites: Clinical Research Associate/Coordinator
     • Identify Non Compliance, Misconduct & Fraud -                      (CRA/CRC) or Clinical Data Management course desirable.
       Responsibilities of Clinical Research Professionals                Familiarity with Microsoft WORD and World Wide Web is
     • Learn Techniques of interviewing site personnel - Setting          mandatory.
       expectations at the beginning of a clinical study                  Instructor: Jennifer Turpin
     • Audits and audit findings in clinical studies - Learn how to       CRN 13157                  Sect. 01                 1 session
       properly document findings                                         Sat                        Nov 6            9:00am-5:00pm
     • Course provides tools for auditing internal clinical Trial         Course fee: $680 ($283 tuition, plus fees)
       Site Files - Just the facts
     • Learn what an FDA 483 is and how to prepare for an FDA
       inspection (Learn Do’s and Don’ts)                                 CR217 Clinical Research Wrap-Up:
     Prerequisites: CRA/CRC, CDM & Overview and Management                Applying the Principles 0 credits/12 hours
     of 21-CFR-11 Compliance & Implementation of 21CFR-11
     courses. Familiarity with Microsoft WORD & World Wide Web            CRA/CRC and CDMs can now put your regulatory and
     is mandatory.                                                        research knowledge to the test. This module provides you
                                                                          with hands-on application of the principles you have learned
     Instructor: Jon Fourre, PhD                                          about the appropriate conduct of well-implemented clinical
     CRN 13155                   Sect. 01                   1 session     trials. This focused 4-session activity allows you to hone
     Sat                         Nov 13              9:30am-4:30pm        your monitoring / auditing skills. You will be able to identify
     Course fee: $541 ($299 tuition, plus fees)                           common transcription / documentation errors and develop
                                                                          effective interventions to improve the quality & conduct of
     CR208 Interpretation of Laboratory                                   clinical trials. The course covers:
     Values in Clinical Trials 0 credit/7 hours                           • Review of a mock protocol, research record and other
                                                                            supporting documents
     This course is designed to provide Clinical Trials staff with
     a fundamental knowledge of common laboratory tests                   • Review of mock drug / device accountability records
     seen on protocols for investigational drugs. New Medical             • Examples of adequate and inadequate research
     Technologists or Technologists and Technicians returning to            documentation, including specifics of SAE reporting
     the lab can also benefit from this class. The course covers:         • Reporting your findings and corrective actions
     • Overview of laboratory data and implications for clinical          Pre-requisite: CRA/ CRC, or CDM courses. Students must
       trial activities                                                   bring the CRA/CRC and regulations handbooks to class.
     • Clinical Chemistry and Hematology Laboratory Data                  Instructor: Susan Torok-Rood, MSJ, BSN, CCRP, CIM
     • Other special test areas                                           CRN 13158                   Sect. 01               4 sessions
     • Pre-analytical specimen problems                                   Mon                         Nov 15-Dec 6         600-9:00pm
     • Interference factors affecting laboratory results                  Course fee: $987 ($595 tuition, plus fees)

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                                                                                                                                        • MEDICAL ASSISTING
CR224 ICH vs. FDA Clinical                                            • Intraoral and extraoral exposure techniques
Requirements           0 credit/3.5 hours                             • Storage of unexposed film and processing chemicals
Are you working in the Clinical Research field? Do you                • Mannequin simulation
understand what documents are needed for international               Prerequisite: 18 years of age, High School Diploma/GED or
study compliance verses FDA regulations? This course                 equivalent. Proof must be submitted with registration.
compares the clinical documentation requirements noted               Instructor: Lori Gerstl, RDA
in the International Code of Harmonization to the FDA
regulations.                                                         CRN 13161 Sect. 01 13 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                     Wed Sept 15-Dec 15             1:30-5:00pm           B206
Instructor: Susan Schardt, CRA
                                                                     (No class Nov 24)
CRN 13159                Sect. 01             1 session
                                                                     Course fee: $665 ($300 tuition, plus fees)
Wed                      Oct 20           6:00-9:30pm
Course fee: $199 ($124 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                     MEDICAL ASSISTING
                                                                     The Medical Assistant Certificate program prepares
CR227 Clinical Trials Assistant (CTA)                                a student for a career in the field of medical assisting.
                                             0 credit/12 hours       Medical Assistants perform routine administrative and
Are you currently an administrative professional in the              clinical tasks under the supervision of a physician, other
pharmaceutical industry? Do you want to advance your                 health practitioner, or office manager. Clinical skills for
career but can’t find the right path to follow? Administrative       a Medical Assistant include taking medical histories and
professionals provide essential services in the clinical             recording vital signs, assisting with the patients for minor
research field. Knowledgeable Clinical Trial Assistants are in       surgical procedures and providing education and nutritional
growing demand. If you would like to use the skills learned          information. Administrative skills include coordinating and
in this class and launch a career in the clinical trials industry,   scheduling patient appointments, receiving and processing
this is a course for you. The course covers:                         patients in the office, preparing and maintaining patient
• Review and maintenance of the “essential” study start-up           records, coding and filing and bookkeeping tasks.
  document in the Trial Master File                                  Basic classroom study and labs are followed by a six-week
• A brief overview of the drug development process                   unpaid professional practicum in a healthcare facility at the
                                                                     end of the second semester. Graduates will be able to sit for
• Historic events that have shaped the industry                      the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam offered by the
• A review of the clinical trial phases                              American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).
• How to navigate the FDA website, finding applicable                Note: Background checks are required prior to admission.
  regulations and compliance documents                               BLS Certification by the American Heart Association, a
• The Investigator Meeting - tips and tricks to help you             physical examination, and proof of immunizations are
  organize an effective training session                             required.
Instructor: Susan Schardt, CRA                                       MATC111       Administrative Medical
CRN 13162                  Sect. 01                   2 sessions     Assisting Principles 7 credits/135 hours
Sat                        Oct 30 & Nov 6 9:00am-4:00pm
                                                                     This is a lecture/lab course designed to provide the student
Course fee: $525 ($284 tuition, plus fees)                           with the necessary skills to perform administrative Medical
                                                                     Assistant duties. After review of the Medical Assistant
                                                                     profession and discussion of the behaviors needed to
DENTAL RADIOLOGY                                                     work as part of the healthcare team, emphasis will be
                                                                     placed upon the theory and practice of medical office
DE301 Dental Radiology                                               management; reception and appointment scheduling;
                                             0 credit/75 hours       coding and processing of patient claims; and performing
This course prepares students for the licensing examination          according to legal and ethical protocols.
required by the State of New Jersey Dental Radiologic                Instructor: Martha Logan-Bieler
Technology Board of Examiners. This 75 hour course consists          CRN 12761                 Sect. 10X      RVCC@Bridgewater
of 30 hours of didactic instruction, 15 hours of laboratory          W Sept 1-Dec 10           9:00am-12:50pm               B210
instruction in a dental office, and 30 hours of clinical
                                                                     MF                        9:00-11:20am                 B210
education. Upon successful completion of the didactic and
laboratory instruction course, the clinical portion (30 hours)       Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
will be obtained through patient experience in a private
dental office that has been identified by the student and
approved by the NJ State Department of Environmental
Protection. The course covers:
 • Basic understanding of the dental anatomy
 • Infection control
 • X-ray production, processing, quality assurance
 • Radiation biology and safety
 • Radiographic evaluation

Fall 2010                                                                                          35
     MATC121 Clinical Medical Assisting                                OPHTHALMIC SCIENCE
     Principles          7 credits/157 hours
     Prerequisite: MATC 111- Administrative Medical Assistant          OP401 Ophthalmic Math Review
     Principles                                                                                                      0 credit/9 hours
     Corequisite: MATC116-Phlebotomy Theory & Lab                      The course is designed to reacquaint students with
     This lecture/lab course is designed to introduce the student      basic algebraic and trigonometric principles required in
     to the theory and practices of the clinical components            Ophthalmic Science. Students who are having difficulty in
     of Medical Assisting. Topics include performing vital             math are urged to take this course.
     signs, patient assessment, and assisting with routine and         Instructor: Brian Thomas
     specialty patient examinations; collecting and analyzing lab      CRN 13166                Sect. 01             3 sessions
     specimens; assisting in surgical procedures and maintaining       Thu                      Sept 23-Oct 7    7:00-10:00pm
     surgical equipment; performing ECGs (electrocardiograms);
     and exercising proper infection control techniques when           Course fee: $131 ($71 tuition, plus fees)
     completing all duties.
     Instructor: Martha Logan-Bieler
                                                                       OP402 Ophthalmic State Board
                                                                       Licensing Exam Review 0 credit/12 hours
     CRN 12762                 Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater
     M Sept 13-Dec 13 1:00-3:20pm                           B205       The course is recommended for students who are eligible
     WF                        12:00-3:50pm                 B205       to take the State Licensing Exam. The course reviews the
                                                                       major areas of study in ophthalmics that are covered on the
     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees       State Exam.
                                                                       Instructor: Brian Thomas
     MATC116 Phlebotomy Theory & Lab
                                                                       CRN 13167 Sect. 01 4 sessions                         C008
                                                1 credit/30 hours
                                                                       Fri                      Aug 20-Sept 10 7:00-10:00pm
     Prerequisite: MATC111-Administrative Medical Assistant
                                                                       Course fee: $122 ($56 tuition, plus fees)
     Corequisite: MATC121-Clinical Medical Assistant Principles        OP403 Ophthalmic State Board
     Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood from a
                                                                       Practical Review 0 credit/3 hours
     patient. This course is designed to provide the student           The course covers the requirements for the State Board
     with the necessary theory and instruction to perform basic        practicum examinations. Key topics include: fitting,
     phlebotomy procedures according to legal and ethical              adjusting, facial measurements, neutralization and
     guidelines. Other topics include phlebotomy equipment             laboratory prescription fabrication. Students are given an
     and supplies and an introduction to infectious diseases and       opportunity to work in any or all of the subject areas.
     their prevention.                                                 Instructor: Brian Thomas
     Instructor: Martha Logan-Bieler                                   CRN 13168 Sect. 01 1 session                            C008
     CRN 12763               Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater           Fri                      Sept 17              7:00-10:00pm
     F Sept 3-Dec 10         10:00-11:50am                 B205        Course fee: $57 ($32 tuition, plus fees)
     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                       FOOD SAFETY
     MATC128 Medical Assistant
     Professional Practicum                               6 credits/   FS576 Food Handlers Certificate
     Prerequisites: MATC 111- Administrative Medical Assistant                                                     0 credit/3.5 hours
     Principles, MATC 116-Phlebotomy Theory & Lab, & MATC              In cooperation with Bridgewater Township, the
     121- Clinical Medical Assistant Principles.                       Food Handlers Certificate offers food establishment
     This is the final course in the Medical Assistant curriculum.     representatives a one-session program focusing on
     The student will be placed in a physician’s office for a six-     Chapter 24 of the New Jersey Sanitary Code. The program
     week supervised, unpaid learning experience that provides         is presented by a New Jersey State Licensed Environmental
     an opportunity for the student to put the skills learned in the   Health Specialist providing an assessment of the practical
     classroom setting to the real life environment of patients,       application of food sanitation techniques involved in the
     doctors, and office staff members.                                operation of a retail food establishment. Primary issues
     Instructor: Martha Logan-Bieler                                   of discussion include the cause, spread, and control of
                                                                       food and water-related diseases. Participants are provided
     CRN 12764                  Sect. 01
                                                                       interactive instruction on the proper sanitary techniques
     T/Th                       Offsite Instructor approval required   applied during food preparation, service and storage. Topics
     Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees       of discussion include the growth of bacteria and viral agents,
                                                                       prevention of food borne illness, common food allergens,
                                                                       sanitary facility design, personnel hygiene and application
                                                                       of recognized sanitation, self-inspection, and food security
                                                                       procedure. Participants receive an introduction to the
                                                                       basic elements of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
                                                                       (HACCP) systems approach to food production operations.
                                                                       Successful completion of a food safety certification program
                                                                       is a requirement of many municipal ordinances.
36                                                                                           Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                   • OPHTHALMICS/FOOD SAFETY/ MATH EXAM
Instructor: Chris Poulsen, Registered Environmental Health
                                                                 GED PREPARATION
CRN 13142 Sect. 01 1 session            RVCC@Bridgewater
Mon           Sept 20 5:30-9:00pm                   B104         EX505 GED Preparation Course
                                                                                                              0 credit/90 hours
CRN 13143 Sect. 02 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater                    This course is designed for anyone who desires to pass
Mon       Oct 18 5:30-9:00pm            B104                     the General Education Development exam leading to a
                                                                 GED diploma. This course offers a study skills review and
CRN 13144 Sect. 03 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater                    comprehensive instruction of the subject areas needed to
Mon       Nov 15 5:30-9:00pm            B104                     successfully pass the GED. Practice exams, pre-testing and
                                                                 post-testing evaluations are provided. GED exam testing is
                                                                 also conducted at RVCC.
CRN 13145 Sect. 04 1 session RVCC@Bridgewater
Mon       Dec 13 5:30-9:00pm            B104                     Instructor: TBA
Course fee: $103 ($60 tuition, plus fees)                        Course held at Franklin site
                                                                 CRN 13090                 Sect. 50             18 sessions
                                                                 Mon/Wed                   Sept 27-Dec 1      6:30-9:00pm
                                                                 (No class Nov 22 & 24)
FS579 ServSafe Essentials
                                                                 Course held at Hunterdon site
                                            0 credit/8 hours
                                                                 CRN 13371              Sect. 51                     18 sessions
This eight hour course is designed for food service workers      Mon/Wed                Sept 27-Dec 1              6:30-9:00pm
and includes the text book and exam. Anyone looking              (No class Nov 22 & 24)
to pass the ServSafe exam should take this class prior to
                                                                 Course fee: $169 ($114 tuition, plus fees)
testing. The course covers The Fifth Edition of the ServSafe
Essentials book. It is scheduled as two, half-day classroom
sessions, to allow study time. Upon successful completion
of the course a certificate from the National Restaurant
Association will be awarded. The test is given during the
second session. This course is taught in English, although the
exam is available in several languages including Spanish.
If you need a test in another language please give us a
minimum of eight weeks notice. No prerequisite.
Instructor: TBA
CRN 13146 Sect. 01 2 sessions             RVCC@Bridgewater
Mon Sept 13 & 20 6:00-9:30pm                            B104

CRN 13147      Sect. 02 1 session   RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat            Oct 9    8:00am-5:00pm          B104

CRN 13148 Sect. 03 1 session   RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat       Nov 6    8:00am-5:00pm          B104

CRN 13355 Sec. 05         2 sessions  RVCC@Bridgewater
Mon Nov 22 & 29           6:00-9:00pm            B104

CRN 13149 Sect. 04 1 session   RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat       Dec 4    8:00am-5:00pm          B104
Course fee: $199 ($82 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                     37
              Serv Safe ® Cer ti fi cat i o n
                   in Spanish in Chinese

                                   Legislative law (Chapter 24 mandate (N.J.A.C
     Upcoming classes:             8:24)) that goes into effect on January 2, 2010
     Mondays, 8:30 am-4:30 pm      states:
                                   “…at least one person in charge of Risk Type
     Spanish:                      3 food establishments shall be a certified food
     September 20, 2010            protection manager who has shown proficiency
     CRN 13252                     of required information through obtaining a
                                   food safety certificate by passing a food safety
     November 15, 2010             certification examination administered by an
     CRN 13253                     accredited certifying program recognized by the
                                   Conference for Food Protection.”
     October 11, 201               Individuals handling raw food products (ie. meat,
     CRN 13254                     poultry, fish & dairy) Risk Type 3, restaurant
     December 13, 2010             owners and other food service providers must
     CRN 13255                     prepare and train selected employees to meet and
                                   comply with the requirements of this new law.
     Course fee:
     $265 USD                      Many food establishments in New Jersey and
     (includes training manual &   other states are owned by or employ non-English
     exam in desired language)     speaking people. Raritan Valley Community
                                   College is the only local educational institution
                                   offering ServSafe® classes to these individuals.
                                   Classes are instructed in Spanish and Chinese for
                                   chefs, cooks, food preparation managers and other
                                   food handlers. Instructors are native speakers of
                                   the language and course materials/examinations
                                   are in the spoken language.

                                   Attending the eight-hour program and successfully
                                   passing the examination (scoring 75% or higher),
                                   participants receive a ServSafe® Manager Training
                                   Certificate, which satisfies this legislative mandate.

                                   Register early, at which time we will mail the
                                   ServSafe® manual along with class confirmation
                                   and directions to the campus. Review and study of
                                   the ServSafe® manual before attending the class is
                                   highly recommended.

                           Contact Kathy Petrillo
                  RVCC, PO Box 3300 Somerville, NJ 08876
                       Phone: 908-526-1200 x8223
38                                                        Register Today, 908-218-8871
            ServSafe ® Cer ti fi cat i o n
                in Spanish in Chinese

  Entrenamiento Certificado De                  Cuesto:
  Seguridad De Comida                           $265.00 USD
  Empezando El 2 De Enero De 2010, La           (includes training manual & exam in
  Ley De Nj Requiere La Presencia De            desired language)
  Un Gerente Certificado De Seguridad           Upcoming classe:
  De Comida Todo El Tiempo En El                Mondays, 8:30 am 4:30 pm
  Contáctenos Directamente Para Saber El        Spanish:
  Calendario De Clases O Para Inscribirse En    September 13, 2010
  Una Clase                                     CRN 13252
  Clases Ofrecidas En Español                   November 15, 2010
                                                CRN 13253
  Servsafe® es el programa más conocido
  de entrenamiento de seguridad de              January 10, 2011
  co-mida. Cabe con las requisitos de           CRN TBD
  cada estado                                   March 14, 2011
  Ponga la seguridad de comida a                CRN TBD
  sus órdenes en su restaurante o               Incluye el Entrenamiento, los Materiales y
  establecimiento                               el Ex-amen de Certificación

              Cou r se a l so o ffe r e d in C hine s e

Fall 2010                                                    39
     GENERAL INTEREST                                                 GI692           Beaded Jewelry
                                                                      Learn how to create basic beaded jewelry. Discover design
     TR237 Small Engine Repair                                        techniques, what materials and tools are needed to make
                                                  0 credit/18 hours   beaded jewelry. This course introduces students to wire
     Small engines, like large engines, need regular service to       wrapping basics and how to make plan or wrapped wire
     reduce the frequency of malfunctions and maintain optimal        loops. Students complete a necklace and matching earrings
     performance. Learn how to repair broken lawn movers,             during the class.
     weed whackers, chain saws, motor scooters, mopeds,               Instructor: Laurie Werner of Treasured Crafts
     dirt bikes, and generators. Students are encouraged to           CRN 13085                Sect. 51                2 sessions
     bring in their own equipment to work on in class. Course         Mon                      Oct 18 & 25          6:00-9:00pm
     focuses on simple two and four cycle engine theory and
     repair/maintenance techniques. Program is designed for           Course fee: $69 ($34 tuition, plus fees)
     homeowner, landscapers as well as skilled trade people.
     Instructor: TBA                                                                                                      NEW
                                                                      GI696 Making Elastic Netted
     CRN 13323 Sect. 60 6 sessions          RVCC@Bridgewater
     Sat                     Oct 2-Nov 6         8:00-11:00am
                                                                      Cuff Bracelet
     Course fee: $220 ($205 tuition, plus fees)                       Learn to create a one-size fits all cuff bracelet on elastic
                                                                      thread using large seed and cube beads. This workshop is an
                                                                      introduction to needle weaving, using a needle and elastic
     CT302 Introduction to                                            thread to create a net pattern. No beading experience is
     Woodworking & Cabinetry Making                                   needed. Learn to create a great gift idea for the holidays.
                                                  0 credit/36 hours   Instructor: Laurie Werner
     This course covers the basics of construction, jointery,         CRN 13174                Sect. 50                  2 sessions
     assembly and finishing traditionally used in fine                Mon                      Nov 8 & 15             6:00-9:00pm
     woodworking. Emphasis is on the tradition of fine                Course fee: $69 ($34 tuition, plus fees)
     woodworking, the design and execution. The fundamentals
     of basic woodworking skills involving proper, safe use of both
     hand and power equipment are presented. Students begin
     by having a choice of one of 3 to 5 different small projects     FF565 Retirement Planning for
     that include different joinery and assembly techniques,          Today
     to get them comfortable with using the machinery. Upon           Determine the amount of money you need to retire. Learn
     completion of the project, students will submit a sketch or      how to create goals for a “Successful Retirement.” This
                                                                      workshop reviews ways to eliminate debt and improve
     drawing of proposed project to build including plan, front       cash flow.
     and side views, with details of joinery illustrated. This will
                                                                      Instructor: Ron Hunter, CFP(R), CWS(R)
     also include a cut list (showing amount and size of parts)
     as well as a material cost list for all parts and hardware.      CRN 13109                Sect. 50            2 sessions
     Safety goggles and hard toe shoes required. Cost of project      Thu                      Sept 30 & Oct 7  6:30-9:30pm
     included in course fee, student responsible for the cost of
     individual project.                                              CRN 13110                   Sect. 51             2 sessions
     Instructor: John Waskiewicz                                      Tue                         Oct 5 & 12        6:30-9:30pm
     CRN 13344 Sect. 50X 12 sessions RVCC@Bridgewater                 Course fee: $59 ($24 tuition, plus fees)
     Mon                       Sept 13-Nov 29       6:30-9:30pm
     Course fee: $230 ($145 tuition, plus fees)                                                                         NEW
                                                                      GI697 Everything You Need
                                                                      to Know About Medicare
     RE091 Essentials of Residential                                  Learn the essential information of Medicare and how to
     Landscape Design        0 credit/8 hours                         select, a Medicare Plan. This course presents the attributes
     This course is for anyone who is considering a home landscape    related to the Part D Plan and the Advantage Plan. Students
     project and does not know where to begin. Students learn         review the four parts of each; Hospitalization, Major
     how to create unique residential environments that are           Medical, Medicare Advantage and the Drug Prescription
     aesthetically stunning and functional. Lean the essentials       plans. This course is ideal for someone reaching the age of
     of good landscaping design. Topics include proper plant          65 or who is retiring after the age of 65.
     selection, deer resistance, grading and drainage solutions       Instructor: Greg Astel, Licensed Insurance Agent
     and “Outdoor Rooms,” material options and municipal              CRN 13206                  Sect. 60                1 session
     regulations. Participants are encouraged to bring photos         Sat                        Oct 23          10:00am-12:00pm
     and questions about their yard and landscape projects.
     Instructor: Michael Medea, CLA, LEED AP                          CRN 13207                   Sect. 50              1 session
     CRN 13086 Sect. 51 4 sessions             RVCC@Bridgewater       Wed                         Nov 10            6:00-8:00pm
     Wed Oct 6-27               7:00-9:00pm                  B104     Course fee: $25 ($10 tuition, plus fees)
     Course fee: $129 ($24 tuition, plus fees)

40                                                                                            Register Today, 908-218-8871
CW159 Speed Reading                                              BS076 Boaters Licensing

                                                                                                                                  • GENERAL INTEREST
This course presents a revolutionary system that allows          Preparation
you to dramatically cut your reading and studying time.          This licensing course prepares students and satisfies the
Sharpen your concentration so that you can recall what you       State of New Jersey requirement to lawfully operate a boat
read in greater detail. Continue to boost your reading speed     or personal watercraft. All necessary filings are completed
by applying your new skills to your everyday reading at          for each participant after successful passing of the licensing
home, work or school. Guarantee: You must at least double        test that is administered at the conclusion of the class. This
your reading speed or additional speed-reading training is       course is accredited by the N.J. State Police.
provided to you at no extra cost!                                Instructor: Kermit Koch, U.S.C.G., License #891675
Instructor: Dr. Richard Feldman                                  CRN 13073                 Sect. 51                 2 sessions
CRN 13068 Sect. 61 1 session             RVCC@Bridgewater        Tue/Thu                   Nov 2 & 4            6:00-10:00pm
Sat         Nov 20        9:30am-4:00pm                B104      Course fee: $109 ($34 tuition, plus fees)
Course fee: $150 ($50 tuition, plus fees)

                                                    NEW          GI693 Defensive Driving / Point
GI695 How to get the                                             Reduction
Maximum Money for College
                                                                 This course is certified for Insurance Discount and Two Points
Today’s economic environment makes paying for college a          off NJ Driver’s License. This enjoyable classroom adventure
challenge. If you are the parent of a college bound student,     helps you to evaluate your driving habits and attitudes,
learn strategies for obtaining the most financial assistance     and identify what simple changes can be made to enhance
possible.                                                        your driving experience. The course fee includes a supplied
Instructor: Laurie Werner of Treasured Crafts                    workbook and educational videos.
CRN 13173                 Sect. 50                 1 session     Instructor: Dave Rzewnicki, Garden State Safety Council
Mon                       Nov 8                6:00-9:00pm       CRN 13105                   Sect. 61                 1 session
Course fee: $15                                                  Sat                         Oct 16           9:00am-4:00pm
                                                                 Course fee: $92 ($39 tuition, plus fees)

                 Motor cyclin g
        with a Motor cycle Ri d e r Cou r se
                 Raritan Valley Community College, in partnership with Rider Education of New Jersey
                       is offering the following Motorcycle Rider Education course at the College

                                                         Basic RiderCourse
                                                         In the Basic RiderCourse (BRC), you will experience
                                                         motorcycling and street skills. The BRC, approved by
                                                         the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the New Jersey
                                                         Motor Vehicle Commission, is designed to teach the
                                                         novice motorcyclist the basic skills and mental strategies
                                                         required to ride. The course consists of 15-20 hours of
                                                         combined classroom and hands-on training time on our
                                                         range. Motorcycles and helmets are provided by Rider
                                                         Education. This course is a must for anyone interested in
                                                         obtaining a motorcycle license.

                                                         Courses run every weekend, April through October
                                                         Days and Hours (actual times may vary):
                                                         Friday – 6:00 - 10:00 pm
                                                         Saturday – 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
                                                         Sunday – 7:30 am - 3:00 pm
                                                         Ending times are approximate, so please leave the whole day
                                                         open and bring a brown bag lunch.
                                                         Course fee: $250
                                   Call 800-893-RIDE for more information or to register or
                                          visit the following website:
                    Experienced Rider Course: Call 800-893-RIDE
Fall 2010                                                                                   41
                TH E HISP ANIC INS T I T UT E
                            In Cooperation With Raritan Valley Community College

 Offers English As Second Language
 Classes (Levels 1-5)
       Fall Cycle:
       September 25, 2010 – December 4, 2010
       Winter Cycle:
       January 8, 2011 – March 12, 2011
       Saturday Classes:
       9:00 Am-1:00 pm (10 Saturdays)
       Duration Of The Courses:
       40 Hours
       Instructional Site:
       Raritan Valley Community College                            Cost:
       118 Lamington Road                                           $200.00 before the first day of class.
       Branchburg, New Jersey                                       $20.00 late fee if you register on or
                                                                    after first day of class.
       Registration Dates:                                          $20.00 placement test fee
       Fall Cycle:September 18, 2010, 9 – 5 pm                      Cash or Visa/Master Card.
       Winter Cycle: December 11, 2010, 9 – 5 pm                    No Personal Checks.
         The hispanic institute is a non-profit organization serving the hispanic community since 1984.
                     For More Information Call 201-368-1414

                TH E HISP ANIC INS T I T UT E
                            En Cooperación Con Raritan Valley Community College

 Ofrece Clases De Inglés (Niveles 1-5)
     Ciclo De Otoño:
     25 De Septiembre De 2010 – 4 De Diciembre De 2010
     Ciclo De Invierno:
     8 De Enero De 2011 – 12 De Marzo De 2011
     Clases Los Días Sábados
     9:00 Am-1:00 pm
     Duración Del Curso:
     40 Horas (10 Sábados)
                                                                   Costo Del Curso:
     Centro De Instrucción:                                        $200.00 Si Se Insrcibe Antes Del Primer
     Raritan Valley Community College                              Día De Clases.
     118 Lamington Road                                            $20.00 De Recargo Si Se Inscribe El
     Branchburg, New Jersey                                        Primer Día De Clase O Después
                                                                   $20.00 De Cargo Por El Exámen De
     Fechas De Inscripción:                                        Nivelación
     Ciclo De Otoño: 18 De Septiembre De 2010, 9 - 5 pm            Solo Se Acepta Pago En Efectivo O Tarjeta
     Ciclo De Invierno: 11 De Diciembre De 2010, 9 - 5 pm          De Crédito Visa/Master Card.
                                                                   No Se Aceptan Cheques Personales.
     El hispanic institute es una organización sin fines de lucro que sirve a la comunidad hispana desde 1984.
42              Para Más Información, Llame Al 201-368-1414
                                                  Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                   • INTERIOR DESIGN
INTERIOR DESIGN                                                 IDTC 101 History of Furniture &
Interior Design involves the understanding of a created
                                                                Interiors I             3 credits/60 hours
environment and its relationship to people. The discipline      This course focuses on interiors, architecture and art from
focuses on the creation of space in which people work,          the early Renaissance, 1500 to 1600 through the Regency
live and play. The goal of the program is to encourage          Period, 1810 to 1837. Emphasis is placed on the history of
students to conceptualize and create successful design          church interiors with an introduction of Italian Renaissance
solutions for a wide range of clients and design problems.      form.
The program covers residential and commercial facets of         Instructor: TBA
interior design. Students completing the program are able       CRN 13240 Sect. 01X RVCC@Bridgewater                   B201
to draft floor plans and select color schemes, fabrics, wall/   TH                       Sept 2-Dec 9          1:30-5:20pm
floor treatments and lighting modes.
                                                                Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
To receive a Technology Certificate credential from the
Division of Corporate and Continuing Education, the             IDTC 202 Textiles, Finishes & Materials I
following courses must be completed:                                                                       3 credits/60 hours
• Architectural CAD Drawing                                     This course examines architectural and interior finish
• Color Theory                                                  materials and furnishings, their application and
• Computer Aided Drafting I                                     performance. Safety and other code requirements for
                                                                commercial and residential application are surveyed.
• Construction Blueprint Reading or Construction Materials      Students learn to identify materials, and finishes.
  & Procedures I
                                                                Instructor: TBA
• Design Studio I
                                                                CRN 11112                Sect. 01X      RVCC@Bridgewater
• Design Studio II                                              T       Sept 7-Dec 7 1:30-5:20pm                    B201
• Design Studio III                                             Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
• Drawing & Perspective or Basic Drawing I
• History of Furniture I                                        ARTS-132 Color Theory I
                                                                                                           3 credits/60 hours
• History of Furniture II
                                                                This course is an introduction to the characteristics of color
• Marker Rendering/Presentation Tech                            and its interaction. Major color theorists are presented
• Textiles, Finishes & Materials                                such as Itten and Albers. Assignments include the creative
• Design Studio IV                                              application of color theory in various media including
                                                                computers. Students are required to purchase their own
• Trade Codes & Business Practices
                                                                art supplies.
• Lighting for Interiors
                                                                Instructor: Jonathan Ricci
IDTC 100 Design Studio I                                        CRN 13048                Sect. 03X      RVCC@Bridgewater
                                          3 credits/60 hours    M Sept 13-Dec 13 1:30-5:20pm                            B201
                                                                Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
This course is an introduction to residential design. Project
analysis, programming, conceptual design, space planning,
design development and interior elements that apply to
residential room design is stressed.
                                                                INTERIOR DECORATING & DESIGN
Instructor: TBA                                                 These decorating workshops are perfect for anyone who
                                                                desires to learn more about decorating and exploring new
CRN 12106 Sect. 01X RVCC@Bridgewater                   B201
                                                                concepts of design. Students learn the basic principles
Th                       Sept 2-Dec 9 8:30am-12:30pm            of designing your space. Gain knowledge from a design
                                                                professional before you start your next project!
CRN 11105 Sect. 51X RVCC@Bridgewater          B201
T                   Sept 7-Dec 7     6:00-10:00pm
                                                                CD233 What to Know before
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                Starting a Home Remodel 0 credit/6 hours
IDTC 230 Design Studio III                                      Learn how to foster a collaborative productive project and
                                                                avoid common costly mistakes. Learn concepts that you do
                                          3 credits/60 hours
                                                                not hear on “DYI” television. This course also presents the
Course focuses on the introduction of space planning for        basics of permitting and regulatory issues.
commercial and institutional spaces. The important aspects
                                                                Instructor: Wayne Baruch
of the contract design filed including barrier free planning,
codes and the furnishing/finishes that apply to commercial      CRN 13169                Sect. 50                2 sessions
interiors are stressed.                                         Wed                      Sept 22 & 29         6:00-9:00pm
Instructor: TBA
                                                                Instructor: Randy Miller, Penguin Design Consultants, Inc.
CRN 11115 Sect. 51X RVCC@Bridgewater                   B201     Owner/President
M                         Sept 13-Dec 13       6:00-9:50pm
                                                                CRN 13181                Sect. 51             2 sessions
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
                                                                Thu                      Sept 30 & Oct 7   6:00-9:00pm
                                                                Course fee: $89 ($44 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                     43
     ID100 Principles of Interior Design                              that constitute home entertainment systems. Students
                                                  0 credit/12 hours   learn how to plan, design, install, and troubleshoot
                                                                      entertainment systems installed in a household, based on
     Make a home beautiful for yourself or the next owner             client requirements and other technical considerations. The
     with interior and space re-design. Transform a home by           course is offered in conjunction with Career Tech Services
     using elements of design such as color, texture, materials,      with weekly starting dates: For information or to register call
     pattern and light. This course presents design concepts          908-526-1200 ext. 8471
     that increase the value and quality of the living space with     Course fee: $93 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
     time-tested principles. Students explore endless possibilities
     using mirrors, plants, furniture placement and architecture.
     Experiment with swatches of paint and fabric samples.            LANGUAGES
     Create a presentation board of a re-designed room in a living
     space to infuse new concepts. The basic elements of home
                                                                      FL605 Spanish                    0 credit/20 hours/2.0 CEU
     staging to prepare for sale are also presented.                  Whether you are traveling abroad or want to communicate
                                                                      with people in the US, this class is for you. No prior
     Instructor: Agata Lucy                                           knowledge of Spanish is needed. The class is designed
     CRN 13056                 Sect. 51                 6 sessions    to provide you with core language concepts and basic
     Wed                       Oct 6-Nov 10          6:00-8:00pm      vocabulary. Classes include reading, writing, conversation,
     Course fee: $249 ($200 tuition, plus fees)                       and grammar presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Students
                                                                      are encouraged to register for both levels. The following
     GI699          Basic Bathroom Design                             book should be bought before class and is available at the
                                                                      RVCC bookstore; Barron’s E-Z Spanish, ISBN 0-7641-41295.
                                                   0 credit/6 hours
                                                                      Instructor: Thomas J. Cusmano
     Learn basic principles of designing a bathroom including
     ideal fixture placement, cabinet choices, hardware, color        CRN 13122 Sect. 50 8 sessions           RVCC@Bridgewater
                                                                      Tue           Sept 28-Nov 16                 6:30-9:00pm
     and floor design. Students explore different options with
     counter-tops, flooring, faux finishes and back splash and        Course fee: $180 ($80 tuition, plus fees)
     learn the latest trends in bath design.
                                                                      ES476 Accent Reduction 0 credit/30 hours
     Instructor: Robin DeCarlo-Conners Interior Designer
                                                                      Students study the individual sounds, stress and intonation
     CRN 13227                 Sect. 50               3 sessions      of American English. The course focuses on the elements of
     Thu                       Oct 14 & 21         6:00-8:00pm        the speech mechanism and general rules and syllable stress,
     Course fee: $89 ($39 tuition, plus fees)                         vowel and consonant length, work stress and phrasing.
                                                                      Instructor: Steve Vogel
     GI700          Basic Kitchen Design                              CRN 13074               Sect. 61               10 sessions
                                                   0 credit/8 hours   Sat                     Sept 18-Nov 20 9:00am-12:00pm
     Learn the basic principles of designing your kitchen including   Course fee: $180 ($105 tuition, plus fees)
     ideal layouts, cabinet choices, hardware, color options and
     floor design. Explore different options with counter-tops,       SIGN LANGUAGE
     back splash and flooring (stone, tile & hardwood.) Students
     also explore the latest trends in kitchen design.                Sign Language is the third most used language in
     CRN 13250                  Sect. 50                 3 sessions   the United States. The class objectives are to promote
     Thu                        Oct 28 & Nov 4        6:00-8:00pm     cultural awareness, and develop vocabulary and practical
                                                                      conversational skills. American Signs in straight English
     Course fee: $89 ($39 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                      word order, with voice, is used in all classes.  2.0 CEU
     GI698 Selecting the Right Window                                 Courses are instructed by George Johnston, NJ Certified
                                                                      Teacher of the Deaf and American Sign Language Teachers
     Treatments             0 credit/6 hours
                                                                      Association Certified.
     Students are introduced to choosing the perfect fabric
     including patterns and texture. Learn how to select styles,      SL200 Sign Language Basic
     proper placement of the window treatment and how to                                                           0 credit/20 hours
     coordinate different styles of fabric together.
                                                                      CRN 13054                  Sect. 51                 10 sessions
     CRN 13249                 Sect. 61                 3 sessions    Wed                        Sept 29-Dec 8          5:45-7:35pm
     Thu                       Nov 11 & 18           6:00-8:00pm      (No class Nov 24)
     Course fee: $89 ($39 tuition, plus fees)                         Course fee: $132 ($112 tuition, plus fees)

     Home Entertainment Systems                                       SL202 Sign Language Intermediate
     (online)                                              0 credit                                                0 credit/20 hours
     This online course discusses the implementation                  CRN 13055                  Sect. 51                 10 sessions
     of distributed audio and video systems in a residential          Wed                        Sept 29-Dec 8          5:45-7:35pm
     location. The course introduces basic concepts of audio and
                                                                      (No class Nov 24)
     video signals and presents the devices and components
                                                                      Course fee: $132 ($112 tuition, plus fees)

44                                                                                          Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                   • LANGUAGES / NON-PROFIT CERTIFICATE / REAL ESTATE
NONPROFIT CERTIFICATE                                          NP793 Grant Writing Research &
The certificate program is a thorough overview of the not-
                                                                Development          0 credit/18 hours
for-profit sector, including organizational structure, Board    This course presents an overview of the grant writing
development, and fundraising. A certificate of completion       and research process. You examine the various types of
is issued at the successful completion of the program. Topics   foundations, methods of researching and selecting
include:                                                        prospects, trends in funding, proposal development,
                                                                budgets, measuring outcomes/impact, and developing
• Steps toward becoming a 501(c) (3), mission statements,
                                                                tracking systems.
   types of not-for-profit organizations
                                                                Instructor: Joyce Anne Judd, Newark Arts
• Laws pertaining to not-for-profit organizations and the
  constituencies of not-for-profit organizations                CRN 13346                Sect. 50             3 sessions
                                                                Sat                      Oct 16-30       9:00am-4:00pm
• The role and job descriptions of the board of trustees
  (directors), executive director, administration, staff and    Course fee: $119 ($49 tuition, plus fees)
• Operations, budgeting, marketing and volunteer
   programs                                                     NP793 Managing Your Grant
• Outcome assessment and measurement                            Funding             0 credit/12 hours
• Strategic planning                                            Learn how to record the grant tours money spent on the
                                                                needs outlined in your objective statement. Learn how to
• Fundraising sources and best practices- from sponsorships
                                                                create and balance a budget that shows detailed expensed
   and collaborations, to endowments and capital
                                                                for your project. Topic in this course include recording, direct
                                                                costs such as personnel costs (including salaries, benefits
• Approaches, sources, and expectations for grant-seeking       and consultant fees) as well as indirect costs.
   and writing.
                                                                Instructor: Joyce Anne Judd, Newark Arts
Target audience: non-profit employees seeking to expand
general knowledge, individuals seeking career transition        CRN 13348                  Sect. 50                 2 sessions
to the non-profit sector, prospective and current Board         Sat                        Nov 6 & 13         9:00am-4:00pm
members.                                                        Course fee: $119 ($49 tuition, plus fees)

NP792 Introduction to Fundraising
                                                                REAL ESTATE
for Non-Profits        0 credit/8 hours
In the non-profit world, it is essential to know and
                                                                RE076 Real Estate Licensing
understand your current and potential funding sources.          Preparation           0 credit/75 hours
This program helps you analyze your donors - beginning by       Completion of this course with a passing grade qualifies the
concentrating on your natural constituencies, discovering       student to take the state examination for a real estate sales
new approaches to old friends, and identifying new sources      license. Material to be covered includes property interests
of support.                                                     and rights, transfer of title, liens, contracts, mortgages,
Instructor: Linda Tesauro                                       leases, business opportunity sales, municipal and state laws
                                                                and regulations, law of agency, mathematics, license law,
CRN 13349                 Sect. 50              4 sessions      rules and regulations.
Wed                       Oct 6-27           6:30-8:30pm
                                                                Instructor: Jerry Cohen
Course fee: $157 ($67 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                CRN 13341                Sect. 50                23 sessions
                                                                Tue/Thu                  Sept 14-Dec 2        6:30-9:00pm
                                                                (No class Nov 25)
NP793 Non-For Profit
                                                                Course fee: $580 ($565 tuition, plus fees)
Organizations: From Mission to
Successful Outcomes 0 credit/18 hours
This course addresses missions’ statements and strategic
plans; defining roles and responsibilities of the board of
directors, staff and volunteers; creating and implementing
a marketing plan, assessing the steps to establishing a
501c3 no for profit organization and measuring outcomes.
The course presents an overview of fund development
approaches, sources, and best practices
Instructor: Joyce Anne Judd, Newark Arts
CRN 13347                Sect. 50                3 sessions
Sat                      Sept 18-Oct 2 9:00am-4:00pm
Course fee: $157 ($67 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                    45
                 Small Business Development Center
              The Small Business Development Center at Raritan Valley Community College offers
              aspiring and already established small business owners the assistance they need to
                              plan and develop successful and profitable ventures.

                                                               Services include:
                                                              ■ Free Counseling – free, confidential, one-on-
                                                                one counseling for start-ups and established
                                                                small business owners.
                                                              ■ Free and Low-Cost Classes, Seminars &
                                                                Workshops. Visit for listings.
                                                              ■ Free information – Guidance for accessing
                                                                online resources and databases, printed
                                                                handouts, magazines, literature and more on
                                                                small business topics of interest.
                                                              ■ Podcasting - Informational sessions for small
                                                                businesses via podcasting,

               Request accommodations for persons with disabilities least two weeks in advance.
                                       Contact Larry Jenkins
                             RVCC, P Box 3300, Somerville, NJ, 08876
                            908-526-1200 x8516. |

     SMALL BUSINESS                                                  SB007 Legal II – Contracts 0 credit/3 hours
                                                                     The course provides the basic understanding of contract
     Entrepreneurial Certificate Program                             law, legal ownership of a business, stock, and partnership
     Looking to start your own successful business?                  Instructor: Nicole L. Voigt, Attorney, Kilcommons Shanahan,
     Do you want to maximize your businesses sales and               LLC
     profitability? Position your business in a highly competitive   CRN 13183                 Sect. 01                 1 session
     market? If so, then the New Jersey Small Business               Tue                       Oct 26               6:00-9:00pm
     Development Center Entrepreneur Certificate Program is
                                                                     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
     for you. The program, jointly sponsored by NJSBDC and
     New Jersey Community Colleges, covers business planning,
     legal aspects, human resource tools, market research
     techniques, comprehensive marketing strategies including        SB004 Marketing Strategies
     advertising, sales, and promotions, financial management                                                   0 credit/6 hours
     tools including record keeping and tax reporting, and more.
                                                                     Failure to define your target markets costs you money —
     The statewide 33-hour certificate program comprises seven
                                                                     and maybe your business. This program offers information
     core courses – take all seven and receive a certificate.
                                                                     about such topics as market research, strategic marketing
                                                                     decisions, advertising and sales, public
     Seven Core ECP Courses                                          relations, promotions, and networking, It provides an
                                                                     introduction to all phases of a marketing plan, beginning
     SB005 Legal I - Start-up Specifics                              with extensive research and target market identification
                                                0 credit/3 hours     followed by the development and implementation of a
     This workshop provides basic knowledge of the laws              marketing action plan. Learn how to define the markets
     affecting business. Business owners learn how to choose         where your services or products will be most successful, and
     the appropriate business structure, assess business risks,      how to implement creative, low-cost guerrilla marketing
     provide adequate protection and establish proper record         strategies by investing time, energy, and imagination. Topics
     keeping and controls.                                           include resources for market research, profiles of horizontal
     Instructor: Nicole L. Voigt, Attorney, Kilcommons Shanahan,     and vertical markets, the role of strategic database
     LLC                                                             technology, and the anatomy of the sales process. The
                                                                     program also offers an overview of a myriad of up-to-the-
     CRN 13182 Sect. 01 1 session               RVCC@Bridgewater     minute marketing tactics, including: networking, referrals,
     Tue            Oct 12          6:00-9:00pm            B104      public relations, events, promotions, media resources, and
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                        advertising.

46                                                                                         Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                   • SMALL BUSINESS
Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing            SB066 How to Obtain Financing and
                                                                  Business Plan Review 0 credit/3 hours
CRN 13184               Sect. 01             2 sessions           Now that you have written your business plan, learn how to
Thurs                   Oct 14 & 21       6:00-9:00pm             use the plan and the steps necessary to obtain financing. In
Course fee: $99 ($84 tuition, plus fees)                          addition, bring your business plan to have an expert review
                                                                  and comment on your plan.
SB002 Small Business Taxes                                        Instructor: A commercial lender and Karen Katcher, Katcher
                                             0 credit/3 hours     Associates LLC
Learn which type of entity is best for you to structure           CRN 13189                Sect. 01                 1 session
your company: as an LLC, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, S
                                                                  Wed                      Dec 1                6:00-9:00pm
Corporation, or C Corporation. Receive information about tax
responsibilities based on the entity you choose, including        Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
estimates taxes, sales tax, payroll taxes, and corporate taxes.   REGISTER ONLINE AT:
In addition, the course covers tax deductions you are entitled
to and would not want to miss.
Instructor: Dan Gibson, CPA, and Bonnie Trochim, CPA at                                                                 NEW
Amper, Politziner & Mattia CPA’s                                  D108 Better Business Writing
CRN 13185                 Sect. 01                   1 session                                                 0 credit/6 hours
Wed                       Oct 20                 6:00-9:00pm      Learn the basics of Business writing and the mechanics
Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                          of effective business tone. Students review grammar,
                                                                  punctuation, and correct word usage needed to write better
SB006 Small Business Record-                                      e-mails, letters and other correspondence.
Keeping               0 credit/3 hours                            Instructor: Miriam Kohler-Pogash
Learn what records you need to keep, how to do your own           CRN 13179                Sect. 50              2 sessions
bookkeeping, and how to use records as a management tool.         Wed                      Oct 13 & 20        6:00-9:00pm
Key topics include: manual and/or recommended software            Course fee: $89 ($34 tuition, plus fees)
to use, inventory control, cash flow management, end of
month summary procedures, accounts payable, accounts
receivable, cash receipts, cash disbursements, profit and
loss controls, internal controls and back up needed for tax
deductions.                                                       SBDC FREE SBDC FREE SBDC FREE
Instructor: Deb Weyman, CPA at Amper, Politziner & Mattia
CPA’s                                                             SBDC offers the following classes for free
CRN 13186                 Sect. 01                1 session
Thu                       Oct 28              6:00-9:00pm         SB305 Best Practices in Email
Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                          Marketing for Small Business
                                                                  Owners & Entrepreneurs 0 credit/3 hours
SB003 Understanding Financial                                     Build the relationships that are the key to your business
Statements          0 credit/2.5 hours                            success with easy, inexpensive and highly effective email
Learn to enhance and clarify your bottom line. Topics             marketing! In this seminar, tips are provide to increase
include spreadsheets, understanding revenue and expense,          email deliverability and open rates, write good headlines
structure and relationships, meaningful forecasts and             and content, and perhaps most importantly, strategies for
projections, break-even analysis, balance sheets, P&L, and        getting and keeping high quality prospects, customers, and
cash flow.                                                        members. Learn how to become a trusted email sender;
                                                                  build a list of contacts; get sent emails opened and read;
Instructor: Deb Weyman, CPA at Amper, Politziner & Mattia         turn readers into frequent buyers/supporters/donors; target
CPA’s                                                             communications; and use email communications to improve
CRN 13187               Sect. 01                 1 session        customer loyalty.
Thu                     Nov 11               6:00-8:30pm          Instructor: Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Regional Development
Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                          Director, Constant Contact NY Metro

SB001 The Business Plan                      0 credit/9 hours
                                                                  CRN 13199                   Sect. 01                 1 session
A sound business plan helps you manage your business              Tue                         Oct 26               6:00-9:00pm
more effectively and is a requirement for any business
                                                                  Course fee: Free (reg required)
seeking financing. Using a business plan to chart your course
improves your chances for success. This workshop covers all
components of a business plan.
Instructor: Karen Katcher, Katcher Associates LLC
CRN 13188                Sect. 01                  3 sessions
Tue                      Nov 2-16              6:00-9:00pm
Course fee:                $120 ($105 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                     47
           Entrepreneurial Training Program
            Are you interested in owning your own business?
            The SEA program is a cooperative program given by RVCC, NJ Department of Labor
             and the Small Business Development Center. It is an intensive six-week, 66- hour
                 training program for anyone who wants to start his or her own business.

                                                                 Course topics include:
                                                                 ■ Pre-Business Workshop
                                                                 ■ Developing a Business Plan
                                                                 ■ Developing a Marketing Plan
                                                                 ■ Taxes for the Small Business Owner
                                                                 ■ Record Keeping for the Small Business Owner
                                                                 ■ Legal Formation
                                                                 ■ Develop a complete business plan

                 Cost: $900. If you are currently on unemployment funding may be available.
                         To find out more about the program, or
                     to register, please call 908-526-1200 ext. 8515

                                                                        financial fitness and the business readiness skills to own a
     CSB065 Business Concepts                                           business. Then score and interpret your own results.
                                                 0 credit/3 hours
                                                                        Instructor: Karen Katcher, Katcher Associates LLC
     Thinking about starting a business or need help with               Session held at Affinity Federal Credit Union, Basking Ridge, NJ
     the business you have started? You don’t want to miss
                                                                        CRN 13202                  Sect. 01                   1 session
     this discussion of the major areas of concern for business
                                                                        Tue                        Sept 28                6:00-9:00pm
     owners. Topics include naming the business, registration,
     myths about ownership, success factors and where to                Session is held at RVCC Franklin Center, Somerset County
     find help. This session will assist you in starting, running,
     and developing your business now and in the future.                Instructor: Conny Jasper, MBE
     Also discussed are highlights of each of the topics in the         CRN 13203                 Sect. 07                1 session
     Entrepreneur Certificate Program (ECP) and how the                 Tue                       Oct 26              6:00-9:00pm
     Entrepreneur Certificate Program is structured.                    Course Fee: Free (reg required)
     Session held at Affinity Federal Credit Union, Basking Ridge, NJ
     Instructor: Karen Katcher, Katcher Associates LLC                  SB181 Overview of a Business Plan
                                                                                                                    0 credit/3 hours
     CRN 13200                  Sect. 01                    1 session
     Fri                        Sept 29                6:00-9:00pm      Discover what elements comprise a sound business plan
                                                                        and why every business needs one. Businesses don’t plan
     Course fee: Free (reg required)
                                                                        to fail, they fail to plan. Find out how to identify your
                                                                        company’s strengths, overcome inherent weaknesses,
     Session held at RVCC Franklin Center, Somerset County              recognize product and market opportunities, and forecast
     Instructor: Conny Jasper, MBE                                      your businesses financial requirements. Session held at
                                                                        Affinity Federal Credit Union, Basking Ridge, NJ
     CRN 13201                 Sect. 07               1 session
     Tue                       Nov 9              6:00-9:00pm           Instructor: Dom Celentano, Celentano & Company
     Course fee: Free (reg required)                                    CRN 13204                 Sect. 08                1 session
                                                                        Wed                       Oct 13              6:00-9:00pm
     SB043 Entrepreneur Assessment
                                                                        Session is held at RVCC Franklin Center, Somerset County
                                                0 credits/3 hours
                                                                        Instructor: Karen Katcher, Katcher Associates
     Have you ever considered being a business owner? Do you
     have the characteristics and fundamentals to run a business?       CRN 13208                Sect. 07                 1 session
     Find out if entrepreneurship is right for you. During the          Wed                      Dec 8                6:00-9:00pm
     session complete a self-assessment questionnaire to                Course fee: Free (reg required)
     determine if you have the personal characteristics, the

48                                                                                            Register Today, 908-218-8871
SBDC FREE SBDC FREE SBDC FREE                                   CRN 13213                  Sect. 01                1 session

                                                                                                                                • SMALL BUSINESS
                                                                Tues                       Sept 21             6:00-9:00pm
SB312 Efficiently Getting Cash Out                              Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
of Your Business        0 credit/3 hours
                                                                SB236 Introduction to Marketing-
An overview of business structures, accounting methods,
timing of income and expenses, specific ways to get cash out    Part 3 of 3            0 credit/3 hours
of your business, including salary, guaranteed payments,        Unconventional, clever strategic marketing is the key to
loans, distributions, rents, royalties, fringe benefits and     gaining the multiple exposures you need to achieve brand
retirement plans, special tax deductions and a summary of       recognition and trust within the target market you are
the new 2009 tax law changes/                                   best suited to serve. This workshop offers differentiated,
Instructor: Bonnie Trochim, CPA & Sarah Anderson, CPA, MST,     just-in-time strategies and tactics, a video of case studies,
Amper, Politziner & Mattia CPA’s                                and examples of effective collateral materials. The best
                                                                news is that you don’t need a big marketing budget to
CRN 13209                Sect. 01                  1 session    beat the competition and to attract the repeat and referral
Thurs                    Nov 18                6:00-9:00pm      business you need for a lifetime of business success. Explore
Course fee: Free (reg required)                                 creative, real life marketing tactics and examples you can
                                                                use immediately.
Marketing & Sales Certification                                 Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
Program (MASP)                                                  CRN 13214                  Sect. 01                1 session
                                                                Tues                       Sept 28             6:00-9:00pm
Looking to increase sales in your business or enhance your      Course Fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
sales ability? Do you want to maximize your businesses
sales and profitability? Position your business in a highly     SB239 Personal Branding: Learn
competitive market? This 33-hour MARKETING AND SALES
certification program (MASP) comprises seven core courses
                                                                How to Gain Identity, Trust, &
and four additional courses. Take all eleven and receive a      Profitability with Your Value
certificate.                                                    Proposition               0 credit/3 hours
                                                                Personal branding is becoming increasingly essential for
SB235 Introduction to Marketing-                                professional success. Explore four key elements that serve
Part 1 of 3            0 credit/3 hours                         as the foundations for personal branding. Assess your USP
                                                                (unique selling proposition) and ‘feature-benefit’ models
Comprehensive Marketing Program – Make Your Business
                                                                that help you to communicate your identity as well of the
Recession-Proof in This Economy
                                                                value of doing business with you to your target audience.
Redefine your marketing plan to meet today’s complex,           Learn to develop yourself as a brand.
hyper-competitive market in a world of global competition,
                                                                Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
proliferation, new technologies and products, and relentless
cost cutting. Course topics include: market research, market-   CRN 13215                  Sect. 01                1 session
driven philosophy, database marketing, horizontal vs.           Thurs                      Sept 30             6:00-9:00pm
vertical marketing, differentiated products and services,       Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
goal-setting, comprehensive marketing tactics, and
measuring return on investment. Session held at Affinity        SB138 Multi-Generational
Federal Credit Union, Basking Ridge, NJ                         Marketing – Pivotal Factors in
Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group    Today’s Aggressive Marketplace
CRN 13212                  Sect. 01                 1 session                                              0 credit/3 hours
Tues                       Sept 14              6:00-9:00pm     Learn to identify each generation and adjust your outreach
Course fee: Free (reg required)                                 accordingly. Generations are affected differently by factors
                                                                such as advancements in research and technology, prosperity
SB038 Introduction to Marketing-                                and depression, political and economic conditions, trends,
Part 2 of 3            0 credit/3 hours                         fads, war and peace. They continue to be influenced by
                                                                deeply implanted preferences and factors specific to their
Introduction to Guerrilla Marketing: What Is It and How Will    generations. Knowing their preferences helps you prepare
It Help My Business                                             to meet the specific needs of your audience.
Learn how to write and implement a 7-Sentence Guerrilla         Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
Marketing Plan. The seminar is packed with clever and
unconventional small-business marketing tips you can use        CRN 13216                  Sect. 01                1 session
right away. Topics include: how to make the best marketing      Mon                        Oct 4               6:00-9:00pm
decisions, how to avoid mistakes, how to outdistance the        Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
competition by using the media, maximizing technology,
and turning your customers into salespeople. The program
includes a list of 100 marketing ‘weapons’ (half are free),
a marketing IQ self-assessment, and a marketing plan
template to jumpstart your new marketing program.
Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing
Fall 2010                                                                                  49
     SB238 Customer Experience                                      SB209 Anatomy of a Sale & How
     Management: Prevent Churn,                                     to Avoid 6 Mistakes That ‘Born
     Attrition, Turnover, & Defection                               Salespeople’ Don’t Know 0 credit/3 hours
     with a Customized Customer                                     Professional Selling Sales skills know-how helps you to meet
     Relationship Program 0 credit/3 hours                          today’s challenges and succeed. The ‘Anatomy of a Sale’
                                                                    system is based upon a relationship-building, customer-
     Success in business today is measured in terms of repeat
                                                                    driven approach that gives you the confidence to unleash
     and referral business. Entice customers to buy over and over
                                                                    your earning potential and achieve your goals. Follow this
     again by providing the Exceptional Customer Service your
                                                                    strategic selling system and you’ll be sure to meet and
     customers expect. The five full-circles™ strategies you can
                                                                    exceed your goals for sales and profitability.
     easily develop to create your own customer service program
     include: relationship, customer, product, presentation,        Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
     and after-the-sale strategies. Exceed your customers’          CRN 13220                 Sect. 01                 1 session
     expectations and earn the ‘loyalty for a lifetime’ you seek    Tues                      Nov 16               6:00-9:00pm
     for your business.                                             Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
     Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
     CRN 13217                  Sect. 01                1 session
     Tues                       Oct 19              6:00-9:00pm     SB137 Networking… A Professional
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                       & Personal Necessity 0 credit/3 hours
                                                                    It’s all about who knows you. Networking can get you a
                                                                    job or expand your business horizons and for everyone in
     SB237 Communication Skills:                                    every industry and career is a mandatory fundamental for
     Written & Verbal Skills That Pull,                             success. The program explores the why, where, and how-to
     Persuade & Propel: Real Life                                   of networking. Discover more than 40 places to network
                                                                    and develop and deliver an attention-getting ‘elevator
     Marketing Case Studies 0 credit/3 hours                        speech’ that really works. Start networking immediately:
     Effective communication skills set the pace and success in     bring your business cards and brochures. Instructor: Vicki
     the process of conducting business. We need to be clear,       Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
     concise, and consistent in our communications; taking into
     consideration the needs and preferences of those with          CRN 13221                Sect. 01                 1 session
     whom we communicate. The program points out the dos            Tues                     Nov 30               6:00-9:00pm
     and don’ts of communication that we often overlook today.      Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
     Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
     CRN 13218                  Sect. 01                1 session   REGISTER ONLINE AT:
     Thu                        Oct 28              6:00-9:00pm
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                    NEW ONLINE BUSINESS CLASSES
                                                                    SEE ONLINE COURSE REGISTRATION INFORMATION IN CATALOG
     SB132 Word Of Mouth - The Least
     Expensive and Most Effective Form                              SB300 Business Marketing Writing
     of Advertising          0 credit/3 hours
     Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the world’s best-known
     marketing secret. Although most business people know that      This fun, introductory course will teach you to write or
     WOM builds credibility, trust, sales, and profitability, few   identify copy that achieves business and marketing goals.
     truly understand how to accelerate the decision-making         Improve your work, your knowledge, your company’s image,
     process using strategic WOM advocacy and peer influence.       and your chances of getting hired, promoted, or applauded!
     Explore the critical elements of WOM Marketing and how         Designed for writers, marketers, and anyone interested in
     to launch your own campaign to create customer loyalty         these exciting fields.
     for a lifetime.
     Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group   B301 Marketing Your Business on
     CRN 13219                  Sect. 01                1 session
                                                                    the Internet              13223
     Tues                       Nov 2               6:00-9:00pm     Find out how you can affordably market your business on
                                                                    the Internet from an e-commerce expert. In this practical,
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                    hands-on course, you’ll learn little-understood secrets about
                                                                    the types of businesses that thrive on the Web. Then,
                                                                    you’ll discover proven methods that will help you establish
                                                                    an Internet presence and build an online brand identity.
                                                                    Student learns several low-cost promotion strategies that
                                                                    drive visitors to your site.

50                                                                                        Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                   • ONLINE & SENIOR BUSINESS COURSES
SB302 Purchasing Applications                                   SENIORS’ WEEK – BUSINESS
                                                   13224        PROGRAMS
Become a more effective member of your company’s
operating team by learning how to apply advanced                SBDC offers the following classes for seniors even if you’re
purchasing concepts. Move beyond the traditional order-         not a senior. (Please note: Senior discounts do not apply to
placing role of purchasing by discovering the role of           these classes.)
information technology, the basics of international business,
and the principles of economic forecasting. Learn how           SB197 Start a Consulting Business
to evaluate suppliers’ capabilities by investigating their                                                  0 credit/3 hours
commitment to Six Sigma, statistical process control (SPC),     You have great skills and experience; take control of your
and maintaining a quality system (ISO 9000). Discover the       own destiny and put your skills and experience to work when
elements of a logistics system and see how you can use          and where you want. The seminar covers the number one
material requirements planning (MRP) to identify company        necessary and sufficient ingredient for starting a successful
needs in an organized and timely manner. Learn the ins and      consultancy, the four steps to guaranteeing a continuous
outs of inventory management, understand how public and         stream of clients, the secret to differentiating yourself from
private purchasing differ, and improve your understanding       all of the other consultants in the market, and more.
of financial statements. This course helps you prepare for
the internationally recognized Certified Purchasing Manager     Instructor: Ed Dolan, Organization for Entrepreneurial
(C.P.M.) and Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.)        Development
exams offered by the Institute for Supply Management.           CRN 13228                 Sect. 01                  1 session
                                                                Tue                       Sept 14               1:00-4:00pm
SB303 Managing Customer Service                                 Course fee: $25
Customer service personnel interact with current and            SB168 Launching a Home-Based
potential customers every day. But do they truly spend time     Business             0 credit/3 hours
finding out what customers really want and giving them          The program gives you the know-how to start a home-based
the highest service possible? In this six-week online course,   business including: the pros and cons of entrepreneurship,
you’ll discover dynamite methods for bringing out the best      key elements of a business plan, steps to set up a legal
in your team, measuring customer service, and anticipating      entity, where to find free help and support to launch and
the needs of your reps and your customers. Learn how to         grow your business, what to expect in the home-based
attract and hire top-notch reps, succeed with teams, and        environment, pricing strategies, and tips for identifying and
minimize customer complaints. As an added bonus, you’ll         reaching your target market.
unlock the power of leading by example and setting new          Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing
trends for customer service in your growing business.           Group
                                                                CRN 13229                Sect. 01                  1 session
SB304 Business Law for the Small                                Wed                      Sept 15          9:00am-12:00pm
Business Owner              13226
                                                                Course fee: $25
Learn how to successfully protect your small business and
solve most of the legal problems that may arise. Discover
how to avoid the costly mistakes that many small business
owners make in areas such as contracts, employee relations,     SB163 Turn Your Hobby into a
customer relations, and choosing the right business             Business              0 credit/3 hours
model. Find out how to deal with government licensing           One of the most time-tested rules of success in business
requirements and regulations, as well as problems with tax      is “Do what you love.” The session is geared for those who
collectors. And you’ll come away knowing how to handle          want to turn a favorite hobby into a successful business.
many minor legal disputes on your own and understanding         It includes the key steps to setting up and operating a
the special considerations of home-based and Internet-          profitable business, the number one necessary and sufficient
based businesses.                                               ingredient for starting a successful business, and four critical
                                                                resources and how to obtain them.
                                                                Instructor: Ed Dolan, EPIC Results, Inc.
                                                                CRN 13230                  Sect. 01                 1 session
                                                                Thu                        Sept 16         9:00am-12:00pm
                                                                Course fee: $25

Fall 2010                                                                                    51
                                     Senior Corp of Retired Executives


                            For Info or to make an appointment
                                           908 526-1200 x8235

     SC157 E-Commerce for a Small                                     SC158 How to Start a Business
     Business            0 credit/1.5 hours                                                                       0 credit/1.5 hours
     This seminar explores basic technology and avenues               If you are at the planning stage of starting a business or have
     available online to promote and manage a small business.         already started your small business this course is for you.
     Status of new technology, cost effectiveness and efficiencies    This seminar covers the basic of starting a business including
     are examined for arriving at a proper fit for individual small   business registration, license, business structure and relative
     businesses. Leave with proven ideas on how to establish          benefits of LLC S Corp Partnerships, etc.
     Internet present and low cost promotion and strategies that      CRN 13177                  Sect. 50                  1 session
     draw visitors to your site.                                      Thu                        Nov 11                7:00-8:30pm
     CRN 13176                 Sect. 50                  1 session    Course fee: (Free, registration required)
     Thu                       Oct 14                7:00-8:30pm
     Course fee: (Free, registration required)

52                                                                                           Register Today, 908-218-8871
     The Food-Preneur Certificate Program
  Ten Steps to a Successful Food Business in a Challenging Economy
  The Food-Preneur
  Food-Preneur™ Boot Camp is an intensive two-Saturday series of workshops tailored to new food entrepreneurs who
  have a great specialty food idea but are unsure of the next steps. Established food businesses can improve their skills
  in key areas such as food marketing and sales. The series is taught by food business experts who actually market, sell,
  and develop specialty foods products.
  Participants learn experientially through classroom interaction and are provided with tools, resources, and information
  to both learn the food business and develop plans to create sales, manage growth, and create or refine a product. Boot
  Camp participation results in market-ready food businesses and products by the end of the series.
  The program discusses the ingredients needed to be a successful Food-Preneur. Distribution, channel dynamics, and
  the complexities of retail trade channels are explored. Participants will be introduced to the Food-Preneur business
  model template designed to clarify their vision and business model; identify and understand what their product is;
  and how the product should be produced, marketed, and sold. Upon completion of the course, participants can head
  to the checkout line with a personal “recipe for success” – a completed Food-Preneur basic business plan model.

  Topics Covered
  - Opportunities with Target Marketing
     Learn Market Segmentation, Niche Marketing, Benefits Ladder, Tactical Matrix, and Problem Solving Funnels.
  - Marketing Plan and New Product Presentation Development
     Increase your success at getting “on the shelf” using our New Product Power Point template.
  - Get to know the Food Consumer
     Learn the factors that influence food purchasing and consumption within the Food Retail Environment.
  - Food Marketing Research
     In-class exercises teach you how to thoroughly research your budding food or existing product.
  - Trade Promotional Planning
     Trade Promotions can be up to 18% of total revenue. Learn how to design and implement winning food
  - Food Retailing Trends
     Learn the unique aspects of each distribution channel, supermarkets, mass merchandise, club, dollar, or
     convenience stores.
  - Legal Issues in Food Marketing
     We focus will be on the areas impacting the food industry such as food safety, food labeling, nutritional claims,
     and USDA and FDA issues.
  - Food Packaging
     An industry leader in food packaging design shows the necessary steps from concept to finished product in food
  - Food Technology
     Issues covered range from food safety and diet to health, and processing technologies.
  - Functional Foods
     With the consumer’s increasing focus on self-medication and the effect of diet on overall health, we specifically
     cover the allowed FDA functional food claims.

  SB234 The Food Service Industry                                                         0 credit/10 hours/1.2 CEU
  Develop an understanding of the commercial and noncommercial on-site segments and the underlying generating
  factors and decision-making factors and processes that shape strategy and tactics for foodservice marketing.
  Instructors: Dom Celentano, Celentano & Company, and Esther Luongo Psarakis, Taste of Crete
  CRN 13231                                     Sect. 01                                    2 sessions
  Sat                                           Oct 16 & 23                                 9:00am-3:00pm
  Course fee: $329 ($110 tuition, plus fees)

Fall 2010                                                                                   53
     SB204 Drive Traffic to Your Website                              SB201 The Sky’s The Limit:
     Using Search Engine Advertising - A                              Jumpstart Your Marketing
     Guide to Google AdWords & Google                                 Initiative with Differentiated, &
     Analytics               0 credit/3 hours                         Unconventional Marketing Tactics &
     Engage consumers while they’re searching for information         Case Studies – Parts I & II
     related to your business. In this course you’ll learn how to:                                               0 credit/6 hours
     identify unique keywords and phrases that consumers are
                                                                      Looking for new ideas that differentiate your business in
     currently using to find your business (and competitors),
                                                                      our highly competitive, global economy? Unconventional
     write ads, design landing pages, setup a campaign in Google
                                                                      marketing is the key to gaining the multiple exposures you
     AdWords, test the effectiveness of your ads and learn more
                                                                      need to achieve the brand recognition and trust within the
     about the visitors to your website using Google Analytics.
                                                                      target market you are best suited to serve. This workshop
     Instructor: Roland Reinhart, Marketing Consultant, Owner,        offers a study of clever, differentiated strategies and tactics
     Reinhart Consulting Group LLC                                    in a PowerPoint slide presentation, a video of guerrilla case
     CRN 13232                 Sect. 01                  1 session    studies, and examples of collateral materials that help you
     Thu                       Oct 14                6:00-9:00pm      design and launch the best tactics to achieve the repeat and
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
                                                                      referral business you need to achieve your goals.
                                                                      Instructor: Vicki Lynne Morgan, CMS, Russmor Marketing Group
                                                                      CRN 13237                  Sect. 01                 2 sessions
     SB173 Increase Your Website                                      Thu                        Nov 4 & 11            6:00-9:00pm
     Traffic with Search Engine                                       Course fee: $79 ($64 tuition, plus fees)
     Optimization             0 credit/3 hours
     A website isn’t effective if it can’t be found by the search
     engines. Whether it is an existing website or a new one, this    SB053 Building and Financing Your
     class is essential to understanding how to improve website       Business              0 credit/3 hours
     visibility in the major search engines. Participants learn SEO
                                                                      Are you an entrepreneur who needs to learn more about
     best practices to follow and have the opportunity to have
                                                                      financing your small business and meeting the people
     the websites critiqued during the session.
                                                                      who can assist you? The first part of this seminar explains
     Instructor: Roland Reinhart, Marketing Consultant, Owner,        the process of how a small business owner can obtain
     Reinhart Consulting Group LLC                                    financing via different methods and various lenders, and
     CRN 13234                  Sect. 01                 1 session    what resources are available to small businesses. During
     Thurs                      Nov 11               6:00-9:00pm      the second part, lenders are available to review and
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)                         discuss issues one-on-one with the business owners. Light
                                                                      refreshments are served.
     SB242 Get Found Online! An                                       Location: Phillips Lighting, Somerset, New Jersey
     Introduction for Business Owners                                 CRN 13238                 Sect. 08                1 session
                                                                      Wed                       Nov 3              12:00-3:00pm
                                                0 credit/3 hours
                                                                      Course fee:   Free (reg required)
     The focus of this class is to help your business be found
     on the Internet. Learn the essential steps every small
     business owner should follow to introduce and manage
     their brand online. Gain a better understanding of social
     media marketing and how to best use social networking
     sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others to promote
     your business.
     Instructor: Roland Reinhart, Marketing Consultant, Owner,
     Reinhart Marketing Group
     CRN 13235                 Sect. 01                 1 session
     Thu                       Sept 30              6:00-9:00pm
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)
     SB212 The ABCs of Sales                    0 credit/3 hours
     Many people are uncomfortable selling: however in today’s
     business world the need to sell your goods and services is
     vital to the success of your company. Come learn simple
     techniques to feel more comfortable in front of your
     prospects and increase your close rate.
     Instructor: Karen Katcher, Katcher Associates LLC
     CRN 13236                Sect. 01                  1 session
     Wed                      Oct 20                6:00-9:00pm
     Course fee: $40 ($25 tuition, plus fees)

54                                                                                           Register Today, 908-218-8871
                                                                                                                                  • WELDING
WELDING                                                           WTTC 109 Advanced Welding
                                                                                                            3 credits/45 hours
WTTC-108 Basic Welding                       3 credits/45 hours   The student learn the following through hands-on
                                                                  experience and classroom theory: SMAW F1,2,3,4 and
This course is designed to combine classroom theory and
                                                                  G1,2,3,4,5,6 setup and welding procedures on aluminum
hands-on shop experience. Students practice oxyacetylene
                                                                  and stainless steel; how to select gasses for welding ferrous
cutting, brazing, electric arc, MIG, and TIG welding
                                                                  and nonferrous metals, welding dissimilar metals, welding
techniques which are used in industrial, automotive, truck
                                                                  hard surfacing, cast iron, cast steel and copper/copper
and construction settings. Selections of electrodes, safety
                                                                  alloys. Prerequisite: WTTC 108-Basic Welding
procedures, welding terms, and American Welding Society
(AWS) welding symbols are covered. Students are required          Instructor: Donald Smith
to purchase safety gear identified the first day of class.        CRN 11117                Sect. 51X       RVCC@Bridgewater
Instructor: Paul Vetter                                           T/Th Sept 2-Dec 9 6:30-9:20pm                          A101
                                                                  Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees
CRN 10903                Sect. 01X       RVCC@Bridgewater
MW Sept 1-Dec 8 3:00Sect. 5:50pm                         A101

Instructor: Herbert Browne
CRN 10904               Sect. 35X RVCC@Bridgewater
Sat Sept 4-Dec 11 7:30am-12:50pm             A101

Instructor: Paul Vetter
CRN 10905               Sect. 51X RVCC@Bridgewater
MW Sept 1-Dec 8 6:30-9:20pm                  A101
Course fee: Use form on page 57 to calculate tuition & fees

      Fall 2010 Youth Programs @ RVCC
                                                      Ages 4 - 17
                                                              Learn More
                                                              908-526-1200 x8404

                       Raritan Valley Community College
                   118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, Nj 08876
Fall 2010                                                                                       55
        5 Easy Ways to REGISTER
       Register Early!
       Many of our classes have limited enrollment and fill quickly. Sign up early to ensure a place
       in the course of your choice.

     Online Registration                                            Course Confirmation & Location                                         Approximately 5 days before the start of your course,
     Visit our website for a full listing of all                    a confirmation notice is mailed containing all necessary course
     of our courses.                                                information. If you do not receive written confirmation regard-
                                                                    ing your course within 2 business days of the course starting
                                                                    date, please call 908-218-8871.
     Telephone Registration
     908-218-8871                                                   Cancellation & Refund Policy
                                                                    Continuing Education operates on a self supporting budget
     Dozens of exciting classes are just a phone call away.
                                                                    based on tuition income. We are pleased to offer you a refund
     Simply call us with your VISA, Discover or MasterCard          for your course provided you adhere to the following refund
     information.                                                   policy and process.
     Please fax or mail youth registrations.                        • The College reserves the right to limit registration for
                                                                      courses and to cancel courses if enrollment is insufficient or
                                                                      to combine courses. If the College cancels a course we will
     Fax Registration                                                 contact you. At that time, you may choose to register for
                                                                      another course or to process your full refund. All refunds are
     908-526-3576                                                     sent by mail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
     FAX your registration to us anytime, 24 hours a day. Be
     sure to include all of the information, including your VISA,   • We regret that there can be no exceptions to the following
     Discover or MasterCard number.                                   cancellation policy due to an individual's personal or
                                                                      professional circumstances:

                                                                    Registrants cancelling their enrollment ten (10) or more
     Mail Registration                                              business days in writing before the beginning of a course,
     Complete the registration form and mail it with a check        receive a full refund less a non-refundable registration fee.
     or money order made payable to RVCC or complete the            The written request should include: your student number,
                                                                    name, home address, home and business telephone
     credit card section and mail to:                               numbers, and the course name and course number or CRN.
     RVCC Continuing Education                                      Please fax your request to 908-526-3576 or mail it to
     P.O. Box 3300                                                  Raritan Valley Community College, Continuing Education,
     Somerville, NJ 08876                                           PO Box 3300, Somerville, New Jersey 08876 or
     In-Person Registration
     RVCC @ Bridgewater
     14 Vogt Drive, Bridgewater
                                                                    Credit Refund Policy
     Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
     Credit card and check payments only.
         Make ch e ck s p aya b l e to RV Co l l e g e

 Registration Policy
 Anyone qualifying to attend classes on a tuition-free basis from Somerset and Hunterdon counties is permitted to
 register for regularly scheduled noncredit courses one day prior to the start of the course, on a space available basis,
 and on the basis that tuition paying students constitute the minimum number required to offer the course. A $15
 registration fee per course plus any lab, administrative and material costs are required at the time of registration for
 all senior citizens and other qualifying persons enrolling in noncredit courses unless otherwise noted in the course
 description. Specially designed courses for the 55+ life long learning institute do not qualify for the senior discount.

56                                                                                        Register Today, 908-218-8871
 Mail this form along with payment to RVCC - Continuing Education • PO Box 3300 - Somerville NJ 08876 or fax to 908-526-3576
                          (Degree seeking students contact Enrollment Services 908-218-8864)

 XXX - XX -
 Social Security Number (Last 4 digits)              Legal Name (Last, First, Middle)                                    Former Names

 Mailing Address                                                     City                               State            Zip             County          Country

 Home Phone Number                                                   Email Address
                                                          Note: If you are signing up for a course that has a prerequisite, and if you have not taken
                                                          the prerequisite at RVCC, then proof that you have completed the prerequisite (college
Course Selections                                         transcript or grade report) must accompany this Registration Form.
                                                                                             (Degree seeking students contact Enrollment Services 908-218-8864)
    CRN            COURSE SECTION                                COURSE TITLE                          CREDITS              Credit Tuition            Non Credit
 Ex. - 13196 Ex.- ENGL 112
                                                                                                                                                      Course Fee
                                                                                                                       Use Tuition Calculator below for Credit Tuition
                                                                                                                        $                         $
                                                                                                                        $                         $
                                                                                                                        $                         $
                                                                                                                        $                         $
                                                                                                      Subtotals $A                                $B
                                                                                                                  TOTAL $A + $B =
 Please complete the information below only if this is your first time at RVCC and you are not seeking a degree from RVCC. If this
 is your first time at RVCC and you are seeking a degree, please complete a standard Application for Admission. See New Student
 Information section. If you have attended RVCC in the past 3 years, you do not have to complete the information below.
 What category below best describes your admission to RVCC as a non-degree student?
 ___ First-Time College Student - You never attended college
 ___ Returning/Readmit - You previously attended RVCC or Somerset County College and wish to re-enroll
 ___ Transfer - You have attended another college/university. Name of College(s)_____________________________
  Permanent Home Address (not a PO Box)                                City                              State            Zip            County           Country

  Are you a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident? (check one) ____Yes ____ No
  If you are an international student seeking an F-1 visa, you must complete the standard Application for Admission as a degree seeking student.
  Secondary Education (check one)             GED Center or High School               City                           State              Zip               Date Earned
  ___Earned GED
  ___Graduated High School

  Gender (circle one) Male Female                    Ethnicity Do you consider yourself to be Hispanic or Latino? Yes ___ No ___
                                                                   In addition, select one or more of the following racial categories to descrive yourself
  Birthdate: (Month, Day, Year)
                                                                   ❑ American Indian/Alaska Native                  ❑ Asian                            ❑ White
  ________ , ________ , ________
                                                                   ❑ Black/African-American                         ❑ Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

                                                                                                                                My signature here indicates that I agree
sign here __________________________________________________________                                                            to the statement below my signature and
                                   Signature                                                           Date                     that all information that I have provided
In the event that the financial obligations contained in this agreement are referred to an agency or attorney for collection,
                                                                                                                                on this form is complete and accurate.
the student agrees to pay all reasonable collection costs and attorney's fees equal to a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of
the outstanding balance.

Credit Cards & Checks ONLY at Bridgewater location. Make cash payments at Main Campus in Branchburg.
If paying a bill by Credit Card, provide the information                                                    TUITION CALCULATOR
in this box.                                                                         (Degree seeking students contact Enrollment Services 908-218-8864)
Charge to my: ___Visa ___Master Card ___Discover                                     In-County Tuition                                $99 x credits
                                                                                     Out-of-County Tuition                            $109 x credits
Account Holder:____________________________
                                                                                     Online Courses (tuition only–no fees)            $125 x credits
Card Number:_____________________________                                            General Registration Fee                         $22 x credits
Exp Date:____________ Amount:______________                                          Lab Fee (any section followed by “X”)            $60 x # of labs
                                                                                     Technology Fee - Part Time Student               $50
______________________________________                                               Technology Fee - Full Time Student               $75
                           Cardholder’s Signature                                    Enrollment Services Fee                          $30
                  Cardholder’s Signature                                             Developmental Student Fee                        $15
Student Name: ____________________________
                                                                                     International Student Fee                        $200
 Student ID#: G___________ Semester: __________                                      Application Fee (first time students)            $25
                                                                                                  Total Cost:
                                                                                                                                                         Updated 070910
                                                                               Directions to:

                                          RV CC@ Br idge w at e r
              (Former Somerset County Technology Institute)
                                                  14 Vogt Drive, Bridgewater, NJ
     From INTERSTATE 287 SOUTH                                                                     From ROUTE 202 NORTH
     Take Exit 17 (202/206 South), ½ mile to Commons Way/                                          Follow Route 202 North to First Avenue ( Raritan ) exit. Turn
     Garretson Rd. Exit (Bridgewater Commons Mall). Make left at                                   left at stop sign and cross over Route 202 onto First Avenue.
     traffic light onto Commons Way. Turn left at the third traffic                                First Avenue becomes Country Club Road. Proceed 3 miles to
     light onto Prince Rodgers Avenue . Proceed ½ mile to traffic                                  Garretson Road traffic light. Turn right onto Garretson Road
     light at North Bridge Street ; go straight through light onto                                 (becomes Woodlawn Avenue ) and proceed to North Bridge
     Vogt Drive (county library on far right corner).                                              Street. Turn right onto North Bridge Street and proceed ½
                                                                                                   mile to traffic light at Vogt Drive. Turn right (county library
     From INTERSTATE 287 NORTH                                                                     on corner).
     Take Interstate 287 North to Route 22 West (left lane exit).
     Travel 1 ½ miles on Route 22 West. Turn right (before first                                   From ROUTE 22 EAST
     overpass) onto North Bridge Street (library sign). Bear right                                 Follow Route 22 East to the Grove Street Exit. Bear right and
     onto North Bridge Street and proceed ½ mile to first traffic                                  proceed over overpass. Just before stop sign, bear right onto
     light. Turn right onto Vogt Drive (county library on corner).                                 North Bridge Street. Proceed ½ mile to first traffic light and
                                                                                                   make a right onto Vogt Drive (county library on corner)
     From FROM ROUTE 206 NORTH
     Take Route 206 North to South Bridge Street. Turn right onto
     South Bridge Street and proceed 2 miles to West Main Street,
     Somerville. Turn right onto West Main Street and then left onto
     Grove Street . Proceed 2 miles to Route 22 overpass and turn
     left onto overpass. Just before stop sign, bear right onto North
     Bridge Street. Proceed ½ mile to first traffic light. Turn right
     onto Vogt Drive (county library on corner).

                                                Continuing E duca t i on
                                               Spring 2010 D ire ct or y
      Brenda Fisher ................................................................................... 908-526-1200                  
      Assistant Dean, Professional Development                                                              ext. 8367
      Bill Harnden ..................................................................................... 908-526-1200               
      Operations Director, Small Business Development Center                                                 ext. 8403
      Cynthia Hynes .................................................................................. 908-526-1200                   
      Administration Manager
      Larry Jenkins .................................................................................... 908-526-1200                
      Regional Director, Small Business Development Center                                                   ext. 8515

      Julia West Johnson ........................................................................... 908-526-1200                      
      Associate Dean, Workforce Business Development                                                     ext. 8319
      Janet Luton Perantoni ...................................................................... 908-526-1200                      
      Dean, Corporate and Continuing Education                                                         ext. 8364

                                                                        Offic e Sta ff
      Ruth Butler Beatty ........................................................................... 908-526-1200                     
                                                                                                         ext. 8235
      Allison Gill ........................................................................................ 908-526-1200                
                                                                                                                ext. 8516
      Kathy Petrillo ................................................................................... 908-526-1200                 
      ................................................................................................................. ext. 8223
      Bridget Waverka............................................................................... 908-526-1200                   
                                                                                                         ext. 8471

58                                                                                                                                  Register Today, 908-218-8871
C u s to m ized T r aining Gr ant Fund
                      Now Available
     NJ Department of Labor announces: Customized Training Funds
         are available to upgrade the skills of YOUR workforce.

                                     Raritan Valley Community College’s
                                     expert grant writers have been assisting
                                     companies with developing and
                                     submitting Customized Training grant
                                     proposals (at no charge) for over 15 years.
                                     We are proud to be a preferred training
                                     provider for the NJ Department of Labor
                                     and Workforce Development.
                                     The grant development and submission
                                     process takes approximately 4 months
                                         from start to finish. Once approved,
                                                 your organization will have 12
                                                      months to complete the
                                                          training programs.

   Our Corporate Training
        Institute will:
 ■ ASSESS your training
 ■ DESIGN your training plan

 ■ DEVELOP and submit a
   fundable grant proposal
 ■ SERVE as your liaison to the
   State of New Jersey)

         Contact RVCC’s Corporate Training Team
                    design and deliver
to learn how we canJulia West Johnson training solutions
           to meet your organization’s needs.
                    Julia West Johnson | 908-526-1200 ext.8319

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