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									                    SCHOOL BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                            July 10, 2006
Executive Session
    An executive session of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District #3Jt Board of   Executive
    Directors was called to order at 6:32 p.m. in the blue conference room of the     Session
    Administration Building by Chair, Mary Furrow.
    Present: Board members Mr. Bruggere, Ms. Furrow, Mr. Goode, and Mr.
    Hoogestraat. Mr. Hanlin was not present.
    Staff: Roger Woehl, Jane Stickney, Bill Knowles, Tim Woodley, Thayne Balzer,
    and Kathe Monroe.
    Media Present: Wendy Owen, Oregonian, Cindy Garrison, Spokesman Review.
    The purpose of the executive session was to discuss negotiations, personnel,
    real property and legal matters per ORS 192.660 (1)(a)(d)(e)(f)(i).
    The executive session was adjourned at 6:59 p.m.                                  Adjourn

Public Meeting
   The board reconvened at 7:05 p.m. in open session in the board room with        Call to Order and
   board members Mary Furrow, Tom Bruggere, Dale Hoogestraat, and David            Roll Call
   Goode present. Pat Hanlin was not present. Also present were Roger
   Woehl, Jane Stickney, Tim Woodley. Bill Knowles, Ken Welch, and Kathe
   Monroe. Wendy Owen of The Oregonian was present.
   4.0 District Communications                                                     District
       Student Reports will resume in the fall.                                   Communications

   5.1 Board and Superintendent Reports                                            Board and
    Dr. Woehl noted that a review of board policies is in process.                Superintendent
    Dr. Stickney gave an update on staff development working on ethic of          Reports
      excellence and differentiated instruction. Summer school is in full swing.
      The arts renewal and wellness programs are in review.
   5.2 Technology Moment –will resume in September
   6.0 Consent Agenda                                                              Consent Agenda
   6.1 Minutes Approval
   On motion by Mr.Hoogestraat second by Mr.Bruggere the board
   unanimously (4-0) approved the consent agenda as follows:
   1) Minutes of the 6/13/06 regular meeting
   6.2 Personnel Report.
   New Hires: Jennifer Chambers (Prob.1) 1.0 FTE Kindergarten/Preschool
   Teacher, Boeckman Creek Primary; Debi Briggs-Crispin, (Prob.1) 1.0 FTE
   Principal, Rosemont Ridge MS; Katherine Chiavarini (Prob 1) 1.0 FTE

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Science teacher, ArtTech HS; Kori Clark (Temp.) .75 FTE Resource Room,
Athey Creek MS (intern); Don Ekman (Prob. 1) 1.0 FTE Social Studies
teacher, Wilsonville HS; David Ely (Prob 1) .81 FTE Advanced Math teacher,
WLHS, Stacie Erdahl, (Temp) .5 FTE TOSA, District Office; Tim Fields, 1.0
FTE Assistant Principal, Rosemont Ridge MS; Bruce Flaker, (Prob. 1) 1.0
FTE PE/Wellness teacher, Boeckman Creek Primary; Katie Flaker, (Prob 1),
1.0 FTE Counselor, Boones Ferry Primary; Dusty Hoesly, (Prob.1) .5 FTE
Language Arts teacher, Inza Wood MS; Stephen Jones, (Prob 1) 1.0 FTE
Grade 4/5 teacher, Cedaroak Park Primary; Jay Neilson (Temp), .75 FTE
(intern) Special Ed-Life Learning, Athey Creek MS; Jason Rasco, (Prob 1)
1.0 FTE, Science teacher, Wood MS; Megan Runyon (Temp.) .5 FTE
Behavioral Specialist, WLHS; Sara Schaaf (Prob. 1) 1.0 FTE Math teacher
WHS; Dina Soriano (Prob. 1) 1.0 FTE Special Ed., Boones Ferry Primary;
Nithasha Srinivasan (Temp) .75 FTE (intern) AIM teacher, Cedaroak Park
Primary; Catherine Turner (Temp) .5 FTE School Psychologist, Inza Wood
MS; Jamie Vredenburg (Prob. 1) 1.0 FTE Spanish teacher, WHS.

6.3 Resolution 2007-1 Authorizing Fidelity Bonds (ORS 332.525)
6.4 Resolution 2007-2 Designating 2006-07 Officials
6.5 Resolution 2007-3 Authorizing Custodian of Funds (ORS 328.441 & ORS

6.6 Re-Adoption of Board Policies
7.0 Comments                                                                     Communications
There were no comments.                                                          and Comments
                                                                                 from the Audience
8.0 Board Business                                                               Board Business
8.1 General Administration
       8.1.1 Superintendent Contract
Mr. Hoogestraat gave an update on the 2006-07 Superintendent Contract.
The salary for this year will be $125,000. Another amendment is to allow the
board to set the salary each year. The mileage rate adjustment is set by the
board in accordance with the annual IRS rate.
On motion by Mr. Bruggere second by Mr. Goode the board unanimously (4-
0) approved the superintendent contract as presented. Mr. Bruggere noted
that it has been the best year in his six years on the board. He congratulated
Dr. Woehl on an excellent year of leadership. He also commended Dale
Hoogestraat on his conducting of the superintendent evaluation. Mary
echoed Tom’s sentiments on a very positive year.
       8.1.2 Rosemont Ridge Principal
Dr. Woehl read a memo on the appointment of Debi Briggs-Crispin to the
Principal position at Rosemont Ridge. Debi replaces Thayne Balzer who has
joined the administrative team as Assistant Superintendent.
       8.1.3 Long Range Planning Report
Tom Miller presented the board with an update of the work of the Long
Range Planning Committee. The committee, comprised of 7 members has
been active since 1988. The purpose of the committee is to monitor school
and community growth among others. Noted changes:
     Added growth in Wilsonville due to building at Villebois.
    Issues involve timing for the next bond, and future building and land
    Mary thanked the committee for their work on the long range plan. She
    then opened for discussion ideas regarding a future bond.
    Use of portables may need to be discussed during the 06-07 school year.
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         The need to address additional primary school growth is imminent.
         Growth at Stafford and Willamette primary schools most critical. Those
         schools will field most of the growth. Current cost of a primary school is
         approximately 20 million. Tim noted that one strategy is to design up
         front of a bond. With permitting taking 6-9 months this would facilitate
         building to occur at a faster rate. Another value would be that there would
         be a drawing or rendering to show the public prior to going out for a bond.
         The local option which is extremely important to the future of the district,
         expires in 2010.

   Mr. Hoogestraat asked about the affect of potential changes in the Stafford
   Triangle. The Long Range Planning Committee is taking that into
   consideration in looking at future scenarios.
   Mr. Goode asked for a breakdown by school on growth and school
   Strategy for utilizing capacity at Bolton and Cedaroak would be an important
   undertaking during the next year.
   Ms. Furrow also asked for data on school capacities today. Tom noted that
   one challenge will be to find something on both sides of the district in order to
   pass a bond.
   It was suggested that this topic be revisited at the board retreat on August 22
   or at a future study session.

   8.2    Curriculum and Instruction (No report at this time)
   8.3    Special Education (No report at this time)
   8.4    Business and Finance (No report at this time)
   8.5    Operations (No report at this time)
   8.6    HR (No report at this time)
   8.7    Information Technology (No report at this time)
   8.8    Food Service (No report at this time)
   9.0 Board Policy
        9.1 Policy EFA – Local Wellness Program (Goal #5) – Second Reading
   and Adoption
   Dr. Stickney noted that two changes recommended at the last meeting were
   incorporated into the Wellness policy. On motion by Mr. Goode, second by
   Mr. Hoogestraat the board unanimously (4-0) adopted Policy EFA – Local
   Wellness Program as presented.

   10.0 There were no comments at this time.                                            Open Comment
   11.0 Board Meeting Dates                                                             Meeting Dates
   Ms. Furrow reminded the board of the following meeting dates:
   8/22/06 Tuesday – Regular/ board retreat 3:00 p.m.
   9/11/06 Regular Board Meeting
   9/18/06 Study Session
   12.0 Adjourn                                                                         Adjourn
   The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

____________________________                                    ___________________________
Board Chairman                                                  Board Secretary

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