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                 CAMIE 323B                                              High Strength Spray Adhesive
             Foam & Fabric Adhesive                            DAP Weldwood High Strength spray adhesive web formula
           Use on foam, fabric, vinyl & more.                    is a high strength, high temperature resistant formula.
         Quick tack, strong bond & soft glue line.
                  Available in 2 colors                                 16 oz Can (Item WWHS) or Case of 12
                  Red Tint (Item 323R)
                Natural Tint (Item 323N)

                1 Gallon Can or Case of 4

                                                                         Glue Sticks Osborne No. 2000
            WELDWOOD ADHESIVES                                     Hot melt adhesive for use with glue gun. Ideal for
                                                                       upholstery & restoration work. 10 “ long.
                                                                                 12 Pack (Item GLU)

        DAP Weldwood Contact Adhesive
             Landau Top & Trim                                         Hybond 80 Plus Reducer Cleaner
                                                                   A special blend of flammable solvents designed for
          High Heat Contact Cement
                                                                           thinning adhesive & cleaning area.
     The ideal contact cement for automotive interior
                                                                                  1 Quart (Item H80R)
  applications. Its high heat resistance is well suited for
adhering auto headliners, fabric, and many other materials.
Easy to apply with hot or cold spray equipment. Stir before
                   Available in 2 colors.
                  Red Tint (Item WWR)
                Natural Tint (Item WWN)
                      5 gallon bucket
                                                                Best for thinning contact cement & adhesives. Good for
                                                               cleanup. Slower evaporation rate than acetone. May soften
               Buy 3 buckets & save money.
                                                                                  plastics & synthetics.
                                                                                 1 Quart (Item MEKQ)
               Also available in 1 gallon can
                Natural Tint (Item WWN1)

                                                                       RUSH Foam & Fabric Adhesive
                                                                  Web spray formula with fast tack, quick adhesion for
                 DAP Weldwood                                              temporary or permanent bonds.
                                                                             Waterproof and non-staining.
            Original Contact Adhesive
A premium quality, brush grade contact cement meeting the
                                                                            17.4 oz can (Item FF)   Case/12
stringent requirements of professionals. Fast drying formula
  dries in 15-20 minutes. It is high heat & water resistance
                 when dry. Stir before using.
                   Available in Tan Tint
                   1 Quart (Item WWQ)

           Blind Stitch Seam Stretcher
Osborne #267 Lightweight aluminum, simple toggle clamp                       Button Tufting Twine
  construction. Easy to operate. Minimum length 12” for       Made of superior quality white nylon with the high tensile
pillows, maximum length 3 ft. Rigid when in use. Can also              strength required for holding buttons.
    be used as calipers for cutting large circles and blind      ½ lb tube (Item BTW1/2) 2 lb tube (Item BTW2)
        stitching. Instructions enclosed. (Item STRS)

            Bobbins #69 Bonded Nylon
   Our prewound bobbins are engineered to obtain the
maximum yardage allowing for longer run cycles with less
 down time. Average yards=6,000. Average break 11 lbs
                                                                          Button Covering Machine
            Syle A (Item BOBA) 1 gross box                    Osborne No W-1 High quality hand machine. Cuts fabric
            Style G (Item BOBG) 1 gross box                   and covers buttons. It has a reinforced frame and handle.
           Style M (Item BOBM) ½ gross box                     Bolts to a table for added stability. It produces 80-120
                                                               buttons per hour. Comes complete with wood block for
                                                                cutting covers. Also used to set snaps, grommets and
                                                                             ventilators. (Item BUMA1)

 Strong and durable, Natural Jute Burlap is used to cover
     arms, seats and springs in furniture upholstery.
         Width: 40”, Weight: 10 oz 100 yd roll

                                                              Superflex heavy weight automotive needlepunch carpet.
                                                               OEM Construction, 100% polypropylene carpet. Easy
                                                                 installation, UV resistant, 80” wide, 18 oz/sq yd.
                                                                             Call for sample color chart.
     Wire Eye Molds with Black Soft Shell                                        (Item C + Color #)
   #22 (Item BU22), #30 (Item BU30) #36 (Item BU36)
            #40 (Item BU40), #45 (Item BU45)

          2” Prong with Black Soft Shell
            #22 (Item PR22), #30 (Item PR30)                                       Carpet Pad
                                                                   Automotive Jute felt carpet pad. Available in 3
                                                                  widths/weights 36”x27 oz x 25 yds (Item JP3627)
                                                                         72”x27 oz x 20 yds (Item JP7227)
                                                                         36”x40 oz x 25 yds (Item JP3640)

    2” Threaded Nail with Black Soft Shell
           #22 (Item TN22), #30 (Item TN30)


                                                                                        Cotton Felt
                                                                           We have three grades of cotton available.
                 Prang Dustless Chalk                                   27” wide x 25 yd rolls average 25 lbs per roll.
                  Available in 2 Colors                           Put up in 4 roll bales averaging about 100 pounds per bale.
        White (Item CHW) or Yellow (Item CHY)                                 Regular grade S2575 (Item COTR)
                                                                                  Superior grade (Item COTS)
            Osborne No 88 Tailor Chalk                                     Best Yet Premium grade (Item COTBY)
                Available in 2 color choices
       White (Item CHWT) or Assorted (Item CHA)                                   Mattress Cotton Felt
                                                                    We have three sizes standard mattress cotton available.
                                                                             Twin size 41x78” (Item COTMT)
                                                                              Full size 56x78” (Item COTMF)
                                                                             Queen size 63x83” (Item COTMQ)


                                                                                 Bonded Cushion Wrap
                      Glass Cleaner                               Our bonded fiber used for wrapping cushions weighs ¾ oz
Heavy duty foam clings to vertical surfaces, leaves no film,       per sq ft. It comes in a 25 yard roll with three widths.
 dissolves dirt, great, grit & grime. Cleans glass, mirrors,                        27” wide (Item 27B)
    enamel, chrome, tile & more. 20 oz. (Item SW50)                                 30” wide (Item 30B)
                                                                                    54”wide (Item 54B)
               C60 Cleaner/Degreaser
 Cleans electric motors & machines while running. Won’t                         Bonded Quilting Dacron
  disrupt production schedules. Removes dirt, oil, grease,           Our thinner quilting fiber weighs ½ oz per sq ft. It is
  fresh paint, etc. Quick drying. No residue. 16 oz. (Item        typically used for quilting, upholstering walls or wrapping
                           SW63)                                  cushions when a thinner wrap is desired. It comes in a 40
                                                                                   yard roll with two widths.
                  Upholstery Cleaner                                                  29” wide (Item 29B)
 Deep cleans upholstery, rugs & carpet. Releases ground in                            86” wide (Item 86B)
dirt leaves clean, fresh scent. Not for use on silk upholstery.
                     18 oz. (Item SW869)                                             Outdoor Dacron
                                                                     This Dacron is specifically made for outdoor use. It’s
                Vinyl Leather Cleaner                             treated to resist mold & mildew. It comes in a 15 yard roll
   Perfect for auto trim shops & upholstery professionals.           that is 54” wide & weighs 1.5 oz per sq ft (Item 54O)
  Ideal for use on naugahyde. Cleans, protects & restores
  vinyl & leather. Contain mink oil. 16 oz. (Item SW990)                               Sewn Dacron
                                                                  A soft Dacron that has fabric stitched on one side. It comes
                                                                        30” wide x 16 yards with your choice of fabric.
                                                                             Muslin fabric on 1 side (Item 30M)
                                                                           Non-Woven fabric on 1 side (Item 30E)

                                                                                       Plain Dacron
                                                                  The same soft Dacron as above without fabric 30” x 16 yds

                 Plain Dacron (Item 30P)

                                                               Foam Auto Seat Toppers Regular Medium
                      Deck Cloth                                                firm
 Denim deck cloth used to cover your seat padding under                       ½ x 24 x 64” (Item ST.)
  cushions in furniture. Comes 31” wide x 125 yard roll.                      1 x 24 x 64” (Item ST1)
              Beige deck cloth (Item DENT)                                   1.5 x 24 x 64” (Item ST1.)
                                                                              2 x 24 x 64” (Item ST2)

                                                              Foam Auto Seat Toppers X-firm blue Matrix
                                                                              1/2x24x72” (Item MST.)
                                                                             1 x 24 x 72” (Item MST1)
                                                                            1.5 x 24 x 72” (Item MST1.)
                                                                             2 x 24 x 72” (Item MST2)
                      Dust Cover
Known as accord, black bottom, cambric, or dust cover, this
product conceals springs, webbing, and other interior items
of upholstered furniture and controls dust. Comes in black
         roll 36” wide x 100 yards (Item DCE36)

                                                                                Foam Mattresses
                                                                   Commonly made of either 1030 or 2034 foam.
                                                              Can be cut in other thicknesses or special ordered in other
                                                                                    grades of foam.
                                                                 1030 poly foam mattress or 2034 foam mattress
                                                                                  Twin Size 39x75”
                                                                   4” 1030 (Item TW14) 4” 2034 (Item TW24)
                Down/Feather blends                                5” 1030 (Item TW15) 5” 2034 (Item TW25)
Bulk White Goose down & feather blend for pillow stuffing          6” 1030 (Item TW16) 6” 2034 (Item TW26)
      comes 20 lbs to case. Available in two blends.                               Full Size 54x75”
               25/75 blend (Item D2575)                            4” 1030 (Item FU14)        4” 2034 (Item FU24)
               10/90 blend (Item D1090)                            5” 1030 (Item FU15)        5” 2034 (Item FU25)
                                                                   6” 1030 (Item FU16)        6” 2034 (Item FU26)
                                                                                 Queen Size 60x80”
                                                                   4” 1030 (Item QU14)        4” 2034 (Item QU24)
                                                                   5” 1030 (Item QU15)        5” 2034 (Item QU25)
                                                                   6” 1030 (Item QU16)        6” 2034 (Item QU26)
                                                                                   King Size 78x80”
                                                                    4” 1030 (Item KI14)       4” 2034 (Item KI24)
                       Edge Roll                                    5” 1030 (Item KI15)       5” 2034 (Item KI25)
        White edge roll available in three choices.                 6” 1030 (Item KI16)       6” 2034 (Item KI26)
              ¾” x 50 ft roll (Item ER350)
               1” x 50 ft roll (Item ER150)
            1-1/4” x 100 ft roll (Item ER100)                                  FOAM ROLLS

                                                                                Plain Foam Rolls
                                                               Plain poly foam with no backing, sold in 10 or 20 yard
                                                              rolls. Available in the following thicknesses and widths.
                         Fabric                                                 ¼” x 86” (Item PF486)
       100% Nylon Velvet Automotive Body Cloth                                  ½” x 86” (Item PF286)
          54” wide x 10 yard rolls (Item WIN)                                  1” x 28.5” (Item PF128)
                                                                                1” x 86” (Item PF186)
                                                                              1.5” x 86” (Item PF 1.86)

                                                                              Foam Slabs
                                                                 2034 Pink foam – Stock size 24” x 108”
                                                                             2.0 lb per Cu Ft ILD 34-40
                                                                Better quality foam for seat cushions & mattresses.
                                                                       (See foam facts for more information)
                   Sew Foam Rolls                               Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.
 Pink firm foam with Scrim backing for sewing pleats.                       1 x 24 x 108” (Item 20341)
             Available in 10 or 20 yard rolls.                              2 x 24 x 108” (Item 20342)
              ¼” Pink Scrim (Item SFSP2)                                    3 x 24 x 108” (Item 20343)
             3/8” Pink Scrim (Item SFSP3)                                   4 x 24 x 108” (Item 20344)
              ½” Pink Scrim (Item SFSP4)                                  4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item 20344.)
                                                                            5 x 24 x 108” (Item 20345)
    Assorted medium firm foam with scrim backing                            6 x 24 x 108” (Item 20346)
                ½” DP2 (Item SFDP2)
                                                                  2034 Pink foam – Bun Cuts 84” x 108”
            Sew foam with Velcro backing                                    1 x 84 x 108” (Item 20341B)
            ½” Velcro sew foam (Item SFV2)                                  2 x 84 x 108” (Item 20342B)
                                                                            3 x 84 x 108” (Item 20343B)
                                                                            4 x 84 x 108” (Item 20344B)
                                                                            5 x 84 x 108” (Item 20345B)
                                                                            6 x 84 x 108” (Item 20346B)

                                                               2034 Pink foam – Half Bun Cuts 54” x 84”
                                                                             1 x 54 x 84” (Item 20341H)
                                                                             2 x 54 x 84” (Item 20342H)
                                                                             3 x 54 x 84” (Item 20343H)
                  FOAM STOCK                                                 4 x 54 x 84” (Item 20344H)
                                                                             5 x 54 x 84” (Item 20345H)
                      Foam Skins                                             6 x 54 x 84” (Item 20346H)
Various grades of foam skins come 6 to a bundle. Good for
many applications from building up seats to padding arms.
 Thicknesses vary, average size 1” x 24” x 108” (item SK)

                 Foam Slabs
    1030 Poly foam – Stock size 24” x 108”
               1.0 lb per Cu Ft ILD 27-34                                   EZ Dri Outdoor Foam
 Our lowest density foam for occasional or light duty use                         1.8-2.0 lb per Cu Ft
         (See foam facts for more information)                       ILD Soft 22-28, Medium 32-38, Firm47-53
  Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.      This foam is made for outdoor use. It is treated to resist
              1 x 24 x 108” (Item 10301)                             mildew & fungus retarding stains & odors.
              2 x 24 x 108” (Item 10302)                                (See foam facts for more information)
              3 x 24 x 108” (Item 10303)                              Soft (Item EZDS), Medium (Item EZDM)
              4 x 24 x 108” (Item 10304)                          Firm (Item EZDF) We stock the following sizes.
            4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item 10304.)                    We will cut other thicknesses, if needed, in full sheets.
              5 x 24 x 108” (Item 10305)                                1 x 24 x 122”             1 x 48 x 122”
              6 x 24 x 108” (Item 10306)                                 2 x 24 x 122”            2 x 48x 122”
                                                                       3 x 24 x 122”              3 x 48 x 122”
                 Foam Slabs                                              4 x 24 x 122”            4 x 24 x122”
    1217 Poly foam – Stock size 24” x 108”
                1.2 lb per Cu Ft ILD 12-18                                  Note About Foam Sizes
    Super-soft foam commonly used for back cushions                 Foam displayed in our catalog are stock sizes.
          (See foam facts for more information)                        We can cut foam to your specifications.
   Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.   Cut pieces may be laminated, as necessary, to reduce waste.
                1 x 24 x 108” (Item 12171)
                2 x 24 x 108” (Item 12172)                    Important information about Urethane foam
                3 x 24 x 108” (Item 12173)                       Urethane foam is flammable. Source of heat or fire,
                4 x 24 x 108” (Item 12174)                   including smoldering cigarettes, can cause urethane foam to
             4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item 12174.)                    ignite. Once ignited, urethane foam may burn rapidly,
                5 x 24 x 108” (Item 12175)                    consuming oxygen at a high rate and emitting toxic gases.
                6 x 24 x 108” (Item 12176)

               Note About Foam Sizes                                  HR & XL Foams is fire retardant
       Foam displayed in our catalog are stock sizes.          HR (High Resiliency foam & XL foams are fire retardant.
          We can cut foam to your specifications.             They meet the following requirements at the time of testing:
Cut pieces may be laminated, as necessary, to reduce waste.                              CAL 117
                                                                                        MVSS 302
                                                                                        FAR 25.853
        High Resiliency (HR) Foam Slabs                       Subsequent exposure to contaminants, over which we have
  A Premium quality foam used in high end furniture and       no control, may alter the performance of the foams. This is
       mattresses. Comes in soft, medium and firm.             not to infer that the foam(s) will not burn and is not meant
          (See foam facts for more information)                          to predict performance in an actual fire.
   Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.

        HR18 Soft – Stock size 84” x 108”                     XL33 or XL50 High Density – Stock 24 x 108”
                1.8 lb per Cu Ft ILD 16-18                               2.5 lb per Cu Ft ILD 28-33 or 47-50
     Super-soft foam that is heavier than 1217 foam.           Best quality foam for medium firm cushions in high end
  Can be used on backs or cushions for an extra soft feel.       applications. As an added bonus, it’s fire retardant.
               1 x 24 x 108” (Item HR181)                               (See foam facts for more information)
               2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR182)                       Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.
               3 x 24 x 108” (Item HR183)                              1 x 24 x 108” (Item XL331 or XL501)
               4 x 24 x 108” (Item HR184)                              2 x 24 x 108” (Item XL332 or XL502)
            4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR184.)                            3 x 24 x 108” (Item XL333 or XL503)
               5 x 24 x 108” (Item HR185)                              4 x 24 x 108” (Item XL334 or XL504)
               6 x 24 x 108” (Item HR186)                            4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item XL334. or XL504.)
                                                                       5 x 24 x 108” (Item XL335 or XL505)
  HR25 Medium Soft – Stock size 84” x 108”                             6 x 24 x 108” (Item XL336 or XL506)
                2.0 lb per Cu Ft ILD 23-25
    Medium soft foam that makes comfy cushions and
          mattresses that are soft yet supportive.
   Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.
               1 x 24 x 108” (Item HR251)
               2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR252)
               3 x 24 x 108” (Item HR253)
               4 x 24 x 108” (Item HR254)                                   Note About Foam Color
            4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR254.)                    While our foam comes in various colors, the color has no
               5 x 24 x 108” (Item HR255)                     effect on the weight, firmness or performance of the foam.
               6 x 24 x 108” (Item HR256)                      Dye is added in some grades for identification purposes
       HR45 Firm – Stock size 84” x 108”
                2.5 lb per Cu Ft ILD 43-45
      Firm support foam used in high end furniture.
   Can also be cut to your specifications, call for quote.
               1 x 24 x 108” (Item HR451)
               2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR452)
               3 x 24 x 108” (Item HR453)
               4 x 24 x 108” (Item HR454)
            4-1/2 x 24 x 108” (Item HR454.)
               5 x 24 x 108” (Item HR455)
               6 x 24 x 108” (Item HR456)
                                                                Osborne #36 Nylon Tip Magnetic Hammer
                                                                 5-1/2” head weighs 6 oz Total weight 11 oz Nylon tip
                                                                 prevents damaging decorative nails. (Item HANM36)

                                                                  Osborne #39 Bronze Magnetic Hammer
                                                                   5-1/2” head weighs 9 oz Total weight 13 oz (Item


                                                                                    Hand Saver
                                                                Heavy-duty utility knife includes a stainless steel blade
                                                              channel, ratchet wheel blade lock & stainless steel snap-off
                                                                   OLFA blade. Unique cushion handle provides a
                       Headliner                                             comfortable and positive grip.
Automotive replacement foam backed headliner cloth. Most                   Hand Saver knife (Item ONOL1)
of our headliner is 60” wide now. We have some 54” & 64”
  widths. The fabric is laminated to a 3/16” foam backing.
 Measure the length & width of your vehicles headliner to             Replacement blades 50 pack (Item OLBB1)
order enough to recover it. An average 4-door car will take
approximately 2 yards. A truck will take about 1 yard & an
             extended truck about 1-1/2 yards.
                      Call for color chart.
                  (Item PH +color number)                                           Safety Knife
                                                               Self retracting safety cutter features right or left handed
                                                                operation, powerful return spring, stainless steel blade
                                                              channel & ergonomic grip. Blade remains extended while
                                                                cutting then automatically retracts the instant the blade
                                                                         loses contact with the cutting surface.
                                                                               Safety Knife (Item OSK4)
                       Hog Rings
     Used in many industries and in a wide variety of
   applications, including automotive upholstery or any               Replacement blades 50 pack (Item OSKB2)
 fastening problem dealing with wire, fabric, fence mesh,
 rope or cord. They provide a tight crimp with minimum
   concern of the points snagging fabric. ¾” cleaned &
     25 lb box (Item HR) or by the pound (Item HR#)
                                                              Osborne #196 Rawhide mallet, the head of this light-weight
                                                                is made entirely of rolled water buffalo rawhide. The
                                                                       handle is white hickory. (Item MARA4)

                   Hog Ring Pliers
 Professional craftsman tool with internal spring system to
    hold tool closed with the ring in position ready for
 installation. Standard or angled nose for easy access into
                 corners or tight work areas.
                  Standard (Item HRPXX)
                                                                       Memory Foam Mattress Topper
                                                                Memory foam toppers offer long lasting comfort. They
                Angled Nose (Item HRPXL)
                                                              conform to the shape of your body reducing and eliminating
                                                                 pressure points. Sleep cradled in comfort and reduce
                                                              morning stiffness, aches, and pains. The best thickness is 1-
                                                                                        1/2 to 2”
                                                                    Twin 1-1/2” (Item MF1.T) 2” (Item MF2T)
                                                                    Full 1-1/2” (Item MF1.F)       2” (Item MF2F)
                                                                    Queen 1-1/2” (Item MF1.Q) 2” (Item MF2Q)
                                                                    King 1-1/2” (Item MF1.K)        2” (Item MF2K)

                       NAILS                                                   NEEDLES
      Quality steel nails with natural brass finish.
    Each pattern should be ordered by length of nail.

                                                                          Curved Round Point
                                                                        High quality Osborne Needles
                                                                  2” 23 gauge Extra Light (Item NE2CRP)
     Daisy Ornamental Decorative Nails                               2” 19 gauge Light (Item NE2LCR)
             Osborne #683 Box of 1000                            2-1/2” 23 gauge Extra Light (Item NE2.CR)
  7/16” Head diameter, 5/8” length (Item NA6835M)                 3” 19 gauge Extra Light (Item NE3CRX)
                                                                     3” 18 gauge Light (Item NE3LCR)
                                                                  4” 18 gauge Extra Light (Item NE4CRX)
                                                                     4” 16 gauge Light (Item NE4LCR)
                                                                     6” 15 gauge Light (Item NE6CRL)

       French Natural Decorative Nails
          Small Osborne #681 Box of 1000                             Straight Single Round Point
   3/8” Head diameter, 5/8” length (Item NA6815M                     10” 13 gauge Light (Item NE10SR)
         Regular Osborne #682 Box of 1000                            14” 13 gauge Light (Item NE14SR)
      7/16” Head diameter, ¾” (Item NA6823M)
     7/16” Head diameter, 5/8” (Item NA6825M)              Straight Single Round Point Bolster Needle
                                                                    24” 11 gauge Heavy (Item NE24SR)

     Oxford Hammered Decorative Nails
             Osborne #680 Box of 1000
   7/16” Head diameter, ½” length (Item NA6802M)                      Panel Board – Waterproof
  7/16” Head diameter, 5/8” length (Item NA6805M)           1/8” x 39” x 65” Easy to cut. Suitable for auto interior
                                                          panels, doors, headliners, package trays, trunks, etc. (Item

                                                                      PILLOW STUFFING

                     Nail Spacer
            Nail spacer for decorative nails.                                  Blown Fiber
       Set up to 5 nails head to head at one time          White blown fiber excellent for stuffing pillows. (Item
    without damaging the furniture or you fingers.                                BFW)
  Sets exact spacing at the same time. (Item QN777)

Use with Osborne #36 Nylon tip hammer for best results.

                                                            White Goose Down & Feather Blend Bulk
                                                              Luxury pillow stuffing for high end applications.
                                                                   25/75 Blend 20 lb case (Item D2575)
                                                                   10/90 Blend 20 lb case (Item D1090)

                                                                         Pli-Grip (Flexible Curve Ease)
                     PILLOWS                                       Pli-grip eliminates the need for hand sewing, blind
                                                                  stitching, decorative nails, and gimp tacks. It gives a
         Luxury Fiber Fill Pillow Forms                        smooth tailored line even around tight curves. It’s easy to
 Filled with silicone coated, garneted hollow fill polyester                         use & rust proof.
fiber with non-woven fabric covers unless otherwise noted.     3 prong, medium weight, 5/100 ft rolls to box (Item CEM)
           14” x 14” 7.5 oz 24/Case (Item P14)
          16” x 16” 10.0 oz 20/Case (Item P16)
          18” x 18” 13.0 oz 16/Case (Item P18)
          20” x 20” 16.0 oz 12/Case (Item P20)
          22” x 22” 19.0 oz 10/Case (Item P22)
          24” x 24” 23.0 oz 8/Case (Item P24)
          26” x 26” 28.0 oz 8/Case (Item P26)
          28” x 28” 34.0 oz 6/Case (Item P28)                                       Razor Blades
          30” x 30” 40.0 oz 6/Case (Item P30)                       #9 single edged razor blades 100 box (Item RB9)
    6.5” x 17.5” 12.0 oz Neckroll* 18/Case (Item PNR)
   12” x 16” 8.0 oz Baby Pillow* 24/Case (Item P1216)               Replacement Blades for OLFA Knives
                     *Poly-Cotton cover

 White Goose Down & Feather Pillow Forms
  Filled with 25/75 down/feather blend with poly-cotton                              Hand Saver
                         cover.                                 Hand Saver Replacement blades 50 pack (Item OLBB1)
             20” x 20” 12/Case (Item P20F)
             22” x 22” 10/Case (Item P22F)
             24” x 24” 8/Case (Item P24F)
             26” x 26” 8/Case (Item P26F)
             28” x 28” 6/Case (Item P28F)                                           Safety Knife
             30” x 30” 6/Case (Item P30F)                      Safety Knife Replacement blades 50 pack (Item OSKB2)

 Note: For pillows that finish 18” and over we recommend
          using the next size larger pillow form.
For example: 28” x 28” works best to fill a 26” x 26” cover.

                          PINS                                                        Regulator
                                                               Osborne #520 10” regulator has a black plastic handle with
                                                                an eye. Use to smooth irregularities in the stuffing before
                                                                    finishing the final cover placement. (ItemREG10)

Heavy pin used to hold heavier fabrics in place temporarily.
 Osborne #189 1-3/4” x ½ lb box/450 pins (Item PINT28)
                                                               Aluminum straight edge made of heavy 2” wide aluminum
                                                                  with a hole for hanging.1/8” x 60” (Item RUA60)

                  Upholsterers Pins
  Heavy pins used by upholsterers to hold fabric in place.
  Osborne #190 3-1/2” x 16 gauge x 36 box (Item PIN3)

                                                                             SEM Interior Graining Pads
                                                                   Match the vinyl/leather grain on your job. (Item S70022)

                SEM PRODUCTS

                                                                    Kretzer Finney Heavy Tailor Shears with comfort grip.
                                                                             10” (Item SCF10) 12” (Item SCF12)

                   SEM Classic Coat
 Changes or renews vinyl & leather with OEM matched
colors that dry flexible. Superior adhesion & flexibility.
Multidirectional fan spray, available in 35 aerosol colors.
                    (Item S+ color #)

                                                                                      Silicone Spray
                                                                   RUSH Silicone spray is non-gumming, reduces friction,
                                                                  protects, renews. Regular use keep everything working &
                                                                              moving easier with no greasy mess.

                        SEM Soap
A first step cleaner for all repair and refinish procedures. It
     gravitates into the pores of the substrate and floats
    contaminants to the surface. It also contains a slight
 abrasive to open the substrate for greater adhesion. (Item
                                                                                        Skirt Liner
                                                                    White cloth for lining the lower skirt on sofas, chairs, or
                                                                  hassocks, keeping it neat & straight. 100 yd rolls available
                                                                   in several widths. 6” (Item SL6), 7” (Item SL7), 8” (Item
                                                                    SL8), 9” (Item SL9), 15” (Item SL15), 16” (Item SL16)

                    SEM Vinyl Prep
   SEM Vinyl Prep cleans soil, wax & grease for vinyl
  substrates while it softens and prepares the surface for
          adhesion of the topcoat. (Item S38343)

                                                                                        Sponge Rod
                                                                     Sponge windlace cord to cover with your own fabric.
                                                                           ½” diameter x 50 yd roll (Item SR1/2)

             SEM Plastic/Leather Prep
  SEM Plastic/Leather Prep removes mold, fingerprints,
  grease, was & other contaminants leaving the substrate
  clean for coating without softening or distorting. (Item

              SEM Repair Compound                                           Spray Gun with Dripless Cup
    Unique compound that successfully repairs tears &             Designed for heavy duty professional use. Has 1 qt dripless
       abrasions on leather & vinyl. (Item S38422)                cup, pistol grip & trigger for comfortable use. Requires 50
                                                                                   psi & 3/8” hose. (Item SG)

                 SPRING CLIPS

                       BW Clips
High quality Osborne #4452 BW Clips used to attach zig-
                                                               Staples for BEA 71, Fasco EE7xx, Empire 7, Senco C, Atro
 zag springs, edge springs & torsions springs to border &
                                                                           72, JK 670, Prebeba V, Spotnails 87.
edge wires. It won’t squeak. Solid steel construction. (Item
                                                                            10,000 per Box, 20 boxes per Case
                                                                                   Galvanized Staples
                                                                ¼” (Item BEA14), ½” (Item BEA12), 3/8” (Item BEA38)
                                                                                      Stainless Steel
                                                                                   3/8” (Item BEA38S)

                        EK Clips
High quality Osborne #4451 EK Clips for use with zig-zag        Staples for Duo-Fast 3100 Series or 5000 Series Stapler
                 springs. (Item CLEK)                                            Galvanized Staples
                                                                      3112C-3/8” 16,700 per box (Item DUO38)
                                                                      3116C-1/2” 13,360 per box (Item DUO12)
                                                                                    Stainless Steel
                                                                    3112CSS 3/8” 10,000 per box (Item DU338S)
                                                                     5012DSS 3/8” 5,000 per box (Item DU538S)
                     3 Prong Clips
             High quality Osborne #4450-3
        Three prong edge wire clips. (Item CL3P)

                                                                 High quality Osborne #5900 T-Nuts clean cut thread for
                                                                easy installation of legs, casters, etc. Holds in any type of
                                                                wood. Length 5/8” Hole 5/8” 100 per box (Item TNU10)
                     Spring Twine
           Used for tying seat springs together.                                   TACK STRIP
         1 lb ball (Item STW1) 5 lb ball (STW5)

                                                                                 Pancake Tack Strip
                                                                   Works well for tacking on skirts. Medium Weight
                                                                ½” wide roll approximately 214 feet per roll. Choose from
                                                                    Economy (Item TS1/2) or Hard (Item TS1/2H)
                      Staple Gun
     Use for general upholstery demands. This light but
   powerful stapler takes series 71 staples in lengths from
   5/32” to 5/8”. The long service & ease of maintenance
 makes it real cost saver. Available in two styles: Regular
(Item STA7R) or Long Nose (Item STA7L) for tight areas.
                                                                                 Slimline Tack Strip
                                                                  Metal tack strip #8 punched out. Comes in 27” pieces
                                                                                 100 per box (Item SLTS)

                   Staple Remover
 Osborne #124 forged from 4140 alloy tempered steel.                         Metal Tack Strip Sleeves
          A consistently made quality product.                    Plastic sleeves protect fabric from metal edges. (Item
Length of blades 2-1/4” Overall length 6” (Item STA124)                                   MTSS)

                                                                             Vinyl Embossed Welt
                                                             This is mainly used in automotive & marine seating to join
                                                               two pieces of material at the seam for a finished look.
                         Thread                                      Manufactured with 5/32” welt as in OEM.
   No 69 Bonded Nylon Thread comes in 3 spool sizes.
                                                                       ½” x 100 yards (Item WEMB + color)
         All sizes are not available in all colors.
        1 lb (Item THR691) ½ lb (Item THR692)
                   ¼” (Item THR694)                                               Vinyl Top Pad
       No 63 Clear Monofilament 1.5 lb canister                Vinyl top pad is very firm closed cell foam primarily used
                      (Item THRM)                            to pad automotive vinyl tops. It can also be used to pad pool
                                                              tables or any application where a very thin, rigid is needed.
                                                                        3/16” (Item VTP316) ¼” (Item VTP14)
                                                                          Width varies from 58” to 60” wide.

      Hook & Loop tape available in black or white.
    Pressure Sensitive or Sew-On, 1” or 2” wide x 25’
                (Item VP+++ or VS+++)

                                                                                  Jute Webbing
                                                              Jute webbing is a closely woven natural fiber that is very
                                                               strong with very little stretch. It is used on seat decks &
                                                                 backs of sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc. It is designed to
                                                                support a lot of weight. We have two grades available.
                                                                            9 lb Black Stripe (Item WEBJ)
                     Trunk Liner                                            11 lb Red Stripe (Item WEBJR)
 54” wide OEM replacement felt for the trunk of your car.
Also used to cover stereo speaker boxes & line tool boxes.
2 color choices Black (Item TLBK) Charcoal (Item TLCH)

                                                                       Nylon Polypropylene Webbing
                                                                     A highly durable webbing. 3-1/2” x 250 yds
                                                                                   (Item WEBP)
     Brass plain rim ventilators allow vinyl to breath.
     3/4” x 9/16” diameter hole when set (Item VE3)
       1” x ¾” diameter hole when set (Item VE1)

                                                                            Pirelli Rubber Webbing
                                                              Rubber webbing is made of rubber & cord. The rubber
                                                              webbing gives a more bouncy seat than jute webbing.. It
                                                                           comes in standard tan color.
                          Vinyl                                            2” x 100 ft (Item WEBRN)
   EZ Vinyl 54” x 28 oz vinyl. Suitable for automotive,
   office, residential & marine (EZY5000 Marine White
                        Wallaby only)
   Manufactured to meet MVSS 302 & Cal 117 Sect E)
                  (Item V+ grain + color #)
                                                                                  Webbing Clips
         Softsides Collection 54” x 29 oz. vinyl.                   Osborne # 239 polished rubber webbing clips.
 Grades suitable for Automotive & Marine. Manufactured                  Length 5” 250 per box (Item CLR)
to meet MVSS 302 & Cal 117 with UV stabilized pigments.
              Some are also mildew resistant.

                  WELT CORD                                     We do everything possible to hold prices down while
    Use to make your own welt cord for pillows, seats,         maintaining the superior quality our customers expect.
                     cushions, etc.                           However, as you are aware, we are in the midst of a very
                                                             challenging economy with price increases coming from all
                Braided Fiberflex Welt                       channels. Every vendor we deal with has increased prices
            4/32” x 500 yards (Item WELF4)                     this year. Some vendors have increased prices several
            5/32” x 500 yards (Item WELF5)                     times in the last year. In view of our current economic
            6/32” x 500 yards (Item WELF6)                    conditions, we have put our new product catalog together
           16/32” x 120 yards (Item WELF16)                   without prices. Please call us toll free for current prices.

              Braided Fiberflex Twin Welt
             4/32” x 350 yards (Item TW432)                                          Products
             5/32” x 250 yards (Item TW532)

                  Braided Cotton Welt                        We regularly add new products to our inventory. If you are
             6/32” x 500 yards (Item WELC6)                  looking for an item not shown in our catalog, please call to
            24/32” x 150 yards (Item WELC2)                   check availability. We want to be in tune with your needs
                                                                    & add more frequently requested items first.
                      Foam Welt
            5/32” x 500 yards (Item WELFO)                                           Shipping

                                                               We have scheduled route delivery to many commercial
                                                               locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas.
                                                               We also have daily pickup with UPS and ship via other
                                                                                carriers if necessary.

                    Zipper Chain
#4.5 Nylon coil zipper chain in 200 yard spool (Item ZC45)
                                                                        All shipments are Prepaid or C.O.D.
             (Specify Beige, Black or White)
                                                                          We do accept approved checks.
#5 Aluminum zipper chain in 150 yard spool (Item ZC5A)
                                                                           We do not offer 30 day terms.
                                                                        For your convenience, we do accept
                                                                 Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

                                                                                Volume Savings

                                                                          Orders totaling $1000.00 or more,
                    Zipper Slides                                   will receive a volume discount on your foam.
  #4.5 Nylon Coil fastener slides 100 pack (Item ZS45)
            (Specify Beige, Black or White)                                       Web Address
          #5 Pin lock slides 100 pack (Item ZS5)


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